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THANK YOU, Barack Obama.

Lawyers Wanted: Pls. Weigh In On This Matter. Tx!

*PBS WHUT now, American Masters

President Obama: "Why this matters. Why I had to speak out now."

When does the unbearable pain and agony normally set in?

Did you guys ever see this clip?

That first time when you have to sit back and say times have changed,,

NV-GOV: Reno mayor endorses Sisolak for governor

AA group: White bigot in Orlando harasses pregnant black woman and gets checked by a brother

University of Ark. at Monticello gets $6 million gift

Governor (SC) Declares State of Emergency

Florence Forecast To Become A Major Hurricane; Risk To The East Coast Is Rising

Avenatti: I have been practicing law for nearly 20 years. Never before have I seen a defendant...

GOP thinks Obama's anti-Trump message will rally Republican base during midterm elections

Deaf and Disabled Immigrant Faces Deportation After 34 Years in the United States

Rove and 22 million deleted/recovered emails. Kavanaugh link?

Colin Kaepernick Nike Commercial

Steve Schmidt sounds off on Colin's and Murkowski's impending vote..

A Punderance of Puns and jokes - A brilliant mind at work at a community center

Is anyone paying attention to a hurricane possibly heading to Puerto Rico?

About the First Ammendment to the U.S. Constitution..It reads:

Worth Remembering - Teach your Children

Special master appointed in Arkansas minimum wage case

Jang Yeong-sil, 15th Century Korean scientist and inventor

This is why we just filed a criminal complaint against Brett Kavanaugh

Carl V. Pellonpaa, who hosted TV6's Suomi Kutsuu show for 53 years, passed away.

Wow. Didn't know it was Kavanaugh who woke up Bush re: Schiavo

Cavs protestors were being paid? What is this BS?

Question: what do these three songs have in common?

Manafort Weighing Plea Deal to Avoid New Criminal Trial, Source Says

Is Zina Bash related to nra's Dana Bash

Senile Rudy: Woodward considered a great investigator by the elite, but HE found no collusion

Dune: Everything You Didn't Know

Tweet of the Day (Please Read)

Trump: "The fact is they are going CRAZY only because they know they can't beat me in 2020!"

How is Kavanaugh linked to Ledeen, Iran-Contra, Niger forgery, Iraq War justification??

Spies like Us (1985)- Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd - Surgery Scene

Chu Hyun Mi sings Teresa Teng classic hit

"Other." Definitely "Other."

For those of you who have been waiting for Plato to receive his long-overdue comeuppance...

One of those Luckovich toons that's too true to be anywhere near "funny."

Can Biocoke Address the Anode CO2 Problem (Owing to Petroleum Coke) for Aluminum Production?

Seth Abramson: Trump must have lied to FBI/CIA in August, 2016

20 Brutally Hilarious Memes Reacting to the Anonymous Op-Ed

(Jewish Group) Anti-Semitism in Russia Falls Since U.S.S.R., Sociologists Say

cop who killed black man, after mistaking his apt for her own, identified by social media

(Jewish Group) Racism and anti-Semitism surged in corners of the Web after Trump's election, analysi

I love Joe Biden

Here's how the public can comment on Trump's border wall plan

Pence denies discussing invoking 25th amendment

Obama, on campaign swing, urges 'sanity in our politics'

The 48th, 49th, and 50th California Districts

Let's say a state bans abortion and considers it murder.

Were Alamo defenders 'heroic'? Committee suggests removing the word from Texas curriculum.

Charges postponed against cops who fatally shot Botham Shem Jean at his Dallas home

Kavanaugh's abortion views under new scrutiny

A Dutch Teenager Had a Dream to Clean Up the World's Oceans. 7 Years On, It's Coming True

Matt Gaetz flashes white power signal on Fox news:

I don't like many of the conservative Supreme Court judges but if Kavanaugh gets on for the last couple of days...

