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Italy's 'Sardines' to pack Rome for anti far-right rally

Dogs are loyal

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How Bernie Sanders's Endorsement Of An Ally Blew Up In His Face

2020 US Senate Election- Republican held US Senate seats up in 2020 that Democrats could win.

Greta Thunberg apologizes for 'against the wall' comment

In 1994 Newt Gingrich swept the R's into power on a platform of term limits.

I'm outraged, @MLB. Threatening to walk away from the entire minor league system ...

For the Win!

Jeremy Corbyn's social policies were popular

Rep. Jeff Van Drew, anti-impeachment Democrat, expected to switch parties after Trump meeting

Trolls, tovarich?

Prosecutors say a man stole $88,000 from a bank vault. The FBI caught him after he flashed stacks of

Iowa's StormLake Times: Warren "developed the most extensive agenda" to lift up rural Americans

Houston police chief: Death is not political, it's final

Democrats ask McConnell to recuse himself from possible Senate impeachment trial

Ken Cuccinelli said goodbye to USCIS, taking on a bigger Homeland Security role. But he's back.

Lindsey Graham invites Rudy Giuliani to Judiciary panel to discuss recent Ukraine visit

This comes from a set of Russian tactics to destabilize the US.

Hallmark Faces Holiday Controversy After Rejecting Ad With Same-Sex Couple

I taught my grandkids a card game today

For those that don't keep up with various state or various city politics

Trump, allies target vulnerable Democrats ahead of House impeachment vote

More Ski Runs To Open After First Big Snowstorm Of The Season

Meet the owner of the Hallmark Channel.

Leningrad Lindsey's hypocracy on display

Quadriga: Cryptocurrency tycoon died leaving $145m in limbo. Now lawyers seek exhumation to check it

Impeachment Raises Questions About Secret Stash Of Trump Records

Pompeo humiliated after top Russian lies to his face at press conference

Ha older woman moved into our neighborhood, an has the "fishnet leg, with a shade"

80th anniversary of Gone With the Wind

Former Gary, Indiana, Mayor Richard Hatcher dead at 86

Former Gary, Indiana, Mayor Richard Hatcher dead at 86

Pentagon: Turkey has begun testing its new Russian air defense system

Netflix show Black Money Love

How about a little Christmas music?

Democrats plan 'unprecedented' effort to flip state legislative chambers in 2020 state races

Democrats plan 'unprecedented' effort to flip state legislative chambers in 2020 state races

CNN's Andrew Gillum Cautions Against Comparing US Elections to UK: Boris Avoided Trump 'Like the Pla

Lindsey Graham invites Rudy Giuliani to Judiciary panel to discuss recent Ukraine visit

Newtown wins football state championship with a walk-off touchdown on anniversary of Sandy Hook scho

Trump wins Heisman trophy

Saudi student at New Mexico university charged with illegally possessing gun

Trump to announce he's pulling thousands of troops from Afghanistan (as early as next week)

Groundbreaking South Carolina Bill: Compensate People for Forcing Them to Give Birth

Now India is having civil unrest.

Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper

Russia Got Its Hands On A U.S. Tomahawk Missile In Syria (And Plans To Counter Them)

A judge ordered up to 234,000 people to be tossed from the registered voter list in a swing state

seems the whole world is on fire

How to trumpers happen? We are watching the film Wild Wild Country on Netflix -

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2020.

COP25 in Madrid is falling apart.

UPDATE.. BS' Press sec Goes on Cenk's show to Defend him Against Elizabeth..

Olympian Michelle Kwan Hits Campaign Trail in Des Moines to Support Joe Biden

Trump explicitly calls for an end to objective reporting.

Dog Freaks Out Over Her New Snow Goggles

Classics professor Dame Mary BEARD's "aggressive politeness" to answer Flame mobs on Twitter

The Useless Confessions of a Former Infowars Staffer

Newtown High School wins state football championship on this painful day

Help! I am in dire straits!

