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Burr appears to have given White House information about FBI's probe, Mueller report says

April Ryan on Sarah Huckabee Sanders: "she calls the press fake" when

I know it's WAY too soon - but let's play a game.

USA Today: Mueller made 14 criminal referrals to outside offices. We only know about 2 of them.

Twitter Users Show Donald Trump Jr. Just How Dumb He Looks In Mueller Report

Nixon White House Lawyer John Dean: Mueller Report is 'More Damning' Than Watergate Report

Kamala Harris on MSNBC now

I've been monitoring DU off and on all day, and I have only one question

What is the role of impeachment?

Goodbye Drogo...I SHAVED!

this isnt a flippant post as I used to be a mental health counselor, but....

"Malevolence tempered by incompetence" - the Trump administration on a bumper sticker.


Senator Burr apparently fed info on FBI's Russia probe to White House, Mueller says

Physicists Closer to Solving Mystery of Weird Glowing Ring Around Milky Way's Black Hole

Based on what I've seen about the Mueller report it is either LIHOP or MIHOP.

I graduated college in the 60s. I recall clearly, even now, a lengthy discussion in Business Law....

Venezuela skirts U.S. sanctions by funneling oil sales via Russia

How the HIV virus helped cure babies with no immune systems -- "bubble babies."

Jonathan Chait, NYmag: Trump Beat the Rap, but Mueller Uncovered a Historic Scandal

So, who will be the first to be fired by Trump after the Mueller report?

'Anti-vaxxers' lose: State Senate removes exemption for vaccinations

There will be no more effective commercial in the 2020 race...

The Internet Rallying to Defend a Fan's Tearful Reaction to The Rise of Skywalker Is What Fandom Is

Mr. Mueller's Damning Report

What will the Congressional Dems

What the Mueller report says about Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

Rubin: Five questions that still need to be answered in the Mueller report

Hillary Clinton should be our president today.

Ocasio-Cortez says she will sign Trump impeachment resolution

"I can understand the Democratic leadership's caution about impeaching Trump."

Interesting comments today... Don't bother to impeach, we'll vote him out, not many people care ...

Your Honor, my boss made me really angry and frustrated. So I killed him.

The Crook-in-Chief is live-tweeting Tucker Carlson lying about the Mueller report

Hope Hicks warned Trump that Don Jr.'s emails setting up the Trump Tower meeting were 'really bad',

U.S. court upholds most of California's 'sanctuary' migrant laws

The Mueller Report Is 448 Pages Long. You Need to Know These 7 Key Things.

For our convenience, CNN has posted a SEARCHABLE version of the Mueller report here:

Chris Cuomo on CNN is going to break down the Mueller Report at 9pm EST

Rod Rosenstein conspired with Trump to fire Comey

'No Recollection': What Trump Said in His Written Answers to Mueller

Natasha Bertrand, Politico: When Trump won, Putin deployed his oligarchs (to cash in)

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Paris is Burning! Bob Kincaid subs for Mike

Manafort told Gates: Don't plead guilty, Trump's lawyer vowed to 'take care of us'

Bill Barr: Heat Miser

Rarely have I seen such excitement!

Perovskite Breakthrough Shows Importance of Added Chemical Compound in Boosting Efficiency

Who's the crazy one?

2020 CO US Senate Election- The Democratic frontrunners are Griswold and Neguse- if they both enter.

Here's What the Mueller Report Says About the Pee Tape

Fuck Putin. Time to cut to the 3rd act and start confiscating Russian assets in this country.

A sampling of things Trump doesn't recall

John Dean: The Mueller Report is More Damning Than the Watergate Report

Heavily redacted Mueller report leaves major questions unanswered

QAnon Believers Crushed After Mueller Report Fails to Lead to Hillary Clinton's Arrest

George Conway: Trump is a cancer on the presidency. Congress should remove him.

Mueller's report paints a damning portrait of Trump's presidency

Photo: Sanders paid a visit to Spill The Beans in downtown Spartanburg

Rachel is laying it ALL out. There is an unbelievable amount of info in the Report...

Traveling to Cuba From the U.S. Is About to Get More Complicated

On December 19th 1998 Bill Clinton's approval rating was 41% ....

Photos: Bernie Sanders visits Mount Moriah Baptist Church in Spartanburg

YES! -Speaker Pelosi wrote to her Caucus quoting Mueller: Vowing "CONGRESS WILL NOT BE SILENT."

I wonder if the sale of the National Inquiror will open any cans of worms...

Walter Shaub tweets CREW petition: It's time for Congress to hold abuse of power hearings.

Armed vigilantes detain 300 migrants

Bernie Sanders calls for criminal justice, education reform at SC town hall

The Washington Posts take

Barr invites Nadler & Graham to review a "reduced redactions" version of the Mueller Report

Why did the founders set it up to where the President would appoint the AG?

It's not the time to start IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS. Forgetaboutit.

Striking footnote-Raises seriously the possibility of criminal liability when Trump leaves office

Maggie Haberman: I really hope people read the actual report. George Conway: A thousand times this.

Class of 2020 newly elected US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Should the House move forward immediately and impeach tRump?

Pete and Kamala TIED here now!

This is It!

It's supposed to rain all day in Palm Beach tomorrow. George Conway: "90% chance of tweetstorms"

Stephen Miller - staying up late, thinking of new ways to go after undocumented


My summary of the day - Trump is illegitimate. Hillary should be president. But we all know that.

Do you know why trump should be impeached?

The failed impeachment of Clinton didn't hurt the GOP in 2000

Sears holding company suing ex CEO, Mnuchin for asset stripping

Toddler rescued after dingo drags him from Fraser Island campsite

Mueller Report: Assange Smeared Seth Rich to Cover for Russians

James Clapper: Mueller report is devastating

Why do we care about justice department "policies" ?

