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Archives: April 12, 2019

Man learned the hard way you're only family at Olive Garden if you wear a shirt and use utensils

Kamala Harris: 'I am a gun owner' for personal protection

New ICE Chief Said Detention Was 'Like a Summer Camp'

Sawant has raised $76,725, leads Seattle City Council fundraising

House votes to raise teacher pay

'What will this organization fix?': Lawmakers question Trump's Space Force proposal

New York Post cover featuring Ilhan Omar quote infuriates Democratic colleagues

"I love my wikileaks"!

New ICE Chief Said Detention Was 'Like a Summer Camp'

Second Bomb Cyclone Hits Midwest and Plains, Cancels Flights

Twitter Video: Bernie & Civil Rights in Chicago

So, will Trump pardon Assange when he get into the U.S.?

'Epic' Waves Hammer Chicago Lakefront; 'The Lake Is Really Dangerous'

Bill passes out of Senate providing greater protections for private sector workers who experience se

Trailhead Direct Returns In 2019 With New Routes

Report: Pritzker would short pensions by $1.1 billion next fiscal year alone

Shepard Smith Counters Trump's 'I Know Nothing About Wikileaks' Claim with Devastating Montage

Shadow banking is a $52 trillion industry posing a big risk to the financial system

talking point I like: "What costs more, the Green New Deal - or the Space Force?"

Time to put an end to this evil woman's future career

talking point I like: "I pay taxes because rich people and corporations don't."

White House proposed releasing immigrant detainees in sanctuary cities, targeting political foes

How Kansas City Recycling Companies Are Adapting To A Chinese Plastic Waste Import Ban

Washington, New York: We'll fight Trump order boosting coal, oil projects

My new, updated monthly budget

Curious Pit Bull Finds Himself Stuck In A Very Awkward Spot

Jury Sides With Police In Tasing Case Of Maryville, Missouri, Teen With Autism

Comey questions Barr's 'spying' claim: 'I don't know what the heck he's talking about'

Affordable housing could get boost after lawmakers expand use of real estate excise tax

Millennials are falling out of the American middle class

White House proposed releasing immigrant detainees in sanctuary cities, targeting political foes

David Bernhardt confirmed as new Interior chief

"The U.S. government is indicting a publisher of information on a single charge that does not involv

It's hard to call someone in Trump's orbit even more dishonorable than Trump himself, but Bill Barr

Rosenstein Says Barr Isn't Trying to Mislead

Congress punts on disaster aid amid standoff with Trump, Dems

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Back in the Saddle Again!

Mitch McConnell on 2020: We need a 'referendum on socialism'

Maddow show starting with Trumps sister, the Judge retiring -and tax dodges the family also...

Why Is Trump Suddenly Playing Dumb About WikiLeaks?

Dems say attorney general undermined credibility with Trump talking point

Nipsey Hussle funeral procession (and Obama send a letter to his family)

What if Assange had released the Mueller Report/Trump's Taxes?

A great 5 min. interview with Gov. Inslee discussing Immigration, MJ legalization etc.

David Pakman Show -- The Founding Fathers Were Progressive, You Should Be Too

Barr really IS making it up as he goes.

"It's dark, it's hard to see the light switch "

2020 US Senate Election- likely Democratic Nominees for each seat up in 2020.

Alice Merton - Funny Business (Live)

Time for a new global protected area target

Australia Heads to Election in Showdown Over Taxes, Climate

Release the Report! call AG Barr

What is the obvious reason for Trump firing Dept. of Homeland Security secretaries?



For anyone who missed Rep. Katie Porter's dressing down of Jamie Dimon...

Assange, Avenatti, and Other Assholes in Various Stages of the Power-to-Prison Pipeline (Ferret/SC)

Eric Burdon & War - Spill The Wine

Mr. Barr can be forgiven for not exactly being a "silver-tongued orator". After all,

Advanced Virtual Technology Captures How Coral Reefs Recover After Bleaching

Bernie Sanders Best Poll Yet? Leading 2020 Democratic Primary Poll California - Buttigieg Climbing

I just saw the bit on Rachel about Don Jr. and his communication with WikiLeaks...

