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Archives: October 15, 2020

Please test Gary Peters' Act Blue instance.

Anderson Cooper now refers to the Killa Con's rallies as his

Voter Enthusiasm

Postal Service agrees to reverse service changes

SCOTUS Justice Stephen Breyer is 82. He may step down soon. If you want Trump to nominate ANOTHER

The New York Post just lost all its credibility...

Malcolm Nance has a great name for the militias

Lindsey Graham illegally fundraising.

Judge rules North Carolina must strengthen absentee ballot witness rule

Trump just took off his tie. This is the president of the united states

U.S. court agrees to expedite government TikTok app store ban appeal

Garrison Keillor says Roe v. Wade not 'worth fighting for anymore'

Kamala: I'm talking about all this and more on @maddow at 9pm ET tonight.

Anybody heard anything from Chris Christie? nt

Wells Fargo fires over 100 employees for COVID-19 relief fund misuse: source

One more Dave Grohl

My Octopus Teacher

So I'm going to do this....

Charlie Baker, the Massachusetts Republican governor, will NOT vote for Donald Trump.

With the bogus Post story on Hunter, I expect we'll start seeing some Ivanka ads soon

David Bowie: I'm Afraid of Americans

As Virus Spread Early On, Reports of Trump Administration Briefings Fueled Sell-Off

Navalny calls on Trump to condemn poison used against him

So, it turns out 2020 has some pleasant surprises up it's sleeve...

WATCH: Sen. Cory Booker questions Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett

The lesson for Democrats to learn from the Barret nomination is this.

If I Fucking Failed "First Amendment of The Constitution for $100" I wouldn't mention this either:

History, mistrust spurring Black early voters in Georgia

Harris County Tx Judge Lina Hidalgo

I have my first shift for Ohio Voter Protection Hotline tomorrow.

Keith Olbermann Episode 6: Trump promised it was "Bigger Than Watergate."

North Carolina poll shows Cunningham up 4 points despite scandal

Have mercy, Joe! From Springsteen to Nina Simone...

Trump: Dan, I'm immune and I can't give it to you.

Trump tried to say the name Burisma, but because he's a total idiot, this is what happened next.

New from Don Winslow: #TrumpAttacksBlackWomen

SNL, NATO Cafeteria, Leaders Meet Trump: Trudeau, Macron, Boris

Trump Stresses Economic Record in Virtual Speech

Trump just tossed the tie he was wearing into the crowd. Please wash thoroughly.

The PAC named Keep America Great Committee has apparently had its domain seized by the FBI.

These confirmation hearings are not really about Amy Coney Barrett

As I sit here and daydream about the day Chuck Schumer gets the gavel . . . .

Don't forget...tonight we Bind tRump..9PM (PST), midnight (EST)

Sen. Harris questions Barrett and Barrett shows her Microagressions toward Sen. Harris.

we all need to call NBC to demand that they fire

🚨BREAKING: North Carolina Federal Court REJECTS GOP efforts to overturn the key portions...

'Be not afraid of the accusations that you're a voter suppressor'

Black Label Society - Suicide Messiah

Trump holds COVIDIOT party in Iowa as state faces uptick in hospitalizations for coronavirus

Tim Kaine on ACB's refusal to say she would recuse on an election case:


(Not the Onion) Trump: Bidens Are 'Grifters and Crooks'

There is a Biden car parade in Orlando on Saturday 10/17. Meet at Fashion Square Mall at 11 AM.

20 days to go - my nightly election update

Our "local" Sinclair TV station is off the air. Quarantined for two weeks for positive staff.

Calls to Boycott NBC for Airing Donald Trump Town Hall at Same Time As Joe Biden's

President Donald Trump arrives in Des Moines to rally with a boisterous crowd

I said that I was done doing election protection work..

10/15 Mike Luckovich -Enthusiasm triumphs

So they are trying Comey Letter Redux?

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

29 Covid death reported today. The highest since June!

Faux News for the past FEW hours

Why I'm Glad I Left America

New Stevie Wonder "Can't Put it in the Hands of Fate" protest-inspired music

Anybody going to watch "The Way I See It"

Unauthorized Air Pollution In Texas Has More Than Doubled Since 2015

They did it.

Fifth District: No endorsement in Ilhan Omar-Lacy Johnson race

Greensboro massacre: Decades after Klansmen killed 5, city's apology comes too late for some

Kamala is on Rachel now n/t

Kamala Harris

I AM NEGATIVE- Had chest x-ray today. BAD case of bronchitis maybe almost worse

Linda Ronstadt - Long Long Time

I hope Rachel addresses the Trump townhall!

In Long-Shot Bid, Democrats Hope Sima Ladjevardian Can Unseat Dan Crenshaw

Trump rallies will get more bizarre

GOP Massachusetts governor says he won't support Trump

Your phone rings, you answer and it's tRump who has misdialed, what do you say?

I love watching Kamala Harris.

Australian Shark Tank-- Two kids who give hope in these terrible times...

Trump slams Facebook, Twitter for taking down Biden story in NY Post

Democrats raise at least $35 million during Amy Coney Barrett hearings

Wells Fargo fires 100 employees suspected of abusing coronavirus relief funds

Why does a proper christian wife like ACB use a hyphenated maiden name...

Typical day for the GHOST

Georgia poll: Democrats lead in presidential, Senate races

If you want to watch MSNBC online then check this link.

Democrats Once Seen as Long Shots Are Now Contenders for Senate

Alabama's coach Nick Saban has COVID-19 apparently.

All MSNBC talk show hosts should call in sick (in protest) on Thursday!

Earth has warmest September on record, and 2020 may clinch hottest year

US Senate seats that Democrats will gonna definitely win in 2020.

Law students on TikTok have been watching the hearings and are fed the fuck up.

U.S. judge strikes Tennessee abortion law requiring 48-hour waiting period

Johnny B. Goode: Chuck Berry, Bruce Springsteen Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Sign vandalized in Jacksonville: Tensions rise leading to election

Joe thanks a small donor (and thee and me)

Teens Did Surprisingly Well in Quarantine

*REMEMBER, 3:15 am 1776

WTF? CA. Rep. Party says it will not comply with state's cease and desist order on ballot drop boxes


Someday Soon - Judy Collins

Man Allegedly Gunned Down Mother Of His Child While Disguised In Blackface And Fake Beard

NBC owned by ....COMCAST...

Next time some cultist tells you we're a republic, not a democracy,

It's Not 'Court Packing.' Don't Be A Moron and Call It That.

Drone Footage Of The Cameron Peak Fire, Loveland, CO - 10/14/2020

South Texas' National Butterfly Center wins court victory over Trump administration's border wall

Judy Collins - Send In The Clowns

California Republican Party says it will not comply with state's cease and desist order on ballot dr

"I'm not a fan of court packing."

If Hunter Biden was a grifting criminal

I'm so scared, discouraged, sickened... first time watching Rachel in over a week.

Respect the Dress. And the message.

I think Chuck Todd is on really thin ice.

How do you spend $432 M in 20 days?

Called to volunteer to help with rides to polls election day

Wow. Just wow. That thing can't even speak clearly, not that he ever could, but it's really bad now.

Just caught a segment of Cuomo discussing the latest conspiracy lie Trump tweeted about.

Barrett won't say if Medicare is constitutional

LeBron James, Michelle Obama team up on voting initiative

Don Lemon, CNN, is going off on NBC airing tRump's shit show

New Florida poll (Clearview Research): Biden +7

Florida Democrats are outvoting Republicans in early ballots

George Takei: In September for the Biden campaign, they hauled in $383 mil in donations. Amazing

Janis Ian - At Seventeen

Amy Coney Barrett, Mother of Seven,Not Sure If Separating Migrant Children From Their Parents Is Bad

Larence O'Donnell need to ,,,,

UN envoy says ex-combatants in Colombia being killed

NCAA championship basketball games coming to Seattle's Climate Pledge Arena

One from Szymanowska, One from Richter (I have great sadness...)

