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Archives: October 12, 2020

Trump hoping to strike last-minute nuclear arms deal with Putin before election: report

Last of delayed absentee ballots should arrive to voters by Thursday, Summit County Board of Electio

Photoshop failure: Upstate N.Y. Republican Senate candidate adds fake cops into campaign mailer

Trump promises more 'breathtaking' documents about Russia probe

The Biden camp has to call out trump as a liar for taking Dr. Fauci's words out of context

Why State Supreme Court races matter for every Ohioan

Scoop: Trump wants to hit campaign trail every day through election

McConnell's judge hypocrisy reignites #MoscowMitch attacks: 'Rich as a Russian-bought cheater'

Since trump claims he is no longer infectious, I hope he meets with all the republicans in the

How many states require a fully completed ballot on every race and measure?

60 Miniutes profile of Lincoln Project starting right now (8:11 ED)

Turns out 'some' of those 46,699 bad Franklin County absentee ballots are actually correct

Taliban endorsement: "Trump might be ridiculous for the rest of the world, but he is sane and wise"

Just learned from 60 Minutes that the Lincoln Project calls itself a pirate ship

Joe Biden is outspending Trump by more than 50-to-1 on radio ads.

Another night in late Fall in Central Maine....

"What the hell is this?"

Black women proving to be a force in elections

McConnell takes credit for preventing Obama from seating judges in his last two years. hahahaha

Yang is saying Pelosi and McConnel should take the deal. I think Yang should let Pelosi do the

Why early voting matters more than ever in Georgia

(Jewish Group) More than 400 rabbis back tough New York social distancing measures

Did anybody watch the 60 Minutes segment

The Cleveland Browns are 4-1 for first time since 1994 when Bill Belichick was their coach.

(Jewish Group) Hired to promote diversity at European fashion magazine sorry for Holocaust jokes

(Jewish Group) Polish politician called Holocaust memorial a 'scandal' appointed education minister

XLNT Sign: Chingatumaga.

What are the recommendations for the judges?

(Jewish Group)Spanish politician criticizes 'the Jews' for how 'their government' treats Palestinian

I do genealogy and found something disturbing in old newspapers.

The 2020 elections will decide the makeup of NC's top courts. Here's what's at stake.

(Jewish Group) NY Board of Rabbis condemns 'shameful' violence at Brooklyn coronavirus protests

(Jewish Group) Orthodox Jew beaten on Coney Island boardwalk

Does anyone else think that Trump's wailing about election problems will...

(Jewish Group) Swastikas painted over Antifa tributes to synagogue attack victims in Halle

Health director: Early voting is safe around Charlotte, despite COVID-19 spread

Hello, what are the recommendations for the judges?

A hate group employee is now leading diversity & inclusion efforts in the Department of Education

Connie Schultz: 60 Minutes segment on the Lincln Project was illuminating and reassuring

Utterly bonkers shot of the ISS transiting the Sun

He's going to kill himself': Trump aides concerned as he demands to be on the road every day until t

Why Are Nearly All of the Penises Appearing in TV and Film Prosthetic?

I'm Thinking I Might Have A Clue Why Covid Is Spiking Around The Country.....

New Don Winslow Video: #VoteRacistTrumpOut

574 LGBTQ Candidates on General Election Ballots This Year, Up 33 Percent: Victory Fund Report

Montane: Take with a grain of salt if you want.

Lebron showing the KillaCon and DeathSentence what's coming

Have begun work on my 3-C orchard

U.S. Navy sailors awarded for stopping shooter accused of terrorist acts in Corpus Christi

*10:00 PM The Odd Couple (1968)

Important question about Dr. Conley.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, October 13: Women Make Film

How Team Trump used Fox News as a laundromat for unverified Russian information about top Democrats

Sonoma's vaunted wineries embrace online sales, budget pricing to woo pandemic drinkers

Turned in my ballot today 🙂

For those who missed Jack White on SNL last night, here you go!

When I watch the NBA Finals the Lakers blow the Heat out

Wilson Pickett - Hey Jude

This is how the President is recruiting people to work the polls.

Mark Hertling praises 60 Minutes piece on TLP, congratulates TLP on helping bring back our nation

Trump can't go the road everyday until the election!

Louis Armstrong - Up A Lazy River

This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land.

75% of Biden votes will be cast before election day - on Sam Wang's Princeton site

GEN Mark Milley on #NPR dismisses Nat Sec Advisor's announced troop cuts in #Afghanistan.

NRPS - Glendale Train

Trump used the US Marine Band, known as "The President's Own," at the rally on the White House groun

Pavlovitz: This President Has Fallen to the Occasion

Computer Scientists Break Traveling Salesperson Record (Quanta)

Billboard seen in Morristown TN

Great -- the superspreader is coming to Greenville this week.

Tweet from Bruce A. Heyman, former Ambassador to Canada, DEMOCRAT, about The Lincoln Project...

Joe Biden will be in Pembroke Pines and Miramar, Florida, on Tuesday, but where?

Trump is in debt. We can't ignore the national security risks that come with that.

The media is asking Biden if he will pack the court as the GOP packs the court.

NBC News: 5 y.o.'s Yoda Brings Comfort To Firefighters On The Front Lines

Dead - Dire Wolf - @ 1977?

GOP congressman accuses Prince Harry, Megan Markle of interfering in US election.

When Math Gets Impossibly Hard {article w/surprising connection to Gerrymandering ! } (Quanta)

Just filled in the ballot and I read that we can't drop them off at the

LeBron James leads 3rd team to his 4th title.

Trump worshipper in India, starving himself as offering to God for Trump, dies of cardiac arrest

Buzz grows around Cuomo as Biden's attorney general pick

Are you just gotta sit there and let that fly mock you? ... I didn't think so.

Randy Nuemann, Linda Ronstadt, Ry Cooder - 80's?

Brian Tyler Cohen: Eric Trump HUMILIATES himself on air, leaves host baffled

Seen this latest from Lincoln Project?

"Just want to take a moment to thank the reporters, editors and producers who are pretending..."

