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Supreme Court won't let Justice Dept. immediately resume federal executions after hiatus

Robert Walker Jr died today! (Charlie X in the original Star Trek)

GOP Rep. Hunter Says He Will Resign 'After The Holidays,' Days After Guilty Plea

Our dear friend needs prayers for Chief Inspector Murphy . Always for Murphy

Supreme Court temporarily shields Trump bank records

Supreme Court halts subpoena to Deutsche Bank for Trump records

Looks like Mother's Boy is up shit creek

Jesus: of COURSE they like Trump more than Lincoln

How is your favorite in your profile determined?

With Friends Like These

Sometimes, stripped-down music is the best. This is the case here...


For anyone who has BBC America, Hillary is on the Graham Norton show, tonight. 11 est.

BREAKING!!! TRump is discussing the.....bathroom crisis

It is time to make something clear to the GOP in congress and Mr. Trump

Merkel Tours Auschwitz With 'Sense Of Shame' And Warns Of Resurgent Anti- Semitism

'Anti-vaxxer' charged as Samoan government battles deadly measles outbreak

They murdered him, family of the UPS driver speak out.

More than 500 law professors say Trump committed 'impeachable conduct'

Stephen Miller: The Breitbart Emails

Pressure builds for Giuliani as associate enters talks over potential plea deal

Trump demands retraction from CNN, over private cell phone use.

Sonny Perdue Argues Food Stamp Cuts Incentivize People To Get Exploitative Jobs That Won't Exist

The Real-Life Mob Families of 'The Irishman'? Donald Trump Knew Them

Same as it ever was...

Big Utilities pivoting toward Renewables

Gym Jordan Wants Hunter Biden to Testify About Hillary's Benghazi Connection to Trump's Ukraine Call

My RSO arrived, today

The Door Buzzard

Remember-Whenever you post derogatory threads on a fellow Democratic candidate ....


Why was Eric Trump in Ukraine?

British diplomat in US resigns, saying she can't 'peddle half-truths' on Brexit

National Security Officials Warned Ukraine Not To Meet With Rudy Giuliani

Judge Absolves Lula and Dilma in "PT Gang" Case

Matt Gaetz Wasn't Coked-Up During the Impeachment Hearing!

I'm going to say something about Hunter Biden

Finally, after 2 years

Cartoons 12/6/19

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! The New Normal!

Carlos Vazquez, 16 died a horrendous death in CBP custody w/video. NBC reporter proclaimed

12/08 Mike Luckovich: The season for taking

Senate GOPers Expand Effort To Probe Sketchy Ukraine Claims Pushed By Trump

Whoa just saw a letter (on Rachel) from Cippolone

Be Wary When Racially Divisive Stories Able To Damage Dems Suddenly Take Off

Friday Talking Points -- Rolling Down The Impeachment Track

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden -- Lynn Anderson -vs- Kon Kan

Shriekback - This Big Hush

24 things Nobody does better than Trump.............

As impeachment tide swirls around Trump, Giuliani drops anchor in Ukraine

I met Rocky at the Crystal Towers Apartments in Arlington, Va. in 1969.

DUer Warren DeMontague

i think there needs to be an emoluments count. he is the poster boy for why

Schiff: Pence aide provided new impeachment evidence -- but VP's office classified it

2020 US Presidential and Senate Election- States the Democratic Presidential Nominee needs to win.

The Turds of a Turd, and Other Most Unpleasant News (Ferret/Shower Cap)

CONTENTION: Baby Yoda is THE BEST MacGuffin...

Prof. jonathon turdley on Wash. Week.


Trump Orders Toilet Rule Review, Saying People Flush 10 Times

ME-SEN: Susan Collins facing massive ad buy attacking tax vote

UPS asks temp workers to use their own cars for holiday deliveries

KS-SEN: Could Democrats Win a Senate Seat In Kansas?

Veterans come together in DC. Congress - Put country over politics

cops in Brooklyn say they were told by a commander that white and Asian people should be left alone

Looks like Louie's gonna' be busy!

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats guide to 51 seats.

Fuckin Lavrov's coming back

Bernie Sanders fans go caroling in Ann Arbor

A legal question about impeachment

Klobuchar on the View

WHAT IF this was all Trump's plan all along.

