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Ignorance is Bliss...

Ballot initiative to move Alaska Legislature's meetings clears early hurdle

Alaska woman sentenced to federal prison for defrauding an Anchorage medical practice

I wonder. Do any elected Democratic Congressionals Read DU?

Anyone remember when Bill Clinton's admin fired the WH Travel office, and how that became a major...

Recreational marijuana use by adults now legal on Guam, new law draws swift reactions

If not now, when? If not now, why?

Maxine Waters makes the sparks fly during Mnuchin testimony

Feud between Pete Buttigieg and Mike Pence escalates

Hate crimes and white nationalism discussed in House Judiciary Committee hearing (Full)

Church's creditors: Parishes, schools, cemeteries, cars could be sold to satisfy claims

Are elite NYC schools racist or are Asian kids just working harder?

Nadler: "will issue a subpoena"

The Latest: IRS chief says he'll decide on Trump tax returns

Come on.

Republicans press Trump to drop Herman Cain's Fed nomination

We all have to LOVE Maxine Waters, and how she took on and shamed the Munchkin today:

How Andrew Yang Will Save America (INTERVIEW) 2020 Presidential Candidate // Fung Bros

They Are Required By Law To....

Putin: Russia knows Mueller probe 'gave birth to a mouse'

GovGuam owes more than $900K in legal fees for plebiscite case

We're just about to get our first glimpse of a black hole

Warner Bros. Is Filing A Copyright Claim Over Trump's 2020 Video For Using The "Dark Knight Rises"

Bernie Sanders Pledges to Release Tax Returns by Monday

DHS acting deputy secretary resigns

Argentina's Extortiongate: d'Alessio sought to link opposition governor with drug gang

Mnuchin, Waters engage in angry exchange with cameras rolling on Capitol Hill

Pentagon awards first border wall contracts for diverted funds

Defense awaits CMS response in Guam multimillion-dollar Medicare fraud case

Barr Forms Team to Review FBI's Actions in Trump Probe

It's pretty clear to me that the disrespect that the white privileged Trump administration hates

OK, so there's this big pile of manure in the barnyard and it has to be moved out

Barr, the IRS guy, and the Treasery guy say they wilo not play by the rules.

Devastating floods will force workers to leave Midwest in droves

Barack Obama SALUTES Dwyane Wade On His Retirement!

Netanyahu Holds Solid Lead Over Gantz as More Than Half of Votes Counted

America's $103 billion home health-care system is in crisis as worker shortages worsen

Sen. Kai Kahele Says He's Raised $250,000 To Challenge Tulsi Gabbard

At a white nationalist hearing on Capitol Hill, GOP witnesses dispute there's a threat

Black Teachers Matter.

Should there be Nukes in the Green New Deal?

Bush Foundation wants retired Air Force One plane in museum

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Back in the Saddle Again!

We need AL Franken now!

Has anyone watched 'Kiling Eve'?

Kauai woman sentenced for stealing nearly $365K from the U.S. Navy

"Mueller did not want to be responsible for Barr's characterization."

Watching the Congressional hearings this afternoon makes me PROUD of my native New Yorkers....

Democratic voters confident that Biden and Sanders can defeat Trump, less certain about others

Former Real Estate Commission vice chairman sentenced to jail, court supervision for theft

Microsoft calls out FCC for 'vastly' overestimating American broadband access

Warner Bros. files copyright claim over Trump's use of "Dark Knight Rises" score in "Trump 2020" vid

A look at Presidential candidate Andrew Yang

Surprise, Surprise - Amazon Renewable Energy Pledge Looks Abandoned; Gotta Have That Sweet Oil Money

Former Fire Chiefs' Group Warns That Australia Unprepared For Accelerating Fires & Climate Disasters

Just how bad is the U.S. healthcare system - transporting dead body enough

So many cabinet positions open

Treasury expected to miss Dem deadline on Trump tax returns

Astro-ecology: Counting orangutans using star-spotting technology

An Eastern Orthodox Christian again giving God glory for the

CJR - Olive Oil Times - Valuable Insight Into An Industry Stressing Rapidly From Climate Breakdown

Someone on MSNBC this afternoon said Mueller did not finish his probe.

Saw this on Ellen.... Look carefully.

"...take the gravel and bang it..."