Buzz for Buttigieg: Upcoming announcement drawing crowds from all over the nation

A soaring ego, vile personal habits, and hardly a friend left

Rod Rosenstein Breaks Silence on Barr's Handling of the Mueller Report, Calls Criticism 'Bizarre'

After the blizzard

Trump pressured Nielsen to release detained immigrants into so-called sanctuary cities

Swalwell - Sessions was Recused, Barr is Embedded

The right polymers for the job: Technology makes fuel cells more powerful, more durable, less expen...

Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Freshly....does anyone have experience with these?

2020 US Senate Election- The 2020 US Presidential and ME US Senate Election decides Senate control.

Catholic U symposium confronts inequalities of climate change

The Castro CNN townhall has been good.

Herman Cain expected to withdraw from Fed Reserve Board of Governors consideration

Going into Seattle tomorrow all day for my pre-op session

What does the Assange arrest mean for tRump?

Tuna Out The Gifts

Meet Boss Robin Vos

I'm proud to introduce the Medicare for All Act of 2019.

TCM Schedule for Sunday April 14 - TCM's 25th Anniversary

TCM Schedule for Monday April 15 - Fan Dedications

The Daily Show: Profiles in Tremendousness - Federal Reserve Board Nominee Herman Cain

Bernie's People Power campaign rolls on

Bernie's People Power campaign rolls on

The Daily Show: Assange Arrested and Charged with Conspiracy

Snowden/Putin comment on 'Ass'ange...A dark day for freedom...

Pop Will Eat Itself drummer Fuzz Townshend says he dipped his penis in Boris Johnson's pint

Seth Meyers - President Trump Calls the Russia Investigation an Attempted Coup - Monologue 4/10/19

Seth Meyers - Trump Dodges Questions on Mueller, Tax Returns, WikiLeaks: A Closer Look

Is Barr as he appears? Or, is he wearing a wire?

Extra Bonus Quote of the Day

2020 CO US Senate Election- Who would be CO first female US Senator?

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, April 12, 2019

Herman Cain Will Withdraw from Fed Consideration

Ok, follow me on this

Elections Matter: New Hampshire set to abolish capitol punishment.

A lawless administration

A GOP Texas lawmaker halted a bill to outlaw abortion -- now he faces 'security concerns,' sheriff sa

Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl (Live)

This woman is a hero. A nurse in Texas is documenting the epidemic of women murdered

(Jewish Group) FL State Sen. Gibson Reverses Course On Antisemitism Bill After 'No' Vote

In Ecuador, Assange's expulsion reflects desire for better relations with the U.S.

(Jewish Group) Trump's politics of hate

The Latest: Friend says suspect not a racist

Judge threatens to stop Carnival ships from docking in US

Julian Assange is not a free-press hero. And he is long overdue for personal accountability.


Student asks Beto if he is here to see Beto

Trump's 2020 map is Bush's 2004 map minus CO,NM,and VA.

Tweet of the Day

Good covers that surprised the hell outta you? I'll go 1st

Uber's upcoming IPO

Gun groups: Million-plus extended magazines flood California

DOJ abandoned defense of the statute criminalizing female genital mutila

Waorani Sue Ecuador Government to Halt Oil Auction of Their Territory

Joe Manchin endorses Susan Collins

Doesn't Scot realize the rules?

New discovery throws light on mystery of pyramids' construction

Illinois Proposes Banning Trump From Its 2020 Ballot Unless He Releases His Tax Returns

Georgetown students endorse slavery reparations fund in vote

Unethical and lawless

US Criticizes Vietnam's Ban on Suspected Cancer-Causing Herbicides

Chile: Supreme Court Hears Massive Air Pollution Case

Macrismo Realizes Their Reelection is in Jeopardy and Asks for a Blank Check

IMF's Lagarde: Argentina would be 'foolish' to abandon reforms

I'm calling my House member tomorrow

Full Frontal with Sam Bee: DHS Purge; Fifty Cons of Way; Yemenis in Djibouti

That's precious

LOL! Sean Hannity Is S#!tting His Pants. The Flop Sweat Was Palpable On His Show Tonight.

