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David Perdue is a real asshole. And a racist. I'd love to see him toppled.

Ex- GOP lawmaker charged with assaulting poll worker

The president of a New York college resigns after more than 700 students test positive for Covid-19

Scoop: Trump's advisers brace for loss, point fingers

Attorney Ben Crump: Rest in power #BernardCohen, who fought to legalize interracial marriage

How is Bloomberg doing in Florida?

I just donated to Joe and Kamala!

Fearing a 'Blood Bath,' Republican Senators Begin to Edge Away From Trump

Trump Makes Last-Ditch Play to Reclaim Seniors

52 million ballots requested, 23 million returned. 40% of African America ballots rejected

Bolton Warned His Staff To Stay Away From Russia-Aligned Rudy Giuliani

COVID-19 outbreak at Harborview leaves 14 infected; 1 dead

Tucson Mayor to Trump campaign: You owe us money

Joe: 'Let's be clear: The emergency aid should have never been denied in the first place'

Jumping Into Waves

Trump vs. Big Tech: Everything you need to know about Section 230 and why everyone hates it

Georgia Rep Vernon Jones crowd surfs during Trump rally

Jesus the virus cases are piling up today in Iowa - 1700

Covid cases ramping up each day, over 70k today

'Fridays For Unity': Rolling Stone's New 'Get Out The Vote' 2-Pt. Series, Oct. 16 & 30, 8Pm, YouTube

Trump rally 'VIP' among six Chinese nationals charged with drug money laundering

Friday Talking Points -- Battling Townhalls Show A Clear Choice

Someone called police to report homeless person...turned out to be a statue of Jesus

;-) Only in Dutch

Climate change, race and Covid on the agenda for final presidential debate

Top HHS lawyer warns in confidential memo that Trump's drug-card plan could violate election law.


California disputed ballot boxes removed, arguing continues

Our family voted today!!!

By The Way, Democrats, You've Just Seen A DEMONSTRATION of What An ELECTION DAY HOLIDAY Would

Trump Calls on Justice Department to Probe Minnesota's Omar

World Mineral Production in Real Scale

Can you imagine trump doing something like this?

Florida moves to remove felons with unpaid debts from voting rolls

Just read this thread in the GD forum, Wichta mayor threatened with kidnapping and murder...

Self Care Check In Time

The way he nudged the dog and the dog looked over 😂

Wild Octopus Is Always Excited To See His Human Best Friend

Maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will end up with after 2020.

What did the Killa Con say about Savannah Guthrie

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Live and Let Die!

George Takei

Guy Becomes An Injured Baby Deer's Dad

RNC files FEC complaint against Twitter, alleging 'in-kind contributions to Biden'

GA-SEN: Perdue mocks Harris's name before Trump rally: 'Kamala-mala-mala, I don't know'

Shelby County early voting expected to shatter all-time turnout record after initial two-day partici

Phil Collins has hit Donald Trump's campaign with a cease and desist order following the unauthorize

In Reversal, Twitter Is No Longer Blocking New York Post Article

Warren, Porter to headline progressive fundraiser supporting seven swing state candidates

In Reversal, Twitter Is No Longer Blocking New York Post Article

Call me crazy but the more Trump flags i see on the highway

WH Embraces 'Herd Immunity,' Covid Deaths Predicted To Spike 80% By February, UW School of Medicine

Black man serving life sentence for stealing hedge clippers granted parole in Louisiana

Please god

NE-02: Kara Eastman raised $1.8 million last quarter, far more than Rep. Don Bacon

California Republican Ballot Drop Boxes

Trump Fails the QAnon Test

Do all things evil in modern American politics flow from Richard Nixon?

I'm a sorceress,

Rating numbers for both town halls per CNN

New York Times editorial board: Trump reelection 'greatest threat to American democracy since WWII

Dad Finds His Daughter The Perfect Rescue Dog

The Biden campaign appears to have computer data harvesting under control.

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything.

A Demoralized CDC Grapples With White House Meddling and Its Own Mistakes

10 Lions Saved From Canned Hunting Touch Grass For The First Time

The wife and I voted today in TN

Do provisional ballots get counted?

Trump says he might "have to leave the country" if he loses.

Lincoln Project Serves Up Alexander Vindman's Treatment by White House.

OR-04: Dem chairman's race tightens as GOP 'hero' pulls in millions

Tennessee mayor resigns after arrested for shoplifting

Trump Compares Files on Hunter Biden's Computer to Anthony Weiner Scandal

FBI: Suspect in alleged extremist plot deleted video made near Mich. governor's home

Twitter: Not seeing it now. Need an account?

TCM Schedule for Sunday October 18, 2020 - Almost Lost

Courts' Republican Appointees Are Dismantling Voting Rights: Study

So the DSCC is pulling money out of CO cuz Gardner is well done toast. Where should they redirect?

The @statedept says it has 450 pages of records showing government payments to @realdonaldtrump's b

Jon Ralston's Nevada Early Voting Blog - 10/16/20

Susan Collins Donated To QAnon Supporters Running For Office

Latino Victory Fund, House Majority PAC team up for six-figure ad buy backing Debbie Mucarsel-Powell

Looks to me like some in the FBI are trying to insure a fair election.

Niece of Osama bin Laden on Tucker Carlson complaining "how hard it is to be a Trump Supporter."

TCM Schedule for Monday October 19, 2020 - Star of the Month: Peter Cushing

Little help . . . . how do you pronounce this name:

Michael Dreeben, formerly of the Mueller special counsel's office, has joined the legal team helping

One arrested in threat to kidnap and kill Wichita mayor over COVID-19 mask mandate

Michael Dreeben, formerly of the Mueller special counsel's office, has joined the legal team of Cy V

NC-11: National Republicans put down big money to protect Meadows's seat.

