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2016? WHY don't the dems point out on the House floor that 2018 was a HUGE turnout

Boy Im from NewZealand but even I can tell

*PBSNewsHour just switched over from the House to it's usual program.

Lets give Liz Cheney 4 minutes!

This Cheney daughter is as bad as her father

The Republican Party is the party of hate, hate, and more hate.

Police investigating incident at Trump's Mar-a-Lago club

The worst part about this? People will buy this overpriced shit.

Are these votes being tallied now or are they just going to

US appeals court rules Obamacare individual mandate unconstitutional

So when does the actual vote start?

The R's are throwing out their very few white women at the end

Elizabeth Warren hosting town hall meeting in Oklahoma City

Before the House Impeachment Vote, Adam Schiff Eloquently Makes The Case For Impeachment

House nears nighttime impeachment vote as Trump cries foul

Have you noticed how Kushner, Ivanka, Dumb and Dumber have

Do you remember how the good Christians reacted to John Lennon saying

ALL THE getting on my nerves

Why don't these F'ing Repukes just STFU and let the vote happen.

Should the Speaker withhold sending the impeachment charges to the Senate at this time??

*STENY HOYER on now.

Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon Torches Rep. Doug Collins By Listing GOP Who Favor Impeachment

How much more time is left

50 Yrs. Of Spectacular Gains For The Wealthiest, New Stats From G Zucman; 'Tired Of Winning Yet?'

Steny Hoyer

Anybody with any sense can understand the point of Trump's tax scam.

Echelon Insights poll & change since Oct.: Biden 37% (+5), Warren 14% (-8), Sanders 14% (-1),

DOJ appeals judge's order to strike 'movers' from voter rolls; LWVWI files federal suit to block

"Democrats hate the president."

Madison School District put on notice to change gender identity policy or face lawsuit

Watching on and off all day I hasve come to the conclusion

good tweets tonight...

Trump Fatigue? Spare Me

GOP chairmen seek interview with Obama officials as part of Biden-Ukraine probe

GOP Turns Dozens Of House Democrats Away From Impeachment For Failing To Provide Adequate Voter ID

Jesuit James Martin schools Loudermilk on Pontius Pilate claim

and the memorial Robert Byrd prize for

On the verge of alcohol poisoning from the Doug Collins clock & calendar drinking game

So we go from the measured, well crafted words of Steny Hoyer to classic Doug Collins ranting

I am so sick of hearing republicans

The light FANTASTIX---

The more upset he gets, the more he sounds like Boomhauer.

Another Doug Collins hissy fit.....

Steny Hoyer gives a statesmanlike speech for the ages

Kevin McCarthy?

If this is the schedule and line up, how long until it's over?

If they gave awards for phoniness, Doug Collins would win all of them

These republicans

Prevented care: The Catholic Church runs one-third of Wisconsin hospitals, putting many reproductive

Appeals Court Says Obamacare Mandate Unconstitutional

Two VERY persuasive things I haven't heard mentioned. Perhaps I missed

Did they impeach him yet?

Republicans yelling lies during impeachment is the art of the FLOPp

I gave up...

How many more people speak before the vote?

Tweet of the Day

Didn't Collins only yield 1 minute to this fool? It's been like 10

Trump Battles New Sanctions on Russia

I noticed jacketless jackass Jordan

Congress nixes Trump's $175m peace plan fund, gives $150m aid to Palestinians

****Thread 3. Time to vote to impeach!****

2020 and 2022 US Senate Election with President Biden-D and President Trump-R.

*Adam Schiff UP!

I remember when Republicans used to hate Legal process. Remember Bush I and the ACLU?

Is Fox News running the impeachment or is it running Trump's rally??

12/19 Luckovich-Crime in Progress

Puppies may be making people sick, CDC says

"What is at risk here is the very idea of America."

The Question, in 2 parts: The AYES have it,


The GOP needs to take 'BOOing' lessons from the British Parliament

I would like to vote YEA.

HELL YES THEY IMPEACHED THE MOTHER FUCKER HE finally beat Obama in something ....hehe

Who is the chair?

who are the 2 democratic members that need removed?

Poll: Majority of Fed Employees Support Impeachment

Speaker Pelosi, Leader Hoyer and the Democratic caucus reminded us today

can somebody please tell me

Confused, where is the Speaker?

Chris Matthews made one observation. Not one republican defended his behavior or character

Poll Finds 54% Of Americans Approve Executing Trump But Leaving Him In Office

does Ted Lieu get to vote

The fake president has offically been impeached

GOP Senators Who Could Force Mitch McConnell To Have Impeachment Trial Witnesses

Done and Dusted - Don the Con has been Impeached

They didn't defend Trump because he is not worthy of being defended...

There it is! 216 YEA votes on Article 1!

Pic Of The Moment: He Knows If You've Been Good Or Bad, So Be Good For Goodness Sakes


216 PEACHED!!!!!!!!

We've impeached the motherfucker

yeah baby! Impeached!

Schiff: GOP will 'rue the day' they chose to protect Trump from impeachment

Christmas gift idea of the year

Silent thank you thread for

Commissioner's Wife Facing Charges for Assault on AllOnGeorgia Reporter

It's ice cream time!

Suck it, Republicans. SUCK. IT.

On to the FAKE TRIAL!

One Republican just voted to impeach! - UPDATE - vote flipped back. Dammit.

Trump becomes third U.S. president to be impeached

The Motherfucker is Impeached

NBC just said Pelosi was vote 214 for impeachment


Seattle renters have spent $80 billion on rent throughout the decade; $10.1 billion in 2019 alone

And there is person votes present.

So, what do we call him going forward? Impeached 45? n/t

Who's the Dem that voted present?

