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Just saw my first Gavin Newsom ad in Cali. Very effective

Cotton to Blumenthal: You don't have credibility to question Kavanaugh

The Latest: Texas executes 2nd inmate in 2 days

Trump: Kavanaugh showed 'exactly why I nominated him'


Half the World's Orcas Could Soon Disappear--Here's Why

Let's remember ...

There Is a Rogue Group of Stars Behaving Very Suspiciously in the Milky Way's Disk

I still don't understand why Kavenaugh

If We Don't Take The Senate Easily Now, We Never Will

Cynical Decision to Hire 'Female Assistant' Rapidly Backfired on Republicans

Sing all you want, Kavapuke

Judge: Pence's gubernatorial office must turn over emails with Trump about Carrier jobs

Fox News fires contributor for calling Kavanaugh accusers 'lying skanks'

Can the Supreme Court survive not one but two men who have demonstrated hatred for women?

A Blubbering SCOTUS Justice? Really?

How ever much today's hearings drive out the

all that crying? i think kav has been abused himself

I got the impression that Kavanaugh thinks that

Photos: Sen. Sanders at Helen Day Art Center - Marina Meerburg Rally - Vermont Sept 22

Why did Harris ask Kavanaugh

We must win the Senate to block any nominations to the federal courts.

If Kava gets on the Court

Remember the conventional wisdom from Watergate: "It's not the crime: it's the cover-up"

She had an interrogator, professional questioner..he had many idiots asking questions

Lindsey goes beserk!

Did They Just Say On Chris Hayes

Panel on Chris Hayes's show saying Graham jumped in when their hired questioner went sideways

California man is "genuinely remorseful" for role in 2016 election interference

Think more women will come forward??

This is a the face of an angry liar.

I can't get through to my senator

A subplot I can't let go of . . . . death threats.

We sit here this evening trying not to think about what life in this country will be like

Cory Booker just brought up Kavanaugh's July 1 calendar date, party at Tiim Gaudette's house

No jokes tonight, just a call to arms. (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Guatemala ex-intel chief acquitted on 1980s genocide charges

Moderate Republicans remain undecided on Kavanaugh after hearing

My tweet on the Kavanaugh

Why wasn't Kavirginaugh wearing his wedding ring?

How was kavanaught's family destroyed?

Teenagers break into pot dispensary, mistakenly steal oregano

Sen. Booker cuts to the point: Who cares if Democrats are political--Ford is 'telling her truth'

Cuomo watch it tonight

Two thought provoking tweets regarding Kavanaugh's wife at hearing today

Fox News contributor calls Dr. Christine Blasey Ford a slut -- tells her to 'stop opening her legs'

A round-up of the raw, real worldwide reactions to Dr. Christine Ford's testimony

Postcard Campaigning -

Corker to vote to confirm Kavirginaugh

I know what did happen today...

Ramirez's atty Clune seems like the WORST atty

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Once is Enough!

Meet Lindsey Graham - Your New Attorney General

Amy Klobuchar and the pregnant refugee...the way Kavanaugh

CNN coverage of the hearings was garbage

If a) Manchin votes to confirm Kav AND b) Dems take Senate by 2 seats

2018 and 2020 US Senate Election can be the opposite of the 1978 and 1980 US Senate Election.

had to turn Rachel off

Anybody else here ever had to deal with alcoholics (wet or dry)?

"What the Fuck just happened today?"

Kavanaugh is a raging alcoholic who is still in total denial about his drinking.

Any questions to Kavanaugh about his perjury?

Compare Kavanaugh with Bogart in The Caine Mutiny

Even if BK is confirmed, it's not all doom.

Wikipedia entry for 'Devil's Triangle' changed to match Kavanaugh's answer

Brett Kavanaugh committee vote to go on as scheduled Friday, Republican senators say

One thing is obvious Kavanaugh likes beer

"Murkowski just left saying she wants to go home, have dinner and think about things...."

Facebook confirms they gave advertisers access to users' phone numbers & contact lists

What happened to Lindsey Graham?

Watching some of the replay of Kavanaugh's testimony on MSNBC, is anyone else getting the

Cuomo delivered

Whoa--check out the reaction of women sitting next to Kavanaugh during his outbursts

Lindsay graham is a raging finger pointing lunatic.

My so-called republican friend and I just finish our weekly phone call!

I guess it's time to retire the saying "Sober as a judge".

Wyatt Pertuset, breaking down some barriers in the world of small college football

Memorial to Lidice

so grassley is not going to let avanttis client testify?

Kavanaugh's Testimony Was a Master Class in American Male Entitlement

See No Way The Goon Will Not Be Confirmed At This Point. Trump Will Be Bloviating.

The plot of the GOP and Trump.

They Will Vote Yes, As If Their Lives Depend On It

The GOP Is Probably Purging Women Voters In Record Numbers Right Now.

Lindsey Graham was Auditioning to be Trump's AG

There are decent conservatives, they have a conscience? They're not like Trump?

Rachel Just Made an Excellent Factual Point About When Dr. Ford Came Forward With Her Allegations

The Koch and GOP plot to "have it all" Free Parking

Deleted tweet by (Ellen Show's) Andy Lassner re #KavaNOPE

A BIG red flag for me

'Red Dead Redemption 2' will be a massive 105GB download

TCM Schedule for Sunday September 30 - War Crimes

Any Senator who votes for Kavanaugh needs to be asked why they think Ford is lying.

SCOTUS Will Become A Revenge Court Punishing GOP Political Opposition.

Verizon ISP problems

Anyone seen the classic "And Justice for All" with Al Pacino? Striking similarities

TV Show: Murphy Brown is liberally uplifting - Hillary is on the show!

Murphy Brown! So far so good!

Spending Bill


Lots of sobbing, lots of whimpering, lots of trembling lips. Not a SINGLE damned tear!!!!!!

GOP senator: Not sure I believe Christine Ford, but she's 'attractive'

It is amazing to me that no one is mentioning that McConnell has removed the 60 vote requirement

TCM Schedule for Monday October 1 - TCM Memorial Tribute: Anne V. Coates

He likes his beer, does he?

After Kavanaugh's ranting tirade today, if he is affirmed to the Supreme Court, he will have to

Murphy Brown show is hilarious!

FOX News Contributor Kevin Jackson Fired for Tweets Calling Kavanaugh Accusers 'Lying Skanks'

I am a southern woman.

Orca 'apocalypse': half of killer whales doomed to die from pollution

Kavs explosion today is the distilled essence of white male privledge AND projection.

Kavanaugh refuses 19 requests to commit to an FBI investigation

So damn unfair!

Tic Code - Skeletons

I know 2022 is a bit down the road, but

Brett Kavanaugh and the Adolescent Aggression of Conservative Masculinity

Stupid Question Time....

A hypothesis about Manchin/Flake/Collins/Murkowski...


Great tweet

Trump found his mini me

Kavanaugh's July 1 calendar entry getting more attention. Evan McMullin just tweeted about it.

Let's add Judges to the court when we are in power

What good does it do to say "He shouldn't have been driving drunk!" to the

Trae Crowder on Brett Kavanaugh and his dream job

Alan Dershowitz: Postpone Kavanaugh confirmation until FBI can investigate accusations against him

They are doing the procedural vote on Sat!

Who's politicizing?

O'Donnell said the Committee would vote tomorrow, & only Flake is the question.

I've known a few men who rage like Kavanaugh.

Seth Abramson thread on how Kavanaugh's "alibi calendar" may have sunk him (July 1 entry)

Kavanaugh Is A Full Fledged White Supremacist & A True Nazi.

So after all this shit, the message from Trump and his goons is pretty clear:

Top 25 most miserable franchises

Did you know that Candice Bergen really DID have a dinner date with Trump?

Whoops. Talking longingly abut President Dump....WARNING!!!

