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Archives: October 2, 2020

Joe: On Native Women's Equal Pay Day, we recognize the hard truth that Native women earn just $0.57

Biden sets new fundraising record for September

Did he try to shake Biden so that he will stutter?

Deja Vu All Over Again. Back In 2017, The Fox Talking Points Defending Dear Leader Were Identical

FL: Brightline shut down commuter service for months. When will the trains run again?

trump administration was blocked by a judge from restricting H-1B visas

What 'cha Gonna Do?

Some food for thought re: Trumps base. Republican Hoover still got 40% of the vote in 1932.

Russian Intel-Connected Bank Deposited $330 Million Into Deutsche Bank America same time Trump borro

After Drumpf - Is Prosecuting a Former President Worth It?

This is what the media should be talking about.

Snapchat has helped 1 million users register to vote, a possible boon to Democrats

The Economist has Biden at 89% and 339 EV and Trump at 11% 1 in 9 of winning

Covid Found Just A Breath Away From Trump (Hope Hicks)

Hope Hicks tests positive for coronavirus & has traveled w/ Trump this week.

Inslee: Boeing Dreamliner decision an 'insult to workers'

Humpback whale gives show after being rescued

Trump administration slashes refugee program amid president's campaign attacks on immigrants

Trump Aide Hope Hicks Tests Positive for Coronavirus Infection

New layoffs from Wall Street to Main Street hurt thousands of Americans as Washington squabbles and

2 days ago

Donald Trump, Seven Springs and his $21 million tax deduction draw scrutiny

James Baldwin: ignorance allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have

Mississippi COVID milestone: 1 out of every 1,000 residents dead.

Caterpillar common in Tennessee dubbed 'Trumpillar' by pest control company

A wave of panic is overtaking Trump and the GOP as their fortunes look increasingly grim

Texas Christian on Trump: 'he sounds just like me'

In addition to being on Air Force One Tues. night with Trump, Hicks was also on Marine One YESTERDAY

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany; October 1, 2020

Conservative operatives warned detroit residents that voting would put them in police database

Internal Probe Casts Doubt On Police Claim Of Suspicious Mail At Breonna Taylor's Home

And Now For Something A Little Different...

(Jewish Group) A Jewish senator blasts Republicans for burying bill targeting white supremacists

Playing secretly recorded tapes of Melania on AC. LOL!

Hope Hicks, one of President Trump's closest advisers, tests positive for coronavirus

Jon Meacham Declares Trump's Debate Conduct "The Lowest Moment in the History of the Presidency"

(Jewish Group) Jewish Democrats drew outrage with new ad -- then Trump made their point in the debate

Oregon Sheriff Hits Trump With Brutal Fact-Check Over False Debate Claim

(Jewish Group) Ahead of the election, growing numbers of US Jews consider leaving

2020 US Senate Election Rating for every US Senate seat up in 2020 that Democrats will win.

Fire in Birchwood Wednesday night claims lives of 14,000 chickens

House approves $2.2 trillion stimulus plan from Democrats with no bipartisan deal in sight

Arlo offers a song for 'Hard Times'

Activity to Simulate Schizophrenia

Chris Wallace blames Trump for chaotic debate: He 'bears the primary responsibility'

538 average for Biden's lead just jumped to...8.2!!!

What happened to the Durham probe?

NC-SEN: Democrat Cunningham raises record $28.3M in third quarter for bid against Tillis

Kimberly Guilfoyle was ousted by Fox over '$4m payment' to female assistant who accused the host of

Teachers union launches nationwide get-out-the-vote bus tour

Rob Reiner announces Spinal Tap reunion/fundraiser

The Short Term Upside And Long Term Downside Of Trump's Debate Madness

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Next debate, if it happens, is town hall format. Bullying wouldn't play well. Just saying..

RNC, Trump campaign push back on changing debate rules

"Any time reality intrudes on their fantasy, it's not helpful for Trump."

Hope Hicks has Covid and flew with Trump to the debate.

SCOOP: Brad Parscale under federal investigation

"I want my sandwich!"

Coronavirus-ravaged Wisconsin sweats Trump rallies

My yard signs finally came!!

Whoa! Evangelical pastor just released a book and made a long "Pro-Life Anti-Trump" video.

So, uhhhmmm, how many of trumps golf partners...

Hochul's back as New York's campaign warrior

1,600 former Justice Department lawyers accuse Barr of using DOJ to help Trump in election

Turn on Rachel RFN!

Their last show was New Years Eve '89. Tonight they were inducted into the Bluegrass Hall of Fame.

Nature: What a Joe Biden presidency would mean for five key science issues.

Hope Hicks should resign

Democrats to control Jacksonville City Council redistricting committee

Washington Post: Hope Hicks test POSITIVE for Covid!

The Second Circuit asks Manhattan DA Vance and Trump: How much longer did you two agree to hold off

Virginia pilot uninjured after crashing small plane during emergency landing

Sarah Cooper is back!:

Attorney General Nessel just nailed a couple of thugs

Anyone watching the Trevor Bowl?

Melania recording, via Lincoln Project, on kids separated at border: "Give me a f*cking break."

Levi's Stadium To Serve As Voting Center

Rice University polling site to be all student run on Election Day

Can anyone put together a Hope Hick's contact tracing timeline?

Watch live tonight! Antares rocket launching NASA cargo on Cygnus spacecraft

Netflix's New Releases Coming in October

Early voting in Chicago begins with hundreds lining up at Loop Super Site

Prayers that the Trump idiots haven't passed covid to Dr Biden. (and Joe)

What kind of Americans do their damnedest to confuse, intimidate, and disqualify other voters?

some great crisis, avoided

Melania, Parscale, Gillfoyle, Hicks

Fulton County Launches Massive Early Voting Campaign

Rule Change for Second Debate Forbids Trump from Attending

Early voting at record pace in Minneapolis; more than 19K have already cast ballots for November ele

Melanie is a giant turd - uh, *troll*, troll I mean, or *do* I?!1

Presidential Debate Prompts Long Line at Early Voting Site in Fairfax County

100 positive reasons to vote for Joe Biden to be our President.

the first nude is just like her asshole huzzbund

Many Virginians take advantage of early voting

All first ladies, throughout the history of the nation, have been fond of saying,

Arrests and torture of gays, lesbians in Egypt are 'systematic,' rights report says

Greg Abbott Brings Jim Crow Voting Laws Back To Texas By Eliminating Ballot Drop Offs.

PA! PA! Red Alert! PA!

'In Appalachia, People Watch Covid-19, Race Issues From Afar'

Drumpf's taxes raise IRS red flags. But his flouting of civic duty is equally concerning.

Chris Wallace blames Trump for chaotic debate: He 'bears the primary responsibility' on tape

Remember when Jemele Hill lost her job at ESPN for calling trump a white supremacist?

Debunking Tucker Carlson on Wildfires

"Where is this river?" Kayleigh loses it when reporter asks about Trump story "ballots in a river"

Melanoma is just like him. Despicable.

Hope Hicks, top Trump adviser who flew with him to debate, tests positive for Covid

How many times has this happened to you?

I'm of the firm belief that the orange asshole is a super spreader

ass hole is waiting for


TCM Schedule for Friday, October 2, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: Fright Favorites

Republican official was just forced to debunk Trump's bogus claim of vote-selling in West Virginia

Uh Oh! Susan Collins is CONCERNED about no COVID relief bill. Thom Tillis and David Perdue also!

Please RT to let all my Evangelicals know the new talking point is "WHO GIVES A F-CK ABOUT CHRISTMAS

I'm a little sorry about this

I'm Not Getting My "Hopes" Up

So Lawrence just said all health officials are saying Trump needs to quarantine.

I cry as well.

Rocket launch on Eastern Shore halted with minutes remaining in countdown

Trump should be quarantined- stating the obvious Dr. Jha

About Hope Hicks.

Hope Hicks is 'symptomatic'.

McConnell SuperPAC plugging $7.2 M into the Battleground State of.....Kansas

A Naval Academy midshipman tweeted that Breonna Taylor got 'justice.' Now, he's suing the school

Who knew Hope would be the Trojan horse?

Hicks has COVID-19.has been close to Trump!Trump was just 6 feet away from Biden during debate..

Melania Trump: "I'm driving liberals crazy! You know what? They deserve it"

I tired of the MSM and bothsiderism

Dr. Jill made climate change statement with debate dress

Here's your Hiromi fix

These 5 Republicans Voted No on House Resolution for Peaceful Transition

LISTEN: Melania Trump goes on profane rant against people criticizing her husband's policies

Ninety-six ways to celebrate Jimmy Carter

I got tested for COVID last friday.

738-foot coal ship runs aground near Naval Station Norfolk

D. Lemon just said Hope Hicks

Just missed my first canvasser! Found a postcard with all the Dem candidates listed, and a reminder

No more fucking debates. n/t

Should Joe refuse to do the next debate because of the COVID risk

Wisconsin GOP Deeply Worried About Racing Sausages At Polling Places

Laurence Tribe is SHOUTING that we need to read this article RFN!

Halloween Is Coming! #1

Halloween Is Coming! #2

Halloween Is Coming! #3

Halloween Is Coming! #4

Halloween Is Coming! #5

Omaha Federation of Labor calls on Nebraska Democratic Party to rescind criticism of Don Kleine

Dump went on Fox and blamed military/law enforcement for likely source of Hope's infection

Unhinged Trump Falls Apart at Sick Rally

Don Lemon (CNN) just reported Dump is under quarantine.

Trump So Unhinged Debate Rules Are Changing

So that whole ridiculous cabal of an admin has been exposed to covid.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What Were Trump and Biden Listening to in Their Debate Earpieces?

Has anyone gotten a suspicious robo call supposedly from the Biden campaign?

Russians Were Urged to Return to Normal Life. Except for Putin.

Trump just tweeted that he's quarantining. I wonder if he understands it's for 14 days?

The debates are Russian roulette during this pandemic.

Trump *IS* being his quarantine process. Just on MSNBC

Trump is beginning a self-quarantine process supposedly (per his Tweet)

Did Hope Hicks really test positive for COVID19, or is it Trump's excuse to get out of the debate?

Trump's Biggest Lie Yet - I Am Still Waiting For Results

Pennsylvania needs to go the state House right now!

So, I guess her real name is "Hoax Hicks"???

Now would be a good time to bring up him mocking Joe for wearing a mask

Dr. On CNN Says Pelosi Needs To Quarantine

George Takei: how to mess up proud boys 'real bad' using TikTok

What if Trump and Pence have to quarantine? Who becomes acting president?

This is all so sad to me.

Why did the judge give the DOJ until Nov. 2 to unredact 15 pages of the Mueller report??

Hope Hicks has COVID 19 AND may have exposed TRUMP to the virus

Column: Trump used to praise white supremacists. Now he's giving the Proud Boys marching orders

If it takes you 48 hours to decide whether or not you will condemn White Supremacists

Chris Wallace RIPS Trump live on air for ruining first debate

Know who's having the *best night ever*?!

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Brings Back Cruises & Neanderthal Genes Increase COVID Risk

If Hicks was quarantined Wed, why is it taking tRump so long

George Takei--Troll Level: Master

People happy that Trump is quarantined, if this turns out

Is Joe at risk from Trump's yelling 6' away from him?

I don't want Trump to get sick and die of COVID

The Lincoln Project FTW - Don't test and there won't be a problem.

So this thing from Sen Chris Murphy is important

Secretly recorded tapes show Melania Trump's frustration at criticism

Damn, is he blaming this infection on the military and law enforcement ?

Ahead of U.S. election, malicious email campaign mimics Democratic pitches for volunteers

After hearing the news of Hope Hick COVID-19, All Americans are praying for President Trump tonight

Didn't catch the name, but Lawrence O. said a doctor said if both Trump and Pence have to quarantine

Parscale to a mental hospital?

I'd Put It At 60% Chance He's Tested Positive

Regarding Hope Hicks.

