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Archives: October 25, 2020

Auditor: Reynolds administration has misused at least $21 million in federal funds meant for COVID-1

$4,000 "age tax"?

Listen to 'Borat' star Sacha Baron Cohen slam the social media industry

I dropped my ballot off in Oregon today.

Dr. Fauci Says If People Won't Wear MASKS, Maybe It Should Be Mandated

The Lincoln Project's legal response to the frivolous threat of a lawsuit from Jared Kushner....

If you ever had any doubt that this "Qanon is against pedophiles" is anything but bullshit.

The Lincoln Project bites back, and it's a major OUCH!!

Polish President Andrzej Duda tests positive for COVID-19

7-year-old sings Piano Man by Billy Joel

The ACLU Is Ready To Move On Nov. 3

More Post Office news

One of Vice President Mike Pence's closest political advisers tested positive for coronavirus

Bob Bauer, The Legal Rock of the Biden-Harris Team: Trump Will Fail to Undermine the Election

Some people voting today are truly inspirational, especially this 104 year old woman!

Adele hosting Saturday Night Live tonight. H.E.R. is the musical guest.

I'm extremely disappointed in our Annex

The denying Polish president got it

Fauci says it might be time to mandate masks as Covid-19 surges across US

Already posted, PLEASE watch this and give it to everyone on earth SACHA BARON COHEN on FB

Oklahoma records 1,800 COVID-19 cases, breaking one-day record

One of Vice President Mike Pence's closest political advisers, Marty Obst, tested positive

I got a recorded call this early this morning telling me my ballot had been received...

Jon Bon Jovi does what he can at Biden rally

Return of the Jedi 2020 Election Edition

NYPD officers confronted community activists handing out PPE in front of an early polling site...

If "Star Wars" had been made in the Soviet Union...

Researchers pin hopes on Nobel Prize-winning CRISPR-technology tests to detect coronavirus

This is NOT Melania:

If "Star Wars" had been made in the Soviet Union...

The Fly is back!

That Just About Does It

Wordsmithers, pitch in.

Kansas City suburb spends $350,000 in COVID bailout money on cameras for soccer stadium

One of Vice President Mike Pence's closest political advisers, Marty Obst, tested positive for coron

Living Colour live on Youtube

Sacha Baron Cohen thanks Donald Trump for unwittingly plugging 'Borat' sequel

"I purchased Devin Nunes' campaign domain while he was busy criming and built him a website"

Google Paid Apple Billions To Dominate Search On iPhones, Justice Department Says

What Happened To The 1965 Voting Rights Act, Gutted By SCOTUS In 2013? R. Reich

Some doctors fighting the pandemic now have another thing to worry about

Jared sent Rick Wilson an amusing email whining about billboards

Afghan security forces kill senior al Qaeda leader al-Masri

Trump is now a full hour late for his speech in Wisconsin

California wildfires: High winds, dry conditions worry authorities

Russia calls UKs vaccine a monkey vaccine yet the latest info on composition of Sputnik vaccine is t

Heavily armed man charged with possessing child pornography researched Joe Biden, judge says

Colin Kaepernick earns Hall of Fame honor

Covid Covid Covid - if a plane goes down with 500 people they don't talk about it

Tweet of the Day

"It's a day that ends in a y so Lindsey Graham is on Fox News begging for money"

This has got to make you smile: Beatles return to London after conquering the US in Feb 1964

So going along with the theme of disrespect I've been posting...

435,000 People At Peak Count Simultaneously Watched This Get Out the Vote Twitch Stream with AOC


FEC Commissioner: I hope you've been hacked, @GovMikeHuckabee...

Trump privately tells donors it would be 'very tough' for GOP to hold Senate

Made Turkey tacos with no shell. Ground turkey, onion, chopped broccoli.I topped it with taco


Sixth Time's a Charm? Puerto Ricans Vote on Statehood Once Again

Mary Trump: Psychiatrists know what's wrong with my uncle. Let them tell voters.

Russia has a secret chemical weapons program, and its scientists have been in contact with suspected

Fearful calls flood election offices as Trump attacks mail-in voting, threatening participation in G

An expert in nonverbal communication watched the Trump-Biden debate with the sound turned down

Joe: You deserve a president who will get up every single day and work to make your life better.

Trump admin considers branding Amnesty International, other human rights groups as 'anti-Semitic'

Can Peter Navarro get any further up Trump's butt?

AR-02: I LOVE this old fashioned campaign sign.

The Fixx - Saved By Zero

The Lincoln Project savages Trump's debate claim that separated migrant kids are 'so well taken care

'Brian's Song,' 'Roots,' 'Purple Rain' writer William Blinn dies at 83

TX-23: Republican candidate Tony Gonzales' outreach to men.

Democrats give new support to Mike Espy's Senate race


Merle Haggard - 'I'm So Tired Of It All'

R.I.P., G.O.P.

Watched the Borat film

America's massive unpaid rent problem could have been avoided if every unemployed person received

Michael Keaton ad for Biden

'I'm So Tired Of It All'

One of President Obama's Best Speeches Ever Was Today:

Betzi the middle-aged witch speaks for all of us these days

Kamala: 'People Have The Power'

End Minority Rule

Video Killed The Radio Star - The Buggles (Live 2004)

Biden crushes Trump in all the post-debate snap polls, except one flagged by Sean Hannity

NEW FLIPPALE: Michael Doyle Jr. for PA-HD170

'PA Cannot Reject Mail-In Ballots Due To Signature Discrepancy, State Ct.' Oct 23

NEW FLIPPABLE: Lauren Lareau for PA-HD142

New Yorkers stand in long lines at the polls on first day of early voting

'PA Cannot Reject Mail-In Ballots Due To Signature Discprepancy, State Ct.' Oct 23

Nevada Judge Rejects GOP Request for Restraining Order Blocking Ballot Counting

NY 1 Congressional debate from last night

NEW FLIPPABLE: Steven Polgar for NY-AD03

Trump Tells Supporters He's Iffy on a Peaceful Transfer of Power if He Loses the Election

The Lincoln Project billboard dispute with Ivanka/Jared may be a fun legal soap opera

Trump hammers home the importance of Wisconsin in his electoral map:

Far-Right Groups Are Behind Most U.S. Terrorist Attacks, Report Finds

Pence Adviser Obst Catches Virus, Adds to White House Tally

Curious if there are any DUers who were not involved with politics before Trump?

