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Big Pharma Exec Perp Walked In Handcuffs After Surrendering On Opioid Trafficking Charges

Big Pharma Exec Perp Walked In Handcuffs After Surrendering On Opioid Trafficking Charges

Any Guitarists/songwriters who have studied Syd Barrett's

Impeachment is not off the table, Swalwell says.

Constitutional experts demolish Trump's threat to have Supreme Court to block his impeachment

Free Parking - Putin's main psy-ops tool

Ken Kercheval, J.R. Archrival Cliff Barnes on 'Dallas,' Dies at 83

Picture emerges of well-to-do young bombers behind Sri Lankan carnage

Last night a Pyrex glass dish exploded in a closed cabinet into hundreds of tiny shards.

Up RIGHT NOW! 5:15 PDT-Eight candidates at She the People!

Politico: Unions crank it up for Biden launch

I just want to know who does fat Donnie's hair and spray tan?

Abramson says this is a great editorial by Hillary Clinton. Thanks Seth.

Gwyneth Paltrow Is Co-Hosting a Fundraiser for Pete Buttigieg with Bradley Whitford

Dennis Stanford has passed.

NRA busted giving Trump 9,259 times the legal limit: Bombshell campaign finance lawsuit

NRA sues city of L.A. over its new contract disclosure law

Anyone know when Joe's video drops tomorrow?

'Students for Trump' founder charged with fraud, bilking would-be clients, and faking his identity

Leader of self-styled U.S. citizen border patrol attacked in jail

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (5 minute preview)

New Trump immigration plan may increase visas for highly-skilled workers

MUST-READ: 29-tweet Kurt Eichenwald thread defending Joe Biden re Anita Hill hearing

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The World Would Be a Better Place If......

McConnell on Clinton impeachment

Morning Consult poll: Joe Biden Is the Front-Runner -- Over Democrats, and Donald Trump

Rachel starts with Hillary's Op Ed

Repost from LBN: NRA sues city of L.A. over its new contract disclosure law

Britain must commit to carbon capture to meet climate goals: lawmakers

Unsolved Mysteries!!:

Bernie Sanders On Democrats Being A United Party At The 'She The People' Forum NBC News

Hillary Clinton: Mueller documented a serious crime against all Americans. Here's how to respond.

Welp, Looks Like Neither God Nor His Followers Will Be Saving Us From Climate Disintegration

Nearly 170m under-10s unvaccinated against measles worldwide

Jim Jefferies Show: What's It Like To Attend Your Own Funeral?

Pee pee tapes !!

Belt and Road forum: China's 'project of the century' hits tough times

This naked guinea couldn't relate to anyone until he met the love of his life 😍

Deutsche Bank has begun turning over documents in New York AG's Trump probe

Scaffolding firm says workers smoked at Paris' Notre-Dame

FLIPPABLE: Melanie Hughes for Allen, TX City Council

Someday soon?

Popular Heart Drugs Tainted With Carcinogens Face a Wave of Lawsuits

Tribe: It's great that Gov. Bil lWeld is taking on the Orange Constitutional Menace.

Inspired by another thread, I stumbled on the World's Oldest Photographs

Dean: Troubling when the POTUS is a NITWIT! Pres Trump Says He Would Fight Impeachment in the SCourt

San Francisco Supervisor Proposes 'IPO Tax' on Tech Companies

Gov. Newsom calls for investigation into California's high gas prices

Salmonella outbreak sickens 117 people in 10 states

George Conway on HRC's column on the Mueller Report: If she's with the Constitution, I'm with her.

13 Seattle Boy Scout Leaders Named In Child Sex Abuse Files

Barr to testify about Mueller report

What priorities would you have moving into a new house and town?

Leader of militia that detained migrants is attacked in jail

107 Pitties Rescued From Dogfighting Ring Just Want To Give Kisses

Mark Felt: Follow the money. Mueller Report Important but...

Trump's angry tweet about common border incident prompts Mexican investigation

Trump effort to stonewall faces thorny legal challenge

Not Fast Enough

Elizabeth on She the People

House oversight chairman cites 'massive' obstruction by Trump, Barr

Air Force Academy ethics instructor arrested on charges of attempting to lure a child online

Hasan Minhaj Called Out Jared Kushner to His Face for His Relationship With MBS at the TIME 100 Gala

Oh Florida!

Hillary Clinton says Congress should begin Watergate-style hearings after Mueller findings

If I were on the House committee questioning Mueller in public, this is something I would ask:

Trump Says He's Sending 'Armed Soldiers' to Border Following Incident

Catch 22 official trailer

Might be having new neighbors, a nice young couple

Something I absolutely agree with Biden on: Joe Biden Calls For Free Public College For All

Facebook expects $3B-$5B fine over Cambridge Analytica

Hillary Clinton: Mueller documented a serious crime against all Americans. Here's how to respond.

