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Christianity Today, an influential evangelical magazine, says President Trump should be

See How That Goes...Ok?

Iowa officials upset over EPA's RFS announcement


Trump slams idea of delaying Senate impeachment trial

Fox Judge Napolitano... Undisputed evidence that he abused his power

Republican senators want Trump to stay off Twitter during impeachment trial

Reports indicate Michigan man may be baby abducted in 1964

The Constitution, Not Trump, Goes to the Senate for Trial

Miss Texas first to rock a 'fro at Miss America pageant

an update on my family member who quit his job at the pentagon.

'Deeply Entangled in a Criminal Conspiracy': NYC Lawmakers Seek to Sever City's Ties to Trump Org

Trump's hell suggestion outraged some faith leaders, but evangelicals are still defending him

Oklahoma City Elizabeth Warren Fans

The solution to the McConnell/Pelosi impasse is crystal clear and just struck me

Donald Trump's disgusting and deplorable attack on Debbie Dingell

US- DPRK: The Art of Negotiation

Live from the DNC Debate...

Flood Watch Thursday Night As Storms Bear Down On Washington

Former Kentucky governor Matt Bevin is defending his pardon of a child abuser by claiming...

Gabbard faces heat back home for present vote on impeachment

Trump spokesperson defends Dingell comments: 'The president is a counter-puncher'

House Ethics Committee finds McMorris Rodgers misused official resources

Putin says the Con will be acquitted....

Buttigieg's problem with nonwhite Dems may be getting worse

Schumer rips McConnell: Why are you afraid of impeachment witnesses?

Mom Calls C-SPAN to Yell At Her Arguing Pundit Sons

Booker getting primary challenge for Senate from Sanders supporter

No opinion, but present...

Trump's Plan to Criminalize Homelessness Is Taking Shape

Americans Want The Health Care System To Change. Just Not Their Own Health Care.

There's a great thread with some good arguments going on over here:

Stevens Pass opens with new lifts and terrain, shorter lines

PBS Newshour YouTube link for watching tonight's debate:

What the state's 10 House members have said about impeachment

Joe Biden has now amassed more than 1,000 endorsements from national, state, and local leaders

Members of the Kamala Harris finance committee are now supporting Joe Biden

Inslee favors reserves over taxes to help house the homeless

So the Repugs were outraged Trump couldn't "defend himself" at the House hearings

Speaker of the NH House endorses @JoeBiden !

PBS Taps Journalist With Anti-Sanders Bias to Help Moderate Debate

Baby wants bottle UPDATE: Trump tweets "I want an immediate trial!"

Hillary Clinton appears to have been right about Tulsi Gabbard

12/20 Mike Luckovich: Pelosied

Goldman Sachs will not finance oil drilling in Arctic Wildlife Refuge

NYT: Durham has asked the CIA for John Brennan's communications records

Nancy Pelosi is playing tRump on a Stradivarius.

CBS News Plus Charleston, SC Post And Courier Confirm Sanders SURGE (and use "that word")

Trump's Impeachment Was the Hottest Tourist Attraction in Washington

Leaked video of Jeff Van Drew's meeting with Trump!

When will the Netherlands disappear?

Lawsuit: Louisville ICE agents gave man a 'gang beating' until he was unconscious

Northam proposes cutting budget for Confederate grave maintenance in favor of black cemetery fund

This Is How Fux Noise and Trump Create a Vicious Cycle of Conspiracy Theories

He Recalled His Winter With No Heat - Florida businessman pays off utility bills for 36 families

Could Democrats retain/regain control of the US Senate in 2022 with a Democratic margin?

Putin Says Trump's Impeachment Is Based on 'Absolutely Made-Up Reasons'

Cartoons 12/19/19

The Moving Background Is Giving Me Motion Sickness....

Debate: RW talking points on the first question...

Debate thread #1

South Carolina Democratic Presidential Primary 11/6 - 12/11

J.K. Rowling facing backlash after supporting researcher who lost her job over transphobic tweets

The Far Side is officially online for the first time

Family Discovers An Owl Has Been Living In Their Christmas Tree for a week

Terrorist Republican thrown out of WA state House GOP caucus

Christmas Crow

Ana Navarro's response to Dreck45's Dingell insult

Prosecutor Scrutinizing Ex-CIA Director Brennan

Has Joe been asked a question?

TCM Schedule for Sunday December 22, 2019 - Christmas Double Feature

I'm getting kinda nervous that the orange piece of shit will eat these Dem candidates alive.

TCM Schedule for Monday December 23 2019 - Remakes

Most of the time, I'm in favor of discussion. That is why I participate in this political

Trump greenlit Khashoggi

John McCain's revenge

2020 US Senate Election- Incoming US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate.

Heard (read) a pretty good one...

