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North Korea's Ghost Ships

I guess I'm about to post something "not nice". I have never been a fan of the phony

Putin approves law targeting journalists as 'foreign agents'

Wisconsin Poll shows only Biden beating trump

You can't make this shit up. ROFLMAO

ABC World News: "Republicans united, Democrats waivering"

Squealing, petulant, showboating weasel Doug Collins storms out of hearing

If, as the Judiciary Committee Republicans insist, this is hurting the Democrats...

Great Joe Biden Ad-trump is a climate denier

Activists Protest AT&T's New Plan to Cut Labor Costs

Looks like bone spurs will keep him [#Trump] out of the 2020 debates, too....

McConnell Plans For Acquittal Vote To Avoid A Possible Tie Or Close Call

Democratic congresswoman uses Sharpie to explain President Trump's phone call with Ukraine

Its a huge mistake to think of Republicans as decent, reasonable, human beings.

Are Republicans getting more time to talk than Democrats? Jesus Christ.

Jeopardy Contestant Jennifer Quail

447 impeachment supporting marches planned

Democratic congresswoman uses Sharpie to explain Trump's phone call with Ukraine

Trump considering skipping general election debates in 2020: report

And now, a brief excerpt from my little known 1994 satirical, dystopian novel


So it will be sent to the House for a vote next week, right???

ICE Whistblower comes forward.

Those of us who are watching the impeachment hearings will never

ACLU The Supreme Court's refusal to hear our challenge to Kentucky's intrusive abortion law

Would one Democratic

UK election - need your opinions of the significance of this.

Please help identify the republican on the Judiciary Committee

The Whistleblower Joins the Long Line of Dissenters That Have Defined America

Protests planned across US "NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW".

I'm afraid the British elections are nudging me into the "scared" contingent.

****House Judiciary votes on articles of impeachment. Live stream. thread 6****

Could Gaetz ears get any further back on his head?

I don't know how the Democrats in Congress can take this shit.

Threat Level Midnight (Full Movie EXCLUSIVE) - The Office US

American Leftists Believed Corbyn's Inevitable Victory Would Be Their Model


Where is this Mr. Chabot

I finally had to not listen any more...

Bluster's Last Stand

Progressives Need To Face The Truth: Jeremy Corbyn's Record On Anti-Semitism Is Bad.

I used Uber for the first time. Neat.

Have any of you read the TIME article on Greta Thunberg...?

Trump's tweet on California fires drives firefighter union to Joe Biden for 2020

Warren vs. Buttigieg feud creates an opening for Biden in Iowa

All aboard the hate train. Actresses Publicly Shame Group Of Men For Screaming Sexist Chants

AG Ferguson pushing for statewide ban on 'assault weapon,' high-capacity magazine sales

"Undo the Will of the people" "Nulify 63 million votes"

Bevin pardons include convicted killer whose brother hosted campaign fundraiser for him

As Doug Collins lets his voice shriek up through the scales, when does he run out of octaves?

Look at these A$$holes, Trump Family edition, The Daily Show.

This needs to be said by the Democrats live on TV to the Republicans in Congress and elsewhere!

Reps. Hakeem Jeffries and Eric Swalwell..If looks could kill...

The GOPers has made an overwhelming point that can't be denied!

Americans' souring credit card debt poised to reach 10-year high

How Joe Biden got his groove back

new ambassador to Russia -- Opus dei?

Battling Hoaxers in Court, Sandy Hook Families Replay a Tragedy

I close my eyes and Shiela Jackson Lee reminds me of Barbara Jordan.

Why are Congressional members allowed to lie?

Listening to the hearing and Rep Tom McClintock (R-Ca) just said

The species the world lost this decade

Trump Named Person of the Year by Popular Sociopath Magazine

I don't have the stomach to watch this any more.

Those guys and gals!

We just watched the last episode of Madam Secretary.

Whoever wins .PLEASE pick Hakeem Jeffries

Millennials Are Leaving Religion And Not Coming Back

Graham realizes he's been caught up in 702 surveillance

Krugman, NYT "The Party that Ruined the Planet". Paul nails it.

Seven Candidates Have Qualified For The December Democratic Debate

Ezra Klein: Biden is actually a stronger, more appealing candidate than the punditariat thinks

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Another December Infamy!

CA-25: Sanders endorses Young Turks founder Cenk Uygur for Katie Hill's former House seat

Trump Claims He's Having a 'Very Busy Day' After Using Twitter 100 Times Today

CA-25: Sanders endorses Young Turks founder Cenk Uygur for Katie Hill's former House seat

25 horses seized in Enumclaw after allegations of abuse

This new Star Wars clip is awesome (spoiler warning).

TCM Schedule for Sunday December 15, 2019 - Christmas Double Feature

TX-21, TX-23: Congressional Hispanic Caucus campaign arm endorses Wendy Davis and Gina Ortiz-Jones

My reply to my MAGAT brother on the IG report.

If Democrats don't snatch the mantle of 'fighting for the working class'

TCM Schedule for Monday December 16, 2019 - Remakes

Swalwell: Our colleagues would have you wait until the building burnt to the ground.

Democrats spend big to put Senate in play

Presidential pootings.

Well, I have had enough for one day!

Defeated GOP governor pardoned violent criminals in a spree lawyers call 'atrocity of justice'.

