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Archives: April 14, 2019

Proposed tax on high earners gets warm reception on Beacon Hill

Tornado touches down in Franklin, Texas, as severe storm system threatens Southeast

Trump Accuses "Radical Left" of Wanting to Retry the "No Collusion Mueller Report"

Photo: ''Sanders at Sweet Potato Sensations in Detroit, not on a counter or table ... ''

Mass. marijuana industry is mostly corporate and white. Inside one Boston battle to change that

Mass. marijuana industry is mostly corporate and white. Inside one Boston battle to change that

Trolls hijacked a scientist's image to attack Katie Bouman. They picked the wrong astrophysicist.

Trolls hijacked a scientist's image to attack Katie Bouman. They picked the wrong astrophysicist.

GOP lawmakers propose bill to separate Chicago from Illinois

Rep. Ted Lieu Would Be "Very Surprised" If IRS Hands Over Trump's Taxes By New Deadline

Extraditing Assange Promises to Be a Long, Difficult Process

Bernie Sanders: Trump Is President Because Media Ignores Reality Of Poverty In America

Ahhhh. The joys of sharing your house with cats.

Trump confidant Roger Stone seeks full Mueller report

Robert De Niro tears into Republicans: 'We're not going to forget' about what you did under Trump

After every rally @BernieSanders talks to the volunteers who made it happen

Question on the request for tRUMPS taxes

petition to kick Trump off Twitter

Will Boston Set a New Regional Precedent and Finally Pay Recycling Workers a Living Wage?

Seth Moulton is running social media ads asking if he should run for higher office

Health-care law more popular despite Trump's repeated attempts to destroy it

7 questions with Kamala Harris in Iowa

Bernie Sanders visits West Michigan - Coopersville UA Local 174

Joe Biden's path to White House victory -- or defeat

Nebraska GOP critical of college speaker's abortion stance

Sen. Warren seeks to close corporate tax loopholes, end exemptions for most profitable companies

Do we want a Kamikaze or a Kumbaya nominee ?

Elizabeth Warren talks poor polling in New Hampshire campaign stops

Bernie Sanders visits Gary Indiana to listen to regional community members.

Prescription spending in MassHealth doubled over past 5 years, Massachusetts officials say

Steve Wynn will be banned from all Wynn Resorts properties, company tells Massachusetts regulators

Listen to this. "Impeach the President."

Impeachable offenses

NYC may ban pre-hire marijuana tests for many job applicants

Our 3 cats are not earning their keep.

Police in Spain clash with those protesting far-right party

Here is to our true Progressives that fought for Civil Rights their whole life.

SNL Tonight:

Maggie Haberman thinks Trump might be "conditioning supporters ahead of an event of some kind"

It's really confusing and we are desperate

Indigenous leader slain in Colombia

Southern Ontario foxes and cayotes are now carrying deadly tapeworms

Disgusting propaganda "fact sheet" re: healthcare on official WH website.

Neville Chamberlain 'Peace in our Time'

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, TCM now.

Guess Who Sees Climate Collapse As A Business Opportunity? Private Security Forces - NYT

Trump rants over "the State of California, which is well known or its poor management & high taxes!"

Venezuela's Maduro orders militia expansion as Guaido tours blackout-ravaged state

Paradise CA HS Principal Resigns: He Can't Find A Place For His Family To Live

After Nancy Pelosi, who?

Trump Claims 'USA has the Absolute Legal Right' to Send Migrants to Sanctuary Cities

Great Barrier Marine Park: Reef Will Collapse With Just 1.5C More Additional Warming

my wife and I spent hours today in the DC Newseum...surely a place trump wouldn't go near.

Can the Holocaust Be Forgiven? Bolsonaro Says Yes, Drawing Israelis' Ire

538 - "Obstruction Of Justice Could Still Threaten Trump Politically"

Pukes Don't Want Drilling Off FL, SC, GA - But By God They Voted For Bernhardt

More deaths have been associated with kratom than previously known, CDC study finds

Good news (from a bad source) - the cat is safe!

I think it is quite possible that Trump has no intention to leave the White House until he

U Toronto Study - Yukon Warmer Than It Has Been For 13,600 Years, Permafrost Data Show

Pope Benedict shows us how the Catholic Church went so terribly off-course

Why is an MIT alum in Congress pretending he doesn't know climate change is real?

