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Here is a great idea from a Trumper friend.

What really happened?

Bill would protect forest owners from fire district fees

Elton John - Roy Rogers

Honduras protestors teargassed by police

Average presidential approval ratings through this point in term

Keeping The Lounge weird

Selma fire chief resigns over 'hostile work environment'

This is by far the most egregious lie this "man" has ever said! He owes my state an apology!

Are they fuzzy on the inside?

REPORT PREVIEW: 2020 Legislative Races to Watch

Pineapple on pizza is easy to hate -- at least in theory

As Bernie Threatens, Insurers Respond With More Medicare Benefits

Call it "Impeachment". Call it "investigations". Call it "hearings". Whatever you call it: IT'S TIME

Have AOC & Waleed Shahid ‏Had A Parting Of The Ways?

Presidential candidate Kamala Harris to keynote Alabama Democratic Conference event

Alabama's governor could clean up toxic soil. Instead, she took $55,000 from its polluter

Pittsburgh, PA: Campaign Stop with Joe Biden

Cecile Richards Is Starting A New Political Organization To Create A "Women's New Deal" For 2020

The good news is that Trump is getting nervous, corporate America is getting nervous and ...

Headliners profile of Elizabeth Warren at 10 EDT tonight on MSNBC

Warren 2020: Whether or not we hit our goal in the next 48 hours will make a real difference

*Headliners Joe Biden

Semi automatics need to be outlawed

Suspect in deadly synagogue shooting linked to mosque arson fire

U.S. Agreed to Pay North Korea for Warmbier But Didn't, Bolton Says

Trump Lets Loose Stunning Falsehood That Doctors, Mothers 'Execute' Babies

Ocasio-Cortez challenges Conway on Sri Lanka: 'Are you trying to imply that I am less Christian?

Sen. Ron Johnson: I am 'concerned' about Russian interference

Barr Threatens Not to Testify Before House, but Democrats May Subpoena Him

Trump says US is sending immigrants to sanctuary cities: 'That was my sick idea'

I can not believe it..

538: 16 Candidates Now Qualify For The First Democratic Primary Debates

From The Guardian: Joe Biden is the Hillary Clinton of 2020 - and it won't end well this time either

Watching MSNBC Chris Matthews Biden story. Anyone else?

A Day In The Life Of A Girl And Her Rooster Best Friend

Watching "60 Minutes" was painful. All three stories

GOP ready to step up spying case

Whitey Bulger died from blunt force injuries, death certificate says

Starting with a reasonable assumption that Trump gets voted out of office...

Laurence Tribe tweet to Donald J. Tinyhands (& "Whatever")

The worst thing about the executing babies comment

Does any candidate have any suggestions about the heart breaking situation on the border?

Chiitan: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Trump official: Family separation practice was 'effective' but undone by public perception

HEADliners Elizabeth Warren now,

(post in progress!) MARKET WATCH - Monday, 29 April 2019

Gunman opens fire on West Baltimore cookout, killing 1, injuring 7 others, police say

Hawaii: The Stolen Paradise (Hawaii Documentary) History Documentary Reel Truth History

Winter is here

Biodegradable bags can hold a full load of shopping after 3 years in the environment

Biodegradable bags can hold a full load of shopping after 3 years in the environment

Dr. Jen Gunter (OB/GYN): I Didn't Kill My Baby

What were the casualties on GoT Tonight? What was the body count?

White Nationalists Interrupt Psychiatrist's Talk At D.C. Bookstore about the Dying of Whiteness

Notice to Would-Be Foreign Terrorists

Rosenstein writes words of praise for Barr in Time Mag.

If you haven't seen A French Village

Biden events in Iowa, April 30 and May 1

PHOTO: "Remember, it's never lying if you're lying for me, and even so, you'll get away with it."


We have lost another civil rights giant: Judge Damon Keith

Fat Donnie needs to have the shit kicked out of him

I may have a preference for the primaries, but in spite of that I just want all of you to know.

Wow! I fell asleep and woke up to CNN and W. Kamaul Bell...

Have you ever rescued a stray animal?


The Importance of Godzilla: King of the Monsters Memories of a G-fan

Operation Take Down Bernie

Quick Question for Republicans ...

