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What Trump has done to the courts, explained

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 10 December 2019

New CNN National Poll:

The absolute malpractice and collusion of the Press

Who Is The Best Judiciary Committee Interviewer -- Eric Swalwell!

Luckovich-Why trump is having problems with toilets flushing

Is there a seasonal treat you enjoy a lot?

Republicans Throw A Tantrum During Second Impeachment Hearing

After what seems like a million years

Im beginning to think we should stop calling the GOP "The Republican Party"

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren Team Up With House Progressives to Challenge Nancy Pelosi on

Has Trump started whining about Russia and the Olympics yet???

An open letter to those who watched just an hour or so of today's hearing and came away disgusted,

Those who resist congressional subpoenas should be careful. They could be risking jail time.

Building Solidarity Worldwide To Survive Crushing Neoliberalism

Albuquerque, NM has only one homicide detective

Lavrov and Trump to meet tomorrow...

MSNBC banner: "Dems,GOP spar during impeachment hearings"

Are Any Republicans Not Being Supported By Putin?


Tommy takes a song request

I listened to the hearings on the radio

Not. One. Reference. To. Jonathan. Turley's. Testimony. Today.

The main problem with the US healthcare system is....

About big money in politics: It's a tad ironic...

This ad on MSNBC from Newsmax asking to text on the

Church nativity displays Jesus, Mary and Joseph in cages, separated at the border

The GOPers where so worried about all the phone calls, but what happen to Hillary's emails?

Jeeze-just now got through the first 2 and 1/2 hours. Repukes are full on whining. Gaetz

Veteran thanks Bernie

How can that SOB Barr come out and say

Basically the impeachment vote is your choice.( to the RETHUGS) Either

Canadian woman arrested for not holding escalator handrail awarded $20G in damages

We're collapsing 'into chaos' because Democrats won't accept Trump, Tom McClintock says

The Memo - Sneak Preview of Rudy's "Report"

Mental health question leads to moving moment at Warren's SC town hall

#LanguageMatters - "new Soviet Mafia"

RB Morris -That's How Every Empire Falls

Andrew Yang: "Impeachment is a disaster"


Our PBS station is asking for money and their thank you gift this hour and a half of requesting

DEC 10 at 12PM ET: Join Campaign Manager @fshakir for a Reddit AMA

Did anyone catch the Republican asking why congress has not addressed climate change?

oh my goodness-#fatdonnie was sitting next to...gasp...a young black man. Surely that wasn't on pur

🔥 Bernie Speaks to Working Families in Reno

How do you eat with those sustainable wood spoons without ripping the skin off your lips?

'The evidence is overwhelming': Combative hearing moves House closer to impeachment

Gaetz makes an ass of himself......again.

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The New Normal!

Rand Paul: Ban Congress from seeking members', journalists' phone data

Why I can't support Bernie.

Trump's shameful deference to Saudi Arabia

so, I got some money from a Russian...

In under 5 short minutes, @RepSwalwell lays out the entire & clear case for impeachment...

India factory fire kills at least 43 as relatives ID victims from police cellphone photos

Donald Trump Is the Mad-King President Our Founders Feared Most

TX-13: Ronny Jackson, former White House doctor running for Texas congressional seat

Trump referred to Connecticut U.S. attorney John Durham as "Bull Durham"!

U.K. election: Polls put Boris Johnson on track for a pro-Brexit victory

FBI was justified in opening Trump campaign probe inspector general finds

World trade without rules? US shuts down WTO appeals court

World trade without rules? US shuts down WTO appeals court

Dems can look future generations

Liberals Mobilize to Stop Buttigieg

The Fight to Secure Labor Rights for Exploited Prisoners

Cartoons 12/9/19

Tulsi Gabbard has ahem "decided" not to be in the next debate.

Wisconsin Guard leader resigns in wake of sex assault review

Sanders: I'm sorry that Hillary CLinton is rerunning 2016.

Pig-Monkey Chimeras Have Been Born In China In World First Experiment

Progressive group putting $45M behind battleground turnout effort

Too much of a Greta thing? Activist urges focus on others


Rachel: WaPo reports only two articles of impeachment to be drafted

Democrats expected to unveil articles of impeachment against Trump Tuesday, focusing on abuse of pow

American Samoa to begin mass measles vaccination this week

American Samoa to begin mass measles vaccination this week

FBI Director Wray Breaks With Barr, Backs DOJ IG's Findings On FBI Probe

VA-02: Scott Taylor drops out of Senate eace, will run for old House seat.

