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Archives: October 24, 2020

Lou Dobbs shits on Lindsay Graham.

New record today for number of new infections

Youth Vote has increased dramatically

Biden vs. Trump on COVID: A 'dark winter' ahead, or 'rounding the turn'?

What We Know and Don't About Hunter Biden and a Laptop - NYT

Got my vote in today, it felt good

While out today driving in what would normally be a republican part of town

Washington vote-by-mail system earns perfect score in new ranking

ratings down for last night's debate

A Day-By-Day Guide to What Could Happen If This Election Goes Bad

New Biden ad airing on tonight's World Series

Mary Trump is coming up on Anderson Cooper

Trump Official Brought Hate Connections to the White House

Number of Early Votes in Florida Has Already Surpassed the Total Number of Ballots Cast for Trump

Hopefully more will resign and Lukashenko's regime will collapse so Belarusians can finally have the

Swing state voters, please describe the campaign ads in your area

I saw a sign today in the former rich enclave

U.S. New Coronavirus-Case Count Breaks 70,000, Highest Since July

"Report: Ransomware disables Georgia county election database"

Controversial Obama, thinks if he works out more he can look like the Rock.

Pennsylvania court: Signature mismatches ballots must be accepted

Don Jr: Unlike Hunter, I actually worked my way to the top

Russia's Clandestine Chemical Weapons Programme and the GRU's Unit 21955

Jon Ralston's latest Nevada early voting update

John McCain, God rest your soul, but what in the hell were you thinking???

Cyberattacks hit Louisiana government offices as worries rise about election hacking

Kansas GOP Leaders Caught Conspiring on Tape

The FBI visited my house today. They arrested a man in Idaho on weapons charges who they believe was

Georgia early vote turnout has surpassed the entire early vote from 2016,with more than 2.5M votes

Great Moments in RIght-Wing Idiocy featuring Michele Bachmann

Candace Owens or "Forbidden Planet"?

Trump Sues for Better Access to Ballot Counting in Nevada

This was a wonderful example of Du exceptionalism. I am reading a thread that Hays county in Texas

Battleground postal delays persist with mail voting underway

Jennifer Aniston Endorses Joe Biden, Says Voting for Kanye West "Not Funny"

Appeals court stays Wisconsin limits on gatherings

NYC to dispatch 'hundreds' of poll watchers on Election Day: de Blasio

Democrats target Asian voters in crucial House districts

Desi Lydic Needs Help Retrieving Cell Phone

Ocasio-Cortez says Biden vote can be 'tactical' effort to support marginalized communities

Did Mitch McConnell have Steve Bannon's face grafted to his hands?

Uber and Lyft must reclassify drivers as employees, appeals court finds

The power has gone out eight times tonight.

Barack: One election won't make everything perfect--but it could make things better. And that's why i

Democratic state Rep. Senfronia Thompson files to run for speaker of the Texas House

Noel Casler:... folks placed behind Trump are handpicked by his campaign aides. It was no accident.

Biden texting looking for more $$

One way to noodle out stealth GOP down ballot candidates is yard signs.

this is insane. illinois top public health official in tears.

Ok, I looked and did not find my answer..What kind of camera do you use and why?

FL: Nikki Fried makes $100K investment in down-ballot candidates

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Live and Let Die!

81, 210 - Already surpassed the highest previous daily cases -

Trump Storms Back Into Interview While Leslie Stahl Eating Lunch At Home

Honest Government Ad QAnon

Friday Talking Points -- Only One Scaramucci To Go!

2 billion-year-old African nuclear reactor proves that Mother Nature still has a few tricks up her s

Trump campaign says it didn't hire armed guards outside Florida polling place

MI-02: GOP congressman compares Whitmer's COVID-19 orders to Japanese internment camps

A guide to overcoming COVID-19 misinformation

Trailer park tenants say landlord sends note implying a vote for Biden is a vote for increased rent

Candidate for WA governor warned about profiting from campaign purchases

Florida Deputies to Add Security After Armed Men Appear at Polling Site

The Hummer is Back as a 350-mile Range 'Electric Supertruck' That Can Drive Diagonally

I guess Rachel Maddow's plan

IA-SEN: DOJ Intervenes To Protect Ernst In 'Political' Move, Legal Expert Warns

The RNC is using donor money to bribe Sean Hannity by buying his book.

Senators Collins, Murkowski Vote Against Moving Forward with Judge Amy Coney Barrett's Confirmation

Tx state appeals court unanimously affirms our injunction preventing Gov Abbott from limiting ballot

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything.

How Texas could be the linchpin in finally dismantling the Electoral College

Trump's historic assault on the civil service was four years in the making

Meet Kolbe Cole, who could become Western Pa.'s second Black woman in Harrisburg, and help flip the

Finally, I VOTED

If Trump had admitted early on that..."he made a mistake in saying it was a hoax..

How did Paul Simon know? In 1973?

TX-24: Mask wearing has been politicized, and now is a defining issue.

Getting To Know Matt Gaetz

Coronavirus: Florida reports 3,689 new COVID-19 cases, 73 more deaths Friday

Getting To Know Matt Gaetz


Let's talk about Trump, Lincoln, you, and the debate....

Florida man says he was fired for revealing company warned of layoffs if Biden wins

538 has IA and GA at 50-50 Biden v Trump.

The Hoarse Whisperer has an important question.

What They Didn't Teach You About the Civil War

Trump doubles down on "extremely low IQ" immigrants

Battleground postal delays persist with mail voting underway

Trump's newest executive order could prove one of his most insidious

I'm at a whole level of mad tonight listening to Maddow who is also steaming

"he's the dumbest motherfucker who ever lived"

Spin, hyperbole and deception: How Trump claimed credit for an Obama veterans achievement

The latest sheer idiocy from conservative homophobes: Boycotting Oreos

American Samoa Senate still questions budget measure; House passes its version

Can someone please direct me to a Donation Match site for the Biden Campaign?

Let's Start - Fela Kuti and Africa '70 with Ginger Baker

NYS begins Early Voting tomorrow

Interesting coronavirus map from Johns Hopkins University....

Exclusive: Trump Interior Hire Cited White Supremacist, Called Black Lives Matter 'Racist'

25% of nursing home staff testing positive

Universal Mask-Wearing In US Would Save 130K Lives By Spring 2021, State Compliance: 2 Univ. Studies

For those who moved away from Illinois

Half a million

Fact checker trying to keep up with all the Trump lies during debate. ;)

Melbourne Ska Orchestra -- Get Smart

National Republican Party Formally Backs QAnon Supporter

Oasis - Morning Glory

Is "whipping it out" a thing?