Trump holds call with Saudi crown prince to discuss human rights issues, Iran

Mokuaikua awarded $250k

Shitstain Fed Nominee Doesn't Think Central Bank Should Study Impact Of Climate Collapse On Economy

FLIPPABLE: Larry Barnett for VA-HD27

Cartoons 4/09/19

Well, I'm back--for this group anyway

John Kerry Testimony: AOC Has Done More "In 1 Day Or 1 Week" On Climate Than Trump In A Lifetime

Global Left Celebrates Sanders 2020 Bid as Chance to Build 'Worldwide Progressive Movement'

Bernie Sanders Is the Most Popular 2020 Candidate Among Hispanic Voters, New Polling Finds

A Bit of Crazy Wouldn't Hurt": How Bernie Sanders Could Go Full Trump in 2020

Paper Confirms Arctic Air Temps As "Smoking Gun"; Region Entering "An Unprecedented State"

Over a Million People Have Signed Up to Volunteer for Bernie's Campaign

Study shows potential for Earth-friendly plastic replacement

Frequency Therapeutics Announces Positive Phase 1/2 Data for Drug Candidate for Hearing Restoration

We need a patriotic leaker

Khashoggi Said Bernie Sanders Was the Only American Politician Putting Pressure on the Saudi Crown

Who read Terry Brook's Sword of Shannara?

2020 US Senate Election- Which candidate is needed for Democrats to regain control of the US Senate?

Using bacteria to protect roads from deicer deterioration

FLIPPABLE: John Bell for VA-SD13

I know it's early, but what do you make of the Chinese woman "spy" in Florida?

Had to Surrender My Dog Today

Playing the shell game with a mountain lion

GA Republicans: "Drill Baby Drill" But Not Off OUR Coast; Oh, And Global Warming Might Be Real

Hate speech fills comments of YouTube livestream of House hearing on hate speech on YouTube

Bizarre and terrifying derealization experience--panic attack?

How does Bernie think he's going to convince millions of voters who chose Hillary last time


🐦 April 18 at 5:30 - Sen. Bernie Sanders will appear at a town hall event in Spartanburg SC

Here's my current candidate support breakdown

Police stops unintentionally increase criminal behavior in black and Latino youths

FLIPPABLE: Missy Cotter Smasal for VA-SD08

"Losing Earth" - Nathaniel Rich Expanding His 8/18 NYT Article To A Book, Out Today

Starbucks founder, unfazed by brickbats, pitches Kansans on independent presidential bid

For Agonistic Respect on the Left

Face it, we're not going to get the Mueller Report, or his damn taxes....

Bob Barr is treading on real thin ice..

Magic steps down

It is hard to imagine how so much of life could have been killed,

Sexual Assault Survivors Protest George Mason's Hiring Of Brett Kavanaugh To Teach

Duque bails on meeting with native Colombians

Bittersweet Day

Can the AG obstruct justice? nt

Excerpt from "They Thought They Were Free" -- The Germans, 1933-45 Milton Mayer

we have an 05 Jeep. We have been talking about replacing it within the year BUT

I'm starting to see a few bricks

Robert Reich: Socialism of the Rich, Capitalism for the Rest

'Cthulhu' fossil reconstruction reveals monstrous relative of modern sea cucumbers

People have got to have more patience.

CNN analysis: Democratic electorate older, more moderate, than many realize

Is anyone else watching the CNN town hall with Sen. Gillabrand?

Fire at Sport Honda, 3201 Automobile Blvd in Silver Spring, Md.

Here's a new DrNworb video or 2!

Netanyahu and Gantz tied at 35 seats with 95% of the vote counted

This question needs to be asked: Why are a lot of white nationalists under 30?

BRAVO! Who agrees Luke Skywalker?

I read something here tonight.

Teeth whitening products can harm protein-rich tooth layer

Belted Kingfishers Nest in Burrows Up to 15 Feet Long

*Fosse/Verdon on FX now.

Publisher of iconic black magazines files for bankruptcy

Tribute to Dwyane Wade

Union Will File Complaint against Lollapalooza Organization for Slave-Like Working Conditions

Lindsey Graham introduces bill which would ban abortions after 20 weeks

Marielle Franco's Image Takes Over Walls All Over Brazilian Cities And Beyond

Trump and "Doc" Hannity invents a new disease--windmill cancer

For everyone who is interested in my surgical cancer journey ...

The Daily Show: The Mueller Report Tug-Of-War

FLIPPABLE: Dan Helmer for VA-HD40

Surgeons, hospital owner convicted in massive kickback scheme involving Forest Park Medical Center

FLIPPABLE: Phil Hernandez for VA-HD100

Seth Meyers - Joe Biden Addresses Allegations of Inappropriate Touching - Monologue - 4/8/19

When an older person's brain waves are in sync, memory is boosted

FLIPPABLE: Karen Mallard for VA-HD84

Why Does Trump Want to Debase the Fed? The tax cut fizzled; send in the clowns!

Seth Meyers: Guest Chelsea Clinton Doesn't Know What Fox News Would Talk About Without Her Mom

Anti- North Korean Operation "Free Joseon" Continues

I'm taking a break from presidential primaries for a while

Israel Election 2019: Netanyahu Ties With Gantz, but Has Clear Path to Form Next Government

VA: Victor Angry elected Prince William County's first black supervisor.

Dwayne Wade leads the way...