Texas Republicans' last-minute challenge to drive-thru voting in Harris County dismissed by appeals

All lanes of SB I-5 through Marysville blocked for jack-knifed semi-truck

CBS: Barron Trump tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this month

Wow! "Beau of the Fifth Column" FLUNKS Amy Coney Barrett. . .

ABC should cancel Biden's Town Hall at the very last minute then re-schedule.

Hedge fund billionaires got a heads up re: coronavirus. The rest of us are suckers and losers.

Washington unemployment drops to 7.8% in September, with Seattle area even lower

FL: Trailblazing transgender state Senate candidate dies just weeks before election

"Beau of the Fifth Column" FLUNKS Amy Coney Barrett. . .

US Senate seats that Democrats will gonna be definitely winning in 2020.

Don Lemon is a gem

California Republican Party says it will not comply with state's cease and desist order on ballot dr

Lindsey Graham begged for money again tonight on Fox News--and after the Hearing!!

Trump urges California GOP to continue using fake "official" drop boxes in spite of legal threat

Biden raised whopping $383M in September

Rudy goes full racist. Mocking a Chinese accent in accidental video

Remember when Jimmy Fallon tried to normalize Trump?

Biden's Tax Plan Would Raise Trillions, With Little Effect on Growth: AEI

Another pro-Trump campaign ad caught using footage from Russia and Belarus

Increased turnout, long lines continue in Harris County on second day of early voting

"What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love..."

Trump Pleads With Women: 'Please Like Me.' Women Fire Back: 'No Way.'

So what happens when the "hoax" brigade aims for herd immunity (yet they live among us)

Maddow: "I kid you not"

Court tells FEC to take action on complaint against dark-money group tied to Ernst

Travis County (TX) posts big second day early voting totals

Texas sets voter registration record after adding 1.8 million voters since 2016 election

"Nature knows."

New York Post story that's sending Trumpworld into a frenzy is riddled with holes and red flags

Having Burned Through $1 Billion Already, Trump Still Doing In-Person Fundraising

A President that lost the popular vote and a Senate

I'm seeing Jamie Harrison ads in WA State!

Joe: Nature knows.

San Antonio voters turn out in force for Day Two of early balloting

Trump hints at firing bill barr

Trump hints at firing bill barr

Giant billboard in Iowa directs people looking for campaign rally to 'Trump Covid superspreader even

As Virus Spread, Reports of Trump Administration's Private Briefings Fueled Sell-Off (NYT)

watching Andrew Cuomo on The Last Word. He is awesome. I would marry him

TX-23: San Antonio mayor endorses Gina Ortiz Jones in race for Texas' 23rd Congressional District

Rudy Giuliani Posts Footage of Himself Mocking Asians to YouTube

Health Officials Plan Extra Safety Scrutiny of Vaccines As Public Worries Grow; Fauci

Trump cites Barron Trump's coronavirus case in arguing for schools to reopen

Under no circumstances should ANYONE politicize the President's son's illness

Early voting kicks off with record turnout in El Paso

"Macron announces nightly curfew in major French cities as COVID-19 cases surge

Kayleigh McEnany complains to hannity about her Twitter account being locked.

As Trump downplayed the virus publicly, memo based on private briefings sparked stock sell-offs: NYT

Plainclothes security will monitor King County drop boxes

Appreciation of Obama, Biden, Pelosi, and others

Former NBC News VP Slams Network's Decision to Air Donald Trump Town Hall

I will not click on or google other sources but seriously are "they" talking about Hunter's lap top?

Jon Ralston's Nevada Early Voting Blog - 10/14/20

Rachel Maddow, Kamala Harris and The Fly. . .

I was waiting for a Dem Senator to ask the Judge:

Vice President Biden's campaign manager just tweeted that this race is far closer than known

TX-03: Incumbent Van Taylor faces Democrat Lulu Seikaly in fast-changing, competitive Collin Count

The only time trump mentions Barron is to use him for politics...what a dad.

Experts dismiss "garbage fire" Hunter Biden expos in NY Post: "Seems like a complete fabrication"

Notre Dame calendar lists talks by Amy Coney Barrett not disclosed in Senate paperwork: report

New Texas rule lets social workers turn away clients who are LGBTQ or have a disability

GOP admits Voter Suppression

Autumnal Brahms

Supreme Court Jurisdiction Stripping - Congress needs to play hardball

What are some other good liberal sites?

We do need to pack the courts.

After watching Sheldon Whitehouse's masterful explanation of the massive dark

AP: 2nd COVID-19 vaccine trial paused over unexplained illness

Salient Thomas Jefferson Quote regarding the Supreme Court

One in adults cant vote due to felonies in some states

Josh Marshall: Most likely story behind the Rudy hard drive

We Are 288 Days Into 2020; Phoenix Hit Or Broke 100F On 144 Days; Prior Record 143 For All Of 1989

Barr Converts DOJ into Law Firm for Donald+Melania Trump in E. Jean Carrol & Stephanie Wolkoff Suits

Update on my COVID quarantine

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump's Voter Fraud, Sexy Superspreading & Biden-Bashing

Freight Train Blues

Joe: I heard it's #NationalDessertDay

Twitter suspends accounts for posing as Black Trump supporters

Corruption: dark money group and Joni Ernst

Early voting in NYS begins a week from Saturday

US Senate seats that Democrats are going to definitely win in 2020.

TRUMP visited the press cabin on AF One, & spoke for about 10 min from the doorway, w/o a mask.

Tweet of the late night:

Postal Service says it will reverse all changes it has made, prioritize election mail

Of course the shop owner is nervous. He might have committed a death penalty crime.

The Blues Brothers: Do You See The Light? James Brown

Jim Jordan's campaign spent $2,192,215 on credit card fees

"Only a matter of time before we see evidence this was coordinated."

GOP Senator Asks Amy Coney Barrett 'Do You Hate Little Warm Puppies?'

Trump campaign sign in Houston TX has been slightly altered

I'm not sure why Trump's cult members seem to think that Hunter Biden as some sort of liability

"I find it's always good to be prepared for a big interview"

The Federalist Society Is A Bunch Of Pimps Prostituting Out Judges For Power And $$$ Money

This is your daily friendly reminder that the illegal occupant in the WH is a drug addict

Carl Bernstein: How is that NBC News has allowed itself to get conned by Donald Trump...

Donald Trump does bizarre Joe Biden impression at Iowa campaign rally

Giuliani's going to be claiming Biden killed Santa and the Easter Bunny any minute now.

Rick Wilson on racism in the Republican Party

Kamala Harris is asked about the fly on Mike Pence's head

Gove County, Monument Rocks, aka The Chalk Pyramids

Take heart! He's on his way down and out

How To Beat Republicans At Their Own Game: Robert Reich

Postmaster General DeJoy's six-figure donations to GOP convention align with Senate probe of wife

"There are *zero* ICU beds available in the entire Oklahoma City metro area right now."


Did Amy Coney Barrett perjure herself this week?

Like the rock star that hollers "How you doin' tonight, Wichita?" when you're in Tulsa.

Brian Stelter: NBC exec asked ABC counterpart tonight to please change time of Biden town hall to

A quick guide to Trump's false claims about Ukraine and the Bidens (Year old article)

Ted Lieu responds to Giuliani's racist video

Nicole Wallace: This is one of the best closing presidential campaign ads I've ever seen

What happens when old men try computer crime.

WI bar owner Covid 19 infected - wants to punch Trump -

Will Georgia Turn Blue?

How To Beat Republicans At Their Own Game: Robert Reich

"Hey MAGA, Trump is coming for your guns"

Hoarse Whisperer: Trump & Giuliani thought they could pull a DIY Wikileaks II, but fucked it up

If you currently have an NBC app...

"Guess I won't be eating a candy corn ever again!"

"your really tough"

The only way to believe Donald Trump is if you don't believe a single other person.