Junior Brown - (You're wanted by the police and) 'My Wife Thinks You're Dead'

Documents show Trump campaign ignored coronavirus guidelines at Duluth rally: report

Trump Tells Supporters He's Iffy on a Peaceful Transfer of Power if He Loses the Election

NEW: Brad Pitt narrates a new ad Joe Biden's presidential campaign is airing during tonight's World

Trump Goes To Melania Body Double As FLOTUS Jumps Ship

Biden Blames Trump for Stimulus Failure, Says He's 'Spent All His Time In His Golf Course'

Too. Freaking. Funny.

BREAKING: Pence's chief of staff, Marc Short, has coronavirus & appears to be outbreak in VP's offic

Low with Tomandandy - Half Light

Vote for the rule of law - LegalEagle endorses Joe/Kamala

Wisconsin Presidential Polling: Biden (D): 54% Trump (R): 43% (Gravis)

So now Junior is threatening Joe Biden: "Stay in your lane!"

biden says he is losing AZ, FL, and MI co we had better send him $$ right away

U.S. State Department suspends all diversity training after Trump's directive

U.S. State Department suspends all diversity training after Trump's directive

***Gravis Post Debate Poll WI, Biden 54 Trump 43

Just wondering how far you think Alito/Barrett/Thomas/Kav/Gor will go for their master post-elx?

Atomic clocks experience the quantum phenomenon called superposition

US Senate seats that Democrats are likely to be winning in 2020.

America is not the greatest country

Venezuelan opposition figure Leopoldo Lopez abandons Caracas refuge to flee abroad

I'm watching Borat, I don't want to give it away, but OMG, that clinic scene was bonkers

France recalls envoy after Turkey scolds Macron over Muslims

Pence chief of staff rests positive for COVID

Who's ready for the craziest Vespa they ever have seen!?

Laurie Garrett: How Trump could undermine Fauci and remake the US government

Damn! Check out this post by California Governor Newsom comparing early voting (2020 vs 2016):

Coney Barrett Faces Recusal Query Over Links To Shell Oil, Amer Petrol Inst.: Climate Crises Rulings

Quote of the Day

Sitting home on a Saturday night, well it gives me the blues

GA-07: These Atlanta suburbs show how Georgia has become a 2020 battleground state

SNL Cold open up. Adele hosts. H.E.R. is the musical guest. N/T

Robert Cray from an overlooked classic record. Midnight Stroll

And to top off this evenings' belligerence to the fascist powers that be at the moment..

Three Pence aides test positive for the virus.

Trump: Doctors get more money if they diagnose as COVID

When I get a requst for a donation and states my donation will be matched 400% {or whatever}

I really believe that as a song writer and vocalist, Young Bob is ignored. This is classic soul

Despite COVID-19 surge, thousands attend Trump rally in Waukesha

Birx linked to under-reporting of cases. The data is flawed.

Murkowski is a "yes" on the confirmation of Barrett to SCOTUS!

The Moon in Clouds, tonight...

MI-03: Independent poll shows Democrats Biden, Scholten in the lead.

Fake Melania actually happens?????

Members of Pence's Inner Circle Test Positive for Coronavirus

Trump's campaign made stops nationwide. Coronavirus cases surged in his wake in at least five places

This one is definitely gonna raise the energy level. Yeah I post this now and again

Has Anyone Figured Out What That Whole "He Sold Sheets And Pillows" Line Was About Yet?

Trooper Janine

Ben Kweller - Starz

Don Winslow Films: #PleaseSaveTheseChildren

Do you think there will be more October surprises?

Barack Obama Demonstrates How to Vote By Mail - NowThis

How The Epoch Times Created a Giant Influence Machine (NYT)

I Was Thinking That A President Biden Should Give Anthony Fauci The Medal of Freedom. Until I Found

Trump Sons Hint At Future Runs for President

Ohioan reports being recruited for plot targeting Gov. DeWine at his home

Biden Plans First Campaign Trip to Georgia as Polls Tighten

Tweet of the night!! "This is bat country"

Difference between a line at a grocery and the voting line.

Trump campaign flouted agreement to follow health guidelines at rally, documents show

Trump privately tells donors it would be 'very tough' for GOP to hold Senate

So Pence is traveling tomorrow despite being exposed . What an inconsiderate jackhole

Trump thanks Ohio for 'firing' the 'depraved' Democrats from the White House in 2016

Jon Ralston's Nevada Early Voting Blog - 10/24/20 - 7:00 p.m.

Just watched Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Jaime Harrison Raises $2 Million in 48 Hours as Polls Show Him Leading Lindsey Graham

Holy shit! Did you see that??! (World Series Game 4!)

Trump Vs. Biden Race Tilts Toward Democrat After Last Debate, IBD/TIPP Presidential Poll Shows

A 4 string narrow necked Plactern Resonator Guitar. One of perhaps 2k ever made

UPDATE: The total of aides around Pence in the coronavirus outbreak is up to FIVE people.

Anybody watch new series 'Utopia' on Amazon Prime Videos?

This collaboration is so damn perfect. Caitlin Canty and Noam Pikelny

College student from suburban Chicago dies of coronavirus after leaving campus (in Dayton, OH)

Caitlin more than deserves a thread of her own. So much talent. Her command of her voice...

Poll Confirms That High Youth Turnout Would Doom Trump - young Americans are rejecting conservatism

How come Florida hasn't trended blue like GA, NC and Texas the past 20 years?

Trump, Thiel & Birx directly linked to nationwide under-reporting of COVID-19 cases & deaths

Caption This Picture

Trump falsely claims frontline healthcare workers are profiting by claiming false COVID-19 diagnoses

You have to be a psychopath even to think of including that 1st piece of information before the 2nd

What would be the most surprising Dem 'get,' for you???