Philip Glass - String Quartet No. 3 "Mishima" , VI

Watching 'Cobra', a British program, on public teevee and two people who once were a couple

Jeff Tiedrich FTW!

Why do we continue to say the election is on Nov whatever

Desperate Trump is putting democracy at risk

What to do with aloe plants

Amy Coney Barrett hearing Info.... (she speaks on Tuesday) opening statements Monday...

I guess the Lakers are going.....

Vanita Gupta: "Truly incredible & dark moment."

David Bromberg and Jorma Koukonen - Hesitation Blues - 1986

Vice Presidential Debate - this will be the best two seconds of your day

Set your alarm clock.....

Mitch McConnell just sent Lindsey Graham $10million to start his rescue attempt of Lindsey's failing

"What are we so afraid of?" ((Really worth the time))

White Pride vs Black Pride - a really good explanation ( opinion only..)

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 14: Presidential Biopics

Crosby, Nash, Lesh, and Haynes....

Joe Biden to make 2 campaign stops in Ohio on Monday

Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor, Harry Chapin and John Denver, hamming it up for the camera

Glenn Kirschner: Trump Tweets "Liberate Michigan!", Plot to Kidnap Gov. Whitmer & RICO Conspiracy

Derek and the Domino's.

Jaime Harrison Raises a Record $57 Million as He Challenges Lindsey Graham

Yes - Love Will Find A Way

George Takei: You're really bad at this and should really rest more.

Asia - Who Will Stop The Rain

*Wednesday/Thursday 3:15 am 1776 (1972)

Keb Mo - Old Me Better-

BREAKING: Minnesota federal court REJECTS Trump Presidential Electors challenge

Black Sabbath - Wheels of Confusion / The Straightener

Halloween Is Coming! #46

Halloween Is Coming! #47

Halloween Is Coming! #48

Halloween Is Coming! #49

Halloween Is Coming! #50

Halloween Is Coming! #51

Halloween Is Coming! #52

Halloween Is Coming! #53

Halloween Is Coming! #54

Halloween Is Coming! #55

Sidney Bachet - Sweet Georgia Beown-

Lawsuit filed to block Trump's Florida rally tomorrow...

TWiV Special: Presidential COVID-19 with Dr. Daniel Griffin

Few Masks at my Aunt's Funeral Last Weekend.

Virus That Causes Covid-19 Can Survive Up To 28 Days On Surfaces, Scientists Find

Expanding the court

The Suburban Sign War of 2020 is heating up

Trump 'Now you have a President who's immune!' has a 'protective glow' 'can't get it & can't give it

Unofficial ballot drop boxes popping up throughout the state worry elections officials

O'Malley Offers Coronavirus Recovery Advice To Prince George's.

Halloween Is Coming: The Political Generation

Lincoln Project: All The Democrats Needed Was Their Own Louie DePalma.

Tax records show 200 entities funneled money to Trump properties while reaping benefits from White H

"How is it the only time you use social distancing is when you write tweets?"

Music from my youth

'Tourist Returns Stolen Artefacts From Pompeii 'After Suffering Curse'

"Because most everything sucks right now, check-out these two guys for one minute."

Republicans in California have set up fake ballot drop boxes

"Fauci himself said the Trump campaign used his words out of context -- but Trump doesn't care."

The water is up to his ankles -- but he still doesn't believe climate change is real

No Lincoln Project story

Republicans blocking court nominees in order to appoint their own justices

Lost Baby Elephant Reunited with Mother

💙💚The Seahawks are going to kill me.💙💚

Biden contact page. Please let him know not to meet in person for any debate with Trump.

60 Minutes The Lincoln Project

We Are Coming For You

In 1989, USC Had a Depth Chart of a Dozen Linebackers. Five Have Died, Each Before Age 50

MN-07: Republicans Aim to Flip Minnesota Blue-Dog Democrat's House Seat

Toddler suffers burns after falling in Yellowstone thermal feature

Bath time argument

Rehab - #1

Is Coronavirus Worse in the Winter?

(A Probably Inintended) Halloween Decoration

Florida's senior vote shifting from Trump to Biden, polls show. But is it really?

Night night kitty cat!

'Democrats, A Minority On The Supreme Court Since 1970'

Winter will make the pandemic worse. Here's what you need to know.

Joe Biden plans Broward campaign swing, with stops that emphasize seniors and Black voters

US Senate seats that Democrats are definitely gonna win in 2020.

In Volusia (FL), a deluge of mail-in ballots for Canvassing Board to count

'America Needs To Burn Down The Republican Court-Packing Program Because Our Democracy Depends On It

Worst case scenario, Biden wins the EC 306 - 232...

Pro-Biden caravan snakes its way through Miami, ends with a visit from 'Fauci' the dog

TLP-Mr. President, thank you for showing the American people exactly who and what you are.

TLP-Mr. President, thank you for showing the American people exactly who and what you are.

Ivanka Trump to visit Hilbert (WI) on Tuesday

Rightwing church puts up fake ballot drop off

Winter comes early in Russia

Rebel Just for Kicks- Good Omens

NE-02: Kara Eastman's urge to help steered her to social work, now points her toward Washington

United States of Conspiracy...

IL-13: Champaign News-Gazette endorses Betsy Dirksen Londigran for Congress.

