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how does Steve Kornacke think of what to say and say it so fast?? no script!..

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 4 September 2018

The Temptations - Papa was a Rollin' Stone

Well, doesn't this side by side say it all. Melania and Michelle

Tacoma School District teachers will go on strike

Bharara: Trump's Sessions tweet "next level crazy, inappropriate, unethical, stupid, incriminating"

Trump's Justice Department Redefines Whose Civil Rights to Protect

Since School Starts Here Tomorrow,

Ooh, the Nike blowback begins!

MI-GOV: Lansing political insiders expect Whitmer to win.

Colin Kaepernick Unveils Powerful New Nike Ad

Trump Is Nixing Pre-Scheduled Raises for Federal Workers (Happy Labor Day)

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Remember Me!

Yes, Robert Mueller will get Trump.

Giuliani lobbied president of Romania, asking him to ease up on fighting corruption

FL-GOV: Andrew Gillum: Gwen Graham 'in the mix' for LG pick

Maddow is discussing Kavanaugh's role in the latest Trump gov attemp to bar an abortion

Someone from one of those -shithole countries- Now at NASA!

Omarosa celebrates second week on bestsellers list despite 'hit-pieces' from Trump allies

Bill Clinton at US Open Tennis tonight watching Roger Federer...

Slate - "Hello, Justice Kavanaugh. Farewell, Roe."

Which Dem senators from red states

Stephen King. Today's lesson: Don't be Trump's friend

What was it like before abortion was legal?

Two very good graphs from 538.....done within the last 3 hours.

Question about Trump's judicial appointees

Cancel Kavanaugh! RESIST!

New respect for CNN

Rachel has a tape of Kavanaugh on the case involving the 17 yr old immigrant.

Pennsylvania GOP official resigns over racist Facebook posts about NFL players

There is no filibuster on appts. to Supreme Court. The majority party has complete control.

Calling DUers in NY! Homesick Texans for Beto event.

When Trump leaves office I think huge celebrations should be organized. It should look something

Mollie Tibbetts father weighs in.....


"Please don't let my cats learn how to do this"

Phil Bredesen is refuting Marsha Blackburn's lies

Proof Positive of Putin's Intervention in Our Elections

" all out assault on the rule of law." - Sally Yates on Twitter

Yet another insidious effort to suppress voter registration

Did you know Michael Avenatti's mother was born on a cotton farm in Texas?

So my wife and I went to DC for Labor Day

Chuck Todd: Time For the Media to Fight for Truth

$3M Marana cattle fraud shatters friendship, puts 2 families on financial brink

"A president has a right to nominate judges as he sees fit"

DE-SEN: Ocasio-Cortez stumps for fellow progressive Harris in Delaware's U.S. Senate race

Chris Hedges, "America: The Farewell Tour" -- What's Ahead Of Us

For the young women who disdain the term "feminist"

MN-05: Ilhan Omar's moving primary victory speech 08/14/18 (VIDEO)

Why it's important to elect women.

More of Mexico in the 1950s

Pima County Sheriff's Department accused of violating state overtime laws

MA-07: Tuesday's Big Democratic Primary Is Unlike the Party's Other High-Profile Clashes

Ivanka and Jared deserved better seats at McCain's funeral, former Trump aide fumes

Why does Donald Trump feel emboldened to undermine justice?

Democrats in Arizona gaining more registered voters than GOP


For those of you still confused as to why Colin Kaepernick took the kneel,...

Semi-truck plant announced in Coolidge, would employ up to 2,000

This is how the inauguration was protested. But there's no similar pushback against Kavanaugh?

If they can't beat Kavanaugh, they'll use his conservative views to fuel their 'blue wave.'

Bayer's Monsanto sued by 8,000 plaintiffs on glyphosate

Why Trump is so frantic right now

Flooding Causes Massive Delays at O'Hare, Closes Surrounding Roads

Mel Gibson's New Police Brutality Movie Is a Vile, Racist Right-Wing Fantasy

My response on twitter to the MAGA people

Johnson Utilities seeks $450 million in damages from ACC

Possible candidate for transnational mob roll up? - trump protege Mark A. Brown

Major 538 shift in favor of Democratic control of House

Copan Excavations In Honduras Reveal Royal Connections

Copan Excavations In Honduras Reveal Royal Connections

What happened to Twitter and Instagram today?

Breakthrough Starshot Animation (Full)

Seven Peaks acquisition leaves park's future uncertain

A climate tipping point in the Amazon

A climate tipping point in the Amazon

Aretha Franklin's Family Says Eulogy Was "Distasteful"

Argentina: Police kills 13 year-old boy during food riot

Feds: Utah biofuels company owners stole $511 million in IRS renewable energy credits

what the crap has Trump been doing ???