Possible 2nd Planet Spotted Around Proxima Centauri

In photos: The Brazilian tribal lands under threat from farmers and miners

2009-12 - 4 Straight Years Of Kenai Salmonberry, Blueberry Failure; Never Seen By Chugach Natives

I know most of y'all don't think a lot of Mississippi

I have a question for "you-all"

A rare trio of bald eagles - two dads, one mom - are raising eaglets together in one nest

Tweet of the Day

Noreiega & Bush & Barr & Trump & Assange

NATO Exercises with Romanian Navy in the Black Sea

Finland election: voters may pick first leftist prime minister in two decades

another argument for impeachment here

Kamala Harris releases 15 years of tax returns

I know nothing about WikiLeaks (Lukovich)

How to deal with the "Christian" right

School resource officer body slams 11 year old child in Ft. Pierce, Florida On concrete sidewalk.

Monday is Doomsday!

Dogs love to play fetch, but I have a cat who plays fetch!

How many here like videogames?

Personal Monthly Donation List

Drunken Hunter Jr. uses same playbook again

Can the Attorney General prevent crimes from being prosecuted?

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Agents took 36% cut of membership fees when Kenney was

I'm gonna say it, as a fellow old fart ... LET'S GO TIGER!!! (nt)

Rhode Island bill would permit earlier parole for juvenile offenders serving life sentences

SNL: Jail Cell Cold Open

In another thread, I was reminded that Steve twice replaced better known players in famous bands -

R.I. teachers unions, ACLU object to bill criminalizing sex between school employees and students

SNL: Weekend Update

O'Rourke - Axelrod podcast available - from tonight's interview:

SNL - The View: Jenny McCarthy on Vaccines

SNL: Royal Baby Video

Talks to resume Sunday between Stop & Shop and striking workers

R.I. State Police Superintendent Asks Governor For Funds To Train E-911 Call Takers

Billy Strings and his band at the Grand Ol' Opry. "Dust in a Baggie"

Lamont Holds Firm On Teacher Pension Costs, Backs Away from Cost of Living Adjustment

Still sitting in the high desert far away from civilization - ALMOST COMPLETELY SOBER

Anti-Toll Rally Has Grassroots Organizers Wondering If They Can Stop It

Buttigieg's ascent shows millennial revolution spreading to U.S. Andrew Romano Yahoo News

O'Rourke: Don't let differences define us; Democratic candidate makes stop at Voorhees

O'Rourke: Don't let differences define us; Democratic candidate makes stop at Voorhees

Hamilton MS tornado report: 2 dead, 3 injured

O'Rourke at Voorhees College in Denmark, South Carolina

(xpost) Brexit: Corbyn told to back new EU referendum or lose millions of supporters

Tiger Woods Has Bookmakers Sweating After Third Round of Masters

Why Japan's 10-Day Break Has Markets Worried

Barr to AOC: Apologize before you come to Kentucky

Can Democrats in the House keep health care reform alive? Nancy Pelosi is going to try.

Bernie Sanders vs. Kamala Harris: These Dems are plotting sweeping Super Tuesday strategies

154 Years Ago Today; "You sockdologizing old man-trap!"

Now THIS would be genius...

Smith - Baby It's You

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Feed The King Edition

Melanie - Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)

Cher, Hillary Clinton, Rep. Joe Kennedy, Others- Blast Trump's Trans Discriminatory Military Ban

Nigel Farage has a new Brexit bus and the internet isn't impressed

'Not a showoff.' Sharice Davids' quiet approach endears her to Democratic leaders

A great imitation of 45! This guy is hilarious!

This Californian wants to help workers save on taxes - and maybe be the next president

The Observer view on giving voters their say on Brexit

84 Years Ago Today; The Black Sunday Dust Storm

Corey Booker begins tour for president with 'hometown kickoff'

Wise guys and bag men, financiers and millionaires...

Kamala Harris: LIFT Taxation Plan

A reminder: laws don't enforce themselves.

How anchoring a ship to an ice floe will help fight climate change

Mayor Pete: To protect and defend the Constitution of the United States

International Socialist Organization votes to dissolve and cease publication of

George Mason University law school receives largest donation in school's history from estate of far-

Students Rip Down Anti-Bullying "Day Of Silence" Posters And Display Confederate Battle Flag

The woman representing Trump's party is an avowed transphobe with a history of disturbing statements

Ex-Port Richey mayor Dale Massad used crack cocaine and meth, new records show

No tsunami threat following 5.2 magnitude earthquake on Big Island

Central American Farmers Head to the U.S., Fleeing #ClimateChange

Our group needs a host (I'm the new host)

David Attenborough, the voice of Our Planet: "Things are going to get worse"

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are down

A wet fish slap across the face of a Freudian slip!