I am in Fayetteville Arkansas tonight

Dems accuse White House of caving to Trump's 'ego' on Russian meddling

Why the GOP is saying they hope the Dems begin impeachment proceedings, and that it will help Trump:

It's heartening to know "Ya done good." Especially on your birthday.

Author of book on Kushners mocks Jared: He couldn't get a TSA PreCheck without Trump's help

Booker tax returns show income drop, high charitable giving

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats regain control of the US Senate with the White House.

Damian Marley - Is It Worth It ? (Gunman World)

Most of us have had our share of "WTF days"---days when we feel foolish for even trying

Trump's doing an interview with Sean Hannity tomorrow. I think he's feeling threatened by Biden,

Capitalism Is Failing, People Want A Job & A Decent Wage: Guardian, "Broken Capitalism Series"

Bob Marley - Johnny was a good man

Conor Lamb will endorse Biden at his campaign kick off in Pittsburgh on Monday.

Today for the first time in a couple of years, I was totally at peace.. the world is making sense

Dennis Brown - Man Next Door

Phony Lawyer Was Co-Founder of Pro-Trump Campus Group

Has Trump Promised Pardons to Everyone He's Ordered to Ignore Congressional Subpoenas?

I was just watching Lawrence. He had Tribe on. They need to just invoke impeachment now.

Another department store has gone completely out of business.

Florida House passes bill allowing ex-felon voting rights

New Tulsi Gabbard ad critical of Trump/Pence "unholy alliance" with Saudis

WP OP-ED By Hillary Clinton April 24 Mueller report documents a serious crime against Americans

And the WINNER for best team name is.....

Trump won't do anything to stop Russian interference with 2020 because he can't win without Russia

@SenRonJohnson Named in lawsuit: @NRA busted giving #Trump 9,259 times the legal limit: Bombshell

Khaleesi Reacts to Annabelle Comes Home-Official Trailer 😱😂

EU Emissions Trading System: Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway to start auctions on the common auct...

Curious...Where Have The Dem Senators Been Lately?

Can tRump now have added to his obstructions, obstruction of congress? It appears in his

I Love Music, The O'Jays Live From Daryl Hall's House

Joni got an earful at a round table

Some talking head guests on both CNN and MSNBC are twisting Trump's lawlessness into

I know it's early, but these are the numbers I'm watching

Second round of NHL playoffs now set

The Daily Show: Trump Throws a Tantrum Over Twitter Followers and Tests the Power of Congress

The Daily Show - Unsolved Mysteries: White House Edition -- What Does Ivanka Actually Do?

Here's a thought - with trump basically boycotting the WH Correspondents Dinner....

Washington UPS Gets 667 Packages Of Cards For Senator Who Said Nurses 'Play Cards' At Work

I rather rebuild the Obama coalition with any combination of Biden, Harris, Booker, Pete or Beto.*

So I'm watching Last is the Mohicans

See You Again Zither/Guzheng 古筝

In 5 years, repubs can say they would have voted for impeachment

Trump Throws a Tantrum Over Twitter Followers and Tests the Power of Congress The Daily Show

權御天下 Sun Quan The Emperor (Guzheng&Drum)

Texas officer charged for killing man who ran over his foot

White House denies Cummings' request for Stephen Miller to testify on immigration: reports

"Spring River Flower Moon Night" 古筝 - 春江花月夜

Philippines's Duterte threatens to declare war on Canada if they don't take back trash within a week

Elizabeth Warren rolls out plan to reward hospitals that make childbirth safer for African-American

A cat wanders into a pet store and finds the catnip toys...

The three articles of impeachment passed by the HJC against Nixon can be used today

How do we donate to Biden? Foundation shut down I think

The Empress Who Ruled The World (Chinese History Documentary) Timeline

Ana Navarro: Joe Biden is normal -- and that sounds really good to me

Deutsche Bank begins providing Trump financial records to NY AG

Just confirmed Administration lying in census case

Brazilian Superior Court Reduces Sentence in Triplex Case and Lula May Be Released from Jail this Ye

Will Trump and Supreme Court tear our democracy apart?

It's not just obstructing justice: Here are 5 additional impeachment charges Trump could potentially

Refuses to defend United States

Massive assault on accountability

30 Of The Most Adorable Photos Of Cat Dads And Their Furry Friends

White House says Stephen Miller won't testify

Uncle John's Band sung by Joe Higgs

Step Back in Time.....

So are we going to boycott companies that are benefiting from this right wing SCOTUS?

There may yet be consequences

New York Democrats settle on April presidential primary

New York Democrats settle on April presidential primary

Campaign's refusal to rule out using hacked information

Whites are the new Blacks, and Trump & the Plutocracy doesn't want you to know that

Has Elizabeth Warren changed or has she always been this person?

