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Simple Q

Faux News: What about Clinton

How do I respond to this?!

trump's last tweet @5:46 pm yesterday.....nothing since😳

Tucker is telling his yokels that the FBI does NOT want the case...

Today, September 28, is Native American Day in California and Nevada

Fox News FIRES Contributor For Saying THIS...

I don't care how drunk Kavanaugh got in high school and college.

Trump and FAUX news obviously is obsessed with the Clintons. Trump truly must love Hillary.

Is Kavanaugh a shill for Big Beer?

Check out the facial expressions behind I Like Beer Boy.

DT45 pulled the plug, Kavanaugh is on the way out for

Lindsey Graham is a vile POS. He tweeted this at 5:21 today.

This bears repeating

An amazing graphic-every time either Dr. Ford or Kavanaugh dodged.

Jill Wine-Banks pin tonight:

Kavanaugh likes beer!

Am I right that the current Republican majority has until January to confirm Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh reportedly knew Dr. Ford's boyfriend in 1982

I like to go to Amazon's "Customer Questions & Answers"

WSJ: White House 'Shellshocked' by Developments; 'There's No Plan B'

GOP lawmaker's campaign shares meme comparing Ford to Hillary Clinton

When the skeletons in your closet come looking for you

Marty Balin, founding member of Jefferson Airplane, dies at age 76

Typical question on Amazon.

Brett Kavanaugh and America's Insistence on White Male Virtue

RIP Marty Balin

Help me out here, re: Brett Kavanaugh's finances.

New MT-SEN Poll (AARP): Tester +7

Anita Hill Struck By Kavanaugh's Anger Versus Accuser's Calm

Rosenstein agrees to private meeting with House lawmakers

2018,2020,and 2022 US Senate Elections will be similar to 1982,1984,and 1986 US Senate Elections.

Pink wave a'coming! They thought it would be blue. But gonna be HOT pink! With shades

I'm sick of hearing that he is entitled to a presumption of innocence.

I believe Kavanaugh made a huge tactical error by not viewing Dr. Ford's testimony in real time.

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! 12 Angry Men!

Parkland victim's father to Kavanaugh: 'Your life and family are not ruined'

Well now. Will the FBI investigation

Poor Little Rich Brad,,,,,,

Mom allegedly lied that her 3-year-old son was dead -- then she tried drown him

Watching Olympus Has Fallen on TV. The White House is full of bad guys. Oh wait...

Which SNL cast member should play a drunken raging Kavanaugh tomorrow?

I have never heard of the kinds of things he did in high school. WOW!

These protesters and women should do this

Republican Civil Decorum.

I kind of think of this one as one of my better haikus about yesterday

Is "God and Man at Georgetown Prep" why Judge was hiding out at the beach?

Wouldn't ya think..

November is coming

Can Ramirez and/or Swetnick go on 60 Minutes?

Architect of two-state solution doubts Trump can deliver Mideast peace

Something to make you smile: A cow playing fetch

Court upholds protection for rare bird in Colorado, Utah

Remember GeneralHospital when Luke rapes Laura & it ends in wedding (1981)?

He finally tweets....

Kavanaugh and R's massive misogynistic miscalculation. They thought yesterday was a WIN!!!!! Delaying Kav vote by a week means more polls and the polling trend "isn't great"

Judge strikes down Kentucky law in win for abortion clinic

OMG LOL Arrrghh!

voice actress mocks Dr. Blasey Ford's voice

Archaeologists unearth Roman road in Netherlands

Mark Judge Willing To Cooperate With Investigation, Lawyer Says

Who in your life do you *unequivocably* admire? My response to myself


Tucker Carlson praises Kavanaugh as a "folk hero" who "raised a middle finger to the tormentors"

I'm Suspicious of Trump's Motives...

male / female view of SCOTUS moving in opposite directions

What does National Enqirer have on Kav? Inquiring minds and all

Oh my! Sen Coons: at one point in anteroom mtg w/Flake, the AZ Sen. spoke w/ Rod Rosenstein on phone

I wonder if there would be any interest for a DU meetup in the Ark

July 1, 1982. Were Mark Judge, PJ or one of the others 18??

Football team at Texas school burns black player in effigy, but district says it's not racial

You know who didn't "weaken" and cry?

Somebody's Watching Me - Rockwell

Will the investigation matter in the end?

Tribe wants high court to hear North Dakota voter ID dispute

Brown signs gun control laws.

2-year-old fatally shoots himself after finding pistol while visiting relatives in East Texas


Check out the big brain on Brett: Cavanaugh in Pulp Fiction....

Tweet of the Day

It's official...

Right wingers claiming a Kavanaugh defeat will rile up the right flank.


Friday Talking Points -- The Questions We Wanted To Hear Democrats Ask Kavanaugh

GOP-appointed Michigan justice says she was intimidated, shunned for anti-gerrymandering decision

This is why Race and Gender Matter: EXPERIENCE MATTERS


"You kids knock it off!!!"

