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Archives: December 16, 2019

Am I a bad American for buying a cheap bottle of Cali Champagne to pop when 45 gets "peached"?

🔥 Bernie Rallies with Working Families in Ottumwa, Iowa

Trump Touts New Pro Sports Option for Service Academy Athletes

Check in if you've contacted Susan Collins or Jared Golden about Impeachment

Now that babies are in cages, and SNAP is cut, drumpf moves on to the disabled

I got Part 1 of my shingles shot today.

Democrats Push Amash as Impeachment Manager

Teams I get tired of seeing...

Schumer sends letter to McConnell suggesting 4 witnesses and ground rules for impeachment trial

Arrest Of Genaro Garcia Luna Shocks Mexico

Nadler Says GOP Senators Violating Oath

2020 US Senate Election Rating- Democrats guide to a majority.

Senate Dems ask that Mick Mulvaney and John Bolton testify at impeachment trial

What network is televising the candidate debate this week and what time? n/t

Sounds like a keeper!

Felix Rohatyn, Wall Street wizard who helped save NYC from bankruptcy, dies at 91

Staff exodus in Van Drew office after party switch

N.J. Democratic Rep gets drugged, has a stroke, goes insane:

In Iowa, Bernie Sanders fights to preserve minor league baseball

Does decaf hot tea hydrate you as well as water...

the grand unified theory of donnie and the modern republican party.

People Rush To Save Dog Trapped On A Truck In The Middle Of A River

Army, Navy officials investigate possible 'white power' gestures by students

I have trouble painting skies, faces, figures, and fabric, so of course I decided to make an angel

Here is a thought to ponder.

Guy Crawls Into Sewer To Save Dog Trapped Inside

Senate GOP defends Trump, despite oath to be impartial impeachment jurors

What's up with Jeff Van Drew?

Trump anti-impeachment protestors disrupt Adam Schiff at Armenian Genocide Recognition event

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows the movie without using Google - Part XXVl

Watching the Kennedy awards

Family Surprises Boy At School With His Lost Dog (Tissue alert)

NYT "The Impeachment Process is Barely Functioning"


My idea of a Christmas song.........

Linda Ronstadt/Linda and Aaron Neville

Elton John - Daniel

When the WH Celebrated the Diversity of Our Culture

Dog Shows Up At Front Door To Invite His Girlfriend On A Date

Van Drew staff mass resignation.

Dolt 45 really IS a PAB!

Peterson says he'll likely vote against impeachment

Deluded Trump supporters threaten violence if Chump is Impeached

Poor staffers losing their jobs. But they have no choice. I guess it is a done deal.

Sanders voters know who to blame...

Hallmark CEO apologizes. Boycotts work.

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Remember when Trump promised to back Medicare negotiating drug prices? Now he's the one blocking it

How I feel about the "War on Christmas."

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Let's sketch out a scenario where he's convicted/removed from office at the Sen. Impeachment Trial

Argentina's 'dirty war': France approves extradition of suspected torturer

Elizabeth Warren beefs up Florida campaign with Andrew Gillum alums and progressive activists

Trump threatens Comey with 'years in jail' over FBI Russia report

Freshman Torres Small supports Trump impeachment

Michael Bloomberg Has A Toxic Legacy On Lead

Why is the president of the United States cyberbullying a 16-year-old girl?

Bloomberg's sexist remarks fostered company culture that degraded women, lawsuits allege

Very funny!

Watching the Kennedy Center Honors

Article from June 2018: Russians bought 86 Trump properties -- all in cash -- totaling $109 million

Yah, missing my husband. Earth, Wind and Fire just took me back to early married years...

Monday always sucks but impeachment is finally here.

Hallmark reinstates Ad


The Foreman of the Jury Says He is Coordinating with the Defendants and His Lawyers

check this link ... Tuesday day of protest all over the USA

CNN is doing a show about the 2000s. They just showed videos of Election Night 2008....

does anyone outside of academia have snow days?

Question about The American Civil War Museum

Have you ever been to the hailstone and sarsaparilla belt?

Tulsi Gabbard slathers the love on Mike Huckabee

Ivanka Trump Interviewed by Her Own Spokeswoman in Doha While More Powerful Leaders Face Journalists

I can eat my dinner in a fancy restaurant...

Radiohead - All I Need [live From the Basement]

John Dean says don't send Impeachment to the Senate!