Start impeachment Y/N

My thread is redacted!

Tomorrow's historic NY Times front page. All Mueller.

China to Launch Ambitious Asteroid-Comet Mission in 2022

Mueller Report: "Substantial Evidence" of Obstruction

Impeachment isn't the only thing here - how about new election protection laws, and russia sanctions

House Finance chairwoman subpoenaed nine banks for Trump financial records in money laundering probe

50 PHOTOS GALLERY LINK - Sen. Bernie Sanders in Spartanburg + ReGenesis Community Health Center

Elijah Cummings just tweeted that he'll be on Morning Joe tomorrow to discuss the Mueller report

To Barack Obama. Days by the Kinks

You Know, I'm Starting to Think This Barr Fellow Wasn't Entirely Honest in his Little Memo. (Ferret)

As a taxpayer

Project Runway

Trump Tower Meeting

So really they're just trying to hide in plain sight

In light of this report.

Been gone all day. Would like to know just one thing here

and ok, i'm high....been watching Hannity and now it,

Speaker Pelosi announces a Monday conference call

Palmer Report: Mueller report confirms something wasn't right in Michigan, Wisconsin, & Pennsylvania

And now to our correspondent in Moscow... oops

Knowing Trump will be prosecuted if he loses re-election is the greatest GOTV tactic of all time!

23andMe gene test might falsely reassure some people of breast cancer risk: Study

Great words from American presidents:

Five CNN Town Halls on April 22

TCM Schedule for Sunday April 21 - Happy Easter

We've watched the four-part program on CNN Tricky Dick

TCM Schedule for Monday April 22 - Fan Dedications

So We Cannot Impeach (Even If He Is Not Convicted & Removed) This Lying POS...But..

Videos appear to show armed militia detaining migrants at US-Mexico border

Videos appear to show armed militia detaining migrants at US-Mexico border

I love all our candidates. Truly love cory booker and elizabeth warren,


There are no excuses left for not impeaching Trump. That is, if impeachment is still

Robert Mueller Didn't Finish The Job, And We'll Never Know Why

The REAL reason (in my mind) that Mueller can't decide this is

Swalwell on MSNBC now

"Sarah Sanders is Trump's most prominent liar. Mueller just proved it."

Man With Gasoline, Lighters Arrested at NYC Cathedral, Police say he lied about car being out of gas

Final dose of schadenfreude today: George Zimmerman booted from tinder for phony profile

Friday's WaPo front page is a FAR CRY from that Game of Thrones "Game Over" horseshit Trump tweeted

Crusader armies were remarkably genetically diverse, study finds

Which candidate is the scrappiest, toughest, put the screws to 'em, kinda politician?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders just got a new portrait taken

[Mis]Statement from Vice President Mike Pence

Sudan: huge crowds call for civilian rule in biggest protest since Bashir ousting

Trump Reportedly Shouts at TV in Oval Office Dining Room While Eating Burgers with Pence

Aditya Chakrabortty: The billionaires' donations will turn Notre Dame into a monument to hypocrisy

It's just all so tawdry and filthy

Joaquin Castro shares a question he wants Special Counsel Mueller to answer before Congress

Take away 4 the day: U can get impeached for lying about a blowjob but not 4 meeting w/foreign spies

Looks like trump wasn't the only one

Judge scales back Weinstein suit, allows sex-traffic claim

Free park entry

McConnell is also part of this problem.

Strong words. For the second time today I ask "What's next?"

Another reason to dislike Assange:

Minister at secretive N Carolina church sentenced for fraud

Landowners are earning millions for carbon cuts that may not occur

NEED TO IMPEACH...Call the Reps now!

So can Barr be impeached or charged with lying to congress?

Maya Wiley needs her own show on MSNBC.

I think we should draft Michelle Obama to run

Pink Moon set to illuminate the skies on Friday

Montgomery Wards sent me a bathtub and a crosscut saw!

Colombia's opposition rejects US ambassador's "meddling in domestic affairs"

Colombia's opposition rejects US ambassador's "meddling in domestic affairs"

Seth Meyers - President Trump's Personal Donation to Notre Dame - Monologue - 4/17/19

Seth Meyers - Washington Reacts to the Mueller Report: A Closer Look

Sitting GOP senators who voted to impeach Clinton for obstruction of justice

With today's news, any thoughts on who wrote that 'letter' in NYT,

Tweet of the Day

If You Could Have One Marginal Super Power...What Would it Be?

Drip . . Drip . . Drip . .

Neymar's Father Meets with Economy Minister, Bolsonaro, and the Secretary of Revenue

Republican group to air ad this weekend on Fox - "No Exoneration, Definitely Obstruction"

Gerber Daisy using legacy glass

Right wing radio.

And Again, Putin is Enjoying Himself

George Conway: Trump is a cancer on the presidency. Congress should remove him.

The end of normalizing. This gentleman makes an important point re: impeachment

In other words...

Need To Impeach...CALL YOUR REPS!

Tinder Kicked Off George Zimmerman For Having A Fake Profile

MS Research: Study shows promise in repairing damaged myelin

Brave goose dad protects his family when crossing a busy street.

I have not seen a single republican show their face today, other than Trumps lawyer this morning.

Stabbed inmate 'left to die as prison guards ignored him'

This is from tomorrow's NYT front page:

43 Disappeared Mexican Students Remembered in Ai Weiwei Exhibit

This is the End of my Presidency!

1/19/2017 trump: "Next time... we'll win the old fashioned way." Um, excuse me?

The Palm Beach weather report says rain all day

Sarah Sanders quote: "When you're attacking FBI agents...

