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Archives: December 12, 2019

Interesting Government Motion in US v. Parnas (this is a good one)

I'm over the moon with this impeachment!

I think I have just found my soul mate .... I just got this random email tonight.

House impeachment inquiry, House begins articles of impeachment mark up, Live stream.

Watchdog report a 'roadmap' for Russian spooks, intel vets say

From Horowitz: Ongoing investigation of 2016 NY FBI field office leaks....

Whatever happens the trump Shit Show will not end soon or happily

Is the MSM showing the Impeachment Hearings tonight?

The Cost of Universal Basic Income is the Net Transfer Amount, Not the Gross Price Tag

what happened to Ted Lieu?

Gluten free goodies

Mr. COLLINS - Stinking Member - comes across as a raving lunatic.

Eastern Kentucky Echo (Echo EK - Eastern Kentucky Edition)

House Judiciary Committee Debates on Articles of Impeachment

BOOM! Sen Kamala Harris calls on IG Horowitz to investigate AG Barr.

Is it me or does this Rep Collins sound like he is hysterical and unhinged?

Doug Collins is now reminding us that he has nothing intelligent to say

Collins Word Salad in progress

looking for a streaming live feed to this hearing

Why is Doug Collins Screaming on my TV again!?

Why does MSNBC talk over the proceedings..fcuk!, nt

Montana shelter caring for 39 huskies found roaming wild

So after going through all these gyrations trying to get out of 100% disk space I've

Bloomberg's candidacy is hopeless. All in favor?

"The clock and the calendar!" "The clock and the calendar!" Did the Republicans' consultants

Gerrit Cole will make $10,000 per pitch.

So is somebody going to release the peepee tape now?

Why electronic voting is a bad idea...

"When you return to the Senate in a bubble gum pink blazer"

UAW approves labor deal with Fiat Chrysler, closing unprecedented talks with Big 3 Detroit automaker

Gohmert is classic Gohmert!

Gymbo is up.

Happy 76th birthday to John Kerry, one of America's best statesmen nt

What swamp Gym Jordan?

Pukes have nothing left

Bloomberg: Parnas received $1 million from Russia. Prosecutors want him in jail.

GOP senators looking to get Trump off quick

Somewhere on DU somebody told me Loui Gohmert was gone--retired! He was JUST on my TV!!!

Killers of Honduran activist get up to 50-year sentences

Luckovich-trump won't read them if they're "articles"

Weinstein reaches tentative $25M deal with accusers

As we watch the Articles of Impeachment markup session tonight

A Patriot's Pledge

Has anyone heard ONE WORD that even attempted to rebut the Democrats' evidence or factually

victims handed 100K in cash over to psychic for her to double that amount with her blessings.

So the Republican PIG from TX just outed the Whistleblower. . .

Great Twitter thread on Johnson's impeachment

Hakeem Jeffries

Mongolian officials retroactively granted Trump Jr. permit after he killed endangered sheep: report

Epstein lawyer disappointed women won't give up lawsuits

Remember what the Republicans impeached Bill Clinton for.

New natiional poll from David Binder (Obama pollster): Biden 29%, Sanders 15%, Warren 14%,

RCP polling averages, Dec. 11: Biden 28.5%, Sanders 17.8%, Warren 15.3%, Buttigieg 9.0%,

Any DUers have the clip with crazy Collins comments

Fox News Is Now a Threat to National Security

JPMorgan employees considered millionaire black athlete as too scary to give "private client" status

Trump Ramps Up 'FBI Lovers' Attacks With Baseless Claim At Rally

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Another December Infamy!

FYI: Markups are NEVER held at night

Swalwell: My Dad believed no one is above the law

Trump pretends he was in the military during White House reception

USA Today editorial board calls for Trump's impeachment

Majority of Americans say Trump did not cooperate with impeachment, sought to hinder investigation,

Anyone else struggle with the holidays?

USA TODAY's Editorial Board: Impeach President Trump

Rachel talks about Seoul being moved-- a DFT command

Jewish Groups Accuse Trump of Anti-Semitism Over Horrifying Plan to Define Judaism As a Nationality

My middle son who lives with me and I went out to a movie this afternoon and just got home.

RAchel: Trump called for Seoul to be "moved" during height of tensions with North Korea

McConnell will move to acquit

Poll: Kelly leads McSally in Arizona Senate race

Control yourselves, ladies (and men).

Joe Biden reaches more than 100 endorsements in South Carolina!