SNL Digital Short: Natalie Raps

Aretha Franklin family responds to eulogy: 'Distasteful, offensive' - Detroit Free Press

Break the fever

LDS member fighting to end youth interviews summoned to hearing

Fox News' Brit Hume to Trump: Sessions's job 'is not to play goalie for a president'

'The Deep State': Jason Chaffetz says 'it's real' in new book

San Francisco's the "Rainbow Honor Walk"

10 Reasons Aliens Won't Invade Earth

U.S. Women See Reason To Reject Donald Trump SCOTUS Pick Brett Kavanaugh - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Officials weigh creating state-backed retirement system for private industry workers

Billionaire pouring money into effort to get young voters to polls, largest effort in US history

Trump loyalist Devin Nunes facing tighter House race in California as Democratic rival rises in poll

KS-03: Sharice Davids shares her experience with anti-LBTQ discrimination

Warnings over pollution met with a shrug in coal country

Cliven Bundy sues Nevada, seeking court order to declare federally-owned lands property of the state

Everyone on DU should see this

Obama endorses Sisolak for Nevada governor

Lewinsky Storms Offstage After 'Off Limits' Clinton Question

Genital-obsessed incest-porn enthusiast attacks democratic opponent for saying "fuck".

Nevada collects $69.8 million in pot taxes in one year

The black crowes and a ten pound meatloaf a ramble

Burning Man arrests total 43, a number likely to go up as thousands linger on playa

Three of the McCain sons have served this republic

Facebook Video: Sen. Sanders Middlebury VT Labor Day Rally

State files legal challenge against nuclear regulatory commissioner

''I would like to acknowledge Claire Wineland who passed away last night ... ''

Dutch bank ING pays huge fine in money laundering case

Nevada in trouble if financial crisis strikes, report finds

On my fifth cup of coffee first call boys and boxers

Southern Nevada housing authority, union agree on labor deal

Dozens of elephants killed near Botswana wildlife sanctuary

Former coal CEO's ballot bid denied by West Virginia Supreme Court

Celestial 'Eye' Stares Back at Earth in Dazzling Hubble Telescope Photo

How a Massive Database on Stars Will Make It Easier to Explore Alien Worlds

The Morning Joe posse are skewering the Con for his 'purpose of the justice department' tweet

Offered Without Comment. The 'Lewinsky Walks Off Stage' Incident.

Could she have anymore of a brass neck?

Clown Posse Wants Supremacist to Face Music

Democrats Open 14-Point Lead In Generic Ballot

Transmission line may threaten historic Oregon Trail

The caucus vote is worth more than all of a Senators' other votes put together

How Robert Mueller Outfoxed Donald Trump

Hours before Kavanaugh nomination hearings, Bush lawyer releases 42,000 pages of documents to Judici

American racists to start burning crosses made from Nike trainers

The New Yorker uninvites Steve Bannon from its festival after backlash

Idaho Democrats Applaud Changes To Caucuses, Presidential Nominating Process

Tuesday TOONs - Weighted Edition

New York, diversity and the US Open

Heh, where's Russia when you need her?!?!

WH has founded a secret committee tasked with spreading anti-marijuana propaganda.

42,000 documents released at the 11th hour!

Why are all of the commenters on Morning Joe talking about the Senate Democrats "laying down"

Scarborough, Matthew Miller, Schmidt, and others are

Steve Schmidt on Morning Joe: "Democrats keep bringing a butter knife to a gun fight."

As Beyonce said, "best revenge is your paper."

The Republican Party: "In The Toilet"

Will it be a failure of our justice system if Donald Trump is not tried and convicted...?

Latest from. NOAA - watch that one behind Florence - it will be Helene

A single tweet that perfectly captures GOP's near-total acquiescence to Trump:

Trump Is Going to Hit the 'Violent Democrats' Button Hard--and It'll Work

Trump Averages Eight 'False Claims' a Day

Advisers say Joe Biden to decide on a 2020 run by January

Trump sets up rule-of-law crisis

Which is the strongest political position for a Congressman to take??

"My dearest regards." . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Toobin: Trump tweet attacking Sessions over indictments 'may be an impeachable offense'

Trump mocks potential Kerry 2020 challenge


Pelosi Focuses On Retaking The House, Dismisses Questions About Her Leadership

The Justice Department Was Behind The Decision To Keep 100,000 Pages Of Kavanaugh's Record Secret

White House, Some Republicans Block Legislation To Prevent Election Hacking

Napolitano: Trump's Directing Jeff Sessions to Help GOP 'Fodder' for Mueller Probe

Trumpcare? Got this in my inbox this AM...

WATCH LIVE: Judge Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings - Day 1

**NEW WASHINGTON POST GENERIC BALLOT POLL** Democrats 52% All Russia People's Front 38%

'This process is illegitimate': Morning Joe says Democrats should walk out of Kavanaugh hearing

Mika is getting sick of explaining Trump's 'complete ignorance' every time he tweets

This is bona fide hilarious:

McKenna Denson's Testimony in Joseph Bishop's Mormon Congregation

Further discussion of whether this or that is "grounds for impeachment" is a waste

these type

Well, it's funny, but it's not THAT funny

Young man struggles to walk against overwhelming odds.

Anyone read The President is Missing? By Bill Clinton and

What are Democrats undecided on Kavanaugh thinking?

Learn something new every day...

