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To Trump, 'Leakers Are Traitors and Cowards,' and He Wants to Find Them

Alleged Russian agent

FBI Director Christopher Wray says Russia a 'very significant counterintelligence threat'

Ali Velshi now into his 12th hour hosting MSNBC shows today

Cocaine, firearms seized from 'Christian' bus and 6th Street Missoula home

Gov. Ducey makes his 4th appointment - all male - to 7 member AZ Supreme Court

Just Trump's use of language like "coup" against the FBI and opponents is enough to impeach him

A majority of Americans oppose impeachment. Most also say Trump lied to the public.

Trump's Latest Interview With Sean Hannity Was a Terrifying Display of Authoritarianism

Virginia men's basketball team declines to visit White House

Sunnyvale,CA Army Vet Deliberately Drove Into Crowd Believing 'Some Were Muslim'

Luckovich 4/28 Treed

Why Did Trump Veto a Challenge to this Heinous Weapon of War? (w/ Amanda M. Klasing)

The Surprising Science of Fighting Crime With...Trees.

Trump at the NRA today declared war on the republic. Joe Biden is the only one SAYING so...

Rubin, WaPo: How Biden can rattle Trump

Biden Enters The Race As The Clear Frontrunner

My NO SPOILERS review of Avengers: End Game

The likely 2020 Democratic Ticket will be Biden/Harris-D.

The people worrying about keeping their trump* admin jobs would be better off if they didn't

The Northeast leads the country in net-metered wind electricity generation capacity

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! The World Would Be a Better Place If......

Wow. Jim Carrey's talents are fearless

MoviePass rival Sinemia kills US movie theater subscriptions

The Elephants that came to dinner

Sorry to read this about Biden's first day on the campaign trail.

New wind and solar power projects tend to come online at the end of the year

Ali Veshi guest, who suggested Pete's 'tape problem' was actually a tape OF Pete, hidden by him,

Psychiatrists say Mueller report proves Trump needs a full, independent mental health evaluation.

DU Poll: Should Dems "take the high road" or take the gloves off?

Sunday Mass canceled across Sri Lanka a week after bombings

The NFL draft is ruining Nashville for bachelorette parties

2020 Candidates Begin Signing Unity Pledge, With Sanders Taking the Lead

Mysterious Instrumental Music Playing

Jim Acosta's wrong...when Trump says "coup," he understands EXACTLY what he's saying.

For weeks, the Trump campaign has used the First Lady's big day -- to build their email list.

Biden leads Trump by 6 points in first post-announcement poll

Maria Butina should get 18 more years in prison, not 18 months.

Latest misleading stories on Joe

Oh Noes! Another millionaire book seller announces Candidacy!

There are three LGBTQ rights cases before SCOTUS.

Can we please stop referring to Joe Biden as Uncle Joe?

If Robert E. Lee was such a great general how did he come up with a stratagem like Pickett's Charge?

Evidence found, prosecutors seek freeze in Flint water case

Introductory Post

John Gore is refusing to comply w/ a House subpoena to testify Trump regime's citizenship question

YNW Melly - Mama Cry [Official Video] WOW !

Up next on Real Time with Biĺl Maher:

Rachel, just now: Biden not even in the race 48 hours and he already has Trump on the defensive.

George Mason tightens donor rules after uproar over Koch

WaPo: Biden is not the obvious candidate

I self deleted my thread-if anyone knows about go fund me to get a lawyer talk to me.

Trump was on Mark Levin talk radio this evening.

There really isn't anything to discuss. Anyone who refuses to comply with a Congressional subpoena

Thank you WaPo columnist Kathleen Parker!!

Here's a thought about arresting any admin refusing to testify.

Anyone Watching Lawrence O'Donnell??

Orangeburg Massacre

I like the word "disloyalty" for what Trump and his Republicans display.

Maine latest to ditch Columbus Day, honor Native Americans

On this day in 2004

New Bruce Springsteen single "Hello Sunshine"

The United States exported a record volume of ethanol in 2018 for second consecutive year

Is anyone else tired of the new talking point that it is sexist if you

SCHIFF: Trump is "scummy and wrong, unfit for the presidency, vote his ass out of office"

One feckless punt after another

Been out of pocket for a week. Pelosi really squelched impeachment?

