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Archives: September 7, 2018

"Wasn't Me" Shaggy video spoof....

No, no, you're doing it wrong. Let me show you how.

Meanwhile back at the US Open - Spoiler

Dolores O'Riordan's Death Ruled 'Tragic Accident'

I called Cory Booker's office today.

Senate dems releasing Kavanau papers online.

Kamala Harris and Cory Booker Have Upended the Kavanaugh Hearings

Gauntlet thrown. #SubpoenaTrump

Meanwhile: Duncan Hunter - 7th affair?? $700 for a DC room for subject #7...

Trump Cabinet officials rush to distance themselves from anonymous op-ed

Kathy Griffin makes it to the WH..

Man who punched Unite the Right organizer fined $1 by jury

Trump is now asking the New York Times to find the missing strawberries

RNC dubs Cory Booker "Spartacus"

Krugman: Kavanaugh Will Kill the Constitution

I don't know why Eric Swalwell wastes his time on Tucker Carlson's show

Brett Kavanaugh Refers To Birth Control As 'Abortion-Inducing Drugs' At Confirmation Hearing

I can remember games played in bad weather

At this point all they can do is expose Kavanaugh and hope people will vote this Nov.

Looks lika Sen Lisa Murkowski might** be leaning toward a #noKavanaugh.......STill UNdecided**

I'm guessing Rick Wilson has a lot of popcorn ready for tonight's rally

Are the written denials by White House Staff and Cabinet the same as loyalty oaths??

Stolen Trump Documents See Light of Day in Woodward Book

Let me get this straight

Breaking: Giuliani says Trump will not answer Mueller's questions about obstruction

If by some miracle Kavanaugh does not get confirmed he can surely take Sarah Huckabee's job.

Just got in a stupid, bitter, almost violent argument with a good friend.

Giuliani to AP: Trump will not answer obstruction questions

just can't get the thought out of my head that Trump had that letter written to the NYT

No laughing matter indeed...

Susan Collins Downplays Brett Kavanaugh Email About Abortion Rights And 'Settled Law'

Ann coulter just told trump

Think Tank Staffer Took Pics Of Trump's Mayflower Speech On Dimitri Simes Desk

Kavanaugh has been married 14 years and has two daughters.

Why Not Just Let Trump Run Amok? And Say The Hell With It. He Would Be Exposed.

Birth Control Measures Could Be Illegal. Even A Felony.

In case you want to watch the Trump rally live, and you don't have cable...

Have YOU called the senate yet???

Looking for advice from people w/ knee-cap pain.

NYT Anonymous Op/Ed Poster Must Remain Anonymous

Soul Train Line Dance to Aretha Franklin Rock Steady

Election Update: Democrats Are In Their Best Position Yet To Retake The House

Unbelievable....the most dishonest calling dishonesty

My New Theory on Who Wrote the "Anonymous" Letter

Who Gets to Write an Anonymous Op-Ed?

Now that we're in a Constitutional Crisis...

Trump claimed $71K in income last yr from Non-Existing "Ritz Carlton Hotel at 112 Central Park S"

DE-SEN: Tom Carper overwhelmingly re-nominated.

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! More Updates!

Don't Mistake Complicity for Courage

George Takei: Oh, The Irony

Democrats up the ante in Kavanaugh hearings

Bolton, Wray deny writing anonymous NYT op-ed

Centrist Dems defend tough tactics at Kavanaugh hearing

Kavanaugh Made Russian Interference Easier and Mueller's Job Harder

Why are the republicans afraid of Trump's base?

Trump to campaign for GOP Senate candidate in Missouri next week

Forget the books, forget the anonymous editorials.

House Republicans decide to use stolen/hacked materials for the 2018 elections

Daniel Dale is live-tweeeting Trump's Montana rally

It is exactly like The Hunt For Red October except....

Trump allies want Congress to find anonymous op-ed author

What Jimmy Carter just said about Trump's ME policy In message on 40th anniversary of the Camp David

Pence Blasts New York Times and Vows Never to Write for It Again

Sen. Tom Carper defeats progressive challenger in Delaware primary elections

Can someone set me straight re: Booker releasing the "committee confidential" emails?

Colorado River Flows Drop By 15 Percent Over Last 100 Years

Trump just said Democrats will take away Social Security and Medicare

Mona Charen may be against Trump, but she wants Kavanaugh on the court.

American racists to start burning crosses made from Nike trainers

Murkowski, weighing Kavanaugh's stand on abortion, still mum on vote

Rachel did a fabulous job

After listening to the Daily and carefully reading the OpEd again, my thoughts...(in bold)

During Nixion's Last Year in Office...

Distraction. From. Woodward.

This is my new Facebook

Anyone got a tablet that lasts more than a couple years?

So, is anyone else feeling a little deflated after Rachel's interview with Sen. Harris? nt

Mining in the BWCA? Please tell me no!

Trump to crowd: If I'm impeached it'll be your fault, because you didn't go out to vote.

Trump, re NYT op-ed, tried and failed to say "anonymous" twice -- "anominousss"

anommissss... anonomisssss

Word detectives: Science may help finger opinion columnist

ha ha ha, and now it's "trillions" used to be billions......

Serena's little baby has started her tennis career...

TCM Schedule for Sunday September 9 - Lost and Found

Say hello to the newest Public Defender in California.

TCM Schedule for Monday September 10 - Guest Programmer: Keith Carridine

Economic crisis in Turkey and Argentina lead to talk of "contagion", fears of panic spreading

Why are scientists now using Trump aides instead of rats for their experiments?

He's so full of shit......

It's obvious they're ramming shit through before the whole thing blows up.

Oh my, things have really been heating up today on the Trump front.

OMG! Don Lemon on CNN just now.

Ironically, the nyt oped will draw new readers. 45 could screw up a free lunch.

What we need to be pushing HARD!!