Argentina's economic crisis could trigger scientific 'collapse,' researchers warn

Argentina's economic crisis could trigger scientific 'collapse,' researchers warn

Pierce: This Was the Hour of White Male Rage

There's a different standard for women

I think saving the calendar SCREAMS guilt!

Justice? Two men accused of rape and abuse of multiple women

How A Colombian Drug King's Escaped Hippos Have Changed Colombian Ecosystems

How A Colombian Drug King's Escaped Hippos Have Changed Colombian Ecosystems

After 20 minutes of questioning, Republicans had to remove their own hand picked prosecutor ...

You Can't Handle theTruth!

Please don't give up. Call

Flu broke records for deaths, illnesses in 2017-2018

Scientists Can Now Peek Inside Mummies in a Whole New Way

Jesuit magazine, America, has withdrawn its previous endorsement of Kavanaugh.

Something positive I have realized due to the Kavanaugh situation...

America Magazine, a Catholic Jesuit Publication, rescinds endorsement of Kavanaugh.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's Attorney

GOP Run SCOTUS Goal. To Install Permanent GOP Rule & Military Dictatorship.

Scientists uncover tens of thousands of ancient Mayan structures that could change our understanding

So yelling and beating up on the victim rallied republicans?

Scientists uncover tens of thousands of ancient Mayan structures that could change our understanding

I Like beer, played sports, and worked hard, therefore I can do whatever I want

IMO, They should have asked Kavanaugh to walk an straight line, try to touch his nose, and blow

Kav Calling Out Clintons And The Left How Impartial Could This Fuck Be?

Trump's UN Speech Met With Laughter The View

In New Campaign, Levi's Becomes the Latest Brand to Urge Americans to Vote

Anthropology: Caring for the sick may have contributed to human evolution

Steve Schmidt is on 11th Hour.


Zoology: Humpback whale call repertoire remains the same across generations

July 1 entry

Lindsey Graham: Ms. Ford has got a problem

The Daily Show: Dr. Christine Blasey Ford Testifies Against Brett Kavanaugh

I'm going to make a wild prediction

Steve Schmidt on MSNBC now.

Corker: I 'plan to vote to confirm' Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Texas backs school that expelled girl over pledge of allegiance

Nurse charged with injuring infants at Wisconsin hospital

Seth Meyers - Brett Kavanaugh's Third Accuser, Dunkin' Donuts' New Name - Monologue - 9/26/18

In case you weren't keeping score today

Kavanaugh stated in his opening remarks

Taller plants moving into warmer Arctic

We Just Received More Mind-Melting Photos And a Video From The Surface of an Asteroid

I found both Flake and Kennedy's closing comments to Kavanaugh very peculiar.

Oral Hatch...go fuck off and die.

This is what a predatory Government looks like

2020 US Senate Election Rating.

Leading Catholic magazine retracts Kavanaugh endorsement: 'No longer in the best interests of the co

You destroyed your life, then you can blame the Big Con and his henchmen....

"Devil's Triangle", "I LIKE BEER", and "Squee" were trending mightily today:

Halloween tattoo

Seth Meyers - Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh Testify: A Closer Look

The impact of a conservative leaning Supreme Court on the constitution of this country

The Editors: It is time for the Kavanaugh nomination to be withdrawn

IT IS NOT OVER....the fight is on! Are you ready?

Disregarding today's clusterfuck, how would you feel about having someone like Kavanaugh

More Minnesotans are voting early

A Brief History of the Salem Witch Trials

What do I do now?

American Bar Association Calls For A Halt To The Kavanaugh Confirmation

Three or four generations ago

Are we waving the white flag? FUCK NO!

With Brazil in Crisis, the 33rd So Paulo Biennial Sidesteps Tough Political Questions

With Brazil in Crisis, the 33rd So Paulo Biennial Sidesteps Tough Political Questions

American Bar Association: Delay Kavanaugh until FBI investigates assault allegations

American Bar Association calls on Senate Judiciary Committee to halt Kavanaugh proceedings until FBI

Steve Schmidt destroys Lindsey Graham

1,500-Year-Old Maya Altar Reveals Amazing Secrets of the 'Snake Kings'

1,500-Year-Old Maya Altar Reveals Amazing Secrets of the 'Snake Kings'

Do they really think this is a republic?

So much is at stake with Kavanaugh on the SCOTUS

Doug Jones calls for delay, subpoena of Mark Judge, release of all docs.

All In with Chris Hayes 8PM 9/27/18 [ FULL ] Chris Hayes MSNBC NEWS TODAY Sep 27, 2018

In retrospect, it was a huge mistake to filibuster Gorsuch

The reasons for the GOPenis Senators' votes for Kavenaugh comes down to just one:

Doug Jones on Kavanagh Hearing

Hillary shows up on the Murphy Brown premier. timing couldn't be more perfect.

Regarding this notion that confirmation will do permanent damage to the Republican Party...

Fucking Liar Kavanaugh Fucking Lied About Not Watching Dr. Ford's Testimony

I'm feeling akin to the way I did the night of November 8, 2016.

Hirono .... much respect for this impressive senator

Four Republican governors want Senate to delay vote on Kavanaugh

Notice Kavanaughs attitude toward women.

Friday could be a blockbuster....confirmation and criminal charges filed....

I'm saying it right now. Even if K withdraws, there must be investigations

The civil war lives

Gay Zimbabwe teacher resigns after death threats

Suicide, Sacrifice, And Mutilations In Precolumbian Cemetery Questioned By Archaeologists

So Renate was nothing but a chaste date...why even mention her then?

Suicide, Sacrifice, And Mutilations In Precolumbian Cemetery Questioned By Archaeologists

Can ABA call for investigation of Kavanaugh, maybe put his law license on the line?

"Boofing" is not a fart as Kav said

should be easy easy to find out who owns house where assault took place

Hey-how is everybody? We've had one hell of a day.

The Great Aztec Temple

The Great Aztec Temple

planet austin

Neanderthals Used Their Hands for Precision, Not Just Power


Alabama Democrat Jones says he's a 'no' vote

John McCain would be ashamed of Lindsey Graham

Years of history of the republican party warping reality.

Steve Schmidt says Graham is a profound disappointment. I agree 100%

Avenatti: My client deserves the right to testify...BOOM


John McCain died and Lindsey Graham has gone off the rails...

Kavanaugh is full of shit...

At one time a POTUS asked ABA for judge recommends. T only asked Federalist Soc and--

From what I saw, I kept expected him to say

American Bar Association and now leading Catholic America magazine ...

Tweet of the Night

Call, Email, pressure these Senators: Lisa Murkowski (AK), Susan Collins (ME), and Jeff Flake (AZ)

Any polls out

Senator Susan Collins GOV Web site goes offline tonight (Update) it's up, slow, but up.

The Jesuit Is Equally Demanding Kavanaugh's Nomination Be Withdrawn (Kavanaugh Is A Jesuit)

Not Demeanor One Would Expect Of A Judge.....

"My reputation is forever destroyed" he cried (as reported)

The Democrats should have hired a prosecutor to ask Kavanaugh questions at the hearing

Brett Kavanaugh's Testimony Made It Easier Than Ever to Picture Him as an Aggressive, Entitled Teen

Brett Kavanaugh's Opening Statement Was a Defiant Howl of Rage Against Democrats

Peter Fonda....

So it sounds like there will be a vote tomorrow?


Trump Supporter on MSNBC Tells Her Daughters That Groping is 'No Big Deal'

Missouri Senate candidate Hawley: Kavanaugh hearing a 'circus'

McCaskill says Ford testified 'courageously'

Laurence Tribe: Rachel Maddow's analysis of two key flaws in KV defense was brilliant

early voting in Minnesota spikes up. Absentee ballot requests up 300% over 2014

House committee to vote on release of Trump Russia transcripts (Friday)

Trump says 'false' sexual misconduct claims against him affect his view of Kavanaugh allegations

Kamala Harris had golden question but butchered the application

Seeing Ally Against Muslims, Some German Jews Embrace Far Right, to Dismay of Others.


