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Archives: December 29, 2019

Using antipersprints and your health

Looks like CBC put back the missing scene in Home Alone 2:

Bernie Sanders says that "Trump will eat Joe Bidens Lunch"..

Biden for the win with this one:

If you were going on trial...?

Joe Biden on Hillary Clinton:

Remembering a President Who Knows How to Read: Obama's 2019 Reading list.

Been there, done that, the results were shit...

Exclusive Poll: Women 50 and Older Could Decide the 2020 Election

CNN: Trump attacks whistleblower in now-removed tweetstorm full of rants and conspiracies

A small aircraft crash claimed the life of a coach's daughter in law from the LSU staff.

A Reminder: Younger voters were crucial to 'The Obama Coalition'

received a late christmas gift today. A dotard countdown calendar. It has all kinds of his idiocra

SNL not back till Jan. 25. We're cutting the court jesters too much slack!1

*movie Claudine on TCM now.

10 million in Trump change, a column by Mike Royko on Trump from 1991

Hmmm...Joe Burrow isn't too bad, is he?

A reminder - Biden does VERY well with younger voters in GE matchups against Trump

Why is it so hard for some people to see that we have a raving lunatic at the helm?

Deplorables were out in full force last night

Joe Biden would nominate Obama for SCOTUS.

Talk Talk - It's My Life

'We've never seen spending like this': Bloomberg, Steyer saturate airwaves

Talk talk - the Music Machine ...

Gold from Robert Reich

trumpy bear? grandkids are here and we are watching comedy central and trumpy bear commercials

Biden Would Nominate Obama For The Supreme Court? Here's MY Take...

Maximum number of US Senate seats Democrats could win in 2020,2022,and 2024.

One reason Pelosi's "hold back" tactic is brilliant

Doctor charged in 25 deaths sues hospital for defamation

Trump regulations reversal sicken & kill those who made him president and more.

Warren: 'If there's a lawful order for a subpoena, I assume' Biden would comply

Can something in the Archives be bumped?

My cat, King Tut (drawing)

yet another predecessor to punk. the standells, try it

This Is Some Serious Jianping Levels Of Authoritarianism Right Here

To the 54% of Americans that own stocks, a trillion here, a trillion there

Trumpstock whackoes threaten armed insurrection if Trump loses 2020

Pittie Sounds Like No One Else In The World

Chief Inspector Murphy is doing better.

Plane crash kills 5, including LSU coach's daughter-in-law

Is Betelgeuse, one of the sky's brightest stars, on the brink of a supernova?

Should there just be one nationwide Democratic Primary?

Cyclist giving koala water

BREAKING: Several People Stabbed By Machete-Wielding Suspect During Monsey Chanukah Event

Multiple people stabbed by a man with a machete inside a synagogue in Monsey, New York.

Watching the CBS special on separated migrant children.

GOP spokesperson says media didn't cover Hillary's e-mails

I love watching Ohio State lose.

I'm proud of my Buckeyes.

Expedition to reach Arctic 'pole of inaccessibility' to begin in February.

Americans Are Taking Cash Out of Their Homes---And It Is Costing Them

The price of these products rose fastest in the US in 2019

Four-Star U.S. Army General Slams Trump's Behavior in Navy SEAL Controversy:

Chinese national arrested after authorities said he was taking photos of Navy base

Depeche Mode - Pimpf

Heard A Great Joke About The "War On Christmas" Today

A Gangster in the White House

Here's a fun look back at Michael Moore's Six Easy Steps to Blowing the 2008 Election...

Court says immigrants don't forfeit appeals when they're deported

Trump Hosted Convicted Navy SEAL at Mar-a-Lago Who Was Described as 'Evil' and 'Toxic'

Barack Obama supporters outraged by Bernie Sanders' 'deplorable' attack on Democratic Party

Which Bernie Family Members Were On His Campaign or Foundation's Payroll?

Bernie Sanders lambasts 'absolute failure' of Democratic party's strategy

The Turtles - "She's My Girl"

My KPop Playlist: K.Will - Please Don't

Dutch anti-Islam lawmaker Geert Wilders revives plan for Mohammad cartoon contest

What a night for us.

