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Groups sue to restrict salmon fishing, help Northwest orcas

Jared Kushner identified as senior White House official whose security clearance was denied

Lawmaker Calls on DeVos to Resign.

Bloom County gets political

House committee seeks interview with key inaugural planner

Ahead of US-ROK Summit- US Pressure for Joint Military Exercises

Police: Man who died backed New Zealand mosque killing

Trump adviser: White House 'fully behind' Moore for Fed

Trump EPA weighs reviving massive Mississippi flood project

Geez, Nebraska.

Los Angeles honors Jane Goodall on her 85th birthday

Heh. This is awesome

Now that's a wall for humanity

How Rupert Murdoch's Empire of Influence Remade the World

300+ protests tomorrow: Release the Report!

Omaha tax accountant credited for proposal that could generate $20 million a year

Cohen: Trump feared audit if he released tax returns

Jared Kushner identified as senior White House official whose security clearance was denied by caree

For those of you interested watching nice pet stories on Netflix.

Nebraska delays Medicaid expansion until October 2020

Flores feels Biden's video falls short

Inslee fundraises off Trump claim that wind turbine 'noise causes cancer'

Pope: Church should admit history of abuse of women, male domination

So Trump is trying to deflect attention from the Report

Jerry Nadler says they'll go to court to get Mueller Grand Jury records, even without

Trump not concerned about security at Mar-a-Lago after woman's arrest

Official: Jay Inslee 2020 Join Our Climate Movement‎

Officials say Kim Jong Un warned his generals ahead of Trump summit

Kidnapping and battery charges

Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal gives emotional House speech on her gender-nonconforming child

Every place named in beatles lyrics "mapped" - great video if u

Mueller Hid Evidence Favorable to the Defense, Manafort's Attorneys Argue in Heavily Redacted Doc

Wey U, When you're at a loss to describe

University charges students for protesting against border patrol

A tweet that perfectly explains why I canceled my NYT digital subscription...

Massachusetts says Wynn Resorts executives concealed sexual misconduct accusations involving Steve W

Massachusetts says Wynn Resorts executives concealed sexual misconduct accusations involving Steve W

Iovino(D) Defeats Raja(scumbag) In PA State Senate Special Election

Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman Could Face 20 Years in Prison for Scandal

Negative Much Chris Hayes?

Shunned by banks, France's Le Pen seeks to crowdfund EU election campaign

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Spring Break!

Linsey is lazy and not curious........

Nick Akerman

About 280 workers arrested in ICE raid at Allen technology business

Editorial: I worked with Joe Biden for a decade. I saw nothing inappropriate

Master trolling by Phillip Bump of the Washington Post

Jurors to begin deliberations in Forest Park bribery and kickback trial after both sides make final

Donald Trump Says He Calls China's Leader 'King' and Xi Likes It Like That

States sue Trump administration over school lunches

Styles of hands-on politicians - Sack Cartoon

Religious refusal bill that LGBT community calls 'license to discriminate' approved by Texas Senate

House Democrat Demands Six Years of Trump Tax Returns From I.R.S.

Judge Rules Against Kentucky Teen Who Refused the Chickenpox Vaccine

Amarillo - Live in Hollywood (Sally Jaye)

UT-Arlington suspends Greek social events amid 'allegations'

A black woman was beaten by a white man with a gun. Police charged her with damaging his truck.

Senators introduce bill to send $400 million in aid to Venezuela, strengthen sanctions

Senators introduce bill to send $400 million in aid to Venezuela, strengthen sanctions

Julian Castro crafts plan to grant citizenship path to millions of unauthorized immigrants

House Intelligence Committee Seeks Documents From Trump's Inaugural

W.H. Maintenance workers desperately trying to snake A.G. Barr's credibility from West Wing toilet

Laurence Tribe, the Constitutional law prof at Harvard, has concerns about Bernie.

2 maps that show how every state's economy would suffer if Trump shuts down the US-Mexico border

Barr sets self ablaze as he tries to save trump and his trumpanzes. I wrote in this forum several

The impeachment table is now being set.

Privacy of presidential primary?

New defense lawyer switches strategy in Alex Jones case

Trump's 2020 Platform: A Magical Healthcare Plan That Doesn't Exist

Texas House approves $9B school bill, adds employee pay raise

Why are Republicans afraid of the full Mueller report?

Kushner's security clearance was denied due to concerns of foreign influence

What could possibly be the reason for Bernie's tax return stall?

I'd love to see Alec Baldwin do a "King Trump" parody of Steve Martin's "King Tut".

Scientists discover first organism with chlorophyll genes that doesn't photosynthesize

In suit filed by state, judge rules for newly incorporated city of Double Horn

Democrats Outsmarted Trump And Made It Impossible For Him To Hide His Tax Returns

He killed himself on the steps of Town Hall

NASA wants to land astronauts on Mars by 2033

Mueller staff is leaking-Barr misrepresented their findings

An infant did not have any hospital visitors for five months. So this nurse adopted her.

Kamala Harris is going all in on immigration reform

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Rock, roll and retire

So it seems I was wrong . . . . . .

2016 Bernie Sanders: "Healthcare is a right" - Fox News Democratic Presidential Town Hall

It's clear that the battle over the Mueller report is winding up in court...

The Florida Republican who wants to ban the EPA just pitched an alternative to Ocasio-Cortez's Green

Looks like the "Chinese lady at Mar a Largo story" is gonna blow up.

Is there a way to donate that I don't end up

The new 24/7 meme: "What is he hiding??"

