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The Dictator, no the Dicktator, I mean the Sicktator

Trump's COVID Joyride

Harry & Meghan Record Anti-Hate & Anti-Misinformation PSA; GOP Congressman Complains...

Drop everything. "The Thing From Another World" is starting on the Movies! channel.

Trump on-camera - Fox News Tucker Carlson with Dr. Marc Siegel evaluating Trump

Blaire Erskine: I am Lindsey Graham's niece and he does NOT have COVID-19!!

My CBD arrived, today, and this was included in the packaging

Our older son is getting married tomorrow. We won't be there. We can't be there.

'We're Coming Guns Loaded, Packed' to Confirm Barrett, Sen. Hyde-Smith Says

MN-02: Vote back on in Minnesota as Rep. Angie Craig wins challenge over delay

"I like presidents who don't have to beat off anything."

Sarah Cooper: Listen, I hate Trump as much as the next guy, but...

Doc on with 45 now. Not even in the same place.

Judge blocks delay of Minnesota congressional race

Good point about the situation with Governor Whitmer

Breaking News: Trump to have a live televised medical exam

Gretchen Whitmer: I will hold the president accountable for endangering and dividing America

CNN just reported that 2000 people are invited to White House for tomorrow's shitshow

Republicans have no standing to complain about court-packing

Sharknado Lake Charles

Boogaloo Brother.

9 COVID-19 cases linked to Trump rally last month, with 2 hospitalized

Blaire Erskine: Susan Page at the debate

Trump, lagging in polls, pressures Justice Dept. to target Democrats and criticizes Barr

🚨BREAKING: Federal Court REJECTS Trump/GOP lawsuit to disrupt absentee voting in New Jersey.

'Brain Fog: The People Struggling to Think Clearly Months After Covid'

Florida health officials report nearly 3,000 new cases of COVID-19

Friday Night Vodka-Buzz. Ask me anything.

Beer Emergency

Medal Of Freedom For Gretchen Whitmer

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani coughs his way through anti-mask interview

Trump to hold rally Monday in Florida despite his COVID-19 case

NPR: Michigan Domestic Terror Plot Sends Shockwaves Through Militia World

What, Lindsey?

Early Vote Check In - How Did You Vote and Where? - Part 1

CNN Live: Christie still in hospital. Received Remdesivir same as *.

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Live and Let Die!

When Trump goes down.....

For those who'd like to see the Harrison/Graham debate/interviews

2 Metro cars detached, stranding 100+ Red Line riders.

Just finished watching Cornyn Hegar debate

End of Emergency Aid Will Lead 1/3 of Brazilians in Poverty

*The American President on encore now.

Captain Janeway says... vote!

I have never heard anyone mispronounce "Ottawa" the way @TuckerCarlson does here. Very odd.

Bolsonaro Makes Irregular Electoral Donation to Son Carlos in Cash

Next Up At The WH, New Superspreader Event For Hundreds, Saturday Oct. 10, South Lawn

Maximum number of US Senate seats Democrats could end up with on January 2021.

Former Special Forces sought by private security company to guard polling sites in Minnesota


The show must go on!

What Makes Mike Pence's Complicity So Chilling

Trump Won't Debate Unless There's a Risk of Infecting Biden

Trump's law-and-order mantra goes missing in wake of domestic terror plot against governor

Friday Talking Points -- Is Trump Trying To Lose?

RIP Eddie....1 Unchained

Sheriff Dar Leaf of Barry County, Michigan with man who planned to kidnap Governor Whitmer

Bye, Eric

RIP Eddie....2 Mean Street

Ben Ray Lujan and Mark Ronchetti face off for US Senate in New Mexico

Since Ruffin is in the news (re: Drumpf's 2016 tax crimes)

The Game: Hatrick movie quotes - identify the actor/actress from the quotes

Climate Science Denial Network Behind Great Barrington Declaration (on herd immunity)

I told you all last week, and I'm telling you again

RIP Eddie....3 Sick Live Eruption/Ain't Talking Bout Love

Colombia: Another Social Leader Was Killed, Toll at 225

Sick fucking trumper

Covid-19 The Horror Movie

India Rubber by radiohead

A question for any trans people or anyone who might know. I was just in an online meeting

Wild Anteater 'Surrenders' To Firefighters Fighting Forest Fire

Trump Team Met With Doctors Who want To Combat The Pandemic By Letting It Run Its Course

RIP Eddie 4....Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)

I've been watching old Craig Ferguson youtubes and have uncovered this trivia...

Reasons I Feel Better This Time Around

What % of YOUR own belief is Biden wins?

Can we get some eyes on this 👇millions in small transactions from the Saudis according to the guy wh

WTF? The White House BLOCKED an order from the CDC mandating masks for all modes of mass

Fed Judge GRANTS injunction barring Abbott's order limiting counties to 1 mail-in ballot drop off

This is so great on so many levels

So um... about that HCQ

Welp..... Seems Lindsey really stepped in it.

Much approval shown for my button today while I was out running errands.

'Brain fog': the people struggling to think clearly months after Covid

Kamala Looked Like A Smiling Cat Eating A Bird At The Debate

This Week in Hell: Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham, and Other Diseased Rats (Ferret/Shower Cap)

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Refuses a Virtual Debate

Republicans are finally ready to diss Don

Bernie stay home is trending

Lindsey Graham, Jaime Harrison debate canceled; forums to be held instead

Schumer: Graham must get tested before SCOTUS hearing.

Michigan Militia Corps, Wolverines distance themselves from Wolverine Watchmen

There's a 350-Foot Statue of Columbus in Puerto Rico. Indigenous People Want It Gone.

The planet's on fucking fire

Interview with maker of "The Brainwashing of my Dad"

'Trump Restarting Campaign With White House, Florida Events'

Another night phone-banking for Dems in PA

Two Town Halls (Biden and tRump) on same night, different TV stations....

Is This Poll For Real?????

Nearly Half of South America's Mammals Came from North America, New Research May Explain Why

Nearly Half of South America's Mammals Came from North America, New Research May Explain Why

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Scowls, Smirks, Eye Rolls

Nagorno-Karabakh: Armenia and Azerbaijan agree ceasefire

Maquiladora radiohead

Soccer: UNC upsets #3 Clemson

'Real and imminent' extinction risk to whales

I Voted Today (In Ohio)! Turnout Is HUGE!