'Nothing Less Than a Civil War': These White Voters on the Far Right See Doom Without Trump

Prince - 1999 (Remastered) [Full Album]

Human rights commission asks El Salvador for records

Mexico imposes up to 15 years sentence for blocking cell phones

Soldier filmed wrestling journalist to ground in Paraguay

What if God were one of us?

Chile: A Country in Convulsion

Chilean police officers in preventive prison for torture

New Tropical Disease Detected in Brazil Defies Treatment

Prince - If I Was Your Girlfriend

Prince - 2045 NPG Radical Man

Meet the Intellectual Founder of Brazil's Far Right

Brazil's artists lead a chorus of resistance to Jair Bolsonaro

Trump's NaziKlanCult Sure Has Been Attacking A Lot Of Jews Lately

Bjork - All is Full of Love

Send The Hate Crime Task Force To The White House

Families Fleeing From Guatemala: A Case Of Corporate And State Aggression - OpEd

Prince feat. Mayte 2020 ( Unreleased )

Gov. Polis pardons Ingrid Encalada Latorre, who has spent years in sanctuary trying to avoid deporta

Prince - 1999

Prince - Welcome 2 The Dawn

A visit to the JFK Museum in Hyannis

Republicans launch 1 million voters Suppression plan

Phages: Bacterial eaters from Georgia to fight antibiotic resistance

The Delfonics - La La Means I Love You - 1968

Archaeologists Are Unearthing the Stories of the Past Faster Than Ever Before

Archaeologists found the burial of Scythian Amazon with a head dress on Don

Coyotes are busy this morning

What's Going On, Marvin Gaye - Official Video 2019

5 people were stabbed at a Hanukkah celebration in a New York suburb

Schoolgirl finds the world's oldest lemming preserved in permafrost and dating back 41,000 years

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Pillow Fight Edition

Surprise: Ancient Inuit Mummy Scans Reveal Possible Heart Disease

Medieval Britons Used Birch Bark Tar

The Irish Pigged Out on Pork in a 'Mammoth' Iron Age Building

DNA points to humans as killers of the northern version of the penguin

If Dickens were alive today...

To behold the cosmos, when you cannot see

This Cave Contains the Oldest Story Ever Recorded

The Daily Show: Stuff That Pissed Off Lewis Black in 2019

Newly face-lifted Big Ben will ring in London New Year

Is there anything more pathetic than being willing to kill for or die for Donald Trump?

Breakfast Sunday 29 December 2019

How is Bernie not burning bridges best preserved and giving Trump quotes to use against any

639 Billionaires In America Won't Tell You: 2020 Is The Oligarch-Minigarch Year

For sale on eBay

Daddy and Daughter

Here's to the New Year.....

A Message to Republicans - November 27th, 2019

For people who have braided their hair, I have some questions.

Mitch McConnell challenged by two former Marines as impeachment puts the unpopular senator in a bin

🐦 JAN 2 at 1PM - Meskwaki Settlement Town Hall with Bernie Sanders - Tama, IA

"Where's all this insane hatred coming from?" Please come CAPTION Pete Hegseth of Fox & Friends!!!

🐦 JAN 2 at 2:30PM - Canvass Launch in Grinnell IA with Bernie Sanders

😀🇺🇸⏱⏰🕰☀️❗️ What is your unfinished business?

Trump Retweets Photo Showing.........

Malaise..look who dropped into St.Lucia..

Went shopping this morning, for New Years with my boys


lordy!! Jake Tapper has stupid blabbermouth, no nothing Sen John Kennedy on right now

For a fucking dollar!

A highway was just named for President Obama

What Killed the Most NJ Drivers in 2019?

Pompeo "not running" for KS-SEN (CNN)

Searching For Sugar Man

Just an observation

Someone is REALLY desperate for attention

Trump Leads in Support Among Rich, Would Lose to Biden One-on-One,,,,,,,interesting 😎

Trump is doubling down on the creepy stalker dude thing with Speaker Pelosi

So if he enters Congress for the SOU and attacks the Speaker of the House


Snow will cause 'severe travel disruptions' in parts of the country this week, officials say

Kansan of the Year: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Another "Florida Man" story...