In Florida, the fight over alimony can be brutal

Trump, California has poor management.

2019 Monthly Growth Figures for Carbon Dioxide Increases Are Among the Highest Recorded.

GOP Rep. Randy Fine calls Jewish Facebook commenter a 'Judenrat' Nazi collaborator

Roger Stone's woes: He's broke. Donald Trump doesn't call. And his wife broke her ankle.

New York City bodegas boycotting Rupert Murdoch's tabloid after attacks on Ilhan Omar

Senate Minority Leader Audrey Gibson insists that she is not anti-Semitic after vote sparks furor

What happens if Biden doesn't run?

Dan Patrick considers 'nuclear option' on property tax relief bill

The most glaring failure of Donald Trump...

Dear 'Christian' White Supremacist

Should creationism ever be taught in schools?


The Terrifying Rise of the Abortion Abolition Movement

It's snowing at my house in central Missouri. the high for tomorrow is 71.

There is no such thing as coincidence...

The plot against America: Inside the Christian right plan to "remodel" the nation

World Bank Funding For Oil & Gas Increasing; Indirect Coal Subsidy Support Continues As Well

Angel Wings On A Sunday....

Do you say "anyways?"

Baby elephants can die from loneliness..they need the love of a herd to live. Ndotto was rescued...

What's your favorite way to lose weight?

SpaceX will assist NASA's first-ever mission to redirect an asteroid

Sarah Sanders on ABC This Week.

California National Guard defies Trump on transgender troop ban

Excellent opinion piece on choice by NY Governor.

Freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was mentioned 3,181 times on Fox News and Fox Business

Robert F. Kennedy, 1968

Cory Gardner (R-CO) Plans To Run On Environment; Bold Actions Include TV Spot Showing Windmills

How do working people vote for this?

OH Young Republicans "Concerned" About Environment, But Can't Even Say "Climate Change"

Killing Migratory Birds Has Been a Crime for Decades. Not Anymore

So, Donwald J. Trump Is Flying to Minnesota Tomorrow...

Peter Buttigieg on the cover of the new issue of @NYMag:

After Weeks Of Flooding, It Will Be Months Before Multiple Key NE, IA Highways Can Reopen

As I understand it, the relevant phrase is not "---shall turn over IF---".

😆 And the wind...whispers🌬...MEMEs! 👀

Cottage-cheese pancakes with caramel-apples

"empathy dysfunction."

The plot against America: Inside the Christian right plan to "remodel" the nation (Project Blitz)

Pete Buttigieg's campaign kickoff is a bonding moment for this father and son

You raised $164.00 on April 13, 2019 Act Blue POTUS links

Connector question

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma Plays Bach In Shadow Of Border Crossing

Advice on new dishwashers

Sarah Sanders: Trump not wishing 'violence toward anyone' with 9/11 tweet

"I take Viagra just for the wet-dreams." . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's Brian Kilmeade!!!

As Dems debate Medicare for All, a less radical idea stalls in blue states

Giuliani is reportedly preparing a 50-page rebuttal for a Mueller-report nobody has even seen yet.

The 2020 Endorsement Primary from 538

Texas Legislature considers a 'God doesn't approve of you' bill


The Rise of #Exvangelical

"This is the must uncomfortable fist-fight I've ever been in."

Trump: "A Lot of People Say" George Soros Is Funding the Migrant Caravan

Great impression of tRump

Student complaints of bigotry shake up elite Brooklyn private school

Sarah Sanders: Congress not 'smart enough' to look through Trump's taxes

Jonathan Pie - Trump's Planet

weird walmart news

Parmesan-butter potatoes

Uranium Mania (Rocky Mountain PBS)

Friday night, Brian Williams said Trump "will be sticking around the WH this weekend." He was wrong.

Is this in the Mueller Report?/DHS, FBI say election systems in all 50 states were targeted in 2016

The WH has been brief on Mueller report, & are very worried about what Don McGahn told Mueller.