Revolutionary evenings in #Belarus are truly becoming the enetertainment of new format.

Lebanon explosion: Deadly fuel tank blast rocks Beirut

Trump, Oct. 3: "I could be one of the diers!"

How do I change my password?

US judge blocks Abbott order limiting ballot drop-off locations

A Regeneron executive and one of its directors sold $1,000,000 worth of stocks two days after Presid

Hubby just heard on Fox news that Hillary has a new podcast.

Megalithic era stone relics visible as Papua's Lake Sentani recedes

Volunteer lawyers will advise military personnel who question the legality of orders during protests

Volunteer lawyers will advise military personnel who question the legality of orders during protests

Oct 9 is Hangul day in South Korea

Cyber Command has sought to disrupt the world's largest botnet, hoping to reduce its potential impac

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Alex Wagner - Why Americans Feel Anxiety And Heartbreak

woman on lawrence stupidly refers to armed gangs as militia dozens of times. grrrrrr

'Pack a sweater'

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Superspreader Trump is Ready to Rally Again!

Nevada reverses ban on rapid "point of care" tests after federal pushback

Wayne Knight, Seinfeld's Postman, Reinstates His Role to Talk About Slowing Down the Mail!

Woman finishes bar exam while in labor and right after giving birth

A chastity belt for men? On Bill Maher. May be hacked

Blue Whales Sing All Day When They Migrate and All Night When They Don't

Seth Meyers - Pence Frequently Interrupts Harris in Vice-Presidential Debate - Monologue 10/8/20

Microsoft giving employees more flexibility to work from home

Six months from now, every GOPer in the land will be saying: "Donald Who...?"

Lawrence O'Donnell's epic monologue on what Trump revealed about Republicans: 'It was all a lie'

Health officials in Virginia are warning about venomous caterpillars that look like toupee

"I've been retested and I know I'm either at the bottom of the scale or free."

Celebrated pilot Capt. Sully urges further updates to Boeing's 737 MAX

Texas man stole $17 million in coronavirus relief money, spent it on fancy cars and houses, feds say

Seth Meyers: Guest Amber Ruffin Is Living Her Best "14-Year-Old Boy" Life During Quarantine

US imposes sanctions on Nicaragua bank, senior officials

Chicken Little(Lindsey Graham) won't get tested?

Exotic animal collector featured on 'Tiger King' is arrested

Radio host Dori Monson suspended after transphobic tweet

The Lincoln Project: The Walk of Shame ((bwahahaha))

A Message From Your Friendly Local Mail Carrier

Trump's Columbus Day proclamation includes stark warnings

She flat out told us about his Tax Fraud too!!

Chris Christie Treatment Update

2 from Philippe Gaubert

*West Winging It, on Stephen Colbert show NOW.

Glenn Kirschner on Lawrence tonight talking about how many years tRump is facing in PRISON

Keith Olbermann: Trump's Holy Grail just vanished

Canadian travelers are returning to Cuba but US tourists face new restrictions

Accused militia members arraigned on domestic terrorism charges in Michigan

Halloween Is Coming! #41

Halloween Is Coming! #42

Halloween Is Coming! #43

Halloween Is Coming! #44

Halloween Is Coming! #45

I realized there are a few more* reasons why the GOP especially fears Kamala Harris

Opera Singing Cockatiel

If you missed tonight's debate between MJ Hegar and Senator John Cornyn

Real Time with Bill Maher October 9 2020 Full Episode

Remember When This Was Over The Top? :

TX-02: Congressional candidate Sima Ladjevardian says district dynamics have "completely chang

Spooky Tooth- Hangman Hang My Shell On A Tree

The Durham Report - not hap'nin' . . . . could John Durham have intentionally slow-walked it?

New Ad: Super-Spreader-In-Chief

Juxtaposition illustrated

"Just In: Secetary of State Mike Pompeo tells Fox News he has shocking hand written letters..."

Fundraising in Texas House races signals a wildly competitive contest for control of the chamber

Trump unleashes another unhinged rant about California water and wildfires

Robert Plant & Jimmy Page 'Gallows Pole' - Jools Holland Show 1994 BBC

I'm OK. Weakened to a TS before hitting us. Lots of rain and flooding, unfortunately.

Kansas GOP Caught Plotting To Rig Redistricting (Get rid of the Democratic Pol)

so far this year, share of black voters in the electorate has nearly doubled since 2016

Judge spikes motion to extend Florida's voter registration

Former Obama Campaign Manager: The spray-tanned drugged up pitchman for Regeneron, Trump, can't win

Federal judges rule in GOP's favor on Ohio ballot boxes

Mario Molina, Nobel laureate who helped save the ozone layer dies

New: While Trump was at WR he called someone in his circle and said "I could be one of the diers."

IA-SEN: Greenfield Shatters Fundraising Records With $28.7M Haul

Keeping positive 👍👍

State Epidemiologist: I think Mississippi is on the horizon of having another increase of COVID-19

(Fox News) Former Gitmo Navy commander sentenced to 2 years for lying about civilian's death

This is a new fundraising email from the president of the United States.

28 Iowa House races to watch in 2020, with ratings

Having brain surgery on Oct. 27

"Playing a Card": How Trump Used Cuba to Gain Points in Florida

Judge: Harris County can reopen 11 ballot drop sites

fake repairman robs an ice cream shop in plain sight of staff

"Playing a Card": How Trump Used Cuba to Gain Points in Florida

Jill Biden to campaign in Houston as polls hint at tight presidential race in Texas

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 10/09/20

At least 9 covid cases linked to Trump's Minnesota rally on Sept. 18

Little Caesar-Chain Of Fools.(Official Video)

BradyPAC, Everytown gun safety groups spending over $1 million in Texas

TX-SEN: Royce West won't vote for MJ Hegar, says 'she's had a problem all along with Black folks'

Miss. governor responds to Biden's claim that Harris is fit to serve as VP

On first day of early voting, Jill Biden will visit Texas with a stop in El Paso

While Typhoid Trump has been distracting us - COVID 19 has been busy

Joe Biden scales back rare Democratic investment in Texas, but dispatches Jill Biden to stoke the em

"Yeah, because burglers hate being vigorously licked" Olive and Mabel - Home Help

Guthrie County auditor mistakenly mailed voters ballots without secrecy envelopes -- but they can sti

Specter of election chaos raises questions on military role

Citing safety concerns, judge lets Derek Chauvin live outside Minnesota pending trial in killing of

KANA CHAN TV-- Upgrade a PC

Most U.S. senators running in 2020 have agreed to debate. Cindy Hyde-Smith has not.