Bel-Air's 'Beverly Hillbillies' mansion sells for about $150 million, a California price record

2020 US Presidential, US Senate, and Gubernatorial Election, Which state votes straight party line?

COP 25 Faltering, But Plenty Of Room For Hack Denier Assholes To Attend, Prevaricate, Lie

Reps. McMorris Rodgers, Newhouse head Trump 2020 state campaign

After "Unathorized" Demonstation, NGOs Banned From Climate Talks, Unable To Reenter

Chilean lawmakers censure ex-interior minister over rights abuses

NSW Bushfires Mean That Carbon Uptake May Falter, Even If Burned Areas Grow Back

Rachel says SDNY dropped a bombshell today

How do liars like Rep. Lesko win elections?

Washington's new overtime pay rule will benefit 'tens of thousands'

After 20K Stage Spontaneous March In Sydney, Morrison "Acknowledges" Warming, Won't Change Anything

trump's Chanukah celebration

trump's Chanukah celebration

Research Firm Finds 'No Legal Basis" For Loophole To Allow Australia To Double-Count Emissions Cuts

Portrait of a Lady: Stolen Klimt mystery 'solved' by gardener in Italy

"He Thinks Fox Screwed Him": Trump Enraged At Fox, His Impeachment Bulwark

Have you seen this expose' from 2015 re: Rudy and MOB family history?

Applaud Illinois, Cook County DA motions to vacate more than 1,000 low-level cannabis convictions.

Hairless Great Pyrenees Turns Into The Fluffiest, Happiest Dog

In new legal memo, White House budget office defends withholding aid to Ukraine

Impeaching Donald Trump Is Already a Win for Democrats

My total lack of evidence proves my case!

In new legal memo, White House budget office defends withholding aid to Ukraine

Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial Board: Impeach President Donald Trump

Our country is accepting the unacceptable

Eric Holder: William Barr is unfit to be attorney general

Trump image found in OKC airport urinals

Appreciation thread for everyone who canvassed, called, donated, and voted to flip the House to the

in this time of impeachment...

House passes bill establishing Space Force, parental leave for federal workers

Democrats are talking about service to country. Republicans are babbling about Obama and Hillary

Matt Bevin pardoned brother of campaign donor.

In Maryland, many juvenile offenders languish in prison without parole - PBS NewsHour

Tim Kaine, what has he done to his looks???

anybody in Maricopa county know anything about "Ambetter" insurance?

I am proud to be a Democrat.

The Yahoo message board shitpool: family leave

Gov Bevin (KY) Is On a Pardon Spree Since his Defeat

KFC stole my Grandmother's coleslaw recipe but they didn't get it right....

Maddow: Gabbard will skip next debate, even if she qualifies, for reasons her campaign won't reveal

AZ-SEN: Kelly leads McSally in Arizona Senate race: poll

Hidden Payments and Costly Plans Dent Teachers' Retirement Savings

Say his name

Biden holds a big lead over Trump with a key demographic: Cynics (WaPo's Philip Bump)

Former Trump workers share a stage with Joe Biden -- and blast their ex-employer

Dem. vs. Repub. tonight:

So Rachel reports that according to Peter Bergen'snew book, Trump asked his boss (Putin) how to deal

In a final show of pettiness, Bevin keeps Beshear out of mansion until last minute

Rep. Neguse!

Bloomberg to donate $10 million to House Democrats

Mahalia and Satchmo, Newport Jazz Festival 1970

Voting site reopened in Georgia after grassroots fight

When Jim Gordan, Devin Nunes, and Louie Gohmert are your primary supporters.....

Lindsey Graham can't stop spinning and panting and disgracing himself -- just like Trump

NYT: Joe Biden Calls for Immigration Overhaul, Acknowledging 'Pain' From Deportations

Early voting ends in Houston runoffs with higher turnout than first round

Hakeem Jeffries

Turner holds wide lead over Buzbee in new Houston mayoral runoff poll

Bolsonaro says he has possible skin cancer, his office denies it

Done with The Judiciary Debates.

So what would you do?

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats that will put Democrats in the majority.

The left nukes Buttigieg over McKinsey work

Fracking leaves heavy footprint in Argentina's Patagonia

Sandoval: the 'butcher' of the Argentine dictatorship

Question ? If Trump is impeached and not removed

Another addition to my personal list of highly admired people

A Pledge for Journalists

2 GOP senators say McConnell will move to acquit Trump, not merely dismiss charges

Former Trump workers share a stage with Joe Biden -- and blast their ex-employer

macturkle on Newshour:

I am so proud to be a Democrat tonight!

