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Ousted Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn 'flies to Lebanon'

Former (UN's special envoy for climate)Carney urges financial sector to act against climate change

Is 5-Minute Crafts the WORST channel on YouTube?

An attorney on FB suggests Pelosi ask Justice Roberts to issue witness subpoenas.

Bernie Celebrates Hanukkah Following Anti-Semitic Attacks

What group would be the best group to send money to help the following:

Remembering Erica Garner

Lev Parnas Pushes to Share His Info With House Intel

The Absurd Process That Made Trump Possible

Bloomberg's plan to turn the East Room into cubicles? Not the Onion...

🔥 Bernie Sanders Town Hall in Winterset, Iowa

Ex-Nissan boss Ghosn, facing Japan trial, arrives in Beirut

Video from Mallacoota, Australia. NSFW People have been evacuated to a beach.

Do Else Chang and Mary Louise Kelly sound to you like they're talking to toddlers?

Bot or not? Mystery over anonymous user retweeted by Trump

Smart camera maker Wyze hit with customer data breach

Doug Jones: Every trial is a pursuit of truth. Will my colleagues in the Senate uphold that?

Oh, NO! The 11' 8" bridge is no more

Schumer seizes on new reporting in calls for trial witnesses

Exclusive poll: Black Americans motivated by Trump to vote in 2020

My sister is treating us to Cats tonight in a fancy theater. Super excited! :Update:

Washington says goodbye to vehicle emissions testing on Jan. 1, 2020

Elephant Stone - LA Woman (doors cover)

BP's Retiring CEO "Hates" To See Kids' Friends Taking Antidepressants From Fear Of Of Future Climate

Seven-Eleven's termination of contract with franchisee seen as move to expel outspoken owner (Osaka)

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Australia's Coolest State (Tasmania) Hits 105.4F In Hobart; Hottest December Day On Record

Montana poised to get second House seat post-census: report

12/30 Morning Consult EARLY PRIMARY STATES poll: Biden 33%, Sanders 17%, Warren 13%, Buttigieg 11%,

12/30/19 12:00 Noon - 97 Fires Burning Across NSW; 43 Uncontained (RFS Drone Footage)

If Joe would consider a repug as a running mate, what does that say about the other dem candidates

Syd Mead Dies: Visionary Futurist Who Worked On 'Blade Runner' & 'Tron' Was 86


Big Oil Promises On Climate & Money: Endless Wiggle Room, Fathomless Cognitive Dissonance

New corrections officers fired over apparent Nazi salute

Ramones time tonight at midnight...

Democratic defector? Sen. Doug Jones could break with his party to back Trump at Senate trial

When word came that trump spoke to Putin, it didn't come from the White House

Orange Bowl update. Virginia Cavaliers 7 - Florida Mans 7

2019 - The Year Florida Man (The Species) Reacted To Blindingly Obvious Climate Meltdown

The latest news confirms - to me - the genius of Nancy Pelosi

I was hoping that 2019 was going to look like this, but no such luck. Rest in power, Syd Mead

Wondrously Profane Reaction By Australian Guy Forced By Fires To Escape By Boat

Oh Look, More Evidence Trump Was Using Ukraine for Personal Gain

This goat couldn't even stand up -- but watch her teach herself how to run!

Anyone else become sad about the primaries simply because Hillary Clinton should be president now?

Dogs Protect Their Pregnant Mom's Belly

Fussing over Biden saying he might consider a Republican running mate? His Democratic rivals include

One out of every five children in America lives in poverty.

Let's talk about the state and finding the money for it....

All I can say is I sure hope the BASHING of the Democratic Party is blown out of

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Friday Festivus!

Dog vs. Snowmen 😂

Southern, Western States Set to Gain Congressional Seats

The true interpretation of that Gallup poll is that 82 percent of America doesn't admire Trump.