We've all seen parents of rude disruptive children who try to enforce discipline with a

U.S. energy trade with Mexico involves importing crude oil, exporting petroleum products

Unfuck America 2020

Lawyers: Mississippi making abortion 'virtually unavailable'

U.S. Southeast Atlantic Coast Facing High Threat of Sea-Level Rise in Next 10 Years

Studies Link Earthquakes to Fracking in the Central and Eastern United States

you can own that giant bird that killed its owner, he/she is up for sale

How frustrated pilots got the Navy to stop dismissing UFO sightings

Check out the Chyron:

All candidates need money and it really does matter where they get it

California car ramming suspect targeted Muslim pedestrians, police say

33-year study shows increasing ocean winds and wave heights

Rosenstein must be one piss poor Attorney if he was so worried about his job

In unusual move, police hasten to release video of shooting

Court: Injured officer can sue Black Lives Matter organizer

Save time - just ask the Obama/Trump voters to choose.

Buttigieg renounces lobbyist donations, refunding over $30,000

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything...

The Daily Show: Democrats Are at Odds Over Impeaching Trump

Miami Dolphins land Josh Rosen

Hey trumpie...Lee was NOT a great general.. and he LOST ..after killing thousands of USA citizens.

YouTube recommended a Russian media site thousands of times for analysis of Mueller's report, a watc

Bravo Bill Maher on your tirade against Mueller

A friend in CA, last year was in favor of Harris, now not sure

Made some great Chinese food tonight.

U.S. farm equipment purchases drop $900 million amid trade wars

The gloriously growing irrelevance of Franklin Graham BY THE OBSERVER EDITORIAL BOARD

Evidence contradicts right-wing narrative of tech censorship and bias

Scientists Spot Bacteria Using Viruses As Weapons To Kill Other Bacteria

This is why I get so pissed off when Trump disparages Elizabeth Warren

For those criticizing Biden for going to a fundraiser at David L. Cohen's home last night...

Scientists Solve Mystery Of 'Halos' Around Coral Reefs

Here's the logic: There will be no general election in 2020.

Dude high on meth stabbed his mattress looking for his girlfriend's lover

A Stephanie Miller noted yesterday.....

thom hartmann on impeachment vs censure -- worth a listen

Is it just me or was Grover Norquist very subdued on Real Time with Bill Maher.

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 4/26/19

Help! Trying to remember a book title/author ...

TANF Drug Testing By 13 States: Who the fuck is getting primo contracts that fleece taxpayers?

Bill Maher New Rules tonight: Mueller

Bruch's Violin Concerto no. 1

Went to annualcreditreport site to check the reports

OMG They've remade Catch-22.

I found someone more stupid than Donald Trump

Baby boomers are retiring. 74 years since the boom started. Plus wages

Yes, Frank Rich, then there really would be a Santa Claus

U.S. warrant issued for accused ringleader of North Korean embassy raid in Madrid

Can a local prosecutor decide to just stop prosecuting marijuana cases? The Va. Supreme Court will

New Hampshire GOP to vote on legislation to block college kids from voting

White House consents to congressional interview of ex-staffer on security

UVa declines White House invite to celebrate championship

UVa declines White House invite to celebrate championship

Fifteen dead in Sri Lanka after overnight gun battle with suspected Islamist militants

NRA Chief Says He's Being Extorted

Russia Works Constantly to Undermine U.S. Elections

Anti Trump T-shirt of the day...

Former policy director for Justin Fairfax says he has 'lost the moral legitimacy to hold public

full movie: Godzilla Vs Destroyah (1995)

Still guilty: Charlottesville statue trespassers appeal their sentences, with mixed results

Ford under criminal investigation in US over auto emissions

2020 candidates to pitch working-class credentials to union

Anyone here a Supernatural fan? Se14 finale thoughts?