Thin Lizzy - Whiskey In The Jar

We're rounding the corner---83,010 people infected today

Goody Higgins is a Witch, and Other Tales of Republican Madness (Ferret/Shower Cap)

tonight's 538 podcast is excellent - "National And District-Level Polls Disagree About How Close The

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

Bon Jovi to campaign with Biden in Pennsylvania

$80 million dark money group tied to Trump Supreme Court advisor, Leonard Leo

Governor Culp?

We Cracked the Redactions in the Ghislaine Maxwell Deposition

The Lincoln Project responds to Ivanka and Jared.

Guam Decolonization Commission: Trump comments superficial and selfish

OMG - new Borat - Excellent stinging satire, despite grossness!

My son just asked me if Biden is racist.

Now for something completely different. Our hike this morning at peak foliage

With Canadian snowbirds not coming to South Florida because of COVID-19, businesses suffering

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Obama Roasts Trump & Pope Francis Approves Same Sex Civil Unions

Another pen and ink

malice aforethought

The huge turnout this year

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Chris Rock - Finding the "Ask" of Today's Racial Justice Movement

Trump campaign spokesperson says parents of separated children don't want them back

CEO emails 10 million customers to tell them to vote for Biden

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Doesn't Understand How Corners Work

Joe Hire An Attorney General To Prosecute All Republicans Suppressing Voting

No, half of Trump supporters don't believe the Q BS about Dems.

U.S. Coast Guard looking to deploy 2 ships to Guam 'to counter China's aggression'

George Floyd protesters most often charged with misdemeanors, available data shows

Interfering with a person's ability to vote

B-1B bombers arrive on Guam

Biden ad, Beastie Boys, Blind Pig harassment?

NYT important Op Ed "The Shrinking of the American Mind"

Will Trump Need to be Put On Suicide Watch After Losing?

Seth Meyers - Trump and Biden Clash in Final Presidential Debate - Monologue 10/22/20

"Halloween is Cancelled" ...a short film of Mike Myers ;)

Does anyone else have a doggo who wakes them up in the wee hours of the a.m. by...

Halloween Is Coming! #111

Halloween Is Coming! #112

Halloween Is Coming! #113

Halloween Is Coming! #114

Halloween Is Coming! #115

It is not correct to say that Trump does not have a plan re: covid 19

We have to face

81,210 new Covid cases today! Highest day ever! WorldOMeters!

This is encouraging news:

Newsflash - Massive Covid Outbreak At The Villages In Florida

Any Daughters of the American Revolution here?

Lou Dobbs Trashes Lindsey Graham - Must Be Joining Lincoln Project

Please submit your nominees for the 14th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil

Trump/Biden Debate: Trump Says Many Things that Disqualify Him From Presidency. Here's A List

Honolulu GOP Chair Violated Federal Hatch Act

Avalanche of political e-mails...

Senate Democratic hopefuls are raising serious cash. They're also spending it.

I sure hope we can flip the senate. Biden will inherit a mess (Like Obama did from Bush) and the

Honolulu Mayoral Candidates Can't -- Or Won't -- Say What They'll Do About Rail

The Smiths - Stop Me if You Think that You've Heard This One Before

Papaji (Sri H. W. L. Poonja) - A Guided Meditation - Advaita

We Need Some Public Service Announcements To Show People How To Correctly Wear A Mask.....

Frontline - Whose Vote Counts (premiere) ... in the lead up to the 2020 election

10/25 Mike Luckovich-Turning a corner

Honest Government Ad Q

Recap of President Donald Trump & Joe Biden's Final Presidential Debate

No Rest For The Homeless: Bill Would Ban Sitting Almost Anywhere On Oahu

Rudy, The Russians, And Hunter's Lappy Top

Armed guards at St. Pete early voting site told deputies they were hired by Trump campaign, election

The Smiths - The Boy with the Thorn in His Side

Texas Sees Highest Youth Voter Turnout in Country as Dems Aim to Win State for First Time in Over 40

What is that? Just saw ad on DU for trump... Biden photo doctored to look as bad as mcconnell does.

Texas member of Boogaloo Bois charged with opening fire on Minneapolis police precinct during protes

Okay, I just saw on one of my local groups,

Hawaii Voter Turnout Already At 41%

Sack: Lock Your Doors


Dan Rather: Mask not what your country can do for you.

How about the Guiliani as a new unit of measurement

How the Trump campaign used big data to deter Miami-Dade's Black communities from voting

Lanai to be placed under stay-at-home order as number of COVID-19 cases soars to 65

☦ Some words from the ascetics.

Wearing masks could save more than 100,000 US lives through February, new study suggests

"Rudy's is bigger"

Peekaboo Stare Down

The US just reported its highest number of Covid-19 infections in one day since the pandemic's start

Michael Moore on Brian Williams show saying the possibility of

This is the official LFR Halloween Post 🎃

Could Trump contest even a landslide? That depends on his fellow Republicans.

*The Way I See It, Pete Souza movie, rerunning on MSNBC.

Famous Forgotten Liberals: Leland Olds, Ruined by Big Oil

Most new Big Island cases are people younger than 40

Joltin' Joe hasn't gone away. In just a few days, he'll be our President-elect!

I Am Waking Up At 5:30 AM Tomorrow In Orange County, CA For 1st Day Of Early In-Person Voting

Mark Hertling: ... all things considered, it ain't that hard to wear a damned mask.

I just saw the Borat movie. How come no one here thought to call him "McDonald Trump"?

Prosecutors to again seek death penalty against Scott Peterson in long-ago case

☦ Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America: 'Light a Candle'

substantial rains ease Oahu drought areas this week, more coming

Scavino tweeted out a photo of the same guy throwing up the White power sign after Trump's rally...

DOH: Uptick in syphilis cases in Hawaii a concern

Dads Who Didn't Want The Damn Pets In Their Lives

Bocca della Verita

Difficult conversation with my brother on Covid today.

Wait, even Vlad thinks trumpy is going to lose?

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 10/23/20

Judge rules Ken Paxton's 5-year-old criminal case can be heard in his hometown of Collin County

I changed my mind about absentee voting and want to vote in person..HELP!

Video of my Mom, 5 years ago...

