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Archives: October 11, 2020

Mediastouch/#OperationMaga is having fun with Taliban endorsment of trump

SCOTUS is sowing election confusion and disenfranchisement with its last-minute changes in rules

State GOP Chair Allen West, Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller join anti-Greg Abbott protest outsid

MAGA Gun Raffle

Now up on I-95 in SC!

Federal judge tosses Trump lawsuit challenging Pennsylvania's ballot drop boxes

Rammstein - Deutschland

After the election is called, I'm going to have to take a mental health break from all of this.

They don't care they're going to heaven

"Unforgotten" on Amazon Prime

Red Rider appreciation day. Thanks Swede!

Florida's Voting Machines. (the onion)

How do you feel about the Problem Solvers' proposal?

Pence rally at The Villages, 1,500 seniors, most without masks and not

A senior warning sign for Trump: 'Go Biden' cry at Villages

Another RNC featured speaker just charged with a felony.

Close the bars. Outdoor dining only.

I hit all of the MSNBC talking points though this from

The GOP has a long history of ignoring science. Trump turned it into policy.

Trump is Protected by the DOJ OLC Memo & Barr. But Who Polices Barr, Pompeo, Pence, etc.? Anyone?

'I shouldn't be here': Oshkosh bar owner in ICU with COVID-19 angry with Trump over out-of-control p

Not a Tommy/Red Rider project, but some late 80s - early 90s Canadian Rock worth a listen

Covid in North Texas

Sign flying over The Villages: "Pence Is Why You Can't See Your Grandkids" LOL

I'm a pro-life evangelical. In supporting Trump, my movement sold its soul.

Tommy Cochrane. Ragged Ass Road

Michigan House GOP won't back Republican candidate after Whitmer plot comment

Snarling Rescue Chihuahua Becomes A Daddy's Boy

Trump's campaign lures donors with absurd financial promises -- and insults

The Quaranteenies- #VoteEarly

Abandoned Cat Was Antisocial Until A Tiny Kitten Forced Him To Play With Her

Nessel: Other groups planning terrorism, more arrests expected

Red Rider. Calling America

Donald Trump thinks he's Superman, I think Joe Biden is kryptonite.

question, please: Can Governor Whitmer fire that west Michigan sheriff ?

Interesting. The Michigan Dems are contacting me via text message.

I don't know what it is, but conservatives have really become tech savvy

*Cats is on HBO 501.

When to expect the repugs to do their October Surprise?

Embattled Texas AG drops case that set off staff revolt

He still hasn't condemned Putin for putting a bounty on the heads of

"Florida refused to report its COVID-19 cases and deaths today."

Why do Arizona General Election mail-in ballot envelopes identify my Party?

John Prine tribute live now.

color me impressed!

As early voting starts Monday, Georgia aims to avoid another meltdown

So TIRED of his stupid Stupid ORANGE Face

Muslim 'invaders' and transgender 'delusion': Lt. gov. candidate's posts draw criticism BY COLIN CAM

1 person dead, suspect in custody following shooting at Denver protests: Police

sign flying above the villages

Early voting starts Thursday. Here's where to go in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. BY ALISON KUZN

A senior U.S. administration official called North Korea's display of new intercontinental ballistic

A rock group pays homage to its most frightful character yet. His name is 'Florida Man'

Introduction First Post : Biden 2020

Someone asked me to list a few reasons why I don't like trump. A few...

'Don't let them take your voice away': Domestic violence survivors face voting challenges BY DEVNA B

Dr. Sean Conley says Trump "is no longer considered a transmission risk to others" based on a PCR te

Trump Wanted to Wear a Superman Shirt When He Left the Hospital: NYT

Taking Page From Authoritarians, Trump Turns Power of State Against Political Rivals

Florida won't be releasing new coronavirus cases and deaths on Saturday. Here's why

I don't know who made this video, wow! Comparison of two different Presidents

Rough night last night.

This just in

A company called AAR Corp. paid for several events at Trump properties while competing for federal c

TX-21: Austin American Statesman endorses Wendy Davis for Congress.

Trump's doctor says the president is no longer at risk of transmitting the coronavirus.

A 15 Minute, Slow, Low-Energy Speech To 200 People? To Quote Trump "He's SHOT."

TX-23: Tony Gonzales makes false allegations about Gina Ortiz Jones' residency

TX-23: Gina Ortiz Jones hammers Tony Gonzales for lack of healthcare plan

WooHoo... Got my ballot today...

Fall in Wisconsin! Gorgeous!

Rudy should promote cryptocurrency because he looks like he just crawled out of a tomb.

US Senate seats that Democrats will going to be winning in 2020

Some Days You Feel Aggressive (for a Laugh)

New video shows Republican Michael McCaul lied to reporters and took off his mask on the plane.

Doctor Says Trump Won't Transmit Virus, Stays Quiet on Tests

SNL Tonight host Bill Burr. He will be joined by musical guest Jack White n/t

The Swamp That Trump Built (latest NYT tax story tweets with deets)

Biden courts swing voters in Pennsylvania while Trump rallies at the White House

The West Wing - In POTUS We Trust

QAnon High Priest Was Just Trolling Away as a Citigroup Tech Executive

Covidactnow update - 12 states now in the red

Competing Georgia polls...