Trump plans to allow fracking near California's national parks

Beto O'Rourke will hold campaign rally in Fort Worth

Beto O'Rourke will hold campaign rally in Fort Worth

Beto O'Rourke will hold campaign rally in Fort Worth

Has anyone viewed "The Looming Tower?"

Sri Lanka: at least 15 killed as police raid suspected bomber hideout

Legislature adjourns after passing record budget

Biden entry sparks a sharper edge to Democratic race

Happy National Prime Rib Day! 😋

Sen. Kaine hears employers' and educators' concerns, strategies for workforce shortage

Foreclosed Property Preservationist Charged in $10 Million Fraud Scheme

Virginia Democratic Party denies Justin Fairfax a table at June fundraising gala

Founder of Local Technology Company Charged With Operating a $60 Million Investment Fraud

Mountain Valley Pipeline gets good and bad news on court challenges

Lobbyists Banned From St. Louis Board Of Aldermen Chamber

Maine becomes the latest state to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples' Day

Big Brother is watching: Election observer bill goes too far

UVA basketball throws some serious Cavalier shade at Trump

Hannity to Leave Fox News Partially Due to Lack of Trump Support, According to New Report

China's recycling ban has sent America's plastic to Malaysia. Now they don't want it -- so what next

UNC students walked out of class to protest police brutality. Here's what happened

Bernie Sanders Campaign Sets Thousands of House Parties for Supporters

Source: Boeing whistleblowers report 737 Max problems to FAA

Une nouvelle fleche sur Notre-Dame -- Ca vous plait?

Another round on me, bartender? Not in North Carolina, unless this bill passes

NC attorney general gives reasons why Duke customers shouldn't pay for coal ash cleanup

(Jewish Group) My Jewish faith should not undermine my place in the feminist left

NASA and FEMA are practicing what would happen if an asteroid hits the Earth

NC budget's education proposals include required arts class and Teaching Fellows expansion

(Jewish Group) Labour's intersection of antisemitism and misogyny

The FBI knew for years that Saudi diplomats were helping fugitives in the US. Here's why they looked

Amazon signs lease for second Triad facility

Texas settles lawsuit over bungled search for illegal votes

Photo: Bernie Shopping

Motion for Summary Judgment in Lawsuit against President's National Emergency Declaration

Two found guilty in Silent Sam toppling, two others dismissed

Fort Bragg cut power for thousands to test 'real-world reactions' to a cyber-attack

North Carolina governor pushes for Medicaid expansion

North Carolina lawmakers want to shut down future teacher rallies on school days

Barber, other NC panelists at congressional hearing: Restore the Voting Rights Act

Potus was Jack from 'Lord of the Flies'

Legislature preparing to shortchange public education yet again

Progressives Go Around DCCC To Help Primary Challengers Of House Democrats

David played a secret cord and it pleased the Lord...

Occidental bids $38 billion for Anadarko in plan to beat Chevron

Religion, is it a force for good or a force for evil?

USC reopens president search after campus backlash over former West Point leader

Could be talking about Brexit..

Is Cliff Richard in Madame Tussaud's in London?

A loophole lets SC hospitals take millions from residents' tax refunds for unpaid bills

If Robert E. Lee was a "great general", what's that make Osama bin Laden or Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?

Elizabeth Warren is the best candidate for president. Why isn't she higher in the polls?

Lost 'A Clockwork Orange' sequel discovered in author's archives

Florence County sheriff indicted on South Carolina embezzlement, misconduct charges

How Amazon automatically tracks and fires warehouse workers for 'productivity'

Asshole is coming to Green Bay at 4pm.

Another trigger-happy cop with lousy aim...

The barbarians are INSIDE the gates and when one man leads a charge to oust them,

We had a well attended Bernie 2020 inaugural meeting in London a few weeks ago.

"I can land de plane..."

To hell with the Weather Channel!


Tennessee Stud

UVA men's basketball team 'respectfully declines' White House invitation

Santee Cooper employees plead with SC lawmakers: Don't sell the embattled utility

msnbc: Ku$hner to release his immigration plan...WTF?