Traitors All

Texas defies congressional request for information on voter roll review

Tesla Pressured Doctors To Block Workers Comp

Trump pressured Nielsen to release detained immigrants into so-called sanctuary cities

The Texas State student senate voted to bar a conservative group. Then Gov. Abbott questioned if the

The key to glorifying a questionable diet? Be a tech bro and call it 'biohacking.'

Jimmy Kimmel Live: The Real Reason Trump Won't Release Tax Returns

Jimmy Fallon: Bernie Sanders Is a Millionaire

Sports Manager Pleads Guilty To Money Laundering Conspiracy

Owners Of Fraudulent Debt Collection Company Convicted Of Conspiring To Defraud Victims Of Millions

Essex County, New Jersey, Man Admits Stealing $1.9 Million in Food Stamp Benefits

38 Years Ago Today; STS-1 - First flight of Space Shuttle Columbia

Two Romanian Cybercriminals Convicted of All 21 Counts Relating to Infecting Over 400,000 Victim

Judge: Public housing gun ban unconstitutional

Illinois Progressive Caucus supports reform bills on criminal justice, homelessness

74 Years Ago Today; FDR dies suddenly from a cerebral hemorrhage

Texas lawmakers considered a bill that would make abortion punishable by death

Legal pot no pipe dream for Pritzker -- hopes to pass 'strong good bill' in weeks

Im gonna take my horse to the Old Town Road...

Congress about to ban IRS from offering free online tax filing. Thank TurboTax.

➕ How Many Donations has Bernie 2020 Received?

FDNY firefighter who survived 9/11 says Republican criticizing Ilhan Omar told him he was 'too busy'

State comptroller orders IT contract progress reports

House passes measure to give tuition assistance to undocumented citizens, transgender students

Father, Son Accused Of Selling Body Parts Infected With HIV, Hepatitis

IIiiiiiiiit's Friiiii daaaayyy! Wonder what fecal matter will meet the circular ventilation machine?

$3.85M granted in lawsuit against ex-Cook County forest preserve worker charged in fatal OTJ crash

Senate votes to require tax returns for presidential candidates to get on Illinois ballot

Clinton: Assange must answer for what he has done

If Barr's hunches and spectral evidence are supposed to be good enough for us...

Sanders starts campaign swing with Wisconsin rally

Cornyn: We are not sure if providing aid to Central America is working

On Chess: St. Louis Arch Bishops Return To PRO Chess League Final Four In San Francisco

FOX news has just reported that a new poll show FOX polls are 155% accurate.

Hutchinson Picked As Test Site For New Smart City System

PNC Bank donates North Grand Branch to Urban League, Financial Empowerment Center will open in Colle

Republicans: "Sex trafficking exists because women wanted control of their own bodies"

Favreau "There's a very low chance Democrats will take back senate without flipping Maine"

When a Democrat is President again, I think Rep. Ilhan Omar should be in a Cabinet-level position

Friday TOONs - Form 1040 T Edition

Reminder: Xfinity-Comcast Watchathon goes through this weekend (HBO, Bill Maher, John Oliver, more)

Goathouse Refuge about to go under

Barack Obama touts tolerance, inclusion, Texas barbecue at Dallas diversity conference

I recently joined the Hearing Aid Crowd

Joe Scum and Mika have dragged out war criminal

Curtains in patients' rooms often rife with drug-resistant germs - study

Mnuchin schooled on law that says turn over Trump's taxes or face 5 years in prison:

Four students sue UT, claiming bias in fraternity-related discipline

Democratic Candidates Are Releasing Tax Returns, Answering Big Questions For Voters

Texas Senate approves crackdown on hazing

These Nevada poll numbers are disturbing

I beg you to find something about which Trump will not lie.

Inside Ivanka's Dreamworld

An obscure statistic about the Presidential field...

Why is MSNBC'S Richard Engel giving Steve Bannon a platform to shit on the Pope?

