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Pete announcement

Must see on PBS, Reconstruction

Attorney General Barr Says He Would Favor Making Marijuana Illegal Across the United States

The one in the blue? Looks just like Barr.

How about we let the candidates show their stuff

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 18 April 2019

Are we not supposed to post articles with criticism or warning about the

Montana House delays action on Medicaid expansion bill

Tuckers afraid of Beto today

Justice Dept. to release two versions of redacted Mueller report

What a shit show.

The control-F search you should do on the Mueller report

Not a Single Human Being Donated to Embattled Rep. Chris Collins' Campaign

Trump cracks down on Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela

Trump cracks down on Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela

Lawmakers advance bill to study Montana's response to mental illness

Bad taste and big riffs, what's not to love

Maine company launches renewable energy system designed to power remote communities around the world

Critics say new EPA rule could reintroduce asbestos use

The "redacted Mueller report" is NOT "the Mueller report".

Whether Barr Says Something Before The Report Is In Our Hands Or After - I'm Glad That....

Nadler news conference coming up on CNN.

NRA files for preliminary injunction for Pittsburgh's gun laws

'Not what you expect in Doncaster': suspected piranhas found in lake

*Nadler press conference now. MSNBC.

Judiciary committee press conference RE Barr /Mueller rept shenanigans live now on Chris HAyes

How Did Bill Barr Keep His Law License after His Lies to Congress

King County Parks Levy Headed To August Ballot

2020 US Senate Election- How Democrats can regain control of the US Senate?

McConnell launches 2020 Senate reelection bid with hidden jab at Democrats

Montana Legislature passes Public Access to Lands Act

Inslee made me smile.

Joey Votto just did something for the first time in his 13-season career...

DOJ confirms active Julian Assange investigation

Facebook says it 'unintentionally uploaded' 1.5 million people's email contacts without their consen

No More Threats - Nadler....

Dog Spends His Monday Cheering On Runners At Boston Marathon

Migrant camps overflow as Mexico cracks down after Trump threats

Why all the excitement here? At CNN.Com it's just another day with a cure for bubble boy...

Pelosi Shreds Barr Ahead of Mueller Report Presser: He Threw Out His Credibility to 'Protect' Trump

Barr's testimony

Rep Maxine Waters could use Wanda Sykes as anger translator on MSNBC now.

Canada: Jason Kenney and United Conservatives win Alberta election

O'Rourke touts Senate run in White House bid -- even though he lost

O'Rourke touts Senate run in White House bid -- even though he lost

Nadler press conference video

Analysis: 3 ways the Mueller report still threatens Trump

Every single Democrat should speak like Maxine Waters

Great white sharks are afraid of orcas, study finds


I sometimes get into discussions about modern Country Music

ubisoft giving away Assassins Creed: Unity for limited time

Being a millionaire doesn't hurt Bernie Sanders' cause. In many ways, it helps it

Johnny Cash is replacing one of the Capitol's Civil War statues

Pier 1 Imports CFO to depart, likely to shut over 45 stores in 2020

Trump abruptly blocks U.S. from appointing anyone to UN committee on racism

Ubisoft Giving Away Copies Of Assassins Creed: Unity To Explore Notre Dame

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 18, 2019 -- TCM Primetime - What's On Tonight: Fan Dedication

Baton Rouge Man Sentenced To Federal Prison For Threats Made Against President Trump

Bloomberg's Jennifer Jacobs: Energy Secretary Rick Perry planning to leave Trump admin

Just a thought here

Mueller report will be lightly redacted, revealing detailed look at obstruction of justice investiga

Tribe, minutes ago: Why on earth isn't Nadler issuing the subpoena NOW? What is he waiting for?

Half of England is owned by less than 1% of the population

Things to Watch For in the Redacted Mueller Report

Former Owner Of Large Michigan Farming Operation Pleads Guilty To Bank Fraud & Crop Insurance Fraud

GOP lawmaker withdraws invite for AOC to visit Kentucky mine

Theresa May could put off Queen's speech amid Brexit turmoil

Congress won't get Mueller report until after Barr press conference

NO WONDER no charges filed for conspiracy... or collusion, whatever they call it.

Prediction: Barr will announce DoJ investigation of oranges of counter intelligence investigation ..

Gov. Inslee Calls for Climate Change-Only Democratic Debate

I Can Move Through Space and Time!!!!

Mueller won't attend Barr press conference on report

Some More News: Mrs. Grift Goes to Washington - Candace Owens Lies A Bunch

Nadler: 4 charges against Bill Barr

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Paris is Burning!

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Two Republicans, Nine Thousand Democrats Running for President

Lieu to DOJ & AG Barr: You took one oath and it was not to Trump, it was to the Constitution

North Korea announces test of 'tactical guided weapon'

2020 CO US Senate Election- Likely Democratic Nominee.

Guatemalan presidential candidate arrested in Miami in drug-trafficking plot

Guatemalan presidential candidate arrested in Miami in drug-trafficking plot

After Notre Dame fire, a GoFundMe ensured black churches burned in Louisiana got $1.6 million, too

Jimmy Fallon: Bernie Sanders Polls Ahead of Biden in 2020 Presidential Race

Stop calling it the Mueller Report

Schumer slams Justice Dept over 'pre-damage control' on Mueller report

Criticism and praise for Overland Park mural design

More Democrats are in talks with Fox News as Bernie Sanders town hall posts huge ratings: reports

San Francisco treasure 'Beach Blanket Babylon' to close after 45 years

We will never learn..

Once Mueller's report gets in the public sphere, the tRump administration has zero control...

Most ancient type of molecule in universe (helium hydride) detected in space

For all them saying "Omar minimized 9/11", Trumpies REALLY don't like talking about Trump-Alex Jones

Rick Wilson: The Mueller Report is the Tip of a Big, Slimy, Trump-Shaped Iceberg

Jimmy Fallon: Talk Like Trump: Venezuela, Reinstate

Is this homophobic for the right wing bases 'consumption'?

Dems attack Barr's credibility after report of White House briefings on Mueller findings

I think most people who are paying any attention at all to the Trump regime agree that

Pelosi accuses Barr of 'single-minded effort' to protect Trump against Mueller report

Dispute flares among U.S. officials over Trump administration Iran arms control report

Dispute flares among U.S. officials over Trump administration Iran arms control report

Wouldn't it be awesome for Barr to be served a subpoena at the podium

You thought you deleted your Facebook account, but it's still there. Now what?

No Brexit more likely than a disorderly one, say economists

No Pentagon briefing since May 2018; no Secretary of Defense either.

Video, Photos: Beto O'Rourke Continues Barnstorm of Virginia

Canada joins new German-France 'alliance' that doesn't include U.S.

House Dem Chairmen are calling on Barr to cancel his presser

Let's stop with the wrist slaps and grab a damn sledgehammer.

And don't ever forget this about the Mueller report.

Barr is making sure his name lives on in infamy

Columbine survivors meet Parkland students, offer advice for surviving tragedy

At least 29 killed on tourist bus in Madeira

Sen. Amy Klobuchar to do Fox News town hall

Nadler accuses Barr of 'unprecedented steps' to 'spin' Mueller report

MSNBC chyron just now says House committee chairs are demanding Barr cancel press conference

Mysterious operative haunted Kaspersky critics

Which 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate could provide coattails to the US Senate candidates?

BREAKING Committee Chairs Call On Barr To Cancel Press Conference


Virginia House Democrats Lead in Fundraising, Grassroots Momentum

TCM Schedule for Friday, April 19, 2019 -- TCM Primetime - What's On Tonight: Fan Dedications

Robert Mueller get some balls! Hold a press conference

Did Barr let the White House do their own redactions?