McGahn could decide Trump's political fate

Senate schedules limo safety hearing for next week

Military Seeks to Quiet Criticisms of Mouro by Bolsonaro Followers

After Controversy, Dead Kennedys Deletes Political Poster that Alluded to Bolsonaro

Cuomo wants 'to do nothing to cooperate with ICE'

Is Biden the last big entry into the Democratic primaries?

Liberal activists occupy Venezuelan embassy in Washington to oppose Trump policy

Liberal activists occupy Venezuelan embassy in Washington to oppose Trump policy

Cristina Fernandez-Kirchner Leads Electoral Polls in Argentina

Jersey Shore mayor tells constituent to call cops on Jewish 'invaders'

Jersey Shore mayor tells constituent to call cops on Jewish 'invaders'

'Kai The Hitchhiker' Murder Trial: Internet Sensation Found Guilty In Beating Death

Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz to receive large inheritance; public defender must withdraw

'Death by a thousand cuts': vast expanse of rainforest lost in 2018

It may not seem like much but it's a start

Smells delicious: our tongues can detect odours, study suggests

The thing I don't understand about Congressional Republicans

Congresswoman Barbara Lee Slams President Trump's Backwards Policy Towards Cuba

New Jersey gov says Cuomo promised Garden State drivers exemption from congestion pricing

New Tech Converts Thoughts to Speech, Could Give Voice to the Voiceless

Microbes may act as gatekeepers of Earth's Deep Carbon

Pharma Bro transferred out of low-security prison after cell phone antics

Oh boy. Ooooh boy. There is a new conservative comedy-show hosted by a MAGA. And it's so bad.

So true about Trump and Power and Fame:

Obvious...but YEP

Omarosa in interview: "WH ordered Trump-campaign staff to destroy or hide evidence."

Ex-Christie aide gets 13 months in bridge ploy

Tumen River of Tears Song So Hee

Dark Matter Hunter Captures The 'Rarest Thing Ever Recorded' In A Process 1 Trillion Times Longer Th

Strong Support Here Helped Trump Win Pennsylvania in 2016. 2020 Could Be Different.

Tony Evers will veto 'born alive' abortion bill advanced by GOP lawmakers

Women on the rise in Delaware politics and beyond

Pete Buttigieg and Beto O'Rourke Stake Out Similar Turf in a Crowded Field

Rep. Peter King vows to fight threatened lawsuit over blocked Facebook users

Hillary Clinton: All Americans should demand action and accountability.

VA GOP state senator profanely berates cop for not letting her park illegally in pedestrian plaza

Mortgage Company President Sentenced for Defrauding Ginnie Mae

Hepatitis A outbreak declared in Georgia, one concentration in Atlanta

'Feeding Cahokia' Outlines New Findings About Agriculture, Women And Life In Ancient Civilization

'Feeding Cahokia' Outlines New Findings About Agriculture, Women And Life In Ancient Civilization

Feeding Cahokia' Outlines New Findings About Agriculture, Women And Life In Ancient Civilization

Governor seeks to reassure Facebook after PRC decision

The Isley Brothers Arrive On The St. Louis Walk Of Fame

The Isley Brothers Arrive On The St. Louis Walk Of Fame

CDC Reports Largest U.S. Measles Outbreak Since Year 2000

Delgado-Polanco resigns as NJ Dem vice chair

I'm fucking terrified

Hirsh Singh will challenge Cory Booker for U.S. Senate

Union County Senator Says He'd Take Youth Jail Newark Doesn't Want

Parking lot attack on Hindu priest in North Jersey investigated as hate crime, report says

60 Years Ago Today; The Saint Lawrence Seaway opens for traffic

Comcast executive to host Joe Biden fundraiser

N.J. business owner admits he sold U.S. military $1.9M in fraudulent parts, including for planes

Assembling the World Country-by-Country, Based on Economy Size

New Jersey college lecturers griped about losing offices, then lost their jobs, union claims

Shovel in hand, a 12-year-old boy fixes the potholes plaguing his street

George Gilmore resigns as Ocean County GOP chairman after conviction

Dare to declare capitalism dead - before it takes us all down with it (George Monbiot)

Illuminating Podcasts: Behind the Bastards and It Could Happen Here

Joe Biden Officially Announces 2020 Presidential Run

Does Donald Trump work for America, for Russia, or for Donald Trump??

OK, Joe. You got me. Let's do this!!

Joe Biden enters the presidential race, testing whether his time has come -- or come and gone

Joe Biden campaign announcement: "America is an Idea"

Bankruptcy court approves resolution to help Reagor-Dykes customers

Alrighty Now!!! Joe Biden is in the race..and President Obama loves Joe

That slaughter in Sri Lanka was carried out by some

"Don't you think it's about time that we in the media separate Franklin Graham

Harvard Public Opinion Project: Be Like Bernie

My first impression: Biden is on the wrong track already...