New York Dems expect to gain seats in state Senate as Republicans anticipate more retirements


Va. Democrats' proposals include scrapping photo ID requirement, allowing no-excuse absentee voting

WaPo: Impeachment exposes the widening gap between Republicans and the truth

Inside Deval Patrick's time at Bain Capital

HR 757 to Disbar Barr

Elections Matter: Virginia Democrats introduce fair housing bill

Nah, he's fine. He's totally fine. All great presidents do this.

Georgia voting site in rural black community reopened after grassroots fight

Kentucky's new Dem Governor Gives Voting Rights to Some 140,000 Former Felons

We Need Homes of All Sizes, but Our Main Shortage Is of Small Ones

After a dreary six months, Texas Republicans try to regroup

Thousands of Fat Innkeeper Worms, each 10 inches long, wash up on a CA beach.

Elections Matter: Beshear restores voting rights for 140,000+ Kentucky felons

Blind Man Asks Facebook Group for Descriptions of Their Dogs and Gets Internet Gold in Return

A 73-year-old man

Representative Chabot?

What it comes down to, Republicans

How Trump envisions his "Space Force"

2020 is *NOT* a sure thing. Don't think for a minute we're safe.

Joe Bonamassa on PBS

I used to teach the Holocaust in high school. This was during the 70s, 80s and 90s

Steve Sack FTW

Tweet of the Day

When these filthy fucking lying pieces of SHIT lie about Obama and protect

****House Judiciary votes on articles of impeachment. Live stream. thread 7****

2020 US Senate Election- Which US Senate seat Democrats are more likely to win?

Adam Schiff on Colbert's Late Show tonight (tweet with video)

Cohen of TN knocks it out of the park! "not election nullification - PENCE will be" same but polite!

Jr.'s beard looks like iron filings--like Wooly Willy's:

If Trump was investigating Ukrainian corruption

Gohmert just said trump has a lot to be arrogant about

The whole "it takes a socialist to beat a crazy guy" theory just took a pretty big hit in the UK.

HPV Vaccine Being Tested on 4-6 Year-Old Girls in Latin America

A Theory for Why Trump's Base Won't Budge

Duque appoints "Uribista" pundit as new propaganda chief

House Republicans making big stink about the impeachment not meeting criteria.

Anyone else curious to see The Witcher on Netflix?

Colombia using 'intimidation and terror' to quell anti-government protests

Bogota police under intense scrutiny after disappearing student

Corbyn to step down as Labour leader.

U.S. lab chimps were dumped on Liberia's Monkey Island and left to starve. He saved them.

I just don't get it.

Jo Swinson loses seat as Corbyn says he won't lead Labour into next election


McConnell and White House Agree to Coordinate

What Time in the Morning Did Hubert Humphrey Give Acceptance Speech?

Moscow Mitch tells Hannity he's in 'total coordination with the White House' on Trump's impeachment

2019 marks the downfall of any future prospects for Brazilian cinema

Election Security *IS* National Security

My hat is off to our hard core watchers. Thank you.

Chile: Plane that vanished en route to Antarctica found

Joe Biden has earned the support of NINE (!!!) current and former NH Mayors

Bolivia's former president Morales arrives in Argentina to seek asylum

House Republicans' Trump impeachment strategy is simple: Distract, deceive and yell


Salvadoran man murdered in Mexico waiting U.S. asylum hearing

No Choice' or 'a Sham': Where Every House Member Stands on the Articles of Impeachment

Can articles be added to impeachment charges

Salvadoran man murdered in Mexico waiting U.S. asylum hearing

Abrupt ajournment...Collins hissy fit...

Australia could see hottest day on record next week as Perth heatwave conditions travel east

"Performative Anger"

I think Nadler's stunning suprise move tonight indicates a massive bombshell is coming from SCOTUS

Is Collins on adderrall too?...I couldn't believe they were still at it when I got off work

What is the word for a party taking out their leader? (Conservative leader)

The world's first 3D-printed neighborhood is being built in Mexico for families living on $3 a day

The world's first 3D-printed neighborhood is being built in Mexico for families living on $3 a day

Liars Lying To Defend A Lying Traitor's Crimes - Today's Republican Party

Bonus Tweet of the Day

House Panel Delays Vote on Impeachment Articles

Defeated governor pardoned violent criminals in a spree lawyers are calling an 'atrocity of justice'

I think the republicans intentionally dragged this late into the night.

There was no fuckin vote today??

Nicely played, Mr. Chairman

So the Suck Fairy Visited USPS Small Flat-Rate Shipping Boxes this year...

The Daily Show: Trump's Dramatic Toilet Talk

The Daily Show: John Lithgow - Playing Roger Ailes in "Bombshell" & Skewering Trump in "Dumpty"

Holy Shit do I have a surprise for fans of The Replacements (the band)

Anyone want to argue that there are decent Republicans?

Trump administration proposes Social Security rule changes that could cut off thousands of disabled

Friday the 13th.

Seth Meyers - President Trump Hosts Hanukkah Reception at White House - Monologue - 12/11/19

Seth Meyers: Ari Melber Thinks Rudy Giuliani's Done More to Impeach Trump Than Pelosi or Mueller

Bevin pardons a KY man convicted of beheading a woman and stuffing her in a barrel

the senate needs to adopt the same rules they used to impeach clinton.