Eleven minutes before the eruption, some of the tourists on White Island are seen walking on the rim

Rachel just announced (just ) 2 articles of impeachment to be drafted.

A question about Bill Barr

Campaign Co-Chairs on Political Party Live

I watch this all with stunned amazement. A spectacle to be sure.

Nothing is crazy!

Intel released new chipset drivers for windows 10... (Edited)

"Whatever, it's cool"

Orca grandmothers babysit young whales, study finds

Democrats to unveil articles of impeachment Tuesday morning

Can anyone explain this "minority hearing day?" I just...

Yes, Everything is Awful, But at Least We Can All Enjoy Watching Ted Cruz Dissolve Into Nothingness

Pete Buttigieg talks to Michael Harriot of the Root. 20 minutes long.

According to Yang's people, the Debate group won't "lock"until Thursday (one week)

What It's Like to Work at Troutdale's Notoriously Dangerous Amazon Warehouse

You could say that Friday the 13th and Christmas is coming early for Trump!

U.S. lawmakers reach deal on must-pass annual defense policy bill

U.S. lawmakers reach deal on must-pass annual defense policy bill

Seth Abramson hoping WashPo reporting is incorrect.

Almost Full...

India braces for protests over citizenship bill excluding Muslims

Democrats expected to unveil articles of impeachment against Trump, focusing on abuse of power,

"Spartacus" turned 103 years old today!

The GOP: If it looks, swims and quacks like a duck, it's an avocado

Statue of Jesus held hostage:

Ha! James Comey for the win!

Good point on the IG report.

There needs to be a bribery charge too.

A Person Was Fatally Struck By A Train At Farragut West

I think we are asking the wrong

Traitors All

Big majestic owl has a moment.

Bernie Sanders isn't polling in first place. His caucus organization may mean that doesn't matter


The strongest reason to mourn Volcker: He was willing to be unpopular

"I would believe that, but only if the Russians paid me!"

The Inspector General's 'Witch Hunt' Report: A Quick and Dirty Analysis

Imagine waking up Thursday and putting on clothes you'll wear every day for the rest of your life.

6 Takeaways From Melania Trump's Unauthorized Biography

I kinda like Bloomberg

NYT in June: Lessons for 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates, From a Soon-to-Be First-Time Voter

GoFundMe '6 Cancer Fundraising Tips' Webpage Is 'An Abomination,' Says Sanders

New York Deepens Its Investigation Into the N.R.A.

The mounting complaints Colombia is wiretapping journalists

The Daily Show: TikTok Recklessness, Team Trump's Food Stamp Cuts & The Rise of Cosmic Crisp Apples

The Daily Show - World War D: Damage Control Edition

2022 US Senate Election Rating with a President Biden and President Trump.

The Tories' War on Progressive Latin America

Thanks to you who recommended Penzey's Spices a while back.

The Pet Shop Boys The Dictator Decides

Seth Meyers - House Judiciary Holds Impeachment Hearing as GOP Lies About Ukraine: A Closer Look

Pet Shop Boys - This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave (extended)

Revered by Aztecs, Mexican hairless dog in style again in hipster era

COLBERT just said "Ghouliani"!1 --- Du he DU?!1

Will Durham Be Going To Prison With Barr And Giuliani? It's Up To Him

This is adorable....cuteness overload!

DARK WATERS Film: Advocates, Journalists Who Aided the Story, Ken Ward, More

(Jewish Group) Fry Up Something New for Hanukkah (from 2017)

2020 and 2022 US Senate Election. Democrats guide to a majority.

Burkes qustioning of the Republican counsel.

(Jewish Group) Hillary Clinton urges Jewish labor activists not to 'walk away' ahead of 2020

US Government Drops Case Against Max Blumenthal

Goodbye Trevor Noah

NPR: Student Loans A Lot Like The Subprime Mortgage Debacle, Watchdog Says

Former GOP Strategist all but call Ted Cruz and Trump 's Republican defenders traitors

(Jewish Group) Jewish groups denounced Trump's insinuations about Jewish wealth.