Keith comments on Trump's debate performance. Love it

As Governor Resists Mask Mandate, Iowans Sour on the G.O.P. (NYT)

The attorney general's office has sidelined four of the seven whistleblowers who reported Ken Paxton

Borat Defending Guiliani

Cuellar: We Democrats want to bring earmarks back in January

Rios: If elected, Biden should set up Presidential Commission on 2020 Census Undercount

i just saw my first Christmas commercial of this year

Texas appeals court upholds order against Gov. Abbott's mail ballot drop site limit

Javanka Threatens To Sue Never-Trumpers Group Over Times Square Ads

Jared and Ivanka threaten to sue the Lincoln Project for 'enormous' damages over Times Square billbo

I'm stunned that we're about to break out of double digits on the "Days Till The Election" Countdown

We've seen these CV peaks before. We're not rounding corners - we are going in circles.

Early voting shows record surge in first week, with Democrats outpacing Republicans in historic shif

AZ-06: Can Rep. David Schweikert survive challenge from Democrat Hiral Tipirneni?

Trump campaign sues in Nevada to stop Las Vegas-area vote count

Jon Ralston's latest Nevada Early Voting Blog - 10/23/20

MN-07: Michelle Fischbach hopes she'll flip Minnesota's 7th District from Collin Peterson

Wisconsin Republicans have been facing an outbreak among lawmakers and aides.

Please click on Every trump ad and video you can stand. It only costs them

How the Greens swept through Canberra

WI Democrats, allies target Assembly Speaker Robin Vos with more than $300,000 in election spending

'I can't stand it': American expats in Australia on the agony of watching the US election campaign

'West Wing' cast reunites for video backing Michigan Supreme Court justice's 2020 campaign

Open carry ban at polls prompts lawsuits against Michigan Secretary of State

Russia has a limited role in electing our next POTUS...WTF

Fox Host Lou Dobbs Tells Viewers not to Vote for Lindsey Graham

Ohio Attorney General files complaintafter indicted former House Speaker Larry Householder uses camp

Ohioan reports being recruited for plot targeting Gov. DeWine at his home

Hamilton County Republican Party's potential demise is the biggest Southwest Ohio election story no

Trump didn't get the needed knockout. What happened?

Reuters: Exclusive: Biden wins major union endorsement in final days of White House race

If Trump sees the 1st time/youth vote moves of GA,TX, FL, and Iowa

Ballots can't be tossed out over voter signatures, Pa. court says


Trump campaign loses again in suit over Philly voter offices

Yazoo - Too Pieces

Tennessee reports 3,606 new COVID-19 cases, 65 deaths, both record-high single-day increases

Pennsylvania Democrats have 700,000 voter registration lead ahead of Biden, Trump election

CNBC: This could be huge'--economists weigh in on Biden's proposal to forgive $10,000 in student debt

Plenty of Republicans, say they knew Trump would be bad.

Kate Bush - Why Should I Love You (w Prince)

U.S. leaders announce deal with Mexico over water

Gimme Some Truth

Florida voting rights group faced threats from white supremacists

A mayoral campaign ad includes Miami's police chief. The department wants it dropped

John McCain and Obama trade jokes at Charity dinner October 2008

Souls to the Polls, #walkthevote plan 'massive' weekend events throughout Central Florida

A psychiatrist with a pet parrot

About third of Florida voters have already cast their ballots in election

Bolivian ex-president Morales leaves Argentina on flight to Venezuela: state news agency

The two largest recorded wildfires in Colorado's history are 10 miles apart

NY-24: Dana Balter, John Katko each raise $200K in two weeks as election nears

Obama Knows

What's up with Mitch McConnell's hand and face?

Cuban and Haitian Biden Supporters Describe Hostility From Trump Caravan

Florida voting rights group faced threats from white supremacists after Republicans' call for

Cuba says U.S. sanctions have caused nearly $5.6 billion in losses

Former President Mujica to be honored by Argentine University

Wicked Game review: a fascinating but flawed memoir by Trump's jailed associate

NC-11: A website for a G.O.P. House candidate flings a racist attack at a journalist.

Young voters seem energized.

Spin, hyperbole and deception: How Trump claimed credit for an Obama veterans achievement

Tweet of the hour

Huge COVID Study Finds Remdesivir Doesn't Work--FDA Grants Approval Anyway

Biden needs Black voters to turn out better than '16, in Florida and across nation

Mars losing its atmosphere at a faster rate

A new theory of consciousness

MO-02: Fears of lawlessness and disgust with Trump clash in suburban St. Louis toss-up race

Democrats plan political counterattack on day of Mike Pence visit in Tallahassee

NASA probe OSIRIS-REx leaking asteroid samples after bountiful collection on Bennu

Obama's top ten scandals

CO-03: Mitsch Bush pushes collaboration, denounces extremism

The fungus-eating Bussell's spider orchid is being brought back from the brink

Daily Beast: A Christian School Sued Over Michigan's Mask Mandate. Officials Just Shut It Down.

How do galactic winds affect the evolution of galaxies?

The shape of galaxies: reconfiguring Hubble's tuning fork

Mar-a-Lago is taxed as a private club, not a residence. So can President Trump vote as a Florida man

This election could give Democrats control of San Diego County, CA, for the first time in 30 years

Archaeologists Say 'Bulgarian Atlantis' Older Than The Pyramids

FLIPPABLE: Terra Lawson-Remer for San Diego County Supervisor.

Clovis people: Narrow window of tool-making

Sam Waterston Hosts A Late Show's 2020 Campaign Special - Starting With The Democratic Primaries

Dont these people have kids and grandkids that love them?

85,100 ...

Primitive period paintings found in Kadapa village

Here's some of my jewelry projects

Homo erectus May Have Invented Barbed Bone Points


New Bill Strips Presidential Authority to Shut Down Internet

Memory Lane...Obama makes baby stop crying

Surprising leap in ancient human technology tied to environmental upheaval

You're Not Supposed to Understand the Rumors About Biden

A unique pre-Columbian manuscript and the mystery behind its colors

A unique pre-Columbian manuscript and the mystery behind its colors

There's an I Will Vote concert tomorrow night

This I like to see...

Told the suitcases 🧳 that there will be no vacation this year

Highest number of persons testing positive in one day 82,000 yesterday

Jared and Ivanka's lawyers are threatening to sue @ProjectLincoln for putting up these billboards u

My theory about what may happen in the vote-counting room in PA, WI, MI, etc.