Sadaf Khadem: Iranian female boxer halts return over arrest fears

Lawmakers upset with Missouri-Kansas City chancellor

Mueller Report Will Be 'Lightly Redacted'

Let's play NOW WHAT fat donnie is either removed or voted out. Now What

Enough of this perverse circus. Start impeachment now. nt

Could debt collectors send you texts, emails? Consumer groups fear CFPB may allow it.

Sen. Ted Cruz slammed for mocking Disney's $5 million pledge to help rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral

White Supremacist Gets Life In Prison For Running Down Black Teen

Lightly redacted?

Nusrat Jahan Rafi: Burned to death for reporting sexual harassment

Dan Patrick denies Senate Democrats a seat in Texas budget talks

Apparently there is a run

Former Manager for International Airline Pleads Guilty to Acting As an Agent of the Chinese Governme

Texas police union calls for Dallas DA's removal over his plan not to prosecute certain crimes

All you need to understand about Attorney General Barrs' credibility is that Mueller will not be at

Parents Drop Lawsuit Seeking To Restrict Transgender Locker Room Access At Palatine District 211


"'Stop Sanders' Democrats Are Agonizing Over His Momentum"

U.S. Aid Agency Is Preparing To Lay Off Most Local Staff For Palestinian Projects

Merkley: Barr is so deep in Trump's pocket he'll show up tomorrow with lint in his hair

"Lightly redacted" Mueller report to include "blow by blow" of Trump's "tweets, private threats"

50% Renewables Bill Passes NV Senate, Unanimously

Where is Mueller?

Rick Wilson's plans for tomorrow

The notion that a sitting president can't be subpoenaed or indicted is bs.

Barr's opening statement, tomorrow:

What Barr is doing........

Obama Alumni for Buttigieg

Seth Abramson: Dems should respond to Barr & WH by unleashing ALL subpoenas TONIGHT

Action NOW

Internet Explorer zero-day lets hackers steal files from Windows PCs

Here's what Barr press conference will be about I predict

Telangana (India) to add 1,000 MW solar power capacity in 6-8 months: Official

This all feels so Soviet

If Republicans are silent in all of this...?

Offshore Wind Farms Are Spinning Up in the US--At Last

The Justice Department is reportedly preparing to go after the author of Trump-Russia dossier

Aeon to shift malls to solar power without shouldering initial costs


Impeach Barr

In Mueller report is evidence of a conspiracy, obstruction of justice: Judge Napolitano

Judiciary chair lays out 4 charges against Bill Barr -- that sound like Articles of Impeachment

Call then what they are

My Trump voting sister told me tonight

TCM Schedule for Saturday, April 20, 2019 -- What's On Tonight: Best of the Essentials

You do realize dear peeps that to each and every outrageous event, the GOP

SNL should get john goodman to play barr. LOL nt

Florida House OKs bill requiring parental abortion consent

My cat Ziggy deserves an Oscar

What If Faux Noise Covered Dotard the Way It Covered Obama?

Why did Flynn get off so easy?

Why aren't the dems sending mueller a subpoena? Why is barr holding a press conference?

WATCH: Raging Texas man abuses and threatens Arab store employee -- then gets his comeuppance

Please take note. Robert Mueller and his team are literally NOT STANDING BY William Barr

Texas Has A New Favorite Energy Source

Nancy should have the House Sergeant at Arms arrest Barr at his press conference and frog march...

Perry Will Leave As Energy Secretary

Terry McAuliffe won't run for president

Wonder how much money Trump bribed Barr with

I would be very happy with Harris/Pete combo with Joe as Secretary of state

If the Democratic Party doesn't get tougher and soon

Not one damn word

This is an interesting thing to watch, people selling their souls to the Devil.

Help me make a playlist of songs heard on commercials.

Question for Barr presser. "Do you worry about criminal charges being


Former Michigan trooper convicted in teen's Taser death

Does anyone know what website this is?

I sense a sea change at Fox News.

US revokes Colombian congressman's visa "in retaliation of" embassy meeting leak

Trump's false claim about windmills, noise and cancer defended by Koch-backed blog

Remember the Paul Is Dead rumor?

Where is Mueller?

Cuba Decision Will Isolate U.S. From Allies, Congressman Says

Seth Meyers - President Trump Reportedly Refers to Ivanka as "Baby" in Official Meetings - 4/16/19

Right now we have a President

Seth Meyers - Democrats Take on Corporate Profits and CEO Pay: A Closer Look

For the benefit of everyone, what sites are live streaming tomorrow?

The Undisputed Truth - Smiling Faces Sometimes

Imminent Demolition of 800-year-old sacred trees compared to Notre-Dame fire

Tweet of the Day

When one does jury service on, is there a way to know the final verdict???

No Terrorism charges for Coast Guard Officer...this really pisses me off

Nearly puking as I listen to this RW talk show host railing against AOC and Rashida Tlaib.

Mohamed Salah is named as one of Time magazine's 100 most influential people in the world

So when the Barr Redaction is releasd tomorrow, will it include details

Prediction: At Tomorrow's Press Conference, Barr Will Announce The Start of a Criminal Investigation

Notre-Dame de Paris : un probleme electrique a l'origine de l'incendie ?

Tino's tiny testicles have been terminated.

(don't) Tell me you didn't laugh the first time watching this

The white women of this country played a large part in electing tRump.

Has Trump hit the toilet yet to rage tweet?

Man caught walking into New York cathedral with full gas cans, lighters

Accused child molester Roy Moore leads Alabama Senate race after losing to Doug Jones in 2017

Researchers discover ancient giant 'lion' in Kenya

Trump aide Stephen Miller asked to testify on immigration to House panel

Wisconsin governor says he wants to renegotiate Foxconn contract

FCC set to block China Mobile bid to provide U.S. services

Creditor group seeks to wrest probing power from Puerto Rico board

I would like to use Barbara Jordan for my avatar.

The Ds are ten steps ahead of Barr & tRump. Giving them plenty of rope

Boy, wouldn't it be great if suddenly Trump's groupies suddenly smelt blood...

Revealed: Brexit group covered up its targeting of right-wing extremists

Whenever I see Mitch McConnell, I think "How the hell does he put

Rick Scott Has a Question for Socialist-Friendly Sanders Supporters: Why Don't You Move to Venezuela

'Decades of denial': major report finds New Zealand's environment is in serious trouble

Facebook teams with rightwing Daily Caller in factchecking program

Macron's gilets jaunes speech is pivotal after Notre Dame disaster

Why lightning often strikes twice

O.C. Man Arrested on Federal Charges Stemming from $72 Million Scheme to Smuggle Counterfeit Cell Ph

How to Stop Grazing on Public Lands: Buy Out the Permits

Water Pipeline Workers Stumble Across Dozens of Iron Age Skeletons

Cave Paintings Suggest Ancient Humans Understood the Stars Much Better Than We Thought

Watchdog calls for UK's big four accountancy firms to be split up

(opinion) Britain will have its second referendum - at the EU elections on 23 May

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/17/19

Stephen Colbert - Politico's Anna Palmer & Jake Sherman: Both Parties Bet Big On Mueller's Report

Some online lenders charge 900% interest and ignore Virginia law. So borrowers are suing.