Belarusian and Russian state media are saying Pompeo called Lukashenko today...

Jonathan Pie: Govt. Won't Extend School Meals Program During Covid

The joyful defiance of dancing in line at the polls in a "fuck 2020" shirt

Republicans have a history of weaponizing 'socialism.' But do they understand what it is?

Best comment on the Pence outbreak

David Rothkopf: Polling cross-tabs are showing that Trump is doing best with...

Voting Mood!

Surging coronavirus endangers Trump plan to counter Biden edge with Election Day vote

R.I.P., G.O.P. The Party of Lincoln had a good run. Then came Mr. Trump.

Not. The. Year. To. Do. This.

Trump goes on offensive against Biden with trip to New Hampshire

Anybody see the Dave Bautista ad for Biden?

COVID. Loves. Republicans.

Maryland Zoo Mourning Death Of Mary The Otter.

What Happened To The Polls In 2016 -- And What You Should Know About Them In 2020 l FiveThirtyEight

Meadows worked to keep news of the VP's office virus outbreak a secret

ActBlue portal has processed $1 billion in the past 36 days.

2020 is like a video game

FULL - Borat dressed as Donald Trump Interrupts Mike Pence at CPAC 2020, Five Camera Angles

Tonight the NYPD is blasting Trump 2020 from their work vehicle. Disgusting and unacceptable.

Opinion: If Trump loses, he'll take this deal

2 from Jean Francais, 1 from Haydn, 2 from Vladimir Martynov

"This map shows where we at @ProtectVotes have volunteers to photograph precinct results."

The Love-Black Eye Peas and Jennifer Hudson

Fareed Zakaria: This is why Trump will lose the 2020 election

The Love-Black Eye Peas and Jennifer Hudson

Awesome ad opposing Lindsey Graham

104 year old, Ruth, votes!

USA New Covid-19 cases ↑ 1% (+100,304 past 24hr)

"You should be prepared for how bad it's going to get." 100,000/day-Overwhelmed hospitals nationwide

So Who's Left to Vote for Trump?

SNL: Here now with a message in response to Donald Trump are...the Village people.

Now Howard Fineman is basically saying Biden will lose the state because of lack of enthusiasm

First day of early voting, NYPD remove masks and PPE that were being handed out for free

Italy plans further curbs as coronavirus cases hit new record

The Democratic Party needs to meet

All we needed to save the country

Gimme Shelter, The Rolling Stones Live: Music For Hard Times

SNL: Final Debate Cold Open

SNL: Election Ad

SNL: Weekend Update

Pence draws backlash claiming rallies are 'essential' gov't work despite top aide testing positive

Check out this tweet from Christopher Hale who's running for the House(TN)

E-Mail From Corey Booker Said Help Warnock Bullock And Espy Will Do The Most $10 Each From Me

Mark Meadows, had sought to keep news of @VP Pence staff outbreak from becoming public.

Well well, FL Gov DeSantis (R- asshole, murderer) canceled attending Pence rally in Tallahassee

Michael Pence chief of staff tests positive for covid.

On The Rule of Law

So Michael Pence has been exposed to covid but still wants a road trip?

Kane County Early Voting Was A Breeze.

SNL: Madame Vivelda

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christian Chants and Hymns

NYMag: Here's Who Biden Is Considering for Top Jobs in His Administration

For Biden, Jewish voter turnout is key in Florida as race with Trump tightens

By Election Day Covigula Trump Will Be Behind By 50 Million Votes

Democrats Hope 2020 Is the Year They Flip the Texas House

Corruption - All within the Trump Administration

Has anyone seen AG Barr recently?

North Texas Counties See Record Voter Turnout With 1 Week Of Early Voting Left

'Jarring': PA Trump fans attack polls

Harris County's early votes show more women, more young adults casting ballots

A weasel walks into a bar

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Jedi Couch Potato Edition

Covigula Trump Makes Racist Ignorant Human Filth Think They Are Superior

Dominatrix demands her submissive Trump supporting clients to vote Blue

NEW VIDEO! #PleaseSaveTheseChildren

Bolivia Unshackled

Afghanistan claims killing an al-Qaida leader wanted by FBI

US legislators complain to Trump on Mexico energy policy

US legislators complain to Trump on Mexico energy policy

Bill Barr visits Indianapolis to discuss efforts to reduce violent crime

Forbes Estimates China Paid Trump At Least $5.4 Million Since He Took Office

NY24 poll - Biden running 53/39 +14 on Trump - House even 45%

Jaime Harrison: @LindseyGrahamSC is always waiting to see which way the wind will blow. His time is

I don't ever want to have 2020 vision again. n/t

Wow the Pence outbreak is up to 5 now

From BBC World News: British-bred Royal Enfield speeding ahead in Asia

A First In MI v. MN Game Yesterday

Notes from Joe: My Plan to Protect Seniors

Trump Parade

Breakfast Sunday 25 October 2020

I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but "Multiple Melania's" is my guilty pleasure. We should at le

To Me Its Simple...

Pope appoints America's first African American cardinal, D.C.'s Wilton Gregory

Schupp: 'We must expand protections for workers and their right to collectively bargain'

I hope you've been hacked, @GovMikeHuckabee. Trying to undermine the faith of the American people in

Trump Sons Hint At Future Runs for President

"My sister received her bill for the time her husband spent in the hospital with COVID

WTF is wrong with people who are anti-maskers?

Michigan man who accidentally bought extra lottery ticket wins two $1M prizes

@JohnnyMercerUK: It's tough for Tory MP's this weekend...

New Texas Poll (University of Texas): BIDEN 48% v. TRUMP 45%

We lost Paul Wellstone 18 years ago today.

A failure of leadership

Do you create youtube videos? Contest in the Photography Group.

