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Voter Registration Restrictions Make Way to Senate Floor Despite Protests

Barrhole better not make one fucking move on Hillary Clinton.

State worker resigns after watchdog uncovers racist emails about the Obamas

Probation for man who sent powder to Trump sons, others

Ted Lieu on MSNBC now. Joy Reid filling in for Chris Hayes

The most important idea is to nominate the strongest candidate who will have the widest appeal.

Ann Coulter says she could vote for Bernie Sanders if he changed views on immigration

When you kiss tRump does it taste like Putin? Ask our Iowa Senators.

Five planets revealed after 20 years of observation

I just knew he recieved a new box of Crayolas!

Bernie Sanders is racking up some unusual friends...

James Comey should sue for Sarah Huckabee Sanders for defamation

Amazon to crunch data for Chilean stargazers amid Latam push

Fox's Napolitano Rips 'Venal, Amoral, Deceptive' Trump: Mueller Report Might Be Enough to Prosecute

Trump's Post-Mueller Euphoria Gives Way to Anger and Recrimination

McKesson to Pay $1.6M to Correct Pay, Benefits Infractions

Amazon and Walmart are testing a program to accept food stamps online

Three hives of bees living in Notre Dame roof survived fire

The Cardinal

GOP primary challenger: Trump is a 'one-man crime wave'

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Ringing in a message of hope

Gannett: MNG Trying to "Derail Our Progress"

Researchers Report High Performance Solid-State Sodium-Ion Battery

Has anyone ever been convinced to switch their support for a canidate

Does Anyone Know What The Song

USDA orders scientists to say published research is 'preliminary'

Here's a headline they could use in perpetuity...tRump blames _______ for problems

Hidden camera found in women's bathroom aboard Navy ship

2020 US Presidential and US Senate Elections performance in AZ,CO,GA,ME,and NC.

Film Academy 'Stands Behind Its Decision as Appropriate' to Expel Roman Polanski

Donald Glover launches new Adidas line in honor of the worn and dirty shoe

What is Plan B if tRump isn't impeached and we don't "beat him at the ballot box" in 2020?

Trump completes 9-hour tweet thread about Mueller investigation

White House and Congress Set to Spar Over Kushner Security Clearance

Ornstein thinks Dems should move toward impeachment, but start with related hearings on report

Shelby County Democrats: The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight. Again.

The Black Hole Picture Spawned The Saddest Conspiracy Theory

'No authority': New Mexico governor tells militia to stop arresting migrants at border

I would rather have the whole Republican Party aboard the SS Trump when it goes down.

Romney 'sickened' by Trump administration 'dishonesty' exposed by Mueller report

Balancing the Ocean Carbon Budget

That moment when Kamala Harris walks into the room!

DOJ: Dem subpoena for Mueller report is 'premature and unnecessary'

Wow. Susan Collins finds the courage to call the Mueller Report "an unflattering portrayal" of Trump

DO IT FOR MOM (Do it for Denmark 2) Spies Rejser

How Inland Waters 'Breathe' Carbon - And What it Means for Global Systems

Beshear touts expanding gambling to fund pensions

GOP congressman climbs 'border' wall, doesn't actually make it to Mexico

Mysterious river dolphin helps crack the code of marine mammal communication

'Tough changes.' Superintendent removing some teachers at Lexington's low-performing schools

Mueller Report Likely to Renew Scrutiny of Steele Dossier

Mysterious river dolphin helps crack the code of marine mammal communication

April Ryan is being attacked & threatened by Mike Huckabee

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! I'm Fucked!

Kroger union workers in Kentucky and Indiana get a pay boost under new contract

Liz Warren coming up on Rachel on Impeachment n/t

The counterintelligence investigation of the Trump team and Russia is still going on

Ex-Kentucky congressman suspended as lawyer for lying about lesbian comment

76 Years ago, 4/19/43, Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

One central question

Lol, Rachel: the Mueller Report is like a good ragu

Ex-Fox News host says its reputation for racism is 'for very good reason'

Kentucky's pension costs will rise again because people may be living longer

He is not vindicated but I am

Pelosi should bring a new bill for even tougher sanctions

The ever lower bar

Starting impeachment now may protect HRC from Barr's kangaroo court

Donald Trump golfs with Rush Limbaugh

Huckabee blasts Romney: 'Makes me sick' that you could have been president

DU poll: Do you support Congress starting Impeachment Hearings?

A political myth exposed

Weak and Afraid

Robert Mueller Obstructed His Own Investigation...


PBS Newshour: 3 Legal Experts Interpret the Mueller Report

BREAKING: Tornado warning for Montgomery County, Maryland until 9:57 p.m.