How will 627K drivers with suspended licenses get their privileges back under new law? Automatically

Warren, in Utah, pledges changes in national-monument policy

Evidence of rabbits in UK in Roman times, say academics

Most doctors are steering clear of Virginia's medical marijuana program

'They can't look to Northam:' O'Rourke's visit a sign of things to come for Democrats in 2019 races

Most Americans don't think Trump will be cleared

Rocket launches from Wallops Island with student-inspired satellites from Richmond-area schools

Pete Buttigieg impersonator whips Jesus in bizarre anti-gay protest

Capitol Police sergeant fired in wake of review of white supremacy accusations

Justice Dept. to release two versions of redacted Mueller report

Dallas Woodhouse to leave his position at NC GOP

Rev. Barber is once again allowed in North Carolina's legislative building after judge lifts ban

With Ferguson City Council Seat, Activist Fran Griffin Hopes To 'Move Ferguson Forward'

The DOJ is handing out CD's of the redacted Mueller Report tomorrow after Barr's spin cycle. CD's. W

Former activist Judy Clark granted parole after nearly 40 years in prison over armored truck robbery

Senators are acting on 3 education bills affecting testing, reading and teacher shortages

Isner, Boyd running for Democratic Party chair

Unplanned is anti-abortion propaganda. Its success at the box office should scare us all

77 Years Ago Today; 30 Seconds Over Tokyo

Pet supply retailer to create 1,200 jobs at new $55 million facility near Charlotte

Barr will go after Steele

'Born-alive' abortion bill wins final passage in North Carolina

'Imagine if Comey had given the Clinton campaign a private briefing before he publicly trashed her

I'm not watching the Barr shitfest...Wish the media would ignore him until they have the report. Nt

North Korea calls for Pompeo to be dropped from talks; tests tactical weapon

Opinion: How climate change could trigger the next financial crisis

ACLU: NC's "Ballooning" Court Costs Criminalize Poverty, Cost Counties

Last night, Trump tweeted Breitbart, as well as McConnell's "re-elect Mitch" propaganda video

Trump policy of less safety and more offshore drilling is 'a recipe for disaster'

Here's What We Know--And Don't Know--About the Explosion That Shook Downtown Durham Last Week

Climate Change Was The Engine That Powered Hurricane Maria's Devastating Rains

DOJ confirms active Julian Assange investigation

DOJ confirms active Julian Assange investigation

Teachers to march again in Raleigh, but some lawmakers seem to be missing the message

New data shows 4% drop in Puerto Rico population since Maria

New data shows 4% drop in Puerto Rico population since Maria


An odd statue of Jesus

McConnell boasts about blocking Merrick Garland weeks after complaining of Democratic obstruction

Today Is a Bad Day for Trump

UNC students plan walk-out to protest racism, police policies on campus

Trump Tells Aides: 'Keep an Eye' on Fox News, Make Sure It Stays Loyal to Me

What would you tell your 18-year-old self?

My Thoughts on Beto by Thomas Mills

Irrigation In US Moving Steadily East; Area Irrigated Up 4% Since 2012; GA, MO, MI, MN, MS, More

No ICE Arrests In Courthouses Without Judicial Warrants, N.Y. Court Directive Says

No ICE Arrests In Courthouses Without Judicial Warrants, N.Y. Court Directive Says

O'Rourke Stays Away from TV

Less Snow In Yukon Means Less Hydropower, More Diesel & LNG Electrical Generation This Summer

Barr has something up his sleeve. When he has this press conference, I suspect that he

Interstate 40 closed by rockslide in western N.C. should reopen fully in May

American Airlines jet "nearly crashed" during takeoff at JFK last week

Congresswoman exposes Trump's disgusting, 'unhealthy' tent city

How much secrecy was there around reports of Clinton scandals - Travelgate? Filegate? Whitewater?

🔸April 18 Senator Sanders - SC Legislative Black Caucus Town Hall

N.C. Zoo's alpha female chimp Maggie dies at 46. She was the last member of original chimpanzee

Meanwhile in MAGA Land

Democrats' options in regards to Mueller Report

Benjamin Netanyahu and the Death of the Zionist Dream

George Galloway criticised after giving backing to Nigel Farage's Brexit Party in European elections

Immigration differences bring John Cornyn, Ted Cruz and Joaquin Castro to Austin

Bernie Sanders: Here's what has to change in South Carolina and the nation

North Korea says it no longer wants to deal with Pompeo in nuclear talks

Thursday TOONs -- Transparency! Practically see-through! (and by "practically" I mean "totally")

Portrait in Paint

Will Trump remove Pompeo to make his buddy in DPRK happy?

The Latest: Indonesian president says he won re-election

High-Deductible Health Policies Linked To Delayed Diagnosis And Treatment

North Korea leader Kim will meet Putin in Russia later this month: Kremlin

GOP lawmaker makes pitch for sales tax increase

U.N. urges resolving fate of 2,500 foreign children at Syria camp

U.N. urges resolving fate of 2,500 foreign children at Syria camp

Hidden Art

FOIA Judge May View Full Mueller Report And Release It To The Media

Samsung's folding phone breaks for reviewers

Buttigieg in Des Moines: 1,600 attend rally planned for 50 people

Trump's comment about Barr being so wonderful and special and "grabbing it by the horn"

The Problem with America

Is FAITH compatible with REASON?

Baby Lesser Flamingos saved in South Africa

The best video I have (ever) seen of our president (1940)

Cartoon: A Calvinesque and Hobbesian look at a magical journey from President to Dictator

Play reporter: What would you ask Barr today?

Health Stocks Crumble as Fears of 'Medicare for All' Snowball

An hour and 15 minutes away from the Barr sideshow and Trump seems to be handling it well

Krugman on Center for American Progress smears by one Dem Primary campaign

Pelosi Urges Mueller to Testify Publicly to 'Restore Trust' in Handling of Report

My ode to Robert Mueller

Keep in mind, when you're reading the "rebuttal report"

Trump's new Cuba crackdown puts US at odds with Canada and Europe

A man was arrested with gas cans and lighters at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York

Attorney says Cohen can 'fill in the bulk' of Mueller report redactions

Democracy is not guaranteed and it is not inevitable.

Matthew 5:18

Barnes and Noble offers free download of Mueller report

The Rundown: April 17, 2019

Art of the Week: Week of 4/17/19

Family of Bill Mantlo, Co-Creator of Rocket Raccoon and Cloak & Dagger, Create Fundraising Campaign

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 4/17/2019

North Korea rejects Pompeo from nuclear dialogue: KCNA

A view of Ocasio-Cortez from France

Mayor Pete on Morning Joe today, answering question. He did very well except for the abortion

""A Message From the Future With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez," a 7-minute film"

The orange man leaves for Florida this afternoon.

Cross-post "A Message From the Future With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez"

Trump is giving Fox News free advertising.

Bernie Sanders Released His Tax Returns. He's Part of the 1%.

Two criticisms about Morning Joe

30 minutes away from one of the largest televised

Atlanta Falcons do a Game of Thrones intro for their schedule

Video Link: Behind the Scenes: Senator Bernie Sanders Town Hall

Baby Orca does belly flops

NO minds will be changed

Terry McAuliffe won't run for president

This is Brilliant!!!!!!

If Trump Feels He Is Truely Exonerated By This Mueller Report - Then Why Have His Lawyers.....

6 a.m. on the west coast

You can say it doesn't matter, but THIS QUESTION is being asked by millions of Americans:

Establishment Dems Start War on Bernie

Trump Refers to Fox News as "We"

The Notre Dame fire is a roofer's worst fear come to life

Arkansas To Remove Confederate Statue In U.S. Capitol, Add Johnny Cash, Daisy Bates

I expect some really significant dirt against Idiot to come out today.

If you're on Twitter please report this as threatening to Hillary, Lanny & Lawrence

When pizza trends go too far.

