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Archives: October 22, 2020

Obama's Speech vs FBI news conference

I don't think we'll be winning TX-SEN

Timed shortly after Obama's speech...not a coincidence

WATCH: Obama holds drive-in rally for Biden in Philadelphia

Leaving this right here.

Ratcliffe ratfuckery.

Emails sent to Alaskans on Tuesday warned them to "vote for Trump or else"

Democratic members of Congress denied access for postal-facility inspections

Here's the thing, Ratcliffe, how do threatening notes left on DEMOCRATIC doorsteps 'hurt Trump'?

Malcolm Nance commentary on the Russian/Iranian hacking briefing by the FBI.

The sad thing about " Iran trying to make trump look bad' ? They can't.

Obama: "...even then, his TV ratings are down"

Keep calm and

Christopher Wray didn't seem to be all up in that crap.

Seth Abramson on the Giuliani "sting" (WAY beyond a laughing matter)

Something odd happened today.

Biden doesn't need a lot of help, but it sure nice that he has Pres. Obama helping!

The Hoarse Whisperer wants to make a bet

How to Vote -- Alaska

Chris Wray presser made no sense.

David Corn (snark)

Melania is the first FLOTUS to not campaign for her husband.

Good reminder from Ari Berman

Nothing a Trump appointee says should ever be taken at face value

Fourth staffer in Dunleavy's office tests positive for COVID-19

Fort Bragg says its Twitter account was 'hacked'

Quid Pro Quo?

Anyone remember the whining "Papa" John Schnatter made about Obama if he was re-elected?

I am wondering on why China wasn't blamed for Election interference

New Michigan Poll (Fox News, A-): Biden +12, Peters +6

US monitoring massive sea life die-off on far side of Bering Sea

I would lilke to see COVID victim families....

Ghislaine Maxwell Deposition, Discussing Sex Life and Jeffrey Epstein, Ordered Released Thurs., 9am

So tRump ordered the FBI to do a press conference to defend his proud boys?

Republicans who for months put up with Donald Trump's XYZ, were finally giving up on tRump Friday

Alaska Senate candidate hopes to ride Democratic wave

We've had 4 years of non-stop scandal, criminality, madness, the most incredible corruption ever,

Trump is English for Castro - TLP

good evening friends- 13 days to go - my nightly home stretch election polling update.

Does Joe have a Tan suit?

Nearly 75% of residents in Venezuela's capital eat less than in 2019, survey shows

ICE moves to quickly deport more immigrants without court hearings

It didn't have to be like this. Crying face Exploding head Face with symbols over mouth

Borat won't get the Academy Award

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!


Comey had mad skills -

'Not a fair fight': In Kansas, GOP frustrated as money rolls in for Democrat & Senate race tightens

USPS IG: Postal service changes compounded significant negative service

So what's up with Bill Barr?

Democrats to boycott Barrett vote, Senate GOP pushes ahead

Help wanted: DU Classic Films Group member needed to post Wednesday TCM schedule

What was the website

Polls show Biden and Trump deadlocked in Texas, Biden up by 8 in Pennsylvania

'Wear A Mask, Wear A Mask'. Catchy song parody.

Iran sent emails posing to be the Proud Boys. LMAO!!

I guess once again, it's what the Trump admin didn't say that's important

NEW: Supreme Court on 5-3 vote reinstates Alabama ban on curbside voting

Mexican Marigold

"... probably the fastest ever public disclosure of attribution intelligence ever made by the US."

Supreme Court puts on hold decisions by lower courts and says Alabama can ban curbside voting accomm

Posting without comment

Almost Everyone Plans To Vote a Straight Party Ticket

Biden's debate strategy is to let Trump be Trump

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that the Democrats will be winning easily.

CDC: 75 percent of US seeing increases in COVID-19 cases in 'critical phase' of pandemic

Schumer on Rachel now n/t

If Cohen got kompromat on Giuliani so easily....

We mailed 64 letters, packages in battleground states to check on mail delays. Here's what we found

Nearly Half A Million People Watch AOC's GOTV Gaming Stream

Trump weighs firing FBI director after election as frustration with Wray, Barr grows

New Don Winslow ad: #NoOneWantsYourGuns

Let's not mince words. The Trump administration kidnapped children.

ASU experts say Arizona is now in a COVID-19 surge

McConnell helps 'working families' by killing coronavirus relief. That's rich, Mitch.

Trump's Vaccine Czar Refuses to Give Up Stock in Drug Company Involved in His Government Role

Covid-19 hospitalizations continue to rise in several states, and Wisconsin is now using an overflow

If only, Toobin...

1,225 new USA deaths today, most since August 26th! Worldometers......

Any takers on someone running against DeSantis?

Former CIA spokesman, George Little, has harsh words for DNI Ratcliffe

Naw...rump supporters ain't racist...

Today's edition of "you could reuse this article from 100 years ago in 2020"

Obama triggers Trump

10/22 Mike Luckovich - Liberty's mask

Effort to crowdfund portapotties for voters in line

Fox News polls: Trump has narrow lead in Ohio, falls short in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin

Watch 'The Little Foxes': Bette Davis As 'Regina' Gilded Age Psycopath; Lillian Hellman Classic

Amy covid Barrett won't say if Constitution allows for abortion to be a crime punishable by death

Sheriff's office investigates report of possible voter intimidation at St. Pete voting location

'Desperate smear campaign': Biden breaks silence on son's laptop

What Figluzzi just said on Maddow is

Pro Trump town: Nobody wears masks, the mayor is infected and Covid cases are soaring

There was no updates for Seminole or Sumter today for Covid.

People in Texas Iowa Georgia and Ohio

Trump sexual assault allegations: How many women have accused the president and who are they?

Tip to Social Security telephone scammers:

Melania Trump 'astonished' Vogue gave Beyonce the cover and control

Meet the 'Witches' Who Pioneered Brewing Beer

Voting rights group files suit against Trump, administration officials alleging voter intimidation

Democrats Plan To Boycott Senate Committee Vote On Barrett Nomination

More car horns! I love drive-in rallies.

Trump thinking of firing Wray and Barr because they won't investigate Biden.

Current polling data on 13 key states shows the magnitude of leftward movement re 2016

We need you BAraCK!!

This Bay of Pigs vet in Miami is all in for Joe Biden, rejects GOP's socialist attacks

I finally finished my second cat painting.

A BRILLIANT tactic on Obama's part.

Anchorage School Board votes to name East Anchorage High School after the late Sen. Bettye Davis

"He likes a little Obama before bed."

'Tweeting at the television doesn't fix things': Obama digs into Trump at a drive-in rally for Biden

I know this is Biden's election...

The final debate

Former Trump Hispanic adviser from Houston breaks ranks to help Joe Biden

Anchorage man ordered to learn about Holocaust as part of sentence for federal weapons violations

Trump policy separates immigrant children from parents. Govt can't find parents of 545 children.

Winning meme of the day (Rudy, Rudy, Rudy)

Very powerful message about Covid!

About the Radcliff announcement tonight.

Meet The Midwestern Women Steelworkers Who Put A Pro-Biden Bat Signal On Trump Tower

So - watching Obama's speech on TPM - I left Twitter a year ago - any orange asshole tweets yet?

I hope everybody shares President Obama's speech today

Minnesota starts feeding absentee ballots into tabulators!