Fundraiser for Dr Ford raises thousands during her testimony

Avenatti and Trump Jr. fight by tweets

Hillary Clinton Guest Stars in 'Murphy Brown' Premiere

Conservative Alan Dershowitz calls for FBI investigation of Kavanaugh and halt to vote

Lawrence On 'Ugly History' And The Christine Blasey Ford-Kavanaugh Hearing - The Last Word - MSNBC

'Star Wars' Actress Mocks Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford

Wow - "American Bar Association" is trending at #7! They're mentioning the Jesuits, too, and:

I'm beginning to think these blanket denials from Trump, Kavanaugh, etc are all rooted in the same

40 Brutal Memes Reacting to the Kavanaugh-Ford Hearings

GOP Cheated On Rules Stopped Their Counselor & Blew Up The Hearing To Favor Kavanaugh.

Luckovich: Supreme tantrum

has a political figure and his family ever been so despised and mocked

Putin has finally won

In Trump's America, a 17-y/o privileged white teen boy can't be held accountable for sexual assault

On Pundit On MSNBC Said We Are In A Political Civil War Now

Kavanaugh's Alter Ego

Dedicated to a DU bud. You know who you are! 😍

Good morning from Helsinki, Finland! Was really hard trying to

RE: Cavanaugh ... ya know, I've known a lot of people who've abused drugs and alcohol ...

All J.S. Bach: "Concert for Harpsichord, Strings and Basso Continuo", 'For you and for me' 🥀/

Brett Kavanaugh lied again to the Senate.

Former Rep. Oliver Robinson's sentenced on bribery conviction

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/27/18

Petrobras Reaches Settlement With SEC for Misleading Investors

Hearing Exposes Brett Kavanaugh Temperament Problem, Credibility Issues - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

NGL Crude Logistics LLC Agrees to Pay $25 Million Civil Penalty and to Retire $10 Million in Renewab

In expectation that the Republicans might/will try to push this through, Democrats need to shout NOW

Former Hedge Fund Manager Sentenced To 96 Months In Prison In Ponzi Scheme Case

Maddox asks Ivey: Why start race with Confederate monuments?

Just a reminder, to change your password!

A shout out to my Texas buds before I hit the hay! 💙

Watching Ryder Cup.......

Bezos' Blue Origin wins rocket engine contract, Alabama plant coming

Hurricane Florence crippled electricity and coal -- solar and wind were back the next day

KAVANAUGH! A Randy Rainbow parody.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse will be a guest on MSNBC 'Morning Joe' discussing the Kavanaugh hearings.

For the First Time, Scientists Prove Human Activity Is the Top Cause of Warming Antarctic Waters

Not judicial temperment

Small Lies Matter...

Louisiana's 'admitting privileges' abortion law upheld


Follow-up: Nuclear plant gets go-ahead despite budget overages

American Airlines Increasing Cost of Booze

Will Kavy throw a tantrum and cry when his SC colleagues disagree with him?

The face of the GOP

Rain doesn't dampen spirits during Jacksonville State University benefit concert

Local Boats Rescue Everyone Aboard 737 After It Crashes Into Micronesian Lagoon

Joe Siegelman, candidate for Alabama state attorney general, says politics cannot influence role

We should "Roger Maris" him..

Vance ad says Parker will be 'another Roy Moore'

Kavanaugh shouldn't have been nominated, but substantively does it make any difference?

Trump is totally getting off on the Kavanaugh hearing

Solved: Date of the assault, July 1, 1982 at Timmy's

Bar Association Calls for FBI Investigation

Will Wheaton on Kavirginaugh... from his FB page

The Ford-Kavanaugh Hearings Will Be Remembered as a Grotesque Display of Patriarchal Resentment

To Dems who can't believe what they're watching...

Former prosecutor reveals why GOP senators booted Rachel Mitchell -- Kavanaugh was cracking

Likely Top Tier Democratic US Senate Recruits for every seat up in 2020.

Top Catholic Magazine Rescinds Kavanaugh Endorsement

Yahoo News: Dem senator's aide notes that GOP benched Mitchell after she asked about July 1 party

Judge orders release of Trump, Pence emails on Carrier Corp.

It is laughable that Sen. Graham can yell about unfair treatment of Kavanaugh!

Feels Like.....

Jesuit publication of Catholic congregation Kavanaugh belongs to calls for nomination to be withdraw

Brett Kavanaugh busted lying about even whether he watched Blasey Ford's testimony

Umm the accused was grilled by a prosecutor and the perp was

Ford Candidly Describes Alleged Kavanaugh Assault, Thought She'd 'Accidentally Be Killed' - MSNBC


Kavanaugh fight likely to scuttle second Cruz-O'Rourke debate, for now

So has Trump forgotten about those .millions in the


I have a govt. question.

State contractors spent $13 million, served fewer women than expected

Friday TOONs - Tantrumaugh Hearings Edition

Tarrant County CPS caseworker accused of seeking out kids online for sex

A crying Brett Kavanaugh. This is what white male privilege looks like

In the era of Trump no one in the GOP is voting no

I saw my (then) 15 yr old son in Kavanaugh yesterday

Wow. The front steps of the Supreme Court right now, blanketed with flowers and notes in support of

July 1 party, need to see if house matches Ford's description, just mentioned on Morning Joe

So, how many accusers have come out so far?

Trump: Kavanaugh "showed America exactly why I nominated him. Senate must vote!"

There Is No Economic Future For The Younger Generations Under 55 Now.

The Republicans will vote for Kavanaugh. Because math.

Unaccompanied and Uneducated: The Billions Spent at the Border

Would I be misguided thinking Kennedy may

The undecided Democratic US Senators on the Kavanaugh vote are

Kavanaugh Turns Himself Into Trump to Get Confirmed: 'Never Quite Seen Anything Like This'

This is this

they couldn't find someone who isn't accused of multiple violent felonies by multiple victims?

In Nearly 100 Years, The US Has Spent $9 Billion On Hauling Sand To Bulk Up Eroding Beaches

Dershowitz calls on GOP to postpone Kavanaugh vote until FBI can investigate

Bill Nelson (FL) will vote "No"

IPCC Report Author: World "Nowhere Near" Holding Back Global Heat Spike Of More Than 1.5C

Report: George W. Bush Calling Up Lawmakers to Push for 'Yes' Vote on Kavanaugh

Chris "rude" Christie was just so hostile To Sunny Hostin. He told her to save her comments for

Meanwhile: EPA Eliminating Office Of Science Advisor, Top Agency Scientific Voice

Canadian MPs vote to strip Aung San Suu Kyi of honorary citizenship

Sober Brett and Drunk Brett were two different people.

Right-Wing Militia Groups Pledge to Meet at Kaitlin Bennett's Kent State Gun Rally

Avenatti might be able to call a time out.

Well, I Think We Found Our Supreme Court Justice Today...

I can not bear the lying from The White House.

Kavanaugh Has Become a Hero to the Incel Community

Big donor to Trump campaign made overture to top Russian official, boasting of connections

What is the difference between Kavanaugh and Alex Jones? Both are Clinton hating conspiracy

A Legitimacy Crisis Looms

The only bench Brett Kavanaugh belongs on is the 'Group W' bench.

Russian-US tycoon boasted of 'active' involvement in Trump election campaign

Was there a plan to help Julian Assange escape to Russia?

GOP strategist tells MSNBC's Morning Joe that Kavanaugh's Clinton conspiracies are disqualifying

"Dr, Jekyll, step aside." . . . Please come CAPTION Lindsey Graham!!