Trump executive order will aim to prevent states from blocking pipelines, energy infrastructure

Technology Tracking your pregnancy on an app may be more public than you think

'Black Widow' To Begin Filming in June

Mulvaney's tax return stonewall is either misinformed -- or sinister

Republican caller finally admits to more in common with this Progressive than his party

Candidates & running mates I am really liking

No real choice

Religion - in two panels

Hungary is lost. Don't think it can't happen in America. We're on the way.

GOP Lobbyist In Manafort Case Deleted 200K Emails

Kirk Douglas Doesn't See Eye-To-Eye With John Wayne The Dick Cavett Show

If you have not watched the Dutch film on Trump-Russia, you're missing something good.

Letter: Human rights activists would applaud end to Honduran aid

Letter: Human rights activists would applaud end to Honduran aid

Powerful, 'abnormal' rains lash Rio de Janeiro, at least ten dead

With Eric and Pete and Beto and (ugh) Tulsi running, it suddenly occurred to me

Stephen Miller reportedly undermined Kirstjen Nielsen by leaking embarrassing border statistics to a

Thousands protest against Honduras president

Brazil: Bolsonaro Invites US to Do Business in the Amazon

Brazil: Bolsonaro Invites US to Do Business in the Amazon

Why you should fill up on gas on Monday mornings (and never on Friday afternoons)

The Human Brain Has been Getting Smaller Since the Stone Age

And Now, A Congressional Hearing On White Nationalism, Starring Candace Owens


Norway Will Repatriate Thousands of Artifacts Taken From Easter Island

Norway Will Repatriate Thousands of Artifacts Taken From Easter Island

If calling out Stephen Miller is antisemitic then I'm Himmler.

India: police charge Catholic bishop with raping nun

A first wave of women targets Republicans after Ga. 'heartbeat' vote

How about we start referring to President Steven Miller so chump dumps him?

Southwest Georgia farmers wait in pain as storm aid stalls in Congress

Jimmy Fallon: Trump's Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Resigns

Barr Will Investigate Mueller Investigation

Revisionism of who/what nationalism is succeeds where holocaust denial did not

We need to face the cold hard truth that Trump is the most popular president ever!

Owner of Guadalupe County Telemedicine Companies Arrested in National Health Care Fraud Takedown

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/9/19

Florida Executive Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison For Orchestrating $150M International Ponzi Scheme

Former Director Of Financial Aid At New York Graduate School And Two Former Students Sentenced To

Former Philadelphia Police Officer Sentenced to Prison for Fraud and Ordered to Forfeit Over $653K

(xpost) Florida Executive Sentenced (For Orchestrating $150 Million International Ponzi Scheme)

Benito Mussolini has been reincarnated

Standard Chartered Bank Admits to Illegally Processing Transactions in Violation of Iranian Sanction

Federal Indictments & Law Enforcement Actions in One of the Largest Health Care Fraud Schemes ($1.2B

Dear Miss Candace Owens: Here are some Fun Facts about the Third Reich.

Dirk Nowitzki announces retirement from NBA after 21 seasons with Dallas Mavericks

Standard Chartered Bank Admits to Illegally Processing Transactions in Violation of Iranian Sanction

Rick Perry brushes aside media reports of Homeland Security post

Arkansas lawmakers OK $5.7B budget bills

Fake Eggs Spying on Whooping Cranes to Boost Survival

Texas Senate approves budget bill


The End of an Era, Last Doolittle Raider Dies; USAF Still Not Accepting New KC-46s; Hyten Tapped for

Bernie Sanders relaunches 'Medicare for All' amid 2020 glare

Subpoena asks for communications from The Greenbrier, golf tournament, charity- all owned by the gov

Measles outbreak: New York City orders mandatory vaccines for parts of Brooklyn

Fukushima disaster: first residents return to town next to nuclear plant

Glaciers and arctic ice are vanishing. Time to get radical before it's too late

Eye of the beeholder: Doctors discover four live bees feeding on tears inside woman's eye

Good luck to those owed money from Gov. Justice

Why Democrats Are Quiet on Immigration

Fox News' Shep Smith and John Roberts Tag-Team to Fact-Check Trump Lies on Family Separation

1 Month's Worth Of Rain In Rio In Just 4 Hours - 10 Confirmed Dead So Far

Never say die: How to win from 0-6,0-5 and match point down - clip the net, land on the line

Berkeley Sues To Prevent Ferguson-Florissant District From Closing Schools

At Least 9 Dead In 3 Attacks In 12 Days; Attacks Targeting Landless Or Native Amazon Communities

Kentucky Governor Vetoes Pension Bill; Special Session Looms

Employment In Midwestern Cities (KC, Omaha, Fargo) Already Showing Flood Impact

The Fight for Improved Medicare for All Begins in Your Community

Beto O'Rourke at Bluffton, SC Town Hall

Beto O'Rourke at Bluffton, SC Town Hall

CC mail

FIRST they came for children seeking asylum and put them in cages.