HHS lawyer: Trump's drug cards could violate election law

If a satirical website can dupe the president, imagine what foreign intelligence agencies do to him.

One arrested in threat to kidnap and kill Wichita mayor over COVID-19 mask mandate


Fauci warns that Covid-19 infection rates are too high heading into winter

Key Indicators Suggest US Covid-19 Outbreak Is Headed In Wrong Direction

*2 hours commercial free, Pete Souza with Prez Obama, NOW, MSNBC.

The Way I See It

Georgia at a Tipping Point

John Fugelsang: Wolf Blitzer in space.

One way or another 2020 awaits.

*Did not have "Obama stole the ocean" on my bingo card*

In the Future, "Giuliani" Will Mean "A Public Breakdown During Which One Betrays One's Country"

The Third Coronavirus Surge Has Arrived, The Atlantic

Lyft driver shows incredible restrait and doesn't beat down this guy's ass.

TX-02: Rep. Dan Crenshaw vs. Sima Ladjevardian is the most expensive race for Congress in Texas

Two side-by-side drop boxes!

U.S. judge denies request to exempt Catholic churches from New York coronavirus limits

Kirschner on Christie's COVID Experience, Health Care Disparities and Trump's Continued Super-spread

Joe Biden town hall scores higher TV ratings than trumpy

Update on latest polling number for 5 Senate races that Dems can take on Nov 3rd

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton warns elections officials against expanding curbside voting

Friday evening. Glass of WT 101 in my hand and a hankering for kick ass songs

Pete Souza doc

Message for all times.

White House Opposes Expanded Virus Testing, Complicating Stimulus Talks

By the hundreds, voters are hand-delivering their mail-in ballots to Bexar County's elections office

*Meanwhile, on Russian state television*

Is DU Act Blue sending money to senate races too?

*I can't wait to see the Supreme Court...argue that their beloved originalism doesn't apply here*

The force that is Obama

Courts' Republican Appointees Are Dismantling Voting Rights: Study

*He got that Herman Cain starter kit*

Pinky swear???

Ex- GOP lawmaker charged with assaulting poll worker

More Than 1,000 Current And Former CDC Officers Condemn U.S. Covid-19 Response

Congressman Roger Williams pressured a bank to help out a donor, records show

"I'm Joe Biden, and I approve this message" (Team Biden is QUICK)...

AZ: Extension of registration deadline nets more than 35,000 new voters in Arizona

Trump's Triumphs of the Will

Katie Porter 'Strongly' Disagrees With Dianne Feinstein About The Coney Barrett Hearing

Womens March TOMORROW in hundreds of cities...

+71,687-Seventh Worst Day of New US Covid Cases Since Start of Pandemic

Since a day ago I can't get Xfinity Stream to load

WI: Evers campaign releasing TV ad targeting GOP lawmakers' pandemic response

This one will leave a mark...

Cream, Clapton

2016 left us all shell shocked. Then to lose DU the same night was just a nightare

51 Wisconsin communities face a severe shortage of poll workers but can get help from the National G

538 podcast tonight about standing of their forecast - interesting listen

I shit you not, Trump has signed a presidential proclamation for "National Character Counts Week"

1 million early and absentee ballots cast in North Carolina

'There's no substitute for empathy.'

Who will get the vaccine first? Here's where you might land in line.

All I can say is "goodbye and hope you never come back, Donald"!

Report: European regulator says Boeing 737 Max safe to fly

Watching "The Way I See It" (Pete Souza documentary)

Biden campaigns in Southfield, talks protecting and expanding access to affordable health care

Report: European regulator says Boeing 737 Max safe to fly

The Way I See It. Documentary on MSNBC

Reading the tweets from @PalmerReport. Did I miss something?

Report: Boeing Commercial Airplanes explores sale of Renton Longacres headquarters

Ohio Supreme Court to decide whether Secretary of State Frank LaRose was justified in rejecting elec

If Hope Hicks didn't learn the first time around?

Ben Sasse's "leaked" audio

Biden email episode illustrates risk to Trump from Giuliani

CNN's Brianna Keilar Exposes One Of The Most 'Cynical' Tactics Used By Trump, Fox News

Third Justice Dept. Prosecutor Publicly Denounces Barr

Watchdog group accuses Amy Coney Barrett of "unconscionable cruelty" in teen rape case

Sheriff: Ban On Open Carrying At Polls Not Enforceable

Trump administration rushing through regulations without public comment or analysis

Brent Terhune: Trump won that town hall ((satire))

Howl - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Georgia Sen. David Perdue's mispronunciation of Kamala Harris' name draws outrage

Neo-Nazi And Proud Boys Groups Push Trump Campaign Poll Watching Online: Reports

Trump won 81 percent of white evangelicals in 2016. Ralph Reed says he'll do better this year.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Did Trump's Rich Friends Get a Heads-Up About Coronavirus?

Pete Souza, unprecedented commercial-free time,

Charting Community Outbreaks After Trump Campaign Rallies

Theater Chain's Bold Plan to Stay Solvent, Keep Parents Sane

The Daily Social Distancing Show - Who Will Get the Black Vote: Trump or Biden?

Just doing a little cogitating here......

This is bullshit! Reporter whining that *Biden* was mean to him.

A legal contract with Donald Trump 'AggregateIQ - IN PARTNERSHIP WITH - Cambridge Analytica'

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Lindsey Graham's fundraising calls are getting desperate!