Guy Finds A Tiny, Matted Dog In His Yard

For all DUers who dreamed in 2019

Mediaite columnist predicts narrow Biden victory, then nightmare scenario where Trump won't concede

...Texas judge issuing two orders requiring Jones and InfoWars to pay $100K in sanctions

Dad Caught Giving Naughty Dog A Hilariously Stern Lecture

Massasauga rattlesnakes Benefit in Wisconsin

Kansas cop off force after fake claim McDonald's workers wrote 'pig' on coffee cup

Doug Jones: Every trial is a pursuit of truth. Will my colleagues in the Senate uphold that?

What DO They Talk About?

Bus Driver Helps Two Lost Dogs Make It Home For Christmas

Firearms Registrations Increase at Least 48% under Bolsonaro

Krugman: The deficit obsession of 2010-2015 did permanent damage.

Wow, there's 3 presidential debates scheduled in 2020 - wonder if he'll show up?

Nesting Loons have a record year Vermont

Team Trump's Furious Hunt to Find Out Who 'Liked' a Chelsea Clinton Tweet

Black-necked Stilts breeding documented at Horicon Marsh, Wisconsin

Janine Melnitz is back!

Who would Bernie pick as VP?

I'm Home Alone With the News, and Trump Hasn't Been Cut From My Copy, Dammit (Ferret/Shower Cap)

The Turtle & the Salmon

When will the Biden blackout end?

A Decade of Urban Transformation, Seen From Above

"The El Chapo of raccoons" evades the transit cops again.

MAGA Heads Explode After Joe Biden Hints At Nominating Barack Obama To Supreme Court

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats that are likely to flip.

*NEW* Morning Consult Poll: Bernie still #1 in favorability ratings!!!

Funny gif - Epstein did not kill himself

Bernie Sanders Drops 7 Points In 2 Weeks With Early State Voters

Just watched the movie Pavarotti on Showtime

Madonna - Live To Tell

Top 100 Recollections of Madam Speaker's Greatest Hits of 2019

3 years in, no sign of Trump's replacement for Obamacare.

Peter Strzok accuses the federal government of violating his rights

If we elect a Democrat in 2020, are you fine with the D being replaced with an R in 2024?

'WV Can't Wait' Campaign: Gubernatorial Hopeful Stephen Smith Proposes 1st State Wealth Tax

The Trump administration's environmental stocking stuffers

Trump's Dec 30th tweets...Chris Cuomo, Impeach Santa, Texas gun laws

A decade in review. Lets make a list. Good and Bad.

Poll: GOP voters drawn to Biden more than other 2020 Democrats

Good vs bad deep states: The one that RatF***ed Jimmy CARTER:: Kissinger/David Rockefeller

Rachael's special focused a lot in my town and the killing of Dr. Tiller

According to 538 Biden is in the lead in Iowa and NH!

Old Texas Sayings about quilting and

Trump just can't stop himself.

*Pavarotti, on HBO/SHO now.

She's just toying with us...

Buttigieg: I would not have wanted my son on Ukraine board

Cock Robin - When Your Heart Is Weak

MAGAts: "Trump was sent by God!"

Petra the parrot turns on & rocks out to highway to hell

Stupidest thing I have ever, I just looked up how to primary

U.S. Intelligence Agencies Prepare to Pull Back Officers From Africa

Admissions of Guilt

How can I transfer the voicemail of a dear friend who suddenly passed away

TX-HD28: Bloomberg to knock on doors with Texas State House candidate Eliz Markowitz.

TX-HD28: Early voting in Fort Bend County opens Jan. 21 for District 28 runoff

Bloomberg Floods Voters with Attacks on Trump

Still Corners - The Trip

5th day of Kwanzaa: Nia is celebrated; Maxine Waters has stayed true to her

5th day of Kwanzaa: Nia is celebrated; Maxine Waters has stayed true to her

Trump is innoent on Ukraine because he is mentally deficient.

Private equity ran amok in the 2010s

HOW WE WILL WIN: Mike Bloomberg 2020

Democratic insiders: Bernie could win the nomination

Florida sheriff's office reunites woman with cat missing since Hurricane Irma

Trump's threat to democracy

It's up to voters to prevent four more years of institutional vandalism

No such thing

My KPop Playlist: 2PM Hands Up

Bolton Has No Excuse, 'Must Testify' Now That Judge Has Dismissed Kupperman's Lawsuit: Legal Experts

bjork - human behaviour

Whose line is it anyway? Cosby and Hitler

Posts about the bizarreness of the English language:

A NYT columnist set out to praise 'Jewish brilliance.' The result was another explosive controversy.