Inside the (semi-)secret society for young Trump staffers

Interview: Bernie Sanders on the role of insurance companies under "Medicare for All"

Mine Safety Debt For West Virginia Gov. Justice's Family Companies Grows to $4M

The Devil Himself

Wednesday TOONs - Barring Access, Ducking Questions

Ex-West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Reports to Prison

Democrats could blow election to Trump, Sen Chris Murphy warns

Convicted Former West Virginia Pharmacist Fined in Pill Case

Good morning, what are Republicans going to call "socialism" today?

Inside 12 Days of Chaos at the White House

Adam Schiff Eviscerates Trump For Systematically Destroying The Rule Of Law

Best. Race. Recap. Ever.

What I've Learned From Collecting Stories of People Whose Loved Ones Were Transformed by Fox News

Trump Critiques Mt. Vernon: 'If He Was Smart, He Would've Put His Name On It'

Trump, who likes people who weren't captured, honors former POWs anyway

Somebody threatened to leak their private info and Wikileaks is outraged.

Senators From Least Populated States Say The U.S. Isn't 'Full'

FL Leg Moves $18 M No-Bid Bills For Red Tide Research; Fertilizer Corp. Among Lab's Sponsors

Contempt for those who disagree

A Texas bill would make it possible to put women to death for having abortions

Breaking: Investigators in Trump hush-money probe interviewed Hicks, security chief: report

How Satan stole Christmas

The Rundown: April 9, 2019

The Webcomics Weekly #30: Log Date 04092019 (4/09/19 Edition)

First Second Books Announces New Line of History Comics

Blizzard Warnings Across Parts Of 6 States; Storm Could Test April Records For Low Pressure

"The Southern Strategy was a myth! I never complimented Hitler even though I did!"

Gorge Dam might not be removed until 2023

Widespread reports of freezing with this month's Win7 Monthly Rollup, KB 4493472

New version of Kamala Harris housing bill would give many renters a monthly tax credit

Kansas Is Short On School Bus Drivers. One Company And Its Drivers Have An Idea.

Video: Bernie Sanders talks about what his "Medicare for All" plan will do

Sizing Up St. Louis' Major League Soccer Chances

It's forgotten by most that one of the first Trump campaign "gaffes" was....

Sizing Up St. Louis' Major League Soccer Chances

Arctic Sea Ice Extent Likely To Set All-Time Low For April

Illinois Proposal Targets Hard-To-Reach Communities For 2020 Census

CBS This Morning: Senator Sanders Medicare for All Video Clip ...

New safety system launch causes some delays for Virginia Railway Express

New safety system launch causes some delays for Virginia Railway Express

**A- Rated Quinn Poll** Joltin Joe Golden In The Golden State** Biden 26% Sanders 18% Harris 17%

Republicans Are Warning Drug Companies Not To Cooperate With A Congressional Investigation

Trump's D.C. Hotel Tagged With $5 Million in Unpaid Worker Liens (from January 2017)

Lawrence O'Donnell: No one has campaigned for this idea harder & longer than @SenSanders

Salon:Here's why removing trump from office more urgent than ever

"I See Dead People" UPDATE: Kellyanne Conway addresses "murdered" people crossing Southern border

It's my birthday!

Me Too Founder Tarana Burke Calls Biden's Response 'Disrespectful And Inexcusable'

The bone behind the throne. . . . Please come CAPTION Stephen Miller!!!!

Black Hole Picture Revealed for the First Time

Robert Reich - 7 Lies

Trump Ignores Law in Latest Power Grab

Barr Refuses to Say if Trump Has Seen Mueller Report

🔥UPDATED Video - Medicare For All Act of 2019 Bill Introduction

Benjamin Netanyahu won Israel's election. Here's what comes next.

Breaking - he's dropped the no obstruction of justice part

She went to the hospital for an infection. Doctors found four bees living in her eye, eating tears

What are the demographics of white nationalists and the alt-right?

Trump: Russia probe an attempted coup

Are you watching Trump in his "moments ago at the White House" diatribe.

Kamala Harris' teacher pay proposal gets its first testing ground: South Carolina

Black Hole Image Makes History; NASA Telescopes Coordinated Observations

Just a public service reminder

Barr is smug and arrogant. Who the hell does he think he is?

See a black hole for the first time in a historic image from the Event Horizon Telescope

Ralphie, Ralphie, took a wrong turn in life.

Hell or God's Eye?

Can a President order the DOJ...

Ok, so who is OFF your list?

Expresses how I feel about DU and all the good vibes y'all have sent me this last week ...

Trump on the law regarding Congress obtaining his taxes: "There is no law."