I'm not a Constitutional scholar, and apparently Tom Steyer isn't either

Christmas life hack

Elizabeth Warren opens campaign offices, hires staff in Washington state before March primary

Joe Biden: "If anyone has reason to be angry with the Republicans and not want to cooperate..."

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Another December Infamy!

Some interesting observations from Thom Friedman (yeah, I know) re. 45 on The Beat, 12/17/19 :

I miss Beto but Pete

I am glad we have so many great people in our party.

Shock Poll: Nearly Half of Active Duty Military Members Have an Unfavorable View of Trump

Debate thread #2

Warren appears angry

Matt Bevin pardons a man accused of raping a 6 yr old. says she made it up, her hymen was intact

Why Microsoft is getting behind a revolutionary plan for high-speed rail in the Pacific Northwest

Amy's killin it👍🏼

5 NJ Public Officials, Political Candidates Snared in Huge Corruption Probe

Next year's SOTU speech should be something.

Schumer on Rachel now.

22,000 reinstated to voting rolls as Georgia attorneys defend purge

Some music for the Christmas season.

US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2020.

Damn proud of ALL our candidates.......

Bernie on day one will never allow border agents to take children from their parents!

How about a Beto update?

To avoid removal, Trump needs senators representing only 7 percent of the country to support him

Va. law that seizes licenses for unpaid court debt appears doomed.

Most Americans No Longer Are Middle Class, Decline For 4 Decades; Pew Research Ctr, Review


Watching this debate Amy is rockin' it.

Trump said he knew Ukraine meddled in 2016 instead of Russia cause 'Putin told me'.

So many dogs were left behind in the hurricane -- these guys stepped in to save them 👏👏👏

Aw jeez!! This debate is useless!! They''re all so damn good I can't choose!!!

Watch the saddest pittie in the shelter start smiling nonstop 😍

I think I actually don't like politics.

These shelter dogs all got the best Christmas present -- a family ❤️🎄

Tin foil hat time: Trump tries to contact the Chinese for dirt on Biden et al

There's one great leader and statesman on that stage, and 6 aspiring, quarreling rivals.

Corgi Howls When She Eats

Merry Christmas DU

GOP had to cheat in several races to control the Senate.


Republicans will not turn on Trump until they know it is in their benefit to do so.

OK Sanders has no sense of humor

Watching Lawrence O'Donnell. Chuck Schumer is going to wipe the smirk off of McConnell's face.

Scientists uncover the world's oldest fossil forest in New York

Trump "shellshocked" after impeachment, because advisers were telling him it wasn't going to happen

Wow. Fuck you, Sarah.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome John Davey

Report: Washington lawmaker engaged in 'domestic terrorism'

Okayyyyy. For those who do not know what Bernie meant by saying...

Pro-tip for arguing online with Trump cultists

The Daily Show: Black Women in Pageants, a Penis Fish Invasion & White Power at a Football Game

The Mitch McConnell cover up of Trump's corruption

Seth Meyers - Trump Rants on Twitter During Historic Impeachment Vote - Monologue - 12/18/19

Carole King - Jazzman

Buttigieg is right. There's nothing wrong with (all) large donations.

After Telling Moderator Climate Question 'Misses the Mark,' Sanders Says Real Issue

Rubin: "Biden had the best debate of the campaign. He was crisp, passionate, showed his experience

Still w/ Warren

In Nome, Alaska, review of rape 'cold cases' hits a wall

Nice big round number - this is post 49,000 for me. Wow.

Arizona politician's alleged adoption aide pleads guilty

For me bradda, the Master Sgt.

2 Volunteer Firemen Die; NSW Smoke Shrouds Melbourne; Victoria Power Grid Wobbling

Van Jones: "Joe Biden tonight looked like a frontrunner, he fought like a frontrunner, he sounded

Seth Meyers - Trump Melts Down at Rally After Getting Impeached: A Closer Look

All the pundits praised Klobuchar

Some Nice music

"The Monster": A Short History Of Australia's Biggest Fire - Gospers Mountain

Joe Biden responds to Sarah Huckabee Sanders: "It's called empathy. Look it up."

Give a gift or ask forgiveness and only the two women asked forgiveness

On local news: "The stain of his impeachment is 'setting in'."

Nancy Pelosi brings down the hammer after McConnell screed: 'Frankly, I don't care what the GOP say"

Tribal leaders in Oklahoma reject governor's extension plan

I couldn't bring myself to watch the Democratic debate because of what I feared was coming.

Ruh-Roh! Franklin police dog caught stealing from toy donation bin

One more for the Master Sgt.'s country ass! LOL!