On CNN just now, John Harwood is speculationg that Trump should know his result by now and...

'October Surprise' used to mean 1 big story, not a constant sequence of surprises every 2 hours

Quarantine party at the White House BYOB

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Rev. Al Sharpton - How to Protest Based on Tangible Goals

Biden campaign asks radio pooler, who was on AF1, not to travel with Biden tomorrow

Ooh, ooh! Mr. Trump! Mr. Trump! DON'T GET TESTED FOR COVID!

Can one get COVID from pressing an orangutan's pants?

Your Not Going to Believe This.

Hope Hicks' Covid diagnosis is to prevent Kamala from gutting

My thoughts about the big news tonight:

Trump ridiculed for his 'D-list endorsements': 'Minor officials and forgotten hangers-on'

Fact-Checking the First 2020 Presidential Debate - NowThis

Just a bit about latest polling numbers and election estimates

Covid-19 May Possibly Be The World's Greatest Ever Case Of Karma

To those hoping Trump has actually contracted COVID.....

If Trump and Biden die of Covid,

TCM Schedule for Saturday, October 3, 2020 -- The Essentials

If Trump Kicks the Bucket from Covid, All the ballots are null & void????

Looks Like We're Going To Get A Very Exciting Series Finale!!

Been in Hospital with Covid the last 2 weeks

White House did not alert media abt Hope Hicks Covid diagnosis.

Did Donald Trump grab Hope Hicks by the

Trump is blaming the military for the infection.

Did the debate audience wear masks?

Trump would not Quarantine without a positive rapid test...

Condemn - Joe Biden For President 2020

Proud Boys and Ashamed Boys - Sack cartoon

ah ha ...hahahaha ... yeh i hope he is infected

Has this been posted? I don't believe a word of it-Pass for the next debates is the Con

Northam wants to extend Virginia's ban on utility cutoffs again. Regulators say it will still expire

Gov. Abbott forces Harris County to close 11 mail ballot drop-off sites, leaving just one

Attn Fox News viewers: that "war on Christmas" is coming from inside the house

TX-02: Democrat Sima Ladjevardian slams Houston Rep. Dan Crenshaw over COVID response

The October 17 Women's March: Everything You Need To Know

I've Got The Perfect Comeback For Trump's Demand For EARPIECE Inspections Before Debates.

Trump fakes COVID19, Pence gets sworn in as Acting president of the United States and pardons Trump

Kimberly Guilfoyle's former assistant sent Fox News execs 42 pg. sexual harassment complaint

Oh-oh when Trump was in Minnesota yesterday he attended a fundraiser

Texas governor limits election drop boxes to one per county in sprawling state

State Laws on Authorized Poll Watchers & Voter Challenges

NPR and BBC report Hope Hicks is covid positive.

TX-10: Democrat Siegel reports $1 million in third-quarter donations

Trump and 1st lady are quarantined for 14 days. Hope Hicks has covid.

TX-SEN: Hegar reports fundraising surge in bid to unseat Cornyn

If they did less COVID-19 testing in the White House, nobody would have come down with it

So the First Lady is no better than a Christmas hating troll

Trump cant do rallys or debate then?

Rick Wilson floats White House rumor 😎

The part of the debate 45 does NOT want you to see!

Dang! That Miles Taylor is so flippin' good looking!

MSNBC - Hicks was quarantined on AF1. Started signs at Minn rally

particularly in swing states with Republican-controlled legislatures pay attention:

Trump doesn't need to fake a virus to avoid debates or the election

TX-02: Rep. Dan Crenshaw calls wind and solar energy 'silly solutions' to climate change

First Lady Melania Trump Sneers At Family Separations: 'Give Me A F*cking Break'

Does anyone remember the Blank-Out Campaign in 2016

Tonight was the Al Smith Dinner for Catholic Charities

Texas Ag Commissioner Sid Miller pranked by 'Borat' star Sasha Baron Cohen

I think the SC hearings need to be postponed because of Covid in the WH

I'm not saying I hate Donald Trump ... but


Major U.S. diocese becomes largest to file for bankruptcy after 200 sexual abuse lawsuits

Seth Meyers - Trump Repeatedly Interrupts Biden in First Presidential Debate - Monologue 9/30/20

Fox is not covering 45's quarantine.

"No mask for Hope Hicks getting on Marine One yesterday"

Can 2020 get anymore cray cray?

The president might have covid, but it's not a big deal cause it's just like the flu

Brian Tyler Cohen: If it infects Trump's colon...

Nancy Pelosi should isolate for 'continuity in government'

F*** You Greg Abbott

If trump and most of his entourage tested positive for COVID, it would be the best public service

Minnesota GOP executive director leaves position

You ever wonder, after reading GD on a heavy news day,

A good song for tonight

And once again COVID is the #1 news story

When the First Lady doesn't "give a f*** about Christmas stuff"...

Eric Holder addresses Wisconsin redistricting panel, prompting criticism from GOP

Trump will be wheeled on stage at his next rally in an iron lung

Alarming COVID metrics in Wisconsin where trump held mass rallies.

Two Trump/COVID tin-foil hat conspiracy scenarios (for morbid entertainment value only)

Drive-By Truckers - Ronnie & Neil

MI: Republicans target lost seats in Wayne County state House races

Imagine this - you dislike the man, he makes your skin crawl, you don't like him touching you....

Funny quick video of Vice-President Biden

Just between you and I, I'm looking forward to Trump's quarantine for the next two weeks.

I got tested at Walgreens on Sunday

Pence has always been a very Proud Boy and is standing by.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to visit Grand Rapids on Friday

April 3rd - Lookie here, a 15 minute test ... "For President Trump, obtaining one of the new,

Florida adds 2,628 coronavirus cases, 131 deaths Thursday

Michigan Republican tests positive for COVID-19

We are living the greatest and worst TV reality show in history

Two thoughts on Hope Hicks testing positive

Trump's projection here is fricking creeping me

I think the proud boys need to be tested for COVID

So did Amy Coney Barrett meet Hope Hicks at the WH?

If he's got a serious case, then I will be legitimately sad...

Ohio now rated a 'toss-up' state as both campaigns schedule major TV ad purchases

Interesting, unconfirmed White House scuttlebutt.

A woman on CNN is talking about the threat the Government

The road to the White House leads through southwest Ohio. Here's why.

Gorgeous fauna (elegant black butterfly), delinquent flora, & those perfect Greeks

Scaramucci on CNN said Hope Hicks is a "wonderful person". I have to question how wonderful

Seth Meyers: Guest Brian Stelter Would Never Moderate a Debate with Trump

Sarah Cooper Tweet- 😁😆😳😂🤪😃🤣

People who recently traveled with Hope Hicks.

TCM Schedule for Sunday October 4, 2020 - TCM Birthday Tribute: Buster Keaton


Trump and Melanoma have tested positive!

MSNBC now announcing that he has tested positive

Trump positive for COVID


Anyone know the Status of the Speaker?

Is it wrong that I said Woo Hoo!

TCM Schedule for Monday October 5, 2020 - Star of the Month: Peter Cushing

Stock Markets starting to freak

And So It Goes....

Now that Trump and Malaria have tested positive for Covid-19,

Seth Meyers - Trump Lashes Out After Unhinged Debate Performance: A Closer Look

True prayers for VP Biden and Dr. Biden. n/t


trump and flotus are positive Per CNN at 1:01am EDT

I've been an atheist for a long time.

Halt the Supreme Court nomination

If Trump actually dies from this,...

Tweet of the Day

So, Pence is Acting President?

Notorious RBG.....just saying!

Hey Trumpers, have you got the message why MASKS ARE NECESSARY!!!

So will Republicans finally believe in COVID?

The all-time OCTOBER SURPRISE (self inflicted)

a Hoax? alright you stupid fucking repukes?

Kyle Griffin reports DUMP tested positive

So if the media didn't find out about Hope Hicks, we wouldn't know about Trump????

☦ Orthodox: From the Old Testament-Proverbs 18-22

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

Trump has bad judgement! Trump kills people with his decisions!

Good thing he's been taking all that hydroxychloroquine.

OK donald 2 things

Half of 55 and older on track to retire in poverty

It's highly possible that he will die...

Brian Williams- Still the Most Professional News Anchor

If Trump and Pence were to both die before the election

Hey Donald, we hate to say we told you so but,

He has it. He just tweeted.

BREAKING: BBC reports both Trumps are positive for covid.

NYT Just Now 00:09: Trump Positive for Covid-19

The work goes on. Turnout. Turnout. Vote!

So we are assuming they are telling the truth...

Trump has gotta be the biggest


I hope the republicans don't try to cancel the election

MAJOR NEWS from the White House physician. POSITIVE FOR COVID.

What are the chances this is another big fraud or distraction?

I believe the WH physician who says that Trump will "continue his duties as President"...

So what exactly is known about Trump's pre-covid health?

How the hell...

If Nancy becomes Acting President, can she stop the SCOTUS nominee?

Favorite Covid-19 Quotes

I like Presidents who weren't infected, OK ? nt


"It affects virtually nobody"

You know who did give a f*#k about Christmas at the White House?

Brian Williams just said that the rest of the debates are off.......

Russia's Internet Research Agency posed as an independent news outlet

I Guess The Strategy Of Pretending The Virus Is No Big Deal Didn't Work Out So Good Right Donnie?

COVID-19 moved on Trump like a bitсh, it didn't even wait. And when you're a virus, they let you do

Wait. Why did trump get tested? If he didn't, he wouldn't have created a case!

It is what it is.

here comes the martyr act, like jesus on the cross - right out of central casting

I call bullshit...

I feel sorry for


I just came back to this news after relaxing with a little YouTube.

I don't believe a word the COVID President says.

Venerable Ajahn Chah - Clear Pointers to the Truth and Meditation - Theravada Forest Tradition

DU Poll: Will Trump's Covid will have an impact of the election?

Heres a list of people who have just traveled with Hope Hicks (per MSNBC)

He brought this on himself, the damn fool! He denied this virus, did nothing to stop its spread,

Trump can't even protect himself. How is he going to protect you and your family?

Paging Dr. Fauci.

Regarding Dipshit and Melanoma testing positive for Covid-19 -

Have we had the October surprise yet? n/t

Here's an indicator he's not lying about it.

Trump's fundraiser today . . .

I think there is going to be a huge amount of coverage about him NOT taking precautions

Shove a UV nightstick up his ass

I'm going to pop a seed today and name it "Karma". n/t

Who's turn is it to tell Vlad???

Meanwhile, on FAUX Snooze......

Dr. Anthony Fauci issued a statement on Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis and prognosis

This is the part of the movie where the bad guy's gold pile starts to fall on him

Tonight I lift a glass on high and toast the universal karma...

Where's Al Haig when you need him?

And maybe this is EXACTLY the escape hatch he was looking for

Whether it is true or not, this is terribly bad thing.

Okay, GETTING PISSED OFF --- #KEEPJOESAFE!!!! On Tuesday This Happened....

If Trump kicks the bucket . Melanoma will have a shit ton

Will the POTUS now say "wear a mask"?


Trump Is A True Patriot.....

Sympathy... You'll find it in the dictionary between Shit and Syphilis

Does Joe suspend his campaign?

No mention of Barron, and I didn't see him at the debate.

A mere 52 hours ago, trump was at the debate making fun of Biden for so often wearing a mask

every body needs to send bleach

I'm suspicious - re: Trump's COVID

Has anyone looked in on the Freepers? The conspiracies must be flying!

The only sane reaction

☦ Orthodox: From the Old Testament-Proverbs 18 to 22

Full Moon Tonight

Someone or something is posting a series of bizzare replies to Trump's twitter announcement. seems to be covering this live without a limit.....

Two weeks from now Dolt45 is gonna be bragging about his good genes and saying Covid is a hoax

Why do Trump and Melania always refer to the WH as their HOME?