Kana Chan TV: Cooking Chicken Karaage [ASMR]

10/11 Mike Luckovich: Putting gas to it

Westmoreland County mailing ballots today after hitting snag

Mississippi will not mandate masks at the polls ahead of Nov. 3 election

Judge rejects Trump campaign suit over Philly voter offices

'I could be one of the diers': Trump recognized own mortality after COVID-19 diagnosis, according to

Deep cut from Frank Conniff today

US Senate seats that Democrats are going to be winning in 2020.

More than 1 million Floridians have voted already.

Democratic consultant raps Wicker for no mask on flight

Randy Rainbow "I won't vote Trump!"

Biden is outspending Trump by more than 50-to-1 on radio ads. Here's why

NY: Supermajority in sight for State Senate Democrats as they dramatically outspend GOP

The Biden campaign sold 35,000 fly swatters within hours. 😄

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 10/9/20

TX-23: Gina Ortiz Jones hammers Tony Gonzales for lack of healthcare plan

"My Prayer" 1939 - 1956 - The Platters

Happy Leif Eriksson Day

AZ-06: She was the only non-White kid in her town. Now she could flip a seat that's been GOP for dec

Now we're one - Buddy Holly

The Del Vikings - Whispering Bells

chris christie was on colbert's show before that debate

The Weight

The Elegants - Little Star

The Little Nash Rambler

The Ronettes - Walking In The Rain - 1964

Sen. Robert Byrd--Will the Circle be Unbroken?

Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade Of Pale

'Love outweighs the hate.' Gay candidate targeted by South MS preacher in live sermon

GA-07: McCormick, Bourdeaux face off in battleground 7th Congressional District

Universal Music is turning Biloxi's historic Broadwater Hotel into a $1.2B casino resort

Song of Joy - Miguel Rios


CO-03: Appearing on Racist Podcast, Boebert Joked She'll Jello-Wrestle Rep. Ocasio-Cortez

East - Prince N - E - W - S

Hair extensions sourced from Uyghur and other forced labor victims in Xinjiang

Ween - Freedom of '76

Dear Don Lemmon The Polls Are Not Tightening

Dear Don Lemmon The Polls Are Not Tightening

Ween - Buenas Tardes Amigo

What if tRump ends up back in the hospital??

Broadway is done for the year. Tickets won't be sold until at least May 30th

Holy Shit, You've Got To Vote

Tegan and Sara - Walking With A Ghost

Procol Harum - All hands on deck - Salty dog

Love on a Blue Train

Pop Life - 2020 Real

i'm doing it again... checking LBN ... thinking...

Eruption -Eddie VH

tweet of the night

Jackie Wilson - Lonely teardrops

Neil Finn (Crowded House) A kiwi who knows something

Prince - Judas Smile

Bryan Adams - Run To You

Any sightings of mother's boy?

The Cars - You Might Think

Same Old Dirty Tricks To Keep You From Voting! - Vote! -

☦ Orthodox Christian: Akathist to the Mother of God chanted by the Readers of Holy Resurrection.

Nagorno-Karabakh: Armenia and Azerbaijan agree to ceasefire

Captain & Tennille - Muskrat love

Bjork : isobel

Is this True Or False? It makes me nervous.

I Wonder - Prince

Image needs to be on a Tee, a yard sign, a sticker...

Ween - Freedom of '76

ZZ Top - Legs

He fought wildfires while imprisoned. California reported him to Ice for deportation

I Would Die 4 U ( Live 1984 )

Tweet of the Day

White House Dogs

Ballots are here!

Nine coronavirus cases tied to Trump Minnesota rally

Saw this yard sign today. Made me laugh.

Mary Daly - Gender Inequality and Welfare States in Europe

Inside the Trump Campaign's Strategy to Make Voting a Tooth-and-Nail Fight

Stephen Colbert: The West Wing Cast Takes Over A Late Show

The True Costs of Deportation - financial ruin, mental health crises--and even death

Invoking George Floyd, Va. prosecutor rebukes police over violent stop of Black driver

NY-02: Is Jackie Gordon the new Long Island?

Trump, lagging in polls, pressures Justice Dept. to target Democrats

A mobilizing force: Ricky Hurtado could be the first Latino elected to the North Carolina House

TX-21, TX-10: Austin's Blue Surge Pushes Wendy Davis and Mike Siegel Toward D.C.

Has there been any news about Mike Pence and his health?

Amy Coney Barrett adds anti-abortion advert she signed and series of talks to pro-life groups to ..

independent study concluded that 97% of the tax increase under Biden's plan would be paid by the top

Trump when he was anti lying

Nashville women's shelter under quarantine amid COVID outbreak

Lincoln Project's new "The Walk of Shame" is splendidly hilarious..

University of Memphis begins staff cuts to stem $50 million in losses

They better give Trump *this* as the "new" thing to authorize military strikes and nukes soon

Per CNN - 57,000 Covid-19 cases yesterday

What would you do if your boss was infected with Covid-19

Keilar: This response from Pence would've embarrassed Pinocchio

Six arrested after vandalism of Confederate monument in Collierville

Governor could acquiesce to loss of emergency powers

What happens when the jackasses get out of control

Stand to 100% on alert here and we have monsters Duncan pup

Democrats question governor's federal COVID spending

trump now claims he want to go bigger than the Democrats on stimulus checks,

How the Pandemic Has Affected Victims of Child Sexual Assault

Are Democrats Gaining Ground in Tennessee's Suburbs?

