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Archives: December 22, 2019

Washington Legislator Matt Shea Accused Of 'Domestic Terrorism,' Report Finds

Old Time radio for Christmas - "Christmas Carol" withe Lionel Barrymore

Major Defeat for the US and its Allies, Victory for Evo!

Working on thank you cards to my sweet little students for their gifts. Two of them straight up told

After being sued, Mizzou returns most of nearly $5 million conservative gift

Photo: Snow Sunset

Native tribe recognized by US government after long fight

I think we're at a turning point

Glad to see House Dems dealing with HUDs criminal behavior towards Puerto Rico

Great New Ornament

Buttigieg "wine cave" event attendee details the fundraiser in new op-ed

Another Mona Lisa, U.N. Climate Summit Fail & Amazon's "Lord of the Rings" Series The Daily Show

"Look what I've done for steel...."

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Leaving now on Track 2020

Festus doctor gets 45 days in prison after getting busted for Medicare, Medicaid fraud

Happy Winter Solstice!

People are turning to robots to write their 'handwritten' cards.

Missouri House leader rejects gun violence proposals on tap for 2020

Putin and Trump's HyperNormalization -- Backstory from Documentarian Adam Curtis

Erie woman among 23 people charged with welfare fraud in the Commonwealth

Ceres statue returns to top of Missouri State Capitol

Trump slams 'unfair' Pelosi delay, rallies conservatives

The Harris campaign and revisionist history

Who turned out the light?

Bloomberg files to run in Missouri Democratic primary

All Trump wanted for Christmas was a Sham Trial and a Sham Exoneration.

I have now watched several televised interviews of Mr. Galli, the editor of

Here's how to wrap your cat for Christmas 😹 🎄 🎁

KFC chicken and waffles

Missouri sues St. Louis lead company after pipeline spill polluted creeks with mine waste

Guy With 9 Dogs Is So Tempted To Adopt 2 More

Cooking Christmas dinner with your dog around 😂

🔥 Bernie and AOC Rally in Las Vegas

🔥 Bernie and AOC Rally in Las Vegas

23 dead as protests grow against India citizenship law

Chubby cat begs all day long 😹

Media, Human Rights Groups Silent Over Politically-Motivated Murder of Journalist in Bolivia

Okay, what do you want us to do next? :)

'Pretty easy to trigger the liberals': Billy Long grabs attention with his $45 Trump bills

On a scale of Baby Yoda, how are you feeling today?

The debate that didn't matter. Maybe its time to start voting!

The Curious Case Of Melania Trump's Signature All In MSNBC

Trump told a youth group, his critics are the dumbest people on earth.

Dog Stares At Dad In Disbelief After Watching Him Do Magic Trick

Promising a 'Radical Realignment of Our Priorities,' Ocasio-Cortez Tells Los Angeles Crowd

New Mexico GOP calls for change in congressional 'complexion'

Australia Fires: PM Scott Morrison Sorry For Hawaii Holiday During Crisis

Internet shutdowns used to be rare. They're increasingly becoming the norm in much of the world

Cat Is Horrified To See Someone Else Received The Gift She Wanted

Every day he waits for the girls to get on the school bus, then he goes back home Awww 😍

"Everybody Needs Somebody to Love" by Solomon Burke (The Original)

He likes to run! 😍

Recently lost a lovely friend...In Loving Memories

Repubs are purging voting rolls....

If Tom Steyer dropped out tomorrow and pledges to donate $2800 to your candidate, be happy.

Photo: Sanders and @AOC are answering questions on Instagram Live ahead of tonight's Vegas rally

DNA test frees Texas man from life sentence - and leads to confession of a new murder suspect

Imagine the TV news showing as many Bernie rallies as Trump!

State Tax Commission votes against raising taxes on agriculture land

KCMO City Council passes tenants bill of rights, first in the city's history

So Trump lied?

Trump Quest to Expose Whistle-Blower, Hard to Pull Off in Senate

Parson calls impeachment a 'scam.' Galloway says he's trying to distract from his record

Lawmakers Accuse VA of Violating Bargaining Rules in Workforce Order Implementation

Mom teaches puppies:

The deplorable mindset....🙄

As Kris Kobach left office, unsecured gun was found in filing cabinet, successor says

Which candidate do you think has the best chance of winning against Donald Trump

#National @QuinnipiacPoll (12/11-15):

Stevie Nicks - Blue Lamp

*All the president's lies' on CNN now.

CNN 100 photos that defined the decade

i live in farm country

A UN deadline is forcing North Korea's global workers to go home. Some never will.