"I like Presidents that don't get Covid"

If this is a campaign stunt by Trump, he will be impeached again before the election

How does coronavirus kill:

Should Nancy Pelosi be quarantining, too?

What's Mike Penes' status? nt

Please understand, please...

Not sure I'm buying this "It's a trick!" line of thought

Shouldn't he have Pence take over

There's two more debates scheduled.

should the 25th Amendment be invoked now?

POTUS: 1/20/2020: "We have it totally under control. It's just one case." (NPR link)

Trump is self medicating, he's doing shots of Lysol with KFC gravy chasers.

Is this about to become Biden vs Pence?

Phrase trending on twitter "There is a god"

If anyone and I mean anyone has any type of dirt/compromising info on Barr. Now

I Nominate Donald Trump as the 2020 Charles Darwin Award Winner

SCOTUS Confirmation Hearings in Peril before election?

No idea why I got the urge to hear this again.

Dow futures fall more than 400 points after Trump says he tested positive for coronavirus

So Trump has a virus that is a Hoax huh

How one Minnesotan watched the debate

After being told that he tested positive for Covid, Trump asked for a second opinion...

What are the odds China gets its Navy ready to take over some islands? Russia rolling tanks too?

He needs to get back to work asap

So what are the chances of turtle getting it?

Hundreds Of Lives Saved In Wisconsin

Study: Trump Is 'Single Largest Drive' Of Coronavirus Disinformation - All In - MSNBC

Honest question

President Trump, First Lady test positive for Covid-19

doesn't the pillow guy have

Trump has dropped 4 cents the past 30 minutes on this betting site

Government critic's car attacked in Colombia's capital

I wish him a swift and final resolution to this terrible illness. (nt)

It's a shame Democratic politicians will have to act civilized and sympathetic about this...

Is This Really Good News?

He is in serious deep shit

SC-SEN: Lindsey Graham knows who the Proud Boys are.

Right now Fox News is explaining to its viewers what coronavirus is.

Steve Schmidt of The Lincoln Project brings the smackdown to Ann Coulter

Maybe they should give ol pillow guy a call

Colorado, Confused About Voting In The 2020 Election? "Better Know A Ballot" Is Here To Help!

The last president to die in office of illness was Zach Taylor in 1850.

Rejects change to rules despite chaos of first debate

Boy that Ben Shapiro never fails to fail

Stephen Miller and Jared Kushner rode maskless on same plane

Recently Travelled with Hicks

Does Trump's Covid diagnosis put a wrecking ball in the Biden campaign?

Fox News continues to be a moral sewer: showing pics of Trump wearing a mask

Trump is largest source of misinformation

I have now figured out the "October Surprise"

IA-SEN: Trump's Trade Wars, Covid Response Could Cost Republicans an Iowa Senate Seat

Breaking - Fox viewers to learn of Covid-19 for first time

If the VP is vacant, the president appoints a VP and both houses of Congress vote

Maybe this is his pivot towards resignation?

Sea and Sand

It's real. Trump has Covid. I know because Melania would never spend two weeks with Donald

KS-SEN: Kansas could do something in November it hasn't done in almost 100 years

Kaitlan Collins on CNN hitting the cover-up angle

Kaitlan Collins CNN said trump was aware Hicks had tested positive for Covid, and still went ahead

Oh God, The Pride Of Man, Broken In The Dust Again....

October ( U2 - Live 1983 )

Senate Majority PAC launches a $14 million ad buy against Republicans

I hope that the Biden Harris campaign is as air tight as the NBA bubble

Bolsonaro Government Transferred to Michelle's Program US$ 1.3 million that Was Donated for Covid Te

Mike Pence Tweets Love and Prayers to Trump and Melania

Just reported, President will continue his regular duties, tweeting, and watching fox news

Make your prediction on Friday's stock market here

Is it weird they don't say anything about Barron. Usually they say "luckily my son is fine"

Does Pelosi withdraw the Coney Barrett nomination if she has power?

SC-SEN: Unprecedented ad blitz spearheaded by Democrats coming to SC in US Senate race

Face Down - Prince

Defensive Posture

Don Lemon: guest says military on alert. eom

CO-SEN: Gardner Says He's Likely To Vote To Confirm Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett

So the MAGA hat wearing trump supporters who called it a Hoax

NYT: How Trump's False Voter Fraud Claims Are Used To Disenfranchise Voters Katy Tur MSNBC

Think this could help Senate Republicans?

So God and Jesus must of had a little chat

So if Trump and Pence becomes sick, Nancy Pelosi becomes President?

Endangered Republicans back Senate Democrats' bill opposing Obamacare lawsuit

And God Created Woman - NPG

Trump has such a negative effect on America, finally there's something positive about him!

Does the White House have enough bleach to treat Trump? Should we send some?

AZ-SEN: In Supreme Court Fight, McSally Sees a Chance to Reboot Her Senate Campaign

45 plus 19

obligatory tweet from Pence for Trump

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Guatemalan women alleging gang-rape can use explosive corporate documents in Hudbay case

Miley Cyrus - Heart of Glass (Blondie Cover) (Live at the iHeartRadio Music Festival 2020)

Hubris. Pure & simple.

Some people say that they're going to vote for Trump, I get that...

So an obese old guy gets a hoax virus, what could go wrong?

Blondie - Heart Of Glass (Official Music Video)

Mexican Mennonites learned of pandemic through rare online foray

Quick question: Is Fox News explaining to its viewers

AK-AL: Challenger says Alaska's US Rep. Young is ducking debates

Amish brothers who avoided prison after rape of sister are back in court

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

The White House didn't tell the press about Hicks

One has to think that there will be others in the WH that will also test positive in the days to

Prince - Endorphinmachine

Trump Announces He's Tested Positive For The Coronavirus - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

CO-03: Health Expert Says Boebert Campaign "Stoking Mistrust" of "Heroes" Who Work in Public Health

Fleetwood Mac - The Chain (Official Music Video)

Ani DiFranco - To the Teeth (Live)

Never doubt that we live in a benevolent Universe . . .

So....This Also Happened....National Security Just Got REAL.....

Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon

Federal judge refuses to stop mail-in voting in Montana, blasts Trump-backed 'fiction' of massive vo

Yellow - Sheila E.

When did Hope Hicks test positive?

He must've finally accepted the fact that he was going to lose

For those still saying it might be Trump faking it ... strategic command put the looking glass


Bolivian women skateboard in traditional Aymara garb to showcase their culture

TRUMP . . . is too stupid to be pResident.

The Trump virus

White Mansion

Trump and Melania have tested postive.

Guess who dodged a bullet

Prince - Controversy (Official Music Video)

NJ-02: Amy Kennedy raises massive $2.24 million in Q3 for challenge to Van Drew

Just a reminder: when Hillary got pneumonia on 9/11/2016, Trump mocked her.

Timeline of Trump's busy week

See what happens when you don't listen to your doctors?!



this reply to an adoring trumper made me chuckle. now i know what to tweet to folks like jim jordan


Trump campaign sues Philadelphia over mail-in voting offices

Whenever everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie

Am I the only one who finds the chronology of this REALLY fishy...?

Pa. Republican lawmaker's positive COVID-19 test cancels voting session

Almost 20,000 Amazon workers in US test positive for Covid-19

The Truth

Once again struggling with my atheism....

Revelation of vast 'consulting fees' threatens damage for Ivanka Trump

The usual muddying of the waters

NJ-03: Andy Kim and Amy Kennedy are raising big bucks

Canada: outcry after video shows hospital staff taunting dying Indigenous woman

I've seen concerns raised due to Boris Johnson's approval spiking when he tested positive

Her Biden lawn signs were stolen, so rural Pa. supporter turned her home into a campaign billboard

Tom Jones singing live 2 weeks ago... at age 80

Anti-Defamation League alarmed by increase in 'extremist activity' around election

Biden backers show support in downtown Erie march

Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place - Vanilla Sky

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Donald Trump is the #1 Spreader of Misinformation

Meidas Touch already has a new ad...

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/01/20

So trump caught the hoax

The Bangles - In Your Room

KKK-supportive notes dropped in Erie County driveways

Faux News now and Faux News next week

2020 US Senate Election Rating for every US Senate seat the Democrats are likely to win in 2020.

Reminder: Just a couple of days ago, during debate, Trump mocked Joe Biden for wearing a mask.

FEMA lost track of over a quarter-million dollars in supplies intended for Puerto Rican hurricane re

FEMA lost track of over a quarter-million dollars in supplies intended for Puerto Rican hurricane re

Past is prologue ...

After federal judge's rebuke, NC elections board changes absentee ballot procedure

The rest of the democratic world today:

The Bangles - Hazy Shade of Winter

Lies Lies Lies

Stephen Colbert: Mueller Investigation Lead Prosecutor/Author Andrew Weissmann

The Belle of St. Mark

VA-05: Democrat Cameron Webb is closing in on Republican Bob Good in red Virginia district

Dr Jonathan Reiner says Pelosi should be moved into isolation, right now!

Anthrax - Got The Time

Prince - The Ride live

Hicks may have had Covid for the past two weeks (MSNBC Dr Redlener)

MO-02: Congressional race in St. Louis suburbs is a toss-up.

Rush - Closer To The Heart

wow trump really screwed up

You cannot get a refund on the sack of shit you bought, opened and rolled around in.

The Cure - "Plainsong" Live at Sydney Opera House

The Cars Moving In Stereo

IF drumpf really has coronavirus, and if he becomes seriously ill, ...

Joanna Newsom: Bridges And Balloons

A small group of WH officials knew Thurs morning Trump's aide Hicks had virus but Trump went to NJ

He has NEVER been forthcoming about his health

Coney Barrett was face to un-masked face with Trump within the contagion window.

Here's a real frightening thought:

Posted a few minutes ago on Twitter.

Friday's Dumb Ass: Hannity Touts Hydroxychloroquine After Trump Tests Positive for COVID-19

8 years and.......

so Melania has the virus

The last thing in the world I wanted was for tRump to get covid, esprcially this late in theelection

Spotsylvania School Board 9 28 20 The Cats are Suffering

Plato told him (e e cummings)

Right now I still suspect it's all bullshit...

Trump, Amy Coney Barrett, and her children at the White House

This weeks' stories are falling off the front page fast...

When was he last with Mitch McConnell?

Caronavirus 3 Trump 0

850 Austin district teachers pledge not to return to school buildings on Monday

2016: Donald Trump mocks Hillary Clinton over her pneumonia outbreakI

The Cure - Lullaby

Did GAWD smite DJT?

If he is too sick to handle his job, will

trumps own recklessness and stupidity caused this if its true,

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I still think he'll withdraw -He'll tell us that he has Covid-19.

If he survives, will he learn anything or be Steve Scalise 2.0

While I was watching the debate I thought Trump looked like he was sick.

It could be

These recommendations could reduce COVID-19 spread on campus

VP Biden will be tested this morning, per CNN

Holy Shit! How close are we to President Pelosi?

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats up in 2020 that the Democrats are likely to win.

The tell will be if he resumes golf trips.

I feel bad for Air Force 1 pilots. tRump entourage walked past them at foot of aircraft stairs

Well this tops all of the October Surprises yet!

If Trump lied about his Codid test, we'll know within days because

My prayer has been answered --- well, halfway. So, if God can go ahead and finish the job...

Everyone will become a "contact tracer" now. That could be a good thing for the nation,

My first thought was "There is a God after all!" My next thought

Beware in case he announces his miracle cure

No one I know would blame Joe and Kamala for debating virtually going forward.

I want to see the "Long Form" test certificate

Masks are NOT worn by team Trump inside Air Force 1 per Jonathan Lemire on MSNBC

How long after being exposed to COVID, will someone test positive?

Is Trump's COVID quarantine a conspiracy?

Thoughts. And Prayers. nt

God's revenge

RBG still gets the last laugh

earlier reports says trump and his circle are tested twice a day or more and

Do you think he will drink or inject bleach?

What if...

Well I guess it was not a democratic hoax after all.