Ivanka Trump in Ethiopia to 'promote women'

Instagrammers Are Killing California's Field Of Poppies

Kamala Harris releases 15 years of her tax returns

Can't argue with the logic - Bring back coal

NYT gave us a window into where their diggers are.

Do something

re: Ilhan Omar, nuff said

So Bernie is a Millionaire. What does that take?

Live-streaming Pete's announcement -

(Covered live on C-SPAN) Buttigieg Poised to Formally Enter 2020 Democratic Field

Sarah Sanders: Congress not 'smart enough' to look through Trump's taxes

Don't know what they are sayn' - but they are really fun! BTS on SNL

Can Congress force Trump to hand over his tax returns? I asked 11 legal experts.

Didn't Mueller ask for more time?

Scott Stedman has a new book coming out about the Trump-Russia conspiracy.

"The Light Between Oceans." Beautifully written first novel.

C-Span is slated to live stream the rally on its website, starting at 2 p.m. ET on Sunday.

How Mueller's hunt for a Russia-Trump conspiracy came up short

Inslee on MTP

➡️ Facebook LIVE Link for Senator Sanders Lordstown Ohio @AFTunion Town Hall 1PM

Einstein never said half that crap.

Jay Inslee's record

Seriously, fuck Republicans.

Cleveland Link: Watch Bernie Sanders' Town Hall in Lordstown on Facebook Live Sunday around 1PM

How do I change from Undecided to Inslee?

People in their 70s can struggle with new tasks, research shows

The White House has been briefed on the Mueller report and "there is significant concern on the pres

Some questions I hope the Report answers

Dems and The Border

60 fortune 500 companies pay no taxes,but received over 7 billion in refunds

Bernie Sanders Accuses Liberal Think Tank of Smearing Progressive Candidates

Anybody else wish the Downton Abbey characters would be followed into WWII? nt

The evil called Trump could never exist without dirty lawyers.

Sergei Rachmaninoff Symphonic Dances

How would Trump rather be portrayed?

Barr is consulting with Individual 1?

Bernie Sanders Accuses Liberal Think Tank of Smearing Progressive Candidates

Jerry Nadler on Trump and that post-9/11 $150,000 "small business grant" check he received

$1800 fucking dollars. Got to pay for the millionaires tax break

2019 Horse Racing - 2019 Kentucky Derby Points Leaderboard

British climate group Extinction Rebellion heads to US

Ilhan Omar has become the target of a dangerous hate campaign

How do we protect Republican voters from themselves? Which would in return protect us.

How many times has Trump done this.

Beto O'Rourke at SC African American History Memorial w/Min. Ldr. Rutherford(video)

We Cannot Let John Deere Destroy the Very Idea of Ownership

The multi million dollar question

Wait... What ?!!

Are Americans (Really) So Dumb They Don't Know Fascism When They See It?

Baby gets glasses. If this doesn't make you smile, I don't know what it would take.

Poisoned Press: The original plot to stop Bernie Sanders ... and why it didn't work

LIVE Now: Cleveland 19 News - Bernie Sanders hosting town hall at Lordstown High School (live video)

What Fiction are you reading this week, April 14, 2019?

NYMag article about Buttigieg

"What worries (White House officials) most is what Don McGahn told the special counsel"

Bernie Sanders Accuses Liberal Think Tank Of Creating 'Smears' Against Progressive Candidates

Trump passes on making U.N. racism committee nomination

NY Times: Bernie Sanders Accuses Liberal Think Tank of Smearing Progressive Candidates

Ted Lieu makes a "pinky promise" to SHS, promises to send Trump tax returns back if...

The Global Corruption Index

Reports: Mirjana Markovic, widow of Serbia strongman Milosevic, dies in Russia

Venue for Pete's announcement full 30 minutes after doors opened.

Trump did not conspire with Russia like OJ did not kill his wife.

Photos: Bernie Sanders Lordstown Town Hall

Any legal experts out there?

Globalization: Following the money across the globe and back in time

Elizabeth Warren back in the day....

Cassowary attack: giant bird kills owner in Florida after he fell.

New Weekly Record High for Carbon Dioxide Established at Mauna Loa.

"Greetings to you of many faith traditions, and greeting to you who profess none..."

A cool graphic explaining the workings of the Black Hole

Jerry Nadler: Trump's reported pardon comment shows 'contempt for law'

Yet another reminder who Alberta's likely next premier really is...