If Biden is nominee his odds of victory are 76%

Connie Schultz: This Could Be Melania Trump's Barbara Bush Moment

BREAKING: IRS, FBI at Mayor Pugh's House, Office

We've got 20 great and not so great candidates...

Thursday TOONs -- Wag Wag Wag, Lap Lap Lap

Almost Complete 3-Year Reproductive Failure; Emperor Penguins Abandon 2nd-Biggest Colony

Biden donation link:

You have got to be fucking kidding me...

Belgium-Sized Area Of Old Growth Tropical Rainforest Wiped Out In 2018

Law ends state license suspensions for non-driving offenses

"I have been the most transparent president ever"'!

The Climate Change Generation Needs To Know What's Coming - Michael Mann

When, why and how: A guide to the European Elections

Bob Casey lobbies for presidential primary debate in Pennsylvania

Does anyone get the feeling...

Another Cyclone Approaching Mozambique; Expected To Match Idai In Strength

Biden says he will run for president in 2020: 'We have to remember who we are'

15% Of Iowans Get Their Water From Private Wells, Where Nitrates, Coliform Continue To Build Up

George Conway lashes out at 'Deranged Donald' on Twitter

Hidden In Plain Sight: Oldest Known Cookbook Authored By An African-American

The Rundown: April 24, 2019

Art of The Week: Week of 04/24/19

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 4/24/2019

my dream...

Florida House Approves Requiring People To Repay Criminal Fines, Fees Before They Can Vote

Amy Klobuchar was excellent at the She The People Forum.

Climate change: Millions of hectares of tropical forest destroyed in 2018

It has now been a WEEK since we have confirmed that RUSSIA ATTACKED US

Coons, Casey endorse Biden

Vulnerable GOP senator pretends she never tried to kill Obamacare

I'll Fly Away

Muslims in hiding in Sri Lanka as tensions rise after bombings

I like Joe Biden and I would vote for him in a New York minute.

Major emperor penguin breeding ground gone barren since 2016

Sessions Praises Mueller: Probe Was 'Carried Forth Vigorously And With Integrity'

'Jail time': Top Dem explains how they will deal with Trump officials involved in a 'cover-up'

State yanks $10.9 million in federal money from Harrisburg School District over audit dispute

'Welcome To The Race Sleepy Joe': Trump Warns Biden Primaries Will Be 'Nasty'

A pod of orcas is starving to death. A tribe has a radical plan to feed them

A pod of orcas is starving to death. A tribe has a radical plan to feed them

In February 2015, a scandal like no other rocked the Obama Presidency to its core...

What Biden did so much better than what any of the other candidates did when they announced

Two days ago I posted that Biden is "the anti-Trump spokesman we need."

Sackler family want to settle opioids lawsuits, lawyer says

Polish leader: LGBT rights an import that threatens nation (AP)

I want a No-Trump News American Network

Feds charge Harrisburg businessman with scamming Pa.'s university faculty union out of $1.5M

Looks like some Pete voters here moved to Biden! Should be interesting! Nt

Former Reading Mayor Vaughn Spencer sentenced to 8 years in federal prison for pay-to-play scheme

The Joe Biden roll out video was good for all our candidates!

A WaPo-reporter got hate-mail from a MAGA and... it's special.

I did it - I'm for Joe Biden

Douglas Brinkley on CNN says Biden's message is, "We've got to get this bum out of the White House."

In Pakistan, an ambitious effort to plant 10 billion trees takes root

A lot of people are risking their freedom protecting Trump. It's not going to end well for them.

Joe's Story and More

ACLU Numbers Show Why We Need Bernie's Plan To Enfranchise Formerly/Currently Incarcerated Americans

WSJ: Trump Fed pick Stephen Moore says he will remove himself from consideration if

50 MN Republican Legislators - 50 - Vote To Proudly Proclaim Their Wilful Climate Ignorance

Joe Biden Takes on Trump Right out of the Gate

Climate "Solutions" Caucus Considering Adding Criteria For Membership; Perhaps Acknowledging Reality

Justice Democrats are concerned that Joe Biden will divide the Democratic Party

Immigrants prevented or minimized population loss in a fifth of US counties

All that speculation about why Joe changed his announcement date? This.

Focusing on accountability, DePasquale announces surprise audits of Medicaid contractors

Nate Silver: How Joe Biden Could Win The 2020 Democratic Primary

BTRTN: Joe's In... Now How Can the Dems Avoid Another "Circular Firing Squad" in 2020?

There is only one thing left blocking a full blown constitutional crisis.

George Conway got the hashtag #DerangedDonald trending on Twitter

FBI, IRS agents search Baltimore Mayor's homes, City Hall

I'm going to predict the top 3 candidates now...what's your prediction?

Jason Bourne arrested in Florida

My first impression: Biden is on the right track already.

Trump Impeachment Movement EXPLODES

Bernie Smeared for Believing Voting is a Right

By request, DU for Joe ActBlue donation link is now live

Too soon?

