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Here's a little extra incentive to GOTV:

George Takei: Texas. Is. In. Play. Voters are fired up. And now, Kamala Harris comes with the closi

Cops Turn to Canadian Phone-Tracking Firm After Infamous 'Stingrays' Become 'Obsolete'

Texas Makes Convention Center a Hospital Amid COVID Surge, Polling-Place Masks Still Optional

Joe: Folks, the I Will Vote concert is finally here. Tune in as an incredible lineup of stars comes

Mama Duck Decides To Raise Her Babies In Woman's Pool

Leslie Stahl on 60Min

Watch This Sad Cat Get So Pretty And Snuggly

(U.S.) Cops Turn to Canadian Phone-Tracking Firm After Infamous 'Stingrays' Become 'Obsolete'

I did it again. I signed up to do election protection work on election day in Columbus, OH

White House lawyer helped shop controversial Hunter Biden story to Wall Street Journal: NYT

Tiny Dog Goes Everywhere On Top Of His Big Brother

Compare Joe Biden's 60 minutes interview with what we just witnessed.

White House Horror Show

The most liberal senator

Norah O'Donnell on CBS

"The Battered Bastards of Baseball". What a fun movie!

Joe Biden 'I Will Vote' Concert on now...

Shelter Dog Can't Stop Jumping For Joy

Why the pandemic is inspiring many to give up alcohol

Topeka, Kansas, Capital-Journal, one of the very, very few newspapers that endorsed Trump in 2016, e

Back by popular demand!! My NEW TRUMP CAMPAIGN SIGN!!!

I am just going to say that Joe Biden looks great on 60 minutes.

This sounds like great advice to me. I'm going to try it.

Baby Horse Born Too Small Turns Into A Bucking Bronco

The sign of a confident candidate.....

The BS is getting serious!

I notice Joe hasn't complained about hard questions

*Anyone aware of problems with individuals accessing their GoFundMe funds?

Sen. Kamala Harris busts out laughing at Norah O'Donnell's question if she presents a 'Socialist...

Stahl's voiceover(paraphrased): It was filled with a lot stuff - none of which was a healthcare plan

Pa.: Early vote total surpasses 2016 with Election Day still over a week away

This is 60 minutes, we do not aire things that cannot be verified

Potus 45

Any favorite atheist authors?

Poll: Are you volunteering/donating to the campaign?

*Anyone aware of problems with individuals accessing their GoFundMe funds?

Newest animated series you've finished?

How Philadelphia activists are planning 'mass action' for the days following election

The Obamas. Halloween at the Whitehouse.

As An American ...

Haines City Man Accused of Stealing Bulldozer to Dig Up Biden Signs

he looked like a little whiney baby believing his own bullshit on 60 min

A three hour tour...A three hour tour...

A White House lawyer on the public payroll was part of a scheme to deliver Hunter Biden emails...

A delightful distraction

Uber, Lyft and allies break spending records on gig worker initiative. Here's how much

One year ago today. Joe Biden Tweeted this important message.

Beaker, letting out his inner James Hetfield

Quick logistical question

At Biden's inauguration --

Jon Ralston's Nevada Early Voting Blog - 10/25/20 - 3:45 p.m.

Baby Elephant Wan Mai Adopted by Nanny And Becomes A Family

Can Democrats win back the Michigan House after a decade?

#BeijingBarry is at it again!

"Man, these people on the right are just desperate, grasping at straws"

Good to know trump locked down the white female voters oh and the elderly

"This is an actual ad from an actual incumbent US president's actual reelection campaign."

A question about Georgia's two senate races

NY-24: John Katko at final debate: 'I'm not Donald Trump.' You endorsed him, Dana Balter replies

"To put it bluntly, the whole premise of originalism is nonsense in that it pretends to make the wor

"My opponent pulled a gun on his first wife & fired it..."

Senate Democrats are taking over the floor all night

D K Metcalf Is A Freak

If you think Pope Francis ...

Joe Biden Washes Away Trump's Crazy Like A Political Palate Cleanser On 60 Minutes

To entice our enemies to reelect him trumps promise

Chris Wallace CALLS OUT top Republican over phony Hunter Biden "scandal" - Brian Tyler Cohen

9 days to go: Biden's lead over Trump is holding, while Clinton's was collapsing at this point

Masking up.