Article 1: I guess we can call this a landslide in the House of Representatives?

Tulsi Gabbard just voted "Present" on impeachment

Tulsi Gabbard votes present

MSNBC reporting Tulsi Gabbard voted "present"

After 75 Years, the U District's Iconic Mom and Pop Seafood Market Will Close Soon

2 'nv' among dems.

I was not expecting to get emotional

It's Official

Tulsi Gabbard just voted PRESENT!

Report cites TPC Group for unauthorized butadiene release in 2018

Did you see Pelosi just give her "If you make one sound, I'm going to snatch you" look to her caucus

Nadler roll call Brilliant

Did I see Nancy Pelosi stink-eye her caucus?

Did Ron Kind of Wisconsin vote nay on the 1st article of impeachment?

Fuck the traitor

Ann Telnaes just now (toon)

Trump just told his rally crowd that his son Barron could draw a bigger crowd in NYC than Warren has

Speaker Pelosi keeps her caucus in order after Article 1 passage (Video)

Brian Williams sucks at math.

The Amazing Speaker Pelosi will be 80 yrs old in 2020. She Rocks!

We must defend our party and its representatives.


Russian spy ship displaying "unsafe" behavior off U.S. coast

Chris Matthews disappoints me, he's expecting a shift in culture.nt

Meanwhile, in Battle Creek, MF45 relives election night 2016!!!

Who were the Democrats that did vote NAY on both articles???

Does Tulsi Gabbard have a Democratic opponent?

I'm writing notes of thanks to Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi this week.

Going forward--I hope the Dems hold the articles for a while. Impeachment will bring new

Gabbard voted "present" on both articles.

How cool is it that, thanks to Republican delaying tactics, Trump was impeached in prime Prime Time?

Republican Rep. Compares Trump to Jesus During Impeachment Hearings

What goes around comes around!


" An eternal mark of shame "

I'm still astounded not a single Republican grew a spine.

The Idiot-in-Chief just mocked Buttigieg's name and height at his rally

Bernie Responds: U.S. House Votes to Impeach Trump

Does Trump realize he has been impeached? He is rattling on at his rally like

Trump administration to impose new restrictions on who qualifies for asylum

Fuck Tulsi.

Brave protesters wave "You're Fired!" banner at 45's klan and traitors rally in Michigan

Article 1 Was Gaveled At 8:34:49

First article: 2 Nay, 2 NV

Never more proud

DU Sing-A-Long

538: Most Americans Think There's Enough Evidence To Impeach Trump

Anybody else flash on this while watching the impeachment hearings?

Medical screenings are the latest U.S. tactic to discourage asylum seekers, advocates say

Impending impeachment draws a crowd in Everett, other cities

California Democrats cast 1 out of 5 votes to impeach Trump.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick takes aim at George P. Bush over Alamo redesign

New Jersey Governor Signs Bills Restoring Voting Rights To More Than 80,000 People

Trump Impeached for Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress.

We The People


How dare Tulsi Gabbard not vote???

There is always a tweet (Impeachment version).

So, for the first time in his 73 years of life, trump* has officially been held accountable

Shout out to the DU Admins for keeping the lights on tonight.

State sues to end arrests of immigrants at courthouses

Joe Biden tweets his response to tonight's impeachment votes.

Voting Rights Advocates Vow to 'Organize Harder Than GOP Can Suppress' After Judge Orders 200,000 Vo

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Another December Infamy!

Protester Holds Up "You're Fired" Sign and flips Trump the Middle Finger. Trump Calls Her a Slob.

Meanwhile, Trump calls a woman protestor a slob and laments that security didn't "rough her up"

We shall know Benedict Donald as I-45, it's one of a few "interstate" highway within 1 state !!!

Trump was just impeached on the 47th anniversary of the death of Joe Biden's first wife

My favorite Impeachment tweet so far

Why Wasn't Elizabeth Warren Outspoken In Defending Tulsi Gabbard Like Bernie?

A Toast For Our Amazing Leaders!

They fired the shit heard round the world!

Texas regulators want stiffer penalties for company whose Port Neches plant exploded

Come the first day of a post-Trump White House...

Does anyone here not hate Republicans?

*Dem leadership up now.

Anyone still holding out hope that some (or any) GOP Senators will vote to convict...

Tomorrow's NYT

The Betrayal of the Kurds

Longview chalk artist undeterred after arrest on encumbering sidewalk charge

What pin is Madam Pelosi wearing?? I can't quite make it out.....thanks

Life happens fast. The orange asshole's Wikipedia page, intro, last two paragraphs

Greta Thunberg Is Getting Her Own Hulu Documentary--Just in Time to Make Trump Angrier

Beatles music, Christmas story come together at suburban Chicago church

Trump just demanded at his rally that Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) return his campaign donations

Cartoons 12/18/19

I like it!

Pelosi just said they are going to decide about sending it to the Senate!

Predictions on how soon Tulsi Gabbard will drop out of the race.

On Madame Speaker:

SNL - Macy's Kids Winter Clothes. Hysterical.

And now, a Deus Ex Machina would be greatly appreciated

Ailing former WorldCom CEO ordered freed from prison

"The real question -how will impeachment help Trump and hurt Democrats?"


More Pelosi Genius: She's not sending the articles until she knows enough of the Senate process

Hey MoscowMitch, how about an American style trial, not a Soviet show trial?

David Frum :)


Donald J. Trump * aka the ASSterisk. nt

Any Democratic Representative from a red district

Praise the Lord!

Agency Fines Company $26K for Fatal Dallas Crane Collapse

What if Nancy Pelosi decides not to take the Articles to the Senate?

Silent thread in thanks for re-taking the House last year.