The Time for Impeachment Is Here


GOP's Duncan Hunter gets called out as his fake 'crossing the border' stunt hilariously backfires

Let's say we impeach and the Senate fails to convict . . . . .

My email to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

In my view if the House decides to implement articles of impeachment, it would be better if it was

Evvvvv-Err-eeeeeething is going to be alright

Trump campaign punishes Don McGahn's law firm

Warren and Maddow are having a great discussion about impeachment right now msnbc

Mueller report: Donald Trump failed us as commander-in-chief

David Axelrod - Holy Are You - Electric Prunes

Apple said Qualcomm's tech was no good. But in private communications, it was 'the best.'

Living the dream in a 10'x10' home

I can not believe my husband, who loves Rachel, is so tired of ALL OF THE MUELLER STUFF.....

Biden hires over a dozen senior advisors from Obama administration for 2020 campaign: Sources

Mister Modo and Ugly Mac Beer - Not afraid with Jessica Fitoussi

Clinton's approval spiked after acquittal and remained high the rest of his term.

BMR I was against impeachment - but AMR...

Mueller's biggest bombshell? Trump told the White House counsel to lie.

Shade & honey

'You're gonna die': Trump supporter arrested over deranged threats to prominent Democrats

Saving for retirement is hard. Knowing how to spend it down is harder.

Trump Campaign Punishes Don McGahn's Law Firm

Hmmm...not sure what would cause this. Maybe a medical condition???

Anyone else experience what seems to be a new scam?

A primary without southerners?

Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone again, naturally

A dog gets a puppy surprise

Vibes to people on the Ottawa, Rideau and St Lawrence Rivers. It is

Elton John - Don't Go Breaking My Heart (with Kiki Dee)

Do we really want to rush toward a Trump pardon?

Facebook stored passwords for hundreds of millions of its Facebook users and millions of Instagram

Trump approval drops 3 points to 2019 low after release of Mueller report:

Where is the best place to find 35mm film and to get it developed?

Thank you Senator Warren for your courage and honesty in call for impeachment.

If Russia intervenes again & trump gets reelected, what then? It would be too late to impeach,

My opinion: string out impeachment for maximum effect

A question for the legal beagles here. I watched Rachel tonight and in discussing

In late sentencing filing, prosecutors say Maria BUTINA should get 18 months

Patty Smyth - Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough ft. Don Henley

My favorite song of the 1970s

Trump committed treason to win the election. Impeach the motherfucker!

One of The Most Damning Things About the Mueller Report:

(Seagram's liquor) Heiress pleads guilty in cult group sex slave case

I found this to be pretty interesting. The making of 10cc's "I'm not In love"

Watching a DVR of Saturday Night Fever.......

If Trump is impeached and convicted he is almost certain not to ever face prison for his crimes.

Roasted Brussels sprouts has been my favourite lately. I added leeks.

GOP lawmaker slammed for saying rural nurses don't deserve breaks because they just sit around and '

Led Zepplin - Baby I'm going to leave you. (50 years ago)

Huckabee Slams Romney Over Trump Criticism

President Obama: "Above all I searched for a leader who was ready to step in and be President."

Liberian president works from home due to snakes

J. Geils band at Holy Cross College, Worcester. MA November 1972

Pharrell Williams and son serve hot meals to homeless on Good Friday

I was against Impeachment for the sole reason I believe the Senate would never convict this bastard.

Why is anyone surprised by Barr's behavior at this point?

Majority of Canadians support a 'Green New Deal,' poll finds

If the House decides not to impeach ( They make the call and i will agree) BUT then

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Accuses Media of Anti-Liar Bias

Reuters: Trump Approval Falls to 37% post Barr report

Between the tangerine

Michael Cohen: Soon I will be ready to address the American people again...

I just need to say this

Star-Studded 'All in the Family,' 'The Jeffersons' Live Event Set at ABC

Anyone remember Dorothy Fuldheim?

Friday Night Moscow Mule Buzz. Oh, God! What a week! Hold me!

How public opinion changed during the Nixon impeachment process

Jill Wine-Banks, along with Joyce Vance: Time for Democrats to start a counter narrative effort


Ocean currents bring good news for reef fish

Wisdom by George Carlin

"He's a despicable human being..."

Biden is in:

Florida knew Hurricane Michael was bad. Now, scientists reveal just how strong it was.

NRA Could Lose Tax-Exempt Status Over Shady Business Practices, Report Says

Seth Meyers - Robert Mueller's Redacted Report Released to the Public - Monologue - 4/18/19

Thermodynamic Magic Enables Cooling without Energy Consumption

Former L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca is denied new appeal and is likely headed to prison

Tweet of the night:

80% of DUers support starting impeachment hearings.