This 'starry night' toad was lost to scientists for decades

This 'starry night' toad was lost to scientists for decades

Biden's speech to culinary union in Nevada

Bel-Air's Chartwell estate sells for about $150 million, a new California price record

Wedding registry for Stephen Miller and Katie Waldman. #MatchMadeInHate

Anyone else creeped out by Orange Hitler declaring Judaism a nationality?

Bottom line here folks

2022 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to a majority.

The Daily Show: America's Afghanistan Fiasco

Accidental find:Busca la Paz - ODINO FACCIA - Who is the Berisso singer nominated for the Nobel Peac

Asking Alexandria - Into The Fire - Co-Lab Cover

Answer This, Republicans

Reprisal on Hulu

Bevin Pardoned Killer After Family Held Fundraiser

Seth Meyers - Trump Is Officially the Fourth President to Face Impeachment - Monologue - 12/10/19

FBI Agents Showed Bias Against Hillary Clinton, Not Against Trump, DOJ Says

So Bloomberg will give 10 million to targeted Dems.

Seth Meyers - Trump Blasts "Impeachment Light" at Deranged Rally: A Closer Look

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: Donald Trump and the Articles of Impeachment

Trump really wanted to be Time's Person of the Year

Fox News Is Now a Threat to National Security

Just testing out posting a vid

(Jewish Group) One of the Jersey City shooters was a Black Hebrew Israelite. Here's what you need to

(Jewish Group) Victims of Jersey City shooting remembered as generous, helpful and courageous

(Jewish Group) 1000's march in support of Italian lawmaker, Holocaust survivor,targeted with threats

Tomorrow's Pentecostal Spin: Trump is now gifted by the Holy Spirit.

Is it true that doctors don't want to take action to have patient drivers licenses revoked for caus?

Nude, Pin-Up-Style Portrait Of Emiliano Zapata Sparks Protests In Mexico City

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats Democrats need to win to get back in the majority.

Power Network Map Conclusively Shows the U.S. Was Behind Bolivia's Coup

Power Network Map Conclusively Shows the U.S. Was Behind Bolivia's Coup

Indigenous Peoples Are Under Attack in Bolivia After Evo Morales' Departure

Morales's Coup Fits a Long Pattern in Bolivian History

Time Person of the Year: Greta Thunberg's Message

Kelly leads McSally in Arizona Senate race: poll

Pompeo pushes back on Lavrov claim Trump didn't raise Russia's election interference

Amherst poly sci tweet

Bloomberg to donate $10 million to House Democrats targeted by GOP

Thoughts on Trump supporters who live in the Fox bubble seeing campaign ads of Trump's incompetence?

Trump Calls Macron 'Pain in the Ass' to Other Ambassadors

My question to the class is who is Carter Page? eom

The question I want reporters to ask every Republican Congressman and Senator is:

Just saw Ari Melber on Seth Myers tonight.

Trump Is An Illegitimate President

ADAM SCHIFF will be on Colbert tomorrow night

Watch Don Lemon asking the moronic Goebbels-wannabes at Trump War Room

2 ex-credit union employees get prison for stealing $1M

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 12/11/19

Stephen Colbert- Amb. Samantha Power: Putin Got A Very High Return On His Investment In Donald Trump

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: The White House Hates Food Stamps

EPA and Justice Department Announce $245 Million Agreement For Cleanup At The Allied Paper Inc.

15 Defendants Charged In Manhattan Federal Court For $18 Million Fraud Scheme

Adam Schiff on Stephanie Miller's Show 12/11/19:

Stock Promoter Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison in Multi-Million Dollar Securities Fraud Case

Jimmy Kimmel Knows Who the Whistleblower Is

Breakfast Thursday 12 December 2019

Three Men Arrested in $722 Million Cryptocurrency Fraud Scheme

Cyndi Lauper receives special honor from the United Nations for LGBTQ advocacy

Cyber Attack Halts Radiation Treatment By Oahu Cancer Center

US Ramps Up Attention On Micronesia To Curb China's Expanding Influence

(Jewish Group) Jewish Blood on the Streets of Jersey City

Trump considering adding controversial lawyer Alan Dershowitz to impeachment legal team

OK, I know this lowers the tone...but...

Try this with your fancy, reusable, hemp grocery bags:

Some CNMI lawmakers seek investigation of governor's alleged corruption, fraud

Video captures man's heroic rescue of dog after leash gets shut in elevator doors

Imperial Pacific CEO Mark Brown resigns

Here's @BernieSanders walking through Burlington with @CPDAction

Russia's only aircraft carrier on fire in port

Why does she get up the nose of so many ignorant old men...