This morning, Joe Biden properly defined the term "Economic Anxiety."

The show goes on: Canceled school musical gets another chance

The show goes on: Canceled school musical gets another chance

It's so sad, Hillary would have been a dam good president.

Ex-Sheriff Green faces 5 years in prison at sentencing

Morning Consult Approval Rating: Most Popular - Bernie Sanders 62%

Let's give Biden a great start...donate now!

So is the field now set at 20? No Bullock or Bennet?

Trump administration plans to move USDA research divisions despite concerns

Puerto Rico governor slams Trump, seeks swifter storm recovery

President Obama sent decision I made selecting Joe Biden

Joe Biden to kick off 2020 presidential campaign in Lawrenceville

The Biden Abides

Jennifer Rubin, WaPo: Joe Biden makes the case: He's the guy to kick Trump out

Is CBS squeezing the Star Trek golden goose dry?

Eastern flight 401 and the true damage of the Trump Administration

Congress should put pressure on Barr...

tRump's handlers - Putin and Kim - meet in Korea to trade tRump jokes

State Democrats drafting plan for diversity among its delegates

I'd love to see a Top 3 preference option in this forum.

Sanders gets tough reception at minority women's event, signaling challenges ahead

News that Deutsche Bank may be cooperating with NY AG has Twitler in rage...

Here's my take. Because Biden took on TRump directly and forcefully, all eyes will be

Dr. @CornelWest has a message: you're invited to the party on April 27

Cmon... who seriously would not vote for any of the other Dem candidates if theirs dropped out...

Biden spox on MSNBC just now said Biden asked Obama NOT to endorse -- Biden wants to

Alex Jones has an

My reaction to Joe Biden's announcement.

I received this e.mail from V.P. Biden earlier:

MSNBC's Garrett Haake on SheThePeople2020 Democratic Candidates forum:

Former Charlottesville mayor praises Biden announcement

If you follow Trump on Twitter - please unfollow him

During the Primary Season, Ask Yourself This Question:

Biden has an almost ready-made cabinet when he wins

Former senators launching effort to help Dems win rural votes

Nicklaus Children's laid off 135 employees but plans to open a second hospital in Miami

President Joe Biden

Nicklaus Children's laid off 135 employees but plans to open a second hospital in Miami

DHS draft proposal would speed deportations

Warren rolls out plan to reward hospitals that make childbirth safer for African-American women

Kim Jong Un has a fleet of ghost ships sneaking around the high seas to beat sanctions

Booker's tax returns: Speaking fees and royalties drive income

Simple basic Japanese Dashi Broth

My cat dragged in a live squirrel....

Mulvaney: 'I don't recall' telling staffers not to mention election security to Trump

Lara Trump: Merkel admitting migrants 'one of the worst things that ever happened to Germany'

Poll from March: Trump's approval among registered SWING STATE Pennsylvania voters was only 34%.

Biden, The Contender, Punches With the Greatest Ideas To Topple The Silly TV Gamester

You raised $150.00 on April 24, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

I saw Rachel caught that unprovable statement tRump made about Mueller looking at his taxes...

The Daily 202: The U.S. Chamber wants to disentangle its brand from the GOP and hopes to rebuild the

This Sure as Hell Isn't 2016!

Biden will be on The View tomorrow. This morning the hosts are praising his announcement video.

Profiles in Crazy, LXXV. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Sanders gets tough reception at minority women's event, signaling challenges ahead

Maryland Gov. Hogan calls on Baltimore Mayor Pugh to resign following FBI raids: 'For the good of

Joe just now: "I asked Obama not to endorse me."

FULL The Rachel Maddow Show 4/24/19 Rachel Maddow MSNBC News Today April 24, 2019

The NHTSA is at work, monitoring auto safety.

Biden Hires Strategist Symone Sanders, Adds Diversity to Bid

DU has an ActBlue Biden link for making campaign donations:

If Trump is re-tweeting Ronna Romney McDaniel GOP talking points on Biden, he's sweating.

Kids of WH Press Corps members are getting ready for a briefing with @PressSec.

Felonies ain't felonies

My "WTF?" story of the day, 10-year old kid in police chase in stolen car?

The Sarah Sanders fake off the record briefing for kids only on "Bring Your Children To Work Day."

This is why I will always be with HER


Here's my Joe Biden story...

I just donated a portion of my federal tax refund

So Fat Ass is furiously obstructing his obstruction charges...

Biden Takes Lead at DU...

CERN's Large Hadron Collider Experiment Unravels Why There Is More Matter Than Antimatter In The Uni

Looking forward to hearing Vivaldi's "Gloria" tonight

DU for Joe ActBlue link sets first day fundraising DU record!!!