CO-03: Republican former State House Speaker endorses Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush for Congress

☦ Orthodox Christian: Psalm 42/A non-Orthodox Praise Song of Psalm 42:11

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What the Hell Happened This Week? - Week Of 10/5/2020

COVID-19 virus can last almost a month on smartphones and ATMs, CSIRO finds

An idea for the Lincoln Project

Someone put forth this earlier: Fauci should say, "That's it, I quit!" eom

The Daily Social Distancing Show: This Week's Coronavirus Updates - Week Of 10/5/2020

Grapefruit Is One of the Weirdest Fruits on the Planet {Drug interactions ! } (Atlas Obscura)

I promise to not be an ass and rub it in when Joe buries Trump. After all, we'll need

Portland -Statues toppled, windows smashed, riot declared downtown

New Mexico natives mark Indigenous People's Day by protesting a monument to colonialism

Bolivia: Another Right-Wing Candidate Leaves the Presidential Race

Andr do Rap: Brazil crime boss goes on the run after release from prison

"Ruth Bader Ginsburg State Park"?

lvaro Uribe: Colombian ex-leader released from house arrest

Mississippi State's Mike Leach throws players under bus after Kentucky game, but this loss is on him

Dr. Rigoberta Menchu Tum on the rights of indigenous people

'Stop Bolsonaro' Protests Shake up Brazil and Other Nations Worldwide

Guatemalan couple kept two girls as slaves in Aurora home, feds say

Belgians ask for Nobel Peace Prize to Cuban doctors

Colombia's ex-president lobbied US leniency for narcos to help brother

Bolsonaro Makes Irregular Electoral Donation to Son Carlos in Cash

North Dakota farmer goes viral for Biden-Harris message plowed into field

Judge won't order immediate switch to hand-marked ballots

China to test 9 million after fresh outbreak

Proud Boys Supporter Warns of 'Civil War' if Donald Trump Loses Election

Slovakia sets virus restrictions amid case surge

Lincoln Project Cofounders Reveal The Secret To Pissing Off Trump

US election: UK 'writing off' Trump, forging ties with Biden

Over $150,000 in Fines Issued on First Weekend of New N.Y.C. Lockdown

Boise State researchers find Latina farmworkers face workplace hazards, lack of heath, child care

UK documentary on the dangerous levels of contamination on US meat

Amazon starts hiring 2,000 for southwestern Idaho facility

Doctor: Trump Has COVID Pneumonia

Regeneron CEO: Trump 'is a case of one' and 'weakest evidence' for Covid-19 treatment

Jacinda Ardern, feted as 'the anti-Trump,' is poised to win New Zealand election

Trump taps U.S. Marine Band for White House event and raises questions about employing the military

Europe pays high price to keep workers paid, as U.S. squabbles over stimulus

Start your day with a smile!

Nobel Prize in economics awarded to Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson

Trump's Columbus Day proclamation includes stark warnings

Is it time to put Mike Pence's picture on a Milk Carton?

Display in support of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris at Western Massachusetts farm set on fire

Blue Dog-Affiliated Group Runs Ads for Big Pharma

Heard about the fellow who was kicked out of the cooking society

This song comes up in my mind lately. Seems to speak to these times, for me.

Scientists investigate possible coronavirus mutation in Chile

Now we know WHY the Fly landed on Mike Pence.....

Knox County man faces charges after trying to resurrect his grandmother

Here's an interesting visual concerning the spread of Covid19.

Monday TOONs - THBBFT Trump

Analysis Finds True US Pandemic Death Toll Is Much Higher Than 200,000

What happened to Dr. Birx?

Why does Wisconsin have the worse coronavirus outbreak in the US?

If Trump complains about voter fraud...

How Biden could end 2020 on election night -- and why Trump's path is unlikely

Are You Vaccinated?

If Biden falters in the Midwest, Democrats are banking on Arizona as an insurance policy

Proclamation on Columbus Day; October 9, 2020

It's about to get even worse

Trump's Schedule for Monday, October 12, 2020

Kamala Harris faces sexism and racism as online commenters label her 'Black Hillary'

The Archbishop of New Orleans orders a church altar to be burned after a pastor was caught ...

Breakfast Monday 12 October 2020

New York's Roosevelt Hotel to close after nearly 100 years due to the coronavirus pandemic

Trump's task: Resetting campaign that GOP fears is slipping

Once-dominant Republicans fret Arizona is slipping into blue column

Des Moines mayor says he's worried about coronavirus spread at Trump rally

This one blew me away. Someone on our Neighborhood

Deer Hunting During CoVid & Flu

A Belltown residential treatment facility shutters, leaving a hole in King County's mental health

Fake asteroid? NASA expert IDs mystery object as old rocket

Trump's campaign schedule

Harris to remain off trail for Barrett's confirmation hearing

Happy Indigenous People's Day!

Huge group of fundamentalist anti-maskers in front of the courthouse in Nashville

Kamala Harris should be the only Democrat to question Amy Coney Barrett for these 6 important reason

Lightning hits Edmonds ferry, putting it out of service

Is it just me or is the msm covering the campaign with the same proportions as in 2016?

Joe Biden to campaign in Cincinnati and Toledo on Monday

California Republicans are allegedly setting up fake 'official' drop-off boxes to harvest ballots

'Green tsunami': Inside Senate Republicans' financial freak-out

The Economy Trump Built

Wendy Davis releases ad attacking Chip Roy for defunding police

One Of The World's Most Breathtaking Countries Is a Cinch for Americans Under 30 to Move To (New Zd)

If infected republicans Lee or Tillis show Thurs., they have a quorum for SCOTUS vote

State GOP Chair Allen West, Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller join anti-Greg Abbott protest outsid

Another casualty of the coronavirus pandemic: Trust in government science

'Stunningly bad idea': San Antonio reacts to city-approved 1,000-person downtown event

Monkey flinging s***

Trump is down to 13 on Fivethirtyeight

Pope meets Australian Cardinal Pell in midst of money scandal

2020 California Wildfires Have Burned 4 Million Acres - Area Larger Than Connecticut - And Counting

John Heilemann on Arizona

A Telling sign: Trump can't get Fox to cover his Florida rally

Has a ruling been made on stopping "its" Sanford super spreader event?

It's Not Just Brazil; 2,400 Square Miles Burned In Bolivia; Worst Fires On Record In Argentina

Maine postal workers reassemble high-speed sorting machine

New Montana Senate poll (PPP): Bullock tied

Virginia: Deadline for registration tomorrow

No matter what-On Election night, Trump is going to announce that he won

Sweet Sixteen Tweets!


Federal judge upholds Minnesota's extended ballot counting

Tech Decoupling: China's race to end reliance on the US

IG provides sane and compelling reasons for going postal to deploy America's 5G networks

WTF? Mike Lee is going to show up in person today at the SCOTUS hearing.