Thursday TOONs - Coup Coup! Coup Coup!

A fugue about Boris Johnson

It was a "perfect" impeachment.

Is the Judiciary Committee's vote on the impeachment articles a public vote?

****AUTUMN PHOTO CONTEST Preliminaries-- Thread 1****

Survey claims most Guam residents oppose cockfighting

****AUTUMN PHOTO CONTEST Preliminaries-- Thread 2****

****AUTUMN PHOTO CONTEST Preliminaries****

Optimism abounds for Texas Democrats in 2020, but campaign staffers are sparse

****AUTUMN PHOTO CONTEST Preliminaries Are Up in GD****

Israel Heads to Record Third Election, Extending Deadlock

19 Years Ago Today; SCOTUS rules on Bush v Gore, and tosses their legacy into the toilet

The Republicans' role in impeaching Donald Trump.

Number Of Greenland Melt Lakes Up 27% From 20 Years Ago, And At Up To 6,600' In Altitude

The President of The United States is jealous of a 16-year old girl.

Voting underway in the UK - that means Pups at polling stations day, too!

NOAA Arctic Report Card: Permafrost Now Emitting As Much Carbon As South Korea, Canada Or Iran

Warren and Booker receive top marks on 2020 Racial Justice Presidential Scorecard

Please Brits

The Rundown: December 11, 2019

Art of the Week: Week of 12/11/2019

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 12/11/2019

2019 in Review: Breakout Writer

2019 in Review: Breakout Artist

Top 100 Comics of the 2010s: #100-96

The outcome of this election will have an impact like no other on what our society will become...

Ulaanbaatar Now So Polluted That Children There Have 40% Reduced Lung Function

Who would you like to see as VP?

President Trump considering adding controversial lawyer Alan Dershowitz to impeachment legal team

House Republicans' Trump impeachment strategy was simple: Distract, deceive and yell

30 New Fires In NSW Over 12-Hour Period; 130 Fires, 2,600 Firefighters, 2.2 Million Hectares Burned

New Hampshire has an Open Primary...

Jeremy Newberger puts that thing in its place in 280 characters or less re: Greta.

"The two must under appreciated people in American history" (GREAT pic)

House Judiciary votes on articles of impeachment. Live stream.

How Arlington National Cemetery Came to Be

Rendon to Angels: 7-year, $245 million deal (sources)

Greta Thunberg is awesome

Millennials Are Leaving Religion And Not Coming Back


Members of Mayday - Sonic Empire

Trump Flips Out at Greta Thunberg After She Beats Him to Time Person of the Year

Dogs at Polling Stations

William Barr calls his own Department Of Justice, the Department Of Injustice

A Reminder for Trump supporters who are threatening a "second Civil War":

Soliciting foreign help in 2016 campaign

In praise of Grandmas everywhere

Rectify the mess Phil Gramm made and a lot is possible.

The Christian Withdrawal Experiment

Tiniest Dwarf Horse Learns to Walk

GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert publicly identifies person purported to be whistleblower

Democrats jostle for prized impeachment manager gig

New Report: Charter Fraud And Waste Worse Than We Thought

The hidden hand behind Bloomberg's campaign

Trump is on a rage-tweet spree -- posting more than 70 times before 9 am this morning 12/12/19

What If Trump Weren't Nuts?

Doug Collins....Whiny Bitch

Don't cross Santa Ed Asner!

Insanity in real time...Collins screeching at the Judiciary Committee and Trump

Look who's talkingabout rubber-stamp?

FT - "Never-Ending Dickensian Shantytowns Bulging W. Jobless Young Men From Rival Ethnic Groups"

Senate confirms Trump's 50th circuit judge, despite 'not qualified' rating

How confident are you?

Tell me this is not Bill Barr?

🐦 DEC 15 at 3:30PM - Rally in Fairfield Iowa with Bernie Sanders

Eric Holder says Barr 'unfit' to serve as attorney general

Our country is accepting the unacceptable

I just found out the old neighborhood child molester has died.

They're Not Stupid, and They're Not Spineless. They're Evil. Let's Keep That Straight.

Ukraine Extortion Scheme Was Financed by Russia

The Media equals Shit

Boston Marathon bomber begins appeal to overturn his death sentence

Meet America's newest veteran: Donald Trump

Trump keeps inviting pastor Robert Jeffress to the wrong events

Heartbroken Cat Nurses Litter Of Puppies

What Hell is like:

Tell the Senate: Restore Voting Rights Now! The Voting Rights Advancement Act must be passed

Collins is clearly disappointed when Nadler tables his motion for a "Minority Day" hearing

Trump's Remarks at Hanukkah Reception; December 11, 2019

John Bolton, your country needs you. So what does a brave Neo-Con do?