"...thirsty koala climb up on her bicycle and drink from her water bottle..."

Robert Crumb Interview: A Compulsion to Reveal...

Trump signs law to reduce robocalls, though they won't end (AP)

When the Auschwitz Memorial speaks to your actions...

A Life Lesson for the new decade

Philadelphia names first black female police commissioner

A puzzle regarding Roosevelt photo.

The world media is not covering the scope of the Australian fires..25 times the size of calif fires

Susan Collins 'Open' to Impeachment Witnesses

Cop who fabricated "****ing pig" coffee story fired

elderberries help block flu virus -- i didn't know this

Any NYE plans tonight?

To recognize Black History Month, GOP lawmaker proposes a list of mostly white people

Iraqi mourners try to storm US Embassy after airstrikes

Case of Michigan teen who died after trooper shot him with Taser settled for $12 million

Gang beats gay man to death on Christmas morning just to steal one dollar from him

The millennium bug was real - and 20 years later we face the same threats

Shipping companies propose crash program to reduce CO2

Australia Bushfires Update, Thirsty Koalas, New Years Eve Celebrations

Uber, Postmates sue to block California gig worker law, claiming it's unconstitutional

2020 US Senate Election- Most to Least Vulnerable Democratic and Republican US Senate seats.

Thousands trapped on Australian beaches by dangerous bushfires

Protesters attempt to storm US embassy in Iraq

(Jewish Group) Police to investigate antisemitic graffiti found in Hampstead (England)

Firm sues California over ban on private prisons

Benny Martinez, Latino civil rights leader, dies at 85

EU funds for migrants in Libya enrich their abusers instead

EU funds for migrants in Libya enrich their abusers instead

EU funds for migrants in Libya enrich their abusers instead

Alabama police chief apologises after 'homeless quilt' post sparks anger

New Year's Eve 2020 celebrations and fireworks from around the world

A-Z description of Donald Trump (found on FB)

Trump administration launched internal manhunt for guy who liked Chelsea Clinton tweet.

The Singing Nun

(opinion) The environment in 2050: flooded cities, forced migration - and the Amazon turning to sava

We get closer and closer to a banana republic each day @realdonaldtrump stays in office.

Trump signs law to reduce robocalls, though they won't end

Map: Tracking Campaign Contributions by Location

Well, it looks like dumb donald has gotten us close to another

Today I am officially a old. I guess.

Australia bushfires: towns devastated and lives lost as blazes turn the sky red

Ivanka Trump's actual views on maternity leave per a former employee:

Pure Poison.

Palin Family Values...

I wonder who gave the NYT the Gallagher video and other documents? I'd think Trump

The Syrian town with more cats than people

Jewish College Student Attacked on NYC Subway in Another Anti-Semitic Incident

Baghdad's US Embassy being swarmed by Kataib Hezbollah supporters-no way out for US diplomats

You may have a RANGER tab and yet ,you do not wanna piss mom off

In Leaked Memo, Andrew Yang Asks DNC for More Debate Polls

In Leaked Memo, Andrew Yang Asks DNC for More Debate Polls

5 Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

Pete Buttigieg declares 'South Bend is back' in farewell speech

After 102 years in business, Boston's No Name restaurant is closed for good

Millions are crippled by medical debt - welcome to healthcare in America

This song made Obama's best of 2019 list

Tuesday (NY Eve) TOONs - The Badst

24 Years Ago Today; Bill Watterson publishes the last Calvin and Hobbes comic strip

Poll: Biden has edge over Trump in Florida

PolitiFact: Warren's argument that millions can't afford their Rx drugs holds up

The Mission Statement of a Catholic Non-profit hospital that is in the news

Poll: Biden has edge over Trump in Florida.....🦩🏝

Open warfare on Twitter between Neera Tanden and David Sirota (and respective supporters)

****Brand New FL Poll**** Joey B only Dem to beat Corrupt Don in the Sunshine State

Lawrence: All The President's Men Must Testify In Senate Impeachment Trial The Last Word MSNBC

Chief: Local officer resigns after making up coffee cup incident

NYT Report Reveals Truth About President Donald Trump Tax Cuts The Last Word MSNBC

Lawsuit: Famed Jesuit abused boy 1,000 times around world

A Decade of Climate Science Confirmed What We Already Knew

My birthday present ... very useful

"Bernie Sanders is definitely being underestimated in Iowa," Democratic Chairman, Poweshiek County.