Brains, brio, beauty -- and wounded feelings

Billbarr Baggman: guarding his preciousssssss ssssecretssssss

Does anybody know where my keys are?

ActBlue Still Raising Money For Michael Avenatti

Poll: Church membership in US plummets over past 20 years

So I added some banana peel to my clematis growing up the mailbox

Republicans boldly explore new frontiers of voter suppression

"Listen, my children, and you shall hear...."

Pier 1 Imports to close up to 145 stores in yet another attempt to stall steep decline

Rhino in glasses is

What was it?

Could Al Franken Make a Comeback? Amy Klobuchar Said Former Senator Has A Third Act

Is Rosenstein wearing a wire today?

Poll: Church membership in US plummets over past 20 years


Sending out a Thank You to Those Posting in Support


who's the guy in the beard to the left Barr? n/t

Pelosi, Schumer Call For Special Counsel Mueller to Provide Public Testimony In House And Senate

Rosenstein looks like a hostage

Do ya think that guy behind Barr knows he looks like Rick Gates?!


william barr's statement

Somebody please just release the whole Mueller report! nt

Liar Liar Pants on Fire! "Russia I hope you can find Hillary's emails."

GRRR. Right off the bat, some male reporter interrupted a female reporter as she was trying

Why is Elton John announcing the release of the Mueller Report?

Arkansas To Remove Confederate Statue In U.S. Capitol, Add Johnny Cash, Daisy Bates

Kamala Harris - Our America

French Onion Soup Recipe!

In Nixonian terms

How Many Times Did He Say No Collusion

So America is officially a dictatorship now?

MSNBC ripping Barr a new one.

Tony Motolla was born on this date.

Facebook "unintentionally" stole private info from users and used it for targeted ads.

Barr press conference 'The President, donald j. trump, IS ABOVE THE LAW'

Barr would not be speaking if the report wasn't devastating for Trump

The headline should read, Barr and Mueller disagree on Obstruction of Justice

Gatemouth Brown was born on this date.

"Game Over"?

Nadler requesting Mueller to appear before congress ASAP!

College bus company accused of mocking Asian students settles lawsuit from attorney general

is there going to be an official barr thread? nt

Nadler requests Mueller appear before HJC

I wish the press had asked:

What Barr ... DID NOT ... Say: Barr never said there was no ***CONSPIRACY*** of any kind

Why wouldn't Barr answer Congress if the White House had seen the report if it is law that a person

Turley is on CBS network spinning for Barr

REPORTER: "Why isn't Robert Mueller here? It's his report." BARR: "No it's not."

CD or DVD? - Mueller Report

Have you seen what this fucking traitor has tweeted now???

Can We Stop Retail Apocalypse Before America Loses More Jobs?

Bernie Sanders Releases 10 Years of Tax Returns


Barr gave the full unredacted Mueller Report to the White House

WHY MAY 23rd? Chairman Nadler requests Mueller appear before his committee

How can we get the Mueller report when it's released?

So, can we finally stop hoping Republicans will act in the best interest of the country?

The only good news is that Barr is a total bore

So Russia contacts his campaign

"Sincere belief"

So was that their last best chance to spin this thing?

I saw something disturbing on an NBA playoff game

FULL MOON tonight, so NO WONDERS about the LUNACY!

At what fucking point should Glenn Greenwald return his Pulitzer?

When Mueller Testifies Before Congress - Will He.....

FULL MOON tonight, so NO WONDERS about the LUNACY!

Just made my FOIA Request

Barr is 100% trump's private PR rep.


Barr needs to be impeached

I really hope they screw up the redactions.

"Law is just a three-letter word." . . . Please come CAPTION Attorney General William P. Barr!!!

At This Critical Juncture, it's Imperative All the Mainstream Media Loudly Call Out this Criminality

I did not forget that Mueller is a "life-long republican"

Ari Melber-The "anger defense" doesn't hold water

Bernie Sanders: Here's what has to change in South Carolina and the nation

Note: Congress is on recess until April 29th.

Barr did not announce an investigation into counter intelligence probe?

Circus Animals On Their Way To Their New Life

A Tale of Two Reports

From Speaker Pelosi tweeted this

The problem with TV and movies today: Too many remakes, not enough originality.

Naked toddler near IHOP leads to arrest of passed out adults

Deaf Pittie Becomes Obsessed With Surfing

Hey! There is going to be a party at Mara A Lago!

Barr's daughter and son in-law work for Trump don't they?

The worst part

Fox's Chris Wallace: Barr sounded like a counselor to Trump rather than AG

How Bernie Sanders Thinks He'll Win the Nomination

Which Democratic Presidential Candidates Have Qualified for the First Debates?

"Edelweiss" was being played as we walked into the @WhiteHouse

Can Barr be charged with obstruction?

Puppy Lost After Typhoon Is About To See Her Family Again

msnbc reporting that trump is going to speak...soon

If the Madman takes questions at this appearance, it will be the predictable shitshow.

Let's Get Ready To Rumble......

The Most Remarkable Part of Barr's Press Conference Had Nothing to Do With the Facts

McConnell Trolls Obama on Campaign Website

***Full text of Barr's remarks this morning***

Despite Barr's lies, what about all the money laundering investigations etc?

10 Episodes of conduct

Jonathan Swan: Trump's personal lawyer Jay Sekulow just told me he first saw the Mueller report on..

Worrying trend with Senator Sanders' supporters

EIA expects 2019 summer average residential electricity use to be lowest in five years

Today is a good day for Trump

We need a "Daniel Elsberg" right now

It turns out, great white sharks are scared of something, too

High-Deductible Health Policies Linked To Delayed Diagnosis And Treatment

ACLU video on the Census citizenship question

Barr speaking out of both sides of his mouth does not negate the fact that..

The Impotence of "Stop Sanders" Democrats

Rep. Nadler:

Trump's Pink Floyd Defense

S.C. Senate insists on keeping 4-10 percent pay raise for teachers in budget

Bill Barr, Rod Rosenstein, Some Guy's Beard, Utterly Debase Themselves During Presser I Won't Repeat

And then and then and then

You know who else was worried about an investigation to the point it interfered with his job?

PDF of Mueller report, such as it is

Man tied to Russian agent conned investors, including past SC governor Sanford, for $2.3M


In fact, Trump refused to be interviewed

Pamela Brown: Mueller was unable to clear president on obstruction of justice.

Today, the Democrats number one excuse ends.

Liquid blood and urine have been found inside a prehistoric 42,000-year-old foal

Jim Acosta: Barr seems to have set a new legal standard...

man, it is gonna be a good day on du!!

Trump's team saw the Mueller report earlier this week.

Mueller was unable to conclude that "no criminal conduct occurred"

Ari was holding up the report on TV!

Barr lied:

God and War

"I'm fucked"

State employee illegally looked at tax returns, South Carolina Department of Revenue says

NPR copy of Mueller report

What do you think?

Gee, why did tRump think he was effed when told a special prosecutor was assigned to investigate?

If only Hillary was more upset about her investigations

Mueller Report Is Released: Live Updates

High Schooler Becomes 'Mom' To Tiniest Donkey Who Needed A Friend

The attorney general just pre-spun the Mueller report for Trump

South Carolina senator blocking tax breaks for Carolina Panthers offers compromise

Are our congress people really going to stay on vacation the next 10 days?

Not a conspirator, just a willing useful idiot

Buzzfeed: Australia ready to confirm key meeting between Papadopolous and diplomat.