Big Ten will deem any football game canceled by COVID-19 a 'no contest'

538 Graham / Harrison poll

A Venezuelan vessel carrying 1.3 million barrels of oil is tilting

TRUMP destroys the civil service, further enacts 'loyalty' tests.

Evangelicals will never see the irony.

Have There Been Any Cable News Stories On Moscow Mitch's .....

Second breakfast for our grandson and the blues,My wife is home

My daughter is getting married today!

Trump's Schedule for Saturday, October 24, 2020

Community outbreaks of Covid-19 often emerge after Trump's campaign rallies

Seniors for Seniors

Two Nominations Sent to the Senate; October 23, 2020

Jerry Jeff Walker has died

In 10 days Americans will show that world that no one who is responsible

Lol ! : UK presses for use of faster passport gates at EU airports post-Brexit

Donations for Port a Potties for the South for Voting Lines

US Navy: 2 onboard training plane killed in Alabama crash

Trump knocks idea of a 'female socialist president'

Scientists have found a rare half-male, half-female songbird

Covid-19: Poland President Duda tests positive for virus

3 battleground states' early voting #s for 18 to 29 y/os, 2016 versus 2020 - Wow

Biden calls for sevenfold increase in testing as he details COVID-19 plan

Turning The Corner On Covid

Young Americans FTW

Forbes Estimates China Paid Trump At Least $5.4 Million Since He Took Office, Via Mysterious ...

TOO BUSY LYING & GOLFING: Fauci Says Trump Hasn't Attended COVID Meeting in Several Months

Small increases in air pollution linked to rise in depression, finds study

The Young Are At The Gates

China Paid Trump $5.4 Million Since He Took Office

Reminder about how the Reich Wing Changes the Rules When They Can't Win

The orange piece of shit has got THREE rallies scheduled for today!!!!!!

Trump, the GOP and the ACA

Senate "rules" *cough cough

What happens when science leads.......

This Is Why Republicans Fear Change

The TRUE rate of unemployment

Weekend TOONs - Make America Up Again

The Radicalization of a Small American Town

One hour until early voting starts in NY...

Biden has bigger lead today on IBD/TPP +6

In the music from the movie "psycho" is that a violin that

Why don't you love me?

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Trumps accordion hand gestures

Just early voted in TX. Felt so good!

I feel good... More confident then ever we will have both chambers and the White House...

Satan, right?

Sounds like an 'escort service' ?

Roughly 1/4 Of Brazil's Pantanal - World's Largest Wetland - Has Burned In 2020

In NH, it took two+ weeks for my vote to be received

And someone is making a prediction for a new FBI director, and he's even indicted

Albuquerque Public Schools will not cancel online classes due to snow storm

As Glaciers And Permafrost Melt, Rockfalls And Crumbling Peaks Add Danger To European Alps

Big banks entrusted money to GardaWorld. It secretly lost track of millions.

S&P - One Of The Biggest Risks To Future Power Generation - Lack Of Cooling Water As Earth Warms

Police officer fired after fatally shooting Black teen in Waukegan, Illinois

Tin Foil Awards

NOAA - 90% Chance TS Zeta Will Form w/i 5 Days; Now Between Cuba & Honduras Heading NNW


This is amazing! Inside Norway's $47 Billion Floating Highway

Fauci Says It's Been Several Months Since Trump Attended a Task Force Meeting

Updated the website this morning.

Trump's Red Wave

Shitstain's Shiny, Happy World Of Crystal-Clear Water And Clean Coal A Farcical Fantasy


Along California's ring of fire, residents face decades of danger, destruction

We Finally Won Just Cause Protection at The New Yorker after AOC and Warren Refused to Cross Our Pic

Something Of A Rebound For The Gharial, Thanks To Conservation Efforts In Nepal And India

Thank you, Shamar!

NYDN COVER: Ghost Bluster

Here's what I want a reporter to ask trump,

Trump suggests Egypt 'blow up' Ethiopia dam

The Pandemic IS Turning a Corner - It Is Turning onto a One-Way Street,

A question about voting stats like age, race and gender--etc.

Early voting line at n Downtown Brooklyn...

Despite rhetoric, GOP has supported packing state courts

well i found an irish cousin. adopted. also, this guy-

Disturbing evidence emerges that Amy Coney Barrett is willing to bend the law to benefit Republicans

NEW: President's COVID plan.

Rachel Maddow: "LET THE RECORD SHOW"

As Trump casts doubt on election, new agency contradicts him

Arctic Ocean Failing To Refreeze In Late October; Laptev Sea, "Ice Nursery", Almost Completely Open

Yes - The Lincoln Project

The story of a different "Donald"

Pardon question here. IF RUMP pardons himself or pence pardons him (and he accepts pardon)

I finally had an encounter with a trumpanzee

Investigation Finds COVID Cases Went Up In 5 Places After Trump Rallies

First Early In-Person Voting - Orange County, CA

U.S. Marshals increases reward in cold case of Ohio fugitive Lester Eubanks

YOU raised $15,526.65 for Biden-Harris, $0 Amy (DITCH Mitch) McGrath & $0 for duhneece on 10-23-20

New poll shows Harrison taking narrow lead over Graham.

Rachel Maddow Delivers Stinging Rebuke Of Donald Trump's 'Ego-Feeding' Pandemic Rallies

Claire McCaskill: No one should relax but this is amazing.

Nearly half a million PG&E customers to lose power amid planned fire-safety shut-offs Sunday (10-25)

Biden did NOT slip up with "transition from oil."

The White Supremacist And Extremist Donors To Trump's 2020 Campaign

Look at these cuties!

If you didn't catch Trump's expression when Biden said "cocaine" during the debate...

Thoughts And Prayers

Daily total now over 56 million early votes

How Trump is dragging down fellow Republicans

Wisconsin breaks C-19 records/ Ivanka, lets talk about ice cream sundaes, as she was in Wisconsin

Arlo Guthrie, citing health, says he's retired from touring

Hopefully I'm not tempting fate with my election day preparation.


Impotus' health plan!

Environmental justice crusader Marquita Bradshaw for U.S. Senate, Tennessee

Rep. Underwood is working for Illinois

Frankly, I have no idea why so many people hate on Guy Fieri so much.

I thought Mr. and Mrs. Idiot voted early by mail.