David Frum: For once in his life, Donald Trump has got something he earned

iPod 5th gen with all of Obama's major speeches needs a new battery.

The impeached one went off the rails in Michigan.

House Will Pass Impeachment Ball to Senate as soon as The Senate Shares The Game Rules - Brilliant

Wolf Blitzer just gave us art.. pure ... art

Chris Hayes on Trump's lifelong lack of accountability--until now

Whatever happens from this night on

Trump now holds the record for most votes ever acquired on an article of impeachment

Dear Speaker Pelosi: Please Wait Until The GOP Senate Officially Un-Shams Its Trial Plan

Ya gotta love Nancy!!

Nancy Pelosi deserves our gratitude. Thank you

I have to know: what is the Mad King doing at his rally tonight?

Meanwhile, MF45 implies John Dingell went to Hell when he died.

Today was the day Donald trump finally became president

Martha Stewart's guide to a perfect impeachment party

538 "The House Has Impeached President Trump. Here's What We Learned."

Does anybody know where I can see the version of A Christmas Carol

Wonder if tulsi's vote tonight

NJ-02: Van Drew now waffling on leaving the Democratic Party.

Not to be flippant: Melania Watch starts for the next 36 Hours (either in hiding or extra make-up).

Report: Browns players yelled 'come get me' at Cardinals sideline after loss

From now, until the end of time...

Nancy Pelosi with one for the ages: "We did all we could, Elijah"

LOL--I've got an impeachment buzz on.

Trump mocks Debbie Dingell at Michigan rally, suggests her late husband is in hell

Now to hold impeachment investigation into Mike Pence over the senate if they do not convict.


It's the Year of the Woman - again.

I proudly voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton

NY Daily News Front Page ("Trump Forever Stained") !

Guess what?

Trump swipes at rally security for giving 'slob' protester who flipped middle finger 'so much time'

ME-SEN: Collins announces Senate reelection bid

Article II, section 2 of the US Constitution. Dose this mean Trump cannot pardon? Or be pardoned?

United Republican Party?

It was Gods will

Adding thanks for Elijah Cummings.

Pelosi Demands Fair Senate Trial, Won't Appoint Impeachment Managers Yet

Kai Kahele: You don't get a participation trophy for voting "present"..

@realDonaldTrump, you're fired!


There needs to be some kind of mechanism to keep #fatdonnie from further damaging USA

This is a sad day for America and we must remember to keep it solemn

Meanwhile, LOSER45 has broken his old rally record of 1 hour, 42 minutes and Can't. Shut. Up.

Dear Dems who voted against Impeachment,

My limited view of retail doesn't look great

Debbie Dingell tweets her response to trump

Today is a great night me. My oldest daughter's lymph node biopsy was negative. The doctor doesn't

In celebration of Impeachmas and the amazing Nancy Pelosi, I ordered two of these . .

This is (almost) better than sex...

Betty Bowers with the snarkyist zinger of the week !!

Good New Yorker article about Buttigieg.

Tonight's Nostradumbass Award goes to Hugh Hewitt for THIS 2017 observation...

Daniel Dale: Trump gave his longest rally speech ever tonight, also one of the most bitter, rambling

It Was A Good Day

Humpty Trumpty sat on his wall

This one is for you, Tulsi...

Pelosi, not Trump, is the main photo on Page One of Thursday's WaPo:

I listened to almost all of today's debate on impeachment of Trump ...

This dad (from thatdadblog) decided to turn his kid into a real Elf on the Shelf

Loud thank you thread for the Lounge

Ok, BIG UPDATE on my daughter and the S Africa trip

Ignore all noise! This slimebag MF

Red face

Before the House Impeachment, Steny Hoyer Elegantly Buries All GOP Arguments

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats need to win 16 seats to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

If the Democrats hold back on sending the articles to the Senate for witnesses

Look what Trump just tweeted:

Oh F***, just saw an ad from 'great american pac,'

Trump impeached. Now for the 2020 progressive landslide.

Lawrence O'Donnell is reminding us that Trump got impeached because

Funny tweet!

Patti LaBelle.

Washington Post front page

Gotta give him credit, Don Jr. is absolutely right here.

Fun foodie book with some great recipes

Bonus Tweet of the Day

First Republican to be impeached

I don't give a shit what trump or his sycophant deplorables think

Among Trump's other rally topics tonight -- dishwashers

Michael Avenatti's disbarment proceeding started today...

Truth is trump seeks quid pro quo on everything. The Dingell jab proves it.

We just did.

Inland Empire Man Indicted on Bank Fraud Charges Alleging He Orchestrated $2.4M "Bust-Out" Scheme

New Hampshire Man Sentenced to Federal Prison for Laundering Money Stolen from Texas Retirees

The Republican Party Is No More

Good Times Bad Times (Remaster)

Trump at the MAGAt rally: "So we got every single Republican voted for us? Whoa! Wow!"

Is it wrong to fancy Nancy?

Board Game Champ, Who Surrendered to Google, Beats AI in Surprise Game

Just saw trump+ AF1 arrived @ andrews,

Ocasio-Cortez recites Bible to condemn GOP colleague comparing Trump to Jesus

Michigan Republican Fred Upton is concerned about Trump's insult of the Dingells

YAY MSNBC showed wolf/trump interview re: impeachment of others in past,

Bill Penzey's message for today! Read to the end, he's brilliant!

The Kind of Story We Need Right Now!

"We do not strut... EVER"

Black Tulane Univ. Med Students Posed At Plantation In Louisiana To Show Past Inspired Their Future

I am so angry

Just a few impeachment memes....

Williams: "Gabbard, who was mysteriously missing all day, is in the chamber and has voted present.