"Harm to ongoing matters" or HOM...there are massive redactions in the Mueller report

Trump PERSONALLY received a call about the emails, after which Trump told a campaign aide "more

You raised $20.00 on April 17, 2019 Act Blue POTUS donation links CORRECTION

The Redacted Mueller Report


What happened to Dems in Congress?

Looks like we have an 18 minute gap

We are not going to learn the truth until Mueller and his people testify before congress.

So If I'm Understanding This Correctly.....

Wow: Trump PERSONALLY received a call about the emails

Mueller on obstruction - says it's up to Congress to decide, unable to clear Trump on obstruction.

Did anyone really doubt that Barr would redact

Scientists establish a link between religious fundamentalism and brain damage

I am running the Mueller Report through an OCR scan...

In my opinion the Mueller report is screaming, Impeachment Hearings.


Trump ordered McGahn to deny Trump tried to fire Mueller. McGahn wouldn't.

UPDATE: The matter of Jeff Sessions (presumedly perjury to congress): They CLEARED HIM

Did the Assange arrest go down now

I just saw a bumper sticker that read:

'No obstruction': Trump uses Wounded Warrior event to paint himself as the victim of Mueller

During campaing Michael Cohen received text from Russian businessman saying "Stopped flow of tapes

#OTD in 1906, a devastating earthquake struck San Francisco

Probably the most famous person I've ever had an indepth conversation with is Janet Reno.

Do the various House Commitee heads get to see...

What did Idiot say? I was in the shower. n/t

Start the fucking impeachment proceedings

Grad Student Says UGA Wants Him Gone for His Political Speech

U.S. Dept of Justice Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In 2016 Election Vol. I

Lightly Redacted: There's a fatal flaw baked into the bombshell WaPo report on Barr's redactions

Trump: "Call Rod, tell Rod that Mueller has conflicts and can't be the Special Counsel."

When told SC had been appointed Trump said: 'Oh my God. ... end of my Presidency. I'm fucked.'"

Here's a searchable version of the Mueller Report

NEW: Mueller's team has referred 14 investigations to other US attorney's offices.

If only HRC had been angry. Republicans would have decided that she must be innocent.

Marianne Williamson: "The evolution from what do I want...."

a smoking gun that proves Barr lied about no Americans colluding with Russia

Never forget that the Russians interfered with the 2016 election

It's clear, The mueller report is a blue print for impeachment.

I'd love for Hillary to have a press conference discussing the report.

Trump directed Flynn to find Clinton's emails, Flynn reached out to Grassley's staffer & PETER SMITH

"Lightly redacted" my ass!

William Barr Might As Well Have Been Wearing A MAGA Hat At The Mueller Briefing

I thought that graphic Trump tweeted earlier could use a makeover

The White House Rebuttal Report.....

I believe that all the conclusions

Can anyone explain why lyin' Brian hosts these serious programs

Buttigieg plays the religion card

It looks like Mueller was Blocked from Investigating Obstruction


Roger Stone admitted to collusion in deleted tweet:

CNN: Trump told his White House lawyer to remove Mueller. He refused.

epic blatant in-your-face corruption - stupidly and obviously executed

heard on MSNBC: this report is a roadmap to Congress for impeachment

Buttigieg versus Trump

Lindsey Graham 'not interested' in calling Mueller to testify before Judiciary Committee

Even redacted, it seems like the Mueller report is only the end of the beginning.

tRump's gonna get off "on technicalities"

If You Live In Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania or Minnesota

Say what, Jay Sekulow?

this is a section that is going to be spun to a massive degree by Trump-dumpsters

Today's Fox News Full Page Ad in Washington Post about Sanders' Town Hall

Why Trump has denied Russian interference

MUELLER: "Our investigation found multiple acts by the President that were capable of exerting..."

This might be handy: How to convert images in a pdf into searchable text.

Nicolle Wallace is doing a kick-ass job on MSNBC this morning

Joyce Vance MSNBC delivers ultimate bottom line: trump failed his oath of office

Here's How Many Bernie Sanders Supporters Ultimately Voted For Trump

What's Troubling To Me Is That There Are Numerous People In Our Government That.....

Mueller report shows Trump campaign deleted potential evidence

Mueller Report Finds Trump Tried to Control Russia Investigation

House Judiciary Chair Jerrold Nadler calls special counsel Robert Mueller to testify by May 23...

entire GOP and conservative media making 100% coordinated social media posts this morning

There's a Tiny, Bright Magnetar Photobombing Our Galaxy's Supermassive Black Hole

MSNBC: "Let's just say that some of the Trump campaign was 'collusion-curious'...."

"Let's wait to see the report." OK, we've seen the report. Next?

If the Robert Mueller Report had, in fact, exonerated Donald Trump,

Something good today - all of the atheletes who have received the Presidential Medal of Freedom...

Those who subscribe to WAPO, they are doing real-time annotating to the Mueller Report...

Trump used Reagan defense thirty times in written responses

I Sure Do Hope That The Dems In Congress Are Reviewing This Report In Detail And.....

Lots of Bernie supporters are swing voters, whether you like it or not.

Tesla gets the nod from VW for 'proving electric cars are here to stay'

Um....maybe the thought process is that the Madman thinks Americans won't bother to read the report?

Democrats were just handed their main 2020 issue...

Doesnt Speaker Pelosi realize what would happen if this was a Democratic president instead of Trump?

Caption time.

MSNBC: Mueller Couldn't Investigate President Based on DOJ Policy

"Katy Bar the Door" was on their playlist. They set the bar so low... How low did they set it?

I created a searchable Mueller Report PDF (preserving formatting)...

DU Lawyers and legal scholars. Doesn't an attempt at Obstruction fall under Inchoate Crimes?

PETER SMITH was contacted by Michael Flynn to find the deleted Clinton emails

Baghdad Barr

Mueller identified numerous links between the Russian gov't and the Trump campaign...

Bernie Sanders turns to Fox viewers in bid for voters

This is a very damning report

The Mueller Report, annotated - WAPO Staff

Hmmmmm.... tRump ain't tweetin'... I don't think Barr's BS worked. Must be back in the war room...

Senator Burr was a back channel to the White House feeding Trump information from the Senates'

The Gothic Strength of Notre Dame: Today's LA Times

The misogynist trolls attacking Dr. Katie Bouman are the tip of the trashpile

Barr is staking his reputation and legacy on the fascist coup's success.

I Hope When This Whole Ordeal Is Behind Us That.....

Bernie Sanders beat Beto O'Rourke in a key fundraising measure

Now we have not only a criminally corrupt president, but now his attorney general is consigliere

Neal Katyal: "Must look at p2 of Report." He's discussing this now on MSNBC.

The misogynist trolls attacking Dr. Katie Bouman are the tip of the trashpile

The misogynist trolls attacking Dr. Katie Bouman are the tip of the trashpile

So what if AG Barr gave Trump a heads up on the investigation.

I'm afraid to turn on msnbc. Gonna hide right here and keep my happy mood and read DU headlines.

Schiff calls on Mueller to testify before the House Intelligence Committee.

"Putin has won."

According Gates, Trump campaign was planning media strategy/messaging based on WL release

The misogynist trolls attacking Dr. Katie Bouman are the tip of the trashpile

How many Republicans in Congress will read the Mueller Report?

"I'm f*cked"

Sears sues former CEO Edward Lampert, claiming he stripped $2B in assets as it headed to bankruptcy

Rebuilding Notre Dame: The next steps for Paris's famous cathedral

Excellent (unrolled) Twitter thread about damning details in the Mueller report;

My synopsis of the Mueller's report!