Re: investigations..."Democrats need to be careful...

And Jared is now "Official 1," which I guess will suffice until he's assigned an inmate ID.

Wow: Eric Swalwell has a message to NRA and their most extreme supporters

U.S. disaster aid won't cover crops drowned by Midwest floods

One of TinyKittens Mommas has given birth!

315+ protests TOMORROW! Release The Report!

Kamala Harris Is First Presidential Hopeful To Visit Northern Nevada

Just checking in for Amy!!

With scandals and crimes going on with Trump & Co, asking for Northam's head was absurd.

A story from Jean Carnahan about Joe Biden

So, is the asshat tweeting from his porcelain throne??? Nooo????

Turn on LOD now! He's explaining how important is

I Predict the Longer Barr Tries to Hide Mueller's Report, the More Leaks We'll Begin to See

She Helped Convict Her Rapist. ICE Deported Her Anyway.

Welcome to Canada, MAGA hat


Interesting summary of surnames of Americans by state:


Here's a thought. Neal and Nadler should request Steven Mnuchin's tax returns.

House Judiciary, Intel and Oversight MUST hire Mueller's investigators

Jay Inslee Isn't Worried He's Lost His Edge as the Only Real Climate Candidate

She Survived a Slave Ship, the Civil War and the Depression. Her Name Was Redoshi.

Washington Post's Philip Bump rewrites NY Times Headline

Covers of Wuthering Heights

It was a good day, don't ya think?

Jamal Khashoggi's body reported to have been burned in specially built oven at Saudi consul's home

Let me see if I get this

Question, but not sure if it's the right group. What do you do

Went to head and neck today

Lori Laughlin accused of bribing court for admission to better prison

I nominate CaliforniaPeggy to be the lead host of this group.

Jeffrey Epstein prosecutor Alexander Acosta is grilled over plea deal at budget hearing

Ok, hope this goes here.......IT'S all about the 2020 Election......

The Daily Show: Trump Wages War on Windmills

Rep. Lloyd DOGGETT/tx is gold standard Dem. Why did Lawrence diss him in intro?

Ivanka Trump Plans Africa Trip to Promote Women's Initiative

Governor Jay Inslee of WA is one of the few candidates -- and the only male -- to have released

Epic, hours-long battle over a parking space in Los Angeles

The Daily Show - Today in Obama Scandal History: The Selfie Stick

LOD says if a candidate can release fund-raising reports,

Joe Biden quote.....

If Barr covered things up as bad as it's sounding, Democrats should call for his resignation

This Woman Bought Out A Closing Payless Store To Give Shoes To Nebraska Flood Victims

If Trump "Obstructed the Investigation" is somewhat indicated...then...

Oranges and Windmill cancer, a Closer Look.

Seth Meyers - Trump Tweets About Puerto Rico, Male Birth Control - Monologue - 4/2/19

It is simpler than simple: Barr had NO NEED to render opinion on any part of the Mueller Report.

U.S. judge rules deceptive publisher OMICS International should pay $50 million in damages

Germany Demands Apology After Trump Claims Father Was Born There

I'm addition to all the candidates, can we get a yellow dog as an option on the poll???

Buttigieg Draws Huge Crowd at Northeastern

Puppy snatched by aerial predator is recovering

Biden says he'll adjust his physical behavior as three more women come forward

Seth Meyers - Trump Rambles About "Oringes" and Windmills: A Closer Look

WP matches NYT story with *BIG details on those summaries* (Yeah, it's a BFD!)

Rick Reilly on How Trump Cheated a Teenage Boy to Win a Golf Championship

Democratic socialists now control one-tenth of the Chicago City Council

With the presumptive loss of a State (WI) Supreme Court seat,

USA: home of the smartest people on the planet and stupidest people on the planet

*** The Mueller Team Strikes Back -- with new leaks ***

What were Emily Jane Fox and the WSJ female reporter talking with Nicole Wallace about

It looks like the dam is cracking

New Australia law threatens social media firms with fines, jail over violent content

If Congress gets Trumps tax returns...

Officer shot in mouth trying to save suicidal woman

Madam Speaker must begin giving frequent pressers and insist that the media cover them.

'Avengers: Endgame' Tickets Bids Are Nearing $10,000 on eBay

Suggest we all get prepared and don't get caught with our pants down again

Facebook Brexit ads secretly run by staff of Lynton Crosby firm

Tweetof the Day

woman explains her vote against equal pay bill

3 more women have come forward, making a total of 7. Biden did the right thing

tRump had this plaque made

does anyone know anything about the protests tomorrow

Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.

Mayor Pete's answer about being in the military.

Talk me down,please!

Ten absurd claims

A new nickname

Fresh signs of unfitness emerge

This isn't just a hat

AOC on Trump's claim his taxes are under audit: 'We didn't ask you'

'All I hear is anger and frustration': how Brexit is affecting our mental health

Scritti Politti - Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)

(Jewish Group) Female skeleton cradling baby uncovered at Holocaust mass grave in Belarus

(Jewish Group) UN General Assembly adopts measure condemning anti-Semitism, Islamophobia

'Looks like a coverup': Rachel Maddow Show breaks down why 'something just doesn't add up' with AG..

A running list of how President Trump is changing environmental policy

Mike Malloy: Republican Cruelty is a Pre Existing Condition

He is Our President and we should support him!