Tried this sketch I found in Catherine Gill's excellent book. The reflections gave me the most

Houston Mayor Sylvestor Turner re-elected, defeating Trump wannabe

Tiny Kitten Hides Under Furniture and Swats Curious Fingers LOL!

camera obscura - honey in the sun (studio-2009) if this doesn't put a 🙂 on ya then well ...

The "President" of the United States, folks.

Just added Showtime to Sling TV, watching "Ray Donovan" for the first time...

Gamblers, Wastrels and Lumberjacks: An Old Cemetery Gives Up Its Secret History.

SNL cold open up next. Golden Globe nominee Scarlett Johansson hosts

We could eradicate HIV/AIDS in America. What's standing in the way?

Australia is not immune...


Petra has both Google & Alexa play Rockin Robin

In echo of 2016, Bernie Sanders refuses to commit to conceding early if he won't be the nominee

Christmas with the family.

Heat energy can travel through a complete vacuum

A Dark River Nearly 1,000 Miles Long May Be Flowing Beneath Greenland's Ice

Tweet of the Day

Niall Horan

Physicists Use Bubbling Quantum Vacuum to Hopscotch Heat Across Empty Space

So much for South Bend hating Mayor Pete...

Business The Tiny, Simple Nuclear Reactor That Could Change Energy

Who's jamming? It's Saturday night! and I'm staying up until 1 am!


Commentary on the 120K banana from Brooke Shields

Show This to the Family Trumpists

Endorsements. How much do they matter? Do they influence you?

2fer: A day in the life of Angela MERKEL, and, more Emoluments

"I solemnly swear...."

Trump lost again tonight

Video shows North Carolina sheriff's deputy violently slamming child to floor, twice



From Facebook

Bill Barr Is Threatening To Take Down Any FBI Official Who Investigates Election Interference

SNL: American Households Cold Open

SNL instant classic.. I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus.🎅

UK general election 2019: Was it stolen?

SNL: A Conway Marriage Story

SNL: Weekend Update

SNL: Another Translator

Scuffles break out as Adam Schiff speaks at Armenian town hall

Something tells me...

Corrections Instructor Byrd Taught Cultural Diversity; Still No IDs Of Cadets In 'Nazi Salute' Photo

Justice Attorneys File Residency Brief In W. Va. Supreme Court

Manchin Plans To Halt Senate Action Over Coal Miners' Benefits

I've diagnosed myself with blepharitis.

Photo: Bernie at Martini's Grill with kitchen staff and servers

New Zealand running legend Peter Snell dies aged 80

Watchdog Group Calls Decreased Tax On Coal A 'Blatant Subsidy' For The Coal Industry

Remembering lost of millions dreams

SNL: Hallmark Dating Show

The Religious Right Stealing Subjugating Strategies since at least 250 BC

It's Sunday noon here (6 AM Eastern time). Here's something to wake up with!

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) O Christmas Squeee 2019 Edition

Study Shows Surface Coal Miners Are Exposed To Toxic Dust That Causes Black Lung

December 15 - Happy Birthday Senator Mark Warner (D) VA

Engineering at its finest!

time to boycott hallmark network

Sackler-owned opioid maker goes global with OD treatment

Bernie Sanders On How He Would Fix Public Education - MSNBC

Bernie Sanders Opening Remarks at the MSNBC Public Education Forum 2020

Iowa Democrats worry 'Medicare for All' hurts key industry

CNN retracted its messed up chyron from Wed, admitting it should have read @BernieSanders

Louisiana lawmakers get special access to football tickets

Controversial former justice wants back on Supreme Court

Boog self identifies as a goat ,I am ready for the pre school children tomorrow

Former Breitbart Editor Claims Trump Adviser Stephen Miller is a 'White Supremacist'

WV Racing Commission leader says agency on track to go broke

it's not like they did anything really disrespectful and offensive like kneel during a song...