'Morally wrong' and 'not kosher': Stop & Shop workers get support from Joe Biden and rabbis

John Bercow must let Donald Trump address Parliament to bolster special relationship, ministers say

The mysterious life of James McCord, Watergate burglar whose death went unnoticed for 2 years

I am in utter dismay by the toy store offerings

From the Maria Butina sentencing filing tonight... The opinion of the Russian government "will be

Fire in the belly: Biden at the Stop and Shop picket

Car-sharing app Car2go out of service in Chicago after dozens of vehicles stolen

If a 2020 candidate does not support impeachment of trump,

'Church' to offer 'miracle cure' despite FDA warnings against drinking bleach

tRump to travel to South Bend today to

Why Researchers Are Mapping the World's Manure

Noam Chomsky: 'In a couple of generations, organized human society may not survive.'

A tweet from December

I'm not against impeachment,

World's Largest Concentrated Solar Power Plant

Weld is going to damage Dump

Fourteen utility-scale projects selected for North Carolina's Competitive Procurement of Renewable ...

Crazy Rich Asians

File this under "It's a free country"

The Report

CNN's April Ryan did NOT say that Sarah Sanders' head should be lopped off.

The latest lost satellite is now space junk that could put other spacecraft at risk

A ransomware attack took The Weather Channel off the air

'You better stop now!': April Ryan slams ex-Republican governor for suggesting the White House yank

I Have To Think That Trump Is Pissed At AG Barr.....

My God You Guys Are MEAN!

Verdi's Requiem.

OK fellow oldies, someone flirted with me today and damn it was fun

"Fighting only the battles that you know you will win is a sure way of ensuring you lose."

Who are these people whose only reason for voting for Trump in 2020 will be impeachment?

True ISIS believers regroup inside refugee camp, terrorize the 'impious'

Notre-Dame : le coq de la fleche de la cathedrale retrouve

Australia confirms May 2016 meeting between Alexander Downer and George Papadopoulos.

Jonathan Pie's latest rant....

It might be better for Trump to be impeached than not.

Americans Agree on One Thing About the Mueller Report: Disgust With the Country's Leaders

20 Years Ago Today; Massacre at Columbine

Sarah Sanders keeps digging herself in deeper after Mueller showed she lied

Did Capitalism Kill Inflation? The disappearance of the age-old bogeyman confounds central banke

The Argument Against Impeachment?

Civil Complaint Filed Against Orono Business Man To Recover $2.7 Million In Assets That Were Part Of

Former Aequitas Owner and Executive ViP Pleads Guilty in Fraud and Money Laundering Conspiracy

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/19/19

Jimmy Fallon: Mayor Pete Buttigieg Confronts Jimmy About His Impression (in 7 Different Languages)

Stephen Colbert - Guest Robert De Niro On Trump: Even Gangsters Have Morals

Credibility reaches the point of no return

Chief Inspector Murphy gathers the officers for a meeting

Tweet of the Day

9 Years Ago Today; Deepwater Horizon

Notre-Dame de Paris , best-seller de la semaine

Redmond Affordable Housing Project Raised From The Ashes

So has Hannity had anything to say about Rachel Maddow

Who Owns Your Fingerprint? You Don't.

We have several problems in Jamaica - Press Freedom is not one of them

Report finds 'alarming unaddressed deficiencies' in US offshore oil drilling

a Cultural Moment in time, compliments of Rick Wilson.

Democrats must impeach Trump, but not for the reason you think.

Portland Public Schools Closes Doors May 8 Because Teachers Union Plans to Walk Out Over School Fund

Happy 420! Oregon Is Still Selling the Nation's Cheapest Cannabis

and Ken Starr:

City investigating Portland firm over possible $2 million fraud

Gov. Kate Brown declares 'crisis' at her child welfare agency, says she'll personally step in to

Food stamps and online grocery shopping are about to mix

Multnomah County to pay $100k to black worker who complained 'Blue Lives Matter' demeans 'Black Live

Lake-area legislator won't face further discipline

I do not trust this William Barr

2 kids have been arrested over the murder of NI journalist Lyra McKee

Former Salem cop facing criminal charges has fled the state

Dana Nessel, Michigan's brash attorney general, plows through Lansing

Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward says he's resigning over unlawful jail conditions

Oregon officials approve $50,000 ethics case settlement with Cylvia Hayes

Oregon Democrats' legislative priorities come alive as Republican frustrations rise