El Paso sees 200 percent rise in Covid-19 hospitalizations; people urged to stay home 2 weeks

"The Unraveling of America: Is This the End of the American Empire?" Amanpour and Company

Pro-life Conservatives

I have volunteered as a poll observer in NYC...

welp, the Children of the Orange ain't gonna like this, but... surges require masks.

Trump planned on spending $250M to give Santa Clauses vaccines before Americans

People are so darn creative - Dancing Trump

Just watched 60 minutes clips (I think I got the whole thing) and...

Nice bump tonight - Economist poll up to 95% for Joe with 352 EVs.

The White House and republicans officially throw America under the pandemic bus.

82% is the highest percentage of voter turnout

God Bless America, And No Place Else

In the 1970's I don't remember early voting, and it seemed like every school had voting machines

Fox News Anchors Told to Quarantine

Obama HUMILIATES Trump In epic swipe at campaign rally

NYC cops promote "Trump 2020" on police speaker...

'An End to the Chapter of Dictatorship': Chileans Vote to Draft a New Constitution

'An End to the Chapter of Dictatorship': Chileans Vote to Draft a New Constitution

And There It Is

Jesse Jensen - R WA 08 - Paid For 2 Ads During Seahawks Game

Cory Booker Slams 'Racist' House GOP Candidate Madison Cawthorn

The White House is planning another Party...

Daniel Dale just fact-checked Trump's "60 Minutes" interview, found at least 16 lies

Dear JoeBiden & Kamala Harris

Africa's Only Atomic Plant Bets $1.2 Billion on a Second Life

Peggy Noonan triggered by Kamala Harris but not Il Douche. F her.

Finnegan Fox laughs for 2 minutes and 40 seconds

COOK POLITICAL's one week out summary:

A bitter, vainglorious fantasy of America

Harry Reid says that Biden should spend 'no more than three weeks' testing Republican cooperation

NYPD officer suspended after promoting Trump on police loudspeaker

Mike Pence

Per Dallas Morning News - Biden ahead in Texas ! Thank you Beto.

Please continue to pray hard for my sister. she is now throwing up blood. I feel we are at the end

Presidential Election Model projections:

60 Minutes/ Obama Ad From Meidas Touch:

This Is What Being In A Cult Looks Like

60 Minutes / Barack Obama ad from MeidasTouch:

Colombia reaches 1 Million confirmed Coronavirus cases

CBS, since the President has given you his plan for replacement of the ACA

Colombia reaches 1 million confirmed Coronavirus cases

NYT, Charles Blow Op Ed "Trump's Army of Angry White Men"

Hey Norah...

Trump claims he won two Nobel peace prizes before correcting himself during rambling rally speech

Anyone else having problems getting health care due to COVID?

Dave Bautista backs Biden over Trump in new campaign ad

Am I wrong to be concerned, with trump and pence running around, having superspreaders

North Carolina and the CBS/YouGov Poll

How Racist Are Republicans? Very.

Top Trump official CRUMBLES after making career-ending misstep on live TV

Elizabeth Warren just started speaking on the senate floor. nt

Nancy Pelosi says she will seek another term as speaker if Democrats keep control of the House

Just finished watching Oliver Stone's "Untold History of the United State."

Will the Faux News hosts quarantine

Biden Pledges Ambitious Climate Action. Here's What He Could Actually Do.

Electric Dreams/Follow Your Heart.

Lesley Stahl: Giant health care book in Trump interview had 'no comprehensive health care plan'

Mark Meadows needs to brought to justice when trump loses the election

RWers are shrieking about Biden saying "George" when he meant Trump while talking to George Lopez

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump and Biden Spar Over Lincoln, Child Detention and Race

Meidas Touch: We are witnessing a complete and total #TrumpCollapse

Why Fox News is beyond disgusting

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What the Hell Happened This Week? - Week Of 10/19/2020

Washington Offering Free Flu Shots To Uninsured Adults

Must read: St. Peters woman changes deeply held views on abortion after giving birth as a teen

Mike Huckabee tweets about filling out dead relatives' absentee ballots

Trump has list of top intelligence officials he'll fire if he wins reelection: report

WH is working on hosting an outdoor event for a ceremonial swearing in of Amy Coney Barrett tomorrow

Fox News President and Several Top Anchors Advised to Quarantine After Being Exposed to Cov

Really American launch final two-weeks ads in Florida (ActBlue)

CONNED IN THE U.S.A. - Founders Sing parody, w/ Bruce Springsteen and ex-Trump voters

Meadows cover-up was per the wishes of "what the president wanted", implicating DJT himself...

Pretty good SNF game. 37-34 Arizona in OT.