The origin of Superheroes: Shaktimaan

The Rundown: April 11, 2019

Pick of the Week: "War of the Realms: Journey into Mystery" #1

Susan Rice says she won't challenge Susan Collins in 2020

Kamala Harris talks about owning a gun

Trump Signs Executive Orders In Push To Make It Easier To Build Oil And Gas Pipelines

Peter Buttigieg on Tax Policy.

Harris gets endorsement from key Iowa Democrat

Buttigieg on "Ellen" today!

Little Public Support for Reductions in Federal Spending ( Pew Research Center)

Sweden considers reviving rape inquiry

Ex-Obama lawyer charged in Russia probe

Oh no!!


Employers pay over 2/3 of the health care premium costs for employee families

The @weatherchannel is using mind-blowing immersive CGI to show the very real dangers of climate...

Inside the Russian effort to target Sanders supporters - and help elect Trump (WP)

Why Mnuchin must provide Chumps Tax Returns or face Jail

Georgia Negro Weeps Open-Eyed at the Death of President Roosevelt

538: "How The Giant Democratic Primary Field Messes With Polls"

Bank of America Raises Minimum Pay to $20/Hr.

WTF, Michigan Magazine?!

Tucker Hannity is startin t'lay their love onto St Julian!

This is what a 4 day, 5 state, 8 city run across the Rust Belt campaign trail looks like.

Pence says Buttigieg bringing 'attacks on my Christian faith'

Does anybody know what happened to the Sane Progressive and HA Goodman?

Assange is the 'only foreigner' the Trump administration would welcome to the U.S., Clinton jokes

Universal Medicare

South Korean babies born on December 31 become 2-year-olds the next day.


How to Break the Republican Lock on God

60 Top Corporations Paid $0 Federal Taxes Under Trump Tax Law

2019 - The Year Two Bomb Cyclones Struck

New plugin allows the far-right to 'graffiti' any website

Trump says he considered nominating Ivanka to lead World Bank

'There's the bad guy!': Oregon police discover home intruder is a Roomba

Republicans already ran a campaign blasting Democrats as socialists. It didn't work.

McConnell admits he wastes time on 'show votes' just to hurt Democrats

"Humpty Dumpty was a cry baby!" . . . Please come CAPTION Mad King Trump!!!

Herman Cain to withdraw his name for Fed position

Joe Manchin supports Susan Collins 2020 re-election bid

Can Elizabeth Warren Stop the Corporate Rip Off?

You raised $25.00 on April 11, 2019

Trump has managed to get rid of any voices of reason in the White House.

Know what endangers journalists?

Lou Dobbs having to correct his false claim that Trump's approval rating stands at 55% is just so fu

Edvard Grieg Piano Concerto A Minor

drumph's new tax laws may well increase bankruptcies

How to Break the Republican Lock on God (NYT- behind paywall)

Bernie: We did it! The grassroots movement has made 1 millions donations

U.S. science museum 'concerned' by event to honor Brazil's Bolsonaro

Well, so much for all men being created equal . . .

"How will you pay for it?" is not the hard question with Medicare For All

How come it's ex-Obama lawyer

W. Samuel Patten sentenced to probation after steering Ukrainian money to Trump inaugural

About that exchange between Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) and Sec. Kerry

Blackouts threaten death blow to Venezuela's industrial survivors

Bernie Being a Millionaire Isn't a Big Deal

The Founding Fathers Were Progressive

Game of Thrones final battle scene took 11 weeks to film

UK parliament very likely to consider new Brexit referendum - Hammond

UK parliament very likely to consider new Brexit referendum - Hammond

Divided Supreme Court says execution can proceed -- but the death warrant had already expired

Hawaiian Electric targets nearly 1.4 GWh storage, 135 MW solar equivalent in latest solicitation

Ex-Pope Benedict XVI blames 1960s revolution for sex abuse

YouTube Video: Bernie & Civil Rights in Chicago

Keeping It Civil: How To Talk Politics Without Letting Things Turn Ugly

Pic Of The Moment: Today's Big Number

Inside the Russian effort to target Sanders supporters -- and help elect Trump

"Just what kind of science is 'political'?" . . . Please come CAPTION Rep. Thomas Massie (R.-KY)!!!