Poll: 92% of battleground state voters are "extremely motivated to vote"

maybe all this baloney is deliberately timed for trump to use in the debate tomorrow?

Florida rolling out new review process for deaths attributed to COVID-19

George Takei: This shouldn't be so funny but it just is.

Armed guards at St. Pete early voting site told deputies they were hired by Trump campaign


Van Halen III

No Mercy

4591. Test rate is near-catastrophic @ 21.7 percent. 33 deaths on Tuesday.

Texas grocery chain gives bonus to all employees

Barack Obama delivers scathing takedown of Donald Trump

In these times, mask wearing is necessary

Rudy caught pleasuring himself on the Whitehouse lawn

Who here was NEVER onboard the "America's Mayor" train?

D.C.-area forecast: Partly sunny and warm through Saturday, perhaps a few showers this weekend

Food for thought.

Why Trump Is Losing White Suburban Women

Former Blue Bell Creameries CEO Paul Kruse charged with wire fraud in 2015 contamination

Because a few state polls were off in 16, a lot of Trump fans are going to lose a lot of money

Jimmy Kimmel Live: OF COURSE Donald Trump Has a Secret Chinese Bank Account

I Should Have Worn a Mask - Chris Christie's WSJ op-ed

I Should Have Worn a Mask - Chris Christie

this really came out of tЯump's orifice:

I have to say, I'm still amazed at the political stupidity of the anti-mask crap

Supreme Court Reinstates Alabama's Ban on Curbside Voting

University of Texas Longhorn band won't play "Eyes of Texas" this weekend after some members say

Waxing Crescent, 10/21/2020

Alleged Hunter Biden Emails Circulated in Ukraine as Rudy Giuliani Dug for Dirt There Last Year

My Gawd Brian Williams Stop Showing Us How Human Joe Biden Is It Makes Me Hate Trump Even More

TCM Schedule for Thursday, October 22, 2020 -- Celebrating 30 Years of the Film Foundation

Here's how we can fight the stigma of depression together

Joe Making Me Cry Again

Rick Scott calls for cruises to resume

News people never disappoint how gullible they are.

Study finds no crime increase in cities that adopted 'sanctuary' policies, despite Trump claims

A tuck or a Tug?

Minocqua Brewing Company wins fight to display large Biden sign

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 10/21/20

While Rudy's playing with his junk, the Bidens want you to show your heart to the world

Microsoft starts rolling out Windows 10 update with Edge browser enhancements

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Why Is Lindsey Graham Begging For Money?

Speak Up For Biden

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Chef Jos Andres - Feeding America's Voters

Thats not a tuck

Going Straight to Hell! 😈

Safest way to vote? - Perhaps the way his followers vote? In person??

Seth Meyers - Trump Claims U.S. Will Become Like Venezuela if Biden Wins - Monologue 10/20/20

I just watched a Hulu documentary on cults and beliefs. One segment

Tonight's Monologue from A Late Show

Armed guards at St. Pete early voting site told deputies they were hired by Trump campaign...

Seth Meyers - Trump Storms Out of 60 Minutes Interview, Attacks Lesley Stahl: A Closer Look

Dickhead Trumper tweets about Joe and son.

BYU researchers: This invention makes cloth masks as effective as N95 masks

Lev Parnas calls out Ron Johnson

This Trump-endorsed congressional candidate rejoiced when Muslim migrants drowned

My portrait of Trump: "Prisoner #864511320 - Alcatraz"

President Obama Slams Trump For Alleged Secret Chinese Bank Account - MSNBC

AOC and friends GOTV streaming a video game

Trio who lived on space station return to Earth safely

HHSC: Those election interference operations are clearly not meant to harm President Trump

Protesters in Colombia decry government pandemic response

Texas Republicans blast Trump on conference call, urge GOP voters to cast ballots for Joe Biden

"I'll bet Rudy Giuliani isn't getting a good night's sleep tonight."

Rudy Giuliani gives alleged Hunter Biden hard drive to Delaware authorities

Is MoscowMitch sick?

Chief Inspector Murphy and his new friend

Trump Rape Accuser 'Stunned' at DOJ No-Show for Court Hearing

The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like Me

can anyone here read a dental xray?

Meanwhile in Australia...

NASA to announce 'exciting' discovery about Moon

Royal Meteorological Society announces Weather Photographer of the Year winners

AZ-06: Private GOP and Democratic polls show Democrat Tiperneni pulling ahead.


Seth Meyers Torches Maria Bartiromo For Baselessly Suggesting Hunter Biden A Child Porn Suspect

It's time for Decency...

Indiana school superintendent apologizes after a student was listed as 'Black Guy' in yearbook

TX-22: National Democrats are increasingly assertive about their chances in Texas this election

Colombia takes intimidation of press to a whole new level by Adriaan Alsema October 21, 2020

Colombia calls police who discovered 2018 election fraud plot to trial

Ratcliffe Issues High-Drama, Low-Clarity Warning On Iran, Russia Election Operations - TRMS - MSNBC

TX-22: This Democrat Can Win the Seat Once Held By Tom DeLay and Ron Paul

Colombia refuses protection for war crime victims and witnesses

Rep. Schiff: DNI Director Should Not Be Trusted 'Without Proof On The Table' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Guedes Signs An Agreement to Finance US Exports to Brazil that May Reach US $ 1 billion

Thousands, including indigenous people, march in peaceful Colombia protests

Jamal Khashoggi Fiancee Sues Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Sean Hannity is losing his mind over Hunter Biden

Bad Religion - No Substance

Trump Envoy Grenell Tried to Secretly Negotiate Maduro's Exit

Trump Envoy Grenell Tried to Secretly Negotiate Maduro's Exit

My Plan - Joe Biden For President 2020

Cocaine Bust: Police Confiscate Record Amount Concealed In Charcoal Shipment In Paraguay

In case you haven't seen Obama's entire speech from yesterday;

There's a monster in my kitchen: New Greenpeace video exposes destruction of forests for industrial

There's a monster in my kitchen: New Greenpeace video exposes destruction of forests for industrial

Trump Wants To Make The Election About 'Corruption.' Here's Why That Could Backfire - All In - MSNBC

Halloween Classic: inxs pet sematary

Death of Brazilian volunteer in clinical trials of Oxford Covid 19 vaccine triggers controversy

HP expands Planet Partners supplies return and recycling programme

HP expands Planet Partners supplies return and recycling programme

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/21/20

"the rallies are largely a way to keep the unscripted and undisciplined president occupied"

Chance for Chile to forge new path in vote to scrap Pinochet-era constitution

ok...I think I watched Obama's speech today about a half-dozen times...

I'm not watching the debate tonight

Climate change: Arctic Circle teens call for help to save their homes

Satellites picture methane across the globe

Clean up, Aisle 1600: WH says Trump didn't really mean that thing about declassifying Russian docume

New pair of salivary glands in humans discovered

Study shows novel coronavirus can live on skin for 9 hours, but what does that mean?