I Believe that Mark Judge Saved Christine Blasey Ford from Rape

The PEN/Faulkner fundraiser included a rousing exorcism of America's demons

Democrats on a "Search and destroy" mission, you said, Trump? Yes, and today the search continues

Tucker Carlson: Kavanaugh hearing exposed "race hatred" toward whites

Funniest DU thread I've read in a long time: (Graham)

CNN's Toobin Takes Back Criticism of Jeff Flake: 'Time for Me to Eat Some Crow'

California bans gun sales to people under 21

21,000 Milwaukee residents will get their voter registrations reinstated before the election

!?!?Ķav's wife was personal secretary to W in WH!?!?

Trump started this shit! Making jokes about sexual abuse. We have a predator in the White House.

When you listen to Maria Gallagher in the elevator, at first, Flake wanted to escape. But Maria

Steve "Milk Farts" Bannon on Real Time with Bill Maher

Substance Abuse Counselor Avoids Jail Time After Having Sex with Two Men in Custody

Harvard Law Students Protest Any Return Of Lecturer Brett Kavanaugh To Cambridge

Jan Hammer - Crockett's Theme (Miami Vice)

Bill Maher has Lucifer on right now ... Steve Bannon

Michelle Obama says 'I'm frustrated, too' as she rallies young Miami voters

Chris Coons proved something today


Atlantic Forest Lost At Least 44% of Mammals Since Arrival of Europeans

Atlantic Forest Lost At Least 44% of Mammals Since Arrival of Europeans

Good question.

Anyone catch the first segment on Lawrence's show?

The "emotionally fragile" one in the hearing

I Heartily agree

Brazil adopts new zero extinction policy

2020 US Senate Election in AL and CO, Gardner(R-CO) is way more vulnerable than Jones(D-AL).

Brazil adopts new zero extinction policy

Did they change the camera in Kav statement break to make wife's face harder to see?

I just want to call out one of VSB's greatest posts ever

'The bible says it's not rape if the woman doesn't scream'

Grifter in Chief....

CNN's Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon hilariously mock Lindsey Graham

Toys 'R' Us Owners to Create Severance Fund for Former Employees

Brazil's left presidential candidate Haddad ahead of far-right Bolsonaro: poll

Brazil's left presidential candidate Haddad ahead of far-right Bolsonaro: poll

Drive (2011) - Opening Credits and car chase

Lawrence O'D: coming up are 2 Yale classmates who will say Kavanaugh lied yesterday.

Do you think people would have been more accepting of Kavanaugh if he apologized from the beginning?

"JOLTED" excellent podcast on VPR about a wannabe school shooter

I am the same age as Kavanaugh and was in college at the same time in the early 80's

Why doesn't Kennedy say F' it and not retire?

Brazil's Far-Right Presidential Candidate Says He Won't Accept The Election Results If He Loses

Brazil's Far-Right Presidential Candidate Says He Won't Accept The Election Results If He Loses

The Turtle could have given Garland a hostile hearing and up or down vote like Kavanaugh.

El Pasoans don't like new 'wall' and what it stands for as it blocks their view of sister city in Me

El Pasoans don't like new 'wall' and what it stands for as it blocks their view of sister city in Me

I have a hard time believing that Democrats would protect Kavanaugh if he was a Democrat

This is a statement on facebook from a woman answering a question from my friend about the need for

As people talk about Ford and Kavanaugh most people pass on what is simple and clear.

370z vs 300zx TT

Drinking age is another lie

Well, that didn't take locate "Timmies" house.

So Murkowski was a "yes" before the ABA called for an FBI investigation

What's up with fake moralist Ben Sasse?

Jeff Flake should go back to Arizona, change his Party to Democratic or Independent and...

Every time Ford and Kavanaugh dodged a question, in one chart

Chart:Every time Kavanaugh dodged questions compared to Ford

A Late Night Observation

Church has $10 min. cover charge

Bonus Tweet of the Day

In 1982 Montgomery County, MD, attempted rape was a misdemeanor,


Careful.. Here's how Trump "wins"

You know what else struck me about Kavanaugh's testimony?

If you catch the rerun of 11th Hour with Brian Williams, he has an ex-FBI person on

The FBI investigation is already up and running, according to Brian Williams.

NYT: A Bitter Nominee, Questions of Neutrality, A Damaged Supreme Court

This morning, after Flake announced he'd support Kavanaugh

When Dr. Ford said, "Indelible in the hippocampus" I can hear Trump saying

A typical Friday Kavanaugh evening?????

"surely seems to be a straight-up appeal to bigotry.".........

The simple fact is that the republicans will stop at nothing.

Unearthed video of Prof. Mifsud at Heritage Foundation meeting in 2017:

Recovery of Phosphorous from the Hydrothermal Gasification of Sewage Sludge.