Their new mission? Foil Trump. Ex-intelligence officials run for Congress as Democrats.

Boy Tries to Shoot Teacher. But the gun safety was on

Devin Nunes has $3,439,927.41 unitemized donations and counting

KS-03: The Battle for House Control Plays Out in ... Kansas?

Officer seen in video punching, dragging woman says he feared 'imminent' assault

Obama Speeches , He Never Left Us...

Pence 'Disappointed' Obama Broke Tradition

Is there anything creative, Democrats could attempt to stop Kavanaugh? Shutting down the Gov maybe?

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, September 11: AAFCA Presents: The Black Experience on Film

EPA lost more than 1,500 workers in first 18 months of Trump administration

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, September 12: Star of the Month: Dean Martin

Mulvaney: Trump regularly asks why Roy Moore lost

School resource officer on leave for using Taser to wake sleeping student

TX-SEN: Cruz, O'Rourke rev up post-Labor Day campaigns in battleground Harris County

Booker To Headline Iowa Democratic Banquet In October

Is Kamala Harris holding back a bombshell that connects Brett Kavanaugh to the Mueller probe?

WI-GOV: Scott Walker had second brief encounter with accused Russian spy, court filing says

Hundreds of fun-loving Philadelphia bicyclists ride nude

Trump will have to answer questions UNDER OATH from sexual assault accuser Summer Zervos

Affidavit: 12-year-old points gun at teacher, pulls trigger

California governor signs bill to block drilling expansion

OK-GOV: Republican nominee is an anti-vaxxer.

"I think I might be a newly hatched Democrat" says poster on Twitter

House Republicans resist Democrats' calls to debate in WV

What happened to GHOULIANI's ultimatum for the investigation to be over by September 1?

Exploring the Feasts of the Orthodox Christian Church: "The Nativity of the Theotokos"

Preliminary impeachment proceedings for WV Supreme Court begin Tuesday

Dallas police identify officer that entered wrong apartment, killed man

Down goes Michigan State

Trump is going straight to Hell, right?

Residents to Get Share of $73 Million from Water Crisis Settlement

Could Nasa's James Webb Space Telescope detect alien life?

He Launched His Political Career in Cincinnati -- Now He's Fighting for Health Care Access While

Heino Eller: "Five Pieces for String Orchestra", "Dawn" and "Twilight",

Business Insider: Trump says he wants to shut government down Sept. 30

Internal Report: Cincinnati Officer Who Tased 11-Year-Old Violated Four CPD Policies

Russia's Suez Canal? Ships start plying a less-icy Arctic, thanks to climate change

Richard Cordray and Mike DeWine Announce Three Gubernatorial Debates, Including in Cleveland

Orchards say rain, heat spoiled popular Honeycrisp crop

GAO's Equifax report: Company left private data vulnerable on several fronts

MS-SEN: Trump Rallying in Mississippi to Boost Cindy Hyde-Smith Campaign

Documents shed light on Youngstown corruption case

Miss America's Madeline Collins, Miss West Va. Slammed Pres. Trump In Onstage Interview

Ohio Democratic Party in labor dispute with campaign workers

Miss America's Madeline Collins, Miss West Va. Slammed Pres. Trump In Onstage Interview

How Antebellum Christians Justified Slavery

Cincinnati doles out $370K more to avoid lawsuit from former City Manager Harry Black

all 3 branches of the gov are now committed to the Trump agenda:

Danny O'Connor has more than 10 times Troy Balderson's money going into November rematch

Early moanin Avett Brothers

Early moanin Avett Brothers 2

Poll from liberal think tank shows close race between Sherrod Brown and Jim Renacci

Early moanin Avett Brothers 3

Daughter's boyfriend fears cats?

Former Cleveland demolition bureau chief pleads guilty to extorting, accepting bribes from contract

Brooklyn cop with long lawsuit history accused of civil rights violations again

Early moanin Avett Brothers 4

They just love them a nazi or two

Early moanin Avett Brothers 5 What a great tune....