Nitrous Oxide Emissions, Largely From Breakdown Of Fertilizer, Tracking Worst-Case Climate Outcomes

Susan Collins Whines That Sara Gideon Is Raising Too Much Money and Will Do Anything To Win Office

The Rundown: October 12, 2020

China, Russia and Saudi Arabia set to join UN human rights council

Every Democrat on the committee should start their statement with

California GOP Installed Unofficial Ballot Drop-Off Boxes

Monday's Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing: Washington Post Livestream

The mask less hearing!

Members of @CPDAction and @housingworks blocking the entrance to #SCOTUS hearing. Chanting: #NoTestN

Kim Jong-un sheds tears as he delivers rare apology to North Korea over failings

Poland evacuates 750 people as WWII Tallboy bomb is defused

Republicans have produced the 2 biggest financial crashes in America's history

Wife of PA LT GOV called n word at grocery store

tRump daughter uses Beatles song without permission, everyone stands for her as she walks on stage.

Ernst: 'No Reason' Not To Hold Trump Iowa Rally If He's COVID Negative

Trump's Closing Message: 'Tens of millions of Americans are in terrible shape with no hope'

To DU Customer Service: Please ignore previous request to change my user name to Daddy WhippedCream. has Biden at 356, Trump at 184, 18 (Ohio) tied.

Rather than dreaming about some mythical return of moderate Republicans, liberals ...

IBD/Tipp poll moves from +3 to +9 for Biden 52%-43%

Every Dem who speaks at scotus hearing should start by using Lindsey Grahams words against him

A the end of 1st term tweeting this country's going to hell is a unique re-election message.

20 Years Ago Today; USS Cole attacked by al Qaeda in Yemen - 17 dead

Lindsey Graham, reverse ferret: how John McCain's spaniel became Trump's poodle

Sen. Harris: "To everyone who is barely hanging onto their homes"

***IBD/TIPP Poll of LVs*** Biden 53 Trump 42

Pete Buttigieg with a great response on a woman's right to choose

Bloomberg FTW!!

Epic Pumpkin Carving

Media has it backwards. The obstruction of Merrick Garland's Senate hearing plus

Anti-police 'satanist' runs for sheriff as Republican in NH

Sean Duffy (former R Congressman) says Trump not losing in Wisconsin because: BOAT PARADES!

IBD/TIPP tracking poll now daily till election. Great breakdown of demographics.

Protesters Converge On Capitol Hill As Amy Coney Barrett Hearings Begin

***Watching confirmation hearings***

California GOP installed unofficial ballot drop-off boxes. State officials say they're illegal.

"Are You Better off Now Than You Were Four Years Ago?"

Music going to teach

How is Columbus Day still a thing?

Brayden has a message for Joe:

Does anyone else feel like America hit its limit?

'Let me translate that into English': CNN's Toobin cracks Amy Coney Barrett's legal code words

Is there an award for best signage?

Biden newspaper endorsements

'Let me translate that into English': CNN's Toobin cracks Amy Coney Barrett's legal code words

McCaskill: If Barrett confirmed, 5 of 6 GOP justices will have been appointed by popular-vote losers

COVID positive "Pro-Life" Senator hovers over an 87-year old man without his mask covering his nose.

Trump demands FBI focus on "radical left" one week after the Michigan 13 are arrested.

Why is Mike Lee there and why is he not wearing a fucking mask?

People posting on Facebook

Mastercard markets towards transgender/non-binary customers

CNBC Delivers Another Hot Take On Why People Making $400,000 Are Barely Getting By

Are Republicans turning this hearing into another super-spreader event?

Lebron: "To be able to talk about social injustice, voter suppression,

PolitiFact just tweeted to give Graham a Full Flop on their Flip-O-Meter

Masks or vaccine

The Sign Queen

David Hogg: When we have the highest youth voter turnout in American history

My father--a political prisoner in one of Castro's forced labor camps--put up this yard sign today

Cartoon: Pumpkin rage By Clay Jones -October 12, 2020 9:05 AM

Detroit opens 21 new satellite sites for voters to pick up and drop off absentee ballots.

Heavy turnout and glitches mark start of early voting in Georgia

Senator Harris has arrived to the hearing (she will appear virtually from her office)...

Beware of mailing ballots in NC!

Axelrod: Renewed debate about ACA with Barrett nomination "deeply unhelpful" to Trump, GOP

Michigan Sheriff Urged to Resign over Militia Ties Following Foiled Gov. Whitmer Kidnap Plot

Dr. Jill: How it started -- How it's going

'Court Packing' ? Once Again, Media Lapdogs Take The GOP Bait "

How Biden could end 2020 on election night -- and why Trump's path is unlikely

Amy Coney Barrett....

It looks like it takes at least 4 days more for ballots to get to Democratic areas of town...

Protesters of Barrett's confirmation hearing are braving the rain in Handmaid's Tale costumes

What is ahead?

Jennifer Rubin asks a poignant question:

Question that should be directed to Amy C. Barrett.

Walking around with an AK-47 slung over your shoulder is announcing "this is my pacifier"

Charles Pierce: Ted Cruz just said nobody can be NOMINATED as a SCOTUS judge...

Duty To Warn: You don't have to be a mental health professional to hear Trump's fear and desperation

I Voted!

Biden up 10.6, sitting at 52.3% in RCP average. Highest vote share ever in RCP avg in election year

Hoosiers -- Trump leads Biden by 10 in Indiana

Sheldon Whitehouse breaks them down at the SCOTUS hearing

YOU raised $10,044 for Biden-Harris, $20.20 Amy (DITCH Mitch) McGrath & $20 for duhneece on 10-11

Waning Crescent

Pic Of The Moment: Make The Courts Fair Again

"Legislating from the bench"

Over seven billion people came just as close as Trump did to winning a Nobel Peace Prize.

I voted today! It was easy with an absentee ballot

I am seeing a shift in my part of rural Michigan.

GOP Leadership vs South Korean Leadership

If there ever is a video dictionary and one looks up "hypocrisy", it will have a clip of Grassley,

What type of person accepts the nomination under these circumstances?