Moderator Savannah Guthrie is being hailed for keeping Trump in check at town hall

NBC Cancels Reboot of "The Apprentice" After One Episode

What percentage of the (R) vote do you estimate will go to Biden

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Gov. Andrew Cuomo - New York's Pandemic Response in Hindsight

Pro-Democracy Groups Vow, 'Ensure Voters Have The Last Word': 170 'Protect The Results' Events 11/4

Minnesota 1.7 Mil requested 911,000 returned and accepted so far

U.S. to carry out first federal execution of a woman in seven decades

Kaitlyn Brower Dressman: This pro-life doctor is voting for Biden

17 Days - Prince

Ted Lieu: Do you really want to keep pushing the idea of locking up political opponents?

I voted for Joe and Kamala today!

Is Trump SCOTUS Pick Amy Coney Barrett in a Cult?

*Fox News airs a segment with the person nodding in town hall*


Picked up a cheap case of "flavored sparkling water" today. Let me tell you that...

Army Spends US$ 1.5 Million on Unprecedented Military Exercise in the Amazon

Colombia's government denies indigenous use of public space

"Sorry sunshine, wrong place."

*I've obtained the booking photos of Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl*

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 10/16/20

Mayor Romero to President Trump: Your campaign owes Tucson money

Positive news out of Alabama

On the flip side of Kansas ballots they show Judges and ask "be retained for office?"

Snoop Dog and Rolling Stones Juice songs segue.

School Of Fish - 3 Strange Days

Zeroes And Ones - Jesus Jones

The GOP appears to be following their old play book from 2016.

Harold and Joe - The Cure

Camper Van Beethoven - Pictures Of Matchstick Men

Texas ID requirement

10/18 Mike Luckovich: Confirmed!

Let's talk about three unconnected stories and that article....

Peace Frog, Live in New York (1970) - The Doors

Voter Suppression New Zealand Style

"Blue's a better color" - Sheila E. - Yellow

New Zealand election results - National down 18 points

Will Smith vs. Will Smith: Dodgers catcher bests Braves pitcher with go-ahead homer in NLCS Game 5

SPAM! (by The Evangenitals) CALL NOW!

When you absolutley, positively have to get Covid-19...

Was just thinking about how the GOP hasn't properly won a presidential election in 70 (!) years

NY-01: In New York, chemist Nancy Goroff is battling a Trump loyalist for a seat in Congress

NJ-02: The Philadelphia Inquirer endorses Democrat Amy Kennedy for Congress

VA-05: Democrats surge ahead in fundraising in Virginia's most competitive districts

New Zealand Election: labour wins in a Landslide

Minimum to Maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will end up with after 2020.

MN-01: Hagedorn, DJ deal could draw FCC inquiry

CO-03: Diane Mitsch Bush outraises GOP rival Lauren Boebert in 3rd District. Dems pour money into th

New Blood Test Accurately Predicts Which COVID-19 Patients Will Develop Severe Infection

Militia Group Threatens Journalists while hosting GOP Candidate Event

The GOP knew they would get caught with fake ballot boxes in CA.

The theme of searching for love--3 different stages of Bruce Hornsby addressing the subject

Pete Souza Says That Every Emotion Obama Felt, 'I Experienced It With Him' - Deadline - MSNBC

US Senate seats that Democrats are gonna win definitely in 2020.

'Worst American President': New York Times [Editorial] Flames 'Racist Demagogue' Trump

Joe Biden to visit Durham on Sunday as North Carolina's early voting numbers soa

How to win the United States

More than 1 million California ballots already cast, shattering records

New Zealand's Ardern storms to re-election with 'be strong, be kind' mantra

Trump on if Biden wins: 'Maybe I'll have to leave the country'

Kansas City hospitals overwhelmed, some forced to turn away ambulances as COVID-19 cases jump

New Zealand election, voter suppression scandal.

Joe Biden Has Changed (The Atlantic)

Iam eagerly waiting to make a sticker with these words after Nov 3rd..

'This election cycle is unique': Officials prepare for voter intimidation threats

Patriots cancel practice after 5th player tests positive

I'm in my fuck the gop mood this morning at Salvation Army

Trump can truthfully say,

FBI refuses to name 'well-known NC pastor' accused of urinating on woman during flight

Breakfast Saturday 17 October 2020

I Was Brainwashed by the Liberal Media. Then I Saw a Video of a Man Ranting Alone in a Truck

"You're fired."

I LOVE this Video!!! (From the Lincoln Project)

Trump's Schedule for Saturday, October 17, 2020

Finally, my pain from the root canal has abated. But omg last night was pure torture.

Biden is leading with white voters

Fearing a 'Blood Bath,' Republican Senators Begin to Edge Away From Trump

At last night's Trump rally, he said "Even without a vaccine..."

Because they are uniquely American fascists, over 218000 dead to date

Bolton Warned Staff To Stay Away From Giuliani

Inside Max Rose's de Blasio-hating, f-bombing reelection campaign

Trump says the quiet part out loud: He's losing

Trump to take motorcade from White House to JB Andrews

A friend of mine voted yesterday

Well, one thing is for sure! Trump made sure all his promises were kept.......

Trump's Remarks on Protecting America's Seniors; Fort Myers, FL; October 16, 2020

Post your favorite ad n/t

How the G.O.P. Can Still Wreck America

Georgia Politician Vernon Jones Crowdsurfs Sans Mask at Trump Rally

California Drop Boxes.

Will Trump win [FL] again? Watch Florida's Sumter County for first election night clue.

He won't hang around until 1/20/21


Krugman: #1 Long-Term Barrett Threat Likely Decades Of Climate Inaction, No Matter How Bad It Gets

On this day, October 17, 1957, Vincent Van Patten was born.

White House: Tennessee mask mandate 'must be implemented'

Another name infamous for disinformation has been added to the "smear Biden" campaign

Trump to take motorcade from White House to JB Andrews

Generic Uncle Sam "I Want You" Graphic?

