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ok joe biden live on youtube (abc says)...

According to my tv schedule, trump*'s townhall is scheduled for just an hour. Stamina issues?

Cut over to see the next President of the United States discuss the issues.

For all those with a Roku, the Roku Channel has Joe's town hall...

Democratic nominee Joe Biden hosts a town hall in Philadelphia ABC

Romney says he'll vote to put Barrett on Supreme Court

A Song I Always Dug, But Until Today...

So far so good, Biden is refreshing and straight forward

In the first 90 seconds

Trump Town Hall Open Thread.

I note ABC affiliates are time-shifting the Biden townhall. If that is happening to you, stream at:

More than 100 blank Jefferson County absentee ballots found in dumpster

I watched 15 seconds of trump just to see if he was raving....

WTF? ABC in Seattle (owned by Sinclair) is SUPPOSED to be showing the Biden town hall...

Jake Tapper: Trump completely misrepresented a CDC study - CNN Video

I just do not care for her.....she's a wimp.

Here is a link to Joe Biden's Town Hall

Scientists Trapped In Ice for Past Year Return With a Dire Warning

"The words of a President matter." Joe Biden

Biden Townhall - Joe is solid! He impressed a woman who voted trump in 2016. *Running commentary*

I haven't seem much of the Barrett confirmation hearings, but it seems that DiFi....

COVID 19 testing and case positive ratio data by state - can you spot the GOP governors?

UK DUers watch all of this

I love John Fugelsang's idea!

"a firehose of nonsense"

Joe is talking to these people like they're in his living room.

Jewish family's painting looted by Nazis in 1933 is returned

Joe is doing great!

Local ABC affiliate not carrying Biden Live

Savannah, ask him if he even knows what Antifa means.

Ain't he a pretty little thing - Eyebleach post

Q & A about QAnon (trump)

This wins the internet on the GOP fixation on Hunter Biden...

Joe Biden is good and decent man

Synthetic connectivity, emergence, and self-regeneration in the network of prebiotic chemistry

Savannah is pissing off Trump

Streaming numbers


Trump's radiologist trained but advisor on Covid has been talking up herd immunity.

Did the The Lincoln Project make an ad about the Ben Sasse recording ripping trump yet?


"You're not like someone's crazy uncle who can just retweet whatever."

Joe is showing off his policy chops.

What's with the hostile looking men questioning Biden?

This is a must read! Halpern gives details of Barr's dangerous work for Trump and breaking the rule

Voter asked Trump if his opinion on mask wearing has change since he got Covid. Trump: No.

Paxton: Top aide quit before being put on investigative leave

George-shut up and let the future President speak

We Are In One of the Most Dangerous Periods In American History: Bob Woodward

Middle Age Riot describes the trump town hall perfectly!

Donald Trump's Final Pitch to Americans: Drop Dead

Biden town hall open thread

"Looks like masks were optional at the Eric Trump rally in Northfield"

Trump puts in a good word for QAnon..

19 days to go - my nightly home stretch election polling data update

Worst Person In The World by Keith Olbermann No. 7: GOP Senator Sasse Gives A Huge F-U to Trump

Rudy Giuliani's Daughter Suggests You Ignore Her Dad And Vote For Joe Biden

JOe is wonderful. I loved how he told that young man he would stay around after and talk more

Guthrie is doing a good job

Trump is melting down. The best way to show this is his body language. He is slouching all over.

Marc Elias: Make a Mistake? Know About the "Cure" Process.

I'm watching the future #46 talking to Americans about how we will recover the trump disaster.

I'm watching the tRump Clown Hall broadcast

NBCTrump Town Hall live real-time undecided voter reaction

We got our ballots today!!!

410 million in a very small amount?

All any "undecided" voter has to do right now is watch Joe for 5 minutes, then flip to Trump

Just watched Friedman on CNN with Anderson Cooper

EU Sanctions list has been published. Some criminals in Putin's regime that made the cut S. Kiriyen

Commercials, commercials.

We Need To Talk About Sen. Mike Lee's Far-Right Pocket Constitution

Who ITF is that woman behind con on his left? She just keeps nodding in agreement with everything

Supreme Court is the next question on the Biden channel. 8:44 EST.

New from MeidasTouch: #ByeTiffany

Measured is greater than Bug fuck insane

Trump administration rejects California on disaster assistance for Creek Fire, others

Republicans widen counterattack on Facebook and Twitter

TX-SEN: Democratic super PAC launches $8.6M ad blitz supporting Hegar's bid against Cornyn

How is Joe Biden doing?

Then asked if he owes foreign banks, and he says: "not that I know of" before saying "probably."

Joe Biden for President takes campaign message to rural Florida voters

Trump using codewords: "honest election"

Con won't say whether or not he wants Roe overturned. That was a bad look.

Watching Joe vs

Biden just dropped a mushroom cloud sized bomb on trump with his answer about DOJ

I'd say the best thing about this Biden town hall...

Trump embraces idea behind 'herd immunity' as Fauci calls concept 'total nonsense'

Top Democrat goes viral with BRILLIANT warning to GOP on Supreme Court confirmation

Gotta love Mary Trump.

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Harris County hits 100,000 ballots cast for third day in a row

So much for boycotting NBC

Leadership matters: President's words and actions show he is unfit to lead our nation

Interesting swing state mail-in stats from The Guardian

Two more large Trump signs removed from rural areas

The NYT is live blogging/fact checking both. It is worth reading for those with a sub.

Trump should be ashamed for saying Obama-Biden kept Osama bin Laden alive

Biden says 1994 crime bill was a 'mistake' during ABC town hall

Optics on ABC are horrible.....where is Joe looking??? It's terrible......

In 2008 Democrats had a net gain of 8 US Senate seats. Could they get a net gain of 8 seats in 2020.

Just made another donation to Biden/Harris to support tonight's appearance

Trump Says States He's Losing Are Just Dumb: 'We're Winning Everywhere Where People Are Intelligent'

Amazing to listen to substance!

Mary Trump tweet:

Meet the first Black candidate in an 84% white Texas district

voters have cast 18 million ballots, 13.2% of the total votes counted in the 2016 general election.

Always be scared of the tall white man

Over 66,000 New US Covid Cases-Highest Since July 31st

Dear NBC set designers... thank you for the seats.

Getting a little tired of stephenapolis' attempted gotcha questions

Everyone should send Savannah flowers

Fascism: As Polling Turns Against Him, Trump Lays Groundwork For Mass Violence

NBC confirms the FBI is investigating the Hunter Biden laptop story as a Russian intelligence operat

BOW to this Awesome Cool Medical Mask I just got in the mail! #GhostofTsushima

Early voting lines run long in Oak Cliff and Irving (TX) as voters say they seek to send a message

Joe really pushed back on the "conservative" who said how well trump is doing in foreign policy

Right wing asshole to Joe Biden

MSNBC right now doing damage control, trying to backpedal all the lies they let tRump

On interviewing Trump (who is very skilled at bullshit)...

Republican plant question .... Doesn't President Trump deserve some credit for the foreign ...

Inside the Trump administration's coverup at the Cleveland Clinic

Rachel just came on the air and is calling Trump a liar!

One thing Guthrie unequivocally confirmed is that the con

Rachel is making trump pay

Yay!! The Lincoln Project is evaluating the 2 town halls right now.

What a great response on the Trump voter who tried to score points on Trump's foreign policy.

Mailed my ballot on Tuesday 10-13-2020.

Aside from celebrity gossip, is there anything Trump is proficient in?

The Moody Blues - "Tuesday Afternoon"

I didn't want to watch either Town Hall tonight!

Rachel destroying Trump lies!!