The New Yorker: Bernie Sanders's Electability Tour

The Dead Daisies - Set Me Free

Couple walks around Rhode Island Holocaust memorial wearing Nazi armbands and MAGA hat

Shedding toxic people

How pot holiday 4/20 got its start with 5 California high school stoners

The agony and the ecstasy of the Mueller report

Already the media is wondering if Democrats will push to hard

Sen. Kamala Harris Regrets S.F.-Born Truancy Policy

Japanese Investment Company Executives Extradited on Charges Relating to $1.5 Billion Ponzi Scheme

French Ambassador On Donald Trump: 'A Big Mouth' Who 'Reads Basically Nothing'

Scott Pruitt's Career: Now Lobbying Indiana Regulators, Apparently For Now-Failed Coal Bill

Oh look..the juxtaposition between values voters faux outrage versus approving of false witness

United States Reaches Settlement with Honeywell International Inc. and International Paper Co. for C

O'Rourke has the vision thing, voters say, but without 10-point plans is that enough?

O'Rourke has the vision thing, voters say, but without 10-point plans is that enough?

Indian National Extradited to United States to Face Charges for Leadership Role in Multimillion Doll

Travis County DA making new rules for small-amount drug cases

Conservative group Empower Texans sues lawmaker to gain state House media credentials

No it doesn't. *Some* are saying Commons Speaker John Bercow's snub of Trump could damage

Every. Single. Time....Truth Stealers

California is losing billions by giving out too many tax breaks

If Trumpism had not been held in check in the dark ages, we'd still be huddled in

Word association

Mueller: Wikileaks used dead DNC worker in bid to cover Russia ties

Mr brownstone slash and Izzy

The WORST scandal in presidential history.

Fender Builds Three Custom Games of Thrones Guitars With Sigils From House Stark, Lannister and Targ

Does Mozart sell cars?

Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple employees donating to Elizabeth Warren, even though she wants to

East Bay Land Rush for Swalwell's Seat in Congress

'Racist, offensive, propaganda': San Francisco leaders react to political mailer

What Mueller Said About Don Junior Is Embarrassing

Drunk, high pedestrians becoming more of a problem. Here's Fresno's solution

Teachers union and Eli Broad -- usually foes -- unite behind parcel tax for L.A. schools

So...It Seems Clear To Me

A few serious thoughts on Trump's plan to settle "illegals" in sanctuary cities.

5 Weird Items In The New Bernie-Buttigieg Poll

Ninth Circuit denies Trump attempt to block California sanctuary law

CalPERS bill for California state worker pensions set to reach $7 billion next year

The "Red Line" Investigations that Will Haunt Trump's Presidency

Flight attendant in deep coma after contracting measles

Happy 82nd Birthday to George Takei!!!

Trump tampered with witnesses. These Senate Repubs voted to oust Bill Clinton for doing just that.

I love Buttigieg's anti-nostalgia message

Has Trump ever directly---face to face, up close and personal---fired anyone since he "ascended

One central question

It may not fit the catagory of illegal acts, but Trump is still a traitor!

See Which Witnesses the Mueller Report Relied On Most

Republican (Matt Shea - WA) discussed violent attacks and surveillance with rightwingers

impeach or not poll

Any DUer wants to bet me that he won't be calling

Paranormal Investigator Lorraine Warren Dies At 92

Not addressed: Why Trump is so deferential to Russia/Putin.

Rachel Maddow MSNBC...

You raised $78.00 on April 19, 2019 Act Blue DU POTUS donation links

69% of redactions in Mueller report were made because the material related to ongoing investigation

Michelle Wolf sounds even better today

A Fair, Honest and True Assessment of the Mueller Report

(OUT OF TOUCH) CFPB head, charged with protecting consumers, says people need 'to help themselves'

They hammered Hillary on the Emails and Benghazi bullshit for years

I'm looking at pantry porn

Well, here goes nothing....let us stipulate that impeachment is a political (Congressional) Option

How are you reflecting on the 20th anniversary of the Columbine massacre?

The Trump campaign met with representitives of the Russian Government

So. Are these the seven counts Mueller would have, if he could have, moved forward with?

How to fight trump inspired mindless hatred

Sooo, how is every loner here?

Did William Barr conspire to obstruct?

You can't be in politics for fifty years and not have baggage.

Alex Pareene in New Republic:

Just a tribute to our special day in the Lounge

Researchers improve method to recycle and renew used cathodes from lithium-ion batteries

Man facing felony charges of enticing a child

How many cherries in frozen pie? FDA may soon drop rules

AA Artist I just learned about

Rep. Jackie Speier: The Only Way To Get Rid Of Barr Is To Impeach Him

Profiles in Crazy, LXXIV. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

People, The Mueller report ended the impeachment debate. Mueller told us this in his report.