Trump proved just two things with this morning's tweet about Gretta

This will be a day that will live in infamy for Don the Con and his enablers

Meanwhile, the cats resist herding. Why oh why!

Kookaburra call (Two Laughing Kookaburra Laughing) SO LOUD!

Wealthy German family gives millions to Holocaust survivors

Man arrested after hoax bomb, NE Austin Walmart and Cap Metro bus evacuated

American Democracy Needs Better Reporters than Pete Williams

Trump Unhinged in Preposterously Manic Rally

Are Republicans out to steal the 2020 election?

New Polls: Bernie UP, Buttigieg DOWN

Did he say Rorkshire?

Some Beatles for you

Will Republicanism's anti-environment stance cause Millennial retaliation against Social Security?

"Chill, Greta. Ever hear of anger management?" . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Forget politics, this is the main reason to log onto Twitter today #dogsatpollingstations

World's oldest figurative artwork uncovered

Time once again for me to post MacArthur Park here in the Lounge!

can you rec a series for a 3rd grader?

Trumpocalypse Now: I love the smell of impeachment in the morning.

Report: Trump's Ukraine Extortion Scheme Was Financed by Russia

Do you remember during the Clinton years how Newt Gingrich and others

SpaceX to Make Starlink Satellites Dimmer to Lessen Impact on Astronomy: Report

In a stunning defeat, entire Christian population of the world loses by 81 points to NC Central

my view (fwiw) - we learn nothing new about the orange nitwit

Pence rejects calls to declassify new impeachment testimony

Frank Sinatra was born on this date-

Abused Pit Bull Puppy Discovers That His Rescuer Is Adopting Him update

Ha! Trump is shamed of being beat out by a 16 year old girl!

Lonesome Sundown was born on this date.

Republican Group Hits Donald Trump With Scathing New Billboard Campaign

Just one question to the GOPers?

Maddow Scorches Trump: 'Heckuva Day To Have Russia On Your Lap'

Construction of Texas Border Wall Stalls Over Fights With Landowners

Ukrainians: Trump Just Sent Us 'a Terrible Signal'

Man, Jockless Jordan is getting on my last nerve!

Pic Of The Moment: Happy Hannukah From The Trump White House


Now republicans are claiming Trump was fighting corruption.

Long lines are seen in London and beyond.

So, Trump released money

Hillary posted a link to this website for info on the impeachment.

If the Senate is posed to exonerate the FP

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: @DNC announces the dates and sponsors of four debates in January and February

All you need to know: This weekend's Geminid meteor shower (

Go Hillary ... please K n R and or send out around "the internets"

The Royal "Us"

A message from Beto for America -- Washington or Trump?

what do they mean when they say "like to strike the last word"

Progressive support of FBI and CIA... oh the irony

Jobless claims suddenly jumped to a two-year high

Big document release re: US / Iran relations since 1979

****House Judiciary votes on articles of impeachment. Live stream. thread 2****

Russia's Only Aircraft Carrier Hit by Fire in Latest Mishap

Craft Brewery uses edible "plastic" rings for their cans. For the fishes!

are there any impeachment-related hearings tomorrow (Friday?)

Venezuela will be world's worst refugee crisis in 2020 -- and most underfunded in modern history

"Let's change the tone here."

Amongst their inability to properly use words......

Drill Baby Drill

Dominican Republic becomes latest country to close its doors to Venezuelan migrants

Lamb to support impeachment

Greg Steube GOP Rep

The facts and proper motivations for impeachment are on our side.

Could someone send a gross of pacifiers to the whiny Republicans?

Evo Morales arrives in Argentina seeking political asylum

Evo Morales arrives in Argentina seeking political asylum

Pretty much sums up congressional Republicans' defense of Trump

So a player is removed from SURVIVOR for sexual harassment and yet the owner of the SHOW

Every time GOP whines about Democrats trying to nullify the 2016 election

Like many people, I enjoy drinking an alcoholic beverage or two.

oh fuck gaetz he is smearing now both Hunter and Bo Biden over "crack" abuse. Someone bring up gae

Disgusting MOTHERFUCKERS - Gaetz gleefully reading a bunch of bullshit aimed at Hunter Biden

Murphy the buns are yours. Stand your ground.