Kavanaugh must be relieved that there will be an FBI investigation

Today's Top Ten Tactics in the Republican Playbook:

Informative graphic from yesterday's Senate hearing (Dr. Ford vs Kavanaugh):

In Light Of The Kavanaugh Hearings, Where Wife Looks Unhappy How Many Of You Are Happily Married?

I am curious about the encounter at the elevator with Flake

From Brian Williams - LA Times reports FBI wants to start interviewing TONIGHT!

Ben Sasse, Deb Fischer remain in Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's camp

University of Vermont Medical Center nurses ratify contract

Friday Night Wine-Buzz.

The Daily Show - Republicans Need Jesus

What if Judge is the hero of the story?

Police and State's Attorney response to Montgomery County House Delegation's request to open crimina

The Daily Show - Ted Cruz's Restaurant Ouster & Nelson Mandela's U.N. Statue

Mueller defends authority, hearkens back to Garfield administration

Seth Meyers - Trump's Press Conference, Chocolate Chunkin' Pumpkin Cheesecake

Jimmy Kimmel on Kavanaugh Hearing

Trump admin says global temps will rise 7 degrees by 2100.

KS-03: Wouldn't you love to see what happens to the guy who puts his hands on Sharice?

Brett Kavanaugh's College Friends Say He Lied Under Oath About Drinking - The Last Word - MSNBC

Protests held across the US over Kavanaugh

Some Senators and Reps talk and march with protesters -SLIDESHOW.....PICS

Extra inventory. More sales. Lower prices. How counterfeits benefit Amazon (LAT)

VA-07: Hey Brett, try sneaking up on Abby Spanberger

Trump 'baby blimp' going to Washington state for Pence visit

FBI's Kavanaugh probe won't end with Ford's allegation: Report

Seth Abramson wins tweet of the day...

Former FBI agents say there are clues to follow from dramatic Kavanaugh hearing

Kavanaugh's voice.

If Kavanaugh gets confirmed by a party line vote- Here is a list of Republican held US Senate seats

Lawrence O'Donnell: Kavanaugh Drama Shows 'Power Of One Senator' - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Watch This New Technology in China That Converts Desert Into Productive Land Rich With Crops

As I have posted here, I got a new iMac. Meaning, I had to get a new printer

No Smart Phones, No problem. 80's Sex Assault, Lies, Intoxication, Photos, and Videotape

Looking for an article about progressive backlash to partisan judge

Jesuits, Legal Institutions Back Away From Kavanaugh Vote

Ammar Campa-Najjar for 50th House seat

Samuel Jackson apologizes to frat boys that don't lie and rape

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 9/28/18

Michelle Obama out rallying voters in Miami

Was it Skis or Skig on Kavanaugh's calender (NWS/NSFW)

The first person Maria Gallagher told she'd been assaulted was Senator Flake

Sen Whitehouse lays out how Judge Kavanaugh's own calendars may be powerful corroborating evidence

When will men finally learn?

Number of Years It Took to Expose Sex Abuse: It's double digits

They heard you. Or at least, Jeff Flake noticed and heard your voices.

Trump anti-discrimination official faces rebellion at agency over racially tinged blog posts

Here's why it's obvious that GOPrs realized that they had a problem with Rapey Brett.

When you're part cat...

Ted Cruz was on my TV again today. I think that it caught an STD...

The Importance of Proper Comma Usage...

"He Was Just A Boy."

Will the FBI try to confirm/invalidate Kavanaugh's Testimony? Bad for Kav if they try or don't.

Don't let them tell you that it's unnatural...

If Rachel Mitchell beliefs are anything like her boss', then she's a political hack...

Feinstein and Harris - California Girls

*103 Uber Drivers Accused Of Sexual Assault Or Abuse*

Mississippi Public Broadcasting Will Not Broadcast Planned U.S. Senate Debate in October

Brett Kavanaugh Could Be Facing Impeachment As Top House Democrat Talks Investigation

Student Loan Forgiveness Program For Public Servants Rejected 99 Percent Of Applicants

Russian's working overtime online again trying to help tRump's pick, Kavanaugh.

Naked man detained after father, teen girl fatally shot in Compton

Police remove 'offensive' Halloween decoration resembling a lynched black man

slouchy Ted Cruz has to endure assault story on elevator

Buckle your seatbelt

Hey republicans! You got nothing to hide? Prove it!

Best dam Kavanaugh - Samuel L. Jackson - video

congratulations to Putin

Senator Chris Murphy On The Way Forward For Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation - All In - MSNBC

Indonesia earthquake: Hundreds dead in Palu quake and tsunami

Mike Espy Pulls out of U.S. Senate Debate in Jackson, Citing 'Hypocrisy'

Melting Arctic ice opens new route from Europe to east Asia

Bliss: "A Colour Symphony"/"Lincolnshire Posy-IV. The Lost Lady Found"/Borodin: "String Quartet

I am so tired of these dirty hateful stupid Republicans

LSU men's basketball player dies in early morning shooting

VA-10: Dem super PAC pulls ads from Virginia as hopes of defeating Comstock grow

Your child has type 1 diabetes, and the school won't enroll her

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert 9/28/18

Janet Reno's sister faces $4.4M civil judgment; activists rally to defend environmentalist's free-

New trial ordered in 'Stairway to Heaven' copyright lawsuit.