There is no horse race. Trump is headed for the knacker's yard

OK, OK ,OK, I take it back, my comment on Joe's bad optics........

Bexar County's (TX) second day of early voting still doesn't beat 2016 poll numbers

Half of Americans over 55 may retire poor

Joe's not going to pack the SCOTUS

Has Biden's security briefings begun?

Ohio Absentee Ballot mailed on 6 October still hasn't arrived to me in Virginia

ABC Town Hall with Joe Biden has ended.

One MAJOR thing I noticed watching Biden for 90 min

Cuomo (CNN) giving Biden a hard time about adding supreme court judges.

A service to our country and democracy

Joe is still taking questions from the audience.

Joe went 90 minutes, handling everything that came his way, with NO NOTES

George Stephanopoulos, Thank you Mr Vice President you did a service tonight to American Democracy

They weren't kidding when they said steroids cause weight gain.

Taped the NBC town hall and went to take a look

The President refuses to denounce QAnon.

They found Chris Christie!

Black man's family views graphic video of in-custody death

Racism is so American that when u protest it, people think you are protesting America

anyone know

Breadfan - Budgie

Jon Ralston's Nevada Early Voting Blog - 10/15/20

President Biden showing off his stamina

Joe's answer i haven't actually SEEN it but based on reporting was BRILLIANT!

Across the country, postal workers mark packages still sitting in the post office as 'delivered'

Joe is still engaging with the people at the town hall, at least 30 minutes after conclusion

No extension for mail ballots from Navajo Nation voters, 9th Circuit court rules

Did Kamala Harris notice "the fly?" - Rachel asks...

My apologies to Savannah Guthrie.

Feds approve Georgia health insurance changes sought by Kemp

Democrats have more than enough US Sen. seats they need to gain in order to regain control in 2020.

Noun/verb/9/11s daughter coming up on Rachel

Caroline Giuliani is on Rachel's show, next

In Dueling Town Halls, Trump Throws Tantrums And Biden Behaves Like A Real President

Did Kamala Harris notice "the fly?" - Rachel we know

Just got this crazy email from the insane CO republican party

Biden's coup-de-grace. 10-15-2020

A very short Joe Biden story:

Frank Luntz tweets about his undecided group:

VIDEO: Steve Schmidt on Trump town hall: He's shrinking before our eyes. The emperor has no clothes

AZ-SEN: Democrat Mark Kelly widens lead over Republican Martha McSally in post-debate Senate poll

New Alaska Senate poll (Harstad, B/C): Gross+1

66,129 new Corona cases today, highest since July 31

Saw fox/hannity for about 30 seconds. Had a guy named Mark Levin, who was

Feds examining whether alleged Hunter Biden emails are linked to a foreign intel operation

Chyron earlier on Rachel's show: Trump says 85% of mask wearers get Covid-19.

Did our friends "the fly" come to tRump town hall?

*Lawrence focusing on Joe B's Town Hall now.

Rudy Giuliani Is My Father. Please, Everyone, Vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Joni Ernst (IA): When you're arguing with the debate moderator you're losing...

I've been sleepwalking, trying to take what's lost and broke And make it right

'You're the president. You're not, like, someone's crazy uncle who can just retweet whatever' --

Regarding Trump's probability of winning..

Trump Campaign: 'F**k Mr. Rogers'

Harris on Don Lemon Now!

WI: Favorite to win Assembly seat in Madison uses C-word to describe tavern lobbyists

Man described as neo-Nazi pleads guilty in synagogue plot

Wanna cry? John Legend plays for Chrissy

The Lincoln Project knows just what to do with Trump's dancing

Joe Biden acted like a leader who is in touch with the problems Americans are facing ...

WH just called a lid. Trump is in for the evening - Biden is still in the hall taking questions

Who Is Kamala's Communication Secretary

Bill Kristol: Call me hopelessly old school, but I'm pro-Mister Rogers and anti-QAnon.

Not a stable genus

Rep. Swalwell Accuses Lindsey Graham of Committing a Federal Felony at Barrett Confirmation Hearing

MI: Biden headed back to southeastern Michigan on Friday with two events

I've never...

Was the Biden townhall on Seattle station?

Collins, Gideon clash on records, health care in debate

Halloween Is Coming! #71

Halloween Is Coming! #72

Halloween Is Coming! #73

Halloween Is Coming! #74

Halloween Is Coming! #75

Trump campaign's "cash on hand" # includes RNC & joint committees to mask how little Trump has

In Bay Village, Someone Called Cops on a Sleeping Homeless Person. It was a Statue of Jesus.

OH: Traffic congestion drives away some early voters

Because I'm dense I need some help about donating to Joe.

Uh oh Rudy. Feds investigating whether NYP Hunter Biden story was planted by foreign intelligence.

Just tracked our Ohio ballots

US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats the Democrats are likely to win in 2020.

If Savannah Guthrie works you over

Trump campaign statement: "President Trump soundly defeated NBC's Savannah Guthrie..."

Hey Trump, what's your health care plan you keep promising?

Texas social workers can now refuse to work with LGBTQ and disabled clientsThe Texas State Board of

Gisele Fetterman passes on pressing charges against racist woman

'Virus is now winning' (NM)

Jamaicans in Florida energized by Harris on 2020 ticket

Woman nodding behind Trump at town hall not only a Trumpster - she likes the Proud Boys

Go get 'im, Lawrence.

Biden Says He'll Let The DOJ Decide On Prosecuting Trump

GOP starts forging a alliance with QAnon

The election is now officially Mr Rogers v. Your Crazy Uncle.

Why are trumpers, the trump family, and trump himself so upset tonight?

What does "under levered" mean?

So... I just watched the Trump townhall... This countries number one priority should be education...

Biden might be the best candidate we've

Interesting Timeline Comparison Related to Giuliani Email Forgeries

Biden/Harris should prepare a better answer to the Supreme Court issue

Dan Rather: Has Donald Trump been vowing to make suburban neighborhoods safe from Mr. Rogers?

Republicans are trying to gaslight voters with election-year sleight of hand.

Missed it by *that* much

Amy Coney Barrett Refuses to Tell Kavanaugh Which Beer She Prefers in Supreme Court Fridge

Florida GOP closes gap on Democrats in voter registration, but Dems take mail-in lead

Heh. Savannah Guthrie, "You're the President, you're not someone's crazy uncle."

WaPo: Moderators press Trump, Biden at dueling town halls

Trump's face at the end of his town hall (Twitter GIF)

Tennessee judge reprimanded for sexting women in his robes

We voted!

Winning tweet of the night!!

What's with the Mr. Rogers reference?

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, October 16, 2020

IRS documents show Tuberville Foundation kept money from vets

Anyone notice this?

jimmy kimmel on tonight's "dueling town halls" -- "nbc sucks" "it was a real peacock block"

Fire and Strong Winds Create 'Sandstorm' in the Pantanal

Big global study finds remdesivir doesn't help Covid-19 patients

Fire and Strong Winds Create 'Sandstorm' in the Pantanal

Vox: 5 winners and 3 losers from the dueling Trump-Biden town halls

Cuomo Says As A Country We Have Not Learned Lessons From The Past Seven Months - Deadline - MSNBC

I know I'm going to try to tune in for this!

Slate "It Took Savannah Guthrie 19 Minutes to Give Trump His Toughest Grilling in Years"

Trailing In Polls, Trump Turns To Discredited Recount Playbook - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Trump administration rejects California's disaster assistance request for wildfires

It has occurred to me that we are now in the much-anticipated zombie apocalypse

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Obsesses Over Hunter Biden And A Bin Laden Conspiracy

Compleat kit for voting hazards: Long lines and walking/crawling over broken glass to vote

Is anyone else disappointed that . . . . .

