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We cannot allow this president to pick us off one group at a time. (May 30, 2019)

The most annoying commercial of the 2019 holiday season.

Public support for Trump conviction at all-time high, poll finds


How The 'Nigerian Mafia' Exploits African Women In Europe; Human Trafficking Victims Brutalized

Millions of patients would be affected by DACA's termination, medical association leader says

People Are Fighting Water Privatization Right Now, From Chile To Ohio (O)

In Trump Country, a season of need on family farms

I am so happy Christmas day is over.

It was a very big day today, pigeon finally got her custom fitted

A quick nap during tug of war

Trump Fires Back at Home Alone Snub: 'The Movie Will Never Be the Same'

"Maybe if I ignore him, he'll go away"

Politico Claims Dems Think Bernie Can 'Win the Nomination' Even Though Zero of Them Said That

She really did just tuck herself in with her stuffy 😭 😍

Trump is worried about the human waste in California?

Washington's Liquor and Cannabis board officers give rideshare vouchers to local bars

Trump Pushes Out Tweet Naming Alleged Whistleblower

Melania Trump seems like a nice person.

Democratic senators swarm Iowa, promise creative campaigning as impeachment trial looms

Ukraine Whistleblower's Attorney Calls for Sen. Blackburn's Resignation from Protection Caucus

Backlash to Pete Buttigieg's Christmas tweet and the religious divide it exposes

Help with a debate question.

Dear Senator Murkowski: You must know that your name has been mentioned during

A blow to Obamacare could deal the GOP a political hit too. They should try to fix it

I received Desk 88

Ride King County Metro buses for free this New Year's Eve

Workers in half of the US states will get a raise in 2020

16 fu..... days between the semifinals and the Championship???

Lawyer for Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas asks to withdraw, cites ebbing defense funds

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! There Has to be a Morning After!

Five Democrats Have Qualified For The January Debate -- Who Else Might Make It?

Trump Completed His Takeover Of The GOP In 2019

UW Husky quarterback Jacob Eason declares for 2020 NFL draft

So good to see that Twitter's Jack Dorsey is honoring that "shoot someone on 5th Avenue" thing.

Trump tweeting edit to Home Alone 2 cut him out of the movie by Canadian

Magazine didn't attack Trump; it defended Christianity

Anybody else have a lousy fucking Christmas?

In Alex Jones' Sandy Hook deposition, a persona undone

Sound Transit to spend majority of its $3.1B 2020 budget on light rail expansion

ESPN's All-Time All-American College football teams (1st and 2nd teams)

National Guard drops two Georgians after investigating extremist ties

Tom Jones and Janis Joplin duet.

US Senate seats likely to flip in 2020,2022,and 2024.

Bloomberg News Violates Its Own Presidential Campaign Coverage Rules

That's Right, The Women Are Smarter: 2020 Polling Shows Record Gender Gap

It was very liberating for me....

Germans think Trump is more dangerous to world peace than Kim Jong Un and Putin: survey

Unequal division in post-Christmas karma. A moment of pity for my elder daughter

Pelosi Impeachment Gambit Enrages Trump

J.M.W. Turner, Watercolors From Tate, Exhibition Mystic Seaport Museum

Joe Biden is doing terribly among Latino voters -- and that could seriously hurt him

On the trail: He took his time, but Volinsky eventually feels the Bern

Series of studies for my upcoming Chinese New Year and Spring Festival painting.

Democrats should push John Roberts for a bench warrant to force Trump's testimony in the Senate:

Democrats should push John Roberts for a bench warrant to force Trump's testimony in the Senate:

12/27 Luckovich- Nancy Pelosi is a meanie

MSNBC host Chris Hayes argues Mitch McConnell made a 'big tactical error' in Trump's defense

What if John Roberts refuses to go to the Senate trial?

Everything Wrong With Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

Does anyone know much about the UAW spending allegations?

I'm watching "Law and Order" on the Sundance Channel...

Moscow Mitch

For those of you who walk alone..

The Education of David Stockman "None of us really understands what's going on with all these number

Certified Genius Nicole Hannah Jones' 1619 Project Embodied Unity

Certified Genius Nicole Hannah Jones' 1619 Project Embodied Unity

Trump's: "Home Alone 2: Lost in New York" meltdown..