Meridian restaurant owners harbored, employed undocumented workers

The Rachel Maddow Show 9/28/18 - MSNBC - Full Show

Ford's accusations are about starting a race-war and Berkley's campus has no-go areas for whites.

Nurse practitioner sentenced to 3 years for role in $400M compound pharmacy scheme

Laura Ingraham: This will be the year of the man, because enough is enough.

Blue Wave? Democratic Cabinet nominees up in new Florida Chamber poll

This Kavanaugh video needs to be shared.

Teach...your children well. Conversations with a son

Funny short about Brett Kavanaugh and Samuel L. Jackson.

The "Enraged" Woman

While media focused on kavanaugh, the House GOP passed another $3.8 trillion taxcuts

Was that Sen. Flake's wife and daughter in the elevator with him?

Do ReTHUGs understand that having chauvinistic pig operatives

Biden Slams GOP's 'Blind Rage and Brute Partisanship' During Kavanaugh Hearing

Steve Bannon Shares 2020 Prediction With Maher: 'I Think There Will Be Three-Way Race'

Trump heads on five-state rally blitz amid Supreme Court chaos

CNN founder Ted Turner: Network 'sticking with politics a little too much'

'Mosquito-pocalypse is in full effect': North Carolina hit by blood-sucking pest outbreak

For female Republicans, party loyalty trumps #MeToo

Chicago's Top Cop Was Fired After the Laquan McDonald Shooting. Now He Wants to Be Mayor.

FBI probe could further wound Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh folds under questioning by Jackson

Jesus was a Capricorn.

The Latest: Texas Governor Says 'Bathroom Bill' Not Priority

"He made up his mind a generation ago & if he's confirmed-he'll have nearly 2 generations to impose"

The FBI is Now Investigating the Shady Vice Squad That Cuffed Stormy Daniels

If Trump wanted to really pull a massive con here is a possibility.

Kavanaugh confirmation faces fresh uncertainties

For female Republicans, party loyalty trumps #MeToo GOP women in Congress overwhelmingly side with

Just heard on CBS that FBI may ask some people they interview to take a polygraph.

GOP Super PAC Pulls Plug on Two Incumbents

The train will continue, and you will be crushed

An Injudicious Man, Unfit for the Supreme Court

Kav's vilifying of Democrats needs to be a lead topic! SCOTUS being partisan. WTF!!

In Addition to Sexual Assault Allegations, Kavenaugh's Gambling Issues Need Further Investigation

I agree with the M$NBComcast guest

Right-Wing Media Exploding Over FBI Investigation

Sen. Graham: From McCain's Wingman To Trump's Stooge

In my opinion, Jeff Flake is a coward!

Retired Wahoo grocer, one of Nebraska's last survivors of Pearl Harbor attack, dies at age 97

"It's Not That We Don't Believe Your Story. It's That We Don't Care."

I'll go out on a limb: Trump's best chance of surviving the 2020 election would

He was just a boy!

Bill Cassidy (R-LA) discusses similarities between FBI's Kavanaugh investigation & Orwell's "1984."

Brett Kavanaugh and the Terrifying Logic of the Boys' Club

I imagine there might be two kinds of women who were never harassed by males in anyway.

A new dance: The Graham Shuffle.

Kavanaugh Lied About Witnesses

The Border Patrol Serial Killer Is Part of a Long, Troubled History

Calls into the Seattle area's sexual assault resource center have tripled.

We are stronger than the terrible things

A pivotal moment in American history...talking about sexual assault.

It seems to me there is more than enough to alarm

Brett Kavanaugh: An Incel-American Proud Boy

Do Republican Women Support Kavanaugh?

Trump anti-discrimination official faces rebellion at agency over racially tinged blog posts

This is the kind of stuff that happens under minority rule

David Corn on Lindsey Graham: "What a stench!"

Brett Kavanaugh is an injudicious man, unfit for the Supreme Court.

Indicted GOP congressman spews racist rant after his morning in court

Was Kavanaugh drinking before his last Senate hearing?

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse SLAMs the Kavanaugh debacle and Citizens United/USSC

The FBI Is Already Talking To Brett Kavanaugh's Other Accusers

McConnell cartoon: Lock the door and turn up the music!

Profiles in Crazy, IV. . . Please come CAPTION Presidented Trump!!!

GOP congressman: Ripping families apart looks bad but I'm still for it

The Unmowed Grass of Brett Kavanaugh -- Will Probably Decline an FBI Polygraph Test

'First They Came for Alex Jones': Ted Cruz's Crusade Against Facebook

Reasons why the saying "Look at the Head on That" was invented.