So, how are we doing with COVID? Pretty damn terrible.

CNN has blurb up that Kamala spoke out after town halls

If everything Christians believe about God is true, then God has to be greatest recycler

It's crystallized into something very simple for me:

Ohmergawd, in northern WI it's snowing!

So you're going to boycott NBC & MSNBC & damn all anchors who won't do a Chris Matthews on air......

Jmmy Kimmel Live: Trump & Biden's Dueling Town Halls (PEACOCK BLOCKED)

"He didn't spend the whole time yelling, he didn't piss himself..."

Rahm Emanuel: Post ABC interview 'Trump made a huge tactical mistake letting Biden speak freely'

First Romney insulted Big Bird

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris React to President Donald Trump Moments

So did Ben Sasse release that audio? I think Brian Williams just insinuated he did

Las Vegas GOP consultant arrested for raping a woman he met on a dating app

What song should be blaring as the Trumps board Marine One for the last time on 01/20/21?

Donald Trump Continues to Trash Masks After COVID-19 Diagnosis - NowThis

I have something to say:

Interested in ratings? YouTube views indicate 153,660 vs 507,445 viewers at end of events

If Trump thought this was going to go well tonight, it didn't!

Navy Seal who killed bin Laden hits out at Trump for pushing conspiracy he killed a body double

CNN Business "Elizabeth Warren demands investigation into elite investors accessing Trump briefings"

Joni Ernst off by almost half on Break Even Price of Soybeans in Debate one said anything about Russia.

Scientists find evidence of shark bigger than Jaws at Mammoth Cave

The secret to life is

Coronavirus: 'Long Covid could be four different syndromes' (BBC)

In what format will the October 22 debate be?

Woman who nodded, gave thumbs up behind Trump in Miami ran pro-Trump campaign in 2018

US Senate seats that Democrats will be definitely going to win in 2020.

watched the trump town hall. He is still digging the same holes.

LINCOLN PROJECT campaign ad: "Big"

anyone found any polling on the Dueling "debates" tonight? What I think this says...

Man of the People Bob Woodward was on MSNBC

ABC YouTube views of Biden Town Hall: 2,167,495 --CNBC/tRump: 617,955

Two simple reasons why NBC did a Trump Town Hall

Gypsy Woman - Brian Hyland

Motherf*cker: Trump administration rejects California's disaster assistance request for wildfires

I finally meet a fellow Atheist and her like minded sister!

MSNBC had a Segment with with White Suburban Women who are Qanon Supporters

Are these large-breasted women in tight shirts

All these new voters . . .

QAnon: Why is Trump so obsessed with pedophilia?

I Think she has a future ....You??

Fin Du Temps - Art of Noise

Leaders step up restrictions as El Paso sees another record-high for Covid-19 infections

Is there video of Biden's 'post-town hall' discussions with the voters?

Apache - Hank Marvin

And the internet is won by...🤣🤣🤣

After Joe Biden's nearly two hour long town hall, Biden spent another half hour taking questions

Prince - Da,Da,Da - Emancipation

US Senate seats that Democrats are likely to win to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Lincoln Project music video to Demic Lovato' s new song Commander in Chief

Former military doctors: Vote Biden, not Trump, for America's health, security and future

Mexico's former defense secretary arrested at LAX on drug, money charges

Mexico's former defense secretary arrested at LAX on drug, money charges

Joy Division - Atmosphere

GOP Senator McSally Uses Taxpayer Money for Robocall As She Trails Behind Dem Challenger in Polls

City of Galveston sued for $1M over 'outrageous' 2019 arrest

Chris Christie says he was wrong not to wear mask at the White House

anyone have info on news that GOP has registered more voters than Dems?

Let's talk about computers, emails, Biden, Trump, and verification....

The Trump administration's attempt to ban WeChat is reportedly likely to remain blocked by a judge a

Let me introduce myself...😈

Michigan arrests 14th person over plot to kidnap Gov. Whitmer

AR-02: Tossup between French Hill, Joyce Elliott in Arkansas congressional race, new poll shows

Prairie View A&M Students Combat Voter Suppression By Marching To Early Voting Site

October ( U2 - Live 1983 )

What Is Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome, The Condition Affecting Some Covid-19 Survivors?

*3:00 AM -- The Diary of Anne Frank (1959)

What Is Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome, The Condition Affecting Some Covid-19 Survivors?

NY-01: Newsday Editorial Board Skewers Zeldin in Glowing Endorsement of Nancy Goroff

NY-11: Nicole Malliotakis' Dismal Record on LGBTQ Issues

Trump Adviser's Head-Scratching Attempt To Trash Biden Backfires

NY-22: Tenney Tweets COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory.

Trump administration rejects California's disaster assistance request for wildfires

NY-24: John Katko has $1 million more to spend than Dana Balter in final weeks of campaign

Trump Pivoted to Antifa When Asked to Denounce White Supremacy - NowThis

Interesting article about Nashville(1975) from the BBC.

GOP senator Ben Sasse said Trump 'kisses dictators' butts,' flirts with white supremacists, mistreat

CA: 'Trump Tells California We Can Just Burn'

Local Weekly: I Need You...Vote to Save America (Image)

VA-05: Cameron Webb shoots his shot in red Virginia

Red Lake Welcome Sign Defaced With Nazi Swastika and Trump 2020 Vandalism

How to Save Democracy From GOP Sabotage

VA-02: Democrats bringing in more campaign cash in Capitol Hill races

Since we're doing music this fine morning, some ..ahem...required reading, so to speak

KANA CHAN TV: 2:50 / 10:17 I celebrated my birthday cake in front of the tent in solitude.

NC-11: EDITORIAL: WNC finally has a fair fight in the 11th. Moe Davis is the only choice to win

GA-SEN: Loeffler's husband gives $5.5M to boost her Senate campaign

GA-SEN: Loeffler touts endorsement from House candidate who praised QAnon conspiracy theory

GA-06: Georgia's McBath seeks 2nd win in once-famed GOP district

More than 8,000 COVID-19 cases related to FL schools since early September

FL-26: Corrupt Carlos Has "No" Concerns about President Trump's Reckless Visit to Miami Today

FL Supreme Court gives elections officials a deadline to respond to legal attack on primary ballot

Gross Grabs Lead In Alaska Senate Race

DEA Recruits Cite 'Monkey Noises' Among Claims of Racism

Dave Matthews band #41 Jeff Coffin sax solo

Heather Cox Richardson - October 15, 2020 (Mitch is going to do it again!!!)

AZ-SEN: GOP Senator McSally Uses Taxpayer Money for Robocall

Philip Halpern Leaves Justice Dept. Over Barr's 'Slavish Obedience' To Trump - The Last Word - MSNBC

Coronavirus: France Reports More Than 30,000 New Infections

Man urinated on woman during red-eye to Detroit

CO-03: GOP candidate's former campaign chief: Thank God for Proud Boys

'Not Only Lies, They Were Dangerous Lies': Maddow Lists Trump Covid Lies At Town Hall - TRMS - MSNBC

Coronavirus Plunges Millions of Americans Into Poverty

CO-03: Boebert Says She Doesn't Let Teens Illegally Carry Guns But One Said Boebert "Allows Me To"

Singapore Airlines sells out meal experience on planes that don't take off

UT-04: Burgess Owens flip-flops on support for Obamacare repeal

MT-SEN: Bullock raises almost $27M for Senate race, in last three months

Nearly 5.2 Mill Americans Will Be Disenfranchised In 2020 Election Due To Felony Convictions, Study

Trump Talks Election Strategy In Exclusive Woodward Audio - The 11th Hour MSNBC

Actually . . .

