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Archives: December 6, 2019

Following guilty plea, Duncan Hunter barred from voting in the House

Hair Love

R. Kelly Is Charged With Using Bribes to Marry Aaliyah at Age 15

Luckovich-C'Mon, Make us Laugh like Trump does World Leaders!!

Sinclair Hires Reporter Ousted by Fox News After Sexual Harassment Accusations

The White House is all festive again... sort of...

Beating Trump 101: Cripple his ego

Fox getting sued because of TUCKER CARLSON!

Can the Turtle decide to not bring the trial to the Senate floor?

The Government of Ukraine should expel Rudy, even better arrest him then expel him.

I predict trump will testify in the Senate impeachment trial...

Twitch.TV Link: Bernie Speaks at Iowa Organic Farmers Forum

Ex-cop details NYPD 'collar quotas' -- arrest black and Hispanic men...

How much would giving up meat help the environment?

Parents Make Tech Cos. Have Yearly Purges of Kids Data; 'Student Data Surveillance Indus. Complex'


I just can't get in the Christmas spirit this year.


I understand the politics of having to focus on *US* national security...

A Los Angeles news helicopter made an emergency landing after it was struck by a drone.

GOP senator, at White House's request, blocks Armenian genocide resolution

Seen any good epitaphs lately?

Operation Warm: Firefighters bring coats to Kitsap kids

Thurston County buses to launch zero-fare pilot in January

How Republicans' latest defenses of the Trump-Zelensky call fall short

The Gift of Pete Buttigieg to the American Voter

Want to see how to handle a heckler? Just watch President Obama.

Paid medical and family leave starts in Washington in January

Cuts to SNAP would disadvantage those seeking jobs

The convicted US Army war criminal Trump released early says he can't get a job 'even at Walmart or

GOP squawks don't distract from key points in hearing

2020 US Senate Election- Minimum and Maximum no. of seats Democrats can end up with.

John F. Kerry endorses Joe Biden

Denny Heck is retiring?!

South Bend African American Leaders Praise Buttigieg Amid Protests

Uber disclosed 3,000 sexual assaults in U.S. rides last year in its long-awaited safety report

can someone give me super simple instructions for hooking printer up on wifi?

Over 30 Farmers and Rural Activists Across Iowa Endorse Bernie Sanders for President

Cartoons 12/5/19

amazing grace versus...

Trump Becomes Global Laughing Stock At NATO Summit

Will Trump debate the Democratic nominee?

Take Their Food Stamps

Kamala Harris Wall Street donors mull whom to fund now

Joe and Jill Biden hit Chicago for fundraisers Monday

Dozens of West Virginia Corrections Officers Did the Nazi Salute for a Photo

Crazy footage from one of the vehicles, the UPS shootout.

West Virginia corrections employees suspended after Nazi salute photo

How did Biden know the man he chewed out wasn't a Democrat? And why didn't Biden simply say

Monday: Biden questions enthusiasm for Warren


So it seems

'Stick It Up Your A** Fella!' Man Who Confronted Biden Gets in Heated Spat With Another Voter

Trump Keeps Butting Into Senate Races, Causing Headaches For GOP: Georgia is the latest example of

Polarized America Still Has a Big Middle - Galston's WSJ Editorial

Trump has still not released all of the aid to Ukraine!

Got an invite from Michael Kempner for a Biden fundraiser in NYC...

Have you heard about the latest archaeological discovery in Peru?

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The New Normal!

Sen. Bernie Sanders talks college affordability and more with @ChrislHayes

Headsup - Speaker Pelosi's Town Hall

Warren just called out Buttigieg on fundraising

Five minutes in, Nancy Pelosi is a REALLY impressive woman. Already I respect her even more.

Innocent people don't refuse to testify on their own behalf.

Pelosi lights the 2019 Capitol Christmas Tree

3 are killed in National Guard helicopter crash in Minnesota, governor says

John Kerry: Biden "is the President our country desperately needs right now"

Even crazier footage from the UPS shootout, you can hear a bullet ricochet off of their car.

Trump and Judy.

So now Kamala is gone ...NOW ...she makes her move

Sweden Provides Free Higher Education, Universal Healthcare, Free Daycare -- Why Can't the U.S.?

Truly natural beauty to make your evening...