The First Star in Our Galaxy Caught Sending Out Fast Radio Bursts Is Doing It Again

Man Made Graphic Threats Against Biden, Harris in Letter Dropped Off on Supporter's Doorstep: DOJ

Ancient tools hint that Neanderthals lived on Danish island 120,000 years ago

Face to Face with America's Original Sin

Face to Face with America's Original Sin

Climate change already wiped out the human race -- in prehistoric times

Pro-Trump televangelist: If Biden wins, people will start having sex with cattle

But top counties in rate of early in-person voting --are quite red: Ozaukee Washington Sheboygan Wa

North Korean Explains Real North Korean Yeonmi Park

More bad weather in Miami-Dade. Democratic EVs need to pick up

Trump LOSES IT on reporter in unhinged episode

This seems like a problem ( voter intimidation in Florida)

Trump Wants To Make The Election About 'Corruption.' Here's Why That Could Backfire All In MSNBC

Cher is going on the campaign trail too

Rudy Guiliani gets the Borat treatment

I predict that trump totally loses it tonight....

Podcast of EV and VBM in FL. Miami-Dade Democrats are not showing up at the rate we need right now

Rob Reiner Discusses Project on Rise of Trump, Putin The Mehdi Hasan Show The Choice on Peacock

Barbie always is always topical!

Just to be clear, people that make excessive puns about shoes 👞

Philly can save thousands of birds that crash into our buildings and die Opinion

Charlie Cook predicts 1980 style Biden blowout

NC voters call infidelity shocking, still vote for Democrat

Just read a great name for Trump cult members on Facebook

2 weeks inside the campaign bubble

Anybody out there watch Hallmark Movie & Mystery channel?

Poetic justice

The real "Hunter" scandal, starring Don Jr

I love that M$Greedia is laughing at Ratcliffe and Killa Con

Trump ad about Medicare and seniors in WI

President Trump's paper-stack politicking makes another appearance

We got the lead it is time for cockiness and swagger

Greek court imprisons far-right Golden Dawn party leadership

James Carville is coming up on Morning Joe..not sure what time. Nt

The Iowa Supreme Court delivered another win for Republicans seeking to restrict voting.

US officials link Iran to emails meant to intimidate voters


From BBC Future Online: Why some people are cruel to others (...)

Trump's Schedule for Thursday, October 22, 2020

SurveyMonkey poll: Young voters' red-state blue wall

Luntz Says Trump's Campaign Is Worst He's Seen

COVID is out of control, literally in Lubbock

So lay your bets on todays WTF story headline?

The most alarming thing is that at least 40 to 45% of the populace is supporting trump, and

I think someone took Twitler's phone.

My Wild 2 Weeks Inside the Trump Campaign Bubble

One accomplishment trump will actually be able to claim

Hundreds of Nebraskans were potentially falsely told they could not vote

Arctic Sea Ice Too Thin To Allow New Russian Icebreaker To Try To Hit Its Test Specifications

New Alaska Poll (PPP, B): Biden -5, Gross -3,

Trump Is Averaging 50+ False Claims a Day and Washington Post Fact Checker Team 'Can't Keep Up'

New Kansas Poll (PPP, B): Biden -12, Bollier tied

BC Authorities Knew Over A Year Ago That Site C Dam On Peace River Was In Serious Trouble

Betty Buckley To Trump: Stop Using My Music 'Your Presidency Is The Very Antithesis Of Art'

There Is Nothing Sacred About The Number Of SCOTUS Justices (As Opposed To, Say, A Living Planet)

Trump just got his own version of 'We Didn't Start the Fire:' - Pathological Liar

New South Carolina Poll (Morning Consult, B/C): Biden -7, Harrison +2

Breakfast Thursday 22 October 2020

Ghislaine Maxwell documents to be unsealed this morning in federal court in New York.

CDC redefines COVID-19 close contact, adds brief encounters

Poor Exxon! Shitstain's Hypothetical Bribe The Cherry On Top Of A Shit Sundae Of Losses And Debt

New Wisconsin Poll (Morning Consult, B/C): Biden +12

AP finds most arrested in protests aren't leftist radicals

In South Florida, Between 6 And 7 Inches Of Rain In 48 Hours Right As Annual King Tides Arrive

Trump Announces Judicial Nominees; October 21, 2020

NYT Siena Poll - Public Health Care Option, COVID Stimulus, Climate Spending Supported By 2/3rds

Schumer says Ratcliffe is lying, told Senators something completely different

Senate Judiciary Committee Votes on Amy Coney Barrett's Nomination, 9:00 a.m. EDT

12 Of 15 Washington GOP Candidates Polled Said Nothing On Climate: Silence - It's The New Denial

The importance of the I-4 Corridor...Pinellas and Seminole Counties, you can make history!

New Minnesota Poll (SurveyUSA, A): Biden +6, Smith +1

House Republicans push inquiry into Biden's use of Amtrak on trip through Ohio and Pennsylvania

"Everybody's Going To Die" - Trump (Lincoln Project)

Joe Biden on reforming the Court System...

I just watched Jr dumb ass and fox news go off rails

Not sure whether it wrote this tweet either -- though I'm sure the low IQanon will love it

Got some bad news, yesterday. A good friend is hospitalized with Covid. It doesn't look hopeful.

56 percent in new poll say Trump does not deserve reelection

There's Exactly One Congressional Republican Who Supports A Carbon Tax, And He's Barely Hanging On

Super Bowl could be moved to March: Packers CEO

Hurricane Epsilon Went From Cat-1 To Cat-3 Over The Course Of A Few Hours

I could learn to live with Trump perpetually whining that the election was rigged

SpaceX conducts multi-engine test; Plans are to fly prototype to 50,000 feet from Boca Chica

"Like A Little Baby"

I guess he got his phone back...

Pretty sure trump will be pushing the reduction of initial jobless claims in the debate tonight

CBS released a clip from the 60Minutes interview - link added

The Rundown: October 22, 2020

The Cards Say If You Don't Vote For Joe Biden

Art of the Week: Week of 10/21/20

Trailer park tenants say landlord sends note implying a vote for Biden is a vote for increased rent

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 10/21/2020

Amy Barrett,

The Eighth Wonder of the World (failed Foxconn project in Wisconsin)

Democrats are boycotting the Judiciary vote for Barrett, and in their place are large portraits of..

On Bloomberg they are reporting that his advisors are advising him to act sane in tonight's debate,

Port of Galveston workers call for end of CDC's cruise orders

60 minutes releases trailer

"If I die tomorrow, I did my duty."

Trying for a comeback in final debate with Biden, Trump is a captive of his own information bubble

Trump threatening to fire Chris Wray for not

Jobless claims: Another 787,000 Americans filed new unemployment claims last week

Spreadnecks Has Replaced Deplorables

Something is wrong in any political system where a lying criminal

President Obama Gets It

2 New Climate Denier Books Now Available, In Case You Prefer Reading Blog Posts Offline

After these last 4 years

October 21, 2020: Senate Hearing on Freight and Passenger Rail Service

"Breathing is not a constitutional right."

Roughly a dozen #GhislaineMaxwell files have been unsealed.

Article: Neurology Expert Says trump's Forward Leaning Posture And Body "Tics" Are Serious Concern

"Turd Immunity"

White House looks at cutting Covid funds, newborn screenings in 'anarchist' cities

Dan Scavino, former trump caddy and golf course GM, pushing for Wray firing

The True Story of Donald Trump and His Super-Action Heroics

'Not a fair fight':In Kansas, GOP frustrated as money rolls in for Democrat and Senate race tightens

Epstein Confidant Ghislaine Maxwell's Deposition Is Unsealed

Shouldn't the 'caravan' be heading towards America right about now

Russian State Media Is Desperately Trying to Keep the Hunter Biden Story Alive

Watching the sham Judiciary Committee meeting and vote, I just saw Mike Lee (virus infected)....