Heather Cox Richardson: "palpable sense of rats leaving a sinking ship"

Ironically Trump may need to wait for the end of the pandemic to seek asylum abroad.

Sometimes you meet someone and you know from the first moment ...

French police make arrests after teacher beheaded in Paris suburb

The View from the Tenderloin


White House rejects Putin response to US arms control offer

Imagine of Hunter's last name was Palin...or Bush...or Trump...

Trump Fan Outside Rally Laughs As Another Tells ABC News Reporter 'Put A Bullet In Your Head, Buddy'

There is a white supremacist mindset in some that is forever lost to humanity and reason

Dallas Morning News staff votes to unionize newsroom

Dallas Morning News staff votes to unionize newsroom

There's something different this time around

2016 Yale Climate Video On Florida SLR Syncs Well W. Today's NYT On Faltering Coastal Home Saless


Chris Murphy thread, tweeted minutes ago, on Giuliani and Russian propaganda

In Hong Kong, Communist Party Officials Stride Out of the Shadows

Trump, Biden and masculinity in the age of coronavirus

2 To 1 Odds 2020 Will Be Hottest Year Globally On Record; Last Month Hottest September On Record

Republicans have seen the enemy: Democracy

At Florida Rally, Trump Repeatedly Calls Rep. Matt Gaetz 'Rick Gates'

Surprise, Surprise! Blackjewel Coal Bankruptcy Will Leave Behind Decades Of Environmental Damage

Why would any woman swipe right for this man?

Ha! 🐠🥚🥚

PSA: Washington Post Press Freedom Partnership

What does it say about trump* if he's losing to the 'worst candidate in the history of politics'?

So Cute! GOP Wants To Show That They Care About Climate, Now Busy With More Symbolic Bullshit

Trump rally 'VIP' among six Chinese nationals charged with drug money laundering

Ted Nugent Demands Biden Campaign Stop Playing "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang" at Events

Trump attacks Little Ben Sasse

Watchdog group accuses Amy Coney Barrett of "unconscionable cruelty" in teen rape case

New book by former Trump exec Barbara Res exposes Trump's racism decades ago

The new show up!

"Earth and Moon Once Shared a Magnetic Shield, Protecting Their Atmospheres"

Is it wrong that I want to roll a joint, smoke part of it, walk my labrador retriever, and then...

Is this a Lounge suitable post?

Watch this injured little skunk get strong enough to wrestle with his cat sister 😍

Joe Biden: Don't let the Democats down!


New Zealand 2020: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern wins historic second term!!!! Labour Majority!!

Murkowski Flaps Gums, Claims She'll Use Appropriations To Block Pebble Mine

Jim Carrey offers help to undecided voters with his latest anti-Trump cartoon.

Studigal, Iceland

Takei FTW!

Here's Your Morning Stench Of Desperation: Climate Action "Golden Opportunity" For Trump's "Legacy"

Anyone else getting "403 Forbidden" page when clicking on a post?

Idled Venezuelan floating oil facility under repairs amid environmental concerns - source

Got my Ohio absentee ballot today! Important about judges

The Right's Christmas song of the year

what I increasingly think is going to happen - serious sore loserism

One last vote: In Michigan, a terminally ill man's mission to cast a ballot


Author Joyce Carol Oates Speaks and tweets for me about Joe.

Gov Cuomo: I will be holding a briefing and making an announcement at 11:30am ET.

New Zealand 2020: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern wins historic second term!!!! Labour Majority!!

Newt getting early start trashing Kristin Welker's moderation of the next debate.

*It's been a busy morning for the good people at Perdue Chicken*

I promise you will all love this clip from New Zealand

Undoing the damage done: What will it take to rebuild what's left of our government?

Czech Republic goes from model Covid-19 response to brink of second lockdown

Interesting discussion i had with a Hispanic neighbor

Some Repuke moran approved this billboard in Pennsylvania

Rapper Who Boasted on Youtube About Getting Rich From Unemployment Fraud Gets Arrested

Coronavirus. We're winning again, bigly.

Good link for sample ballots including judges, etc.

Savatage - When the Crowds Are Gone

Joe and Kamala on the Hindu festival of Navratri

*A staple technique of Russian disinformation is to sandwich the garbage between something real*

My first full-length mashup! Taylor Swift vs. The Police.

If GOP didn't cheat, they wouldn't win. Periodt.

Explosion in Harrisonburg, VA with injuries EDIT: Add NY Times story

Words of wisdom from El Arroyo...

NC Voting Update: October 16

How adorable is this??🥰😍

Theme from Saturday Night Live

TOP TEN: The "fuck the plague zone blue states" plan didn't work as intended.

JFK Jr expected to reveal himself TODAY at trump's Dallas rally. (QAnon whackbaskets)

What do DUers think about this from Chris Hayes

John James, MI GOP candidate for US Senate, linked to rally organizer where kidnap plot formed

Crowd starting to grow for the Women's March at Freedom Plaza

Giant cat drawing discovered on a hillside in Peru

Seriously...where is Bill Barr?

Funny-yet, somehow profound -Asian T-shirts

Time & again he demonstrates how easy it would be to get 30% or so of the American people to ...

Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable at "The Misfits" cast party, today 1960, a month before ...

The US reported the most Covid-19 cases in a day since July. Deaths may begin climbing, too, a leadi

Rudy: Only '50/50' Chance I Worked With a 'Russian Spy' to Dig Dirt on Bidens

"David Byrne's American Utopia" is a rousing, vibrant spectacular that rivals "Stop Making Sense"

Irony may be on life support, but it ain't dead.

What's your worst food story?

I have a dumb political question.

Trump finally begins to exhibit a keen perception of the obvious.

Musical karma as I pulled into my early voting place this am

The News Media Isn't Biased Against Trump. It's Biased For Him.