It's tweeting (and projecting) again

Pretty horrifying graphic of COVID.

THE TIMES: "UK Government Dumps Trump"

Texas teen breaks Guinness World Records for world's longest legs

Well, I just saw an interesting Russian post apocalyptic, virus epidemic story on Netflix.

So, Don Jr., Eric, Ivanka and Jared didn't show up for Trump's rally...

Trump Party yes man and deplorable failure as a human -

What Joe Biden Could Learn From Abraham Lincoln About White-Collar Crime

Well, every day is now almost 5% of the time remaining

Cyber Command has sought to disrupt the world's largest botnet

In the end, we all look like our pets

I think humans will soon evolve to the point where they have a pouch,

State cuts food bank funding

You awake from your nap yet?

The Five Types of Trump Voters Who They Are and What They Believe

Many of our fellow citizens are ticking me off

Trump Reportedly Plotted Wacky Superman Stunt For Walter Reed Discharge

The ACA is going away....

R. Bitecofer's Detailed Explanation of Her Current Election Projection (Spoiler, Huge Win for JB)

Wind storm across Montana tonight!

Sack: In one door and out the other

"Quick, politicize this image!"

My dad fell badly 3 days ago

Can the president increase the number of justices on the SC, or is it Congress by legislation?

Living In America: James Brown

Nurse Who Praised Trump's COVID Response at RNC is Under Arrest for Shooting Woman During Argument

24 days to go 👇🏿

OHMERGERD! Spinal Tap to Reunite for Democrats in Pennsylvania Fundraiser

Unbelievable - Chris Coons' republican opponent unabashedly said this....

I have been trying to be sooo safe. temp yesterday 98 .7 NEW TEMP 10/11 99.8

"tis the Season . . ."

"Pack" the Supreme Court? Absolutely 100% yes -- it's the only way to save democracy

Anyone see Don Winslow's October surprise for Lindsey Graham

PA-HD105: Alyssa Milano goes down-ballot.

Stay the night

Harris County (Houston, Texas Metropolitan rea) to offer drive through voting

Horrific account of Pence's event at The Villages today.

SNL revisiting Vice Presidential debate

Maya Rudolph. Perfect!!!

Florida head coach wants to infect more people with Covid


Does 10:10 mean anything? QAnon?

Amy Coney Barrett served as a 'handmaid' in Christian group People of Praise

Scowls, Smirks, Eye Rolls The Daily Social Distancing Show

Palm Beach Post endorses: For the sake of our now fragile democracy, Biden for president

Kyle Cheney: Opaquely written memo from the president's doctor says he still has coronavirus

Big polling updates coming in the next 24-48 hours

Minneapolis Star-Tribune endorses Biden.

Please stand by.....

The Blues Brothers: 'Rawhide' Song

Bill Burr: Was it just us who found him kind of unfunny in an Andrew Dice Clay sorta way?

This NEW Biden-Harris ad featuring 14 Black mayors from across the country is straight fire!!

Tweet of the Day

Detention center in Eloy has most COVID-19 cases of any ICE facility

Social distancing not common on Senate floor, despite McConnell's claims

"Trump Corruption" 1990's Mara Lago to Manhattan /Media failed to report in 2015

New Battleground States poll (Baldwin Wallace): Biden +7 MI, +5 PA, +7 WI. -2 OH

Who will be the James Comey of Joe Biden's campaign???

New poll (ABC/Washington Post): Biden +12

The Toad

Suspicious Text Sent To Local Democratic Voters Over Mail-In Ballots

Powered by trust on the pandemic, Biden leads by 12 points nationwide: POLL

If you missed Friday night's debate between MJ Hegar and Senator John Cornyn

Florida's seniors, the state's most reliable voters, are shifting away from Trump

3 songs from Yola y'all...

Ball and Biscuit

Graham says Black people are free to 'go anywhere' in South Carolina so long as they're Conservative

Sweetwater ProGear catalog is here!

*The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

My venture into local politics tonight.

Trump supporter attacks protestors in Bakersfield

OMG. Whitey Ford Joke

Mind boggling-national security adviser Robert O'Brien giving a tour of the WH Briefing Rm maskless

all these right wingers getting violent

John Candy, My advice when everything gets you down is MAMBO

I am pissed off! I have a cold! I'm certain it's not COVID. It started with just sneezing, then a

National security compromised by 45's arms sale to UAE?

Glenn Kirschner on The Stephanie Miller Show: Nothing is going to save Trump

Residents Of The Villages [#Florida] 'Came Out Of The Closet' For Biden

Jack White - Lazaretto

Trump's favorite Florida retirement community The Villages hosts a golfcart rally for BIDEN

How safe are poll workers?

SNL is uneven but Jack White is a GOD!

If we take the Senate/Presidency, shouldn't DC/Puerto Rico statehood should be top of the agenda?