So this happened near downtown Orlando this weekend

Pure coincidence the National Security Advisor is hanging out in battleground states a week before..

Not Much of a Horse Race (But vote vote vote for a supermajority)

Unpacking Mitch McConnell Judges from the Federal Courts Via a Citizens Brigade of Court Watchers

President Trump's First Term By The Numbers

Wasserman sounds ready to call it for Biden - link (click on tweet for full thread)

Jon & The Nightriders - Rumble at Waikiki


"Rudy Giuliani went full-on Leeroy Jenkins and dumped everything on the NY Post."

Marvin Pontiac - Small Car

How To Talk To Your MAGA Friends & Family

Waxing Gibbous Moon, 10/25/2020

The Daily Social Distancing Show - Trump's Travel Ban: A Disaster in Four Acts

The NYT has embedded a tweet from a widely discredited right-wing disinfo merchant in an article.

Black voters say: Biden 90 / Trump 8

Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - October 25th, 2020 Meet The Press NBC News

Progressive law firm founded to 'reverse assaults on democracy'

Trump's Control Issues

Name something Donald Trump ruined for you....I'll go first

Deleted scene from 60 Minutes interview.....Bwahahaha!

Outrage over Macron's remarks on Islamists mounts in Muslim world

They Say They Don't Want America To Become Venezuela But...

Why is Trump's business paying him consulting fees for work done as president?

Bolivian President demands resignation of OAS chief over role in last year's coup

Is Pence taking Regeneron antibody cocktail? His aide won't answer question.

Dems are still shell shocked after thinking we were going to win in 16. So here we have an election

I think I know now

Epic Rap Battles - Biden vs Trump

What Should Bolivia Do Now With Its Coup Plotters?

Bolivia's Arce pledges to 'rebuild' as landslide election win confirmed

WA-03: The Trump dilemma for local Republicans meets its biggest test in Southwest Washington

Carter Center Commends Bolivians and the Electoral Tribunal on a Calm and Respectful Election

Scientists Are Left Baffled After Discovering An 'Expanding' Crack On The Moon.

Jon Ralston's Nevada Early Voting Blog - 10/25/20 - 10:00 p.m.

Who Else is Tired of Waking to a Fresh New Hell, Every Damn Day?

Please watch new Don Winslow ad re: 45's crimes against children

I Just Have To Say, IMHO, Biden Knocked It Out Of The Park Tonight!

Circus maximus - Wind

Sippy cup president

Tweet of the Day

The Covid lockdown has demonstrated 3 things

Jelly Roll - Save Me

Harris Co. (Tx.) offers overnight early voting option this week

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats the Democrats are going to be winning in 2020.

No matter who wins the US election, the world's 'fake news' problem is here to stay

Harris lists out 'racist' actions by Trump in '60 minutes' interview: 'It all speaks for itself'

Why it's hard to talk to trumpers

Curfew enacted in El Paso as county judge says hospitals and ICUs near capacity

Watched 60 Minutes? Don't Miss This 30 Seconds

Three state legislative chambers just shifted in our direction.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Asylum

80 Yrs Ago Nazi 'T4' Program Euthanized Germans W Disabilities 1939-45: 'Sacrifice the Weak' Slogan


Richard Engel from Election Night, 2016.

Rick Perry says Trump won't stump again in Texas despite tight polls, but Harris is on the way

Thieves in the Temple

Prince & The Revolution - The Beautiful Ones (Live 1985) [Official Video]

Prince - Creep (Coachella) soundboard & audience footage version

Well, what did you expect from a Trump mask?

P Control

Election could stoke U.S. marijuana market, sway Congress on cannabis reform

A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall, Dylan Live: Music For Hard Times

One of the things Joe must action among many others is Media Reformation to promote fairness

France hits 52,000 cases in one day, with a population one-fifth of America.

Tweet of the morning:

Used to be

Chile Votes To Replace Pinochet- Era Constitution: Early Referendum Results

I really like the way the earth 🌍 rotates.

History tells us this should be a year of Democrats capturing all 3 - House/Sen/Pres.

A Virginia state senator found headstones on his property. It brought to light a historic injustice

The grandparents are going to make

Monday TOONs - Lock Him Out!

Coal baron Bob Murray Dead at 80

Biden heads to Florida's Broward County on Thursday

Republicans closely resemble autocratic parties in Hungary and Turkey - study


North Carolina Republicans try to block mail ballot deadline extension proposal

Duncan pup says these squeak toys are lame man

"Florida Man wouldn't even do this stuff," Obama said...