***IBD/TIPP Poll national Poll of LVs*** Biden +5 (4 way) and +4 (2 way)

US Ice officers 'used torture to make Africans sign own deportation orders'

Joe Biden leads President Trump in Pennsylvania with at least 5 points in four new polls.


Biden Calls for Reform of Supreme Court

Over the last 40 years, every team in the AL of MLB has gone to the World Series except one

Republican-led committee approves Barrett nomination

America and the Virus: 'A Colossal Failure of Leadership'

The Lincoln Project: Men (Sam Elliott again!)

The Lincoln Project: Men (Sam Elliott again!)

Getting in the Halloween spirit with music from John Carpenter's films

Trump's letter in food boxes leaves some food banks between a 'rock and a hard place'

Graham just broke the rules to advance Amy Coney Barrett's nomination out of the Judiciary Committee

The Eighth Wonder of the World-FoxxConn

New U.S. Coronavirus Cases Surpass 60,000 for Second Day

The U.S. is heading for a constitutional crisis--even if Biden wins

Number of Million-Dollar NYC Earners Hit Record, New Stats Show, Even as Tax Bills Grew

U.S. Says Iran and Russia Obtained Americans Data for Election Meddling

YOU raised $8,104.08 for Biden-Harris, $0 Amy (DITCH Mitch) McGrath & $0 for duhneece on 10-21-20

I think Trump will storm out during tonight's debate

Trump's Cash Crunch Constrains His Campaign at a Critical Juncture

Fake News!

Trump Is Looking to Fire FBI Director Chris Wray for Not Helping His Campaign

Plot thickens over origins of pope's civil union endorsement

A Message to Democrats from Your New Ally Victory is near.

Jeffrey Epstein Update: Read The Deposition That Ghislaine Maxwell Fought To Hide

So, Are The Russians Smarter than Sacha Baron Cohen?

We landed a fly on Mike Pence's head.

Obama goes viral with DEVASTATING blow against Trump

COVID deaths are starting to rise again

Czechs enter 2nd lockdown to avoid health system collapse

Jansing MSNBC interviewed 3 black Atlanta women who are "undecided" about voting for Biden

Alabama's GOP lieutenant governor called mask rules an 'overstep.' Now he has tested positive for ..

Someone in a position of influence really needs to inform and teach Americans civics.

Faulty US Covid-19 response meant 130,000 to 210,000 avoidable deaths, report finds

Where Is The Love - Black Eyed Peas, Hudson and Joe Biden

Going to A Go-Go

Risky Business with my cat

Vatican, China extend bishop agreement over US opposition

Biden's singular and repeated message from here on until after the election should be:

Republicans on Senate panel subpoena Facebook, Twitter CEOs

Pleasant experience

"I am the president, not you." "Yes, and that makes me your boss. You answer to 340 million

HuffPost: As A Housekeeper At Walter Reed, My Experience With COVID-19 Was Nothing Like Trump's

Armed guards reportedly hired by Trump campaign showed up to an early voting site, ...

The Atlantic is endorsing Joe Biden for president

Thursday TOONs - Debatable vs Debate-Able

Biden Has To Win By More Than Five Points

Judge dismisses 3rd-degree murder charge against Derek Chauvin, other charges remain

I joined in spring 2017 - there was a poster

Judge drops third-degree murder charge against Derek Chauvin (George Floyd case, Minneapolis)

Jennifer Lawrence Says She 'Was a Little Republican' Before Trump: 'I Voted for John McCain'

La Luz del Mundo: Judge throws out extortion charges against megachurch leader

Russia Gives Snowden Permanent Residency

Chuck Schumer live - Amy Covid Barrett travesty

Jennifer Lawrence has a message for Trump

Sarah Cooper!

Exclusive photograph of Rudy Guiliani retrieving Hunter Biden's laptop.....

Itchy Mitch is stonewalling the stimulus and steamrolling trump because he knows the senate is lost.

Just before the Election, Covid hitting even harder than expected

USA Today: 470,000 opioid deaths, three criminal charges

The county elections commission lists my ballot as "Accepted!"

Harris County GOP Chair Sends Email Full Of Spelling Errors

Erie County, #Pennsylvania Presidential Election Tracking Poll - Biden 53/Trump 42

Could we be getting to a bandwagon tipping point?

We get a double dose of The Lincoln Project today: "Deadbeat"!!!

Lackawanna (Scranton), #Pennsylvania Presidential Election Tracking Poll Biden 57/Trump 40

In tonight's debate Trump will hold his shit for .....

Q. "Is the President going to respect the Mute Button"?

BREAKING: Lindsey Graham just broke committee rules to advance Amy Coney Barrett's nomination

Preaching to the choir perhaps,

Jeffrey Epstein Update: Read The Deposition That Ghislaine Maxwell Fought To Hide

Hallie Jackson, the GOPer slayer

Democrats should remember Graham's power grab today and mercilessly follow suit

Dutch paper says a hacker was able to get into Trump's Twitter account easily - password "maga2020"

With Republicans breaking Senate rules at will, Democrats should do the same if they win the Senate.

Joe Biden's Stutter Highlights BU Center's Mission to Help Others Struggling with Speech

Greg Sargent: John Ratcliffe made a huge mistake that's been overlooked

Tweeter, Talker, Debate Stalker

Just had my morning laugh - "crisp, policy-filled" in reference to t'Rump

Happy Thursday! 12 days to nightly home stretch election polling update

Nevada update : Dem Firewall is 63K and growing.......

Live: Senate Democrats Speak After Boycotting Vote To Advance Amy Coney Barrett NBC News

Fred Guttenberg - For any voter, still undecided, here is my closing argument why to vote for Biden

Has It tweeted anything against Obama yet?

Dutch security researcher succeeded in logging into Trumps Twitter last week

Concern about PA

Lincoln Project billboard in Times Square

There are large plexiglass barriers between the two podiums in the debate hall

God. No wonder I'm so tired. I think I'm being deliberately overworked.

BUSTED: Pennsylvania Republican arrested after trying to cast mail-in ballot for his dead mother

GOP Banana Republic Court Viciously Blocks Curbside Voting in AL Giving NO Reason

Chris Wallace throws cold water on Biden smear: 'We would have seen the fruits of that investigat...

President Obama just voted, by mail. How-to vote by mail by Barack Obama

Why invest in Tesla?

Jaime Harrison: A SECOND poll has us BEATING @LindseyGrahamSC!!! We are on the verge of history, y'a

Doug Collins welcomes Mike Flynn to his campaign (not The Onion)

How Europe and America blew it on the pandemic: A tale of blindness and arrogance

NC Voting Update: October 22

Franz Liszt was born on this date.

New North Carolina Poll (Rasmussen, C_): Biden -1

The Social Dilemma Official Trailer Netflix

New Meidas Touch

New Pennsylvania Poll (Civiqs, B/C): Biden +6

This Woman Couldn't Sleep -- Until She Rescued a Pit Bull

This is a not-insignificant reason I bought a Subaru Forester Sport last year.

Waiting for the bombshell story that will destroy the entire GOP today....

"It's absolutely horrible that the court managed to miss redacting the names of two female victims"

That's quite the nice collection of felonies you have there, Doug.