SNL host tonight Eddie Murphy with musical guest Lizzo. nt

War on Pineapple: Understanding Foreign Interference

Warren builds Illinois staff as March primary presidential filing begins with new year

The Pelosi Pause

My neighbor just told me Eddie Murphy is on SNL tonight...

Hartsville Councillman Gammage endorses Elizabeth Warren

Yang was well spoken in last Thusday's debate on the economic factors that matter

The very first person to cover Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" was...

Australia: Current bushfire maps

Eddie Murphy coming up on SNL tonight.

As Russia makes 2020 play, Democratic campaigns say they are in the dark

Emails Show Trump Asked About Ukraine Aid Before Zelensky Call

Business lobby raising cash for Supreme Court seat, says it's cheaper than tort reform amendment

US Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe just endorsed Elizabeth Warren for president

Elizabeth Warren lands coveted endorsement from Art Cullen and Storm Lake Times

Dave Chappelle, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock all on stage on SNL

AG Rutledge admits she wants to kill the entire Affordable Care Act

Billy Graham's Grandchildren Come Out In Defense Of Christianity Today. Trump's Removal "Courageous"

Strong circumstantial evidence says vote totals were altered in 2016 (but few will admit it).

Cats' Poor Reception Prompts Universal to Send an 'Improved,' Updated Version to Theaters

Cuba Names Manuel Marrero Cruz As First Prime Minister Since 1976

Anese Nameena, Anese Nameena

Elizabeth Warren on "purity"

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Alec Baldwin looked nice wearing hoop earrings ("Warren"'s)

I wish that the next debate did not have higher hurdle

Deval Patrick Will Speak with Democrats Abroad

Anyone tune in to the Liverpool vs. Flamengo international finals club match?

SNL: PBS Democratic Debate Cold Open

Luxury condos?

Disappointing media wingnut "doctors" - Laura and Drew - & what about sweetie Kim KOMANDO?!1

SNL: Home for the Holidays

SNL: Weekend Update

For just 24 hours, the Prairie Home Companion Christmas Show is streaming on youtube.

☦ Eastern Orthodoxy: Feast of the Nativity of the Lord

Eddie Murphy SNL - fun to revisit all his

☦️Eastern Orthodox: Nativity of Christ/Royal Hours in English and Troparion

SNL: Eddie Murphy Monologue

SNL: Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood 2019

The Panic Button

☦️Carpatho-Rusyn Orthodox Nativity Carols, Byzantine Orthodox Carols/Hymns, Cello Carol of the Bells

Voice from the cage

☦️Traditional Carpatho-Russian/Slovak Christmas Carol

Trump Says He Has a 'Lot of Respect' for Tulsi Gabbard After Her 'Present' Impeachment Vote

On Bront country's moors, the end of grouse shooting is in sight

11 shot inside memorial party for gunshot victim in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood

'Not for the faint of heart:' Critical landing test ahead for Boeing Starliner

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Tree Topper Edition

North Korea threat looms as China, Japan, South Korea leaders meet

Trump invites Johnson to White House in new year - British media

ex-GOP Michigan Congressman Dave Trott says he'll vote for a Democrat to avert nuclear war with Iran

Police slammed a man's head into a car that they thought he had stolen, video shows. The man died.

Just had a drive by shooting right out in front of our Apartment.

Home Alone 2

Warren's origin story

Church to pay off $5.3M in medical debt for thousands of poverty-stricken households in California

Compassion alert! sheriff sergeant cares for a dog that had been stuck by a vehicle.

Revealed: Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib targeted in far-right fake news operation

Wage law pares caregivers' pay

Trump isn't getting any.

A Palm Beach County trailer park could be the site of a future Donald J. Trump presidential library

Who has the best campaign ad?

Residents ask for vote to consolidate Bethel Heights into Springdale

Subconscious bias or white male privilege? Either way...

Painfully slow hurricanes, deadly heat, and cities without water: What the climate crisis will look

Voting outside the lines: Why Trump supporters decided to vote for Edwards

Trump administration has just declared war on Social Security

Breakfast Sunday 22 December 2019

The most serious threat to abortion rights right now is a Louisiana law - and it's heading to the SC

Trump touts Putin speaking out against his impeachment.

Sunday morning Gratitude List

The other committees on impeachment?

Photo: Volunteers at the Bernie & AOC rally in Venice - Dec 21

Photo: Volunteers at the Bernie & AOC rally in Venice - Dec 21

CNN: Newly released emails offer more details in timeline of pause to Ukraine aid

Entergy sues the New Orleans City Council over lower profit rate and $1 million fine . . .

