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BUSTED: Kavanaugh lied about 'busting tail' to get into Yale with 'no connections' -- he was a legacy

The one organization standing firmly behind Kavanaugh...

Drumph. Said the Democratic Party is the party of crime? What?????

woman's text to husband about new nanny: 'NOOOOOOOOOOO ANOTHER BLACK PERSON'

Dirty Diana (Michael Jackson cover)

NEWS ANALYSIS Kavanaugh Could Help G.O.P. in Senate Midterms. But Not in House Races.

Notice they are now blurring the people standing behind Trump at his "rally"?

Two Officers Dead in Mississippi Town

Does everyone know Julie Swetnick interview is on Showtime tomorrow eve at 8 with Avenatti?

Let's talk about the meme of the "Spineless Democrat" for a minute.

JW's hit with 35 million dollar lawsuit

India, at UN: Pakistan is harboring terrorists

Democrats planning to examine Trump's tax returns after the midterms

I was a witness to sexual harassment and did nothing. . .

Macedonians vote on whether to change country's name

Dirty Don is holding a rally right now in Wheeling, WV

Come on, you didn't really think Trump would let the FBI actually investigate, did you?

Trump: We fell in love...WTF?

White House press briefings fade amid Kavanaugh crisis

He can't come up with a new "act". Same ole shtick at every rally. Loser.

Russian involvement in Heritage and Kavanaugh...

President of twilight zone...

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

All religion is opinion.

Infant-stabbing suspect claims she confused newborns with wolves

A List of Everyone the FBI Could Interview About Brett Kavanaugh...

In Judges own words, he worked at Safeway...FU Trump...

Flake and Coons on 60 Minutes

Does this clip of the twilight zone remind you of anyone?

Giant Beto Rally in Austin Sat 9/29

FBI Brett Kavanaugh investigation a fraud. Jeff Flake stunt just that!

Apparently this is not a big deal in Australia

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, October 2: Star of the Month: Rita Hayworth

POLL: Most expensive bottle of wine you have purchased & drank

Just like his handlers, Brett Kavanaugh lies about everything...

Don't forget SNL returns tonight n/t

Remembering David - Bowie sings Imagine

She Snored So Loudly Her Landlords Told Her to Get Help

Like every Bully, they blame everyone but themselves....

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 3: Lon Chaney

Trae Cowder: On Brett Kavanaugh and His Dream Job

Canvassing in Tucson

What I'd LOVE to see ...

Sen. Merkley's lawsuit to compel release of Kavanaugh docs inches forward

Fake news designed to benefit Kavanaugh...

My take on what may be going on

Another huge reason to vote in November:

Trump repeats racial slur for Warren

Cop killed Brian Hundley jury found him guilty, Kav overtuned their decision

Certified Nuts...


If her testimony is not airtight, the cries of foul will lay stench to the air...

Trump: Kim Jong Un and I 'fell in love'

Grateful Dead bassist donated $10,000 to GoFundMe for Christine Blasey Ford

I'm just gonna say it.. I've been sober for awhile ..

Kavanaugh Has Become a Hero to the Incel Community

A line out the door of Whataburger of people attending a Beto O'Rourke rally.

Trigger Warning! Viral Kavanaugh cartoon powerfully depicts the assault of Lady Justice

Zacatecas March

Elizabeth Warren hints at run for Prez. in 2020

Maxine Waters responds to 'despicable' accusations her office leaked GOP senators' information

Stephen King on Kavanaugh's crocodile tears

He's in love with Attila the Hun

Students line up to spell racial slur with tshirts

So if Mark Judge lies like Kavanaugh...repukes say, he said, she said...

I still can't pin it down. There's just something linking the Ledeens, Kavanaugh, Flynn and Russia

Elon Musk settles with the SEC; will step down as chairman of Tesla's board but remain CEO

WaPo and NYT should drum up the gambling debts and financial irregularities.

El Cascabel - One of the songs chosen for the Golden Record sent to space on the Voyagers

Is this background check of Boofer Brett a scam?