Buttigieg must be doing well

A drunk old man was sitting at the bar.

Can they really get Young Biden, Schiff and others to appear before the Senate?

Rudy Giuliani just blew up Trump's "no quid pro quo" talking point

EU distances itself from Johnson's timetable for post-Brexit trade deal

Trump Song Parody Blasts the President's Many Misdeeds NowThis

The Irishman - anyone watching?

Latest National 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary Polls

Friday Night Vodka Buzz. Ask me anything.

NEWSFLASH: Most Americans want SPHC / MFA

Kerry on Biden: The only team who's worked more closely than the two of us is Trump and Putin.

OK, once again John Dean proves his brilliance....

Someone really needs to remind Republicans in Congress of one simple fact.

Warren Apologizes for Native American Claim: Campaign Update

Owner of CBD store arrested in Ankeny, faces 3 felony charges

Need some good news?

I'm Sure We Have Two Different DU Forums for the Primaries for a Reason

Taking a giggle break

Best News of the Week --- 5 year olds holding sticks with paper hearts!

Elon Musk did not defame British cave explorer, jury finds

Watching Drunk History... what will our era look like?

What in the world do the reporters want Joe Biden to say? They are complaining about him

Santa has been reading your posts all year

*Blacklist* comment...(**SPOILERS**)

Bernie Sanders campaign parts ways with staffer after report of homophobic and anti-Semitic tweets

Serious Question About TOILET Usage.

Has the democratic party drifted to the right over the past 40 years?

American Airlines apologizes for making woman change 'Hail Satan' shirt

Politico on Double Standard: "You spent a f---ing week on pneumonia-gate"

ABC News: Elizabeth Warren's health records show she's in 'excellent health'

Just read the thread about Trump's comment on toilet usage.

GOP senator claims birth control and HIV testing is not 'actual health care'

Since someone brought back the Door Buzzard thread, I've decided to bring back the

Fires in the Amazon a barrier to climate change going up in smoke

Trump to 'temporarily hold off' declaring Mexican cartels terror organizations

Trump to 'temporarily hold off' declaring Mexican cartels terror organizations

Trump Defender Makes Complete Fool Of Himself

FAA seeks $3.9 million fine from Boeing for defective parts on 737 NG planes

Haitian Protesters Decry US Backing for Embattled President

Union leaders harassed in Brazil's textile factories - report

"a date which will live in infamy"

Nancy Pelosi's daughter has a message for Trump

Victoria Falls dries to a trickle after worst drought in a century

Was Captain America's Debut Rushed For Fear Hitler Would Die 'Too Soon'?

It's called rain.

Policy Memo: U.S.-Central America Asylum Agreements are Cruel and Unworkable

Actor Ron Leibman dead at 82

Civil War historian schools Nikki Haley after she argues Confederate flag stood for "service and her

State lawyers say judge's ruling will nullify Florida law restoring ex-felons' voting rights

Trump Weighs More-Muscular Venezuela Moves on Doubts Over Guaido

Bernie Sanders' Fight To Save Minor League Baseball Is One Issue That's Unifying Congress

Strip-search policy halted after 8-year-old reportedly told to get naked at Virginia prison

Rules I attempt to live by.

A day that will live in infamy ....

Actually, impeachment is more important to voters than almost any other issue right now

Deserted 5-year-old takes toddler to neighbor in bitter cold

Amazon's giant South American river turtle holding its own, but risks abound

Who am I?

Bear Jefferson Airplane...

Newt whines not to impeach on the Eve of Christmas But he filed Bill C. articles Dec 19, 1998.......

Vela, Gonzalez urge Pelosi to link security in Mexico with USMCA

Schiff: Pence aide provided new impeachment evidence -- but VP's office classified it

Well Done, Republicans!

Justin Amash Says He's Ready To Vote To Impeach Trump

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Pelosi Moving Forward with Impeachment

The Tonight Show: Impeachment After Dark: Trump and Boris Johnson Got Parent-Trapped

The Daily Show: Mark Zuckerberg's Secret Meeting with Trump & Peloton Ad Blowback

Scared residents in Woodlands plead for help with feral hog invasion

The Daily Show: Cutting-Edge Meat Alternatives for Carnivores Who Want to Save the World

Bill Weld's presidential candidacy in Alabama GOP primary challenged

The reason Trump uses unsecured phones ...