'Nuclear device' report evacuates Ohio neighborhood; hazmat, bomb squad respond

CNN Town Hall - This is Pelosi's first official campaign video

Rachel....All Roads Lead To Russia

Colorado's First Transgender Legislator Made History, Now She's Proving Her Worth

NSW bushfires spread across entire coastline as homes lost in Qld fires

Ah Leah -Donnie Iris

Incoming US Senators from 2020 if Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Merle Gorman, the 83-yr-old Iowan who confronted Biden, now says Joe has a wet noodle for a backbone

I don't know why we are spending so much time and money

Oregon conservatives fail to recall Democratic legislator.

Start being responsible, media

Quite the Biden pic in Waterloo, Iowa @ The Brown Derby Ballroom

CG has gotten truly amazing!

How to open encrypted email attachment on iPhone?

This will make you smile.

Guys, watching Rachel tonight? FIRST, long piece about Russia + entanglements,

Yang event in Chicago tonight!

'When in the course of human events . . . .

Joy Reid: the Trump administration will be most remembered for it's cruelty toward children

Listen up DU Democrats.. Guilani is in Ukraine at this very moment still trying to

A Guantnamo Bay detainee's drawings show the brutal CIA torture he endured at a secret US-run priso

Proceed Speaker Pelosi

Tweeter "Chunk" asks the *obvious* Ukraine question:

Flesh-eating bacteria linked to heroin kills 7 in California

Team Buttigieg fires back at Warren...

Report: Teen who died in US custody unresponsive for hours

The 2016 conversation Paul Ryan tried to keep quiet...

Pelosi Townhall - great messaging on the need to defend our democracy

Trump does not deserve the title of President. Quit addressing him that way!

President Pelosi?

Tufts University severs ties with family behind OxyContin

Bill Clinton disarms a heckler in 1992

Already for sale on Speaker Pelosi's website (fundraising for DEMOCRATS!):

Panel calls for Virginia to purge dozens of old racist laws

Wedding planning sites change policies on slave plantations

Smiley's People

What's the word for....

BTRTN: Our Annual Analytically-Based Major League Baseball Hall of Fame Predictions

Its notable that multi-millionaire Elizabeth Warren wants a wealth tax for a number above her wealth

BTRTN: Our Annual Analytically-Based Major League Baseball Hall of Fame Predictions

Government Cuts $5.5 Billion from Food Stamps Over Five Years

Senate passes bill to save funding for black colleges

I'm exhausted, stressed tight as a drum...

Sometimes it takes awhile for the words to come together...

I wonder if Stephen Colbert will do a bit about Speaker Pelosi tonite. :)

Biden duh

Dark Waters

More that was left out of Buttigieg's response about deficits

Watchdog faults rushed EPA rulemaking on glider trucks

Tucker Carlson w/ Jim Jordan: TEAM RUSSIA (He's kidding, he's not, he's joking, it's true.)

You gotta love his sense of humor!

Trump, who knows jack shit about anything, fills you in on "what our Founders had in mind"

This moment was made for Nancy Pelosi

Mexico president hosts US AG behind closed doors in capital

Ninth Reagor Dykes employee pleads guilty

Lawrence O'Donnell is about to debunk Pete Buttigieg.

Mekong River's new aquamarine color may be sign of trouble

Link to video: Bernie responds to Buttigieg's recent remarks on college affordability: 'He's wrong'

America, in its current form cannot continue.

Court grants government's TRO against pro wall group

Barack and Michelle Obama drop almost $12 million on Martha's Vineyard beach estate: report

Lawrence O'Donnell is single-handedly trying to end ...

Boy invites entire kindergarten class to his adoption hearing -- and it's adorable

Seth Abramson:"What conclusion would you draw?"

Before she went all the way back to the podium, Speaker Pelosi used her finger and words like . . .

Impeachment floor vote should wait until February at the earliest

They are going to put a zip line from near Parliament Hill, in Ottawa,

Florida senator (Rubio) blocks Trump Interior nominee over offshore drilling

The Daily Show: Pelosi Presses On & Constitutional Scholars Testify

EPA ignores health benefits of coal rule it plans to weaken: economists

Wendy Davis officially running for Congress

U.S. homeland security abandons plan for face scans for U.S. citizens

U.S. homeland security abandons plan for face scans for U.S. citizens

Tiger Makes Epic 1,300-Kilometer Journey Across India Looking For Food And Sex

Bauhaus - She's In Parties

Beto O'Rourke backers cite poll showing he'd sail through Senate primary; Cornyn wary he'll heed the

Russians likely eavesdropped on Giulani's calls with Trump

Ukraine lawmaker Andriy Derkach met Giuliani to discuss misuse of U.S. taxpayer money in Ukraine

Indian police shoot dead four men suspected of raping veterinarian

Looking for tall cup that won't tip over (easily) - and NOT the suction-cup kind.