Border agent in Douglas admits to helping smuggle 1,000s of pounds of marijuana

I don't understand why this is not collusion/conspiracy.

Arizona schools' measles risk is even worse than it appears, Arizona Republic finds

Lyra McKee murder: Journalist shot dead during Derry rioting

Colbert gets a copy of the Mueller Report

What's Tulsi Gabbard's game? Is she a ringer for Trump?

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Schoolhouse Rock - Mueller Report Redactions

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Handy Guide for the Mueller Report

Nigerians Get Poorer as Rising Population Dwarfs Growth: Chart

Mueller Exposes Erik Prince's Lies About His Rendezvous with a Top Russian

K. - Cigarettes After Sex

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/18/19

Stephen Colbert - Guest Neal Katyal: Mueller's Report Is 'The Beginning Of The End'

Nickname the AG. My suggestion:

Former Medical Doctor And His Business Partner Sentenced To Nearly Three Years In Prison For $7.1 Mi

Mueller Report, Page 9, second paragraph...

When Trump tweeted that he "could have fired everyone"...

30 Years Ago Today; A Firing Exercise goes terribly wrong in Turret 2

Charity Linked to Sex Offender and Harvard Donor Jeffrey Epstein Gave Thousands to Hasty Pudding

32 Years Ago Today; Meet the Simpsons!

Special Counsel's report makes clear that Trump dangled a pardon over Manafort

Stephen Colbert: Guest Samantha Bee Gears Up For 2019's Not WH Correspondents' Dinner

Japanese Investment Company Executives Extradited on Charges Relating to $1.5 Billion Ponzi Scheme

Opinion: We don't need the Mueller report

Utah agrees to not enforce the new 18-week abortion ban until courts review it

Utah bar will investigate 7 lawyers who are said to be polygamists. Will the probe open doors to

Hedge fund seeking Gannett faces federal probe after investing workers' pensions in its own funds

Southern Utah uranium producers hope Trump's trade decision will benefit them

Team Mitch is officially launching our re-election campaign. Check out our first video below

Hillary Clinton beat Trump by 3 million votes, but Trump is POTUS because of the Russians.

24 Years Ago Today; Terror in OKC

''Lightly'' Redacted?!?!?!

@GOP Senate Intel Chair Burr apparently supplied the WH counsel's office w/ infor about Russia probe

Yucca Mountain dump: Dead or undead?


Best article by far on Mueller's report, Barr's deception and Congress' way forward

"What am I doing for Easter? Same as Jesus."

Ban of "gay panic" defense among bills approved by Senate

Nevada's presidential dance card filling up in April

"We don't have an attorney general"

Who suggested Paul Manafort be Trumps campaign manager?

In more than a few countries the vile MAGAcretin would have resigned

Brexiters fear European elections could create a rift between idiots and racists

Judge: Son of former Nevada governor "fraudulently concealed information" from lenders

Mika teases segment on Sarah the Liar as Morning Joe heads into a commercial...

Lawmakers pass bills for payday loan database, animal-tested cosmetics ban, school vaccine reporting

According to russian state-media, the Mueller-report just killed this whole Russiagate nonsense.

how much are blank CDs compared to low capacity thumb drivers?

Black Columbia Student's Confrontation With Security Becomes Flashpoint Over Racism on Campus

Democrats reject GOP amendment to restore state trade secret protections for drug pricing info.

Freaking Out!

Leave the cheese in the trap....the rat will be back.

Glad to see that sleazeball Dimitri Simes is getting attention (Mueller report)

I have been against impeachment due to the Senate, I no longer am

Unions picketing Circus Circus Reno over pay, allege 'aggressive union-busting'


I hope that when the AG is questioned, someone brings a copy of his job description

Bernie Sanders and the Myth of the 1 Percent

Revenge against Harry Reid killed Pershing County land bill in Senate, Amodei says

Should Congress follow the advice of Robert Mueller?

Republicans On Mueller Report: Time To Put On Blinders And Support Trump

In Las Vegas, Booker talks Mueller report, border crisis, climate change

Attorney appeals his case for nonprofit records said to be linked to Greitens

Say the house begins impeachment hearings against The Devil which is certainly more than warranted..

Breaking - Nadler will send Subpoenas to DOJ for full unredacted report in the next couple of hours

And the principle that no person is above the law." - #MuellerReport

Buttigieg plans aggressive fundraising push in California

"And Roger Stone", that's one redacted line of the Mueller Report revealed!

Which 2020 presidential candidate has received most contributions in Nevada?

We have to have confidence in Nancy Pelosi

Joe Biden Is Running for President

George Conway pens scathing op-ed comparing Trump to 'cancer' Nixon: 'Congress should remove him'

Friday TOONs - A-Mouthpiece General

Measles Outbreak

Today's NY Post cover...

Armed Vigilantes Detain 300 Asylum-Seeking Migrants, Turn Them Over to Border Officials

Foundation to sell former site of Aryan Nations compound

Trump is up & tweeting to attack "Crazy Mueller Report" accounts as "fabricated & totally untrue"

Biden Will Enter Presidential Race Next Week

....Fuctus is working for a Russian Troll Farm...

Trump Obstructed justice to prevent Muller from gathering enough evidence to prove his collusion

If the information that is now out from the Mueller Report is so damning how bad is the "stuff" ...

Elijah Cummings on Morning Joe now.

Idaho just settled another whistleblower case. This one cost the state $545,000.

Senator Burr should be subpoenaed.

Anyone want to speculate about Barr?

The origin of Super Villains: Sentry (Kree)

Impeachment is for UNACCEPTABLE WRONGDOING by a President - NOT limited to technical crimes.