Paging - Recursion

Seven Defendants Charged in $11.5 Million Fraud Case: Lawyer and Tax Preparer Helped Five Defendants

Poopship Destroyer

Circle the dates on your calendars, ladies and gentlemen: Looks Like Next Friday IS IT!

Los Angeles Man Sentenced to 27 Years in Prison for Scheme to Defraud American Express and Account

This song makes me emotional

Ericsson Agrees To Pay More Than $1 Billion To Resolve Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Case

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 12/6/19

Two Members of the Romanian Cybercriminal Enterprise Bayrob Group Sentenced on 21 Counts

San Diego, California Man Pleads Guilty to Role in Million Dollar Scheme Targeting Thousands of U.S.

Can Pete Buttigieg win Alabama's Democratic presidential primary?

2020 US Senate Election- seats that will put Democrats in the majority.

The Alabama Democratic Party versus ... a whole bunch of people

A boss who harassed a gay employee will get $100k payout because he's a Christian

Howard Stern's full interview with Hillary Clinton

Conservative Christian says it's OK for Trump to sleep with "1000 women" but Buttigieg is unnatural

Sewell's bill to restore voting rights protections passes House

Tuscaloosa considering daytime curfew for its students

I have another primary candidate all picked out, thanks, Joe.

Southern Poverty Law Center co-founder Morris Dees working with anti-NRA group

Bloomberg Talks Justice Reform in Mississippi, Apologizes for 'Stop and Frisk'

Oceans losing oxygen at unprecedented rate, experts warn

Maddow shreds 'bad faith' complaints about impeachment from Republicons

How plastic bags were supposed to help the planet - BBC News

Rating Changes: Final North Carolina Map Boosts House Democrats

Could Democrats retain/regain control of the US Senate in 2022 with a Democratic POTUS?

Koch-Funded 'Bill Mill' ALEC Names Mississippi Philip Gunn National Chairman

It's all finally coming together...

Board approves 1 step in moving Ole Miss Confederate statue

🔥 Campaign Update from Iowa!

Pudding is Served!

Warren, Buttigieg scrap puts Democratic divide on display

Tupelo not seeking reimbursement for Trump rally expenses

I wonder about that great job boom everybody is talking about...

OMG: How stupid is he? Look at the cartoon he tweeted then scroll down for the actual caption

Ole Miss student who led charge to relocate Confederate monument on campus named Rhodes Scholar

Ex-partner in largest Mississippi Ponzi scheme not guilty

Trump had one last chance to defend himself and persuade the Congress he did nothing wrong.

PG&E says it has reached $13.5 billion wildfire settlement

"Does a bear sit in the woods?"

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

2022 US Senate Election with a Democratic POTUS is what 2018 was to a Republican POTUS.

Voting rights: Federal appeals court told state's lifetime ban violates Eighth and 14th Amendments


The media is pushing the story: What happens if impeachment causes Democrats to lose next election?

Dammit man that chihuahua has 4000 teeth says boog the chocolate lab

I sometimes find it a bit worrisome

Weekend TOONs - A San Clemente Carol

Little boy just wanted a kiss from his momma, before she went to work..adorable.

"How was your workday, honey?" - "I had to wrestle a pack of bears."

Are the Republicans trying to get Ilhan Omar killed?

Tories investigate three candidates over alleged antisemitism

Experiment closes critical gap in weather forecasting

Pet leasing would be banned in Michigan under House legislation

Mongolia's Reindeer People Confront Pollution in Poignant Double Music Video

As Candidates Jostle for Position, a Long Race May Become a Marathon

What a fuc*ing traitor

A man called 911, then his 5-year-old picked up the phone. Life-saving adorableness ensued

2022 US Senate Election map is more favorable to Democrats than the 2020 map.

There are now 22 GoFundMe pages for UPS driver Frank Ordonez.

Warren Zevon - Werewolves Of London

Why the hell are we continuing to train saudis to fly.

Smash Mouth - All Star (Melon Cover)

It is not JUST ignorance, stupidity and arrogance...