Taking a Look at the Democrat Hoping to Unseat Glen Casada

Hurricane Delta inflicts new damage on storm-weary Louisiana

Nashville presidential debate still set to be in person after Miami debate canceled

Our Debt has crossed 100% GDP

The Most Epic Drama To Ever Occupy The White House - The West Wing Cast Takes Over A Late Show

Donate to Committee to Elect Denise Lang-Browne (duhneece) Goal Increased

The Pharcyde - Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde - 20th Anniversary Mixtape

Trump wanted an in person debate to give Biden Covid.

Trump's schedule for Saturday, October 10, 2020

Shelbyville Residents Report More KKK Activity

Unique Biden/Harris sign destroyed by fire - the hate is palpable

Nearly 500 paid temporary workers sought in Shelby County for Nov. 3 election


In honor of Thelonious Monk on his 103rd birthday

Ardeth Platte, antinuclear activist nun who famously protested Y-12, has died

Can anyone identify this flower??

A Gathering of Deplorables

Tennessee restaurant chain must pay $563K in back wages

The Pharcyde - 'Labcabincalifornia' 20th Anniversary Mixtape

"Proud Boys" sounds like something out of "The Little Rascals".

NFL to penalize talking to refs without a mask

'That's Not America.' No Place For Proud Boys, Violent Militias, Beshear Says

Has trump ever told a cute story about his kids/grandkids?

PART ll: Amy Coney Barrett's Relious Order Participation

ALL of US.

Schiff: If Trump wanted more infections 'would he be doing anything different?'

Breakfast Saturday 10 October 2020

If there is another debate and Biden is asked about court packing

Former Philly police officer charged with murder in 2017 shooting of an unarmed Black man

Private security company recruiting former Special Forces to guard polling sites

Covid-19 death rates are lower worldwide, but no one is sure whether that's a blip or a trend. WPost


Suddenly, *poof* your life can change for the worse in an instant. Live like you expect it tomorrow

Transgender man files pregnancy discrimination suit against Amazon

Reporters need to ask trump,

President Trump Wants to Donate His Convalescent Plasma

The Trump-related coronavirus cases we'll never hear about

The week that Donald Trump lost the election

AARP blasts Sen. John Cornyn of Texas for using its name and logo in new political ad

Central Ohio rallies for Biden this afternoon

March 22, 2017 Joe Biden got to meet Joe Biden

YOU raised $10,321.08 for Biden-Harris, $35 Amy (DITCH Mitch) McGrath & $200 for duhneece on 10-8

Malcom Nance just coined a great term on Velshi to refer to domestic terrorist 'militas'


More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today: Herd Mentality Edition

This is the sign that my MAGAt neighbor complained to the cops about...

Too much money-McGrath & Kelly turn off online donor drives-want donations to go to needy candidates

Blue Condition

White House Blocked C.D.C. From Requiring Masks on Public Transportation

This will always be a valid take:

'Forgotten' Pennsylvania region holds key to Trump's fate

Chris Christie leaves hospital

The laughable obviousness of Trump's 'cure' gambit

Christie out of the hospital...

Here it fu*kin' is. P 283 in Woodward's book, "Rage"

Comprehensive regional rail from Baltimore through to Richmond by 2045? It's possible.

Samuel Jackson: VOTE - Not because I told you to, but because he doesn't want you to.

COVID Act Now map looking worse - no green states

Rick Snyder poisoned Flint water system & it never once crossed Black folks mind to kidnap him

LINCOLN PROJECT campaign ad: "MAGA Church - Part Deux"

Attorney General Barr stays in background after Michigan arrests

George Takei: What if we put Donald in a nursing home done up like the White House and just tell him

FHQ: The Electoral College Map (10/9/20)


McGrath requests COVID tests ahead of debate with McConnell

Comforting to know Bob Dole has Trump's back.

Polls show Democrat M J HEGAR is behind john cornyn the

Trump rally in Sanford (north of Orlando): despicable super-spreader event

An idea for the future debates - Penalty over time.

Oh no the debate is cancelled due to the catastrophic mishandling of a pandemic how will we know whi

While working for trump

A senior warning sign for Trump: 'Go Biden' cry at Villages

Re Expanding The Courts

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Choosing Trump for president is choosing fiction over fact--a fatal mistake

Bill Maher New Rules: Trump stealing the election.

Biden just put out a NEW ad a few minutes ago!

The Time Nixon's Cronies Tried to Overturn a Presidential Election

Reporter: Most presidents age visibly and grow wise during their term,

Politico: Republicans are finally ready to diss Don

PA: More than 1,352 sexual images of children found on computer of man convicted of kiddie porn

U.S. border agency said it 'rescued' a Honduran woman and newborn. Then it separated them

More republicans running from trump

Kamala: As a proud graduate of Howard University, I'm always excit

Fox News has issues with the way this candidate debated

I have a hard time believing that even in a small state like Delaware...

U.S. agriculture secretary unmasked

Chris Christie released from hospital after Covid-19 treatment

Chris Christie is being released from the hospital today, says CNN.

Lindsey Graham Says Young Black People 'Can Go Anywhere' in SC, as Long as They're Conservative

Uh, oh: here comes the "Don't give Joe Biden a blank check" argument...

Witches Are Trying to Figure Out Whose Spell Gave Trump COVID-19

An 88-year-old evangelical woman will cast her first vote for a Democrat in November

New Mexico sees record number of new Covid cases (488).

He might recover from catching the coronavirus. He can't recover from being himself

We are evolving

Poisonous puss caterpillars

Tillis lets cat out of bag - predicts Biden win

Statement from Harris County Clerk: (This is Houston.)

The question that needs to be asked is trump still shedding the virus? How many cycles with

U.S. Postal Service proposes raising prices in 2021 but not for first-class 'forever' stamps

"I could be one of the diers" - Donald Trump

Thelonious Monk was born on this date.

Joe Biden campaign ad: "Mayors"

The Murder Hornets Are About to Start Murdering

The Time Nixon's Cronies Tried to Overturn a Presidential Election

Ex-NJ governor Chris Christie says he's out of the hospital

Pa. man who walked out on girlfriend after $100K lottery win must give her half the cash, court says

One more to honor Thelonious Monk's birthday

"If you see something, say something" call FBI

2 Cops Fired, Face Charges for Killing Porcupines "in their natural habitat and causing no harm"

Soybean field North Dakota for Biden

"Naked Ballots" PSA

One more absentee ballot vote for Biden/Harris

Heard about the couple who got sick after renting a small place in the mountains.