Poway Synagogue Shooting Victim Lori Gilbert-Kaye, 'Woman of Valor,' Saved Rabbi's Life

What a hero:

Alleged Synagogue Shooter Lives With Parents, Thinks Jews Control The World

Ecuador Amazon tribe win first victory against oil companies

Rape victims told to hand over mobile phones or see attackers walk free(UK)

Weak, smarmy pundits love to say "Booming economy! Slam dunk for trump re-election!"

This week's Twilight Zone. anyone see it?

must-read plea from David Rothkopf: It Is Time

"Joe's right..."

Commander of Guantanamo Bay prison is fired

Pope Francis donates $500,000 to migrants at US border

Time was you had to watch your mouth. An intemperate word could have dire consequences.

Laura Branigan - Gloria

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Chiitan

Running Out of Children, a South Korea School Enrolls Illiterate Grandmothers

Candidates discuss wide range of issues during debate

Stephen Colbert: The Democratic Endgame

And since to look at things in bloom

FAA nearly grounded some Boeing 737 Max planes last year: source

$30,000 in cash spilled off the back of a truck in Michigan. Cops are asking motorists to return the

The Daily Show: Back in Black - New York's Subways Are About to Get Way Worse

Montreal braces as floodwaters rise, dike bursts

Footprint found in Chile is 'oldest' in Americas: scientists


Footprint found in Chile is 'oldest' in Americas: scientists

'My top 3 changes every day': San Francisco voters turn out to hear Beto O'Rourke's 2020 pitch

'My top 3 changes every day': San Francisco voters turn out to hear Beto O'Rourke's 2020 pitch

Christian Extremist Shows Up At Hillary Clinton's House, Demands Immediate Arrest

President Trump has made more than 10,000 false or misleading claims

Weird dream

Grocery tax unpopular, but cutting it hasn't been winner for politicians

Nature loss: Major report to highlight 'natural and human emergency'

Eastern Orthodox Pascha/ "Christ Is Risen!" "Indeed He Is Risen!"

'This is a really big deal' -- some teachers left out of pay raise due to administrative error

Democrats, Activists 'Infuriated' as Hood Defends Six-Week Abortion Ban

Head Deacon Of Belleville Catholic Diocese Charged With Sex Crime

Reeves Falsely Claims Hood Will Let 'Terrorists and Rapists' Vote

After The Fire: What's Next For Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum?

The lawless Party of Lindsey Graham - he just "doesn't care"...

John Hickenlooper Thinks He Can Unite America, Bloopers and All

Many state employees are waiting to get small pay raises. But some have already gotten large ones.

Blackwater Founder Erik Prince's New Company Is Operating In Iraq

Treated like 'animals': Lockdown at prison over guard shortage entering 4th month

Warren wows the SEIU/CAP forum at Las Vegas

Andrew Yang Policy on Preservation or Public Lands and Water

Andrew Yang Policy on Preservation or Public Lands and Water

Mississippi cooperatives taking a close look at rural internet

(Jewish Group) New York Times Apologizes For Publishing Anti-Semitic Political Cartoon

(Jewish Group) Why Do Jews Have To Be Murdered For You To Admit Anti-Semitism Is Real?

NHTSA: 12 Million Cars on US Roads Have Airbags That May Not Deploy

Guess What Donald Trump Did Yesterday...

Tennessee House, Senate leaders meet over weekend in effort to resolve budget differences

Explaining the potus corruption: How Putin's Oligarchs Funneled Millions Into GOP Campaigns

Trump Wisconsin stating docs mothers determining if baby lives

Feds intend to sue Tennessee lawmaker over pain clinics

55% flatly rule out voting for Trump, health care is top issue


Tennessee slayings: Death toll 7; suspect in custody

Ham egg cheese sandwiches today standardized testing

2019 Goldman Environmental Prize winners from each continent:

Just a few of Bernie's bills that we'll implement when he's president.

I appreciate you.

State Senate to cut taxes instead of fully funding Medicaid waiver for disabled children

sometime you gotta play the rule of fool

Fundraisers and neo-Confederate threats mark five months to Memphis election day

In 1859, Robert E Lee commanded the troops that retook the federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry

Washington Post Kremlin rejects Mueller report, calling it inconclusive, harmful to U.S.-Russia tie

DOJ Opening Criminal Investigation Into Ford's Emissions Certification Process

Monday TOONs -- Bottomless Pit of Lies and Bile

Vietnam Records Highest Temps On Record - 110F, Months Ahead Of Normal Annual Peak In June/July

Titans issue statement against anti-LGBT legislation during NFL Draft Day 3

Here we go again! The "never trumper" morning analysts and anchors are

Howling Into The Void - Despite The Rhetoric, Despite The Eco-Woke, Nothing Moves The Warming Needle

For 110,000 Kentucky Derby guests, taking a seat isn't an option

Will MSM address the abortion comments?