U.S. Broadcaster Under Scrutiny for Disseminating Autocratic Propaganda

The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell 4/24/19 MSNBC News Today April 24, 2019

'Free speech isn't free, is it?': Story on teen porn worker could cost HS journalism teacher her job

North Korea issued $2 million bill for comatose Otto Warmbier's care

The View Cheers Joe Biden's Entry Into 2020 Race: 'I Had Tears in My Eyes' (VIDEO)

Jill Biden on book tour

Hillary Clinton: Mueller documented a serious crime against all Americans. Here's how to respond.

Hillary Clinton: Mueller documented a serious crime against all Americans. Here's how to respond.

Pic Of The Moment: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Cheat 'Em

DC Heads to 100% Renewable Energy, a Symbolic Move for the Country

Not something to be flaunted, praised or politicized: Franklin Graham blasts Buttigieg for being gay

Chill out! Here's what Joe WON'T do:

Other than having lived my "three score and ten", I have no unique qualifications for

The struggles of having a little sister!

Barr is joining Russian spy Maria Butina in requesting she be sent 2 Moscow w/o serving her sentence

DAD STOP. You're making our family look more stupid than we already do:(

WaPo: North Korea Billed Trump $2 Million for Release of Hostage (Otto Warmbier)

Who Is Jill Biden? Former Vice President's Wife 'Excited and Proud' of 2020 Announcement


"Buy and hold" does have its advantages.

Is Barr up to no good again in Butina case?

So...what's the draw of Biden?

Today is the 73rd Anniversary of the Wreck of the Exposition Flyer.

Biden/Klobuchar????? hmmmmmmmm, I kinda like it.

NRATV host attacks Sen. Bernie Sanders over a fake Sanders Twitter account

Do you have dreams involving drinking?

Today is the first "Breaking News"

NOTAM tomorrow, Indianapolis

World's second largest emperor penguin colony 'disappeared overnight' with thousands of chicks wiped

I think Joe Bidens running mate should be

Defense Department to take over background investigations for federal government

Watching Joe in the pizza parlor on MSNBC. Amazing.

Democracy Now! Discusses Biden's Record w/ Andrew Cockburn

Bernie Sanders trolls Donald Trump's visit to Wisconsin

Joe Biden's record on Drug Policy and Capital Punishment

Al Franken PROBABLY wouldn't want this, but maybe with an outpouring of popuar support....??

According to 23&me, I'm related to Louis XVI. Anyone else have interesting results?

I love Joe Biden. That is all. nt

Immense Pacific coral reef survey shows green sea turtle populations increasing

UFO sightings now getting more attention by Pentagon

I actually think Uncle Joe's promise of a return to normalcy has a good chance of carrying the day.

Massachusetts judge, trial court officer accused of helping immigrant evade ICE officer

Remember this moment?

Joe Biden shuts down Fox News reporter's 'gotcha' question on Obama non-endorsement

Symone Sanders, Bernie's Former Press Secretary, Goes to Work on Biden's Campaign

Union-Busting Lawyer to Host Biden's 1st Fundraiser Thursday

As it turns out, in 1986, Joe introduced Cogress's 1st ever Climate Bill in the Senate

Major Deep Carbon Sink Linked to Microbes Found Near Volcano Chains

Can he really blocks McGahn from testifying?

🔥 Bernie Rallies Supporters in Fort Worth

Al Franken would have been perfect for this shit

Biden address to 2012 NAACP convention

The Anti-Trump!

Our volkish Germany is being destroyed by foreigners!

"What was he trying to do? Why? And how did it work out?"

If anyone doesn't know what kind of man Joe Biden is, read this:

Beto O'Rourke livestream Nevada (link inside)

North Korea issued $2 million bill for comatose Otto Warmbier's care

How about we impeach Barr?

Twitter employee: a proactive, algorithmic solution to white supremacy would also catch Republicans

Michael Avenatti endorses.....

We found 85,000 cops who've been investigated for misconduct. Now you can read their records

Gold Star Widow Called White House To Discuss Taxes, They Hung Up On Her

Trump campaign running hundreds of new ads that violate Facebook's rules

Endorsements come flooding in after Biden's Official Announcement

Revelations in Maria Butina Case Highlight Russia's Infiltration Efforts in 2016

A Biden/Harris ticket would supercharge Dem turnout in the November 2020 election.

Gov. Kate Brown (D) Picked a Big-Game Hunter for the Board That Manages Oregon's Wolves.

Having 35 people over for Greek Easter on Saturday!

I know we are not supposed bring up things like this, but what is the deal with the

The House focus

Well I just got back from surgery.