A 'seiche' wave can outpace a tsunami and both can be triggered by meteorites and earthquakes


Dark Energy Instrument's Lenses See the Night Sky for the First Time

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/3/19

Full Frontal with Sam Bee: Roe V. Wade V. Everyone; Anti-Anti-Vaxxers; White at the Museum

Stephen Colbert: Guest John Lithgow Shares His Trump-Based Poems

Stephen Colbert: What's Next (Or Not Next) For Guest Stacey Abrams?

Poor eating habits killing millions globally, study says

(xpost) Poor eating habits killing millions globally, study says

Brexit: 10,000 riot police ready to tackle disorder over potential protests, and food and medicine

What are you waiting for? Give her one...

51 Years Ago Today; A shot rings out in the Memphis sky

Chernobyl's disastrous cover-up is a warning for the next nuclear age

After 28 years, 5 years ago, today, April 4th...

Jimmy Fallon: Congress Battles Over Subpoenas

Marine plastic pollution costs the world up to $2.5bn a year, researchers find

Is the cost of your gasoline about to rise? Washington looks ready to talk about a tax hike

More money to fight homelessness could come California's way under this bipartisan plan

86 Years Ago Today; Airship USS Akron Destroyed in Atlantic Storm

🐦 April 7 at 3PM CDT - Town Meeting in Malcom with Bernie Sanders

Bernie's biggest fans: The global left

Climate change: Warning from 'Antarctica's last forests'

Rev. Barber: MLK and the next American Revolution

Great Barrier Reef: Mass decline in 'coral babies', scientists say

Finland's Basic Income Experiment Shows Recipients Are Happier and More Secure

Pete Buttigieg: Join me in South Bend on April 14th for a special announcement

Executive Director and CEO of Sponsor Organization and Owner of Catering Company Guilty of Participa

Statehouse Democrats oppose GOP election reform bill; Elections Supervisors like the reforms

Former Chief Financial Officer at Publicly Traded Transportation Company Charged with $245 Million S

Morning Joe opened with video of DT and BS giving their reasons for slow walking tax returns...

Eltoreon Hawkins Sees Beauty In Vacant St. Louis Houses -- And Wants To Help You Buy One

Florida might break with Trump over Obamacare lawsuit

I just watched Rep. Jackie Speier discuss what happened in Guyana with Jim Jones.

Will Trump official pay a price for the lenient plea deal in horrific Palm Beach millionaire sex

Orlando wants to be the first Florida city to create a network of certified LGBTQ businesses

Florida House moves forward with plan to cap THC levels for smokable medical marijuana

Feds are investigating possible Chinese spying at Mar-a-Lago and Cindy Yang, sources say

Anxiously awaiting the announcement from VP Biden...

O'Rourke, Sanders vie for same young voters in 2020 campaign

What happens to all that money raised, if a candidate pulls out ?

Gaetz can't support transgender protections because Trump could declare himself 1st female president

Yabba dabba don't: California town rejects Flintstones house

James Comey: 'Sure' My Interference May Have Elected Trump 'Sure' I could be responsible for Donald

If only bums on glass was the oddest thing to happen in parliament this week

Kamala Harris in Reno, NV: "It is critically important that our nominee knows how to fight"

"Chuntering", a new addition to my vocabulary (if I can remember it)

Thursday TOONs - The Oranges of the investigation, or, Where can a mango?

In some alternate reality

95 New All-Time Temp Records In Yukon In March; Whitehorse Already Running Controlled Burns

Buttigieg Hints Formal Announcement Is Coming

Chemical Ken Paxton Shields Corporations from Justice

Two campaign rallies this weekend

N. Russian Coast Key Nursery For New Sea Ice, But 80% Of It Now Melts Before Leaving Coastal Waters

Tim Ryan expected to announce campaign today

Michael Bennet has prostate cancer but is still planning presidential run

Alberta In A Nutshell: NDP - Timeline For Reclaiming Old Wells; UCP - Even Faster Oil/Gas Permits

Pope names moderate Wilton Gregory as Washington, DC, archbishop

Goodyear Airdock Where the Akron was built.

SEC Charges Former CEO of Silicon Valley Startup With Defrauding Investors

Study: Female/Male Sex Ratio In Raine Island Sea Turtles Now 116 To 1 (Yes, Becuse Of Warming)

Brazil text books 'to be revised to deny 1964 coup'

Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris at AIPAC

Back To The Pliocene - Re. Atmospheric CO2, We've Gone Back At Least 2.6 Million Years In Time

Fully exonerated? (From FB)

Great Barrier Reef Was Considered "Too Big To Fail" By Oz Scientists. It Wasn't. Oops.

I think the main drainage line is backed up. Can I use Liquid Plumber

GOP Energy & Commerce Members Whining About "Regular Order" On Dems' Cimate Bill - Sad!

I'm getting the feeling that Cory Booker doesn't have the sharpest campaign team...


Trump's Goons Now Forced to Say They Have No Idea Whether Wind Turbines Cause Cancer

Cry Me a River --- Julie London -vs- Ella Fitzgerald -vs- Dinah Washington

The time when Sen. Harris gave Kavanaugh protesters rest and refuge in her office

Advice for men out there.

2018 Senator Sanders: Building a Global Democratic Movement to Counter Authoritarianism

Conservatives Have No Idea How to Handle Buttigieg

Just a reminder, we appear to have another seven candidates to go...

The Grotesque Red-Baiting of Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Street cannabis 'contains dangerous amount of faecal matter'

Progressive International


Pete Buttigieg Teases Official 2020 Campaign Launch

Mosque massacre suspect to face 89 charges in court Friday

"It's not just about winning an election. It's about winning an era." From Pete Buttigieg letter.