These Senators Received The Biggest Checks From CVS, Humana And Other Drug Middlemen Testifying Tues

NPR: Keeping It Civil: How To Talk Politics Without Letting Things Turn Ugly

These people have been given deals, immunity by Mueller. What is going on? It doesn't add up.

Ocasio-Cortez confronts CEOs with companies' illegal acts TO THEIR FACES

Teacher of the Year Representative Jahana Hayes humiliates Betsy DeVos on guns in schools:


I've gotten into the middle of a VERY strange Twitter chat about Massie...

GOP commissioner sends dems to mob their own convention - follow up

DOJ moves forward with plan that would allow activist judges to invent new immigration-laws.

One of the funniest shows - Redd Green - Duct tape everything

Ex-cop stole $315K from Fireman's Relief Fund in Pa. county

The Senate allows low-population states to be disproportionately represented, as has been discussed

White House eyes nuclear weapons expert to lead challenge to climate science

Yes We Can

47 Neglected Animals Saved From War-Torn Zoo in Gaza

Why Does Each State Have Two Senators, Regardless of Population?

Positive poll results continue to roll in for Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Ohio's FirstEnergy Nuclear Bailout Bill Could Undermine Funding for Renewables and Efficiency

In a nutshell the way I see this whole Barr thing, and please tell me if I'm wrong...

Scratches on canisters at San Onofre nuclear site are no big deal, designer says, but others are wor

Assange will fight extradition from jail

Elizabeth Warren has opened her presidential campaign headquarters in Charlestown

Elizabeth Warren has opened her presidential campaign headquarters in Charlestown

Holy Stairs, Batman!

"Are you messing with me?"

Paywall is down now: Rick Wilson "Bill Barr Is the Most Dangerous Man in America"

Guest list

The war on cocaine only strengthens drug cartels: study

I didn't realize Rosenstein did this

Ohio Governor signs BAN on Abortion after 1st Heartbeat. ......

173-Pound Dog Loses More Than Half His Weight

Start impeach all trumps cronies

Witnesses: Woman Says Her Child Was Thrown From 3rd-Floor Balcony At Mall Of America

Eric Swalwell promises to appoint a bipartisan cabinet if elected

Florida man hacks into Western Union computers and steals $32K

11 Year Old Girl Ordered Deported Without Her Family

ENVIRONMENTALLY RESIGNED - Parody Don Caron ("Gentle on My Mind")

My updated frugal monthly budget and some projects

If You'd Like To Leave A Message For Rep. Nadler, Here Is the Phone Number

Text-mining journalists find that lawmakers introduced 10,000 bills that were copypasted from lobbyi

the google doodle for today honours the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus movement

Today would be a good day

Who is the mystery man tied to the Chinese Mar-a-Lago intruder?

Trump threatens to place immigrants in sanctuary cities.

I got a cat from the shelter 2014

Julian Assange, expelled from his embassy perch, will fight extradition from jail

Say why his WikiLeaks praise matters

A nostalgic look at a independent food stand in my neighborhood

The Other Art History: The Forgotten Women of Bauhaus

The Other Art History: The Forgotten Women of Bauhaus

Video: Watch Bubba the cat get rescued from Skowhegan tree after 2 days, 2 snowstorms

The Delay Weapon

Amazon's entry into the satellite internet market sets up another faceoff between Bezos and Musk

To undermine Katherine Bouman's role in the Black Hole photo, trolls held up a white man as the real

Luckovich-trump: Washington should have put his name on Mt Vernon

A look behind the Hollister Ranch gates. Will the public ever access these exclusive beaches?

MARIANNE BRANDT industrial designer of the Bauhaus movement

Just paid $1300 to fix HVAC. The repair guy is humming a tune...

Marianne Brandt industiral designer of the Bauhaus movement

China's hi-tech war on its Muslim minority

Whoever wins the nomination takes on the burden of winning the White House

Melatonin--any insight?