Kavanaugh lied AGAIN. He didn't "bust his tail" to get into Yale. He was a legacy.

An EPA children's health official says Trump wants to "disappear" her office

Oh boy! Gotta let Timmy and Squi know about this! BOOF!!!

Janelle Monae, a fallen security barrier and other top moments from the 2018 Global Citizen Festival

I'm just putting this here

Some short videos

KAVANAUGH! - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

WOMEN'S MARCH 2019 announced.

Take A Health & Wellbeing Break - More Popular Ads from 1937 parts 3 and 4

Another "Rally"?

Seth Abramson: It doesn't seem like an FBI investigation can be 'micromanaged' in this way..

Two conflicting headlines regarding FBI check

sitting here listening to My Favorite Murder, waiting for 10:30 and SNL

Key conservation fund for parks set to expire

This is a great thread about #StandOnEveryCorner


A hypothetical question.

Ex-CIA Chief Brennan Slams Kavanaugh: His 'Temperament and Blatant Partisanship' Are Disqualifying

WOMEN'S MARCH 2019 just announced! Spread the word!

Why can't we have a President like this, instead of the biggest douchebag on the planet.

Ohio State - Penn State

Now, SNL- MATT DAMON, Kavanaugh Hearing,*VIDEO On Frontpage

I just had a conversation with a right-winger at acupuncture.

Religion and political party of gun owner?

SNL cold open Instant Classic

ha ha!

Never speak of the GOP without mentioning Trump. He is their shit stain.

David Brock On His Once Upon A Time Pal... Kav

SNL - just now they were almost this good:


Trump tweet on limits of FBI investigation

Full SNL Opener

Caught Trying to Limit the FBI Investigation of Kavanaugh, Trump Reverses Himself and Blames NBC

Guess the book from a detail or two from the story.

Gym Jordan tweets, Twitter responds. 😂

Republicans picked the wrong time to have a confirmation hearing on Kavanaugh.

Partisanship of MLB fans

No one seems to know what's going on

I found this post on Facebook. It quotes something David Brock wrote about Kavanaugh.

DirecTV blacked out SNL at 12:30am EST. What the HELL!! nt

NH-GOV: Democrat Molly Kelly closing in on Scott Sununu

Fewer Believe Brett Kavanaugh Than His Accuser, Poll Finds

I'm sorry...

North Korea Foreign Minister Says Country Won't Disarm Without Trust

TX-32: Pete Sessions begins TV air war to fend off Colin Allred


Details of F.B.I.'s Kavanaugh Inquiry Show Its Restricted Range

I Like Beer. Do you like beer?

Kanye's got a f***ing MAGA cap on! F*** him

Any Star Wars canon books you like so far?

Steven Spielberg - Dyslexia Interview

"We're seeing the death and decline of Democracy" Uhm.

2 from Judd Greenstein, NOW Ensemble: "Change" and "City Boy"/

College Friends Say He Lied Under Oath About Drinking

Confirmed: Donald Trump's tweet about the FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh is legally binding

NYT: Kavanaugh's defense misleads or veers off..

Picture is worth a thousand words

Matt Damon made a perfect Brett Kavanaugh on SNL---his Sniffing was great @😂

Anyone know which democrats

Kavanaugh Hearing Cold Open - SNL (full 13 min video)

Mediaite: Matt Damon Kills It as Beer-Bro Brett Kavanaugh in SNL Cold Open (full 13 min. VIDEO)

On day 76 at #KremlinAnnex we reminded Trump that people of this county love the USA, not Russia!

This is sickening. How can anyone support this man? How?

"Women weren't given..."

This video of Rev William Barber makes sense out of the present moment politically

Jill Wine-Banks calls on ALL witnesses to wrongdoing by Kavanaugh to report to FBI, Judiciary Cmte

(Jewish Group) The Netherlands' Surprise New Best Seller: Hitler's 'Mein Kampf'

(Jewish Group) South Florida Jewish voters become key, targeted demographic in governor's race

Before you #MAGits say it...NO!! ALL TEENAGE BOYS DON'T ATTEMPT RAPE!!!@!##!