Seth Meyers - Trump Is "Surprised" He's Being Impeached for Ukraine Scandal: A Closer Look

Happy Friday the 13th, Donald John Trump.

December 13th National Day of the Horse

Pinera Dodges Impeachment Motion on Chile Protest Crackdown

The wailing and gnashing of Republican teeth as Chariman Nadler brings the 3 ring circus to a close

I'm pretty sure I posted clips from this show -

OAS Final Audit Report on Bolivia Elections Raises More Questions about its Own Work than It Answers

Argentina's new government moves to guarantee access to abortion in rape cases

Fall event highlight - how La Nacin's data journalism changes hearts and minds in Argentina, and be

Good. Now $1,685,456,413,335 more to go.

"Our vote to impeach this president is too important ... We will do it in the light of day."

The Bernie Bro is over. Introducing the Yang Bro, the Bloomberg Bro, and the Gabbard Bro.

Post your memories of horses...

Costa Rica's president says therapeutic abortions will be allowed

Barbara McQuade responds to GOP impeachment defenses

Deforestation, erosion exacerbate mercury spikes near Peruvian gold mining

This is my daughter's Sociology final: She chose to write on Alt-Right video...PLEASE READ!!!

We have been talking about "if the president were a Democrat.."

Trump Would Never Cheat On His Taxes - Here's Why

Anti-terrorist' militarization in Bolivia

A celebratory kind of revolution: Peruvian villagers hold a bird festival (commentary)

Illegal hunting a greater threat to wildlife than forest degradation

Bolivia is a terror state, Argentinian rights activists warn after delegation threatened

Nancy may not but I do

The Return of the Indigenous Struggle in Bolivia

Picked by slaves: coffee crisis brews in Brazil

Amazon aflame: What we've learnt in a year reporting on Brazilian beef and the rainforest

Amazon aflame: What we've learnt in a year reporting on Brazilian beef and the rainforest

Johnny Cash: Why I Wear Black (*) Prince: America

Is the Kremlin running the Trump War Room twitter account too?

Brazilian radio station antenna destroyed in arson attack

Dems need to seriously ramp up the rhetoric against Russia.

We All Know That The Repugs Purposely Drew Out The Proceedings Today So That The Vote To Impeach....

Trial-ready: Pelosi faces choice on impeachment prosecutors

OMG Rick Wilson --- "It's a fecal iceberg"

don't know is this is the right place to post this but..

What's Going On, Marvin Gaye - (Official Video 2019)

What's Going On, Marvin Gaye - (Official Video 2019)

What's Going On, Marvin Gaye - (Official Video 2019)

New Mexico zoo cares for endangered Mexican gray wolves

US tests ground-launched ballistic missile that was previously banned

Wisconsin judge hears challenge to 234K voter registrations

What's Going On, Marvin Gaye - (Official Video 2019)

Tomorrow Never Knows

Within You Without You

UK Election: Sturgeon demands Scottish independence referendum powers after SNP landslide

Mongolian ambassador visited Mar-a-Lago before Trump Jr. got coveted permit to hunt rare sheep

Spices or Noodles?

Bevin pardons a KY man convicted of beheading a woman and stuffing her in a barrel

Fabulous Sceneries don't give a fuck, because fabulous Sceneries are too busy being fabulous...

Pearl Jam - Given to Fly

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump's Insane Outburst Against 16-Year-Old Greta Thunberg

John Lennon - Power To The People

Hadyn: 'Violin Concertos, No. 1 and in G Major'/Howells: 'Sonata for Oboe and Piano'

Everyday People -Sly & The Family Stone

10 former NFL players charged by DOJ in alleged health care fraud scheme

Im Afraid Of Americans - David Bowie

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 12/12/19

Atlanta pharmacy operators convicted of more than $4 million fraud

Stephen Colbert - Guest Rep. Adam Schiff

Former CFO Arrested And Charged With Embezzling Millions Of Dollars From Construction Company And

Executive Of Purported Caffeinated Snack Company Sentenced To 4 Years In Prison For Defrauding

Doctor And Occupational Therapist Sentenced To Prison For Participating In $30 Million Scheme To Def

Business manager sentenced to prison for crimes involving more than $2 million in Department of

Billie Holiday - "Strange Fruit" Live 1959

Comin' atcha!

Stronger winds in store for Northwest Alaska in coming decades, scientists say

New Jersey attackers linked to anti-Semitic fringe movement

🐦 DEC 16 at 6:30PM PST - Bernie 2020 Coachella Valley Rally in Rancho Mirage

Abortion-veto lawsuit against state may proceed, judge rules

Breakfast Friday 13 December 2019

Northern Ireland now has more republicans than unionists in Parliament

Brexit Brokenomics: The Economic Consequences

Bernie Sanders will hold rally in Rancho Mirage Monday

Despite Dunleavy plan, Alaska legislators are skeptical of big dividend

Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon makes it simple enough for GOPers

Campaign Update with Faiz Shakir - Dec 12

What's Going On, Marvin Gaye - (Official Video 2019)

'BP is leaving me like roadkill as it slinks out of town'

Love on a Blue Train

Hilcorp does not benefit 'all Alaskans'

So I was watching the mark up last night and this ReTHUG

Trump finds his people in Hershey PA, lol.😆

Climate change: Stalemate at UN talks as splits re-appear

UA digging out from its near destruction

Trump 'signs off' on deal to pause US-China trade war

Alaska city and police officer agree to $325K settlement

Aleutian Islands volcano erupts, sending ash cloud over Bering Sea

Seriously, MoscowMitch ?