Trump asks Supreme Court to block deadline extension for North Carolina ballot

New Georgia Poll (Unniv of Ga, B/C): Biden +1, Ossoff +2, Warnock +13

Germany's infectious disease institute targeted in arson attempt

Eight months into pandemic it is worse than EVER by presidential CHOICE. Think about that America.

Interesting Interview W. Tom Steyer: "Free Market Solutions" Looking Like No Such Thing

The book @PressSec gave to Lesley Stahl saying it was Trumps Health Plan was NOT a health plan!!

All-terrain microrobot flips through a live colon

More Dams Planned Or Underway In Already Water-Stressed ME; Area To Bear Brunt Of Warming

Dallas Morning News/UT Poll: TX - BIDEN +3

Escaped cloned female mutant crayfish take over Belgian cemetery

UW poll: Joe Biden widens lead over Donald Trump in Wisconsin

Has any other President whined about questions being too tough?

Trump's Schedule for Monday, October 26, 2020

"Democrats enabled riots across America"

Time for Chuck Todd to GO!


JFC. If you look at His Majesty's itinerary


Biden, Trump focus on battleground states in 11th-hour pitch

New Battleground States poll (YouGov, B): Biden +10 WI, +9 MI, PA +8

I myself cannot wait for the inevitable photo exhibit at the National Gallery...

I have now retuned from the most horrible week I can imagine

Merkel: "Germany on the verge of losing control of virus"

Colombia kills top ELN commander in military operation

It tweeted something hilarious

Soon to be ex-President Smashed Pumpkin: It should be against election law to talk about COVID.

On August 9th, 2020...Smokey Joe was born.

Breaking - New Yougov Polls - WI+9/PA+8/MI+10

Just another Autumnal shot from the archives ... 'srooms

Fox News Jet Infects CEO & Main Reporters

He's such a baby.

France urges Arab nations to prevent boycotts over Macron's cartoons defence

France urges Arab nations to prevent boycotts over Macron's cartoons defence

Meet Zena!

How it started vs. How it's going

bit of weather trivia: Barrow, Alaska (since 2016) is now Utqiagvik, Alaska

9 Lesser-Known Paintings By Edvard Munch (Other Than The Scream)

A President Looks Back on His Toughest Fight by Barack Obama (book excerpt)

Musical tweet of the day

Just an FYI - Dropped off Mail-In ballot In-Person? Be sure to keep checking your ballot status

Meidas Touch: #TrumpCollapse

For crying out loud it is still October and we

The Early Years of New Kensington, Pennsylvania

The Rundown: October 26, 2020

2020 Ringo Award Winners Announced

Republicans closely resemble autocratic parties in Hungary and Turkey (study)

When Trump loses, instead of prosecuting him,

"Book examines 125 years of New Kensington, PA, in pictures"

I told you that mask is too scary.

I hope we can avoid the "Well, we fixed that!" attitude WHEN we elect Biden/Harris.

You can REGISTER TO VOTE *and* VOTE on the same day in Maryland's Early Voting Week!!!

Stock Market futures reeling! Chicago Fed national activity index moderates for 3rd-straight month

Joe Biden Blueberry Pie with Ice Cream

It's tweeting like a child

Thought for the day:

Overcoming polling margins...

New Kensington Downtown Historic District (New Kensington City, Westmoreland County, PA)

Schumer: Pence cannot come to the Senate because of his exposure to multiple COVID-positive staffers

"You never know when you'll need a tissue." . . . Please come CAPTION Sarah Palin!!!

2016 8 days out

Early voted yesterday and waited on a three hour line to do it.

Daniel Dale fact checks Drumpf's "Cases are up because we TEST, TEST, TEST"

Who knew dogs made such good nursemaids. Day 4 by her side.

Joe Biden Will Make His First Trip to Georgia Tuesday As Campaign Heats Up

'A disgrace to democracy': Dozens of ballots destroyed in suspected arson of a Boston drop box

Happy Birthday Hillary Clinton!!

Former officer releases history of New Kensington, PA, mob crime

Anyone from PA know what is going on with mail in voting in Bucks County, PA?