White House Puts 'Politicals' At CDC To Try To Control Info

115-Pound Great Pyrenees Keeps Getting Adopted And Returned Until ... 😍

Breakfast Friday 16 October 2020

Toss-up Florida gets even tighter as Republicans narrow voter registration gap

Would the Supreme Court Let Trump Steal The Election?

Trump can't tell the truth

Mail-in ballot tracking in swing states ... thanks to Pro Publica and the Guardian ...

Clearview Research poll of Florida: Joe Biden 47%, Donald Trump 40%

Angry Trump clashes with moderator as Biden lays out policies at competing town halls - as it happen

Republican Sen. Joni Ernst Botches 'Most Midwestern Moment' Ever In TV Debate

Republican Sen. Joni Ernst Botches 'Most Midwestern Moment' Ever In TV Debate

Sean Ono Lennon_ Isolation

The Nu-Trends - Spooksville (1956)

"The Words of a President Matter:" What Biden and Trump Said At Their Dueling Town Halls


A number of reporters are pushing that non-college education white voters are registering

Savannah Guthrie for Meet the Press

I just found out that Savannah Guthrie

Trump released a statement saying he soundly defeated Guthrie last night

Heh. Trump falls for Babylon Bee story about Twitter and tweets about it. (Yes I see the irony)

Jobless claims head higher: 898,000 Americans filed for unemployment benefits

Justice Dept. charges Texas billionaire with biggest tax fraud case in US history

Do you trust a serial liar with...

State officials will investigate pornographic audio in Baltimore County Schools meeting

Legal Experts Torch President of the United States for Bragging About 'Extrajudicial Killing' ...

I need a new Covid-19 trends / projections website!

Please tag your thread titles with party and state! Like: "Mark Warner (D-VA), ahead in polls"

Texas billionaire Bob Brockman charged with biggest tax evasion case in US history; [...]

Every Major Republican to Speak Out Against Trump Just Days Before Election

45%+ Of Lower 48 Now In Drought; NOAA - Winter Forecast Not Promising At This Point

Twitter thread on the Hunter Biden "story"

Oakland, Portland sue over use of federal agents at protests

US Senate seats that Democrats will gonna be winning in 2020.

Among Dozens Of Non-Answers, Judge Jesus Barbie's Non-Answers On Climate Really Stood Out

Boris Johnson says UK should prepare for a no-deal Brexit and 'Australia-style' future

Friday TOONs - Non-Answers

Colorado man sentenced to 300+ years for human trafficking

15 million hand written letters to be mailed by thousands of volunteers tomorrow

Trump's Schedule for Friday, October 16, 2020

Lender of Trump's $420m: "I want you to do me a favor though..."

Last night America got to see both candidates answer questions rather than preform a scripted act

DU's Instincts Are Right About TLP -- Its FEC Filing Proves The "Opportunist Apostate" Argument

Ku Klux Klan leader's name stripped from Alabama State University residence hall

Trump just cited a satire website to back up his latest asinine conspiracy theory

Flip Flop

Researchers discover fossils of new species in Arizona

Doug Jones and Jaime Harrison approx equal chances of winning

Daily Beast: Chinese Billionaire's Network Hyped Hunter Biden Dirt Weeks Before Rudy

What no one ever asks Trump about his taxes...

Dying Inside: The Hidden Crisis in America's Jails

Taking issue with Savannah Guthrie's, "it's not like you're someone's crazy uncle"

Bloomberg Teams with Latino Group for Ad Buy

Off-duty N.J. cop led police on high-speed pursuit, authorities say

TLP: Girl in the Mirror

TLP: Girl in the Mirror

Trump: We sent in the US Marshals, took 15 minutes and it was over... They knew who he was

East Texas Democratic candidates host rally encouraging voting, share their platforms

NY Post: Tennessee mayor resigns after allegedly shoplifting at Target

White House was warned Giuliani was target of Russian intelligence operation to feed misinformation

Trump jusy retweeted a PARODY site story he thinks is true...

Don Winslow Films - #TrumpAttacksBlackWomen

Savannah Guthrie delivered the Trump interview we've been wanting for years

Chinese Billionaire's Network Hyped Hunter Biden Dirt Weeks Before Rudy


British Airways hit with UK data watchdog's biggest-ever fine

Last night could not have made it any clearer

Did you hear him last night when he said he did favors for the institutions

"Under levered"?

"Rabid squirrel over on NBC"

It's pretty insidious how GOPrs are using the Fed. Judiciary to usurp democracy

9 out of 10 mathematicians believe that

Moody College of Communication releases statement regarding Stan Richards' racist comments

Can someone let QAnon Barbie know that they are the very definition of the Swamp.

Several months ago, during the first peak of the pandemic in the US, TV showed us bodies stacked

Diane Fienstein is really beginning to bother me ..

Our "underlevered" president who borrowed money as a "favor"

538 has Biden back up to +10.7% this morning. (edited due to even more increase!)

Savannah Guthrie: A classic example of a woman who was underestimated until

Trump admin REJECTS California request for disaster declaration for wildfires

I want to fly

A quiet morning in North Carolina...

Biden hits HOMERUN when asked how his Justice Department would hold Trump to account

I've heard of people seeing celebrities in public but I never thought I would!

Here's this about QAnon

***AP/NORC Poll*** Biden 51 Trump 36

For the time capsule: the president on QAnon.

MSNBC Morning Joe gives this Rod Dreher Wingnut a platform this morning

Grandfather pleads guilty in death of toddler who fell from cruise ship in Puerto Rico

Well he just threw Sue Collins under the bus

That mother and daughter on CNN just now. Wow it's scary to have a woman say she is a doctor

YOU raised $19,625.43 for Biden-Harris, $20 Amy (DITCH Mitch) McGrath & $0 for duhneece on 10-14-20

538 Democrats have an 80% chance of holding between 48-55 seante seats

"It's not clear that seeing more of the president is necessarily a help to his campaign."

Florida Seniors In Action

YouTube TownHalls Views: 2.8M (Biden) vs 1.9M (Trump)

Japan to release Fukushima's contaminated water into sea: reports


Pfizer Says It Won't Seek Vaccine Authorization Before Mid-November

Because Of Course: World Maritime Organization Agrees To "Free Pass" On Emissions W. 2030 Start

Hey Susan Collins - Trump just tweet trashed you.

Sorting through some of my mom's things and came across this letter @JoeBiden wrote to her 18 years

The origin of Super Villains: Bizarro

Guthrie pretty much castrated Trump & dined on his oysters with some fava beans and a nice chianti

The Rundown: October 16, 2020

COMICS PORTAL: Reprints Make Sense!

Surprise! $1.00 comics actually sell, so why is the average price still $3.99?

After Years Of Limits Led By First Nations, Skeena River Red Salmon #s Jump 50% This Year

How the U.S. Chamber of Commerce learned to love House Democrats

Trump Loves You And So Does Jimmy Jones

Here's what many of us in FL are doing about our 2016 PTSD

US officials warned the White House that Russian intelligence was using Rudy Giuliani to funnel ...

Watch ABC News Joe Biden Town Hall in Philadelphia Moderated by George Stephanopoulos

Maui County Sues 20 Oil Companies; Shell: Courtroom "Not The Right Venue To Address Climate Change"

Rudy Giuliani's daughter says to vote for Biden and Harris to end Trump's 'reign of terror'

Last night Joe Biden was asked about the Crime Bill he endorsed.

NLRB is supposed to protect workers. Under Trump, it has only further abused them.

Justice Clarence Thomas is 72, younger than Joe Biden.

After shooting the third zombie, I began to wonder why they were carrying

21.2 Million people have voted!

Why is it that whenever Trump participates in an interview that involves him answering questions

Does it even bother the Cali uber rich that Trump refuses emergency funding to them for fires?