IL-13: Dirksen Londrigan Takes the Lead in IL-13, 48% - 43%

CO-03: The Pueblo Chieftan endorses Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush for Congress

The Beloved - Sweet Harmony

LMAO The fly on SNL

Early voting in Virginia continues to surge despite worries over coronavirus, mail-in ballots

Bill Frisell - In My Life (9/4/20) - recorded on the street live...nt

If Donald Trump had captained the Titanic

Early voting in Kentucky starts Oct. 13. Here's what you need to know before going to the polls

Fairfax County Moves Up Saturday Early Voting

NM: Voting passes 31,000 through first three days of early voting

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Al Stewart - Sirens of Titan

'The Good Lord Bird' Paints a Different Portrait of Abolitionist John Brown In a year of anti-racism

Flush Trump by Reesus Patriot

2 charged in Michigan plots served in US Marines

CA-53: City Council President Georgette Gmez failed to report more than $100,000 in income on taxes

New DCCC TV Ad in CA-21 Highlighting How Dangerous David Valadao is For Central Valley Families

FL-26: Mucarsel-Powell is a candidate of firsts. She'll need another one to beat Gimenez.

Catholic Charities USA: Trump decision not to back pandemic relief bill was "heartless."

Congratulations Josh Tatofi for winning Nā Hōkū Hanohano Awards 2020!

Climate Emergency Activist Greta Thunberg Endorses Biden In Rare Political Tweet

Michigan House Speaker questions response to alleged terrorist plot against governor, Capitol

Despite Covid-19, President Trump Addresses Campaign Rally On WH South Lawn: Dr Scott Atlas No Mask

Question: How can the Michigan terrorists afford guns but not lawyers

Sweet instrumental version of Surfer Girl by Bill Frisell

Possible glitch in GHOST OF TSUSHIMA ... LESSON LEARNED: Don't play with fire.

Saturday Night Live is a must watch!

At what point do polls become predictive due to early voting?

Security guard in custody after fatal shooting amid dueling protests in Denver, police say

SNL: Weekend Update

SNL: Enough Is Enough

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

SNL: Don Pauly

kamal. - homebody (studio-2020) this a smooth track from a young londoner ...

SNL: VP Fly Debate Cold Open

Wisconsin is the new tipping point state in the 538 model.

A comprehensive quantification of global nitrous oxide sources and sinks

The next Presidential debate should hold to the Town Hall format that was supposed

Local GOP, Democratic groups condemn letter threatening Biden supporters

How does "mark as read" work.

Top order of business when Joe is elected is to swear in an AG who will set the DOJ

The 7 MAGA stages of COVID

Absentee ballot request surge across Michigan seems to favor Democrats

I've been mulling the idea of COVID Bonds...

US Senate seats that Democrats are likely to be winning in 2020.

Trump Wanted To Display A Superman Shirt

Man killed in downtown Denver amid dueling 'anti-fascist' and 'patriot' rallies

Very Stable Geeenius Reportedly Plotted Wacky Superman Stunt For Walter Reed Discharge

'This election is everything': College students push schools to cancel classes on Election Day

She may be right.

State: Worker who got $186K in 'dog phobia' case owned dogs

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Awwtoberfest 2020 Edition

Keep it simple on the home stretch

97 year old Bob Dole is a MAGA

Britain set to be left without environment watchdog when Brexit transition period ends

Strapped for cash, Trump yanks TV ads in key states as Biden spending surges

Trump's army ..... Assaulting women.....Bakersfield, CA............

Trump said he could kill and win - Covid and cheating may prove it


S.C. absentee ballot received by a voter after SCOTUS ruling ... [Twitter]

Democrats Allege Ducey Improperly Used Millions in Federal Pandemic Relief Money

It's been at least 10 days and the SOB isn't dead

* A+ RATED ABC-WAPO POLL* Biden 55% Klansman 43%

538: Biden now at 86% probability of winning

Am ready with sun costumes through January. Going to start February and March this weekend. Also

Why does msnbc continue to periodically have Michael Moore on? He will be on Alex Witt

Desperate Diva Disses Democrat in Debate Fail

Candidate for Arizona Legislature gets suspended and firm gets banned from social media

A deep state fake pandemic to strip the global community of their freedoms...

Never trust an ATOM

Ivanka Trump coming to Arizona on Sunday to help President Donald Trump, GOP

They attribute the plot to kidnap Governor Whitmore to to boogalooboys. This is the same

Well look at what Loren Culp is associated with. Huh.

Stepdaughter birthday gifted me with two joints she bought in Massachusetts and took back to N.J.

Appeals court rules Trump cannot use military funds for border wall

Ragtime Annie

Iran has highest day death toll from virus, currency plunges

Democrats Are Piling Up A Massive Absentee Vote Advantage In Swing States

In hurricane-ravaged Louisiana, residents dig out, again

Lookee, they all dressed up like Covid!

Melania releases a photo, says she's doing well!

The apparent source of most GOP campaign ads is MSU----

Recent Virginia Tech graduate is fatally shot in D.C., police say

The Trump doctor says "Trump is virus free and that he is doing much better"....

"Redneckery" Meet those 13 terrorist in Michigan.

Court grants temporary stay, allowing Texas governor's directive for limited drop box locations to c

45 Years Ago Today; "I would like to feed your fingertips to the wolverines"

At some point the daily circus becomes boring

Doonesbury - Incomprehension Of The Basics

Interactive - COVID19 cases since June by state

On this day, October 11, 1918, Jerome Robbins was born.