YOU raised $12,988.00 for Biden-Harris, $0 Amy (DITCH Mitch) McGrath & $20 for duhneece on 10-25-20

Trump's mythical economic success and the end of supply-side tax cuts

Kanye West Says He Was Inspired by God to Become 'Leader of the Free World'

YouGov Polling - Biden Margin of already voted in WI/PA/MI - JFC......PA+79, MI+52, WI+47

YouGov America/Elections Center Poll 10/26:

New Mexico legislator Jacob Candelaria flees home after threats received

Charles Blow: Trump's Army of Angry White Men

Wow...Putin contradicts trump!!!

Harvard Youth Poll

Working to help get Kerri O'Connor elected as State Rep to 3rd Hampden District

If the polls are right there are going to millions of people stuck with

Iowa Republicans are only pivoting toward the center to save their hold on the state

Civil rights groups sue de Blasio, NYPD over protest response

"unclear any of these positive tests would have been disclosed if we had not reported"

Finland shocked by therapy center hacking, client blackmail

On 60 Minutes Last Night, Leslie Stahl Showed Us Trump's Healthcare Plan

Eleven arrested after fights erupt between pro-Trump caravan and protesters in Manhattan

Mrs. K: The Right Wing Media is about to initiate another smear story against the Bidens this mornin

Now Would Be A Good Time For Another Anvil of Some Sort to Drop on Trump

3+ months after losing Mom, and I'm having more good days than bad... but

Mark Meadows cancels TV interviews due to a security incident:

Another from the archives.

270towin website is an excellnt resource to track the the states.

An all-Black group is arming itself and demanding change. They are the NFAC

Biden just lost the Black and Latino vote

Well I'm glad Trump failed Covid plans is working!

VMI superintendent resigns after Black cadets describe relentless racism

Medical professionals push back after Trump says COVID-19 cases are inflated to 'get more money'

this is the worst fucking day

Cry havoc and let slip the Dogs of war- History of war dogs

The lifetime appointment of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court is dedicated to Susan Sarandon...

Black Voters 90% Biden vs 8% Trump

9 days

Breakfast Monday 26 October 2020

A Farewell to Arms

If you haven't already mailed in your ballot then DON'T.

British Conservatives Are Finally Going Public With Their Support For Joe Biden

Three Texas Counties Already Surpass 2016 Vote Totals

I'd say Cook and Sabato are converging...

What has four years of President Donald Trump meant for Florida's environment?

What do you think? Electoral College (EV) with DC and Puerto Rico as US States

Kamala Harris headed to Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona on Wednesday, Biden campaign announces

AP FACT CHECK: Trump and his familiar falsehoods

More than 6 million Floridians have already voted

Jared Kushner on the Black community

Bring It On Home To Me

Gov Cuomo: I will be holding a briefing and making an announcement at 11:30am E

Michael Bloomberg gives $2.6 million to Texas Democrat running for railroad commissioner

8 days left! Let's do this!

Office of Special Counsel has launched an investigation into Mike Pompeo for Hatch Act violations

Steve Miller is the Key to Understanding Chad's Rise: At DHS, Chad Wolf is Playing a Political Game

pence is gonna make the tie break vote for amy con-me BARRett

Polk County Iowa turning out first-time and infrequent voters.

I think 538 should ban Trafalgar and Rasmussen like the Economist did

Monday! 8 Days to go! My Daily Home Stretch Election Polling Update. no tightening!

Jared Kushner: Blacks have to WANT to be successful...

Pic Of The Moment: Trump's Unusual "I'm Abandoning You To Your Deaths, Please Re-Elect Me" Strategy

The New York Post endorses President Donald J. Trump for re-election

Syria war: 'Russian air strikes kill dozens' in Idlib

Syria war: 'Russian air strikes kill dozens' in Idlib

If you have 20 minutes: The 60 Minutes interview that President Trump cut short

Republicans Closely Resemble Autocratic Parties In Hungary and Turkey - Study

"I sit at the back row," Romney told me. "I feel perfectly safe."

Will the Senate GOP announce positive COVID tests after the vote to confirm?

538 National Poll average tightens to 8.7 points BUT

Jared Kushner Says African-Americans Must 'Want to Be Successful'

If we have Biden and a Democratic senate we have a very fast test to see if

We are in better shape a week out now

Repeat- Randy Rainbow, "A Spoonful Of Clorox" 3min 12 seconds..

I don't mind that the Republican party is destroying itself. What I DO mind...

100 Million Ballots, But Experts Say 'Heaven And Earth' Being Moved For Election Mail

Texas has joined the party

COVID deaths in young adults is under-detected

In Other News, The Dow is Down 600 Points Currently

Leslie Stahl should take the trump healthcare plan book on all networks today

Activist with ties to Ohio Republican legislators plotted to kidnap and kill Governor Mike DeWine

How did you interpret Mark Meadows statement that the US is "not going to control" the pandemic?