Mueller's report could revive attempts to impeach Trump

this report proves trump is absolutely unfit to be president

Redactions, visualized

Did you notice the Mueller Report was released as image files, not text, so you can't search.

I had such a weird dream the other night

Time to begin an Impeachment Inquiry

All Republicans and Trump cultists

The boston bean summary of the Mueller Report

Lindsey Graham: "Impeachment is not about punishment. It's about restoring honor and integrity."

The Special Counsel Law was created to go around the Attorney General.

Question: How do we know that what has been released as the Mueller Report

I slept 'til noon today.

Delicious: George Conway tweets on Sarah Sander's lies (and her Mueller testimony)

Dems blast Barr's 'campaign press conference' for Trump

Fox news does post the report. Trying to down-play it. Here are their headlines:(no links)


We'll likely 'never see a more godly' president than Trump, Michele Bachmann says...

UPDATE: The National Enquirer is being sold for $100 million to James Cohen, CEO of Hudson News

guaranteed: GOP will attempt impeachment of the next Dem president no matter what

How is this not conspiracy (implicit)?

Read the Redacted Mueller report here

Here's what Barr cut off in "quoting" Meuller for his 4 page letter: (what a liar)

trump knows "anyone who is going to buy this no-collusion dog food

'Game over' ? I don't think so Trump. Congress is ready for ya

Trump is guilty of this crime in plain sight: 18 U.S. Code  3. Accessory after the fact

Richard Burr Needs To Explain His Back Channel To WH Role

Slate: William Barr Has Failed America

TRUMP before country, Party before country, message above substance, win by any means whatsoever.

Who saved Notre Dame? Its builders

"Page 220: Congress may apply the obstruction laws to the President's corrupt exercise of..."

i have been holding on to my POSTCARDS TO CONGRESS PROGRAM...

Musician brings unique volunteering approach to animal shelter

Has the subpoena for the full report been submitted yet?

The "No Collusion" Sentence quoted in full is quite damning.

'Not my Jesus': Christian students protest Pence, alarming conservatives

QUESTION: Is attempted obstruction of justice against the law?

Tune in tomorrow when Trump says...

US Slides Down Annual Press Freedom Ranking,With Watchdog Calling Nation 'Problematic' for Reporters

North Korean leader Kim to meet Russia's Putin this month

Wake up America and smell the coffee! What we should all now know from Trump / Mueller

US Slides Down Annual Press Freedom Ranking, With Watchdog Calling Nation 'Problematic' for Reporter

Baghdad Donald says

German Nazi camp guard, 92, charged as accessory to thousands of murders

Mueller's report is a call to action for Congress

Reince Priebus -- then WH Chief of Staff -- learned about the Trump Tower meeting from Sean Hannity

Our party leadership in the House

Trumps answers to Mueller's written questions...' I do not recall'.

Boeing CEO takes 737 MAX test flight over Seattle

Sarah Suckabee - admitted to Mueller that she lied

Page 72: Sarah Huckabee Sanders, pants on fire.

Facebook bans 12 'dangerous' British far-right groups and individuals

Deported migrant parents return for their children months after separations

On June 17, 2017, Oranges called Don McGahn and told him to call the acting AG and remove Mueller.

My nagging fear is that while our government is in disarray

Blackstone CEO wants US to raise minimum wage, eliminate taxes for teachers

Read the full (redacted) report - link to DOJ-PDF (448 pages)

Potent Quotables for 1000 Alex. Post your excerpts here:

"Mr President, you've lied 10 thousand times, why should we believe you now?"

QUESTION: How Do We Know Russia Isn't Aiding Trumps Campaign Right Now!?!?

Told of appointment of special counsel, he said: 'This is the end of my presidency'

Have any democratic leaders given any statements yet?

"a damning account of a wildly successful Russian influence campaign"

vol 2 pg 2 #3

Couple give Nazi Salute at Holocaust Memorial and WWII Memorial in Providence

When quoting page numbers in the Mueller report, please note...

Swalwell calls for Barr to resign

I know nothing should shock me.

Mueller: Trump pressured McGahn to deny reports he was asked to fire Mueller

Very bad day for Trump, according to no partisan message boards I post on

The Gofund me site is starting to bug me.......I did send a contribution to the churches

*****FiNALISTS in our April Contest+++++ Please vote for your Favorite, let's determine the Winners

Karl Rove: Bernie Sanders Could Win This Time

*****The Finals are up for the APRIL CONTEST +++++ Please vote

Barr defends Trump on obstruction, says he faced 'unprecedented' situation

In honor of National High Five Day: Senior Cat Learns How To High-Five -- It Helps Her Get Adopted

Mueller will educate the Congress on the Constitution.

Michael Cohen can fill in the "bulk" of the redactions in Mueller report.

Graham says he's 'not interested' in Mueller testifying

Is anybody adventurous enuf to see how Fox is spinning?

Looks like Ms. Heffernan's source was onto something a few weeks ago.

The report is great news for all of us. No , we did not hallucinate the past two years.

Giuliani: Trump lawyers saw Mueller report Tuesday as they prepared rebuttal

Hillary Clinton is the legitimate president. nt

Why did Trump cry "I'm f#$cked!" on Spec Counsel appt news if he was innocent of criminality?

Voters react to Bernie Sanders Town Hall

Kremlin official called Hope Hicks' cell phone at 3am on election night to convey message from Putin

I want to see more Democratic Party representatives on TV talking about this...

Video of Mueller Report released

Wowza: Seth Abramson's real time discussion of Mueller report unrolled

Barr Releases Catatonic Mueller After Removing All Sensitive Material From Special Counsel's Brain

Rep. Jackie Speier MSNBC "The Attorney General has been corrupted"

Investigation if there was a crime uncovered other crimes in the Trump Admin.

Pee tape in the Mueller report?

There doesn't have to be an underlying crime to commit obstruction

FBI suspects Russians hacked 'at least one' Florida county, Mueller report says

Statement of Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) Senior most member of the Judiciary Committee

Facebook bans UK far right groups and leaders

The Mueller Report Audiobook

On page 140, it speaks of the meeting at the Havana Club in NYC...

I heard on MSNBC that the polling data given to

'Three strikes' life in prison law changed by Legislature

Has anyone counted how many times the Mueller report says something like "While DOJ

Subpoena the full report

Billionaires raced to pledge money to rebuild Notre Dame. Then came the backlash.

Booker tweets out searchable version of Mueller report to counter White House

Image of greatest college study session ever: the MSNBC gang around the table with multiple copies

BREAKING NEWS **Nadler about to make a speech**

Nixon redacting his transcripts

Mueller: Obstruction by Trump failed because others refused to "carry out orders"

Cartoons 4/18/19

MSNBC: Mueller Decided Not To Subpoena Trump For Fear Of "SUBSTANTIAL DELAY"

was listening to NPR in the car near

HBO pokes at Trump over 'Game of Thrones'-themed post

I went out to Barnes & Noble looking for something else & found this on the homepage

Clinton impeachment.....did Democrats hold both chambers?? House and Senate??

A sweet tweet a gal named Sophie sent donnie jr:

Mueller delivered an impeachment case with ribbon and a bow

A blind eye is the same as being a traitor!

Mara A Lago bound!

On continuing investigations/potential indictments: Note this point from Seth Abramson's analysis

Barr is acting more like Trump's defense attorney than the nation's Attorney General.

What The Mueller Report Says About The Trump 'Pee Tape' Rumors

Kellyanne Conway declares Mueller report's release 'best day' since Trump's election

One passing mention to Konstantin Rykov in the report.

Wondering non-release of counter report is signal that it's inadequate and needs rework...