John Prine was born on this date-

The Face of American Insurgency

Released on this date in 1966

Joe Biden campaign ad: "Like Joe Did"

I just dropped off my mail in ballot at the Manatee County of elections.

Trump Is Running Against The Democratic Party & Re-Litigating The 2016 Election When He....

The Swamp That Trump Built (NYT)

Electrochemical oxidation of 243Am(III) in nitric acid by a terpyridyl-derivatized electrode.

U.S. Covid-Testing Plan Aims to Open New York-London Travel by Holidays

And what does your daddy do for a living?

Lindsey Graham, in a forum, declares that Black people "can go anywhere" in South Carolina

So where is Pence today?

Any Texans get a phone call from Americans For Prosperity Action?

Oops. Lindsey explains that African Americans can visit South Carolina:

"But they also taught lessons on how not to become lax in your spirit."

There really isn't all that much in play re the electoral college

Pro-Trump conspiracist: Trump should skip virtual debate because Biden could be 'a clone or CGI"

Joe Biden just released Cindy McCain's first ad for Joe!!

Those were the days... (Obama and Seinfeld getting coffee in a car).

The Desperation of the Jeffrey Jensen Investigation Already Made Clear that Durham Won't Indict

Under the 'trap door' of a vacuum shop: Where Gov. Whitmer kidnap plot unfolded

Maryland takes over contracts on Purple Line construction after contractor quits

"This NEW Biden-Harris ad featuring 14 Black mayors from across the country is straight fire!!"

Just watched my DVR copy of First Ladies: Michelle Obama.....

Brief anecdotes from our trip into a deep NC trump area

"Diseased Donald" will do a Mussolini from the balcony??

Anybody home brew?

"Remain calm; all is well"

Transmission Dynamics by Age Group in COVID-19 Hotspot Counties ...

894 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat; 13 deaths

Greta Thunberg: But, I know...damn! Just get organized and get everyone to vote #Biden

Stevie Nicks - Show Them The Way

"Halal Tacos for All"

Portland: The post office took away the drive-up mailboxes, but it's all right (Updated)

Weekend TOONs - My Name Is Donald J. Trump, Super Spreader. I own a mansion and a yacht.

So, Trump is OK with mail in votes if the voter must request their absentee ballot

Team Trump Admits Its 'Russiagate' Head Fake Has Been a Flop

Dr. Jill Biden: "We'll walk through this fire, and we'll do it together."

Embattled Texas AG drops case that set off staff revolt

The Con is an unassimilated immigrant

North Korea unveils massive new ballistic missile in military parade

Inside the People of Praise, the Tight-Knit Faith Community of Amy Coney Barrett

Happy (belated) 80th Birthday, John Lennon!

Covid by state

Doors are open for Trump's balcony speech...

The week that Donald Trump lost the election

No 'dogma': Democrats walk tightrope on Barrett's faith

Rod Rosenstein can fuck right off.

Trump's drive around & waving was as stupid & self centered as his debate.

It's all about stopping him from stealing the election now

DeJoy donated nearly $700,000 to Trump's convention, new filings show

Republicans are finally ready to diss Don

**African-American group** Lindsey Graham being openly racist during his debate

Democrats Are Piling Up A Massive Absentee Vote Advantage In Swing States

Oregon Votes By Mail How It Works, Why It Works

I cleaned and decluttered yesterday

DeJoy donated nearly $700,000 to Trump's convention, new filings show

Hunter Biden was Involved with the World Food Program that just received the Nobel Peace Prize.

From Der Spiegel.

Competing for Medicare Advantage Customers - Why?

A possible good charity: Get Us PPE (personal protective equipment)

The Swamp That Trump Built. Part Four of the New York Times story

I Suspect This Is Where The Name Of the Comic Series Originated...

Feds may target Google's Chrome browser for breakup

Lindsey Graham: "If you are a young African American (or) an immigrant......

Goodbye Jitters

He's going to have to cancel today's shitshow

When Pence asked Kamala about plans on stacking the Supreme Court

Who In Their Right Mind Will Be Going To The White House Today To Hear Trump?.....

US Senate seats that Democrats are likely to win in 2020.

Tossed salad vs. melting pot

A senior warning sign for Trump: 'Go Biden' cry at Villages

"Here are some questions I have about a post-Trump world"

Another holiday weekend in the house!

Remembering Papa Jo Jones, born Oct 7th in 1911

To our Democratic voters in Philadelphia and Detroit- Do not delay your requests

To be fair, many in Canada pronounce "Tucker" with an "f."

Native American Tribe Gets Early Access to SpaceX's Starlink and Says It's Fast

Cindy McCain cuts ad for Biden: 'A president who will honor our fallen heroes'

Cindy McCain cuts ad for Biden: 'A president who will honor our fallen heroes'

WDIV Detroit: ... we will be using the term "domestic terrorism" or "domestic terrorist," rather...

drumpf appointed Federal judge strikes down drumpf's voter supression efforts in PA

The last time Trump delivered remarks from his balcony

Huge Absentee Vote in Key States Favors Democrats So Far

just a few fun morning tweets


Perfect comment at WP


Pence Faked Care for George Floyd, But We Know the Truth of His Administration

Texas police officer antagonized people in small town prior to shooting, residents say

Hey evangelicals! Are they keeping Trump alive by using ground up dead baby parts?

Why don't Democrats gerrymander the hell out of California

Amazon warrior

Kathryn Grody and Mandy Patinkin were funny AF on A.M. Joy today!

PA Fed Judge throws out Trump campaign lawsuit - dismisses challenges to poll watching law

Tell me it will be a slaughter of epic proportions

Worth asking magats to watch this video debunking of their "survival of the fittest" idea.

How the FBI spent months tracking the plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

Takei takes on Lindsey Graham - best ever tweet!

Seth Abramson: Premature school reopenings are causing spike in Covid cases now.

Big tech still gaming the system while talking about clean-up.