Bernie Sanders's polling surge forces Democratic establishment to admit he can win: report

Corporate Media forced to cover Bernie Sanders rise

Michael Moore on Democracy Now - Dec. 26, 2019 (He was front row at Impeachment vote)

TCM Schedule for Sunday December 29 - Judy Holliday

TCM Schedule for Monday December 30 2019 - Remakes

Just After Sunset...

Journalist David Cay Johnston: Why Trump tax cut is really a tax increase with interest

Lawmaker Says He Didn't Research Ectopic Pregnancy Procedure Before Adding To Bill

Thought experiment. George was the greatest Beatle.

Colombian botanist risking his life to preserve nature's memory

WWJD? (What Would Jesus Do)


We Follow Orders or Men Die - Jack Nicholson, A Few Good Men

Kulub: Dig uncovers large Mayan palace in Mexico

Americans Have Planted So Much Corn That It's Changing the Weather

Tom Steyer pushing congressional term limits

My Top Five Movies of 2019

'Stickwork' Artist Patrick Dougherty

Kulub: Dig uncovers large Mayan palace in Mexico

No Witnesses No Trial

'Whistle-Blower': A History - "It was our responsibility to inform you."

Is 'super coral' the key to saving the world's reefs?

Friends just turned me on to "Our Cartoon President"

Number of children swallowing dangerous magnets surges as industry largely polices itself

Dumb question: Why are Dems simply conceding credit for the good economy to Trump?

Indicted Netanyahu gives me the willies.

(Jewish Group) A Star Wars Chanukah video

Donald Trump Is The Loneliest Man In America

One big flaw in our system is the Senate majority leader has too much power.

Jesuit Fr. James Martin, on the moral imperative to welcome migrant children

Kazakhstan: Plane with nearly 100 people on board crashes

At Least 12 Dead In Kazakh Plane Crash Near Almaty

Someday the Corporate Masters will admit they wrongly gave us Trump.

5 Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

Final plans outlined for Albuquerque's former K-Mart site

She allowed a predator onto the Supreme Court and she'll allow one to stay in the White House.

China, Russia, Iran begin joint naval drills

Japan to deploy warship and planes to Middle East

(UK) Suicides linked to acne drug Roaccutane as regulator reopens inquiry

Experienced State Department diplomats are getting the Trump treatment and shown the door

Serious question. Can someone give me a quick answer?

Satellite constellations: Astronomers warn of threat to view of Universe

WHY WHY WHY aren't Democrats pounding

Key witnesses Trump is blocking. This is one of the reasons Trump is impeached!

On the trail: He took his time, but Volinsky eventually feels the Bern

On the trail: He took his time, but Volinsky eventually feels the Bern

Powerful storm pounds Southern California with rain, snow

Japan OKs divisive plan to send naval troops to Mideast

Mitch McConnell is "Power Hungry"!

She's 6 years old, but her mother STILL won't let her go to the pub!

The Decade the World Went Backwards

Unpopular opinion: it doesn't matter much who our nominee is

President Donald Trump Claps Back At 'Home Alone' Snub Via Twitter: "The Movie Will Never Be The Sam

CIA on collision course with Bill Barr after he sics his Trump conspiracy investigator on the CIA

She did her job.

I can't wait!: Barack Obama Presidential Library

Breakfast 27 December 2019

For Trump the buck stops anywhere but @ his front door...

Japan's public broadcaster mistakenly reports North Korea missile launch

Trump goes after Biden because Trump's polling show Biden trouncing him

More Than Half Of Those Polled Now Want Trump To Be Removed From Office

Friday TOONs - Aging in Office

Nancy Pelosi the Master Multi-Tasker

Fellow Navy SEALs call Edward Gallagher "toxic" and "evil" in never-before-seen interviews

"Natural health" and the antivaccine movement: The case of Dr. Joseph Mercola

Excellent post by Heather Cox Richardson: Chuck Todd, Turley on impeachment, media / disinformation

India clamps down on marches, internet after deadly protests

A clear and present danger...