Exxon and Chevron Targeted by Climate-Activist Shareholder Group

What Working-class and Poor White People Need to Understand About Rich White People

Mexico will never accept 'disguised' labor inspectors under USMCA: foreign minister

Mexico will never accept 'disguised' labor inspectors under USMCA: foreign minister

Malcom Nance on the Commonwealth Club broadcast on NPR

In which Michael Bloomberg refuses to have Democracy Now's Amy Goodman stop, question, and not frisk

U.S. Secretly Expelled Chinese Officials Suspected of Spying After Breach of Military Base

How Mexicans saved a dying US town

Couldn't they name McConnell and Graham as co-conspirators on the Obstruction charge...

The U.S. has spent more money erasing Native languages than saving them

Dan Rather: A friendly reminder to some of my colleague in the press:

Devin Nunes lives on a congressman's salary. How is he funding so many lawsuits?

Police fire tear gas at Hong Kong protesters, ending lull

How music - composing and playing - saved, kept sane, prisoners in Auschwitz

Russia and the Republicans: How Vladimir Putin got an American subsidiary

What I would love to see.

Uncle Joe Emerges as 2020's Steady Eddie - Seib

Study shows how mitochondria can shield cancer cells from chemotherapy

Christmas Dog

Bernie Sanders talking about social security and retirement on Patriot Act

Impeachment demonstrations will be going on this week.

It's like an overloaded logging truck with no brakes

Ana Navarro-Cardenas does a total TAKE DOWN of Trumps nasty tweet!!

The State of Things.

Gabon criminalized homosexuality & two men have already been arrested

Trans people in Japan can no longer be banned from bathrooms, court says

Trump's revelation that he dreams about Pete Buttigieg doesn't sit well with the candidate

The politician switching parties over Trump impeachment vote has voted against same sex marriage

Goldman Sachs to stop financing new drilling for oil in the Arctic

(Jewish Group) Beverly Hills synagogue vandalized on Shabbat

The moon behind a tree

Anyone else wonder how those guys on that show "Moonshiners" avoid getting...

Five members of Van Drews' staff are resigning

Democrats Blast GOP Senators for Saying They Won't Impeach Trump Before Trial

It's not a "rush to judgment" the Republican Senate is trying to get away with.

Ivanka Trump Caught Faking Propaganda Interview At Forum

How many tweets will Trumpy do after being impeached on Wednesday

Pat Toomey breaks with McConnell re: impeachment trial

Matt Gaetz is a....

Trillion Dollar Deficit When The Economy Is Doing "Good" What's Up With That?

Time to remind Barr why Chelsea Manning is in prison

Hail Bacon, full of grease, the Lard is with thee.

Researchers Explore A Drug-Free Idea To Relieve Chronic Pain: Green Light

Protests spread across India over new citizenship law which excludes Muslims

So this seems like an idea for which support is growing:

Anti-impeachment protesters, Rep. Adam Schiff clash at Glendale event celebrating passage of Armenia

Yeah! Local paper ran a story about my girl!

Turkey's Erdogan threatens to close strategic bases to US military

House Judiciary Committee impeachment report just released

Shutdown likely at Boeing Renton as 737 MAX crisis extends

HeadsUp - Schumer will be on Morning JoeScum

Why We Can't Retire - Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

While the hooman is away....

Bought and Paid for. Democracy the Price.

Ohio's new voucher system labels top tier public schools as under-performing

"Every day I point the camera at the couch when I leave for work, so I can capture their snuggles."

'Let's make that the law': Elizabeth Warren challenges Jamie Dimon and Business Roundtable

Ohio House Mulls Bill Critics Say Will Chill Environmental, Other Protests

Ohio House Passes Bill Forbidding Municipalities From Banning Plastic Bags

The GOP'S Most Brazen Lie: That Trump CARED About Corruption In Ukraine.

Judge Dawn Gentry could face impeachment. 'A disregard for the rule of law ... is not what we're

In reversal, Hallmark will reinstate commercials featuring same-sex couples

Lawyers seek exhumation of founder of cryptocurrency firm

Cheri Bustos: DCCC will hire Van Drew staffers

Monday TOONs - Mitch McKangaroo

Top Democratic candidates ask the DNC to allow more candidates to participate in debates

The D.N.C. Chairman Knows No One Is Happy. Neither Is He.

- - Games need bats, balls, equipment and money to play.