Trump official caught OKing family separation plan she said didn't exist

Imagine you were Kavenaugh when you decided to pursue the SC

Colorado GOP attacks women for supporting wildly popular family leave

How long can Susan Collins keep lying to herself about Kavanaugh?

he raises a good point

Flake's unpredicted move has stalled Trump's takeover of the 3 Branches of Government.

They think that they're playing rough?

It's always time for a little levity.


I used an external hard drive to save all my work, store nothing on the computer.

Graham is taking over the crazy for Trump while Trump tries to remain silent

George W. Bush called undecided senators to sway them to vote for Kavanaugh: report

Do we need a collective strategy to keep the heat on Kavanaugh?

Domestic abuse survivor challenging GOP's Jim Jordan slams men who 'turn a blind eye' to sex

I blame it on piss-poor sex education

The Only Way Out

Watch Puddles the fishing cat kitten do battle with a spout of water

Learn from the past, fight for the future, but live the present not with hope, but with rage.

Mitch McConnell goes on Senate floor to assure Trump that Kavanaugh is going forward


What happens now? What do Kav, gang do now? AnnePerry book Blind Justice?

Trying to put things into perspective. 9:48..ET Sat 9/29/18

Who will the FBI interview?

Trump has weakened the FBI, the kav supporters will not accept a negative report.

cartoon: Go Jets !

Ex-CIA Officer Discusses Newly Discovered Major Trump Donor With Ties To Russia

I have a new career path suggestion for Brett Kavanaugh

Avenatti is on AMJoy right now

Take life with a grain of salt,

Bart O'Kavanaugh. Need a laugh? Click here!! 🤣

What psychological condition is this?

'Bowzer' From Sha-Na-Na Campaigning For Brendan Kelly - IL 12

Adam Schiff: They call this transparency

Lying to Congress is a Federal Crime

Lying to Congress is a Federal Crime

"Buckle your seatbelt."

I would be happy to see DU quiet this week...because it would mean that we are frantically

Kavanaugh's Instability and Blubbering Demeanor Should Disqualify

Do you remember how "Animal House" ended?

Kavanaugh really likes beer

My 28 yr old son gets it.

These Scientists Want To Store The History Of Humanity On DNA Molecules And Send Them To The Moon

Can Clarence Thomas Be Impeached Now?

You be the judge as to the meme that the FBI will be lax in their investigation because Trump

Oh internet, how I hate to love thee

At best, Kavanaugh was drunk during yesterday's performance

Kavanaugh is impossumble.

Species Diversity and the Relationship to the Hydraulic Survivablity of Forests in Drought.

Frat Houses - Breeding grounds of Good Ole' Boy system

Trump Baby Ballon - Maplewood Tomorrow

Russia Begins Missile System Delivery to Syria, Warns West on Peace Talks

Judicial temperament

Enuf. Find the house, find PJ, Mark Judge spills beans under oath on drug buys and use. Game over.

Cruz trying to forcibly kiss a young lady that IS NOT interested!

A bit of history - 2018 marks the centenary of the worst killer in the 20th Century

Who is this GOP nitwit on Joy Reid's panel? Edit: Carrie Sheffield

If any good thing comes from this past week, it will be

Cut her fucking mike! RW hack on AMJoy...

In the 70s, as teenagers we did this to the girls we partied with.

Do these RW talking point women all take the same speech/debate class that Kellyanne

Kittens Therapy.

Did Graham really say, "You're supposed to be Bill Cosby in your teenage years?"

Enough with the melodrama! I want some news!

Tim Berners-Lee's radical new plan to upend the World Wide Web


Kavanaugh will disappear into the dust bin of history

The FBI will give their report on Kavanaugh to Donald Trump.

Funny as hell, but there's nothing funny about his Lying Fratboy Ass!!!

Mike Luckovich: A Pattern

Yeah well I agree:

On the Distorted Logic of Men and Boys

The Double Sovereignty case soon coming to SCOTUS was just discussed on AMJoy

The most dangerous place in D.C.

Cheers to the independt streak of Arizona senators

Trump gets the FBI report. We need to start this very minute in understanding exactly

How To Make Hennessy Shrimp 3 Ways with Meyhem Lauren

CNBC: Full sworn statement from Julie Swetnick.


Where can I post a comment on David Brooks remarks on the Newshour last night?


For the sake of argument, suppose you are a sitting Conservative SC Justice:

Avenatti: We have yet to hear from the FBI...

The Republican Party has always use sexual language when discussing passing legislation.

Another sad day in ET Awful land - RIP Quinn

Parkland Survivor Emma Gonzalez Calls Brett Kavanaugh a 'Privileged White Boy'

Christine Blasey Ford's friend will cooperate with FBI, not 'refuting' Ford's account: lawyer

Canada joins Colombia, Chile, Paraguay,Argentina and Peru in ICC to sanction Venezuela

Obama Saddened That Kavanaugh Did Not Blame Him at Any Point

Little Manatee State Park, Florida

I remember the election of 2010 when

The very best thing we can do in Washington, DC is to end the "Boy's Club"

WHOA NELLIE!! Large demonstration against Kavanaugh marching down Walnut St. In Philly right now!