People trying to help Trump sabotage the election named:

Malcolm Nance: BAD SPYCRAFT ALERT: The "laptop" (briefcase, safe, harddrive, purse, wallet, jacket

The Intellectualist: WH Tipped Off GOP Investors On COVID Danger While Publicly Saying All Was Fine

"If the GOP confirms a justice who can't tell you what the first amendment is..."

Houston mayor's challenge award to be given to the college with the most EVs on 10/31/20

The GOP's Covid Policy Is to Place Elderly Under House Arrest

"This video of Eric Trump in Ukraine should be on every major network."

Keep Calm and Carry on Voting: Help with GOTV efforts:

Rachel & Kamala talk The Fly

Trump attacks Black Women

Amy Coney Barrett faith group would expel members over gay sex, leader said

My nephew says it's not going to get better till all the old white guys die off

Berlin gives middle finger to anti-maskers in tourism agency ad

Ministers plan pre-Christmas Covid lockdown for English universities

Canada's last intact ice shelf broke off. It took our research station with it

As Things Turned Out ...

When the lyrics do their job. R.I.P.

Former indigenous governor assassinated in southwest Colombia

Brazilian Reports 'Hell' of Catching Covid-19 in US Immigrant Prisons

Anti-Biden Disinformation Decried by Disinfo Experts, Social-Media Giants

Chuck Todd you F'd up but you can save yourself

Talking Tough & Carrying a Radioactive Stick

Greece's Neo- Nazi, Violent Far Right 'Golden Dawn' Fuhrer & Leaders Sentenced To 13 Yrs In Athens

Kyle Rittenhouse, Accused Kenosha Killer, Won't Face Gun Charges In Illinois

What Would We Experience If Earth Spontaneously Turned Into A Black Hole?

Arnold Bax: 'Elegiac Trio', Jacques Offenbach: 'Harmonies des bois'

Guatemala to verify report on US agents 'unauthorised' operation

Hondurans Reject Handing Over Land To Private Capital

Coalition for Women in Journalism demand immediate release of indigenous Guatemalan reporter

Learn about Panama's Indigenous people and cultures on this new circuit

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Why You Should Help Save Democracy by Working the Polls

Costa Rica converts island prison into tourist attraction

Trump is tweeting for votes from Californians..desperate for our electoral votes

How the Tories normalised corruption - report

El Salvador's Govt. Refuses to Give Data on El Mozote Massacre

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Militias - If You Don't Know, Now You Know

Mexico experts find 2,000 ruin sites near Maya train route

Mexico experts find 2,000 ruin sites near Maya train route

Group thinks it has found proof of 10,000-year-old, Ice Age culture in Straits of Mackinac

Arizonans cast ballots in droves as first week of early voting shows strong enthusiasm

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Anita Hill - Why She Chose to Endorse Joe Biden

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Obama's Unmasking Scandal: 2017-2020

What The Senate Should Focus On - Senator Bernie Sanders

Lindsey Graham false attack on ACA at SCOTUS hearing exposes his state as taker state, welfare state

Vote For - Joe Biden For President 2020

50 year old votes for the first time in his life due to trump

Taking peace of mind away from someone and then giving it back as if a great favour

Sen. Cory Gardner gave a non-answer when asked about his ties to a Brazilian meatpacking company tha

Sen. Cory Gardner gave a non-answer when asked about his ties to a Brazilian meatpacking company tha

SeeSay2020 voter suppression map

Vikings are coming... Sort of

Congratulations To Nosferatu Giuliani For Ass-Dialing A New Narrative Into The Election.

SCOTUS embraces the strategic incompetence of the GOP to end the census.

The rape survivors facing an 'impossible choice' in Brazil

UNC TV NC Election 2020 debates and candidate interviews

Full Interview: Senator Kamala Harris, Democratic V.P. Nominee, Talks With Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Why are buses for Supreme Court justices a thing?

Bolivian rivals end campaigns ahead of Sunday vote

Two reasons you know the Hunter Biden thing is fake

NC absentee ballots must have witness signatures, judge rules

Citing potential intimidation, NC elections board forbids stationing police at polls

Sen. Kamala Harris to visit Cleveland Friday

So, what else doesn't Judge Amy Comey Barrett know?

Voter check-in system to blame for slow-moving lines in Georgia

"Not Our Vote, Not Our Faith"

900,000 Florida felons won't be voting for president because of court fines, fees BY LAWRENCE MOWER

Ex-GOP consultant from Las Vegas arrested in Atlanta rape case

So the republicans refuse to remove the illegal ballot boxes in California, and what is the

25 Reasons to Vote Joe Biden in 25 Languages - Joe Biden For President 2020

TX-23: Transphobic Ad Attacks U.S. House Candidate Gina Ortiz Jones

Exclusive: Feds chased suspected foreign link to Trump's 2016 campaign cash for three years

Tweet about why someone waited in a long line to vote rather than coming back another day

NY-02: New York Newsday endorses Jackie Gordon for Congress

Halloween Classic:Rose and the Arrangement - The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati

Chris Cuomo responds to Trump's handling of family diagnosis

Breakfast Thursday 15 October 2020

Saying you're a constitutional originalist is kind of lazy

The Weather

The inside story of how Trump's COVID-19 coordinator undermined the world's top health agency

Well it looks like

Doom and Gloom on Morning Joe this morning

Hose Bag caught on security video threatening to sue neighbors for Biden sign in their yard


Autumn Calendar:

Reports: Hall of Fame defensive end Fred Dean dies of COVID-19 at 68

I don't trust the polls nor do I trust most pundits!

"Warning signs for Biden", NY Times Etzel. Saying republicans are out registering Democrats.

Thursday TOONs - False Idols (plus Telnaes hearing sketches, Day 3)

If you're not switching to CNN or the Cooking Channel today because

Cat Puns really Freak Meowt

I need ideas for saturday women's march sign

PLEASE DON'T MISS!: Blindfolded man smashes 50 coconuts around another man's body

Nicholas Kristof: Will We Choose the Right Side of History?

Federal judge rules Tennessee abortion law unconstitutional

Postal Service agrees to reverse service changes

Well! Nick Saban, America's college coach......

NBC Breaking News!! Race tightening!

Are there any persuadable voters left in the US?

USPS Special Agents Raided Home of QAnon-aligned Mail Carrier Who Allegedly Hoarded and Threw ...

If you freaked out because a columnist said the election could be close...

Globally, Methane Hotspots Up 32% In 2020; Largest US Site Equals 10 Coal Power Plants In GHG Impact

Just signed on as a volunteer for the NC Democratic Party Voter Hotline

I just voted early this morning and it was refreshing to see the increase

Bezos: Climate Change "Biggest Threat To Our Planet", So 70% Of His, Amazon Cash Went To GOP

Fact-checking Trump's claim in Pa. that he's 'putting our great coal miners back to work'

Tommy Tuberville wrong twice in attack on Alabama Sen. Doug Jones on abortion

Fact-checking Trump's claim in Pa. that he's 'putting our great coal miners back to work'

The GOP remind me of the face melt scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, they just couldn't help

If Biden/Harris win the election I will rejoice but

Commentary: I won't work in Attorney General William Barr's Justice Department any longer

On October 19, 1987, Black Monday happened.

Shitstain Speeds Ahead W. Logging Of Tongass Rainforest, But Here's Some Trillion Trees Bullshit

#FireChuckTodd - No. 1 on Twitter

USPS Special Agents Find Massive Amount Of Undelivered Mail At QAnon Postal Worker's Home

New Arizona poll (Predictive Insights, B/C): Biden +4, Kelly +5

Alleged Hunter Biden Email From Giuliani Appears Forged

Does Pence Look Weird to Anyone

Trump tells crowd how angry he was Iowa news talked about floods instead of his Nobel nom

Landslide: Fox News' Rupert Murdoch predicts Biden will defeat Trump

More or less useful than expected?