Ozone Hole: How We Saved the Planet (PBS)

We will soon learn what Mueller, the FBI and Democrats in congress are made of.

A New York restaurant promised 'clean' Chinese food, sparking claims of cultural appropriation

A.G. Bill "Roy Cohn" Barr thinks "spying did occur" among officials who investigated Trump

trump's "Our country is full" reminds me of hitler's "Lebensraum"

Around the world, Trump's sl#ogans and MAGA hats have become a symbol for the far right.

Hmm...Trump and Barr seem to come up with similar memes this morning.

Bill Barr is 100% political hack

A quiz from Sr. Madonna

Pic Of The Moment: Nice Try, Gaslighter-In-Chief

LIVE April 10 at 11:15AM ET - Medicare For All Act of 2019 Bill Introduction

Trump's 'truly bizarre' visit to Mt. Vernon

In Vancouver, a new anti-money laundering law will impact Trump's company

An American classic - American Pie, the day the music died

Trump's tax cuts for Betsy DeVos and the very rich are being paid for by education cuts

Yesterday was a zero day. Today we have $50 so far $1,700 raised to date

The bar for AG is so low that Barr should be disbarred!

37 years ago today, my brother said, "you know, this is REALLY a cool thing." He was right.

Three Courses, 20 Euros: The Affordable Dining Renaissance in Paris

ApricotHellbeasts Tax Returns...without comment

Elizabeth Warren releases her 2018 tax returns

Conservatives Insinuate Rep. Omar Minimized 9/11 in Speech to Muslim Civil Rights Group

IRS commissioner: No rule against releasing Trump's tax returns while under audit

So what Republicans are saying

CNN Town Hall with Jay Inslee tonight...

It Really Scares Me That There Are People In The White House And This Administration That.....

No problem if Trump has not seen the Mueller Report.

Take it from an economist, Medicare for All is the most sensible way to fix health care

Watch live now: Facebook Medicare for All

Elizabeth Warren Posts Her 2018 Taxes: 'Doing This Should Be Law'

Comments about 'Whiteness' prompt controversy at Sparrow Women conference

Elizabeth Warren Posts Her 2018 Taxes: 'Doing This Should Be Law'

Trump on track to dismantle the Office of Personnel Management

Cliven Bundy's Federal lands Lawsuit is rejected for a fourth time.

Beagles being used in pesticide study are released to Michigan Humane Society

Oklahoma Was Never Really O.K.

2020 presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders relaunches his Medicare-for-all health care


MEANWHILE, in Tennessee...

Video of Kerry and GOP twit is perfect example of vast difference between parties.

Twitter removes Trump video for use of 'Dark Knight' score

"I feel white men have done alot for this country and this legislature"

Trump's Economy: Job Layoffs Surge to Highest Level in A Decade ROF

Biden continues to hold solid lead in every poll, everywhere: post accusations


Nielsen's allies trying to rehab her image for life after Trump

DT: "The Country is FULL!"

What fucking patriot is going to leak this report!???

This kitten weighed 4 ounces when she was rescued -- now she's a little chubette 😻

A moment of silence for Switzerland

Barr's tightrope: how many lies can he tell before he pushes Mueller to just leak the report

Net neutrality bill sails through the House but faces an uncertain political future

How is this ok (Barr's son in law works in trump's WH)?

News outlets are reporting that Barr...

Happy Siblings Day!

Theresa May arrives at emergency E.U. summit to beg for Brexit delay

Trump Asks Why George Washington Didn't Name More Things After Himself During Trip To Mount Vernon

Beto interview w/specifics on Climate change/Green New Deal and Student debt/Free Community College

What's the difference between 'conniption fit' and 'hissy fit'? Gestures with one? Which?

Macron to warn Theresa May that Britain will have no say over trade in Brexit customs union

It should be obvious to everyone that Barr and Trump and GOP are colluding to divert attention to

Neubauer concedes in Supreme Court race

Women Workers RISING: BE HEARD in the Workplace Act Introduced Today

Trump's cognitive deficits seem worse. We need to know if he has dementia: Psychologist

Women Workers RISING: BE HEARD in the Workplace Act Introduced Today

Barr says spying did occur on the Trump campaign and they should have been notified.

If Trump has his way, this major federal agency is on the way out

When you want to violate the Constitution, literally any smell is the "odor of marijuana."

An even crazier view of the black hole (Twitter):

Do *not* leak the mueller report. I repeat, do *not* leak the mueller report!

Swalwell says his 2020 campaign staff has decided to unionize and will be members of...

" I'm still a trump fan"

Steven Miller in high school:

Trump thinks he is smarter than George Washington

Italy's highest court overturns decision that woman was too "masculine" to be raped

There's going to be a bunch of lobbying groups out there spending hundreds of millions of $$$.