This weekend's campaign events in New Hampshire

From Wiki: Frederick Christ "Fred" Trump was born in the Bronx on October 11, 1905.

Ivanka Trump: Ocasio-Cortez doesn't understand the American people like I do

Child Brides in Africa Are Advertised on Facebook and Sold to Old Men

Son uses the money he earned from developing his first app to surprise his parents by paying off...

April 4, 1968. 51 Years ago today, Martin Luther King was shot and killed in Memphis.

Suddenly, Republicans Don't Care About How Mueller Spent His Money

Wendell Potter speaking on healthcare in several TN cities this month

After Obama, Democrats need a new theory of change. Pete Buttigieg thinks he's got it.

O'Rourke, Sanders vie for young voters in 2020 campaign

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey says he would support border closure after meeting with Trump

Why Jared Kushner Poses a Threat to America's National Security

China providing services to woman arrested at Mar-a-Lago

Bernie is looking silly with this tax return release delays....

DNC: We're Fine With Bernie Sanders Going on Fox News

The Rundown: April 3, 2019

Art of the Week: Week of 4/3/2019

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 4/3/2019

Trump's Pick for Interior Dept. Continued Lobbying After Officially Vowing to Stop, New Files...

Interesting - DUers choices - top 7 % add up to undecided %. I think that's a good thing.

Court to hear arguments on whether terrorist watchlist violates U.S. Constitution

Legal marijuana workers blast U.S. citizenship denials over work

Ex-spies: why Mar-a-lago is vulnerable to foreign espionage

Changing the rules as they go! Re: Paul Manafort

I sincerely doubt Mueller exonerated Trumpass and Co. of collusion.

Trump punts to Congress to solve the migrant influx, where lawmakers remain at square one

Mueller Team Finally Cracks Over William Barr's Letters

Stacey is the real deal. If only this country weren't so racist. Why do I say that?

New Model Forecasts a Very Close Election

Spring in Maine.

got my RSVP in to see Mayor Pete tomorrow!

Abrams on Biden: 'We cannot have perfection as a litmus test'

Why am I so positive about VP Biden? I like him!!!!

Venezuelan deputy minister says more Russian troops could arrive: Interfax

From 2012 - The Giant Mechanical Man

ICE conducts largest workplace raid in a decade at Texas business

Rep. Barbara Lee coming to South Carolina on April 5 to campaign for Kamala Harris!

It is called a cover up! Barr is trying to protect Trump and bury the Mueller summary.

Eric Swalwell Is Running for President on Gun Safety

Another installment of "The Duct Tape Chronicles": (still at our post here in Little Egypt---no

Filling in the gaps between Mueller and Barr

This is a blatant, in our face, kiss my ass American people, cover up by Barr.

Amazon moving thousands of employees out of Seattle, relocating key division to nearby city

Trump may shut down the border because that's what his hero did in 1969.

Missouri's Eastern Hellbender Salamanders Could Get Federal Protection

Uh-Oh: Trump Doesn't Know Where His Dad Was Born, Repeats "Oranges"

Trump Suddenly Against Releasing Mueller Report

From Porch To Shuttle To Hall of Fame: A Missouri Astronaut's Journey

"Meet me in the middle."

Mayor Pete's Full GMA Interview

I don't get, why would Barr cover up?

Ethics experts sound alarm over confirmation process of Trump's pick to lead NOAA

Going gaga for Gravel

The Jolt: The topic was Joe Biden. 'We can't have perfection as a litmus test,' said Stacey Abrams

It is obvious that Trump and the Republicans are going to obstruct every inch of the way.

This is what we are up against. (Twitter)

Empty Pages- Traffic

There Are 2 Rocket Launches, a Moon Arrival and Asteroid Crash Today! Here's How to Watch

Hopefully, they'll get the message...

Ok, Which of these is worse?. Biden, touching?, Sanders no taxes?

Profiles in Crazy, LXIX. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

What's more likely than windmill noise causing cancer? Wearing MAGA hats causes brain damage

Trump wants Dems to investigate "how the ridiculous Collusion Delusion got started - so illegal!"

Pope Francis has named Atlanta Archbishop Wilton Gregory as the new archbishop

Biden Isn't Deviant. He's Decent.

South Bend Symphony Orchestra concert feat.

Mueller team say findings paint picture of members of campaign who were was manipulated by Russian I

Texas Senate Passes Religious Liberty Bill to Shield Lawyers Who Reject LGBTQ Clients

What are the chances the Mueller report...

Question: IF Barr did what we know he did, would this make tRUMP a co-conspirator?


Health department suspends contracts with GOP-linked consultants

Trump is getting really nervous

The American Dream

I wonder if Obama will speak out on the Biden touching story.

FBi Director Chris Wray hasn't read the Mueller Report? Why?

Late night shows--Trump's bizarre claim that the noise from wind turbines causes cancer.

When are the first debates?

HPV vaccine linked to 'dramatic' drop in cervical disease

Moroccan-style Preserved Calamondin Recipe

LIVE NOW - Sen. Sanders and Rep. Ro Khanna - Press Conference on Yemen War Powers Resolution

Will Mueller's team continue to speak out?

FDA's Gottlieb heads back to AEI to tackle drug prices

Salvini aims to forge far-right alliance ahead of European elections

Chuck Grassley, of all people, comes out in support of releasing the Mueller Report.