South Carolina principal cancels class to protest with his teachers at the State House

The Galaxy, the Jet, and the Black Hole

Trump Supporters Now Claim He Didn't Call Charlottesville Neo-Nazis 'Very Fine People'

2020 hopeful Kamala Harris to meet with SC educators day before teacher protest

Donald Trump to withdraw US from Arms Trade Treaty

Barack Obama on why travel matters

Florida Women learn the hard way flying drones over prisons isn't cool

Weekend TOONs -- The Criminal-Knave Duality

Gaslighting by trump. Who are you going to believe; me or your lying eyes?

You raised $75.00 on April 26, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

What Dem candidates do you want together on stage at debate?

Thank You Speaker Pelosi

TX All About Property Rights Except If Pipelines Cross Your Land As Hotly Debated Bills Show

Dangerous 'Kissing' Bug Marches North in U.S.

In Just One Year, Wind And Solar Offset All The Carbon Ever Captured By CCS Prototypes

He won't comply with sub-penis?

Blue Green "Algae" In Florida - Even More Toxic Than You Thought

LBJ's daughters to christen warship bearing his name

At Least 11 Dead So Far As Kenneth Hits Mozambique; Flooding Impact Still Unclear, But Rains Heavy

British Ad Coronam Hamberder Et Covfefe Convivium

Nina Turner Blasts Audience From Black Women's Forum for Booing Senator's MLK Comments

5,000 house parties across the US and in 34 other countries

Bernie Sanders Is Getting A Shadow Organizing Campaign In The Midwest

There are pitfalls in not impeaching.

Gathering of Nations powwow draws thousands to Albuquerque

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 26 April 2019

Report: Expect Little To Nothing From Conservatives On Climate; Ideological Paralysis, No Money

Back in the 1950 S

Stacey Abrams expected to announce decision on U.S. Senate bid

Democrats need to understand that we are at war with enemies foreign and domestic...

A Mark Twain quote that describes Trump voters perfectly.

Irony: Sunnyvale man who ran into Muslims was on way to Bible study.

With Rouge River Hydro Dam At Risk, Quebec First Responders Order Evacuation W. Of Montreal

Abortion will be legal in Kansas even if Roe v. Wade falls, the state Supreme Court just ruled

Let's see what pairings we like best...Pete Buttigieg edition...

Let's see what pairing we like best...Kamala Harris edition...

Which one did the president take time to congratulate (Bosa or Murray)?

Let's see what pairings we like best...Amy Klobuchar edition

This time around I am making my choice for Democratic Primary candidate on one criteria

Mueller is such a straight arrow he would never drive one mph over the speed limit.

Let's see what pairings we like best...Cory Booker edition...

when I heard about the orange assholes "young and vigorous" comment, I thought of this...

Don Lemon Calls Trump's Bluff, Invites the 'Many Generals' Who Love Robert E. Lee on His Show

Picking up during the house hearings on WaterGate

''I'm looking forward to joining some Berniecrats in Arlington, VA. Today is the day baby. ... ''

The best part of the Con's rant about the fake coup

Rosenstein is like a guy who would join the generals'

Julian Borger: The evangelical grip on Trump administration

By the way, Lee was a shitty general.

Rasmussen Poll: Trump leads Buttigieg 44-40%

In reading the Mueller report

"Bernie will tell you how he feels regardless of what the polls say"

Do I really have to throw out ALL my old makeup and get new or is this just a lie to get women

"I asked God and he agreed with me." Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Chasten Buttigieg emerges as Mayor Pete's secret weapon

Of course rich people pay the taxes: They have all the money. Simple as that.

"Young and vigorous"? Well, sure

Virginia men's basketball team declines to visit White House

I enjoy watching the older Untouchables series with Robert Stack as Elliot Ness and

I'll have one of those. Okay, maybe two of those...

Looks like Oliver North out at NRA

I'm really liking Maher's take on the Mueller report.


Action on the Bee Crisis: Paul Stamets

Melania Trump turned 49 on Friday

Our Government in Action. Flashback Anita Hill Hearings

Am I the only one who can't get into the X-men - Mutant genre?

To girls she meets: Hi. I'm Senator Warren and I am running to be President of the United States...