DPRK Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho in the Spotlight

Weekend Update: Brett Kavannaugh and Dr. Ford Testify - SNL

Flake booed at festival after joking, 'Feel free to join me in an elevator anytime'

Rachel Mitchell ...

Powerful typhoon bears down on flood-battered Japan

Elizabeth Warren Says She'll Take 'Hard Look' at Running For President After Midterms

If we want to protect the Supreme Court's legitimacy, Kavanaugh should not be on it

Chuck Grassley's Response to Bernie Sanders

Chuck Grassley's Response to Bernie Sanders

RIP Democracy. Male. Pale. Stale. Angry. And they are not going to take it anymore.....

SNL Weekend Update with Michael Che

DailyDon: ''blustering assertion goes for proof, half over the world''

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) More Whack Edition

R.I.P. LEGENDARY Blues Guitarist Otis Rush

Remembering the American Film Institute's "18th best male movie star of Golden Age Hollywood"

They have always been just a bunch of crooks

racist dog whistling

''The Kavanaugh apple doesn't fall far from the Trump tree.''

Just how stupid can people be?

Exclusive: Pic of GOP Senators during recess from Kavanaugh hearing:

Funny Kavanaugh meme

Trump's lie-filled "MAGA rally" rant about the history of the Democratic Party

It's always been the same struggle

Housing Market Slows, as Rising Prices Outpace Wages

Kavanaugh Accuser Faced Own Misconduct Charges

Kavanaugh Accuser Faced Own Misconduct Charges

Gov. Tom Wolf (PA)(D)leads challenger Scott Wagner(scumbag)in fundraising as election nears

Nation's women fucking done with this shit

UPDATED: Trump rips NBC over report on limits to Kavanaugh investigation

Poll: Minimum wage is a more important issue than gun control to Gen Z

Keep in mind Mitch McConnell controls his GOP senators like puppets on a string.

Columbus Dispatch, RW paper, endorses Rich Cordray Dem for Gov. This is a bfd

Columbus Dispatch, RW paper, endorses Rich Cordray Dem for Gov. This is a bfd

Flake: 'I Plan To Support [Kavanaugh] Unless They Turn Up Something--And They Might'

Republicans Push Kavanaugh Nomination Forward, But At What Cost?

Huge Surge in Death Toll in Indonisia

Republicans accelerate efforts to overhaul Endangered Species Act

Trump & Kim in Love...

Here is a catchy tune from Willie! For Beto and all of America!

Would you kill one to save many?

Third annual Women's March set for January in DC

Sen. Jeff Flake called a 'hero' at Global Citizen Festival

Kavanaugh is the culmination of the boiling frog experiment the Trump Presidency has Turned into

Dan Rather: "By limiting scope...WH is daring press to shed more light on what's lurking in shadows"

Trumpy said he and North Korean dictator fell in love

In current parlance ... the elder Mr. Kavanaugh and his associates were 'swamp creatures'

"Even my excess was never to excess." . . . Please come CAPTION Brett Kavanaugh!!!

Trump asks if Feinstein leaked allegation against Kavanaugh, says FBI probe may be 'blessing in disg

Could Kavanaugh Possibly be Bipolar? He Looked Like He was Exoeriencing a Bipolar Meltdown, wait?? what now?? Say that again?

kavenope's hearing in emojis

Flake says he's still a yes vote on Kavinaugh

Arizona Preparing For The Inevitable: Mead At 38% Capacity, Powell At 45%, No End In Sight

On Tapper, while saying she was sexually assaulted

Oops! Monsanto Covered Up Its Involvement In Toxicology Paper On Roundup For Scientific Journal

I have had it with the false narratives!

I noticed, in response to Kav's performance,

I went to a memorial service yesterday for a fellow artist and activist where this poem was read.

Women control this coming election.

In Just 6 Years, TX & LA Have Permitted New Oil Patch Pollution Equal To 29 New Coal Power Plants

2018 Arctic Sea Ice Extent 6th-Lowest On Record

So the phrase. Sober as a judge. No longer has meaning?