Congress, White House near deal to create Space Force in exchange for paid leave for federal workers

Trump- "Cell phone? I don't use no stinking cell phone"

Everything Pete Buttigieg Said During the Democratic Debate in Atlanta

Elizabeth Warren building Arizona campaign staff ahead of state's primary

Let's impeach him now and NOT send it to the Senate rather...

An anecdote from the "extreme right wing" that will warm your hearts

Democrats will be gaining seats in the US Senate in 2020,2022,and 2024.

How many candidates are not talking about banning fracking, and why?

Don Rickles Hilarious Interview The Dick Cavett Show

The Nancy Pelosi Way by Christine Pelosi

"I'm the most poplular guy at the NATO summit." . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

I think Euripides might have been a time traveller...

People don't understand what socialism and right wing capitalism are. If they did the country would

Coming soon - Don the Con will be impeached

Doggy has been a very bad boy - trying not to giggle

Weekend Update: Jeanine Pirro on Her Fox News Suspension - SNL

'People have real questions about this': Hunter-Ukraine questions cloud Biden tour

Sydney Choking On Smoke Bad Enough To Trigger Smoke Alarms Miles Away; Residents Taping Windows

1,150 Square Mile Fire NW Of Sydney "Too Big To Put Out"; May Choke The City For Weeks Or Months

Which Articles of Impeachment?

2022 US Senate Election map is favorable to Democrats regardless which party is in the White House?

Pics of Rudy's Colluders - Front Page Ukraine Post Newspaper

Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles

Private border wall construction continues despite court order

Sanders, Omar to hit campaign trail in New Hampshire

Young Republicans "immigration forum" devolves into white supremacist shit-show!

🐦 DEC 13 at 1PM - SNHU Town Hall with Bernie Sanders and Rep. Ilhan Omar

🐦 DEC 13 at 7PM - Nashua Town Hall with Bernie Sanders and Rep. Ilhan Omar

It's way past time. I've been harping since the 80's. I still get "shrug".

120K banana duct-taped to a wall - Unbelievable

Oh, the stupidity - it hurts

Dying Star [LIVE] - The Suitcase Junket.

.......................How to keep from losing stuff around the house..(edited)................

Hillary Clinton's letter to Bernie thanking him for his help in 2016.

I guess no-one is that bothered about my vote...😡

I Worked for Alex Jones. I Regret It.

The fluctuating support for Medicare for All (or - How industry shapes public opinion)

Federal deficit has increased 50% since Trump took office.

Kids - Nothing but drama queens

Oklahoma Pastor Busted Running White Supremacist Prostitution Ring

Flipped from eternal gasbagging about the White House Follies to my local NPR station...

White Christmas - Sung by The Drifters. Cartoon by Joshua Held

Joni Ernst Must Be Planning a 2020 Presidential Run: Criming is a GOP Entrance Requirement.

🔥 Rural Economy Town Hall with Bernie

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2020,2022,and 2024.

Meanwhile, inside the White House. What happened to separation of church and state?

British Citizens SHOCKED To Learn How Badly Americans Get Screwed On Healthcare

You raised $205.00 on December 6, 2019 ActBlue POTUS donation links

camera died and had to replace it

Trump Foundation and Trump Univ

Proof Positive, if any more were actually needed...

Lawrence O'Donnell on one more thing about Trump that could be described as "tiny."

The Senate Republicans better think long and hard before they decide to be complicit in a crime.

If any media outlet is surprised at Bernie's support in states such as Kentucky...

How Democrats could regain control of the US Senate in 2020 and retain control in 2022 and 2024.

President Obama's Original Health Care Plan

I'm thinking I will switch back to Undecided

The New China Scare, by Fareed Zakaria

Official: Base shooter watched shooting videos before attack

The American people have long history of ignoring obvious great danger until it starts killing them.


Why American and Britain are Self-Destructing

State Lawyers Say Judges Ruling Will Nullify Florida Law Restoring Ex-felon's Voting Rights

Why would a woman wear big bulky rings on every finger

Nikki Haley; Dylan Roof Hijacked Confederate Flag, Symbol of Service, Heritage and Sacrifice

"I Am Jesus Christ"

End of an era: Last Pearl Harbor veteran to be interred at USS Arizona Memorial

Louis Prima was born on this date-

Saudi Arabia is NOT one of the countries Trump banned

Harry Chapin was born on this date-

Tom Waits has a birthday today.