I expect Trump to turn on Barr once he decides the coverup failed. The question is what Barr

The Rundown: April 18, 2019

Pick Of The Week: "Xena: Warrior Princess" #1

Today's logic puzzle...

#GOPTreason , #RepublicanTreason

NYDN: "Low Barr"

If God intended Trump to be President...

If we impeach Trump, better or worse chance of a Dem as president?

Joe is literally taunting the vile MAGAcretin this morning

FYI .... Game over a Trump Tweet gets an update

Says it all...

20 Most Damaging Items From Mueller's Report

For Good Friday,

Trump says "Crazy Mueller Report" is "total bullshit"!

Impeachment MUST take place whether his is convicted or not because it's the right

I'd like to welcome Uncle Joe into the race.

We are at WAR, whether we like it or not

couple of knocks on Mueller

Sarah Sanders: I am not a robot

Assange was source of Seth Rich conspiracy theory

"Oh my God! This is terrible!"

EIA - American Energy Consumption At All-Time High In 2018, 80% Of It Fossil

Wonder if Mueller talked to Jeff Sessions or if not why not?

Mueller Report: Almost circular reasoning

The Mueller report IS an indictment of trump. Period.

Mueller report: FBI finds Russian attempt to hack presidential election got into one Florida county

passover vs easter

Mueller report updates: Nadler subpoenas full findings

New Alberta Premier Vows To Create "War Room" To Fight Opponents Of Oil Industry, Dump Carbon Tax

Wow, the Writers Guild vs. Talent Agencies feud is getting nasty

Assange and wikileaks

This casual Friday, we remember Obama's JacketGate, the worst scandal in presidential history.

NYT: 180 Turn

Friends with benefits!

Mayor Pete's Seth Meyers Interview

Trump Suggests Ex-WH Lawyer Don McGahn Fabricated Evidence in 'Total Bullsh*t' Mueller Report

Released 25 years ago today. This changed the world, or at least the way I saw it...

The logic of Bernie Sanders's continuing war against Clintonworld

Rudy Giuliani: "If we're going to start making moral judgements about everybody in public office, we

A song for the times ...

David Corn to Conservatives who triumphantly cited Barr's letter: "Sorry"

Sarah Sanders Denies She Admitted to Mueller That She Lied

So Now Trump is Rage Tweeting About The Report

You raised $50.00 on April 18, 2019 Act Blue POTUS donation links

McCabe: Mueller reports 'avalanche of facts' on Trump obstruction

WSPA 7News: Bernie Sanders Visits Spartanburg

Rachel Maddow: Mueller Report Shows Trump Is The Key To Russia's Plot To Topple U.S. Democracy

Amid measles outbreak, anti-vaccination mother defends "medical freedom"

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says Trump must be impeached

House Judiciary Chair subpoenas DOJ for unredacted Mueller report

Trump's tweets this morning could have teed up Judiciary Committee calling McGahn to testify

Dear Media, refuse to attend ANY press briefing held by Sarah Sanders.

The Democrats should explain to Trump and the American people their best way forward.

Go Kamala Go! Upcoming Harris Campaign Events in S. Carolina, New Hampshire & Latest News

Make America smart again!

Mueller's Evidence Establishes Probable Cause For At Least 4 Trump Obstruction Charges

Media Matters is being swamped from Russia...

Mueller Report: "Substantial Evidence" of Obstruction

Psychiatry Prof: Test Trump for Dementia NOW

So, tRump was "exonerated" by a hoax?

Is there any reason for portions of a document being "redacted", except to protect

First came the explosion. Then, the cover-up.

After 2 tweets in an unfinished thread, Trump went golfing this morning

QUESTION: What's to stop Russians from helping Trump ..... AGAIN ... in 2020?

Some Tax Break: 68% of Americans Claim They Paid More or the Same in Taxes

WOW! "Censure" Trump? Why not just print it on 2-ply and mail it to him?

To those who say that impeachment is not necessary because the voters can decide in 2020

Has anyone seen any mention of Cambridge Analytica in the

Three things about the Mueller Report I want to know

Democrats: Damned if you impeach, damned if you don't

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: It's going to get crowded

MEANWHILE, in Florida...

Do you think tRump is the "bait"?

After claiming that the Mueller-report exonerated him, Trump now calls it a fabrication.

"I do not remember." "I do not recall." "I have no recollection."

Mueller report confirms: News is real, President is fake, and Republicans are dumb..

Taylor Swift as the redacted Mueller report: a thread

RWNJ Mark Levin got too crazy for even Fox & Friends this morning

Trump, today, on the golf course: "Statements made in the 'Report' about me are total bullshit"

Profiles in Crazy, LXXIII. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

MAGATs are so flippin' stupid!

Otis Redding - (original) I've Got Dreams To Remember (with Studio talk)

Dog Hears People Singing And Decides To Join Them -- Every Single Week

Moses and the Passover story is pure myth

Belated birthday greetings to Hayley Mills, born on April 18, 1946.

Nusrat Jahan Rafi: Burned to death for reporting sexual harassment

Easter Blossom

Significant threat for storms with damaging winds across central and southern Va. later today

Hannity's claim.....

Has there been any reaction from BS or the BS campaign about page 23 of the Mueller report?

Significant threat for storms with damaging winds across central and southern Va. later today

Can anyone explain to me

Bangladesh starlet apologises after 'atheist' comments

Thought I would drop this off.

Significant threat for storms with damaging winds across central and southern Va. later today

I can dream, can't I?

UNC women's hoops coach Sylvia Hatchell resigns amid allegations of berating players, racial remarks

Slate: Donald Trump's Personality Is an Impeachable Offense

Democrats and Impeachment

I took Boudicca to the vet, this morning, full expecting to bring her home in a cremation box

Everyone named in the report must testify before congress, Open Hearings.