'Get organized and get everyone to vote': Greta Thunberg endorses Biden

Hey Republicans

***Pew Research Poll*** Biden 52 Trump 42

Huge Absentee Vote Favors Democrats So Far

You are wonderfully made

Ex-deputy attorney general says Justice Dept. 'will ignore' Trump's threats against political rivals

Pelosi says White House proposal on COVID-19 relief is "one step forward, two steps back"

Michael Cohen just sent me a signed copy of "DISLOYAL"

Eddie Van Halen endured a 'horrifying racist environment' before becoming a rock legend

"No sense clinging to the rocks that are falling with you." Trump throws anchor to sinking GOP

Aborted Stem Cells Produced Trump's 'Miracle Cure' For Covid-19

Our biggest election obstacle, as I see it, in a nutshell:

Trump will be SO Jealous: North Korea Unveils Massive Ballistic Missile

Federal judge denies Trump, GOP challenge to ballot dropboxes in Pennsylvania

MSNBC is going to televise the dicatator's campaign speech- Why?

It amazes ,e that so many are gathered at the WH to see the sicko speak! The WH personnel are

Mnuchin and Meadows wrapping up a conf call with Senate R's where they are taking a beating over...

"masks for thee, not for me"

What pandemic? Crowds swarm Great Wall of China during holiday week

OMG - why does this video have over 3 million views?

Biden Yeah..

Trump Invites Thousands To Super Spreader Event At White House For Death Cult Members

Some Washington voters already turning in their ballots 25 days ahead of election

UPDATE Shooting suspect confirmed as nurse called to speak at White House

My husband had a run-in with a very inconsiderate person.

North Korea prepares largest military parade in country's history to mark 75th anniversary of reg...

Washington Apple Commission downgrades crop forecast

Trump may still be infectious. He's having events anyway.

Please don't just say you are going to vote. Don't say you "will" vote. VOTE NOW!---or Monday if

Fed. judge denies GOP bid to make ballot drop boxes in Pennsylvania unconstitutional.

This anti-Lindsey Graham ad should be running in South Carolina later today or tomorrow:

Suspects in alleged Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot charged in court

Eric Swalwell on the October surprise.

This Alaskan outdoorsman just might run a GOP senator out of office

ARCHBISHOP BURNS ALTAR ... After Priest Has Sex In Church

Missouri governor says he'll pardon St. Louis couple who pointed guns at protesters after indictment

A new Trump PAC is trying to sign up businesses that'll promise employees raises

Speaking of trump's special relationship with Kim Jong-Un

Few masks seen as crowds gather for Trump White House event - live

Hey trumpers, Trump is going to lose cuz you guys wouldn't wear masks!!!

The Taliban on Trump: "We hope he will win the election" and withdraw U.S. troops

Flush the Turd on November 3rd (Reesus PATRIOT)

curious as to who uncovered the hidden need for TV screens at gas pumps

Biden may be in real trouble.

Cartoons 10/10/2020

Michigan legislators are now slamming @GovWhitmer for not telling them about the plot to kidnap her.

About Portland Mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone's skirt

Trump's brush with covid didn't cure him of his hubris

Subtle shade from Joe Biden

Edmonds man who made 'ghost guns' to serve almost 6 years

The First Cluster

Trump's public lands chief refuses to leave his post despite judge's order

Pelosi and Schumer should put it out there- they have a $2T+ package and can get 47 D Senators

Whom do you MOST want to see kick out a Republican Senate incumbent?

CNN's Brianna Keilar Expertly Dismantles Trump's Idea Of Fox Sycophants As Moderators

Took me a couple years to get through....

I voted MFM style today. No pants!

Joni Ernst is getting nervous

Ugh, Maya Angelou... really?

"Trump's Very Ordinary Indifference to the Common Good"/The Atlantic

Here's a photo of me in front of my home. So, WTF are you talking about @DonaldJTrumpJr?

Fox News cut ties with a frequent guest after he called Kamala Harris an 'insufferable lying b----'

Trump's law-and-order mantra goes missing in wake of domestic terror plot against Dem governor

Don't Cry for Me!

Looks like a mighty small crowd - cnn already cut away....msnbc not so msnbc is gone

Forestry officials warn to 'social distance' from hairy-looking caterpillars

Asked to list her 10 most significant matters as a lawyer, Amy Coney Barrett can come up with only t

The Villages were trending on twitter

Has Covita the Fat Man started singing (coughing)??

"If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went" - Will Rogers

Barr Tells DOJ Lawyers About New Rule ALLOWING Interference in Upcoming Election. Yes, Really!

A belated congrats to Sue Bird and the Seattle Storm on winning the WNBA championship

Trump securing the coveted Taliban endorsement the same day Kim Jong Un rolls out new missile

I was going to post it in the Lounge but I want more people to enjoy it.

"You look and everything is on fire." - @RealDonaldTrump describing the nation under his leadership

Appeals court blocks further construction on Trump border wall

Influential MGB designer Don Hayter dies at 94

"Raise Up for Trump," is trying to get 1000 businesses with 1 million employees to sign a pledge. Th

There are 9,055,052 people who have voted so far in the presidential election.

"A federal judge in Pennsylvania on Saturday emphatically rejected the Trump campaign's attempt to

Beshear to step up enforcement of mask mandate, says more would obey it if Trump wore one,

Today's date 10-10-2020, seems to be a powerful number

Trump-appointed Judge casts tie-breaking vote to boost Trump's chances in OH, limiting Ohio's larges

Downtown Portland's community art project dubbed the "Nightmare Elk" has been stolen by "Patriots"

Trump rally crowd is 50% Black maybe

Joe Biden tested NEGATIVE for the coronavirus today, the campaign says.

Weird guy habit?

1st Lady 2021, Dr Jill Biden / (grab a tissue)

Is Evito Peron done yet?

Is it just me or...

1st Lady 2021, Dr Jill Biden / (grab a tissue)

George Takei: I don't know who needs to hear this, but don't vote for this horrible person.

SV Date on court expansion:

Campaign rally flop. Invited 2,000 "About 400 or so here"


The MVP of the Biden campaign so far

LOSER45's speech in pictures:

"I know Bill Barr refuses to release the results of his Covid-19 test..."

I listened to Trump's speech today

How Donald Trump Got Covid

"I don't ever remember him going under the allotted time."

IMPOTUS' Black people rally today

Any thoughts on when the NY Times is going to release another article on Trump's taxes?