Early moanin Avett Brothers 6

Early moanin Avett Brothers 7

A Failed Story of Redemption: Ex-State Senator Bert Johnson Gets 90 Days

Early moanin Avett Brothers 8

Early moanin Avett Brothers 9

Early moanin Avett Brothers 10

South Carolina

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Nawt Fair Edition

Fox Sports Announcers Mario Impemba and Rod Allen Are Done This Season

Snyder bans felon box on state job applications

I found this chicken cheesesteak recipe

Pence: 'Very disappointing' to see Obama 'become so political'

A decade after the financial crisis, many Americans are still struggling to recover

Father of man hurt in January Congressional retreat grade crossing collision sues

Billionaires v teachers: the Koch brothers' plan to starve public education

Roger Stone Calls On Trump To Fire 'Insubordinate Hillbilly' Jeff Sessions

Ted Cruz warns that Beto O'Rourke will bring 'tofu, silicon and dyed hair' to Texas

🐦 Sept 22 at 1PM - Sen. Sanders and Lt. Gov. Zuckerman - Annual Northeast Kingdom Pig Roast & Rally

Lisa Murkowski's Biggest Reason To Oppose Brett Kavanaugh May Not Be Abortion Rights

And now, the rest of the story...

Rouhani: U.S. Asks Iran 'Every Day' to Begin Talks

New Bill Schuette attack ad uses doctored photo of Gretchen Whitmer taken the day she testified

The President of the United States Just Gave a Shoutout to Diamond and Silk on Twitter

Jeanine Pirro Points the Finger at Obama: 'You, Barack, You Elected Donald Trump'

An open letter to the corporations sponsoring Tucker Carlson

Legal Case to Smash Obamacare Hands the Democrats a Hammer

By his own definition, if Bannon got bounced from Trump's inner circle, is he not a "cuck?"

No long-range missiles, North Korea military parade features floats and flowers

Memo to talking heads: if you are going to continue to tell viewers that President Obama's

US redirecting $25M in aid for East Jerusalem hospitals

Billie Jean King: "Thank you Serena Williams for calling out double standard-More voices needed..."

Brett Kavanaugh: 'I coach a girls' basketball team'

GOP Quits Talks Over Russian Hacking And Election Ethics

Heart Of Gold

The times we are living in was best explained by Plato

Puffery, Not Journalism: How 'Fox & Friends' Interviews Trump

You know what,

CNN: Trump furious with WH communications staff response to Woodward book

Shrunken Ted - Standing Texas Tall

So the 60 day "rule"...let me get this straight

NFL not expected to implement new national anthem policy this season

RNC chairwoman: 'Democrats have the energy right now'

America STILL Can't Accept Black Protesters

How arguments in DU Religion sound

Dear Donald Drumpf,

**Potential Democratic Pickup Alert ** MN 3 Phillips 50% Paulsen 43%

Trump says critical NYT op-ed has 'backfired'

Nike's human right situation is horrible

"He will kill their wives and daughters and mistresses and they don't care."

Between Obama coming back into the spotlight,...

2 ex-Omaha Tribe officials get probation for paying themselves bonuses with federal funds


Happy National Wiener Schnitzel Day!

This is 8 years old, but well worth the nine minutes, forty. On the Ten Commandments.

Hey ReTHUG fool on M$$NBComcast

The new John Lennon stamp issued Friday

Dirty Donny folds - Trump seeks to move past Stormy Daniels lawsuit, says 2016 deal was never valid

Greeting guests for the President of Ireland is a tough job, but it has to be done.

I don't think Trump or his golf caddy fully understand when they tweet this nonsense

I am feeling apprehenive with the upcoming election?

Double Submissions for Summer photo contest accepted

The Republican Approach to Voter Fraud: Lie

Court scraps multibillion-dollar Ecuador damages against Chevron

Three God Trinity Monte - Step Right up To the Table, Folks!