Congrats and Thanks are due to Freshman Rep Lauren Underwood (D) IL 14

Biden ad from Batman Michael Keaton

Conservatives Want The Planet To Burn - Obviously

Catalogue of Trump's atrocities available:

The math isn't adding up in Seminole County, Florida with ballot counting.

Hacking the hackers: Russian group hijacked Iranian spying operation, officials say (2019)

Call Election Protection for ANY kind of voting/ballot/registration issue: 866-OUR-VOTE

My son in laws dad is dying of covid

Didn't Trump already for by mail?

The White Supremacist And Extremist Donors To Trump's 2020 Campaign

Sudan political parties reject Trump's Israel-Sudan deal

Nikki Haley's Freudian slip:

A year of constant sorrow

Daily Covid-19 cases will hit six digits soon, expert warns, as US reports a one-day high of more...

Joe is live! With just ten days until Election Day, @DrBiden and I are in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Just So We're All Clear

This may have been posted but I didn't see. A comprehensive look at what Trump did to create this

Marta made the full page "We Dissent" ad in today's Washington Post, page A5! (UPDATED with text)

Kellyanne Conway is being paid $15,000 a month by the GOP following her White House exit

The Rude Pundit: Biden Wipes Trump's Cards Off the Table

It felt so good to vote for Joe Biden, Marquita Bradshaw, and Jim Cooper!

My Friend In The Guard Said They Are Ready For The Poor Boy "Coup"

How Can You Drink the Covid-19 Kool-Aid with a Mask On Your Face?

Biden on why he has not brought up Trump's children in response to Trump's Hunter Biden attacks

The media keeps suggesting there may be hidden Trump voters...

Lines AROUND THE BLOCK at every polling place in MANHATTAN

earning more votes for Biden in MI and PA

9 More Days Of Trump Spreading The Virus As Much As Humanly Possible

Andrew Cuomo after Trump debate attack: 'New York has a lower infection rate than the White House'

When southern states finally legalize marijuana

Batman just endorsed Joe Biden

Sonny Terry was born on this date.

Ivanka Trump, Jared Kusher's lawyer threatens to sue Lincoln Project over Times Square billboards

So superficial of me

If my spouse voted Trump, he wouldn't be my spouse anymore. I like husbands with a spine.

JP (Jiles Perry) Richardson aka The Big Bopper was born on this date.

This is what is happening around the country as the president tells Americans that things...

I am uncomfortable

Afghan bombing: Kabul education centre attack kills at least 13

Gonzo Texas musician Jerry Jeff Walker dead at 78

Plot against Whitmer shows domestic terrorism is a threat -- and the calls are coming from inside WH

I don't even know how to respond to stupidity of this magnitude

In new proposed Florida voting machines, pushing the red button is easiest.

890 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat.; 4 deaths

The Trump Organization has renewed the domain name TrumpTowerMoscow dot com again this year

An excursion back in time -I was there

Oh, if it was only in Louisiana

As a "Regular Joe" whose name is actually Joe, I am very excited

I'm ready for Dr. Jill Biden, are you?

You know, here in Philly,

Trump: "We're not going to have a socialist president, especially any female..."

Just watched Jill. She is great! Ya know, these drive in rallies are cool with

Got to give it up

Some pre-election humor: Wanda Sykes on Election 2000, from the Chris Rock Show on HBO

My daughter voted for the first time today.

Sometimes, his incompetence is a good thing.

An Uneventful Saturday Morning Supermarket Shopping Trip

Make $114 Mill - Whistleblow

Polling Place Line Wrapped Around Several Neighborhoods

Doctor in Trump 2020 ad is actually a Russian actress: CNBC

which world leader will be the first to call Joe and congratulate him on his win?

"We have Glenn from Brazil on the Democratic line..."

You're Not Supposed to Understand the Rumors About Biden

Wow! This is the line to vote at 115 St in Harlem.... @WCKitchen is there with meals + water...

Trump Promised Seniors Drug Discount Cards. They May Be Illegal.

Fox News is broadcasting Biden's PA rally live

Trump campaign dissolving into ugly in-fighting and finger-pointing as election loss looms: report

To all of our Canadian friends here at DU.

Wow. 6,857,259 early votes in Texas!

Four more for Biden in Iowa

Rob Reiner: Trump is the Johnny Appleseed of Death.

Harris's response to Trump calling her a "female socialist" - VIDEO

I think we will know this weekend if we have a chance to win Florida

Kamala Harris looks through old photos (I dare you not to smile!)

It's not clown surgery!

Paranoia and finger-pointing in Trumpworld as election approaches

"We'll help defend pro bono!"

10/24 Podcast Why Miami-Dade matters.

Wake Up Everybody

Before alarm clocks, there were knocker-uppers.

Come on Dem - ants and rams VOTE THEM OUT - I've got High Hopes!

I think 47 is Joe's lucky number

So this is the Trump strategy huh

Waukesha #wisconsin billboard warns #Trumprally will be Saturday #superspreader event

Jerry Jeff Walker - RIP

Mike Espy, running for Senate in Mississippi

Watching OSU and Nebraska game... first 2 commercial breaks were amy coney barrett

For all you old farts out there (self included)

Putin Told Trump No Asylum Unless You Kill A Million Americans And Destroy American Health Care

CONGRATULATIONS! Your ballot has been counted!

Biden #46... or #47?

Finnegan Fox and Muttias play in the leaves

Meet the Dominatrix Forcing Trump Supporters to Vote Biden

Young voters are showing up!

About twenty thousand women marched for voting rights today 1915 on Fifth Avenue, New York

Total Early Votes: 56,150,974 Mail Ballots: 38,624,829 In-Person Votes: 17,526,145

The White Supremacist And Extremist Donors To Trump's 2020 Campaign

Jerry Jeff Walker, Texas singer and songwriter, dies at 78

Regarding Trump's attacks on Biden over oil

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, WR Antonio Brown agree to one-year deal

First rule of fight club...

Trump campaign flouted agreement to follow health guidelines at rally, documents show

It's worth reading this to get to the twist...County Commissioner race in Massachusetts.

Daniel Dale: The crisis is getting worse, and there's nothing fake about it.

Caturday: When he attaches his claws to his dad's socks to keep him from getting up 😹

Michigan early voting returns heaviest so far in Democratic counties

Everything's Better When Kids Grow Up With Dogs

THE AWFUL TRUTH: tRump's worse than we feared

They will not just overturn Roe v Wade

Dog Jumps Into His Dad's Arms Every Single Night

I just heard back from my son who was asking about Whether Biden Was racist.