More Purple and Competitive states in the future

Galah Bird Wants To Be Just Like His Human Mom

IOWA House polls show gains in % from 2018 and holding 3 of the 4 seats.

Good Morning

Biden ad: Biden vs. Trump - Through the Years

Our Government kidnapped over 500 children who might never see their families again

Ouch! Laura Loomer gets roasted by local reporter.

Full video of Obama's Philadelphia Rally Speech 10/21:

Nevada EV 10/21/20. Democratic EV lead is twice that of 2016

WHOA: 3 Simultaneous Lightning Strikes on the Trump Hotel Chicago

Florida about to top 4M votes and Dems have a 513,000 lead.

US ICE officers 'used torture to make Africans sign own deportation orders'

This is a 4-minute ad/video put out by the Biden campaign, but well worth watching:

Anxious about "polls tightening" in final days? Remember that

You'll be hearing the name Tony Bobulinski from Republicans today. Some background on him

Trump creates a new loyalty cadre class of federal employees who must pledge allegiance to the King.

Has the Confederate flag become a nationwide symbol of hate?

Voted this morning in Wyandotte Co KS

Went to the polls like: (having voted feels like this looks)

NPR re: NYPost "bombshell": "We don't want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories"

Texas is almost at 6M Votes and over 65% of 2016.

Gay penguins steal nest, eggs from lesbian penguin couple at Dutch zoo

It tweeted a link to some of the 60 Minutes thing on Facebook

Judge drops third-degree murder charge against former officer Derek Chauvin in George Floyd's death

Hearty Kabocha Squash Soup Recipe

10/22 Daily Dose of Joe

Biden vs. Trump Through the Years

Trailer park tenants say landlord sends note implying a vote for Biden is a vote for increased rent

US Ice officers 'used torture to make Africans sign own deportation orders'

Mar-a-lago appears 19 times in the Maxwell document.

Trump's Twitter Account Was Hacked

Tell the truth about Rush Limbaugh

Daniel Dale: How the raw 60 Minutes tape posted by Trump begins

Early and Absentee Voting Is Through the Roof!

994 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs; 5 deaths

Watch Hallie Jackson stuff Hogan Gidley into a locker when he starts spewing voter fraud conspiracie

Is the Minnesota Senate race really close?

Florida early voting stats - Oct 22 - 23

Breaking! CDC provides imagery to alert the populace to its new definition of "close contact"

OMFG- Trump posted the 60 mins: Its nuts - Updating as more comes in - the 2 handed glass is back.

Trump releases recording of '60 Minutes' interview

Voting For My America - This Is Beautiful!

We are all going to experience and observe a range of emotions over the next two weeks.

CNN: What Republican internal polling can actually tell us

"Morning Joe" reported that trump's phone was taken away...

"Watermelon Head?" .... Sounds like an insult from the dumbest kid in 3rd grade

Stevie Nicks is still dreaming

After Barrett vote, GOP approves district judge rated "Not Qualified" by the ABA.

Foul-mouth bigot Trump supporter abuses Uber driver who said he's voting for Biden

Maybe THIS is what Trump disliked about the Lesley Stahl interview:

So far I've seen 4 or 5 newswomen refuse to listen to Trumpian bullshit. Besides feeling good...

Russian State TV correspondent pondered: "Will the agent return to Moscow?

I would marry this man in a heartbeat...

More Anthony Gomes

Here's how Trump can "win" tonight

Trump's Twitter account hacked after Dutch researcher guessed password

We will come up with a plan

Trump says this about coronavirus: "We got hit by something. Not MY fault."

Stahl: "...But you're OK with some tough questions?" Trump: "No, I'm not."

I don't see Leslie Stahl saying "Let's have a lovely interview."

Beyond macro photography!

Tried to use COVID to dodge defamation case

I notice

Claire McCaskill weighs in on TuckingRudyGate

Th Big Q for today,,,,,,

He just wants to hurt 60 Minute's ratings

The Last 2 Walls?

Just voted at the local drop box!

MSNBC Hallie Jackson destroys Trump's spokesman lying about voter fraud. This is how it is done.

Listen DUers he released the tape because

Lawrence O'Donnell: Note to "neutral" news media

Trump Crumbles at Humiliating Rally: "Nobody Wants Me"

Uniformed Police Wearing Trump Mask at Polling Place

My Wild 2 Weeks Inside the Trump Campaign Bubble

A survey of 1,000 men who tuck their shirts in while wearing a suit and laying on their backs...

Trump told 60 minutes he wants to see the Supreme Court wipe out Obamacare

US Ice officers 'used torture to make Africans sign own deportation orders'

60 Minutes Responds

So, at what point does Hannity say, "I'm not really a Republican...

Will the cut the assholes mic if

Response from CBSNews about Trump releasing interview.

Anthony Scaramucci is on a mission to stop Trump: "Something's wrong with him mentally"

"Some people are saying Trump does the best water slurping they ever saw."

Santa Claus won't be coming to Macy's this year

---sigh---just a general comment after skimming "the news": not all assholes are Republicans,

Tweet: 90 year old (last surviving child of former slave) really understands the value of voting

2nd Fed court blocks President Trump's attempt to exclude unauthorized immigrants from the census

Forget the clear plastic panels tonight.

Farmers Stick With Trump, Despite Trade-War Pain

The Miami Beach monorail inches closer to reality with $14 million county deal

So, how should Joe handle trumps Hunter attacks?

My apologies to Lesley Stahl

So I got sent to the track with my class so my room could be cleaned this morning

#tbt to this totally normal 2005 exchange between a man and his totally normal adult children

Voters have cast 33.2% of the total votes counted in the 2016 general election.

Taegan Garddard's political wire: Georgia Added 1 Million New Voters Since 2016

Florida reports 5,557 new COVID-19 cases, most in over two months

Rudy to release "Shirt Tucking for Dummies" shortly.

Why do people allow Trump to bloviate his way out of BS?

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #2: I

Trump, Biden, Hunter, Chaos From the WSJ's Henninger

After a few hundred years, it's time to update a meme

Trump says he doesn't actually want Whitmer, Biden and Obama to be locked up despite chants

Thank you for releasing this water glass footage, @MarkMeadows -- it would have never shown up on...

Central FL voters - 'UNFAZED'. 100 YEAR anniversary of Ocoee Massacre

And there it is. 12 days before the election, Trump admits he wants to get rid of your health care.

Banjo virtuoso Noam Pikelny covers an old Tom Waites gem. That's Aoife O'Donovan on vocals

Keith Jarrett Confronts a Future Without the Piano - NYT 10/21/20

So if Trump does lose and makes his way to Mother Russia before any court can summon him here...

Trump administration violates agreement and releases "60 Minutes" interview ahead of Sunday broadcas

I agree with Democrats not showing up today for the committee vote...

"Seinfeld" cast members to reunite to raise money for Texas Democrats

Great Danes play in their lion Halloween costumes

He is intent on doing as much harm as possible from here on.

Why does the media still treat Trump like he's a normal politician?

This Man Exposed 40K Voters Purged by Mistake

There has been chatter for years that Putin was looking to replace first Deputy director of FSB Smir


The Trump 'Jobs Boom' Is a Convenient Myth - Alan Blinder WSJ op-ed

The GOP Just Broke the Rules to Advance Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court Nomination

Kristen Welker: 5 things to know about the moderator of Thursday's presidential debate

What Does Amy Coney Barrett Mean for the Supreme Court? by Linda Greenhouse

Update: My wife is still pretty sick, but she tested negative!