So proud of our Democratic leadership right now

"Never vote Republican. They'll steal the quarters off

George W. Bush Is Still Bad

Freshmen United States House Members.

Ah ha ha ha ha ha. Best dig I've read yet about Kavirginaugh

Brett discusses puking, farting, and forgets who asked him about eating ketchup on spaghetti. MAGA.

The ACLU has issued a statement opposing Kavanaugh's nomination.

What about TABA for a theme?

Glaciers are no longer moving at glacial paces (82 ft per DAY)

Nancy Pelosi calls Brett Kavanaugh "hysterical," says he is unfit to serve on the Supreme Court

New Texas petrochemical projects add millions of tons of greenhouse gas pollution, report finds

I am intrigued by Mark Judge's vacillating conscience.

Sen. Sanders Demands FBI Investigate Whether Kavanaugh Lied to Congress

What are your simple pleasures?

When one picture says a thousand words.

Born on third base...

Marsha Blackburn is getting desperate

Man bites dog - Florida, of course

Re: Brett Kavanaugh - Here are his statements that appear to not be true: (1/x)


IMHO, Kav is a case study in emotional vs cognitive intelligence.

Maryland state lawmakers seek local Kavanaugh investigation

What Will FBI Investigation Into Kavanaugh Entail?

a? about spiders

Catching a liar, Bret Kavanaugh.

So sad - Sears now a 85 Cent penny stock

Need help finding new new posts in threads

Tweet of the Day

FBI reaches out to Deborah Ramirez, a woman who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh

Sow the Wind, Reap the Whirlwind

From Bill Maher last night

If the 2020 US Presidential/Senate Election is similar to 2016 US Presidential/Senate Election,

The Bombshell that Could Come Out of the FBI Investigation

Won't it be sweet irony if Kavirginaugh's calendar ends up being what sinks him??

FIVE effing TAXPAYER-FUNDED "MAGA Rallies" this week. You heard correctly. FIVE.

Heard an interview of Buffy Sainte-Marie today on NPR

Current news wearing you out? Check out this funny twitter thread!

Home Decor -Displaying prints of formal affairs.

Scott Pelley to do joint interview with Coons and Flake on "60 Minutes."

Michelle Obama To Young Voters: 'It's Time For Us To Move Out Of The Way And Let You Lead'

A List of Everyone the FBI Could Interview... if They Really Want to Find Out How Credible He is

Here's newly-DemocratIC Bill MAHER leaving no KAVANAUGH standing!1

Boo Boo and friends looking for a pic-a-nic basket

EDITORIAL CARTOON: Sept. 29, 2018 (Bruce MacKinnon) (upon request: trigger warning)

Witness Captures Sound Of Dozens Of Shots Fired Near Miami Airport NBC News

Whatever Happened to Kavanaugh's

OOOOOPS! Boof Boy went to Timmy's for "SKIS" on a Thursday, so add one more LIE.

Maryland authorities say they'll investigate Kavanaugh -- if a victim files a complaint

'I was demanding a connection': Ana Maria Archila reflects on confronting Jeff Flake over Kavanaugh

Marty Balin has passed away.

North Korea says 'no way' will disarm unilaterally without trust

Would Brett Kavanaugh's evasive testimony be allowed in his own courtroom?

Lindsay Lohan Appears to Be Slapped After Accusing Family of 'Trafficking Children' in Video

If Facebook logged you out, your account was likely accessed

'Leave me alone': Mike Pence's wife reportedly refused to kiss him after Trump won

"hidden effort to limit the scope of the FBI investigation"

ACLU breaks its own policy, comes out against Kavanaugh nomination

Is Flake a patsy for McConnell ?

Track Palin again arrested on domestic violence charges

Women have said, NO

There's more than a court appointment at stake here

FBI reaches out to Kavanaugh accuser Deborah Ramirez

Kavanaugh perjured himself. Here are his top lies.--List put together by Senate Democrats

Is Lindsey Graham behaving the way he is behaving to avoid a primary defeat in 2020?

Recovering alcoholic: Kavanaugh displays all the behavioral hallmarks of an active alcoholic

Sometimes DU bewilderes me

So very mean.

What could the FBI possibly accomplish in one week?

Still want to know--who in the world keeps calendars for so many years?

"Someone's gonna have to tell Trump"

Part of SHITLER's m.o. : 1- Cutting bait (KAVANAUGH) & 2- The J. Edgar blackmail files on everybody

Protester who confronted Sen. Flake about Kavanaugh vote: 'Everyone had an impact'

Remember the huge outcry when Justice RBG criticized Trump?