Mueller report redactions as red carpet looks (A bit of entertainment this morning)

Five former Obama ambassadors back Buttigieg

We need impeachment hearings in order to turn public opinion for impeachment.

The Mueller report vindicated the news media, which in turn proved Trump lied to the people.

To impeach or not to impeach, that is question....

Run for Something

I Support Impeachment Proceedings

Hey Florida...Can I ask a question?

We now know Barr back stabbed Mueller.

Independent(UK): Trump-Mueller report - live: President rages over 'people who take notes'

Barr's use of fragmentary quotes to bolster his narrative-shaping letter last month was misleading

Post-truth, epitomized.

Reporters are asking uninformed voters in Iowa what they think...?..

One of the happiest moments in my life....

Mueller Report: Assange Smeared Seth Rich to Cover for Russians

Militia in New Mexico Detains Asylum Seekers at Gunpoint

Bill Barr turned out to be EXACTLY what I feared he would be

Greg Sargent, WaPo: Democratic equivocation over impeachment is a moral and political disaster

An honest GOPer would say "We've got it now, it sucks to be you"

A serious take on how MAGAs think. Please read. Thank you.

Robert Mueller Made One Mistake: He Trusted Bill Barr

Sarah Sanders Lies Revealed

Eric Holder on the Mueller Report: Congress now has a constitutional responsibility.

Pic Of The Moment: How Trump Answered Mueller's Questions

154 years of presidential quotes.

Kremlin says Mueller report shows no evidence of Russian meddling

Politifact: Fact-checking the Bernie Sanders town hall on Fox News

On the 19th of April in 2019, No. 19 is coming home.

i don't understand why Mueller couldn't charge tRUMP for ATTEMPTING to break the law!

Watching man on the street interviews of Republicans on MSNBC.

I don't believe for a second that trump is "afraid" of Joe Biden getting into the race. He would

Here's how tRump wins a second term


Report: U.S. declines again in press-freedom index, falls to 'problematic' status

This was in the report. People lied , destroyed evidence, which obstructed the investigation.

"They Lie."

If the report was so good for SHITLER why is he cussing & DiGENOVA & LEVIN *screaming*?!1

Trump's entire failed Presidency summed up in one sentence

Perrysburg, Ohio, high school student criminally charged for "ranking" women in his class on twitter

Paul Lee Ticks has been on a roll that last two days!

Mueller report reveals Sarah Sanders lied for Trump. It's time for her to resign.

Waste of oxygen Glenn Greenwald still whining (on Tucker Carlson) about media getting it wrong

Impeach his ass.

Yankees stop using Kate Smith's recording of 'God Bless America' while investigating racism

Dem candidates. Start writing this stuff down #1

One Million Have Lost Health Coverage Since 2016

Is referring to Bernie Sanders as "BS" a subtle way of insulting him?

"One day I was sitting in a restaurant with my wife..."

What is Trump's obsession with Game Of Thrones?

U.S. natural gas inventories end withdrawal season at lowest level since spring 2014

Finally! Nadler did it.

An under-educated television culture population

Question: How can it be verified that a tax return published on a website is

Time to turn the page

If he were your father you would run, not walk

It is really disheartening

Pets & Chocolate, Cats & Lilies. Holiday PSA

Pets & Chocolate, Cats & Lilies. Holiday PSA

Amnesty International: We are stronger together. 💪🏿👏🏾👊🏽

Dems should show healthcare tied to Mueller Report

Khris Davis' (Oakland A's) contract a head-scratcher, but he's content

Putin cashed in after he helped Trump win. (US did nothing)

This was posted by marble falls in Video and Multimedia.

Is #ApricotHellbeast twitter storm this morning

"Say What You Will About Biden . . ."


Facebook LIVE at 2:25pm: Bernie Sanders - Working Hero SC Community Conversation on Poverty

Videos appear to show armed militia detaining migrants at US-Mexico border

Who wants to play mix and match.

Pelosi needs to build the case *FOR* impeachment .......... among democrats first.

Radio Notre Dame: Semaine Sainte et Paques -- en direct:

Police arrest hundreds at London climate change protest

"He's a despicable human being, but he's done great things for the country. I

Dear Bob Mueller, wait till your 'friend' Bill Barr gets the directive to investigate YOU.

Pete Buttigieg is meeting with the Stop and Shop striking workers now

I'm gonna start calling Barr, Barrf.......saw that posted someplace, and loved it.

I just finished the Mueller Report. I'm going to combine the most shocking and important revelations

The Rachel Maddow Show 4/18/19 The Rachel MSNBC News Today April 18, 2019

The Mueller Report: does America really care???

A blessed Good Friday to those who celebrate today

Media still has no idea how to deal with Traitor don and his enablers

If this monster is allowed to remain president, the office will become essentially meaningless.

The Lesser-Known History of African-American Cowboys

Pete Buttigieg on Impeachment for Trump

The Mueller report documents corrupt, constitutionally impeachable acts by the President.

After Gore was cheated in 2000, we did nothing.

Population growth continues in Gallatin County, up 25% since 2010

If you are in the MA/SE, please be aware of the weather threat

If Trump says he was totally exonerated by Mueller's report?

If a dem wins the election he or she must say this in their opening address to the nation...

What We Learned From The Mueller Report

Severe weather update.

Fear as leadership tool?

About Senator Burr

Email to my Republican Congressman - David Kustoff

Slain Missouri Ku Klux Klan leader's wife admits killing him

The Great Seungri Scandal- South Korean entertainment industry

Sanders gets endorsements from 7 black S. Carolina lawmakers

A Message From the Future With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandra Petri is woefully underrated as a satirist.