We can trust Joe.

This could delay the Barrett hearings.

Protect Biden! Protect Pelosi

CNN brought up a sobering point...

Rogues Gallery...Those who traveled with Hope Hicks

Call me skeptic if you want but:

Before you reach for a conspiracy theory, don't forget how very damned likely Trump getting COVID is

Trump has covid and so does his wife.

Trump doesn't have the same covid

If Speaker Pelosi takes over

It is always the "Cover Up"

He's not faking it.

I know in this forum that I'm preaching to the choir.

New Ad about trump and Masks and Covid from Meidas Touch:

What's the problem? Dr. Scott Atlas is on the scene!!!

New Ad about trump and Masks and Covid from Meidas Touch:

Will election be postponed if Trump is still Allegedly ill? Nt

Here's his chance to chow down on hydroxychloraquine

Trump Went Ahead With Golf Club Fundraiser After Hicks Tested Positive

Fox is reporting on Dump's Covid test this morning.

I pray Trump gets a little sick ..but survives

I need to be tested every two weeks to see one of my patients I noticed CVS is booked up

asymptomatic is NOT in play with trump as they caught the virus in very early stage

You know you're in rough shape when getting COVID-19 is the best news you've had all week.

Friday TOONs - Proud Boys, Sad Men

Asked my waitress if she had heard about Trump.

Which 18 Democratic Reps voted against the Stimulus bill? n/t

This would be a great opportunity for him to fake his own death.

The Republican enablers of Covid-19 spread expect sympathy for stupidity ?

Climate Breakdown Will Amp Up Food Insecurity As Yields Of Keystone Crops Shrink

So, Hope Hicks most likely infected trump.

Worst Fire Season In 10 Years For Brazilian Amazon; Drought Intensifying There And In Pantanal

It is amazing that "only old people get the virus"?

Perhaps Trump was infected and was acting mental spitting to spread COVID to Biden and the others.

OMG! This will go to 11. Spinal Tap to reunite for Dems in PA!!

Knock Knock .. Who's there?

I'm feeling a whole range of emotions this morning after hearing about Trump's test results.

It gets worse: Hicks tested POSitive for virus WEDNESDAY! -...WH KNEW Wed evening

Keep in mind. EVERYTHING with this Dipshit is a TV Show.

Tell me all the good reasons not to be worried for Joe and Jill right now. I need to hear them.

Maggie Haberman on CNN: White House wanted to keep Hicks

Is this a symptom?

Early risers

Wasn't it back in mid-September when the news said staff in WH have Covid-19?

Did trump actually know he had it before the debates?

So how does this news play out for Trump humpers

Chris Christie: No one was wearing masks during debate prep.

Reactions from Australia

Is it disingenuous to hope Trump doesn't get sick, or recovers quickly?

Isolation vs Quarantine

On Thursday Morning trump knew hicks tested positive and yet travelled Thursday afternoon

Does anyone know if Vp Biden has made a statement yet on

Weeks ago some of us warned that Biden should not participate in the debates

Trump is still the same monster. I think it is necessary to keep that in mind as

How many people will get sick and/or die because Trump ignored his quarantine???

When the inevitable squawking by the

Well no one is talking about Trump's tax returns and Proud

Hopey and the Trumps can't sue the Cleveland Center for not protecting them from Covid.

NY Times will probably hold off on more tax articles?


President Trump Spotted Sprinting Towards The White House Laundry With A Syringe In Hand

I guess Hydroxy didn't do its job?

Trump having is a lie we just have to wait to find why

Bernie Sanders resuming in-person campaigning to back Biden

Eric Boehlert: Trump has Covid-19: How Fox News infected America

How Trump amassed a red-state army in the nation's capital -- and could do so again

When white Louisiana Cajun Militia brought their weapons to City Hall to "protect"

So what the fuck happens to the election?!? Genuinely confused/scared

I hope the 1st Lady is OK!

And just like that the Melania tape (and likely more) is buried.

Dr Trump and his "Miracle Bleach cure"

Diabetes patients turn to underground insulin networks as Covid-19 exposes limits of copay caps

Brazil's Dry Forests Also Severely Degraded, Even In Areas Not Yet Subject To Deforestation

"For the vacant seat of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I nominate...

Mark Hamill: "I was wrong. I guess there really is a War on Christmas after all"

Banner Headlines everywhere should read:

Trump is a narcissist and narcissists need fuel.

Driver dies during UK land speed record attempt at Elvington airfield

Pence and Mother test neg

In NE Pacific, Upper 3K Meters Of Ocean Have Lost 15% Of Dissolved Oxygen Content In 60 Years

Some of Trump's closest aides sensed on WEDNESDAY that the president was feeling poorly.

And if pence teats positive and has to go into isolation

Remarkable way to get the POTUS positive scoop

If this news came out about any other president in my entire lifetime

National Guard taps units for rapid response to civil unrest

VP Pence tests negative for COVID-19

This election year could not get any crazier.

I'm feeling particularly gleeful this morning.

Coronavirus: Loss of smell may be clearer sign than cough

Greenland Melt Rate - From 6,100 Gigatons Now To As Much As 35,900 Gigatons Of Ice Loss This Century

A hilarious member of my family just contacted me

Sympathy for stupidity?

At the very least, there should be no debate audience on Tues for the veep debate

So the wise guy #Trump here mocking Biden for wearing masks---& Hillary for having pneumonia video

Hmmmm, I thought trump didn't prepare for the debate?

Remember the glee in them when RGB died?

Schadenfreude in the afterlife

I feel much safer and more secure this morning than I have since November 2016.

I'm imagining Anna Navarro saying ...

He'd fake his own death before he'd resign in disgrace or lose by a landslide.

What do you call James Bond in a bath?

I don't know if this is good or bad.

Can this garner Trump sympathy

I think the campaign is essentially over. Time for people to vote early where they can

My goddess, the news this morning is straight out of the

Second opinion released

RBG has successfully argued her first case before God

So is this trumps October surprise. Getting COVID?

Amy Barrett and her family were maskless at the White House ceremony

Melania" Who gives a F*** about Christmas and stuff"

What affect will this have, if any, on Trump supporters and non-committed voters.

California adds COVID-19 equity requirement that could trip up counties' reopenings

MSNBC just now: Mnuchin negative. NT

my reaction to the current news shitstorm? 🙄

Why is it ok Hillary being 'supposedly' sick disqualifying in 2016 but Trump

I like presidents who don't catch COVID

What happens if the President succumbs to COVID before election day?

This is no surprise, trump has been reckless with a virus that has killed over a million people

What "best medical care" could Trump get that the average person

Ex-UAW president Dennis Williams: 'I deliberately looked away' when it came to corruption

Could we soon see headlines "trump knew he had it before the debate"?

September jobs report: US economy gains 661,000 payrolls, unemployment rate ticks down to 7.9%

If Trump can't go into work because of the C-19 disease will there be any difference?

Don Winslow is skeptical:

Dear MAGATs: Send Trump and Melania your best...

Wisconsin's Governor & La Crosse County Mayor Tim Kabat are looking pretty smart right now

Michael Mann - Four More Years Of Trump - "Game Over For The Climate"

Also, this virus does disable people

Say what?

No more making fun of Jesus or his followers.

"I don't wear masks like him. Every time you see him he is

Recall that when he was told

September jobs report: US economy gains 661,000 payrolls, unemployment rate ticks down to 7.9%

Had to return a goldfish that I bought back to the pet store for a refund.

YOU raised $28,200.23 for Biden-Harris & $100 for Amy (DITCH Mitch) McGrath on 10-1-20

I never thought I'd feel sorry for Putin...


Vice-President Biden gives his well wishes to POTUS and FLOTUS

Waiting for Joe Biden to mock Trump contracting COVID-19;

In some cases death happens fast,

Will the October Surprise

Convenient. I am not a loser. It's China's fault. I take no responsibility. nt

Okay, for you doubters.

Miraculous cure in 3...2...

Deus ex Machina

Pre-markets down sharply, Dow futures down 415 at 8:55a

Trump Campaign Included Proud Boys in Political Ad Released After CO Springs Rally

After sleeping on it, I'm at least open to the possibility that something in this story stinks

Is trump's Wisconsin rally still on?

Flashback: Trump mocks Biden for wearing a mask

So this means at least 14 days with no rallies? nt

Sympathy? I doubt this will inure to his benefit.

You know? There was a picture shot of Boris Johnson on tv earlier!

Maybe Putin wants Pence now.

Nothing is ever really lost until your

ABC media staff stayed away...


284 lbs, just reported by CNN

Well Hope Hicks?

How Lauren Taylor Emerged As One Of Baseball's Most Coveted Artists

I bet that every news report is referring to trump* as 'obese' must be driving him into a rage

Florida bar tells veterans: Your service dogs can stay but you must leave

Hope Hicks Resigns (1st time on SNL)

The money Trump wanted was more important to him than the lives of those who gave it to him

This is criminal negligence (Biden folks say Trump camp never called them to warn about Hicks)

Holding my breath till we know the Bidens' test results.

Trump is in safe hands

Biden should sue the trump campaign for putting them at risk

Synthesizing the news of Trump having the virus

A taste of his own medicine...

"I really dont care do you?"

Biden Campaign was not informed

WH Detail: Several staff members who have avoided masks suddenly wearing them.

Until I see LardAss on a ventilator, or at least in a hospital, I won't believe he has it

Even if the orange anus recovers... (for those scared of the "sympathy" votes)

Other times the public didn't know what was going on behind the scenes.

Did trumps brother die from covid?

Who knows how sick -if he is sick or not--#Trump's credibiity is gone a long time ago.......

The origin of Super Villains: Gambler

Biden Wishes Trump A Speedy Recovery

Biden offers thoughts, prayers

Whatever You're Expecting --- This Won't Be It

QAnon believers convinced Trump is just feigning quarantine to launch the mass arrests of Democrats.

Trump policing panel was warned about secretive process before court ruling

Biden wishes Trump, first lady 'swift recovery' after positive COVID-19 tests

I don't know why Trump would be worried he already knows how to fix this

Instead of reading the tweets, look at the pictures. Could they tell the unwritten story?

Keep Wearing Those Masks and Limiting Your Exposure

Chinese state media mocks Trump's positive virus test

Remember War of the Worlds

Putin lives in a bubble; Trump stayed in public

FOX FIGHT! Chris Wallace goes after Dr. Atlas

Via Haberman: "Ronna McDaniel, the RNC chairwoman, tested positive for the coronavirus on Wednesday"

"I didn't think he could make this worse but he made it worse."

SNL: Tomorrow night.....

TV ad tidal wave in Florida

Murphy urges Trump supporters who attended N.J. fundraiser on Thursday to self-quarantine

FYI: you can live stream MSNBC & CNN from your computer...

Did Trump know before the debate?

The inverse relationship of the health of Trump and our Nation

Pence's Remarks at Faith in Leadership: The Need for Revival; Des Moines, IA; October 1, 2020

That "basement guy, Joe"......

What is happening at the debate site, Case Western Reserve University?

Putin offers Trump wishes of 'sincere support' after positive coronavirus test

Can we please drop the "this is a setup" assertions about Trump's COVID diagnosis?

Remington sell-off begins; machinery taken from Huntsville plant (

I smell a Bone Spur ride to the Exit...

"I specialize in American history of Oct 1, 2020, crossing over a bit into Oct 2, 2020"

I have never wished any man dead, but

Any word on the spawn?

Timeline of Typhoid Trump's Terrible LIES about COVID

Will the tRumps check on Alice Marie Johnson or are they through with her?

To the Fox News reporter who's 'tired of it': Clean up your own house

The data scientist tracking white supremacists

Dictator-wannabe having mild symptoms

Alabama COVID mask order extended to Nov. 8 (

The karma of the SuperSuperspreader trump

He ignored repeated important warnings, ignored safety protocols,

In most cases, a black cat is just a black cat...

RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel tests positive for COVID-19

Holy Guacamole! Just woke up!