Joy Reid has David Brock on re: Kavanaugh now (AM JOY MSNBC) UPDATED WITH VIDEO LINK

Created by my brilliant millennial daughter

Conway: "People are openly talking about the 25th Amendment and impeachment. It's such nonsense."

I'm walking to the Warren/Pressley rally right now.

North Carolina elections board fights ICE subpoena for voting records

Florence is likely to stall over the coast or just inland for many days: Jeff Masters Wunderground

Hillary is renting a space...for free

The "Left Behind" Trump voter has nothing left to tell us.

Are Rob Delaney and Benjamin Ayres the Same Person?

not surprised

An oldie but goodie.

Lindsey Graham

Why Hasn't The NYT OpEd Been More Effective.....

In a chamber full of hollow men and women is there a more hollow senator than Lindsey Graham?

Pence vs Brennan

The People's House - Inside the White House with Barack and Michelle Obama

If you are in the path of Florence - you have to get ready NOW!

Nike Sweatshops

Well isn't this just 'precious'?

Maybe its time to remind the American people what it looks like when abortion is illegal.

Sep 07, 2018 New Documents Indicate Kavanaugh Likely Committed Perjury

Papadopoulos: Jeff Sessions Lied Under Oath About Trump-Putin Meeting..

Two guys from Michigan die and go to hell.

Who paid off Kavanaugh's gambling debt?

For those interested in Serena

Everything's pissing me off no end...

Imagine if an African-American man shot a white Dallas Police Officer in the officers appartment!!!

We should stop giving Collins and Murkowski credit for voting against the ACA repeal.

Gastro Obscura - Strange and exotic food site

Wonder why this person revealed what they were doing to Trump ?

Serial public restroom hand dryer thief captured!

When expectations fall short of reality -

Any time religious belief causes any believer to say, "You are less than I am,"

Florence forecast path as of 11 AM EST per NHC

On collective punishment of the RCC

Trump travel lid announced. Commence sad rain tweeting.


REJECTED - And telling you what I think of you

Great quote about u.s. southerners: book: Hamilton

We do not want the Democrats in congress to move far left. We want this.

Trump slams Secretary Clinton in his latest tweet

Ratings pulled down by college-educated whites

Trump "totally delusional about the chances of Democrats taking back the House"

Woodward: "Let's hope to God we don't have a crisis"

Pope Francis orders new bishops to 'just say no to abuse'

Remember, what I told you a long time ago.

Anonymous, and the Muppets.

Here's Trump trying to sign "I'm an a*****e" but messing it up as usual

Thinking the Anonymous Op Ed was Disinformation

This is hilarious and almost tragic. Guy in an inflatable unicorn gets pulled out to sea by a shark

Serena Williams prob correct - Study shows angry men gain influence and angry women lose influence

As Leslie Moonves Negotiates His Exit from CBS, Women Raise New Assault and Harassment Claims

Buster Keaton: A Hard Act to Follow 1/3 (documentary)

Profiles in Crazy II. . . . Please come CAPTION PresidenDented Trump!!

William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying

Trump campaign members were 'fully aware' of efforts to set Putin meeting: Papadopoulos

Papadopoulos says Trump campaign officials were 'fully aware' of efforts for Putin meeting

When Nunes loses in November I hope

Please DONT fund me.

Trump takes a jab at Hillary on Twitter

What Fiction are you reading this week, September 9, 2018?

Where are the democats?

Roy Moore drops defamation suit over campaign ads about sexual misconduct allegations against him

Fund Raiser at 3 today in Marble Falls for Kim Olsen.

Trump once again proves that he doesn't understand "BUILT IN THE U.S.A." labor costs

Spiderman in Milan?

Trump: "Barack Obama talked a lot about hope, but Donald Trump delivered the American Dream" DNA results

Trump on "NFL first game ratings" and North Korea's parade "without the display of nuclear missiles"

Are we prepared for R cheating in Nov, and the MSM meme that "the polls were wrong...again?"