Loving the fetus is easy, loving the living is not...when your soul is dead or evil or both..

Let's make one thing absolutely clear: the Obama administration is the most progressive

We all know what a turd is, right?

🔥 Corporate Greed Town Hall in Newport, NH

Open Hatred. Donald Trump, with the assistance of Stephen Miller,

Coldplay - In My Place

What will be Trump's legacy on America?

Why are people afraid to treat Imus' racism as a feature, not a bug?

Graham Now Worries Giuliani's 'Information' From Ukraine Might Be Russian Propaganda

Truck drives around Florida with electronic billboard for trump 2020 - what a cult :-(

Ukraine, eastern rebels swap prisoners in move to end war

Navy considers shipbuilding cuts for upcoming budget

5 Ways Miami Screwed The Environment In 2019 - From Sewage Spills To FPL Failures

This is why I don't buy into the whole "internet of things" ( IoT):

Pete's in Des Moines, getting an important endorsement:

Permian NG Flaring At Record Levels As Fracked Wells Produce Ever More Gas, Ever Less Oil

Waiting at the mall to return a kid's shirt.

Turkish Navy to Guard Tripoli as Syrian Rebels May Join War

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats that Democrats must win to get back in the majority.

"We Want You To Get Out Now" - E. Gippsland Fires In Victoria Hit Extreme Danger Level

US saw highest number of mass killings on record in 2019

Dean Baquet, NTY editor on MTP.......

Romance Writers of America imploding b/c leaders censoring those charging them with bigotry

I am so sick of seeing Trump's awful face everywhere I

You raised $299.00 on December 28, 2019 ActBlue POTUS donation links

What is the highest ERA for a pitcher who won the Cy Young Award that season?

The biggest business con of 2019: fleecing workers while bosses get rich

Insurance is the monetization of the misfortune of people. Updated

Monsey assailant apprehended: Grafton Thomas: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Eurowings cancels more than 170 flights due to 3-day strike

Franklin Graham puts foot into mouth again...

Eurowings cancels more than 170 flights due to 3-day strike

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, December 31: New Year's Eve Entertainment

I guess modern day Christians don't believe in blasphemy

probably the cutest video you'll see today

Former GOP Rep Tells Democrats To 'Go Big' And Make McConnell Pay For Sham Trial Plot

Sen. Bernie Sanders' first statement on last night's attack. (In Monsey)

The evolution of Lola head tilts ♥️

Vets still seeing cases of dog heart problems linked to grain-free food

I picked my ex up at the hospital yesterday

Why, of course, that makes sense

Alaska is the Westernmost and Easternmost State in the U.S.

They Can't Get Enough of 'The West Wing' Right Now.

This rescue is CRAZY

Fuzzy Rescue Kitten Is His Mom's Baby

What Fiction are you reading this week, December 29, 2019?

Seth Abramson: "Twitter has let a criminal crime here for 3 years."

Pablo Casals was born on this date.

Trump Retweets Meme That Jesus Likes Him Better Than Obama

Gabbard says impeachment will only "embolden" Trump

Rick Danko was born on this date.

Taliban council agrees to cease-fire in Afghanistan

Science Under Attack: How Trump Is Sidelining Researchers and Their Work

Does Anyone Here Know Anything About "Magic - The Gathering" Cards?.....

Chuck Todd explains how uninformed journalists spread lies by asking stupid questions

Time to begin thinking about plausible Trump exit scenerios... Pleas add...

Sweethearts Forever. Then Came Alzheimer's, Murder and Suicide.

Inside the Biggest 2020 Advertising War Against Trump

This morning I told my wife my ear hurt. She said "Inside or out?"

Amy McGrath Is Now Officially Challenging Mitch McConnell

Would Nancy Pelosi send Articles to Senate before SOTU speech by Trump?