***Autumn Photo Contest Finals***

***Autumn Photo Contest Finals are up in GD***

This week was a big one in the history of this country. - Heather Cox Richardson, Historian


Corbyn's Defeat Is a Warning Sign to the Left Everywhere

How many cookbooks do you have?

Sunday morning delight! Jonathan Harris interviewed by Conan 1998

Let's be clear: the scripture-quoting, Jesus-hugging, holier-than-thou Republicans who are

SNL the Translator and Another Translator. Pug Trump Supporter.

Wrote to my senators today.

A Conway Marriage Story SNL.

Take Back Our Party: Restoring the Democratic Legacy

American Households SNL Cold Open.

'One nation conservatism' means one nation English nationalism with Boris in charge

I absolutely love it that Nancy Pelosi referred to her Catholicism last week.

Working title. "One Nation Under Fraud". The book I'll write on the Trump years as

'Take Back Our Party' Chapter 1: Their Democratic Party

'Take Back Our Party' Chapter 2: Bad Policy

Mayor Pete's bestie is also helping craft the Warren agenda

Mugshot Comes Back to Haunt Gaetz

Anyone else planning to attend an impeachment rally this week?

Stromboli production here this morning feeding young boys

😀🇺🇸🧁☀️❗️What's your favorite 🧁❓

Pharma-Funded 'Dark Money' Group Hosts House Staffers for California Junket

Will solar panels increase your home's saleability?

Ancient Carvings of Shadow and Light

Qatar's $320 Billion Wealth Fund Seeks to Catch Up on Technology

Russia Seeks to Lift Ban on 'Blood Diamonds' From African Ally

The Trump "great economy" is such bullshit.

When you can't decide what to wear

maybe a good analogy for why people vote against their own best interests?

Do you think another "impeachable offense" will happen between now and Election Day?

It is a slippery slope to the horror show...

Sackler-owned opioid maker goes global with OD treatment

Why UK Labour Lost part 1 - Brexit

UncleNoel's National Dem Nomination Poll Roundup to date: JB 27.4, BS 17.5, EW 14.5, PB 9.8

Day off

Use "penis fish" in a movie title

Mean girl hurts Trump

TPM - Marshall gets it "Terrible, Terrible, Terrible"

Those Mean Ol' Democrats

The Democrats should add an amendment to the articles of impeachment, Jury tampering.

Jeff Van Drew is a craven individual

I can live with this

Should Democrats demand that Donald Trump testify under oath?

Prospective candidates for NJ-02 (Van Drew)

What is your asshole name?

Here Are The Billionaires Backing Michael Bennet's Presidential Campaign

FUD -- Are we seeing business tactics applied in politics?

John Dean says "He's totally unqualified "

Fox News Democratic primary poll: Biden 30%, Sanders 20%, Warren 13%, Buttigieg 7%,

Fox News GE poll, Dems versus Trump: Biden +7, Sanders +6, Bloomberg +5,

For Second Place in the Democratic Primary Race, Little Things Matter

trump voter sentenced for illegally voting

got a baking question.

Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan takes the ice in Des Moines to support Joe Biden

Liberty and law are under attack worldwide. Consider the impeachment crisis in that context

Here Are The Billionaires Funding The Democratic Presidential Candidates

I can live with these findings (PART TWO)

Proud MAGAt UFC fighter is defeated and has his jaw broken by a Nigerian Muslim immigrant

The boy who bit sheep and cried wolf

Fox News poll: Biden seen as most electable & as candidate whose positions on issues "about right"

CBS Battleground Tracker, Super Tuesday states: Biden 28%, Warren 25%, Sanders 20%, Buttieieg 9%,

How the Constitution Defines Impeachable, Word by Word

Rand Paul claims Trump is anti-corruption-so Tapper listed all of Trump's convicted associates

Tulsi palling around with Mike Huckabee

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats that Democrats could win to regain control in 2020.