What Ails the Right Isn't (Just) Racism

Who is more guilty?

My dream candidate exists - and her name is Elizabeth Warren by Rebecca Solnit

BTRTN: Pelosi Reveals Her Trump Card. Now Will She Play It?

BTRTN: Pelosi Reveals Her Trump Card. Now Will She Play It?

The Best Dog Stories of 2019

Trump doing "something good"

catching up....

The Webcomics Weekly #67: Favorite Webcomic of 2019

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 12/26/2019

Top 100 Comics of the 2010s: #75-71

Top 100 Comics of the 2010s: #70-66

Top 100 Comics of the 2010s: #65-61

Good article on what it's like for a coach to be fired

Top 100 Comics of the 2010s: #60-56

Top 100 Comics of the 2010s: #55-51

Top 100 Comics of the 2010s: #50-46

Top 100 Comics of the 2010s: #45-41

Top 100 Comics of the 2010s: #40-36

Top 100 Comics of the 2010s: #35-31

Top 100 Comics of the 2010s: #30-26

I'll give Joey B a pass but I can't think of even one Repub I want near the Oval Office.

Top 100 Comics of the 2010s: #25-21

Top 100 Comics of the 2010s: #20-16

"It's okay to not be okay," says Michael Phelps in an interview with @AriMelber

Top 100 Comics of the 2010s: #15-11

Starting pitcher with fewest wins to win the Cy Young Award

As president, I will turn the Oval Office into a replica of the Enterprise's bridge while turning...

Blade Runner and Star Trek Artist Syd Mead Dies at 86

Odetta was born on this date.

Pompeo is flying around the world trying to bribe other governments to manufacture dirt on Biden . .

NOTICE: Windows 7 support and updates ENDS January 14, 2020

The Browns fired their coach. Time for me to get an

First pitcher to throw two no-hitters against the same team as a visitor in the same ballpark

Trump says he'll sign "phase one" trade deal with China on Jan. 15

You raised $1,044.20 on December 30, 2019 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Biden is only Democrat currently outpolling Trump in Virginia

New Year's Eve 2019

Oh man! 2019 went by so fast I didn't even have time to

Who should Bloomberg choose to be his running mate this time around?

Breakfast: Tuesday 12/31/19

Trump spent 1 of 5 days in 2019 at one of his golf clubs.

'What an insult': CES names Ivanka Trump as keynote speaker

Boog says it's my olfactory man I drool, anybody else have furry kitchen help

What is it like to be fired as an NFL Coach: Yahoo News

I generally access DU from my phone

I'm absolutely losing it at this incredibly relatable feature with the Vogue editors:

Woman hit with $28,000+ bill after throat swab test at doctors office.

Trump Neurologically Malfunctions

Trump Spends Day Rage-Tweeting About Impeachment

trump gaming stock market today...Trump says he'll sign "phase one" trade deal with China on Jan. 15

It's exceedingly hard for judges in Louisiana to lose their jobs. Here's why that is:

RMD Age (for Some) Pushed Back to Age 72

**** Joey B is only Democrat currently outpolling Trump in Virginia ****

So...the last state GE polls of 2019 (VA & FL) show only Biden beating Trump, w/highest favorables.

They promise to help families of fallen officers. But they're mostly paying telemarketers.

They're going try to steal the U.S. Postal Service next year.

As 2020 HEATS up, I am tamping it down.

Warren confronts ghost of Howard Dean

Article: The seeds of Theocratic Authoritarianism are being planted

Impeachment "Good" for Trump?