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Joe Biden for President

Flying over The Villages in FL.

If you're Donald Trump, it takes some fucking nerve...

I'm feeling a little down this morning.

YOU raised $14,046 for Biden-Harris, $20 Amy (DITCH Mitch) McGrath & $20 for duhneece on 10-10

Dem challenger in SC Senate race raises record $57 million

How powerful, how valuable is your single vote for @JoeBiden? You will be VOTING OUT: Trump, Pence,

538's Joke of the Year

Both parties are not the same.

Trump's schedule for Sunday, October 11, 2020. Some golf before the rain arrives?

Trump's Remarks at a Peaceful Protest for Law and Order; October 10, 2020

Breakfast Sunday 11 October 2020

Show Them The Way

What ever happened to puffs 180 count basic tissues?

Meet The Press has a problem Chuck Todd Guests like Hugh Hewitt who are propagandists

Report: Trump Staffers Are Furious President Won't Fire Mark Meadows

I suspect I know why there are no Negitive tests being reported

Eric Trump on ABC: "Anyone who comes within 500 yards of the white house gets tested", and.....

Y'all, please watch this. I'm hollering omg

I didn't brown the potroast

Couldn't ABC find anyone better than Eric Trump

George Takei: Press, don't play false equalizer. Don't treat the question of court unpacking, as I l

So it is essentially a given that Biden will win the popular vote

Watching Velshi this morning!

Mortality in the U.S. was more than 280,000 higher during the first eight months of 2020

We only need to win four of these races to flip the Senate

Anti-Trump, but not fully for Biden: Will Gen Z vote?

I'm Fatigued Too.

Anyone else dislike Jim Carrey's portrayal of Biden on SNL?

One of the top ten Jack-o-lanterns I've ever seen

Panicking No 10 dumps Donald Trump and woos Joe Biden

Joe Biden's most recent endorsements

Jaime Harrison Shatters Fundraising Record

Suggestion for pumpkin carving for Halloween

For the 1st time in years I have felt @ peace

"It just don't feel right, to feel right, when nothing but sorrow remains."

More people have filed for unemployment benefits this year than voted for Donald Trump in 2016.

IF we win Senate.. should we remove filibuster?

BCG: Can a vaccine from 1921 save lives from Covid-19?

More people have filed for unemployment benefits this year than voted for Trump in 2016

Could Trump's case of Covid have been a scam?

The UK is telling ministers to cozy up to the Biden camp, as Boris Johnson is 'writing off Trump'...

May democracy arise from the sh**ter. Biomimicry

QAnon has taken root in Germany and other countries (thread)

(UPDATED) NFL does major juggling of schedule due to coronavirus

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt created Social Security in 1935. Today, his grandson is fighting

"Mitch McConnell says the quiet part loud here"

For those who need a Sunday morning chill

Ok, I'm going to make one more round of campaign donations (we're 3 pts behind!!)

Damn, Al Gore is one of the smartest pols or former pols out there His Internet influence

Do you have a nickname? What is it? n/t

Coons: Barrett has 'views that make her not qualified to serve on the Supreme Court

Enten: Biden's leading with women voters by a wider margin than any candidate in the polling era

Trump is immune from Covid

Once Trump realizes he's really lost he will have over 2 months to react.

"ABC News has confirmed that attendees to Trump WH Rally were paid."

White House blocked Fauci & all federal government medical experts from appearing on ABC's This Week

Boris Johnson "Dumps Trump" - Believes Joe Biden Will Win U.S Election

Bill Clinton: "Happy Anniversary, Hillary. I love you."

Jon Karl opens This Week by saying the White House blocked Fauci and all federal government medical

Unbelievable clips from Trump 2nd interview with Maria Bartiromo

If consumer goods ads must meet factual requirements, why not political ads?

Face the Nation host is horrible

French Open Men's Finals: SPOILER ALERT

Senate Judiciary Panel To Begin Barrett Confirmation Hearings Amid Pandemic

Better way to frame Hatch Act violations.

Trump Failed the 3 A.M. Test


May I suggest a modification of a time-honored response to Republicans?

Miles Taylor: Trump would be doing even worse with women voters if they saw the misogyny I witnessed

Happy Thanksgiving! (to all Canucks)

Miles Taylor: He'd be doing worse if they saw the misogyny I witnessed inside the Trump Admin...

Lindsey Graham, reverse ferret: how John McCain's spaniel became Trump's poodle

"His campaign is like a get-rich-quick scheme gone bad!"

Axelrod says Repugs in swing states trying to distance themselves from Trump better sign than polls

emptywheel: The Frothy Right Embraces CIA's Unmasking the Identities of Political Candidates

How's business in the pandemic?

The Idiot Moderator (J. Karl) on ABC News

DeJoy donated nearly $700k to Trump's convention

Trump supporters and their guns:

597 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun.; 0 deaths

I called everyone in Jeffrey Epstein's little black book

Ugly Kings. They don't think it's been loud enough 'round here lately

On this date-

"Hey White House staff, ignore that tickle in the back of your throat and dry morning cough today."