If you read only one post on DU today - make it this brilliant one

OK if Trump steals Term 2 and Barr finds a way to allow him

Short guide on how to recognize famous artists

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Spin THIS Trumpsters: Fox poll finds that 54% of Americans believe Trump should be impeached

Russia:"Remembrance Day of Journalists Killed" - Bill Browder

Diverse America Votes to Uphold the Constitution; a Largely Male White America Votes to Abrogate It

Texas a linchpin in Biden's Super Tuesday strategy

Krakatoa - The monster

If Bernie Sanders Somehow Becomes the Democratic Nominee,

If someone wishes you...

Someone on MSNBC just said something that is very true, straight to the point and scary.

Well, this pic taint lyin'

🔥 Bernie Meets with MLB Class Action Plaintiffs

If the Navy expels the white nationalist midshipmen will Trump reinstate them?

LIVE: Bernie Meets with MLB Class Action Plaintiffs

What's on your wish list?

That this sits within the bounds of credulity tells us all we need to know about the Trumpers

I don't think our Founding Fathers anticipated the moral depravity of the Republican leadership.

Does the truth eventually

This psychological analysis of Trump supporters has exposed 5 alarming traits about them

Pierce: The Hour of the Founders Arrived Again on Friday Morning in the House Judiciary Committee

When the Republicans corruptly acquit Trump, history will remember that day this way.

Do you have cached responses that appear when you start typing a response to a post?

As Heatwave Moves East, Australia Awaits Potential Hottest Day On Record This Week


I just read a comic book where the leader was exposed

COP-25: No New Money, No Committments, No Agreement On Carbon Markets, Lots Of Exhortations

In the future, this is what auto traffic will look like

IUCN Declares Whitetip Sharks Critically Endangered; 95% Population Collapse In Central, W. Pacific

Hallmark - better idea

This was one of my best Sunday mornings in years.

My #2 drawing of vegetables

Ignoring Huge Fires, Spike In Murders, Brazil's Reps Talk Economic Development, Technology

NYC settles w/ Jazmine Headley for 625K - the mom tazed/baby ripped away for sitting on floor

Twitter videos

Showing Uncanny Ability To Ignore Everything, NSW Gov Pitching New Coal Developments NW Of Sydney

This is no longer about Trump or the Republicans in Congress.

Rep Carolyn Maloney-Confirms that after next wks historic impeachment vote-this is NOT over in House

In Southwest Iowa, We're Now At Nine Months Of Flooding And Counting

My wife does most of our Christmas Cards, but

Andrew Yang has defied expectations. Can he turn that into a 2020 win?

My letter to the editor

'We've seen enough': More than a dozen editorial boards call for Trump's impeachment

'You can say Merry Christmas again': Lara and Eric Trump declare victory in the War on Christmas

The One Democrat Trump Fears, Warren Sanders; Robert Reich

Democracy is not just about majority rule.

I made some avocado seed ink a few days ago and had a little time to play with it this morning.

Mike Huckabee says Democrats are "insincere" and "fake Christians..."

Mumford and Sons under the "L" last night!

For those who don't believe in ghosts

Donald Trump fears only one Democrat: Warren Sanders

Right now, millionaires and billionaires

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: I finally figured out why @BernieSanders is running for president.

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: I finally figured out why @BernieSanders is running for president.

Warning:Negative on Upcoming Star Wars Movie, -IGNORE- if you desire to only get positive news on it

Michigan family's heirloom is 141-year-old fruitcake

Bernie channels Kramer with his mic check

Harvard Law Professor Warns Mitch McConnell's Impeachment Strategy Could Backfire

Impeachment Rallies, Tuesday central Pennsylvania 12/17/19

@Jeff Tiedrich

What Fiction are you reading this week, December 15, 2019?

Trump's already told us who he fears.

Trump Would Be Removed By Any Fair Jury

Italian city evacuates 54,000 people to defuse WW2 bomb

The (R)ussia party will treat the Senate Trial like a WWF match.