Just called my entire Congressional delegation in DC

The Trumpians: A Confederacy of Dunces, a Dunciad of Neo-Confederates

In crisis times people tend to go for strongmen

Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) to Barr: "the Mueller report did not exonerate the president -- you did"


Sen. Klobuchar: "... if you want to get male legislators to pass something..."

She died 16 years ago today: Little Eva

Dear Mr. Mueller: You can no longer remain silent

The GOP is headed toward Decree 770

Nadler says he's asked DOJ for an immediate briefing to explain more re: Barr's "spying" comments

Press Release: Sanders, 14 Senators Introduce Medicare for All

Very recent comment on DU...

Video: This Doctor Is Tired of Insurance Companies Denying Patients Coverage

Trump can say anything

Senator Harris is in good shape in Michigan according to an recent Emerson poll.

So, this is who is auditioning on Faux Snooze for Border Tsar.

Try Trumping this for a perfect Dem candidate.

'Unsurvivable Injury': Driver Of SUV On Life Support After Being Struck By SEPTA Train

Trumpy says no - he will not release his tax returns on deadline date set by House

State Sen. Gina Walsh encourages Labor union women to run for office, vote for candidates who suppor

State Sen. Gina Walsh encourages Labor union women to run for office

New state GOP chair pushes party in different direction

World's oldest break-up letter

The confidential oil plan that could cost Trumpy re-election

Oh Billy Barr!

New name for Barr

The Democratic Electorate on Twitter Is Not the Actual Democratic Electorate

Deadly flooding in Rio de Janeiro triggers state of emergency

moral compass

Is Illinois Governor JB Pritzker looking at a future presidental run? He is doing ALL things

Laughable or hair on fire? Barr's testimony today solidly cements his feet in the traitor tRump

Washington Post seeks dismissal of Sandmann lawsuit

Did i miss something?

Barr decided to "exonerate" Trump because "That's generally how the Department of Justice works"

This Godless Communism (Treasure Chest Comics)

Biden still plans 2020 announcement this month

Any progressive organizations in the process of putting together counter demonstrations to

New species of early human found in the Philippines

Satire...Trump Names Lori Loughlin Education Secretary

I found a fake FB page with a bunch of fake "people" commenting on it. The Russians are starting

Finally, an MSNBC host nails the Media Trump distraction as opposed to the country's destruction

Kids living near major roads at higher risk of developmental delays, NIH study suggests

'Extraordinary' 500-year-old library catalogue reveals books lost to time The Libro de los Eptome

we had a 2 year "grace" period, before the dotard started consolidating power

... Scientists evaluate a novel technique for firing up the fuel that feeds fusion reactions

Scott Baio (R-Idiot-Has Been) shows his ignorant ass by attacking children's book author

How Christopher Columbus's son (Hernando Colon) built 'the world's first search engine'

Feds subpoena W.Va., seeking records on governor's resort

Barr says he thinks the government spied on the Trump campaign

Must-read thread details how Russian operatives sought to implant themselves into campaigns

Backers abandon 2019 Ohio push to bypass Electoral College

Simultaneous heatwaves caused by anthropogenic climate change

Trump fan on MSNBC who is ticked off her tax refund is much smaller than expected...

If you *bought* an engagement ring, you're a sucker...

Birds just wanna have fun !!

I never said

FINALLY----#Trump's head CT scan made public................

Elizabeth Warren raises $6 million in first quarter.

It's time for the Democratic leaders to call for Barr to resign. The GOP asked Shiff to resign.

Sometimes you just gotta vent

This Godless Communism (Treasure Chest Comics)--Crosspost from Comic Books group

Trump urges inquiry into 'attempted coup' against him

Indian voters demand environmental clean-up

Read Bernie Sanders's FULL 2019 Medicare-for-all plan

Washington Post files to dismiss Covington Catholic teen's defamation lawsuit

Bernie Sanders's Medicare-for-all plan, explained (from Vox )

First In A series. Do you have a favorable opinion of Joe Biden?

Second in a series. Do you have a favorable opinion of Bernie Sanders?

Third in a series. Do you have a favorable opinion of Kamala Harris?

Secrets of the Permafrost: New research reveals evidence of climate change in the Yukon

Kim Kardashian West is studying to become a lawyer

Joe Bonamassa, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Samantha Fish, Walter Trout - Going Down - KTBA Cruise

Now A Bomb Cyclone, Blizzard Warning Extends From Denver To Near Minneapolis

Human black hole

Warren raises $6 million in first quarter

Bernie Sanders Interview on Hear the Bern - Episode 1

The collusion between the AG and WH is rampant and obvious. Barr should resign!!

Bernie Sanders' truly awful answer on his newfound millionaire status

Lori Loughlin

Oklahoma Woman tried to steal a truck to escape zombies

"This guy is Louie Gohmert with hair."

JetBlue preparing to introduce flights to Europe...