🔥 LIVE at 12PM ET: Bernie 2020 Organizing Kickoff - April 27

just saw liz on joy.

Oh, joy! I get my dental crown put on this week!

joe fans- carol mosely braun on joy right now.

Hiaasen on impeachment: "get off your ass and vote him out"

For those curious why the Biden-Warren animosity: Inside Biden & Warren's Yearslong Feud (Politico)

Frank Figliusi to Rachel Maddow: We may never know...

My nightmare scenario regarding Trump

Favorite moniker for Joe Biden


Prominent women of color are putting 2020 candidates on the spot. Warren and Harris shined.

Imagine, a President who reads instead of golfing!

GOP "seawall"? Ohio's congressional map under fire in court


Biden campaign says it doesn't want support from super PACs

Avengers: Endgame Open Thread (NO SPOILERS, PLEASE)

Here's the bet Joe Biden is making

Bunch of wierdos (Melania's birthday tweet)

Avengers 4: Man Reportedly Beaten Up For Revealing Spoilers Outside Theater

The arrogance of Mitch

538 tweet: Biden has the highest favorable ratings in the field & relatively low unfavorable ratings

Young people are the most progressive generation in history.

So the Russians DID have ability to hack vote tallies (NYT)

Bob Costas Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

I have a new, temporary resident at my house

Reconstruction never ended: How we got here from the Civil War, a thread:

Could The Mushroom Save The Honeybee? NPR

Clever video..Trump, Kim Jung Un & putin

The Con knows that the 2016 coup is going to be exposed

Oliver North: 'Informed' I will not be renominated NRA president

Home Office investigated over English test cheating claims

Life within The Wall keeps The Others at bay


Rep. Matt Shea was part of violent 2017 chat from the beginning

The Democrats are talking tough. It's time to back it up.

Think of Joe Biden This Way: The One-Term Fixer

Guantnamo Bay as Nursing Home: Military Envisions Hospice Care as Terrorism Suspects Age

Elizabeth Warren personally calling donors to say thanks for donating (videos)

Democratic Party leaders should have never waffled on impeachment

We have more power in all of this than we give ourselves credit for.

Elizabeth Warren personally calling donors to say thanks for donating (videos)

California driver plowed into victims because he thought they were Muslim, police say

Oranges ignores 1st NFL draft pick who is black

Back after a long absence.

Biden & all the candidates a theory

Yep.. Trump is absolutely correct.

The economic pressure killing the news industry is coming for Iowa's paper of record.

The economic pressure killing the news industry is coming for Iowa's paper of record.

Is it possible that Mueller will agree with Barr and Rosenstein?

Watch me land this bad boy sideways:

One of my favorite things to do ... tour neighborhoods of my youth with Google Earth!

31 Percent believe Mueller report exonerated Trump

"Lamb of god." Ok. I've finally seen how these religions got started: Pagan Sacrifice

Here is why I do not think Joe Biden can beat Trump

TurboTax Deliberately Hides Its Free File Page From Search Engines

LIVESTREAM from Workers Forum with 6 Candidates Link inside.

These are the people drumpf and Ben Carson ignore

TurboTax Deliberately Hides Its Free File Page From Search Engines

If the Trumpanzes send dozens of hate comments in the first hour, do we take it a sign of success?

If the Trumpanzes send dozens of hate comments in the first hour, do we take it a sign of success?

Polls from 4 years ago this week

PG&E's Radical Plan to Prevent Wildfires: Shut Down the Power Grid [WSJ-Paywall]

Note for future/newbie crim defense lawyers:

WaPo: The Finance 202: Warren's wealth tax is fundamentally about fairness

Which play it safe candidate has gone on to win the GE?

Some responses to "Jesus died for your sins"

A New Museum Explores 2,000 Years of Jewish Life in Italy.

Could Don McGahn lead a Trump exodus?

GOP senator blames students who need loans to pay for school

Schiff hedges on Trump impeachment, says instead, 'Vote his a-- out of office'

Vote for Deming High School-$75,000 for their art program

Trump set for White House Correspondents' Dinner counter-rally

Good night, sweet NRA prince Ollie. Don't let the door hit ya where Satan split ya.