Joe Biden defends son Hunter but acknowledges Ukraine work 'may have looked bad'

People Who Want to Ban Fracking Immediately, Says Joe Biden, 'Oughta Vote for Someone Else'

Pittie best friends had to be adopted together.

drumpkopft sez he was elected to

Meet James Rosen, the guy who barely survived coming after the Queen when she didn't call him

TCM Schedule for Friday, December 6: Burton Before Taylor

Per Lev's lawyer, Joseph Bondy - "Hey Devin Nunes...You don't remember?"

Watched the Biden exchange a few times now and think he handled it

Ok, not that you needed another reason to vote in 2020...

It was all about creating propaganda against Biden, stupid

Philippe Reines: Joe Biden "was 100% right, this guy is a liar."

I hope Biden does better in debates with fewer democratic candidates..

US persuades judge to stop pro-Trump border wall group

US persuades judge to stop pro-Trump border wall group

American dirty tricks are corroding British democracy

Just thinking that the next debate should be a blast.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: PROOF: The World is Laughing at Donald Trump

The genealogy boom has hit a roadblock. The Trump administration plans huge fee hikes for immigratio

TBA's Theory: Trump uses an insecure cell phone as direct way to send information to Russia.

Best eyebrows ever.

Is a candidate grabbing a potential Dem voter, or any stranger, by the shoulders ever ok?

Tyrese. Mmm-mmm....

The orphaned baby zebra was all alone...until something wonderful happened.

Guilliani is in the Ukraine right now, organizing a corrupt cover story

It's official. I know nothing. 🤔😁

Lawrence O'Donnell: Pete Buttigieg and the Republican lie

I'm officially an undecided voter now. It's weird.

Lawrence O'Donnell slams Buttigieg use of GOP deficit talking point against Democrats

Argentina's Macrisis: Income poverty rises to 40.8%, highest in 15 years

Argentina's Macrisis: Income poverty rises to 40.8%, highest in 15 years

Diplomat: Peru and US Close to Signing Deal to Counter Chinese Influence in Region

"He better just call her boss"

I am going to vote for Pete in our CA primary, but I am going back to undecided here on DU and I am

Has anyone used ground beef from Trader Joe's?

What would stop Republicans from voting in our primaries?

Green New Deal: The Urgent Realism of Radical Change

Can you imagine Trump ...

So I've been told all the weird weather is caused by a shift in the magnetic poles

Best cartoon depicting impeachment hearings

Why Is Rudy Giuliani Meeting With Putin's Oligarch Friends In Ukraine? FBI? CIA? Where Are You?

Where would I find the windshield washer fuse and motor in a RAM 1500 SLT 2015?

The Tantalizing Nuclear Mirage

The Role of Public Capital

I'm for Biden. I so miss the stability/humanity of the Obama-Biden WH. Of course i can't

Donald poses for his presidential portrait for the White House

Former President Of Little Falls Credit Union Sentenced To 96 Months In Prison For $2.5 Million

10 Bronx and Westchester-Based Members and Associates of the Gambino Crime Family Indicted in

President Trump's Inauguration: "Well that was some weird shit!"

Bill Nye's $28-million profit fight with Disney can go to trial, judge rules

China to Waive Trade War Tariffs for Some U.S. Soy, Pork Purchases

A Social Revolution to Rival Saudi Arabia

Mark Walker (R-NC)-- More Likely To Land In Prison Than Back In Congress

Trump Promised Lower Drug Prices... But He Has Moscow Mitch Blocking Both Democratic And Republican

Just saw Colbert on "perineum sunning" & haven't laughed so hard in years...

Tennessee executes blind man for killing ex-girlfriend in 1991

2Cellos ,Steve Vai, well then

Montana's water rights fractured by new development

Wyoming's coal-fired economy is coming to an end

Indictment Details How Emirates Sought Influence in 2016 Campaign

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 12/5/19

Did Kansas Rep. Steve Watkins vote illegally? Shawnee County DA says he'll review

That would be the entire point...