#MeToo, 'Mary Magdalene' focus on women's stories in Bible as Easter nears

Multiple reports of damage in Franklin County after tornado strike

Maybe our nations founders were not so forward thinking

I know people say that Alexa listens in, but does my cell phone eavesdrop on me?

Three of the world's most elite mountain climbers presumed dead after avalanche in the Canadian Rock

Approve a bill making it illegal for a campaign NOT to report potential foreign interference

Yesterday, on Brian Williams program, Jeremy Bash - a regular contributor

Rep. Matt Gaetz hires ex-White House aide ousted for white nationalist ties

What is your honest opinion about socks with stars?

Let me remind everyone

Cory Booker opposed to Impeachment

Now that we know Barr is a corrupt toady, what can be done to secure the SDNY

Did George Stephanopoulos correct lying smokey eyes this morning

"The Rainbow Redactions" Sandy and Richard Riccardi

Walking down memory lane: 3 weeks ago: "Total exoneration!" The Guardian ariticle 3/24

BREAKING: Joe Biden to launch campaign in Charlottesville, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia

Tornado watch until midnight: Storms through Fri. evening could be severe with damaging winds, rain

Return of The Jedi

Are You a Very English Butler? The U.K. Government Needs You

"Soon, we will help you elect Trump once again. Just like the last time. Get ready!"

Had a gorgeous White Crowned Sparrow at my feeder this AM

Shocking footage. Man records last seconds of his life.

Great news on the hockey front!!!

Washington on the cusp of becoming first state to legalize human composting

Was there any dirt on Mike Pence in The Mueller Report?

Thanks to me, Mercians are enjoying not just a Good Friday but a Great Friday!

Who can investigate Mitch McConnell?

Mueller report shows Russians, tRump camp were friends with benefits. Collusion by another name?

Dems 2020 need to run on healthcare and anti-corruption.

Love is just like ....

The Turpins are sentenced to 25 years to life in prison after their children testify about years of

Washington lawmakers weigh reversing ban on affirmative action

68,000 Kids In King County Don't Have Enough To Eat: Study

Sarah Sanders reiterates Comey claims despite admitting to lying

Redactions can lead people to jump to the wrong conclusion

I'm not convinced that it was necessary to give Matt Gaetz a forum on MSNBC just now.

Devin Nunes implores people not to waste their time with reading the Mueller-report.

Anyone watching Matt Gaetz on MSNBC?

Omar mocks Trump's claims of 'presidential harassment': 'Just lived through one!'

Egypt holds snap vote on extending president's term limit

Nurses demand change to bill requiring 8-hour shift limit in Washington

Lawyers claim someone is trying to sell the Kraft video

Mueller didn't charge Trump -- but his report is a brutal indictment

Former counsel may have saved Trump from himself

Wonder what was the 'crazy shit' Trump wanted McGahn to do ? lol

🔥 Sen. Bernie Sanders: A Community Conversation on Poverty - Greenville, SC

Pompeo: 'I'm still in charge of' North Korea negotiation team

Seeking compromise on data privacy, Democrats found controversy

Mueller report sparks new DC war over Russia probe: Subpoenas, payback and more

The bees living on Notre Dame's roof survived the fire.

Judge says US government can be sued for Flint water crisis

Exclusive: DNC Appoints First Woman Chief Technology Officer

US energy consumption hit a record high in 2018 -- driven mostly by fossil fuels

Florida man charged with threatening Cory Booker, Rashida Tlaib, Eric Swalwell

Washington set to be first state with long-term care benefit apologizes for ad criticized for romanticizing slavery

F**king CNN.

Any guesses whose job it was to bust in on tRump on the toilet this morning and

Outgoing French ambassador compares Trump to Louis XIV: 'Unpredictable, uninformed'

Right wing sheeple still duped

538: Midterm voters oppose Impeachment

Bill to help homeless college students heads to Inslee's desk

Honduran transgender woman freed after a year in US detention

Honduran transgender woman freed after a year in US detention

Paranoia, lies and fear: Trump's presidency laid bare by Mueller report

Impeachment talk among Democrats heats up after Mueller report

The poor and homeless are not what you think they are

Speaker Chopp will step aside even if Dems haven't picked a successor

Whew! It's been months since someone tried to shake me down for opioids or benzos.

MU shifts $25 million in 2020 budget

Climate science supports youth protests

Abolition of death penalty won't happen in 2019. House Democrats cite other priorities

Trump approval drops 3 points to 2019 low after release of Mueller report: Reuters/Ipsos poll

How would a Trump defending wing nut answer this?

Bangladeshi student set on fire after reporting sexual harassment

"We're bigoted, lying, hypocritical, willfully ignorant morons."

Senate Democrats Introduce a Tax on Wealth Inequality

Only 43% of Americans supported impeaching Nixon, Trump has been around 40%

Robert Mueller Report A Road Map For Charging Donald Trump With Obstruction - Rachel Maddow

TORNADO WATCH issued for DC Metro, tornadoes, damaging winds, flash flooding possible

In Seattle, Facebook Blocks Political Ads from One City Council Candidate While Running Ads from Her

Putin ally to Ukraine's probable new leader: Reconcile with Moscow and get territory back

Proof is strong obstruction occurred and was intended

Legislature Passes New Weed Laws Just in Time for 4/20

In August 2016 GRU attacked [REDACTED], a maker of voter software and installed malware

U.S. envoy 'disappointed' by collapse of inter-Afghan peace meeting

What the Mueller report actually accomplished

Fiat Chrysler recalls 320,000 Dart cars that could roll away

Lawrence O'Donnell: It's a political myth that the Clinton impeachment hurt Republicans

US judge blocks part of Ohio ban on abortion procedure

Environmentalists see victory with Green New Deal blitz

The winners of the three-legged race did not act in concert.