A long time ago, many years ago in fact, I was the "hit" in a hit and run

'Nice school shooting' would break up impeachment coverage, KNUS host says; show canceled

The Daily Show: President Trump Impeached / Trump's Shameless Media Strategy

In full statement, Gabbard calls impeachment a "partisan process", Democrats "extreme".

Retiring mailman finds hundreds of decorated mailboxes on final route

Seth Meyers - President Trump Sends Letter on Impeachment to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi - 12/17/19

Trump Tells Rally He's 'Not Worried' About Impeachment, Privately Plots Vengeance

GOP Rep Mark Meadows approached group of Veterans saying "my people!" asking why they were in DC. He

Seth Meyers: Guest Robert De Niro

Every newspaper in the world has Trump impeachment on front page.

rally that greeted Trump in Battle Creek

Lets try this moderate republican sources will vote for Biden

Homo erectus: Ancient humans survived longer than we thought

Twin Metals submits controversial mine proposal to state and federal agencies

Seth Meyers - House Impeaches President Trump in Historic Vote: A Closer Look

Donald Trump Jr. Promotes Trump-Themed Wrapping Paper as His Father Is Impeached

$23 million trailer for national NDSU football game broadcast damaged in Moorhead fire

So, THIS Is The Kind Of Stuff Trump's Followers APPLAUD.

Jeff Tiedrich sums it up

Haze on Sydney Harbour

"The President will self-impeach" Speaker Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi Just Made a Major Impeachment Power Play She won't send the articles of impeachment to

American Dream--or Nightmare?

McConnell: I'm under attack

Aqua Marine (instrumental) - Santana

How he looked after impeachment

Don Jr Under Federal Investigation Over Exotic Animal Poaching Crimes

who is unhinged today..Pelosi or Trump?

Guy Wakes Up To Find A Random Dog In His Living Room

My two word answer to any Republican who complains about us not following Congressional

Mitch - Fair Trial Or No Trial

To the immigrant children sleeping on a cold floor with a silver blanket, to the

The Trump White House shall now be known as the "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" Administration

I must say that Justin Amash is a class act re: Debbie Dingell

Warren Zevon - Lawyers, Guns and Money

Bwahahaha! Nancy Pelosi responds to Trumps crazy letter, oh My!!!

Adam Schiff closing statement:

Andrew Johnson Horrified That History Books Will Mention Him in Same Sentence as Trump

Roundup suit lawyer accused of $200 million extortion plot

The Senate will hold an impeachment trial, but what it will look like remains disputed and uncertain

You know DUers he has failed at everything

Sieg Heil, MF45. Even the cult couldn't applaud when he spewed this towards the end of his hatefest:

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: "'Tis Impeachment Season"

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 12/18/19

Fantastic article everyone should read from Jennifer Rubin.

Minnesota 'Democrat' Collin Peterson (sigh) votes against impeachment

Every time a repug is mentioned in print their name should be superimposed on snow flakes

Minnesota legislators clash over insulin-funding plan

Is Klobuchar's surge in Iowa a big deal?

'Act Of Evil': 15 Horses Were Shot After Being Hunted In Rural Kentucky. Graphic image.

Trump picks up Modi's populist rally motto.

Minnesota Teamsters end strike against distributor that supplies local grocery stores

Lawrence: 'Your Votes Made History Tonight' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Trump got more votes than Clinton!

It's gonna be a good day! "Pres DT impeached by US House on 2 Charges"

Control over the Ohio Supreme Court is on the ballot in 2020

Here is what Trump was saying at the exact moment they reached 216 votes for impeachment

Is there a website that has the front pages of newspapers across

Bill to put photo IDs on food stamp cards returned to Ohio Senate committee

Did Trump go too far even for Trumpsters? article says they "groaned" at his Dingle remarks

We've failed Cory Booker

(Jewish Group) 3 Jewish schools in LA spray-painted with anti-Semitic graffiti

Steve King claims Democrats attempting to cover up their own crimes by impeaching Trump

Democrats approve 99 satellite caucus locations in Iowa, U.S., overseas

Lawsuit: Iowa illegally marked up liquor prices for years

Iowa home with Confederate, Nazi displays gets vandalized

Bernie organizations urge unions to help flip eastern Iowa counties that voted for Trump

Conservative radio host wishes for a 'nice school shooting' to distract from impeachment

WWDD(What will Donald do) now that he is impeached? It is rumored that

Somebody has to make a frump Red Wedding meme.

Where/How to watch or listen to tonight's debate

ISU poll suggests Iowa Democrats eliminating bottom-tier candidates

How many times can a President be impeached?

Iowa distilleries want permanent whiskey tax cut, after close brush with 400-percent tax hike

New NBC/WSJ poll: Biden 28%, Sanders 21%, Warren 18%, Buttigieg 9%, Klobuchar 5%,

now we have to get the sucker to take the stand in his own defense

Tom Steyer outlines plan for 10% middle-class tax cut, goes after Democratic rivals in Iowa City

Cross post from Latest Breaking News.... Meadows not seeking reelection

Mark Meadows is not seeking re-election

Congressmen Meadows is not rerunning for Congress!


In Iowa, Bernie Sanders calls Pete Buttigieg's health care plan 'a failed idea'

Laurence Tribe : the Senate can't require the House, to "immediately" whatever is

45 Years Ago Today; Nelson Rockefeller is confirmed as 41st VPOTUS by the House

Opinion: Trump earned his impeachment

Breakfast Thursday 19 December 2019

Sen. Cramer accuses 'corrupt bureaucracy' of leaking his emails

Britain First urges supporters to join Conservative Party 'to make Boris Johnson's leadership more..