'You Have Bad Information': CNN's Chris Cuomo Stuns Texas Republican by Debunking Trump's Ukraine

Impeachment hearings expert is a "snarky bisexual" champion for LGBTQ rights too

The Tonight Show: Elizabeth Warren Breaks Down Her Wealth Tax, Medicare for All and Pinky Promises

The Tonight Show: Elizabeth Warren Reveals the Reason Behind Her Tearful Exchange with a Young Voter

Breakfast Friday 6 December 2019

He Defended the Confederate Flag and Insulted Immigrants. Now He's a Judge.

Beto O'Rourke repeats he's not running for Senate despite continued speculation

1.5 million march, tens of thousands strike in France against austerity and inequality

Democrats Accuse Trump of Slow-Walking Disaster Relief Funds to Territory, Violating Law by Withhold

Trump Doesn't Pray He Preys

Under Financial Pressure, G.E.R.S. Will Raise Employer Contribution Effective January 1, 2020

I got a phone call and I didn't recognize the number.

Three Years After Mapp Severed Ties With Rating Agencies, Bryan Administration Reestablishes

"We are the only party who can deliver Brexit" insists the only party that has failed to

I mowed my lawn yesterday. It may seem silly, but I am proud that I was able to do that myself.

Retired government workers decry pension-solvency proposal

What the C.I.A.'s Torture Program Looked Like to the Tortured

Trafalgar Square Christmas tree: 'Sparse' spruce ridiculed

Samoa arrests vaccination critic amid deadly measles crisis

The U.S. lost more tax revenue than any other country in the world in 2018!

Podcast: The Daily: The Candidates - Bernie Sanders

Pearl Harbor vet's interment to be last on sunken Arizona

Remember the Republican outrage when Trump's BFF Alex Jones said Obama's girls weren't his?

Puerto Rican Births At Lowest Level in 80 Years

Need help getting all your ducks in a row?

Biden announces endorsements from Puerto Rico politicians


Good Morning DU!!!! coffee is up.. morning is bright and true Democrats are going to rally..


They are a lost cause...

Reuters/Ipsos Poll: Biden 19, Sanders 14, Warren 9, Buttigieg 6!

Biden: Media, rivals wrong that AOC represents direction of party

My husband claims that left-handed people "always" listen to the phone with their left ear...


Friday TOONs 1 - The Accidental Comedian

Friday TOONs 2 - Do Not Pass GO, Do Not Collect 2020

Nothing quite like the 2:00 am mouse chase

Got pulled over last night.

Joe Biden says Trump is 'ripping the soul out of this country'

May be too busy to say this tomorrow.

Going to sell our honey and crafts at a Christmas market tonight.

Democrats woo Bullock for Senate. They're over Beto.

House leaders water down key liberal language in drug pricing bill

I've been talking to myself a lot lately.

Buttigieg camp courts black support in Congress

GOP rep offering bill protecting LGBTQ rights with religious exemptions

Kamala Harris Mattered, and Still Does

Booker's CROWN Act would ban discrimination against black hairstyles

50 Years Ago Today: The Altamont Free Concert ends in tragedy

The Rundown: December 5, 2019

Pick of the Week: "Deathstroke" #50

"The very online left is very annoyed with Mayor Pete"

The origin of Superheroes: Herbie Popnecker

PA dairy farmer says that Trump is "sort of back-stabbing the main people who got him into office"

NEW: @BernieSanders' ''High-Speed Internet for All"

Mercers Cut Trackable Donations To Climate Deniers, But Boost Donors Trust Giving To $8 Million

NEW: Bernie Sanders' ''High-Speed Internet for All"

Greta Thunberg Does the Math

It's not a Democratic issue. It's not a Republican issue. It is an American issue.

How to use your tick stick.

CA Places 1-Year Moratorium On Home Insurance Cancellations In High Fire Risk ZIP Codes

Kansas City becomes first major American city with universal fare-free public transit


White House has been notified that they have until 5 p.m. today to submit the names of individuals..

Now, I am not one usually for quoting the religious....But this chap has a point ...

Warren Fights From the Heart

Environmental NGO Sues BP In UK Court Over Greenwashing Ad Campaign

Active shooter on NAS Pensacola

Labor market remained strong in November as U.S. economy added 266,000 jobs

Former NYC Mayor @MikeBloomberg tells @GayleKing "nobody asked" him about stop & frisk until...