After Tweets Of Praise, Trump Later Described Hearing As 'Brutal,' 'Hard To Watch

Alabama college suspends student after nooses found in trees

Graham Pointedly Changes Twitter Pic, Says Blasey Ford Has 'A Problem'

Kavanaugh's bullying of Dianne Feinstein pissed me off.

slate "Democrats Could've Exposed Kavanaugh's Dodges and Deceptions. They Blew It."

Conway Claims Kavanaugh Will Drop Bias 'Once He Gets' To SCOTUS

Happy 😃 National 🇺🇸 Drink 🍺 Beer 🍺 Day 🍺!😋 🍺

The statements from Kavanaugh's buddies

Voting is just like being in a union. We work, we fight we organize and then we

In Post Mortem With GOP, Mitchell Said As A Prosecutor She Wouldn't Charge Kavanaugh

Deny everything, get angry, play the victim....

Behind Kavanaugh fight, a national struggle over trust, identity and sex roles

Kavanaugh Classmate (A Republican) "Disappointed" At His "Blatant Lying"

Trump Press Conference Becomes Deranged House of Horrors

Pentagon Stands by Cameroon Despite Forensic Analysis Showing Its Soldiers Executed Women & Children

Trump Calls Journalist Equivalent of "Mr. Black Guy"

'I believe Professor Ford,' Baker says (MA Republican Governor)

Kavanaughty is not just TRUMP's pick

Glucklicher 🇩🇪 Butterbrottag! 😋

Truthful people do not act this way.

There's an Entry on Kavanaugh's 1982 Calendar That Supports Dr. Ford's Story

Most of us can get emotional from time to time...

The Promise

Without an FBI investigation the Kavanagh court seat will forever be illegitimate. The cloud of

Steve Schmidt: Graham has been 'corrupted by ambition'

Ford's tearful allegations led Trump to express sympathy for Kavanaugh....

Avenatti: Swetnick will take her story directly to the American people this weekend.

The 3 liberal leaning female judges on the SCOTUS

White Teacher Accused of Stepping on Black Students for Slavery Lesson Wants to Sue for Reverse...

A friend just sent me this link. This guy says what many of us are thinking.

Excellent point about difference between men and women in the workplace

Incoming Democratic US House Members likely to run for the US Senate in 2020.

American Bar Association calls on Senate to delay Kavanaugh vote until FBI can investigate

Cats Are No Match for New York City's Rats

Malcolm Nance tweet.

The Rundown: September 27, 2018

Top 50 Graphic Novels: #40-36

Kavanaugh's anger is genuine. So is his lying.

Trump administration sees a 7-degree rise in global temperatures by 2100

********CALL TO ACTION******** ABA Calls for FBI Investigation

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

Heads up Senate Judiciary Meeting to vote on Kavanaugh 9:30 AM EST Today Correction: 1:30PM EST

In Post Mortem With GOP, Rachel Mitchell Said As A Prosecutor She Wouldn't Charge Kavanaugh

Flake will vote to confirm

Flake voted yes on Kavanaugh. Like he said yesterday, he doesn't want people mad at him. Punk

****Flake flaked out****

Senate GOP forging ahead with Kavanaugh vote today shows why Ford sought to stay silent

Did you see that? He did the thing! I'm so angry right now!

Kava's implied defense yesterday:

Just saw on Fox:

Flake being confronted on the elevator now

I don't know if any of you remember, but a few years back I asked if anyone had a recipe

These senators will make or break Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation vote

Brett Kavanaugh just debunked one of the GOP's biggest lies about the judiciary

This Kavamess reminds me of John Lennon's famous song about the status of women.

CERN Scientists Say The LHC Has Confirmed Two New Particles, And Possibly Discovered a Third

We've lost the Supreme Court. What now?

Assange image darker by the day

Blumenthal calling for Mark Judge to be subpoenaed

Fifi Rong x Lo - The Crown (Official Video)

Pharma Companies Jack Up Drug Prices When People Need Them The Most, Report Claims

Anyone note the way the Kavanaugh was speaking as if he had already been rejected?

Please Mr Mueller


Harris and Booker wouldn't speak.

I love this parody account.

Fuck you, Jeff Flake. You disingenuous piece of shit.

Collins and Murkowski don't have to vote yes or no now, they have an out

Jeff Flake Gets Berated By Sexual Assault Survivors In An Elevator

Democrats all walked out

"Black Friday"

I am sending Grassley a sympathy card for the loss of his soul.

Twitter Video: AnaMariaArchil2 confronts @JeffFlake before Senate Judiciary Committee.

Question for Flake: If not now, when?

Bonfire of Republican Vanities

Use this disgust & anger to blow out the mid terms

E-mails Show That Republican Senate Staff Stymied a Kavanaugh Accuser's Effort to Give Testimony

Republican Senate staff stymied an accuser's effort to give testimony

Women confront Flake in Senate elevator

It was okay for Brent Kavanaugh to be involved in a decades long investigation of the Clintons

The Decline -- NOFX

Sen Doug Jones [AL-D] to vote no!

Sparks Fly Before Judiciary Committee Vote on Kavanaugh Nomination

I am seriously getting angrier while Grassley talks.

Nurse charged with injuring newborns at Madison hospital

Democrats walk out of hearing room in protest

Kamala Harris is outside now giving a press conference, she is angry

Kavanaugh, accusers deserve a proper investigation

CNN: Kavanaugh Yale classmate disapointed in his blatant lying.

I'm going to have to take a break from news for a mental health day....

Dying to know what Kamala Harris is saying to reporters right now

Republican white males have just publicly gang raped every female in the United States. N/T

Emails Show GOP Staff Stymied Kavanaugh Accuser

Hey Grassley, you demented fuck...

Not to worry, folks! Sarandon &the "Busters" have this covered!

Hatch: "Let's be fair about this!"

there's a sky full of tears...

Twitter Video: Protesters chanting "November is Coming"

Disgusted beyond words.

It looks like the fix was in all along.

Anything Can Happen.

Why didn't the Democrats fight this hard when McConnell

CNN's Toobin on Cornflake: There is no 'weaker, more pathetic figure in the US'

Watch Live: Senate Judiciary votes on Kavanaugh nomination

The ad - a woman being attacked, men laughing loudly, fade to a photo of Kavanaugh

Now that Kavanaugh has demonstrated that he is a sniveling sleazeball, regardless...

Did some one from CNN

F U Flake! F U GOP!

LA Times: We asked experts in sexual trauma whether Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's testimony was...

Kavanaugh takes partisan turn as he lashes out at "search and destroy" Democrats

House Intelligence Committee to release transcripts of now-defunct Russia probe

Next time

The Same Party

Strategy to impeach Court Justice Kavanaugh:

It's a Big Club and You're Not In It

Graham's joke about Joe Biden fell flat

As the rich get richer - Society begins to divide

Win elections expand the Supreme court and pack the elections by adding States to the Union

Kamala Harris: "What a sham this process has been. I just refused to vote and walked out."

Lindsey Graham on defending his vote, looking smug and happy with himself. UGH !!

I am a man. I sincerely apologize to women for the behavior of men.

If Kavanaugh believes Democrats have conspired against him, how can he stand in judgment of issues

Lindsey Graham on MSNCB now

Massive protests and a general strike need to happen

Graham's slow southern drawl is back

Time for Kavanaugh's accusers to file a criminal complaint...


Floof Lion speaks for us all today.

Kavanaugh confirmation decision: Republican Sen. Jeff Flake, a key holdout, announces support for Su


Let me repeat

So the vote for full confirmation is happening today?

I turned it off, just can't take anymore

Actually, I don't think an investigation is needed...

Senator Harris, please come back and read your statement

If and when we take back Congress

Finally cooling of here on the prairie



Would Dr Ford now file a complaint in Montgomery County ?

Grassley said eff you to the ABA

Nothing wrong with a bit of pomp!

Jedi Kittens

We now have two perverts and an illegitimate republican supreme court justice.