Put a Woman In Charge

Fuck Jeff Flake, fuck Kanye West, fuck Kavanaugh.

RAINN, the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, experienced an "unprecedented" 147% jump

Madeleine Albright: Beware of wishful thinking. 80 years ago today the Munich Agreement was signed.

Alaska Adopts Non-Binding List Of Things To Do About Global Warming That Could Something Something

Oh, look, that movie's on where a woman...

I thought these chaps were impersonators but apparently not....

The Wilpons

So...liar Sarah said this morning on Fox...

UPDATED: Sarah Sanders accuses Dems of exploiting Ford, Kavanaugh

These stupid people will fall for anything

Happy 😃 National 🇺🇸 Love ❤️ People 👳🏼‍♀️🧕🏻👮🏾‍♀️👷🏻‍ Day

Kellyanne Conway: 'I'm a victim of sexual assault'

One really good thing about being old, if you're a woman.

Anyone ever done float pod therapy? If so, could you give us a

College football player from Atlanta in critical condition with head injury

Tough talk but time is running out

Study Confirms Cats Aren't That Into Catching Rats

One really good thing about being old, if you're a man.

Watched Lawrence Kasdan's "Body Heat" (1981) last night

He's a fire starter

Happy 50th birthday to the 747

Ocelots, Butterflies in Path of Border Wall

Thanks Trevor!

Trump: Kim Jong Un and I 'Fell in Love'

2018 and 2020 US Senate Election- seats likely to flip.

Trevor from yesterday - various topics being reported with comedy (new footage!)

Conway: 'We're not trying to interfere' in FBI investigation

Graham defends Kavanaugh against criticism over temperament: He was 'rightly offended'


Trump meeting with Rosenstein could be delayed further, Sanders says

'Please Do Not Remain Silent': Georgetown Prep Alumni Issue Call to Action on Behalf of Christine...

American Women are Slowly Beginning to Realize They Will Need to Stand United, Together-

?!?Kav and Gorsuch went to same prepsch, Roberts worked for Kav's father, Kennedy picked Kav,--?!?

Lindsey Graham calls for full-scale investigation of Democrats

Willie Nelson - "Vote 'Em Out" (Texas - Rally for Beto O'Rourke)

This is what Donald enjoys

Trump, White House Offer Partial Denials Of Reports Of Limiting Kavanaugh Probe

Lots of B.S. memes going around re: The Kav hearing - this A.M. on This Week


How modest is modest enough? How far are they planning to take this?

Michael Avenatti blasts limiting scope of FBI investigation.

Hurricane Rosa's remnants likely to bring widespread heavy rain, flash flooding to southwest US

It's snowing!

I love Willie's new song-Vote them Out

BETO Rally in Austin Draws Nearly 60,000 People!

Four arrested at Kent State University open-carry gun walk after tense standoff between gun activist

Contact your elected officials via ResistBot ....I use it and get responses from my Senator.

Current Affairs: How We Know Kavanaugh Is Lying (long, brilliant analysis)

Questions to pose to Kavanaugh supporters.

It's criminal that it's come to this

Maureen Dowd: Capitol Hill Ralph Club

Cartoon: "Snore-B-Gone"

Why do we allow prescription drugs to be advertised and marketed?

Hurricane-like Zorba lashes Greece as it barrels toward Turkey

a new willie nelson song for the midterms

I Find It Hard To Believe That Given His Drinking & Attitude There Isn't

Can Democrats start yelling emotionally?

Does anyone on Medicare order their medication from Canada?

'Terrorism' ad by indicted Republican roils California election

Players who played 4 different positions in the World Series, Career

Please help if you can

If you want to see what happens on SCOTUS when you pack

Tapper Calls Kavanaugh, Conway Out For Inventing Others' Denials Of Blasey Ford

Britain will send 800 troops to the Arctic to stop Russia grabbing land as the ice caps melt, Gavin

I'm a victim of sexual assault.. But you have to be responsible for your own conduct" Kellyanne Conw

The Silence of the Lambs.