Biden tops 270 in POLITICO's Election Forecast

Cubanos con Biden

Dammit. Another baseball legend passes. Joe Morgan of the "Big Red Machine"

USDA Secretary Violated Hatch Act With August Speech, Watchdog Finds

Claire McCaskill: Trump's rally in FL today is not for his campaign.

2020 Remix of Power to the People

Early voting starts in NC on Thursday, but...

If a Repuke SCOTUS overthrows ACA, would it take place immediately?

Psychology Today contributor on John Dean's "Authoritarian Nightmare: Trump and His Followers"

Amy Klobuchar is hellfire at SCOTUS hearing

Armed groups say they will show up to polling sites on Election Day

Pic Of The Moment: Let's Be Clear About This

Coffee and morning beverage making methods

Twitter thread about investigations of Trump's finances:

Eric Boehlert: Stop calling it "packing" the Supreme Court

Instead of a Chuck Todd hour every day, how about a series on ALL the judges McConnell packed?

Barack Obama Congratulates Lakers; Donald Trump Does Not

As Trump team rushes to train 'army' of poll watchers, experts on watch for voter intimidation

Screw you Lindsey Graham, you filthy, lying weasel -

This yard sign perfectly reflects my feelings

Wait till you see why he fell:

Biden +10.6. Yes this is accurate. Here's proof.

Join Over 18,000 Volunteers Calling Texas With Beto And Friends Today!

Joe Morgan, Hall of Famer and Reds legend, dies at 77

Kim Jong-un sheds tears as he delivers rare apology to North Korea over failings

sincere question about the ACA and Republicans' obsession with repealing it

CA GOP is trying to prove voter fraud is real by committing actual election fraud.

This is what The Lincoln Project is all about:

475 cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon.; 0 deaths

Tillis opened by praising RBG and is now explaining why he is happy to

"Please immediately provide an explanation for the omission of these materials."

I'm not even bothering to watch or closely follow the Barrett E-Z Pass hearings.

I keep getting calls identified as "Area 246" followed by a number with my area code

3 speakers featured at GOP convention have been charged with crimes

GOP senator attends Barrett hearings in person after COVID-19 diagnosis

DURBIN went Boom on SHITLER & the nomination, praised RBG. BARRETT took mask off when he did.

Gwinnett County voters

I muted GOP senators during the confirmation

Georgia Sees Long Lines As Early Voting Begins

Lawfare's executive & managing editor: Reckless race to confirm Barrett justifies court packing

FL Covid - 7-Day trend for % Positive is below 10% for the FIRST TIME since JUNE 17!

@PeteButtigieg 's perfect response to Chris Wallace's question on late-term abortion.

Well folks, I guess the election is over...

Have any of you used Diatomaceous Earth to deal w/ fleas in the home?

Trump apparently thinks tweeting in ALL CAPS about his imaginary healthcare plan will make it real

Joe & Kamala got 2 more votes in Ga. today! My hubby & I cast our votes today! Also voted for

DOSE OF JOE -- Oct 12

In the stunning yet grim "The Last Ice," melting glaciers and development threaten Inuit way of life

TEB: Mr Big Paws misses his mom--rehab pneumonia. Duncan helps him.

If you're watching the Barrett hearings on PBS, this is the UVa Law School faculty member

Donald Trump's health: A new front in the right's long war against reality

Early voting line in Gwinnett County, GA.

Political Professionals in Both Parties Know What's Coming.

On the mark tweets (emphasis added):

A request for Joe Biden on his Cincinnati Visit. Please honor Joe Morgan

Why is DU allowing porn pics from bonvoyage. com?

Biden statement on Indigenous People's Day

Dan Rather 😂😁😁

I need some help with this US Senate candidate ActBlue links list

They should ask Barrett if she would ban research using stem-cells from human embryos and fetuses.

Even with Barrett on the Court, the likelihood that SCOTUS strikes down Obamacare this term is ...

Pool reporter just asked Mark Meadows to keep his mask on while talking to reporters. He refused.

The Supreme Court may soon become plutocracy's greatest defender

NEW - British Virgin Islands publishing a PUBLIC register of the owners of its offshore companies.

Damn, I wanted one of

Portland protesters knock down Roosevelt, Lincoln statues in 'rage' toward Columbus Day

'He just thinks about himself': America's reckless, ill president

My mother (a Trump supporter in Texas) shared this on Facebook

Fleet of 100 vans ready to take 100,000 metro Atlanta voters to polls

I've Got a Massive List (NSFW)

Trump Failed the 3 A.M. Test

Turns out Adolf Hitler was a tax evader too.

It makes the blood boil watching republicans refuse to take steps to protect those around them

New Injection Can Gene-Edit Specific Parts of the Brain, Scientists Say

International Monetary Fund analysis finds "lockdowns may lead to faster economic recovery by

Belarus. It is simply unacceptable: you cycle,you are stopped,badly beaten and detained

LeBron winning the NBA title last night has re-invigorated the argument...

Video of Capitol Hill reporters insisting WH Chief of Staff Mark Meadows wear a mask while talking..

Here Come Da Judge: ACB joins the Crazy Eyes Club

Trump will be slammed with a pile of personal lawsuits once he leaves office. Here are 9 major ones

Lewandowski: It's becoming "mathematically impossible for Joe Biden to win this campaign."

Joni Ernst

Wisconsin judge upholds mask order for enclosed spaces

How much more phony can Senator Ernst be?

Is there a schedule for the ACB hearings? Anyone know when Kamala is scheduled? nt

How Biden should answer the court packing question..

Turkey Resumes Mediterranean Survey Amid Tension With Greece

Paradox-Free Time Travel Is Theoretically Possible, Researchers Say

"More up-is-down lying from Trump on a Michigan "tele-rally" call this weekend"

'Hatred is taught': Pennsylvania's second lady films a woman's racist attack at the grocery store

Can I just ask one question?

Biden hits double-digit lead in national average, surges in Florida, Michigan

The Kremlin Is Starting to Worry About Trump

Election Snapshot: Trump Takes Desperate Gambles as Democrats' Trifecta Odds Continue to Rise

Technical problems arise as early voting starts in Georgia

Manchester mayor dies of covid


Four Vatican Swiss Guards test positive for COVID-19

One of the first Black Marines finally gets his Congressional Gold Medal

Yup, Trump "Supporters" at the WH were paid to be there!