NFL postpones Broncos-Patriots game indefinitely

Where do I find reliable totals for US virus deaths?

Whistleblower: "The polls show @realDonaldTrump losing badly with women. He'd be doing worse if..."

Brilliant way to defeat Gerrymandering ...New Zealand's method

Florida will be 'like a house on fire' in weeks with loose coronavirus restrictions, infectious.....

Looks like Trump is still getting an IV

US Senate seats Democrats are definitely gonna win in 2020.

Amy Coney Barrett failed to disclose two talks she gave on Roe v. Wade in 2013

Court Packing? It's Already Happening at the State Level

Ivanka Trump Applies for Job as Biden's Daughter

Poll: Amy Coney Barret's COMPLETE Opening Statement.

Are they rushing Barrett hearings to pull Kamala Harris off the trail?

Chris Wallace Grills Lara Trump On Masks At Debate: 'Did You Think The Rules Didn't Apply To You?'

Eric Evil Spawn says vaccine cured his dad.

Pryor(D-AR) 2008 general election opponent is a Green Party nominee(Rebecca Kennedy).

Happy Birthday Eleanor Roosevelt!!

Don't call it "court packing"

As every media outlet should......

Wisconsin mink dying off due to Covid.

Conversion of pro-life voter to Joe Biden! Yes, you heard me right.

The uncounted COVID cases, from speaking with our neighbors this morning

Who and What Created Trump? Part 4: Lewis Powell Jr., and the Gaslighting of America

Pence and Trump killing off their base in The Villages

John Adams quote for today

Michael Cohen releases one of trump's tax returns:

Trump supporters.

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku/World Journey CD Release

My aunt died overnight - an indirect COVID 19 death.

U.S. Supreme Court nominee Barrett pledges to follow law, not personal views

One Love

This may be the most important post you will ever read. :D

U.S. hospitalizations continue climb as 11 states set records for new COVID-19 cases

Yikes...I hadn't thought of this. After trump loses.

On CNN just now

NY Times: Turning Power of State Against Rivals, Trump Seeks Power of Authoritarians

CNBC: Jobless claims were worse than expected amid slowdown in hiring

Hunter Biden took part in the Nobel Peace Prize win. The irony!

How sexist, racist attacks on Kamala Harris have spread online -- a case study

NPR: Sizzler Steakhouse Chain Files For Bankruptcy Protection

Trump has given up. He is now targeting his base solely and something else.

White House calls for interim coronavirus relief as negotiations continue

Has Anyone Noticed Any Strange Behavior By Birds Lately?......

THIS probably explains much of Trump's hatred of John McCain

If Trump had tested negative recently, it would be a major headline.

What Fiction are you reading this week, Oct. 11, 2020?

COVID may give us another "Great Depression." That might be just what we need.

Trump's presidency is the biggest corruption scandal in US history

Not a Covid tragedy, as yet, but still very vexing.

Decided to vote early instead

Larry Kudlow Makes It Clear The White House Only Cares About Rallies And The Economy, Not Saving Liv

Daily Beast will have expose tomorrow on Amy Coney Barrett & hate group Alliance Defending Freedom

More bad news for preventing coronavirus infections...

I could not stand to listen to it: Eric Trump blathering. Poor Daddy!

Prince Jazz Funk Sessions 1977 Instrumental

Mitch McConnell says this out loud with his mouth for people to hear:

Arizona can put juveniles in prison for life, state Supreme Court rules

Even if we win the Senate and presidency, do we have the votes to add SC Justices?

NTSB: Company's 'Egregious Disregard for Safety' Led to Fatal Schoharie, New York, Limousine Crash

The pernicious contagion of misinformation

Here is why Biden/Harris must ignore unfair calls to address court-packing

Poor poor Eric tRump didn't like the question he got about his father's bribes

Sen Sherrod Brown and Connie Schultz turned in their votes this am. When are you voting?

When are you voting? Sen Sherrod Brown and Connie Schultz voted today

What will you be doing on Nov 3rd Evening

A lot of SciFi fans have fantasized about seeing Mark Hamil and Patrick Stewart work together.

The Chambers Brothers - Time Has Come Today (Audio)

"You have to open the door. Jesus, you rich people!"

To celebrate Jaime Harrison's record breaking fundraising in SC

Republicans could lose three big state races

Trump Wants a Repeat of Bush v. Gore. Amy Coney Barrett Might Make It Happen.

Trump is in debt. We can't ignore the national security risks that come with that.

Extra Pounds May Raise Risk of Severe Covid-19

Peabody Can't Even Sell Metallurgical Coal; Closing Alabama Mine, It Claims "Temporarily"

Wall Street feels bullish on Biden

Scared Rescue Dog Slowly Falls In Love With Her New Dad

Sen. Schumer: "Democrats Will Not Supply The Quorum, Period" To SCOTUS Judiciary Committee

Mario Molina, Nobel Chemist Who Discovered CFC's Destructive Impact On Ozone Layer, Dies At 77

Why Don the Con will never be able to co-opt Superman:

'Trump doesn't stop at red lights'

Graffiti added to Trump yard sign!

