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Jamil Smith: How Many More Racist Trump Policies Will America Normalize?

In HUGE TYPE re: Kavanaugh papers!!

Interesting observation re: McCain and Trump

Favorite Break up songs

Wife of Former N.R.A. President Tapped Accused Russian Agent in Pursuit of Jet Fuel Payday

I saw Operation Finale last night

Who is the biggest baby?

Lindsey Graham Doesn't Deny Brett Kavanaugh Could Spur Roe V. Wade Reversal

British election of 1784--Duchess of Devonshire walked streets of London for George Fox, Whig

'We are hungry to win': Democratic leaders can't wait for November

Redbone "Come and Get Your Love"

I just preordered a copy of "How to Read Donald Duck"

How Much Trouble Is Ted Cruz Really In?

The American Dream is getting smaller

A grand jury will investigate whether Kris Kobach intentionally botched voter registration in 2016

Love that Sloane Stevens is an American.......but not a fan.

1965 version of Sixteen Tons

McCarthy leads GOP charge against Silicon Valley

Heroes by Bowie

COVER UP?! Schumer; Sen. Klobuchar, Kavanaugh Process 'Not Normal,' More

Trump's Old Ted Cruz Tweet to Appear on Texas Billboard

2018's most volatile candidate (it's Trump) isn't on ballot

1990 Campaign finance records-Pence used political donations to pay mortgage, payoff credit cards,..

Axios: How Amarosa secretly taped her victims.

Brazil's 200-year-old national museum hit by huge fire

More 55-plus workers delaying retirement, but how hard is it to get a job?

25th Amendment NOW

Story of Cool on msnbc, started at 9pm ET. It's good!

What do you call earworms if they're *food*/juice/nutrients? I've got one: V8!1

GOP & Allies Will Suppress All Efforts To Address Climate Change.

For Ash - A most unusual dirge

Burn pits, battlefield toxins, disabled troops and the fight for data

From BuzzFeed dot com

Hey Cops, Don't Do This!

Great cover of a Springsteen song....Pearl Jam

RE: Libations for McCain, and the toxic aftertaste.

****CLOSED-SUMMER Seasonal Photo Contest SUBMISSIONS****

****SUMMER Seasonal Photo Contest COMMENTS****

****SUMMER Seasonal Photo Contest SUBMISSIONS now open in the Photography Group****

Melania let's break this down...

****SUMMER Seasonal Photo Contest SUBMISSIONS now open in the Photography Group****

I saw the movie Crazy Rich Asians and LOVED it!

Some friends just today turned me on to a group called Pink Martini- Wow!

An Ancient Egyptian Village Just Found in The Nile Delta Predates The Pyramids by 2,500 Years

Slade: Cum on Feel the Noize

Birds of Fire - Mahavishnu Orchestra

I hope all Dems get behind Elizabeth Warren, Chris Coons, and Ron Wyden's Workplace Mobility Act,


Things to do while waiting for your car at the Walmart automotive center -

Bourdain on CNN tonight, and

Take a break from the Trump Circus Again - Go to another time and place and...

Woman lay dead in a Nevada jail cell for hours after deputy found her unresponsive

The next Democratic nominee for president needs to be a woman.

Dish "free" weekend Sacha Baron COHEN WHO Is America

Cat falling down on job needs nudge to get back to work

Huma Abedin honors John McCain with first tweet in two years

Love nip

Hubble Takes A Peek At Stunning Aurora Lightshow On Saturn

Give us some guaranteed conversation stoppers...

Labor Day - we could gather, throw a fit

Fair food!

Barack Obama set to hit the midterm campaign trail

Latest trump nickname on Twitter hillarious

Greek Farmer Discovers 3,400 Year-Old Tomb Beneath His Olive Grove

People Are Reportedly Getting Sick From Florida's Red Tide

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, September 5: Star of the Month: Dean Martin

Scientists say they 'can't rule out' alien life on Jupiter after new discovery

Injecting wastewater underground can cause earthquakes up to 10 kilometers away

R L Burnside


The world's oldest carved zero

New findings confirm that Bronze Age Babylonians really loved beer

Ex-envoy: "State Department had no voice"over North Korea

Jammin' (Last one-Czechoslovak drummer original group/ cover drummer also 💓)

Court gives Texas Legislature deadline for redistricting fix

Houston protesters clash outside Islamic convention

Looks like Canadians think Trumpty Dumpty is an asswipe

TX-07: This Race in Houston Is the Future of Texas Politics

Queen Elizabeth spent more time in armed forces than the entire Trump clan combined

TX: Dan Patrick and Ken Paxton won't debate their Democratic challengers.