ICE Draws Fire for "Sham" Detention Contracts

Omg...this meme

Austin unveils design for a new bridge on the southern end of Lady Bird Lake

Bernie - For All (Andrew Schear video)

Mitch and dotard can Gorsuch to hell for Kavanaugh to Putin. n/t

Judge removed in custody battle over trans child

Senate confirms conservative gay man to Ninth Circuit court

The race to lay claim on the Bering Strait as Arctic ice retreats

Candy-Colored Christmas -- Randy Rainbow talks his new holiday album in an exclusive interview.

The Bay Ridge Democrats are proud to announce that we have endorsed @BernieSanders for President!

A finnish band playing a blue grass version of an austrialian song: Thunderstruck.

It all depends upon an overtaxed heart beating in a 350 lb body

Judiciary Committe coverage reminder

UTSA Lecturer Suspended After DEA Raid at Her Apartment Uncovers 40,000 Counterfeit Adderall Pills

Devoid of agility, charisma and credibility, Corbyn has led Labour into the abyss

Why was Ivanka Trump even listed on Forbes 2019 Most Powerful Women?

If we are just going to make sh!t up, let's get the ball rolling on Obama's 2020 run.

San Antonio Man Suing H-E-B After He Says Cashier Hit Him with a Cucumber

White House delays new tariffs on China

If the impeachment went through and Trump removed, Mike Pence would be President.

Speaking of pots and kettles.

Democratic Candidate Elizabeth Warren to Open San Antonio Office on Saturday as Part of Texas Focus

Jerry Nadler's taken a lot of hits on DU for not being as smooth and crisp as Adam Schiff

Friday TOONs - Person of the Year vs Person of the Jeer

WOMEN are too emotional

40C+ Heatwave Under Way In Perth; Will Work Its Way East, Bringing "Extreme" Fire Danger In Its Wake

Mongolia Before and After Donald Trump Jr.

Young Republicans Support A Carbon Dividend; What They Need Is A Time Machine

LA Times: Bernie Sanders endorses a Californian who defends crude sex ratings of women

So the GOPers are getting peeved with a Nadler?

Republicans really think they can spin the impeachment-trial.

Impeachment Debate: The Republicans are begging the question of whether

With Gas Prices Going Nowhere, Chevron Selling Appalachian Utica Shale Operations

John Cornyn Blames Democrats After Being Ripped By Houston Police Chief for Inaction on VAWA

December 13 - Happy Birthday Rep. Anna Eshoo (D) CA-18th

The Decade We're About To Exit Smashed Climate Records Across The Board, Across The World

December 13 - Happy Birthday Rep. Jamie Raskin (D) MD-8th

December 13 - Happy Birthday Rep. Donald Norcross (D) NJ-1st

Teck Tar Sands Mine Acid Test For Canada On Climate; 260,000 BPD For 40 Years If Approved

The Rundown: December 12, 2019

Pick of the Week: "Hack/Slash 15th Anniversary Special" #1

2019 in Review: Best Reprinted Edition

2019 in Review: Best Translated Material

Top 100 Comics of the 2010s: #90-86

Top 100 Comics of the 2010s: #95-91

Trump shocks black voters -- by trying to get their votes

The origin of Super Villains: Deathstroke

Has anyone changed their mind about impeachment since yesterday?

The Sun Newspaper and how it decides UK elections

COP25 Festers To A Close; Paris Guarantees Developed World Won't Pay, But US Wants More Guarantees

MJ Hegar: "Texans Have Very Sensitive BS Meters"

Just a couple of badass ladies sitting around talking...

How do we react when Moscow Mitch throws his monkey wrench into the Senate Trial?

November 2019 Atmospheric CO2 410.27 ppm; November 2018 408.02 ppm; November 2017 405.12 ppm

Fox Host Brian Kilmeade's New Book About the Alamo Isn't Fair and Balanced

47 Years Ago Today; Apollo 17's Cernan and Schmitt are last humans to walk on moon (to date)

There are awful lot of "useful idiots" to go around!

This pretty much sums up Impeachment proceedings.

Former Tourism Director, Now PM Scott Morrison: "Where The Bloody Hell Are You?"

This is a must read.

"A fecal iceberg"

Trump will never participate in the debates

Enjoy this video of dancing Bloomberg supporters

Eric Swalwell for Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Nuff said.

How Katharine Hayhoe Stays Hopeful as the Planet Warms

Anyone know what time the House Judiciary Committee is gonna do its thing today?

4 Plausible Futures: 2050 Senarios...

Dogs at polling stations are always big in Britain. This election also brought horses and reindeer.

Michelle Obama To Greta Thunberg: "Don't let anyone dim your light"

Blueprint for a campaign ad I want to see

Just finished my iPad sudoku round in 13:13 on Friday the 13th.

Turkeys delighted they're able to finally "get Christmas done"(satire)

Is Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner Headed for a Second Term?

The lesson is that third way is fuckery

How a REAL President interacts with kids

Looking for votes: When should I put Impeach into flower?