George Takei: Overheard: Trump must have been a difficult birth, with a silver spoon in his mouth, a

Ah, Saturday! 10 days! my nightly home stretch election polling update (added 2016 comparison data)

Now trump is playing Phil Collins.

From TeaPain's #ReallyAmerican. Targeted digital ads in FL, OH, MI, WI, OH, NC, and AZ

Has anyone ever used form PCR - refund for political contribution?

"We've essentially shut down an entire floor of our hospital. We've had to double rooms. We've bough

Seasonal King Tides Hit All-Time Record Highs 10/18-20 At Virginia Key Near Miami

Brooklyn United Marching Band and Drumline Put on a Show for Voters in Line

Dems way ahead of the Pace in Nevada

trump is only campaigning to fox news viewers

10/20 UNL Monitor; % Of States In Level 3 + 4 Drought; WY 29.7% CO 77.7 AZ - 83.9% NM 67.1% UT 87.3%

Daycares in Finland Built a 'Forest Floor', And It Changed Children's Immune Systems

Trump campaign flouted agreement to follow health guidelines at rally, documents show

Trump and his enablers are equal opportunity haters. They hate all of us, not just the Democrats.

Wild Fish Visits Woman Almost Every Day For 5 Years

Trump claims the economy is great, shooting up like a rocket,

These 10 Billionaires Have Gained The Most Money Since Trump's 2016 Election

Andy Kaufman's Elvis Presley Impression on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, 1977

Trump may be running the sleaziest presidential campaign ever

What time is the Obama rally on FL?

Time to buy a rollator for the Mister (and I might get some use out of it too).

Trump, speaking in North Carolina, announces he's gonna cut it short because he's hot

tweet:All of my Cuban-American relatives in Florida told me that they're voting for @JoeBiden...

Idaho health board "drowning in complaints" after mask mandate lifted

Comedy Music Video: I was Born in East L.A.

The gullibility of a Trump voter knows no bounds.

Has anyone else played the Biden ad video game where

Dan Rather tweet:

'There is a voter-suppression wing': An ugly American tradition clouds the 2020 presidential race

Stevens Pass sees first heavy dose of snow

I have noticed that my tRumper family is in a really bad mood.

Just reminder that two of the most sincerely religious Democratic candidates for president,

". . . all things considered, it ain't that hard to wear a damned mask":

Trump is waging a quiet war against civilians in Iran as the coronavirus pandemic drags on

Trump's SuperSpreader rallies bringing illness & probably death to at least 5 counties where he held

Tight Iowa Race Takes Center Stage in Fight for Senate Control

Any Jean Shepherd fans around?

So what happens when the cults leader loses?

Trump, Biden Try Rallying Their Supporters In Key Must-Win States

Drew Carey on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson - 11/08/1991

Ethiopia accuses Trump of 'incitement of war' over remarks that Egypt will 'blow up' disputed dam

Should Biden go to Texas?

White House finally posted Pendejo45's plan for Covid ...

Children in West Africa are working night shifts to fuel a $100-billion chocolate industry

I voted today.

Democrats Liias, Heck seek lieutenant governor's office

Let's dissuade ourselves from the notion that Trump is some kind of political genius

Seattle Public Schools will continue remote learning through Jan. 2021

Trump says that if Biden is elected, seniors will have 'no air conditioning during the summer'

New conspiracy theory to me. On our Neighborhood

It's sad when old friends become Trump cult members

Wis.Repubs have been facing an outbreak among lawmakers/aides. But they don't want to talk about it.

What would you do if Trump was your father?

Obama to speak in Miami soon

And this years Darwin award goes to...

The anti mask idiots, I ask do you wear a fucking seatbelt when you drive

WTAF: Senate GOP to drop documentary series days before election hitting China, Democrats...

Okay, when Biden wins and calls for mandatory masks for all, how will that be enforced?

"Made a friend today!"

"Donald Trump was born on 3rd base, claimed he hit a triple, was thrown out stealing home..."

Now they're lying about Mark Kelly dressing up as Hitler.

Newsmax TV is coming for Foxnews by hiring all the crazies. Is it actually working?

COVID-19 Cases per 100,000 Map. Per capita numbers tell the true story.

We could use some of this about now

Daily USA COVID-19 new cases per million capita, for 7 day period ending Oct. 23

Our beautiful adult, liberal children! Let us know what yours are doing to help.

Love and Peace ....

Spanone, where are you

"The police chiefs are supporting open carry in polling places - I repeat, inside polling places...

Our local connection to Joe's campaign

My wife and I voted today!!!! 2 more for Biden-Harris

Dog Walks Into Police Station And Convinces Cops To Let His Owner Go Free

Norman Ornstein claps back at Jim Jordan.

Sweet 16 party blamed for COVID spike at 3 Florida schools

Statehoods for DC & Puerto Rico Democrats will add an additional 4 Senatorial seats to the Senate

Expedia Group begins third wave of layoffs in 2020

This is looking like Louisiana . Mississippi, Alabama and Florida (update)

New York's famous Strand bookstore says it could become a Covid casualty

Uber and Lyft need to make drivers employees, appeals court rules

Florida has had a two-week trend of rising cases

Brene Brown with Joe Biden

Wrong people voting? Trump sues. Mean ads? Trumps sue. "Anarchist cities"? Trump stops money.

My solution for non mask wearer's

OMFG : "That's all I hear about now," Trump said "Turn on TV, Covid, Covid, Covid, Covid, Covid

To end this pandemic, we must trust science

For all those pundits stuck in the 1990s and making claims today like, "Biden just lost PA"...

"Andy Griffith made it to the World Series""

Trump's healthcare plan is around the corner.

Abandoned puppy goes to the beach for the first time and it's magic 💓

"We're up to 11,672,900 votes cast already . . . by Americans who *didn't* participate

Cartoons 10/24/2020

Trump's healthcare plan is around the corner.

Heather Cox Richardson: October 23, 2020 blog post

Bernese Mountain Dog Just Wants His Cat Sister To Love Him

Ballot drop box in Mill Creek hit by truck, closed for now


Trump said he wouldn't cut Medicaid, Social Security, and Medicare. His 2020 budget cuts all 3.

'Murder' hornet nest is found in Blaine and will be destroyed

Utah republican sees the light.