This just in!-Large can of sand delivered to White House

And now to normalize the Twilight Zone

Huckster Sanders didn't have this in mind about calling NYT!!


The problem with Facebook and truth

Trump: "Even liberals that hate me" say NYT op-ed is "terrible"

Has any in the media reported today about how the orange maggots supporters are dealing

What Is Really Disturbing Me About The NYT OpEd Is That The MSM.....

Sarah Sanders' Plan to Give Out the NYT's Phone Number to Expose 'Anonymous Coward' Fails Miserably

"Settled law"

Trump "has a feeling" he'll be "excoriated by the fake news" like Lincoln's Gettysburg address

Lawrence O'Donnell

FL - Gillum chooses Chris King for Lt Gov

I am part of the resistance inside Nyarlathotep's Death Cult

The Founders would agree that Trump can be indicted.

Kelly, Bolton, Sanders, and Kushner met with Trump and renewed their loyalty oaths, BUT...

AP: Giuliani says Trump will not answer questions from Mueller in any format, period.

The Nike Ad

Just me and the the pygmy pony over by the dental floss bush (Trump's Montana "rally")

Yes, it's obviously Photoshopped, but you'll love it anyway ("Just Do It")...

Holy Fake Teeth Glue Batman, Trump Can't Talk..

Are there any actors or actresses that you have watched all of their films?

GOP Does Not Care If Trump Sick Or Dangerous. They Need Time To Destroy US.

The New York Times is doing LIVE polling of key house races...

GOP Using SCOTUS To Make Sure Democrats Never Govern Again. Make Their Rule Permanent.

Mid-Terms and the Cincinnati Shit show.

Yay! Colbert is back! Love him! The beard...not so much.

Photo of the day !

Avenatti thinks Kamala Harris must have some hard evidence...

The Daily Show: Kamala Harris Brings the Heat at Kavanaugh Hearing

John Kerry would have made an excellent President.

Why doesn't Trump waterboard his "12 suspects"?

Seth Meyers: Guest Cynthia Nixon Is Taking on the Political Establishment

Ryan Reynolds' Tribute To Burt Reynolds is Awesome

Seth Meyers - Pictures of Trump and Melania Hugging and Kissing, Giuliani's Eyes - Monologue 9/5/18

Former CNN contributor Scottie Nell Hughes to join RT America

Reminder: This is why we kneel

Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil's presidential front-runner, stabbed at rally

Sugino Sensei 10th Dan Master of Katori Shinto Ryu.flv

Seth Meyers - The GOP's Corrupt Bargain with "Reckless" and "Erratic" Trump: A Closer Look

Nike Founder Phil Knight Writes a Million-Dollar Check to Republican Candidate for Oregon Governor K

My Interview with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at Netroots Nation

Death & Misery Will Come From Kavanaugh Decisions If On SCOTUS.

You could read the anonymous op-ed, or you just could have listened to Hillary in June 2016

"Finish first..."

The pics Trump SHOULD have photoshopped

Johnny Bobbitt will get his full $400,000, GoFundMe says

Saddest story ever...

Sen. Kamala Harris Asks Kavanaugh About Any Laws Governing THE MALE BODY

International Naval Review Scheduled for October at Cheju Island

California takes financial wallop from unrelenting wildfires

Lawsuit: Instructor Stabbed Oregon Man In Eye At Sword Class

Mike "The National Scold" Pence can go fuck himself

Hey, listen up Libs. A REAL patriot stands for the flag.

Damned if ya do . . .

In trump's speech I saw: a girl wiping her nose on the flag (click play)

Trump almost sent a tweet saying all US troops' family members would be evacuated from S. Korea...

Burgerville updates uniform rules to ban buttons after Portland workers wear pro-immigration pins

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to a filibuster proof majority.

Major hotels giving panic buttons to staff nationwide

Kavanaugh Is Judge Owned By The Kochs & Billionaires. Is Progeny Of The Federalist Society.

a short rant about Trumpers

Hillsboro mayor shuts down man using a racist nickname for his town

Saturn Sprouts Another Weird Hexagon, Puzzling Scientists

A Portland opera company sets 'The Mikado' in outer space to avoid racism -- is it enough?

A Portland opera company sets 'The Mikado' in outer space to avoid racism -- is it enough?

(Jewish Group) Why Italian fascists embraced Hitler's anti-Semitism.

Scientists Spot Ancient, Ultra-Fast Wind from the Early Universe

Is tRump mentally fit to be president?

The 25th Amend

Portland-based child porn blackmail scheme led to suicides, abuse of young girl

Stiglitz: Austerity will slow down the Argentine economy and impose a high cost on ordinary people

Strangers donate to St. Clair Shores senior who can't afford gas

Michael Moore Says Gwen Stefani Is Responsible for Trump

Narcissist or Sociopath? Is the fake prez both?

Donald Trump wanted to put missile-defense system in Portland, Bob Woodward book says

Peru recovers Sican mask after years of judicial proceedings

Peru recovers Sican mask after years of judicial proceedings

Woman sues University of Oregon over Def Leppard concert injuries

Argentina: Financial crisis could cut 40,000 construction jobs

Ford says it stands by NFL players. They believe players have a right to protest

Report: White House Has List Of Who Could Have Written Op-Ed - The Last Word - MSNBC


Trash-strewn Portland must become cleanest city in America, mayor vows

Seven Reasons Why The Internal Combustion Engine Is A Dead Man Walking

Really Do Not See Any Republican Flipping On Kavanaugh.


Eight bird species are first confirmed avian extinctions this decade

President Donald Trump Talks Impeachment, His Own Mental Health - The Last Word - MSNBC

Eight bird species are first confirmed avian extinctions this decade

The Democrats Need To Walk Out On The Vote En Masse. Time To Be Obnoxious. Forget Collegiality.

Shipbuilder choosing between Portland and Seattle for $1 billion Army project

Backfire: Sarah Sanders' attempt to flood New York Times' phones with angry Trumpsters fails miserab

Even If Trump Tried To Nuke California The GOP Would Not Do A Damned Thing.