(Fauci: Trump is not following the science on coronavirus)

Trump's campaign made stops nationwide. Coronavirus cases surged in his wake in at least five places

Slow Motion Sneeze in 4K

Powerful ad by the Lincoln Project - The Girl in the Mirror

A tropical depression east of Mexico strengthens into Tropical Storm Zeta and could reach the US Gul

Biden takes the lead in Texas poll 48%-45% (within MOE)

Trump's Schedule for Sunday, October 25, 2020

One is not like the other.

Every Republican feared having a tweet mention their name. That's all it took.

Trump is to the All Lives Matter Movement what Napoleon is to Animal Farm

Another perspective:

Absentee ballot returned counts

How Mike Pence Made Indiana's HIV Outbreak Worse

YOU raised $13,498.75 for Biden-Harris, $0 Amy (DITCH Mitch) McGrath & $0 for duhneece on 10-24-20

'I Will Vote Concert' Streaming @ 8PM EDT TONIGHT! FOO Fighters, Cher, Pink, Jon Bon Jovi, NE-YO...

Lady Liberty Be Like...

'Deep down, he's a terrified little boy': Bob Woodward, John Bolton and others on Trump: Guardian

China Trade War Didn't Boost U.S. Manufacturing Might

It was pretty stressful going to Costco Friday. I did not like being around that many people.

Lines Stretch for Blocks as New Yorkers Turn Out for Early Voting

New Mexico sets single-day record with 875 virus cases

There's Halloween series on royal ghost stories at Royal Central.

Just listening to Jaime Harrison on Velshi. So impressive, smart, knows his stuff and a pleasant

Biden rebounds to edge over Trump in Texas, as Hegar slightly narrows Cornyn's lead in Senate race

New Mexico sets single-day record with 875 virus cases

Bill Maher

We should use the Defense Production act to ramp up production of N95 masks until..

"A year ago today, Biden tweeted out a warning that Trump had left the country dangerously ..."

NYC, year 2075

I'm not a Statesider so my US civics are sketchy...

Let this sink in - the Head of the White House Coronavirus Task Force

Does the opening scene of 'American Hustle' clue us in about trump*'s morning hair routine?

What voting in 2020 looks like!

Overland Park, Kansas, city council votes to use $350,000 in COVID relief money for soccer complex c

Trump's Remarks After Air Force One Arrival; Columbus, OH; October 24, 2020

So what's George Bush got to lose?

"He will be wearing a mask today," Mark Meadows says about Vice President Pence when asked why he's

Rice football field goal attempt. Quadruple doink. Hits all 3 posts of the upright.

Well Jake Trapper had on that tea bagger Meadows on this morning

If Mitch McConnell's hands get any blacker he won't let them vote.

My foolproof plan to control the world's population

You mean like healthcare for all?

Oct. 25, 1962: Adlai Stevenson confronts Soviet counterpart with photos of Soviet missiles in Cuba

EPIC campaign yard sign in TX:

Kamala: Howard will always be home.

Trump's campaign is not returning donations from white supremacist donors

Velshi just said he will be in Philadelphia next Sunday

Thanks, Beto!

Way to go Collier County Democrats! Outperforming GOP in Ruby red county!

25 years later, Fox River Grove Metra-school bus crash still haunts engineer, other survivors

The Love - The most beautiful Biden ad I've seen

The coronavirus coverage is a reverse Scooby-Doo episode

October 25, 1995: Metra commuter train strikes school bus in Fox River Grove, Illinois

RW New Hampshire Union Leader endorses Biden!

How Trump's team spent most of the $1.6 billion it raised over 2 years

Who does trump send out to get his message across America? Corey fucking Lewandowski

8 days to campaign. Where does Biden go?

Bill Kristol: The Trump Administration loves the flag. This one.

Trump Admin Wanted to Use $250 Million of Taxpayer Money to Pay Santa To Campaign For them

Where is AG barr? Working on pardons for trump and crime syndicate?

Dunes and Deplorables - worth a watch

GOP Senate majority besieged on multiple fronts

Sunday morning COVID rant

White House chief of staff: 'We are not going to control the pandemic'

New Texas Poll (Univ of Texas, B/C): Biden +3, Hegar -8

Cat walks out onto snow, U-turns, and says "Nope, I'll stay indoors today"

Laid-off hotel and restaurant workers are campaigning fulltime against Trump in crucial swing states

How the waters off Catalina became a DDT dumping ground

NEW CBS Battleground Tracker polls: FL Biden +2, NC Biden +4, GA Biden tied with Trump

Murkowski was bribed with Pebble Mine deal

New South Dakota Poll (Mason-Dixon, B+): Biden -11

MEADOWS: We're not going to control the pandemic TAPPER: Why not?

In Arizona --

Amy Coney Barrett and the Second Amendment: Why her "expansive view" is utter BS

On losing a family member to Q

The apparent annual low at the Mauna Loa CO2 observatory was in the week beginning 09/20/20.

"My 55 yr. old conservative dad..."

58,663,263 Mail Ballots: 39,762,072 In-Person Votes: 18,901,191

-9 F (-23 C) already in Hamilton, Montana

Trump's Rural Edge Shrinks With Enthusiasm Fading in Key States

Latest UT-Tyler TEXAS poll has Biden +3 with likely voters

Latest USC Dornsife tracking poll has Biden +11

"Here's how you know the GOP is asking the Supreme Court to rerun Bush v. Gore"

tweet of the morn

US arms sale to lift long-range striking capability: analysts (Taiwan)

Joe Biden tweeted this one year ago today.

If Amy Coney Barrett is suspicious that the 14th Amendment may be "illegitimate"

NYT Editorial: "The Republican Party needs to be crushed & the earth salted behind it"

A reporter yesterday asked Trump very clearly and audibly, "You called testing 'foolish.' Why would

Walter Shaub: The Trump administration is a living spoof of a parody of a send-up of an absurdist

Good resource for tracking early voting

Trump talking about journalists at his NC rally yesterday

Noel Casler says the porn exchanged in Trump's texting with his golf buddies years ago would have

Site with updated early vote statistics:

Keith Ellison forces "security Group" to stop plans for patrolling polling sites

I forced a bot to read over 1,000 hours of QAnon theories and then asked it to write QAnon theories

Turd Mentality

Can Barrett be impeached, assuming Dems take the senate?