Kavanaugh Victims Are Preventing More Than Sexual Assault

Yet another cool allotrope of carbon.

If the Repubs put this guy on the Court, and he shows up drunk

Acidic Runoff Released As Arctic Permafrost Melts Is Releasing CO2 From The Rocks It Dissolves

And Yes, The World Is Watching...

2 charged in high-speed chase in truck linked to search for Phil Trenary shooting suspect

Males not needed in society - Termite society, that is

After Months Of Horrendous Conditions, South Australia Officially Acknowledges Drought

Putin's Civil War

"The Devil's Triangle"

How to vote on Florida Amendments

Something that really stood out to me during Kavanaugh's testimony this week was the

Lindsey Graham says he will vote for Kavanaugh even if FBI links him to sexual assault

Cat in a family's life

Substitute HRC for Brett Kavanaugh.

Any private school teachers here? Would Chris Garrett (Squi) be fired for criticism of Kavanaugh?

Republicans no longer recognize bad, evil, wrong, mistakes, sane, they have lost their minds.

Princess Hideycat: I Need Advice

Driving around my deep red neighborhoods this AM, I'm astonished to see

Hundreds of Migrant Children Quietly Moved to a Tent Camp on the Texas Border

Ted Lieu will be on Alex Witt's show on MSNBC, which is starting now - He's on NOW

Only a week or 2 left to register voters. Last chance for us to build the blue baseline.

Will Kavanaugh be confirmed?

Hey. I've been gone for a while and I have a question about Nicole Wallace.

SNL - not impressed. Too many commercials, skits not great, wasted my time on that.

So will Swetnick go public with interviews?

I love the movie "The Big Sleep"

West Virginia poverty gets worse under Trump economy, not better

Netflix Norsemen draws parallels to MAGA in later stages of season 2.

Where are the men he partied with?

Only a week or 2 left to register voters. Last chance for us to build a more progressive baseline.

When historians compare the presidency of George Bush and Trump it will be about this.

Portland Press Herald, Maine's largest paper: Kavanaugh doesn't belong on the Supreme Court

If He Gets This Angry Answering Questions on National TV...

Putin devastated - Sings a lament to Trump

POLL: Will Kavanaugh be confirmed?

My consumer activism against wingnuttiness in local radio, newspaper, and t.v.

"Our Silence Will Serve No One" Alumni of Brett Kavanaugh's High School Urge Graduates to Share

Question about the media:

I think Trump is getting slimier.

Funny sketch from Laugh-In with Raquel Welch and Ruth

ActBlue reports raising $10M on Friday, their highest daily donation take ever

Democrats find their answer to the Koch brothers

Wondering if you have the right to be as angry as you feel? YES-YES-YES You are allowed & compelled

The GOP finds yet another way to suppress the vote

Politickles - Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In

I wonder?

My dream is that one day, this entire Retrumplican Era of our history

I have seen people on the media say, "There is no Statute of Limitation for rape in Maryland."

ACLU: Unfit to serve

so Trump told another bald faced lie to the American people. Swetnick won't be interviewed

Ted Cruz reminds me of a Mudpuppy.


I don't get Kanye West's popularity

Trump: "Kanye West, who put on a MAGA hat after the show, was great. He's leading the charge!"

What Fiction are you reading this week, September 30, 2018?

What do the high school girls say about that virginal time at Georgetown Prep?

YOU, yes YOU, I am talking to YOU, the guy over there who thinks NOT voting for ANY democrat might

Many religions, and Christianity in particular, speak of a deity as

The Violence Against Women Act is set to expire in December

So Trump and Kim Jong Un fell in love. WTF does this mean?

The DNC-Centric Focus of the HPSCI Investigation

Trump knocks 'Saturday Night Live' after season premiere: 'It is just a political ad for the Dems'

Yale should give Kavanaugh an honorary doctorate in lying, groping, and drinking

WOW! Chronicle Herald cartoon by Bruce MacKinnon: TRIGGER WARNING

I wonder how the current Supreme Court Judges feel about the Kavenaugh joining the team.