Reuters Myanmar reporters jailed for seven years in landmark secrets case

Miami Democrats protest to remove gun show from fairgrounds

Can Andrew Gillum unite Democrats? Experts say Trump tweet and DeSantis comments help

Racist robocalls mock Andrew Gillum; Calls said to be paid for by a white supremacist podcast

"Centrist Progressive" tries to bash Democratic Socialism. Fails epically.

Study: Pockets of women's pants are 50% smaller than of men's pants. The proof is in The Pudding.

Corrine Brown case to be heard by appeals court

GOP Hopeful Harris Says Wives Should Submit

Ukrainian city remembers Jews on Holocaust anniversary

Antisemitic flyers taped to Detroit church entrances

Tens of thousands protest across Germany against neo-Nazi violence in Chemnitz

Paul Ryan's "To Do Away With" List Discovered!

What's Tweety and Hardball doing on my TV so early?

I bet Kavanaugh's documents contain some of the destroyed emails by Bush & Cheney:

Man opens fire, gets shot by police outside Ice Cube concert in San Diego: Authorities

Protesters Plan to Shut Down Chicago's O'Hare Airport on Labor Day

History-facts you didn't know:

Anyone up for some wagering?

Father of Alison Lundergan Grimes indicted in campaign finance conspiracy

I'll just leave this right here

Foreigners coming here & building fences CEO Arrested for Alleged Sexual Misconduct in the U.S.

Shop Caught Sticking Googly Eyes On Fish To "Make Them Look Fresh"

Husband-wife team design, paint mural for Barack Obama Magnet School

Putin Wants Big Business to Spend $120 Billion to Revive Economy

Is there anything worse than a boss who forgets

Texas Democrat Beto O'Rourke shakes up Senate race with Cruz

Happy Labor Day!

The daily briefing - by Tom Tomorrow

'Vulnerability Ratio' Points to Blue Wave

How Rudy Giuliani Turned Into Trump's Clown

Immigrants, fearing Trump crackdown, drop out of nutrition programs

Tropical Storm GORDON

Trump's war on worker safety

Vaccine skepticism helped make European measles prolific again

Obama Set to Hit the Campaign Trail

Lanny Davis Addresses His Backpedaling on Fox News: I Blame Myself, Not CNN

"Somebody keeps following me." . . . Please come CAPTIOM PresiDented Trump!!!

More than 250 CPS employees barred from returning to school because of background check results

Is trumptubetv down?

Has anyone watched a broadcast of "Active Measures"?

Joe Biden is in Pittsburgh marching in the Labor Day Parade

Russia says US spy agencies attempting to interfere in its affairs

Let's hear your predictions for best and worst teams in the NFL

With rising sea levels, Bangkok struggles to stay afloat

Giuliani says Trump will likely attempt to block Rosenstein from releasing parts of Mueller's report

**Let's read this together** How Rudy Giuliani Turned Into Trump's Clown

I don't have cable TV. How many times do CNN, MSNBC and Fox say Trump's name in a day? 1000?

China's Xi offers $60 bn Africa aid, says 'no strings attached'

News reports expect Robert Mueller to "go quiet" before the election?

The Supremes v. the Unions

Shell game: U.S. traffickers cater to Asia's taste for turtles

2 women hit, killed while trying to save dog in Dickinson

I woke up hungover to the sound of my neighbor mowing the lawn ...

Philippines' Duterte apologises for cursing Obama

GOP official,... "let's see how the baboons get paid when white people stop paying their salaries"

Now I've seen everything

Tomorrow, the Senate will begin their "hearings" to confirm the latest fascist POS

Donald Trump Isn't the Victim of a Witch-Hunt. He's Leading It.

'Any old blue just won't do': Insurgents seek to topple more Democratic veterans in Sep primaries

Ex-FBI agent: Mueller has a new line of inquiry that could result in even more indictments...

Indian artists decorate statues of Hindu deity Lord Ganesha

The "Driving in Michigan Starter Pack"

If Kavanaugh were to lie under oath (I mean 100% proven)

Watch your wallets -- the next crash is coming

Primaries tomorrow - who are you voting for?

Trump Attacks Union Leader On Labor Day


Trump Sees Mixing Trade And Foreign Policy As Good Politics

Trump: AFL-CIO head "represented his union poorly" on TV, "Happy Labor Day! Celebrate Labor Day!"

Red Hen: Labor Day Update

Hillary Clinton Outlines How 'Workers' Rights Would Suffer' Under Kavanaugh

How is it out?