Police charge first lady's staffer with DUI day before Gov. Matt Bevin's exit

The Real Reason 45 Wants That TIME Magazine Cover

Andrew Yang's increasingly normal campaign

Britain's Red Alert for Democrats

Cleveland Councilman Tony Brancatelli Booted from County Dems for Republican Endorsement

The Rundown: December 13, 2019

Top 100 Comics of the 2010s: #85-81

2019 Year in Review: Best Anthology

2019 in Review: Best Publisher

Bumgarner signs with Arizona; 5-years, $85M / Rangers get Kluber

This is why Trump and McConnell keep in touch with the Russians. It's about 2020 stupid!

Winter Storm to Spread More Snow and Ice From Midwest to Northeast Early This Week


Pelosi in Belgium commemorating Battle of the Bulge

Agencies Say No Excessive Radioactivity Found in Detroit River After Storage Site Collapse, Elected

Hasselback Potatoes

Chai, our new puppy

Lest we forget 🌲 Fox News reminds us....😆

Charles M. Blow: Trump's Lasting Legacy

State Rep. Stephanie Howse Unleashes on an Outrageous Abortion Bill and the Destructive Legislating

A Third of America's Economy Is Concentrated in Just 31 Counties

Barack Obama: Women are better leaders than men

@GOP lawmaker admits he didn't research ectopic pregnancy before writing backwards bill about it

Indiana University fraternity suspended after alleged use of slurs, assault

A rare photo of a spotted 'tree hugger'

FOX NEWS, 54% want Trump impeached, 41% opposed

I know he not the anti-christ....BUT

Democrats just called McConnell's bluff on a key reform -- and he has no idea how to respond: report

Harvey Weinstein complains he is a 'forgotten man' in new interview

Trump Proposes Social Security Change That Could End Disability Benefits for Hundreds of Thousands

FirstEnergy Solutions can't cancel coal-plant contracts until feds have chance to weigh in, court

Wrapping paper tip...just In time for Christmas!

Booklet of Mike Bloomberg's 'Wit and Wisdom' could haunt him during presidential bid

I'm at an age when running errands is as close as it gets to going

Retirement options

Samoa measles outbreak - a timeline

Yang says he would consider offer to be Biden's VP

Norwegian Forest Cats, The Pets Of The Vikings

How Andrew Yang would improve health care

Escaped alligator spotted crossing the street in Montreal's Villeray neighbourhood

How Andrew Yang would improve health care

At what point should the Democrats openly solicit the aid of foreign governments?


So my wife kept on hinting that she wanted chocolate covered cherries

Needed to replace some bathroom fixtures so I contacted the firm that originally installed them.

What makes Trump think he would have been Time's Person of the Year if it hadn't been Greta?

WH Proposes Social Security Change That Could End Disability Benefits For Thousands

WH Proposes Social Security Change That Could End Disability Benefits For Thousands

Birmingham Mayor endorses Joe Biden

Lindsey Graham is like the all white juries who acquitted KKK lynchers and assassins.

Trump high-fives himself for a "public apology" that he never received

Birmingham mayor backing Biden for president 😎 🎨

Why Mitch McConnell is scared to let Giuliani henchman Lev Parnas testify

Rand Paul's Defense of Trump on Corruption Goes Down in Flames During Contentious Interview

This "person" is running against Joachin Castro in the Democratic Primary next year:

Small-scale atlatl artifacts suggest children were taught how to use them

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- US Senate seats Democrats will win to get back in the majority.

New IBD/TIPP poll (A/B rated):Joe Biden Keeps Grip On Democratic Race;

Conservative evangelicals aren't hypocrites -- it's worse than that


This is the guy who mocked Nancy Pelosi's teeth yesterday

ACLU 12/12/19 update: Short-term Money Follows the Person funding ends at the end of December.

'He's phony': How Buttigieg has drawn the fury of the online left

DIY Cat Toy - Whack A Mole

Pic Of The Moment: Dear Media, Stop Asking Why Democrats Can't Move The Numbers On Impeachment

Obama: Women 'pretty indisputably' better leaders than men

If We Work Hard and Work Together,

Buyer Beware

SCOTUS: Homeless people have a constitutional right to sleep on public property outdoors

DNC's response to me on Thursday's debate...

DIY Cat Toy - Self-Motorized

Lindsey Graham is essentially tied with Dem challenger Harrison in heavily-Republican South Carolina

Fun facts about this account retweeted by the president: --Account is 1 day old --First tweet was...