Journalist Michael Cohen Tweeting Up A Storm Of Evidence

Sarah Sanders Admitted to the Special Counsel that She Lied About Comey

Nadler on now n/t

Ted Lieu to Barr: "There was corrupt intent all over the place."

Sarah Huckabee Sanders pleads "slip of the tongue"

🐦 April 24 at 5PM CDT - Rally in Houston with Bernie Sanders

One step closer to a dictatorship? Was Plato right?

Thanks Obama!

Went over to the alternate universe at fox and they are attacking Nadler now and saying Barr

Our "stable genius" of a "president"...

I'm not brave---how is this being reported on cable

'A Woman Of No Importance' Finally Gets Her Due

So what the hell was redacted????.

We need only one bumper sticker for 2020, and it's one that

My cousin said she is going to make a t-shirt that says..."End of my presidency.I'm F***ED!"

Bottom line, is there enough information in the report to launch a congressional investigation?

Fitzmas? Lol. O ye of little faith...

Mueller effectively says 'I was never going to accuse POTUS of Criminal Conspiracy in this report'

Can Congress subpoena tRump to testify?

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr was a backchannel for the White House.

Imo, Barr gave the WH Muellers report days or weeks before Congress got it.

I am not a big Ari fan, but he has done a great job with explaining the report.

trump using presidency to shield himself from prosecution for stealing the presidency

The moron's kids and Jared are off the hook

Barr is making all sorts of unforced errors. How long until bum appoints another AG?

This just in

As Our Lives Slowly Fade Away...

Saturday, 04/20/2019, is an entry fee-free day at all @NatlParkService sites to kick off NP Week

Florida strawberry farmers using robots to pick fruit, control mildew

Impeachment is required. Force every Repuke to either side with

Green material for refrigeration identified

With the revelation of Burr playing Nunes on the Senate side, impeachment is off the table...

FINALLY - NYT Gets A Headline Right.

Easter pancakes


Hydrotherapy for Elephants

Waxing Gibbous--April 17, 2019.

After the Barr Letter, Rachel Maddow argued the actual report was a guide for impeachment.

Let's remember, THIS is what Barr allowed to seen publicly. Surely there is hotter stuff that is

Read the Mueller Report: Full Document NYT

Have any Republican Senators or Reps commented yet?

Sarah Sanders Admitted to the Special Counsel That She Lied About Comey

The Bottom Line

Warren, Markey, Pressley To Join SUNRISE NATL-TOUR Kick Off; *Green New Deal, AOC Video

I don't know about the rest of you, but I think a President who says "I'm f***ed" is guilty.

Georgia Gov. Kemp signs medical marijuana bill

Blackwater founder Erik Prince helped fund effort tied to obtaining Clinton's emails

So about the white guy who was in StPatricks with gas cans and lighters...

The Mueller Report Is an Impeachment Referral (Yoni Appelbaum, The Atlantic)

Tyson Foods' top executive attacked Bernie in the Des Moines Register. Now, Bernie is fighting back:

Republicans are actively seeking a dictatorship

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 35

Flynn reached out to Grassley staffer Barbara Ledeen, who attempted to obtain emails from hackers

Union Pacific Halts $550 Million Texas Project

House Majority Leader: [Hoyer] "Impeachment is not worthwhile at this point"

Every redaction pictured here.

Grand Jury Report Implicates Trump on Obstruction

I think I can now say with confidence that the orange asshole is now in a world of shit. :)

Cory Booker calls for Kemp election probe, talks Southern strategy

I like Nicole Wallace and am glad she's on twice today, so there!!!

Sanders Admitted She Lied to Media About Comey Firing

A needed smile - Smug pupper

Take a deep breath. It's spring!

Schiff speaking on MSNBC now! Nt

Adam Schiff on MSNBC ripping Barr a new one

Warren, Markey, Pressley To Join SUNRISE NATL-TOUR Kick Off; *Green New Deal, AOC Video

A Republican Changed His Mind About Bernie

2:30 p.m.: Kellyanne Conway: "We're accepting apologies today, too, for anybody who feels the grace

I sure hope Mark Warner makes a statement today... I'd sure like to hear his opinion on Burr...

If your dog or cat could text you....

Just a heads up. Schiff to be on Maddow tonight. I had not known that.

msnbc and cnn both cut away from Adam Schiff.

Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Other Candidates React to Mueller Report

We need to see something unprecedented in politics. We need

These facts are not in dispute:

Fox News, Ann Coulter, and Karl Rove.. oh my.

Mother nature's fury.

Pete Buttigieg fuses liberalism and tradition

A Kremlin official called Hope Hicks' cell ph at 3am on elec night to convey a message from Putin!

Robert Mueller now appears to be the person of integrity most people believed he was,

State panel says Griffin judge should be removed from bench

Mayor Pete would like Phish to play his presidential inauguration

I think Maddow deserves a victory lap today.

What do your pets do in thunderstorms?

Lets Initiate Impeachment

Booker tweets out searchable version of Mueller report to counter White House

The Mueller Report Is an Impeachment Referral

Cory Booker unveils plan for new and expanded Voting Rights Act

House chair to subpoena for full Mueller report

Cory Booker names Upstate radio personality to his SC campaign staff

DU help please: 2 questions as per Barr's crap fest.

Heard on MSNBC

Orange Marshmallow Does Not Peep: Trump heads to Mar-a-Lago, silently walks past reporters

What's for Dinner, Thurs., April 18, 2019

A House-Size Asteroid Zipped by Earth Today

Sen. Klobuchar, in Manchester Friday, to hold commuter rail roundtable with Mayor Craig

Manafort conspired with Konstantin Kilimnik

So, according to this, tRump knew about hacking beforehand....

Barr is auditioning for the SCOTUS

The Obstruction prevented proof of Collusion/Conspiracy

Adam Schiff Holds Press Conference on Redacted Mueller Report

Joe Biden rallies with striking Stop & Shop workers

My better angel says impeach the effer.

The Mueller report's collusion section is much worse than you think

Warren, Biden Side With Workers in Massive Grocery Strike

CNN explains Barr giving White House advance copy of report. Barr can't get his counsels straight...

Mueller lays out obstruction evidence against Trump

Inslee Calls for Climate Change-Only Democratic Debate; Gillibrand Endorses

Rachel Maddow persuasively argued that OLC opinion does NOT prevent indictment

Live updates: Mueller rejects argument that Trump is shielded from obstruction laws

The phrase "No Collusion" is the new...

Some Whitewater asshole on Jake Tapper

Adam Schiff : ''they are unquestionably dishonest, unethical, immoral, and unpatriotic."

For Jay Inslee, a methodical buildup to a long 2020 campaign

Not one station is showing Barr - not one

"Well, House Democrats, the truth is that he isn't 'fucked' until you do your job."

Brazil farmer arrested again in American missionary's murder

Barr sounds like he is playing Trump's personal attorney rather than the country's attorney

Brazil farmer arrested again in American missionary's murder

Can someone help me bring the goalposts back in from the parking lot.

NOW! It's time for impeachment proceedings in the House.

He did nothing wrong, I think!

Day 1, Give the Storm a Chance to Grow..

...just saw a bumper sticker

Question: Can Democrats in the House continue the Mueller investigation

If Trump's not worthy of impeachment, maybe we should just cut out the clause entirely?

Bernie Sanders, who arrives shortly for 3 events in upstate S.C., is announcing 8 S.C. endorsements:

Steny Hoyer: "...going forward on impeachment is not worthwhile..."

What's with Rosenstein, standing there, like a manikin?

So the proof of Trump's obstruction....