Did Trump voters get what they voted for?

Poll: Democrats regain clear advantage in midterms shaping up as referendum on President Trump

Vatican requires bishops 'to cover up child sex abuse' in absence of reporting laws, expert says

I'm finally cutting out the Nike logos out of my Nike pillow case (satire)!

Baby elephant chases birds and then..

BTRTN August 2018 in Review: Seven Days in Mayhem

Tropical Storm Gordon slows down slightly in Gulf; strengthening to Cat 1 hurricane expected

BTRTN August 2018 in Review: Seven Days in Mayhem

George Conway a.m. tweet:

Optimistic Democrats Are 'Hungry To Win' In November

Feinstein gave a statement on tv.

Religion teacher gets job back, 17 years after losing it over "bad" marriage

A senator better ask Kavanaugh if he's ok with Trump asking the DOJ not to prosecute Republicans

Energized against Donald Trump, Democrats reach +14 in the midterms

How Trump supporters made me feel like a stranger in Florida

Elevate Your Chocolate-Chip Cookies.

NYT's Haberman explains why Trump may have skipped his Labor Day golf outing...

Toobin: Trump tweet attacking Sessions over indictments 'may be an impeachable offense'

"Senator, when Garland wasn't given a hearing, how could that have been anything but politics?"

GOP senator squirms over questions on Trump's latest attack on DOJ

Trump shows fresh disdain for the rule of law as the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing begins

NRCC pulling ads in PA-17 (Conor Lamb)

Stolen ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in 'Wizard of Oz' found 13 years later

Today brings more atrocious tweets

Event to Show Corbyn Isn't anti-Semitic to Be Held on Yom Kippur

I like CNN's SCOTUS panel

The Handmaids are posted outside of the Kavanaugh hearing

UPDATED: Kavanaugh hearing: Trump's nominee will pledge to be 'a neutral and impartial arbiter'

Eight bird species are first confirmed avian extinctions this decade

Biden Running!

MSNBC legal commentator keeps calling Kavanaugh a "lovely" man.

Go, Kamala, go...

Voters want a check on this lawless, raging president. This new poll confirms it.

Nike. 😋

Economy's Surge Cuts Uneven Path in Districts

Democrats callling for adjournment....Grassley ignoring

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein is at the Kavanaugh hearing

The Democrats are fighting hard

Go, Cory, Go...

CNN link to SCOTUS hearings

13 years after they were stolen, Dorothy's ruby slippers have been found, the FBI says

Trump promised farmers 'smarter' trade deals. Now he has to bail them out.

Today's Massachusetts Primary races

Who are those brave women interrupting the hearing?

A Florida luxury hotel refused to let America's first black billionaire into his room because he was

Ugly ugly Grassley! Bringing up Pres Obama "fast and furious" ruling?!!! Ugly man

Dems Disrupt Start Of Kavanaugh Hearing To Protest Last-Minute Document Dump

i think democratic senators should address all questions to "mr. garland".

I Am a Mandatory Reporter by My Own Choice. Are You?

Disinvited Steve Bannon Rips 'Gutless' New Yorker For Being Cowed By 'Howling Online Mob'

The Rundown: August 31, 2018

The Rundown: September 3, 2018

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 08/29/

Atlanta Braves' Organist Trolls Anti-Gay Cubs Player Daniel Murphy with LGBTQ-Themed Songs

Airstrikes hit last bastion of Syrian rebels as final showdown looms

John Kerry: 'I Doubt Very Much I'll Be Running For Office Again'

Cornyn stinks

WATCH: Protesters Interrupt Kavanaugh Hearing As Dems Push For Doc Release

The Dems Should Just Get Up And Walk Out.....

Drone Reveals Auschwitz Inner Horrors

Kamala Harris interrupts Chuck Grassley's opening Kavanaugh statement, he keeps talking

Steve Schmidt warns of Trumpistan if voters don't turn out

Scandal-hit USA Gymnastics says Perry out as CEO

Immigrants, documented & undocumented --fearing #Trump crackdown, drop out of nutrition programs

What is it that makes Sen Grassley "tick"? Is he compromised? In someone's pocket? Is he power mad?

Cory Booker appeals to Grassley's sense of fairness & decency while Grassley bangs his little gavel

Schumer on twitter re: new Kavanaugh documents

First question should be

Democrats' 2018 Primary Turnout Mirrors Previous Wave Elections

Does this farce of a hearing give Dems future grounds for impeaching Kavanaugh?

**Another generic ballot poll with a Democratic double digit lead**

Haqqani network's founder dies after long illness, Afghan Taliban says

Why did we not have out pitchforks when Garland was rebuffed?

Can someone tell me what was the rationale by our founders for life appointments to SCOTUS?

When Republicans refuse to defend the rule of law, what do they have left?

Fuck chuck grassley

Women Dressed as 'Handmaids' Stand in Protest Outside Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing

Mueller's Office Will Grill Him About Roger Stone. He Will Respond With Comedy.

We Are On The Way To A GOP NeoNazi Court. It Is The GOP Way To Guarantee No Progress.