Taking my tv off of MSNBC and NBC for 10 days. Screw them. Sorry Rachel and Lawrence...

'You're a big state to me': Trump pitches rural voters at Iowa campaign rally

If Trump, by sheer ratfuckery, manages to get "elected" again,

Apparently it's time to vote...

'WHAT THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE!!!': Trump pleads with California voters in astonishing new tweet

Is This Love

A majority of prior USSC decisions would be subject to re-litigation if only for this:

Biden's diverse Cabinet

Trump's Schedule for Thursday, October 15, 2020

Let's face it, some media outlets want a horse race

Notice how NOTHING sticks to Joe, and that fact infuriates the orange lunatic..

Warming Detected In Deep Atlantic Off Uruguay At 4,700 Meters Depth In Course Of 2009-2019 Research

From Reuters Pictures: Spectacular fall colors around the world, guaranteed to be totally

"original intent"

My only question about the killa Con's town hall tonight


Olive and Mabel - Home Help

10/15/20 Drought Monitor; States 100% In D0-D4 Include CO, NE, KS, SD, UT, AZ, NV, ME, NH, MA, CT

898,000 file for first time jobless claims

Grandpa grooves and gets down! Check out these two. Rock on everyone!

The Rundown: October 14, 2020

So the Atlanta Falcons have shut down their facilities

Art of the Week: 10/14/20

Maybe NBC is having Trump on to help Biden

Old lady to NBC....Count me out!

Amy Siskind says to have TVs/streaming devices on NBC till 1 min. before debate, then switch to ABC

US warned Nevada not to use Chinese COVID tests from UAE

Pritzker dumps official who pushed for Trump to get $1 million refund on Chicago tower's taxes

"amy coney barrett is sarah palin with a better vocabulary." Said Keith Olbermann on his Worst

Billboard in Houston Texas:

Had a call on the Voter Assistance hotline from an African American woman asking where to vote...

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 10/14/2020

tRump Troubles After The 2021 Inauguration

Eric Boehlert: Enablers -- NBC rewards Trump for blowing up Biden debate

Here's a list of the 10 greatest works of journalism of the past 10 years. Care to argue about it?

Why are republicans installing fake ballot drop boxes ? Why

DJIA pre market down 345 points. Oil down sharply. [9:09a]

Repeal Obamacare? Once GOP dogma, it's now the party's albatross

Science: Deborah Birx At Task Force Meeting: "There Is Nothing From The CDC That I Can Trust"

LOL! House GOP Judiciary Committee linked to NY Post story from their site, got Twitter warning

Sen. Gary Peters leads John James by 6 points in Senate race, Free Press poll says

Sen. Gary Peters leads John James by 6 points in Senate race, Free Press poll says

The Media Today: Yes, we're doing it all over again

So the sexual predator in chief is a rape enabler as well. Not about epstein this time, mike tyson.

Kevin Kruse: This afternoon at 5pm eastern, I'll be giving the Kayser Lecture for @GWtweets History

Trump campaign communications director says Twitter has locked TeamTrump out of their account

New Michigan poll (EPIC/MRA, B+) Biden +9, Peters +6

Sebastian Gorka's Twitter account locked...

Wississippi Goddam

NBC Censors Demi Lovato's 'Vote' Message at the Billboard Music Awards

Coney-Barrett and the 2nd Amendment ... hypocrisy or possibility?

Why Pete Buttigieg's Fox News appearances keep going viral

All the News that's Fit to Print.....

As Virus Spread, Reports of Trump Administration's Private Briefings Fueled Sell-Off

Fox News veterans face a hurdle in the job market: Having Fox on the resume'

I'm not a heavy Apple or iCloud user, but can you save your icloud emails to your laptop?

Can we clarify a point about the California GOP ballot drop boxes?

Jobless claims jump, hitting highest level since mid-August

Lazy Cowards Don't Start Civil Wars

DOJ admits Trump lied about Russian documents

Giuliani Faces Another Foreign Lobbying Mess in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Meanwhile in the Italian senate, when the senator refuses to wear a mask.

Sous-vide Fried Chicken Recipe

'The majority will vote for Biden': Florida's unions throw support behind ex-VP

Biden campaign lashes out at New York Post

Sen. Gary Peters leads John James by 6 points in Senate race, Free Press poll says

New Virginia Poll: Biden +15 pts (53%-38%), Sen. Warner +17 pts (55%-38%)

YOU raised $16,778.82 for Biden-Harris, $0 Amy (DITCH Mitch) McGrath & $0 for duhneece on 10-14-20

Trump campaign put entire NY Post story on their website, and @TrumpWarRoom linked to it


Two individuals involved in the Biden-Harris campaign have tested positive for COVID-19:

Dear MSM: "Trump helped all of you. You created this monster & now you're profiting off of him"

BTRTN 2020 Election Snapshot: The "Short Answer" on Whether the Democrats Will Flip the Senate

One of Kamala Harris' campaign staffers tested positive for Covid

Thirty-six hours without our lousy telephone/internet service......

BTRTN 2020 Election Snapshot: The "Short Answer" on Whether the Democrats Will Flip the Senate

Harris's communications director tests positive for covid; Harris's travel through Sunday canceled

It's time to give this psychotic wannabe dictator and his enablers a taste of their own medicine

She Ready - Are You?

Anna Paulina Luna files elections complaint against Twitter over verification

BREAKING: Kamala Harris Comms Director contracts COVID

Harris cancels travel after Biden campaign announces positive Covid tests

Twitter just blocked Ted Cruz from tweeting a link to a NY Post story about Hunter Biden & China

Trump's Grip on Senate Republicans Slipping With Stimulus Ploy

Moron Jr. demanding government investigation of whether Chinese Communist Party controls Twitter

"Call Judiciary Committee & tell them you want them to WAIT to select a SCOTUS until after election.

We're talking about water. Rep. Ted Deutch @RepTedDeutch: Gov DeSantis ended eviction protections.

Thread: This Hunter Biden laptop story is fucked. (Discussion about the laptop)

Incredibly stupid, sexist question. And also disappointing that

US intelligence analysts feared Russia would dump hacked and forged Burisma emails targeting Biden a

Unemployment Numbers Remain High, 7 Months Into The Pandemic

Do you know who is not interested in the fake Hunter Biden story? ... The FBI

Can you smell the stench of their desperation??

Crowny the Coronavirus, in 'Presidential Host'

Trump nonsensically claims China will pay for relief package

Anderson Cooper's expression is priceless

I cannot seem to set MS edge browser new tabs to bring up

Grandmother declared blind after acid attack by stranger outside of her own home

Former Pentagon official: "This is a Russian disinformation operation."

Trump misogyny, Oct. 15 ed.: Pelosi has a lot of mental problems. Whitmer wants to be a dictator &

Today is FEC reporting day...

Trump is gonna be on NBC tonight. So what?

State Supreme Court Justice Grisanti pushed police officer, invoked mayor's name after fight with ..

Phil Collins hits Trump campaign with cease and desist order over use of "In the Air Tonight"

We Must Vote ALL Republicans out for once again playing along with Russian...

Adam Schiff: Different scheme. Same corrupt president.

How Trump Sealed the GOP's Suicide

Official Twitter account for Trump's reelection campaign appears to be suspended

Twitter has just blocked the official Trump Campaign Twitter account

"Parahawking," a sport that combines paragliding and falconry, or just a lazy vulture? (Twitter)

The Great American Oil & Gas Massacre: Bankruptcies Hit New Milestone as Bigger Companies Let Go

Barack Obama raising money for Senate candidates

8th person charged in Whitmer kidnapping plot

Cat? No I haven't seen it all day (Twitter)

8th person charged in Whitmer kidnapping plot

Each time I feel hope, I remember how Russia PUTIN office that madman

A raven doing a mid-air flip . . . in slow motion (Twitter)

Clinton and Obama 35 million jobs created ... Bush I, Bush II and Trump 0 jobs created

The alarming question behind Barr's 'unmasking' probe

Trump suggests to Varney that Dems "spying" on him in 2016 would justify his not conceding in 2020

Trump Begs Women to Like Him at Sick Rally

Here's how real estate professionals in 1948 perpetuated segregation in DC

So Judge Conehead Barret, you're an "originalist"--Does that mean....