Lawmakers Push JPMorgan Chief on How He Will Deal With Racism

Dave Barry's Year in Review: 2019 was an 'eventful' -- bad -- year

I got a email Holiday Newsletter from my step-brother today. He's older than I am by a year or so,

Political Christmas Songs - Ha!

Anguish and Anger From the Navy SEALS Who Turned In Edward Gallagher

Top animal stories of 2019 from the CBC/Canada. I just have to pass this on to the good folks

The 15 worst US states for millennials, ranked

Trump outed the whistleblower -- and the internet wants Twitter to ban his account: 'Truly deplorab

Krugman's analysis: "America's lost decade" where policies were skewed toward the wealthy

Isoko Mochizuki, the 'troublesome' thorn in Shinzo Abe's side

...McConnell, Says Senator Thinks He's 'A Judge Impaneling An All-White Jury for a Klansman Trial'

Kinder eggs and the frivolity of the US regulatory system

Philippines bans two U.S. senators, mulls new visa rules for Americans

Don the Con

In 2018 Democratic Congresspeople got 10 million more votes

McConnell's White House Coordination Admission a 'Big Tactical Error' MSNBC Host Says

I can't explain how it happened

My singer-songwriter daughter released her latest song today: "Everyday."

Venezuela's poorest struggle to take care of their dead

Hawaii tour copter with 7 aboard is missing, search underway

Thank Goodness for the Congressional Holiday Recess!

Venezuela's currency: Worth more as craft paper than as money

Fleeing by foot: The Venezuela exodus grows

Biden's dominance with AA voters, and Sanders with Millennials, makes little difference in the GE.

Malnutrition curses the children of Venezuela

Have a Republican Senator or Two?

You raised $181.20 on December 26, 2019 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Police respond to home intruder call that turned out to be a robot vacuum

Check out these Indian women fighting back as Indian immigration

National 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary Polls..........

"Moscow's a bit chilly for me this time of year. Otherwise . . ." Come CAPTION Mitch McConnell!!!

Self-driving taxis have officially landed in Las Vegas

I've noticed an uptick in divisive 'pissed off' threads lately

Volkswagen raises forecast for electric car production

Homemade marking gauge/compass

It's a three way tie in Iowa and NH.

I wonder if it is Stockholm Syndrome...

Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation -- Major Initiatives

Staggering amount already spent by Bloomberg on presidential campaign

Latest Real Clear Politics numbers

A US base near North Korea accidentally blared an emergency siren -- instead of 'Taps'

Elizabeth Warren shakes up campaign style ...

Warren's campaign sounds the alarm as fundraising pace slows about 30% in fourth quarter

New Russian weapon can travel 27 times the speed of sound

FBI investigating British socialite and others who 'facilitated' Epstein

MA paper that endorsed Warren in her first Senate bid says Biden's lasting appeal transcends party

'Inside the Right- Wing YouTube Empire That's Quietly Turning Millennials Into Conservatives'

Anyone watch "A Family Man"? (Spoiler alert)

How long can the "impasse" go on?

Count Binface and The Prime Minister answer questions.

Greenland Lost 12.5 Billion Tons Of Ice In One Day - Otherwise Economy Doing Great!

Count Binface on Public Spending

Can we get a list of all GOP Senators who took Russian money*? And before they vote on Trump's

Has anyone paid the 4.99 cost for unlimited Earth Cam videos yet???

Grand Theft Auto V becomes latest battleground of Hong Kong protests

'Mame,' 'Hello, Dolly!' composer Jerry Herman dies at 88

In an impeachment trial where the Senate is deadlocked at 50:50 votes, can the VP vote

It will be a rousing composition

On this date, December 27, 1950, Terry Bozzio was born.

Explosion at Beechcraft in ICT

This Decade of Disillusion

I love Bernie BUT...(hear me out now)

NEWS: Prince's Longtime Backing Band, Headlining Bernie's Big New Year's Bash in Des Moines

The War Criminal; chump decides to defend and invite over for cocktails

Got a Super Industrial Size bag from Costco last week and all that's left are fumes!