Kentucky governor's race fundraising: Edelen leads with $2.3 million

Beluga whale with Russian harness raises alarm in Norway

After Years Of Silence, AZ's Biggest Utility Acknowledges Spending Millions To Fight Rooftop Solar

ACLU sues Indiana over near-ban on most common second-trimester abortion procedure

WaPo: Trump Has Lied 10,111 Times In 828 Days

Lawmakers debate future of loan relief for public worker

Does Trump have Lindsey Graham's blue dress?

CBC - Forestry Regulations Allow Huge Amounts Of Slash To Remain For Years, Boosting Western Fires

A candidate's choice of campaign senior staffers offers an important insight

How F-35 Fighters Will Siphon An Extra Trillion Dollars From Taxpayers

'Humbled' by encouragement, Amy McGrath doesn't rule out challenging McConnell

Trump's Mitch: McConnell Is The Most Disliked Senator

Voters aged 18-29 continue to break more for Sanders than any other candidate, with 34% (Texas)

Selling Black and Brown Voters Down the River, One Fox News Town Hall at a Time

This Just In: DC Right-Wing Think Tanks Oppose Even Lamar Alexander's Climate "Plan"

Bevin blames child shooting on teacher sickouts in Jefferson County

STONEWALLING: Barr's appearance at House hearing now in doubt because of dispute with Democrats

Cop Who Trolled Ferguson Protesters Could Lose License After Threatening Wife

Trump has ratcheted up his lying to a new high -- and he's told 171 in the last three days alone:

This isn't just a hat. . .

Ex-FBI agent reveals horrifying reason Trump ignores white nationalist killers: 'Domestic terrorists

The Devil has told 10,000 LIES. Who DOES this? And WHY?

Here are all the current members of Congress who have doubted or denied climate change

Anti-LGBT bills loom in Legislature

I will badmouth no Democrat

Rolling Stone: Watch Trump Dismantle Your Will to Live During His Unhinged Rally

Biden picks up endorsement of firefighters union as he courts labor 😎

Am I the only person who doesn't mind spoilers?

Hey y'all. Before you recommend an OP or respond to a reply

Trump Campaign Manager Names The Blue States He Plans To Turn Red In 2020

Voting for Trump in the Democratic primary -- Wait, what?

How an unknown paleontologist's discovery sheds new light on how all life nearly ended on earth

Question re Biden and the Rust Belt.

Attempt to strong-arm Congress a sign of weakness

***BREAKING LONE STAR STATE POLL*** Everyday Joe 23% Beto 22% Sanders 17%

New NHC Maps Show 9 Foot Hurricane Storm Surge Could Reach As Far As Baton Rouge

Everything Julian Castro Knows He Learned From His Mother

Cartoon: The news cycle: a case study - by Tom Tomorrow

The Rundown: April 26, 2019

2019 Eisner Award Nominations Announced

The reality of the Trump economy

So the terrorist's AR15 jammed at that synagogue

You raised $161.00 on April 28, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Happy Birthday Willie Nelson!!!

Guide to the Mueller Report's Findings on "Collusion" (Ryan Goodman, Just Security)

Beto O'Rourke: Four-Part Framework on Climate Change (New and VERY Aggressive and Specific!)

If there wasn't collusion, it wasn't for lack of trying

Census Question on Citizenship Shows, Again, That Republicans Will Rig the System to Grab Power

The Deniers

Anti Israeli policy doesn't equal anti-semitism

Poll: 55 percent say they won't vote for Trump in 2020

So, apparently, we are his enemy

Not Impeaching Trump Is Riskier than Impeaching Him

Man accused of marrying 4 women to plead guilty

Randy Rainbow is back!

A Dog Stayed By His Owner's Side After He Died On A Hike, Helping Rescuers Find Them

Texas May be in play

Michael Davis, Co-Founder of Milestone Media, Has Passed Away

Oct, 2016....

Check out Audible!

National Popular Vote Could Decide President by 2024: Will It Be Too Late?