Putin says impeachment case against Trump is "fabricated"

Food bank braces for surge in demand after Trump strips 700,000 of benefits

*NEW* CNN Poll - Biden 26%, Sanders 20%, Warren 16%, Buttigieg 8%, Bloomberg 5%, Booker 3%

Australia is experiencing serious climate change

Cash-strapped 3D printer business relocating to North Dakota

France on strike: New protests in Paris, negotiations resume

Thursday TOONs - The Thing That Would Be King and the Giant IMPEACHED

"Denying the votes of 63 million voters . . . . "

POC and Traffic stops in Ohio.

Will Trump get another Time magazine cover?

Did you hear him say "we"? Plural? Followed by "The country" ?

Der Spiegel: Putin's killers in Russian agents hunt down Kremlin opponents

The Political Case for Mayor Pete

Widow responds after Trump suggests John Dingell may be in hell

And America says Amen...

"Remember The Titans" football coach has died

This will surprise and perhaps shock you, but Trump "allegedly" wants "revenge" for impeachment

When Gabbard was in the military did she have access to classified materials?

"Remember The Titans" football coach has died

Headlines from around the world on impeachment.....

❄️ DEC 22 at 6PM ET 🎄 Holiday Dinner with Bernie Sanders and Rep. Ro Khanna in Keene, NH

The Rundown: December 18, 2019

Art Of The Week: Week of 12/18/19

2019 in Review: Best Single Issue

2019 in Review: Best One-Shot

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 12/18/2019

Top 100 Comics of the 2010s: #80-76

The parade of Republicans speaking at the Impeachment proves there are places

I was surprised to learn that Trump was born on Christmas Day.

Gabbard has sent goons after people who question her cult involvement

So the question now is

Trump Writes Bonkers Letter to Pelosi

Impeachment indictment. Indictments usually require cash bail and forfeiture of passport.

Gary Clark Jr.: This Land

What is fueling the polls on Impeachment?

Since when does a foreign leader directly comments on a country's internal affairs?

Conservative radio host wishes for a 'nice school shooting' to distract from impeachment

Like two peas in a corrupt hollowed out pod...

Trump's current creepy "pinned tweet" is populist us vs them paranoia that the MAGAts eagerly lap up

Regarding the causality dilemma


Supreme Court Seat during impeachment?

African American Community leaders from Indiana endorse Joe Biden

Scientists wrong to put burden of saving the planet on the world's poor women Opinion

Can Impeached presidents still perform pardons?

The Biggest Social Media Operation You've Never Heard Of Is Run Out of Cyprus by Russians

Wonkette's take on the KGOP stance:

Powerful new op-ed from @ewarren on how she'd kick off the Decade of the #GreenNewDeal

Just Like A Regular Trial?

Pat Robertson, Who Prayed to Move a Hurricane, Says You Can't Pray for Weather

POC and Traffic Stops in Ohio

Australia heatwave: records forecast to be broken as temperatures surge past 40C

How much time do you give a new craft or skill before you decide it's not for you?

GOOD analysis on: 'TRUMP IMPEACHED': How newspaper front pages reacted to Trump's historic impeachm

Pic Of The Moment: Tweet Of The Century?

Disgraced Impeached President trump. His new title?

GOP Senators Will Be Shamed by Trump Himself

How Will Impeachment Effect The Trump Brand?

2nd Day Straight - New National All-Time High Temp In Australia - 107.4F Across Area The Size Of US

Like a script he must repeat, Trump says he wants "nothing for it"

People's Action just endorsed Sanders with 74% of vote

Police: FedEx Driver Fatally Shoots Suspect During Armed Robbery In Northeast Philadelphia

CNN reacts to Steffi DUI Grisham's assertion that Trump's Dingell attacks are part of the territory

The stable genius lectures us on the Law

Stephanie Ruhle wins it ALL for her reaction to comments on Pelosi wearing a black dress last night

Article: Republicans aren't afraid of Trump.

Christian Pastor: Greta Thunberg "Needs Jesus" Since She's Possessed by Demons

A few questions I want to ask every Republican who voted "Nay" last night...

Mark Meadows to Leave Congress

Article: Obama: A world ruled by women would improve 'just about everything'

Speaker Pelosi ties up Mitch in a knot with his own rules


Police search for suspects after 4 shot at San Antonio mall

Cancers strike veterans who deployed to Uzbek base where black goo oozed, ponds glowed

Conservative radio show canceled after host wishes for 'nice school shooting' as impeachment

Oh Happy Day!

Trump Has Been Impeached. Republicans Are Following Him Down - NYTimes Editorial Board

Pic of Dems Rep. Debbie Dingell and Speaker Nancy Pelosi--

Elizabeth Warren on the cover of the Rollin' Stone

I don't get it! How can Republicans face their children

BTRTN: GOP Impeachment Mantra -"What Does the President Want, and How Quickly Can I Get It For Him?"

BTRTN: GOP Impeachment Mantra -"What Does the President Want, and How Quickly Can I Get It For Him?"

There is more than one reason to withhold advancing the impeachment articles to the senate.

Justice Roberts should not give the oath to people who have already stated they will break it.

"Any word yet if Trump will be tried as an adult?"

One thing Shitler has constantly striven for is to accomplish

The Turtle is LYING right now.

Remember to contact your congresscritters

Trump Impeachment Protests RAGE As Trump IMPEACHED!

Nancy Pelosi: The Look

Turtle: "That would make the president a CREATURE...a of CONGRESS!"

McConnell blasts impeachment, says Senate ensures stability

Edith Piaf was born on this date.

Madam Speaker, make him clean off his desk before he gets anything new.