Trailer park tenants say landlord sends note implying a vote for Biden is a vote for increased rent

No need to be concerned about the discoloration of McConnell's hands. It's just

Kana Chan TV: building a scorpion table

Did CNN spend a day showing COVID victims?

What set off Trump's 60 MIN rant?

Facebook Staff Urged to Snitch on Zuckerberg Over Election Disinformation

Kirk Fletcher has a new record out that I completely missed

Biden campaign's response to use of Amtrak /PA investigation

Florida Man! The very best kind....

Wow this exchange between Stahl and Trump is something else

Trump's Twitter hacked after Dutch researcher claims he guessed password

My prediction: Trump will play out his Stahl revenge fantasy tonight on Kristen Welker.

Can Trump Win The Election? Yes. But the Path to 270 Is Difficult.

Why don't people understand that "Herd immuninity" really means

Let's Finish This November 3rd!

Trump seeds the ground for possible loss with personal attacks

Still loving the @soft.hands.steve Insta account

Court orders San Quentin prison population reduced by 50 percent

Trump admits in 60 Minutes interview he wants to get rid of your healthcare

I voted today in Texas

What was Trump trying to prove by releasing the

David Frum: There's an interesting story about a walk out in Michael Cohen's Trump book.

What should Trumps prison assignment be?

Ben DREYFUSS (son of Richard) of Mother Jones vouched for GHOULiani, just being a journalist?

Sam Elliott narrates Biden ad premiering during World Series: 'There is only one America'

Edward Snowden Granted Permanent Residency By Russia

Chuck Todd does the work of his corporate bosses which is to ensure that govt remains dysfunctional

2nd group of judges blocks Trump order on House seats count

BREAKING: France reports 41,622 new coronavirus cases, by far the biggest one-day increase on record

Problem with time stamp.

*Historic Time magazine cover. 1st time the TIME logo was replaced by another word.

Trump Pilloried for Huge Self-Own By Dropping the 60 Minutes Interview Early

Stephen King on Tucker - FTW

"Are you ready to make a dog's day?"

Trailer park tenants say landlord sends note implying a vote for Biden is a vote for increased rent

watching trump and his magat crowd makes me think of a grade school fight during recess

***Quinnipiac Poll of LVs*** Biden 51 Trump 41

Randy Rainbow: This is the most upsetting image of the week...

julian lage - 233 butler (live-2017) this is pretty phenomenal ...

Trump is Scut Farkus.

Martin Bashir: BBC journalist 'seriously unwell' from Covid

George Takei: That's not how any of this works.

Stella's Most Pupular Leaf Pile Videos (So Far) featuring her butterfly alter ego "Judith."

Like it or not, the 2020 election is about Trump...

I don't know about you, but I think these actors are REALLY good. And so diverse.

I think he's going to snap tonight.

Stormy Daniels said 60 minutes is 58 minutes too long.

Felon Mike Flynn joins Doug Collins campaign

"You want some of this?" Cute and Interesting Chickadee Behavior

Yet another 'Secret Chinese bank account' & a $59 Million Will to Mitch & Elaine

Here's Where The Threat Of Militia Activity Around The Elections Is The Highest

New Video from Dangerous Case Now!

Trump commutes sentence of ex-Georgia teacher convicted of $8 million food stamp fraud

How genetic variation gives rise to differences in mathematical ability

FYI: The Lincoln Project Vote for America is live on YouTube now. Guest: Rachel Vindman

Pete Buttigieg: The GOP pretending to "mindread 18th century mentality... is just an excuse..."

It appears the voter intervention story has already gone down the drain

Meidas Touch: Trump is Pathetic: Trump's 60 Minutes Disaster

Artificial intelligence reveals hundreds of millions of trees in the Sahara

Trump says he hopes Supreme Court strikes down ObamaCare

GOP Sen Lisa Murkowski reiterates Senate should not take up SCOTUS nomination until after election

Amy McGrath should jump ALL OVER this!

I have no doubt that he will stomp off when his mic is muted

Guide Dog Gets So Excited When She Sees Her New Home

For decades now I have said "conservatives" are the real enemy

I, for one, cannot wait until Rudy Giuliani's next appearance on Tucker Carlson.

Florida to further loosen restrictions on nursing home visits, Ron DeSantis says

New Montana Poll (Strategies 360, B/C): Biden -8. Bullock, -1, Williams Tied, Cooney -7

Four years wasn't that long ago. WTF is wrong with people that they don't remember

I am confused about Iranian? hack

Puppy Grows Up So Strong To Inspire Kids Just Like Her

Russian trolls are outsourcing to Africa to stoke US racial tensions

*Poll Alert* Quinnipiac Likely Voter National Poll Biden 51% Trump 41%

How the Iran news actually undermines one of Trump's biggest lies

@MeidasTouch: #TrumpIsPathetic.

What is your sense of how this will end?

Supreme Court Blocks Drive Up, Curbside Voting For People w Disabilities, Hi Covid Risk In AL

I turned the channel, but they had a former trump campaign manger spewing how the polls are all

Joe: On this International Stuttering Awareness Day, I want everyone to remember that the barriers y

Rudy Giuliani's Embarrassing Borat Hotel Room Scene, Explained

Inslee faces political newcomer as he seeks rare third term

FL State Rep Anna Eskamani on with THE Mark Hamill for GOTV!

Editorial: Joe Biden can restore nation to normalcy

The US Eliminated Nearly 21,000 Election Day Polling Locations for 2020

Today's NEW YORKER cartoon...

Hair toss, check your nails-- Lizzo to hit the trail for Joe Biden

Dragon snakeheads: a whole new family of fish discovered off southern India. (Nat Geo)

The US Eliminated Nearly 21,000 Election Day Polling Locations for 2020

Cartoons 10/22/2020

Obama skewers Trump as former president hits campaign trail

New National poll (Quinnipiac, B+): Biden +10

I've seen a few posts lately pathologizing black voters.....

A case that makes it possible to reconsider Roe v. Wade has just been presented to the Court.

CBS News calls out White House for breaking agreement and posting Trump's interview online

Baby squirrel becomes obsessed with his dad's new golden retriever puppy 😍

Why isn't Trump's covid testing status known just hours before the debate?

In pitch for Biden, Obama urges voters to cast Trump out

The country needs poll workers. Young women are stepping up

Deplaning for debate, He and wife still won't wear a freaking mask...

Blind cat demands a shower every day -- and his seeing-eye kitten helps him dry off ❤️

Drumpf is doing worse than it seems -- but reporters are afraid to say so

Turkey slams joint declaration by Cyprus, Greece and Egypt

I have a close friend that hasn't voted yet (trumper)

"Today The Atlantic is endorsing Joe Biden for president."

When Trump walks out on Leslie Stahl, 44 seconds, Exact moment when he walks out..

Fact check: Biden leveraged $1B in aid to Ukraine to oust corrupt prosecutor, not to help his son

If trump interrupts and violates the debate rules, I would like Joe to turn toward trump and say

Mitch McConnell admits he sabotaged the Corona 19 relief bill,

Brianna Keilar takes on Chris Christie:

The democrats need to own cyber security the way republicans own guns.