Leftists COME FOR Noam Chomsky for Making Perfect Sense

I saw a Ford Expedition with a handle in the driver's side where

To Repeat - Prof Alan Lichtman's prediction of a Biden win (7 of 13 indicators point to Biden)

We Had a 9-hour power outage last night, due to high winds.

"My 5-year old is rebelling against zoom school..."

Had ya told it like it was, it wouldn't be like it is

Virtual Reception with Kamala Harris and Stephen Colbert: Oct 19

How Quickly Will Your Absentee Vote Be Counted? A State-by-State Timeline (NYT)

Just a golden being a golden

Anyone else having trouble opening OPs?

Axios is literally just publishing the day's Trump campaign message verbatim

Donald Trump Says China Will Pay for Stimulus Bill: 'They're the Ones That Caused This Problem'

NASA sets new moonshot rules: No fighting, littering please

The evolution of Anna Paulina Luna, Republican candidate for Congress

My wife and I voted early yesterday and I liked what I saw

Half of the 20 U.S. Metro Areas Worst-Hit by #COVID Are All in One State#Wisconsin

42% pure evil?

Recipients of unemployment benefits could see delay this week after computer system disruption

Can America be saved from Donald Trump's black hole of lies?

Mount Rushmore as seen from Canada.

Trump, alleged defender of the faith, retweeted an occultist with the handle "Styx666Official"

So *this* is where all the trump/gop campaign money is going to! Fighting voter rights!

Trump whining NBC won't be fair tonight, says he'll keep aggressive tone since he won last debate

Experts dismiss "garbage fire" Hunter Biden expos in NY Post: "Seems like a complete fabrication"

Arkansas judge dismisses lawsuit challenging coronavirus mandates

So China is going to pay for the relief package now...

*** A+ Rated Monmouth Poll of LVs in AZ*** Biden 51 Trump 44

Great polling news from Arizona: Biden 50/trump 44, Kelly 52/McSally 42!!!

New Arizona poll (Monmouth, A+): Biden +6, Kelly +10

Rupert Murdoch Predicts a Landslide Win for Biden

The GOP's "October Surprise" is just another lame reboot destined for failure

Is it Constitutional that we have to wait until Jan 20?

1113 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs; 17 deaths

Barry McGuire was born on this date.

Mickey Baker was born on this date.

The striking similarities between Trump's campaign for a second term and that of Jimmy Carter

Secret tapes show neo-Nazi group The Base recruiting former members of the military

Decided to check out the Instagram of the author of today's NY Post story on Hunter Biden and,...

Cruz announced the Judiciary Committee will subpoena Twitter's Jack Dorsey to testify next week

What % of the vote would Putin get if he was the republican nominee?

Wake up America, the nightmare is over

Most Michiganders unsympathetic to Trump catching COVID-19, poll says

Here is some minor good news:

Kamala Harris responds to positive tests of commications director and flight crew member

YouTube bans QAnon, other conspiracy content that targets individuals

Twitter suspends Trump campaign page after post about Biden

New Senate polls (Data for Progress (D), B+) Greenfield +4, Harrison +1, Ossoff +1, Warnock +8

*Covid Deaths Now 300,000; CDC Reclassified 75K Added Deaths From Pandemic, USA Today

Hmmm.... Is Loeffler jumping on the QAnon train?

Miami Herald: Trump, DeSantis put politics over Floridians' health

What if your body temperature is low? I take mine every day with one of those forehead

When Donald Trump starts ranting and raving his Hunter Biden conspiracy therories tonight on NBC....

So what is the point of tonight's competing debates?

NBC Actors, Producers Protest Network's Decision to Host Trump Town Hall...

United Airlines CEO says expects business demand to return to *normal* around 2024.

Our Ballots Are In

Looks like the MoFo KillaCon has made another ad with Fauci

"You about to lose your job": Lindsey Graham Edition

Ohio's quarter-mile early-voting lines? That's what voter suppression looks like

New North Carolina poll (Civiqs, B/C): Biden +5, Cunningham +6, Cooper +7

White House officials promote herd immunity declaration signed by fake names: report

New Colorado poll (Civiqs, B/C): Biden 12, Hickenlooper +11

Cruz says Senate Judiciary will be issuing subpoenas to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for his testimony

Charlotte Clymer @cmclymer: Early votes by this point in the presidential election...

NY flu shot shortage

Do You believe that jellyfish are sad

Obama Criticizes tRump for Spreading Misinformation

Is there actually such a person as "Chuck Todd"...?

After deficit tops $27T, republis say they're going to become deficit hawks if Biden/Harris win.

Good Christians Don't Vote Republican

Global Covid Report: Young and Healthy May Not Get Vaccine Until 2022, WHO Says

Eric Boehlert: Enablers -- NBC rewards Trump for blowing up Biden debate

Well, I put in my vote for Joe a few minutes ago.

How to Beat Republicans at Their Own Game (Robert Reich)

Biden Breaks Monthly Fundraising Record Again With Jaw-Dropping $383 Million

Reminder: The Senate has tons of time to ram through judges and harass Hunter Biden

10/15 Daily Dose of Joe

As one of Trump's conspiracy theories bites the dust, he moves on to new pseudo-scandals

NYT: US intel picked up chatter re: Russian GRU hacked emails being leaked as an "October surprise"

"Not our vote. Not our faith"

North Dakota's COVID Surge Is So Terrible There's a Dead Guy on the Ballot

A trip down memory lane, or, immediately means never

If MSM, corporate "News" pisses you off, why do you watch it?

"Remember the name Cesar Conde -- he's a piece of shit."

Senate Democratic Caucus going all in to save Doug Jones

'There are no more guardrails': Obama lashes out at Trump for spreading misinformation

Once more: the GOP and 45 must think their followers are morons.

'He's getting a bit desperate': Trump tramples government boundaries as election nears

I just completed the 'final harvest' of 2020, which makes me a little sad

Since all Chinese oil tycoons exclusively use Gmail which is banned in China

$1,500 Hazard pay for Home Health Workers - Gov. Northam-Virginia

***UMASS Poll of LVs (A/B rated)*** Biden 53 Trump 43

The Economist US 2020 Election Forecast - 91% for Biden

DC Circuit to rehear en banc the House lawsuit to enforce McGahn subpoena

DUers suggested waiting until today to decide where donations would be most critical

Hats off to Cuyahoga County BOE

TLP: Big

For the love of god, please stop with the 'run like we're 10 points down' nonsense!

Just got out of a Teams meeting that lasted 117 minutes.

Republican Stock Market Crime

So, did Barrett answer ANY questions?

There are seven coronavirus vaccine candidates being tested in the U.S. -- here's where they stand

Biden Leads Trump By 11 Points In New General Polling Morning Joe MSNBC

With their slavish defilement to Trump's fake town hall counter programming it

8 Million Have Slipped Into Poverty Since May as Federal Aid Has Dried Up

"Jacob Wohl is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Out on bond. Appears to have violated it."

Just for fun, let's go back to Trump's dementia test...the one that he "aced".

I VOTED! 3rd day of early voting in Texas. Very GOP suburb . . . Long lines at 10:30AM . . .

Why Would a Republican Vote Biden? Ask Arizonans

Senate Republicans are completely disregarding committee rules to rush through Barrett...

Smart guy Ted Cruz tried to hoodwink Americans on the courts. Remind your party?

As Trump's Language Grows More Heated, Fears Rise of Political Violence

So let me get this straight. The White House Position is now Herd Immunity ?

Mexico is poised to become the biggest legal marijuana market in the world. Who will most benefit?