Most who have watched Rachel's nightly program are familiar with "Pay attention to

If we care about plastic waste, why won't we stop drinking bottled water?

The SPEAKER will be the Keynote Speaker at Connecticut's annual dinner!

Sri Lanka bans all face coverings for 'public protection' after bomb attacks

Jared Kushner Was Advised On The Trump Campaign By Pro-Kremlin Russian



Our school climate strikes have been a success and we're only getting started

India elections: Voting under way, reports of clashes

Who's in the Democratic Debates, and Who's in Danger of Missing Them

Best article on Pete I have seen.

Bernese golden retriever pups 50$

Las Vegas Sun: Bernie Sanders: We cannot continue to ignore the crisis in affordable housing

The making of 'Mayor Pete': How a data geek learned to govern with heart

Michael Cohen's Last Days of Freedom

Pittsburgh Takes National Spotlight As Joe Biden Comes For First Rally

So the Coast Guard domestic terrorist was released?

A killer in training

A Long, Strange Walk

Why Isn't There Outrage?

Want to beat Trump?

tRump Refuses To Attend Ceremony For Black Teacher Of The Year

International Association of Firefighters endorses Joe Biden for president

Trent Reznor inducts The Cure into the RRHoF (finally!)

Ted Lieu discusses possible impeachment scenario in WaPo interview

St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger indicted on federal charges of bribery, mail fraud and thef

One of Joe Biden's Strongest Points: His Overall Experience

"Girl, you have done it again. Constantly raising the bar for us all..." (GOT spoiler alert)

Up to 704 measles cases now. That's after it was "eliminated"...

Hard to believe....

Separated at Birth pub. by Spy 1988

Trump doubles lies over last 7 at over 10,000, with 171 in just 3 days last week

Trump's Support Collapses As 53% Of Seniors Definitely Won't Vote For Him 🎨

Two maps showing what happens if we take WI, MI and PA. Go to the website make your own maps.

Saudi students escaping US justice: Oregon's Ron Wyden alleges 'wide-ranging coverup' by feds

The Simpsons finally gets some edge...

Trump hits union chiefs after Biden gets key endorsement

Trump "People are fleeing" the "very difficult to deal with (unfair) State!." New York.

Can a woman beat Trump? Some Democrats wonder if it's worth the risk

🇺🇸 June 1 - Nationwide Display! BERNIE 2020! Community Canvass

Compares US-Mexico border to Disneyland and calls end to family separations a 'disaster'

Gardening People who use @rareseeds / Creek Seeds

Kim Foxx subpoenaed to appear at hearing on appointment of special prosecutor in Jussie Smollett cas

What's in a name? Japan puzzles over 'Reiwa'

One of the things I love most about Bernie

Hey cooks & FYI...

FYI, Gardening People who use @rareseeds / Creek Seeds

Behind the mind-boggling ruling that may allow a suspected domestic terrorist to go free

'I Want Him on Everything': Meet the Woman Behind the Buttigieg Media Frenzy

Elizabeth Warren was once conservative - now she's heading to the left of Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders isn't any more popular than 'generic Democrat'

California Man Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Riot in Charlottesville

Mein Kamf, the CA Internet Loser's version

Trump's statement about mother and doctor meeting to kill a baby could be the end of Trump

Imagine if Hillary had told the Benghazi interrogators that she didn't like their format?

Falcon Transport drivers told to cease driving immediately after abrupt closure

New TSA screening equipment "sees" too much

Please stop arguing the false choice between impeaching vs. not impeaching

Benjamin Wittes: Careful reading of the dense document delivers some urgent insights

I'm 70 today! Ask me anything

"now more than 3 million clean energy jobs in America, versus only 50,000 coal-mining"..........

Massive Brood Of Cicadas Expected In Southwestern Pennsylvania In Just Weeks

Five Things I Learned From the Mueller Report

It was nice that Trump called the Rabbi of the Poway Synagogue for his condolencef, but one problem!

Biden shows how to respond to Trump:

IAFF endorses Joe Biden:

New York Attorney General's Office throws some not-so-subtle shade at NY critic Individual 1

What about me? What ABOUT ME?

DU Primaries Report, April 2019: Let's Get This Party Started!

Jerrie Cobb, decorated pilot once in line to become first female astronaut, dies at 88

Do you remember this 1969 song? Spirit in the sky.