Iraq protests: Gunmen kill at least 20 people in Baghdad

One Of USA's Largest Newspapers Drops Editorial Bomb On Trump By Endorsing Impeachment

I got one such email this morning. I'm glad I researched before responding.

Former Infowars Employee Describes How They Just Made Stuff Up

Who is a DIYer and very good at math?

@RuthMarcus ⁩'s book about the Kavanaugh confirmation process is a compelling look at why the eviden

Disturbing on so many levels!

Nunes: I Don't Know What I Discussed With Lev Parnas

Barrs threat is Chilling.

David's $27,495 Appendectomy

"This was a weird shit" Hillary apparently said on Howard Stern

If the Republicans acquit, will this be the last Senate trial of Trump?

Winston Lawson, 91, Secret Service Agent With Kennedy in Dallas, Dies

Trump Frustrated With Toilets: "People Are Flushing ... 10 Times, 15 Times as Opposed to Once"

Walking the talk on overpopulation

Best Potty Tweet of the day?

Starving 19-Pound Pit Bull Gains 50 Pounds

Exercise bike not included. #AviationGin

Trump is ordering a toilet rule review. What are the toilet rules in your home?

Baby Kitten Keeps Crying For Someone To Find Him

Tweet from William Weld, tweet of the day?

This is all every shelter dog in the world wants 💖

Did Whiny Donny have a one page ad, 10 years ago, alerting about climate change?

In my view, it would be insane to argue that our criminal justice system is not racist, broken, and

Donkey With Overgrown Hooves Runs Free For The First Time

Fog brings poison mercury to Santa Cruz Mountains -- mountain lions are suffering

Teamsters and Cedar Rapids Iowa is the center of the Democratic race today

Democrats to spend weekend drafting impeachment charges against Trump

What happens when there are no more career people in the foreign services?

Democrats need to gain as many US Senate seats in 2020 and 2022 to retain control in 2024.

Trump travels to Florida as impeachment inquiry intensifies

Man arrested by ICE outside Kitsap courthouse free on bail

Texans on southern border vow to fight Trump's efforts to take their homes for border wall

I'm home. Barely.

North Korea's U.N. envoy says denuclearization off negotiating table with United States

Where All Frauds Are Legal."Welcome to the weird world of medical billing."NewYorkTimes:

Bucking off

I'm back from Arizona. Thanks so much for your suggestions!

Six Saudis Said to Be Questioned After Pensacola Navy Base Shooting

Season's greetings at Sears: Dingy shops, sparse shelves

Fireworks ban approved in parts of south Snohomish County

Devin Nunes is suing CNN for defamation and his legal brief is SO BAD.

Hope for separation of powers rests with justice

Proposal to create regional homelessness authority moves forward

Elizabeth Warren campaign to hold star-studded fundraiser in Los Angeles as Harris exits stage

Test of Republican hypocracy

Is the jobs number being touted a correct number?

Newt Gingrich Calls Trump Impeachment A 'Modern Day Lynching'

2007 - Lou Dobbs grouses about Immigrants with.....Bernie Sanders

House Judiciary Releases Report On Constitutional Grounds For Impeachment

WONDER WOMAN 2: 1984 Trailer Teaser

Cartoons 12/7/19

Marvel Studios' Black Widow - Official Teaser Trailer

Dem2theMax admonished me for not x-posting this thread in the Lounge, so here it is:

Birds of Prey Trailer #1 (2020) Movieclips Trailers

A republican businessman was having breakfast at a diner.

Because it has to be done...

Damn it! It will be 39 years tomorrow and I still hurt. Oh John why?

The day that was. Dec 6th, 2019 - MSNBC

S.C. hip-hop artist Benny Starr endorses Elizabeth Warren for President

Trump's Approval Rating Collapses In Red State Kansas

The Rude Pundit: Nikki Haley Said One of the Stupidest Fucking Things I've Heard a Politician Say...

Trump campaign runs misleading anti-impeachment Facebook ads

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Rudy's 2 Sketchy Ukraine Travel Buddies Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

Democrats will gain US Senate seats in 2020 and 2022, but lose seats in 2024.