Lindsey's legacy

The rush to confirm Kavanaugh - Gamble v. United States

Umm ... Just what does Faux mean to imply with this headline?

House Dem women protesting in the Senate Judiciary committee meeting today include...

Now that this is pretty much over, Trump will go after Mueller.

Who actually needs to request the FBI investigates the sexual assault allegations?

OK, here's who we're donating to in October for the midterms. Who are your favorites?

My husband is a registered Republican

I'm asking everyone to donate at least $1 to a Democrat for every vote Kavanaugh gets today at 1:30

Poor Mark Judge

Rep. Greg Snowden arrested for refusal to take DUI test after getting into wreck

Sadly Mark Judge never really has fully recovered

I grieve this historical day for the United States.

Never Was Fooled By GW

What's Really Important

Seems to me if the 2 undecided republicans came out and said their not voting to confirm this guy

Sen. Whitehouse is going after this still!

Does anybody believe Judge Kavanaugh will give Democratic litigants a fair shake ?

Kavanaugh getting onto SCOTUS isn't the end. It's the beginning of a new phase.

Republican have big plans for investigations in October... about how the FBI is biased against them!

A serial rapist, degenerate gambler, and raging alcoholic walk into a bar.....

Mueller should have a meeting with the Attorneys General of all 50 states before next Wednesday.

There are only two things resisters need to know today

Grassley just said something stupid.

Question to Lindsey & FLAKE: Is "listening to women" like "thoughts & prayers"?

Tsunami hits Indonesia's Palu after strong earthquake

Vote delayed

Watch This Space - Drinking Thread Going Up Later Tonight.

Thank you Senator Whitehouse

Donnelly will vote no

Amy Klobuchar is speaking......

India finalizes S-400 Russian air defense missile system deal

And Another Thing...I Pray To God Dems Take The Senate So....

Email from MoveOn

Sen. Klorbuchar is so angry and passionate her voice


Our DEMS are brilliant honest brave and fighting like mad for us...

National Drink Beer Day Is Trending on Twitter.

Jeff Flake Announces Retirement from Humanity

AP FACT CHECK: Kavanaugh's claim of exoneration

Spa Day...

BREAKING: Donnelly to vot "no" on Kavanaugh

The days of "moving forward"

My email to Senator Blunt regarding Kavanuagh

Any advice for someone calling their senators for the first time?

The country is not divided down the middle.

Donnelly to vote no

Medicaid paid drug-maker in Scott's portfolio hundreds of millions

67 or Bust!

Sicko Cruz defending victim Kavanaugh

It's A Man's World

"Not guilty" was the correct verdict in Kangaroo Court. The media and Democrats got bamboozled...

I am almost 62 years old

The Catholic church: a history of inaction toward pedophiles

A new species of high-altitude hummingbird may already be in trouble

Did Rosenstein go to the Whitehouse yesterday?

Arlington: Glass to Be Removed from Recycling List?

My old man was raised a Roman Catholic. I recall how he never felt remorse or guilt for his actions

The founders were rightfully concerned about the tyranny of the majority

Do we know yet how Collins and Murkowski

Cruz just said Mark Judge should have come to testify and then pleaded the fifth...


I'm just waiting for some journalist to look into a cover-up

And now we all treated to the alternate reality of repuke thinking...

Sick to my stomach

Let's See If This Tweet Stands The Test of Time.....

Watch the faces of women today.

'Look at me when I'm talking to you!': Crying protester confronts Jeff Flake in Capitol elevator

🐦 Oct 5 at 6PM St. Albans Dinner & Rally with Bernie Sanders

Tester and Donnelly to vote against Crybaby - CNN

We Lost. And Now a Catholic-Schooled Sexual Assaulter Will

Don't get MAD, don't get Angry, don't get Complacent! VOTE!

This expression said it all.

What was the point of Dr. Fords

Republican Concern for the health of Mark Judge is laughable

🐦 Oct 6 at 10AM - Woodstock VT Breakfast & Rally with Bernie Sanders

Just a reminder that Al Franken was railroaded!

Cat Level: James Bond.


Alex Jones with a black robe instead of a white one

Graham yesterday vs. Dems yesterday: Aggression vs. timidity at THE key moment!

Donating to Dems way more important than donating to your church today.

The question was never Kavanaugh vs Ford, it was fact vs no fact.

🐦 Oct 6 at 12PM - Randolph VT Rally with Bernie Sanders

Avenatti regarding Mark Judge

Jeff Flake took Chris Coons out in the hallway to talk privately, he looks upset

Can Yale withdraw Kavanaugh's law degree, and if so would he lose his judgeships?

🐦 Oct 6 at 6PM - Rutland Rally with Bernie Sanders

Obviously, I'm not the only person to have seen this...

Is it bad luck to be

Who checks their mortgage while they're at a hair salon?

Elaine, Arkansas Massacre 30 Sept 1919 (possibly worst racial conflict in US)

Franken should run for president and announce today.

If nothing else, his clearly articulated partisan views disqualify him.

Kavanaugh's opening remarks are a master class in a common sexual abuser defense tactic

Kavanaugh wrongly claims he could drink legally in Md.

🐦 Oct 19 at 11AM - Sen. Sanders Rally with Liz Watson, Indiana's 9th Congressional District

Any Celtics Fans?

Maybe Mueller isn't quite ready to indict, he might want to start now?

I think Booker will drop out the judiciary committee

Governor's Office Ordered To Release Carrier Deal Emails

Could there already be a sealed indictment on tRump?

Redefined, "Judge, have you farted yet?"

Neo-Nazi activist behind racist robocalls linked to threats of Idaho newspaper

An opinion piece from The Collegian:


Neo-Nazi activist behind racist robocalls linked to threats of Idaho newspaper

that are you reading these days?

Rudy 9/11 is drunk tweeting again.

Something weird is happening -- lots of chatter among Democrats after Coons and Klobuchar returned fr

The dean of Kavanaugh's law school calls for his nomination to be put on hold

The GOP sounds so stupid this AM, as usual. FFS! Do the FBI investigation, look at the additional

Is there going to be any polling which captures public opinion post-hearing available before

That yearbook, though. Can't stop thinking about his yearbook.

Exposed Idaho Neo-Nazi robocaller had carried out similar activities in Alexandria, Virginia

CNN chryon: Montana's Senator Testor is a "NO" on Kavanaugh.

Something's going on behind the scenes

Grassley: Are you going to let the other 3 speak? What an asshole

Next: Susan Collins will say she has assurances that Kavanaugh will be impartial and fair-minded.


Sen Booker - "Pernicious Patriarchy!" Nt

FCC seeks $37.5 million fine on firm that spoofed consumer numbers

Cory Booker is on fire!

Tester to oppose Kavanaugh

If an uber driver got that many accusations

Has Senator Harris talked yet? nt

(CEDAW) Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

CEDAW Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

Pardon me, but do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior

Kennedy is such a grandstanding, full of himself, clown.

Oh, I see. The real crime is that Dr Ford's story was made public.

What happened to all of the women who accused Trump? What did he do to them?

The Kava-NAW Song - Chipmunk Version

How the F*ck did we let them stall Garland for 400 days

I kind of disagree with Senator Blumenthal.

My response to "progressives" on Twitter

Donnelly, A Vulnerable Dem, Will Vote No On Kavanaugh

The Onion of Truth

What good is winning at all cost, if it costs you everything.

Patrick Leahy shreds Kavanaugh for lying under oath and blasts GOP senators

50 million Facebook accounts compromised after hackers "exploited a vulnerability" that allows

Time for the Classics. In 2018, everyone, but especially women,

Donnely of Indiana NO. NPR top of the hour broadcast

Amy Klobuchar scalds the GOP for rushing Kavanaugh vote before more evidence drops

Pierce: In Plain Terms, Judge Brett Kavanaugh Lies About Everything

Where is Jeff Flake ?