Report: "I know nothing about WikiLeaks" Trump got a call from Stone in 2016 regarding Wikileaks

Time to Impeach Bill Barr?

Now, someone with all the dates and places frump bragged about wikileaks, and the times he

Cory Booker's direct link to a searchable version of The Mueller Report.

My Stop and Shop store workers are in the 7th day of their union's strike.

No, seriously- the argument that a President shouldn't be indict-able is completely ridiculous.

AOC: Sen. Graham himself established a standard that demands Trump's impeachment.

TSA & POC hair

Alfa Bank in Mueller Report

Greta Thunberg Warns Politicans, 'Time To Panic, Why 3 Brexit Mtgs, Notre Dame Thinking'

LIVE: Join us in Spartanburg, SC:

'19 of Trump's 22 written responses he claims not to recall specific details.' in #MuellerReport

Historically and technologically interesting, but also heart breaking.

Something I never understood about the e-mail hack.

🔥 Bernie Hosts SC Education and Criminal Justice Town Hall

Trump is trying to raise $1 million in 24 hours to celebrate today's second Barr "exoneration"

We are one SC Justice and The House away from a Banana Republic!

I'm warming up to Mayor Pete

It is amazing how a talking point becomes ubiquitous among the press - "Americans Want to Move On"

Reuters video of Trump's victory lap while addressing Wounded Warriors

Trump: "I could have fired everyone, including Mueller, if I wanted. I had the RIGHT..."

Uruguayan Implications Confirmed in Repressive Condor Plan

Mueller report ropes in Senate GOP

Kushner and Jr. could still be prosecuted -- in 2021 -- if Trump isn't President then.

Suspected cause of Notre-Dame fire revealed

Buttigieg to fundraise in DC with major Obama, Clinton bundlers next month

Mueller Report says Russians supported Sanders in 2016. Do they still support him for 2020?

Here's the most crucial paragraph from the Mueller report (Rawstory)

S o far Trump committed treason and got away with it.

We've gone from "how much is a brazilian" to "I'm fucked".

Kind people are everywhere. Hanky time!

Poll: Buttigieg surges into contention with Biden, Sanders

Chump thinks he's having a good day

So the Democrats wont move foward with Impeachment

Jim Carrey is securing himself a spot in our political history

Barr lied about the Mueller report.

OK, looking at data entry work from home....

Newly Discovered 4,000-Year Old Egyptian Tomb Stuns Archaeologists

barr's next move, "Genesis Investigation?"

Sarah Sanders and Mike Huckabee

Mexico: Arrest Warrant Issued for Former Governor, Other Officials for Torture of Journalist

Trump's next Tweet?

A black man peacefully kneels to protest executions and that is unpatriotic

The Senate should NOT be taken into consideration when it comes to impeachment.

Well, as long as he didn't lie about a blowjob

It's what I do....Robert Mueller meme

Former Fort Worth rodeo bookkeeper sentenced to 15 years over scheme to steal $1.3 million

By Popular Demand. Fourth In A Series. Do you have a favorable opinion of Mayor Pete?

Anyone watch NBC, ABC, or CBS nightly news? How was the Mueller Report and Barr covered?

Beto Town Hall Video Nashua Community College (Answers question about Mueller Report)

If Trump isn't worth impeaching

I'll just leave this here.............

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 19 April 2019

Argentina's Biggest Newspaper El Clarin Fires 56 Journalists Without Warning

Mueller Report singles out sarah huckabee sanders for lying.

Impeachment is NOT about "getting" a sitting

I say this now, if we sweep in 2020 we cannot just move on

Rachel should be an epic show tonight.

meanwhile on faux news

Several Boston Red Sox Players Decline Invitation To Trump White House

Robert Reich has a simple solution to what's to be done next.

So when the Congress returns in two weeks the outrage over the Mueller report will have dissipated.

'No person is above the law': Here's the most crucial paragraph from the Mueller report

If democrats like Steny Hoyer think letting trump go Scott free is a good idea, I would like to know

Sanders announces first endorsements in South Carolina

I posted this back when Trump was "elected"

Barr in MAGA hat.

Texas Instruments to build $3.1 billion chip plant, create nearly 500 jobs in Richardson

Volunteer for charity for slain NYPD officers embezzled $410,000

When the Democrats take the presidency from now on

Misha sure reacted quickly to today's news

Donald Trump takes off his #MAGA hat at Mar-a-lago - forgetting he's

Lead and Crime in Honduras

hahahah faux news doing a piece on clinton and monica

Traitors in our midst...

Just got home from work and missed everything today...

Reading again my fathers journals from Vietnam

Austin buys troubled power plant for $460M

I wonder what phrase or sentence

If the House decides to begin impeachment hearings, would it be technically possible

Man Shocks America With Unblinking Eyes

Isn't solicitation of a crime, still a crime?

Mueller refused to challenge the "no indictment" rule

Bill would end Confederate Heroes Day in Texas

Electrical Short-Circuit Likely Caused Notre Dame Cathedral Fire, French Official Says

Robert Reich: What's the Real American Story?

(Serious question) Is Sarah Sanders going to keep her job?

Investigation of attacks on election machinery left to FBI, not Mueller :(

Armed vigilantes apprehend hundreds of asylum seekers near Mexican border

O'Rourke on Trump in Derry: 'Not the best defense of tyranny'

They spent plenty of time investigating Bill and Hillary

O'Rourke on Trump in Derry: 'Not the best defense of tyranny'

House passes proposed repeal of 'no promo homo' law

'A Damning Portrait Of Lies': House Chairs Blast Trump Obstruction of Justice

I'm in Favor of Continued (& Aggressive) House Investigations into Trump's Many Shady Dealings

I was wondering if any refugees would be sent to the sanctuary golf clubs? They probably still

Missouri House advances bill to collect online sales taxes

This Genetic Mutation Makes People Feel Full -- All the Time.

Not a happy camper

Arizona is a signature away from texting while driving ban

Poll: Only 18% say they are paying less under #Trump tax law

San Francisco's Iconic Beach Blanket Babylon is closing after a 45 year run

Luckovich-Looney Tunes-I miss Porky Pig

Maybe the average person just doesnt give a Fuck about Politics

Holy crud, we are going to be ferreting out the Trump disaster for some time.

Mueller mystery: What are the other 12 criminal referrals?

Poll today:

Right-Wing Psychiatry, Love-Me Liberals

Hey you Mueller haters! What about the 12 mystery referrals to other offices?

Did Senator Richard Blumenthal just expose some "unredacted" information??

Ducey Signs Revised Anti-Boycott Law

2020 CO US Senate Election.- Top Tier Female Democratic candidate that may enter.

CNN Header : Mueller redacted info on 12 of 14 Investigations!

Hate group Identity Evropa rebrands itself in Arizona

What is everyone planning to do for Easter and Passover this weekend?

Ron Perlman - The five stages of Buttigieg

Russian interference sought to boost Bernie Sanders in 2016, Mueller report says

Betsy DeVos' family boosts McSally's 2020 campaign with $22K in contributions in 2019


Low Barr Bill said in congressional hearings that he is "just trying to land the plane"

Jeopardy Regulars - 11th game - spoiler

AZ GOP Chair Kelli Ward Shares Stage With Conspiracy Theorist Laura Loomer

However you feel about Charlie Sykes

Charles Pierce: Save the Republic. Impeach the President.

Refund for DOJ

Nadler to subpoena full Mueller report

Arizona Democrats Push ERA One More Time, Republicans Block Them Again

The Hill: Bernie Sanders announces first endorsements in South Carolina

Nine hours after the release of the Mueller report and...