The Daily Show: LIVE Coverage of the December Democratic Debate

In a first, Peruvian with Down syndrome runs for parliament

Must-see TV: Tonight's Lawrence O'Donnell segment with Lawrence Tribe

Sarah Huckabee Sanders just APOLOGIZED to Joe Biden

Heart & Jason Bonham - Stairway To Heaven ' Tribute to Led Zeppelin- Live at the Kennedy Center

40 Brutally Hilarious Trump Impeachment Memes

One more n I gots to rack out

Could Trump be arrested for admitting he would walk into the girls dressing room when teen girls were

Report: German spy agency releases Himmler daughter files

Would it be wrong to say: Nancy looked pretty..

Nicole Cliffe hounded off of Twitter for Buttigieg donation

Something stupid really bothered me at work today.

Andrew Yang had the best line at the end of the debate & a solid debate

AP Explains: The investigations around Bolsonaro's son

Winners and losers from the December Democratic debate

On Colbert:"CDC sez puppies could make people sick."

'Men of the Deeps' Cabe Breton, Nova Scotia is group of singers made out

Winners and Losers of PBS Politico Democratic Debate

Don't let it 'undermine our faith': Church group says of Netflix 'gay Jesus' film

In Brazil's pampas, a Triassic Park once flourished

In Brazil's pampas, a Triassic Park once flourished

Warren slammed Buttigieg for fundraiser in wine cave with a crystal chandelier. In 2018, she

An Amazing musical intrument.

Top Evangelical Magazine Calls For Trump's Removal From Office

Fifteen years in Iowa jail for burning pride flag

Wine cave? Or whinny caving?

Chicago Tribune: LGBT donors helping Pete Buttigieg defy 2020 expectations

George Conway launches new hashtag now that Trump has been impeached

Andrew Yang nailed his answer on being the only nonwhite candidate on stage

So Cory Booker isn't in the debate but Steyer is?

Presidential Battlegrounds: Wisconsin

'Biblical precedent': Megachurch's bid to 'resurrect'

Crime after Crime

Beto O'Rourke: Flipping Texas House 'no longer a fantasy'

Wind Cave South Dakota, re Klobuchar

If Trump loses in November the country could be in dire danger.

Scientists fear surge in supersized bushfires that create their own violent thunderstorms

Lesbos migrant camp children 'say they want to die'

Impeachment: What this means, where this leads

At 14, I walked through the desert to reach the US. My story didn't end there

Upstate New York fossil forest from 385 million B.C. could be world's oldest

What is this BITCH about DIVERSITY?

Pakistan court sentences to death former US-backed military strongman Musharraf

Panama invasion: The US operation that ousted Noriega

CBS Overnight News: dumpski is concerned how the impeachment looks on him.

Elizabeth asks the question

Generating first laser ultrasound images of humans

Astronomers Confirm The Existence of Planets That Have The Lightness of Cotton Candy

Trump's Ego Makes Him an Easy Mark

Yang blew it, IMHO, when he criticized D's for "being obsessed over impeachment," and for acting

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening / "Once Upon Impeachment" / Stephen's New Puppy - 12/19/19

MSNBC: Is Gabbard contemplating a 3rd party run?

Reps are so angry right now, it's like they just saw a poor kid getting healthcare.

Impeachment Crown

There's Finally a Backlash to Narendra Modi's Islamophobia

Sarah Huckabee mocked Biden's stutter then deleted it.

Collins under fire as appeals court strikes down ACA mandate

Report: Richest Mainers benefited from tax overhaul, poor will pay more in 2027

Husband and Wife Sentenced to Prison for Attempting to Bilk the IRS out of $1.3 Million

Bohemian Rhapsody -Donald Trump Cover

Even if the articles are only delayed until after the break

Former shipbuilding project manager sentenced to more than 4 years in prison for $1.5 million false

Michigan Republicans Urge Trump To Apologize For Attack On Late Rep. John Dingell

Chinese National Arrested in $23.8 Million Scheme to Sell Counterfeit Laptop Computer Batteries on

C.E.O. And Founder Of Cash Flow Partners Charged With Multimillion-Dollar Bank Fraud And Securities

Department Of Justice Reaches $5.5 Million Settlement With Van Andel Research Institute To Resolve

Mid-Wilshire Cancer Doctor and His Medical Office Agree to Pay Over $3 Million to Settle Claims They

Maine group launches resource documenting Collins' voting record, corporate donors

Fighting as Masked Vigilantes, Brazil's Police Leave a Trail of Bodies and Fear

Justices weigh Maine health insurer's claim of ACA 'bait-and-switch'

The Ad Altare Dei Award

State Rep. Shea R-Spokane Valley

Prison or profit center?

Boeing sends 'Rosie' dummy to space in key crewless mission

Buttigieg-Warren clash on campaign trail spills into debate

Absolutely a feature and not a bug...