Henry Byrd aka Professor Longhair, was born on this date-

Statement from the White House Press Secretary, issued on December 18, 2019

Little Jimmy Dickens was born on this date-

Power To The People

Looks Like Mitch McConnell Is Going to Be Trump's Defense Attorney

ARTICLE: Ethics watchdogs sound alarm

Phil Ochs was born on this date.

The stupid: IT BURNS

What if the Republicans think the delay is a good thing too

The true invalidation of the popular will is not done by impeachment,

How can McTrutle....

Hmmmm, if impeachment was such a positive for I-45 you'd think FAUX News would have results and

Can Justice Roberts make Moscow Mitch recuse himself? eom

Schumer is lambasting Turtle bigley right now

This is war...

Exclusive: Phrase 'White Nationalists' Cut From Measure To Screen Military Enlistees

"I know logic. It's a 5-letter word." . . . Please come CAPTION Mitch McConnell!!!

Republicans are outmatched, outwitted and outclassed - Jennifer Rubin

Well played Mr. Painter.

Putin Criticizes Democrats for Impeaching Trump

Every repub in congress supports trump inviting foreign nations to interfere in our elections.

Video: People's Action Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

USDA government office lists fictional nation Wakanda as trade partner...

Video: People's Action Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

CO radio host fired for saying he wanted 'nice school shooting' to distract from Trump impeachment

Can't get enough of this headline? Feast your eyes.

To Try or to Delay Trying Trump Right Away?

BREAKING: Pelosi waiting for Senate Impeachment rules before sending charges...

There's A Gay Guy Dressing Up As Mike Pence Collecting Money For Planned Parenthood

Impeach is in flower...

5 Pentagon officials have resigned in the last week.😳

From sea to shining sea

"Guess what DAAAAY it is....."

I belong on "The Price is Right"

Is the show "Grimm" any good?

Tweet Of The Century!

Shoppers Food is leaving 13 locations. Here's what is happening next.

I'm trying to find a video of a recent appearance by Thom Friedman on MSNBC ...

"the scalded wasteland of the conservative mind"

Will Mark Meadows be in the Trump Administration

Well, folks... Impeachment is a reality and I haven't heard any shots fired yet.

National Religious Partnership for the Environment

U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley plans to approach impeachment as a juror, but says process is political


Trump Administration Lists Wakanda as Free Trade Partner on Government Website.

Can trump be pardoned now that he had been impeached?

Government probing 4 automakers in new Takata air bag recall

Trump, Impeached in Washington, Is Defended by Putin in Moscow

A message from Hillary re. impeachment

Top Trump ally in Congress not running for reelection

Biden praises Yang

The survival of Obamacare is at risk from the courts, and yet what is AOC complaining about?

Talking Points to Keep in Mind for Social Media Posts

During Impeachment Debate, Congress Receives Trump's Christmas 'Card' It's a doozy.

BWAHAHA! Trump goes to Little Lindsey for a timeline on his exoneration, and Lindsey's firin' blanks

Heavy gunfire heard near FSB HQ in Moscow

Median Home Price Reaches $1 Million In More Than 200 Cities, Entry Level Price In Parts Of The US

Let's All Incorporate!

Bernie Sanders nabs key progressive group endorsement

Do you think any of the people chearing have a 10 flush toilet

From flushing toilets 10/15 times to ...the dishwashers that go "boom" !!

Rest in Peace Chief.

Is our Senate Impenetrable?

Pelosi has confused them, and ruined their plans.

McCrory won't run for NC governor; will consider Senate bid

"Senior GOP congressman" told Fox News Trump "could lose Michigan" over Dingell attacks

Yang on Ellen

Holiday Impeachment Pause: Congress Goes into Recess Tomorrow

Money Available for Wind Farms and CAFO Bribes, Not for Teachers and State Employees

Roasted Root Veg Salad Recipe

Today is a sad but necessary day for American democracy.

Fox & Friends Diner: Impeachment Will Help Trump in 2020 'Among People Who Don't Care About Facts'

Nancy Pelosi makes turtle soup after this morning's belligerent and snarky McConnell screed

The best place to lose your job...

Oh, New York Post. One of these days yet you might be considered a real newspaper.

Kennecke Catches up with Noem's Nepotism for Kennedy and Kyle

Tulsi Gabbard on Trump impeachment: 'I could not in good conscience vote either yes or no'

NEW! Special Trump Christmas Ornaments for 2019! Look!

What Elizabeth Warren Is Quietly Telling Democratic Insiders

basterds - Company invents sloping toilet to prevent workers taking long loo breaks


New 2020 Poll Shows Three-Way Tie Among Sanders, Warren and Biden

Trump Doesn't Want You To Know How Toxic Your Neighborhood May Be

New 2020 Poll Shows Three-Way Tie Among Sanders, Warren and Biden

"Cruelty is not wit", Pelosi says of Trump

What You Need to Know About the Power Brooch Nancy Pelosi Wore to the Impeachment Proceedings

White House: Trump was 'just riffing' about late Rep. John Dingell 'looking up' from hell

One of the things that I love about Speaker Pelosi...

Sick of hearing that we can't go too far left

With all that's going on, I was thinking about writing a story...

Somebody in my family nailed me

"This will be the first line of his obituary" said Pete Williams on MSNBC

This place has walls and a ceiling and everything.

Bloomberg misfires on impeachment aftermath

Impeachment Polls are Flawed trump friendly, need a tertium quid

Mitch and Lindsey Will Have to Suck It Up until January 7 2020!

Just received this email from Adam Schiff:

Just heard a good one today, from a (now former) Trump supporter, no less!

Trump's Ugly Diss of the Late Congressman Dingell Was Typical Bully Behavior

Two-thirds of America thinks the economy is helping the rich and hurting the working class.

From the distinguished (and very much missed) former Senator from Minnesota:

A look at late career RL Burnside

Because I'm Happy...