Oregon Democrat drives 35K miles seeking upset in Trump country

Kate Brown, Knute Buehler agree to three debates along the I-5 corridor

Zina Bash at it again!!

Owner of Defense Firm Charged with Conspiracy to Defraud Department of Defense of $7 Million, Violat

Scuba diver labelled 'a hero' for removing fish netting from jaws of distressed shark

Going On In The Oval Office Right Now?

August 2018 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Report Card

Scientists Have Detected an Entirely New Visual Phenomenon in The Human Eye

Jury declines to charge Austin police officer who fired on serial bomber

Managing Director of A Broker-Dealer Pleads Guilty to Participating in a $86 Million Market Manipula

Scientists Are Now Really Fighting About The Cause of Those 'Sonic Attacks', And We're Here For It

Scientists Are Now Really Fighting About The Cause of Those 'Sonic Attacks', And We're Here For It

CONGRATULATIONS Nancy Pelosi. FINALLY makes the cover of major national newsmagazine..............

The Republicans' grim 2018 is obvious when compared with past cycles

Scientists mapped Jupiter's crazy magnetic field

36,000 retired teachers have left Texas health insurance program


Stiglitz: Austerity will slow down the Argentine economy and impose a high cost on ordinary people

The Rachel Maddow Show 9/6/18 - MSNBC - Full Show

Trump tells supporters it'll be 'your fault' if he gets impeached

Massage Envy allowed accused sex abuser to return to work

Over 200 protesters arrested during Kavanaugh hearings

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/6/18

Judge OKs $480M Wells Fargo shareholder settlement

Heidi Heitkamp releases new ad as Trump comes to North Dakota

I have a question about lying under oath.

Buehler's 'pro-choice' stance: Disliked by conservatives, discredited by Democrats

Japan's power supply system weak link in times of disaster

Accusations of legislative bad faith aired at unusual Capitol hearing

Ford recalls two million trucks over seat belt fire risk

Grassley's Kavanaugh nomination hearing is out of order.

Mariana Trench monument photo exhibit to open

Yeah, Me Neither

Rude Pundit (NSFW) Hey, Look Over Here. I'm Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump White House, Too

Officials urge Guam to brace for strong typhoon with winds up to 155 mph

Another Just Do It meme for your amusement

Secretary Zinke Will Lead U.S. Delegation to the Pacific Islands Forum, visits US territories

Brian Krassenstein ‏ tweeted something may happen today

Phil Bredesen holds slight edge over Marsha Blackburn in new NBC/Marist poll

LBJ CEO says American Samoa hospital needs more money -- one way: eliminate "free service"

Frank Rich: "Mr. Anonymous" is nothing more than a Vichy collaborator.

This guy at the Trump Rally rules

Sarah Sanders' attempt to flood New York Times' phones with angry Trumpsters fails miserably

Friday TOONs - (Conservative) People Who Just Want Stuff Edition

My frugal 7 day emergency food & water stock for 2 people

Far-right poised for big gains in Swedish election

Democratic Party of Guam trust Aguon-Limtiaco to honor pledge

Former Trump adviser Papadopoulos to be sentenced Friday

NYMag: Bernie Sanders's BEZOS Bill Would Hurt the Working Class, Not the Rich

BREAKING: Wikileaks has identified the Op-Ed writer!!!!!

Rota mayor enters plea of not guilty (another Republican charged with theft and wire fraud)

President of Banana Republic of Trumpanzia woke up sick...

Why isn't there more talk about Kavenaugh's finances?

What is Kamala Harris up to?

'Fahrenheit 11/9': Michael Moore Exposes Trump, The New York Times and Establishment Democrats

Russia warns it is prepared to attack key base where dozens of U.S. troops are stationed.

Kavanaugh refuses to say if he would recuse himself from Trump, Mueller cases

Posting this for anyone who argued Zina Bash was an innocent victim on Tuesday

LOL, Donald threatens entire staff with VOODOO

Previously-unreported bombshell: Facebook knew about Russian disinfo campaign DURING 2016 election

Serious question - how would a hurricane affect the November elections

Trump: 'Fake News' Ridiculed Lincoln for Gettysburg Address

Bring out the waterboard!

The Reality Stars and Russian Trolls of the Brand-New 'Busytown' - Illustrated by Ruben Bolling

Mattis, in Afghanistan, tries fostering reconciliation as security worsens

🐦 Sept 16 - Senator Bernie Sanders Sunset Cruise

Sept 8 - Happy Birthday Bernie

The Plot to Bring Down Pope Francis (some of them colluding with Steve Bannon)

I got it! The anonymous writer?

Trump: If It Was Up to Me, I'd Shutdown The Government Over Border Security'

Fred Guttenberg comments the handshake that wasn't. Worth a 4 minute watch.

Donald Trump Lashes Out: Bob Woodward's Book Is a 'Scam,' These Quotes Are Made Up'

Why Mueller will get Trump. Trump is simply a crook.

This guy! LOL

Herman Cain Suggests That Someone at The New York Times Wrote The Anonymous Op-Ed

I'm no HR professional, but....

Morning Joe pins NYT op-ed on Kellyanne Conway: She wants a TV job & she's trying to take down Pence

The Rundown: September 6, 2018

Trump: Impeaching me would make the US a "third-world country" - Warning! Not accountable...

The origin of Superheroes: Deadpool

Lawsuit by Man Incarcerated Six Years for Civil Contempt Gets Postponed

Obama speech to urge big Democratic turnout in November elections

The 2018 Joe Shuster Award Winners

Trump decries 'meanness'

Guy Verhofstadt : Trumpesque alt-right nationalism must be defeated in Europe

David Frum says 'addled' Trump has only himself to blame for vicious infighting

The Religious Typology

On a Mueller subpoena to Trump and the US Supreme Court...