Millions have been spent on orca recovery: Is it working?

Don Trump Jr and Eric dropping hints they may run for office

Have you ever tried to add salt to unsalted butter?

Recommended reading: White Fragility, Robin DiAngelo + other recs

Am hearing out Kanye WEST 2 hrs worth, let's see how far I get

I wonder if this part will show up in 60 Minutes tomorrow night...

Sacha Baron Cohen speaks to donald trump!!!

Man charged with voter intimidation admits to leaving threatening letter for Dem voters

Andrew Feinberg on Trump's EO to dismantle the professional civil service

Drumpf campaigning in Columbus with 9 days left

Kamala speaking now

UC Berkeley has a legitimate Right Wing Studies department

Ohio State 52, Nebraska 17

Trump quietly closed the U.S.'s vaccine safety office last year. Researchers are scrambling

President Obama Campaigns For Joe Biden In Miami

Don't mind Jr. he's just retucking.

Facebook reportedly choked traffic for left-leaning news sites including Mother Jones

One of my childhood friends dressed like RBG and wearing Chuck Taylor's voted in Florida today.

Russians Who Pose Election Threat Have Hacked Nuclear Plants and Power Grid

Trump is a perverted mobster with NYPD on the payroll - Noel Castler

Sign in the crowd of people listening to Obama in Miami: "Obama saved my son"

Robert Reich: Here's how Trump and his enablers manufactured the Hunter Biden scandal

Arlington Memorial Bridge to close for repairs on Halloween weekend

Do you get leg/calf cramps in bed? So bad you have to JUMP OUT of bed to stretch them out?

i have been listening to Obama car Rally on CNN right now--cars are a honking

Trump may be running the sleaziest presidential campaign ever

NEWS: Murkowski will vote YES on Barrett's final confirmation

The line to vote in Buffalo NY is very long.

Residents of Wisconsin town near Kenosha in uproar over teacher's racism lesson

Nate Paul companies alleged to have defaulted on $258M in debt centreal figure to AG Paxton scandal)

Donald Trump Orders Barr to put Michael Cohen in the hole for 35 days because he didn't like...

Fahrenheit 11/9

U.S. to base Coast Guard cutters in western Pacific in response to China

A 24-year-old in Florida's anti-mask capital describes how the coronavirus destroyed her family

Trump's Rallies Are Pretty Much Pre-Meditated Murder - Hospitals In Wisconsin Full

I went early voting here in NY

Who woulda thunk? Boogaloo bois create riot out of peaceful demonstrations

oh today is saturday...... no wonder I couldn't find the Sunday Lolcats.

US tops one-day record with 83,757 COVID-19 cases, exceeding previous summer high

Sen Lisa Murkowski announces she will vote yes on Amy Coney Barrett's nomination to Supreme Court.

Election day. The voter needs

Excuse me while I rant about big pharma and insurance

I am totally blown away by Pete Buttigieg

Rudy Giuliani! (The Borat Reprise) (sung to "Gary, Indiana" from The Music Man.)

Jon Ralston's Nevada Early Voting Blog - 10/24/20 - 8:30 a.m.

LA Times: 'There is a voter-suppression wing': An ugly American tradition clouds the 2020 election

Obama: Trust @JoeBiden to Lead us out of Dark Times. Car Rally in Miami Oct 23.

QAnon:Dangerous Movement Making Waves In Election

Say Hello to Luke McGregor from Australia...You will WANT TO SEE this, trust me

I am thinking huge power outages on election day.

Who besides Russia & Iran can access your voter information

Lisa Murkowski says she will to vote to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court

If Biden wins, he will take away our dishwasher pressure

Matted Stray Dog Finally Gets A Haircut

Still D.R.E..

Dallas County just broke its all-time early voting record

Los Angeles Times On The Ballot

Bon Jovi playing now at Biden rally in PA on CNN.

I exercised my right of free speech this morning.

Sigh... When MSNBC shows a poll and Bill Krystal is the one to point out to use average rather

COVID. 68K plus cases at 4 pm on a Saturday...

Holy shite... check out this Fox segment (and the music they chose to play):

"Generation Climate" features young activists fighting to save the planet

Trump privately tells donors it would be 'very tough' for GOP to hold Senate

Really corny older song, you can't stand to hear at all...

The Orders Project ready to defend service members who won't follow 'unlawful orders'

Shut up Trump, the President is speaking.

Biden COVID-focused ad: Arizona salon owner: Arizona salon owner: 'I'm afraid of dying'

Biden COVID-focused ad: Arizona salon owner: Arizona salon owner: 'I'm afraid of dying'

Site Tracks Every Broken McDonalds Ice Cream Machine in US

Joe pulling away in PA? New Gravis Poll just out on 538 (Biden-51%/Trump-44%)

MN-01: Democrats see progressive potential in southern Minnesota

Poll: when do we break 100K covid+ cases in one day

Lisa Murkowski Shocks Absolutely No One By Deciding To Vote for Covid Amy

I had this thought of Trump viewing other people the way most of us view vending machines

Murkowski announces she will vote yes to confirm Amy Coney Barrett

Johns Hopkins Researchers Identify Immune System Pathway That May Stop COVID-19 Infection

Jerry Jeff Walker, 'Mr. Bojangles' songwriter, dies at 78

MI-03: Meijer family accused of ties to 'straw donor' scheme; paperwork issue blamed

How the conservative movement and the rise of the hard right created Donald Trump

Post-debate poll finds Biden strong on every major issue

Theresa Greenfield holding "Field of Dreams Fundraiser"

*5:45 PM -- Citizen Kane (1941)

Joe Biden Campaigns In Luzern County, Pennsylvania

If elected, Biden will take away our third vacation homes, our Bentleys & our Mar-a-Lago memberships

New Pennsylvania poll (Gravis, C): Biden +7

What's for Dinner, Sat., Oct. 24, 2020

Trump bristled at questions about Whitmer in '60 Minutes' interview before walking out

Went to do an errand and ran into the local MAGAT parade

New Montana Senate poll (RMG Research, B/C): Biden -4,

I'm loving the energy at these responsible 'drive-in' rallies that Joe is holding.

Kamala Harris stops at Cuyahoga County Board of Elections to thank early voters

Michael Keaton with a great Joe Biden ad:

Never Forget the Particulars of Trump's Epic Homestretch Meltdown (David Rothkopf)

I was at work - Obama speech.