Why voting early matters

My husband tested Covid negative on both the rapid test and the lab test!

*Matt Gaetz at a Starbucks*

Maps, chats among evidence released in alleged kidnapping plot against Gretchen Whitmer

Steve Sack FTW

BTRTN: Ten Days in November... Would You Make This Deal to Get Rid of Trump?

Over 25,000,000 people have voted so far.

BTRTN: Ten Days in November... Would You Make This Deal to Get Rid of Trump?

COVID complacency? Much of the world is catching up with, even exceeding, the US, in new infections

Big day in the "JFK Jr lives" sect of QAnon as the man himself is expected to reveal himself...

The Absence of US Diplomacy on the Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict Risks a Wider War

Donald Trump Will Never Abandon You:

Rudy: Only '50/50' Chance I Worked With a 'Russian Spy' to Dig Dirt on Bidens

This is what democracy looks like!

Undoing the damage done: What will it take to rebuild what's left of our government?

Giuliani gives insane phone interview: says he sleeps with Hunter Biden's hard drive at night

Lindsey Graham thinks racism is a punch line. The truth about the senator's segregation "joke"

11-Year-Old's Kamala Harris Costume Gets VP Candidate's Stamp Of Approval

Wall Street donors line up behind Biden in massive third-quarter fundraising haul

921 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today. Sat; 18 deaths

Another Saturday Morning at the Supermarket

It's Not 'Court Packing.' Don't Be A Moron and Call It That.

Worst Person In The World by Keith Olbermann No. 8: Trump! Get Fauci's Face Off Your SCUMBAG TV ADS

"We're coming for you... If you're part of the media and you write something bad about us..."

20 cases of Covid-19 traced back to a Minnesota rally held by Trump

Hey Ben Sasse & other GOP fascist enablers. You're all disposable to Trump--like Dear Leaders everyw

Edward James Olmos - VOTE!

The legal reckoning awaiting Donald Trump if he loses the election

emptywheel: Really nice of Rudy to name his co-conspirators...

I bet Trump would withdrawal his SCOTUS nomination

*Bo Erickson is everything that is wrong with "journalism" today and he deserved every word...*

GIANT RED WAVE COMING! *To America's prisons (Rep Swalwell)

To Ben Sasse and other GOP Senators:

Caturday: Cat Is VERY Involved In His Mom's Daily Routine

It's been 3 days since the NY Post's article

Carolyn Maloney throws shade at trump. I didn't realize she was this funny!

Rudy Giuliani is gonna be in trouble

Only four years

Topics for final presidential debate announced and boy will Donald Trump be in trouble

The Trumpist Death Cult

For the record "Kamala" means "lotus" (a flower) in sanskrit. It's another name for a goddess.

Some pictures speak louder than words. (Julia Davis tweet)

Ballot Cast

Posted without comment

The Swedish Covid-19 Model is a Disaster

JFK Jr. was born on November 25 1960

I Voted

Whitmer kidnap evidence shows accused plotters shooting, threatening, Tasing

Kansas City-area hospitals overwhelmed, turn away ambulances

I'm old enough to remember when Donald Trump was predicted to run rings around Joe Biden in debates

Good dog.

Covid in a can.

Covid-19 Outbreaks Led to Dangerous Delay in Cancer Diagnoses

Irony is dead:

Strange Bedfellows: '43 Alumni For Biden' Video Tweet

Governor Cuomo Briefing October 17 2020

Fox's new found love for Mayor Pete...

Vile Trump to MAGA cult: "Lock up the Bidens. Lock up Hillary. Lock 'em up."

Watched that interview with Westmoreland PA Trump supporters. What is wrong with these people?

MAGA Airlines ;)

Will we hear when Vernon Jones is COVID positive?

Joe's dimensia

Union Voters at Center of Trump vs. Biden Battle for Pennsylvania

Of course asshat Bannon is involved. "I have the hard drive of Hunter Biden."

Loise mensch: "Hunter's emails were hacked by the GRU, and Rudy / Firtash / Bannon are washing them.

A Rapid Test Offers Hope for Community Screening

*What's their next bombshell going to be?* LOL

Florida adds more than 4,000 new COVID-19 cases, the highest one-day total since August

Rural Midwest hospitals struggling to handle virus surge

Kamala: My mother raised me to see what could be, unburdened by what has been.

COVID-19 case confirmed in pope's Vatican residence

The only neighbor with a trump* sign in their yard now has Biden AND Kildee signs, too.

My trump Prophecy..a bit farther out than short term but not that far away:

It tweeted a delusional thing

More than three-quarters of a million Floridians are currently out of work.

John Leguizamo outed himself on Real Time With Bill Maher (Video)

Maybe I missed this, but do we know for sure there was a laptop?

Supreme Court to hear case over congressional seat count

West Seattle Bridge decision delayed as city considers new 'rapid' replacement option


Police investigating series of threats, hateful messages against Seattle mayor

The Gulf Arabs Weary of Protesting for Palestine - Yaroslav Trofimov

I am at peace.... perfect peace

Amy Coney Barrett's People of Praise faith group has had a complicated relationship to Catholicism

Frozen food package polluted by living coronavirus could cause infection, China's CDC says

Revealed: police unions spend millions to influence policy in biggest US cities

*A piece of aluminum foil just blew across my yard just now...*

This map make no sense at all. Some Questions...

Mail Balloting Is Fueling Historic Early Voting in the 2020 Election

YOU raised $9,313.08 for Biden-Harris, $0 Amy (DITCH Mitch) McGrath & $0 for duhneece on 10-16-20

Portland police helmets to have prominent 3-digit numbers for protests

Winter pandemic outdoor recreation.....