***A+ Rated NY Times Siena College State Polls*** WI Biden 51 Trump 41, MI Biden 48 Trump 40

Watch Barrett's eyes and forehead.

10,000 new covid cases in Iowa since October 1, yet Ernst isn't wearing a mask at the hearing

New Michigan poll (NYT/Siena) Biden +8

Joe Biden Holds 50-point Lead among College Students: Poll

Saudi Arabia, China and Russia set to join UN Human Rights Council

Only one new lawn sign today, but this one's brilliant:

The First Covid Vaccine Will Not Make Life Normal Again

THIS made me so much better right now

New Wisconsin poll (NYT/Siena): Biden +10

What Time Is Today's Nazis & Covid Rally In FL? nt

Amy Barrett's law review articles show how Supreme Court rulings like Roe v. Wade could be challenge

Federal judge upholds Minnesota's extended ballot counting

'Herd immunity' doesn't sound quite so attractive when you re-frame it as a 'war of attrition'.

RealClearPolitics "No Tossups" Electoral Map: Biden 358, Trump 180

A farmer made a giant Biden-Harris sign out of hay bales. It was set on fire the next day.


Here's a helpful template for GOP politicos to use for those "Donald WHO?" press releases

How are we all voting or have we already done it?

This teacher actually made desks for all her students. Amazing

Parody of a Bob Dylan song..

Kamala gave us a mic drop (also, look over her left shoulder):

I have a Biden Mask...

Why GA-SEN and GA-SEN-S are still low probability pickups...

Maine postal workers reassemble high-speed sorting machine

Engagement with Deceptive Outlets Higher on Facebook Today Than Run-up to 2016 Election

Amy Coney Barrett

Why is being a 'mom'

Joe is live! From Toledo

Kentucky governor, family to quarantine after COVID-19 exposure

Proud Boy interview at Trump Rally ...

Joe: 'I'm in Toledo, Ohio. Tune in.'

Democrats warn Barrett is a vote to overturn Obamacare


Wow, Judge Amy's eyes are darting all over the place

I nominate Sen Elizabeth Warren to the

Stimulus Talks Remain Deadlocked as House Told No Votes Expected

I'm Donald Trump and I approve this message

Kamala Harris, Sheldon Whitehouse, etc. scorches Lindsey Graham for risking new COVID-19 outbreak,

Donor threatens to sue embattled Texas AG over dropped case

Brilliant anti-Lindsey Graham ad

Sheldon Whitehouse Calls Barrett Confirmation Hearing an 'Irresponsible Botch' After COVID-Positive

I listen to a certain kind of music around this time of year...

Up to 3hr wait in GA's 1st day of early voting.

Trump tweet storm this morning. about blue states "gone to hell"

Trump returns to trail amid concerns over COVID-19 diagnosis

"Under His eye. Blessed be the fruit."

Joe Biden tests negative again.



It's difficult today not to feel intensely resentful

Amy Coney Barrett is speaking now

All about the TRUST

US coronavirus: 31 states have growing rates of new Covid-19 cases, and 'we know what's coming next'

WTF? She just said that one of the children came from parents who loved the Liberal Arts,

TLP: Darling Darling Darling

Northern Virginia: WMATA proposes eliminating bus routes

WMATA proposes eliminating bus routes

21 Protesters Charged With Unlawful Conduct by Capitol Police Ahead of Amy Coney Barrett's Confirmat

32 year old star, The Wanted's Tom Parker, diagnosed with inoperable brain tumor

We should be questioning Barrett's husband

Remember to register to vote in VA by tomorrow (13 Oct)

There's a New African American Waterfront Heritage Trail in Alexandria

Barrett Confirmation Escalates Into Crossfire on Health Care

Hits home today...

QAnon is tearing families apart

Armageddon Update: COVIDIOT-In-Chief

Facebook reverses stance on Holocaust denial, will ban it now

Ms. Sarandon, self-righteous liberals, Hillary Haters, all the rest, SEE what's happening TODAY?

Amy Ford, -NURSE- Who Spoke For Trump At RNC, Arrested In Shooting

Facebook reverses stance on Holocaust denial, will ban it now

Jill Wine-Banks & Joyce White Vance on ACB religious views

The problem with Covid deaths is they are hidden. People don't see the suffering. Maybe they

Trying to slow down my nightly wine drinking. Every other night

Amy Klobuchar: This isn't Trump's country or Judge. It is yours. But we have a secret weapon.

Joe Morgan Has Passed

Kindergarden Letters to God

Expert warns Michigan race is so close Democrats might not win back the US Senate

Trump hoping to strike last-minute nuclear arms deal with Putin

Can we NOT use her three initials? Please? Out of respect for the REAL three initial lady, RBG.

Happy Indigenous People's Day from Minneapolis!

"By replacing Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with someone who will undo her legacy..."

Trump's children brought Secret Service money to the family business with their visits, records show

Thinking about moving to another state while making min. wage - a pic of where to move

BREAKING: Senator Susan Collins has doubts.

Anyone with General Anxiety Disorder here?

Bo wasn't the brighest hunting dog in the litter

Merriam-Webster word of the day: mythomania

Kamala Harris For The People At SCOTUS Hearing

The campaign ad lied. Fauci wasn't talking about Trump. And you know that. But you sold your soul.

Don't Be So Sure a Justice Barrett Would Overturn Roe.

wonder if that's pumpkin spice?

can someone please show grandpa here how to work the caps lock key

Assuming the worst and Barrett gets on the Court and destroys

We're gonna win.

Well, with LeBron's Lakers winning the championship, the argument intensifies

"Sick and tired of Republicans who co-opt faith as an excuse to advance bigotry and barbarism."

Gorgeous photos!