Trump family doesn't mind pimping out the presidential seal . making golf tee markers with seal

New Battleground State polls (YouGov, B): Biden +2 FL, +4 NC, Tied GA

How to recognize breeds of cats

What Barr has been doing

Trump: "I said to one gentleman who's very tough, very tough man, runs a tough country..."

'Power grab': how Republican hardball gave us Amy Coney Barrett

I don't watch sports, but this astonishing baseball video clip caught my eye:

(Gravis) Michigan Poll : Biden 55% - Trump 42 Sen Peters 52% - James 41%

Issa lends campaign another $800,000 this month, has cash advantage in 50th District race

It's Time to Leave Something Behind

2nd tweet of the morning

Daily new cases are higher than EVER! Should this FACT be aggressively displayed at polling places?

I made an error earlier looking at the Texas vote website.

The AARP Questions

Once Trump is ushered out of the White House,

They Dance Alone

Coronavirus outbreak strikes L.A. megachurch that defied public health orders

As Donnie continues suggesting no peaceful transition, know THIS

1392 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun.; 5 deaths

Sheldon Whitehouse: Speaking of Court Packing

I don't own a gun...

"Ten bucks says this woman has over 200 viruses on her computer."

Now he's full on attacking Doctors. There's no bottom to Trump's degeneracy.

Attempted hijacking of oil tanker reported off Isle of Wight

New Biden campaign ad: "Make Life Better"

New Biden campaign ad: "The America We Love"

The Dangers of Coping With President Trump The Mehdi Hasan Show The Choice on Peacock

"Please save these children"

Mitch McConnell's hands

Forbes - Drumpf Sons Hint At 2024 Runs As President's Polling Looks Dire

(through clenched teeth!) WHY should anyone willing to appear on TV and boast that they

Health Agency Halts Coronavirus Ad Campaign, Leaving Santa Claus in the Cold

Is there a Church in the Dfw area that

Watching ESPN piece on George Kittle this morning

Anyone have link to LOL CATS from this morning?

I was thinking that in FL, Joe needs to meet with

A misguided quote from today's NY Times re: Trump campaigning

Middle Age Riot tweet: Yelp review of U.S.

CBS/YG Poll : Pres Support By Those Who've Already Voted In:

Billy Graham's granddaughter: I wish the Republicans would value life outside the womb more.

Eddie Lang was born on this date.

Funny Middle Age Riot tweet:

Pablo Picasso was born on this date.

Only one major-ish newspaper has endorsed His Lardship,

Kamala Harris RIPS Mark Meadows for saying "we are not going to control the pandemic"

True Colors How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Ended Up in Politics

Trump Republicans Are The Pro-Covid Party, No Exaggeration

Voted this morning...

Free media campaigning for Chump by the MSM

Because we have witnessed the GOP steal States for two decades

How safe is it to eat fresh tuna, provided that it was caught in the Pacific Ocean?

42 Irresistable Advent Calendars. Buzzfeed lists & reviews them

I am not a liberal snowflake.

Per NPR this morning....

Another Sunday Maine Dem phone banking in the books.

Des Moines Register Editorial: Republican incumbents should be cast out, and open seats awarded

What did Pilate mean by "What is truth?"

Mark Meadows Is Lying His Ass Off On Jake Tappers Show

We have to stop depending on the supreme court.

Florida Man snatches woman's $5 bill, eats it

Tesla Solar Roof is becoming a stealthy killer (product), and no one is standing in its way

Now that Tea Party Meadows had said they've given up on controlling the virus

Today's Song association AOC and BTO

"Fuck Around and Find Out" (Jarvanka threatening The Lincoln Project)

A Tribute To Three Geeks (The Lone Gunmen) The X-Files

I wanna wait in line to vote with These Peeps! Boogie Down. Thanks MeidasTouch.


Rachel Maddow skewers Trump as a super spreading epidemiological menace

Des Moines Register Endorsements: All Democrats at federal level.

Why you shouldn't use FedEx or UPS to return your ballot.

SEE SAY 2020 organized to protect the vote:

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez says Biden's position on fracking doesn't bother her

The Lincoln Project: "Yes"

If McConnell is forced to retire do to health issues, is his seat appointed by the gov or

Our grandfathers helped FDR design Social Security. We can't allow it to be willfully destroyed now.

THIS!!! Wait for it

My new TRUMP campaign sign!!!

How to have a great Sunday

Trump is Jim Jones of Jonestown infamy

Utah's hospitals prepare to ration care as a record number of coronavirus patients flood their ICUs

Never heard a young Bill Clinton sing before.

At Waukesha, Wisconsin rally, Trump accused doctors for faking COVID-19 numbers for money

Covigula Trump

What Fiction are you reading this week, Oct. 25, 2020?

Erik Prince's Private Wars

Santa con: Mall Santas would've had early COVID vaccine access in canned Trump plan

Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and the politics of unconditional love - The Washington Post

Blue Lives Matter flag flying instead of American flag at Trump rally in Wisconsin.

The Hill lists 5 reasons why trump has hope. They don't list the most important

Help needed. I have a vehicle's VIN, and I need to get its title number.

Help needed. I have a vehicle's VIN, and I need to get its title number.

Amy Coney Barrett's Judicial Philosophy Doesn't Hold Up to Scrutiny (The Atlantic)

Donald Trump Electrocuted in Bed Spitting Image

The other thing that bothered me at my new place....

Mark Meadows driving back to the WH after telling CNN that they are surrendering to the virus

The Trump administration deported nearly 2/3 of the 545 missing parents without their children.

Hospitals in El Paso are overwhelmed with COVID patients

Sunday!!! 9 days to go! My daily home stretch election polling update

NEW: More than 7.1 million people have cast their vote in Texas, including the first 12 days of...