Omg. This was Colbert's opening tonight. I can't stop laughing

DeSantis Drops Climate Talk At Last Minute; Resilience Officer "Unavailable For Comment" On SLR

Elizabeth Hears You

This is insane. Guiliani committing crimes on behalf of POTUS

One could hardly think of a profanity not publicly voiced by Donald Trump and yet,

Its going to be like a movie:

The irony of today's GOP willing to dismantle Reagan's "World Order" legacy

A 5-year-old boy's entire kindergarten class showed up for his adoption hearing

Trump Accused Of Bribery After Urging Donors To Support Senators Defending Him Against Impeachmen

We need massive uprising from every democratic constituency/interest group in every state with repub

Tressel to stay at Youngstown State U., signs contract extension

The murder story involving the 'Ukrainian Putin,' who just met with Rudy Giuliani

The Madness of Don the Con

December 6 - Happy Birthday Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) NY

Nancy Pelosi Takes Donald Trump's Insult, Fires It Right Back At Him

Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees, turns 10 today

Was anyone else creeped out as a little kid when they heard:

Ukrainian Fugitive Who Claimed to Have Dirt on Biden Firm Is Arrested

Why no concern that black voters or older moderates will stay home if Bernie or Warren are nominated

Rudy Giuliani is up bright and early today conspiring in Ukraine

Trying to win the game with one card

Trump Has Now Shifted $1.7 Million From Campaign Donors To His Private Business

Two cannibals were eating a man...

This is where my mind went, this morning

Ooops! Looks Like SLR In SE Florida Is Moving (Once Again) Faster Than Expected

What is Rudy doing in Ukraine?

Have you spoken to a single GOP colleague who is even considering impeachment? Senator Murphy: "YES"

Have we seen "The Devil Next Door"? What do we think of John Demjanjuk?

Young man...just how high are you?

Mike Bloomberg campaign ad: "Tough Fights"

Parnas Attorney Openly Mocks Devin Nunes for Saying He Can't Recall Conversations: 'Lev Remembers'

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Has A Plan

Didn't the Trump family

I never wanted anything to do with the high school I graduated from, and then this came

Here is today's morning daily public opinion poll...

"-1" has communicated regularly with Giuliani on unsecured lines

Impeachment watch: Trump used unsecured cell phone in scheme to pressure Ukraine

Down To The River To Pray - Alison Krauss

How do I turn off text suggestions?

Katyal: Republicans Struggle To Defend 'Smoking Gun' In Impeachment Inquiry The Last Word MSNBC

Julin Castro Meets Donor Threshold for December Debate, Calls for Changes to Primary System

Lawrence: 'Never Seen Anything Like' Pelosi Firing Back At Reporter The Last Word MSNBC

Our Democracy is up against the Trump International Crime Syndicate

55 is "fifty five"

Ukraine returns the favor

With these stealers of female freedoms, 2020 could not be more important...

" If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."

Dave Brubeck was born on this date-

CA-50: Issa says Trump clemency for Hunter could save imprisonment costs

GOP tries to block 2020 Democrats from impeachment in latest stunt

Tish Hinojosa has a birthday today-

Joe Biden's eventful week leaves him looking more durable than before

UNC students march, protest Confederate statue settlement

Cory Booker Launches New Radio Ad in South Carolina

Boris Johnson gets humiliated

There has been another shootings on a navy bass .

Question: does anyone get the feeling

Psychiatrist: Trump Appears Hypomanic, Suffering IQ Loss

TRIGGERED: Trump Abandons NATO Summit After Video Leak

'Dark money' ties raise questions for GOP Sen. Ernst of Iowa

Omg let's retweet the hell out of this.

OAITW r.2.0 posted an OP asking about the Grateful Dead yesterday

Michael Bloomberg Responds to Criticism He's Trying to Buy Election

CNN: Johnathan Turley's Amazing Impeachment Flip Flop

Why We Will Need A Universal Income in the Near Future A. Yang

Top Atlantic Democrat Urges Van Drew To Vote For Trump Impeachment Or Face Loss Of Party Support

Get ready for a new House Fire today!

BREAKING: George Holding (NC-2) announces retirement; can't compete with new District lines

Biden SuperPAC campaign ad: "Unite the Country"

Rep. Pramila Jayapal I'm about to head to the House Floor to advocate for H.R. 4, the Voting Rights

Elizabeth Warren releases medical exam results, doctor says she is 'very healthy'

Pro-Biden SuperPAC ad: "Courage"

An LA Cop Was Caught Appearing to Fondle a Dead Woman's Breasts on Body Camera Footage

Has it been verified, a couple Dems were able to view the unredacted

The Boston Globe editorial board comes out for impeachment:

Elizabeth Warren Attacks Pete Buttigieg's Private Fund-Raisers: 'Open Up the Doors'

On this date in 1969

The Biden "Mocking Trump" Commercial Seems To Have Struck A Nerve.