Price of renovated Seattle arena soars to over $900 million

I just called my two Dem reps and told them to start impeachment

Using Bible apologetics sites as information about things

New York Fed cracks down on Puerto Rico banks following Venezuela sanctions

New York Fed cracks down on Puerto Rico banks following Venezuela sanctions

Florida school crosswalk misspelled as 'SCOHOL'

State defends South Dakota pipeline protest legislation

Kentucky food truck apologizes about LGBTQ Trump shirts, then reportedly orders more

29 Things Trump Couldn't Recall While Answering Mueller's Questions

Fascinating that Sanders' supporters are a mere 8% here

If there are no impeachment proceedings, I can see the GE debate question now:

Interesting observation about ads on DU...

Mueller Report Bolsters Claims That Russia Penetrated Election Systems in Florida

Defiant Sarah Huckabee Sanders Claims She Doesn't Know Where Voice Comes From When She Opens Mouth

There are fireworks and celebrations in Moscow.

Washington State University to pay up to $4.7 million for data theft involving 1.2 million people

Sentencing set for ex-Alaska bank employee who stole $4.3M

Man arrested for threatening Dems, citing Omar comments


U.S.-Thai pair facing death for 'sea home' should fight the charge: Thailand says

'Still alive!': Notre Dame's 180,000 bees survive cathedral fire

Strange Prediction that came true...from DU, September 7, 2018

Cartoons 4/19/19

Spokane Public Schools prepares for layoffs

Ecuador judge orders detention for ex-minister connected to Assange

Ecuador judge orders detention for ex-minister connected to Assange

House Dem calls Mueller report 'a roadmap' for 2020

As Syphilis Invades Rural Missouri, A Fraying Health Safety Net Is Failing To Stop It

For once, Dems need to show STRENGTH

Photos: Bernie and friends lunch at Stax's Original, Greenville SC

Members with upside-down flags as avatars, I vow to turn mine


SOMEONE's got a nasty tweet coming their way.....

Senate gives unanimous approval to new mental health care hospital at UW

Why didn't Mueller charge people other than Trump with Obstruction Of Justice for deleting data?

Trump golfs with Rush Limbaugh day after Mueller report release

Photo: Staff union of the Sanders campaign show support for Stop & Shop workers

Miska, Bellevue's most persecuted tabby cat, seeks her day in court in Pierce County

Pollster says there is a shift in independent voters' views of Mueller probe

Found a great tweet re: William Barr

Cummings on impeachment: 'We may very well come to that'

Sarah Sanders keeps digging herself in deeper after Mueller showed she lied

Brazil leader wants to ease laws on carrying guns

March 2019 poll: 35% support impeachment, 59% against. Edit: added new poll: 40%.

Trump proposal would evict undocumented immigrants from public housing

Why does Nicole Wallace say that perhaps the Trump campaign was "unwitting"

Joe Biden's Kickoff Next Wednesday in Charlottesville is a Strong, Profound Message

Mexico releases spy agency's files on current president

Mueller report fallout: Sarah Sanders says Trump never asked her to lie

Bahia Lands on the List of Destinations that Obama Wants to Visit in the World

Eliz Warren response to #MuellerReport: House should initiate impeachment proceedings against POTUS"

For the young journalist murdered in Northern Ireland

Journalist shot and killed in Northern Ireland

BREAKING: Top House and Senate Democrats REJECT A.G. Barr's offer to view a less-redacted version

MSNBC: Warren calls for impeachment.

What's for Dinner, Fri., April 19, 2019

I just changed my preference from undecided to Elizabeth Warren because...

Why Pompeo and his "team" are unsuited for diplomacy

Former Sen. Margarita Prentice, 'a force' who fought for farmworkers, dies at 88

Warren: A constitutional duty to start impeachment proceedings

Here's a question: what does anyone remember about Biden's campaign in 2008?

🐦 April 25 at 12PM CDT - Rally in Fort Worth with Bernie Sanders

Trump approval drops 3 points to 2019 low after release of Mueller report: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Obligatory Post...

Hurricane Michael Was A Category 5, NOAA Finds -- The First Since Andrew In 1992

And strive to live your life as you urinate

Boston Dynamics latest video shows a herd of robotic dogs hauling a massive truck with ease

No President in History Has Done So Much to Demean the Office of the Presidency of the United States

Memes vs Comedians

Dog will not tolerate shenanigans.

Sen. Warren's stock is rising.

tRumpy got his phone back, he's tweeting again... I hope he sees what Warren had to say...

Impeachment and the Democratic primary candidates.

Penguins are so cute.

🔥 Bernie Rallies Supporters in Greenville, SC

Bernie Sanders and the Myth of the 1 Percent

No one listens to the President

What Happens if We Don't Impeach Trump?

New York Fed Cracks Down on Puerto Rico, USVI Banks After Venezuela Sancions: Lt. Gov. Roach Mum on

Libya crisis: Trump speaks to insurgent General Haftar

CALL PELOSI...Tell her to begin impeachment hearings!

Feds so study to find out why it took 11 months to turn power back on in USVI and Puerto Rico

Sarah says The Don never asked her to lie

msnbc said Trump is golfing with Rush Limpballs and other friends in Florida

He's threatening people now:

Why is the MEME that it's Democrats who have to struggle

Nazi armband, T-shirt worn by pair in Providence

Report could alienate voters Republicans need

Why Clothing Quality is Declining In Your Favorite Brands

U.S. authorities make first arrest in mysterious raid of North Korea's Embassy in Spain

What are some of your newspapers' headlines this morning?

Pelosi: REMINDER: "McConnell ran interference for Trump during the [2016] campaign to stop Obama fro

Photo: Bernie addressed an overflow crowd outside the smaller auditorium.