Humor for the Day

SHS - Just another Liar For Jesus

Russians rewarded after helping steal 2016 Election

Brooks and Shields on PBS News Hour

House of horrors case: Turpin parents sentenced to life in prison for torturing children

In honor of the Easter season.

Why can't investigations and open hearings and testimony take place

How about a Pros&Cons list on Impeachment.

Does anyone still watch any good nature shows?

I'm really really hoping that when the House OPEN hearings begin they are NONSTOP!

Egg Art.

"The Mueller Report Shows That Bad Guys Who Play Dirty, Like Trump, Always Win"

"Dear America..."-Werner Herzog

A few words from our 'exonerated' 'president' just this morning....

Blackmon's 1st blast in '19 a walk-off shot

Accusing "people" of "Treason" in an email is wrong. Trump wrote this yesterday,:

Well, Ron DeSantis would say that, wouldn't he?

Is there no soul out there with the technical capability

House Dems need to start investigations now

Happy 420!

Someday, a Democrat will be President again, and *this* will be the bar for impeachment

Will Hillary Clinton's endorsement make a difference?

You know, I know, and certainly Barr knows the

Adolf Hitler was born 130 years ago today.

NYT-more redaction in Russian interference section than Obstruction. This means...

AH, Little Lindsey in 1999. The precious cornucopia of hypocritical gifts that keeps on giving.

David Price Won't Attend Red Sox's White House Visit

Dapper W.H. gent Hogan Gidley channels Miller's "The president will not be questioned" decree.

Poltico: Five unresolved mysteries of Russian interference.

We need to tighten up our laws

If the House Does NOT Impeach Trump Will Use it Against Us.

I believe that Barr stopped Mueller from issuing charging statements on Trump and company and ...

Green plastic production made easy

Acquiescence or appeasement can never be the solution...

subpoena fb. follow the money.

NOT ONLY is putin using rump to destroy ALL western democracy,

The Point...

All it takes is the right kind of asshole in charge

Proof That Repukes Lack the Embarrassment Gene (video)

Impeach or Not? Jonathon Capehart just made a good point.

Gimme Shelter With Fergie

Let's stop and take a few deep cleansing breaths.

Yeah, I don't smoke weed...

On impeachment, Warren just stole the show from her dodging Democratic rivals

Solar power industry sees rays of growth in Georgia

Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto #2

Texas proves that booming renewable energy doesn't bring electricity price Armageddon

I Would Like To See MSNBC Air A Program That Educates The American People On Impeachment.....

Mouse replaces tools back into toolbox

I flipped the bird to Air Force 1 yesterday.

We need an org like MoveOn to call for

Pete Buttigieg's high school yearbook has surfaced.


Joy seems over-caffeinated today

James Blake - Can't Believe The Way We Flow

George Zimmerman is looking for love. LOL

What's different from accepting vs asking for Russian help?

Solar Power Can Convert India's Energy Poverty to Energy Prosperity

How Barr and Trump Use a Russian Disinformation Tactic

Beware of Republicans Claiming Support for a Democratic Candidate

REQUEST: Please outline the investigative benefits of impeachment

About those redactions . . .

Good article re both sides of impeachment issue:

Sanders gets endorsements of 7 black South Carolina lawmakers

Duckling Gets Raised By An Owl And The Photos Are Adorable

The Real Battle

For Easter, That Oscar Winning Rabbit.

Lordstown Tough

If impeachment is a far reach, maybe we can make the Don's life a little shitty.

New Rule:

Republicans Are Trying To BAN New Wind Power Projects

Many schools ban students from bringing peanut butter and other peanut products

Take action before our frog boils. The extent to which this presidency is abnormal boggles the mind.

Biden is going to announce.. doing the happy dance

Presidential Candidate Wayne Messam Missed Payroll for Campaign Team, Ex-Staffer Says

jim jordan and mark meadows....This is the sick, twisted mentality of the republican party.

Judge: Resumption of US coal sales by Trump needs review

Once again, I'm on the Home Depot site answering questions...

So, Do You Sort of Remember Some Dirt about a Democratic Candidate?

One of Alaska's warmest springs on record is causing a dangerous thaw

The Democrats must ask Mueller this question in an open hearing.

Mueller must explain, in an open hearing, why he could not charge anyone with conspiracy.

I guess Game isn't over... tRump is all Mueller on Twitter today...

Gin and Tacos blogger on impeachment

BlacK Klansmen premiers on HBO today! I wanted to see this in the theaters but never

Read this Q & A with french ambassador ( who is leaving).

Dems need a warm up...