Tulsi Gabbard: Impeachment has 'greatly increased the likelihood' of Trump reelection

Famed Bible expert

Even with tax hikes and defense cuts, Sanders' plans would add to deficit

It's Joey B's world and we're just living in it

I watched Rachel Maddow's special on abortion last night

Trump is openly calling for his trial to be as corrupt as possible

Graphic designer Vaughan Oliver, who worked for 4AD, has passed

Gallagher smashing watermelons...

Prayers For The March On The Bridge

Has anyone tried CBD products for insomnia?

A Little Photos of Joe 2019.... Happy New Year To All ....Dems..Add Your Fav Of Joe...

A candidate ran on a return to normalcy platform and won 60.2% of the popular vote and 404 E C votes

Autism diagnosis: 'I want 40 years of my life back'

Andy Borowitz on the Minimum Wage - For Congress

I hit the wrong key on the keyboard, and the screen downsized using "Explorer"..but when

From Black holes to the infinity of the universe - Awesome space images

Apple Was the Dow's Best Stock in 2019

I was raised by my unabashedly liberal parents

Authorities identify gunman, victims in Texas church shooting

Live: Elizabeth Warren giving policy speech in Boston

Blast from the Past. James E. Hansen in 2008.

My 5000th post.


Lewandowski announces he will NOT run for NH Senate

Detention of Chelsea Manning 'Open-Ended, Progressively Severe Measure Amounting to Torture

Lewandowski announces he will NOT run for NH Senate

Judge orders Alex Jones and InfoWars to pay $100,000 in Sandy Hook legal fees

Bret Stephens and the Perils of the Tapped-Out Column (Jack Schafer, Politico)

MAGAts: "...but he's fulfilled every promise!"

'Gay Jesus' Netflix Special Creators Attacked With Molotov Cocktails

GOP Sen. Susan Collins criticizes McConnell, Democrats for pre-Trump trial comments

The jig is up: Bolton and Mulvaney have no excuse for not testifying

Correction for the ages

Trump and his team take a big risk using their personal cellphones

The Nature of the Thermal and Electrochemical Degradants in Lithium Battery Electrolytes.


With the "attack"

This would be a really good time to have a president we could trust on foreign policy

Rep. Pressley: "Ms. Ayanna, I know what aspirations are. But I don't have aspirations. I have PLANS"

Homeless Population Is Up Each Year Since Trump Took Office After Plunging Under Obama-Biden

Pink "Perfect" Live Acoustic

Trump Is Pocketing Taxpayer Dollars Every Time He Golfs At One Of His Properties

Legal marijuana sales may spark Midwest interstate tension

Ever see those ads for bobbleheads made from a photo of someone?

Not to be a buzzkill in the face of Trump's enthusiasm, but there's NO fucking Southern White House

Editorial: Grundy, you're on your own

The Beat Goes On

Link between religious fundamentalism and brain damage established by scientists

Corey Lewandowski drops potential Senate run in New Hampshire

Be on the Alert: Iraq

ATTN Fellow Progressives: The "Political Revolution" Has Already Begun

Amazon buys 87 acres of land in southeastern Virginia

An example of "kindness" at Democratic Underground" ..Thank You to DU

538's Matt Grossman says Bloomberg has scaled back his TV advertising dramatically this past week.

What Are Those Mysterious Drones Doing in Colorado?

Robert Reich: AT&T is laying off thousands of workers at beginning of the year without severance pay

Pierce: As 2019 Ends, I Have to Wonder Whether Everything I've Learned Is Wrong

France: WWI Signatures, Graffitti & Mementos of Soldiers On All Sides Extant In Caves Underground

Barack Obama on Joe Biden in 2007 when they were running AGAINST each other:

Fox News: Iraq embassy attack - "Sit-In Planned"

Twitch.TV LIVE: Sen. Sanders is expected to make remarks and canvass in the neighborhood.

🔥 Bernie Knocks on Doors in Iowa - Presser

Happy New Year All!

Khatchaturian Violin Concerto in D Minor - Oistrakh

Give him a couple of scoops of ice cream and tell him how great he is...

100 U.S. Marines, 2 Apache helicopters reinforcing embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, after attack

Caption Pelosi and Trump.