If drumph died they'd pretend his corpse was a viable POTUS

Trump administration heavily redacted documents concerning their withholding of Ukraine aid

How many times can a president be impeached?

Orlando lawmakers seek funds to help Pulse shooting survivors

Matt Bevin pardons convicted killer whose brother hosted campaign fundraiser for him

University of Florida College of Pharmacy reveals breakthrough cancer drug

Happy #ImpeachmentDay #Trump-it is Friday, the 13th. dah

Clever display at Lowes......

Flores para Los Muertos (edited)

Sulawesi art: Animal painting found in cave is 44,000 years old

Are you ready for a really, really radical idea?

Woman blends in.

A few takeaways from the UK General Election that Democrats might want to consider going into 2020

We need a populist message to win.

Finally something a woman can do that a man can't

House Judiciary to vote on Impeachment.🍑 Live Stream.

Something special the Republicans are doing, and it must be discussed over and over.

Family of driver killed by forklift sues contractors and unlicensed driver for $25 million

There are two scenarios which explain Labour's loss. Both have implications for Democrats

McConnell: In 'total coordination' with White House for impeachment trial

I love it that Nadler put off the committee vote until today.

Millions in military aid at center of impeachment hasn't reached Ukraine

Regarding the self-driving truck that recently made a cross-country butter delivery ...

Six reasons why the Left need not despair

Just heard that trump was happy with the republican performance at yesterday's hearing.

Why Are Right-Wing Conspiracies so Obsessed With Pedophilia? (Mother Jones)

Florida's arguments rejected in 'water war' over Apalachicola River, oyster industry

Mitch McConnell helped Trump get impeached?

The Unserious Being of Lightness

The Ayes have it

spin the results; then move quickly to the next investigation. Repeat.

710KNUS won't comment on alleged neo-Nazi and Proud Boy connections

House Judiciary votes to Impeach Donald J. trump.

Cop who forced woman to get baptized during traffic stop is indicted on 44 charges

House Judiciary panel passes two articles of impeachment against Trump.

Nice guys. (Absolutely NSFW)

Like the swindler he is, the president used charity money for veterans to pay off his own debts.

This Woman On Vacation Stopped Everything to Save a Sick Puppy in Bali

U.S. Supreme Court justices set to tackle Trump financial records dispute

Rudy arrives to the White House today as the House Judiciary Committee prepares to vote on impeachme

Don't Look Now, but I Actually Agree with (shudder) LOUIE GOHMERT??

"Everybody" thinks the UK results mean Trump will win bigly.

Should We Expect Going Forward Any Surprises Or Bombshells From The Dems Re: Trump Impeachment.....

Have you noticed the swing in the Repuke impeachment narrative

What's Behind the GOP's Disinformation Machine?

So The Vote Is To Impeach And Trump Immediately Shoves It In Our Face By.....


Moscow Mitch: "I'm going to take my cues from the president's lawyers"

Happy 228th birthday, the Bill of Rights, enacted on December 15, 1791.

Tramadol: Mass opioid abuse is destabilizing' world's poorest nations

Tramadol: Mass opioid abuse is destabilizing' world's poorest nations

Danny Aiello dead at 86

The Dems Blew Me Away Yesterday

Trump will continue to do crimes

We're coming to the end of the effectiveness of the US Constitution.

Hired flunkies are forced to abase themselves, simulating tepid enthusiasm for Michael Bloomberg.

Giuliani brags to Trump about digging up dirt in Ukraine as Rudy's friends beg him to lay low

Cory Booker's Statement on Jersey City Attack

Carlos Montoya was born on this date-

Really, who HASN'T hired a stripper for a Homelessness Conference?

Man and mule.

Mitch McConnell Brags About Blocking Obama For 2 Years, Then Laughs About It

Obama: Countries facing severe effects of climate change offer 'moral call to rest of the world'

Biden warns that Boris Johnson's victory shows dangers of parties leaning too far left

A Diverse America Votes to Uphold the Constitution-A Largely Male White America Votes to Abrogate It

Tom Verlaine has a birthday today

Trump "Cares" about Corruption in Ukraine because It Ensures Paul Manafort Will Keep His Secrets

Romney is whipping votes to convict Trump

Boris (Trump's mini me) will preside over the unwrapping of Great Britain.

Chilean women's protest against rape culture & state sexual violence & torture goes viral

Poll: Biden continues to dominate among black voters

Trump BURSTS, Tweets 80 Times

13-Year-Old Boy Arrested in Killing of Tessa Majors, 18, Barnard Student.

Why are we comparing a different countries politics to ours?

The UK Parliament over the past 50 years...

It's the fastest-warming spot in America, with a temperature rise that's 4x the global average.

Democratic megadonor Alan Patricof: Bloomberg joined too late, 'I'm sticking with Joe Biden'

If you like Street Art visit this site

Joyce Vance: Pam Bondi (Crooked R-FL) to have lead role in Trump defense in Senate trial

Searching on Internet on iphone and all I get is a white screen.

Where does Joe Biden stand on anti-Semitism, Israel and other issues that matter to Jewish voters?