Please record Joe Biden's town hall tonight...

As Trump's Language Grows More Heated, Fears Rise of Political Violence

So here's a little fantasy.

AP-NORC poll: Americans critical of Trump handling of virus

The defunct Trump Plaza in Atlantic City is currently wrapped in black netting to keep people nearby

Hope Hicks and Ronna McDaniel travelling with Trump to NC today.

Trump again upends stimulus strategy, complaining Mnuchin hasn't 'come home with the bacon'

America's True Unemployment Rate

Tonight at 8 pm I will . . . .

Pay Pal takes payments for invalid e-mails & keeps them.

AP FACT CHECK: Sen. Cruz scrambles the stats on Obamacare

YouTube bans QAnon, other conspiracy content that targets individuals

Long lines being reported in North Carolina as early in person voting starts today.

MMMBop Hanson funk cover ft. Lucy Schwartz & Adam Neely

West Coasters--are the two town halls televised at the same time? Not here!

RBG statue to be unveiled in Brooklyn on her birthday


Mandan: One of America's Interesting Native People

Another suspect charged in alleged Michigan kidnap plot

Watching Brianna Keilar right now.

A King County detective mocked a protester's death online -- then his boss took him down

Meidas Touch: Bye Tiffany

538's analysis of ACB's conservative record.

Army rotational brigade begins arriving in South Korea despite coronavirus

Chuck Todd opens with the Kamala's staff testing positives

Bacon-scented face masks? Hormel Foods announces it is giving away free Black Label ...

GOP Refusal To Extend Covid Aid Means 8 Mill In Poverty, Moral Disaster That Will Scar A Generation

Biden the winner in Real Clear poll

US coronavirus: 21 states hit their peak 7-day average of new Covid-19 cases

Ads, some nasty, play key role in Georgia Senate race with Jewish challenger

While checking something else, I noticed that if (when) Kelly beats McSally in Arizona....

Lamar: The School, The Street, The Man

ActBlue's stunning third quarter: $1.5 billion in donations

Eyman's $30 car tab measure ruled unconstitutional by state Supreme Court

Morning Consult poll on Amy Coney Barrett

Conan O'Brien's tweet about NBC's townhall decision

Lindsey Graham Accused of Illegally Soliciting Donations in Federal Building

This is impeachment all over again': How Fox is reacting to the coronavirus outbreak

Earth's New Gilded Era


Assistant U.S. Attorney Leaves DOJ After 36 Years Due to 'Lap Dog' Bill Barr's 'Slavish Obedience to

Data breach hunter, Chris Vickery, offers Jack Dorsey of Twitter info on Ted Cruz

GOP: Fuck the rules, fuck the law, fuck the vote, fuck the courts, fuck science, fuck America

Biden leads in Georgia

Are you F__king Kidding Me?

Donald Trump KNOWS how to appeal to voters...

New Colorado poll (Keating, B/C): Biden +15, Hickenlooper +10

New South Carolina poll (NYT/Siena, A+): Biden -8, Harrison -6

Voted today - cancelled my absentee and voted in person. Yesterday they had 1,700 voters ...

Twitter locks official Trump campaign account over sharing Hunter Biden video

Graham challenger pushing conservatives toward 3rd candidate

dear nypost i have luckily stumbled on a laptop and found these files, please report on page one

Remember when Tiffany Trump was sort of independent from the Trump orbit?

7 Science-Based Strategies to Cope with Coronavirus Anxiety

How the Biden-administration could force the republican SCOTUS to self-destruct:

I'm watching the Trump Town Hall tonight...

Ammon Bundy Has Raised a Far-Right 'Army' to 'Protect the Righteous' Against 'Wicked' Liberals

Sample questions for Trump tonight:

Judge Barrett, will you recuse yourself from Catholic Church sexual abuse cases?

Ranking: Portland is the 9th best place to live in U.S., 'antifa radicals' and all

McConnell shoots down $1.8 trillion coronavirus deal, breaking with Trump

Fauci blasts herd immunity proposal embraced by White House as 'total nonsense'

Earlier, I was listening to news on Sirius (who it was, who knows...) and heard some disturbing...

"Herd Immunity"

Yet Another Kick-Ass Biden Ad - trump is the worst jobs president

Inspired by Trump, Hasidic Backlash Grows Over Virus Rules.

Trump campaign Twitter account 'locked' by tech giant for video on Joe Biden

19 days to go, everyone take a deep breath

Will 2020 Be Jimmy Carter's Revenge?

Trump bragging how he put his chief toady at risk of catching his virus

OMG this is HUGE

Lindsey Graham -18 USC 607- Criminal Code

Loeffler touts endorsement from controversial House candidate

TX-10: Democrats eyeing Texas gains take aim at Michael McCaul

I've not previously been a fan of reflexive straight party ticket voting.

US tennis: Sam Querrey faces backlash after family flees Russia in private jet following covid diagn

Who made the decision at NBC to have the trump town hall at the same time as Biden's?

How Trump Sealed the GOP's Suicide

Yeah! My vote has been received AND VALIDATED.

Just to note; Supreme Court justices can be removed via impeachment. Just saying.

Six post-Trump reforms to help protect the rule of law

A buttload of cash

I just can't even.........trump on Kamala and his popularity

Trump's fake new Biden scandal has a deeper purpose. Bannon revealed it.

Democrats' non-persecution of Amy Coney Barrett

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse spelled it out for us. We need to be competitive in the Supreme Court.

Trump dismayed news covered floods in Florida and Iowa and not his Nobel Prize nomination

Almost 18 million people have voted!

Post story author is Emma-Jo Morris a former segment producer-booker for... wait for it...HANNITY

I thought Trump couldn't handle the virus any worse than he already had. I was wrong.

*A + RATED MARIST NAT'L LIKELY VOTER POLL* Biden 54% Klansman 43% *

Biden leads Trump by more than 13 points in Pinellas County, Fl.

Is every Democrat united in opposing Amy Coney Barrett?

We Got To Get This Wanna Be Dictator OUT

BREAKING: TX judge halts Gov. Abbott's attempt to limit absentee ballot boxes to 1 per county...

These states tell us the GOP is in deep trouble

President Trump figuratively wags his behind at Kamala Harris' staff testing positive today

These states tell us the GOP is in deep trouble

Trump to Suburban Women: I let you have the American Dream

Rudy Giuliani was once compared to Churchill. Now he acts like a shady Watergate goon.

So, I pretty much emptied what was left of our garden today. Picked the last few peppers

If the rethugs steal this election like they did in 2016 what

There is one HUGE difference in the polling for Biden in 2020 vs Clinton in 2016

What the hell?

Fight over Prop 208 to fund public schools

The Lincoln Project: We fixed Don Jr.'s crazy ad.

Interesting analysis of alleged Hunter Biden email and why it's deemed a forgery

An observation: in 2016, Russian attempts to influence voter behavior had been underway for months

Constitutional wonks - Is there a way to term limit judges?

Trump: "We sent in the US Marshals, took 15 minutes and it was over..."

Whoa Colorado. Seeing record turnout (24 times that in 2016 at this time).

The Lincoln Project: We fixed Don Jr.'s crazy ad.

Day Lily times two:

Inside the Fall of the CDC

Inside the Fall of the CDC

Maddow: ....regarding 'October surprise'?

Cartoons 10/15/2020

Ted Cruz won't put on his mask

As Election Day nears, COVID-19 spreads further into red America

Sasse Says Trump 'Kisses Dictators' Butts'

Sigh On Steroids

A message from "Dr. Seuss".

"I'm being set up"

The Spread of Coronavirus in Migrant Detention Facilities - American Oversight

Virus-Plagued Megachurch Bedevils Town--and Locals Are Mad as Hell

Democrats raise $1.5 billion in third quarter

Incredible plot that would never have sold four years ago:

Christian Group Hits Trump: 'The Days Of Using Our Faith For Your Benefit Are Over'

MS-SEN: Hyde-Smith won't debate Democratic opponent

Great Political Ad!!!