FFFF Guys Like Kavanaugh

How do legislators get on the Judiciary Committee anyway?

Kavanaugh's Tell: "Revenge on Behalf of the Clintons," Plural

Kavanaugh's role in the 1998 Starr investigation indicates he was a political hack even then.

Tweet of the Day

How a fish is caught without a fishing rod

House GOP cancels Yoder (KC-area) ad buys

R.A.G.E. actually means something very specific

WAPO Op Ed: "Kavanaugh is lying. His upbringing explains why." Great read.

Avenatti" "And that's by design"

GA-GOV: Some interesting turnout news from the Peach State

Do people forget what a shit show the Bush admin

How about some Charlie Chaplin to lighten up the day - On the Run

I can't grasp the meaning of "dry drunk."

Abuser Jim Jordan backs Kavanaugh - Despises Kaepernick

Charlie Chaplin - On the Run - Take a break

Can someone enlighten me more about the upcoming "Gamble" case before the SCOTUS?

From a year ago. Graham got support from this guy.

Saurkraut and franks

Working Families Party looks for new ballot position for Cynthia Nixon

WashPo: ABA had concerns about Kavanaugh 12 years ago. Repubs ignored that too.

Angry Opossum or Supreme Court Nominee: You Decide

Limited screen time linked to improved cognition in children, study suggests

This is a public service announcement of sorts and NOT a message

Debate 2.0: Blackburn, Bredesen to tussle in Knoxville next

Devil's Triangle

Do you know a disabled person who doesn't vote?

Al Pacino answers conservative Max Boot's very simple question.

Former Pilot Flying J president sentenced to more than 12​​​​​​​ years in prison, fined $750K

The Bears are who we thought they were?

So far unsung hero, Sen. Klobuchar

Can you believe this ?

Worst case--Kav put on court. Then let's send kegs of beer to the court his 1st robed-up day there

Brock Long's improper use of FEMA staff, SUVs included Hawaii pineapple plant tour, investigation sa

I just harvested a bumper crop of R.O.U.S's

Opponent of U.S. military bases wins Okinawa gubernatorial election

Otis Rush, Seminal Chicago Blues Guitarist, Dead at 84

WAIT a g-d minute!! Voter suppression, Russian tampering, vote counts 'off' and then BLUE WAVE GONE

'Terrorism' ad by indicted Republican roils California election

**CNN: GOP senate leadership and WH coordinating limits on FBI investigation scope**

Ahead of Trump Tennessee visit, Blackburn, Bredesen trade ad barbs

"I'm so appalled, spalding ball, balding Donald Trump taking dollars from y'all"

Imagine if Al Franken had been on the Judiciary Committee

Just think. If only 17 year old Kavanaugh liked girls as much as he liked beer . . .

The "I like beer judge."

In the beginning, "god" put two lights in the sky.

Cotton: Feinstein to be investigated over leaked letter from Ford

'Mostly false:' Politifact vets 9 Rick Scott ads, finds all 9 are false

Flipping through the channels this morning - the repubs are touting a Democratic Conspiracy!

My wife has been listening to this while putting up the Halloween stuff.

Scientists Pinpoint Where Dark Matter Is Hiding in the Universe

Another reason Trump needs Kavanaugh - Super Pardons.

Bizarre Particles Keep Flying Out of Antarctica's Ice, and They Might Shatter Modern Physics

MSNBC: Limits to FBI's Kavanaugh investigation have not changed, despite Trump's comments

Fetch it, Daisy!

Don't hate, syncopate

September Song

Not that it matters to Republicans in the US Senate, but...

Fairness versus Hierarchy

The "what comes around goes around" line is disqualifying without anything else

NPR news said republicans don't have the votes

I know we are hoping for a thorough background redo

Former classmate Lynne Brookes: " I drank in excess many nights with Brett Kavanaugh"

Kanye 'Ye' West goes on pro-Trump rant after 'SNL' taping, claims he was 'bullied' backstage

How much faith do you have the FBI report will be legitimate?