Here's The Real Reason Why The GOP Is Investigating Biden's Amtrak Trips

2020 Congressional Ball - a little humor break

Radicalism in New Hope, MN - someone holding a sign - "Veterans, you are not losers or suckers ...

Those who criticize the plexiglass at the debate because it won't totally stop the aerosol virus

If Mango Musselini gets obnoxious and breaks the rules again tonight ..

The pandemic is getting worse again

Remember's Trump's hacked Twitter account?

Nate Silver : we're now projecting total turnout in the pres race to be 154 million, maybe 165M

CDC official who made early warning about coronavirus silenced by Trump, documentary reveals

Another great one from Meidas Touch

US signs anti-abortion declaration with group of largely authoritarian governments

US signs anti-abortion declaration with group of largely authoritarian governments

Hallie Jackson shuts down Trump campaign spokesman on election interference, fraud claims

Many U.S. coronavirus deaths were avoidable

How Trump lost to the coronavirus

DROP DEAD: Trump To Seniors. Expendable Elders, 80% Of Covid Deaths Over 65

Amazon extends work from home policy until June 2021 amid surge in COVID-19 cases

Nate Silver projects 154 m votes

Jon Favreau tweet:

There's still time to register to vote in Washington state

My cussing has increased exponentially over the past four years.

Florida Man Attacks Girlfriend With Pumpkin, Police Say

I am in such a foul mood.

New DNC campaign ad: "President Obama: Profiles in Voting"

How Democrats Are Celebrating Biden's Polling Lead: With Abject Dread

Afghanistan conflict: 'Children among dead' in air strike on school

Waiting in the rain to vote

New Poll Confirms That High Youth Turnout Would Doom Trump

Who is this Bubba linski coming to debate?

My dream for tonight...

Seattle, Portland, NYC sue Trump administration over threat to cut funds to 'anarchist' cities

Trump expected to focus on Hunter Biden and China in final debate

Biden ready to fight back if Trump goes after his family, campaign says

The Nightmare Facing the Poor and Working Class If There's Not Another Stimulus

6-year-old uses her lemonade stand money to save a tiny baby pig 💞

Breaking NYT: Russia hacked into U.S. computer networks in recent days - updated

Lesley Stahl says Trump and Pence insulted her and '60 Minutes'

Trump bristled at questions about Whitmer in '60 Minutes' interview before walking out

Pope recognizes same sex civil unions??? This is not The Onion??? Am I the only one who missed

Trump is bringing Hunter's alleged business partner to debate tonight

How a narcissistic leader infects company culture

"Maxwell Never Saw Clinton on Epstein's Island": Deposition Update

University of Washington named 8th best university in the world

'Stunning' Executive Order Would Politicize Civil Service

A Message to Democrats from Your New Ally - Victory is near - by Stuart Stevens

US marine says Australian special forces soldiers made deliberate decision to break the rules of war

Mark Meadows claims Trump was tested for Covid on Air Force One . . .

Harrison: Record $57M haul in US Senate race has been spent

Poland abortion: Top court bans almost all terminations

Coronavirus: France Extends Overnight Curfew As Cases Surge

Trump invites Hunter Bidens former business partner to debate

Searching For The Missing Parents Of Migrant Children

US Signs Anti- Abortion Declaration With Group Of Largely Authoritarian Governments

The Relentless Shrinking of Trump's Base

Nagorno-Karabakh: Nearly 5,000 dead in conflict, Putin says

If Joe Biden comes to power before Scotus rules on Obamacare what are our options?

Short time left to see how big an asshole Trump can be

Estes Park (Colorado) -- beginning evacuation as fire spreads

Trump's Remarks Before Marine One Departure; October 21, 2020

Trump Adds Flunkies to the Federal Workforce

"No, they spied on RUSSIANS, and your campaign happened to be there."

Hey debate fans got a question!

Executive Order on Creating Schedule F In The Excepted Service; October 21, 2020

Remember the debate is about one or two moments

Rudy Releases Video Of Himself Masturbating To Show What It Actually Looks Like

FXN is in full Hunter mode

"So, the ends justify the means?"

Does anyone know if the book trumps handler

Pensions of Delphi Corp. Retirees and Other Retirees Covered by Vulnerable Pension Plans; 10-22-2020

2 Intel told NBC News that Trump admin has known for weeks that Iran and Russia has hacked

Ancient Maya built sophisticated water filters

Nicolle may need a timeout

Was Trump a 10cc fan?

Up to 22 states in the red now. Kentucky and Rhode Island added.

'Stunning' Executive Order Would Politicize Civil Service

Our families 4 ballots for Biden, Harris and Bullock were received and confirmed today!!

Anyone watching Nicolle Wallace?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 23 October 2020

The Hazmat Teams are going to be in the White House for weeks, months cleaning up after

Legal Question: So, The Democrats Boycotted The Committee Hearing On Barrett's SCOTUS Nomination

What happens if he walks out?

The Sam Elliott narrated ads are absolutely the best Biden Commercials out there

It is not a coincidence that every recent interview Trump has done with a real journalist (Jonathan

The great printer (and ink) shortage of 2020

Ex-Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg in Green Bay visit blames Trump's coronavirus response for b

Trump has the honesty of Sean Hannity, the affable nature of Tucker Carlson, the

NYT: "Cyberattacks Put Russian Fingers on the Switch at Power Plants, U.S. Says U.S."

Trump guaranteed the election would be all about him

The Trump campaign has been videotaping Philadelphia voters while they deposit their ballots...

Pennsylvania records one of highest single day COVID-19 totals since pandemic began

Finally found a story that explains the Giuliani/Borat thing. Thanks to The Guardian!!!!!

No Way in Hell

Trumps campaign's @RichardGrenell just held a press call & refused to answer any question...

Broadcast Studio Help

Mendham GOP tells voters they can't vote in person. That's not true

So what drugs will they be giving him before the "debate?"

Broadcast Studio Help Needed

Broadcast Studio Help

I hope Kristen Welker lets the Killa Con know that she will not be

Faux News Full On Hunter Biden

Trump rally 'likely' contributed to dramatic coronavirus surge in Tulsa: Health official

The Director of National Intelligence held a press conference where he flatly misled the public

Annapolis native Travis Pastrana successfully jumps car over Ego Alley multiple times

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Oct. 22, 2020

Dogs Detect Covid-19 Fast & Reliably, Tests Almost 100% Accurate: Why Not Use Them More?: Finland

I Believe Him

Trump Campaign Draws Rebuke for Surveilling Philadelphia Voters

Why cant he drink water like a human?

BREAKING President Donald Trump and his intelligence chief have pushed for quick declassification...