The Standard of Living at College Is Very Different from My College Days.

Seattle to limit heavy trucks in Pioneer Square due to structural concerns

Fired for a felony, again for perjury. Meet the new police chief.

Man Immediately Puts His Car Up For Sale To Save His Dog's Life

"A great General, whether you like it or not. A great General."

A New Obstruction Case Against a Judge Proves William Barr's DOJ Is Now Just an Arm #Trump

Pride vs. Pence: Gay Republicans grapple with Buttigieg breakout

Putin calls U.S. treatment of admitted agent Butina an outrage

Bernie Sanders Campaign Sets Thousands of House Parties for Supporters

The response is my Tweet of the DAY!!

Pakistan suspends polio vaccine drive after health worker attacks

Relapses suck.

What's for Dinner, Sat., April 27, 2019

GM to Add Second Shift and More Than 400 Hourly Jobs at Bowling Green (Ky.) Assembly Plant

Woman destroys Chuck Grassley at Town Hall

Pipeline firm gets $3.3-million fine for worst California oil spill in 25 years

Originally planned for Washington Hilton site was this never-built 14-tower F. L. Wright design

"...Trying for an overthrow...and we caught 'em.....we caught 'em."

Trump Ally Lindsey Graham Once Said President Could Be Impeached for Not Complying with Congressiona

Body Of Missing Hiker Located After Devoted Dog Remains By His Side

Hickenlooper at the Commonwealth Club

Democratic 2020 candidate Moulton says Sanders, Warren too liberal to beat Trump

The Will to IMPEACH - On Deadly Ground

Turning. ROSENSTEIN is "weak." Always been a wimp. It's in the open.

"Trump isn't just defying Congress. He's rejecting the whole idea of oversight."

Robert E. Lee: a traitor and a bad person

we need $0 by midnight because that's not a real thing, but this is me asking... $3

Poof, they're gone: Power plant towers demolished in seconds

If you REALLY want Trump impeached, here's how to help make it happen

Sigourney Weaver Surprised The Cast From The Internet-Famous High School Production Of "Alien"

Pictured here is teenage Elizabeth Warren described in her yearbook as being "in the habit" of...

Last Cherokee survivor of Trail of Tears to be honored on June 8

If you are looking for something to watch on Hulu I have 2 suggestions

This made me laugh!

Rant: I'm sick and tired of the human race

Poof, they're gone: Massachusetts coal power plant towers demolished in seconds

Breaking: Synangogue Shooting San Diego

A Shooting At A Synagogue Near San Diego Has Left Multiple People Injured

Another synagogue shooting. Terrorism. We have to take this country back!

Lol this meerkat

Shooting at a synagogue in Poway, CA (near San Diego).

Trump ignores black #1 NFL pick to congratulate white player with history of racist tweets

Who Got Rich This Week: Zuckerberg, Bezos And Three Other Billionaires Gain $13 Billion Combined

The Coup was 2016

OH FFS. San Diego Synagogue shooting the day after Trump doubles down on Charlottesville

Trump congratulates 49ers pick Nick Bosa who called Kaepernick a 'clown'

Details emerging on Democrats' $52.4 billion budget deal

Gathering of Nations powwow draws thousands to Albuquerque

Why redact when you can misquote and still be believed

First Lady Melanie takes a BOLD step to end drug abuse by touching a wall of white dots.

Trump ramps up attacks on media ahead of White House correspondents' dinner

Trump praises Lou Dobbs in WaPo profile: 'He really gets the word out'

Passover shootings at Poway Synagogue

So now after this latest attack on people in a Synagogue, will he continue

Cartoons 4/27/19

One Lump, or two?