GOP Lies Vs. Reality

That's my cat, NO-It's mine

A bad person getting what they deserve. (Trigger-warning)

12/10 (NYC) Off the Record: A Strategy Session with Run for Something, NDRC and DLCC

Sit down: A repentance redemption story by a "sanctimonious" Repuke


Holland Has Become The First Country Without Any Stray Dogs

New Hampshire American Postal Workers Union Endorsed Bernie Sanders for President

To paraphrase FDR, words that will live in infamy:

Did You Know The 1% In America Could Pay Off Our National Debt And Still Have 60% Of Their Wealth

Samoan streets deserted as vaccination teams battle measles


You raised $97.00 on December 5, 2019 ActBlue POTUS donation links


"Chaos at the Top of the World: It was one of the most arresting viral photos of the year: a horde

Bernie Sanders unveils plan to break up telecom companies and launch universal broadband access

I'm a lucky fellow! Today marks 39 years of joy with my best friend ..

Trumpland's simmering anger at George Conway finally erupts into a bitter public feud

Old dinosaur computer won't turn on

Schiff: Trump 'doesn't give a shit about what's good for our country'

It's not just indifference to the suffering he causes

Accused of Killing a Gambino Mob Boss, He's Presenting a Novel Defense

Trump Campaign Manager Accidentally Tweets Poll That Shows Impeachment Is Destroying The GOP

EPA Reauthorizes Use of 'Dangerous' 'Cyanide Bombs' That Kill Thousands of Animals Every Year

I am so damn OLD

Naval Hospital sailor turns used medical wraps into sleeping pads for the homeless

Joe Biden Was Right To Call Man Who Pushed Ukraine Conspiracy A Damn Liar

Subscribers can watch live as Bernie meets with the @dmregister editorial board at 12:30 p.m Friday

Accused of Killing a Gambino Mob Boss, He's Presenting a Novel Defense

Help from our Hispanic DU-ers: When did the name Olga become so popular in the Hispanic community?

New Bellevue emergency shelter helps homeless women

Rush Limbaugh on impeachment: We are watching pure, raw hatred

Bloomberg Says 2020 Rivals Criticizing His Fortune Could Have Made Their Own

North Korea revives 'dotard' insult after Trump's 'Rocket Man' comment 'displeased' Kim Jong Un

New: Giuliani just confessed to the crime. He also revealed something bigger.

Tiny house village scheduled to be shut down this month could remain open through winter

Our tax dollars built the internet. It should be a public good for all ...

Naval Station shooting suspect was Saudi aviation student; authorities investigating if terrorism


Happy earliest sunset of the year: December 7

Bernie Sanders to headline @NHYoungDems Granite Slate Awards fundraiser 12/13, Manchester


The Trial of Donald Trump

US flu season arrives early, driven by an unexpected virus

Bloomberg: Taxing the Poor is Good Because They'll Have Less Money to Hurt Themselves

The Hoarse Whisperer.....

Ready for this? Bloomberg could easily become one of the Final Four.

Bureau of Labor Statistics changes how it counts married couples.

Nikki Haley says the Confederate flag was about "service, and sacrifice, and heritage" until Dylan..

Ex-GOP House Member, David Jolly predicts Rudy Guiliani will go to jail

Taking a page from the Bill Clinton campaign: The "War Room"

Samoa arrests anti-vaccine activist as it combats deadly measles outbreak

Trump has Heart Disease

Oleksandr Onyschenko the guy that allegedly had dirt on the Biden's, arrested

Introducing The Deep Sea - an interactive visualization of the ocean 🌊

Mumford and Sons newest video dropped today....

Andrew Yang's Freedom Dividend -- Explained with Venmo.

Pensacola Naval base shooting: Gunman was a military pilot from Saudi Arabia training in the U.S.

LIVE: Bernie Sanders meets with the Register's editorial board

266,000 Jobs My Ass - Wait For Another 500,000 Jobs Revision Like Last Time

General Motors returns to Lordstown, Ohio - with the promise of tax incentives from the state.

LIVE: Bernie Sanders meets with the Register's editorial board

You'll Never Buy Caramel Corn Again.

Why is the Trump admin so interested in destroying the United States' security services? Putin?