George Takei: Overheard: If you chant "Barack Hussein Obama" three times...

Why Lindsey Graham is struggling in South Carolina:

Waiting to vote in Philly's long lines wasn't so bad thanks to musicians, motorcyclists, MTV, and fr

Trump's campaign made stops nationwide. Coronavirus cases surged in his wake in at least 5 places

Trump told Donors privately, tough to hold Senate : "I don't want to help some of them"

If the polls are wrong, why is Trump begging women to like him?..

Both Parties Are The Same!

Trump Single Handedly Saved Big Ten Football And....

Politico: GOP cutting into Democrats' lead in FL.

Why the Tomato Was Feared in Europe for More Than 200 Years (Smithsonian)

Texas leads the country in renewable energy

UK-US trade pact opposed with Trump, cows and pigs as props

NC Early Voting Update: October 24

Ludwig van Beethoven Romance #2 for Violin & Orchestra

GA-SEN: Staffers for Kelly Loeffler test positive for COVID-19

Joy Reid tweet about voter intimidation:

If you vote for any GOP candidate, trump or other, you should be required

This will help us on election day:

Timothy Leary's birthday was yesterday and he would have been 100, so a song

Voted in Texas!!!

WTF! Two women behind con in OH dressed as nuns.

2 Texas Counties In the Suburbs of Austin Have Now Broken Their Entire 2016 Turnout - GOTV!!!

Planning for the future.....

Russian oil tanker explodes and sinks in Azov Sea

Only You Can Prevent

Vote Him Away The Liar Tweets Tonight Number 3!!

Cary Elwes FTW - 'OrangeBaby' Speaks - Hilarious!

New receiver will boost interplanetary communication

Another hospital visit after a high blood pressure excursion.

Stephen King writes about REAL horror!

Joe: Imagine a day in the not too distant future when you can enjoy a dinner out with your friends,

MJ Hegar Bites Back With Kick-A**, Profanity-Laden Response To Cornyn's Tone-Policing

Man Appears to Repeatedly Flash White Power Hand Sign at Trump Rally

Trump Debt To Deutsche Bank Reason Enough To Throw Him Out Of Office

Just Passed 230,000+ Deaths--72,028 New Cases(So Far) Today --723 Deaths


The Republicans are making another attempt to stop the extended mail-in voting period in PA

Stahl to Pence: "You have insulted 60 Minutes, and me, by not answering any of our questions..."

Voters In Alabama's Largest County Could Have Their Ballots Thrown Out...

The stones leading to my front porch bothered me

I Guess Trump Can Fool A Crapload Of People....

Early Voting: Brooklyn style...

A passerby smashed up a busker's guitar -- so Jack White bought him a new one

Borat 2 Reviews

Trump administration grants permit to maskless superspreader 'worship protest' on National Mall

A tik tok user, a middle aged mom is documenting her covid fight in the hospital (heartbreaking)

A short missive from Northwest Michigan

Don Winslow: #PleaseSaveTheseChildren If you don't have a bright line for crimes against children

Reagan vs Trump Debate

This is a pic of an absolutely packed party at the University of Minnesota today.

Anyone has any idea about NY-11 Max Rose chance (Staten Island/south Brooklyn district)

Texas Supreme Court temporarily reinstates governor's ban on additional ballot drop boxes in state

we talk about Trump's innate racism, but no one ever mentions his KKK father's likely influence

The Trump administration shut vaccine safety office last year.

Is Trump Using A Teleprompter In Ohio?.....

Yikes......Hillary was psychic.

Baked Chicken Leg Quarters

Vote for the rule of law

'Jarring': PA Trump fans attack polls making so much noise poll workers couldn't read instructions..

'The Cuba Libre Story' Documentary On Netflix

More than 300 military family members endorse Biden

Ivanka: How It Started..... How It's Going

"I'm Voting For A Guy Named Joe"

45's "Soul"

Former ambassadors, ethnic leaders, warn of Trump's attacks on NATO.

I'm watching Big Ten Football. All Biden ads. Nothing for Trump.

"It won't be so exhausting, just having a normal president"

Two views--black and white--from my apartment this evening under a rising moon

"Rats" New ad from The Lincoln Project. Now I see why they responded to Jared's attorney with that!!

Funniest/scariest thing I have read today, especially if true...

Vote that f---er out!

Link to check early ballot status Maricopa

Rick Wilson sez:

UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons reaches 50 ratifications needed for entry into force

Fantastic! (Rick Fleming at Sage Studios)

Joe Biden's Drive-In Rally With Jon Bon Jovi In PA: All three networks are taking @JoeBiden live ag

California 'shattering prior election returns' with 6m ballots already cast

Ex-top aide to Texas AG: 'Shocked' at his legal intervention

NEW: Joe Biden will be traveling to GEORGIA on Tuesday. More details to come.

Jeff Tweedy "Give back to black artists"

Six former secretaries of Commerce endorse Joe Biden

Don Jr apparently dislikes his baby bro - according to his ex, oh and he hates his dad

Despite rhetoric, GOP has supported packing state courts

If 2020 were a Math Problem....give it your best shot, du!

Boris Johnson used to be the Teflon man

How The Epoch Times Created a Giant Influence Machine

Early voting report from Broome County, NY

Russia Could Unleash Fake Videos During Election, Schiff Says

Living abroad by Emma Brockes

Drumpf thinks the Republicans 'are going to take back the House.'"

TDH: More than 2,500 new COVID-19 cases, 24 deaths reported in Tennessee

Just got a call from my step-daughter. My granddaughter is filling out her first ballot!

Steve Bannon Tells Messianic Gun-Toting Conspiracy Theorists That the Left Wants to Steal Pennsylvan

"Who falls for this nonsense?"

Testify 2020!

Texas' massive early voting numbers have persisted, leading to predictions of overall turnout unseen

Dyess Airmen arrive in Indo-Pacific for Bomber Task Force, integrate with Koku-Jieitai, U.S. Navy

One of the most evocative political photographs taken a week before election 1960

Trump's Covid plan is online. And it's a duzy .

In his speech today Obama said Joe might even make a better President

Ballot initiatives in Colorado, Louisiana could restrict abortion access

The total # of patients hospitalized for COVID-19 has been underreported since Oct. 17

Have you noticed how Trump is now mocking Covid?

Rick Wilson's news today: the Lincoln Project's legal response to Jared and Ivanka's threat

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer asks us to help flip the State House from Red to Blue