Todays moment of Chill - Lewis Hamilton, our lil race driver of Grenadian and Caribbean origin


Every Rally

Meadows "'We're Not Going To Control The Pandemic' should mean "we are not going to win this

Enlarging the Supreme Court is the only answer to the right's judicial radicalism

The White Issue: Has Anna Wintour's Diversity Push Come Too Late?

Tragic Truth from 2017. Let's hope enough woke up.

What BAD MOVIES of the previous decade (2010 to 2019) have the potential to become cult classics?

Well played, Joe

"Please get our your Trump Rambly Word Salad decoder everyone"

Stick a fork in Trump - he's done. Jill Biden is the next First Lady. I have proof.

On Long Island-- not as bad as NYC, but hours to vote early...

What's for Dinner, Sunday, Oct. 25, 2020

Florida EV Update


The Naked Lincoln Project

New Hydroxychloroquine ad

John Fugelsang: Car in front of me at red light has a bumper sticker...

This is amazing. Can't get it to show up here but click the link

Senate just voted to limit debate on Amy Coney Barrett nomination

Asked my boss for time off to vote on Election day.

Liberal Redneck - Y'all Should Vote and Why

Blue Oyster Cult has released a new album - 1st one since 2001

That Barrett hasn't withdrawn from her nomination tells you all we need to know about her.

A widely shared perception of a rapdily approaching and inevitable Blue Tsunami

Dr. Messonnier, a CDC official who sounded the alarm on the severity of the pandemic months ago...

Billboard sign I saw today said: Trump Jobs Biden Mobs

Update on NYPD officers saying "Trump 2020" over their patrol car's speaker

Denton county Texas is about to pass their entire 2016 total.

US election 2020: Pence stays campaigning despite aide's Covid diagnosis

When an old friend disappears on FB, don't just assume they are taking a little break.

Targetsmart - 25% of the 2020 vote are those who did not vote in 2016

Joe Biden (education in a pandemic): You deserve better.

It was not enough to do nothing; they had to make it harder for anyone else to do something.

I was comparing the 2016 and 2018 polling numbers in deep red states

Trumper pulls gun on teenage girls for throwing water at him

"Covid cases hitting record high and Republicans are drinking fucking champagne"

Nate Silver think there might be some shady stuff going on with one of the pollsters

Coney-Barrett Affiliation To ADF

"Mr. Meadows' voice got higher and higher, until, at the end, he was lying only to dogs."

We are at war with a deadly pandemic and instead of showing strength and leadership #TrumpSurrendere

If A.O.C. Is So Heavily Favored, Why Has Her Race Drawn $30 Million?


About what will happen after Trump loses.

Polls: Biden has the edge in Florida and North Carolina

Gov. Whitmer calls Trump rally in Lansing a 'recipe for disaster' as COVID-19 cases surge

Statement by VP Joe Biden on the Trump Admin's Response to COVID-19 (Meadows)

Cameron County in Texas, just surged past its 2016 numbers

Why Trump's latest conspiracy theory can't stick

Topeka Kansas Newspaper Dumps tRump, Eats Crow, Endorses Joe Biden

Hurricane Zeta

Going on right now - DK Duncan's Memorial Service

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 26 October 2020

Pelosi: Covid relief deal could still happen before Election Day

The Fact That ...

2016 vs 2020 - Hillary never hit 50% in the aggregate polls. Joe has never been below 52%

Meadows: We are going to defeat it because that is what we do, we're Americans"

We Were Clerks at the Supreme Court. Its Legitimacy Is Now in Question.

Europe's Jewish Population Has Dropped 60% In Last 50 Years

White House copious covid contagion rate is a big outlier in otherwise controlled D.C.

Biden: 'They've given up on basic duty to protect the American people; to wave white flag of defeat'

Slate: Almost Two Dozen COVID-19 Infections Tied to Trump's Minnesota Rallies

Kamala Harris is off to TEXAS on Friday - looks like Ft Worth and Houston

Crews vacuum 'murder hornets' out of Washington nest

Jon Ralston's Nevada Early Voting Blog - 10/25/20 - 9:15 a.m.

Latino cowboys for Biden

no surprise, the COVID Act Now map has turned more ominous

TPM "Schumer Sounds Alarm Ahead Of Pence 'Inexplicably' Exposing Senate To COVID-19"

Biden Campaign Swats Chuck Todd's BS 'Concern' Over 'Lack Of Physical Presence On The Ground'

I just want to cry.

Chilling Find: King Henry VIII Planned All Details of Wife Anne Bolelyn's Beheading, Brit Archives


Nevada Latinos coming through in style, y'all! (just a nice tweet)

Fort Bend County in Texas is at 93% of total 2016 vote

Just out of curiosity, which demographic has shifted toward Donnie from 2016 to 2020?

Fort Bend County in Texas is at 93% of total 2016 vote

Digging through the archives.

Kamala Harris on Pence not following CDC guidelines:

Fact Check: Was Hunter Biden Dishonorably Discharged From the Military For Cocaine Use?

Brad Pitt narrates the latest Joe Biden ad

Caught a little of Hair Furor's speech in NH

one of Pence's staffers who tested positive is his body man. very close proximity to pence

Mike Pence's Fly

A quick thread on one startling example of the right-wing takeover of the federal courts.

Fake Melania?

Biden voters..Nevada..on horseback..❤️❤️❤️

Red on Black

Senate advances Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court nomination in key procedural vote

Tapper: The early virus warning that was silenced

U.S. disease expert Fauci says vaccine verdict due by early December

Are you handing out candy at Halloween this year? This is a serious (not a Lounge) question.

Joe Biden leads in Texas in latest poll

White House chief of staff: 'We are not going to control the pandemic'

More Than 70 Science & Climate Journalists Challenge Supreme Ct. Nomination of Coney Barrett

748,973 voters under the age of 30 have already voted in Texas. 66% of them didn't vote in '16.

FDR Was Right to Propose Enlarging the Court

Election Ad - SNL

Joe Biden has emerged more popular as he closes in on a job he has wanted for decades

Make a plan, be early - like Barack Obama! (Twitter Video)

The Party Is Over - Putin Rejects Trump's Criticism of Biden's Son

Are there any Spoiler candidates that have enough of a following to impact the election?