One day, it's like a miracle, it will disappear


"It is just the sniffles and it will go away soon"?

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel tested for coronavirus at home in Michigan

How will Trump's infection affect the Kamala Harris vs. Mike Pence debate next Wednesday?

Trump's diagnosis could change everything -- but GOP still scheming to suppress vote

A KEY point about the Hope Hicks "announcement" from Paula Reid (CBS News)

I cannot shake the nagging suspicion

Trump to Michael Cohen -"I'm going to lose another one of my kids to your people." With link*


AV Club: Former reality TV host tests positive for COVID-19

Did the entire Trump family fly to the debate on AF1?

THE BIG issue is how do trump suporters vote? As they have been told by trump not to do

Sympathy for trump?

Here's hoping he stays well hydrated.

Trump experiencing 'mild' symptoms of COVID-19

How do we save a democracy on the brink?

Trump reported to be writing new book in isolation

It seems that trump has now become a part of the covid statistic

I'm not rejoicing; I just couldn't care less. Does that make me a bad person?

Your mood this morning?

supreme court nominee ACB tested negative according to MSNBC n/t

James Woods' prediction comes true! (almost)

I hate to say it, but...

If Republicans believe that Dems will pack court..what stops them now

Sorry, but I feel like I'm reading a left wing "Daily World" conspiracy rag...

Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis reshapes election a month from vote

RNC chair Ronna McDaniel tested positive for coronavirus

How long before the repugs/WH/orangeanus demand that the election be delayed because of this?

If COVID19 takes Donnie Trump,

What about the Bidens?

Maggie Haberman: Ronna McDaniel, RNC chairwoman, tested positive for the coronavirus on Wednesday

Kamala Harris tested *negative* Thursday for Covid-19

Some unconfirmed reports saying Trump is fairly sick.

What I'm struggling with: Trump exhibited symptoms on Wednesday.

How ironic that trump used this at his rallies.

List of people who traveled recently with Hope Hicks.

CNN Just Now: Hope Hicks is experiencing symptoms.

Tapes reveal Melania Trump downplaying child separation policy, bemoaning Christmas decorations

Today's BBC coverage referred to Trump as "clinically obese"...

What Trump said should put to rest any idea anyone or any thing can make him more empathetic or

Joe Biden is 6 feet tall and 178 lbs

Defiant, Now Infected: Trump Is a Morality Tale

It was reported that the testing machine used by the WH is not...

Do you know how Bingo cards usually give you one freebie in the middle?

I know this is crazy

Hillary Clinton: Imagine Donald Trump facing a real crisis

Trump's positive Covid test was a surprise that many saw coming

With Contact Tracing Of Hope Hicks, Trump & Melania - Don't All The People.....

There may be sympathy votes but there ought to be more anger votes.

I's no worse than the flu, donnie!

Don't forget that COVID-19 can have serious long-lasting aftereffects

Trump mocked Hillary for Pneumonia!!! Video!

Remember when Republicans said we should sacrifice senior citizens for the economy?

Oh the karma

McMaster, Mostly Silent Until Now, Says Trump Is 'Aiding and Abetting Putin's Efforts'

FDA issues warning on accuracy of Abbott's rapid coronavirus test after study finds false negatives

The tRump suckin' bots are in distress!

Trump fell asleep on Air Force One on Wednesday night...which is highly unusual for him

Lol Bishop Swan Wins Tweet-of-the-Day via Herman Cain

Symptoms or not, there are two things to consider.

Why am I reminded of the gun humper who shot himself in the leg?

What are the odds, that Trump will suffer any symptoms from CV?

trump is using this to beg for money!

Getting serious folks.

Knowing Trump lies about everything, and knowing

How about a big shout out for Iowa girl Jennifer Jacobs....

unusual (to me) observation.

Seems like Herman Cain was in better health than Trump.

Donorrhea: its cause and possible cure!

F*ck!! One my closest friends at work just got 'the call'. He's laid off

Biden was very classy. Let's follow his lead.

"The utter carelessness of it all is staggering."

Trump's Covid just proves, once again,

Remember-everyone around Trump who was negative today...

They are saying Ivanka and Jarred are negative.........

It only a matter of time!

Was Yesterday the Deadliest Day for Covid deaths Worldwide?

Has Trump done any tweeting today ?

I'm Trump's age. I've lived with the threat of Covid for 8 months and I've

Here's a thought: quarantining the entire Republican Party

DU-Anon conspiracy theories about Trump

They still aren't wearing masks

I still have sympathy for Trump even though he and his MAGAT supporters make it impossible.

It Is What It Is - Trump Has the Virus

Yes to this:

I've accepted that I'm not going to be very productive, today.

Trump with wife versus Trump with daughter

BREAKING: Trump campaign never warned Biden of COVID infection risk.

There is a growing anger evident on my TV this morning.

Trump's prayer

It could take a week before we know that Biden was not infected.

Mark Meadows lying now: "He's very energetic."

Dear Leader making fun of Joe Biden for wearing masks.

What cabinet members or senators would benefit from dotard's passing?

Well, once again Trump wins the news cycle!

Mark Meadows is giving Alexander "I'm in charge here" Haig a run for his money.

The good news is...

Reporter asked Meadows if Trump was taking hydroxicloroquine.

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 10/02/20 - COVIDonald

Well, assuming this is all true and not another distraction,

Gee! Infected by a hoax.

Pence deep in prayer following Trump diagnosis

GOPer Loeffler buried in ridicule after threatening China for giving Trump COVID-19

A Song for Today

Judge Extends Census Counting, Rails Against Admin For Violating Her Previous Order

Imagine Being One Of The Deplorables That Caught One Of The Ball Caps That Trump Threw Out At.....

Super Spreader

Just be forewarned: The quarantine tweets are going to be brutal.

When Republicans vote, maybe they should just write-in "Mike Pence"...

President Got the COVID-19...MAGA fans shocked

Voters, voting rights groups sue Gov. Greg Abbott over order to close ballot drop-off locations

Well - Trump's Lying For 4 Years Is Finally Coming Home To Roost.....

Trump is right, we have turned a corner on the virus...

Think of the sympahty vote if Melania has a bad case or if she . . . well, you know.

Trump aides reportedly think he'll 'face a harsh judgment from voters' after COVID-19 diagnosis

If Trump does not make an appearance in a day or two

Karma. Chameleon! Hahahahaha!

After Discovery Of Prosecutors' Racist Emails, Plymouth DA Will Not Seek New Trial For Woman Over Pa

Man asleep in car missing out on outside life

The list of "national security officials and other senior officials" endorsing Trump is embarrassing

I presume that smart people will make sure that the VP debate is done remotely

MoscowMitch expressed his relief that SCOTUS nomination will continue on

Trump's coronavirus infection is the result of his deadly, foolish recklessness

I will feel better when I know Biden has tested negative

Remember, it was NOT the White House who broke the news, but Jen Jacobs from Bloomberg News

"Report: Coronavirus has been a gift to dictators"

Electrical power-line installer and repairer wages by bargaining status in 2019

WOW! Highly respected and believable COS Mark Meadows reveals the first thing Trump asked him today

Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the R.N.C., tests positive for the coronavirus

It won't be just 14 days

I'm going to call my local news outlets and ask if anyone is considering that this may all be a lie.

Will Trump actually abstain from large rallies, either outdoors or indoors ?

What if Mike Pence gets infected? White House COVID-19 outbreak could set off constitutional chaos

Dallas FBI Warns Against Right-Wing Extremist Violence Ahead of Election

The MAGA-NO Line

This could be the best case scenario for our country.

Mary Trump's response to her Uncle's diagnosis.

Has Moscow Mitch Issued Any Statements Today?....

These people are idiots. That's the nicest way I can put it.

Jim Jordan is declining to quarantine.

So this was their October surprise?

Donald Trump's Worst Nightmare

No Tweets since last night.

Let October First hence forth be observed as "Herd Mentality Day"

Apparently the Jehovah's Witnesses are now proselytizing via phone calls

Entire nation holding its breath

Here's who was on AF1 Weds. (from the excellent Heather Cox Richardson)

Quino, Creator of Mafalda, Dead at 88

Collin County Republicans Totally Unafraid of Coronavirus

This is a remarkable way to get a scoop, about a half-hour before the announcement.

A thread for the WH cooks, attendants, cleaning staff that may now be sentenced

I dont feel sorry for Trump

I do not wish death on Trump, that would be far to easy.

Why do I have a sudden urge to re-watch The Death of Stalin tonight?

Trump has a cough and a fever

"I'm getting it for so cheap it's like water, you want to know the truth," Trump said during Tuesday

Denying, defending and numb: Voters not moved by Trump taxes

Oops.....Trump's schedule for today.

Instead of "asymptomatic", maybe we say "silent carriers".i don't remember where I know that

QAnon Believers Think Trump Got COVID On Purpose Because of Course They Do

Implosion by Covid

Quite a few major political and public figures have gotten it and almost none have died.

GOP donors 'freaking out' after coming close to Dump at fundraiser before his positive Covid-19 test

Iowa Supreme Court urged to halt absentee ballot request law

Trump and his clan exposed my candidate and his wife unnecessarily at the debate.

Ernst owes Iowans a public apology

The literal shitshow has been moved to

Baylor Scott & White Health enrolls first patients in the world in trial for inhaled remdesivir

Flotus says she has symptoms as well

Expect a video from Trump today

DR. Pena just now on MSNBC

Now is the time for the hijacked medical communities to stand back up and tell it

"Okay, but how will anyone know if they lose their sense of taste?"

covid symptoms progression.

A tropical depression has formed in Western Caribbean. Expected to become TS Gamma early Saturday.

My clinic schedule is packed. Five visits on the docket just for COVID-19 testing.


GOP donors 'freaking out' after coming close to Trump at fundraiser

The number of COVID cases at Virginia college campuses has surpassed 5,000

He is in several high-rish groups

Will insurance cover trump's pre-existing conditions?

House resolution on condemning Qanon (H Res 1153)

More Importantly, What About Tomorrow's SNL Season Premiere?

I'm not going to chill until Biden tests negative

The Annual War On Christmas has commenced!

Russian Intel Bank deposited $330 million into the same branch of Deutsche Bank that lent to Trump

America's doomsday planes are in the air following news of Commander in Chief infected

Do NOT use thin Sharpie for your paper ballot at home.

Where's Al Haig?

Chump's sycophants say he has "mild" symptoms.

Memories of Berlin - New (kinda) video.

Senator Mike Lee (R) from Utah has tested positive.

I guess the trump campaign strategy of trying to divert attention away from the Covid Pandemic

So there was no river, and also there were no ballots.

What happens to the election if Trump has to hand over the Presidency to Pence

Herman Cain was dead less then 6 weeks after he went to the Trump rally

Festive Corn Maze Misread By Aliens As Declaration Of Intergalactic War

What does happens if Trump dies or withdraws before Nov 3? I'm talking here...

DeVos won't appeal ruling over COVID-19 money not going to private schools

Who's virus?

Internet "gloats" and "savages" trump: "still think its a hoax?"

Mike Lee of Utah has tested positive for Covid from CNN. Let's put Rand Paul on the case

Well I guess that ignorance isn't so bliss anymore. Had their Dear Leader been

White House Clears Trump Schedule After Positive Test In Sign Of Campaign To Come

The cost of attending a Trump fundraiser...

Texas Guv Sued For Move To Severely Limit Mail Ballot Drop-Off Locations

Senate Judiciary Committee Republican Tests Positive for Virus

So Mr President. How's that not wearing a mask and not practicing social distancing

Trumps contracted COVID-19, but he still has his health insur-Yet is in SC dismantaling #ACA.

For the Bible-thumpers:

Come Dancing

Peanuts appeared for the first time on this date in 1950

Groucho was born on this date.

One of two things is going to happen next

An hour to for another HOUSE FIRE!