Trump has a short list of 12 that did the dirty deed.......

"If character is fate, I'm f*cked!" . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Shitler mispronounces "anonymous" during KKK rally, Twitter mocks him hilariously

Trump Pushes Back on Anonymous Op-Ed: What NY Times Did is 'Treason'

U.S. Added 201,000 Jobs in August; Unemployment Rate Steady at 3.9%

As seen on Twitter - how, oh how to narrow it down?

'Birther king' Jerome Corsi won't testify before grand jury Friday despite Mueller subpoena: report

Boundary Waters


My strategy for the Democrats.

Trump 'admin on the verge of a nervous breakdown' & incapable of managing a crisis: CNN Panel

One more from Twitter: Anomynous

My message today for Murkowski and Collins....

In A Shocker, Trump Has Criticized Nike's Ad Featuring Colin Kaepernick

Rachel Maddow Says Democratic Fight To Stop Kavanaugh Might Be On The Verge Of Succeeding

HOAX - Story about MAGAt accidentally burning house down while trying to torch Nike shoes is FALSE

Trump dares Mueller to subpoena him - by Jonathan Swan, Mike Allen

U.S. Envoy Warns That Syria Preparing To Use Chemical Weapons In Idlib

Even if Trump is a full-on Russian asset...

Ocean Trash Pick-up Day starts today

I just got a thank you e-mail from Kyrsten Sinima (D candidate for Arizona senate).

Can Trump Take Credit For Anything Accomplished By The WH?......

Kamala Harris SHREDS Kavanaugh in SCOTUS Hearing

Live Auction Breaks Out at Congressional Hearing

Second Suspect Charged in Possible Hate Crime Murder of Iranian American Student

Van Jones: GOP would freak if Obama aides had to 'have a mini coup' against him daily

Activists pledge over $360K to Sen Collins's future opponent if she votes for Kavanaugh!

Preview of Mueller Deposition of Trump

O'Rourke Could Have Down-Ballot Implications

Celebrity chef accused of harassment files for bankruptcy

Pence to hit 3 Democratic Senate candidates in TV ad buy

This Anonymous Op-Ed Writer is a GOP P.O.S!

Conservative activists: Trump was 'tricked' into Calif. endorsement

Russia-Linked Money-Laundering Probe Looks at $150 Billion in Transactions

Former AR State Senator Johnathan Woods (R) Sentenced To 220 Months In Federal Prison

MO-02: Wagner Moves From Likely Republican to Lean Republican

NY Times endorses Jumaane Williams for NY Lieutenant Governor

Trump raises the specter of impeachment at Montana rally

An app to help DUers call your senators, re Kavanaugh

'Birther king' Jerome Corsi will not testify before grand jury Friday despite Mueller subpoena: repo

Did Republicans do anything illegal by stamping Kavanaugh documents "Confidential"?

MSNBC's Ari Melber calls BS on Kavanaugh's stonewalling on Mueller: 'He's too smart to play that dum

Fact Checker President Trump's repeated claim: 'The greatest economy in the history of our country'

How many lies under oath to Congress does a nominee get to make?

Omarosa: There is a 'silent army' working against Trump in the White House

'We Know How To Fight, We Know How To Win': How Black Women Are Organizing For The Midterms

Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil's presidential front-runner, stabbed at rally

Friday tear up video - Cat sees deceased owner in a video

Plaid Shirt Guy! Plaid Shirt Guy! Plaid Shirt Guy! Plaid Shirt Guy! Plaid Shirt Guy!

Happy 😃 National 🇺🇸 Beer 🍺 Lovers ❤️ Day 🌞! Cheers! 🍻

I Hope Mueller Doesn't Hold Back These Last 2 Months

"When you realize halfway through a Trump rally that the people in the bleachers need to be..."

I found the Democratic slogan for 2018

SJC upholds state ban on corporate political donations (Massachusetts)

Have Jared and Ivanka signed Anonymous-denial statements?

Police: Dallas officer mistakes apartment for own, kills man

CCR - Penthouse Pauper

OMG, how did this guy manage to get right behind Traitor Tot last night?

Turn Florida Blue with this slate.

Trump: "so many people" would rather shut down gov't to pay for the wall "right after the election"

The Kavanaugh hearing shows us just how far the Senate has fallen - Washington Post Editorial Board

Luckovich-If Kavanaugh gets on the Court

Trump: "It may not be a Republican, it may be a deep-state person"

I read a Trumpster burned down his own home burning his NIKES

The Tetris effect

CCR - Keep On Chooglin

"But, I was only following orders..."

Trump on Kavanaugh: "Do you BELIEVE the anger and meanness on the other side? SICK! It's SICK!"


Stop looking for the anonymous writer. Start looking at Trump.

Meet Delaware's GOP candidate for the United States House of Representatives

Cory Booker's release of "confidential" information on Kavanaugh was political theater

Trump's paranoid rage is getting worse. But the White House 'resistance' is a sham

Omarosa to release new White House tape on 'The View'

Perspective on that jobs report

The way Trump has used phony names in the past when speaking to reporters while pretending to be

CCR - Pagan Baby

Last day of clinic before a much-needed break. Help me make it through the day.

Is the Kavanaugh hearing going on today?

Is Avenatti going after Kamala...again?

Let's go Mr Mueller

Too candid guy behind Trump at last night's rally! Gets replaced ASAP

Clinton got impeached and didn't act this crazy. Obama lost senate

Friday laff - Burt and Johnny and whipped cream

Yes, Democrats do have a legitimate path to win back the Senate

CCR - Ramble Tamble

Zina Bash was accused of flashing the "White Power" symbol, so her response was to do it again.

George Papadopoulos asks for leniency ahead of sentencing (will be sentenced today)

CCR - Molina

Can we regulate AM radio stations and Sinclair broadcasting for silencing Progressives?