🔥 UPDATED VIDEO: Corporate Greed Town Hall with Bernie in Lebanon, NH

Navy Seal "freaking evil, toxic, a pyschopath"

and now a word from Yoda

Privatization in Action: Iowa Medicaid Costs grow more under private management

Passenger jet crashes shortly after takeoff in Kazakhstan, killing at least 12

Pelosi has the right to submit trump to an Involuntary Psychiatric Evaluation

Northern Rail 'could be split up' amid nationalisation plans

With upcoming events, including a new decade, it's time for a new women's march on Washington

Ousted cardinal McCarrick gave more than $600,000 to fellow clerics, including two popes, records sh

30 Hilarious Christmas Fails (On one page)

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: A perfect Christmas gift


We could play "Pick-A-Poll" all day long.

Unsceintific and Useless poll

List of Bills passed by House and now stalled by Moscow Mitch


Team Trump Threatens The Destitute

It's fabulous Friday, so let's have some music from the past.

Who wants to see a monkey washing a cat?

Woman Who Lived To Age 105 Left Nearly $10M To Community Colleges, Washington

May: Creator and owner of D.C.'s famed nightclub Tracks dies at 76

One more, Steve Winwood

Live: Bernie Sanders holding event in Lebanon WMUR News 9

International guidelines for solving a country's problems

Occasionally one finds a gem among the rubble of YouTube!

Some top stories you may have missed

Judge Details Parade of Horrors at Maryland Zoo

Trump retweeted a 'QAnon' conspiracy theory hashtag to his 68 million followers

Granny ain't doing Bible quote cross-stitching any more

May: Creator and owner of D.C.'s famed nightclub Tracks dies at 76

Prosecutors in day spa prostitution sting turn up the heat on Patriots owner Robert Kraft

Disney characters say tourists inappropriately touched them

Twin Brothers Among 3 Teens Killed in East Bay Christmas Crash

Parents need to know about these new car-seat rules going into effect

Pink - Try

Teen reunited with long-lost cat while volunteering at animal shelter

Hunting black men to start a 'race war'

A video of a cat jumping

Report: Trump To Release Executive Order Criminalizing Homelessness

What happens if Mitch cannot give Trump what he wants?

For most folks, it's still too expensive to buy or rent a home

Maybe a case for challenging Muellers decision not to indict trump.

2019's best TV moment? It was Stephen Colbert answering Anderson Cooper's question about grief.

Antonn Dvork Symphony #9 "From the New World"

In helping Trump, McConnell may be hurting Republicans

No one inside the Beltway seems to ask how much the status quo costs. I'll tell you. Each year:

Officials in Hawaii find crashed tour helicopter that had 7 people on board

Cartoons 12/27/19

An MRI scan costs $1,420 in America. It runs $450 in the UK.

Trump OKs More Pig Crap In Your Pork

Don't rule out a news dump with Gina Haspel's resignation

Interior Department Cut 'Sexual Orientation' From Anti-Discrimination Guideline

Donald Trump has violated his oath. Mitch McConnell is about to violate 2

Without (cheating) clicking on link, what is this website about/for?

How Many Men Support Sexual Predator Trump

Russian Police Raid Opposition Politician Navalny's Office Over Critical Video

U.S. DOL Updates Regulations on Resolution Procedures for Equal Employment Opportunity Laws

2 Kicked Out Of National Guard Over White Supremacist Ties

Blumenthal Says GOP Senators Upset with McConnell

Navy SEALs call Eddie Gallagher 'toxic' and 'evil' in newly released video interviews

Ryan Nobles talks with @DanaBashCNN about the "quiet confidence" of the @BernieSanders campaign

I hope your children got new clothes this Xmas - or the Jolakottumurinn will get them

Tired of the Christmas hype?

The Christmas Eve Confessions of Chuck Todd

The Jet Stream Has Gone All Wacky.

If The Election Were Held Today, Trump Would Lose By 8

Thoughts..Public schools in CA can't suspend students for disobeying teachers..