The Dance of Sword by Ha Ji Won 하지원 "Hwangjini"

Screech Owl roosting in box six

Alexa and The TV in the Living Room

White House Counsel Drives Aggressive Trump Impeachment Defense

Nancy Pelosi is the first thing on Trump's mind when he wakes up.

fuck him and the media he rode in on. I hope he self-explodes

Sara Gilbert: My Wife and I Are Done

America's public lands of tug of war: It's time to join the fight for conservation

Australia Fires: Thousands Told To Evacuate In Victoria

NEVER, did I ever think there were so many LOSERS in the US to support someone like tRump! n/t

My wife's doctor warned her to stop using a Q-tip.

To all the Jews in our Country...Including Me..

Trump Retweet of Alleged Whistle-Blower Name is Back on Twitter

North Korea may have reconsidered 'Christmas gift': National security adviser

Native Americans, the census' most undercounted racial group, fight for an accurate tally

Alexa - Fuck Trump!

Street Artist Turns Rundown Walls Into Incredible 3D Graffiti Art

Water-guzzling demands of Trump's border wall threaten fish species

The in your face actual Nazi Nazi is just the tip of a very nasty iceberg

Suspect freed after 'egregious case' of prosecutor misconduct

Grab-bag on covert, subtle and overt racism today.

A simple to, "What is "Alexa", "? (because I did not know what "Alexa", is)

Taj Mahal, sitting in with Ry Cooder's band

The decade we finally woke up to climate change

So Netanyahu decries the New York attack

Breaking:_Multiple people shot at a church near Fort Worth Texas

Cartoons from throughout 2019

They Made a Killing on the Mortgage Crisis. Now They Run Trump's America.

Joe Biden's ACA Campaign Video:

Trump Is Going To An Evangelicals For Satan Rally Jan 3 In Miami - Wahoo!!!

Trump Jr. Has Meltdown After CBC Cuts His Dad's Part From 'Home Alone 2' Broadcast

How does it happen that the pharmaceutical companies can charge any price they want

Linda Ronstadt

U.S. forces launch retaliatory airstrikes on Iran-backed militia in Iraq and Syria, Pentagon says

What's the payoff for overturning the Clean Water act?

A still life drawing from earlier today. The morning light hits my table so beautifully.

Just watched an interesting program about Hanukkah on PBS

Linda Ronstadt - "Blue Bayou" (Official Music Video)

NYT: Biden says he would comply with a subpoena, reversing course.

Serious question for DUers

Jim Kweskin - "Blues In The Bottle"

Let's talk about the global Green New Deal and 100% clean energy....

Buttigieg: Biden supported the worst foreign policy decision in my lifetime

Describing a politician

What is appropriate wear for Green Bay at the end of August?

My internet provider sent an ad that perplexed me.

Buttigieg: Churches Aren't Like "Other Non-Profits," So No Transparency Needed

I apologize for my misinformation..I was wrong on last sitting president not to get re-elected.

219 Gray Whales Washed Up Dead On N. American West Coast In 2019: "Eaten Alive" By Lice

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Symphony #5

Inuit-Canadian singer who covered 'Diamonds″ dies at 26

Posted without comment but with an emoji

1.9 Billion People From Nepal To Peru At Risk As World's Mountain Glaciers And Ice Fields Melt Away

A Christmas Eve Present For Australian Beachgoers: Ash From Bushfires

Breaking - US strikes 5 facilities in Iraq and Syria linked to Iranian-backed militia

Her mom's voice hurts her ears..her cat has a plan.

I'm not really undecided.

Looking Ahead For What Awaits Florida - Specifically, What Awaits Monroe County, Florida (Keys)

Tweeting on...

WaPo: Trump's lawyer and the Venezuelan president:

Joe biden on possible Vice President picks

As Evangelicals Flee Trump, Biden Pens Beautiful Commentary On His Faith 😎

The Alan Parsons Project - Sirius / Eye In The Sky (Live)

Behind the Ukraine Aid Freeze: 84 Days of Conflict and Confusion

Joe Biden on restoring the soul of our nation

HELL YEA CHIEFS #2 AFC seed/// cheating brady losing to Miami

2 killed, 1 critically wounded after shooting at White Settlement church, officials say

Fuck John Kennedy

immigration is not part of my portfolio - Ivanka

Jews Are Going Underground

How difficult is it to go from a PC to Chromebook?