CNN: ICE reopening long-closed deportation cases against Dreamers

Behold what happened to a Republican Congressman who dared to merely raise his concerns about Trump

Dear Santa, define....naughty.

Breakfast with the Beatles... Jimi Hendrix Edition

SNL's drunk Jeanine Pirro barfs wine when faced with Fox News polls supporting Trump's impeachment

Healthcare 'choice'. Yea. About that....

Breakfast with the Beatles... Bee Gees (WTF?)/ Peter Frampton Edition

By definition, prostitutes sell their dignity and allow themselves to be used in exchange for

Hadn't seen this one yet...HA!

Here's a fine and appropriate piece of artwork for the future trump* "Presidential" Library.

Breakfast with the Beatles... Joe Cocker Edition

How America went from Barack Obama to Donald Trump in one head-spinning political decade

Entryists to the left of me, Hardliners to the right...

Trumper coal baron funded climate denial as he bankrupted his company

It was just the circle game!!:

Anyone out there who has Spanish as your first language,

A concerning text I received from my gardener friend.

1 in every 4 circuit court judges is now a Trump appointee.

Breakfast with the Beatles... Black Crowe's Edition

As populist leaders become the new 'normal'...

Breakfast with the Beatles... Ben Harper Edition

How to stop a drumpf culter in his tracks.

America's Dog Catcher. . . . Please come CAPTION Rudy Giuliani!!! (My apology to dog catchers.)

For my 16,000th post, I was going to post one of my favorite animal videos, but I

Mexican children shiver in tents at U.S. border as temperature freezes

Strangers at the post office tell me I didn't do something I just did...LONG

Queen Elizabeth II attends church; Philip still in hospital

Breakfast with the Beatles... Jellyfish Edition.... And it's crazy!

Graves (R-LA) Gets Slobbering Press About Climate "Concern" But Proposes, Supports Zero Legislation

Help! I want the Nancy Pelosi pin her daughter was wearing just now on MSNBC. It's the one with her

Spain dishes out $2.43 billion in bumper Christmas lottery

Idaho PUC Blocks Action To Cut Payments To Solar Owners From $.10 To $.04/kWh

Breakfast with the Beatles... Spooky Tooth Edition SICKSICKSICKSICKSICKSICK

Love a good prank - Oldie, but goodie

Menorah in Nazi Germany 1932

Boeing capsule returns to Earth after aborted space mission

A light unto us.

National Fire Toll In Australia Approaching 1,000 Homes Lost; Lithgow & Balmoral NSW Hit Hard

Breakfast with the Beatles... Humble Pie Edition

UNITY NOW! "We are going to take on the Democratic establishment."

Russian mercenaries spearheading the battle for Libyan capital Tripoli

Message from Hillary Clinton:

Just the latter part of SW: The Force Awakens for the

"nasty, nasty, horrible" and "not the smartest person on the planet."

Well, so much for the BS White House "Good Genes" theory. 😱😂

Climate change could make us dumber... literally

Seas Rising, Sewers Collapsing, & Ft. Lauderdale Has Approved 22K Hotel/Residential Units Since 2012

Amazon Keeps Close Track of Me. You, too, if you use it.

Millennials Are Leaving Religion And Not Coming Back

2020 candidates send support after Biden press secretary diagnosed with lung cancer

Holiday photos with pets

With More Than a 12-Pack of Choices, Undecideds Want Beer with Yang

Impeachment has been a messaging disaster for the White House. Why won't the press say so?

'A terrible time to be poor': Cuts to SNAP benefits will hit 700,000 food-insecure Americans

Lynnwood flood victims receiving help from the Red Cross

The Trump Cult's Juvenile Lightbulb Jihad

F you Pam Bondi. Lets talk about the $25,000 from Trump and than dropped the University charges.

Trump's Mar-A-Lago Winter Vacation Pushes Taxpayer Golf Tab Above $118 million

Us vs. them: Trump aiming to use impeachment to rev up base

Breakfast with the Beatles... CSNY Edition

I have four (4) serious complaints about the impeachment and removal of Trump

interesting NBC poll

Millions sickened across America as flu season ramps up

Tesco halts work at Chinese factory over prison labor claim

Ground Game LA is proud to endorse Bernie Sanders for President in 2020

Ground Game LA is proud to endorse Bernie Sanders for President in 2020

Doug Jones says impeachment must be above electoral politics

Hawkshaw was born on this date.