I love a good chyron.

What do you suppose allowing a COVID Positive Psycho to hold an in-person maskless KKKlan rally

James Murdoch says he left family business because Murdoch news "legitimize disinformation", ''sow d

Monsterland on Hulu

Super stupid spreaders.

Cindy McCain cuts ad for Biden: 'A president who will honor our fallen heroes'

Trump's Struggles Ripple Across the Sun Belt, Endangering G.O.P. Stronghold

Does this look like 2000 trump chumps to you?

one more division in the country...the MAGA super spreader herd

Prospects for more stimulus checks, coronavirus relief fade as latest offer from Trump draws opposit

WTAF is wrong with people?

Ninth Circuit found illegal Trump's diversion of military construction funds to build his wall

Looks like Nancy and Trump are closer on the stimulus than the GOP?

Breaking - two of the Michigan terrorists had been in the military

Starlink already threatens optical astronomy. Now, radio astronomers are worried (Science)

Got My New Mask--Written Upon It

We are officially entering another spike. The past few days the cases have been rising.

US Senate seats that Democrats will definitely win in 2020.

trumpy is running out of little red balls!

Trump has given up. He is now targeting solely his base.

Advice needed. Which ActBlue site will have more impact?

i voted and i voted properly.:) whew. my head hurts .

Portland running store just sponsored a fun run in my small town - WTF?!

Between the blue shirts and red hats, this is all I see

I, for one, am looking forward to Pompeo releasing Hillary Clinton's emails...

KS-03: Ks.. GOP promise to draw Sharice Davids out of Congress if they keep supermajorities

Trump has the worst job losses on record heading into the election

'Enormous betrayal': GOP senators furious with Trump for trying to cut a deal with Nancy Pelosi

A fair number of the "Blexit" people at Trump's rally don't seem particularly "bl".....

I hate it when I leave a tissue in a pant's pocket when I do the wash.

Katy Tur shocked after interviews w/ Right-Wing media consumers. Should we take some blame?

Jack White is the SNL musical guest tonight. Odds he plays this?

Model Talk: Trump's Position Worsens l FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast

IV injection point?

Suit filed to stop Trump rally in Sanford on Monday

18 minutes instead of 30. Covidus Interruptus?

Two from our mini trip to Lake Santeetlah in Western NC. Perfect timing!

N.C. Dems hope to expand influence--and Medicaid

THIS is how it's done - Senate race debate!

"Close-up photos of the president's right hand show flesh-color bandages..."

We've added rescue dog #3 - Betts - to our menagerie!

Michigan Republican Defends Terrorists Who Plotted to Kidnap Governor

Joe Biden: Let's go vote, America.

What animal is smarter dogs or cats

Kyrgyzstan unrest: Ex-president rearrested as power struggle deepens


Live from The Villages: Pence spreading the word and the covid, most likely

Trump delivers brief speech to supporters at White House in 1st in-person event since COVID-19 diagn

US Senate seats that Democrats will be definitely winning in 2020.

Ed Rollins Says 'the Race Is Over'

A gun rights decision provides a preview of the justice Amy Coney Barrett might be, both liberals an

The Doctor is in.....

North Korea holds military parade with missiles

Frchtet Euch Nicht!

Just an FYI.....Hempfest2020 in Seattle live online Saturday and Sunday..

Trump Parades in Johnson County, KS

Biden tests negative.

DUers it just hit me

Love is a family affair.................

Domestic dogs and wild canids on the Northwest Coast of North America: Animal husbandry in a region

The Urban Jungle--Balcony Style

Fake, but funny

Therapy doggie:

So many genres, so much brilliance. Jack White. Ice Station Zebra.

Repubs have given up the charade and now just openly talk about cheating to entrench their power

Another Great Biden Ad:

Off to the side of the White House event, not wearing a mask: Dr. Scott Atlas

George Frideric Handel Water Music Suite #2 (D Major)

What house races are you watching closely?

I marked the box for trump when filling out

As wildfires continue in western United States, biologists fear for vulnerable species (Science)

NEW: How Amy Barrett played a role in Bush v. Gore and helped Republicans defend mail ballots

Barry G Croft was waiting for the green light from Trump to murder people.

Florida will be 'like a house on fire' in weeks with loose coronavirus restrictions

Candace O's Blexit group [BLUE T-shirts}lining up to enter the WH South Lawn #Trumps cult rally pics

From my area in Wisconsin...🗳

So, let me get this straight...

Apologies if this "Nature" editorial has been posted, but if so here it is again...

The town of Balina in County Mayo Ireland has endorsed Joe Biden

I know enough to be skeptical about Princeton Election Consortium...

What is your favorite candy?

Trumpists' philosophy in a nutshell: if you call a banana an apple often enough and loud enough,

Will W. endorse Biden? CNN's Dr. Reiner "I'll go out on a limb and say ....yes".

Serious question: What would happen if trump has President-Elect Biden arrested AFTER he lost the

The Taliban Backs Trump's Re-election

What does a revolutionary look like?

Is there a website dedicated to officially licensed RBG merchandise?

So, Are we just "living with COVID" now?

If anyone brings up Biden "dodging" the draft, please share this with them

trump* ads are still running in Michigan. Well, one is, anyway

What's for Dinner, Sat., Oct. 10, 2020

Is there a list of scam websites that pretend to be legit Democratic sites?

Such savvy messaging!

Mailman just dropped off my Washington State mail-in ballot. Opened it and could not....

LAT "What if armed, far-right groups go to the polls? Some plan to"

Do you think Republicans have any notion of what our political future will hold for them?

Graham should be presumed to have COVID unless he produces a current negative test result

US reports more than 50K COVID-19 cases for third straight day; 9 states set record

Cindy McCain: Like John Did

Nate Silver has some competition

Trump Tells Tightly-Packed White House Crowd Covid is 'Disappearing'


@JoeBiden I'm in Erie, Pennsylvania, to discuss my plans to build back better. Tune in.

Biden speaking now in Erie, PA (MSNBC)

Answer to packing the court.....