Oklahoma man in 'The Innocent Man' case released from prison

State-Tribal Relations group scolds Noem administration for not attending meeting

Well said, Greta!

How Warren Bulldozed Hillary on the Economy

Randy Seiler elected chair of South Dakota Democratic Party


Scotland Seeks New Vote On Independence As U.K. Hurtles Toward Brexit

Impeach for Stormy Daniels next

Well at least 2 Michigan GOPers called out Trump.....

Deadly shooting at Russian intelligence agency in Moscow, reports say

Trump Has Been Impeached. Republicans Are Following Him Down.

Best viral videos of 2019

Text meant to keep White Supremacists out of the military altered

Yikes - 18th Century diving suit

Cognitive dissonance- Saw a guy with a MAGA hat

Seriously. Something is wrong with this guy. From last night.........

South Dakota sues to keep Equal Rights Amendment off U.S. Constitution

The Supreme Court's Final Exam by Linda Greenhouse

BEWARE: If you live in a red community...

John McCain is looking down and thinking

Pelosi Can Save Obamacare With a One-Line Amendment

never mind

You know, Pelosi can negotiate for more than just a vague fair trial that examines actual evidence.

Why Biden Is Leading

Another Chinese National arrested for trespassing at Mar-a-Lago.

Looking back on winter 2009-10: 'Snowpocalypse' strikes, smashes December snow records.

Here we are, Tuesday night.

Bernie Sanders secures new SC endorsement after Kamala Harris drops out

A spring in pelosis step...

Damon Young, [theroot]"I will never forgive white people for Donald Trump"

Biden's eulogy of Dingell: "Dignity was how John walked.....

Congressman John Dingell is buried in Arlington Cemetery.........with tRump being POTUS would he be

this NYT story on phone tracking is a major piece of investigative journalism - and frightening

Damon Young, [theroot]"I will never forgive white people for Donald Trump"

Chronic Overthinking

i am looking forward to stephani ruhle's interview w bloomie.

What Happens When a Health Plan Has No Limits? An Acupuncturist Earns $677 a Session.

Kirsten Gillibrand endorses Cory Booker...

A Chicago Psychiatric Hospital Is Under Fire After Child Abuse Allegations. Again.

Wyoming students disciplined after coming to school in white robes and a hood

Karma is a bitch

Google goes offline after fibre cables cut

Trump Is "Surprised" He's Being Impeached for Ukraine Scandal: A Closer Look

Quickly Nominating Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren Is Democrats' Best Chance at 2020

Two more days

Homo erectus: Ancient humans survived longer than we thought

'Fine with us' if Pelosi doesn't transmit articles, McConnell says

It's label time. The screaming Republicans are now plainly a unified phenomenon with only one name:

Trump Approval Rating Plummets To New Low With The Military

"We've Turned The GOP Into A Working- Class Party," Bannon: 'Find Our AOCs, I Want Bartenders'

Trump Supporters Demand Nancy Pelosi Be Locked Up After Impeachment

2:11 of newspaper front pages, Impeachment edition.

'White Nationalists' Cut From Measure To Screen Enlistees

ImPotus45 campaign's vicious lie about Rep. Clyburn

MSNBC Sure Is Giving Bloomberg Way Too Much Air Time

The man who could ruin McConnell's plan for a sham impeachment trial

In defense of Tulsi Gabbard, a little

First losers from the election: workers, refugee children, and parliament's power

Steffi DUI Grisham: Dingell insult was Trump riffing & counter-punching for a supportive, wild crowd

My guess is the fact

Obama Golfed as Trump Was Being Impeached

Photos of Portman at Habitat for Humanity photo op today

Do you have a fave book that shaped understanding of history?

What books have helped you understand history?

Heads of All Military Branches including Southcom Northcom & Nuclear Force Replaced since July 2019

Wisconsin deputy burglarized grieving families' homes during funerals, officials say

Size DOES matter

Joe Biden picks up support from influential Wall Street fundraisers Marc Lasry and Blair Effron 😎

US government lists fictional nation Wakanda as trade partner

I just read a great suggestion over at HuffPo. From now until the end of time,

Bernie Sanders campaign ad: "Billionaires"

Saw "Jojo Rabbit" last week

Food Stamp Cuts Begin Soon, Black Americans To Be Hardest Hit. New Work Reqs Will Throw Off 700,000

Trump administration lists fictional Wakanda as a duty-free trade partner

US government lists fictional nation Wakanda as trade partner

Appeals court revives @NAACP 's #2020Census lawsuit

Food Stamp Cuts Begin Soon, Black Americans To Be Hardest Hit. New Work Reqs Will Throw Off 700,000

Blast from the past - John Oliver: Puerto Rico

please bring my kid some magic for xmas.

President Supervillain -- It's less scary as a comic book

Just try to run a clip of Collins ranting yesterday and match his yelling. See how crazy it feels to

1980s Wendy's Commercials show No Choice in Russia

☦️Eastern Orthodox 'Feast of the Nativity/The Incarnation'

I am so proud and excited to have the endorsement of @PplsAction ...

Curious Post - still a lot to be uncovered in SDNY??

Dozens of senior care homes that broke labor laws continue to get Medicaid funds

"...could mean that the president hasn't actually been impeached." - Bloomberg WH reporter

About those Republican no votes cast

Here's how newspaper front pages announced Trump's impeachment (PIC HEAVY!!!!)

Senate advances $1.4T spending deal in drive to adjourn

Robert Reich: Trump's Brand is Ayn Rand

What do you call a psychic midget on the run from the police?

Senator Bernie Sanders Qualifies for Global Presidential Primary

More bad news for trump:

Wild Elk Has Come To Visit His Dog Friend For Years

Trump just referred to "Andy Barr."