AOC: It should be easy to vote - that's not a controversial position to have.

About the "500 children whose parents you have lost"? AD by Don Winslow

No Arrest After MAGAt in Trump Hat Pulled Out Gun on Protesters (VIDEO)

Coney-Barrett Belongs To A Cult

Senator Braun tells me: no #COVID19 relief for states like CA + NY that mismanage their budgets

Beware--just got a whopper fraudelent call from Duke Energy

Why are Trump and his camp pushing that he's winning? Won't that cause some of

Happy Birthday Hillary Clinton - We love you!!!!

A Nice Substantial Snack...

Sen. Schatz: Barrett confirmation "the most rank hypocrisy I've ever seen"

I can see the memes already.

Rasmussen, Trafaglar

Quick! Kamala Harris will be on "The View" in a few minutes!

They nearly washed the truck without him

Fox News: Mitch McConnell's bruised hands, lips likely common skin condition, dermatologists say

Irony Lives! It lives in two events that are today:

Trump too cheap or broke to give outright donations to his own campaign

Issues in Miami-Dade and other areas

Today should be remembered as . . . . .

Joe: In 8 days, we're going to take our democracy back.

BREAKING: Newark imposes business curfew, restrictions...

Stocks drop as COVID-19 cases rise, stimulus hopes fade

An alternate "reality"

If you have the time...this is about us as much as it is Britain...and this election.

Drug test the Senate before allowing vote on Amy.

Add two more Dems to the "just voted" count

Ann Arbor: 'Magic' mushrooms decriminalized as more studies tout use of psychedelics

Total Early Votes: 60,507,338 Mail Ballots: 40,231,976 In-Person Votes: 20,275,362

Could Trump end up going quietly? Here are 5 ways that might happen.

Psychiatrists Warn That Trump Is Becoming Increasingly Unhinged As Election Nears

10/26 Daily Dose of Joe

Staffers flee HHS amid growing fears of a post-election exodus

801 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon.; 1 death

"I know you are, but what am I?"

I am mystified that Trump is doing so well among people in my age cohort

NC Voting Update: October 26

McConnell's folly:

Bengal kitten really doesn't want to listen to mom

Things are desperate,they are sending the Gold Digging lazy thing into PA to talk to women

New absentee ballot numbers for Virginia

Be ready; have a plan

Maggie Roche was born on this date.

I wonder what "Trump ain't hurtin' th'people he posed ta be hurtin' " lady will think when SCOTUS

Mahalia Jackson was born on this date.

California Gov. Newsom's Thanksgiving Rules Blasted By Celebrities

I have never been able to get over

Will Trump supporters accept defeat? If he loses, it could get really ugly

Trump's Q&A with Religion News Service; October 26, 2020

Et tu, PuTay?

From 538- Lawsuits Against States

Dow drops more than 650 points as COVID-19 cases surge, stimulus stalled

Desperation or delusion? New road sign in Central Virginia.

The WH is going to rub America's nose in their successful corruption of the Supreme Court.

Sherrod Brown - We're not helping people. We need Senators with backbone.

Charlie Barnett was born on this date.

Trump is on a killing spree . . .


Kayleigh McEnany: @60Minutes is misleading you‼️ Notice they don't mention that I gave Leslie 2 docu

8 days to go: Biden's lead over Trump is holding, while Clinton's was collapsing at this point

WaPo: Virginia's blue wave shows no sign of slowing ahead of key House races next week

OK...A truly workable "Plan of Action" to prevent post-election RW violence:

Trump supporter wreaks havoc with a stolen bulldozer - a precursor of madness to come?

Hubs got a good job!!!! He will be involved with manufacturing an electric truck...

Trump Wants COVID-19 Media Coverage To Be Illegal: 'Should Be An Election Law Violation'

Was this the real "Earthquake" bombshell that was promised for last week?

Carl Bernstein Says GOP Senators Weighing Action If Trump Won't Step Down

The Dow is down -894

After Joe wins, the beast still has 78 days as pResident

Schumer Balks, Pence Flinches

Together, with Hollister and The Cramm, we're having open and honest conversations Gen Z activists.

Eight Is Great!!