Greetings, Brown Person, Papers Please...

All of a sudden Grassley is responding (from typed pages, no less) after he made such a big deal...

The Religious Right Supports Russia And Putin In Their Efforts.

LawFare's Benjamin Wittes: Hard to Find Better 'Evidence of Corrupt Intent' Than Trump's Sessions...

Is it possible that Grassley has lost control of the hearing?

Aretha Franklin's eulogy was 'offensive and distasteful,' family says

I can see I'm going to have to have the "mute" control glued to my hand today during these hearings.

A Party Gone Bat-Shit Crazy

Unindicted difficult

How come in past wars in past centuries men were willing--sometimes eager--to go off

Leahy: We had 99% of Kagan's records, 12 days before the hearing. We have 7% of Kavanaugh's.

Life In Prison

My German friend shared this proverb from his homeland: "Fight the beginning."

Grassley tells Blumenthal that his motion to adjourn to an executive session is "out of order"

It just amazes me

That fucking Kennedy from Louisiana

Kavanaugh's ear-to-ear grin at the beginning of the session has mysteriously vanished.

Jim Carrey Taunts Trump By Hitting At One Of His Biggest Insecurities

Politico: Ron DeSantis prepared for Gwen Graham (rather than Andrew Gillum) as FL-GOV nominee

Trump irritated he wasn't interviewed by Woodward for upcoming book

How come in past wars in past centuries men were willing--sometimes eager--to go off

A rumble turns into a rumba - dogs go at it

Capitol Police now say that as of 10:19 a.m., 22 individuals have been arrested at the Kavanaugh hea

I love senator Harris

How is it that protesters got this many seats at the Kavanaugh hearing?

Grassley: "I appreciate the courtesy of the Democrats for me to proceed" amid calls to suspend

''President Trump is an unindicted co-conspirator in a crime ... ''

Here's Why Kavanaugh Could Be Bad News for the Internet, Too

Its time for the life time job for the Supreme court end.

I can't believe that fucker Grassley didn't choke when he said rule of law.

If Kavanaugh was a decent person he would ask for a delay.

** Another poll with a lead for Andrew Gillium**

Grassley is disgraceful

Can we the people file something to stop/postpone this supreme court hearing?

IF YOU EVER GOT IMPEACHED - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

What if... the Dems just all get up and walk out. Seems it is

Kavanaugh told me he had NEVER taken position that sitting President cannot be indicted (not true)

Grassley: Senate can now "atone" for its treatment of Robert Bork by confirming Kavanaugh

Merrick Garland, Merrick Garland, Merrick Garland, Merrick Garland, Merrick Garland, Merrick Garland

Saw on the twitter that Kavanaugh is on third bottle of water.

How many times has Kavanaugh reached for the water glass so far?

Kavanaugh SHOULD

Dems demand plan for reunifying 500 children still separated from families

This is what bothers me about Avenatti

GOP strategist: McCain's funeral a reflection of what Americans are thinking of Trump

Congressional Republicans are traitors.

Levi Strauss CEO: Why Business Leaders Need to Take a Stand on Gun Violence

I have a question....

Orrin Hatch is a lying SOB

Pic Of The Moment: What 42,000 Pages Of Documents Look Like

Good Lord, Hatch is just verbally fellating the nominee on live tv.

Philippines' Duterte "apologises" for cursing Obama

Free museum day

Symphony #9 "Choral" Ludwig van Beethoven

Trump RE: "NBC FAKE NEWS"..."Worse than even CNN. Look at their license?"

The GOP Is Not Destroyed. They Are In Power In Most Places. They Were Rewarded Over Time.

Top 10 This Week

Bob Woodward's new book reveals a 'nervous breakdown' of Trump's presidency

The Center for American Progress site - The Moscow Project

With all the protesters can

If you are on Twitter, considering tweeting to

Hatch: "You've served as a mentor to dozens of clerks, male AND female!" WOW! BOTH? INCROYABLE!

Seward Co-op workers ratify first contract to build a better life

Some help please w/Sam Patton*'s guilty plea how many have caught so far?

European science funders ban grantees from publishing in paywalled journals

Bob Woodward has a book coming out on Trump:

Dems should propose Rush Limbaugh as a candidate for SCOTUS ...

Seward Co-op workers ratify first contract to build a better life

Don't expect the cops to help with misdemeanors


Bob Woodward's new book reveals a 'nervous breakdown' of Trump's presidency

Irish shanty

Kavanaugh has a sour expression on his face right now.

Venezuela Vice-President: Migration levels are normal

Who Doesn't Like Dogs & Ponies?

Leahy drops the word

Protesters dress as 'handmaids' for Kavanaugh hearings

Hearing Observation: Take a look behind each Senator at their aides.

"That was the biggest fucking mistake I've made" and the "worst speech I've ever given," according

Ecuador leaves Venezuelan-run regional alliance

Leahy just called Kavanaugh hearing "Orwellian" and "premature."

Kavanaugh is the reason the President cannot obstruct Justice...