On this day, December 16, 1977, Saturday Night Fever was released.

Democrats accuse Trump of criminal bribery in report that explains articles of impeachment

Recount Confirms Democrats Will Control Virginia's State House 55-45 after 2019

Ludwig Van Beethoven was born on this date.

2020 Democratic US Senate Nominee in all seats up in 2020

Remember this, One day the impeachment of Trump in the House will lead to this.

Hallmark Boycott...The hypocrisy of 1 Million Moms

Such a pretty picture

Thousands of Ohio absentee voter applications denied over problems with signatures

Army and Navy launch internal investigations into controversial hand gesture captured on video

"A Second Civil War" If Trump Is Removed, Say Hershey, Pa.*UPDATE

Robben Ford has a birthday today.

The Look On This Mama Dog's Face When She Realizes Her Babies Are Safe Is So Heartwarming

Congress to permanently repeal 3 major health taxes in year-end spending deal

The Trump, Republican Party, Russia connection. It's all about money laundering.

Died, on December 10, 2019: Gershon Kingsley

The Great Flu Pandemic of 1918

"Youthwashing" Offers The Global Oil & Gas Industry A Shiny New Approach To PR And Inaction

Don't assume the Supreme Court will give Trump a resounding victory (re: financial records)

Bill Would Require First Responders To Receive Training About Dementia

Carly Fiorina comes out in favor of impeachment

Experts conclude Trump's conduct involves multiple federal crimes.

Anyone going to a Tuesday Chicago impeachment protest?

New Marist/NPR National Poll: Biden 24, Sanders 22, Warren 17, Buttigieg 13

William Webster: I Headed the F.B.I. and C.I.A. There's a Dire Threat to the Country I Love.

'NEW ENGLAND FOR TRUMP,' 4 Trump-Themed Shops In Mass. & More, Sell Trump & 2A Merchandise

Seth Abramson: "You bet your ass there were crimes."

Bernie is the epitome of American Exceptionalism!

U.S. prosecutor says UAW still not cooperating

Impeachment rallies going on nation wide

The Democrats not calling for Rudy to testify in the Senate trial is interesting to say the least.

SHITLER gets what he wants: His zombies getting verbally & physically abusive: Videos

2020 US Senate Election- Dems. win Senate races in States Trump lost/won by a single digit margin.

Old motels, campsites and shelters fill housing void in northwest Michigan

Breakfast: Monday, 12/16/19

Grow Up, Stand Up, Speak Out, or Stand Down, But For God's Sake, Do Something

I blame this whole Trump impeachment on Biden...

92% of Americans think their basic rights are being threatened, new poll shows

Cats in boxes pictures

A problem with evangelicals and family bigots

1/Quick thread on Trump and Impeachment.

Blue Cross says shared-risk plan will rein in costs for Michigan patients

When the dirty tale is finally told in film, I'm seeing Bill Murray as the villainous Trump.

Mediterranean: History's Greatest Sea Is Dying

Jury acquits Larry Inman of lying to FBI; mistrial on other counts

Corporations paid 11.3 percent tax rate last year, in steep drop under President Trump's law

This is my fair and timely warning to the world.

Yang's health plan: A New Way Forward for Healthcare in America

He is a petulant little punk

Rep. Elissa Slotkin: How I reached my decision on impeachment

A white principal allegedly banned black history classes. She says minority teachers waged a 'racist

Mighty Bernie at bat? Sanders makes pitch for minor leagues

Philippine court dismisses case seeking $3.9 billion of Marcos wealth

Trump administration allows pork slaughterhouses to have fewer USDA inspectors

Leading Among People of Color and Younger Voters, Sanders Right Behind Biden in New 2020

Can somebody tell me what is the hand held shaken instrument that Sting plays?

Democrats Push To Draft Michigan's Justin Amash As An Impeachment Manager

Trump Attacks Bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates

"Should we get another apartment in Rostov ready?"