We Have 0 Billionaire Donors

We Have 0 Billionaire Donors

State sues contractors accused of owing over $1 million to customers

Goldman Sachs 'close to $2bn settlement' over 1MDB scandal

Brewer legislator Arthur Verow dies at 77

Bernie Sanders' closing statement - Sixth Democratic debate

Friday TOONs - Oooo! That's Gonna Sting

Sanders defends 'Medicare for All' plan - Sixth Democratic debate

Sanders calls for 'a revolution in education' - Sixth Democratic debate

Sanders disagrees with Obama that 'old men' are the problem - Sixth Democratic debate

Sanders says climate change will hurt people of color the most - Sixth Democratic debate

Sanders won't vote for new bipartisan USMCA trade agreement - Sixth Democratic debate

Sanders says Trump has 'sold out' working families - Sixth Democratic debate

On the trail: Shurtleff makes up on mind on 2020 race, backing Biden

Toons from Europe, volume 1

Toons from Europe, volume 2

Iran's Rouhani in Japan to meet Japan PM amid nuke impasse

Sanders, Bloomberg test different paths to a California win

I was speaking with an Independent voter today and

SO ACA is GONE, Trumpski will be acquitted....

'I'm never afraid and I'm rarely surprised': Pelosi emboldened

Trump just responded to "far left" magazine , Christianity Today . LOL

Moscow Mitch's nemesis are women who

Whine cave.😉

Interesting statement by UK Labor MP Starmer relating to the UK's future.

Mike Memoli, NBC news: Yang told me he'd consider pardoning Trump.

Rep. Debbie Dingell thanks colleagues for support after Trump suggests John Dingell is in hell

A "Ghost Writer" slipped in and wrote a new script for the reality shit show.

Latest Facebook data breach affects 267 million users, most of them from the US

A rafter of Turkey's at the salt lick.

The Rude Pundit: Note to Democrats: Don't Fuck Up the Post-Impeachment Process

Four Years After N.H. Win, Sanders Hopes Consistency Carries The Day in 2020

Couple Pleads Guilty To Voting In N.H. And Mass. During 2016 Election

Senate Quietly Cut Term 'White Nationalists' From Measure to Screen Military Recruits

Sununu Nominates N.H. Hospital CEO As Head Of Health And Human Services Dept.

Trump 2024! Not the Onion

Trump's best words 2019.😆

Nancy Pelosi's brooch worn on Impeachmas....

Speaker Pelosi heads into the holiday recess emboldened and happy to silence her critics

Reuters: Boeing's CST-100 Starliner astronaut capsule has not yet reached its intended orbit

Nelson Bell, father-in-law of Billy Graham, a mega segregationist, urged Billy to start Christianity

Christianity Today has long history of opposing LGBT rights

Yukon River Chinook Salmon Decline Continues; Whitehorse Fish Ladder Count In 2019 - 282 Fish

2019 - The Year The Climate Truth Bomb Finally Dropped, And We Realized The Party Was Over

Trump said he believes Ukraine interfered in 2016 election because 'Putin told me'

Can a Senate "trial" be legitimate if there are no witnesses?

9% Of Humanity's Carbon Buget Remains For 1.5C To Remain Possible. Nine. Percent.

S. Australia - Nullarbor Weather Station Records Hottest December Temp Recorded On Earth - 121.8F

SHS "I didn't know that about you..." like a math teacher that can add but not subtract. n/t

As we live through this time of division and hate...

A shame if someone set a slideshow of all "Trump Impeached" headlines to audio of Hillary laughing

Trump vs. John Roberts: A 2020 battle for the Supreme Court's reputation

Here is where we are in the polls as of 12/19 from 270towin

We know trump likes to act on his grudges so what if...

Eco Friendly Concept house

Trump Pulled Plug on Pompeo's November Ukraine Trip Over Impeachment Heat

The Tyranny of the 63 Million

N.M. teenager sentenced to 30 days for second-degree murder

Jim Jordan resigns from Intelligence Committe?

Trump vows to never read that Billy Graham magazine again, bold statement from one who doesn't read

Two random memes seen on twitter this am

Matthew Cooke's 'Message to Republicans'. I really recommend watching this video

BTRTN: Democrats Rip Into Each Other Competing to Prove Who is the Best Unifier

Trump now bears the indelible mark of impeachment

Breakfast Friday 20 December 2019

Just five more sleeps until box day (Twitter)

I've learned that women who gain a few extra pounds are less prone to injury than the

'Pelosi has driven a wedge between McConnell and Trump': ex-White House official

Prince Philip, 98, admitted to a London hospital

The Dotard rambles on, this time rants on dishwashers should not be energy efficient.