Maybe Joe should start sprinkling his speeches with words like "woke", "dope", "sick"

Man rear ended car, pointed gun at driver after learning he didn't speak English

Military love and respect for their fallen brethren

Pete will be on Rachel Maddow's show


History of Presidential Misconduct

Rep Collins thinks facts are disputed if he disputes them..

is it possible to keep the articles of impeachment in the house

PBS Newshour tonight. Letter from Cipollone to the Judiciary Committee.

Surely someone or some entity has emails between Ivanka and Steele?

Trump called for Seoul evacuation at height of North Korea tensions, new book says

Trump called for Seoul evacuation at height of North Korea tensions, new book says

Solicitor Barry Berke, Esq., marry me. 😍

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: Don't Ignore The Asian Vote In 2020

Laboratory to Pay $26.67 Million to Settle Allegations of Kickbacks to Physicians

San Diego Woman Sentenced to Nearly Six Years in Federal Prison for Ponzi Scheme Run Via Sham

Las Vegas Businessman Sentenced to Prison for Trafficking More Than $1M in Counterfeit Electronics

President And Chief Financial Officer Of New Jersey Company Charged With $17 Million Fraud Scheme

Sen. Elizabeth Warren first Democratic presidential candidate to open Michigan campaign office

Supreme Court leaves in place Kentucky law requiring ultrasounds before abortions

Washington Post Rips Elizabeth Warren Because They Have Absolutely No Clue What Lawyers Are Worth

Next the gun nuts will start saying that the 2A should only apply to American citizens...

Berry farm company fined $3.5 million over worker abuses

Trump and Russians plan to meet again in Oval Office.

CVS stores failed to redeem customers' cans and bottles, and the chain faces $3.6-million penalty

California campaign watchdog suspends donation rules after a member gives to Sanders

President Trump will attend the Army-Navy game Saturday in Philadelphia

Bill inspired by San Bernardino terrorist attack reintroduced by Redlands' Rep. Pete Aguilar

New California law redefines who gets employment benefits. The lawsuits are just starting

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 12/9/19

Chile military plane disappears with 38 people on board

Stephen Colbert: Guest Tom Brokaw Watched As Richard Nixon's Cronies Went To Prison

Clint Eastwood's misogynistic slander of female reporter in "Jewell" film

California restaurant group is hot over Berkeley's natural gas ban. It's suing the city

Surgeons withdraw support for heart disease advice

French pension strikes expand, police gird for new protests

Trump claims DOJ inspector general report shows 'attempted overthrow' of the government

The Cars - Let's Go [promo].avi

Jimmy Kmmel Live: Trump's New Toilet Initiative

There are so many of each type running in GOP world.

Report on Hunter's campaign funds goes well beyond rabbit air fare, finds 'pervasive evidence' of

6 dead after man opens fire in Czech hospital waiting room

🎉 DEC 31 at 7PM - Bernie's Big New Year's Bash in Des Moines 🎶

In Sweden's Arctic, global warming threatens reindeer herds

New Hampshire may test durability of Sanders' popularity

Frank Sinatra on tolerance

James Comey reacts to the Justice Department's inspector general report CNN Anderson Cooper

December 10 - Happy Birthday Rep. Mark Takano (D) CA-41st

Breakfast Tuesday 10 December 2019

December 10 - Happy Birthday Rep. Harley Rouda (D) CA-48th

'Start Here': Democrats expected to unveil articles of impeachment: sources

A week in the dark rewires brain cell networks and changes hearing in adult mice

Record-setting 75-foot-tall wave recorded off California coast

And then there is this... an excellent example of how the right hate democracy and love tyranny...

San Jose Mayor Liccardo Endorses Former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg For President

Medicaid agreement would provide $336 million for American Samoa

Amid Bernie Sanders's 'Resurgence' a Progressive Coalition Endorses Him

Amid Bernie Sanders's 'Resurgence' a Progressive Coalition Endorses Him

OMG! Matt Gaetz's Twitter bio is a quote from Donald Trump calling him handsome.......