Trump Praises Congressman for Assaulting Reporter

Cosby Show actor mocked for working at Trader Joe's gets role in Tyler Perry show


But His Emails

CCR - Born To Move

If you're keeping score at home

Sen. Patrick Leahy Sets 'Memogate' Trap for Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh has great recall...except when...

Kellyanne is the Op Ed writer? Did I hear that today on Morning Joe???

A short lesson on identifiying a fake website by its address (URL)

A Clockwork Orange: Pot Bust Harshes the Mellow Sunday Sacraments at the Church of Peace and Glory

R.I.P. Turd Ferguson

Trump replaces actor due to lack of enthusiasm.

Michigan allows higher car insurance prices for women

The Daily 202: Kavanaugh won't even go as far as Gorsuch in defending judges from Trump's attacks

When I wear my anti-Trump T-shirts the reaction from people has grown a lot.

Bet this is true.

Exclusive: Les Moonves Was Obsessed With Ruining Janet Jackson's Career, Sources Say

She made the discovery but a man got the Nobel

The mean streets of Bethesda

Lindsey Graham, The Golf Whisperer.

Dog playing with cat; cat - not so much with the playing.

If the Democrats take the house, I believe many Republicans in congress will turn on Trump.

Intentional or happy accident?

Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby present to you......Flushin' Frenzy (The Game)!

Total expense of Trump's golf outings, including Secret Service protection? $77 million.

Did everyone see the Nike Kaepernick ad? Views please.

"That'll be the day-ay-ay that I'm born."

Why the Anonymous op-ed doesn't really change anything.

If it is not his daughter it is the Head of the UN. A very senior officer but...

The apathy in the media regarding Brett Kavanaugh is a national scandal

"The Standing Dead of Radio Ridge"

Us Democrats with a large audience need to start calling Kavanaugh what he is

At Least Alex Jones Is Handling His Twitter Ban With Dignity

Tesla Chief Accounting Officer Dave Morton resigns after just a month, stock drops 9 percent

Has there been any characterization of the Kavanaugh hearing protesters?

McConnell Says Booker May Face Ethics Investigation

Rick Wilson comments on Trump apologist Scottie Nell Hughes' move to RT.

I'm sure these images from last night's Eagles/Falcons game...

Dallas officer kills man after mistaking his apartment for her own, police say

Trump begged Nancy Pelosi to 'do a prayer' -- but she ignored him and Pence prayed instead

Heads Up: President Obama speaking NOW

Watch online, as asteroid 2018 RC sweeps past (

Trump's pronunciation of "anonymous" is the best video of the night.

Pic Of The Moment: Let's Find Out What Brett Kavanaugh Thinks About The Vital Issues Of Today

ADL: How the "OK" Symbol Became a Popular Trolling Gesture

Trump Praises Congressman for Assaulting Reporter

Fisherman pulls skull of extinct Great Irish Elk from Lough Neagh

Ancient insect graveyards reveal an explosion in bug diversity 237 million years ago

Link to Live Stream of President Obama at UI. Begins at 11:00

Is anyone watching the Kav Hearings with the witness testimony today?

**Live at Noon EST. Watch as Barack Obama is Expected to Rebuke Trump in Live Speech at U of I

Here's the runner-up laugh last night. Plaid Man wins hands down, though.

Donna Shalala drops the mic on Scott.

"Fahrenheit 11/9': Michael Moore Exposes Trump, The New York Times and Establishment Democrats"

Kushner hilariously 'Veeped'

Fear Speaks Out

What if the rest us are wrong, and it really is pronounced "anonmush"? n/t

If anyone is interested MSNBC is covering a speech from President Obama.

Teacher Sez: No, Religion, You May NOT Be Excused.

Mozart's Horn Concerto #1 in D major:

Yes, Democrats do have a legitimate path to win back the Senate

US announces military exercise in Syria after Russia warns of possible attack

OMG, I had almost forgotten how brilliant our last duly elected President is!

Trump administration to consider South Carolina proposal to defund Planned Parenthood

GOP says Booker may face ethics review

I love Obama,,,,,,,,

THREE people behind Shitler at KKK rally were ousted last night, not just PLAID SHIRT GUY. Video:

Is this the tail wagging the dog moment?

Listening to Barak Obama, I Can't Help but Think...

The "Gosh, how I miss this man" President Obama appreciation thread.

"I don't talk the way I am quoted. If I did I would not have been elected President."

not really sure where to post his cell phone question, but here it goes...

Are we asking the wrong questions about the OpEd?

Attacker in Brazil was fan of Maduro, conspiracy theorist

Trump super pissed abt Op-Ed. Told Sessions to investigate. Lindsey Graham urged Shitler to move on.

My newest show is ON today at 1PM ET.

Broadway Actor Snatches tRumpanzee's Banner

You've found a viewer that allows you to watch in full detail one, 24-hr segment of history.

Hate groups: anti-immigration group FAIR takes to the capital

Pres. Obama: Republicans are not conservative, they're radical.

Cory Booker Tells Republicans He Won't Stop Breaking Their 'Sham' SCOTUS Rules

If only she'd buy him his own fountain, he wouldn't have to engage in these silly public displays.

Yessssss!!! In his speech, Obama is setting the record straight on all the lies

Deaths of service members were 'tough' on Trump, Woodward book says

France Suspects Russian Space Attack Targeted Military Satellite Last Year

Thank you for taking that gross man off the screen.

A rant, and an article nobody wants to read, but everyone should, if...

UPDATED: Former president Barack Obama, saying Trump is capitalizing on 'fear and anger,'...

The Latest: Trump wants Sessions to investigate op-ed writer

Drunk kills her 2-year old...

In violation of Texas law,

Obama on TV speaking @ Urbana, Illinois. The contrast with Trump is

John Fugelsang replies to Lindsay Graham

Isn't it nice ... just for a few moments ...

"Our Lives On The Line" As Trump-GOP Work To Overturn Our Health Care

Oh crap!