Woodward describes WH: "When you put a snake, a rat, a falcon, a shark & a seal in a zoo w/o walls"

Lurking Deplorables, this what Trump really thinks of you and yours

Funtatlaguy 11:10 am post

(Guess what state) Man Tells Cop "That's What She Said" After Drug Possession Arrest

The stupid, it (quite literally) burns.

This hearing is insane.

Sessions is not going to last til the election...

Kavanaugh Hearings are as much about Midterms, as Confirmation


Stupid fuck Cornyn.

Russia dismisses Trump's warning over expected Syria offensive

The Deep State has been the administrations staff

Trump lost his temper during mock Mueller interview: Woodward book

Dick Durbin, you make us all proud.

Rahm Emanuel Says He's Not Running For Re-Election

Exploding profits while workers paid starvation wages...Translated: Capitalism

Support for Republicans and for Kavanaugh crumbles

'What the people want'....that's laughable

Like a box of chocolates...

Gaunlet laid down by Sen Durbin.....asks Kavanaugh to "suspend" until docs are released....

Mayor Rahm Emanuel announces he's not running for reelection


Toobin: Trump tweet attacking Sessions over indictments 'may be an impeachable offense'

Propaganda machine screwed up....

Senator Lee's condescending "civics lecture" would likely get

Russia What?

seems these legislators are out to avenge robert bork

Everybody Knows This Nomination And Confirmation Process Is Political......

Better than an idiot...

EPA lacked justification, authority for Pruitt's 24/7 security detail, watchdog finds

Here's my question to America...

At some point Kavanaugh will have to be impeached.

Dear website manager, I would like to change my user name.

Chuck Todd: Limbaugh, Drudge, Fox hosts 'exploiting the fears of older white people'

Note to GRASSLEY: Can't insult your "decency and integrity" nonexistent things.

"He's an idiot. It's pointless to try to convince him of anything. He's gone off the rails.

Whitehouse is pissed !!!! Oh, boy is he pissed.........

Remember when?

Former U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl will be John McCain's successor in the U.S. Senate

Hamas leader admits Marches of Return were staged to avert internal crisis

Orange jumpsuit will go very well _

I know he's not, but Kavanaugh should be ashamed

LIVE-Stream at 11AM Sept 5 - Sen. Sanders and Rep. Khanna Introduce Bill to End Corporate Welfare

Sen Whitehouse is giving chapter and verse on why Mrs. Kavanaugh should immediatley

Will a Non-believer/Atheist/Agnostic ever sit on the SCOTUS?

The reason Why we have the Big Con as President...Thread

James Randi - Secrets of the Psychics

LIVE-Stream at 11AM Sept 5 - Sen. Sanders and Rep. Khanna Introduce Bill to End Corporate Welfare

His face is flushing. Kavanaugh's, that is.

Japan's strongest typhoon in 25 years kills at least six

I bet Kavanaugh is sorry he brought his daughters.

KS-GOV: Former Republican governor endorses Democrat Laura Kelly

kyl to replace mccain -- my initial thought is this is better than it could be.

Asshole Cruz is up.

I published a book on Mexico! Here's the information below, if you're interested in having a look.

SCOTUS Hearing:I'm doing this for my daughters-for all of our daughters-for all of us-Who's with me?

HOw hard would it be if a hacker got into the DU and change post counts?

Cruz is such a LIAR

Brazil Workers Party VP candidate Haddad charged with corruption

This from Woodward is the funny of the day: "Kellyanne"

CNN, Woodward: Trump told Lindsey Graham that Obama was a "weak dick" for not acting in Syria

Cruz stunning lying! Dems should get up and walk out!

CNN, Woodward: Trump said "I was the Ernest Hemingway of 140 characters" on Twitter

Transcript: Phone call between President Trump and journalist Bob Woodward

I usually stay logged in here, but my computer seems to keep kicking me off.

Schiff puts Pence in his place...

"This Bob Woodward book is bananas" - is this satire or text from the book ?

Very telling transcript from Bob Woodward..

Is Anyone Surprised by These Woodward Revelations? - By Josh Marshall


I hope the event planner is smart enough to wisk Kavanaugh's children away....this PM

USDA and Dept of Education cancelled all work from home programs last week..just like that...

i've been searching for Sen Whitehouses's opening statement

Amazon, Following Apple, Reaches $1 Trillion in Value

Years ago, when I returned to college after an enlistment in the USAF,

Hole responsible for space station leak caused by drill, not meteorite, Russia says

Watch This Woman Call Out Her Alleged Rapist in His Own Mormon Chapel

Trump's definition of accuracy in news reporting: "Accurate is that nobody's ever done a better job

Dipshit Andrea Mitchel just said DEMS were never interested in Judge confirmations....

Exhibit A.

Rick Wilson, re Woodward's book: Prepare for a WH purge.

"Just walked up to Judge Kavanaugh as am session ended. Put out my hand to introduce myself as..."


Mike Luckovich: "Today my book is out."

John Schindler, re Woodward book: Mattis has saved the world several times already.