Touchy feelie on the NYC subway circa 1965

Skateboarding couple deface gravesite of former president Gerald Ford and Betty Ford

Alan Howe tries to reshape Democratic Party debate by running for president

Gollum J. Trump weighs in on wind turbines.

new DOJ comments

Sanders wins Maine straw poll, could sweep delegates without ranked-choice voting

Trump's false claims about Mexico's immigration system

Trump's false claims about Mexico's immigration system

DOJ response to reporting yesterday from NYT & WP. Get read for more leaks.

Times they are a changin'

The butterflies that could stop Trump's wall

#DrawTheLine Campaign Calls For Lacrosse Players to Take a Stand

House Committee Uses Century-Old Provision in the Tax Code to Demand Trump's Taxes From IRS

Democratic Primary Front Runner Joe Biden Takes A Shot At The NRA

Chicago Makes Herstory: First African-American Woman and Gay Chicago Mayor

Dion-Abraham, Martin & John (1968)

Zen A.M. Pix - Breathe deeply and draw on your mantra - Calm yourself

Trump appointee allegedly put files on high shelves to retaliate against security clearance whistleb

Dilanian, 10 days apart

US union seeks $100m in largest wage theft case involving federal contractor

Please welcome: Tim Ryan

Cat Stars In All Your Favorite Movies And TV Shows 😂

Jesse Lee Peterson blames women voting without "male supervsion" for Chicago's new mayor...

Jared Kushner identified as the White House official who was denied security clearance

Egypt killed tourists with US weapons. An American survivor wants justice

Egypt killed tourists with US weapons. An American survivor wants justice

Nadler says subpoena for the report will be issued "short order".

Yabba dabba don't: California town rejects Flintstones house

Rep. Mark Pocan Betsy DeVos is unfit to lead the Education Department. It's time for her to resign.

Yellowstone County (Montana) discriminated against transgender employee, Human Rights Bureau finds

Pals Took Turns Shooting Each Other - Arkansas Nitwits

Limited information Barr has shared about Russia investigation frustrated some on Mueller's team

MBC News live reports large fires spreading near Sokcho South Korea

The original thread was locked in the Latest Breaking News - here is the video

Rep. Tim Ryan announces presidential run

UPDATE: Catholic priest apologises for burning Harry Potter books at ceremony in Poland

Inside Grindr, fears that China wanted to access user data via HIV research (for espionage purposes)

The way Barr handled this report, I have no doubt he

MSNBC chyron: "Trump Hit With Investigative Blitz." #NotFullyExonerated

House rebukes Trump with vote ending U.S. support for Yemen war

Guy Biking Across The World Picks Up A Stray Kitten

Democratic message that needs to be repeated.

Sanders, Khanna Statement on Historic Passage of Yemen Resolution

Mormon Church to allow baptisms, blessings for children of LGBT parents, reversing 2015 policy

My own personal five second interaction with Joe Biden.

Mormon Church to allow baptisms, blessings for children of LGBT parents, reversing 2015 policy

Cop Comforts K9 Partner Shot In The Line Of Duty

When Bernie went on Fox News in 2016 he kinda killed it

Education Dept. forges ahead with plans to weaken college accreditation system

Conservatives Have No Idea How to Handle Buttigieg

At Northeastern University, Buttigieg has a message for the young: Get involved

SEC sides with Exxon by blocking major climate vote

Trump Blasts NY Times For 'No Legitimate Sources' on Mueller Report Story: 'Fake News Paper'

What would it take to indict Barr for obstruction?

Chuck Grassley Says He Supports 'Release of the Mueller Report'

Kirstjen Nielsen: Eliminating Birthright Citizenship 'On The Table'

The plot just thickened on William Barr and the Mueller report

Nine Died in the Nation's Deadliest Shootout. Texas prosecutors didn't convict 1 person.

The blinding hypocrisy of the right's #StopTheBias campaign

Like I said - he isn't closing the border

The "Atheist Experience" after show dinner has inspired me....

Could the House subpoena Mueller and his team and grant them immunity to testify

Scoop: Trump expected to name Herman Cain to Federal Reserve board

U.S. House subcommittee will hear testimony on bill to help clean up and redevelop surface mine land

U.S. House subcommittee will hear testimony on bill to help clean up and redevelop surface mine land

The Border Patrol keeps getting into car chases in which people get killed, many of them children.

John Cleese: "One of my ex-wives died..."

NC GOP Chair Indicted On Wire Fraud, Bribery Charges

Politico Reporter Says Republican Congressman 'Physically Shoved' Her

''First lawmaker in American history to successfully invoke the War Powers Act ... ''

Autopsy: Migrant boy who died in US had flu infection

Autopsy: Migrant boy who died in US had flu infection

Gay rodeo and the subversion of Western cliches

Dog Spots Homeless Doppelgnger & Refuses To Go Home Without Him.

Khashoggi Praised Bernie Sanders in 'Secret' Interview

Los Angeles police say bike-riding face slasher arrested

When we get FULL control back in 2020, what can we do so that

China's construction binge spreads to Americas, rattles US

Questions I'm not hearing from the press

Drip Drip Drip from Mueller Report has started. Only way for Trump to stop it is to allow release

2019 Hanover Nest - First Hatch! This morning at approximately 9:20 AM Eastern!

I have the perfect 2020 democratic campaign-slogan.

CBP starts Sunday closings at Arizona commercial truck border crossing

Damage from Trump unilateralism is 'criminal', says former US adviser

Be prepared.

Call me by my name: Peru promotes use of indigenous names in public records

MEANWHILE, in Italy...

New Mexico is way ahead of the rest of us... WAY ahead!