Kamala Harris makes Brett Kavanaugh squirm on marriage equality

They are not saving the nation. They are looting it. Disregard the op-ed.

UPDATE: Trump threatens tariffs on $267 billion in Chinese goods, expanding the trade war

Obama is making his first major 2018 campaign speech, and it's great! I hope to find it later....

State Says Seniors Were Abandoned During California Wildfire

"In two months, we have the chance to restore some semblance of sanity to our politics"

link to obama's speech right now.

"I was Sexually Assaulted by Another Marine. The Corps Didn't Believe Me"

How do you get sworn in when testifying before Congress if you don't believe in god ???

Obama delivers full-throated rebuttal to Trump's presidency

I thought that xenophobes want everyone here to speak English?

#Plaidshirtguy goes viral after reactions to Trump during Billings rally

Rethuglican's heads are exploding in reaction to Obama's speech

I'm listening to CNN on Tunein radio

Time Magazine identifies supporter who replaced Plaid Shirt Guy as Zina Bash

"this is not normal"

Notice Grassley and filthy fuck Cornyn interrupting Booker while talking

Naked (Guess) man starts house fire while baking cookies on George Foreman grill in Niceville

Obama Unleashes On Trump: 'We're Supposed To Stand Up To Bullies--Not Follow Them'

Why do some people engage in Strawman nonsense?

"...everyone should be able to stand up to Nazi sympathizers."

'What Happened?!' Obama Slams GOP For 'Cozying Up' To Putin

Obama Sounds Off About NYT Op-Ed: 'This Is Not Normal'


Federal Court Requires Spanish Language Materials for Puerto Rico Voters Who've Moved to Florida

Obama: Trump 'Is A Symptom, Not The Cause'

Federal Court Requires Spanish Language Materials for Puerto Rico Voters Who've Moved to Florida

"I Wrote Some of the Stolen Memos That Brett Kavanaugh Lied to the Senate About"

Kavanaugh on Assault Rifles (some historical context)

well, so much for a slow Atlantic tropical season. they are getting in line!

"Frozen" Actor Snatches Trump Flag From Audience Member During Curtain Call

"Unbelievable split-screen moment..."

'Merger between Fox & the Trump presidency' on display at latest campaign rally: CNN media analyst

CNN tries to diminish Obama's speech by...

Olympic champion cyclist Kristina Vogel paralysed after training crash

Olympic champion cyclist Kristina Vogel paralysed after training crash

California lawmakers OK a bill making it easier for them to live outside their districts

Olympic champion cyclist Kristina Vogel paralysed after training crash

My favorite quote from Obama's speech today:

Kavanaugh is criticized for following the Heller precedent too well.

Thank YOU Clinton family...

Trump and his Co-dependent Administration

Biographer Tim O'Brien discusses how Trump tried to uncover his anonymous sources during libel suit

slate thinks the OP writer is Huntsman "The Obvious Suspect"

Jon Stewart is going to be in Shepherd Smith's show today......

After PA Bombshell, 6 States Investigate Sex Abuse In Catholic Church

The President's Broken Brain was on full display in Montana.

Oh, noes... another OP from inside resistance....

'The Onion' Has Chosen To Publish An Anonymous Op-Ed From Two Sources Close To Trump...

Katy Tur - who was Obama speaking to (his comments re AG)?

Nazi-puncher fined one dollar for punching Jason Kessler

And dang it.....Project runway is no longer going to be on cable.....

RE: Kavanaugh docs released by Senator Booker

A Note on Tax Exemptions for Churches

FU Lindsay Graham

The moment when a young Trump supporter realizes that his idol has a box of screws loose.

Turned Off MSNBC Stream At Work

Where have you been all my life?

My daughter was complaining last night that I never listen to her!

"What was Nike thinking?"

Every Single Freakin' Day...

Remember then?

According To Fox Readers, LIBERALS Are To Blame For Rats In SeaTac Airport.

Is there a transcript of President Obama's speech yet for those of us stuck at work?

next tropical storm/weak hurricane aiming at hawaiian island....

Who's Behind Those Foster Grants? 😎

Famed Railroad Photographer Jim Shaughnessy has died.

Parkland shooting survivor testifies against SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Our Standards To Be A Police Officer Are Too Low. Too Many Outlier Police.

Maduro promised them "good meat at low prices". Maduro delivered no meat at any price.


The Reading Rainbow: Bob Woodward's 'Fear'

The Best Part Is, He Has No Fucking Idea

Kavanaugh Was Set Up For Embarrassment, Ambush By GOP Keeping Records Secret

John Dean presenting now.

Wiping snot on the flag and flashing white power symbols

Iranian Oil Exports to China Hit 874,000 Barrels per Day

Why the hell is Elon Musk always in the news? Who cares about him or his company?

Senate candidate Matt Rosendale is a white supremacist

The Trumpsters will criticize Barack Obama's speech,

Dallas cop who killed man in apartment she thought was hers will be charged with manslaughter

With Labor Day over, it's not too early to be thinking about Halloween.

House passes bill that could make deportations of immigrant criminals easier

The coffee boy's now at the Court House

Symphonie Espagnole Edouard Lalo

Large Curd, Lots Of Fresh Ground Pepper!

Trump on Obama speech: 'I fell asleep'

"Peace of the Rock"

President Obama's speech at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (Transcript & Video)

The Obvious Suspect

I Wrote Some of the Stolen Memos That Brett Kavanaugh Lied to the Senate About

Alleged Russian hacker Andrei Tyurin has been extradited from Georgia (SDNY):

Conservative PAC Ad Features Concerned Mom, Fails to Disclose She's a GOP Official

Trump isn't going to ORDER the Justice Department do anything about the mole in his administration.

Speaking of Agatha Christie

Kavanaugh witnesses hearing;

I'll just leave this here...Melania Nike ad

NY Times increases newsroom security in wake of anonymous op-ed

A Bay Leaf Chicken to Prepare You for Fall

Just posted the podcast!