Frank Figliuzzi: "I just had to" (Obama/ Trump comparison)

George Takei is all in for Biden and Democrats, and is just warming up! Got this text 5 minutes ago:

Biden speaking on M$NBComcast now n/t

whoever is responsible for this deserves a medal

When asked about events like this[#Thrump WH rally] , #COVID19 had this to say:

Good News: Appeals court blocks further construction on Trump border wall

Bear in a hot tub:

Smerconish: There's a feeling this thing is getting away from Trump, It comes down to GOTV efforts

I bought 50 mask that say

Trump's public lands chief refuses to leave his post despite judge's order

I want to encourage everyone on DU to...

How do I find the number of my ballot for tracking?

Trump broke debate rules and didn't get tested: White House stonewalling gives it away

Paid Attendees

If anyone had any doubts about The Lincoln Project:


There's one headline about Donald Trump that has not been printed but makes the most sense of all

Powerful Stevie Nicks. VOTE!

I have heard Trump say many times

WSB poll: Warnock soars ahead in wild Georgia U.S. Senate race

A West Wing Special --- Official Trailer

OK, I realize I'm way late to the party here, but...

Ranked Choice Voting is a ballot question in MA. Pro's or Con's?

This is how desperate GOP candidates are Re: political ads

Sen. Harris: Every member on the Judiciary Committee must be tested for COVID-19 before hearing

Regarding the Lincoln Project:

I have lost a dear friend to Covid

This is what i come home to every day now 😂

Our president is a Fucking moron, Rex tillerson is right.

Matt Lieberman Drops to 3 percent after attacking Obama in Senate Race

NYT: When Trump left Walter Reed he wanted to open his dress shirt to reveal a Superman T-shirt

The Surprising Reason Zebras Have Stripes (Atlantic)

Happiness is found in the simple things

If this doesn't cheer you up, then nothing will

black hole sun soundgarden acoustic cover ft. jennah bell stories

Trump's "sarcastic" comments about injecting bleach

Angry WH Staffer makes a good observation

Trump Doubles Down on Fraudulent-Ballots Claims at White House Rally: 'We Have Law Enforcement Watch

Anyone out there watch Al Sharpton's...

Perfect reflection.

Nearly 50,000 voters in Ohio mailed wrong ballots

Trump's Testimonial Is a Double-Edged Sword for Regeneron

Every night he gives her a hug before going to his bed to go to sleep

Religious gathering limit upheld as NY hospitalizations rise

Look at this new trump ad. Unbelievable. Dr. Fauci should Resign.

They stopped and humiliated him at the Versace store. He is the Vice President of Versace.

Moms vs Militias

Trump's target on diversity and inclusion trainings already has organizations holding off on executi

Gretchen Whitmer says Charlie Baker called her after news of alleged kidnapping plot to 'check in on

Iran short of 'significant quantity' of potential bomb material: IAEA boss

Who and What created Trump? Part 3; Ayn Rand and the Virtue of Selfishness.

With U.S. troops gone, Taliban expands influence in one Afghan province

Trump's turned his properties into the "Beltway's new back rooms,

Armed group that hanged Beshear in effigy demands apology for being called 'terrorists'

The spirit of Trump won't survive long when Joe and Kamala take over, IMHO

Chasten Buttigieg tweet (very on the mark):

If you're near a TV, the chase scene in "Bullitt" is coming up.

Well, my vote may well not wont be counted, and here is why...States MATCH SIGNATURES

I hate nonpartisan.

Got my Colorado ballot today. It appears they dispensed with the "secrecy" envelope...

About those bandaid on OrangeTurd's hands

Delta to Bring Heavy Rainfall, Gusty Winds and Isolated Tornadoes to the South on Saturday

What was your FAVORITE West Wing (TV series) Moment?

John Brennan Reacts To Trump's Call To Have Biden Jailed

Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie

The most terrifying sight in Washington D.C.

Miami road to be named after Trayvon Martin

Trump on drugs. Who could have seen this coming?

Dozens of COVID-19 cases reported at 2 veterans care centers in Virginia

Everything's Coming Up Roses - Black

Daily Caller reporter detained at Louisville protests is arrested again in Wisconsin

"Vote 'Em Out" -- a new anthem by Willie Nelson

Wisconsin is battling America's worst coronavirus outbreak, and the state's broken politics are part

William Barr discovers that he is not immune to Trump's wrath

*Doc Martin, coming up!

Former Seminole Tribe leader who built Hard Rock into worldwide brand dies from COVID

Covid seems to be really starting to spread as it gets colder

US Senate seats that Democrats are definitely going to win in 2020.

"Trump coming out of the hospital like..."

Amy Coney Barrett didn't disclose 2 talks with anti-abortion groups to the Senate

Jesus Jones - Right Here Right Now

COVID-19 Sick Trump Only Lasts 18 Minutes At Fake White House Speech

Trump sticks with his core beliefs

Candace Owens' BLEXIT group pays for some attendees' travel to Trump's White House event

Is this on purpose? ((LOL))

Trump considered Superman costume 'stunt' while leaving Walter Reed after corona hospitalization

2020 election: Biden in commanding position as Trump wastes precious days

Lincoln Project

Democratic poll shows neck-and-neck race brewing in Florida House district

This excerpt from today's NY Times bombshell is horrifying. Trump tells Mnuchin to try to help a cus

See how the FiveThirtyEight election forecast for controlling the Senate has changed over time:

Thunder here in Maine in October

Amid pandemic, Americans overseas worry about making sure their vote counts

Baby goat tries to butt (unimpressed) cat

The Corn of the Future Is Hundreds of Years Old and Makes Its Own Mucus (Smithsonian)

I was filling out my mail-in ballot

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is petitioning for an investigation into Rupert Murdoch'

A Pro-Trump Militant Group Has Recruited Thousands of Police, Soldiers, and Veterans

Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe

How come there is no Democrat running for the US Senate in AR?

Trump delivers dark and divisive speech in first major appearance since Covid diagnosis

What Amy Coney Barrett could mean for the ACA

Red Rider - White Hot

"COVID-denier in San Francisco fakes a medical condition and refuses to leave"

Ex-Chargers QB Ryan Leaf pleads guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence count

One idea Trump considered while still at Walter Reed was wearing a Superman T-shirt under his.....

"In light of the recent endorsement by the Taliban..."

Texas counties temporarily blocked from offering multiple mail-in ballot drop-off locations