Trump praises Libyan general whose troops march on US backed government in Tripoli

We Democrats will stand up to defend the USA from russian attacks

Only three American Presidents have worn glasses.

Barr and Burr

Has Everyone Thought This Imeachment Call Through?

Bernie Sanders offers 3 ideas to help battle gentrification while in Greenville

How do you make a DU poll about impeachment hearings?

Steny Hoyer Is Passing The Banner To the American People

Two Years of Dysfunction Is Big Win for Putin

2020:Redact the GOP. NT

Post Mueller Poll Drops Trump to Lowest Level Ever in Reuters

Democrats are more likely to regain control of the US Senate if they win the US Presidency in 2020.

Congress started investigations into Trump back in February.

Can the Senate Decline to Try an Impeachment Case?

Senate passes bill to allow retired law enforcement officers to work as school security

"...the biggest question in America after the release of the Meuller Reort..."

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix doesn't have Alabama degree yet because of ridiculous balance on student account

On this Good Friday...The Crucifixion

August 15, 1916 Red Sox versus the Senators Fenway Park

Support for marijuana legalization hits new high

Bernie: I am honored to be endorsed by South Carolina State Reps. ...

DOJ: Nadler subpoena for unredacted Mueller Report is "premature and unnecessary"

Lasting damage

Investigative report says NRA's internal dealings are dubious enough to end its tax-exempt status A

Jeff Sessions investigated for possible perjury; Mueller found 'insufficient' evidence

Ok I've had enough. Release the Kracken. Impeach the #ucker.

I received a spam call today from "800 Service"

Militiamen kill senior WHO official in attack on Congo Ebola center

Some memes I created

Civil Society Organizations Condemn the Killing of Afro-Brazilian musician Evaldo Rosa do Santos

On oaths

The only applicable laws for the Trump Tower meeting

Why are 90% of my posts missing?

Lawmakers Advance Bill to Outlaw Abortion

Trump campaign dumps Don McGahn's law firm, Jones Day, some cast as punishment for disloyalty

Suit claims man faked identity, bilked family out of millions over former BamaJam property

Alabama doctors among 60 charged in pain pill bust 'acted like drug dealers'

Alabama attorney general files temporary ban of massage parlor chain over human trafficking concerns

I'm giving candidates 1 more week to make a firm statement in favor of impeachment

Gee, It Looks Like Erik Prince Really Effed Himself -- Check Out His Testimonial Inconsistencies.

My wife says "there's nothing there" in the Mueller report, after being

Democrat Tammy Exum wins special CT House election

Peru ex-president leaves cadaver as sign of 'contempt' for his enemies - suicide note

Virginia Democrats Dominate Legislative Fundraising

Peru ex-president leaves cadaver as sign of 'contempt' for his enemies - suicide note

Mississippi governor signs $1,500 pay raise for teachers

TX Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick compares Nancy Pelosi to a 'slaveholder' for her border policy

Be Safe This Easter!!!!

A watchful eye

Hood Takes Heat for Blackface Photos, Says Leave Trans Rights Up to Schools

Mississippi Approves License Plates With New State Flag Design

this is why capitalism sucks...

LOL, what a surprise, NOT - Kremlin and Chump on the same page about Mueller Report.

Did Blackwater founder Erik Prince lie to Mueller or to Congress?

Vox: The problem with impeachment.

Former Mississippi sheriff gets 6 years in prison over drug dealer bribes

why's bread so expensive?

NM-SEN: Toulouse Oliver prepares Senate campaign

If a president, or pResident, is removed from office by impeachment and conviction,

No, they're not crazy. But they did just buy a bankrupt hospital in rural Mississippi.

Be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm hunting for stock tips (Romney on Trump)

As leaders claim economic boom times, some state workers decry 3% raise as 'a half a tank of gas'

Wanker of the Day: Duncan Hunter

A now-hauntingly prophetic Starship song becomes the backdrop for Hucka-Gate.

Conway: "We're accepting apologies today, too, for anybody who feels the grace in offering them."

The 10 times Trump may have obstructed justice, according to Mueller

Venezuela's Guaido calls for 'largest march in history' to oust Maduro

The IMF is fuelling an Argentine crisis - again April 20 2019 01:04 AM

How the IRS Gave Up Fighting Dark Money Groups

The Mueller Report Is Free To Read, But It's Also A Bestseller

Trump's push to make Cuba 'surrender' will fail, negotiator says

great hat!

Here is why we must forget impeachment and move on even as Mueller Report is terrible news for Trump

Warsaw synagogue makes a virtual reappearance on anniversary of ghetto revolt

A ship under arrest? Warrant issued after crash caused over $40 million in damage, Ingalls says

Straight talk from Senator Elizabeth Warren:

Maher tweet:

Five Memphis doctors, nurses indicted in federal opioid sting

New York Times prints 'I'm fucked' on front page

McConnell Stoops Lower Like A Swamp rat

Wasn't long ago Kellyanne was warning about the danger of lapping up Trump's lies.

Trump Administration has not said one word about stopping Russian interference in our elections.

Peru: Autonomous Indigenous Group Fights Deforestation

People need to feel they belong in vital 'village' roles. Otherwise they

Grover Krantz and his dog.

The time has arrived for us to worry what might happen if we DON'T impeach the lunatic in the WH

What good would impeachment proceedings accomplish if there is no conviction?

Anybody know how I can give expensive prescription drugs to people who need them..?

Planned tiny home village for Nashville's homeless notches legal win

NXIVM: Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman pleads guilty in New York sex cult case

OMG I agree with something Mitt Romney said.

Jeopardy regulars - Spoiler -seriously James is good-

An amazing document. Mueller report tagged, categorized, & searchable!