Dana Milbank calls Matt Gaetz's attack on Hunter Biden "grotesque"

Hillary Clinton documentary coming to Hulu

Experts stunned as Mitch McConnell brags he's handing control of impeachment trial to Trump

If you voted Democratic in the 2018 midterms, pat yourself on the back

Biden releases new Iowa ads on healthcare (YouTube videos of the 3 ads included)

Thanks to "arrests dot com" we have this and the name of the bar from which he was driving

Nicolle Wallace on why yesterday showed GOP sees Biden as lethal threat to Trump's re-election

Argentina's new government moves to guarantee access to abortion in rape cases

Mike Bloomberg releases his first domestic climate plan

Ever heard: "The won the war, but lost the peace"?

WaPo Biggest false claims of 2019 the Fact Checker.

Biden's SC firewall in danger? 2020 front-runner's lead shrinks to new low.

Here's Why Bernie Sanders is Upset That Humans Are Taking Fish Antibiotics

Front pages of the other 3 times in American history that a committee has sent impeachment to...

House Rules Committee Announces "Historic" Meeting for Tuesday

More of Pets vs. Xmas trees

BRILLIANT thread with responses to 12 GOP defenses of Trump from NBC legal analyst Barb McQuade

A proposed Ohio law would redefine a person to include 'unborn humans' treat abortion like murder"!

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Becomes First Democratic Primary Candidate To Open Field Offices In Pennsylvan

Cute pit bull steals baby's pacifier

Kind Golden Retriever Saves And Brings Stray Kitten Home

What if....Madam Speaker holds off on sending the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate? Is that

House Judiciary Republicans Tried To Protect Nixon Too, And Got Crushed For It

OK this is really an iphone question

Can the American people get a fair impeachment trial from McConnell?

Turkey adds former Palestinian politician Mohammed Dahlan to most wanted list

I Keep Hearing Dem House And Senate Members Say When Interviewed "No One Is Above The Law"......

US should recognize American Samoans as citizens, judge says

US should recognize American Samoans as citizens, judge says

You know? Next Bernie should endorse tRump!

What's happened with the SCOTUS rulings that were supposed to come today on Trump's taxes?

Fox: It's Unfair Merkel Was Named Most 'Powerful Woman In World' And Not Melania

Pakistan protest: Police hunt PM Imran Khan's nephew over deadly hospital riot

Report on far-right Republican Matt Shea in hands of Washington legislators

Man punches children in brutal, unprovoked assault in Target

After uncertain filing period, Democratic U.S. Senate candidates seek to "get down to business"

Photo: Why Gym Jacket Off look like somebody just walked over your grave.

FCC approves plans for 988 as national three-digit suicide prevention hotline

Trump sticking foot in mouth right now

Trump appears to hit new Twitter record with impeachment tweets (115-123 tweets on Thursday)

Did the King Con of LIARS just call Speaker Pelosi a liar?

The full, historic House Judiciary Committee vote on impeachment

Share your ideas for the "no one is above the law" rally

Danny Aiello of 'Do The Right Thing' and 'Moonstruck' dies at 86

Bank accidentally deposits $37 million into woman's account

Elizabeth Warren's Stealth Feminism

Pic Of The Moment: Let's Be Honest...

Colin Allred support impeachment

This is the message that needs to be sent to Senate Republicans

Any speculation about what vile bullshit Rudy made up out of whole Russian muck in the Ukraine?

DOJ quietly posts internal legal opinions about immunity from congressional testimony

Trump's saying he "wouldn't mind a long impeachment trial" because, well...Apprentice

🔥 Town Hall with Bernie and Rep. Ilhan Omar - Manchester, NH

Political historian says GOP has "become a monarchist party" and "Trump is their king"

Shooters may have been targeting 50 children in yeshiva, Jersey City mayor suggests

Attorney: Video of Baltimore officer shows pattern of abuse

Biden's SC firewall in danger? 2020 front-runner's lead shrinks to new low.

If Impeachment is passed with only a few Democrats not voting for it

New Poll: Jamie Harrison, Dem within 2 pts of #LeningradLindsey..........


Scoop: House Dems attend Trump's holiday party amid impeachment

The NAZIS Were United Behind Hitler Too

Centrists say this is proof Sanders or Warren can't win. They're wrong

Michelle Obama offers words of encouragement to Greta Thunberg after the Con attacked her

(Jewish Group) 2020 presidential candidates stances on anti-Semitism, Israel and other Jewish issues


13-year-old charged in fatal stabbing of Barnard student; others sought

The gospel according to Big Bear John:

I answered a post yesterday with this. 2 answers that didn't speak to the question...

Trump: Impeachment started "probably before I came down the escalator"

13-year-old boy questioned in NYC killing of college student from Charlottesville

Doug Collins' entire participation in the impeachment hearings, summed up in 1 photo. #Whaambulance

OMG...The UK Elections Are Not A Predictor Of What Will Happen Here

L.A. County and Planned Parenthood to open 50 high school sexual health and well-being centers

Happy Friday the 13th

Fields to appeal state conviction in Charlottesville car attack

Trump calmly runs down the list of the crooked people he blew up during impeachment hearings

Battle ahead: Scotland party leader vows independence push

"Worst thing I ever did in my life was tell the truth." Come CAPTION Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX)!!!

When a coffee shop owner went into hospice, a competitor worked there for free to keep it open

Why Did Bernie Sanders Endorse the Extremely Gross Sexist Cenk Uygur

Joe Biden makes big fundraising swing through Bay Area 😎🎨

Democratic candidates unite against Trump but little else

Must have been a very busy day for Trump yesterday?