Reporter's widow rips Trump: 'My husband was not an enemy of the people'

How big is the GOP's Trump-can-shoot-a-guy-on-Fifth-Avenue caucus?

Is it warmer today, or in the country? n/t

Ex-FBI agent on CNN: Mueller has a new line of inquiry that could result in even more indictments

Dozens of elephants killed near Botswana wildlife sanctuary

The Roman Catholic Church Has Had 1800 Years

Maybe Trump's incredible poll drop is real

Irish activists plan for protests...including the Baby Trump Blimp...during Trump's November visit

Companies Say Trump Is Hurting Business by Limiting Legal Immigration

WaPo: Don't be so sure Mueller will back off before midterms

Democrats' view of Kavanaugh shaped by bitter 2004 hearing

Why is Kavanaugh getting a hearing? Why?

Yes, Mr. Trump, Hurricane Maria Was a 'Real Catastrophe' - NYT Editorial Board

Conclusion of Mueller investigation could become beginning of fight over Rosenstein releasing report

What is wrong with me?

A Bogus Deal on Nafta - By The NYT Editorial Board

Labor Day ... is about remembering the struggles of incredibly brave men and women who stood up ...

45 had the press pool loaded up and I thought another golf outing but he went back in the WH

Odd? Trump gets in SUV to leave WH. 3 minutes later heads back inside

If You're Still Not Decided What Pet You Should Get, This Artist's Illustrations Will Give You A...

Holy Shit - major Fire at the National Museum of Brazil in Rio

Billy Joel confesses that he didn't start the fire, or put the ram in the rama lama ding dong

Vaccine exemptions in Texas quadruple in last decade, state data show

Vaccine exemptions in Texas quadruple in last decade, state data show

WOW! Don Jr. will also campaign with Ted Cruz! No word on Eric, Ivanka, or Tiffany's availability.

How to Address a Bishop, and Why That's the Problem

Democrats' Last Chance At Stopping Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Putin made a telling blunder in a shouting match with Ukraine's president, France's Hollande says

Thousands of Oakland school children won't be getting meals due to budget cuts

Thousands of Oakland school children won't be getting meals due to budget cuts

Tropical storm Gordon takes aim at Gulf Coast

Nooooooo! This is wrong!!!

Invitation from Conservative Underground

Our puppy rarely comes when called


Four Musicians Playing Bolero On One Cello

Do you want a piece of this?

Symphony #3 "Scottish" Felix Mendelssohn

"Deadline: White House" w/Nicolle Wallace will follow "The Last Word" tonight ...

Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U.S. Embassy Workers

Brazil's National Museum blaze blamed on austerity cuts amid Olympics spending

Rudy Giuliani On White House Blocking Release Of Full Mueller Report: 'I'm Sure We Will'

U.S. service member killed in Afghanistan: statement

Once Again, Christianity is a Minority Religion

Joe Cocker @ Woodstock. Try With A Little Help From My Friends

Robert Reich *The Next Crash. 10th Anniv. of the Great Recession, Sept. 15

Shell game: U.S. traffickers cater to Asia's taste for turtles

Joe Biden. He's...running

Smallest North Dakota city to double in population -- to 4

For Solly jumping today! The Beto the Betones!

Uh Oh!! Cracks in the European Alliance?

Juan Williams: Trump's 'majority' is fake

Are you talking to me?

The guy who challenged Hillary's stamina decided today was too hot for golf

'Revenge of the coffee boy': CNN host stunned after ex-Trump aide implicates Sessions in Russia...

What has changed?

What do you think you're looking at?

Ireland must respect U.S. president's office when Trump visits: PM

Just who do you think you are?

They have taken untold millions, they have never toiled to earn...

People wrapping the National Museum of Rio in a symbolic embrace

advice for TV audio

Divine knew he stank even then.

Windstorm insurance could rise 10 percent along coast

Reflecting upon our FLOTUS's Revitalized Kidneys...

Trump spent Labor Day weekend studying the issue of compensation for Federal workers

I'm beginning to think that Joe Biden can be persuaded to run for President in 2020...

"He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past."

Daily Kos: Manafort Ally Linked To Cambridge Analytica and Russian Intelligence Pleads Guilty

Nivea Men Commercial With Adam Rippon (and Danny Amendola)

trolls attacking "Active Measures" movie (Russian Election interference doc)

The Incel solution?

A Labor Day Feast

Bernie Sanders: Trump is a 'pathological liar'

Biden: 'Everything' at stake for Democrats in midterms

Labor Day Show of Force: Local 2 Hospitality Workers picket the St. Francis ahead of contract talks

State Department unit created to fight foreign election interference still waiting on funding

How was Manafort connected to Jill Stein in this Russia probe?