Health Care and Insurance Industries Mobilize to Kill 'Medicare for All'


CNN: If Nancy Pelosi ran for president, she'd beat Trump

NYT OpEd: "Don't Think Sanders Can Win? You Don't Understand His Campaign"

Senate Confirms Trump Judicial Nominee Who Cried When Confronted With Anti-Gay Record

Matt Gaetz, arrested for DUI, is talking about Hunter Biden's substance abuse problem....

Trump's team photoshops his face over Greta Thunberg's on Time Person of the Year cover

After bruising first year, new Dunleavy budget trades cuts for big PFDs and deficit spending

OK, I'll say it out loud.

A few doggie pixs to brighten your day

I haven't used the mute button up until today.

Hate they keep calling it The transcript and not the summary

Bill would give Alaskans an advisory role in Arctic shipping

Safeguarding my blood pressure with the mute button

Homemade Yam Rosti Recipe

Bernie Sanders could be the most underestimated 2020 candidate

"I move to strike the last word" means

Why Yang supporters back the Freedom Dividend

Mongolian ambassador visited Mar-a-Lago before Trump Jr. got coveted permit to hunt rare sheep

Ames, IA office opening was packed!

Bird Conservation Groups File Lawsuit In Federal Court Over Icebreaker Wind Project

I don't think Democrats should be using health insurance industry talking points to scare Americans

What do YOU think will happen in the UK poll tonight?

Ballistic missile launches from Vandenberg AFB

Donating to candidates

I made a mistake. I didn't mute Matt Gaetz.

Why Many Iowa Latinos Say They're Backing Bernie Sanders

Impeach Hunter Biden!

So far today, the Republicans have voiced support for the impeachment of the following people:

Elizabeth Warren Draws Sharp Contrasts With Rivals in New Hampshire Speech

Trump still has time to make a quick deal with the Democrats...

Why didn't Trump prosecute Hunter Biden?

Ex-Obama Attorney General Eric Holder says William Barr is 'unfit to lead the Justice Department'

****House Judiciary votes on articles of impeachment. Live stream. thread 3****

Shakespeare's 7 stages of men in 'all the world's a stage'--what are the 7stages of women?

Gym Jacket Off Jordan, world's biggest dirtbag, but Rep. Pramila Jayapal isn't having any of it

Checkout #DogsAtPollingStations hashtag on social media

Silicon Valley Is Listening to Your Most Intimate Moments

Classified intel turned over to the Judiciary Committee last night regarding VP Pence

Fire Andrea Mitchel....

outgoing rethug kentucky governor pardoning murderers and child rapists

Trump's chief-of-tweets loses Dutchess County home

They rely on poverty and ignorance... it is the only way they can retain power

{UK} Election results 2019: When do we find out who has won? (BBC)

Forest Service Moves To Open 'America's Amazon' To Loggers

Voted earlier! Turnout seemed pretty good in my local polling station, despite the horrible weather.

Man killed by Lexus car being remotely started (BBC)

Update: Trump's campaign photoshopped Groper's head upon image of Greta

Conversation this morning:

Colorado Bull Elk and German Shepherd play chase...

Jimi Hendrix cleared of blame for UK parakeet release (BBC)

hunter biden is going to get dragged through the mud

McDonald's latest fast food chain to join vegan craze (BBC)

GOP members try to strike Abuse of Power article... But NOT Obstruction

Elizabeth Warren delivers policy speech in NH about US economy

Pentagon Inspector General to review $400 million border wall contract given to firm Trump favored

Pentagon Inspector General to review $400 million border wall contract given to firm Trump favored

Oh...and this:

Melanie unleashed tooth, fang & claw when the name "Barron" was spoken, but Greta? Not so much.

Trump uses the benefit of being president to

Mayor Pete Throws Shade? 'I Was A Big Fan Of Bernie Sanders When I Was 18 Years Old'

Sen. Amy Klobuchar calls next presidential election crucial to U.S. reputation abroad

I LOVE that Jon Meacham is not engaging in bothsiderism - he's calling out the Republicans

UK Elections: Hour-by-hour Guide

We should all be appalled by Donald Trump's tweet about Greta Thunberg

As if we needed a reminder.

Here's the first annual DU "Dick of the Year" poll

FAA Administrator Dickson pressed on agency's prediction of 'as many as 15' Max crashes possible

Barr Dives Into the Culture Wars, and Social Conservatives Rejoice

GOP Poll: Kobach Would Win Kansas Senate Primary, Unless Pompeo Jumps In

The Perverse Servility of Bill Barr

Reach 'peak meat' by 2030 to tackle climate crisis, say scientists

Everytime I see this Trump photo, I think that Trump is standing like a grown gorilla .......