Is there anyone who knows if there is a trade off for Testor' s and Donnally's

UPDATED: Facebook Network is Breached, Putting 50 Million Users' Data at Risk

Reminder: a lot of white women voted for a President who said he grabbed women by the genitals

Who do you think got to Jeff Flake?

Tweet from Diane Feinstein about Kavanaugh's calendar.

Mark Judge is just too damned depressed to testify!!!

I just wrote this missive to my brothers and sisters, with whom I have lost patience.

Collins joined Flake and Coons in an anteroom - CNN

This was worse than what the Senate did to Anita Hill

We're Watching a Clumsy Cover Up In Real Time - by Josh Marshall

Does anyone have a clip of Kavanaugh during his semi-meltdown?

Who is Joy Lush, and why is she calling me?

KAVANAUGH! - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Soul to Squeeze

Michael Parenti on the "pro-life" anti-abortion scam

Dear American Bar Assoc.: give Kavanaugh an ultimatum

There is a rumor Flake flipped. It could be bulls--t.

The brazen lying under oath shocked me. And I'm not too easily shockable.

Whitehouse says "Given what's happening in the ante room" the vote should be delayed. But does not

Dumb question: Before the full vote in the senate, will there be any floor debate?

Can we please stop saying...

Abortion and use of birth control, gonna need more prisons.

"hard luck is her brother"

The ultimate snowflake

If we win back the House can we subpoena Mark Judge and his girlfriend?

Where was Timothy (Timmy) Gaudette's house?

Maybe Chief Justice Roberts put his foot down?

Is whitehouse talking to flake on camera ?

Lawrence O'Donnell...

I wouldn't be shocked if Collins and others get a delay for a perfunctory FBI investigation.

Enquiring minds want to know. Who was the last supreme court justice without a law degree?

Everyone on MSNBC and CNN are concerned about Flake, Grassley

Klobuchar came in beaming and called Feinstein and Whitehouse out into the hall

Kavanaugh's lie is no longer a minor thing.

Jimmy Kimmel 27 september 2018

I think there is no quorum.

Look at Grassley, Hatch and Graham sitting there.......

Julie Swetnick & that restraining order

On Blue Dogs and Kavanaugh

Lol @ this Kavanaugh video

Just saw the camera shot of Graham sitting next to the other POS Hatch................

Avenatti : I don't traffic in nonsense. I traffic in facts and evidence.

Rumors that Flake is wavering on allowing the Kavanaugh vote, Dems negotiating with him? Vote's late

Seeing Lindsey Graham's face - the pointing and rage...

The 1:30 PM Committee vote has not taken place

Think about it, Kavanaugh's history of assault works for the Republicans...

2000-year-old comics discovered in the Middle East

Flake:Potential FBI investigation and no more than a week delay.

Opinion: Kavanaugh finally showed us who he really is. And he's unfit for the court.

Kelly O'Donnell is saying MSNBC-- request for new FBI investigation: "Serious conversations"

Serious conversation - going on to delay and have FBI investigation

CNN reporting that serious discussion is going on about week delay for investigation...

Graham's verbal garbage defence of Kavanaugh: It is all a victim misidentification! Ya see!

Trump signs bill that averts government shutdown, sets up fight over border wall

Reading Grassley's face

Ellen Barkin...

They're Going Ahead With The Vote

How come Mark Judge is too depressed to testify but available for media/speaking engagements,

Flake just asked for a FBI investigation....................

Flake: "Delay floor vote for up to a week in order for the FBI to investigate.


He's "kavanauseating"!

Someone needs to find the women who ambushed Flake

Flake speaking with 2 mouths

Flake "Limited to time and scope for Dr Ford allegation only". No other charges!

The face of our nation...

Flake taking a page from Susan Collins

I just voted!!!

have you ever noticed? when puke males cry, it is a sign of their humanty. when women,

They Will Investigate, And Ali Velshi Will Grow Full Head Of Hair nt

Senator Flake looks sick........

Republicans have stolen America. Here's how we get it back

Flake Folded...

Brilliant! The Kavanaugh confirmation hearing mashed up with Pulp Fiction.

Flake Fake Floor Follies - Fuck Fuck Fuck

The hellbeast isn't going out of town this weekend. Neither is McConnell.


"What, no vote? Two hour rule"...Grassley and Feinstein and Leahy talking hot mic.

Fuck the FBI

So if McConnell doesn't go along ...

It didn't really take "that long" to expose the crime

We're Getting Flaked Again

Fox flipping out

Fucking Grassley

Now what will McConnell do?!?!?

Flake is a fucking ReTHUG enabler

"It's not that we don't believe your story."

Here's a video of the 11-10 vote.

Flake " you do not have my vote until a FBI investigation takes place". Nt

Thank you, Sen. Flake!

The FBI can't tie its shoes in under a week

Senator Flake bravely stood up for truth. No further comment required.

Silence on Wall Street. Tears in a retirement home. The country watches, transfixed, as Ford and Kav

Grassley already investigating w/ATF and ICE detail - he tweeted this 2 days ago:

All the damage agent orange did over

Graham is playing messenger...we're screwed!

Yeah, Flake, as if Turtleman is going to delay a floor vote on Rapey Brett for a whole week

Please donate to red state dems declaring their NO vote!

They played us again.

Senate Panel Approves Kavanaugh, but Flake Wants F.B.I Investigation Before Final Vote

BREAKING NEWS: Senate Judiciary Committee to be renamed Senate "Grassley May I?" Committee

My wife....

Melt down again Kavanaugh

Ted Turner reveals he's battling Lewy body dementia in exclusive interview.

Looks like there'll be an FBI investigation


Katy Tur is very skeptical about this Flake thing.

Lindsey Graham must think he will be the new AG.............because he said he needs

Is this Timmy guy going to say he saw something now? Or Chris Garrett?

IF we get a delay in the Kavanaugh vote, and an investigation, we need to give credit where it's due

Pope Francis removes Chilean priest at center of sex abuse scandal

Pope Francis removes Chilean priest at center of sex abuse scandal

Keep an eye out for CBS after the late game

Watch. Trust me 😆

Did Dr. Ford say her email account was hacked?

Am I the only one who sees the irony in a time limit being placed on the investigation of

Flake's deal is limited to 7 days and FBI investigation into Dr. Ford only. I say let

I think that what Flake actually did, was..

Only Jeff Flake could find an even more spineless position than his previous one

Jules checks out the big brain on Brett...

Brett Kavnaugh lied Under Oath

It will be a supreme irony if a question from Mitchell ends up key to Kavanaugh's confirmation

Will McConnell delay the floor vote? Nope . With Cheeto request an FBI investigation?

''Brett Kavanaugh lied repeatedly to the Senate Judiciary Committee. ''

Murkowski says she will support Jeff Flake.....msnbc

Something new has come to light

Avenatti sends another email demanding FBI investigation.

Arrr he blows!

Public Service Message: DO NOT MIX Mountain Dew, Everclear, and energy drinks:

I just want to say HA to all the surrender monkeys saying Kav was inevitable....

Investigation of what? Of who? Nobody knows scope.....

So what if the FBI turns up evidence that needs to be evaluated?

Can the FBI open sealed juvenile records? For example, in the case of Kavanaugh,

Jeff Flake started conversation with Coons not otherwise, thats interesting ..

Let me be the first person here to wish Brett Kavanaugh a weekend he'll never forget.

This thing needs an FBI visit

Someone needs to get Mark Judge's passport ASAP

"What goes around comes around."

Limited in scope

The real reason for the calendar entries.......

Another angle: Yes, I am throwing darts.

BREAKING: Sen. Lisa Murkowski joins Sen. Jeff Flake in backing delay in Senate vote on Kavanaugh

Himpathy's Last Victory

I think I need to borrow one of these from my dog and just drink

Fox News on in pizza place

Why did Lindsey Graham say "It's my job to explain this to the president"?