The Republican Party has embraced American fascism

TEB: new Duncan pics

Trump didn't want to do a 'glorified conference call,' Eric Trump says of canceled debate

Why can't I track my ballot?

Seniors are breaking for Biden, COVID-19 might be why: Nate Silver

Poll: Lead among women fuels Biden's 12-point edge

Georgia's Two Senate Races Face Prospect of Runoffs

Trump Supreme Court nominee Barrett's confirmation hearings begin Monday under Covid cloud

Just saw "Papi Chulo" anyone else see this?

Oh Shit - the "DOCTOR" cleared the Con's health to try and get the debate back on schedule

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel accuses "corrupt" commission of canceling debate to shield Biden

Ever ask yourself why your typical righty loves to OWN libs?

Four, soon to be five of the Supreme Court Justices were nominated by presidents who did not win

Joe Biden's polling better than any challenger since 1936

Shitstain's EPA Claims Great Superfund Progress; In Nearly All Cases, Cleanups Had Long Since Begun

Just got done volunteering on a phone bank for Biden

Bad Apple Trees

President Trump tackled the virus head-on!

Independent voters in Arizona pushed the state into battleground territory

trump*'s perspective on sacrifice.

The GREAT Lewis Hamilton ties Michael Schumacher Formula 1 wins, 91

Man dead after confrontation at clashing political rallies in Denver; TV station security guard arre

Warming-Driven Toxic Algae Blooms Cause Permanent Brain Damage In Marine Mammals - Seizures/Drowning

Democrat Jaime Harrison shatters Senate fundraising record in bid to oust Lindsey Graham

RNC chairwoman says media should focus on Biden's lack of answer on packing Supreme Court

Breaking on CNN - Fauci says he has never endorsed any candidate in his nearly five decades Updated

Harris to take part in Barrett hearings remotely

A few new lawn signs from the past week:

Friendly Labrador Rescues Abandoned Kittens and Bring Them Home

Yellow vs. Green. Who ya got? Birds playing basketball...

Trump chooses denial and recklessness as he's set to resume campaign rallies

The Leaky Orange PortaPotty is running ads in Michigan where Dr.Fauci is seen praising it

International Girl Child Day

I made a homemade carrot cake today (frosting idea--input)

Biden leads Trump by 12 points nationally, president trails on pandemic trust in new poll

Something to make you smile: older man dancing to guitarist

SARS ban: Nigeria abolishes loathed federal special police unit

Affordable Care Act: Schumer calls on Barrett to commit to recusing herself from Supreme Court case

2020 Documentaries, 'Totally Under Control' and 'Time': NPR

"Our People Are Really Tired" -- Hospital Official Pleads For Utahns To Wear Masks As ICUs Fill Up

Rachel Bitecofer MarketWatch Article about the Polls

Dog & Horse play tug-of-war

George Takei: People who conclude that they will not vote for Biden aren't the ones we should be spe


Off Topic: Football

A Black man is suing a Texas city for $1 million after he was tied to police on horseback during an

"The Republican Party is rushing to establish a Supreme Court whose base views..."

"Nothing, just @PeteButtigieg ad-libbing the perfect response to breaking news."

Twitter just censored Trump's tweet for spreading misinformation about Covid.

Twitter flags Trump tweet for violating its rules on COVID-19 information

Dan Rather on court packing

How the Washington governor's race is shaping up with three weeks to go

"This election is a tough call because..."

The GOP is lying its way toward expanding the Supreme Court's conservative majority

Pete Buttigieg nicely skewers the illogic of "originalism" as articulated by right wing Justices

Joe Biden to campaign in Cincinnati and Toledo on Monday

Fauci says he was taken out of context in new Trump campaign ad touting coronavirus response

George Takei's great response on court packing via Twitter

Chunky Orphaned Beaver Gets A Girlfriend Who's A Lot Like Him

Halloween 2020

Today is National Coming Out Day (10/11)! (PIC/Tweet heavy)

Guy Lets Injured Pelican Use Pool Until She's Released Into The Wild

Despite Cory Gardner's Greenwash, Audio From 2017 Interview Finds The Same Sad Conspiracy Theories

Just saw this on Twitter - in accordance with Senate rules the Judiciary Committee can't advance....

Trump says he wont be in 2nd debate. Commission cancels it. Trumps demands 2nd debate be held.

Girl drops off her foster dog to be adopted and ... 😍

Drought Monitor 10/6/20 - Disastrous Drought Ramping Up In Much Of Western US

Can George Takai get the Medal of Freedom

Iran-backed militias announce 'conditional' cease-fire against U.S. in Iraq

Iran-backed militias announce 'conditional' cease-fire against U.S. in Iraq

WH aide caught in lie re: Fauci being available to the media

Olli loves his car rides 🚗

Weekend is here ! (?!?) 😂

7 to 3

Do you think the ACB hearings will hurt us in the polls at all?

Coconut flour

DeVos' $40 million yacht "The Seaquest" is registered to Cayman Islands despite never visiting the t

We added a second Biden/Harris sign to our front yard.

Unofficial Ballot Drop Box Appears In Front Of Baptist Church In Castaic

Llamas to the rescue in fight against Covid!