Top Marine General Let Emails Leak, Sources Say (Newsweek)

House rebukes Trump on Saudi Arabia, backs measure to end Yemen involvement

Trump "will be at .border tomorrow looking at beginning of the wall that was built under his REIGN"

Congress to sue to block Trump border wall funding action: Pelosi

On Joe Biden's Plagiarism, tempests in teapots

Defying NRA, Democrats vote to expand domestic violence law

Trump backs off threat to close the U.S.-Mexico border

No protests in Wisconsin

How much to tip Grocery Delivery Person?

U.S. conducted secret surveillance of Huawei, prosecutors say

Who Would Jesus Clip, Pat?

One week done, only 155 games or so left

Torture, rape, murder: Shocking details from the federal investigation of Alabama's prison crisis

Foreclosure prevention funds secured at the 11th hour in budget

Is trump compromising our standards?

Gun makers at defense fair seek opening of Brazil market

Roughly half of Americans think Christian nationalism is a rising threat to freedom

Fossil of ancient four-legged whale with hooves discovered

Fossil of ancient four-legged whale with hooves discovered

'Dozens' of Whistle-Blowers Are Secretly Cooperating With House Democrats

Please never forget where Dr. King was when he was shot 51 years ago:

On Being a Happy-Hugging Man

Texts from Beto O'Rourke campaign

'It's a woman. It's not Pulaski.': New documentary argues Revolutionary War hero was intersex

Belgium apology for mixed-race kidnappings in colonial era

Jeff Bezos, in divorce settlement, retains 75 percent of the Amazon stock he held with his now ex...

Former Doctor Sentenced For Stealing $500K From Elderly Yonkers Woman

International outcry over Russian 'whale jail' in far east

International outcry over Russian 'whale jail' in far east

Forces advance on Libyan capital, threatening to tip key OPEC oil producer into war

Cuppa Joe with a little O

Trump's giant audit loophole that no one in the media ever noticed in 2016:

Some serious weather in Louisiana and heading east

Job layoffs surge 35% to highest level to start a year in a decade

Sanders & Lee: Congress just told Trump to get US troops out of Yemen. Next, Afghanistan?

Hart family crash: Driver was legally drunk at time of fatal SUV plunge off Northern California clif

Rep. Pramila Jayapal: And all things just keep getting better! 🌈 So excited to meet the Fab Five

Ford sales fall 1.6% due to unpopular cars, but truck, vans and SUVs gain

If the economy starts going south, Trump is cooked...

Jon Huntsman considering run for 2020 Utah-Gov

SpaceX's 'Starhopper' Starship Prototype Just Aced Its 1st Hop, Elon Musk Says

If the Democrats can take the W.H. & the Senate in 2020, we need to make the income tax thing a law.

FBI Director: White Supremacist Violence Poses a 'Pervasive' and 'Persistent' Threat in U.S.

2020 candidate Andrew Yang promises to legalize marijuana and pardon all non-violent drug offenders

Alabama Bill Could Make Abortions After Two Weeks Punishable By The Death Penalty

Opening pitch for Brewers!

'Dozens' of Whistle-Blowers Are Secretly Cooperating With House Democrats

Marcus Mumford throws opening pitch for Milwaukee Brewers!

Twitter Ridicules Paul Ryan For Trying to School Ocasio-Cortez: 'Who the Hell Wants Useless, Soulles

All lanes of the Capital Beltway are SHUT DOWN at Van Dorn

O'Rourke raises $9.4 million in 18 days, a faster pace than Sanders

More than 750,000 could lose food stamps under Trump proposal, many the poorest of the poor

The reason Trump's tax audit is taking so long

From the New Republic: "Bernie Sanders Is the Frontrunner. Obviously."

Nearly 4 million LGBTQ people live in rural America, and 'everything is not bias and awful'

From the New Republic: "Bernie Sanders Is the Frontrunner. Obviously."

Pete Buttigieg says he didn't understand context around phrase 'all lives matter' in 2015

Tennessee Quietly Kicks 128,000 Kids Off Medicaid

Tennessee Quietly Kicks 128,000 Kids Off Medicaid

Ethiopian Airlines preliminary crash report shows similarities to Lion Air disaster

Acosta confronted by lawmakers over plea deal in Jeffrey Epstein sexual misconduct case

Steve Kornacki: Trump got no bounce from Mueller. That leaves him a narrow path to re-election.

We had no donations on 4-3-19 POTUS here are the links

Lawyers slam 'Wild West' atmosphere in Texas immigration court

GPS Rollover Event May Cause Devices, Systems To Go Haywire

This just in: Trump in tertiary stage of syphilis.

Trump Posts Insane Video of Biden Getting Touched Inappropriately By Biden: 'WELCOME BACK JOE!'

How do you think Mayor Pete's sexual orientation will affect him if he wins the Dem nomination?

The insecurity of Donald Trump, in 1 remarkable story

President Trump says he will delay closing the border with Mexico for a year

Ken Dilanian Reports That Members of Mueller's Team Think Evidence of Collusion is 'Very Compelling'

Children still ripped from parents at border

Congress invokes the War Powers Act to halt American military aid to Saudis in Yemen

donald fraud launches new trump-branded wind turbine noise canceling headphones

Nadler: Tensions Between Special Counsel Office & DOJ Raise Questions; Mueller Testimony Inevitable

FBI Director Wray: 'I Have Not' Read The Mueller Report

Well, I guess every woman that Biden has ever known could come forward. He is the comforter-in-chief

Why Does the Catholic Church Keep Failing on Sexual Abuse?