Resources for Judges on AZ Ballot

Why do most of the TV hosts fail to call DT a liar? Jake Tapper on CNN played a clip of DT and said

Trump 85% mask claim - source - saw this a few days ago

Senator Feinstein, this is how it's done

Loony Trumper candidate spreading wild conspiracy lies & misinformation in John Lewis district.

Marist Poll - Biden 54% - trump 43% - The detail is like Whoa......

Trump administration sued over decision that would slash wages for more than 200,000 farm workers

A Crusade for Something Noble (James Carville)

TX-25: Texas Congressman Roger Williams pressured a bank to help out a top donor, records show

A Demoralized CDC Grapples With White House Meddling and its Own Mistakes

Texas Billionaire Robert Brockman Charged In $2 Billion Tax Fraud Scheme

Dianne Feinstein praises and hugs Lindsey Graham (both maskless)

State court judge has blocked Gov. Abbott's restriction on drop-off sites for absentee ballots


"Rudy Giuliani Is My Father. Please, Everyone, Vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris."

Person flying around LAX with a jetpack - any pictures?

Democrats try to delay Barrett confirmation after CNN's Kfile finds omissions in Senate paperwork

Over 125 mayors across Pa. announce they're backing Biden for president


Trump supporter thrown off flight for not wearing mask in probable publicity stunt

Are there 3 or 4 Republican Senators to vote No on Barrett? To Save ACA?

Trump: 'extrajudicial killing of citizens is good'

6th Circuit has ruled 2-1 that Tennessee's signature match procedures for absentee ballots can stand

Damn pity the 2016 voters handed Pelosi a butter knife rather than the wrecking ball she needed.

"Congratulations, NBC. You entirely brought this on yourself."

Is anybody else having a problem with the tweet links? No embeds,just the blue link to Twitter?

Oh lord, I hope this is Franklin Graham

Archaeological proof for 1,700 YearOld Chemical fighting

Just checked ballot info. Washington state

Houston billionaire Robert Brockman charged with $2 billion tax fraud

Dog Chooses The Perfect Man To Rescue Him

Boxing (10-17-2020)

A new Lincoln Project ad - 'Commander in Chief' lyrics by Demi Lovato

FCC Chairman says he will move to 'clarify' Section 230, threatening tech's legal shield

Sheldon Whitehouse lays it down, but good!

Why is there no outrage all over Congress about the GOP refusing to obey a court order?

a new Times/Siena poll.--both Lindsey Graham and the Donald are ahead.........

Tiny Paralyzed Puppy Proves All His Vets Wrong

Rudy Giuliani Is My Father. Please, Everyone, Vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris."

Lamest, biggest self-own. Ever.

Tiny lamb grows up screaming at her parents 😆

C-SPAN suspends Scully after he admits to lie about hack

Christian Group Hits Trump: 'The Days Of Using Our Faith For Your Benefit Are Over'

Not Our Vote, Not Our Faith

Dianne Feinstein Heaps Praise On Lindsey Graham After Amy Coney Barrett Hearing

Lol... this lamp:

Brent Terhune: TRUMP will be on MY tv's tonight ((sarcasm))

Stray dog wags his tail for the first time -- when he meets a girl dog 💛

Room temperature superconductor - but at a pressure of 2.6 million atmospheres

Almost 2,000 Robinhood accounts infiltrated by hackers: Bloomberg News

Chris Murphy's Twitter feed is becoming one of my favorites.

Would the Killa Con have had national prominence without

Would the Killa Con have had national prominence without

Why are the colors of Pittsburgh pro teams black and gold?

Pigeon gets excited when it's time to put on her wheels

Giuliani's daughter endorses Biden:

Tiny Kitten Who Couldn't Walk Runs After Her Siblings Now

COOK POLITCAL polling analysis

Carl Bernstein is livid about NBC decision: 'complete abrogation of journalistic integrity'

C-SPAN Suspends Scully After He Admits Lying About Hack

EarlG, a number of us are having issues with Twitter links again, same as a couple of months ago.

New national poll (IBD/TIPP, A/B): Biden +8

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Oct. 15, 2020

When you want to go full blown nuts:

How will CA replace Kamala Harris once Biden wins?

Biden is on Track to win by more than 10 Million Votes

Trump: we did a retaliatory gang killing

Poll: Biden Takes Double-Digit Lead Over Trump

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 10/15/20 - the NBC-Free edition

Income and expenses terms for public entities?

My new book -- sf, anti-Trump satire

BREAKING: Elliott Broidy is set to plead guilty to a conspiracy charge during his arraignment Oct

leaf blowers?

Why is Moscow Mitch always grinning lately...?

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, Biden, computers, emails, and verification....

The Latest: Georgia workers at voting prep center have virus

Congrats, NBC (New Trump Tweet)

Brian Tyler Cohen: NBC chose this

David Mack @davidmackau APNEWSALERT: C-SPAN suspends political editor Steve Scully indefinitely

More than 125 mayors across Pa. announce support for a Biden presidency

US District Ct Judge Burns Bureaucrat Bill Barr's Slavish Obedience To Trump, Support for Autocracy

Trump mocks NBC, and calls his Town Hall a free 1hr of TV...

Giuliani's latest B.S. Ukraine smear failed. You can thank the Trump impeachment for that

Cult45 voter gets Parkinsons. Unable to absorb Fox News, falls out of cult, VOTES BIDEN!

WE did our duty today!!!

Democrats urge early voting, massive turnout as Trump stokes fears of contested election

Walter Breaks His All-Time Meltdown Record!!

Mitch McConnell's biographer publicly voting against him and for a Blue Wave.

So damn true

I just found this political website called newsbreak. Some of you may already know about

Adelsons Pour $75M Into Last-Ditch Effort to Save Trump

Great new ad by MJ Hegar

Good dog! - The Lincoln Project (Twitter)

Superspreader coming to Wisconsin when emergency COVID hospitals being built...🤪

Pro-lifer turns the abortion argument on its head

Youtube is polluted with twitler ads.

What is Trump planning for tonite?

Trump threatened Facebook and Twitter again after they throttled the spread ...

Jewish family's painting looted by Nazis in 1933 is returned

New Texas rule lets social workers turn away clients who are LGBTQ or have a disability

To: Chuck Todd, Political Director, NBC News From: most US citizens---

OMG Who did this?

Here's the audio of Ben Sasse's comments

Guy Devotes His Life To Making Sure Bears Are Safe

Sinclair stations are set to air a monologue falsely claiming masks and lockdown precautions...

Boy, 12, discovers rare dinosaur skeleton (BBC)

New species of water bear uses fluorescent 'shield' to survive lethal UV radiation

W.A.S.P. - Arena Of Pleasure

Forget polls just vote at this point. Entirely possible 15-30%

Serious question for DUers - when MoscowMitch had polio as a toddler

Umm, so this ended up in my Twitter timeline:

As U.S. virus cases climb toward a third peak, the country surpasses 8 million known cases.

"Time of the Season" - Larry Goldings Trio

Elizabeth Warren demands investigation into elite investors accessing Trump briefings

David Pakman: Trump's Voice Fails at Event

I voted!

The Moderator Scheduled For The Second Presidential Debate Was Suspended For Lying About His Twitter

"It's very hard to watch a colleague in decline. That this is occurring publicly is even harder."

Inside an eerily silent White House,

The U.S. government can't sue someone just for making Melania Trump look bad

Covid hits the Biden Campaign

Interesting........I despise his folksy demeanor, Kennedy from Louisiana......

Does anyone actually like Chuck Todd?

Ari Berman's tweet to Moscow Mitch about court packing...