Regeneron CEO: Trump 'is a case of one' and 'weakest evidence' for Covid-19 treatment

Make Your Own Joe Signs From Biden's Website:

Now that it looks like the "court packing"

Debate #1 - The Only Time Trump Stopped Interrupting Was On Climate; No Idea On What To Say

About Trump's demands regarding debates..

Editorial: Joe Biden's leadership would benefit our country

My daughter was married here in Albuquerque yesterday

The locals here are putting on a "safe" Halloween.

Like the frog boiling, we have allowed ridiculous barriers to voting

We received a flier from the Trump campaign with a mail-in ballot application, endorsed by Trump.

Something we must ALL do this election!

COVID-19 is fueling a Utah shift to outdoor classrooms

US Senate seats that Democrats will definitely gonna win in 2020.

CBS Sunday Morning segment: China is open!

Big Utah potash project collapses for lack of investors

Trump's re-election 'in trouble' as his base deserts him: Fox News polling analyst

Kitten with his pacifier, hear him roar!

Taking a vaccine to cure COVID-19 is like wearing a seat belt to heal injuries from a car accident.

Florida adds 5,570 COVID-19 cases a day after duplicate tests led state to hold report

Spotted in Central Park

GOP US. Rep. Bost of Illinois tests positive for COVID-19

Twitter buries GOP 'scumbag liar' Ronna McDaniel for claiming '82% of Americans' make over $400,000/

Twitter flags Trump tweet for violating its rules on COVID-19 information

Do you think that Joe Biden's campaign needs more money?.

Trump Says He's Now Immune to Virus, Unlike Biden

Even the Fonz can't deal with this

If Trump Contests Election Results, But Republicans Retain Senate Control...

Joe Biden: "No excuse for President Trump's reckless behavior"

What's for Dinner, Sun., Oct. 11, 2020

Donald Trump Finds Time to Sell Regeneron - Call Now!

"Here's how disinformation spreads."

TX-10: In rematch, Siegel pushes progressive agenda, McCaul attacks

Trump the Pitchman - REGENERON and TRUMP STEAKS - Call Now!

George Floyd's great-great-grandfather acquired 500 acres of land during Reconstruction.

Only during these crazy times could Aria DiMezzo win.

Nevada suspends policy raiding inmates accounts, taking 80 percent of money

US Senate seats that Democrats will definitely gonna be winning in 2020.

Missouri Road Trip - Scenic Drives, Yard Signs And Money (And The Lack Thereof)

"White America: What More Can You Possibly Ask of Us?"

Las Vegas takes heat for putting vast majority of CARES Act funding to city payroll costs, not aid

Elections in this Alabama town used to be polite and nonpartisan. "But as [Joyce Jones] was finding,

Unofficial ballot drop-box shows up in LA county

Hey, Amy Coney Barrett.....over here.

Amid COVID surge on campus, UNR to go fully remote after Thanksgiving break, cancel spring break

TX-24: The Texas electorate is changing - but could Biden really flip the state?

Western Mass. man arrested in connection with destruction of display for Biden/Harris

Mar-A-Lago's hometown newspaper endorsed Joe Biden.

His Holiness Pope Francis Our moral imperative to act on climate change -- and 3 steps we can take

I was worried this dish would be unhealthy but then I saw that you added a tablespoon of vegetables

Biden tells Nevadans to 'vote early' during drive-in Las Vegas campaign event

"When the FBI stops a plot to kidnap a governor..."

Nevada's COVID-19 response director, after testing positive: 'This virus is real'

If you don't need a mask

Andy Beshear and family enter quarantine after coming in contact with person with COVID-19

Biden's choice for AG

Four Tricky Issues for the Biden-Harris Ticket

Elections in this Alabama town used to be polite and nonpartisan. "But as [Joyce Jones] was finding,

Editorial: Tested by pandemic, Inslee deserves third term

If Luther Strange(R-AL) won the Republican primary runoff in the 2017 AL US Senate special election,

Cartoons 10/11/2020

The female referee is working the Dallas/NY Giants NFL game today...

Eric Trump claims family 'lost a fortune' in pushback of pay-for-play report

My 12-year-old doggo got sprayed by a skunk about eight months ago.

Lara Trump, Fox News host Chris Wallace spar over president's family removing masks at first debate

Moscow Mitch is proving what an A$$hole he is

Biden parade went by my house!

"A threat to a fair election": Experts warn of danger posed by armed pro-Trump poll watchers

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 12 October 2020

Annual Ivy Hill Memorial Service to honor the men & women of AFD who have died in the line of duty

Want 4 more years of QAnons saying mass arrests of liberals, celebrities is coming "any day now"?

Barrett expected to reiterate belief that elected officials, not courts should make policy decisions

Can a Senator evaluate a Supreme Court Justice if the Senator is Sick

Trump claims federal law enforcement is 'watching' Sisolak

QAnon Is Thriving in Germany. The Extreme Right Is Delighted.

QAnon Is Thriving in Germany. The Extreme Right Is Delighted.

Psssssssssst! Covid deaths approaching 220,000 - infections

Colleges Are Fueling the Pandemic in a Classic Market Failure (NYT)

The rise of Gen Z could foretell the fall of Trumpism

How long is that nasal swab?