Info for the Let's wait crowd.

Wall Street Is Confused And Scared About 2020

Reps. Earl L. Carter and Earl Blumenauer: If marijuana remains a Schedule I substance...

Harris hires famed admaker Margolis in boon to her campaign

impeachment- when the people lead, the leaders will follow.

From the streets of St Paul, Minnesota

White Nationalists Interrupt Book Talk At Politics And Prose

Isis leader Al-Baghdadi appears in video for first time in five years

Did you miss the video of the White House Correspondents' Association dinner?

Magnitude 3.6 earthquake detected in southeastern Arizona

Trump: "NO COLLUSION & NO OBSTRUCTION (based on a review of Report by our highly respected A.G.)"

Austrian deputy leader endorses far-right term 'population replacement'

The Harrowing Inside Story Of A Harlem School Run By A Hate Group

It's called the Rent Relief Act.

Huawei tech would put UK-US intelligence ties at risk, official (Robert Strayer) says

Huawei tech would put UK-US intelligence ties at risk, official (Robert Strayer) says

O'Rourke unveils $5 trillion plan to combat climate change

US firm apologises for seeking 'preferably Caucasian' candidate

If I had the opportunity to interview Trump, I would ask him...

Top Biden campaign official responds to Trump attacks

Self-inflicted wounds add up- this one could be fatal

Climate change being fuelled by soil damage - report

Hillary reading the part of the Mueller report where Trump says "I'm f***ed" is hilarious.

Whale with harness could be Russian weapon, say Norwegian experts

UN biodiversity conference to lay groundwork for Nature rescue plan

Prosecutors sue feds to stop courthouse immigration arrests (ABC News)

Michigan residents leaving the Catholic Church as many turn away from religion

"Deranged Donald" is a keeper (let's commit, shall we?)

For years, a contractor has been scheming homeowners and businesses out of millions of dollars....

Former BNSF Worker Awarded $1M in Addition to Original $2.1M Judgment

At least 4 potential whistleblower calls made to FAA about Boeing 737 Max

PBS Newshour YouTube link to watch Biden's Pittsburgh rally live (3:30 pm EDT)

Who's "nervous"?

The Charming Doodles Charles Darwin's Children Left All Over the Manuscript of...

YEAH SPRING! 3-day snow event starting this pm! 3-7inches expected tonight.

The Hutt's presser

In College Admissions Scandal, Families From China Paid the Most

Tweet from ABC's Mary Bruce showing the long line of people waiting for Biden rally in Pittsburgh

Farmer Income Drops Most Since 2016 as Trade War Losses Mount

I'm starting to notice CBD oil showing up, for sale, in the most unexpected places

Fox News is very mad that a union endorsed Biden (VIDEO)

Beto O'Rourke demands ban on muskets at campaign rally

Why Vermont's single-payer effort failed and what Democrats can learn from it

Lindsey Graham gets second Democratic challenger in Senate race

I really miss my old solitaire games package with Windows 7.

National Trust: One-third of Canada's churches to close within 10 years

It had to happen: Out of 200 gallons of yogurt homemade in 2 years, my first "bad" batch...UPDATED

Boyz N the Hood director John Singleton to be taken off life support

Suspect arrested in connection with Los Angeles-area terror plot


Good News -Spanish socialists' win is latest sign of Europe's centre-left upturn

Larry King Suffers Heart Attack ... Goes Into Cardiac Arrest (Improving now)

Would you change your pick if the opponent weren't Trump?

Trump says New York Times should apologize for more than 'terrible Anti-Semitic Cartoon'

Michael Cohen Suggests Trump Should Also Go To Prison

Narcissus sues the American Psychiatric Association, publishers of the DSM ...

Shed a few tears, won't you, for Wall Street financiers who can't figure out the primary

Director John Singleton to be taken off life support following stroke, rep says

Bernie Sanders calls on 2020 Candidates to Support Fair Trade Deals and Stand with Workers

Donald Trump, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe talk trade, North Korea and sumo wrestling

Ronnie Wood Says Mick Jagger is 'Doing Well' After Heart Surgery

Time to get that Viking tattoo removed? Ancestry updates DNA results

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds to host anti-government activist Cliven Bundy

Washington state Legislature approves Seattle Arena tax deferral

We must realize what we are up against.