Cory Booker would rather beat Trump at the polls

Cleaner fuel, cleaner cars will be Inslee's focus in 2020


Most US workers still pay price of no paid parental leave

It's about "family values"...

I have to admit I've not heard this excuse before.

Debbie Dingell says Trump's remarks were a gut punch

Bill Penzeys message for today.

Today's episode of John Fugelsang and the MAGAt

Anthony Scaramucci Names Four Witnesses Whose Senate Testimony Would Force Trump to Resign

Booming northern orcas devouring chinook salmon that sustain southern resident killer whales

Chris Wallace Grills Pence Aide After 'Imbecile' Trump Suggests John Dingell Burning In Hell

Trump Loses It After Christians Turn On Him

35-Car Pileup Shuts Down Interstate 64 Near Williamsburg, Virginia

2020 US Senate Election- Which US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2020 to regain control in 2020?

Republicans are for open borders and cheap labor: robots.

Computer Plate Umps OK'd in New Labor Deal

Expect Trump To Seek Revenge For Impeachment: Fmr. Trump Employee Rachel Maddow

NFL's middle finger to fans: Air 3 games w/ playoff implications on a cable network that costs extra

White Nationalist Stephen Miller Complains Democrats 'Divide People By Race'

What the Republican party is doing will one day lead to economic collapse.

You raised $646.00 on December 21, 2019 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Robideaux reveals another $2 million that Lafayette Utilities System overpaid Fiber for services

How long should Speaker Pelosi hold up the Articles from the Senate?

Rick Neilsen of Cheap Trick has a birthday today.

After 2 homeless people killed under Baton Rouge overpass, loved ones mourn 'senseless' violence

Trump admin proposes Social Security changes that could terminate disability payments

In Patience and Personal Discipline We Trust

Watch These Baby Owls Hatch and Learn to Fly

Buttigieg blocking all roads to the nomination

Note to GOP Senators: Rid Yourselves of Donald Trump Now!

This goofy bird vs. the fossil fuel industry

Top reason DFT must be convicted-- no Twitter in prison

Poll: Majority approve of Trump's impeachment and removal from office

Mental health professionals read Trump's letter: A study in "the psychotic mind" at work

Pete Buttigieg unveils his immigration agenda, pledging 'path to citizenship'

I've Been Looking For A Description Of All The Crap Trump Has Pulled Since Elected And.....

Nicely Photoshopped Meme

AA Helped So Many Of My Alcoholic Friends Control Their Addiction

Total Surveillance Is Not What America Signed Up For

The great social security heist began with Reagan.

Shakespeare Insult Kit

'I've been a nurse for 30 years, and I understand why so many of us can't do it anymore.'

Short-Term Thinking Is Poisoning American Business

My cat-proof tree

"The American people do not deserve to know the truth"...

Claire McCaskill takes a few shots at the Los Angeles Rams! Love it:

What Fiction are you reading this week, December 22, 2019?

What It Took for a Fox News Psychiatrist to Finally Lose His License

Ex-Saints wide receiver Joe Horn issues apology for role in health care fraud scheme

Thinking about making my own tinctures. Anyone with experience?

Utility scale solar power as cheap as 70 per watt and still falling

Racism in Europe

Pence COS: "Coincidence" that OMB emailed DOD to hold $$$ 2 hours after Trump's perfect call

Christmas - Day of the Dead

How a Banker Helped Save N.Y. (and Why It Will Never Happen Again)

These Witnesses MUST Testify

IMPEACHED - It IS Idiot's legacy, whether he accepts it or not.

If the Chargers Score and No One's There to Cheer, Does the Owner Care?

Nurse sings Christmas song with cancer patient

I've come to the conclusion that the decline in cursive writing instruction is a nefarious plot to

Warren says she quit high-dollar fundraisers because she wanted to 'do better'

Star Wars Movie..(how it did financially)??..No I did not see it plot info here, just money

Hard Rock demolition latest: Developers seek to fell 3 nearby buildings

How a Poisoning in Bulgaria Exposed Russian Assassins in Europe

Any of you have any theories about the Springfield Three?

Hundreds of 'pink slime' local news outlets spread algorithmic stories & conservative talking points

Americans have literally fought and died

Update on my anti-vaxxer in-laws

The Last Word by Matthew Arnold

Three Question Test To Evaluate Intellect

I don't understand why Nancy hasn't gone to court to compel Trump to allow specific witnesses

I miss New York City.

Anyone have a spouse who's infuriatingly incapable of long-term thinking and riddled with anxiety?