'Boys in the Band' review: Jim Parsons brings shattering intensity to the funny film

Vote *NO* on Question #3

Trump campaign did not notify Biden of positive coronavirus test

Coming soon to HULU: "Totally Under Control"

Utah Sen. Mike Lee tests positive for coronavirus

This song started playing in my head this morning when I heard the news about...

"The end of the pandemic is in sight"

The dominoes are starting to fall...

The Supreme Court is About to Murder What's Left of the Voting Rights Act

Is the house of cards finally falling?

I just donated to the candidates I endorse

Judge Advances False Advertising Suit Against Beer Maker

Sen. Mike Lee (R) tests positive for Covid-19:

Teflon Donnie!

Bill Barr Tested Negative for the Virus.

Boy gives Baby Yoda to crews battling Oregon wildfires. They lovingly passed it among firefighters.

Biden tested negative

"mild symptoms" means Trump has been infectious for days or weeks.

VP Biden tests negative. YAY!

Who broke the Melania tape story and was there an exact time?

Joe tested negative.

Margaret & Helen tweet FTW!

But wait. We were told COVID is a hoax. His cult think that. So...

Should lots of shit happen, and Speaker Pelosi becomes acting president.....

Hey Georgia Du'ers and others in the know....

WH Staff: "Maybe COVID is good. At least we don't need to meet with that disgusting POTUS now."

His twitter feed is oddly silent

Let us put aside all our differences and wish a speedy recovery to a man...

Joe Biden tests negative for the coronavirus, his campaign says.

Joe and Jill tested negative.

There is one group of people who really don't care if Trump has Covid

Kamala tested negative too!

Biden campaign testing those who traveled to debate

Kamala Harris has tested negative per msnbc

Joe's happy to report


Posted in bad taste

Trump might do better if he's not campaigning in person.

Pic Of The Moment: Four More Years?

"When needed, I wear masks. I don't wear masks like him. Every time you see him...."

Trump has been under an incredible amount of stress lately. Stress hurts the immune system

Betfair suspends betting on US presidential election

MULVANEY: "I'm not too concerned about the health, I'm just concerned about the perception."

Aides now say the White House testing protocols are riddled with serious holes.

Stock market recovers earlier losses on news of Biden testing negative.

Now that Chump has doused the entire Executive Branch, and he's in charge of

Dow jumps 300 points minutes after Biden announces negative test

L'etat C'est Trump

It's Dr Fauci's fault. He didn't try hard enough to make

Snopes Is Claiming Trump Never Called Coronavirus a Hoax

Hey again Georgia residents and others in the know....

Pence may be the acting President right now, Trump AWOL for call with Cuomo

New Poll-Arizona... Biden+4, Kelly+9

Interesting--Pence is on a call right now with all of the state governors...

Joe is negative??!!!

Right-Wing Trumpist News Site Busted as Putin Troll Farm Operation

New Poll-New Hampshire... Biden+7

I feel bad for any house keeper or people that have to serve Trump now

It's not the Deep State...

New Poll-Georgia... Biden+2

Tweet from Slate movie critic Dana Stevens (language warning but it was FLOTUS)

Has anyone seen any pillows filled with oleander arriving at the WH today?

The Virus Is In Control Now

There have been enough black swan events in the last few years

Notre Dame Univ. President Fr. John Jenkins tests positive (recently met with Coney Barrett)

Putin's Piglet

President Pence

Trump has finally sprung his long-dreaded October Surprise.

Remember when Presidents could stay at the White House and implement a "Rose Garden Strategy"?

Notre Dame Pres who was at WH SCOTUS announcement w/o mask tests positive.

President of Notre Dame tests positive, attended Sat. Rose Garden event.

11 hrs since last trump tweet, perhaps setting new record of silence. COVID early has no

Where are all the Trump surrogates to stand in for him at his rallies?

Does anyone doubt that some of the "true Christians" who are---as I type this---on bended

If Saturday's SCOTUS Announcement was the Super-Spreader Event

We have (had) a friend whose brain was hijacked by QAnon...

"They were careless people"

Nobel prize for Hope Hicks? N.T

No, Trump ballots are not being thrown away in Ohio State dorms

​I prefer presidents that don't get covid nt

Trump hoped he wouldn't get Corona

And another.....

Rs/tRump/COVID: as usual, no empathy until it happens to one of them

Kaleigh's "ballots in a ditch" story has imploded. (Trump said ballots in a river)

Just leaving this here...

Brent Terhune- Trump got COVID ((Satire))

What Did You Expect? Trump should never have been allowed anywhere near any public office.

Supreme Court Nominee Announcement Looks Like Superspreader Event That Infected POTUS

LIVE UPDATES: New details emerge as Breonna Taylor grand jury recordings made public

Foreshadowing of "I'm smart"

It's Biden and Obama's fault.

"If they all bite it this will be the most satisfying episode of GoT ever."

Thanks China!

How are FauxNews and HateRadio responding to littlehands having Covid?? Sorry, I simply

So They All Have Mild Symptoms?

BREAKING: Biden will resume campaign events today

"Half sunk a shattered visage lies"---Shelley ("Ozymandias") nt

Scott Atlas outside west wing moments ago. No mask.

Now Democrats Should Definitely Make This a Campaign Ad

Schumer & Feinstein: a virtual confirmation hearing for a lifetime appointment is not acceptable

Thank God our President will have the best treatment that US medicine can provide.

Would Pence, unless he declined,

So Now Trump Has Earned Your Trust? A Note of Covid Caution from Michael Moore

You know all those wavering, wobbling "undecided voters" who showed up after the debate?


Ronny Quackson back to his usual spine tingling medical opinion....

"How come it's only the people who run into traffic getting hit by all these cars?"

Video shows Mike Lee hugging people on 9/26--with a mask in his hand.

Here are three comments Trump has made at rallies in the last two weeks about Biden wearing masks...

Supreme Court nominee diagnosed with coronavirus this summer but has since recovered...

New: Amy Coney Barrett had COVID this summer...

Trump supporters loved when he mocked Hillary Clinton's illness. Now that he's got COVID, ...

Okay, serious advice wanted: Time Capsule contents suggestions.

All foreign journalists in Belarus have had their press accreditations canceled

We were told T had Covid by his doctor via a memo.

Cheered me up - daft humour

Hypothetical, IF Pence is made "temporary president" via 25th and a tie-breaking senate vote


Could this all be a "nothingburger"?

What A Superspreader Event Looks Like - At Our White House

Some Rs are now discussing asking Leader McConnell to "take the Senate out of session next week"

trump should be arrested for reckless endangerment

Does anyone know when this Congress will officially end?

What happens to the election if

The Rude Pundit: Donald Trump Is Sick and I Really Wish I Could Feel Good About That

Covid Symptoms - 5 to 6 days to show, on average

Amy Coney Barrett had Covid earlier in the summer

New details emerge as Breonna Taylor grand jury recordings made public

Looks like COVID is now in the press pool: A journalist and press WH staffer both test positive

Amy Coney Barret had COVID this summer

Chris Wallace is going rogue ?!!

Is there any chance he is lying about being pos for C-19?

It looks like Saturday at the WH was the spreader event.

Hug it out.

Need link please...

I'm thinking trump followers are feeling like I felt finding out Justice Ginsburg had died.

"Opportunity knocks; karma hunts you down."

Lies from Breonna Taylor grand jury recordings: "Some drug-dealing girl shot at the police,"

Enough with the conspiracy theories.

Loss of Sense of Smell - Why I Know My Dogs Don't Have Covid-19

New Song From Maren Morris (Better Than We Found It)

Judge orders 2020 census to continue through October

Lindsey Graham?

The American public has not heard from Dump in 12 hours

New polls feed GOP fears of Biden rout over Trump

Found on Facebook: Looks like RBG successfully argued her first case before God

Soldiers Nearly Struck By SUV on TV

Karma's a bitch

Some anecdotal comments from one of my specialists.

Trump to hold virtual campaign rally Friday night.

The Adults Have Come Into The Room

Evidently RGB has just successfully argued her first case before God.

Baratunde Thurston

Tweet of the Day

Biden senior source on upcoming VP and presidential debates

So, Garrett Graff (who) on CNN says Pompeo could be next in line...

The Plum Line-"Wish Trump well. Then get right back to work in removing him."

Trump has COVID, what happens next in the campaign?

So much news. We can't forget that currently only quarter of the country has some control COVID

Doc on M$NBComcast - since he is tested daily. if he has symptoms already

Think about the sterilzing process to prepare the WH for Biden family

Jamal Khashoggi was murdered two years ago today.

He has not Tweeted all day...

Someone just told me that ACB had Covid this summer

What if SC nominee Barrett was reinfected with COVID and becasue her early "recovery"

US Covid19 update including info on Trump

Slate "Getting COVID-19 Is Probably Not a Brilliant Ploy for Sympathy That Will Boost Trump's

Did he not call the Corona Virus "a Hoax" very early on?

Harvey Weinstein charged with six more counts of sexual assault in Los Angeles

Trump Campaign Sources: "...It's as if the campaign ended yesterday," TRUMP CAMPAIGN IS FUCKED!!!

history/background re: One ballot depository per county is not new

Why does Chuck Todd have Corey Lewandowski on MSNBC?!!

Caution ---- Boris Johnson was helped politically by his Covid, Brits report.

Has he started to blame Obama yet?

After thousands of Trump's lies, how can we know what's true?

The longer it takes him to tweet again, the worse we know his symptoms are.

Another crazy idea

Trump's family waved away the person who brought them masks and asked them to wear them:

Okay, I'll admit it: It's now October and I'm surprised.....

Car Seats as Contraception

Today's Winner of the Internet-Holiday division

And I would have got away with it too

It's interesting that @PressSec & @MarkMeadows both feel comfortable enough to hold a press briefi

Did you ever see a man that likes a mask as much as him?

These WH reports are going to be like the medical updates out of Stalin's, Franco's, & Mao's govts,

How long till trump and rethugs start floating ideas about postponing the election

Well, it's keeping him from tweeting

". . . this has potential to destabilize the entire upper echelon of government."

For the first time in nearly four years, I am starting to like this movie.

Essential Covid Screening Questions

Birdwatching in 2020:

morning tweets with jeff tiedrich

LOTS of VIPs exposed on Saturday:

So, for those countries who have been enjoying the US' fall from respect and prominence...

Do you think tRump was frenchin' #MoscowMitch...or is that too much to ask for?

Melania Trump announces she has 'mild symptoms' of coronavirus: CNN

It's time for the WH to practice herd immunity

Two more Covid-19 cases reported at the White House, according to memo

Giuliani, too?

Just remember that even Trump is somebody's child...

****NEW STATE POLLS***Redfield and Wilton Biden: MI +9 WI +5 NC +2 AZ +3 PA +6 FL +5

The Democratic party should hammer ACA and Covid, it's a pre-existing condition !!!

It is true; everything Trump touches dies

Sen. Mike Lee(R) tests positive for COVID-19. He sits on the Judiciary Committee

Test positive Sen Mike Lee at the Rose Garden party

For the sake of public confidence and even national security,

Great video showing drumpf lying about people he knew. Many, many people.

Early Voting in Minnesota UP 600%

Trump Has a Cough and Fever

Lisa Page: It's interesting that Amy Coney Barrett can be publicly opposed to Roe v. Wade...

Something I noticed

CNN just reported that Mike Pence won't quarantine

Russia: "Our candidate is sick":

#Karma - Four years ago - to the day!

OMG. "Teh stoopid" is mind-numbing.

Fun fact

Trump cancels only event today

Video: Bolton Says Trump Dog Whistled When he Told Proud Boys to "Stand Back and Stand By"

Seagrams heiress receives prison sentence

George Takei: If the Trump campaign has to conduct the rest of the campaign from their basements, th

Made it Ma!

Oh look here is Sen. Lee w/Judge Coney Island just 3 days before he announced he has C-19

Notre Dame pres who was also at super spreader SCOTUS handmaids tale event is rona positive

I truly hope that Donald J. Trump gets the BEST medical care money can buy.