Trump asked whether [George] Washington was "really rich,"

Texas GOP holds public hearing on PUTTING WOMEN TO DEATH for obtaining abortions

2016 referendum re-run ordered because voters did not have full information (but ... Swiss)

Almost all glaciers in the Alps could disappear by 2100: study

Eve: An Allegory

Fox News cuts away from press conference as Trump begins rambling incoherently about fences & trucks

Falcon Heavy launch this evening (Thursday, 4/11)

So Barr is going to investigate spying on the Trump campaign.

What's for Dinner, Wed., Apr. 10, 2019

What stinks here?

Acting ICE Director Ron Vitiello is leaving his post Friday

If you are at work in the metro area - go home! Now!

It's April 10 Dems

Google raises price of YouTube TV to $49.99, adds Discovery, Animal Planet

Oops! Lori Loughlin "thought the DA was bluffing"

What if we lose? What if Trump wins and the GOP holds the Senate?

I love the smell of sharppies in the morning! - Sack cartoon

UW-Stevens Points scraps plans to drop 6 majors

The mouth is moving; does anyone have a clue what he is saying????

I fear the primaries will not give us the best candidate.

Rescue crews sift through rubble after Durham explosion leaves 1 dead, 17 injured

Shrinking the carbon footprint of a chemical in everyday objects

Well this is frightening -

Speaker Pelosi offers her thoughts on Trump's "DEMOCRATS WILL NEVER BE SATISFIED" thing. Ba-ZING.

Google is raising prices on YouTube TV

Adam Schiff Rips William Barr For Falsely Claiming That The Trump Campaign Was Spied On

Eric Swalwell announced his candidacy, and posted this on twitter:

NJ HS principal dies after donating bone marrow to 14 year old stranger in France...😥

Yesterday was Tom Lehrer's birthday and we missed it?

Trump's Seizing Personal Control of DHS is the Real Coup

WOW. WH Eyes Leader of Immigration HATE GROUP to Head US Immigration

Durham, North Carolina, Explosion: One dead, at least 15 injured

Warren supports Pittsburgh University grad students' union effort

Warren supports Pittsburgh University grad students' union effort

Warren supports Pittsburgh University grad students' union effort

One of nation's best Porsche sports car collections was at site of Durham explosion

At least Cain has a sense of humor - John Oliver

In response to another thread I wrote this:

Inflection point

Teh stoopid..!! It BUUUURRNNZZZZ!!!

For the 1st time in the history of the General Social Survey...

Israeli Firm Boasts of Lowering Turnout

Panel endorses bill curbing vaccine exemptions for Maine schoolchildren

Exchange of the Day

Wildfire concerns mount with hot, dry weather outlook in Washington

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #6-14: Collusion Delusion, What's Your Confusion? Edition

Here is a list of the 19 people who have entered the race for the democratic nomination.

Reports: Canadian family drove home from Florida with dead father in backseat

Mobile Homes: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Mike Gravel turns down TV time...

Purchase of Condo in Trump Building Linked to Republic of Congo, Report Shows

A New Human Species Once Lived in This Philippine Cave

John Kerry verbally smacks down James Comer (R- KY). It's glorious.

It's mid-April and 4 million people are under blizzard warnings

Could it be that Barr is looking for his last hurrah?

Mystery E. coli outbreak expands, 96 people sickened in 5 states, CDC says

Elizabeth Warren's 2020 Campaign Says It Raised $6 Million

The terrifying rehabilitation of Nazi scholar Carl Schmitt

US budget deficit running 15% higher than a year ago

Elizabeth Warren's 2020 Campaign Says It Raised $6 Million

Don't be Afraid of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & Social Democracy (w/ Mark Pocan)

Pelosi: 'I don't trust Barr; I trust Mueller'

LOL -- Found on Daily Kos: Bill Barr Sinster hard at work for his master

Sanders is complaining that DEMOCRATS aren't supporting his MFA policy...

Rapists and thieves and illegals, oh my.

Backlash after Lil Nas X song nixed from Billboard country chart

J. Rubin: William Barr, Trump Toady; also quote from L. Tribe

Tennessee Woman stole Walmart scooter to drive to Waffle House

2020 CO US Senate and CO-1 US House Election- Crisanta Duran-D is the dumbest politician in CO.

It's April in Alaska, the fastest-warming state in the country.

Seattle tech giants back 7 city innovation projects

A video about ADD/ADHA

Seattle Ranked Behind Renton, Bellevue In Diversity: Study

Ice in Whisky is Wrong. Discuss (with poll)

New Licton Springs Housing For Chronically Homeless Opens

A song for those who are tired of the primary circus so far

50 people become US citizens at Seattle naturalization ceremony

Miller and Kushner on a potential collision course in Trump's border crisis

Scaramucci says Trump lies 'because he thinks it's fun'

Housing's hidden crisis: Rural Americans struggle to pay rent

Fewer Americans want to serve in the military.