Senator Warren joins striking Stop & Shop workers

After all this plays out, I devoutly hope that Barr gets John Mitchell's old cell

Projection: Trump calls Mueller investigation 'treason' and Democrats 'treasonous'

Anyone know some org compiling Hannity's scrubbed tweets? What's hidden inside them?

So, Twitler wants to dump ICE detainees in sanctuary cities as political payback.

Collins took more money from the billionaire behind Breitbart than from all of Maine

With all the danger/insanity Trump is inflicting upon our Country?

Reproductive Rights and the Long Hand of Slave Breeding (very important, lengthy read)

Reproductive Rights and the Long Hand of Slave Breeding (very important, lengthy read)

Star Wars Episode IX - Trailer

Anyone feeling the least bit sorry for the ailing New York Yankees?

Man angry about virginity pleads guilty to threatening women

Legislature's energy plan: A coal-free Washington by 2025

He's admitting it

No espionage charge in indictment against Chinese intruder arrested at Mar-a-Lago

Kelly Sadler, who mocked McCain, is joining pro-Trump PAC

Police: Pair made laxative cookies for striking workers

CNN is killing me with this Greg Craig top Obama lawyer thing...

Some people are uncomfortable with touchers like Biden. Should they set the rules?

GOP senator issues stark warning to Republicans on health care

Finns to vote on how best to save their welfare state

NO! Because Too Much Money Would Go To Milwaukee

Paris Roubaix - SUNDAY APRIL 14 - NBC SPORTS

Federal Judge Blasts Trump

Democrats denounce White House idea to release migrants in sanctuary cities

Sam Patten gets no jail time.

"Violence against women is normalized. And because it's normalized we don't see it as a crisis."

Starting impeachment removes Republican stonewalling

"Violence against women is normalized. And because it's normalized we don't see it as a crisis."

Our message to Steve Nelson and UnitedHealthcare is simple: ... your greed is going to end.

House Dems target $15B in bank overdraft fees as 2020 election looms

Traditional Hawaiian creation chant used to name black hole

Poland's Populists Pick a New Top Enemy: Gay People

27 possible graves found near notorious Florida reform school

Brexhaustion: Long, grinding Brexit is stressing people out

Evers 'happy that there is more consistency' from Foxconn

Gov. Inslee: Forget impeaching Trump. Voting him out is better.

These Moments Are Pure Magic

Hillary Clinton responds to Julian Assange's arrest: 'He has to answer for what he has done'

In spite of denial Trump said he loves Wiki-leaks

The Nightmare of Private Health Insurance

Green Bay police lieutenant suspended for demeaning comments about female officers

Trump tax 'cut' actually increased taxes for 10 million American families, report finds

Is there anyone that Steve Bannon does likes? I'm

Wingsuit Proximity Flying

Come on, CNN!!!!! DT has just SHOWN, not showed....

To Protect National Security, Send A Subpoena To Mar-a-Lago

This demon version of Beto O'Rourke is the best version

Today: She's About a Mover. Sir Douglas Quintet.

More graves may be unearthed at Dozier School for Boys

Georgetown students vote overwhelming in favor of $27 fee for slavery reparations

Apartment rents climbing, and poised to go higher

So, it's movie time at the White House this afternoon?

I just received a donation request from my Senator, Tom Cotton. Here's my reply:

GOP grows tired of being blindsided by Trump

How tired are you of this Vaudeville act?

O'Rourke: Trump is the arsonist who gets credit

Rosenstein ?

Madam Speaker: The First 100 Days

Boeing makes 96 flights to test software on troubled MAX jet

We're trying to hire right now. If I can just vent for a second

Milbank: Yes, border is in crisis, and Trump's making it worse

Should the Democrats have a rule against giving interviews to RT, the Russian television network?

Roger Stone's woes: He's broke. Donald Trump doesn't call. And his wife broke her ankle.

With Polls and Private Meetings, Republicans Craft Blunt Messaging to Paint Democrats as Extreme.