New poll (RMG research): Biden +8


Five hours to vote in Cobb County

Fun fact about the venue where the trump campaign is hosting a Rudy Giuliani event in Philly today

METROPOLITAN DIARY 'My First Pia Colada Was the Summer Before Seventh Grade'

As you line up to vote, ask yourself this question

Let's all breathe. Why Ruth Bader Ginsburg Wasn't All That Fond of Roe v. Wade

Houston Young Republicans Executives Almost Brawl With Old Republicans

Senator Gary Peters Shares His Abortion Story He's the first sitting senator in history to do so.

cory booker made an excellent point at today's hearing.....

Our favorite fly has been making the rounds!

Sen. Kamala Harris Opening Statement at Judge Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Hearing

This was the scene in Italy in June for a member refusing to wear a mask. Not even testing positiv

A Texas rancher and a Kentucky farmer found their late flight delayed by threatening storms and,

23 years ago, we lost John Denver

president Gramps is SOOO excited about the stock market today! YTD numbers here...

Totally Under Control Unearths the Root of Trump's Coronavirus Failures

Period Red Paint by Pantone

Aircraft flying over Florida last night: "Trump lied, 15,364 Floridians died" (see video):

Coronavirus may linger on surfaces longer than expected, scientists say

She Was a Judge Who Believed in Second Chances. Nobody Knew She Suffered from Alzheimer's.

Cartoons 10/12/2020

Trump assures Abe that his China Virus is going very perfect. (a new ad)

12:01pm January 20 2021 (repost)

China threatens to invade Taiwan and parades one of its citizens as a 'spy'

Roberta W. McCain, maverick mother of Sen. John McCain, dies

Let's all be very clear that ramming through the SC Nominee

Wow, this video of Doug Jones is powerful!

White House chief of staff refuses to 'talk through a mask' to reporters

In a hidden late Friday update, Trump admin said that landlords could start eviction proceedings

An observation about Amy Coney Barrett's gun rights views.

Protester says he knocked down Trump supporter, 72, in self-defense

Microsoft foils "Trickbot" election hacking

Interview ENDED after Trump adviser refuses OVER AND OVER to say when Trump last tested negative

Guatemalan communities defend forest from narcotraffickers: Why that matters to the US

Roberta McCain, passes on at 108

Seattle is one of the top cities for electric car ownership

White supremacists in Arizona

Trump press conference

Tennessee mayor dies after 'valiant fight' with COVID-19

Looks like Sen. John Cornyn will be the next guy afflicted with COVID-19

was tested at 2:15 today now we wait. was nervous for the nose first wasn't bad then up

Racism in Prescott

Kamala Shade

Seen at The Villages in Florida

These Republicans are something else

Trump on 'Day of Rage' protests in Portland: 'Put these animals in jail, now'

What IS a Coney, anyhow?

Thought I had closed my Facebook account but still get requests for friends crap

Fauci coming up on Tapper shortly n/t

The Trump campaign held an indoor maskless event today in Wisconsin featuring Eric Trump...

I hope this isn't a repost. Re: Mark Meadows and his mask.

Dallas Op-Ed: Rejecting tRump's presidency will begin to restore decency in government

Sanford Florida - where Travon Martin was murdered

Can I make a suggest about the current contest

The GOPers are going the end of their means.

Yep, another racist Karen, THROWING her dog at man smh

Ever been called "n****r," Senator?

Pete Buttigieg on judicial originalism

I can never keep the Trump sons straight.

Devin Nunes says Republicans were forced to ballot harvest in CA because it's the only way to win.

CA GOP says party owns unofficial ballot drop boxes that state say are not allowed

Tweet of the Minute: Anthony Scaramucci

Dr. Fauci to CNN on reports the Trump campaign wants to feature him in another ad...

thousands lined up to see the president - orlando florida


I had to run errands that took me from East Lansing to westside Lansing today.

Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing Exposes Hypocrisy of Graham and McConnell

Where Court Packing Is Already Happening (Arizona)

Cunningham up 10 in new poll of NC - 49% to 39%

91 year old Noam Chomsky destroys Briahna Gray for proposing to help trump win!

Norfolk, VA mail in ballots

This is what voter suppression looks like

Expert divers making a difference


A slim majority of voters oppose Barrett hearings

A Senate PSA. If DC and PR were already states ...

A perfect framing for the late stage abortion canard

It is unconstitutionally to place any


Microsoft takes down massive hacking operation that could have affected the election

Total Collapse Of Democracy So Horrifying America Decides It Hasn't Happened Yet

Going to get a new iPhone

Nobody falls for this bullshit anymore....

Sen. Peters is up by 1. Pitch in to save his seat and help flip the Senate.

Highschool Football Game Turns Into Trump Rally, Racist Display

Dominic Raab 'wooing' Joe Biden over No 10 fears Donald Trump will lose US election

This is how Italian legislators deal with asshole senators who refuse to wear masks

Don't we usually have a pinned topic for donations? Is there an ActBlue post with links?

Woman cites 1964 Civil Rights Act as basis for not wearing a mask ((LOL))

Yes, Amy is just another ugly republican power grab ....

Hope Hicks needs to steam trumps pants

Facebook bans Holocaust denial content

It's important to report all irregularities regardless of how widespread

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 10/12/20

Another sports icon has passed away.

This happened June 25th at the Italian Senate. A maskhole carried out.

Trump accuses Biden of killing 300,000 vets in latest effort to distract from COVID death toll

Protests: SCOTUS confirmation. Nominee has religious zealots for a fan base. Puke!

"Regret" - YouTube (The Lincoln Project)

If this isn't voter suppression

What's for Dinner, Mon., Oct. 12, 2020

Trump boards AF1 by easier staircase, correct or not ?

A big caveat about good Biden polls.

Right now, infected tRump is holding another MAGAt-COVID Superspreader in Sanford FLA

Knock knock...

Hoping that the peanut gallery on here doesn't criticize our Dem senators tomorrow

The #NobelPrize committee couldn't reach Paul Milgrom to share the news that he won, so his fellow..

Ladies and gentlemen, Kim Jong-un and the Mysterians

Half-Pound Puppy Wins Over His Big Dog Sister

Homeless man leaves donation at damaged Oregon Historical Society

not a lot of masks at trumps rally

Eric Trump cancels event at Mich. gun shop after former employee is linked to domestic terror plot

Animals make the world magic 💫 💫 💫

Wild horse family helps new baby take her first steps 💜

Trump suggests Kavanaugh should sue Christine Blasey Ford & Deborah Ramirez

Power to the people! Electric airplane makes its debut.