Count the number of times Obama is caught hugging or otherwise "touching"....

I wish to publish my art history book privately. I am looking for a company that can get this done.

Rep Ilhan Omar tells the truth about pro-Israel AIPAC and gets smeared.

Trump administration eyes asylum crackdown

Charles Van Doren, a Quiz Show Whiz Who Wasn't, Dies at 93

I think the bottom line for the vile MAGAcretin and his goons

Fourth in a series. Do you have a favorable opinion of Mayor Pete?

Mick Mulvaney Tries Letting Trump Be Trump

GOP senators raise concerns about Miller's ascension

Health Care Is a Human Right

Dummies used by carpool violators could lead to a $200 fine

Picture a hippopotamus with glasses. Who is it?

Hehehe - every black hole has a story

Does this mean that, after Barr's redactions, we will be presented with a report

3,600-year-old shipwreck found off coast of Turkey

Milbank: Kirstjen Nielsen's suck-up efforts just weren't enough

Sadopopulism: interesting perspective on Trumpism

Study gives new insight into how climate change is transforming Virginia's barrier islands

Ignatius: Trump's pressure play on Iran could backfire on U.S.

National Enquirer expected to be sold imminently as parent company faces pressure

T minus 6 days till Ziggy's neutering! Woo hoo!

Why the Religious Right Is Terrified of Pete Buttigieg

Dear Republicans: Insanity is not a "high crime or misdemeanor"

Trump rejects giving Dems tax returns, citing audit

Mnuchin: Herman Cain should be confirmed to Fed

Bones discovered in an island cave may be a new human species

John F. Kennedy Jr. and George Magazine: A Story of Politics, Love and Loss, 20 Years Later

It's Lit! NYC Can No Longer Test For Weed When Hiring Or Probation Folks

Fifth in a series. Do you have a favorable opinion of Elizabeth Warren?

Even in children's books, Jay Inslee takes on climate change

trump is now drunk with power

Trump calls George P. Bush 'the only Bush that likes me'

Did you remember to take a moment to laugh at Devin Nunes today?

Gather around, Everyone!

Republican accomplishes dumbest moment in congressional history.

Cartoons 4/10/19

Bernie Sanders's Medicare-for-all plan, explained

Washington Post: Trump administration plans to dismantle agency overseeing civil service

States yet to elect and re-elect a female to the US Senate.

It took 26 days, military-style semi-automatic weapons are now banned in New Zealand

Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Creme. Veet removes hair, dignity and self respect!

I have my share of senior moments. (Mt Vernon)

Surprise: FBI, DHS say all 50 states had election systems targeted in 2016.

That image of a black hole you saw everywhere today? Thank this grad student for making it possible

National Enquirer is being sold!

I'm becoming politically exhausted. Trump's "witch hunt" has transformed into an attempted coup

Scantily clad model advertising car wash (NSFW)

Treasury says it will miss Democrats' deadline for turning over Trump tax returns, casts skepticism

The entire US should express outrage at this blatant

Genetic breakthrough on tropical grass could help develop climate-friendly cattle farms

Barr is trying to set Trump up for absolute power

🐦 April 24 at 1-4PM CT - Sen. Sanders attending She the People Presidential Forum - Houston, Texas

When will our House Dems start being rounded up and imprisoned by Chump and Barr?

Trump administration appeals rulings that blocked Medicaid work requirements

I got my first bumper sticker today!!!!....

Judge Maryanne Trump resigns to avoid Misconduct Proceedings

Trump Laments Troops at Border Can't Get 'Rough' Because People Would 'Go Crazy'

Trump executive order will aim to prevent states from blocking pipelines, energy infrastructure

2020 US Senate Election- Which candidate needs to run so Democrats regain control of the US Senate?

E.U. Offers Brexit Extension to Oct. 31

Breaking NC news. Remember state senator Jeff Jackson? Snow day guy?

William Barr is a lump of lead splat.

TOTALLY UNEXPECTED! Treasury Department misses Richard Neal's deadline for Trump taxes. UNEXPECTED!

UNH Researchers Reveal More Than Dozen Wild Bee Species Declining in Northeast

Barr....The Newest face of corruption...

We will not get the truth until Mueller testifies before Congress. Barr is so far up trump's ass

Ever heard of nailsea glass? A nailsea vase? Saw term in online novel. Google has interesting info,

Exclusive: Jeff Bezos to meet with federal prosecutors on extortion and hacking claims

Chris Vance (Repub) "Impeach President Trump" - Seattle Times 4/9/2019

Charisma in Presidential Elections...when has the candidate with less charisma won the White House?

**BREAKING New Hampshire poll**** Biden 23% Sanders 16% Mayor Pete 11%

Joseph Goebbels

What it would be like falling into a black hole.