Does Anyone Think That There Is A Concerted Effort To Take Down Pence.....

Serena Williams fined $17,000 for three code violations during US Open final

Did anyone else just hear Omarosa on MSNBC?

Shanah tovah!

Jr. is hunting alligators with Steve Scalise.

1 dead, 4 injured in a shooting near Auburn University

NY-SD18: DSA Democrat Julia Salazar lied about her background in primary race

Nice Tweet

Cuddle lizard:

Thousands of mental health professionals agree with Woodward & NYTimes: Trump is dangerous

Democrats could win both the House and the Senate & here is how

Sweden election: far right projected to make gains as major parties falter - live

Ya know, I had always thought this at least this about Sessions.....

Florence strengthens into a hurricane, threatens to hit Southeast US

Thank you, Obama! You spoke TRUTH to our entire nation

Generally, Trump reminds me of my father when he was 92.

China Trade Outlook Darkens as Trump Threatens Total Tariffs

Pappadopoulos: My testimony may have helped show collusion between Trump campaign and Russia.

Hundreds of white fans jeered a biracial woman representing Japan after win at US Open

Seth Abramson on Pappadopoulos sentence.

System in Gulf has 20% chance of forming

What's the difference between Donald Trump and Adolph Hitler?

Jewelers made a 'take a knee' pun on a billboard. Now they're getting death threats.

Overheard a couple of people talking politics at McDonald's yesterday

Trump colors the fall campaign landscape: 'He's been the only thing that matters'

"Lemmon Rock Fire Lookout: 8 PM"

Kerry: Trump unable to govern because he 'clearly doesn't understand America'

I was in the hospital for an angiogram on Friday (not health related)

Swedish parliamentary elections deadlocked

How 'Plaid Shirt Guy' Got Prime Seating at a Trump Rally

**Poll Gives Bredesen Edge Over Blackburn in Senate Race**

GOP turns its fire on Google

How To Make Tenmusu (Recipe) 天むすの作り方(レシピ)

How To Make Tenmusu (Recipe) 天むすの作り方(レシピ)

A high-ranking Trump official issued a warning that Sen. Cruz may lose because no one likes him

Poached for Its Horn, This Rare Bird Struggles to Survive

I think I'm turning japanese. I really think so.

Trade disputes' effects rolling in on prices, jobs

Editorial: Trade disputes' effects rolling in on prices, jobs

Have you ever destroyed sporting equipment in a rage?

Happy Rosh Hashana!

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 10 September 2018

Need advice for making beef barley soup.

"A Game Changer" -Stunning New Map of Antarctica's Warming World: 'Until Now, We've had Better Maps

Moonves fired? It may not be good for Moonves, but it is damn good for women and democracy.

Trump furious with White House communications staff response to Woodward book: 'Bring back Hope Hick

From John K Delaney's Facebook Page

When you watch yourself winning a competition...

Tribe: John Dean testified that Trump should be removed and Kavanaugh denied confirmation.

Yes, my young Trump-loving friends, you are being duped.

Before control, alt, del...

is Jim Carrey outing Lindsey Graham?

The Nuclear Power Plant of the Future May Be Floating Near Russia

Is it legal or illegal to throw away a flag?

"The Silly Debate About Socialism" -Froma Harrop

Arizona Monsoon Sunrise

Michigan voters to governor candidates: Fix the roads, schools, insurance

Bob Woodward: "People better wake up to what's going on" in the Oval Office

Betty Bowers - After today's #TakeAKnee protests, start the countdown on Trump pretending to care...

The NFL and the National Anthem

Repost again for hurricane season:

Two Dolphins kneel for anthem, and Kaepernick tweets to thank them

It was never about the anthem.....

I thought Thom did well against these whack-a-doodles on FAUX

Axelrod: "95 straight months of job growth. 21 months of Donald Trump. Do the math."