Declaration of Continued Public Health Emergency -- effective immediately in American Samoa

MORNING Joe is doing great job exposingi the Lies of Bill Barr this morning

FBI Director: We have 'no information' indicating Ukraine interfered in 2016 Election......msnbc

Trump Officials Block U.N. Meeting on Human Rights Abuses in North Korea

The Irish border line: a journey along the edge of the Brexit crisis

There's 27 wild turkeys now

Deadly Mosquitoes Are Killing Off Hawaii's Rare Forest Birds

Let's go Speaker Pelosi and Chairs -ITTMF RFN!

Biden moves "Laughed At" campaign video to TV ad ($M ad buy)

Invited Or Not, Gabbard Will Skip December Debate

New HART Analyses Show Millions Of Dollars In Added Rail Costs

Poignant messages to DeWine after Dayton shootings full of emotion

Post second photo in Autumn Seasonal photo contest

Palpatine: The Jedi are taking over!

You mean, it wasn't a "witch hunt" or a "hoax", after all?

Elizabeth Warren Seeks a Second Act After Slip from Top

U.K. election: Polls put Boris Johnson on track for a pro-Brexit victory

Remember? Sanders Sternly Told A Troubled Veteran, "You're Not Gonna Kill Yourself"

Trump White House Spins Failed IG Report To Blame Obama

COP 25 Sees Australia As "Totally Disconnected From Reality" - As It Fights For Carbon Loopholes

The Rundown: December 9, 2019

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 12/04/19

Oz Burns, Sydney Chokes And Its Government Pledges Support Of Shiny New Hydrogen Economy

Zombies are not just fictional creatures...

I wish I had photo shop skills because I think this would be scathingly brilliant


As Of 2011, 186 Ski Resorts Had Been Abandoned In Italy; Warming Alps Adorned With Photogenic Ruins

Science of identity cult

Arctic Ocean Acidification Moving At Twice The Speed Of Seas In Other Regions

"To Impeach a President, one of the most successful presidencies ever, is sheer Political Madness!"

12/10 Worst Day Yet For Sydney: Hospital Admissions Up 25%, Buildings Evacuated, Skyline Invisible

#BREAKING: Man Who Doesn't Understand How Toilets Work Doesn't Understand How Impeachment Works

Healthcare CEO explains why Warren's Med4All plan will work.

Barb McQuade:The FBI properly, legally investigated 2016 Trump campaign. The rest is noise and spin.

Profiles in Crazy, Dec. 10, 2019 edition. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

I'd give her an "A" for effort.

50+ Tory Candidates No-Shows @ Climate Debates, Including Former Health, Environment Ministers

OOPS: Ivanka Trump Has Been "Personal Friends" with Christopher Steele for Years.

WaPo: The Trump impeachment inquiry, told with maps and dancing Rudys.

'We were lied to': bankruptcy leaves truckers stranded as holidays near

It's obvious that MSNBC has Noah Rothman on

David McWilliams podcast : EP36: UK elections explained with Financial Times Robert Shrimsley

President trump got Caught

Elizabeth Warren's Journey From 'Pro-Business' Academic To Consumer Advocate

Charlie Pierce gets hit by a car... and tweets about it (Updated)

Pretty Incredible -Eric Swalwell's 5 minutes yesterday laying out the whole conspiracy

A free pass for Trump? GOP presses edge in key battlegrounds

This is remarkable. It's basically the inverse of Page and Strzok.

Backed into a corner Nazi still be Nazi...after all, the Nazis never abandoned Hitler...

California housing crisis - Homeless mothers, activists take over vacant Oakland house

Lionel Hutz. On days like this, I really miss Phil Hartman, because he'd laugh his ass off over this

Why two Articles are a brilliant idea!

It is here. Post if you want.

Bizarre filing by Jesus in Trump v. Vance Supreme Court case (the NY state tax subpoena case)

The World's First Human Composting Facility Will Open in 2021

Pelosi, House Democrats unveil two articles of impeachment against Trump

Here is a great Biden ad on trump being unstable

That's it. Take an oath and testify or STFU.

Roxette singer Marie Fredriksson dies aged 61

Houston police chief slams McConnell and Texas senators on gun violence

I am sad that our country has to be in a peril of an impeachment of a president.

'Anyone but Corbyn': Jewish voters turn away from Labour

"Overwhelming and uncontested..."