Vicious kitten attack

Toddler tRump in 60 Minutes interview (nicely done)

Looking at poll for early voting

Trump plans second White House event for Barrett as Senate takes up nomination

Where Dems Are Spending Big To Break Iowa GOP Trifecta

So, if a person gives orders or takes actions, other than in a war-time context, which he or

Trump Calls Sacha Baron Cohen a Creep

Tom Tomorrow -- Trump Tower of Terror

Vote Him Away #3

Disbar this fucker: Lawyer for accused domestic terrorist says suspect was just 'playing army'

When 60 Minutes ...

Getting old is fun

Texas Presidential Support Among: Voted vs Non voted.

US warns Jamaica against Chinese 5g

US warns Jamaica against Chinese 5g

How Fast Can a "Shortage" of Office Space Turn into a "Glut?" San Francisco Shows How Fast

Some Americans concerned about possible side effects of COVID-19 vaccine:"We just don't know enough"

Congratulations to Trump on his huge ratings victory!!

New Lincoln Project ad...Fairytale

It's been years since investors have been this fearful of a stock market crash, Nobel-winning econom

Fast Company comes out in favor of keeping of QAnon on Facebook.

Trump fixed the dow for us

Ha. Archbishop Gregory (Wash. D.C.) as first African American Cardinal. (Gregory not a Trump fan)

Survey uncovers widespread belief in 'dangerous' Covid conspiracy theories

Important passage in yesterday's NYT piece on the WSJ/Hunter non-story

GOP US Senate candidate Jason Lewis of Minnesota in emergency surgery for severe internal hernia

As the coronavirus surges, it is reaching into the nation's last untouched areas

Two Studies Confirm - Water on the Moon

87 Winner Photos From 2020 GDT European Wildlife Photographer Of The Year

European support for populist beliefs falls, YouGov survey suggests

COVID-19 cases surge on Mackinac Island as season comes to an end

NYT podcast: "Why Suburban Women Changed Their Minds"

If you climb a lot of mountains you expect a lot of valleys...

Donald and Melania Trump: A Love Story for the Ages The Daily Social Distancing Show

Hillary: "an insult to the American people"

China gives six U.S. media outlets a week to report on operations

***Public Opinion Strategies Poll(B+) of LVs*** Biden 55 Trump 41

Fairytale - The Lincoln Project

Water on the moon is more common than we thought, studies reveal

Can Georgia's Jon Ossoff Finish the Job This November?

Trump appointee resigns over the president's order removing job protections for many civil servants

Kamala Harris is visiting Tucson, AZ

My prediction on Trump's bigly book health care plan

Don Jr. here today in Ohio

Utah Republicans Should Mail In Their Trump Vote Before They Die - Hospitals Full

Fingers of cold air caressed my frail body...

China launches crackdown on mobile web browser 'chaos'

Total Early Votes: 61,268,367

Jaime Harrison bets on 'New South' coalition in his against-the-odds bid to oust Sen. Lindsey Graham

Ms Barrett was chosen by billionaires to squat on the SCOTUS because she is eager to take

METROPOLITAN DIARY 'Wednesdays Are the Days He Drives Into Manhattan From Brooklyn'

'A mass exodus': HHS staffers jumping ship amid pandemic, fears of Trump loss

Check-in if you've already voted.

Sarah Cooper! How to Regret

GOP senators pondering action if Trump loses and refuses to step down, Carl Bernstein says

Joe: as @MichelleObama said, "Our commander in chief, sadly, has been missing in action."

Call your Senators relentlessly!! All of them!!

The only thing worse than Meet the Press with Chuckles Toad

Catholic deacon told congregation not to vote for Biden.

U.S. joins global anti-abortion pact as Polish women march to protest clampdown

OMG: Seeking power in Jesus' name: Trump sparks a rise of 'Patriot Churches' - WaPo

Mexico admits Covid death toll much higher than official number

Mexico admits Covid death toll much higher than official number

A book I will definitely buy when it comes out:

Fauci Says We're Still In First Wave

I knew this would happen...

should I leave a space between hashtags or not?

About those so-called peace agreements. . .

Fiat, PSA to win EU approval for $38 billion merger: sources

Attrition: Greeks 1, Turks 0

Took an 81-Year Old to the polls this weekend. He hadn't voted in 37 YEARS!

DJIA aiming at a 1,000 point drop today

New Texas Poll (Data for Progress (D), B+): Biden +1

8 days till the election: Stocks tend to rally in the home stretch; Market down 900 points

Romney praises Supreme Court nominee Barrett's 'integrity,' slams 'division and contempt for others'

Trump Threatens Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf: I'll Withhold Federal Aid Because You Didn't Help My Cam

Obvious trolling is obvious.