Argentina: Top Macri officials indicted

Another 1,000 truck drivers lost their jobs in November, and it's a chilling sign for the economy

522 law professors say that Trump committed bribery

N.Y.P.D. Targeted Blacks and Hispanics in the Subways, Officers Say

House Resolution 326, "Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives regarding United States.

Nikki Haley Says Dylann Roof 'Hijacked' Confederate Flag: Was Seen As 'Service, Sacrifice, Heritage'


'The Science Is Screaming': UN Report Warns (Climate Emergency)

Primitive psychiatric projection by trump

House Resolution 326, "Providing for consideration of the bill (H.R. 4) Voting Rights....

Here's a nice Christmas ad

Bloomberg: "With your paycheck comes some restrictions and responsibilities."

☕️ 🐀

'SELL BABY SELL!': Inside the opioid industry's marketing machine

I just called Rep. Katherine Clark's office

House passes bill meant to restore Voting Rights Act

We are down with NDP!

My Painting of New Mexico stormy skies

Cross posting from the artists group of one of my paintings

Hey it's Friday

Portman verdict in before Trump impeachment trial begins: Not guilty

Bye bye Trump's wig.

Free Market Drugs: A Key Part of Elizabeth Warren's Transition to Medicare for All

Note: I haven't seen the new Star Wars TV series and have no idea what it's about.

EPA Reauthorizes Use of 'Dangerous' 'Cyanide Bombs' That Kill Thousands of Animals Every Year

Hair Love Short Film (Full) - Sony Pictures Animation

OK My recent emergency room INVOICE !!!!

Trump has filed emergency application at Supreme Court seeking to prevent financial docs held by Deu

Curious Calf Offers Friendship to Lonely Blind Bison and Changes Her Life

I have had a cold for a week.

Canada loses 71,200 jobs in biggest employment drop in decade

GoFundMe page set up for Frank Ordonez.

From our friends at CNN

North Carolina Rep. Holding won't seek 2020 reelection

Fuck off, Dreary Dump

Argentine President-elect names Columbia academic Martin Guzman to Economy Ministry

A banana duct-taped to a wall was sold for $120,000

Argentine President-elect names Columbia academic Martin Guzman to Economy Ministry


Edvard Grieg Piano Concerto A Minor

🐱 🧺

Archives board OKs plan to move Ole Miss Confederate statue

'Sort of stunning': Booker rebukes Bloomberg for calling him 'well-spoken'

Elizabeth Warren Tells Poor Parents to Fix Their Own Schools

Trump again accused of mishandling info, creating security threat

Seth Abramson... Breaking News

Caroline Kennedy to christen carrier named after her father

Bernie Sanders...

All over the place.. Can't stop reading about our great economy today!

Trump says "new (energy efficient) light bulbs make him look ORANGE"

Tax fraud, bank fraud, money laundering...

The GOP still trying to manufacture dirt...

Onyshchenko arrested in Germany

📺Tonight on @IowaPublicTV at 7:30pm: Our roundtable program with Bernie Sanders

📺Tonight on @IowaPublicTV at 7:30pm: Our roundtable program with Bernie Sanders

Ya know I'm beginning to think these job numbers and wages


Gaetz: 'I Think it's a Little Weird' that Giuliani is in Ukraine Meeting with Government Officials

Navy veterans: my plan for a new naming program for our aircraft carriers.

Beautiful cover of Blackbird by Mi'kmaq teenager Emma Stevens

Justice Kennedy involved in quid pro quo...?

Today In "Not A Cult"...

Democrat says he expects to oppose articles of impeachment against Trump

Trump: "People are flushing toilets 10 times, 15 times, as opposed to once."

CNN Surprised To Find Bernie Support In Kentucky

Senate Republicans puncture House GOP dreams for impeachment trial

Swing State Voters Torn on Who They'll Back in 2020

She made me smile....and she'll make you smile too

Bernie Sanders campaign parts ways with staffer after report of homophobic and anti-Semitic tweets

I'm just not in the mood to explain why Bloomberg calling Cory Booker "well-spoken" is a problem

Suspected Pensacola shooter is a member of Saudi military

Buttigieg confronted by voters over work for McKinsey

Hai Karate

Onion: Pelosi Says House Will Proceed With Articles Of Impeachment

Iowa Press TV: Sen. Bernie Sanders

Iowa Press TV: Sen. Bernie Sanders

I think Republicans should throw out Trump and nominate Vladimir Putin instead.