TWEET OF the DAY ...

Kavanaugh booster flames out spectacularly on MSNBC after calling accusations about judge's ...

"Look at me when I'm talking to you"

Jim Carrey draws 'hateful' Graham: 'Ever wonder why women don't report sexual abuse?'

Brutal & Rightly Disturbing Toon

Spokesperson for pro-Kavanaugh group says they won't accept FBI findings in manic rant

Congratulations to the West Coast Eagles for their 79 To 74 AFL GRAND FINAL win over

RIP Otis Rush..

mene mene tekel upharsin -- wonder if any Evangelicals are scared to look at their walls, any wall

Live - Pillar of Davidson (live from RockPalast) ...

Did You Report Your Rape Correctly?

What is the certainty? (re: Dr. Ford)

Our country's three branches will look like this if Kavanaugh is confirmed:

Just Watched Samatha Bee

Ford Vs Kavanaugh

Great pic, these two women spoke out and were heard

SykesCharlie: "Trump did not adjust to the presidency-so conservatives have adjusted their standards

PBS, 'The Mayo Clinic' By Ken Burns (2018) Now Airing On WETA

Mother accidentally sent nanny racist text, fired her: suit

Jeff Flake, Chris Coons Set to Appear on 60 Minutes to Talk 'Last-Minute Compromise' on Kavanaugh

Second Beto O'Rourke-Ted Cruz debate postponed

Jerry Falwell Jr.: 'Nice Guys' May Make Great Christian Leaders, But We Need More...

Is Kav violating any by-laws of the attorney licensing board?

Politican as self-tracker - Bob Graham's notebooks

The positive legacy of Brett Kavanaugh

Here's a Possible Kavanaugh Scenario, Step-by-Step:

I have an acquaintance on FB who keeps writing about disgusted he is by

REM - Document - Disturbance at the Heron House (2017 Remaster)

Winning! A fifth Texas coal plant announces it will be shutting down by 2020

Weekend TOONs 1 - Unrestricted Republican Zone

Weekend TOONs 2 - Profiles in Courage, and other things

My poor puppy is at the emergency vet and is probably going to have surgery.

In addition to an FBI investigation

Kavanaugh supporter claims 'economy of $20 trillion is brought to a standstill' by FBI's invest...

Bill Maher New Rules: The 4 Commandments Of Trump

Bailey the rescue kitty:

Avenatti: This will undermine the legitimacy of the entire process

"Not in this America, you pharisaical theocratic half-wit."

What It Was Like At C-SPAN As Women Flooded The Network With Stories Of Sexual Abuse

Cristiano Ronaldo Rape Accuser Seeks to Void Settlement

Scope of FBI's Kavanaugh probe defined by White House, former top official says

Baby goats on pajamas. Last week sucked bilge water. Add more cute animals pls

A majority of voters say they won't re-elect senators if they confirm Kavanaugh

Washington Post: Religious freedom for me, but not for thee

The Pennsylvania Department is Corrections is banning prisoners from receiving books.

Elizabeth Warren just pushed the door wide open for her 2020 bid peeps!

I don't trust Flake..There was a quick interview where

The American Bar Association must be asked to re-rate Kavanaugh based on his Thursday performance.

Hey Floyd T.... #GoBlue

I kept hearing this song in my mind the last three days

Billboard outside venue for Willie Concert for Beto

Have you heard about the new movie THE TRUMP PROPHECY?

I think this is worth reading.

Poll shows split views on Kavanaugh, Ford after dramatic hearing

Samuel L. Jackson responds to "THAT" video...

2020 SC United States Senate Election- Which Democrat can unseat Lindsey Graham?

In 2009 Samuel B. Kent was the first Federal Judge to be charged with federal sex crimes...

Trump Tower today in NYC

Call for FBI probe draws attention to association's past Kavanaugh concerns

White House limits scope of the FBI's Kavanaugh investigation

A privileged political operative who believes he is owed a Supreme Court seat...

*Gamble vs. US

What's for Dinner, Sat., Sept. 29, 2018

If Kavanaugh is stupid enough to have been calling Mark Judge since Friday,

My 10,000th post: Could circumstances be any better to register voters? Carpe Diem!

Saw this on FB - difference between men and women when asked how they avoid sexual assault

Then we will impeach both of you...

Yankees set new MLB single season home run record with 265th

Republicans are trying to get the FBI to do as little as possible and claim its an FBI investigation

Avenatti is not happy. Watch out!

Tweet of the day

You know the republicans had to have control over how this investigation was going to be done

FBI "investigation" was hamstrung from the start. The fix was always in

West Virginia poverty gets worse under Trump economy, not better

As Black Lung Strikes Younger Coal Miners, Kentucky Restricts Medical Benefits.

Urban dictionary has new updated definitions for Devil's Triangle

ACLU breaks its own policy....No Kavanaugh

Facebook hackers are at it again...still...yet

Bones Reveal The Brontosaurus Had An Older, Massive Cousin In South Africa.