Apparently one of the feral cats I've been feeding is dressing up, early, for Halloween

Michigan bans open carry of guns inside and near polling places

Trump's Voice Fails at Bizarre Event

Jake Tapper LAUGHS in Trump Adviser's Face

Trump's Town Hall Is So Bad That He Got Compared To A Crazy Uncle

Avalanche of Early Votes Transforms 2020 Election

This is why we need Al Franken back in the Senate.

New Shitstain Tack For Closing Weeks Of Campaign: Rebranding As A "Great Environmentalist"

Yikes! I'm just now hearing Diane Feinstein at the hearings.....

Does anyone know how many of Trump's inner circle, who tested positive, were

The exact moment when Trump realized he made a huge mistake doing this town hall event.

Tab, the iconic diet soda, will be gone by end of the year

Republican neighbor not supporting 45 this time.

The first day of early voting in Colorado saw a 2377% increase in turnout compared to 2016.

I had two computers on last night, one showing NBC and the other ABC.

I'll let the Justice Dept. handle that

Why Trump acts to disturb (from Woodward's book)

Trump blasts Susan Collins over SCOTUS amid reelection fight

Putin proposes yearlong extension of nuclear pact with U.S.

TikTok Users trying to boost Biden's Townhall ratings

The virus will magically disappear when the weather turns cold.

IBD/TIPP National Poll of LVs Biden 49 Trump 44

Lincoln Project Asks: Does Biden have to report Donald Trump's town hall as an in-kind contribution?

Hollywood gives Biden's digital campaign final star-studded push

Ernst was once a rising star in the GOP. Her support for Trump may get her voted out after one term

Help the vulnerable by reforming Social Security

Maryland Governor Casts Vote for Ronald Reagan

"Words to Win By"

Don't let Trump's GOP enablers off the hook: Denouncing him now is taking the easy way out

Michigan Republican linked to organizer of rally where militia allegedly plotted to kidnap Whitmer

New Florida poll (Mason-Dixon, B+): Biden +3

F&ck me, it's snowing.

New North Carolina poll (Emerson, A-): Biden tied; Cunningham +1

New Pennsylvania poll (Insider Advantage, B-): Biden +3

Nepotism Barbie is governmenting again.

Anyone else do this pronunciation difference?

Travis County (TX) breaks early voting record for third day in a row

New Michigan poll (Rasmussen, C+): Biden +6

'All hands on deck': Stabenow works to build another blue wave in Michigan

Hey, let's film that huge wild boar across the road - WAIT, Oh SHIT

New Iowa poll (Data for Progress (D), B-): Biden -1

TikTok Users Watched Biden's Town Hall on Multiple Devices to Try and Beat Trump's Ratings

Just heard a CNN ad referencing next (last) Presidential debate. I assume it is still on. Details:

Houston suburbs see high turnout, 'enormous enthusiasm' during early voting

It should be King Charles

Melania: "Give Focus to Our Next Generation"; October 16, 2020

Cerberus doggies

Biden's Town Hall was boring, and that's a good thing.

One thing I really really really hate...

Mary Trump

How We Can Stop Trump From Stealing The Election

Treasury withheld nearly $4M from FDNY 9/11 health program

I so enjoy the commercial breaks. They are a god send.

Question: Was Biden signalling to GOP that if u dare confirm Barrett he will expand the courts?

Current 538 polling averages

I photographed Obama and Reagan. Here's why Trump's White House is a national disgrace.

I didn't know. I respected her chops! Guthrie is an attorney.

Former New Hampshire GOP chair: My fellow Republicans, Trump does not deserve your loyalty

Biden spending the day in SE Michigan Friday

Wells Fargo Fires More Than 100 Employees Accused Of Coronavirus Relief Fraud

'Overwhelmed': Hospitals engulfed by rebounding virus

Pic Of The Moment: Trump And Health Care: A Con Artist At Work

Donald Trump Has At Least $1 Billion In Debt, More Than Twice The Amount He Suggested

Is trump already threatening us?

RELEASE - NLRB Celebrates Induction of Howard Jenkins Jr. into the Government Hall of Fame

Silver Lining Alert!!!!

Sweden's new car carrier Oceanbird is the world's largest wind-powered vessel

President Trump's Medicare drug discount cards face uncertain path

Donald Who?

I gotta say, as Bernie supporter in the primaries, Biden is absolutely killing it.

There is a new way to extract info from foreign spies and enemies.

Trump may say "he denounces White Supremacy" out loud, but....

Shares of gun makers gain as Biden's lead grows

Donald Trump can't read this but it still scares him

Twitter about Trump last night

Don Winslow's "theory" about Twitter reversing its disinformation ban

Republicans Are The Death Cult: tRump warned Wall Street by Thom Hartmann

10/16 Daily Dose of Joe

Disney updates content warning for racism in classic films

COVID-19 cases in US grow at a speed not seen since June, the start of the summer peak

Joni be like


Early Ratings Show Biden Town Hall Ahead of Trump's

738 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri.; 17 deaths

Real question is whether or not the Kremlin and the Chinese Communist Party were working together

Joni Ernst must be lying about being a pig farmer. A pig farmer would know the price of soybeans.

Trump Advisor: "You can't heal a patient who doesn't want to take the diagnosis."

Sarah Cooper: A parody of Taken about a black woman who follows Trump around...

Scoop: Trump's advisers brace for loss, point fingers

Report from Maricopa County

Susan Collins Backs QAnon Believers for Maine Legislature - Mainer

Belarus/Democracy activists stranded after Trump admin pulls funding for anti-censorship tools

Biden beat trump in TV ratings (the only metric trump care about, besides money)

QAnon: a timeline of violence linked to the conspiracy theory

Heh. My Republican governor Larry Hogan wrote in Ronald Reagan for president.


Mercedes Schlapp: "Just give me the ball, I've got this."

I've got a bad feeling about this election. Please talk me down!

I hope Chuck Todd was taking notes last night because Guthrie took him to school along

'It's all fake': Trump's manufacturing jobs promises ring hollow in midwest

Hilarious New Billboard In Phoenix inspired by film "They Live"

Does it feel like the whole country

Legal Scholar warns of potential Supreme Court changes

Colorado reports 'bonkers' increase of 2,400 percent in early voting.


You know what day it is, Y'all!

MI Sec of State bans open-carry of guns on Election Day from polling places, clerk's offices...

My thoughts are, Yes the SC. wants to get rid of Roe v Wade ( for sure) BUT

Joe should answer the court expansion question the same way Amy Coney Barrett answered...

More people watched Biden on ABC than Trump on NBC, MSNBC and CNBC

Dumb question, but can a Special Counsel be appointed to investigate ex-Presidents and officials?

"flippin between town halls like"

Mrs. Betty Bowers on the initial Nielson ratings for the town halls (Biden did better)

***BREAKING*** Biden Townhall wins ratings 13.9 Million to 13.1 million Official Neilson Ratings in

This Biden ad! To get us across the finish line...

Judge Walton not buying what DOJ is selling. Declassification issue.

Get the cameras ready

More than 333,000 voters cast ballots on the first day of in-person early voting in North Carolina.

polls showing difference between now and 2016. Good news.

Trump's Not Smiling Now

So the Red Wave hashtag is not going quite as planned...

"In honor of Mercedes Sclapp comparing Joe Biden to Mr. Rogers, watch this moment from 1969"

Florida man charged with setting fire to Planned Parenthood center

trump spreading a rumor about a nasty woman: Susan Collins

Neil Young: Lookin' For a [political] Leader

"Your vote explained" on Netflix

Ted Lieu - Dear Donald Trump: Can you please stop slandering our military members...