Photo of the packed house for the Biden rally in Pittsburgh - more people outside, couldn't get in

WATCH LIVE: Former Vice President Joe Biden kicks off his 2020 campaign

Pierce: The New York Times May Finally Be Running Out of Euphemisms for 'Lie'

Trump accuses New York state of laying siege to NRA

Post a line from a song & see if anyone knows the song without using Google - Part 10

Biden opens with pitch to labor in battleground Pennsylvania

Weird Life Found Trapped in Giant Underground Crystals

Trump on collision course with McConnell on spending

Poll finds Trump in dead head-to-head heats with four Dems in Texas

With last-minute deal on school levies, Legislature adjourns

What is the procedure after impeachment hearings but before the vote in the Senate?

An open letter regarding disability and medical care to all Democratic Party hopefuls

Milbank: A reminder we have seen -- and triumphed over -- worse

Terrifying encounter paraglider has with dust devil

Is there a live stream link to Joe's rally? Please?

Joe Biden on Voting Rights for Felons

Trump blasts Biden as he hits 2020 trail

Woodstock 50 Canceled By Its Investors

52% of registered voters say they "definitely wont" vote for Trump

Boeing CEO faces shareholders frustrated by 737 Max response

Joe Biden on handling of Anita Hill during Clarence Thomas hearings: 'I take responsibility'

U.S. officials say measles cases hit 25-year record high

Mitch McConnell's own state just slammed him for blocking a bill that protects voters.

Apalachicola, Florida - April 2019

Dems want climate change, tax hikes in infrastructure deal

Federal law enforcement thwarts alleged terror plot in LA area

Sally Yates for AG

Pete and Al and a gadzillion reporters

Be careful what you wish for...

Why Won't the Media Hold Trump Accountable for His Lies?

Watch live: Authorities provide details on the thwarted Southern California terror plot

Mitch McConnell is not invincible

Cartoons 4/29/19

Pete with Trevor Noah tonight

Biden talking now n/t

I had 2 abortions after 20 weeks

Beto O'Rourke and Cory Booker will be on All In With Chris Hayes tonight at 8pm on MSNBC

She turns 90 today: April Stevens

Biden is terriffic at the rally to American workers in Pittsburg. It is a positive

John Singleton, director of powerful inner-city drama 'Boyz N the Hood,' dies at 51

2019 Manassas Airshow

What's for Dinner, Mon., April 29, 2019

Norway finds 'Russian spy whale' off Arctic coast

(Jewish Group) The Secret History of the Jews From Shanghai

Trump goes after Biden -- and against advisers' advice

"We have to choose hope over fear, unity over division, and maybe most importantly, truth over lies"

Foxconn Tore Up a Small Town to Build a Big Factory--Then Retreated

Exactly this...

WTF is the Illinois Policy "argument" against progressive tax?

St. Louis County Code Governing Executive's Replacement Was Repealed

Bedrich Smetana Ma Vlast: The Moldau

Beto O'Rourke on Synagogue Shooting and Guns at Los Angeles Rally (VIDEO)

Chlorpyrifos: States weigh banning a widely used pesticide even though EPA won't

Joe Biden's speech was masterfull. Video at link

St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge & Wilderness, Florida - April 2019

Beto O'Rourke on Synagogue Shooting and Guns at Los Angeles Rally (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow: Very very very powerful video just posted by March For Our Lives.

And so it begins for Mayor Pete

Man accused of newspaper shooting chooses insanity defense

WaPo's Jeff Stein: Some Biden policies mentioned in PA:

Facebook's newest 'fact checkers' are Koch-funded climate deniers

I missed Tio Joe's speech to the firefighters union. How did it go?

Thousands protest replacement of Czech justice minister

UPDATE: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to resign effective May 11

No jail time for school bus driver who admitted to raping 14-year-old girl

BREAKING: Rosenstein resigns, CNN and MSNBC reporting

Matching fund offer to make goal for the month $132 raised gets and extra $100!!!

Let me just say if a MAGAT falsely accused Mayor Pete of sexual assault he's deplorable.

No jail time for school bus driver who admitted to raping 14-year-old girl.

"Barr, Interpreter of Justice" By R. Rosenstein

This just made me weep

Party loyalty?

William Barr Is Cowering at the Prospect of a Proper Cross-Examination

After Trump: How Do We Heal Our Country?