West Coast's Humpback Whales are About to Get Much-Needed Protection

Mueller should release his report in the form of a book just like Ken Starr did

Two of Trump's advisers have referred to him as Chauncey Gardner over last two years.

Zina Bash Is the Woman Sitting Behind Brett Kavanaugh

Poll: High-profile Missouri Senate race locked in a dead heat

Yuck who is he? The guy speaking live now

New Ad by MJ Hegar- Covered

Do Army barbers shave their privates? n/t

Bob Woodward's Trump book: Author details aides' worries about Trump

WH staff didn't want Trump to talk directly to Woodward.

Sassy just said "We believe in Love" the Rs will start singing BEATLES songs...

Has anyone here had to padlock their breadbox?

Toobin: Trump Could Be Impeached for Attacking Sessions

Stocks' Return to Records Paves Way for Volatile Autumn

Kavanaugh hearing: Democrats cry foul over lack of access to documents, seek to delay proceedings

So glad to see people suddenly taking on Nike's business practices

22 protesters arrested during Kavanaugh hearing

Guess who's been picked to succeed John McCain?

Gordon barrels toward the Gulf Coast, and will likely land tonight as a hurricane

Dow drops more than 100 points to start September on increasing trade tensions with Canada, China

Tuscan Soup with Bread, Beans and Greens (Ribollita)

Dems interrupt Kavanaugh hearing, asking that it be adjourned

Randy Rainbow..A Very Stable Genius. Song Parady... 3 min 12 sec

White Man Hopes to Land Job Without Background Check

Satanic Temple unveils giant 'Baphomet' statue at Arkansas State Capitol

***Another poll showing Dirty Don's approval cratering*** IPSOS Trump 37% Approval 56% Disapproval

Seriously?Flake is reading a letter of recommendation from parents of his daughters

Trump's Attacks on Jeff Sessions and the DOJ Are Reaching Absurd New Levels

Flake's going over Trump's "Good job Jeff" tweet and separation of powers.

***Another Poll showings a double digit generic ballot lead*** IPSOS Dems 47% Crooks And Liars 34%

Space station leak could have been sabotage, Russia says.

Woodward book offers damning assessment of Trump White House

Last chance: Progressives look to oust Democratic incumbents in final primaries

Amazon hits $1 trillion valuation amid Trump attacks

I'm Not Shocked By The Revelations From The Book, Are You? Really?

Flake just read this tweet during his opening statement at Kavanaugh's hearing

Our deepest collective shame isn't that Donald Trump managed to become President

What kind of accent does grassley have?

Has anyone asked or Chuck Grassley why they uploaded 44,000

What's for Dinner, Wed., Sept. 4, 2018

The Wildest Things About Trump From Bob Woodward's New Book, 'Fear'

Weird. She just held it there. Who is this?

This one has me stumped...

The Onion: Adidas Unveils Darren Wilson As New Face Of Their Brand.

CNN reporter says Woodward's book shows Trump is unprecedentedly dangerous

"Trump made it clear that he would only appoint judges that would overturn Roe v Wade & rollback ACA

Brit Hume: 'Thank God for the people around Trump' who...stop him from destroying the nation

Went to see Mother(87) in the posh nursing home this AM...told her about the 2 TV funerals...

It would have turned 61 today: the Edsel

Latest Quinnipiac poll on Florida governor's race:

He would have turned 73 today: Danny Gatton

U.S. apple farmers afraid they will be hurt by U.S.-China trade battle

Facebook's former security chief: US elections at risk of being 'World Cup of information warfare'

Kavanaugh is a pervert. Concerning the questions he wanted asked of Clinton about the Lewinsky

Oh, brother. Re: Woodward's phone call with Dotard.

White power sign being given at hearings?

NYT and WaPo reporters surprised WH has no response to Woodward bombshells

CARTOON: Kavanaugh And Trump On Withholding SCOTUS Documents

Sen Whitehouse opening at hearing video

Went to see Mother(87) in the posh nursing home this AM...told her about the 2 TV funerals...

Wow- Trump said McCain sought early release and General Mattis corrected him.

Tariffs are taxes - pure and simple

CNN correspondent: Trump's own words will make it hard for him to discredit Woodward's book

WH responds to Woodward:

is it normal for the chair to be representing the nominee, testifying away?

Cory Booker

WHOA NELLY- A rated Quinnipiac poll - It's Andrew Gillium 50% Ron DeSantis 47%

Corey Booker is very impressive in this hearing

Kavanaugh is literally a pig in a poke

Cory Booker is really going after Kavanaugh

Cory Booker is doing a great job.

Hi, #MAGA.

Trump to chair U.N. Security Council meeting on Iran

Something happy and rare. About Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter.

UPDATED: Kavanaugh Ignores Handshake From Father Of Parkland Victim

Republicans: "Stop whining about not walking, even though we keep kicking your shins."

Pack the SCOTUS.

Hillsdale College is holding its ninth annual Constitution Day celebration at Trump Hotel DC

Forget the Book. Read the Transcript. - By Josh Marshall

Why do vampires hiss? nt

Kamala Harris is so poised, smart, and effective.