Horse-trading Iran hawks seize on Pompeo's Senate interest

Kid Rock Strikes Back Over Detroit Arena Split: 'Trying To Label Me Racist Is A Joke'

A black woman faces prison because of a Jim Crow-era plan to 'protect white voters'

I think The Speaker should employ the mcturtle rule

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, December 17: In Memoriam

A friend of mine reported for jury duty this morning

Rookie Of The Year? 'Mama Bear' Rashida Tlaib Comes Out Roaring

A black woman faces prison because of a Jim Crow-era plan to 'protect white voters'

I know people here hate The Hill and Cenk Uygur

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, December 18: TCM Special Theme: Pets on Sets

Gretchen Whitmer A Possible VP Pick In 2020? The Washington Post Thinks So

The media is trying to "T-Bag" impeachment

Biggest ever Roman shipwreck found in the Mediterranean

Just checked my email and GEE ....................

Pretty much

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #9 "Choral"

What Would the Bernie Presidency Really Look Like?

Russia's State TV Calls Trump Their 'Agent'

New Year's Eve downtown Detroit ball drop canceled second year in a row

Harvard research: Impact of poverty begins in the womb, but it doesn't have to

Why is Sanders creeping ahead of Warren? Or is it just Warren dropping because...

Labour leadership race begins as senior figures back Rebecca Long-Bailey

Brian gets it

Nursing Assistants Demand a 5% Wage Increase

How long is the sermon? Study ranks Christian churches

Gov. Whitmer sends letter to Trump Admin welcoming refugees in Michigan

Gov. Whitmer sends letter to Trump Admin welcoming refugees in Michigan

I'm off work/ flipped on the View: Anyone know why Whoopie was "dressing down" Megan? DeNiro on NOW!

An alien plot has been exposed.

Senate votes to lift ban on political giving by casino interests

"The inn is not full in Minnesota" - Gov. Walsh welcomes refugees.

Apple and Google named in US lawsuit over Congolese child cobalt mining deaths

Costco in Caracas: how Florida goods flood Venezuelan stores

Explosion In Car After Driver Lights Up, Due To 'Excess Use' Of Air Freshener

George Conway: I died twice laughing watching thison Rudy's "new non--evidence"

Supreme Court Won't Revive Law Barring Homeless People From Sleeping Outdoors.

You raised $88.00 on December 15, 2019 ActBlue POTUS donation links

The new IBD/TIPP poll is troubling for Democrats.

Pure Michigan should be funded by tourism industry, not taxpayers, GOP leader says

Pollsters Why Don't You Ask "Does Donald Trump Deserve To Be Impeached"

Venezuela refugee crisis overwhelms Colombia: "We don't have the money"

Electrolux warns of bigger hit from U.S. factory overhaul

Stacey Abrams's group files motion to halt Georgia's mass voter purge

Do you have a Pittsburgh Dad?

Kama Sutra - Not what it used to mean - updated

'Bernie Democrat' Deletes Tweet Saying He Hopes Obama Gets Cancer....

The quote below from Giuliani is a stunning admission.

New NPR National Poll Shows Bernie Sanders in Near-Tie With Joe Biden

How The US Is Killing Americans: Drugs, Guns & Despair, The Profit- Driven Free Market Theology

Found scrapbook and looking for suggestions for what to do with it.

WWII allies, Germany mark 75 yrs since Battle of the Bulge

Voting isn't Marriage

The decline of Christianity is continuing at a rapid pace in the U.S.

"We need to help our boys become strong men and learn that masculinity involves connection."

Carly Fiorina calls for impeaching Trump -- but doesn't rule out voting for him in 2020

Suspended De La Salle students sue school, claim bias, blackmail and defamation

Trump complains Debbie Dingell isn't sufficiently grateful for his help with her husband's funeral

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee endorses MJ Hegar in crowded U.S. Senate primary

Re: "Impeach but Withhold": Does the House have a power to "withhold" from the Senate?

Tweet about the street scene in Toronto

Giant pig touring Michigan to support term limits

Freshman Ben McAdams will vote for impeachment

Your feet need special treatment when you have diabetes

Supreme Court Refuses to Revive City's Outdoor-Sleeping Ban

Utah Rep. Ben McAdams says he will vote to impeach President Donald Trump.

Peterson undecided on impeachment vote, has been approached about becoming Republican

'Dems In Disarray' Is Still Favorite Media Narrative

Va. law that seizes licenses for unpaid court debt appears doomed. Good riddance.

Slotkin faces heated Trump supporters after backing impeachment

Democratic leaders push to end labor dispute and save debate

I'm moving to Melbourne in January.