To the tune of: "I'll be Home for Christmas"

Yeah, I got a slightly bad heart. Not serious. It can be fixed. I am 77.

Pope Francis said one of the world's most serious evils is the loneliness of the old.

Can the senate change the rules at this point regarding impeachment ?

Trump Committed Multiple Crimes In The Ukraine Shakedown / Election Cheating - Republicans Dont Care

What the truth appears to be?

Has anyone read Spying on the South by Tony Horwitz?

Tweet of the Day

🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥


Here's the Pelosi pin:

Teacher placed on leave after allegedly telling students she wants to bring back slavery.

Rep. Matt Shea expelled from GOP caucus after investigation finds he engaged in domestic terrorism

Facebook Is a Right-Wing Company, Part One Million

Republicans' latest excuse for opposing D.C. statehood represents a new low

Opinion: Trump's Economic Policies Undermine Democracy and National Security

So over in GD, they're doing this thread

Recipes Dating Back To The Inquistion Reveal A Family's Secret Jewish Roots, NPR

Seth Abramson: "Vice President Pence has lied from Day 1 about what he knew of the hold on military

Oh Holy Night sung by the 3Tenors

Doug Jone remains undecided on whether Trump should be removed from office

Police: 63-vehicle pileup in Virginia results in injuries

Pelosi should hold firm on sending impeachment articles, like with the govt. shutdown war SHE WON!

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, December 24: Christmas Eve

Joe Biden says Trump will face uphill climb in Michigan

Trump has provided a treasure trove for artists to come

What's for Dinner, Sun., Dec. 22, 2019

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 23 December 2019

"The Two Popes" anyone?

Young Children Ask Alexa for Toys. Guess Who Pays

Check out Togo on DisneyPlus

Making Space For Sadness; 'Blue Xmas' Services Offer Refuge From Holiday Cheer

So who do you think would play Nancy Pelosi best in a movie?

Seth Abramson: "The best part of the Trump-China scandal that the media ensured never was.."

"We will put him in office again.suck on that democrats."

Is there a hard tape of Trump's "perfect call"?


Trump at the Student Action Summit

Smash the Wellness Industry

Pete Buttigieg's unfinished business in South Bend could come back to haunt him

Nancy Pelosi, "Establishment Democrat," was elected the same year as Bernie & is the same age

Man spends nearly 40 years in jail under a habitual offender statute for $9 theft

We Are Not Prepared For Deep Fake Videos - Patrick Maloney

Seth Abramson: Trump's reaction? "*oh my god thank you so much* for only seeking to impeach me for


'72 Dolphins, voted best team, toast perfection

Nancy Pelosi By Hillary Rodham Clinton

📸 Cardenas Market in Las Vegas @AOC and @CarmenYulinCruz greet customers and workers

Well this family won't grow up with f**ked ideas about the world right ?

Making Space For Sadness; 'Blue Xmas' Services Offer Refuge From Holiday Cheer

Breakfast with the Beatles - Peter Sellers Extravaganza!

Timeline, cost unclear as New Orleans works to restore computer network after cyberattack

America Is Divided - Democrats And People That Don't Believe In Any Laws Being Obeyed

Some Orthodox Christmas Carols and others from St. Mary's OCA choir.

The Inspector General at the Secretary of State Office is investigating rock star Rick Nielsen.

***NOW! Ch. 32, w HUT

NOW! Ch. 32, w HUT

Sanders closing in on Biden. December Poll analysis

Joe Biden's Health Care Plan Would Fix the Individual Health Insurance System😎

Trump must remain in power to stay out of prison: Watch what he does after Senate acquits him

Why Symone Sanders Went From Bernie to Biden

It's time for the Christmas again

Micheal Nutter, former mayor of Philadelphia, will serve as Bloomberg's national political chair.

Tweet from Badrun Khan, who is running in next year's Democratic Primary for...

...Vanilla Ice to pitch Trump family on putting presidential library on site of trailer park

Cinderblock The Cat is still working on it

Blind Boys of Alabama

Post a line from a song & see if anyone knows the song without using Google - Part 13

Bernie Sanders: "We don't go to rich people's wine caves..."

Russia accuses doping whistleblower of modifying key data

I think Nancy is in the driver's seat.

Wine Caves? We are going on about wine caves?

New emails show White House worried that Trump's hold on Ukraine aid was simply illegal

This has become the central dividing line in the Democratic presidential race

I'm a Boomer, and I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior decades ago.

VP's Chief of Staff didn't get "Merry Christmas" Memo?

Exclusive: John Bolton hits Trump for bluffing on North Korea nukes