So let me see if I get this

Just a heads up to fellow DU ers.

The bartender says, I'm sorry, we don't serve time travelers here

Idea for the Supreme Court

Why Trump Can't Take Red Counties in North Carolina for Granted

NC Voting Update: October 25

Message from Eric Holder

Taxes Taxes Taxes Texan Says He Votes His Pocketbook - Just On CNN Interview

Putin rejects Donald Trump's criticism of Biden family business

October Surprise Putin sells Trump down the river Hunter didn't do anything illegal

How many total votes does Biden get?

The thing I worry about when Biden comes into office and sweeps out the bad actors

Campaign of Voter Subtraction

Moscow Mitch admitting defeat?

Adding Justices to the SCOTUS will not be "stacking the Court"; it will be

He's like me! He's like us!

Feeling nervous about my cat

Nasa Astronaut Votes From Space

Regarding Adding Seats to the Supreme Court

The MAGA crowd is living in a totally different universe from the rest of world

"The Inadequate Dicator" - a short film starring John Fugelsang & TV's Frank Conniff

Harris on CNN now. Great stump speech!

TX-25: Battle between Rep. Roger Williams, Julie Oliver spotlights Texas' evolving political

Anyone else listening to Harris on CNN? Tuned in a few minutes ago and she is one...

Chuck Schumer@SenSchumer: We recently learned a tragically sad story of a veteran in Rochester

PLAYING with Postimg, thanks mnhtnbb!

Health experts question Pence campaigning as essential work

Covid: Spain imposes national night-time curfew to curb infections

Democrats angry with Republicans turning San Antonio's 782

Trump Administration plotted to bribe Santa Claus (not kidding)

I don't have any political issues, but thanks for asking.

How To Talk To Your MAGA Friends & Family - TLP

Kamala Harris to make campaign stop in Texas

Fox News has done to our parents

Security company that sought ex-Special Forces to guard Minnesota polls agrees to stay out of state,

Security company that sought ex-Special Forces to guard Minnesota polls agrees to stay out of state,

In Texas, voters have cast 80.2% of the votes counted in the 2016 general election in that state.

***Bautista cut an ad for Joe Biden***

WI: To help Rep. Dan Knodl, Republicans send mailer with graphic details of an alleged sexual ass

Cartoons 10/25/2020

Hello! Have you voted yet?

Thread on preparing for potential local violence on Election Day.

A Joe Biden White House will have little time and less love for 'Britain's Trump'

If you haven't already voted, please do.

Months after the vigilantes, a divide persists in Snohomish

MI-08: U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin campaign reports threat of violence to police

A Joe Biden White House will have little time and less love for 'Britain's Trump'

ICE Is Reportedly Torturing Detained African Immigrants To Force Deportations Ahead of Election

Undecided,eh? Ask an expert.....

"New Covid task force looks promising."

Obama calls out Trump for taking a claim to the Obama Economy handed to him.

Weekend Update: The Village People on Donald Trump Using Their Music - SNL

Conservative New Hampshire paper backs Biden -- its first Democratic endorsement in 100 years

Virginia Tech student government marred by dysfunction and sexism, former members say

Ben O'Keefe (he/him) @benjaminokeefe: This is Brooklyn. Lines are double wrapped for 6 blocks.

Ex-CIA Director Brennan: 'Outrageous' for Trump to discuss inviting Saudi crown prince to D.C.

CASEY: 7 months later, furloughed waitress hasn't seen a penny of unemployment

Putin rejects Donald Trump's criticism of Biden family business

OK Zeta and her outer bands are still creating havoc in Jamaica

Waiting in line to vote is so boring.

AOC is very good at this:

New Mexico boy without home internet walks to school to use WiFi

2020 US Senate Election Rating for the US Senate seats the Democrats are going to win in 2020.

Chris Wallace Grills RNC Chair: You Have Any Proof That Biden Took Foreign Money?

THE SUNDAY HUNT in Monster Hunter World.. bazelgeuse (nasty critter)

It's been counted! Hallelujah!

Hear Me Shout

Instagram row over plus-size model forces change to nudity policy

New Michigan poll (Gravis, C): Biden +13

Halloween Is Coming! #116

The Trump White House surrenders to covid-19

Halloween Is Coming! #117

50 cent retracts Trump endorsement..🤷🏽‍♀️

Halloween Is Coming! #118

Halloween Is Coming! #119

Halloween Is Coming! #120

Halloween Is Coming! #121

Halloween Is Coming! #122

Halloween Is Coming! #123

Halloween Is Coming! #124

Halloween Is Coming! #125

Soon to be Hurricane Zeta heading for New Orleans...

Does Trump stand a chance?

Omaha civic leader David Karnes, briefly a U.S. senator, dies at age 71

Union-Leader backs Biden -- its first Democratic endorsement in 100 years

(Jewish Group) Alarming increase in anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism at University of Illinois

Prediction: Biden wins by a lot more than people are expecting

Fact-checking Trump's exaggerated claims that Democratic-run states are 'shut down'

Conservative News Sites Fuel Voter Fraud Misinformation

Must-Read NY Times Obituary

Infectious diseases Dr: "Will continue to work bc I took a f*@king oath to do so."

At the moment I'm feeling quite pleased with myself.

When we boarded Air Force One just now, a printout of this poll was left on every seat in the press

Denise Masio: The benefits of getting out of your comfort zone. 🏃🏻‍♀️👊🏼

Mike Pence to 'Inexplicably' Attend Senate Vote on Amy Coney Barrett Despite Close Staff Testing Pos

Bulgarian PM has "general malaise" after testing positive for coronavirus

I wish someone had told me that another name for a Jolokia Pepper is GHOST PEPPER!!!

Borat: "McDonald Trump"

Trump camp: Stop using his name in medical marijuana effort


Biden Administration To-Do List: Somewhere Near the Top

Someone set a ballot drop box on fire in Boston in front of the main public library.