White House says not 'micromanaging' FBI probe of Kavanaugh

Thought Avenatti was having his client on TV tonight?

Klobuchar: Kavanaugh's "excessive drinking" relevant to FBI probe

Graham rips Dems on Kavanaugh, says he'll 'get to the bottom of' FBI probe

I wonder what Conway thinks about her rapist being appointed to the Supreme Court.

Veterans are running as Democrats, and the GOP is scrambling to respond

What role did viruses play in evolution?

Mexico's AMLO vows not to use military against civilians

Beto O'Rourke says passenger backs his claim of not fleeing after 1998 DUI crash

Pumpkin Kitties

How We Know Kavanaugh Is Lying - Nathan J. Robinson, "Current Affairs"

Trump sings Kanye West's praises: 'SNL' just a 'political ad for the Dems'

The Memo: GOP risks disaster with Kavanaugh, midterms

Amy Klobuchar says Kavanaugh's history of "excessive drinking" relevant to FBI investigation

Three Key Exchanges From the First Bredesen-Blackburn Debate

The Mueller investigation: Where it stands at the midterms

Cool Springs-Based Community Health Systems Pays $260M To Settle Fraud Case

Trump questions why Dems win black vote

Article: How We Know Kavanaugh Is Lying

FBI has not responded to requests from Christine Blasey Ford to do an interview.

Eugene Robinson: Thursday's victims include Senate, Supreme Court

"How We Know Kavanaugh Is Lying" by Nathan J. Robinson

Ford's grilling shows why some women keep quiet

Dumbass celebrity tweets support for dumbass celebrity President, apparently likes chains

We like beer, too, but it's better if you're conscious

6 facts about sexual assault among youths

omg. please stop! Glad they aren't my neighbors. lol

Why should you never go out with a tennis player?

Nadler raises possibility of House investigation of Kavanaugh

2018 US Senate Election- Which Democratic held seat could flip in 2024?

House quietly passes New Trillion Dollar Tax Cut..

Pat Robertson prays for "confusion" to protect Kavanaugh

Haven't we grown up in some ways..

My parents raised me not to hate anyone. If they were still here, I'd have to argue with them....

Super Typhoon MANGKHUT in Hong Kong (9/16/18)

Trump broke my Facebook.

Specific countries will end up paying more for Climate Change than others

House Dem: Kavanaugh would have to recuse himself from cases involving congressional Democrats

Something's been bothering me - Rosenstein patting KKKavanaugh on the back at hearings

Potential 2020 candidates gather at the Texas..Festival. Talk of the White House? No, just Kavanaugh

Avenatti is on the warpath.

Lindsey Graham Compares Brett Kavanaugh To Bill Cosby In Interview Disaster

Rachel, help!


If Trump's plan works, we will hate the FBI as much as he does.

How about a little head?

Beto "we are sick of this shit"

Avenatti: Trump plays tic-tac-toe. We play chess.

What I 'd like to hear any Democratic Senator say

FBI spoke to Ramirez today

James Comey: The F.B.I. Can Do This

James Comey: The F.B.I. Can Do This

Is tRump's tweet about FBI investigation scope legally binding? Ian Bassin, yes.

I think I have a 1000% match for house Ford describes

Braidy Industries' $15 million loan to CEO raises questions, experts say

Help: Lawrence.

Saw a thread today. It made me sad.

I would be an excellent judge...

Jeff Flake-Paramedic

A privileged liar appointed by a privileged liar.

You know how RW'ers use 'liberal' as a bad word? They won't mind then if you call them illiberal.

Latino Voters Are Making the Democrats Sweat

Blackburn in the pocket of the pharmaceutical companies that gave us the opioid epidemic

Wings 'n Wheels (7 images)

NEW: Neither Christine Blasey Ford, nor her lawyers have been contacted by the FBI


Football "experts"

Trump and his henchmen can pound sand....

Purple Dragon...

New Yorker cover

2 more ugly years....

What was Brett Kavanaugh's wife thinking? - Roy S. Johnson

I believe Kellyanne Conway

"It's revenge on behalf of the Trump family, the Kochs, the Mercers, Sheldon Adelson and..."