Adam Schiff is miles ahead of Jerry Nadler as a spokesman for Impeachment

Former FBI Lawyer Lisa Page Celebrates On Twitter After She's Cleared In Report

A German TV show helps explain why Democrats keep getting in trouble over Medicare-for-all

William Barr to hold DOJ holiday party at Trump hotel at undisclosed date

Pic Of The Moment: Trump's Government By Gaslighting Continues


"We stand here today because the president's continuing abuse of his power has left us no choice...

Republicans, a reminder

Bernie Sanders's Path to Victory? The Multiracial Working Class

Best Response to a twittler Tweet Today

New England Patriots admit to inappropriately filming the sideline and field at their next opponent'

Bernie Sanders's Path to Victory? The Multiracial Working Class

Excuse me but *toot* *toot* I'm #3!!!

Message from Bill Penzey....

Good Grief! It's one party invite after another!

Before attacking the Dems for not including an Article of Impeachment on Bribery, consider this:

Mush-Brained Trump Falls Apart in Toilet-Flushing Rant

SHOCK CLAIM: 5 Republican Senators Might ABANDON Trump

A Florida man launched a nonprofit to save sex trafficking victims. He was actually luring teen girl

BREAKING: Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL-3) to retire

It's official: Andy Beshear sworn in as 63rd governor of Kentucky at midnight

A serious impeachment question

Looks to me like the senate trial could (if the senate rethugs over rule Roberts)

In 5 minutes, Rep. Swalwell lays out the entire & clear case for impeachment

Good day to update Impeach grow...

Texas is at risk of a deadly measles outbreak, and yet few have been willing to cast blame on the st

Some Of The Ways That Joe Biden Will Beat Donald Trump

Cat Doesn't Understand Why She Can't Knock Down Very Strange 'Tree'

I was thinking...

Elizabeth Warren Proposes a Green New Deal for the Ocean

The far right is getting far too comfortable...

Biden-Buttigieg dream of uniting Congress runs into DC skeptics

Little Frenchie Goes From Wheelchair To Speed Demon

I'll make it, I'll make it, ehhhhhhh- (no, not porn)

If it swims and quacks like a duck, it's a piano

December is Human Rights Day!

Civil Rights Leader Dr.Robert Green endorses Joe Biden

Those who took an oath...

Argentina's Peronists return as Alberto Fernandez takes office

Argentina's Peronists return as Alberto Fernandez takes office

Claire McCaskill, Mitch McConnell and Senate Votes to Convict

...we could end up in the end scene of Carrie

Andrew Yang: "I agree with proceeding with impeachment - it's the right thing to do. But..."

Laurence Tribe has a message for the naysayers:

If you have leftover cranberry sauce

How The Post unearthed The Afghanistan Papers

Now that we have four mayors in the primary race, a question:

Mass shootings are not exclusive to the US...

AFL-CIO endorses USMCA after successfully negotiating improvements

Only one contender for #tweetofthedecade. Nothing else comes close.

Interesting isn't it that Christopher Steele of the Steele Dossier...

Warren's "Blue New Deal" is way too useful and smart

Congressional Candidate Omar Navarro Arrested For Violating Restraining Order

Has the text of the Articles of Impeachment been released?

Getting dismayed at life in California, need advice on what to do

Eddie Jones aka Guitar Slim was born on this date-

Is this Rudy's new girl friend/mistress?

The next Democratic president's AG must prosecute Trump

Wow, for 13 years, the Fifth Circuit had a secret policy to deny all appeals by pro se inmates....

Will Republicans oppose the trade deal?

Looks like John Durham is the Bill Barr of prosecutors

Dianne Schuur has a birthday today-

Andrew Yang still needs one more poll...

Imelda May and Darrel Higham, "Big Bad Handsome Man"

Pushy Squirrel Forces Nut Seller To 'Pay' Him Off

U.S. House Democrats claim victory in revamping U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade pact

Just got a call on my phone from a number I didn't recognize. I answered it in Russian.

Morton Gould was born on this date-

GOP press conference right now is pathetic

Gwyneth Paltrow is endorsing a gold dildo

Choppy markets leave U.S. bank bonus decisions in limbo

#kevinMcCarthy is having his panties in a tight wad on msnbc. who.