For anyone at home, you can see Pete on live TV.

Migrants dropped off in New Mexico; city asks for donations

Barr's spy talk emboldens Trump's allies ahead of Mueller report's release

Regarding Bernie Sanders being a millionaire.

Carlos Gonzlez makes his Cleveland debut today

Why did Bernie leave the Democratic Party in 2016?

McConnell lays out agenda as House bills pile up

Proposed toll lanes are creating headaches for lawmakers

Trump learns to love acting officials

Trump Family should adopt the cassowary as its family mascot:

Oklahoma Is One Step Closer to Arming Teachers With No Weapons Training

Today's Republican's peddle only hate. It's who and what they are.

Vertical farming and skyfarms

Low Oil Pressure Caused Viking Sky's Engine Blackout

and Tiger wins the Masters......

If the 2020 US Presidential and Senate Election is to be similar to the 2016.

Gillibrand raises $3M in first quarter, trailing rivals

So I banged up the front left bumper of my leased car...

Nadler wants 'the boss of everybody' Stephen Miller to testify before Congress

Congressman Adam Smith vows reversal of transgender military policy, rallies in Seattle

Pelosi Announces 'Security Assessment' For Ilhan Omar: Trump 'Must Take Down... Dangerous Video'

Cartoons 4/14/19


Joplin Asks Residents To Stop Planting Invasive Tree Variety

Live Buttigieg campaign entrance

Is the American public being set up by the media and the Trump White House?

Wasting Away in Mar-A-Lagoville--the first Parody Project/Freedom Toast cooperation

Wasting Away in Mar-A-Lagoville--the first Parody Project/Freedom Toast cooperation

The Russians are screwing with the GPS system to send bogus navigation data to thousands of ships


Tiger Says: "How You Like Me Now?"

What if our large field of Democratic candidates

Pelosi contacts Capitol Hill security to ensure Omar's safety after Trump tweet Article title

Live Stream Pete Buttigieg's official campaign announcement

Chandelle Summer on MSNBC

Pete's in! And ties Sanders at 8% on DU

Take that man out and shoot him

Andrew Yang CNN Townhall is 7pm EDT Tonight April 14th

Andrew Yang CNN Townhall is 7pm EDT Tonight April 14th

This Pittie's Perfect Smile Got Her Rescued

BTS Halloween Dance Practice.

i am looking for the best "peace" candidate. so far i don't see one. any hints?

Harris supporter here... but damn, Buttigieg's doing a hell of a job.

Renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma plays Bach along U.S.-Mexico border: "We build bridges, not walls."

Who is going to play Pete Buttigieg on SNL?

New report questions potential savings of St. Louis merger

Some thoughts on BREXIT from Mark Knopfler's brother David

Couple commits another $10M for psychiatric research at Washington University

April 14, 1945: Franklin D. Roosevelt's funeral procession on the streets of Washington, DC

I am kind of liking Mayor Pete

Tiger Woods Wins Dramatic 2019 Masters for His 1st Major Win in Over 10 Years

Isn't there an off switch?

Satanic Temple challenges Missouri abortion law

The Left by ContraPoints

Washington Post-Can Bernie Sanders really win over Trump voters?

Taxes have been filed

Missouri's "Pipeline Protest Bill" could make some protests illegal, raising 1st Amendment concerns

The Most Amazing Space Photos This Week!

'Cowardly': U.S. Senate candidate blasts lawmaker who told him to stay home with kids

I need to vent about spying on the disabled

Did anyone see the security guys surrounding Pete?

Pete Buttigieg and Julian Castro.

True or False: If AG Barr says obstruction is not a crime, then that is the final word?

St. Louis reporter duped into writing Eric Greitens comeback story

Mayor Pete's announcement today 4-14-2019

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #1

I think I know why Barr chose this week to release Mueller's redacted report.

Aggressive dog turns sweetheart and thanks her rescuer by adopting puppies

'Starting today, we're going to change the channel!' - Pete Buttigieg

What's for Dinner, Sun., Apr. 14, 2019

WATCH: Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend announces presidential bid

Who remembers Rick Sanchez?

Tweet of the Day

Seychelles president's underwater speech: Protect our oceans

I'm with Pete!


Kansas City Star article about Sharice Davids:

San Francisco's "Playland at the Beach"....Your favorite ride?