What does Putin want?

More Sunday funnies - the Smothers return 1988

The best strategy for the Democrats during impeachment trial?

'End of an era': Pike Place Market newsstand to close after 40 years

Leveling up

Fusion GPS co-founder thoroughly debunks Gym Jacket Off Jordan's lies about Steel Dossier

Rogue One was the best Star Wars movie.

LOL! Nate Silver ranks polling battleground states as a group below "lighting your computer on fire"

🔥 Bernie Speaks with Working Families in Keokuk, IA

LIVE: Twitch.TV - Bernie Speaks with Working Families in Keokuk, Iowa

Probe of Jersey City shooting leads FBI to arrest pawn shop owner on weapons charge

'Any growth is more than we can afford': Carbon dioxide pollution hits record high as planet warms

Fascinating gadgets - regardless of Christmas gifts. CBS Sunday Morning

Our Nation's Senators Will Be Swearing an Oath

Some vape shops closing due to Washington's flavored vape ban

Playboy reporter Brian Karem with the WINNING TWEET today.

Citizenship Amendment Act: Riots erupt in Delhi

Hong Kong violence breaks out again in shopping centres

Political party offices in Lebanon set alight after crackdown on protests

Point counterpoint on CBS Sunday Morning

Thoughts on roundabouts? Crosswalks? Olympia wants to hear them

Schiff: I'd impeach Obama if he did the same as Trump

In Disney World parking lot at night, a worker sleeps in her car.

Can the Democrats expel this Van Loser guy?

Social Justice Kitties Speak Out

PSA: Longest Night is this Saturday December 21st

Why Trump is winning on trade in Iowa

United Nations climate talks collapse after Trump shuns Paris pact

Has anyone ever tried CBD oil for sleep/insomnia/anxiety?

MFGA - Make Fighting Great Again

While Trump Does A Crime Ever 5 Minutes Republicans Complain About The FBI Being Sloppy

Trump tears up the Clinton impeachment playbook


My anti-vaxxer in-laws didn't get their flu shots...UPDATE

Fired deputies land on growing list, alongside cops who lied

Tweet from Christy Smith, running for Katie Hill's CA-25 seat in the House:

Trivia Question from IIRC the old Bartcop Forum from 15 years ago.

Must be Sunday...Trump quotes Kirk & Pirro, tells Fox to get a new pollster.

Viewpoints: Et tu, Republican senators?

Trump Sycophant Lindsey Graham: 'I Will Do Everything I Can to Make Impeachment Die Quickly'

Cartoons 12/15/19

I don't care which primary candidate you vote for, but

Cooking with wool

MTP so called "voter roundtable"

Famous v black famous...Frankie Beverly and Maze.

Tens of thousands of people on parole or probation in N.J. could be able to vote

Someone posted a wonderful bit concerning John Denver this am..

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 16 December 2019

DeNiro: Potus is supposed to set an example to do the right thing. Not be a nasty little bitch.

Does anyone know the name of this song?

New York has some of strictest gun laws in the nation, and the lowest suicide rate

What will you do if (please god no) #fatdonnie is reelected and acquitted of his crimes? Me

Yikes! If there are any Kansas DUers, please be careful if you go out. "Multiple Icy Road Crashes

Yikes! If there are any Kansas DUers, please be careful if you go out. "Multiple Icy Road Crashes

When Looking at Support of Billionaires, How Much Is Putin Worth?

Ok another question on impeachment.

This Van Drew party-switching is creepy

Equal pay for equal work: women want that whole damn dollar,

Botswana cancels hunters' licences for killing protected research elephant

2020 US Senate Election Prediction

Twitter abuzz with impeachment chatter and ideas

It's cool enough, Colonel...

U.N. climate talks end with hard feelings, few results and new doubts about global unity

The ultimate non-stick coating

Trump's America! Is this really the government you want?