House progressives may try to block vote on Pelosi drug bill

Put down the top, crank up the box, and drop the hammer!

What the MSM and Democrats won't ever state openly.

The Hofeller Files

Dahlia Lithwick: The Women Who Still Speak Up

British diplomat in US resigns, saying she can't 'peddle half-truths' on Brexit

COP25: Thousands Gather For Change Climate Protests In Madrid

What it means that everyone going after Pete Buttigieg:

Isra Hirsi of U.S. Youth Climate Strike Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Anybody watched the debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn?

Your Daily Greenwald, "Business as Usual" -Edition

(Jewish Group) Belgian schoolteacher shares imam's sermon about jihad on Jews

(Jewish Group) Angela Merkel announces Germany will donate $66 million to Auschwitz museum

(Jewish Group) British daily drops claim that West Bank settlements are 'the trouble with Jews today

Daylon Prochaska of U.S. Youth Climate Strike Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

(Jewish Group) New York state accuses town of 'systematic effort' to bar Hasidic residents

Saudi Aviation Student Was Navy Air Base Shooter: Official

Feliquan Charlemagne of U.S. Youth Climate Strike Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Before Trump lowered his hand he was committing impeachable offenses

Pujan Patel of U.S. Climate Strike Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

(Jewish Group) 'Game of Thrones' star cancels Belgium appearance over parade with Jewish caricatures

(Jewish Group) Tiffany Haddish's celebrity-filled bat mitzvah, in photos

Sometimes the jokes just write themselves. Trump frets about the need for multiple flushes.

We bought new furniture in August...

Don't let Trump take responsibility for great jobs numbers. It is

'Nothing Else Matters': Climate Protesters Cause Traffic Headache In DC

(Jewish Group) Meet the 'groyper army,' movement wants conservatives to be racist and anti-Semitic

Do you think Elsa Chang and Mary Louise Kelly sound like they're talking to toddlers?

I want this investigated. Melania's parents moved to front of immigration lines

Breaking - WH will not participate in House Impeachment Inquiry

Perhaps Trump really IS a multi-billionaire. Maybe ...

After grading many, many assignments by college students this week

I enjoyed Nicolle Wallace today

A message from the Democrats to the Republicans: Get on the side of the angels while you still can.

Somebody help me here. The Orange Ass Clown doesn't have to mount ANY kind of defense

If Obama had done 1/4 of what dotard has done, you know the repubs would be using

Anyone seen DonViejo lately?

Men I Trust - Say, can you hear

Dave Derby- Pilot Light

Trump tried multiple times to cut foreign aid destined for fighting corruption in Ukraine.

How an ICU nurse adopted a 27 yr old homeless autistic man so he'd qualify for a heart transplant.

Chief Inspector Murphy has reached another point

Point of personal privilege.

Rep. Duncan Hunter says he'll resign 'shortly after the holidays'

Choose carefully: Snog, Marry, Kill.

White House Signals Trump Won't Mount House Impeachment Defense

DU Classical Music fans: I need your help identifying the music on this Russian propaganda video

Do those new light bulbs make you look orange?

A Salty Dog

Before Andy Kim, there was The Ronettes

Calling Him Only 2020 Candidate Whose Plan 'Can Save Our Planet,'

What's for Dinner, Fri., Dec. 6, 2019

Igor Stravinsky - The Rite of Spring - Spring Round Dances

A message from Robert Reich....

Trump Tries to Turn Ukraine Allegations Against Biden

Once upon a time, Republicans had a deep distrust of Donald Trump.

Wife of Papa John's founder John Schnatter asks for divorce

ICE ON FIRE, Climate Change Documentary (2019)

The day after Mueller testified before Congress,

Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden); drum cover by Sina

Amazon caving - they're going to NY - AOC chills, knowing she won...

Our President doesn't like the burden of a courtesy flush........

🔥 Bernie Speaks at Iowa Farmers Union Forum

Supreme Court Halts Subpoena for Trump Records

Former 'America First' Senate candidate arrested for domestic violence for a second time

NC, SC Cities Suddenly Notice That Rising Sea Levels Are Real And Will Have To Be Dealt With

Some people just can't handle Virtual Reality...


Supreme Court halts subpoena to Deutsche Bank for Trump records

QUESTION: Let's say -- the HOUSE Impeaches Trump & he is acquitted by the SENATE

First 4 Primary States Pledged Delegates projection

Anyone know about any fiction story about what if the plane crash