A year before Fort Worth ISD fired a teacher over her tweets about immigrants, students say she

French pension reform architect resigns as strikes drag on

So, the Brits are feeling cheeky, think they've taken the lead from USA

George P. Bush failed to disclose financial interests in nearly a dozen companies

LOL!!!! Watch Whoopie demand Meghan STFU

Court records show Elizabeth Warren turned down lucrative job after hearing from consumer group

Giuliani associate Lev Parnas denies hiding Russian payment, asks to stay free on bail

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner claims easy reelection win in runoff

LIVE NOW: Schumer holds news conference after release of House report on impeachment articles

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #5 in C Minor, Op. 67

Rose says he'll vote to impeach Trump

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee endorses MJ Hegar in crowded U.S. Senate primary

I'll try saying this another way.

Thoughtful, principled law-breaking is an American tradition. Sometimes styled "civil

SC's U.S. Rep. Joe Cunningham to vote in favor of impeaching Trump

2020 US Senate Election- seats Democrats will win by a landslide to narrow margin.

Please tell me that today's USA Today's polls aren't accurate

It's an annual tradition at DU: Liberace's Musical Tribute to the Holidays

Wisconsin Democrats vow to register voters who may be purged

Here's another joke

Midland couple donates $10 million to TCU for students from middle-income families

Tulsa Race Massacre burial committee to get report on mass grave search

Michael Flynn's sentencing set for Jan. 28 after judge rejects his attacks on the FBI

any british historians out there?

Texas woman found guilty in $5.5 million health care fraud scheme

Stoked to see @ChrisShiflett71 tonight playing for @BernieSanders and a few of his friends.

"The Lies We're Told About Appalachia": Stereotypes, The Media, LBJ's War On Poverty

Judge has rejected all of Flynn's arguments about FBI misleading him into pleading guilty to lying.

Hey! Only one week left!

Hard at work

#NEW California @ChangePolls/@KQED Poll: Sanders 26%

Sandy Hook lawyer asks judge to hold Alex Jones liable without trial

My Question WE ALL want to know

Deviation from the norm will be punished unless it's exploitable by those in power.

ReTHUGs have already conceded that the Mueller Report

The House signals in court filing that its Mueller-focused "impeachment investigation" will continue

***House Report: Trump committed CRIMINAL bribery and wire fraud***

Federal judge holds hearing on Georgia voter roll purges

Unexpected events, Acts of God, amazing luck, call it what you want.


This guy carried his dog 800 miles to help her love hiking again 💚

Matt "Glass House Stone-Thrower" Gaetz: NINE traffic busts in 10 years, annotated.

Three reasons why the Democrats' Blue Wall crumbled

Watch These Teeny Wobbly Kittens Never Give Up

Is Slavery Still Unconstitutional?

This 4-year-old girl loves her cats, and her cats love her 😍

Campaigns Overwhelmed by Disinformation (It is a Gish Gallop on a giant scale)

Congressional deal could fund gun violence research for first time since 1990s

First Democrat steps forward to run for Van Drew's seat

New Quinnipiac Poll: Cory Booker's support doubles from last week

This chicken just adopted a tiny little egg...and it hatched!

Impeachment action moves to tiny Rules Committee hearing room

*NEW* Quinnipiac Poll - Biden 30%, Warren 17%, Sanders 16%, Buttigieg 9%, Bloomberg 7%

Goldman Sachs is first big US bank to rule out loans for Arctic drilling

Hairless Cats Team Up To Annoy Their Favorite Dog

Democrats tell court they need Mueller grand jury documents for impeachment trial

All She Wants to Do is DANCE!

Don the Con has about 36 hours left to avoid being impeached

Cop who admittedly murdered Bogota protester contradicts evidence in charm offensive

Colombia's police tortured, sexually abused and threatened to kill unlawfully detained protesters: r

Everybody done digging out?

Just out of curiosity, am I the only one who has never been polled on impeachment/removal?

BTRTN 2020 Vision: Are Democrats Too Exhausted for Disrupters?

Trumpanzees need to understand that their lives will IMPROVE dramatically if Dump is

How the Disco Clam Uses Light to Fight Super-Strong Predators (Long but fascinating)

How the Disco Clam Uses Light to Fight Super-Strong Predators (Long but fascinating)

Bwahahaha! "Richard Jewell" flips at the box office.