Early voting in Nevada begins

John King on US Covid-19 case trends map: 'That's a lot of bad'

Already voted (at a minimum), 25,827,135, 18.6% of the number of total voters in the 2016 election

There's a Word for Why We Wear Masks, and Liberals Should Say It

Two key Texas counties -- Democratic stronghold Harris and traditionally red Denton -- are setting ear

DOJ likely to file Google antitrust suit with no Democratic support


'I'd walk through a wall of COVID to vote': Pent-up passions send local voters to the polls in recor

Stressed? Yale's Science of Well Being course is FREE!

The Lincoln Project: "The girl in the mirror". Another powerful ad....

An oil tanker with 50-60 million gallons of oil is currently sinking in the Gulf of Paria-Venezuela

Trump did every possible thing not to get reelected and acts as if he should

A return to 'The West Wing' urges people to vote--while evoking idealism from a more normal time

Deficient NC absentee ballots frozen pending further rulings

Not letting thousands of people die proves popular in New Zealand.

More Than 1,000 Current and Former CDC Officers Criticize U.S. Covid-19 Response

Democrats outraise 4 Austin-area GOP incumbents in congressional races

U.S. sees over 69,000 new virus cases - the most in a single day since July

Kentucky postal worker fired after dumping 100 absentee ballots

Satire of MAGA Zombies and Chump Himself

This treatment of a lineswoman is creepy and demeaning (he should have been carded):

I love that we can track our ballots in AZ.

Donald Trump flails and shows no ability to reset as some Republicans voice their concerns

What does that say about tRump when in both 2016 & 2020 his campaign is under FBI investigation?

NC: First day of early voting set a Mecklenburg record.

Trump's hunt for foreign policy wins hits Russian wall

Oracle CEO donated $250K to Graham Super PAC days before TikTok deal went through: report

Four years later and I'm still furious with James Comey. This is all his fucking fault.

ME-SEN: Susan Collins donated $400 each to 2 QAnon supporters

Democrats Can't Spend All Their Money

The Family of Repubs &Trump, Ladder Capital AND Koch Real Estate Investments

"Trump is a Fu***ng Moron"..2min 39 secs, From a Republican Vet.

WHERE CAN I CHIP IN FOR THIS?: Trump on if Biden wins: 'Maybe I'll have to leave the country'

better late than never!

There can be no bail for Trump. He is a known and admitted flight risk now.

Picture of Meredith Dowty. Man arrested for threatening to kidnap and slash Wichita Mayor over mask

Joe Biden- we've got to come together, even Demo-Cats.

DEA seized over $234,000 in 2019 from Ukrainian shop owner doors down from pro-tRump MAC owner

Iguanas loudly munch on tortilla chips on the beach in Belize

TX-23: U.S. House candidate Tony Gonzales launched run before leaving Navy, filings show

21 white supremacist gang members busted in massive drug trafficking sting in Utah

Whoa, Republicans' tears are red???

Not going to watch the next debate and Biden should refuse. Why give the orange man a chance

'We're toast': Teacher drops off zoom call and 2nd graders hilariously try to behave

Netflix new series Social Distance: A few mins in and I love it!

The legal reckoning awaiting Donald Trump if he loses the election - CNN

From QAnon to dictators, Trump embraces those who embrace him back

Great posting from Minocqua Brewery....WTFU Wisconsin!

Ex-SoCal Rep. Duncan Hunter REPUKE to serve 11-month sentence at West Texas prison camp

FDR's Second Bill of Rights

If you can't persuade the voters, suppress their votes

This ongoing meme about Biden being boring is a complete lie.

Trump is 'going to get absolutely crushed':GOP campaign consultant paints grim portrait of president

Cartoons 10/17/2020

USPS worker suspected of throwing away bags full of mail posted about the QAnon conspiracy theory

I Just Came Back From Rural North Carolina

I didn't know that otters played fetch. 😍😁

Police Are Cutting Ties With Domestic Violence Programs That Support Black Lives Matter

Who would drop off a computer to the guy who admits he's gonna go thru your stuff?

It's Saturday. Who are the four or five candidates for the Senate who are the most likely to

Steve Bannon's back: Ex-adviser says Trump plans to claim victory early

David From: The Final Season of the Trump Show

You know what is interesting?

Man can drop part of name denoting slave ancestry, Tunisian court rules

I believe USPS did not fully deliver mail ballots in Seminole County, FL

Anybody heard if JFK Jr showed up in Dallas today ?

Extrajudicial execution is being ignored

Repugs may lose the WH, Senate and House, but they have 6-3 at the Supreme Court, and they will

Mark Cuban: Every household in America should receive a $1,000 stimulus check every 2 weeks for the

UK bans any use of mobile phones while driving

That little circus car is carrying but a single clown. "The Debater."

Salisbury Novichok-poisoned officer Nick Bailey quits

Blame Trump by Really American

Nigeria's anti-police brutality protests bring Lagos to standstill

For all of those who wish to pull Lame Duck Shenanigans

NY shuts down 10,000 person wedding as Cuomo reveals new COVID-19 plan

US warned Nevada not to use Chinese COVID tests from UAE

US warned Nevada not to use Chinese COVID tests from UAE

Betelgeuse [ Betelgeuse Betelgeuse] is 25 percent closer than scientists thought

Reports: Turkey tests Russian-made S-400 defense system

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signs law allowing virtual public meetings

"We don't need the government...

Exclusive: Feds chased suspected foreign link to Trump's 2016 campaign cash for three years

The Latest: Hawaii welcomes visitors with pre-travel test

The Lexington Herald-Leader, one of Kentucky's largest newspapers, has endorsed Amy McGrath

Bloomberg launches $2.4 million ad campaign appealing to Latino voters

Anyone from Detroit know what is up with Michigan?