Avenatti on 2020..

Joe Manchin supports Flake....msnbc

Will this be the end of Kavanaugh's nightmare, as he has called it?

Kavanaugh CANNOT Withstand the Scrutiny of an FBI Investigation

Coons: "and if other allegations come forward?"

I called my senator, Bob Corker...

Does an FBI investigation bolster the chances of a local investigation in Maryland?

So, on the delay for an investigation:

The two women who confronted Flake...

Congratulations to Kavanaugh! I'm sure the FBI investigation will exonerate him completely.

I am cross posting this image from the Photography group.

"November is coming!" protesters

2 thoughts are making me smile right now

"...indivisible, with liberty and justice for all"...

Kremlin critic says he was poisoned for investigating colleagues' killings

Thank you, Arizona !

Jeff Flake isn't so much a hero as he is the last man standing.

Facebook Admits To New Security Breach, 50 Million People At Risk

Twittolini hasn't tweeted once today

Future White House Press Release?

Do we know anything about this Timmy guy?

Check out the big brain on Brett!

**AP Breaking: Mark Judge ready to cooperate with FBI if done 'confidentially'**

Don't alcoholics tend to be

Hannity poses what if judge goes underground?

Parsing words: Kavanaugh "I did not have sex or

Is Mark Judge Taking Calls From Bart O'Kavanagh?

Here's where Kavanaugh's sworn testimony was misleading or wrong

Will the scope of the FBI investigation exclude the 200k debt payoff ?

Why did MSNBC have Greg Bower on...............did he not have some issues in Nevada

Mark Judge's girlfriend is prepared to speak to FBI

Just like your confidential Delaware hideout...

MSNBC: Mark Judge's lawyer: Mark Judge will cooperate with law enforcement.

Women lawmakers stand in protest as male GOP senators rush vote on Kavanaugh

Women will Not be silenced...

The rape culture of the 1980s, explained by Sixteen Candles

From Connie Schultz Instagram

She Confronted Flake. Hours Later, He Flipped on Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh quote from 9/27/18 I just heard it on MSNBC about 1/2 an hour ago

Yale Law School...Dean Gerken Joins the ABA in Calling for Further Investigation.

The Gay Menace: why we NEED Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court...

The fit is going to hit the shan this weekend...

Steve King's Democratic challenger is snapping at his heels

Marc Judge agreed to an FBI interview.

Dems. Be VERY leery about this deal. It's probably a set up

MSNBC:Judge's lawyer says he will testify

FBI Investigation

Things that make you go, hmmmmm....No mention of Dr. Ford

Senate Republicans Agree to Kavanaugh Delay for FBI Probe

Kasie Hunt msnbc reporting that John Cornyn said there will be an FBI investigation...lasting a week

This 1 week delay is only for show! This is to limit the poor optics for the Reps going into Nov 6.

Brett Kavanaugh said he fears for our future....

Don't waste your money! These are a ripoff and do not work! 🤬

Non-Profit announces reward for information on Brett Kavanaugh

The takeover is almost complete.

House adjourns until after midterms....

Donald Trump's China tariffs will cost Ford $1 billion, CEO Jim Hackett says

LIVE: print reporting - Re: Kavanaugh (The Guardian) Nice active feed!

BTRTN: A Call to Action from Anita Hill

BTRTN: A Call to Action from Anita Hill

Senate Judiciary Committee advances Brett Kavanaugh's nomination

Luckovich-Trump, Kavanaugh and Cosby share something in common

I didn't know this week would have this effect on me. Can anyone relate?

Perhaps Mr. Lover of Beer (Beer sounds so much better than Whisky)

Any Amazon sellers here?

A reminder: Julie Swetnick's claim is still out there and she's going on TV on Sunday.


The stuff of nightmares

His name is so FUCKING appropriate.

John Roberts must've weighed in...

In the Kavanaugh hearing, Republican rage overrides the desire to seek the truth - Max Boot

Nicole's show just started.

Will you stand in line, no matter how long it takes, to vote?

Warning if you decide to peek at fox

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: A far-reaching hearing

Grassley reportedly just said they will ask the "administration" to direct the

$100K reward for documents showing Kavanaugh lied -- photos, papers, etc.

One More Week...

Can tRump stop the FBI investigation? Doesn't he have to initiate it? n/t

Graham compromised? Some people say:

Trump says he's not sure Kavanaugh's nomination will continue onward...

So will Judge skirt the truth like his buddy, Kavanaugh did yesterday?

So will Judge skirt the truth like his buddy, Kavanaugh did yesterday?

He's a republican, and we all disagree on many things he's voted for and against, but....

Investigation? Really? Excuse me, but I'm not convinced.

Today's dedication goes out to Brett, for whom it ain't over yet. Not by a longshot.

..because the ONE thing missing from the Kavanaugh hearings has been Samuel L. Jackson. Enjoy.

Trump Called Christine Blasey Ford "Credible" And Said He's Not Sure Kavanaugh's Nomination Will...

A Nazi, a Kid-Cager, and a Gang Rapist walk into a bar.

After troubled Orlando private school Beta Prep closes, director opens new campus in DeLand


If Mark Judge is indeed a recovering alcoholic in a 12 Step program

A friend is will rescue you in flood

Just overheard one side of a phone conversation in a store. It was right after my husband called

Tweet: Kavanaugh lied about being of legal drinking age in 1982

"Fire and Blood" (GOT background) by George RR Martin - Excerpt

Hmm, in the NM-SEN race, the republican is running THIRD...

Lindsey Graham Dining Alone At Applebee's Kind Of Wishes Protesters Would Come Heckle Him

Cleanup on Aisle Brett...the FBI can accomplish a hell of a lot in one week.

CNN reporting Dotard will order FBI to reopen Kav investigation

I am not sure why Manchin is mentioned together with Collins and Murkowski and Flake

Samuel Jackson and Brett Kavanaugh (yes , he was there *wink*)

Video of the young woman who may likely influenced Jeff Flake to ask for FBI investigation

I have become FB friends with an extended family member I met through Ancestry.

BREAKING: Trump to authorize FBI investigation of Kavenaugh...

Samuel Jackson interrogates Brett Kavanaugh

BREAKING: Republicans bail on MI-8

Holy Cow: A week delay

Seattle woman says state Sen. Joe Fain raped her in 2007; Fain denies allegation

Predictit still thinks we have a really good shot of stopping Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh threatened anew with impeachment as Supreme Court vote nears

Break from the stress, enjoy this classic clip from MadTV

New: A White House official says Trump will authorize and order a supplemental FBI background

Sears stock falls below $1 as key debt deadline nears

Since The Twilight Zone has been mentioned during the Kav hearings, Rod Serling's daughter says:

Elon Musk wanted to impress his girlfriend Grimes with $420 share price: SEC

For my sanity, I'm watching the Barrett-Jackson auction

The New Yorker: An early look at next week's cover, "Unheard,"

Pride and anguish: For those connected to prep schools, this was personal

What does Trump have up his sleeve?

Breaking: A judge just ruled Dems can sue Trump for allegedly violating Foreign Emoluments Clause.

Let's give Thoughts and Prayers to poor widdle president Trump - he's had a Baaad Week

Republicans and their grievance politics want us to believe that being the accused

Petition filed to put Safeco Field funding to a public vote

Golden Earring - Twilight Zone (1982)

What's for Dinner, Fri., Sept. 28, 2018

Congressional Dems' lawsuit alleging Trump's private business violates the Constitution can proceed

Kavanaugh will have significant impact on midterms, says Morning Consult reporter

My out there prediction: Kavanaugh withdraws, citing his family...

Bringing the FCC to the People and the People to the FCC

Lindsey Graham Dining Alone At Applebee's Kind Of Wishes Protesters Would Come Heckle Him

Lindsey performs Lady MacBeth monologue, auditions for Sessions's job..