Traffic - Dear Mr.Fantasy

But this is perfectly OK with them - Sack Cartoon

Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten rails against homeless anarchy in LA

Fox Business Learns Left-Wing Ideas Are Popular & Sputters Out

Bolsonaro Fears A Kirchner Win in Argentine Elections

A Workable Alternative To Nursing Homes In Vermont -- Adult Family Care

Sam Donaldson Explains How Sarah Huckabee Sanders' Lying Is Unprecedented

Three Dog Night -- The Road to Shamballa

This Land Is Your Land: A Tribute To Bernie Sanders

picture whitehouse is using to celebrate Melania's birthday

They're "unsure" of the motivation of the synagogue shooting?

Trump congratulates NFL draft pick

Before murder caught on chilling video, suspect was ordered deported. Cuba wouldn't take him.

I absolutely despise HSBC bank. Every time they contact me, I post that somewhere.

Firefighters distracted by politician requests during Woosley fire

Welcome to my TED talk on honoring Confederate traitor Robert E. Lee

He says tomahto

California towns at risk from fires often have few ways out

NY Times apologizes for cartoon with 'anti-Semitic tropes'

About time history repeated itself....

SAY IT!!!!

Texas Agrees to End Voter Purge

Trump Shows New Level of Contempt for Congress

Dead deep-water dolphin calf's stomach held plastic bags and balloon, scientists discover

Boeing might represent the greatest indictment of 21st-century capitalism

Not Just Black and White: Race and 2020 Election - THIS SATURDAY @ 8pm EST on @msnbc.

Glorious Spring, a short walk just now

19 year old white male per CNN.

If you wonder about Mayor Frey's stand on "warrior" training for police

So this bullshit just went down today at Politics & Prose. White nationalists disrupting...

I made a lil list of horribles that wouldn't have happened if the Dem won in 016

He's gaining weight at a remarkable clip

Kelly O'Donnell - re the attack on the synagogue

Radicalising the young and vulnerable - just like ISIS

Pope sends aid to migrants stranded at the US border

Another horrific shooting at a place of worship, today at the Poway Synagogue ...

2020 candidates to pitch working-class credentials to union

"At this moment it looks like a hate crime. Hard to believe."

It is easier to blame the poor than to admit the system is broken.

The El Paso Homecoming That Set Beto O'Rourke's Star on the Rise

The El Paso Homecoming That Set Beto O'Rourke's Star on the Rise

Just to say - I was horrified to hear about the atrocity in California

Tucker Carlson To Americans: Have More Babies, Dammit, Because If You Don't, Immigrants Will Take Ov

President For All

Netanyahu.... Perhaps you should find

hawaii dems cancel minimum wage to $15 again...

As NRA Leadership Fight Spills Into Public, N.Y. Attorney General Opens Investigation


Hey Sheldon Adelson

Beto O'Rourke switches his style and tone as the spotlight dims

Beto O'Rourke switches his style and tone as the spotlight dims

Suspect in Poway Synagogue Shooting...had a manifesto, of course.

John T Earnest (suspect):

Beto O'Rourke: Time to 'rethink' non-violent offenders losing voting rights while incarcerated

Beto O'Rourke: Time to 'rethink' non-violent offenders losing voting rights while incarcerated

As NRA Leadership Fight Spills Into Public, N.Y. Attorney General Opens Investigation

New Rule: Crime and No Punishment - Real Time with Bill Maher

It seems there are more than a few hecklers that want to hide Bernie's history.

Love Will Conquer Hate: Bernie Visits Islamic Center in California


Cyclone Kenneth 'wipes out' Mozambique villages

Having a very hard time with this child's murder

The NRA revolt in Cincinnati 1977. Recent implosion reminds me of this.

Prediction: There will be no debates between the presidential candidates in 2020.

If this terrorist really had an AR15, do you believe only one

Almost 57 Tons of Ground Beef Recalled by Georgia Company

New York Attorney General Launches Investigation Into the National Rifle Association

Remember this oldie but a goodie?

Watched Skip Gates's "Reconstruction" today

Georgia Golden Corral Location to Pay $31,000 to Settle EEOC Disability Discrimination Suit

The WH Correspondents' Dinner and Spanky's Rally are both tonight.

2020 US Senate Election- GA and/or ME is Democrats 50th and/or 51st seat.

New York attorney general Letitia James has opened an investigation into the NRA's tax-exempt status