Attorneys general sue over school nutrition rollbacks

Giuliani Dismisses Reports Of Inadequate Barr Review: Just 'Unethical Leakers'

Trump loyalist Gaetz eyes Senate bid in Alabama

House committee passes bills to strengthen Obamacare and lower drug prices

"I Think We're Done Here!"

conversation with elton john at age 70 (video) - his career, trump, today's music biz

Microsoft employees protest treatment of women to CEO Nadella

Nearly 70 percent of Americans are okay with a gay president

Trump Walks Back Threat To Close U.S. Border, Giving Mexico A '1-Year Warning'

House Democrats explain why it's taken 3 months to authorize subpoenas into Trump

NY Sues Big Pharma Family for Opioid Crisis

GOP congressman launches 'Anti-Socialism Caucus' to 'defend liberty'

U.S. rallies scheduled to demand release of full Mueller report

Rudy Giuliani called Mueller's staff 'rabid Democrats' and 'sneaky, unethical leakers'

Help poor folks, NO TAX on fast food

Search continues for American woman kidnapped on safari in Uganda

Greenwald and Snowden were unavailable for comment

Was anyone just watching MSNBC? What did you think of Andrew Yang?

The biggest Saudi oil field is fading faster than anyone guessed

'If you close the border, Eagle Pass will die'

Trump threatens tariffs if Mexico does not help with immigration, drugs

Fireside Pitstop

Mitch McConnell performs emergency surgery on a 213-year-old patient

"I was at work and I was so upset that someone left [t]heir dog in the office so..."

Gov. Jay Inslee salutes WSU voter registration efforts

Town Hall Seattle makes Stacey Abrams tickets available to black women

Amazon To Move Thousands Of Top Jobs To Bellevue

Lawsuit blames fisheries management for decline of southern resident orca population

Presidential candidate Jay Inslee releases tax returns

Median list price for a house reaches record $300,000

Walked Underneath A Windmill Today.

A new video of Mayor Pete being interviewed:

Democrats want to make businesses contribute to retirement plans

It must be Pete Buttigieg Day in the media, articles about him are everywhere...

Professors want charges dropped against students who protested Border Patrol

Family of American woman killed in Ethiopian 737 Max crash sues Boeing

Is NY Times Michael Schmidt an objective reporter?

I'm so proud of our pResident. Is latest tweet about Biden is so inspiring...

Andrew introduction in 9min and 20 sec.

Everett WA man and parents detained near Mexican border

Target raises hourly minimum wage to $13, topping Walmart's $11

Nadler to Barr: I want "all communications" btw special counsel & DOJ regarding report

Woman suspected of Nazi graffiti on Democratic Party building linked to second incident

Trump Is Under Investigation For Selling Access to Foreign Governments

Kentucky-centered multi-state outbreak of rare E. coli O103 doubles in size

Trump shares parody Biden video: 'Welcome back Joe'

Joe Biden's inappropriate touching is the embodiment of male privilege

What We're Learning From the Mueller Investigation Leaks

Midwestern Towns Prepare to Navigate More Flooding (and a Climate-Denying President)

House ignores Trump veto threat, approves bill ending US support for Yemen war

Trump lashes out at New York Times for Mueller reporting

Sanders & Lee: Congress just told Trump to get US troops out of Yemen. Next, Afghanistan?

With new limo regs on way, industry mad over new inspection fee

House votes to reauthorize Violence Against Women Act, closing 'boyfriend loophole'

Climate committee disbanded by Trump re-emerges with new report aimed at local governments

What's for Dinner, Thursday, April 4, 2019

White House: Mueller Report Must Be Kept Private. It's So Exonerating It Would Drive Public Mad

Barr is just one more Trump employee that

Texas Democrats launch multimillion-dollar 'war room' to defeat GOP Sen. John Cornyn

A homeless man wandered in one day, and this Arizona town adopted him

Richard Painter on Windmill Cancer

Jury convicts Frisco man, business partner in $22 million investment scheme

Orcas don't do well in captivity. Here's why.

Beto O'Rourke outlines presidential priorities during ISU campus visit in Ames

Beto O'Rourke outlines presidential priorities during ISU campus visit in Ames

Muddy Waters was born on this date.

Cartoons 4/04/19

Socialist Surge: DSA-Backed Candidates Nab Wins in Chicago Election

When I heard that Trump wanted Herman Cain on the Fed...

DNA tests show boy found near Cincinnati is not Timmothy Pitzen

'Tax the Rich. It's Just That Simple': US Campaign Aims to Make Wealthy Pay Their Fair Share

TONIGHT: @BernieSanders is here!

How Beto O'Rourke Could Win The 2020 Democratic Primary

Has anyone from the media asked Smokey eyes

I do not know why the White House reporters are complacent when Trump makes a statement that is

What's a good automotive plastic restorer?

Romney dings Herman Cain for Trump's Fed

Yemen, last month the Senate, today (4/4/19) the House, thanks to Bernie...

WOW... Just noticed the percentage banner at the top of the forum.. Biden 10%

Does Bill Barr ever come out from hiding? I don't believe I've seen him since the confirmation...

Hempstead Councilman Ed Ambrosino pleads guilty to tax evasion

Fox News to host Town Hall with Bernie Sanders.

Target boosting minimum wage for 3rd time in 3 years

Don't you love all these Pukes trying to be "honorable"?

A "First Gentleman" in the White House

Most Now Choose Environment Over Economy

Trey Gowdy really wants that judge appointment bad.