Mark Judge Can't Believe That Lightweight Kavanaugh Got 'Boofing' And 'The Devil's Triangle' Wrong

Joy Behar: Republicans pushing Kavanaugh nomination 'are only interested in retaining white power'

Kavanaugh disqualified himself again when he made reference to Clintons' revenge.

Democrats are scrapping/fighting this nomination

Pure Speculation-Does anyone think that FBI is now vetting Trump's #2 nominee?

If we take back the Senate and Kavanaugh withdraws...

Request to MSNBC: Don't invite nutcase RWer Sara Fagan on again.

If Judge pleads the 5th in his FBI interview, will the FBI make that a part of their report?

One possible reason R's are trying to ram Kavanaugh through

I really love listening to Sheldon Whitehouse speak.

Dogs as humans

Stone says it's 'entirely possible' he could be framed in Mueller probe

With Nation Transfixed By Kavanaugh Monstrosity, House GOP Votes to Give Rich Another $3 Trillion in

Vox : Every time Ford and Kavanaugh dodged a question, in one chart

Deep down Kav's wife knows Ford was telling the truth

American Family Association Praises Judiciary Committee's Pro-Kavanaugh Vote

He Said, She Said: The Awful Theatrics of the Kavanaugh Hearings

***BREAKING NEW POLL***FL GOVERNOR Gillium 48% DeTrumpis 42%

Chart: Every time Ford & Kavanaugh did or did not answer a question

President Trump tentatively plans trip to Council Bluffs in October

Ted Turner reveals Lewy body dementia

Katy Tur- Yo, Trump didn't win Florida "handily"

The arrogance of the fucker Kavanaugh is unbelievable.

Another Strong Message

More Kavanaugh victims will go public in the next week

Now Collins

My guess is that Trump will tell Kavanaugh to go take a hike. The FBI will show he was lying.

Which Democrat(s) do we thank for the FBI investigation?

Phil Mudd warns that sexual assault allegations are just the start of Brett Kavanaugh's problems

So what will they do, when the FBI says "We need more time"?

DPRK- the Case of the Missing Pistol

Rejoice! Freeper says he hasn't been this discouraged since 2008.

Encouraging: FBI will decide what is "credible" to investigate & how many accusers

Ari playing hot mic between Grassley and Dianne Feinstein...

Fox reported Dr Fords attorney

More than 20 million people watched Kavanaugh hearing

If the Democrats have the majority in the US Senate right now,

John Fugelsang wins Twitter. Again.

In the last several years we - sociey - put the Catholic church on trial

I think this is really funny, so I have to share

Turtleman speechifying now

Fuck you, Mitch McConnell.

OMG. Whoever made this video is a genius!!

McTurtle is speaking!

83-year-old NJ State Sen. Loretta Weinberg breaks silence about being sexually assaulted at age 13

Mediocre White Man Falls Apart and Is Promptly Put Back Together

I think I dislike the Turtle more than tRump. The Turtle is such a pompous ass. n/t

Confirmed or not I want justice for these women.

Jeff flake will be in austin texas tomorrow

Anybody catch Hillary on "Murphy Brown" last night?

A judge just ruled that congressional Democrats have standing to sue Trump (Foreign Emoluments)

Anybody catch Hillary on "Murphy Brown" last night?

Damn. Even if Ford allegations proven, Kavanaugh can't be charged because of OLD Maryland law

The Deadliest Massacre in Reconstruction-Era Louisiana Happened 150 Years Ago

There was a major earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia today

I will assume Kavanaugh was sober at his hearing yesterday, so my question is . . . . .

F-35B military plane crashes in coastal South Carolina

**Another breaking poll** Montana Senate -Tester (Democrat) 50% Rosendale (Trumper) 43%

Charles P. Pierce: None of These Developments Are Good News for Brett Kavanaugh

I was in a Fraternity in College for a couple of years. I left because of guys like Kavanaugh

Hmm, does the GOP know what the FBI finds is inevitable, or is the fix in and

Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune: The compelling case against Kavanaugh

My day: Woke up, turned on CNN, saw Flake in elevator, cried,

Lindsey: "I know I am a single white male from SC and I've been told shut up, but I will not shut up

I appreciate the sexual assault survivors who confronted Jeff Flake in the elevator.

Amazon Prime: Man in the High Castle season 3 drops Oct. 5

Greetings from Fenway Park!

NYT: Trump Agrees To 'Limited' FBI Investigation Into Kavanaugh Allegations

Your feelings the night Trump was elected? A short reflection two years later.

Dear Lindsey Graham,

I need some help here, DU. Need to have the right words to talk to a NON voter

Kavanaugh reminds me of Osborne Whitworth! Check this out if you are not a Poldark viewer:

Trump has a rally tomorrow in WV

Alright. I already had a hard-on for Ari Melber.

I'm watching MSNBC programs which, as usual, feature women guests

"The sneering still photos of Kavanaugh will never disappear no matter what happens to him."

If Trump were to carry 48 states in 2020 like Reagan did in 1984,

You Want To Know The 1 Person Who Could Sink Kavanaugh?

'This Matters': CNN's Brooke Baldwin Delivers Emotional Tribute to Christine Blasey Ford

Im guessing Jeff Flake wont ever take a public lift again

WI Att Gen Schimel blamed 15yo girls for being sexually assaulted, let convicted assailant go free

Middle aged couple arguing in Costco today

The FBI hates Idiot.

my sister is running. watch the fantastic candidates in dupage co.

Here comes the Judge.

Christine Blasey Ford Senate Hearing, Protesters, Counterprotesters

If the Dems have a great midterm election

Polygraphs are permissible in law enforcement investigations. Ruling by guess who?

59 yr. old dying chimp recognizes her old friend

Hardball: DC Circuit Decided Case - Lie Detectors Credible for Law Enforcement & Background Checks

it's the calendar, stupid senators..

Yikes just saw a advertisement from Leah Vukmir.......

Power Squared

I work in a male-dominated occupation and was surprised today.

Director of Harvard's Nieman Journalism Lab says Squi - Chris Garrett - needs a lot more attention

Interesting article - The Chill of Solar Minimum

A little about underage drinking.

Make this Christmas different

Ever notice how there are "mean drunks" but not "mean stoners"? How different would

Anita Hill struck by Kavanaugh's anger versus accuser's calm

Greatest Twitter post about that rapist Kavanaugh

There is no honor among rapists.

Flake amid the crowd - somewhat classical pix in nature

GoFundMe campaigns supporting Christine Blasey Ford top $700K

FBI will determine the scope of this investigation

I've listened to the stories of

CBS Faces Probes in New York Tied to Moonves Allegations and Workplace Culture Concerns

Just received an email from Doug Jones

'Mostly false:' Politifact vets 9 Rick Scott ads, finds all 9 are false

Black men reverse the gender split on religion, research shows

Responding with RAHMA can Save Lives

Jeff Flake ... Jeff Flake ... Jeff Flake

I just saw an ad promoting Kavanaugh

Tweety just reminded us that Saturday Night Live returns this week

Led Zeppelin Ordered to go back on trial in 'Stairway to heaven' copyright lawsuit.

Can some Maryland lawyer find the Statute of Limitations in Maryland for rape in the early

The women who confronted Jeff Flake in the elevator. "I wanted him to feel my rage."

What was the conversation between Ashley and Brett Kavanaugh on their drive home?

If Satan needs permission to enter someones body, then so do you!

Emily's List had 900 female candidates last go around. This year they have 45,000!!!

Threats Against Jeff Flake And Chuck Grassely Prompt Additional Security

I needed to fight for reproductive justice

The rape culture of the 1980s, explained by Sixteen Candles

Mark Judge . . . went from not willing to testify under oath before the committee to being