The Trumpinista way to display the flag

Why can't these sentencing hearings be at 9am on Monday's??

THE VOTERS ARE COMING, Nov. 6, New GOTV Video Parkland Students

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Extradition Of Alleged Russian Hacker Responsible For Massive Netw

"Mole" Barbara Ledeen, ties to Kavanaugh and Mike Flynn

It doesn't f***ing matter who the anonymous op-ed writer is

John Dean: Under Judge Kavananaugh if potus shot somebody on 5th Ave-He could not be prosecuted...

No More Sneak Dissing: Wakandan President Barack Obama Calls Trump Out By Name

We Are Trump's Hostages - By Andrew Sullivan

Kamala on Kavanaugh: 'We have the receipts'

''Thank you President Obama for supporting Medicare for All. ''

If it's possible that 'Anonymous' is more than one person, how about......

Let's Get Adidas on Board the Nike Train.

Pierce: Barack Obama Just Threw the Partisan Punches I Never Thought He Would


"Obama's Back" special on MSNBC tonight

Nike's online sales jumped 31% after the company unveiled its Kaepernick campaign

It's about the "new economy" and the degradation of the human spirit ...

--Trump on the Gettysburg Address

Here's Why Buying a Used Car is So Expensive in the United States

Jeff Sessions Is Executing Trump's Immigration Plans With a Quiet, Efficient Brutality

George Papadopoulos asks to avoid prison before Friday sentencing in Mueller probe

Mike Luckovich toon. Hide and Go Seek.....and find.

Obama at University of Illinois, Sept. 7, 2018. Director's cut. Restored footage. Two hours long.

Chuck Grassley Is Blocking the Nomination of a Top Intelligence Official Over the Russia Probe

Thank you, President Obama...

Can a complaint be filed against Kavanaugh for lying under oath in his confirmation hearings?

Let's read Erich Eyck (1878-1964) on Kaiser Wilhelm II

Nike's online sales surge after Kaepernick ads revealed: report

Former Nixon Aide Warns Kavanaugh Would Shield the White House

Former President Barack Obama attacks Trump, calls on Americans to vote in midterm elections

Why pharmaceuticals could be the prescription for trade warfare that truly hurts America

Obama Absolutely Hammers Trump: 'How Hard Can That Be, Saying Nazis Are Bad?!'

Former Green Beret Nate Boyer on Colin Kaepernick: 'It's OK to be different'

New, 'The Voters Are Coming' Nov. 6, GOTV Video with Parkland Students

Unless GITMO permits internet access, this may be my last post.

Papadopoulos Attorney: Trump 'Hindered' Mueller Probe More Than Papadopoulos

Homeless veteran will get all $400,000 owed to him

Radio Host Testifies In Front Of Mueller's Grand Jury About Roger Stone

Trump calls for U.S. probe of NY Times after critical anonymous column

Offer people rides to the polls.

Omarosa sees anonymous NYT op-ed as 'very similar' to Pence staff style

Real Time with Bill Maher Guests Tonight

What will Trump do about orders he gave in the past that were never executed?

Yes, Democrats do have a legitimate path to win back the Senate

Roger Stone smears Mueller witness as a drug-addicted dog abuser in bizarre video

Papa John's could close hundreds of stores if sales don't rise

State Rep. Ron Reynolds turns himself in to serve year-long jail sentence

Geoffrey Owens Reportedly Accepts Tyler Perry's TV Offer After Trader Joe's Job-Shaming

Papadapapap 14 days jail and 1 year supervision. nt

The Times' anonymous op-ed rakes in over 10 million page views

George Papadopoulos asks for leniency ahead of sentencing

As Papadapolas went in for sentencing someone held a sign that said

UPDATE:Former Trump adviser George Papadopoulos sentenced to 14 days in plea deal with Mueller probe

Woman Survives After Being Shot 12 Times In Cincinnati Rampage

Tesla plunges amid exec departures, Musk's pot smoking

Jerry Falwell, Jr. exploring whether Liberty should drop Nike after Colin Kaepernick ads

CBS is negotiating an exit package with embattled CEO Leslie Moonves

NYT Response to the Trump asking Sessions to investigate Anonymous Op-Ed: No You're The Traitor

"I will blame you DUers if trump get impeached",

About 2 Million Low-Income Americans Would Lose Benefits Under House Farm Bill, Study Says

Obama Took Heat For Keeping His Political Powder Dry. Today's Speech Proved His Critics Wrong

Trump Suggests His Speeches Will One Day Be Seen On Par with the Gettysburg Address,

Elliott Broidy Seeks 'Emergency Stay' to Keep Playboy Model's Salacious Suit from Going Public

Cantwell makes it official, will oppose confirming Kavanaugh

The Untold Story of NotPetya, the Most Devastating Cyberattack in History

NYT Responds to Trump: We're Confident DOJ Understands 1st Amendment 'Protects All American Citizens

WTF. When did saying Nazis are bad become divisive, or saying the press is the "enemy of the people

A guy was removed from Trump's Montana rally video

Trump Tower travails -- pricey Vancouver nightclub shuts down

Jake Tapper mocks Trump's request for the Justice Department to investigate the NY Times op-ed...

Dems vow to grab Trump tax returns upon taking majority

Tell me this is not the white power sign:

Stocks are in 'the danger zone,' and it is 'assured' that a bear market will occur in the next year

Opinion: Al Franken on the Kavanaugh Supreme Court Hearings.

Hillary Clinton to headline fundraiser for first-time female candidates

I just can't listen to this ass in the WH anymore. I don't care if the end of the world were coming,

Zinke opens more wildlife refuges to hunting

Obama's full remarks today

Obama calls midterm votes urgent in rebuke of Trump: 'Our democracy depends on it'

Ivanka to Daddy RE: John Kelly..."He's destroying your presidency"

Sweden flooded with fake news from far-right sites before election

JFC...My mother read this, and then asked me what a "skull fuck" was?