US government lists fictional nation Wakanda as trade partner

After Queen's Speech, newly empowered Boris Johnson boasts his 'radical' agenda will 'transform' Bri

NEWS: Nevada Party Leaders Endorse Bernie Sanders for President

How Long Should Pelosi Delay the Senate Trial?

I'm not an attorney.

About that "continue in session from day to day"

Ahead of tonight's #DemDebate, @SteveKornacki and @AliVelshi talk @BernieSanders:

I am probably way off base with this, but I can't shake the feeling that we are sitting on the

There's literally an ironic Trump tweet for everything...

Trump just had a press conference with Jeff Van Drew

Reich says it well: "America's Next President: Warren Sanders"

Get Smart: Guest Stars

My afternoon with mr big paws our golden retriever

The Oldest Forest in the World Has Been Discovered in a New York Quarry

Well, it looks like Trump finally received more votes than a Clinton.

Resistance is Futile...

Now he's lying about dishwashers:

Iowa man sentenced to 16 years for setting LGBTQ flag on fire

The First Time: Elizabeth Warren

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 20 December 2019


"Principled" is the New "Unlikable" for Female Politicians

CNN: Trump administration pushes back on bill meant to deter Russia

I like guys that didn't get impeached.

Senate Bill Includes Significant Changes to Retirement System

'Star Wars,' The Trilogy That NPR Turned Into Radio Drama

Shocking. Gaslighting, Krystal Ball Defends Gabbard

Is it my imagination,

Even the NYT falls for the bullshit "moderate" moniker for Susan Collins. . .

Old time radio for Christmas - Fibber McGee and Molly 1946

Christmas in Prison, John Prine

I feel Trump deserves a Time Magazine Cover

Rep. Adam Schiff Is Coming After Mike Pence Next

One person rescued after possible gas explosion topples Philadelphia building; search for others

I've been steering clear of using the word "Nazi." But no more.

'Trump Is Bad For The Jews': Full-Page Ad From Progressive Jewish Group

How Nancy Pelosi should troll Mitch McConnell.

MF45's Legacy - My Thought of the Day

GOP Senate quietly removes white nationalism from new requirements to screen military enlistees

US aid to Colombia will grow to $448 million in 2020, largest amount in 9 years

Don't believe the polls!

Some Positive News: Brother reports that staunch Republicans in NY were repulsed by House Rep BS.

Is Colombia's 'propaganda model' failing?

I just read the term Impeachmas!

Gabbard rips Pelosi for delay of impeachment articles

Colombia's labor unions receive death threats as government considering negotiations to end protests

AA medical school classmates standing in front of slave quarters of their ancestors (amazing pic)

David Corn: The Inevitability of Donald Trump's Impeachment

Sovereign citizen gets 12 years in prison for child pornography

You raised $243.20 on December 18, 2019 ActBlue POTUS donation links

To avoid removal, Trump needs senators representing only 7 percent of the country to support him

'Tis Impeachment Season Full Frontal on TBS

Al Franken mocks Sen. McConnell:

The People's Postal Service: No One Gets Left Off the List

Man found dead in a freezer had notarized letter saying his wife wasn't responsible for his death

Trumps War Room posting dangerous, vicious LIES!! about what Cyburn said...............

What charity(charities) are you supporting this holiday season?

"Putin told me" WH officials say they feared Putin influenced Trump's views on Ukraine/2016 election

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Dec. 19, 2019

I pulled up next to a Pro-Drumpt rally on a street corner the other

Van Drew pledges 'undying support' for Trump as he switches parties

I don't think an impeached President should give the State of the Union Address.

538 national polling average, with comparison to the average before the *previous* debate

Idea for tonight's 12/19/19 debate

In the old days it was just whips and chains , now it's an uncomfortable toilet

U.S. Envoy to Ukraine Was Asked to Step Aside Ahead of Pompeo Visit

Joe Biden has now amassed more than 1,000 endorsements from national, state, and local leaders

Active shooter situation at Penn Square Mall in OKC

Sooo, I'm at a VA homeless shelter and...

Christianity Today: "Trump should be removed from Office."

WATCH LIVE: The PBS NewsHour/POLITICO Democratic Debate

Virginia to build Long Bridge and acquire CSX right of way to expand passenger train service

Virginia to build Long Bridge and acquire CSX right of way to expand passenger train service

🔹WATCH LIVE: The PBS NewsHour/POLITICO Democratic Debate

Former White House officials say they feared Putin influenced the president's views on Ukraine

Lamenting the "disappearance of diversity" on the debate

Charles P. Pierce: Turns Out Mitch McConnell Might Have More Soft Spots in His Caucus Than Nancy Pe

Senate passes new limits on robocalls, sending legislation to Trump

Stop calling me orange!!

Ernst calls for EPA chief to be replaced, says new ethanol rules fall short of target on biofuels

Why Biden's Retro Inner Circle Is Succeeding So Far

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will easily end up with 49 seats.

U.S. gun deaths, 2004-2010 - An interactive map

The World's Oldest Forest Has 385-Million-Year-Old Tree Roots

Evangelical magazine founded by Billy Graham calls for Trump's removal

I really wish on days like this we could all meet up somewhere and raise a glass or a cup of tea or

House narrowly passes bill that would restore SALT tax benefits to higher-income Americans

All they want for Christmas...

Here's How The World Reacted To President Trump's Impeachment

Queens Man Impeached

Christian Magazine on Trump

Investigation into horse deaths at Santa Anita finds no unlawful conduct

Another take on Galaxy Quest

Putin slams trump isn't that special

How the Dump Stole Christmas

Senate leaders punt impeachment trial deal until after holidays