Tropical Storm Gordon lashes south Florida as it heads toward Gulf Coast

Anybody seen Hamilton? How did you like it? Nt

LGBT rights: Malaysia women caned for attempting to have lesbian sex

Items that are in danger of loss in the fire at the National Museum of Rio.

This is how I'm getting some voters

We Became McDonald's Poster Models (representation matters)

Joe Cocker @ Woodstock 2. Let's Go Get Stoned

Rep Lee Zeldin proves that even with a flashlight, funnel, and Sherpa, he couldn't find his own ass.

TODAY: Candidate Peter Joffrion welcomes Congressman Eric Swalwell (CA-15) to Huntsville (

Police arrest anti-violence protesters trying to march on Kennedy Expressway near O'Hare

Dear EPA, visit a national park to see the real impacts of climate change

Twitter CEO personally weighed in on company's handling of Alex Jones, Richard Spencer accounts

Grassley: I pray Trump can be more disciplined in his discourse

MA-07: Democrats battle over results, representation in Boston primary

Late to the party, but is anyone else addicted to "My Favorite Murder" ?

Happy Labor Day ?

Congress faces September scramble on spending

Tourism officials boost marketing efforts in Va. town after Huckabee Sanders restaurant incident

What became of the "untied sneaker laces" fad?

Today Is The National Day For This Dish! Do You Know What It Is? NO GOOGLING!

The searing photos that helped end child labor in America

Celebs, public rally around 'Cosby Show' actor shamed for bagging groceries

Can we please stop with the "polls were wrong in 2016" narritive

Once upon a time

My birthday present to my Son

Speaking of dolls!

Andrew Gillum Shocked Florida With a Primary Win. But an F.B.I. Inquiry Clouds His Campaign

Trump on 2020: "The field that is currently assembling looks really good - FOR ME!"

He didn't understand it was 3 percent not 3 black supporters...

Roseanne Barr moving to Israel

Photos: Sen. Sanders arriving in Manchester NH, and with Levi

Fucking idiot's been tweeting.

D.C. agency won't penalize company at center of massive wage theft case

Five reasons Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court is controversial

Symphony #2 "Little Russian" Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

A more sobering look at John McCain's legacy

The mouth of a sea slug

From now on, anytime someone Googles "obstruction of justice," this needs to be the result.

OMG! The Orange Howler spotted in clouds over Oregon!

Trump attacks Jeff Sessions for not forcing the Justice Department to ignore Republican crimes

Lindsey Graham's now Trump's golf buddy

The Big Con openly asking his AG to cover up crimes...Yes, We are Here...

CNBC: College or $70,000 a year? Aviation industry scrambles for mechanics as retirements loom

How to make Horchata

Cartoons From USA Today

Police in Austria (not Australia) hunt mysterious kangaroo on the loose

Trump criticizes his Justice Dept for indicting 2 of his earliest congressional supporters

Post a line from a TV show & see if anyone can guess what show it's from without using Google

National Red for Ed Day - September 4, 2018

Trump and Russia since 1980?

Israel threatens attack on Iranian assets installed in Iraq

Nike had been paying Colin Kaepernick all along, waiting for the right moment "JUST DO IT" campaign!

Comey, you are CORRECT! But you can also eff up the "balance of power" with an October surprise.

Kamala Harris on Kavanagh: "I believe that the future of the Republic is very much in the balance."

Antonn Dvork Violin Concerto: III

Oregon man accused of sending threatening texts to woman for $100 sex refund

Danger Menaces 300 Migrant Children in Off-Limits Compound in Tucson

Ivanka: "On #LaborDay we honor the American worker" ... Twitter responds.

The myth of moral equivalence

Huh ??? WTF is Donnie Sphincter Face actually trying to say here ?!!

**NEW GENERIC BALLOT POLL** Democrats 52% All Russia People's Front 39%


**Another poll with Dirty Donny under forty** Approval 38% Disapproval 53%


Arby's sign featuring the N-word sparks investigation in Minnesota

***NEW AND DEPLORABLE*** Dirty Don admonishing Jeff Sessions & the DOJ for prosecuting GOP crooks

What's for Dinner, Mon., Sept. 3, 2018

The Invest in Ed Ballot Measure Is Dead and Teachers Want Revenge

NV-SEN: Joy Reid and Jon Ralston profile the race to kick off the midterm stretch

Wiki Loves Monuments in the United States Photo Competition 2018

Why is Trump ramping up his unwieldy war on weed?