Me thinks thou doth protesteth too much.

I loves me a good old fashioned rock n roll power ballad.

New member keeps spamming for techbigs

Exxon Mobil prevails in New York climate change lawsuit

OMG, Kevin McCarthy is lying through his ass about the IG Report's findings.

McCarthy is out here brazenly lying about what the IG report says. (It does not say the FBI "spied

Burleigh County Commission vote to allow refugee resettlement in 3-2 decision

NATIONAL POLL: #2020Dem nomination preference: 21% @BernieSanders

A mistake in Latest News Forum....Original post..says, Dow Dropped 400 points today..

NATIONAL POLL: #2020Dem nomination preference:

I have to have a candidate committed to me as much as I am committed to them!

I will never not see this now... 😂

"Russia, if you're listening, the GOP is with you...

Dems just released the draft Articles

Why Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Will Win the Presidency with Robert Reich

This is a sad day, and we must remember to keep it somber

From Josh Marshall: an important distinction

Tulsi Gabbard Refuses To Attend Next Debate

Roxette singer Marie Fredriksson dies aged 61

The Impeachment articles wisely focus on the damage to national security not Trump's personal gain


Here is a synopsis of the first article of impeachment: CNN:


Tiedrich tweet: "please to speak louder into pen"

Bill Clinton, Impeachment and Hard Centrist programs.

Trump called for Seoul evacuation at height of North Korea tensions

American press is banned from trump's meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

Russia and Ukraine Agree to Ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine

Seth Abramson: Media has already moved on.

*NEW* Monmouth (A+ Rated) Poll: Biden 26% (+3), Sanders 21% (+1), Warren 17% (-6) Buttigieg 8% (-1)

Why We Need Young People To Run the Country--And Why I'm Voting for Bernie Anyway

Aaron Rupar: Hogan Gidley says Trump and Lavrov will talk about "election security"

Resigning Republican lawmaker Duncan Hunter flew pet rabbit around using campaign funds: report

Coalition of more than 50 progressive groups to endorse Sanders

Over 200,000 galaxies confirmed that the Galaxy mergers ignite star bursts

Bad, bad LeRoy Badger - fights off 2 jackels and a python

Trump Hotel Holiday Party Rescheduled, 'Could Help Barr and His Guests Avoid Protests'

Mike Pompeo refuses to let "the zaniness on Capitol Hill" "impact" his snuggle-up time with Lavrov.

For All - Bernie Sanders

For All - Bernie Sanders

Merchandising! That's where the real money from the presidency is made!

Andrea Mitchell generously grants Bill Barr air time to explain why he disagrees with everything

Next up

Barr's argument against his own department is a major disconnect.

Paige on Virgin River blew her cover when she said her father grew up on a peCAN

I nominate William Barr for toady of the year.

There's one thing that they have down pat!

Pete Williams? The Entire Hour? Really?

L'tat, c'est moi is nowhere in the founding documents.

Use "gold dildo" in a movie title.

Watch Congressman call-out MSNBC for fully airing Republican press conference of lies

Photos: Carvings Depict Maya Ballplayers in Action

Photos: Carvings Depict Maya Ballplayers in Action

"Britian's appalling election"

The mystery of Rudy Giuliani's spokeswoman

U.S. seeks no prison time for Rick Gates, senior 2016 Trump campaign aide

The Universe Remembers Gravitational Waves -- And We Can Find Them

I found the best campaign 2000 tee shirt to give to a friend

My email to Sen. Grassley

Any update on shooting in Czech hospital today? 6 dead, I heard

Today's Morning Consult

If you don't like how Democrats have framed the Articles of Impeachment, help them tell the story!

That's it: Stern words will do it.

Pete is a Pragmatic Progressive:

Black women currently hold Ms. Universe, America, USA, and Teen USA crowns

Weird, people changing their candidate preference every couple days...weird

Andrew Yang - The Kids Are Not Alright

Someone tell Barr that he doesn't have to lie to keep his job. As long as he does

Returning the dignity to the Presidency

I don't remember: were there any Democratic members voting to impeach Clinton?

Breaking: Active Shooter, Jersey City NJ

I just traded "Barr" for Pulp Fiction, hah!