Dr. Martin Luther King jr. - How Long? Not Long

Democrats seek end to GOP's 30-year dominance of Onondaga County government

Dozens' of Whistle-Blowers Are Secretly Cooperating

Barack Obama comes to the German Rheinland. Were we there? Ya think?

Former judge Leticia Astacio trial: juror dismissed for napping; deliberations to continue Friday

I like Michael Bennet... Is he a choice yet?

Cummings: Trump accounting firm will provide financial information with a subpoena

Krugman: Donald Trump Is Trying to Kill You

pet pig wandered away in Humboldt. Police say a neighbor killed her for no apparent reason.

For Democrats, all paths to the White House run through the House of Sharpton

How the state budget will impact your wallet, for better or worse

A different perspective on Joe Biden

Wow! Astronaut Spots Cargo Ship Launch from Space Station (Photo)

Republicans expertise....Cover Up

MEANWHILE, in Arkansas...

Congress invokes powers to challenge Trump on war in Yemen

Texas civil court judge accidentally resigns

Trump says he's recommending Herman Cain to Fed

She is trying to say...We have the best Cover Up artist in our employment...

How nuts. I hope he keeps it up. People of ontario will vote for Trudeau federally next year

Dozens of Whistle-Blowers Are Secretly Cooperating With House Democrats

Just ducky!

One banana and 2 cups vanilla wafers - What to do?

Rachel Dolezal settles welfare fraud case, agrees to community service, restitution

Brunei enacts Islamic laws to punish gay sex with stoning to death

70% would vote for someone gay WP:

It's on! Go get 'em, Joe!

Court dismisses part of lawsuit holding college liable for 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' rape at frat

Uncle Joe smacks back at Fucktus

Kentucky anti-vaxer told to stay away from school until an ongoing chickenpox outbreak has passed

NASA's Curiosity Rover Just Saw 2 Eclipses on Mars! Now You Can, Too

Donors to the Trump inaugural committee got ambassador nominations

Man steals chainsaw by stuffing it in his pants.

Landlords Get a $173 Million Deal From City as Their Lawyer Raises Funds for de Blasio

Daily Beast--wrong headline (what else is new?), but an amusing right-wing dilemma

Barr's Next move: recommend pardons!

US Senator Michael Bennet(D-CO) has prostate cancer.

The number of deaths from windmill noise cancer

MAKING HISTORY: Congress Passes War Powers Resolution

Woman Gives Up Everything To Save Stray Dogs

Poll: Gov. Murphy approvals at 52%-43%

Murphy won't browbeat legislative leaders on millionaires tax

OH US Representative Tim Ryan is running for President.

So NOW do we get to call him Hitler?

Is this why he hates wind?

Trump Asked That Confirmation of I.R.S. Counsel Be a Priority

Kansas House approves governor's school aid plan

Underwater ice terrace observed at the front of Grey Glacier

"I'm ____, and I approved this message."

Underwater ice terrace observed at the front of Grey Glacier

"Liberal conspiracy theory alleges Biden's latest accuser is ...

Julian Assange to be expelled from Ecuadorian Embassy within hours after UK deal.

'Angry white male studies': College's course draws criticism from white congressman

Superstar --- Karen Carpenter -vs- Luther Vandross

Measles outbreak: Legislators move to end religious exemptions from vaccines amid outbreak

Hmmmm. Could this be the first crack in the wall? No wonder McTurtle won't allow it to come

Why did Barr feel the need to inform the people that Mueller was helping him to redact the report ??

Did Tom Cole (R-OK) actually call Acosta a man of great integrity at the end of the House hearing?!

Judge who asked rape victim if she could have closed her legs deserves 3-month suspension, panel say

Iowa Senate Republicans Want Restrictions On Felon Voting Before Restoring Rights

Ex-Rutgers doc facing 160 charges hit with class action suit by woman he allegedly filmed in bathroo

Cohen "discovered substantial files on a hard drive" - ready to trade for more time on the outside

You elected them to write new laws. They're letting corporations do it instead.

Journey to the Big Bang through the lithium of a Milky Way star

For the first time in UK history

Journey to the Big Bang through the lithium of a Milky Way star

Joe Biden finds defenders in unusual places: Fox News and the GOP

Can't we just coat the windmills in glyphosate and fracking fluid?

The reason trump hates wind....Donald Trump loses wind farm legal challenge

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 5 April 2019

This might be the most unprofessional thing ever tweeted by @realDonaldTrump.

'Queer Eye' cast meets with lawmakers on Capitol Hill

2020 AL US Senate Election- Matt Gaetz-R.

HR 8799e: A New Level of Exoplanet Imaging

I think Mayor Wayne Messam and Rep Tim Ryan should be added to the choices.

HR 8799e: A New Level of Exoplanet Imaging

Trump Tax-Returns Defender on Tap to Head IRS: Report

Barr's legacy on the line as Mueller team fumes

TONIGHT: When will Bernie Sanders release his tax returns?

'Sooner than later:' Bernie Sanders offers no clear timeline for release of his tax returns

If at first you don't succeed, go for the smear

Charlamagne tha God (host of radio show the Breakfast Club)

Joe Biden at his childhood home in Scranton with a film crew

David Cay Johnston: Trump's Biggest Lies? Everything He Promised And Failed To Do

Watching women's tennis in South Carolina, Volvo car open....

So if Barr is misrepresenting Mueller's findings...

Time to Go Positive - Because Trump!

Please stop sharing that photo of Franken grimacing while Biden stands behind him, nuzzling his ear.