"Because you can do it all" Photo shoot inspires girls across the world

Dog Who Had 10% Chance Of Surviving Makes His Family SO Proud

And remember folks, this is a former attorney speaking here...

U.S. service member dies in non-combat incident in Iraq: statement

"....and that had they resisted at the beginning.......... it could have been avoided."

The Mueller report proved Mueller is Mister Clean. He plays it safe and right by the book.

Chasten Buttigieg Could Become First Gentleman

This city might make it illegal to call police on black people for 'participating in their lives'

Interesting how Trump always ordered someone else to do illegal acts for him.

Poll: What do you think the result of impeachment would be?

Collusion In Plain Sight

Democratic Underground for Warren ActBlue POTUS donation link UPGRADED

Don't be distracted by Huckleberry Sanders

Can I get a candidate page for Swalwell?

Tea Time!!

Nancy Pelosi only represents one of 435 Congressional Districts.

'Social equity': Fresno's West Side lost in the war on drugs, and now it hopes a revival will be tie

The Truth About Dentistry

Unraveling the Corruption of the GOP

The Shitgibbon took an early victory lap, but now

Being Clean & Sober on 420.

NPR: Conserving Wildlife in the DMZ

Now at 37% since Mueller Report has come out...

Streaming live now: Pete Buttigieg in NH

It's Bernie's World (And 2020 Democrats Are All Living in It)

Giuliani: 'In some ways I'd love to have a trial' to contest some Mueller findings

A Darker Portrait Emerges of Trump's Attacks on the Justice Department

McGahn testifying in an open hearing will be bad news for Trump. It will prove obstruction.

Dear Dems, your messaging should be this one phrase: ONE MAN CRIME WAVE

Cannabis goes mainstream

More crazy religious wackos in Leavenworth

Gorillias pose with Anti-Poaching Officers

Mueller Report Book Editions Shoot to Top of Best-Seller Lists at Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Fuck you Rudy.

Population issues on earth are about to be alleviated. Apparently

Mueller Report Confirms Trump Runs the White House Like It's the Mafia

Ignorance of the law is not if the FBI warned you that Russians might try to compromise you

Little Johnny Broke My Tie Rod

Bottom line, the Mueller report is an indictment that's not going away.

Report: Home ownership for millennials in Seattle? Still not affordable

Why Female Presidential Candidates Are Still Overlooked

Tank and the Bangas: Tiny Desk Performance (2017)

Lakoff says trump supporters are slaves to their conservative moral worldview

The Mueller report is that rare Washington tell-all that surpasses its pre-publication hype.

Mexican troops drew weapons on American soldiers on US side of the border

Republican discussed violent attacks and surveillance with rightwingers

Babe Ruth's 1919 Home Run total of 29

One of the reasons Republican folks are coming out and

Iran Contra and Watergate hearings - Correct me if I'm wrong

Bernie Sanders offers 3 ideas to help battle gentrification while in Greenville

Trump accuses 'fake news media' of stirring up 'anger' after Mueller report

Calling all bird call experts

Notre Dame fire started at the center of the cathedral's roof, police source says

Congress must have the full unredacted report and grand jury testimony in order to adequately

Swalwell on Impeachment of Putin's Puppet

Good in-depth article on the MILITIA arresting border crossers.

First Japan-built airliner in 50 years takes on Boeing and Airbus

When the FBI contacted both campaigns

Mueller's depictions will fuel Trump angst

My own opinion on the Mueller report

Judge Delivers Major Setback to Trump Policy to Increase Coal Mining on Federal Land

Claims of Shoddy Production Draw Scrutiny to a Second Boeing Jet

Trump -- and his rally crowds -- lay bare their cruelty

CNN is hosting several town halls back to back on Monday, starting 7:00PM Eastern

98 total POTUS donations, can we get to 100 $2,290 raised can we get to $2,300 today? WE DID IT!

Even after the Mueller report, I still say Trump should NOT be impeached.

Democrats renew attacks on Trump attorney general

Please, don't impeach just yet.

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

And the Oscar for best portrayal of Donald Trump goes to ...

Here is a one year old story that is among Trump's biggest problems

NYC Subway Chief May Quite Over Tensions With Cuomo, Colleagues Fear

This is awkward - Sack cartoon

Lil Dicky - Earth

Five-year-old boy hurt in MOA attack 'showing real signs of recovery'

Chag Sameach Everyone!

Trump puts Food safety in the hands of hog plants; "I guess I'm done eating pork," said Joe Ferguson

So let it be written... The Ten Commandments on ABC at 7 pm tonight

Can we all please snatch the word "collusion" back from Trump and turn it on him?