He's 32. He's Joe Biden's Press Secretary. And He Has Stage 4 Cancer.

GOP Poll Observer arrested

Inside the Fall of the CDC

Angela Lansbury is 95 today - She lived in a small Maine town where 247 people were murdered

Former GOP lawmaker in N.C. charged with assault after pushing poll worker

Vote for her.

Here's how you respond to a Covid-19 denier.

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump, Biden, and Mr. Rogers....

Japan reportedly decides to release treated Fukushima water into the sea

Is anyone else getting occasional 403 errors on DU. I just got them while trying to do

Biden calls supporting 1994 crime bill a 'mistake' during ABC town hall

Trump's COVID-19 vaccine

Best response I've seen to the Mr. Rogers comparison

Reps Lieu and Rice call for investigation into possible extrajudicial killing

A 2020 Success Story: Early Voting Soars Even as the Coronavirus Pandemic Rages On

And this is why we can't have nice things in Wisconsin!

White House puts 'politicals' at CDC to try to control info

A big shout-out to the folks who post animal videos here!

U.S. military says South Korean workers may be laid off amid row over costs

Hospitals search for enough beds and nurses as virus rebounds

Irish Girl Watches MISTER ROGERS For The First Time

Federal Judge Signals It's Clear That Trump Tweet Intended to Declassify All Mueller Documents...

Trump Slashes Ad Spend In Minnesota

First thing we need to do if they overturn Roe vs Wade

The State of Play. Money Talks, BS walks

DEA recruits cite 'monkey noises' among claims of racism

In the United States of America, it isn't a "China Plague"

Romney: Trump's refusal to disavow QAnon is part of "alarming pattern" in politics

Dueling attacks in Kentucky's big-spending Senate race

Payments for the Secret Service

Trump appeared to fall for a satirical post that Twitter shut itself down to stop criticism of Biden

William Barr Is Supposed To Be In Public Today

It appears that after Barrett superspreader event the White House did ZERO CONTACT TRACING.

The NY Times came to our little town in SW PA and interviewed a friend of ours

Emerson poll (A- rated) on NC Senate race: Cunningham up by 1

"This looks awfully close to an endorsement of Biden from George W. Bush."

Future of COVID relief bill uncertain as Moscow Mitch is up to his usual bullshit

I stand with Daniel Tiger!

Mayor Pete

Today is the one-year anniversary of the last time Donald Trump spoke with Nancy Pelosi.

CNN reporter fact-checks dueling town halls in 3 minutes

Anyone early voted in Fort Worth or Tarrant County?

Actually . . .

🤬 Twitter CEO says it was wrong to block links to Biden story

Kitteh interferes with salad:

New Texas Senate poll (PPP, B): Hegar -3

Girl in the Mirror

FIXED !*Alaska* *Klansman* 45% Biden 39%

As covid cases rise in Russia there is again a 10 hour wait to get an ambulance, hospitals are turni

"White supremacists in Ukraine are burning BLM signs & pride flags, this is global issue"

Latest national polls:

"Is Trump the worst POTUS in history? Let's consult the pie chart."

These are the questions the Trumpets thought were so vicious & unfair:

I'm heavy and I'm not backwards

I will be cuing up these two on Nov. 3rd, right around 10:30 PM

All the Beautiful Art in This Video Game Was Hand-Drawn By One Person

There better be some rules and safeguards at the debate next week....

About this time in 2016...

SOMETHING FUN: Official Biden campaign Island on Animal Crossing (reveal @ 11AM Pacific)

Judge Walton : The President's tweet declassifying information declared intent.

Our local Weather Experts are suggesting that we may run out of luck next week

Sex banned indoors for Tier 2 couples living apart, Number 10 confirms

I just ruined a recipe.

NC voting update: October 15

But other than that, WHAT has the Obama administration done?

The "back-up" October Surprise

Maskless Trump meets a maskless Gov DeSantis in Florida for the "Protecting America's Seniors" event

Trump is about to hold an (indoor) event in Florida on "protecting America's seniors."

Native rapper drops incredible bars

Budget cuts hit the new 'Jurassic World' movie hard (Twitter)

It seems that the RNC is not yet ready to give up on reaching me.

Don't play me, Senator Sasse!

Biden wins town hall ratings battle with Trump, drawing nearly 1 million more viewers than the presi

Does Trump Think COVID-19 Is The Savior of Social Security?

CNN now with Brianna Keilor: What is wrong with these idiots in Florida cheering this Bullshit?

The Baby Panda Is Now Crawling and Barking and Packing on the Pounds.

Brianna Keilar fact-checking Trump's claims regarding Covid and vaccines.

Cities sue over federal law enforcement presence during protests

TV Ratings: Biden Leads Town Hall Duel With Trump in Early Numbers

Video Shows Cop Handcuffing, Taunting 7-Year-Old With Autism After He Spat At School

Total Votes cast in States that have voted as % of 2016 Turnout

Washington Supreme Court reverses 1960 cemetery decision

My oldest son just stood in line for 90 minutes to early vote in NC because his absentee ballot

Trump's Secret Service agents required to wear masks, sources say, but often don't

'Trump belly-flopped': Researcher shocked at how badly the debate hurt the president

Latest GOP Senate fear: A loss in Alaska

Kansas - Mail-in Ballot mailed Wednesday, received it today............

Poorly thought out!

The Final Season of the Trump Show

Melania Trump strikes back at former friend who secretly recorded conversations

AOC, progressives call on Senate not to confirm lobbyists or executives to future administrations

I just never seem to get tired of this one...

Christopher Cross Calls the COVID-19 Battle That Left Him Paralyzed 'The Darkest of Times'

NYT: A tRump supporting Cleveland printing company is 10 days late sending ballots out

Trump claims that his $421 million debt is 'tiny' but he apparently owes more than twice that amount

A Trump supporting co-worker said this after last night's Town Halls:

Johns Hopkins Health Policy Forum - Fireside Chat with Dr. Anthony Fauci

Barbara Boxer On Voting Challenges In 2020: 'This Is Not A Way To Function.' Craig Melvin MSNBC

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Turkish Rondo

Olive and Mabel - Home Help

Trump campaign advisor expresses relief: "He didn't spend the whole time yelling, he didn't piss

Fact check: No proof of alleged voter fraud scheme or connection to Rep. Ilhan Omar

Widespread Political Sign Vandalism Is Continuing in Arlington

Joe Biden Stays Behind After Town Hall, Continues To Answer Questions

'The Trump Stink': White House officials panicked no one will hire them if the president crashes

U.S. federal budget deficit soars to record $3.1 trillion in 2020

Meena Harris: Final thoughts on the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings from me

CNN: A former QAnon believer shares how the conspiracy theories drew him in.

Peter Frampton: Revealing New Memoir By the British Rock Musician

BREAKING: President Obama campaigning for Joe Biden in Philadelphia

I was feeling sorry for the seniors packed in the room with Pres. Superspreader

BROKEN: Trump Pens Endorsement Contract with Kimberly-Clark

David Bowie & Peter Frampton Search for A Beer in Madrid, 1987

Trump supporter in line at Ocala FL rally..."ABC News...Put a bullet in your head, buddy. I got one"

'On the brink of disaster': Europe's Covid fight takes a turn for the worse

The Republican revisionist history on Trump is already being written

'Incredible snowflake': Kayleigh McEnany's 'everyone is against us' tweet is mocked by critics

Russia trying to discredit Oxford vaccine

the Phillip Halpern interview on CNN is good! link added

INSIDE ELECTIONS shifts seven States towards Biden

Schwarzenegger, calls republican party a "sinking ship"

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 10/16/20

Winslow Films - #TrumpAttacksBlackWomen

My new book, Randolph Runner -- sf, anti-Trump satire

Hillary for Attorney General.