Interesting information on the Center for American Progress

More than 80% of Idaho's in-state electricity generation comes from renewables

Sara Sanders: 'I Don't Think Congress' is 'Smart Enough' to Look Through Trump's Taxes

Trump signs more executive orders. (Keystone Pipeline)

I've made my preference for Mayor Pete! Just love him more and more

Pelosi Asks Capitol Police to Safeguard Omar

'No Prisoners, Only Bodies': US Declassified Documents Expose Argentine Dictatorship Crimes

Pete Buttigieg Announces Official Start to 2020 Campaign. NYT

'No Prisoners, Only Bodies': US Declassified Documents Expose Argentine Dictatorship Crimes

I don't mean to insult anyone's candidate preferences,

Trump blocks U.S. from nominating anyone to U.N. racism committee

Dallas transgender woman brutally beaten in broad daylight

Wisconsin Woman and Wisconsin Man to Florida counterparts: Challenge Accepted

🔥 Bernie Rallies Supporters in Pittsburgh

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 15 April 2019

The Latest: Center-left Finnish party hails narrow win

Facebook and Twitter urged to suspend Trump accounts following attack on Ilhan Omar


A nice remedy for your dry skin...worked for me...

When conspiring to commit a crime, it's wise to post on Facebook about it.

Nike releases another "Crazy" commercial on Tiger Woods' Master Win today.

Hi team. What do you all think about Joe and Pete 2020?

In 2020 Trump is running on Immigration and the border. Who is best able to beat him on that issue?

I before E...

Petition: Tell Twitter and Fakebook to suspend tRump

Why would any woman vote R...

There is plenty of evidence but not enough to criminally convict beyond a reasonable doubt...?

California imports the most electricity from other states; Pennsylvania exports the most

Conway Defends Trump's Call To 'Get Rid Of Judges'

Electric vehicle adoption improves air quality and climate outlook

Bernie Sanders says he would bar GM from federal contracts for Lordstown actions if elected

Anybody can play the Climate Denier game

Bloomberg: "Congratulations, Bernie, on Being Rich"

Small but mighty miniature horses offer therapy and hope

Congress Isn't 'Smart Enough': WH Implies Trump May Order IRS To Withhold Tax Docs

WTO upholds South Korea ban on some Japan seafood imports over Fukushima

US Amphibious Ship Tests New 'Carrier' Mode in Drills With Philippines

I have a former professor that taught in Mayor Pete's back yard. Says Pete is 100% the real deal

Gillibrand campaign links low fundraising to Al Franken backlash: memo

Florida: Graveyard of American Public Education, By Diane Ravitch

Florida: Graveyard of American Public Education, By Diane Ravitch

Rise of Fascism in the USA and now it's Germanys turn to save us.

I'm going to say something good about Democratic candidates other than my choice.

Florida: Graveyard of American Public Education, By Diane Ravitch

2020 US Senate Election- Likely Democratic Nominees in all US Senate seats up in 2020.

How do we get people to give a damn and to MOVE THEIR REPS TO ACT?

Instagrammers Are Killing This Field Of Poppies

just now watching Deadline WhiteHouse. Donny Deuch just read the qualifications for psychopath

My feline niece went to the rainbow bridge today


Just an observation

Dietary supplements do nothing for you

Speaker Pelosi Just On 60 Minutes

Golly Jezz! Sara Huckabee Sanders tries to insult the people of Congress!

Energy equity: Bringing solar power to low-income communities

Since, according to SHS, Congress doesn't understand money and taxes...

You want to know what else is contempt of the law?

Michigan man sues parents for $86,000 for tossing his porn collection

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma plays a concert at a US-Mexico border crossing to make a point

What percentage of the vote would Trump get in 2020 if he was impeached in the House?

How the Navy's Top Commander Botched the Highest-Profile Investigation in Years

'SNL' Mocks ABC's 'The View'

'SNL' Mocks ABC's 'The View'

Henry Kissinger

Usage in Hitler's psychological profile[edit]

Venezuela's Maduro orders (1m member) militia expansion as Guaido tours blackout-ravaged state

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma plays a concert at a US-Mexico border crossing to make a point

New concerns Trump administration may be laying legal groundwork for military action against Iran

Report: 32,000 Nevadans Now Work in Clean Energy (5X more Nevadans than fossil fuels)