If You're Happy and You Know It, Then Say Meow!

Have you noticed? The Mueller-report is out and something important is missing.

Yesterday on Brian Williams, Chuck Rosenberg commented

Trump promised to fight for American workers. He lied. Americans deserve a president who will.

Bernie Sanders Releases 10 Years Worth of His Tax Returns

When 420 falls on Easter weekend

Rep Ilhan Omar; Cannabis criminalization disproportionately impacts communities of color.

On a Happier Note: Trump Has Been Effectively Neutered

Why does Time publish kremlin propaganda?

I might not have computer access later, so let's get the hysterical stuff

**A militia group detained migrants at the border. The ACLU calls it kidnapping**

The perfect response

This Excel doc summarizes things pretty nicely

When Political Distractions Mean You Bought the Wrong Cat Food

Fleetwood Mac - Hold Me

An 11-year-old boy was killed by a speeding car in Kabul. He was also a casualty of war.

Hedge fund billionaire Eddie Lampert reaped huge profits while destroying the jobs of 250,000 people

I have added a DU for Castro ActBlue donation link by request

OMG. I believe I just found the "Official Beverage of Hell" at the grocery store.

Trump: New Army Greens uniforms 'were very expensive'

In honer of 420 day, here's 'The Smoke Off' by Shel Silverstein

Let's, for the sake of argument, assume Trump & Co. Were 100% innocent...

It is gorgeous outside here today

Trump Jr "didn't know what he was doing was illegal" so not held accountable.

Washington state senator slammed for saying nurses 'play cards' for 'considerable amount of the day'

Name a movie that has an unexpected/surprise ending where knowing the ending

Murkowski calls for many 'silver bullets' to tackle climate change

Cost to move Legislature could be up to $45M if state builds office, analysts find

Limericking-Mitt Romney

As I understand it, these are the arguments for not pursuing impeachment:

Church apologizes after pastor asks students to spit on him and cut him as part of Easter lesson

Cartoons 4/20/19

Sibly charts for 22 major events in U.S. history.

Why are we having to wait until May 23rd to hear from Mueller?

white driver faces hate crime charges after he allegedly tried to hit interracial couple with truck

Southeast Alaska marine pilots concerned about Royal Princess megaship

Trump tried to block an investigation into a foreign attack on our Democracy so...

Lawmakers vote down Board of Fisheries nominee after sexual harassment allegations surface

Does it bother anyone else that billionaires quickly line up to repair Notre Dame Cathedral

Boy's drag performance at Ohio bar prompts lawmaker's action

Who's read the report?

April 19, 1995--OKC bombing. April 20, 1999--Columbine. September 11, 2001--9/11.

Union sues to block privatization of Alaska Psychiatric Institute

Happy Easter to all my friends who observe it!

If That Isn't Love _ Elvis Presley (My favorite Easter song)

Kirsten Gillibrand has a blast with drag queens at Des Moines oldest gay bar

A permafrost meltdown in Alaska is happening now and rapid changes are coming with it

Kasich on Trump: "It's behavior not fit for a president." HMMM...GOP Primary Challenger #2?

Does Mueller have more faith in the system or the American people than he should?

Back to the Future trailer

Excellent analysis of the Mueller report for those who, for whatever reason, don't read the whole

Senate panel bumps University of Alaska funding by $5 million over House budget

Impeachment Now

If Dem political staff had done what Don, Jr. and Kushner did, ignorance of law wouldn't be excuse.

We may have a Repuke Senator who would vote to convict

Traditional Marriage (something I just came across from a few years ago)

The News Was Real

The Housing Crisis - The Sanders Institute Gathering 2018

OK DUers - what is the best link to the most readable copy of the

I have to rule out Mayor Pete for one simple reason.

What about Pence?

FBI arrests that crazy militia racist that has been rounding up asylum seekers at the border.

The argument is aimed at 15% of the voting age population.

Paris life resumes, without Notre Dame

FBI Arrests New Mexico Border Militia Leader Larry Mitchell Hopkins

Democrats need an "Official Tweeter Response Team".

How a legal dispute between Mueller and Barr drove the end of the special counsel's probe

Wondered why we have been seeing so many photos of Trump with crossed arms,

Holy Week continues, and Paris life resumes, without Notre Dame

World's Cutest Puppy Gets A LEGO Wheelchair

What advice did Rush give Trump yesterday at their golf game?