What If SCOTUS Declared Women's Right To Vote, Social Security, Medicare Unconstitutional.

Navy Lt. Jack McCain, the son of, @SenJohnMcCain, is reflected in the wall of the Vietnam Memorial

I contracted a chest disease at a Dublin bookie joint...

For today's chapter of "There's always a tweet"

Giuliani on Woodward Book Excerpts: Why Don't WH Staffers Trashing Trump 'Go Get Another Job'?

Sarah reviews Woodward's book: "No one can beat him in 2020 - not even close."

Three Sisters in White

Can anyone come up with a dignified but well-chosen remark that means

The GOP Is Stacking SCOTUS So That ONLY Their Laws Can Be Passed & Implemented.

Parkland dad escorted out of hearing after trying to shake Kavanaugh's hand

Lol... Tomi Lahren tries to get an interview with Kathy Griffin:

Despite the fact that 2020 is two years away...

Kamala Harris is doing a great job.

"Battle Hymn of the Republic," by the @NavalAcademy glee club Saturday

Murkowski not reachable due to heavy call volume. ( Hung up after 8-10 minutes of

One of the women arrested for protesting at Kavanaugh hearing was actress Piper Persbo

did this happen, what is your take?

"All Religions Are False Except the One I Follow!"

Graham just said that this is a HYPOCRISY HEARING!

things i'd like to see #734891: slow-built gallows in front of the WH

The Four Agreements

Brett Kavanaugh Snubs Father Of Parkland Shooting Victim

A wise teacher to her students....

CANCEL KAVANUAGH, call, write, march, donate.

And yet another great literary treasure was released today

Graham's got guts pointing out how his (Dem) colleagues have changed positions on things.

Jon Kyl will be John McCain's successor

Graham says that the ability to choose judges is a consequence of winning elections.

Every Dem running for office needs to play Sen Lindsay Graham's words....

Just Turn The Hearings Into A Brawl. Go After These GOP Senators. Insult Them. Anger Them.

Look at this.

McConnell: "Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats Rallied Against Judge Kavanaugh..."

"I just bought 8 pairs of Nike shorts so I could shred them"

Cory Booker: "I cannot support your nomination. Not just because of..."

AZ @GOP Gov names infamous liar Jon Kyl to replace McCain-Shepherding Kavanaugh

Carl Bernstein delivers a blistering indictment of Trump's presidency on CNN

I like to think I'm fairly intuitive.

FBI forced to point out Trump is lying about Hillary again

Opinion: Why did it take so long for Vogue to have a black photographer shoot a cover?

Twitter says Trump not immune from getting kicked off

If a time-traveller had told you in late 2016 what the Trump-Presidency will be like...

Andrew Harnik, photojournalist with the @AP based in Washington, DC.

There's Always a New Low for the Trump White House

Why Is Lisa Blatt Endorsing Brett Kavanaugh?

I Always Thought that Kneeling..

(Jewish Group) Event to Show Corbyn Isn't anti-Semitic to Be Held on Yom Kippur

'The View' on John McCain's Funeral: Sunny Hostin Says Jared and Ivanka Attending Was 'Shameful'

NFL: Social justice issues raised by Kaepernick 'deserve our attention and action'

Hang in there Nike and do not back down! Resist hate!

Spokane becomes largest district in state where teachers ratify contract for pay raise

Hope in small town Missouri

FBI Director Christopher Wray becomes the latest target for Trump's ire

Trump: Woodward has had 'a lot of credibility problems'

Former GOP governor of Kansas endorses Democrat Laura Kelly over Kris Kobach

Luckovich on Brett Kavanaugh

(Jewish Group) Met Police To Investigate 21 Cases Of Alleged Anti-Semitism In Labour Party

I keep getting kicked off du and other sites that I used to be able to stay logged in on.

Most auto accidents happen within two miles of one's home, so

Kavanaugh: Sessions Light/Young. Thinks he's Aristotle.

Maverick was the 85th most popular male baby name in 2017.

Kaepernick Campaign Created $43 Million in Buzz for Nike So Far

Wow! It did not take Ducey long to think of a replacement for John McCain.

Washington growers say the trade war could cost them $86 million

former TV star photographed working at Trader Joes, stands up to job shamers, gets support

All the Money?

Who has pre-ordered the Bob Woodward book, Fear?

In my opinion, today was a shit show for a arrogant prick named Kavanaugh!

I wish the Woodward book would have dropped in mid October

Abby Finkenauer (IA-01) campaign ad: "Caller ID"

Miami Beach Police Arrest Two Priests Caught Performing Sex Act In Car

Vulnerable Rod Blum Under House Ethics Inquiry

John Kerry to be on Rachel Maddow show tonight. Nt

Yet another ferry sinks in Venezuela due to lack of investment, Chavista corruption

Levi Strauss teams up with gun control group: 'We simply cannot stand by silently'

My cousin's white gloves.

As predictied, items on Maduro's "agreed prices list" not found on shelves. No meat, poultry


Luckovich-Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh

The Onion: Trump Disapproval Rating At All-Time High

So anyway, I was out buying a brand new dryer and a weed whacker today...