Jerry Nadler Won't Stop Until the Full Mueller Report is Out

He's turning 75 today: John Kay, of The Sparrows and Steppenwolf

'National Enquirer' Sale: Who Gets the Trove of Trump's Darkest Secrets?

AG Ferguson charges Eastern Wash. judge with rape, sexual assault

Minnesota farmer's tearful video shares industry troubles

Candidate's staff calls Diane Ravitch to talk about education policy

Elizabeth Warren tells Stop & Shop shoppers, 'Do not cross the picket line'

Elizabeth Warren tells Stop & Shop shoppers, 'Do not cross the picket line'

Elizabeth Warren tells Stop & Shop shoppers, 'Do not cross the picket line'

Cartoons 4/12/19

I'm very much looking forward to seeing my friends in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania ...

Washington Post-What the media doesn't get about Joe Biden

2020 CO US Senate Election- Joe Neguse-D.

One In Four Kansas Public Defenders Quit Last Year, Leaving Agency 'In Crisis'

Foxconn buys building across street from Wisconsin Capitol

Politically Speaking: Speaker Pro Tem Wiemann Previews Home Stretch Of Legislative Session

Howard Schultz is really pissing me off

'He's Just Being a Freak'

Trump told CBP head he'd pardon him if he were sent to jail for violating immigration law

Ali Velshi

A Day In The Life Of A Rescued Baby Bat

Oranges offers to pardon border agent if he'll break the law for him.

Did that $33 billion Permian Basin deal just put Pioneer Natural Resources in play?

He threw out the promise of pardons

READ: Cummings Moves To Subpoena Trump Accountant For Financial Info

Escaping Trump, ... for a while

White House put on lockdown

Dog Nobody Wanted Gets The Perfect Adventure Family

Bills banning local paid sick leave, employee benefits rules pass in Texas Senate

Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker

Ted Lieu: "Dear @realDonaldTrump: Dude, you can't tell a federal employees to violate the law..."

Trump is obsessed about 2020 election because...

Is This Titanic Story True?

'Approaching storm' leads to venue change for Pete Buttigieg's announcement Sunday

Chinese woman at Mar-a-Lago indicted on 2 charges

GOP lawmakers ask Supreme Court to restore 15 appointments

kING tRUMP is loosing his mind!

Man angry about virginity pleads guilty to threatening women

Max Bruch Scottish Fantasy: IV-Finale

Bolsonaro says Brazil rainforest reserve may be opened to mining

Senate Dems demanding full results from DOJ re: Labor Secretary Acosta & his Epstein deal

Bolsonaro says Brazil rainforest reserve may be opened to mining

Brexit Party website (sort of)

UnitedHealth's stock suffering biggest 2-day selloff in 10 years in wake of Sanders' health plan

New Government Data Shows Trump Wanted to Close the Wrong Border

Mississippi Judge Carlton Reeves likens Trump attack on judiciary to KKK, Citizens Council

quotes, sayings, blessings, toasts, fortune cookie texts... please add your favorites here

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats 50th and 51st seat.

Randy Rainbow salutes Betsy Devos...

How Likely is it Trump has Already Promised a Pardon to Mnuchin & Rettig?

The Democrat's Choice

Randy Rainbow and Betsy Devos

Nick Bosa deletes pro trump, anti Kaepernick tweets because San Francisco might draft him.

Shortest Way Home

➡️ Channel 3000 LIVESTREAM Link: Senator Sanders - Madison, Wisconsin Rally

Exasperated Ecuador ends asylum for world's worst houseguest

What's wrong with calling Trump a fascist?

(Jewish Group) Video shows rapper's performance of anti-Semitic song at UNC event

Just spayed/neutered 8 feral cats!

St. Olaf College's mysterious painting could be worth $6 million

St. Olaf College's mysterious painting could be worth $6 million

This has to be abuse of power. Why do media idiots say maybe 'he was joking'????

Tax time toon break.