Joe Biden On Climate Change -- It's a National Security Issue, Economic Issue, Moral Issue

Bernie Sanders trolls Donald Trump's visit to Wisconsin

Maddow Show-4/18- including interview with A Schiff, and A McCabe- 42:57sec

Biden Calls Climate Change Deniers Mindless -- Four Years Ago

trump tweets he increased salaries of border patrol agents

Pundits screeching "Dems lost the midwest!" WRONG: 3 states, by mere 70,000 TAINTED VOTES

Treasurer Promotes Savings Accounts For Missourians With Disabilities

Joe Biden On Immigration As America's Secret Ingredient

Trump has broken God's Commandment Number 6 : "Thou shalt not commit adultery", AT LEAST 3 TIMES

House Democrats eye post-Mueller agenda

Sanders Supporters Viciously Attack Bernie Sanders After He Criticizes Mistakes Of 2016 Sanders Camp

'He needs to let it go': Trump's allies urge him to shut up about Mueller

Unions crank it up for Biden launch

Dems launch probe into 'unprecedented' Trump firings at Homeland Security

Olympic skater Michelle Kwan among senior Biden campaign staff

Biden speaks with Anita Hill

The house should invite Mueller to read his conclusion on

Jim Palmer HOF

VP Biden at the White House Summit on Climate Four Years Ago

My son, a young man, a Democrat, tells us why the orange shit MUST be impeached

I think Samuel Adams had Joe in mind when he said this

Normally I'm Against Vandalism...

Marines name next sergeant major of the Corps

Some late Easter eggs

Joe Biden on Energy Infrastructure

A President can pardon someone convicted of Contempt of Congress....hmmmm

My gripe with Biden: he's the Safe choice.

An endorsement for Joe Biden:

Federal judge refuses to let Republican legislators join lawsuit challenging Wisconsin abortion la

As "Mayor Pete" Shows, Some Democrats Just Keep Looking For JFK

21 questions for Robert Mueller

Trump off to Indianapolis tomorrow to kiss the ass of the NRA

Study casts doubt on electric vehicles' climate-saving credentials

Hillary makes large donation to rebuild Louisiana churches.

Joe Biden's High Crimes Against Logo Design

The 2020 Democrats' campaign logos, in graphic detail

I guess I've seen it all now, at least a first for me.

Female faculty at U.Va. earned $33,939 less than male faculty in 2018-2019, on average

Identity Politics Matter

Federal court: Michigan political maps illegally gerrymandered

........Our candidate must be trustworthy, whoever we pick. That is most important!

Bernie Sanders and the Song of America

Trump is at 36% "strongly approve" on Rasmussen...he just pimped it at 50%

Man Accused of Phony Lawyer Act Was Co-Founder of Pro-Trump Campus Group

What does Joe Biden believe? Where the candidate stands on 8 issues.

Americans Are Among the Most Stressed People in the World, Poll Finds

In Northern Ireland, the New IRA is gaining a foothold with younger generations

America's Misuse of Its Financial Infrastructure

Chris Hasson, who threatened numerous Democratic figures, will be getting bail.

BREAKING: Federal Court orders Michigan districts redrawn for 2020

Coast Guard lieutenant facing weapons, drug charges to be released on bail

You have to think about electability

Ex-Florida policeman gets 25 years in prison for killing black motorist

O'Rourke avoids TV spotlight for small gatherings in risky 2020 gamble

Bernie Sanders First to Sign Pledge to Rally Behind Democratic Nominee

A blanket cover-up

FINALLY I can switch my avatar from that upside down flag!

Bernie Sanders First to Sign Pledge to Rally Behind Democratic Nominee

The U.S. just had the most Q1 layoffs in a decade.

Buttigieg signs Cities Open Internet Pledge after net neutrality repeal

Former NH Governor endorses Biden

Is there a clearer example of white nationalist privilege? Bail For Accused Coast Guard Terrorist

Photos: More "bros" in Ft. Worth.

RWers are such slime.

Is it time for the house to go after McTurtles taxes?

Republican lawmakers are freaking out after a historic fort added a single word for historical accu

Fake news and public executions: Documents show a Russian company's plan for quelling protests in Su

CNN: allies want Dump to declare victory and move on

Judge in Butina case denies defense motion....

Mary Barra Will Lead the Auto Industry's First Majority-Female Board

Four years ago, Jeb Bush was leading the polls -- out of 16 candidates. Trump polled at 1%.

Broken Portal Of Time

On L.G.B.T. Rights, the Supreme Court Asks the Linda Greenhouse

What's for Dinner, Thurs., April 25, 2019

This bear is happy

Speaking of Al Franken

Photo: Walking through a park in Fort Worth BernieSanders stops and takes questions from students

Bernie Sanders and the Song of America

Historical Note on MVP Award

Tamron Hall had a baby boy......and she's gonna be back on TV.

Biden has lost 2 primaries. What will be different this time?

Insurance Companies Are Terrified of Medicare For All

Seattle's air quality is among the worst in the nation

Tennessee bill that would penalize groups for incomplete voter registration forms passes Senate

Fact check: Trump's claim that he didn't order Mueller to be fired

Pier 1 Imports could be headed toward bankruptcy, S&P warns

"a woman of substance"

Why Won't Twitter Treat White Supremacy Like ISIS?...