Air MAGA: Trump's Base Is So Pissed at Nike's Kaepernick Ad, They're Burning Their 'White Supremacy

I just bought Nike shoes for a total stranger.

Inside a Millennial Women's Quran Study Group

*Kavanaugh Hearing: Dems. with Spine Freak Out GOP, "We Cannot Possibly Move Forward Mr. Chairman"

A couple of shots from today's Farmer's Market:

Apparently someone on right wing media has dug up the

Pope Francis Embraces Silence as Calls Grow for Response to Allegations

Nike is leaving its iconic Niketown property and the fact that Trump owns it is reportedly a factor

GOP Chances to Keep House Fading

Kavanaugh Hearing Begins with Democratic Protest: *Highlights, Think Progress

'I Came to Put My Body On the Line': Both Inside and Outside Hearing, Women Lead Fight

Wife heard some old conservative customers say

Back to school and straight to the picket line

I finally figured out what I think about primarying good office holders.

Kyl Will Be Appointed to Fill McCain's Seat

Is this voodoo witchcraft? Or merely a brazen act of censorship?

Trump: My Tenant Nike Is Sending A "Terrible Message"

GOPrs and rich mutherfukers are evil, and it's even worse when they're one in the same...

I just saw video with the Parkland dad

W.H. issues false statement about Kavanaugh ducking that handshake.

Message to Trump, Dems and Mueller

Mueller will accept some written answers from the moron.

Just Now ot Ari - Mueller appears open to allowing Trump to

This is bad of me I know... but I am really "praying" that these Senators suffer


Pantsuit Sasquatch

"Stop following me!"

These fuckers can't be helped...

Trump's Sessions Comments Resemble Lonesome Rhodes Exposed

This is the level the republicans are on

The Florida Governor's Race Is Suddenly About Race

What is it about Minneapolis and criminal sexual activity?

Major Pa. anthracite coal mine project to be financed by $1 million grant

Mueller Will Accept Some Written Answers From Trump

Fuck you, Republicans, for trying to shove this SC candidate down our throats.

Trump: "The Brett Kavanaugh hearings for the future Justice of the Supreme Court are truly a..."

70 Protesters Arrested At First Kavanaugh Hearing

"Please stop calling me."

Timely reminder: As Maya Angelou said, when someone shows you who they are, believe them

"Well, you don't see that every day."

So, here's 2 new feral kittens I am rescuing.

Zina Bash's husband doesn't like you calling her out on "random" gestures

I never hesitate to repost this...

Post a line or two from a song & see if anyone can guess the song without using Google...(Part 2)

BWAHAHA! Trump tweets statement from Kelly, saying he called him "the opposite" of an idiot

what is Condosleeza doing at the hearings?

They can't win---

8 grizzly bears caught on video between Choteau and Augusta

Wow. P.O.S. Kavanaugh Refuses To Shake Hand of Parkland Dad.

Don't testify or it's an "Orange Jumpsuit!"

Make phone calls against Kavanaugh! I just left messages for

Democrat @SriPKulkarni defies conventional wisdom to put Tom DeLay's old House seat in play.

Trump campaign now fundraising off of Kavanaugh's kids having to witness protesters in his hearing

So, is this all the tidbits we get on Woodward's book until it is released?

I Understand Why Cohn Stole Those Papers From Trump's Desk - But.....

Ignore the Negative MAGA Nike Whiners, Lets Do (or support) Something Positive!

Is There A Transcript Of Kavanaugh's Opening Comments Today.....

Trump: "A con on the public...Woodward is a Dem operative? Notice timing?"

Millenial wingnut Xtian on my local radio sez she's happy with SHITLER/SCotUS, nothing else matters

On an evening walk with the dogs tonight, I told my husband that I hope when Democrats

Just a part of the problem we face is that, under our system of government, the president is the

Zina Bash gave the "White Power" symbol while sitting behind Kavanaugh.

Carl Bernstein: Trump "is unhinged, he is a rage-a-holic, he is a danger to our national security."

Mic drop......boom!

All $400k of GoFundMe money gone, says lawyer of homeless man suing couple

Parkland victim's father and Kavanaugh: The handshake that wasn't

Twitter Video: What are Republicans hiding?

Going to the mall to buy a Nike T-Shirt

Overheard in rural America...

I will Pre Order Woodward's AudioBook for you as a gift if you cannot afford the book.

Lawmakers react to Trump's tweet on Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Scientists Have Discovered the First Known Omnivorous Shark

I Need Advice on a New Cell Phone

IMO, 2018 is the last of our normal elections. DT45 has broken the model and 2020 will be a

Trump Calls Access Hollywood Tape 'Illegal,' Claims He Prepped Lawsuit Against NBC After It Leaked

Trump to name climate change skeptic as emerging tech adviser

Could Kyl(R-AZ) run again in 2020 then retire in 2022?

Paul Begala Tweet: 24 yrs ago, Woodward quoted me saying all kinds of profane & rude things.