Today was the best day to find an IRS agent to talk to

" What Does Rudy Giuliani's Son Do?"

Trump puts Iran on notice: 'They will be held fully responsible'

AU PM Hosts Fireworks, As Country Burns In National Emergency, 'Arrogance Beyond Belief'

"Sweetheart". Good scary movie.

Should requiring the Senate to subpoena John Bolton be a condition for Speaker Pelosi to...

Cuomo says New York's 'miscellaneous' tipped workers getting a raise

Is Chumpy really going to do anything about the crisis in our Iraqi embassy?

Dartanayan and Paula of Des Moines just hosted Bernie Sanders for a canvass launch out of their home

POLITICO Magazine's Top 19 Reads of 2019

'I was shot at point blank range and left for dead' Perspective

Top Democrats say bombshell report shows need for witnesses in Senate impeachment trial

Space Needle keeping close eye on wind conditions for New Year's Eve fireworks

My Work Here Is Done (epic trash humor)

What to do with two dozen eggs?

"Love me or hate me, you got to vote for me."

These 3 pro-Iran militia leaders are rabble-rousing protesters at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

Tick, tick, tick

'We are just destroying these kids': The foster children growing up inside detention centers

Patriotic millionaires like Abigail Disney are right.

Fake Seattle City Light warnings: Old scam at dawn of new year

Swamp Hog spent 1 in 5 days of 2019 grifting taxpayers at his golf courses.

Jake Sherman of Politico on with Katy Tur ----

737 Max: Prioritizing cost cutting to blame

Land trust saves half-mile stretch of Whidbey Island beach from development

Sanders Vows to Create National Clean Drinking Water Standards to End Corporate Contamination

Washington workers can soon access paid family leave benefit

Is anyone else feeling apprehension about the coming New Year?

Please help with my question

Pompeo is on Putin's State TV: "I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole"

2010-2019: Your team(s) and your favorite moment(s)

News of John Lewis' Illness Prompts Heartfelt Reactions

Why we don't really know who is ahead in Iowa right now

NH-SEN: Lewandowski decides against Senate bid

Cartoons more of the best from 2019

Banks care.

Trump high-fives Fox News for advocating Senate dismissal of impeachment on 51 procedural votes

Dog question

AU Bushfires Emergency: 'Apocalypse,' 'Gates of Hell,' Flames Rip Through Towns, Evacuation

"2019 going out like 1979"

Fox News: Tulsi Gabbard has dropped out of the Democratic race, she hasn't actually dropped out yet

A massive wind turbine in New York City crashes down onto a car

Happy 71st 🎂 Burton

Now more than ever

The Sound of Silence Wuauquikuna

New dog; he bites

Michael Bloomberg revs up Texas campaign with big plans

Sen. Sanders remarks at today's canvass event...a thread of the highlights:

Three term presidencies.

Charles Pierce: This is the best speech I've ever seen EW give

One wish for 2020

Posting here for more input: What (if any) Internet Security Package (Security Suite) do you use?

Anyone following Baghdad events? Just heard US embassy has been breached, workers in safe room

Staffers Claim Trump Demands A Daily Folder Full Of "Admiring Tweets" And "Flattering" Photos Of Him

Is it "Happy Impeachment" or "Merry Impeachment"?

I just read that the average person has sex 89 times a year.

Um... the Baghdad Embassy situation sounds a bit more grave than they're letting on?

The Story of Twitter and the Democratic Primary in Four Parts

WATCH: Sen. Sanders talks to @VaughnHillyard about his Medicare for All plan

WATCH: Sen. Sanders talks to @VaughnHillyard about his Medicare for All plan

Warren Urges Democrats to 'Imagine' a Better America (and Her as President)

A questions for rich Americans: Why do you want to grind working folks under

Trump administration issues rule to further restrict asylum eligibility

The Clash - Straight To Hell

Bernie Sanders is NOT my candidate, but if he is the NOMINEE you will think

Trump golfed as us embassy is attacked... if Obama behaved that way...

And the year ends with an eternal question:

Pompeo on RT: "I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole".

Vote For America Or...