Beto O'Rourke....Just the People

Why are Republicans such dicks? (Part 4,212)

Judge Kav (A for asshole) abuses women. He has two daughters. I fear for them

Men and women are asked "what do you do to prevent sexual assault?"....the answer(s) are startling!

How about women and all victims of sexual abuse/assault get the

I use to Love seeing The U.S. win the Ryder Cup.

Korean-born girl must leave US because she was adopted a year too late

Why the Republicans won't give up on Kavanaugh: The Concorde Fallacy

It's Official....Trump dumped by Kim....LMAO

What's for Dinner, Sun., Sept. 30, 2018

CERS Looks at Separating From Kentucky Retirement System

For the republicans....Kavanaugh toooo Big to fail...

Did Babs Ledeen hack Dr. Ford's emails?

Ancient Comics Line This Roman-Era Tomb in Jordan

FBI has not responded to requests from Christine Blasey Ford to do an interview

Looks like the fix is on.

Big Fucking Deal...No sarcasm.

Post a line from a television commercial, old or new, & see if anyone knows the product

Aldi's Whisky Ain't Bad.

Forme FBI Assistant Director of CI, Frank Figliuzzi: Kavanaugh will be offered a polygraph test

The launch of Windows 95:

Another drinking buddy of Kavanaugh's comes forward

Former Yale classmate of Kavanaugh's goes on the record to describe him as a belligerent drunk.

At your next job interview, start by yelling at the interviewer, then burst into tears ....

Nah, I'm Good ...

"Tequila Saloon" (To brighten your day)

How slimy is Ted Cruz....?



With all the evil Dems blocking Republican SC nominees...

House GOP cancels Yoder ad buys

So Comey's a big Dem now after giving the election to Trump?

Kentucky bourbon inventory at highest level since 1972

Coyote Sighting-Tacoma WA

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 1 October 2018

CALL this #(202) 224-3121 until you cannot

When social media become weaponized

James Comey: The F.B.I. Can Do This

Help me out here. Earlier today someone posted the emails for

Not sure, but is Avenatti going to be on 60 Minutes? After Saints game?

What's in a name? UVA buildings bear names of white supremacists

I don't want to doubt Kelleyanne Conway!

So why would the Ramirez accusation be allowed to be investigated? I'm perplexed.

Larger than any Con rally...Beto O'Rourke rally

Jay Gatsby vs. Owen Meany

Brett Kavanaugh's Former Roommate Describes Their Debauched Dorm at Yale

Kav initiated fights when he was drunk...

2018 US Senate Election Prediction- Margin of Victory.

Exactly how would abolishing the 13th Amendment help black people?????

KS-03: Sharice meets Shep

Kavanaugh's drinking history is not part of the probe. seems the door is closed

Lindsey Graham and Russian money...

Feinstein has written to McGahn & Wray asking for a copy of the written directive from Trump to FBI

Anyone else dreaming about this sexual abuse & mean drunk stuff?

*Bourdain @ 8, rerun of last week's Kenya show, @ 9 NEW Asturias, Spain, with chef and humanitarian.

Anyone watching Showtime? Please report.

┐Happy ending?

Damn, my house smells GOOD right now!

Dr. Ford gets a huge THANK YOU in NYC

I have tried to reserve judgement, but I can't any longer. The FBI "investigation" is

Will FBI Use Thursday's Testimony As Substitute For Interviewing Dr. Ford & Kavabeer?

Audit: Kentucky was warned about broadband contract

Kavanaugh blurts out "the Swetnick thing is a JOKE"

TX-SEN: Beto O'Rourke and Willie Nelson Draw Over 50,000 at Turn Out For Texas rally

Blackout tomorrow

TX-AG: Justin Nelson speaks in front of 55,000 at Texas rally

The unexplained marginalization of astrology

Former Western Kentucky University professor admits to fraud

Get out those rotten tomatoes and..

Community supports Radcliff Applebee's server after racist note

We all are Chris Ford. She's not alone anymore.