OMG: Watch Buddy, the German Shepherd who led first responders to fire that threatened his "hoomans"

There's a picture of Reagan hanging in Van Drew's office


True Facts: Mudskippers

Snowboarder, 45, killed in a Utah backcountry avalanche that buried him

AP Exclusive: Thousands of Ohio absentee applications denied

Press awaits Melanie statement on BeBest guidelines for Trump insulting congresswoman's dead husband

Mike Bloomberg's TV Ads are really good

Nature up close: An unexpected gem of a museum (CBS)

Today. Woopi Goldberg finally tells Ms spoiled brat Megan to stfu...ok not stfu--now she'll cry

100 Jurors Would Vote To Remove Trump

I'm thinking Amazon figured out I fibbed on the application about my forklift skills?

What's for Dinner, Mon., Dec. 16, 2019

'You've got to call out evil,' says pastor of church with Nativity scene separated in cages

Congress reaches deal to fund gun violence research for first time in decades

Today. Woopi Goldberg finally tells Ms spoiled brat Megan to stfu...ok not stfu--now she'll cry

Questions Grow About Trump's Health 3 Weeks After Walter Reed Visit

U.S. Rep. Xochitl Torres Small, D-N.M., has indicated she'll vote to impeach president Donald Trump.

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to a majority from landslide to narrow margin.

SC's US Rep Joe Cunningham to vote in favor of impeaching Trump

Why Trump's path to reelection is totally plausible

Millions of dollars of jewelry stolen from home of British billionaire heiress


Financing for Sports Stadiums Could Count as Helping the Poor

Boeing to Temporarily Shut Down 737 Max Production

So.. what happened AFTER Megan got the hand?

Corporations Paid 11.3% Tax Rate Last Year

Laura's #MyBernieStory

Baby Yoda Cookies

2020 US Senate Election- Which Democratic 2020 US Senate Nominee performs better?

Today I read about

Boeing 'suspending' production of 737 Max plane CNN. Less regulations

Justice Gorsuch going on FOX and FRIENDS????

Theft of Confederate flags from Harrisonburg cemetery remains a mystery

Must see. Newtown High-Last play of the state championship game and 7th Anniversary of the massacre.

Louisiana: Apparent twister destroys buildings, 1 dead

Rally planner Elliott Kline faces jail for defying orders

Rabyaah Althaibani Endorses Bernie for President

Senate Republicans want a short trial for one reason and one reason only: Trump's guilty as sin

Best Xmas display ever!!!

Giuliani drops stunning confession -- and undermines Trump's defense against impeachment again

I am Great!

What kind of sick f**k does this

Nerd Alert!! Who you gonna call?

I think not using the word 'methinks' would be

Clint Eastwood Propositions Film Critic To Obtain More Positive Review Of 'Richard Jewell'

"2nd CIVIL WAR" VIDEO On Front Pg.:*2nd Guy Interviewed Is A Plant, MORE:

Purdue Pharma's Payments to Sacklers Soared Amid Opioid Crisis

When a chief justice reminded senators in an impeachment trial that they were not jurors

Why I Believe Joe Biden Should Be the Next President - Emily Hecht-McGowan

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Take a seat you fake f*cker

Leading Argentine small farmers group supports increase in export taxes

Leading Argentine small farmers group supports increase in export taxes

'Banks May Get Leeway To Label NFL Stadium Funding As Aid To Poor'

The Hoarse Whisperer is right....again!

New Morning Consult Poll

Kumail Nanjiani has makeover for new Marvel role.😳😍

Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) flaunts his tragically limited knowledge of how impeachment works.

I'm very glad the Dems included mention of crimes including bribery.

Nigerian Immigrant Explains Why He's the 'Real American' After Breaking MAGA UFC Fighter's Jaw

Warren: Bloomberg 'has to answer' for sexist comments, women should be released from NDA's

Joe is thrilled to have the endorsement of @NAGE_National -representing over 100,000 federal, state

Jill Wine Banks is wearing a kangaroo (court) pin on Melber's

I think my dog stole my credit card.

Congress reaches deal to fund gun violence research for first time in decades

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to a 51 seats from a landslide to narrow margin.


Democrats just broke the ban on gun violence research funding for the first time in 20 years

I have a question: What is the remedy when a government agency defies a court-order?

Luckovich-Is it common for juries to give defendants backrubs??


Pic of Jill Wine-banks kangaroo pin. She will be speaking at #ImpeachmentEve rally in Chicago

Should tRump be impeached? A CSPAN poll. 66% say No

Emptywheel: what REAL voters in Grand Rapids think about impeachment