Veteran who contemplated suicide reunites with Bernie Sanders


Franklin County School Board postpones vote on proposed Confederate flag ban

Tweety - Everybody likes Lindsey Graham

Email to my GOP Representative and Senators.

Sanders urges impeachment trial 'quickly' in the Senate

It's time to come together and celebrate.

What Trump has done to the courts, explained

The oxygen has been shut off to Barr's brain...

Born on this day, December 10, 1941: Tommy Rettig, "Jeff Miller" in the original "Lassie"

Harbour Air testing world's first all-electric commercial seaplane

When high-key B&W saves the day ..

My LTE to my senators and congressman

Facebook LIVE: Culinary Union Town Hall with Senator Bernie Sanders

"Last full moon of the decade to peak on 12/12 at 12:12 am":

Cowboy Carhops

There is NO DOUBT in my mind that Barr

"Last full moon of the decade to peak on 12/12 at 12:12 am":

Hopes dim as COP25 delegates dicker over Article 6 and world burns

The Arctic may have crossed key threshold, emitting billions of tons of carbon into the air, in a lo

Now that Bernie is behind

What's behind this sky scene observed in France?

Born on this day, December 10, 1941: Tommy Rettig, "Jeff Miller" in the original "Lassie"

Barr is suggesting that Russian

Lisa Page has filed a lawsuit against the FBI & DOJ

Greenland's ice sheet melting seven times faster than in 1990s

BREAKING: Active Shooter situation in Jersey City; ALL schools on lockdown

Two police officers shot as gunmen open fire in Jersey City

Chief Inspector Murphy is feelin a leetol bettur

Hmmm...never spotted in the same room.

Mike Bloomberg Closes In On $100M In Campaign Ad Spending

Mike Bloomberg bio ad

x-post from LBN: The Arctic may have crossed key threshold, emitting billions of tons of carbon into

Mike Huckabee files bar complaint against lawyer for Twitter ridicule,

The perfect music for your heist.

ACLU-The First Amendment guarantees the cow's right to speak anonymously

Let's see?

Why Were Tourists Allowed to Visit an Active New Zealand Volcano?

Jewish groups slam Fox News for inviting Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing back

Oh, that explains it. They gave Trump a different IG Report

Scholar Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor Applauds Sanders for Activating 'Typically Invisible'

Articles of impeachment against President Trump announced

Republican Rep. Ted Yoho of Florida will not seek reelection in 2020

Andrew Yang makes it into December debate (from a Quinnipiac poll)

One small possibly positive result of the impeachment.

You Republicans have a trump ring in your nose. Being lead around

Hypothetically if Trump was found guilty of one charge but not the other...

Biden and Sanders Gain Nationally

Sanders Statement on Articles of Impeachment

Cute cat doing high five with athletes.

Know any good ocean-liner jokes?

Talking heads who had their hair on fire for impeachment now

Pete's in South Carolina, talking to black families about entrepreneurship etc.

House Dem Humiliates Matt Gaetz By Fact-Checking Him In Real Time During Impeachment Hearing

Group of Democrats floating censure.

My song for today spent babysitting and flash freezing rutabaga

Trump target Lisa Page sues Justice Department, FBI over 'unlawful' disclosure of texts with Peter S

Could you imagine if the Florida Alien who ..

WTF were all the cooperation plea agreements made for? To lead to a black hole?

You raised $0.00 on December 9, 2019 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Remember When Obama Spoke and People Laughed?

New York City Paid McKinsey Millions to Stem Jail Violence. Instead, Violence Soared.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the new Chairperson of the House Oversight Committee!

*NEW* Quinnipiac Poll - Biden 29% (+4), Sanders 17% (+4), Warren 15% (+1), Buttigieg 9% (-7)

Should Muslims Celebrate Christmas?

Should Muslims celebrate Christmas? (X-posted from Religion)

Philip McKeon, a Child Star on the Sitcom Alice, Dies at Age 55

Robert Reich: Socialism of the Rich, Capitalism for the Rest

Nancy Pelosi is brilliant

Pompeo backing Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov

Three new polls out today

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Look around at the big-money interests spending millions of dollars on ads to confuse

***Quinn Poll*** Honest Joe 51% Dishonest Donald 42%

Report: black lung funding cut will cost taxpayers billions

300 Saudi military aviation students grounded in U.S. after base shooting

David Corn: Inspector General's Report Shows Trump's "Spygate" Conspiracy Theory Was the Real Hoax

Trump desperately using lies, distortions to fight impeachment

Just who are these so-called "normal Republicans" who will take over when Trump is gone?