UNC History Faculty on Silent Sam Statue

Since 2008, 30 States Have Cut Their Environmental Budgets; 40 Have Cut Environmental Staff

The disconnect between Schumer's statement on impeachment and the turtle on Hannity

🐦 DEC 20 at 1PM PST - Green New Deal Town Hall in Moreno Valley

Trump lawyer Giuliani at White House as U.S. lawmakers vote on impeachment charges

Jill Wine-Banks: "That's why I'm running to be a @JoeBiden delegate..."

🐦 DEC 20 at 6PM PST - Immigration Rally in San Ysidro

White House Calls House Inquiry a 'Charade': Impeachment Update

Warren, Sanders threaten to skip debate amid labor fight

Doug Collins vents on how impeachment committees have been "rampshodding" House rules

White House further limits officials on Trump's foreign leader calls in wake of Ukraine scandal

Can the leader of the House or Senate yield his Constitutional obligation

Meghan McCain says Nikki Haley's Confederate flag comments will 'haunt' her

'Disgusted.' Trump rails against Democrats after House committee approves impeachment articles

U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor That Crash Landed 7 Years Ago Takes To The Sky Again

For Trump, Impeachment May Be a Political Plus but Also a Personal Humiliation

County sues state to recoup costs of new ballot drop boxes

UNESCO drops Belgian parade from heritage list over anti-Semitism charges

It's not too early to be thinking about next November's election.

Editorial: Use noise study to get Navy, neighbors to table

Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham responds to the criticism of Melania re: Greta Thunberg:

Protesters fill London streets. Live stream.

Rebecca Hovde - LEMS

House Democrats who attended Trump's WH Christmas party Thursday night!!

Megan Rapinoe just endorsed Elizabeth Warren for president

Dear Mrs. Collins, Dougie needs a new daycare

All the signs on Trump's buildings will need to be changed...

As McConnell "coordinates with the White House," the truth could be much stranger.

On the rocks

What's depressing about Trump's attack on Thunberg

Rep. Tom O'Halleran, a moderate Arizona Democrat, says he will vote to impeach Trump

Thank you @BernieSanders for sponsoring our Granite Slate Awards as a Majority Keeper this year!

Indivisible launches campaign to pressure Senators on impeachment

Is it just me, or was 2019 the longest year ever?

Greta Thunberg's Time cover altered AGAIN!

I stand with the workers of @UniteHere11...I will not be crossing their picket line.

United States Postal Service facilities receive names

Trump Administration Considers 100 Percent Tariffs on All European Wines

Meanwhile in Australia: Woman finds 10-foot python in her Christmas tree

Fux Noise Condemns 2020 Election As Partisan Witch Hunt By Democrats To Unseat Trump

Trump's Remarks; December 13, 2019

Eric Swalwell dresses down Doug Collins

You raised $550.00 on December 12, 2019 ActBlue POTUS donation links

United States Postal Service facility in Pacoima, California, named for Ritchie Valens

David Corn: With This Impeachment, Trump Is Getting Off Easy

NYT/The Candidates: Elizabeth Warren

Planned Parenthood shooting suspect insists he's competent

BLS Report: CPI for all items increases 0.3% in November as shelter, energy indexes rise

Three terms-they are planning

Tantruming Trump Puts Impeachment Hit Out On Future Democratic President

"You cannot take the vote away from 63 million people that voted for Donald Trump".

Cartoons 12/13/19

The Awesome Power of the Grassroots

Brazilians arrive in waves at the US-Mexico border

Brazilians arrive in waves at the US-Mexico border

Lawmakers want former Ky. Gov. Bevin's pardons investigated

David Corn: With This Impeachment, Trump Is Getting Off Easy

Trump calls impeachment vote 'embarrassment' to nation

He's baaack: Vicente Fox already ordered 5 million hats for his campaign... #VicenteFox2020

Melania Defends Trump Attack on Greta Thunberg: Barron 'Is Not an Activist Who Travels the Globe

Beaten up, but alive: journalists find Bogota student kidnapped by police

BeBest UPDATE from Melanie: OK for Trump to bully Greta because Barron isn't an activist

Vicente Fox sells hats to compete with the MAGA ones

Max Rose (D-Staten Island) to vote for both articles of impeachment

if everybody does their part, this time next year

Idea: Jack-it 4 Gym!

I for one can't wait to see what Secretary of Corruption Giuliani came up with. I have to

The Senate trial: Are we going to fail to address a major reason why we have reached this point?

What's for Dinner, Fri., Dec. 13, 2019

Trump is getting played by China on trade

Just in case, senators taking Colombia's security forces to court swear they won't commit suicide

Young Mitch: Proof that in America, any ambitious white nerd can grow up to become a Russian asset

Trump internal polling

Doug Collins soils himself on live TV

I wonder what Little Lindsey Graham's "safe word" is.

Trump has described the same conversation about Israel four times. Each time, the name changes

BIZARRE!! Bill Barr Calls Obama, FBI, & Intelligence Community a Greater Threat Than Putin & Russia!

What can one even say about our species these days?

Fraud is the business model of the military-industrial complex.

Homeless Man Plays Street Piano Beautifully in Sarasota, Florida (Come Sail Away)

The election in Britan scares me! Sounds like what could easily happen here in 2020!