What has 5000 assholes and 10000 teeth? The Wesbanco Arena

Kavanaugh would have been chased out of the room at any other job interview

warning to assault victims... this cartoon is tough to look at...


The Titanic has hit the iceberg....

I don't think the Trump performance by Kavanaugh helped him. It may have sealed his fate.

2020 US Senate Election- seats Democrats will pick up after losing them in 2014.

I just dug 30 pounds of red potatoes out of one of my 2 rows of spuds

NV-GOV: Records show Adam Laxalt was arrested for allegedly assaulting a police officer as a teen

The FBI has not been permitted to investigate claims of Julie Swetnick, White House official ...

Grassley sez, "Don't blame me"

Devil's 3-Way

Tesla's Elon Musk settles with SEC, paying $20 million fine and resigning as board chairman

I have never seen women so angry.

Woman who criticized Egypt's handling of sexual harassment jailed for spreading 'false news'

Who is the worst Senate Majority Leader?

U.S. orders evacuation of diplomats from Iraqi city of Basra, citing threats from Iran

Is this IQ45's play?

Heads up. Frontline, "Trump's Showdown", October 2, 2018.

White House limits scope of the FBI's investigation into the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh

full page ad in WSJ and NYT

North Korea says it will never disarm nuclear weapons first without more trust in US.

How does Trump get away with this s--t? He is in Wheeling WV

Bannon on Bill Maher. What did you think?

If Kavanaugh gets confirmed, Democrats regain control of US House, US Senate and later US Presidency

Seems Kavanaugh lying about the Renate Alumnius, devils triangle, FFFFForth of July etc

AVENATTI! Save us! Swetnick was brought up in the Judiciary committee! She should

holy crap..anyone sense a coons/flake ticket??...or other way around?

Republicans are trying to get the FBI to do as little as possible and claim its an FBI investigation

Why the Repubs are rushing Kavanaugh through

Samuel L. Jackson questions Brett Kavanaugh.

The FBI cannot ask the supermarket that employed Judge for records.

Memorial planned for the historic victims of the Orkney witch-trials

Those constant posts calling for impeachment do realize it needs 2/3 of the Senate, to convict,

Looking for people who worked Safeway with Mark Judge. Spread far and wide!!!

Brett Kavanaugh's Former Roommate Describes Their Debauched Dorm at Yale

powerful image from Thursday


Saturday Night Live, Kavanaugh, and The Coneheads

In a rare move, the ACLU official opposes Kavanaugh

Sultans of Swing (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli feat. Mary Spender)

I'd love to see "Abby" and "Tim" take over the investigation

this guy adopts every two legged dog he meets

"Jobs Alliance," Funded by Trump Backer, Tries to Block Gas Plants That Would Bring Jobs to West Vir

Kavanugh lied under oath about Yale connections.

Definitive Proof That Kavanaugh Lied

Trump on Kavanaugh Amid FBI Probe: 'I Don't Need a Backup Plan'

Fuck You -Sleeping With Sirens !

Trump Rips 'Total Phony' Sen. Blumenthal: 'Must Talk About His Fraudulent Service in Vietnam'

CeeLo Green - Redbone (Childish Gambino Remix) This a good ONE !

Please STOP calling what the FBI is doing with kavanaugh an investigation - it ISN'T

time to touch up the roots

2019 WOMEN'S MARCH just announced!

Article on petition circulating among Georgetown Prep alumni

White House " fixes" FBI investigation

Ramble Tamble - Creedence Clearwater Revival

BUSTED: Brett Kavanaugh lied about 'busting tail' to get into Yale with 'no connections'

Dallas is still protesting Brother Bo Jean's murder

conservative implies women using upstairs bathroom alone at party don't have common sense

What just happened at the Global concert?

Ready for the Chicago Mayor's race? It's in less than six months...

Lose Yourself (Cover by Sharks In Your Mouth) WOW !

Anyone who worked at the Potomac Md Safeway in the 80s,


Report from Broward County. Scott is everywhere, where is Nelson?

A comment by Rod Serling's daughter.....

this has to be about Moon chewing bubble gum!

After November 6 Warren will "take a hard look at running for president."

I heard that Kavanaugh is Trump's illegitimate son

Thoughts on religion:

Dean of Yale Law is calling for investigation

Ooh. I know who could play Kavirginaugh in the eventual movie....

So, I have ordered my Pink Pussyhat, got my RESIST Tshirt...

Warren: I will consider running for president after the midterms

Early morning conversation with checkout guy at Trader Joes about Kavenaugh & Ford

The City at the Beginning of the World

W has a lot of skeletons....Kavanaugh is just one..

Man accused of killing, dismembering mother pleads guilty

Seattle doctor alleges Brett Kavanaugh lied to Judiciary Committee about his drinking habits

The American Bar Association raised bias concerns on Kavanaugh 12 years ago