James "Radio" Kennedy passed away today

WaPo: Jennifer Rubin explains how Roberts could disqualify "boot licking" Lindsey Graham

could turtle and graham be plotting to get rid of dotard?

Dems Go After Moscow Mitch And Loser Lindsey Make Having A BS Trial In The Senate Unbearable

Trump threatens Comey with 'years in jail' over FBI Russia report

I have a concern about Joe and Hunter

"Republicans have already decided to protect a lawless President from constitutional accountability.

What's for Dinner, Sun., Dec. 15, 2019

trumpy tweets "Obama knew everything"

C-Span 3 is going to show the House Floor Debate of Bill Clinton's impeachment at 8:00 PM....

Military officials said they are looking into what appeared to be white supremacist hand signs

Fox Hits Trump With Bad News As 54% Of Voters Want Him Impeached

Of course they were white supremacist symbols

Riveting!! 50 pics of rarely seen things-- Bored Panda

🔥 Bernie Rallies with Working Families in Fairfield, Iowa

Freshman Democrats push for Amash as impeachment manager

Disney CEO Bob Iger's pay: $65.6 million Disney workers: Living out of their cars

There's been discussion of the Female reporter who was slapped on the backside

Boston Globe Confirms Sanders Surge // "Best Shot At The Nomination"

What time Wednesday does the vote take place?

The Cincinatti Bungles were actually beating the Patriots!

Piss off, Nunes

Sanders Surge Just Became Undeniable (to others)

Go Joyce Vance!

Ugliest period in American history?

Impeachment is NOT about reversing an election.

Russian web trolls boo Biden, often boost Gabbard, report finds

General Questions for DUers About the Holidays & The Economy

Bernie Nets Huge Endorsement Of 600,000 Families!

COMEY missed some more chances while Chris WALLACE was nailing him to a wall

His latest tweet may prove to be too much. He is such a piece of shit.

You know if you keep saying that "I'm not guilty of anything "?

IRS: Sorry, but It's Just Easier and Cheaper to Audit the Poor

Tulsi Gabbard ties herself to ex Gov. Huckabee.


A new low for Trump

Many Americans thought the FISA program would not end well.

I just got back from IMPEACH TRUMP protest!

The future of same-day drone delivery.

CNN: Trump could lose Texas 'if the Democrats nominate Biden'

2020 US Senate Election- Which US Senate seat is going to put Democrats back in the majority?

Hispanic lawmakers eye leap to Biden

Mexico trade negotiator: We'll never accept US 'inspectors'

Mexico trade negotiator: We'll never accept US 'inspectors'

The Blonde Undertaker

Louisiana sues California over alligator ban

Tweet of the Day

Police arrest man with homemade license plate drawn with crayon on a paper bag

Biden lands early slate of former backers of Harris' presidential bid

Colombia's war crimes tribunal discovers first major military mass grave

Alice In Chains - Nutshell (From MTV Unplugged)

Signed up yet for "Nobody is Above the Law" demo yet?

Malcolm Nance: "I cannot stress how much danger the nation is in."

He gets SO chubby and wild!

Trump Slams Fox Over Interview With 'Sleazebag' Former FBI Chief James Comey

Kennedy Center Honors on CBS tonight 8 Pm ET

Dog Too Scared To Walk Outside Learns How To Trust

James Comey Defends FBI's Russia Probe, But Admits He Was 'Wrong' On FISA

Shelter dog can't stop jumping for joy ❤️

Baby mini horse born too small grows up into a bucking bronco!

OK hand gesture associated with white power at Army-Navy game caused social media uproar

Troy Aikman calling a Cowboy's game! Ugh

About those polls predicting the 2020 presidential race

🐦 DEC 16 at 5PM - Bernie 2020 Coachella Valley Office Opening with Bernie Sanders

House Republican Defends Trump Attacking Nancy Pelosi's 'Teeth': 'He's Frustrated' About Getting Imp