Record-breaking meth haul made in California, says DEA

Faith-healing church school in Redding CA flouted Pub health rules: 274 new cases of #COVID19 so far

Internatl Elections Experts Sound Alarm Re Trump's Rhetoric: Poll 'Violence Could Be Quite Serious'

"Messin' with the Kid" - Bill Frisell live

Iowa prosecutor charged over deportation threats to doctor

Upcoming SCOTUS Climate Case Involves Oil Giant That Employed Barrett's Father

If you have 4 red balls and 1 yellow ball in a bag, reach in without looking, don't be surprised if

Man described as neo-Nazi pleads guilty in synagogue plot

Cast my vote today in Tejas! Go Biden, Hegar, Vela and all the other Democrats I voted for!

The Greater D.C. Area Has Become a Hotbed of Speedcubing Talent

Are These The Laziest Pets On Planet Earth?

Priest gets federal prison for breaking into Navy base

Space Station Crew Safe After Oxygen Supply System Failure

It's called CULLING THE HERD not Herd Immunity --


Republican senator Ben Sasse predicts Donald Trump will 'LOSE and take down the Senate' and says he

Christie Says He Was 'Wrong' Not to Wear Masks at White House

Trump bashes NBC ahead of town hall, adds it's 'a free hour on television'

In 2018 a bill was filed in the House to revoke Bill Cosby's Presidential Medal of Freedom

XTC - "King for a Day," live on Letterman, 1989

The same guy who says, We don't have health insurance because we move a lot...😜😜

TN Gov Bill Lee in quarantine after security staff catches coronavirus


Twitter is overloaded and can't take any more tweets

Joe & Kamala watch some of trump's remarks from the campaign trail

This will make the dog lover in you smile.

Well, at least I didn't have to ask if they missed me..............

Has anyone received their mail-in ballots in the mail yet? Thought I should have today.

eleven years ago today:

I was listening to my Governor trash Trump on Nicolle's show...

@SenSasse owes @POTUS an apology!

Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) - Stephanie Kelton

Smart dog!!

Maybe this is a good thing, but Twitter appears to be down.

Keith Olbermann: talking about Ben Sasse.

Trump talks about job growth..what job growth??

OMG! The corporatist Comcast-owned MSNBC is trying to claim the race is close again!!!!!

Trump admits exposing Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to Covid-19: 'He didn't care. He's from North Caro

Anchor Babies. Not so cute.

Nice flag animation!

Amy Barratt's Judicial Inexperience and the Principle of Stare Decisis

Obama Does Pod Save America, Doesn't Even Admit He Did Obamagate, Which Is The Biggest Crime

Tonight at 7 p.m., discussion on American Labor Policy


Bernard Cohen, lawyer who took on mixed marriage laws, dies

SEN. Whitehouse to his Repub colleagues: "Don't think that when you have established the rule of 'be

Historically black school renames hall honoring KKK leader

TWITTER is back up...

Top Democratic super PAC boosts MJ Hegar in Texas' U.S. Senate race with $8.6 million TV blitz

Joe: During our contact tracing, we discovered around noon today that a member of the company that c

Prediction: Trump spends his entire hour talking about Hunter Biden

Surprise! Huge early vote bodes well for avoiding electoral disaster.

Drinking Game for the tRump Show tonight:

Justice Democrats go all-in on Biden

Biden Is Not Out of the Woods: Unanticipated electoral developments...

Now, I know that there are no indications of this and it goes against everything we think

The only thing I want Biden to talk about is herd immunity.

Kyrgyzstan's President Resigns Amid Turmoil Following Disputed Election

Watch ABC Please Tonight For Debate

Seems there will be a new Pre,z when im seen agai..

These are the abortion cases Amy Coney Barrett might hear on the Supreme Court

Greta Thunberg Rebukes Amy Coney Barrett Over Her Anti-Science 'Views on Climate Change'

Enjoyable convo with my dad today (sarcasm alert)

House lawmakers to propose emergency 3% Social Security cost-of-living adjustment

What if he collapses tonight?

Well, that's a relief. Just received this email notice:

Republican Judges Are Quietly Upending Public Health Laws

Christie was also treated with an experimental antibody cocktail and remdesivir...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 16 October 2020

Joe: Well, folks, @KamalaHarris and I watched some of President Trump's remarks from the campaign tr

The Sheldon Whitehouse Juggernaut Day 4 -- On The Rule of "Because We Can"

Kamala Harris NAILS Amy Coney Barrett in brilliant line of questioning

Trump rages at allies as potential October surprises fizzle

THOSE ASSHOLES! The local station changed Biden to 8 PM PDT.

"They didn't want to arrest him"

Just heard on my local news.......the repubs, tRump, pence, and Paul Ryan haven't paid their

In less than 3 weeks, we can END the past decade of GOP JACKASSERY.

Did I hear that right? "They didn't want to arrest him" I know we are going on a descent into hell

Block the Bridge Christie is the epitome of the Reich Wing

NBC's Trump town hall will likely be a train wreck -- and viewers will flock to it

CO Democrats did not need to nominate Hickenlooper-D to defeat Gardner-R.

Hubby controlled the tv

Rudy Giuliani is embarrassing

ABC Joe Biden Town Hall streaming link

Post a line from a song & see if anyone knows the song without using Google - Part 19

NBC will broadcasting on (NBC)(CNBC)& (MSNBC). (ABC) Has no sister cable channels.

The crooks run wild!


Joe Morgan

Interesting - mail in ballot

Are we really trashing a Democratic Senator for being old and hugging someone?

"So Beautiful" - Robert Glasper Trio

Just saw Absolute Vodka commercial

Okay: NOW Twitter is back up...

I want a tour of Mayor Pete's whole house. Watching him now on Joy

TWITTER is back up...

Mayor Pete is a class act

Thurs. Worst Person in the World

Rudy Giuliani staffers accidentally upload video of him being racist

10/16 Mike Luckovich: Heaven overwhelmed

IMO, it may all come down to Pennsylvania (and Great Lakes states too)

No need for Biden to quarantine after flying with person who tested positive for COVID-19: campaign

I wonder about Trump rallys ...

Sweet Biden/Harris Sign

White House was warned Giuliani was target of Russian intelligence operation to feed misinformation

Lindsey Graham is begging...................again.

Just saw Erin Burnett on CNN knock down a Trumper.

Democratic Senate challengers shatter money records, boosting their hopes of flipping chamber

"This Supercut Shows Just How Bizarre a Single Trump Fox Interview Can Be"

NC voting


I think Trump will surprise some people tonight.

Peter Strzok: It's never too late for Republicans who care about our national security to speak up.

Blaire Erskine: I am PROUD of my mom, Amy Coney Barrett!!

Trump Pride: Gay Republicans on why they're backing the president

"After three years, both officers in Bijan Ghaisar case indicted for manslaughter..."

Twitter Is Experiencing A Large-Scale Outage

U.S. judge 'not inclined' to reverse decision on WeChat app store ban

Judge puts on hold Texas' limit on drop boxes for absentee ballots

couple charged with murder. forced girl to jump on trampoline as punishment

More wildfires ignite in West, forcing evacuations from California to Colorado

White House did not, in fact, test everyone who attended the ACB ceremony; just first 3 rows.

US Senate seats that Democrats will be going to definitely win in 2020.

I saw something that was a profile in courage.

Ha ha Logged in on three devices for Biden Town Hall

Trump wants another October surprise. His efforts to manufacture one are ham-handed.

Beautiful, mesmerizing overhead views of Sheep being herded through narrow gates.

TRUMP was told by NSA's O'BRIEN that Rudy Giuliani's anti-Biden info was Russian contaminated.

The wheels are coming off the rails of Trump's Town hall and we haven't even started...

Trump ex-fundraiser to plead guilty in 1MDB foreign lobbying case

"Rudy: You think a Russian gave it to me?"

TV Ratings poll

While everyone is posting about Trump on MSNBC I just found out

Twitter suffers massive outage; 'no evidence' of hack or security breach

White supremacist pleads guilty in plot to blow up Colorado synagogue

So there's basically a cure for covid that only the wealthy can get