R2D2's secret message:

Kremlin announces another Putin (initiated) and Trump phone call.

The 2010s Were the End of Normal By Michiko Kakutani, NY Times Opinion

In Idaho, John Kerry talks climate change and the (unhappy) state of our democracy.

One person dead as small plane crashes into Prince Georges Co. neighborhood

EU accused of seeking to cut funds for poor in post-Brexit cost savings

Elaine Chao BUSTED Sending $97 Million Contract To Help Mitch McConnell Win Reelection

Trump claims homelessness 'so easy' to handle in attack on Democrats

Both suspects in Denny's armed robbery and homicide arrested Luke Lukert December 29, 2019, 12:01

Putin Thanked Trump In Phone Call

Put away phones at mealtimes and talk to each other, says pope

Do you think the media is trying to ensure Trump's reelection?

Behind the Ukraine Aid Freeze: 84 Days of Conflict and Confusion The inside story ....

What's for Dinner, Sun., Dec. 29, 2019

Greta Thunberg to interview David Attenborough on BBC radio tonight, Sunday at 12 am

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Blames Trump For Hanukkah Stabbing

Rep Eric Swalwell We Must Hold Trump Accountable For Embracing Anti-Semitism

We have lived with this threat for 3 years.

'No exoneration' if impeachment trial 'rigged' by McConnell, senator says

Daughter and granddaughter play joke on grandma

A look inside the Olympia clinic serving hundreds of people battling opioid addiction

Martin Carthy on "Scarborough Fair" (Paul Simon 'borrowed' his arrangement)

Hugh Laurie - Swanee River (From Let Them Talk : Special Edition)

Yang confronted for using Medicare For All in his ad

Australia's Efforts To Bring Koalas Back From The Brink Of Extinction, PBS

Max Bruch Violin Concerto #1

Trump prepares to unleash Ivanka to save the 2020 campaign.

📸 Hello from a non-descript night club in Des Moines, where Puerto Rican food is being served

Is someone trying to start a war ??

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 30 December 2019

In threes? Official: 1 dead from plane crash in Maryland neighborhood

How many of us have a loved one who is or could be homeless?

I seldom go to the movies, but I saw one that was really, really well done and fun last night.

We can't fix today without history ....

Craziest dream that I had last night.

It's almost 2020, I am getting close to 70 years old and I still have so many unanswered questions!!

Twitch.TV Link - Unidos Con Bernie Holiday Event

From Congressman John Lewis, American Hero


Post a line from a TV commercial & see if anyone knows the product without using Google - Part 9

BREAKING: Civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis has been diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer.

So I'm binging got 5, and this young girl is such a great actress.

Chuckle Todd is putting on a real show about truth and facts in the media

We have some great news in the 2020 KS US Senate Race- Pompeo-R is not running.

Putin thanks Trump for foiling new year attacks

I cannot decide but my skin is thin in this game...

Favorite band when I was in high school ...

A well informed DC Media person said to me today: For those that think Joe Biden is too old, I have

Is It Safe To Eat Chicken Sashimi?

I try my best not to spend my time attacking Democratic candidates I am not currently supporting..

Christianity Today's split with Trump highlights deeper issue in white evangelical America

We got your back John Lewis.

National security adviser says US is prepared to take action if North Korea delivers its 'Christmas

Some Democrats urge Trump to more strongly condemn anti-Semitism in wake of Monsey attack

Buttigieg critiques Biden's 'judgment' on Iraq War vote

Aussie A-hole PM says New Years fireworks must go on as his country burns.

GOP Senator James Lankford, Trump isn't a good rolemodel for young people.

Beware of 2020's Stealth Social Security Cut

Prilosec + baking soda in pill form costs $14,000 for 90 day supply.

2020 US Senate Election- How Democrats will regain control of the US Senate?