US economy grew at moderate 2.1% rate in 3rd quarter

Trump's Remarks in Meeting with Representative Jeff Van Drew; December 19, 2019

Pic Of The Moment: Republicans Sure Are In Lockstep With Their Boss On Impeachment Talking Points

'These people are profitable': Under Trump, private prisons are cashing in on ICE detainees

Guys Who Love Dogs Are So Excited To Get A Letter From The Pup Next Door

"Suffer the little children to bugger off!" . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

'Putin told me'

A Look Back at Nancy Pelosi Through the Years

Brexit: MPs back Boris Johnson's bill

CNN GE poll, Dems vs. Trump: Biden +5, Sanders +4, Warren +1. Buttigieg -1

Smartphone tracking: It took minutes to find phone believed to belong to agent traveling with Trump*

NH State Senator Lucy McVitty Weber endorses Amy Klobucher

Sarah Huckabee Sanders mocked Joe Biden during the Democratic debate after he mentioned comforting..

Former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter Named National Political Chair for Mike Bloomberg

The Good News -- Please Add Yours

The Funny Thing about Not Sending the Articles to the Senate

BREAKING: President Donald Trump Impeached

Trump Erupts with Misspelled Tweets Over Impeachment

Michael Moores Rumble Podcast

How Low Will Democrats Go? Probably Not Low Enough.

UPDATE: Animal cruelty in Kentucky; Six More

Prof Kevin Kruse has a suggestion for SNL

Trump 'Mad as Hell' About Impeachment

'Ice eggs' cover Finland beach in rare weather event

'Ice eggs' cover Finland beach in rare weather event

Trump blasts Christian magazine that called for his removal

CNN fact check: Trump campaign falsely suggests Rep. Jim Clyburn called for Trump's hanging

.@jordanklepper goes to a Trump rally to talk impeachment with The Donald's most ardent supporters.

New hashtag for Trump by George Conway...


Still No.1 on Twitter #IMPOTUS

"He's not just a half-bubble off.."

Honest Joe had a good night

My Spring project will be to turn my crawl space into a wine cave

So, being such a smartie, I got my pneumonia shot and my 2nd (overdue) Shingles shot at the

DNC Announces Details For Seventh Democratic Presidential Primary Debate

Moderator: "Senator Warren, you would be the oldest president ever inaugurated..."

You raised $730.80 on December 19, 2019 ActBlue POTUS donation links

The Rundown: December 19, 2019

BREAKING NEWS: Sarah Huckabee Sanders to headline new ABC reality competition show this spring.

2019 in Review: Best Limited Series

Do you listen to Sirius XM on your ipad or iphone? Problem with pandora?

Pick of the Week: "The Low, Low Woods" #1

2019 in Review: Best Original Graphic Novel

The Senate Is In Play

The origin of Superheroes: Femforce

Democratic Manifesto

US Steel is closing a Detroit-area steel mill and laying off 1,500 workers

Alan Parsons has a birthday today.

Investigation finds Washington state representative took part in 'domestic terrorism'

Hey! You Republican Senators! How about that Mike Pence?

I still love Elizabeth, but I have the feeling that Biden will be our candidate...

"Does this Impeachment make me look fat?"

1,500 steel workers laid off two days after Trump says 'US steel mills are doing great'

More Black Leaders In Indiana Are Endorsing Joe Biden For President

Chuck Bonniwell: "Nice school shooting" guy..So where did he get the idea to say whatever he wants?

In October US Steel reported its first loss since tariffs were imposed.

Question from a friend across the Pond:


Cory Booker didn't like Warren's "wine cave" attack on Buttigieg

Cheer up guys, you'd be prettier if you'd smile.😋

Modern GOP, teaparty morons.

Impeachment of Trump voted top 2019 news story in AP poll

Boeing astronaut ship stalls in orbit

Actual text from the Trump campaign.

Beware Amazon Marketplace sellers!!! Many counterfeit or dangerous knockoff products...


3 Books for January by Trump-Hating Good Guys with Keyboards

Joe Biden said he consistently opposed Obama's Afghanistan surge. Obama alumni say he's right.

1,500 steel workers laid off two days after Trump says 'US steel mills are doing great'

How many do you recognize - Most outstanding Pixs of the decade

Here's a little something worth remembering:

2 Wall St fundraisers who'd backed Harris -- and Obama and Clinton -- now backing Biden

'I Was Wrong': Bernie Sanders Admits Barbara Lee Only Member of Congress in 2001

Here's a photo of something pretty amazing, but non-political.

Candidate Debate Speaking Time

56 Years Ago Today; The Frankfurt Auschwitz trials begin

😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

Sanders, Biden have highest favorable numbers among Democratic primary voters

Trump is going to have a miserable 2 weeks!