Prosecutors:Mueller Witness (Gates)was Offered Money Not to Cooperate

-- George Orwell, writing in As I Please in 1944

I would like to nominate as tweet of the day:

Trump to announce new cabinet post. Giuliani will serve as Secretary of Corruption.

Nicole Wallace is slaying it in her interview with a former IG...

Facing Criticism Over Muslim Camps, China Says: What's the Problem?

Obamacare had an unusually good day at the Supreme Court

This squirrel gets what she wants 💅 😍

NPR news: McConnell will slow walk impeachment trial

Trump sends "thoughts & prayers" to NJ shooting victims, "will continue to monitor the situation."

6 dead in New Jersey shootout, including officer and three civilians, police say

Q: John McCain was 5' 9" tall. Why was his coffin a little over six feet long?

That wasn't a Pete Williams interview...that was a Barr fellating

What's for Dinner, Tues., Dec. 10, 2019

Loyal Parrot Is His Mom's Lifetime Companion

My new favorite word to describe Repiblicans in Congress:

Don't Think Sanders Can Win? You Don't Understand His Campaign

Someone please explain to me why beautiful, diverse blue cities support all white, rural Murikan

Is this QAnon day?

At war with the truth

At 7:55 into this, Bill Clinton comments on Impeachment (He doesn't say much, but here it is)

Trump War Room Self Own - Compares Trump to a Genocidal Maniac who gets killed seconds later.

🔥 Community Meeting with Bernie - Las Vegas

The DOJ inspector general's Russia report did find FBI bias against Hillary Clinton, again.

Metro suspends Red Line service in Northwest D.C. for a second time today

EXCLUSIVE-Over 300 Saudi military aviation students grounded in U.S. after base shooting

US deficit soars to $342B in two months

Bill Barr is the Devil.

When Trump IS Acquitted

Democratic primary voters under 35 years old via new Quinnipiac poll: Sanders 52%

Christopher Wray won't last long, he appears to be a somewhat honest man standing up for his People.

Goose horse:

10-12 Moderate Dems want Censure over Impeachment

Barr Screwed the Pooch.

A self-driving truck delivered butter from California to Pennsylvania in three days

TCM Schedule for Thursday, December 12, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: TCM Spotlight: Joan Blondell

Matt Gaetz is a filthy trump Stooge

My hunch is Giuliani is going to try to Swift Boat Biden with some type of trumped up documentary

The House should wait until January to vote on the Articles of Impeachment


BLUE NEW DEAL Is Crucial Because The Future Depends On Healthy Oceans, Says Warren

Sen. Joni Ernst Caught In Dark Money Scheme

NASA unveils 'the most powerful rocket ever built'

TCM Schedule for Friday, December 13, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: Gone With The Wind 80th Anniversary

Had a Dream - Roger Hodgson, Writer and Composer

Drumpf team willingly compares their hero to Thanos........

Exxon found not guilty in New York climate-change securities fraud trial, ending 4-year saga

1998 Impeachment trivia

Debunking GOP talking points on impeachment using their own words

If you want to make yourself sick so you don't have to go to work tomorrow - watch Malaria at 6am

Thousands of UK political ads missing from Facebook archive searches

GOP Impeachment Bloodbath As Trump And McConnell War Over Trial

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats Democrats will win to regain control of the US Senate.

University Of Phoenix Reaches $191 Million Settlement With FTC, Including Debt Relief

TCM Schedule for Saturday, December 14, 2019 -- The Essentials: Gandhi

Trump campaign tweets video of Trump as 'Avengers' villain Thanos

Andrew Yang Qualifies for December Debate

UK's Johnson now less certain of election victory: YouGov

Federal judge blocks use of billions of dollars in Pentagon funds to build border wall

Banksy's Birmingham artwork highlighting homelessness preserved

GM doubles down on big SUVs to pay for tomorrow's electric cars