Argentina: Reporters Without Borders alerts on push by right-wing lawmakers to intimidate reporters

Argentina: Reporters Without Borders alerts on push by right-wing lawmakers to intimidate reporters

Thousands of Thais defy crackdown on protests in Bangkok

White House: Tennessee mask mandate 'must be implemented'

How Hitler Built The Nazi Party's Brand: Hitler's Propaganda Machine - Timeline

What's for Dinner, Sat., Oct. 17, 2020

A psalm for the cult of covidiots!

Jon Ralston's Nevada Early Voting Blog - 10/17/20 - 9:45 a.m.

Kentucky postal worker fired after dumping 100 absentee ballots

Polish bishop caught up in abuse negligence case resigns

What is it?

Tactics of the deplorables.

Late guidance from Florida elections chief could affect plans for mail ballot drop boxes

Is anyone else having problems with watching videos on YouTube?

Guess who this fine looking fellow is?

New Trump golf course provokes fury in Scotland

New Trump golf course provokes fury in Scotland

Michigan bans open carry of guns inside and near polling places

More than 1 million have voted so far in N.J. mail-in election

Trump wanted John McCain to apologize to him after the 2016 election, longtime aide says in new book

ROFL!! Lindsey Graham fundraising imagined as a call from a stalker

WA state ballots mailed 10/16 arrived 10/16

Nine coronavirus cases tied to Trump Minnesota rally

Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin Each Broke Coronavirus Case Records Friday

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: #KnowYourRights on how to protect you and your family from eviction.

Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto #1 in C Major, Op. 15

U.S. judge denies request to exempt Catholic churches from New York coronavirus limits

17 days to go - my nightly home stretch election polling data update.

The Pueblo Chieftain Opinion: Please do not vote for Trump. Cast your vote for Joe Biden.

Trumper sign: make america safe again.

He went down the QAnon rabbit hole for two years. Here's how he got out

Ailments in Covid-19 Trials Raise Questions About Vaccine Method

Trump Is Facing MASSIVE Lawsuits When He Leaves Office


Today I think Eric Trump is leading the "who's the dumbest trump son" contest.

'Emily In Paris' - Paris gets the 'Sex In The City' treatment.

Notice to republican Senators who want to distance themselves for Trump.

Trump sees the world from a penthouse perspective, Biden says in Michigan visit

Catholic nun lowers the boom on Amy Coney Barrett for wanting to take women 'back to 1789'

No Trump signs in my Albuquerque neighborhood

Video: Alt-right domestic terrorists in Michigan training to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer

My son received a letter from President Obama via Democratic Party of VA

Absentee ballots delayed in mail can't be counted, court rules

Joe: Promise?

Womens Marches Being Held In Washington, D.C., Cities Nationwide

Caturday: "I was going to make a salad."

Here's the list of Senate candidate that need help...and those who don't

Makes Ya Wanna Pour A Glass an' Knock It Back....

My CA ballot has been received!

I don't understand the 'claiming victory' stuff.

Sheriff defied court orders to name deputies with misconduct histories. It was a costly decision.

Trump lashes back at Nebraska Sen. Sasse after criticism

Pete Souza: I photographed Obama and Reagan. Here's why Trump's White House is a national disgrace.

This is a must read, my daughter just text this to me.

New -- Impeached President Trump Says He'll Leave America

'We Are Having A Mass Delusional Break In This Country And No One Will Admit It': GOP Cult of Death

I just had a run in with a Trumper!

We voted!

Dog Copies Every Single Yoga Pose His Dad Does 😍

Hamilton fans will love it.

Donald Trump to build second golf course in Scotland despite objections

Colorado burning

Welp......pretty sure this will pop up in a nightmare.

Biden Team Tells Supporters to 'Campaign Like We're Trailing' as Harris Will Visit Florida Monday

Internal GOP Data Shows Joe Biden's Scranton Roots Could Make The Midwest Blue Again

Biden Campaign To Its Supporters: Don't let up until Impeached tRump is defeated

A domestic violence shelter put up Black Lives Matter signs, and law enforcement revolted

Just the way you are:

A 2009 Supreme Court ruling may require Barrett to recuse herself from 2020 election cases

*And Rudy makes clear that Trump was in on the scheme*

Halloween Is Coming! #76

Halloween Is Coming! #77

Halloween Is Coming! #78

Halloween Is Coming! #79

Halloween Is Coming! #80

Halloween Is Coming! #81

Halloween Is Coming! #82

Halloween Is Coming! #83

Halloween Is Coming! #84

Halloween Is Coming! #85

Oracle CEO donated $250K to Graham Super PAC days before TikTok deal

Why is MSNBC suddenly showing the Trunp Rally?

Vacation 2020

Plot To Kidnap & Murder Kansas Mayor Over Covid Protections & Tyranny: Threat To 'Slash His Throat'

Picked up my Biden sign and flag today!

One last vote: In Michigan, a terminally ill man's mission to cast a ballot

The longer trump's (p)resident, the older lindsay graham looks. n/t

trump thwarted by Russia/putin

Not out of the question some large TX counties EVs could exceed their *total* 2016 votes cast

Eric Trump today with Carlos Gavidia, flotilla organizer recently charged with sending threatening..

Rex Tillerson, John Bolton, and Former Administration Officials Speak Out Against Impeached Trump

The next Democratic president needs to deliver for several constituencies

The President mentions the Governor of Michigan, the crowd chants lock her up, Trump agrees

Have you guys met Uncle Roger yet?