Russia "successfully compromised network infrastructure, & as of October 1, 2020, exfiltrated data f

GOP to high court: Halt longer N. Carolina absentee deadline

Giuliani In Trouble After Borat Catches Him With His Hand In His Pants

From our retired Presbyterian minister on Joe Biden (with her permission to share)

The Rude Pundit: Note to Republicans: No One Gives a Shit About Hunter Biden's Business Deals

Grumpy Old Man Rant

Don Jr: Trump Campaign Will Have Someone At Presidential Debate To Heckle Kristen Welker

Donald Trump's Election Masterstroke Spitting Image

NY Times: Activists Turn Facial Recognition Tools Against the Police

*Fresh PPP polls: Biden leading comfortably in MI and PA (+7 and +5)*

Trump administration pays state-owned Glasgow Prestwick Airport nearly 25m

Worst Person in the World #12. Oct., 22, 2020

Theres something seriously wrong with Moscow Mitch

Man arrested in Kannapolis with a van full of guns and explosives, researched killing Joe Biden

While Trump crows about a growing economy, 701 economists say Americans should vote him out

Trump slipped up with his dog whistle racism

emptywheel: Republicans 2020

Ghislaine Maxwell transcripts revealed in Jeffrey Epstein sex abuse case

The Onion: Psychic Already Sick Of Spectral James Randi Ragging On Her From Afterlife

NY Times: Activists Turn Facial Recognition Tools Against the Police

"I'm anticipating tonight's debate much in the same way I anticipate..."

Puzzling litterbox problem. All cat lovers please respond!!!!

Norman Ornstein tweet about Trump's "60 Minutes" healthcare comments:

Former Google CEO: Social networks serving as 'amplifiers for idiots and crazy people'

Trump admin has known for weeks Iran, Russia hacked local governments

I bet Trump's order reclassifying some Fed employees out of Civll Service has a specific target:

NBC News requested a full copy of the alleged Hunter Biden drive from Rudy ... Crickets from Rudy

Halloween Is Coming! #101

Halloween Is Coming! #102

Halloween Is Coming! #103

Halloween Is Coming! #104

Halloween Is Coming! #105

Halloween Is Coming! #106

Halloween Is Coming! #107

Halloween Is Coming! #108

Halloween Is Coming! #109

Halloween Is Coming! #110

Jen Taub live tweeting debate: I think I will use the 🎃 for Trump and the 🇺🇸 for Biden

Former Ukraine prosecutor says Hunter Biden 'did not violate anything' (Lutsenko)

: Jared Kushner has been talking up the idea of starting a Trump-themed news outlet or some other me

Racist passenger on plane yelling obscenities.

FDA approves Gilead's remdesivir as coronavirus treatment

Man arrested in Kannapolis with van full of guns and explosives, researched killing Joe Biden

The Media is already trying to soften this debate for Trump

"The Biden campaign should bring Lev Parnas & Michael Cohen as guests"

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Reacts To Trump's Dance Moves

New Poll Confirms That High Youth Turnout Would Doom Trump

What is the official Biden position on expanding the medicare to age 60?

A Politicized Federal Civll Service

Texas SC REJECTS Republican effort to block Harris County from operating its drive-thru voting

**Gallup Poll** 56% say Trump doesn't deserve re-election

Sanders: Democrats will pass 'massive stimulus bill' if party flips the Senate

YouTube link for debate is up.

Sign Observations: WV and more NOVA

Expect Trump to brag about getting the EU and other allies to pay more into UN

This tells you all you need to know.

Arkansas listed as 'red zone' with 2nd highest COVID-19 death rate in the nation

Thought I'd heard every Righteous Brosong. KILLER version of Summertime that is

Surprised to find Illinois fee and tax structures to be so

Buttigieg: let's talk about the President of the United States having a secret Chinese bank account

JFK: Question for DU'ers

NO..... They're removing the plexiglass!

I wouldn't be surprised if Trump bit the head off a live chicken tonight...

Since Trump is copying from his 2016 tactics, does this mean we will see Trump

Anybody else get their OBAMACARE REFUND CHECK ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

GOP candidate attacks opponent with racist website about his adviser working for 'non-white males'

Trump won't be muted once

Blue Dot in Texas going LIVE for the debate right now!

Madison Cawthorn's Racist Website

Jennifer Hudson & Black Eyed Peas singing the words of Biden as he speaks.

ROCKET SCIENTIST: MAGAt Arrested For Requesting Absentee Ballot For Dead Mother

Trump campaign says it's bringing one of trump's guest to meet with WH press pool @6pm est

Poll: are you going to watch the debate tonight?

NY Times: Those Foreign Business Ties? The Trump Sons Have Plenty Too

Budget deficit hits record $3.1 trillion

LA Times: Trump's children take in millions overseas as president slams Biden's son

I have an affinity for big dogs...

I voted by mail already, but I have to ask everyone, are you getting bombarded with "VOTE" mail?

Bernie Sanders makes a play for Biden Labor secretary

The Third Presidential Debate Is a Freak Show Preordained

So it cost the Biden campaign all of $70 to trick Roger Stone into wishing Biden good luck tonight

Trump's campaign made stops nationwide. Coronavirus cases surged in his wake in at least five places

Susan Collins' challenger in Maine asks voters to punish the GOP

Update on my Medicare adventure...thanks for all who provided info on my prev. thread

halloween stuff

Brazil's Bolsonaro rejects coronavirus vaccine from China

Brazil's Bolsonaro rejects coronavirus vaccine from China

Trump campaign again uses stock footage from Russia and Slovenia for its digital ads:

One of Trump's guests is expected to be Tony Bubolinski

So what time is the sequel to Shitshow starting?

North Carolina man arrested after he's discovered with guns, explosives in plot to assassinate Joe..

Please Iowans do all you can to help Theresa Greenfield

We're now only 12 days from the election, the most important election of our lives....

Ongoing Russian Cyberattacks Are Targeting U.S. Election Systems, Feds Say

Inside the campaign to 'pizzagate' Hunter Biden

Bwaahaaa. Bobulinsky. I will not be answering any questions.

Chose your fantasy debate guest for Joe

Raw Story has an article about a fox host Greg Gutfield ranting if Biden wins how they will impeach

Suicide rates during the pandemic remained unchanged. Here's what we can learn from that.

song vid with a lovely story to take yer mind of politix for a few minutes....

'I don't know what to do anymore': Utah officials share dire words as state sees record 1,543 new CO

Speaking of Shitgibbon doing Elaine's dance, here's a woman his age...

Rare - Seattle Storm endorse Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket in 2020 presidential election

Trump needs to take a lesson from Winchester

BTRTN: Could Joe Biden Be Declared the Winner Outright On Election Night (That Is, With No Delay)?

Rudy and Fox "News" out themselves by tweeting photos of a Russian Blackberry

Lines we'd like to see Biden use (but he's too nice).

My 83 year old Scottish Mum just saw a clip

I am really hoping the Biden throws this right in the face of the trump

Biden campaign - Andrew Bates - responds to Tony Bobulinski

"I dropped $300 earlier today on a fortune teller."

How long in extreme situations would it take to spend a million dollars in a hospital?

Caribbean-American endorses Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Just who is gonna make an official debate thread??

Venezuela's Maduro, citing Pope, asks congress to consider same-sex marriage

Rudy Giuliani caught in humiliating bedroom scene in new Borat movie

Rick Wilson: " obviously ludicrous set of accusations brought to you..."

I think I know how Trump will cause chaos if he loses

Mayor Pete strikes again...

TCM Schedule for Friday, October 23, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: Fright Favorites

Pennsylvania Attorney General Warns Trump Campaign to Stop Videotaping Voters at the Polls

California drivers sue Uber over in-app messages asking to support ballot measure

Had Enough T-shirt

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats that Democrats are likely to win in 2020.

Walmart sues US in pre-emptive strike in opioid abuse battle

Inviting a Hunter associate no one's ever heard of or cares about

I watched this scene unfold on CNN last night.

10/23 Mike Luckovich: Nothing to brag on