OK he has it so?

The best thing that could happen for the country is a Biden landslide and Trump too sick...

538 - How Will Trump's Positive COVID-19 Test Affect The Election?

In Georgetown, TX, The Battle Against The Confederate States Rages On

I received an update on Roxi, the silver fox I sponsor at Fox Friends Sanctuary Inc.

White House, Petri Dish

Donny, that herd mentality will get ya every time

So, I guess trumps covid fuckup is gonna make getting the nomination of coney

TLP: Heartland

TLP: Heartland

SpaceX will launch an advanced GPS satellite for the US Space Force tonight. Here's how to watch.

And here come the conspiracy theories!

McEnany: Trump's staff is "having to hold him back a little" to "make sure that he takes it easy"

551 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri.; 19 deaths

What's for Dinner, Fri., Oct. 2, 2020

The week before my weight loss surgery. You wouldn't believe what they are

rudy giuliani negative per CNN

Trump Has a Cough and Fever

I wrote this during the debate Tuesday evening. It took me about

Jan 18th, 2017 -- President Obama to Trump: "Reality has a way of biting back."

LINCOLN PROJECT campaign ad: "Whistle stop"

Love Your Enemies

So all those people that toadie along with trump every. freakin. day. Are all negative?

Sneak Peek at Jim Carrey's SNL Joe Biden.

White House continues to refuse mandatory mask policy

Luis Arce Remains Favorite To Become Bolivia's Next President

Figures that Ghouliani tested negative

Thoughts and Prayers for President Trump - check in here

Trump's pre-spin seems to blame military, police interactions for coronavirus diagnosis

Balancing Mercy and what's best for America, here's my bottom line

Next story here will be

Politico: 'This is the worst nightmare for the Trump campaign'

ha-ha! Great voting reminder to give to your voting aged kids:

God voted early this year.

The leather work gloves that I ordered from Amazon arrived today.

Trump falls into several high risk categories

Suddenly, Everything Has Changed in Congress

I have been religiously sticking pins in my Trump doll

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren indicted in felony campaign finance fraud

We are laughing so hard my side hurts!!!!!

'We're all f**ked': Trump insiders say that now he has Covid, the election is over

So - Neck Gaiters - ARE okay????

Drumpf has 4% notional risk of dying.

A ridiculous fantasy.

Malinowski D-NJ gets death threats after ad lies he lobbied to protect sex offenders


Wow. . .the Friday night news dump should be spectacular!

Save your wishes

I have a question about Donnie Dipshit testing positive for Covid 19

"It's like a death cult."


For those waiting for absentee ballots in Gwinnett County..

No kidding: I looked in the bathroom mirror this morning and asked:

The benefits of virtue

Dilma Rousseff condemns US campaign against Cuban medical solidarity

I am glad I filled out my ballot last night!

This is the Trump Crime Family's bachi ga ataru moment

Utah still hosting VP debate despite President Trump testing positive, official says

Michael McFaul: Three things Trump should do now

Totally Under Control - a new documentary from Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney

Public speaks out at Nebraska public hearing on Keystone pipeline

Biden campaign plows ahead with schedule after he tests negative for COVID-19

As 'the clock starts ticking' after coronavirus infection, Trump faces an uncertain road ahead

If President Donald Trump is symptomatic, he will have to quarantine longer: Dr. Scott Gottlieb

Noel Casler: On the bright side...

Need a Meme "I like Presidents who don't get COVID, Presidents who get COVID are suckers and losers"

Election betting odds for today

Ashley Parker makes an extremely astute observation RE: why Trump's "minor" symptoms probably aren't

This Tweet made me laugh out loud

How soon will it be before the GOPers begins to say that it was the left wing extremists......

AP: No changes in White House protocol

A THIRD member of press has tested positive. At the White House on Saturday & in Rose Garden Sunday.

Merriam Websters words of the week

Obvious the testing failed for several days and I mean failed in BIG WAY

Harvey Weinstein Faces Six Additional Sexual Assault Charges in Los Angeles

Could you imagine having trump as a patient?

Time for Melania to dust off her 'I don't care' coat

Cleveland announces 11 positive cases of COVID-19 stemming from preparations for presidential debate

The ONE aspect of reporting on Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis that's angering him the most...

"You want to know what compassion is?"

Another delicious irony: Melania got covid even though she spends 95% of her time as far away from

The Rule Of 3 Must Apply

Northern Pennsylvania, near Bradford

How is louis gohmert pyle doing

The visitors to Bedminster yesterday are really not worth feeling bad about

Bruce Springsteen - The Rising 2020 Democratic National Convention

Was the Barrett announcement in the Rose Garden the COVID super spreader event?

Did a little Full Moon ritual yesterday, Oct. 1

Fox News anchors, executives to be tested after potential COVID-19 exposure at debate

Chris Wallace appears to suggest campaigns not tested at venue prior to debate

Somebody check my math! (Re: Trump having an estimated 4% mortality risk)

Americans Are Becoming Climate Migrants Before Our Eyes, Echoes of 1930s Dust Bowl Exodus

Listen here - Don the Killa Con is much sicker than they are telling us

Text me when he is in Walter Reed....

"Congress might have to decide whether to keep the president on, or to keep the vice president,"

Fox News Stars, and Lachlan Murdoch, Were Potentially Exposed on Debate Night

O frabjous joy!

If Barrett had any integrity she would announce that she withdraws.

President Trump, Tax Fraud?

Chump's COVID diagnosis

If there is a God, Amy Coney Barrett is the Superspreader.

Trump is being treated with antibody therapy Regeneron per CNN

Binding Spell for MF45 and the Tower card...

Trump "received a single 8 gram dose of Regeneron's polyclonal antibody cocktail," WH doctor says.

How much can they conceal about Trump's health?

He just got a polyclonal antibody infusion. Still experimental, but sufficiently promising we'd all

Rep. Ilhan Omar: My statement on Trump's COVID-19 positive diagnosis

Does It Seem Logical To Conclude That Nomination Event Was The Superspreader Source?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has tested NEGATIVE for COVID-19.

"Trump says he doesn't believe in Socialism..."

I wonder if we'll ever hear the words "under control" from him again

So, Trump was showing "mild symptoms" at his fundraiser yesterday...?

5 attendees of SCOTUS nomination at Rose Garden test positive for COVID-19

OMG, trailer of upcoming documentary on Hulu "Totally Under Control" OMG the trailer would make

"He is in several high-risk groups..."

Trump's Positive Coronavirus Test Upends Campaign in Final Stretch

They knew. Wow. Just. Wow.

There are a lot of non-political people who work in the White House.

Biden on now live n/t

The price of breathtaking ignorance, arrogance, and placing self-interests ahead of the country

Lets say IT fully recovers from COVID IT could still use it to

The Volatile Mermaid: There are people suggesting that I'm glad Trump has COVID.

Well, there is a positive side to Trump and his quarantine?

WH says Pence not in contact with anyone with COVID, but he sat near Mike Lee (positive test)

There should be a very serious discussion about the 25th amendment right now

great messages from Joe, regarding taking this pandemic seriously. CNN, MSNBC, and fox are now

GOP Wingnut Can't Understand Why Republicans Keep Getting COVID-19


White House doctor: Trump received experimental antibody cocktail, remains 'fatigued' after COVID-19

Editorial: Vote in Person, New York

Court Releases Grand Jury Recording In Breonna Taylor Case

Anybody else hold their breath when Joe came out

"Corey Lewandowski is doing a Fox News interview from his car for reasons that are unclear to me"

Joe Biden speaking now from Grand Rapids Michigan

I'm neither happy nor sad about Trump getting Covid. After all, "It is what it is." nt

OR-04: DeFazio Moves From Likely to Lean Democrat

John Fugelsang : The emperor has no mask!

Looking at Tweet comments. Trump supporters

I Don't Need To Remind Anyone Here, But Keep Eye On The Ball & VOTE!!

Is he dead yet...?

Ted Lieu: Unacceptable and unforgivable.

So if Michelle Obama said she didnt give a fuck about xmas

John Fugelsang tweet:

I like that Joe kept his mask on while doing this appearance.

What's with the experimental drugs for Trump? Don't you go to those after established options fail?

Lip Smacking Good...

Joe on LIVE right now. CNN FOX and MSNBC. Brilliant

Can a dead President still nominate a SC justice?

On the Covid Diagnosis of the Trumps.

almost every person bitten by police dogs are non white males. many not even sought by police

Groups sue Texas governor to block limits on ballot drops

The pressing quesrtion NOW is --

Biden speaks in Grand Rapids, MI today. Very strong.

Crazy how after nearly four years of waking up wishing to hear certain news...

The tell: If Trump doesn't show on camera today, he is visably ill.

The trolley problem - and why I wish Trump ill.

According to Chris Wallace, Trump was NOT tested pre-debate, they relied on "the honor system"

It feels like the Trump campaign is in total disarray right now on an epic level

I just got something kind of cool from United Healthcare

What Are They Doing About His Drug Withdrawal???

The president has a fever, congestion and a cough, two people close to him say.

N.J. hypnotist sexually assaulted clients, prosecutor says

Happy Birthday, Sting!

So, what does the Republican Party do now?

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: WH statements appear to be hedging on Trump's condition...

Thank goodness the jackass sidelined Dr. Fauci, and Dr, Brix. It probably saved them from

One reason for why there is so little sympathy for Trump:

Here's why the presidential election could be upended if one of the candidates dies

Trump bragged that he took hydroxychloroquine to prevent COVID

New Ad idea: Biden, at least he is smart enough not to ignore a pandemic.

Trump taking experimental drug cocktail

White House: Masks will still not be mandatory, facial coverings are a "a personal choice"

The Probable Outcomes of Trump's Diagnosis

Trump going to Walter Reed per Washington Post

Breaking : Trump going to Walter Reed Medical shortly.....

There it is; they're taking him to Walter Reed

BREAKING: Trump being moved to Walter Reed Medical Center


BREAKING NEWS: President To Be Taken to Walter Reed


Joe in Michigan: 'Let's get the heck back up, remember who in god's name we are'

Trump will probably need the ultimate cure...and it will kill ALL his covid virus germs

S. V. Date: "When Trump travels, that anti-mask culture travels with him."

The second coming of Jim Jones has arrived.

MSNBC: Trump Walter Reed trip announced "after the markets closed."

What? He's not taking a cab to Walter Reed?

Fuck it, I'm saying it..

I think I'll take a nap because I'm betting more news might break, late tonight

You aren't given experimental treatment

Wonder if he's going to board that helicopter on foot or in a stretcher.

My friend Laurie will be on MSNBC this weekend to discuss Trump's COVID infection

Total Speculation Alert: I think Trump is very sick

Marine 1 now landing at WH...

Joe Lockhart tweet about lack of press briefing concerning Trump's situation:

Chump on the way to Walter Reed.

Trump transports to Hospital to have

McEnany: Trump "has been working throughout the day"

"I don't wish Trump well"

Guess I can join in this group now. Registered to vote in Illinois this

I think he hid his covid positive test from the public.. Has had it longer than we know.

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it's off to Reed we go.

Does this mean no $4 Million golf weekend for Trump?


This video sums it up

I guess this is the second half of his yearly physical.

Borat Is Back in the Hilarious Trailer for His Surprise 'Subsequent Moviefilm' Sequel

That helicopter landed incredibly close to the White House.

This May Be The Final Image We Ever See Of Drumpf

They need to stop the bullshitting. Trump is seriously ill

If the rat bastard dies, he will be an instant martyr for RWNJs

HOT Gossip: The First Family Spirited Away to Camp David!

BREAKING: Trump taken to Walter Reed as symptoms worsen

Silent Prayer Thread for Trump to get better

I know a lot of people that had COVID. The lethargy is a big deal.

News Flash: Trump out the running for the Nobel!

tRump: Have they tried leeches?