Baylor's Kalani Brown reacts to the room temperature junk food spread laid out by Trump

Apalachicola, Florida - Nightlife (April 2019)

Warren Matching fund offer to make goal for the month $132 raised gets and extra $100!!!

Chump is having a sad the IAFF endorsed Tio Joe.

Carrying out the destruction of the United States and lawless boundaries have been crossed!

You know how narcissist always project right?

Got some very interesting family DNA results: Updated

Trucking company shuts down, had ties to closed auto plant

Former US-North Korea envoy says Trump approved plan to pay $2 million to free American student

The GW Parkway is closed in both directions south of Alexandria

PG&E crafts wildfire relief fund, but victims criticize bankrupt utility

Mitch McConnell, Crypt Keeper -- Walking Over the Corpse of Merrick Garland's SCOTUS Theft

Never forget: 2009 Report on Domestic RW Terror Squelched by Rs

Polls show that many Americans don't think they are benefiting from the bustling economy.

Finally got my bumper stickers on my car!

Good riddance, Rod Rosenstein, you slithering sycophant.

Democracy has a problem with science

Why was Rosenstein having personal conversations with the President who was under investigation?

Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar is no democrat - UN envoy

Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar is no democrat - UN envoy

Brexit: Labour braced for showdown over second referendum

Brexit: Labour braced for showdown over second referendum

Director John Singleton has died.

"We Wouldn't Have Let Obama Get Away With This"

US veteran arrested over terror plot

Beto O'Rourke tells San Franciscans what sets him apart from the Democratic crowd

Biden calls for everyone having the choice to buy into Medicare

How is this not more Obstruction of Justice? A sitting 'president' accusing Gov. & State A.G....

Mueller wins again with appeals court ruling against Stone associate

Tomorrow, @RepJerryNadler and @HouseJudiciary will be holding the first hearing on the Equal Rights

Freddy the parrot makes it back to zoo after being stolen, shot and bitten by snake

Rosenstein just resigned!!!! effective May 11th

What does tRump have over ALL these people that they'll break the law for him??

*Cory Booker interviewed tonight on PBS NewsHour.

Canada blocks Puigdemont visit days before he was set to land in Quebec

Canada blocks Puigdemont visit days before he was set to land in Quebec

Looking Glass - Brandy (You're a Fine Girl) (Official Audio)

Local talk radio(Richmond Va) is losing their minds about UVA not going to the White House

Trump slobbers over 'definition' in Baylor women players' 'beautiful arms' during painful White Hous

Just noodling around the tubes listening to loud Rock tunes

New York officials hit back at Trump over backing NRA gun-rights group

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Buttigieg meets with Sharpton seeking inroads with black voters

Sheila Jackson Lee is wrong when she says that William Barr served with integrity under Bush 41.

Daimler will pull Smart mini-cars out of United States, Canada

Virginia company facing a backlash for stunningly blatant racism in job ad

SNL Obama skit from 10 years ago..........

Democrats insist on 'substantial' new revenue for U.S. infrastructure

The DU has now raised OVER $4,000 for POTUS candidates combined!

Fusion power start-ups go small in effort to bring commercial reactors to life

Caption Trump photo

Big Fresno Fair announces its first concert lineup. It includes Roseanne Barr

Senators urge regulators to quickly approve drone identification rules

A Cafe Run by Acid Attack Survivors Attracts Visitors From Around the World

What DO they see?

"I want him on everything"

WaPo Editorial Board: No, President Trump. Your family separation policy is not remotely humane.

Protesting a monument?? California man pleads guilty to riot conspiracy in 'Unite the Right' rally

Fox News analyst responds to Trump attack: 'This is the way you treat your friends?'

Labor Leader Chuck Jones who took Trump to task endorses Bernie Sanders

Ex-chairman accused of racial discrimination in 3rd suit against California Democratic Party

Jeopardy Regulars - spoiler

Beto O'Rourke's Rounds for the day after announcing Detailed Climate Change Plan

The problem with our country is that not enough people take citizenship seriously.

Massachusetts prosecutors sue ICE over courthouse arrests

Several months ago, I stated that I thought one of the least-asked questions in DC might be

After synagogue shooting, Newsom supports $15 million to secure religious facilities

Far-Right Smear Merchants Try to Slime Pete Buttigieg with Bogus Sex Assault Claim

I'm old enough to remember Fitzmas. Now we have MuellerRosenBarrMas