When Noam Chomsky has to tell you not to be an obscurantist dickwad:

Dog does the sweetest thing for his cat brother when he gets tired from their hike 💕

"Total Collapse Of Democracy So Horrifying America Decides It Hasn't Happened Yet"

What song is she singing?

Republicans installing fake ballot boxes

Senior dog who was left behind by his owners acts like a puppy in his new forever home 😍

DUers, check out Nevada Livestock Marketing on Facebook

good gawd! moRon DeathSantis high-fiving MAGAts and later wipes his nose w/SAME hand!

Another day, another super-spreader...

New iMac. -- I can't get sound.

Yang is on CNN putting pressure on Speaker Pelosi

Lucas County Officials Unsure If Absentee Ballots Have Been Mailed

Nobel prize in economics

Cat goes skiing with his human!

Interesting video of COVID-19 cases vs. partisan leaning, June 1st to October

O M G!! New Biden Ad (using trump's own words!!)

Pro wrestler who helped integrate sports in Alabama dies

Paging Dr. Quack D. Dump.

Rather Fond Of This Rousing Anthem....

Blue states were hit with COVID. Red state governors invited it.

COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, deaths surging once again across Tennessee

Dr. Fauci: The Trump Campaign Is 'In Effect Harassing Me'

NEW VIDEO: #MemoToTrump

McGrath/McTurtle debate on Cspan 6 CT (live links needed please)

Donald Trump is running TV ads taking Dr. Fauci out of context and without his permission. So, ...

Rewatching the West Wing - The Problem with "Liberals"

Utah hospital officials warn state in 'precarious' situation with record COVID-19 hospitalizations

WinRed, the online Republican fundraising platform, processed $623.5 million in donations in Q3

I'm straight, but with gay marriage being up in the air, I don't think I can get married

After vandals target Oregon Historical Society, director vows, 'Our mission will be undeterred'

No fetal research for thee only for me.

Tommy Tuberville is a Fraud.

Man Dies at Gay Nightclub, Prompting Outrage at Packed Atlanta Pride Parties Amid COVID Pandemic

Manchester, TN, in Coffee County, announces the death of Mayor Lonnie Norman from COVID-19.

RCP Ohio avg 2016 drumph was +2.2 final avg

How you learn you've won a Nobel Prize

Another Sucker

Does anyone have the link or image of the white top painted pumpkin with the fly?

"Every man praising Amy Coney Barrett's motherhood..."

Goofus vs Gallant (trump vs Biden)

"Sleepy Joe"

What is the over/under on how long will trump be able to speak at this rally?

NBC might do trump town hall that competes with Biden's already scheduled town hall on ABC.

Finally trump's doctor comes out and says trump tested negative. Why couldn't he say that in the

Should DU start a pool as to when trump will suffer a relapse?

I reported on YouTube radicalization for a year and he just...TikToked it out.

I've become addicted

TLP: Trump TV

TLP: Trump TV

Trump TV - The Lincoln Project

Answering Biden tax plan, conservatives absurdly claim $400,000 a year isn't 'rich'

The Concern Is Strong Today

The Republicans' hypocrisy in Monday's Amy Coney Barrett hearing was simply unbearable

I just heard on CNN that the California GOP bought the fake drop boxes

The Lincoln Project: "Darling, Darling, Darling"

10/13 Mike Luckovich: Making America great again

Healthy Halloween!

Virtual Phone Banking in Valencia County & Why This is an Important County

I'm speaking.........

The NYT needs to release Trump's taxes!! We only had about 48 hours of that. There wasn't enough

Amy is kickin turtles lying ass, debate now on c span (link)

Watching McConnell/McGrath debate on C-span

Fauci on planned Trump rallies: 'Now is even a worse time to do that'

Mitch McConnell's Mission of Misery

US Senate seats that Democrats are definitely gonna be winning in 2020.

In this tweet, Ivanka Trump says the part you are not supposed to say out loud: That she's using her

Donald Trump Cancels TV Ads in Key States As Rival Joe Biden Dominates Airwaves

Trump "beating" the virus

Maybe Pelosi should take the stimulus deal, maybe she shouldn't, but in my view it does no good

Analysis: President Donald Trump defectors help Joe Biden build leads in Wisconsin and Michigan

I'm going to say this..

Sen. Harris says Supreme Court nominee jeopardizes everything RBG fought to protect

1999: Prince

The Covid-19 pandemic has claimed far more lives than reported, study says

Can anyone name a Trump character flaw or moral shortcoming now apparent that was not

Susan (swamp) Collins wrote legislation while on key Senate committee that helped her husband

Coronavirus: WHO head calls herd immunity approach 'immoral'

Coronavirus: WHO head calls herd immunity approach 'immoral'

Picture found on Twitter - bush, Obama, trump:

WHO: Letting virus spread to reach herd immunity is "unethical"

Facebook bans Holocaust denial content

Amy Coney Barrett's hearing is a disgusting spectacle of GOP dishonesty

I wrote to Sen. McConnell when I was 13

New York has gone to hell, California is going to hell, and Illinois has nowhere to go.

Trump: "They say I'm immune. I feel so powerful. I'll watch into that audience, I'll walk in there"

Over 200,000 still without power from Hurricane Delta on U.S. Gulf Coast

Christopher Columbus Kraft

Donald Trump's great performance nears its dramatic climax: Stay tuned!

Fauci says Trump campaign should take down ad

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Carlo Acutis: Italian teenager could be first millennial saint

What I like about Amy McGrath

Democrats in Trump Country: They're Not Shy Anymore About Liking Biden

WKYT: Debate b/n Amy McGrath and Mitch McConnell

The Trumpkin

China reportedly orders halt to imports of Australian coal

Voters have cast a total of 9,839,788 ballots in the reporting states.

I am loving Lt. Col. Amy McGrath.

Mad Republican priorities

Why does trump use cargo hold entrance?