Ford tells Trump why it won't make China-built car in US

NWS Statement for Typhoon Mangkhut (Mariana Islands, Pacific)

Know any "cross the road" jokes?

Russia says U.S. dropped phosphorus bombs over Syria, which Pentagon denies

tweet of the hour

heavy lifting

Let's Settle This Here And Now, Once And For All! Are They

why women live longer than men

This will be American's cities in no time if Trump has his way.

Bad dogs

Michigan Democratic Party attacks Bill Schuette on health care

Update per Ronan Farrow: Moonves will no longer receive any of his exit compensation

Hurricanes break out 7-pound turnover chain vs. Savannah State

I think Trump wrote the damn NYT op-ed himself

Keto diet

Tweet of the Day

The Big Orange Snowflake refuses to greet anymore dead service members at Dover AFB

"they are beating everyone up"

Wordpress--- HEELLPPPP! Where can I find some good tutorials for this thing?

Trump Sues U.S. Government For "Pain And Suffering" Due To Becoming President

The truth about Collins and Murkowski

Fed up with new direction under Trump, EPA staffers exit the agency

With regard to any possible "lie detector tests" being used to determine the author of the NYT

We're likely to get another Trump in our hemisphere, a candidate in Brazil

Democrats Call For Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Vote To Be Postponed Over Perjury Charges

Please remember that Donald Trump will go down as the biggest .....

Monster Hunter World Gone Wrong

What's for Dinner, Sun. Sept 9, 2018

Seth Abramson: Hunt for the op-ed author is stupid.

CNN's Don Lemon plays flashbacks of Republican attacks on presidential candidate Donald Trump

Mattis-Trump relationship put to the test by Woodward book

Pence suggests there is legal basis for investigating identity of anonymous op-ed writer

Perry to visit Moscow: Russian media

Dem senator 'not aware' of legal basis for investigating op-ed author's identity

Actor Olivia Newton-John Reveals 3rd Cancer Diagnosis

Dem senator: 'Absolutely no national security issues' with anonymous op-ed

Fashion question - interview suit

Soaring eagle...

The list is toooo long...

Could you watch this video and tell me that K. Conway is excluded as one of the writers of the op-ed

Pipeline spills 8K gallons of fuel into Indiana river

I"ve read things on this site about Kavanaugh that makes me wonder

Pence Says He'd Sit Down For Mueller Interview

Trump's buddies are making big money from his immigration detention policy.

Welcome to Crazy Town!

Where's the money? Target 2 Investigates $46m taken from #Wisconsin local road budgets

*RBG @ 8, on CNN.

Washington Post columnist suggests Jared Kushner is behind NYT op-ed

Scott Walker's ex-DOT secretary says governor isn't telling the truth about roads

Scott Walker had second brief encounter with accused Russian spy, court filing says

Man armed with assault weapon captured on home video ringing doorbell: Police

Ford will not build new Focus cars in US, despite Trump tariffs tweet

My 2 trumper coworkers are suddenly joining our union - hummm. One is dumb & the other dumber.

Trump's Me Too advice, per Woodward book:

If I could ask Omarosa one question.....

the Trump skeptics in the GOP expose their own rhetoric as profoundly hollow

I want a hayride !

Ben Sasse called himself an "independent conservative"...

No, Kacie Wannabe FoxNewsie DC

Hurricane Florence poses an extreme threat to Southeast and Mid-Atlantic

Ted Cruz: Democrats Want Texas To Be 'Like California,' 'Have Tofu' and 'Dyed Hair'

TX-SEN: Inside the GOP's rescue mission for Ted Cruz

New York Subway Station Destroyed In 9/11 Reopens After Nearly 17 Years

"You just tell me how to fix that. I'm--what do you call it? Pro-life. I'm pro-life, I'm telling you"

Before He Tweets-A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

"Never Trump" Conservative Ben Wittes wants it both ways