Where's the poll showing ALL of Biden's online viewership?

Yikes! Oxygen supply fails in Russian module on ISS. Crew ok

"Do you accept Care Credit?" "Yes."

Is it the ultimate

If Biden wants to meet moment like FDR, he needs appointees like Frances Perkins & Harold L. Ickes.

Photo of Trump holding up NY Post is real

Watchdog Group Asks Va. Dept. of Health to Revoke Conley's Medical License

How do we balance Warren in the cabinet and a Baker (R) appointee to the senate?

"Sorry Sunshine, wrong room!"

So how surreal will it be if on Nov 3rd the weather sucks all across

Republicans Pull Funds from Colorado Senate Race

Joe Biden Is the Candidate for Anyone Who Wants Off This Frightening Thrill Ride of a Presidency*

Total Trump Meltdown at "Protecting Seniors" speech

France opens terror probe after teacher beheaded in Paris suburb

Trump rants about Venezuela and 'evil' CNN as his speech on 'protecting seniors' veers off track

Nazi Rocket Monkeys - The First Astronauts

Trump Gives Up on Wisconsin and Minnesota

I voted!!!! Fort Bend County, clean sweep Democratic ticket. Let's crush those *****s.

Today's edition of Trump Projection & Unfettered Cruelty

"Working from home" so watching more live tv, a question occurs to me:

KC hospitals 'bursting at the seams' with record numbers of COVID-19 patients

Undelivered absentee ballots found in dumpster in Kentucky an hour ago

(Hill-HarrisX) Exclusive poll: Biden up in Mich., Pa., tied with Trump in Fla.

Remdesivir has little effect on COVID-19 mortality, World Health Organization study says

One of my favorites from the Archive.

The Cook Political Report changes Senate forecast from

The 'wet laptop' story absolutely is a scandal, but it has nothing to do with Joe Biden

Breaking: 36 yr veteran prosecutor quits due to Barr. Can't take it anymore.

"Hallelujah" - Jerry Douglas & Odessa Settles

Officers leave Seattle Police Department in unprecedented numbers

Fact Check: Trump denies Natl. Secy. Advisor warned him about coronavirus

Lines On My Face: Peter Frampton

Trump says he agrees '100 percent' with 'lock her up' chants about Clinton

Editorial: Ferguson clear choice to lead state's 'law firm'

I voted today in red Kansas...

"One year ago today Alexander Vindman received a subpoena that changed our lives."

Man at airport arrested for smuggling gold hidden in his rectum.

Undercover Agent for the Blues!

"There is no reason to put another dime into this State"

GOP tries to pull a fast one on Broward County mail in ballots today!

Cartoons 10/16/2020

BarackObama will campaign for JoeBiden in Philadelphia next Wednesday, 10/21, campaign announces

Tweet of the Day

Fall color is popping in D.C. area and will increase with the cool nights ahead.

John Kelly on Trump: "He is the most flawed person I have ever met in my life."

FBI probing if emails part of influence operation

Who remembers this insanity in 2000 during the recount: Brooks Brothers Riot

"I cannot trust my thoughts and emotions anymore." - A former QAnon believer speaks out

Obama to campaign for Biden in Philadelphia on Wednesday

City council votes to allow more marijuana shops in Everett

Cops in Philadelphia caught on camera aiding and abetting the Proud Boys.

Seattle police car set ablaze with officer inside: Man arrested

Why the Alt-Right's Most Famous Woman Disappeared

Donald TRUMP - I'm your Puppet

Fundraising surges for Democratic Senate challengers, reports show

Swamped with voter requests, the Texas secretary of state's office has become a focus of frustration

Pete Souza's documentary on Obama presidency tonight on MSNBC (no commercials)

Democrats overwhelm Republicans in latest fundraising period for Texas' hottest U.S. House races

trump ads are for imbeciles.

Melania: "She hardly knew me."

Movie Trivia: Titanic director, James Cameron, orig. had a different actress for the part of Rose

Texans cast over 2.6 million ballots in 3 days of early voting

How Mark Zuckerberg Learned Politics

Travis County (TX) early voting: 17,000 voters cast ballots by lunchtime Friday

Ice Cube Tries to Explain What in the Hell He Was Thinking

"The Insiders: A Warning From Former Trump Officials"

This blood test may predict which hospitalized COVID-19 patients are at risk for severe illness

New Zealand's deputy PM brutally shuts down COVID denier who demanded 'evidence' of the virus

Biden on CNN dealing with Killa Con, hate in America and the white supremacists

Burt Bacharach, singing and rallying Florida seniors for Joe Biden

U.S. budget deficit breached $3.1 trillion in 2020 as pandemic slammed economy

Trump Is Scared (The Atlantic)

Girl in the Mirror - The Lincoln Project

Ugh. I just saw that lying trump ad with Dr. Fauci. Why are they still wasting money in Michigan?

Biden speaking in Michigan

Can people still get married if someone objects?

New Michigan poll (Harris, C): Biden +11, Peters +7

Over 100,000 St. Louisans Have Already Cast Ballots In Missouri; Election Officials Predict Record

'He put us in danger': Rachel Vindman on Trump

New Pennsylva poll (Harris, C): Biden +5

CNN FOX running Biden Michigan speech live

I love this! Room Rater does Mr. Rogers

New Florida poll (Harris, C): Biden even

Wash U Researchers Test Lab-Grown Antibodies As COVID-19 Treatment

Joe is giving a great speech live....CNN

What George W. Bush Plans to Do About Trump

St. Louis Is Grappling With Artificial Intelligence's Promise And Potential Peril

Biden speaking in Southfield Michigan and he called it what it is they're doing: "Court packing"!!

State Department signals it will keep most details of its spending at Trump's properties hidden...


Study found pattern of GOP-appointed judges tipping scales in favor of GOP by making voting harder

This is what the map could look like after election day

"Trump is using seniors as guinea pigs to test his rushed vaccine!"

After town hall wraps up, Biden sticks around to take questions from audience

Joe Biden's closing message: "Vote For"

I know this sounds like CT, but sometimes I do wonder if Trump ever had COVID-19 or

ha ha. #Turd #Trump says ##BigT" does not stand for Turd. ---which is trending........

Donald Trump Has At Least $1 Billion In Debt, More Than Twice The Amount He Suggested

Is it possible to find a post of mine from several years ago---during the Obama administration?


The "news" keeps reporting that early voting overwhelming is a BLUE wave...

"Poor People Just Die", originally posted in 2009.


Kayleigh McEnany claims she's been 'permanently' banned from Twitter for sharing Biden story

Quick question about gmail storage space

U.S. coronavirus cases reached its highest point since late July, exceeding 64,000 on Thursday.

Be of good cheer: Only three weekends to go

I'm the one who tells you how it is...

Worst Person In The World - No. 8

NARAL calls for Democrats to replace Dianne Feinstein as ranking member on Judiciary

Has anyone heard from our donation whisperers?

Outrage boils over in Kansas City after video captures arrest of pregnant Black woman

If Lindsey Graham loses could there be reverse coat tails and Trump loses in SC also?

Teacher beheaded in Paris suburb after showing cartoons of Prophet Mohammed to class

Trump points to somebody in the crowd he calls "Rick Gates" AKA Matt

The White House ordered a browbeaten CDC to use COVID-19 to deport migrant children, save a dog

Illinois defends plan to send teen to Wisconsin in 2 deaths

Senile Trump just pointed out Matt Gaetz in the crowd and called him Rick Gates

As of the last 48 hours, the Trump re-election platform is:

I see Russia didn't make this list.