A limerick, a riddle, and a pun

Former vice president Joe Biden jumps into White House race

Anyone heard of M.J. Hegar? She's going for Cornyn's senate seat!

Coast Guard officer who allegedly planned mass attack to be released

House panel chair Elijah Cummings accuses Trump of 'massive' obstruction; Trump vows to fight

Facebook to ban certain apps in response to Cambridge Analytica

"Ice Ice Baby" re-done with Game of Thrones

Sanders dominates, Buttigieg surges in 2020 social media battle

The Trump Campaign Conspired With the Russians. Mueller proved it.

Sam Ervin during the Watergate hearings:

Bill Weld: Trump has 'lost the capacity to govern'

Trump's Ego Is a Risk to National Security

Steve Sack FTW

Former Black Caucus Chairman Supports Biden

FEC being sued by Giffords re: NRA

Just received my

Where Will Trump's Obstruction Obsession End?

Assuming you will vote for the nominee in the General either way would you rather

If the House is unable to make headway against Trump

Interior abruptly pauses offshore drilling action following legal setbacks and bipartisan uproar

Mueller report sparked an increase in Russian misinformation to fracture the U.S. public

Senate to take up Trump's Yemen veto next week

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 26 April 2019

Barr to testify before House panel next week on Mueller report

Cartoons 4/25/19

Biden called Anita Hill earlier this month to express his regret

Shugerman (law professor at Fordham) says Mueller proved Trump conspired with Russia!

Evidence contradicts right-wing narrative of tech censorship and bias

They thought he was John 'f'ing' Wayne but all they got

Fox News Analyst Says Trump Obstructed Justice

Walmart experiments with AI to monitor stores in real time

Biden is Trump's most anticipated -- and feared -- rival

Biden must be scaring the repubs.

Cuomo Goes 'All In' for Biden

Where I am working you need a badge to go through

Inside Giant Atom Smasher, Physicists See the Impossible: Light Interacting with Light

V1, Rotate

Strong Support Here Helped Trump Win Pennsylvania in 2016. 2020 Could Be Different.

From Twitter

Anyone hear anything about a Joe Biden fellow today?

It seems like Joe Biden's entry into the race has "energized" DU for sure.

High-Altitude Auroras Create 'Speed Bumps' for Satellites

#DerangedDonald has been #1 on Twitter for hours.

When does a victims rights take precedence over a convicted terrorists right.

Luckovich-Pay me $2 million and I will not wear this shirt again

The vile MAGcretin obstructed justice

Wild Church founder Victoria Loorz finds resurrection on Easter and Earth Day

Why can't I lose weight?

Cyclone Kenneth hits Mozambique after battering Comoros

Ancient Tomb of Mysterious Man Named Tjt Discovered in Egypt

It seems that George Conway wants to get the hashtag #DerangedDonald trending.


I'm kinda confused about this poll that says Americans are among the most stressed in the world

Lara Trump Calls Migrants Worst Thing In German History

Putin's lapdog had his Hollywood Star improved again.

More expensive fossil fuel running BMW M3 gets crushed by new kid on the block, Tesla Model 3


How Would Jesus Vote?

Mna na hireann

Whoever wins the nomination needs to go with


MoveOn co-founder: Seeing the divinity in everyone might give our politics a new start

My thoughts on Biden & the idea of an "elder statesman."

Ex-officer sentenced to 25 years in black motorist's killing

Thank God for Pete Buttigieg, the Christian right's kryptonite Even if you don't plan on voting for

Can you spot the differences between these two emails?

Gunmen kill woman polio vaccinator in Pakistan: official

Don't Call It Tex-Mex.

Biden spotted on Amtrak train hours after announcing White House bid

For those who are concerned about Biden's two prior runs for the nomination....

One in six people dying of lung cancer in UK are non-smokers, experts say

CNN Plays 'What If A Democrat Did What Trump Is Doing?'

Over lunch, three reconstructive surgeons compared there greatest successes.

Rehab patients' unpaid work for big companies likely illegal

John Singleton, director & producer has had a stroke

UPDATE: Anybody else having problems with their Amazon Prime membership?

Sean Hannity Threatens To Leave As Fox News Is Sinking Fast

Trump Tower meeting emails 'really bad,' aide told Trump

Most intense animal rescues ever 😱

AdventHealth Tampa 1st In Florida To Automate Lab Tests

Solar energy threatened in state known for eco-friendly fuel

Here is where to find political & celebrity endorsements of the democratic candidates.

Grumpy old man rant. My Daughter's HS graduation ceremony is at a freakin stadium.

Jeopardy Regulars - Spoiler -Alex and James

Is the average American voter smarter than 4 years ago?

I donated today!!! Who else here?

Trumps Green Deal