Theresa May is a modern-day Rasputin

Beset by crisis, Argentina's Macri reshuffles cabinet and raises export taxes

Beset by crisis, Argentina's Macri reshuffles cabinet and raises export taxes

My September donations

This quote never grows old

Why are all of the Miss Universe winners

Dan Rather tweets a particularly timely and relevant quote

CBC: Handgun ban would have 'no impact,' police union head warns

Any other military retirees know of a good country I can move to?

Primavera responds to Republic investigation of charter's $8.8M CEO pay, dropout rate

ATTENTION DUers from Alaska, Maine, and Arizona!

Last full day in the US. Don't think we're coming back.

At 98, Phoenix physician decides it's finally time to retire

It appears that Facebook and Instagram is down worldwide.

"Nothing like a good piece of ass!"

CNN's all over the traitor's Collins/Hunter tweet.

10 Reasons You Should Thank A UNION

Rainy Labor Day musical suite: BUT WHEN HE DREAMS, HE RUNS

Jimmy Carter on the Con's lying

Morning of Long Shadows

TPM - Josh Marshall "The Calm Before the Storm"


Has anyone called the president Agent Orange yet?

Check Your Wallet: Can You Find the $4,000 Trump Promised You?

TPM "Trump Attacks Sessions For Probes Of 'Very Popular' GOPers, Hunter And Collins: 'Good Job Jeff'

ID-GOV: Mayor Dave Bieter of Boise endorses Paulette Jordan for Idaho Governor

"RBG" Film about the life of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg- on CNN Tonight

Nike commercialization of Kaepernick protest accomplishes one thing that could be important

The Autobiography of Mother Jones (LibriVox audiobook)

Texas doctor who said gender pay gap is fair because 'women don't work as hard' apologizes

Turkey's woes could be just the start as record global debt bills come due

When people use racism as an excuse for bad behavior it hurts everyone.

Lisa Simpson - Union Strike Song

Republican senator slams Trump's DOJ attack: US 'not some banana republic'

What interests are Trump voters voting for?

Making an Audi electric motor

Making a train wheel

ROSEANNE BARR - I'M DONE WITH THE U.S. ... I'm Moving to Israel

NewYorker has disinvited Steve Bannon from its annual festival.

Who'd Be on Your Spaceship? A School Exercise Backfires in Ohio

Gordon Expected to Become Hurricane By Landfall

Ok, ladies. This is serious: (you will enjoy this)

San Francisco hotel workers march

@Jim_Jordan: "Conversations in a locker room are a lot different than allegations of abuse."

Gretchen, quit trying to make "monkey it up" happen. It's not going to happen.

The Ocean Cleanup Is Starting, Aims To Cut Garbage Patch By 90% By 2040

Congresswoman Victorious After Being Sued for Displaying Pride Flag

Trump: "FBI effort to flip Putin loyalists wasn't about Trump...Rigged Witch Hunt!"

According to @make5calls these are the current "undecided or undeclared" Kavanaugh votes:

How a real American patriot handles a "Trump Tower moment"

Labor Day always reminds me of the song engineered to be the worst ever.

New Yorker disinvites Bannon from festival following backlash

Trump May Try to Block Release of Mueller Report

Longtime Republican official resigns from the party with a devastating rebuke of Trump's enablers

Trump-era creates turmoil, firings and, sometimes, great ratings for entertainers

Mrs. Doubtfire musical is officially in the works and aiming for Broadway

David Corn: "The GOP Senate is allowing a president who doesn't support the rule of law to..."

Spoiler alert:!

Nigerian presidential candidate says homosexuality is a crime, after pledging to legalize it

Organist Trolls Daniel Murphy with Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" for Homophobic Comments

Democrats Aim to Derail Kavanaugh With Eye on Abortion, Mueller

Immigrants, fearing Trump crackdown, drop out of nutrition programs

Let me ask a question about Hate Radio

The Next Crash

Trump's rollback of pollution rules to hit coal country hard

Trump Effect: Republican official refer to blacks as baboons in hateful racist rants (VIDEO)

So The Economist still has Bannon scheduled for their "Open Future Festival", Sept. 15:

John McCain a hero but unbalanced media coverage ignores harm he helped inflict on masses

Giuliani: Trump may try to block Mueller from releasing final report.

Seth Abramson: Mueller's likely targets

So fox wants President Obama to be civil

Poor Little Jeffery Beauregard Sessions, you can't wash away that orange stain!

I know they are lurking over here because they comment on almost everything we say.

I know it's been posted...but everyone should watch Active Measures...