The Traitors Among Us - MSNBC

TCM Schedule for Sunday December 8, 2019 - Christmas Double Feature

TCM Schedule for Monday December 9, 2019 - Remakes

Original Pearl Harbor News Footage

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov coming back to DC next week

Need wifi home network without internet access.

Suspect attacks woman on Phoenix light rail, tries to steal her wheelchair

Well, in response to Nikki Haley's recent claim

Are we supposed to believe it is "normal" to do what Giuliani and Nunes are doing?

The Great Jonny Quest Documentary - really cool doc if ya got the time

More republican "morals". KY judge had sex with staff, alcohol, coercion, etc

Run away!!! Ghoul Hewitt on MSNBC now

Democrats - candidates AND voters - should be very cautious about casting aspersions on those who

TCM Schedule for Saturday, December 7: The Essentials: George Stevens' WWII

QAnon Conspiracy-Believing Mob Boss Killer's Confession to Police Ruled Admissible

Oh goody, Trump wants to Rudy to testify.

Go Badgers! 🏈

Amazon was valued at $1 trillion but pays $0 in federal taxes. So imagine my surprise

What Was The Catalyst That Got Trump Talking About Toilets?.....

I just returned home from flying for the first time since before 9/11

Pentagon concerned Russia cultivating sympathy among U.S. troops

This isn't just Pearl Harbor Day.

HUD Secretary Ben Carson has been illegally withholding aid to Puerto Rico for months

Ok, someone please educate me...

German documentary on how poor people survive in the USA

What's for Dinner, Sat., Dec. 7, 2019

Nunes: "My phone records don't match what Schiff, Dems put in report"

LIVE: Sen. Sanders at 4:44 CST - Teamsters Presidential Forum

Anyone else remember having to take salt tablets during the hot summer in 40s, 50s?

US Senate seats that Democrats could lose and gain in 2020,2022,and 2024.

Chuck Todd deconstructs the new McCarthyism perfectly in 2 minutes.

Trump: Giuiani Will Deliver A Report To Barr, Congress On His Findings In Ukraine

Is there a campaign somewhere to try to get Amazon to STOP using...

Census plagued by hacking threats, cost overruns

WTF?? Twitler wants to ban... natural human childbirth??

The Door Buzzard

What broadcast news ignored:100 black activist women endorse Elizabeth Warren.

Have you ever watched a fire? I don't mean "Have you looked at a fire" or "Have you seen a fire?".

Amazon was valued at $1 trillion but pays $0 in federal taxes.

The Other Favorites. I know these guys have a following here,

US and Iranian men released in prisoner swap

Watch LIVE online as Senator @BernieSanders talks to #Teamsters in Iowa

Why Did Bernie and His Organization, Our Revolution, Refuse to Endorse His Son Levi?

Forbes: Understanding The U.S. Economy: Lots Of Rotten Jobs

How the right's radical thinktanks reshaped the Conservative party

Defiant protesters back in Baghdad square within an hour of slaughter

Defiant protesters back in Baghdad square within an hour of slaughter

Unnao rape case: Indian woman set on fire on way to hearing dies

Trump Caught Red Handed Trying To Cheat To Win In 2020 - Republicans Don't Care

Dont Tutch The But - another DU classic!

General election 2019: Source of UK-US trade document leak must be found - PM

A couple of over-the-hill hoods

Uh oh, Dan Walsh, Deputy COS just got fired by tweet...

Trump says giving birth in 9th month is wrong!

Patient data from GP surgeries sold to US companies

Strickland says sanitation workers could be laid off, service cut after rate hike fails

Trump says giving birth in 9th month is wrong!

Thousands to take part in global sleep out event

Interesting, not necessarily a trend, but a decent sign (RE: Republicans not so hot on Trump)

Atlantic cod fishing quotas to tighten, some say the fishery should be closed

Shelby County has no way to determine if an employee violates its residency policy, memo says

Tenflusher Trump

The old Obama birther play

🔥 Rally with Bernie for Union Rights - Cedar Rapids

Vulnerable Democratic and Republican held US Senate seats in 2020,2022, and 2024.

What Movie Would You See This Car In?

Nashville Mayor Announces Climate Initiatives, but Activists Are Unimpressed