Bill Weld: As many as six GOP senators privately support convicting Trump

The Family That Grifts Together

Michelle Goldberg: Democracy Grief is real

Howling pit bull sings along to harmonica

Who is Whitney Williams (for governor)

Sanders Retracts Endorsement of Gross Sexist

Twins of Friday the 13th

This Woman's Addiction Is Her Dog - PUDGE

Climate Change Is the New Reason Your Flight Is Delayed

Rep Jamie Raskin had the best comeback this morning

Every GOP defense against impeachment 🍑 is destroyed via Barb McQuade

Sanders and Warren threaten to skip debates over labor disputes

Appeals court divided on future of lawsuit over Trump hotel

Mike Bloomberg campaign ad: "Smoke and Fire"

We should start getting into the habit of referring to Trump by his upcoming new title!

Federal judge orders state dept. to expand its search for records of communication between

Roy Loney of "The Flamin Groovies" dead at 73.

Just to review: Sanders endorses Cenk Uygur; discovers sexist comments; immediately retracts it

BREAKING: Supreme Court will hear Trump financial records case

Supreme Court will take up Trump's broad claims of protection from investigation

I Hope Trump Lives Long Enough...

The cranky wife

What's the legal status of Alan Weisselberg?

Would you rather be president or have your signature policy enacted?

All 7 Dems to boycott next debate.

CAlifornia Computer Glitch wipes out PArty Preference

Looks like no one sees the king's tax returns until next summer at the earliest.

House Democrat starts what should be groundswell, demands McConnell recuse himself from impeachment

All the 2020 Democrats in next week's debate threaten to skip event, refuse to cross picket line

Sanders make comeback as Warren slips

Just another week at the "office." I may be getting too old for this routine.

Calling my Republican Senators about the impeachment trial

Argentine soy giant Vicentin suspends crushing amid debt crisis

Argentine soy giant Vicentin suspends crushing amid debt crisis

the ethno-nationalism is about anti-immigration in the face of climate change

Sanders Reunites with Veteran in emotional town hall

Beagle dancing with her human (Twitter video):

Looking at the data, who DIDN'T know that Corbyn was going to lose?

Please don't get upset or worked up about the Supreme Court taking these cases

A Child's Forehead Partially Removed, Four Deaths, The Wrong Medicine -- A Secret Report Exposes Heal

Trump on how **he** will conduct the Senate trial "I'll do whatever I want"

Bravo House Dem's, fulfilling voters demands from 2018 elections

Ozzy the Weasel's War Dance

🐦 DEC 21 at 12PM PST - Rally in Los Angeles with AOC and Bernie Sanders

White House Limits Officials on Trump Calls

So when a leftist loses, it proves the left can't win. But when a centrist loses...

Are we nearing the end?

🐦 DEC 21 at 5:30PM PST - Rally in Las Vegas with AOC and Bernie Sanders

So what day next week is the House Impeachment vote

After Lavrov's meeting with Pompeo, it looks like Treasury Department scrubbed 3 Russian companies

Bay Rising Action Endorses Senator Bernie Sanders for President

"PragerU" got rid of Owen Benjamin...BUT...

The Net Worth Of Every 2020 Presidential Candidate

DU lawyers - please weigh in on the Supreme Court granting cert today in Trump's financial records c

Cenk today said he is rejecting all endorsements for his campaign and I retract my endorsement.

You really, REALLY need to see this.

So those Southern assholes have the "Try Burning This" shirts..

Answer: A petty little insecure, self absorbed, self doubting malignant narcissistic prick!


Sally Field Arrested On Capitol Steps, Joins Jane Fonda's Weekly Climate Change Protest

Why do I have a bad feeling about Trump's warped mind......

any news on Moscow Mitch's polling numbers???

This upsets me (re: Klobuchar & gray wolves):

Could someone please explain what was wrong with Jeremy Corbyn?

Arizona Republican in denial about core impeachment detail

The Trump-related SCOTUS cases will be heard in March and decided by June.

Oh, fuck off, Ari Melber

I don't think this defense of a tyrant would be happening if America was not so dumbed down.


A Great Big Gift Not on Trump's Disclosure Form: Giuliani's Legal Advice

Holocaust survivor receives death threats so thousands of Italians escort her through the streets

may be a double post,, more updates since meltdown

And So The Corruption Continues....

Photo: ⁦Bernie Sanders @NHYoungDems⁩ Granite Slate Awards

538 Primary Poll Averages

BWV 538 - Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

Boris Johnson Called Gay Men 'Tank-Topped Bumboys,' Black People 'Piccaninnies' W 'Watermelon Smiles

Impeachment will anger trump's brainless supporters -- that's good

Bull Elk And German Shepherd Have Been Playing For Years

More Swalwell gold...

Here's the only thing that really gives me hope about the Supreme Court:

I'd like to resurrect this well.

WMUR: BernieSanders' message to young #NH voters @NHYoungDems event.

German mayor sued for refusing handshake with neo-Nazi politician

Bernie rescinds Cenk Uygur endorsement after backlash

Melania Trump Thinks Greta Thunberg Had POTUS Attack Coming

Can Democrats regain or retain control of the US Senate in 2022 with a Democratic POTUS?

Octopus captures eagle that tried to attack it

The Democrats in the Senate should not participate in a fake trial.

"He's a serial solicitor"