Bernie's Nat'l Press Secretary is a former senior editor of The Intercept

Body language analysis of William Barr press conference:

Guam AG, Rev and Tax sues two businesses to pay combined $400,000 in owed taxes

Some thoughts on the outrage over the (so far) 1 billion euro raised to restore Notre Dame

So the RW response to the Mueller Report is to dig out the Steele Dosier

Federal Judge: Shitstain Admin Acted Illegally In Try To Mine Coal On Federal Land


KY Pukes Now Worrying Having AOC Visit Coal Mine Will Backfire; Trying To Slither Out Of Invitation

Early voting begins Monday for Lincoln, NE Mayor.

Years from now, when AOC is president, just imagine all the Republican -gate scandals

Castro: CNMI workforce at 'very crucial moment'

I Was Brainwashed by the Liberal Media. Then I Saw a Video of a Man Ranting Alone in a Truck

Global Warming Hits Municipal Bond Market; 82 Basis Point Spread For Long-Term Miami Beach Debt

New ballistic missile defense system sought for Guam

AL Becoming Toxic Dumping Ground For Nation, Including Human Waste: "It Smells Like Death"

Appeal finds Samoa Land and Titles judge guilty in assault case -- expected to step down

Mayor Pete Buttigieg town hall in Plymouth, NH, 4/20, Full event

The standards Mueller applied for deciding a conspiracy was prosecuteable were astronomically high

Mayor Pete is too young and inexperienced

Starkist isn't going anywhere, says company president and CEO

Last Known Female Yangtze Giant Softshell Turtle Dies In Chinese Zoo

The House almost has to impeach. I'm seeing too many "man on the street" interviews...

A Question for Elizabeth Warren...

It's like when cops get away with killing unarmed black children

Ige Calls For Reconsideration Of Water Bill

Demand your Congress member's support of the Impeachment

"High-Deductible Health Policies Linked To Delayed Diagnosis And Treatment" -NPR

Billionaires raced to pledge money to rebuild Notre Dame. Then came the backlash.

5 Months After Last Major Calving, Pine Island Glacier About To Drop A 96 Square-Mile Berg

woman's kids expelled from christian school because they have different fathers

interesting quiz on CNN

Can A Sustainable Industry Be Built From An Invasive Species?

What's for Dinner, Sat., April 20, 2019

Who Owns Aloha? Hawaii Considers Protections For Native Culture

Meet Steny Hoyer's primary challenger

Impeach him in October of 2020

Maui bookkeeper charged with stealing more than $1M from plant nursery

Prodded by Putin, Russians Sought Back Channels to Trump Through the Business World

Josh Marshall with a perfect summary of what trump should do re the Mueller report - "Gist"

'Home of Sliced Bread': A small Missouri town champions its greatest thing

Klobuchar: "A president persuading a person to commit perjury would be obstruction. Is that right?"

supercell - Kimino Shiranai Monogatari

Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple employees donating to Elizabeth Warren, even though she wants...

Any threads like a book club for people reading the Mueller Report?

Happy 420

Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple employees donating to Elizabeth Warren, even though she wants...

Act Blue donation link from Omaha Steve

For all those who smoked the devil's lettuce today...

Republicans have spent at least $4.7 million at Trump properties since he took office

Does anyone near Cochella recognize her? She threw puppies in a trash dumpster

United Methodists edge toward breakup over LGBT policies

Campaign finance bill closes loophole on anonymous political spending

Happy 4/20 ! Snoop Dogg f. Willie Nelson - Superman

Does anyone near Cochella recognize her? She threw puppies in a trash dumpster

"Even if it's true, it is not." -- Rudy Giuliani, the once-upon-a-time "America's Mayor,"

Trump's 'Total Exoneration' carrier landing missed the flight deck and plunged into the ocean ...

The Deep Sadness of Losing a Beloved Animal

Animal Cruelty Case near Cochella, please consider passing this on


Redemption Day: Sheryl Crow and Johnny Cash

Just impeach the POS already!

Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim

Orange Days Ending Song MV (Eng Sub) [High Quality] (Shibasaki Kou, Tsumabuki Satoshi )

Democratic candidates jockey to run in Texas districts once considered GOP locks

OutKast - Roses

tRump Attacks!!! Mittens shouldn't have said those bad things. Now he's pinned to tRumps twit...

So this thing happened (first time in my life)

Got to keep on by The Chemical Brothers

Lawsuit claims Lakeway man fleeced $8 million from investors

This is exactly right on what Dems need to do

When I was a child I had measles.

Ohio legislation proposed after Perrysburg boy's drag show

Shanghai Honey by Orange Range

We've Got To Try by The Chemical Brothers

Shanghai Honey by Orange Range

A Top Adviser To Beto O'Rourke Has Left His Presidential Campaign

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Still Plans to Visit Kentucky, Despite Being Disinvited by a Republican