Chinese nationals laundered money and helped sell drugs for Mexican cartels, feds say

Man arrested, accused of stealing and slaughtering horse in 2019 in Palmetto

Record absentee turnout- my Michigan

What's for Dinner, Fri., Oct. 16, 2020

SCOTUS Will Review Trump's attempt to exclude undocumented immigrants from calculations.. (Census)

BREAKING: Supreme Court will hear arguments Nov. 30 on Trump's bid to exclude undocumented immigrant

United says 2,700 jobs it cut during the pandemic likely won't return

Seattle, Bellevue see significant rent decreases amid coronavirus pandemic

Seattle movie theaters set to open Friday - here's what will be different

Former White House chief of staff tells friends that Trump 'is the most flawed person' he's ever met

Keith Olbermann: Trump! Get Fauci's face off your SCUMBAG campaign ads!

Cleverest meme, yet

Just now at Trump Rally, a maskless Hope Hicks: "We can share a mic now."

TCM Schedule for Saturday, October 17, 2020 -- The Essentials

a wish for trump at his florida spreader tonight

found on facebook

US Senate seats that Democrats lost in 2014 but are likely to win back in 2020.

OMG that felt good!

does anyone know how to type a word and strike it?

Frank Luntz tweet: undecided focus group likes Trump less the more he speaks:

New member here. I had breast cancer surgery in April and went thru 4 weeks of

Yup, that's the stuff

Quintessential Catholic Mothers

"Commander in Chief" by Demi Lovato - TLP

Trump complaining other countries are stealing our TOOTHBRUSH technology?

Something to be aware of re: the new Senate Majority

Trump Campaign Lawyers Are Aiding a Leading Proponent of QAnon

Frank Figliuzzi: Rudy knows. Trump knows. Barr knows. Now we know.

Bar code error found in thousands of absentee ballot envelopes

Trump administration rejects, then approves, emergency aid for California fires . . .

My Governor (Larry Hogan) apparently decided not to vote this year.

The truth behind the Hunter Biden non-scandal

In Maryland, for Elijah Cummings' seat, the GOP candidate has out raised the Dem BIG TIME

when history looks back on the media and donnie's four years,

US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats likely to flip in 2020.

Open carry of firearms banned at Michigan polling places on Election Day

Open carry of firearms banned at Michigan polling places on Election Day

"Please take the fact that we are not ahead by double digits"

Just voted in Oregon!

Just voted in Lane County!

Michelle Goldberg on MSNBC with Ari Melber

Ass whippin': Biden Beats Trump in Head-to-Head Town Hall Ratings

Vote-by-Mail Ballots Counted - Florida

The Trump Stink

Please look at Jaime Harrison's Dirt Road ad:

I didn't watch either town hall last night.

US Senate seats Democrats are likely to pick up in 2020.

CNN broadcast part of the audio of Ben Sasse dragging Trump during a town hall with constituents on


Y'all, Biden has his own caravan:

Even more Trump signs gone - this is getting to be fun

Joe is LIVE! I'm in Detroit, Michigan, to encourage folks to join them and vote early. Tune in.

one of eight...

Months ago I joked about dragging a respirator to vote: today I voted early in TX pulling O2

SO.... Haven't heard much about Kanye West lately.... where's he stand in the polls?

Sen. Collins acknowledges her PAC donated to pro-QAnon Maine candidates

Who received their ballots?

"Mashup of Matt Gaetz talking about the importance of recognizing cognitive decline and..."

Harry Potter: Portsmouth library may reclaim 42,500 (pound) book sold in USA

Voters are excited to vote early by mail in Colorado.

Pete Souza (Reagan and Obama's photographer) has a documentary airing tonight on MSNBC @10 EDT

Just got the email: 2021 Social Security COLA is 1.3%.

Who's a GOOD BOY!?!

24 Members of Violent White Supremacist Prison Gang, 'Aryan Circle' Indicted For Crimes, FBI

Pluto's snowcapped mountains are unlike any on Earth (

***Ipsos National Poll of LVs*** Biden 51 Trump 41

What do you think of a new freshly-ex-trumpers club? Nominees eagerly welcomed!

Scott Dworkin: Is this a joke? (Melania tweet)

So the Incumbent Republican President is campaigning in the well-known swing state of...

WHOA: Former Mueller team member JOINS the Vance/Manhattan DA/Mazars case.

I got my fly swatter!!!

This election doesn't feel as rough as predicted

We got our ballots today. We just voted that asshole out of the white house also rejected Roger Ma

18 days to go - my nightly home stretch election polling data update. Holding steady.

Watchdog org: Trump '16 campaign, PAC illegally coordinated

538 podcast 10/16 - Nate discusses models/polls/Senate

It looks like Harris County is on track to have more than 100,000 in-person voters for the 4th day..

Harry Reid Warns Joe Biden To Play His Cards Close To His Vest On Court Expansion

"Who gives a fuck about Christmas and decorations?"

Yep. @SenSusanCollins PAC is backing QAnon candidates that want to kill TLP members

"This is true. We can confirm this because we have eyes."

Sean Spicer's new book ranks as a #1 New Release on Amazon:

Do You Feel Like We Do: Peter Frampton, Oakland Coliseum

US Senate seats that Democrats will definitely going to win in 2020

In Ohio, a Printing Company Is Overwhelmed and Mail Ballots Are Delayed

Michael Cohen on Rudy Giuliani. Everything many suspected apparently is true:

A question follows. California GOP placed unauthorized ballot drop boxes all over the state. They

Gavin Newsom: Trump has approved our Major Disaster Declaration request.

50 reasons the Trump administration is bad for workers

So extrajudicial execution is also the new normal

Big smoke plume over north Denver

The President talks about Nobel nominations and says "let's see what happens"

How Many Times Can We VOTE???

That's A Lot of Dough, Joe😊

My favorite picture of the day! #JoeBidensNeighborhood

MAGAt Calls For ABC News Reporter To Be Shot At Rally

All-time Worst Approval for Trump!

Trump rally 'VIP' among six Chinese nationals charged in drug money laundering scheme.

"NYC architect killed by falling debris in Midtown should have known sidewalks are dangerous"

Jeff Tiedrich congratulates United States President

The Trial of the Chicago 7..Now on Netflix...Sasha Baron Cohen as Abby Hoffman

Appeals court rejects counting Michigan's late ballots

Simple lines - pen and ink

McGrath breaks fundraising record in Kentucky, collects $36.8 million in one quarter

Trump Threatens To 'Fire' Florida Governor If He Loses The State In November

'Nobody has very clear answers for them': Doctors search for treatments for covid-19 long-haulers

'How Much Trump Stink Is On My Resume Right Now?' WH Staffers Face Uncertain Job Prospects

At our current pace we'll have 9.4 million cases and almost 240,000 deaths

TONIGHT: 'Hamilton' Cast to Host Virtual Fundraiser for Joe Biden Campaign --- TONIGHT 9PM EST

Chris Murphy: David knows Kamala. He knows how to pronounce her name. This is awful.

Halloween is 'gay Christmas' for many in the LGBTQ community. This year, it has been canceled.

NBC town hall voter says tRump should smile more and talk less. Biden earns her nod.

We tested negative! YAY!

I took my vote to Pima County Recorder office yesterday and been checking on line today for status


Biden campaign don't beileve all those double digit polls

DU Votes! How have you or are you planning to vote?

Trump: Can you imagine if my kids did what this guy Hunter is doing?

Newsom says Trump admin has approved California's request for wildfire relief

I'd rather ... than vote for trump

Jesus these people are nuts. Wichita Mayor threatened to be kidnapped and throat slashed

France's Macron: Teacher beheaded in 'terrorist attack' after discussing Muhammad cartoons

Key indicators suggest US COVID-19 outbreak is headed in wrong direction