Do you thinkt that enough Rethug members of the Senate Judiciary

**Unifying thread - the H😳LY F Helicopter at the doorstep going to Walter Reed THREAD**

the Golden Rule. treat others as you wish to be treated.

Dirty Projectors - Earth Crisis (7 Minute Short Film)

A thought about the "experimental" drug they're giving him

BOLO Alert!

Here is what they are giving Trump

I like my Presidents not to have covid-19 sars-2 !

I had 200,000 fucks to give

Why can't they just rinse his lungs out with a little bleach?

We are not North Korea and we should know the precise state of the President's health...

MSNBC chyron: Trump to spend a few days at Walter Reed as a precautionary measure.

11 coronavirus cases linked to presidential debate in Cleveland

Trump should make Pence temporarily in charge if he is going to Walter Reed. It is

What about Melania? Doesn't she deserve "precautionary measures"....

At a time like this, Trump should only be treated by doctors who are completely loyal to him.

I'm thinking it"s a fake out to get the sympathy vote. Last option!

Asian rivers are turning black. And our colorful closets are to blame

Will Trump have his Hair and Makeup done at Walter Reed?

When did he know he had it?

If we were watching this helicopter waiting to take the entire Obama family

Dr. Atlas was quoted earlier that trump is in good shape and everything is fine

Every American deserves the same level of healthcare that Trump is getting for Covid.

Well I wonder how long before some Republican brings up postponing the election?

I sure do wish that both candidates would have been required to wear masks Tuesday

Brian Williams just made a funny comment

Brian Williams: "We don't know how he'll make it out there, on foot, in a wheelchair, or golf cart"

No tweets today worry me as

With all going on right now, this song is going through my mind

SC Voting Registration Site Down - 2 days

If I were watching an ambulance hanging out in front of someone's house this long...

What ye reap so shall ye sow.

Breaking MSNBC: Eisenhower died at Walter Reed

Biden campaign pulling its negative advertising from their rotation of paid media

He hasn't tweeted in 16 hours. Just sayin.

Is Walter Reed now at the old Naval Hospital site?

White House is not allowing the pool cameras to see @realDonaldTrump board Marine One.

It'll be like El Cid

Why a Long-Awaited Artemisia Gentileschi Exhibition Is So Significant (Smithsonian)

Fox not covering Trump going to Walter Reed. They are talking about mail-in ballot fraud.

Post a line from a TV show & see if anyone knows the show without using Google - Part 35

I honestly don't want the miserable prick to croak.

Where the hell are all the lying republicans that

Chris Wallace Says Donald Trump Wasn't Tested for COVID Pre-Debate Because He Arrived Late

Biden campaign pulling all negative ads

[Henry Together Ep. 3] 8 Year Old Violin Prodigy

Q: What did the President know, and when did he know it? A: He knew he was infectious, well before--

C'mon y'all. We all know what is going on here.

I am I more worried

National Guard taps units for rapid response to civil unrest

I just hope Joe Biden doesn't come down with

The reason it's taking so long for him to come out is they're still chasing his hairpiece around the

Found COVID false negative testing information (relates to Biden test results)

Trump said COVID-19 is a hoax. COVID-19 said Trump is toast.

Superspreader-in-Chief, Covid in the Halls of Power: Hicks, Trump, Disease Experts: DN!

Will he be walking or on a stretcher?

All 3 broadcast networks in continuous live coverage

Holy S--t

Why all this fuss it is no worse than the

Can't help but think of that Simpsons episode.

We deserve an independent diagnosis from Walter Reed

White House isn't allowing a live feed of Trump boarding Marine 1...

Folks..the WH lies...he is getting very sick....he will be in IC by tomorrow

Trump lied: 3 trays of mail found in a Wisconsin ditch last week did NOT include any ballots -

News saying "No transfer of power". So wtf. America is on it's own?

I have no fucks left to give

I don't want him to get real sick or die

If he's coughing like Kyle Griffin says it's already spread to his lungs

Trump could be leaving the White House for the last time today.

President Trump Has Been Treated With an Experimental COVID-19 Antibody Cocktail.

White House needs the credibility it squandered time and again on meaningless stuff

Eric Trump tweet MAY be unintentionally revealing: "He is worried and confirming this is v serious."

This slow wait for Trump to get on the chopper reminds me of

Trump has mild symptoms and Leonid Brezhnev...

Richard Engel on the drug Trump is taking

OAN chyron: "Migrant Caravan Overwhelms Guatemala Border Guards, Marches Toward America".

Total hypothetical, but if trump dies before Nov 3, how many of his voters

If it is mild, Trump Can Just Pull a Chris Cuomo

Nothing is normal about this, and it is a disgrace that the WH isn't telling us anything

Ok, suppose he does die,

trump walking to marine one now. Edit - landing now


There's something different, but I can't tell what it is.....

Nobody knows what's going on.

Marine One Blades are spinning...

dear mr. president, pls get well...january 23, 2021, til then


CNN reported he walked out without any statement. Film coming from CNN soon

Posted without comment

McEnany, "The president will be working from the presidential offices at Walter Reed."

I may be a bad person, but all this to-do for that unworthy, colossal POS just sticks in my craw.

White House residence staff 'nervous' after Trumps test positive for Covid-19, source says

If nothing else, this is the reason he doesn't deserve a second term

Nancy Pilosi as acting President?

He went by SUV last year, right?

Trump is being airlifted to Walter Reed to be placed on a ventilator as part of a routine physical

The Latest: Biden removing attack ads after Trump diagnosis

White House may try to pull an "Edith Wilson" to stay in power as long as possible.

Finally lost my shit today...Finally

Joe Biden takes down negative ads as Trump is airlifted to Walter Reed Hospital after contracting...

He really is sick. He didn't tell lies for 15 minutes in front of the helicopter.

His color looks less orange and wore a mask

They will keep Trump inflated at least until Amy Barrett is seated on the Supreme Court

Just saw footage of Trump walking to Marine One

Are the Democrats going to win less or more than 20 US Senate seats in 2020?

Three words

and I swear to gawd, if this is just a ploy......his getting the virus, this Walter Reed Hospital

Reality Ends The Reality Show

So we see Trump going to the helicopter

It's off to Walter Reed putting at risk all staffers inside Marine 1...

Michigan Supreme Court rules Whitmer didn't have authority to issue COVID-19 orders after April 30

Everyone around trump appear to be wearing N95 masks

Sometimes, karma's a bleach! nt

"It took their boss getting COVID to motivate them to wear a mask"

He looks fine to me.

Statement from the president before he leaves for Walter Reed (video)

If prayers are anywhere near as effective as the Evangelicals claim they are, that guy is toast.

He went to Reed now, because he wanted to be seen walking

Trump recorded blurb before heading to Walter Reed. He does NOT look well

Could Trump Have Infected Biden?

Trump's Come To Jesus Moment

I assume SNL is re-writing half the show right now.

Biden should campaign in every swing state possible in a responsible,

Of course now Lottie, Dottie and Everyfuckingbody

Sometimes things come back to haunt you. Suckers and Losers

They'll be lowering him in the ground and people will still be like, 'he better not be shitin' us'

Group question..?

If the Orange Con has to hand off to pence can he be indicted

Laurie Garrett: Only State-of-the-Art Medicine--and Luck--Can Save Trump Now

Trumpworld delighted in cruelty. Now that Trump has COVID, it demands empathy.

Fly MAGA Airlines

How many terms will Hickenlooper(D-CO) serve in the US Senate? Who will succeed him?

Trump Transfers His Debts To Pence

My thoughts and prayers tonight are with the staff at Walter Reed.

Who's seen the movie "Dave" with Kevin Kline as the POTUS who faked his own death?

Supreme Court nominee tested positive for coronavirus this summer, has since recovered

Trump's possibly source of infection: When he announced his nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Kara Eastman says 'radical socialist' attack ad manipulates what she actually said

UH OH!.....

Merriam-Webster Reports 30,500% Spike in Searches for 'Schadenfreude' After Trump COVID Diagnosis

What Did Voters Think of Tuesday's Presidential Debate? Amanpour and Company

More than any of us could have ever hoped tor.!!


Odds we'll hear of more trump family and top WH aides testing positive w/in next 96hrs?

What do you think Trump's kids are thinking right now?

115-Pound Great Pyrenees Keeps Getting Adopted And Returned Until ... 😍

Biden should NOT take down his ads. Trump/pence are going full speed ahead

About Trump in the hospital - it brings to mind an old joke:

Oh, how nature loves her little surprises

3 White House journalists tested positive for COVID today

Update: Drs at Walter Reed say trump is in "hypocritical condition"

Elephants take steps towards the wild at Voi

Trump's campaign has an epically bad day -- and it's not just the virus

Trump is scared! "I'll never forget you"!

Remember when I was working on the kitchen?

Was billy barr around trump lately?

Hope Hicks and Trump's Projection!

Breaking - Mike Pence has been moved

Over 200,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 since Trump claimed it was over on Mar 24th

Poor homeless man sitting on the curb outside WR hospital

Has Drumpf ever spent a night in the hospital

where is the verifiable evidence he is really infected? because he says so?

What an afternoon.

Russian journalist dies after setting herself on fire after police search

Pregnant Foster Dog Has Her Babies And Becomes A Puppy Again

Are bone spurs a COVID pre-existing danger?

When he walks into Walter Reed Hospital

I'm not saying I hate Donald Trump ... but

Team trump still visiously attacking Biden while Biden pulls negative ads.

Trump to Guests at the Al Smith Dinner; October 1, 2020

After Hong Kong: China sets sights on solving 'the Taiwan problem'

Trump mocking hillary, Oct 2, 2016: Hillary can't make it 15 feet to her car..

Knife Party - 'Bonfire'

BBC raises an important question.

Brockway Mountain, MI, , 1-31-20


Still feel the need to go high Joe?

I understand the various expressions of "best wishes" for Trump's full recovery but, let's

The real danger here

At times like this you have to be pragmatic and not allow your judgement be clouded by emotions

Zef Eisenberg: Maximuscle founder dies in speed bid

McConnell's philosophy of considering Supreme Court nominees during Lame Duck has changed...

Merriam-Webster Reports 30,500% Spike in Searches for 'Schadenfreude' After Trump COVID Diagnosis

The very BEST news I heard today! My niece's wife is

It would be the shits if China vaccine cured the con

Joe Biden should call Trump to check on him... I'm serious

CNN Trump to receive experomental treatment

You could drive the repugs mad about Trumps video

How Trump amassed a red-state army in the nation's capital -- and could do so again

OK, watch what she wears...

Theory: No matter how sick he gets Trump will never hand over power to Pence

He knows.

Tweet of the minute

"Commodus is not a moral man. You have known that since you were young. Commodus cannot rule.

"Loser & suckers" comment fades cuz of $750 tax paid fades

How Trump got COVID:

Friday Talking Points -- October Schadenfreudefest

Obama sends best wishes as trump campaign continues to be reprehensible

"It affects virtually nobody"

Preserved Brain Tissue Found in Victim of Ancient Vesuvius Eruption, Scientists Report

Pre existing conditions?

Fuck the pity party bullshit. Trump is only going through what hundreds of thousands of other

Facebook, Twitter CEOs will testify before US Senate committee on October 28

Happy Friday Night .... Johnny got a boom boom

He's going to recover. Then he's going to say that the election should be postponed because he lost

whistle blower Dr. Rick Bright is the one who fast-tracked the Covid treatment Trump received

Watch live tonight! Cygnus cargo ship, SpaceX Falcon 9 launch in space doubleheader

Many GOP strategists fret Trump COVID-19 diagnosis dooms the party

Guys, I don't think there are any undecided voters

Watch live tonight! Cygnus cargo ship, SpaceX Falcon 9 launch in space doubleheader

I dont wear a mask like him

Will the MAGA people still scream at people to take off their masks?

The VP Debate needs to happen.

I think I just found my newest foster baby elephant

You do know that if this shithead survives this...