Trump bets on a 2016 replay, but faces a changed landscape

Trump holds rally in Lumberton, NC, days after supporting recognition for Lumbee Tribe

Pack the court? Battles between Republicans and Democrats fuel clash over Supreme Court's future

Crazy Directions US May Go After Overturning Roe v. Wade

Giuliani can't even get his math straight:

Pro-Biden ad: Guardians of the Galaxy actor Dave Bautista talks about real toughness

Join Beto O'Rourke and Ethan Hawke for Phone Banking Monday Evening to Flip Texas

In red state Kansas, the Topeka Capital-Journal --which endorsed Trump in 2016-- endorses Biden

Souls to the Polls campaign draws voters to Orlando's Amway Center

Finally snow and rain on Colorado fires

An angry Azar floats plans to oust FDA's Hahn

It is all about the brand with them there Bidens 👀

They fled Hurricane Maria. Now, they're fighting to defeat Trump.

Bernstein on CNN: Trump's final strategy is total scorched-earth.

It's clarifying what the two presidential candidates were tweeting exactly a year ago.

Caputo tells Santa that "If you and your colleagues are not essential workers, I don't know what is.

Florida Democrats have big lead in votes cast, but GOP starting to chip away at it

The U. S. Supreme Court should have an ethics code

So I made a note at some point this year about "frog slippers"

More from that YouGov poll's crosstabs. Look at these Ind breaks for Biden!

Joe: Rick -- thank you for sharing your talent with me. I was so blown away by your art that I asked

Utah's hospitals prepare to ration care as a record number of coronavirus patients flood their ICUs

Tropical storm Zeta forms, could reach US Gulf Coast by midweek

Where are all these Democratic votes coming from? Some of Florida's reddest counties.

Biden: Barack Obama was a president our kids could look up to.

Cameras UP, people! Use your phone to report voter suppression

It's snowing here!

Trump plans to replace heads of FBI, CIA and Pentagon if he wins re-election

This has been the longest year. But we decide how it ends. Vote.

Mike Huckabee admits to committing voter fraud

Scoop: Trump's post-election execution list

Great ad: "My 55 year old conservative dad voted for Biden/Harrris 2020" (and he's dying)

POLL: Best Obama funny and brutal takedowns of Trump yesterday

Iman Jodeh, a community activist and educator, is poised to become Colorado's first Muslim lawmaker

"How long have you been waiting to vote?"

Putin has shut down the Hunter Biden story...

Early Voting - Bucks County, PA

Dupont Circle's Legendary High Heel Race Is Canceled This Year

Meidas Touch: #TrumpSurrendered

The spooky displays around DC are more trick than treat for Donald Trump.

Utah's hospitals prepare to ration care as a record number of coronavirus patients flood their ICUs

How to talk to your MAGA friends and family

Early, In-Person Voting Centers Will Expand Across The D.C. Region As Election Day Nears

Conservative New Hampshire paper backs Biden -- its first Democratic endorsement in 100 years

"Oy vey! Don't vote for this ganiff."

Tumult at home, ailing alliances abroad: Why Trump's America has been a 'gift' to Putin

Worst NFL match-up today so far...

Enlarging the Supreme Court is the only answer to the right's judicial radicalism

Florida Voting and latest CBS/YouGov Poll

History will be made during Biden's 1st State of the Union address.

Black Contractor Braves Threats In Removing Richmond Statues


Susan Collins, Does this mean anything?

Constitution Avenue before there was a Frances Perkins Building or East Building of the NGA

Biden looks very competitive in new Southern swing state polls

Just wait for it... and turn the sound on

UK Doctors Demand Free Meals For Kids As COVID Fuels Hunger

Happy Days reunion now

A couple of patients in COVID-19 hospitals in Russia fell out of windows.

Well great! If Biden wins the election?

Biden and Trump now officially tied in Texas.

These are screenshots from medical providers from across the country where cases are exploding.

Psst, want a chuckle?

Joe: Hate has no place in the United States -- and on November 3rd we will prove that.

"... I don't think he gets the joke?"

King Kong Trump, Losing His Grip

Big Gretch... classic (warming up for Kamala Harris):

NYPD officer suspended for saying 'Trump 2020' over patrol vehicle speaker

Joe Biden will crush covid.

50 Cent says Trump offered him $500,000 to win black voters - Business Insider

(AP) -- Nine days before Election Day, votes cast in US exceed total for all early vote in 2016

My incredible wife & I just finished writing 300 "Postcards to Swing States""

Quite possibly the tweet of the day (a double shot, the bottom one is better I think):

One year ago today

Nevada Latinos ridin' with Biden!

Joe: I will never give up on the American people.

Joy to the Polls (your evening smile):

Covid surge is continuing. Sundays are supposed to be low number days but

60 Minutes should start in about 5 minutes

Steve Schmidt recommends this. Simply MUST read this!! You won't regret it

White House lawyer part of scheme to smear Hunter Biden -- but not even the WSJ would buy it: NYT

Just A Little Tidbit Of Information

I HATE Sunday night football.

The Trumpian Rhapsody (2020 Edition)

Eddie Vedder - No Ceiling

The 3 Horseman of the Libertarian Apocalypse

Putin Rejects Trump's Criticism of Biden's Son

Anyone see That lady from Michigan on Chris Wallace show?

60 minutes starting now nt

We are sadly in a Rump zone, flags etc.

Compare and Contrast

Jennifer Hudson and Will I Am video. This is so good...

Texas' massive early voting numbers have persisted, leading to predictions of overall turnout unseen

Thread # 1 - 60 Minutes. Comments please. nt

Protesters hurl eggs at Rudy Giuliani, pro-Trump demonstrators in NYC

Life Returns to a Wildland Fire Scar

Hmmm...beginning to look like it was more Brady than Belichek...

Covid or treat (Donnie and Melanie infect costumed kids at WH)

For what it's worth: Putin rejects Donald Trump's criticism of Biden family business

Model Railroading - My O Gauge tribute to Canada's greatest passenger train (a short video)

What State(s) Has The Best Voter Access? Nominations Are Being Accepted