I saw Little Women! Anyone else see it?

Me at work right now

MSNBC just ran the clip of Nancy shushing her caucus when she read the results of the vote.

Warren warns 'democracy hangs in the balance' in New Year's Eve speech

Elizabeth Warren New Year's Eve Speech in Boston

Crookie Award, 2019 Nickname Of The Year: Moscow Mitch

How many hearings should the House hold...

Heartbreaking photo of firefighter and koala watching together:

Millions Of Cable Customers Could Lose Fox News This Week

My New Year resolution is to read more. Now all I have to do is figure out how to put

This dolphin swam up to divers to ask for help ❤️

Did Biden say he would consider a Republican running mate?

Trump is unpopular in Texas. The state won't sit quietly.

Watch this perfect time-lapse of a dog growing up with her best friend 💙

Putin wins again: U.S. Intelligence Agencies Prepare to Pull Back Officers From Africa

An Instantpot warning

This cat rides shotgun with her truck driver dad every single day 💞

Guy Finds A Mouse In His Car

"Make Women Great Again" Convention Run By Men Teaches How To Be "Ideal Women" For $2000 A Ticket

Biden to coal miners "Learn to code."

Why 2019 was a good year!

Chief says cop "fabricated" coffee cup insult...

NY-14: AOC worried about losing seat after 2021 redistricting.

Opponents push to abolish death penalty in Virginia

How I restore ability to serve on juries?

Should the Embassy workers be evacuated?

01/01 Mike Luckovich: A way with babies

Count Binface on Brexit

Illinois governor clears thousands of marijuana convictions

There Were More Than 100 "Billion Dollar" Climate Disasters in the Past Decade

People should understand that many of the current Iraq protesters were children

Trump Tries To Hide His Golfing With Absurd Southern White House Lie

Windows 10 password reset.

New devise in New Mexico turns back clock on astronomy

Undocumented winery workers say Trump Organization waited until after harvest to fire them

Say what? What a dumbass.

A blink in the eye of time.

Federal judge releases scathing opinion blocking North Carolina GOP from restricting voter access

CBSN: Bernie Sanders will ring in new year with Iowa voters

2020 US Census- which US House Member is getting screwed.

I wish I could describe it, but this NYears 'matters'

Happy New Year to all!

@DevinCow's 2020 Prediction 🐄

What is it good for?

re: Romney's Spine

My KPop Playlist, New Year's Eve Bonus Track: Stray Kids - Miroh

Stream It Or Skip It: 'El Pepe, a Supreme Life' on Netflix, a Thoughtful Documentary Profile of Urug

Marijuana legalization could be a huge issue that gets voters to the polls

Political Flashback: Paula Poundstone on Cheyney's friend apologizing for being shot

Latin American environmentalists face looming threats of violence

Marco Rubio humiliates himself when confronted about Trump's crimes

What's for Dinner, New Year's Eve, Tues., Dec. 31, 2019

Latin American environmentalists face looming threats of violence

Federal judge releases scathing opinion blocking North Carolina GOP from restricting voter access

2020; Ring out the false, ring in the true!

Paris fireworks - beautiful

Happy New Year - ABBA

Chief Roberts 2019 yr end report - Do I dare hope?

Giant birds may help scientists finally solve the mystery of the Nazca lines

'The jig is up': Conservative warns Trump officials that courts give them no choice but to testify

On Chuck Todd - yes, I know, many will now "trun off" the channel

Giant birds may help scientists finally solve the mystery of the Nazca lines

Brazil transfers 12 billion reais to regions in move toward 'Federative Pact'

More winning 🤮

Uber, Postmates sue to challenge California's new labor law

Florida Man not welcome in state.

Looking back on the primary race at year end,

This F#$%ing Decade - Nation article by Joan Walsh

Imagine a country where churches and schools do not have armed guards.

Some interesting websites to visit

New Years eve.. Time for a marathon of Rockin' 1000 at about 1500 watts

Wildest political moments of 2019, WaPo.

Happy New Year Everyone

What Germany Can Teach Us About Home Energy Ask This Old House

John Dorsey out as Browns general manager after three years