Some former members of the religious group People of Praise say Supreme Court nominee ...

more poor richard's almanacK. he that carries a small crime easy, will carry it when it comes to be

Chinese virologists linked to Steve Bannon dropped another bogus paper claiming the new coronavirus

Amateur hour at the Trump White House

538 National Poll: 2016 vs today

So, what is your prediction for Trump this week?

Ross Douthat: There will be no Trump Coup

MPs launch legal action against UK government over Covid contracts

Heard any new jokes lately?

Donald Trump's first term in office by the numbers./279 days playing golf/20,000 lies

Just saw "Papi Chulo" anyone else see this?

George Takei (oh my!): Words of comfort for any struggling senators out there.

Anti-Trump, but not fully for Biden: Will Gen Z vote?

Fauci should resign tomorrow.

Amateur hour at the Trump White House

Kaepernick: Abolish police, prisons

Okay I'm not a Bloomberg fan but this is 🤣🤣🤣

Nobel Prize-winning economist shows how manufacturing started to die under Trump long before the COV

New Poll (CBS/YouGov): Biden +6 MI, +6 NV, even IA

Was Lincoln a socialist?

The Lincoln Project: Transfer

US Senate seats that Democrats will definitely going to be winning in 2020.

Personally, I Think It's A Half Star Too Much

Let's talk about Trump, Biden, swing states, and polls...

So it appears that FOX is going after Biden and claiming he is senile . . . This all they have left

a movement from a Rach, @ Tch youth competition

I assume this is why #reno is trending?

Dak Prescott

The horrible franchise tag - Dak Prescott's ankle

Ivanka Trump coming to Arizona on Sunday to help President Donald Trump, GOP

Pete Buttigieg On National Coming Out Day and Barrett

'A Major Threat To Public Health: Herd Mentality,' Aka Mob Mentality

Feeling depressed and anxious

I gotta agree with Joe Scarborough on this one.

We all saw trump's vindictive revenge against Democratic states with Democratic Governors

Has twitler been tweeting today or

Rick Wilson @TheRickWilson 1m Catch @ProjectLincoln on @60Minutes in just a bit...

Sorry. I never do this. But ...

Joe Biden's polling better than any challenger since 1936

Voter ID laws are unconstitutional...period.

Obama's success, then Trump took the EPA

Wife of Pa. Lt. Gov. harassed by racist Trumpster.

We are so over tRump. Californians react to tRump on Wildfires and Climate Change

Twitter Flags Trump's Tweet Claiming He Is Immune to Coronavirus

Biden needs to come up with a better option regarding stacking the courts

Tuberville(R-AL) is or was a football coach?

This is going on in Portland Oregon today

Pro-Democrat PAC launches TV in several Central Florida State House races

Just noticed there are TONS of ads on YouTube from the Lincoln Project - WOW

Danish MP is Stalked by Trump Related Emails, over 3,000 of them. Creates Museum & Critiques Them.

Dont ya just LOVE "The Lincoln Project"

Learning to Fly

60 MInutes doing special on Lincoln Project tonight. Whose watching? I don't have TV. Anyone know

Tweet of the Day

Guthrie County auditor mistakenly mailed voters ballots without secrecy envelopes -- but they can sti

What's this bird?

Very Stable Geeenius Jr. Eric Trump Falsely Claims His Daddy Invented COVID Vaccine

Workin' on the Railroad - Attempting to model accurate passenger train consists in O gauge

Rubin: After Trump leaves office, I hope Twitter kicks him off permanently

For those who won't vote for Trump but don't know if they can "justify" voting for Joe:

Gainesville Fire Department Lieutenant Pilcher Openly Uses N-Word

There Will Be No Trump Coup

Throwing out the ACA would be bad in the short term, but would probably be good in the long term.

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #1 in C Major, Op. 21

Biden en route to Erie (PA), will speak about economy

Joe should just say about the packing the Court question: "It all depends on what the GOP does."

Once-dominant Republicans fret Arizona is slipping into blue column

Hey, Guys there's a Halloween themed Photo contest in the Photo group.

Coronavirus Safety Runs Into a Stubborn Barrier: Masculinity

That fly has turned Pence into a bigger joke.

Private GOP survey shows Trump losing ground in solidly red states like Kansas: NYT

The Lincoln Project will be on 60 minutes, after the football game (in a few minutes)

Voters eager to file ballots early

As Trump stumbles, voters finalize their choices, and Biden's lead grows

Joe Biden's polling better than any challenger since 1936

CA church tried to collect mail-in ballots illegally??

Sunset - Central ME, 4;40 10-11.20

Same Old - Samuel L. Jackson

60 Minutes starting now, with a story on the Lincoln Project featured

What happened to the *** Official I Voted **** thread?

ReTHUG words have no meaning re SC appointments

Regeneron CEO says U.S. secured 300,000 doses of antibody cocktail

Joe Biden to campaign in Cincinnati and Toledo on Monday

Trump team pushes to reschedule in-person debate after Trump declines virtual format

Autumn Fog on the Bayou

Twitter flags Trump's false claim about his Covid-19 immunity. Facebook, however, does nothing

Must-read in Rolling Stone: The Sedition of Donald Trump