Two Carnival ships just smashed into each other in Cozumel.

Carnival Glory slams into Carnival Legend in Cozumel

The wrong people decided to sass Connie Schultz. It is not going well

D.N.C. Increases Qualifications for January Debate

Get ready to check out the last House Fire for the decade.

Sanders, Biden spar over Medicare for All

A few cartoons from the New Yorker

2 Carnival cruise ships collide in Cozumel.

Susan Collins demanded witnesses for the Clinton impeachment, now she's waffling.

Washington Rep. Matt Shea engaged in domestic terrorism against U.S.

So, how's the 2019 Gavlebocken doing?

DFT is whining about the Christianity Today op-ed piece

Rhiana Gunn-Wright, an architect of the Green New Deal, endorses Warren for President

The most amazing drone holographic light show in China Cool!

Hawaiian Shirt Ridicules Vacationing PM Morrison -- Proceeds go to fight Bushfires

What impeachment?

Rep Dingell: As an antidote to the last week, I found @JohnDingell's own words from last December

Where should I move to be safe from climate change? (Yale Climate Connections)

One more sign of being *old* - when the most exciting, desired gift is:

In 2019, I lost 25 pounds.

The latest Russia bombshell bolsters Democrats' demand for evidence

United pulls 737 Max from its schedule until early June

Sarah Huckabee Sanders' historic achievement

Minor issue with the Trump-Zelensky call readout, but one that angers me to no end.

this is pretty amazing. Had no clue this existed until today. Gunsmoke Blues

So I decided on a whim a few months ago to try building a bass guitar, just to keep myself occupied.

Just some tweets I like about Yang :)

Matt Bevin defends pardon of convicted child rapist in radio interview

Matt Bruenig of the People's Policy Project: Warren got the worst of the wine cave exchange.

WA State Republican Matt Shea identified as domestic terrorist and will be removed from duties

Freshly-minted Republican Jeff Van Drew backpedals his "undying" support for Trump. #WompWomp

Arirang: One thousand year architectural tradition in Gyeongsangbuk-do

The Debate

SOTU Just announced!

Trump calls Christianity Today 'far left magazine' after editorial called for his removal from offic

To all those fawning over the Christianity Today article

Speaker Pelosi invites President Trump to deliver State of the Union on February 4

what was the broach that Speaker Pelosi wore to Impeach the MFer

French Telecom Company Convicted Of 'Moral Harassment' After Employee Suicides

Iowa Woman Ran Down Teen With Car Because She Was 'Mexican': Police

maybe the way to handle all this is to measure the strength of the campaigns.

New Decade begins:

"SHUT UP!" Trump MADLY TEAR After Ex-FBI Lawyer REVEALS A Dozens Of Russia Probe's Secrets

Kevin Costner endorses Pete Buttigieg

Police: Des Moines woman ran down teen with SUV because victim was Hispanic

Trump criticizes Jesus: Says he likes religious heroes who weren't crucified.

About those RMDs (for the 70+ here)

Sanders: Instead of weapons funding we should pool resources to fight climate change

Mural at University of Virginia says 'Defend Black Trans Women' - defaced two days in a row

The 5 Browns - SLEIGH RIDE (arr. Greg Anderson) - Christmas With The 5 Browns

Dreaming Of A Green Christmas, The Holidays Can Be Eco-friendly Too

Meghan McCain calls out Melanie and Ivanka:

Authoritarian Surveillance for Christmas

I wish we could censure every rethug who read false info into the congressional record at the

Well the Party Of Putin

South Africa initiation schools suspended after circumcision deaths

Crumpet The Corgi sneaking up on a white strawberry

Haven't heard about Trump playing 3-D chess lately

It was not just saying that the late John Dingell was "in hell"

Slate: Bernie won the Battle of the Wine Cave.

U.S. Steel decision to idle part of Michigan plant could affect 1,500 workers

Mike Luckovich: Separated

One of the best holiday videos this year...


US service academies say hand gestures at Army-Navy game were a game and not racist

HERE WE GO: @youngthegiant, @localnatives, and @jesseyjoy will join @AOC and @BernieSanders tomorrow

Self care is important

Oh, is he lashing out again?

Never forget: Trump is a biblical scholar

ARTICLE: Expert on the far right says it's pointless to tell people Donald Trump is bad.

Who had the most effective contrast

So Billy Graham's magazine is far left

US service academies say hand gestures at Army-Navy game were a game and not racist

World's population tops 7.75 billion, 156 more people per minute

Bernie Sanders' campaign says that they raised more than a million yesterday ...