Greta Thunberg's Subtle Clap-Back After Donald Trump Mocked Her Again on Twitter

Andrew Scheer stepping down as Conservative Party leader

Pakistan protest: Patients die as lawyers ransack Lahore hospital

There is no excuse for the Dems who vote Against Impeachment

Michael Vick will serve as Pro Bowl captain despite a popular petition calling for his removal

man's quick thinking saves dog

Today, elected members of the U.S. House of Representatives have vociferously defended a man...

Democratic Rep. Van Drew to vote against Trump impeachment, says others could join him

Jersey City shooting is being investigated as an act of domestic terrorism, authorities say

Jersey City shooting is being investigated as an act of domestic terrorism, authorities say

Americans say strong economy only helping the rich

Latest Polls...538. Very good for Biden; it is a surge!

Judge denies Trump administration's motion to toss suits over missing Trump-Putin notes.

House votes climate change aid to native villages on Olympic Peninsula

Internet POTUS Bully Attacks Teenager on Autism Spectrum

'Pot calling the kettle black': A Democratic congressman threw shade at GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz for his

The Blue Wave

new CA cnn poll and some problems in the details

Did the democrats make a mistake by not including 'Bribery" explicitly as an article?

House passes sweeping Pelosi bill to lower drug prices

Infowars Host Travels to Manhattan to Yell at New York Times Building

Biden slams Trump for criticizing Greta Thunberg: 'What kind of president bullies a teenager?'

My Annual Holiday Visit to Louisa May Alcott

Shokin, the Ukrainian prosector VP Biden sought to have replaced, had abandoned the probe...

Wow! Tell them Jerry Nadler

Listening to Randi Rhodes Podcast from Yesterday

Liberal groups to spend $7 million to flip state houses

Here's something I wish Jerrold Nadler, or some other Democratic committee chair, would do.

Some heartwarming animal rescues,

Campaign edits Time 'Person of the Year' cover to show Trump's face on Thunberg's body

Blast from the past: a recreation of the Palin-Biden debate of 2008:

Cartoons 12/12/19

Watchdog to Review Contract to Firm Touted by Trump

Booker says he will not make December debate stage

Joe Cunningham , freshman from SC , is praying on whether he'll vote for impeachment

Marquette WI Primary poll

Gaetz Gets Burned Badly by Rep. Johnson

someone in Jim Jordan's district send this...

Giuliani Ally Parnas Got $1 Million From Russia, U.S. Says

I must have missed that part of debate class...

For the third time this year, GOP rejects election-security bill

BROKEN: POTUS Locks Self in Bedroom, Whimpering

Study: Warren Wealth Tax Would Bring in Less Than Promised

Wish that the dreidel would have one letter saying: quit, go home

House Rules Question

If Democrats ever attain full control of the government again...go full DEFCON

5 More Reasons to Hate the Phone Company

Andrew Yang campaign ad: "Wait"

There will be much lamenting

Nationalists Are Murdering Jews. Trump Is Targeting Campus Activists.

(Jewish Group) American Jews Are Terrified

Biden holds a big lead over Trump with a key demographic: Cynics

Bill Maher takes down Bill Barr

Isn't this all the fruit of Citizens United?

Rep. Pramila Jayapal on impeachment

Denman Glacier: Deepest point on land found in Antarctica - 3.5km below sea level!

The hell with this maze shit ---


Wow, cool Tesla feature......

One of Trump's soldiers training in case there's a 2nd civil war. Trigger warning

House Judiciary Republicans Tried To Protect Nixon Too, And Got Crushed For It

Well, hell - What did you expect?

Trump kids ordered to 'undergo mandatory training' as part of Trump Foundation scam settlement

Look who one of GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy's donors is.

American Gothic

BREAKING: House Republicans chose to keep prescription drug prices soaring

ReTHUGs are making it very easy for Dems to Impeach the Con

We should all be appalled by Trump's attack on Gretta Thunberg, CNN, Chris Cillizza:

Chabot: "We have a Republican administration now, and maybe Democratic, decades down the road..."

Oh, the Awesome Power of a Teenage Girl!

You raised $70.00 on December 11, 2019 ActBlue POTUS donation links

In landmark vote, Senate joins House in recognizing Armenian genocide

Amazon prime's commercial - Maureen BATT "Ave Maria" (SCHUBERT)

Recommended Movies for Greta Thunberg and Friend

One hour till the UK polls close...