GOP bails on pledge not to use stolen emails to attack opponents

Zinke hires Endangered Species Act critic for senior post

LOL! Nicolle Wallace just agreed with UC-1's plan to polygraph everyone in the WH ...

Connecticut woman mistakes dynamite for candle during power outage, suffers severe hand injuries

"America loves Trump & supports him 100%"

John Dean, Nixon Aide Warns Against Kavanaugh Confirmation, Could Shield WH

Kamala on Kavanaugh

MSNBC: Pappadopoulos sentenced to 14 days in jail and 1 year supervised probation.


With Great Power Comes ... Less Responsibility? How New DNC Rules Hurt a New Generation of Black Off

Sen. Grassley says withheld Kavanaugh documents are "irrelevant to his being a judge"

Papa Johns (minus Schnatter) to donate concession sales

So we have to wait till after the midterms for Mueller's report?

Spotted last night in Washington, DC:

Plaid Shirt Guy has been ID'd

What's for Dinner, Fri., Sept. 7, 2018

Trump Executives Face U.S. Campaign-Finance Probe, Source Says

Manafort's lawyers have talked to prosecutors about a POSSIBLE GUILTY PLEA to avert his second trial

GOP might have even fewer women in Congress next year thanks to Trump

Mac Miller dead at 26

Bloomberg: Trump Executives Face U.S. Campaign-Finance Probe, Source Says

Trump shrugs off Obama speech that blasted him: 'I fell asleep'

Elliot Broidy FORMER RNC DEP FINANCE CHAIR's Mistress says he demanded she get an abortion.

Trump: "I Fell Asleep" During Obama's Speech. And We All Know Why...

If you watched or heard President Obamas speech today..

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Hubble Space Telescope Lucky Observation of an Enigmatic Cloud

Some truth accidentally leaks out of Lindsay Graham's head

Manafort Weighing Plea Deal to Avoid New Criminal Trial, Source Says

January 24, 1947 - September 7, 2003

Here is President Obama's speech

Trump Gloats After Papadopoulos Sentence: 'No Collusion, A Great Day for America!'

Papadopoulos Lawyer: Trump hindered investigation by calling Russia probe a "witch hunt"

FUGELSANG..appeal to a group of important Americans - the mistresses of GOP Senators.

Feds probing campaign crimes by Trump Org exes...

Trump in Fargo: "We're a developing nation, we are."

Heard on Sam Harris podcast: Universal Basic income. He's right.

Trump: "This idiot know, hey, I went like to the best college, I did lots of good"

Bloomberg: Feds investigating campaign finance violations by Trump org executives

Watched about five minutes of Krypton! It (SPOILER!)

Colin Mochrie From 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' Shuts Down The Haters That Attacked His Trans Daughter

** Five Times Brett Kavanaugh Appears to Have Lied to Congress While Under Oath

MSNBC: Randy Credico's attorney says most of the grand jury questions today were about Roger Stone.

Off-Duty Texas Cop Enters Wrong Apartment, Kills Man Inside: Police

In case anyone needs a reminder of why so many people loathe Metallica...

Proof that Trump cannot shut up..

Share a food hack. When I grill ribs I cover them with bacon. When the bacon is crispy I crumble it

ZING! The Elf throws some shade at Dolt 45.

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace dares Trump aides to say he's fit for office in a televised polygraph test

Introducing Plaid Shirt Guy!

Asked if he had any doubts about Kavanaugh's confirmation, McConnell replied "None whatsoever."

Which states have US Senate vacancy rules where the governor appoints from same party as governor?

Does anyone else see Trump's days as sitting in a big room watching Fox "news"...

California lawmakers send nine gun-control bills to the governor

MSN Home Page has a poll on Brett Kavanaugh.

90 Yr. Old Woman Brings Live WWII Grenade 'Relic' to German Police Station

Avenatti: Court orders Broidy complaint unsealed.

Lindsey Graham: "I think he's a kook. I think he's crazy. I think he's unfit for office."

Once more, with feeling

Is There An MSNBC Guest Who Would Tell Host NOT To Show Replay Of Drumpf?

Hey, Dumpster! It's ony a "perjury trap"

Omarosa back on Tweety...

There will be at least 5 new US Senators next year.

The Seven Softest Softball Questions Republicans Asked Brett Kavanaugh

Ha ha, IQ45 is "obsessed", per tweet Acosta just posted:

Sorry, a little Drunk! But MY GOD DO I MISS OBAMA!!

Bwahahaha...It's Sessions!

10,000 Baby Boomers retire each day?

Democratic Senators Manchin And Heitkamp Signal Support For Kavanaugh Nomination

Can Someone Explain How Papadoofus' Sentence Is Not Overly Lenient?

"Sympathy for the Devil" being used to sell Lexus.

Women protesting Kavanaugh flood Capitol Hill to tell personal stories of abortion

Employer's hire linguistics experts to

Elliott Broidy's Mistress Shera Bechard Says He Demanded She Get Abortion

Trump: "14 days for $28 MILLION - $2 MILLION a day, No Collusion. A great day for America!"

My granddaughter got to hear Obama speak today.

Is Brett Kavanaugh a gambler?

Why does Tweety play trump tapes so often?

never make decision when you re sleepy

Of Mice and Men

NEW: @NRA-endorsed Texas AG Ken Paxton can't buy guns due to felony indictments

Grassley sit in. It's great!

The two-year Wells Fargo horror story just won't end

Seeing the success of the right in putting

So, a discussion at work today...

Thanks Tweety for endorsing Marsha Blackburn. You are full of crap. Bredesen is leading

I'm sick of the Con saying he honors the flag and the National Anthem. He had the opportunity

Figuratively speaking of course.

Letter confirms Vatican received McCarrick complaint in 2000