Hillary Clinton responds to Pres. Trump's comments

Photo: Bernie Sanders Stops at LA's Ayara Restaurant for Pad Thai After Democratic Debate

*NEW* Virginia Poll (Likely Voters) vs Trump: Biden (+3), Sanders (-3), Warren (-)

US Service Academies Say Hand Gestures At Army-Navy Game Were A Game And Not Racist

Funny/cute dog video:

Dachshund goes wild:

Interesting thread on Breitbart and cocaine by Boing Boing's Xeni Jardin

EVERYTHING Bernie Sanders Said At The 6th Democratic Debate

Kentucky's ex-governor pardoned a child rapist because the 9-year-old victim's hymen was intact

"People of Faith have a choice"

Dear Media: Please retire the "aren't you afraid this could backfire?" questions to Dems

The end of Politico's interview with Speaker Pelosi is awesome and gives me hope!


Perhaps Bernie Sanders could use a catchy slogan like: "a choice, not an echo"

Texas boy in shelter's letter to Santa broke my heart.

Daily Beast: The Shady History of Mayor Pete's Wine Cave -and the Ultra-Rich Couple That Owns It

Fort Worth police officer who fatally shot Atatiana Jefferson indicted on murder charge

One last comment on the CT oped piece...

Does anyone else have a young adult in their life

Senior GOP Pol Says Trump's Attack On Dingell May Cost Him Michigan

Dog finds cat in her bed, throws epic temper tantrum

I've shared this before but it is worth posting again

Barack Obama asked to hold this baby in Hawaii and this is why we miss him...

Tom Steyer Delivers an Economic Speech

The Atlantic: The Real Trouble With Silicon Valley

Exclusive: Canada police prepared to shoot Indigenous activists, documents show

Steel CEO: Unfair trade practices in China, Mexico and Canada are hurting employees

I was at the Supreme Court yesterday. Keep this under your hats.

Dutch Supreme Court Upholds Landmark Ruling Demanding Climate Action

Police Dog Caught Red-Handed Stealing Christmas Presents

Pelosi has McConnell and Trump's, uh, you know, in a vice

Asian Americans could be key for Sanders in California and beyond

Dutch Supreme Court Upholds Landmark Ruling Demanding Climate Action

TMT project on hold

Kevin Lee to join Sen. Bernie Sanders at Las Vegas rally

WH considers arguing Trump wasn't impeached.

Naswa Resort pays $125, 000 in back wages, fines over labor violations

Sanders set to release medical history by end of year

The Constitution Soon to be On Trial - Shout This from Your Rooftops!

David Remnick: Trump's Impeachment and "Impeachment Lite"

Lawsuit alleging kickback scheme set to be first EB-5 case to go to trial

Jane Fonda Is On Her 11th Climate Crisis Protest So Far

Born on this day, December 20, 1947, Steven Wright of the Easybeats

🔥 Green New Deal Town Hall in Moreno Valley

A Fracking Explosion In Ohio Created One Of Worst Methane Leaks In History

A blood curdling parallel: Trump is the ghost of Andrew Johnson

Maybe explain to trump* folks - stock market rise screws you as a worker?

Franklin Graham claims his father voted for Trump. How would he know who his dad voted for, at 99?

Anyone else getting the "Trump is on a roll" ads?

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Charlie the venus flytrap!

European center left is the lowest ever in some countries. Troubling trend.

Opinion: After two years, Trump's tax cuts have failed Americans

Opinion: After two years, Trump's tax cuts have failed Americans

How Trump Lost an Evangelical Stalwart

So half of my prediction has come true.

A Coal Baron Funded Climate Denial as His Company Spiraled Into ...

I trust Nancy Pelosi, but I hope sure ready for this?

UK charges US diplomat's wife over teen's death in crash

A second track to conviction in the Senate

Boeing capsule launches to wrong orbit, skips space station

Trump's State of the Union Speech

Twitter fights interference, deletes 5,929 Saudi accounts

DNC makes it harder to qualify for January debate [from cbs]

Nice car! Prince Charles uses AP Cuba pic for Christmas card

Probe: Spouse of Kasich Cabinet member steered contracts

Trump, QAnon and an impending judgment day: Behind the Facebook-fueled rise of The Epoch Times

Democrats aim for even smaller debate stage in January with new rules

Sanders campaign raised over $1 million on debate day

Photos: Sen. Sanders speaks to an overflow crowd outside of his Green New Deal campaign event

If you don't mind having your cell phone tracked, don't read this.

Mystery of the missing police station donation toys has been solved

Colombia's congress approves broadly rejected tax reform

"We Have to Raise Cattle on Indigenous Land to Reduce Meat Prices," Says Bolsonaro

Daniel Jose Camachro, of Sojourners on CTand the Editor not addressing racism

It's good to see Levi with Bernie again

Joe Conason: Will Republicans Risk a Rigged Trial?