Iowa Congressman Dave Loebsack to retire in 2020

Hormel admits Natural Choice meats aren't very natural, lawsuit reveals

Of course I still love you

Trump Wants to Bus Migrants to Sanctuary Cities. The Mayors There Are Fine With It.

St. Paul may stop giving churches, schools veto power over bars

Former East Millinocket Powerball winner, 90, sues son

Obligatory Dandelion images.

Just in the past 24 hours we hear that 1.) Trump assured a DHS official on the border

Donny Deutsch reads from the "profile of the sociopath."

Divided Supreme Court says execution can proceed -- but the death warrant had already expired

Stillwater tries to tax residents -- while giving a country club a break

a question about contempt of Congress

Barr: What?

So much about Mueller/Barr report does not make sense

For many Texas teachers, health insurance premiums are huge -- but so are the hospital bills

WTF - Loebsack Retiring

Frank Rich: In Bill Barr, Trump Has Finally Found His New Fixer

This kind of just knocked me on the head...

Julian Assange: Sweden considers reviving rape inquiry

I have 3 Wilson Warbler in my yard-Never seen 'em here before!

A backroom plan...

Dozier School for Boys: Dozens more suspected graves found

Owner of Woodbridge Group and Two Former Directors Charged with $1.3 Billion Investment Fraud (Ponzi

The Jamaican Executive Branch of Government just received

Foundation that targets voting by non-citizens claims Pa. is violating federal voter registration la

NASA twin study: Genes change in space

Medicare Advantage Provider to Pay $30 Million to Settle Alleged Overpayment of Medicare Advantage F

Senate pushes to slow University of Minnesota administrative spending

A 25-30% minority of the worst people in this country are running the show.

Jonathan Capehart rocks Westminster Forum with a powerful litany on Trump

I have a confession to make.

Steve Bannon and US ultra-conservatives target Pope Francis

In a divided Minnesota Legislature, nothing divides like a $1.2 billion tax plan

ONION: Barr Agrees To Release Nonverbal, Abstract Visual Representation Of Mueller Report

Any one tour the country using Greyhound?

DFL, divided on University of Minnesota regent candidates, may hand off decision to Walz

I really don't understand why democrats continue to fall for Trump's con game, over and over again.

Cummings Moves To Subpoena Trump Accountant For Financial Info

Teacher contract talks break down over union issue

Mayor Peep!

He'd pardon CBP head if he were sent to jail for violating law

Please enjoy,.. 5min:30sec..Theme from Beethoven's 9th Symphony..

How to adequately convey any lasting sense of context amid the swirling hurricane of events ....

🔥 Bernie Rallies Supporters in Madison Wisconsin

Our Country owes a debt of gratitude to New York State

Trump told acting DHS secretary he'd pardon him if he violates immigration law

Election less about the economy than we thought

Tornado warning, Cancelled. Updated weather statement:

CNN to host back-to-back town halls with five Democratic presidential candidates on April 22

John Flannery just told Ari "the House is making a big mistake.."

Pete Buttigieg Is Fighting, and Winning, a Battle Over Religion With Mike Pence

What if Barr is still a Bushie

What's for Dinner, Fri., April 12, 2019

Steve Sack FTW

Rep. Katie Porter Uses Basic Budget Math to Expose Jamie Dimon on Starvation Wages at JPMorgan

Watch Ginormous 'Pill Bugs' Eat a Dead Alligator Deep Under The Sea, For Science

Author of 'Crude' Op-ed Yanked from Boston Globe Defends Sarcastic Take on Unaccountable Trump

I really feel like we living out the PURGE movie!

Donald Trump is the perfect GOP President.

Time for a "subpoenapalooza". He is not going to begin "acting presidential" and none

I knew that Black Hole photo looked familiar...

Tennessee Mulls Penalties for Voter Registration Drives

Meet Dr. Katie Bouman, the 29-Year-Old Behind the Black Hole Image

Meet Dr. Katie Bouman, the 29-Year-Old Behind the Black Hole Image

Kansas City Police Chief Says Officers Who Brutally Beat Black Motorist Were Doing What They Were 'T

Nativist, anti-immigrant sentiment in the US has a long history

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