The bogus U.S. census numbers showing slavery's 'wonderful influence' on the enslaved

OETA is showing "Dr. Strangelove" tonight at 9pm. n/t

WH pandemic advisor (Atlas) posts gibberish article that refers to Covid-19 as "some seasonal flu"

Issa bolsters campaign with self-funding, outraises Campa-Najjar by $1 million

A 2009 Supreme Court ruling may require Barrett to recuse herself from 2020 election cases

The neighborhood isn't finished with lawn signs yet...

Attended a Women's March rally in Ocala, FL today

Here's Ivanka pointing to a tip jar at an Ohio ice cream shop. "What are tips?" she asked.

What the actual fuck? Who could possibly think this guy was okay?

Trump is trying to woo suburban women. Suburban women aren't buying it.

Thank you to the lady volunteer who called me this afternoon.

Covid: York self-isolating students told 'wait behind in fire'

VOANews changes banner from VOA headquarters on Independence Avenue to White House.

DU has been a very important part of my Pandemic and Trump era survival strategy ...

what is this story that's breaking (and blocked) on twitter about Elaine Ciao?

Baby otter plays & sucks his fingers:

Finally got my mail in ballot!

QAnon accounts make a dent in voting discussion on Twitter

I understand the 12" rulers

Biden's favorite Vice President is Dan Quayle

Party before country

My 104 year old 2nd cousin just passed away.

New story, more details, about extra-judicial killing of suspect in Portland

Who here spilled the beans on Operation Mt. Rushmore?

Armenia, Azerbaijan announce new attempt at cease-fire

Trump Goes To Wisc., 'Covid Epicenter' For Super-Spreader Rally Despite Preventable Deaths Warnings

Do you think we'll take the senate?

A domestic violence shelter put up Black Lives Matter signs, and law enforcement revolted

David Cay Johnston giving props to his son:

Something In The Rain - Netflix

White supremacy in Colombia Part 1: Kill the Indians!

I gave to six senate campaigns who could flip blue tonight. Here is the list if anyone is interest.

NZ: Progressive Champion Jacinda Ardern Wins Historic Landslide Reelection, Drubbing of Rt Wing

dog expresses his feeling toward Trump

Honest to god, someone

In my Florida Town, the Republicans are up to their usual dirty tricks ..


Florida head coach who called for FL. to allow packed stadium, tests positive for COVID-19

Three SCOTUS Justices!

"Dammit, Minnesota, you better vote for me," Trump says to his supporters in...Michigan.

You really must...

Tweet from Gov. Whitmer's Deputy Digital Director.

My favorite pic from the Women's March today (plus a few others):

What are the legal options if you feel intimidated by RW poll watchers?

McConnell's political theater... Announces votes Tuesday and Wednesday on GOP stimulus measures

THOUSANDS Gather In D.C Today For Women's March (Watch)

Joe Biden: Promise?

A Change is Gonna Come: Raul Malo sings at U S.Capitol

Why won't Trump supporters admit they've been conned?

Scammers will try anything to get your info?

Democrats Can't Spend All Their Money

Joni Ernst's soybean blowup shows debates really do still matter

Holy Bunions! France (with population of one-fifth of USA) has 32,000 Covid cases in a day.

Artist Hikes Length of Vermont, Painting Along the Way: Autumn Splendor

The Justice Department lets itself be used to bully critics of Donald and Melania Trump

*8:00 PM -- Singin' in the Rain (1952)

Is anyone else having trouble making donations through ActBlue?

Dan Rather Explains How Actual Rats Are Better Than Trump-Supporting Republicans

Democrats Don't Need To Win Georgia, Iowa, Ohio Or Texas -- But They Could

PA-10: Mama Mia, what were Republicans thinking with this new PA-10 ad?

Waiting for JFK Jr. like

George Takei: Trump claims he is leading in Michigan. But unlike many other states, MI doesn't repor

Artist Hikes Length of Vermont, Painting Along the Way: Autumn Splendor

Trump Threatens To 'Fire' Florida Governor If He Loses The State In November

GA-07: Suburban White women could flip Georgia blue.

Trump's plan for the 3rd and final debate REVEALED !!

Halloween Classic!

As pandemic surges and economy stalls, Trump fails to live up to dealmaker image

Trump describes the National Guard getting into physical altercations with protesters as "beautiful"

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #2 in D Major, Op. 36

Don't go changing

NC-11: Millions pour into western NC congressional race that was once seen as a GOP lock

Bill Barr Brought His B.S. to St. Louis

too bad we don;t gave access to the names of COVID dead, a daily memorial 60 sec scrolling ad

Germany got covid right:

IA-SEN: Des Moines Register editorial board endorses Theresa Greenfield for U.S. Senate

The cowards' comeuppance: It's too late for a radical reinvention of the Trump GOP

So he wants to lock up the Bidens, Governor Whitmer and Hillary Clinton

Blues Boogie Jam: John Lee Hooker, Carlos Santana, Etta James

Boogaloo Bois say 'unity is the mission' at Capitol rally

Drove through part of PA today

Figliuzzi cites Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution law re Trump leaving country if he loses

The News Media Isn't Biased Against Trump. It's Biased For Him.

Trump Leans Into Fear Tactics In Bid To Win Midwest States

IN-05: Hale raises more money than Spartz in third quarter in 5th District battle

IL-13: Rodney Davis Gets Called Out for Lying about Betsy Dirksen Londrigan

Pennsylvania rejects 372K mail-in ballot applications following primary confusion: report

My niece's trump* humping neighbor has a sad. Neighborhood kids are being mean to him.

Did anyone watch the Hamilton Biden fundraiser last night?


Can Biden compete in Trump's rural strongholds? Democrats hope so.

Forgettful Trump: "Dammit, Minnesota, you better vote for me,"--but Muskegon is in MICHIGAN!

With apologies to your ears. Especially if you're a parent.

The Estimated Number of Domestic Animals Currently in the World.

Biden yeah