Seth Abramson....She wins 'if'

Bolsonaro's Son Laundered US$ 554,000 through Chocolate Shop and Real Estate

The A to Z of Things Trump Could and Should Have Been Impeached For

Coup plotters seek to eliminate inclusive education law in Bolivia

Vatican office lifts veil, revealing vast caseload of abuse

Chris Christie wades into Senate impeachment fight

If Trump hadn't lashed out, the Christianity Today editorial would have quickly vanished.

The McGahn case is NOT rendered moot by Trump's impeachment. DOJ's contrary argument is predictable.

Some Reignwolf....

Trump just tweeted

I usually give my books to the VA hospital in Temple ...

Federal Workers Less Likely to Report Corruption After Attacks on Whistleblower, Poll Finds

An Excercise Bike Commercial Gets More News Media Attention Than the Pentagon Budget

Judge delays Roger Stone's sentencing until Feb. 20

Jethro Tull

Cats Only Want One Thing For Christmas

Tis the season

Trump agrees to deliver State of the Union on February 4

Speaker Pelosi could make an announcement.

Just exactly what we don't need wants their story

Trump official who worked at Fox News caught plagiarizing -- and has to redo her dissertation: report

NOT THE ONION: Trump wants to impeach Pelosi for "looking for a Quid Pro Quo with the Senate"

Warren Reminds McConnell's Senate That They Took An Oath To The Constitution, Not Trump

The Navy installed touch-screen steering systems to save money.

What lifting pontifical secrecy for clergy abuse cases will change for victims

Andrew Yang has a good answer for one of the toughest climate change questions

Soledad O'Brien: "American Coward"

Fact-check: Sanders is wrong -- twice -- in claim about defense budget voting record

UPDATED: Spotted leaving the @BernieSanders rally ...

What's for Dinner, Fri., Dec. 20, 2019

Hotel lifts 17-year ban on 'worst guest ever' after horrifying seagull incident

I just saw a ticker on my computer that said..

AKNU- guaranteed feel good performance

Facebook and Twitter shutter pro-Trump network reaching 55 million accounts.

The Master Sgt. turned me on to this group last night. Sick!

Poison Control is being cut..My wife called and...

Joe Biden had best debate performance according to a new post debate poll from @ipsosus/@NateSilver

Amy's latest TWEET - $800,000 since last night's debate!

Trump administration demanded Democrats strip Ukraine aid language from spending package

Some "new" Raconteurs

Nancy Pelosi is showing women how to age fearlessly and ferociously

Evangelical Leaders Close Ranks With Trump After Scathing Editorial

Let me make this Pellucidly Clear

Establishing trial parameters is tantamount to seeking a quid pro quo with the Senate?

Bored and Razed

My proposal on how the US Senate should deal with Trump.

Help Me Stranger

Bring it on home...

Repost for "The Dude"

538: Who won the December debate? My take - all candidates moved ahead

Former Quechee man admits to $1.2 million payroll embezzlement scheme

JANE FONDA, DC Fire Drill Friday & Birthday, Dec. 21 Tomorrow!

Margaret Carlson Made A Great Connection On Ari

U.S. Steel to eliminate 1545 jobs in the Detroit area

Obama was playing golf in Hawaii while Trump was being impeached.

Gabbard faces heat back home for present vote on impeachment

Opponents outshine Bernie Sanders in sixth presidential debate

I got this much speaking time...

This is a bit interesting...Mark Meadows retiring

First Post Impeachment Poll -Poll: Majority approves of Trump's impeachment


Some Mo' Wilco


One simple reason why Biden is the candidate who we are sure will win..

I saw Bill Gates yacht in Ocho Rios this morning

Invitation for an Elizabeth Warren Senate fundraiser in 2012, and a photo of the venue:

No Idea What this tune is called

9 LOL Moments from the Democratic Debate in Los Angeles

Right now #ChristiansagainstTrump is trending.

on Bridges Live on NPR

What's good for the goose...

Commentary: Matt Bevin's Appalling Exit

AMEN & wrapped in an xmas bow

Jeff Flake: The president is on trial. So are my Senate Republican colleagues.

Health system pays $575 million to settle anti-trust lawsuit

Health system pays $575 million to settle anti-trust lawsuit

Oh, Trump is NOT GOING TO LIKE his placement in Time's "Most Influential Leaders of 2019" list.

Late-starting candidate Deval Patrick lays out policy vision

Whilst President Obama is all class, these jackasses believe they are superior...

Under secret Stephen Miller plan, ICE to use data on migrant children to expand deportation efforts

Just watched Bombshell...

Switzerland shuts down 47-year-old nuclear power plant

How sick is this? Bill Withers BBC live '73