Hey Donald Trump. My brother is in his early 20s and on the autism spectrum. Here's our story...

McDonald's Settlements

****House Judiciary votes on articles of impeachment. Live stream. thread 4****

Congressional Leaders Reach Tentative Deal to Avert Government Shutdown

I'm trying to imagine the early drafts of [Redacted]'s Greta Thunberg post...

Consequences for Congressional Lying

More of this please.

I teach PBS this year. Including 3 students on teh spectrum. I would rather be around them #fatdon

Bernie Sanders endorses Cenk Uygur for CA-25 Democratic Primary

So who is Matt Gaetz?

Who would be on your dream House Manager Team for the Impeachment?

Biden picks up O'Rourke alum to lead digital efforts

How Joe Biden got his groove back

The Huckster Bee is already planting seeds of extra-Constitutional autocracy amongst his people.

To those wondering why Judiciary Committee members keep asking to "Strike the last word".....

Cat Won't Destroy Christmas Tree Because Of Tangerine 'Force Field'

Comeback/Rebound/Surge/Going Strong (So Happy, I Could Plotz)

Stacey Evans to mount a political comeback after gov run

Pence's office denies Schiff request to declassify call with Ukrainian leader

Senate defies earlier White House block to unanimously recognize Armenian genocide

QB pioneer Marlin Briscoe sees so much of himself in Lamar Jackson

Who Gives a long crap about the Presidents Cup!!

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Dec. 12, 2019

Oh fuck. Exit polls give Tories a large majority.

BREAKING: UK Election Exit Polls released: Outright Tory Win projected

Val Demmings is impressive. I've caught her on news shows before the

BREAKING: BBC exit poll...BoJo 368 majority. GE OPEN THREAD

Warren Warns of Economic Trouble Without 'Bold Structural Change'

Democrats "should let the facts speak for themselves because they are in fact shouting"

UK general election 2019: exit poll predicts 86-seat majority for Conservatives - live news

"The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice."

Trump Jr. big hunter warning vomit producing stuff

Republicans admit it: Senate impeachment trial of Trump will be a total sham

Russia's only carrier, damaged in shipyard accident, now on fire

Click Here to Kill. The dark world of online murder markets.

Trump's threat to campus speech

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 13 December 2019

Bernie Sanders Should Be Democrats' First Choice

A point of parliamentary inquiry.....

Doug Collins must be having PMS (Panicking Man Syndrome).

Guber Burgers (xpost from Cooking Baking)


By Editorial Board, WashingtonPost: There is abundant evidence of the president's abuse of power on

Democratic dark money groups spending big, early to soften up vulnerable Republicans

"She's going to go through some things."

Luckovich-Greta Thunberg also has huge feet (trump cannot fill her shoes)

Earliest known cave art by modern humans found in Indonesia

Anthony D. Romero Ex. Director, ACLU National Board of Directors voted to support the impeachment

Mike Huckabee: "Trump is eligible for a 3rd term."

Republicans lose sight of their own impeachment standards

Is there any early word what day next week the House will impeach?

Have missed much of the House proceedings today, been away.

'Firefly' cast, just messin' around.

Season's Greetings from my Amaryllis in the kitchen

Remember when we thought Michelle Bachmann was the biggest loony in Congress?

If you don't like our Constitutional Republic, then

Planted garlic today

Clinton Portis among 10 former players charged with defrauding NFL health care program

Bonaire today (edited)

****House Judiciary votes on articles of impeachment. Live stream. thread 5****

States that currently have US Senators of different political parties.

Tiniest, Fuzziest Mini Horse Starts Dancing With Joy

Trump supporters threatening to shoot people who back impeachment.

My friend @RepRoKhanna is right:

Democrats Hold Edge in Party Affiliation

Kirsten Gillibrand....Ivanka Trump's parental leave summit is just a photo op

Hey Republicans -

My god republicans are just fucking assholes

God damn it!

caption Trump photo

Rep Hank Johnson is quietly becoming a star for me

does anyone know about the time

Move On is sponsoring 447 "Nobody is Above the Law" Events

playing like a pro

2020 US Senate Election- Which US Senate seat Democrats will win to get back in the majority?

Orphaned bear reunited with her human caretaker after years apart

Because liberals are so mean

LA County Democratic Party Says Cenk Uygur 'Does Not Belong in Congress'

The Ripple Effects of Taking SNAP Benefits From One Person

Judge rejects government's motion to toss suit over missing Trump-Putin meeting notes

The Blizzard of Bizarro Bull Shit