Zephyr Teachout Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Felix Mendelssohn Symphony #3 "Scottish"

What's for Dinner, Fri., Dec. 27, 2019

🔥 Bernie Rallies in Solidarity with SEA/SEIU 1984 - Concord, NH

Multiple people were injured in an explosion at a Kansas aviation manufacturing plant

Cold-blooded tortoise starts Christmas fire at family's home

Lily Tomlin arrest

Wealth Tax, Anyone?: The World's 500 Richest People Increased Their Wealth by $1.2 Trillion in 2019

burned beyond recognition

Why indeed?

Monkey shooting machine gun cleaning house

Bernie Sanders is not only back, he has the best shot at the nomination right now

The Louder the Monkey, the Smaller Its Balls, Study Finds

Denouncing Corporate Climate Profiteers, Comedy Icon Lily Tomlin Arrested At #FireDrillFriday

Bernie Is Stealing Trump's Campaign Playbook - Polls and Fake News

Federal judge to block latest North Carolina voter ID mandate

Former Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings hosting January fundraiser for Joe Biden 😎

Chilean President Pinera sparks fury with fake news claims

Betsy DeVos: the billionaire Republican destroying public education

🦝 😂

Solidarity with Dauno Ttoro, a Young Leftist Leader Persecuted by the Chilean Government

Luckovich-Moses was a Never-Trumper

Forget the snakes.

Tweet of the Day

Despair Is Not an Option - February 2, 2010

Nearly Half of Americans Think the Country Is Worse Off Now Than at the Start of 2019, Poll Shows

Deval Patrick fails to qualify for Michigan's 2020 primary ballot

McConnell counting on Americans being dumb

Islamic State in Nigeria 'beheads Christian hostages'

John Voight Goes Full Evangelical

Maybe Putin's new missile was the present?

Jeff Tiedrich: I'm all for a Space Force

Welcome Athena, The National Zoo's New Two-Toed Sloth

Saw Rise of the Skywalker yesterday, and thought of this -

Joe Biden to rich donors: "Nothing would fundamentally change" if he's elected

Re Trump new EO--If losing job is against law, then closing businesses should be too!

'Pretty Brazen Stuff': Email Shows Top Buttigieg Fundraiser Offering Campaign Influence in Exchange

Throw homeless in jail? Yay! another way to throw kids in cages!!

A mother was sentenced to 7 years in prison for injecting feces into her son's IV -CNN:

"Home Alone 2" has been re-edited AGAIN!

Phony fundies finally exposed:

Chuck Todd Just Realized That Republicans Intentionally Lie

Trump Has A New Anti-LGBT Legal Advisor

Biden-Round three of the "No Malarkey" bus stops across Iowa is about to start

Amy McGrath files to challenge Mitch McConnell in Senate Race.

Radio broadcaster Don Imus has died

DU Primaries Report, December 2019: Farewell To Harris

Don Imus Dies at 79

Dammit boog you are a Jedi you felt the disturbance in the force

Did people vote for Trump or against Hillary?

Joe Biden-This is a big victory in the fight for voting rights.

Tesla: There's None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See...

Speaking of Trump, and GOP politicians in general...

Trump's New Legal Adviser Is an Anti-LGBT, Fox News-Ready Bomb Thrower

Don Imus, Legendary 'Imus in the Morning' Host, Dies at 79

Thinking of changing my DU signature

As our party becomes more diverse. The socialist tag brings up a lot of bad memories for our

Interesting column in Huffington Post by a Navy Seal....

They Came From Beyond Space

Trump attempts to out CIA Whistleblower

Question about "The Witcher"

Wawa facing lawsuits over data breach at all of its stores

Thai cave rescuer dies from blood infection contracted while saving football team

Collins to Murkowski: "I'll see your 'disturbed' and raise you one 'concerned'." nt

Thanksgiving, Christmas, the worst thing you've eaten so far during the holidays.

There are 10,000 bees under this floor!

Area 1.5X Size Of Texas Off New Zealand Up To 6C Hotter Than Normal Ocean Temps

In Laconia, NH, Sen. @BernieSanders tells the crowd to "think outside of the damn box."

Cedric Burnside

No Significant Rain Likely Down Under Before April - Will Anything At All Change Politically

One-on-one with WMUR: Sanders says progressive ideas appeal to moderate voters