Can we just say it? At least once?

I'm irritated with donating to candidates

Hillary Clinton: Thought of second Trump term makes me 'literally sick to my stomach'

VMI superintendent resigns after Black cadets describe relentless racism

Joe Biden and a New Way of Governing By Governor Martin O'Malley

The Lincoln Project has outdone itself with this latest ad, just released - "Fairytale":

Washington gubernatorial candidate responds to COVID concerns about his rally

Make him famous. (Trumper pulling a gun on women)

New Airport, Beleaguered Symbol of 'Irreverent' Berlin, Is Opening at Long Last

Trump suggests he won't provide help to PA if Gov. Tom Wolf calls & asks for it because he's mad..

Florida man gets 1.9 Million in Covid relief funds...

I'm a Hamilton fan, so looking forward to singing this next week

The Two Americas Financing the Trump and Biden Campaigns

Joe Lockhart: Give Trump credit for message discipline on closing argument.

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 10/26/20

Trump: No it's not going to be a dark winter. It's going to be a great winter

633,432 early votes in NYS (two days)

8 days out, VTMFO! Call to Arms

It's so hard to believe that there are so many dorky

Cop escalates a car burglary call (Video)

Trump will use the FBI as a weapon against his opponents if he wins another term

Remember how worried everyone was that Carter and Bush Sr would not concede if they lost.

PA: Insider Advantage (B-) Trump +3

Chileans vote for new constitution

Moon may have a lot more water than once thought

Good news about Sharice Davids (although Kansans still have to get out and vote!):

Would this drive your pets crazy?

President Baby Fingers is having a fit of jealousy

Church Leader Sean Feucht Visits White House During 'Superspreader' Tour

Barrett could be at work on the Supreme Court as early as Tuesday.

Democratic lawmakers write UN High Commissioner for Human Rights over DHS abuses

a useful 538 vid. Biden polling 50 percent plus in PA, MI and WI

@HillaryClinton: It's my birthday. Here's my one wish: that you reach out to one person in your life

What will you do if Trump wins the presidency?

How did I miss this clip of Pence?

"Then one day you get it. And, that's OK. You get better. We have such great, I think, cures."

Pelosi says White House rejecting Democrats COVID-19 testing plan

WH staffers called CDC demanding web administrator credentials to edit the CDC's website

Another creepy attempt at a smile, plus Jared's alien fingers

Ivanka Trump is not even making the smallest effort to comply with the law. This is a blatant Hatch

Rudy Giuliani's 'Borat 2' scene: What can he do about it legally? Not a lot, experts say

50,000 posts. That's a lot, eh?

I don't know how to post something to du, but I'm getting this google ad on DU

Rasmussen has Trump at +1 nationally. LOL!

Elissa Slotkin Wants to Know Who'll Stand Up to Trump If He Loses

Stocks tumble as Covid-19 cases surge and stimulus is nowhere to be found


TCM Schedule for Tuesday, October 27: Women Make Film

At the beach--edited

Breaking: The State Newspaper endorses Jaime Harrison over 25 year incumbent Lindsey Graham.

Biden plays on expanded map as Trump tends to base

NYT Editorial Board: New Visa Limits Would Be a Self-Inflicted Wound for the U.S.

NYT Editorial Board: New Visa Limits Would Be a Self-Inflicted Wound for the U.S.

Murkowski will vote yes for CultLady

Seeking power in Jesus' name: Trump sparks a rise of 'Patriot Churches'

Poll: Biden has edge on Trump on fighting for the working class

'We do not have enough signatures,' says organizer of Gov. Evers and Lt. Gov. Barnes recall

WaPo Op-Ed.... I believe in the president, now more than ever (George Conway)

GOP senators worried about T not going peacefully

Today is the last day for online voter registration in Washington

Hello, QAnon?... "Child Sex Trafficking Prosecutions Fall During Trump Administration"

Governor Cuomo Briefing October 26 2020

No the race isn't tightening

For Pennsylvania DUers...30% chance of being THE tipping point state

Court expansion

Democrats urge Bloomberg to invest in Senate races as McConnell-linked super PAC spends big

De Blasio, AOC chide NYC elections board over long waits for early voting

Pro trump pro life sign in evangelical minister yard

Today, on #NationalDayOfTheDeployed, Joe and I are thinking of the those missing loved ones.

Biden, Harris head to Georgia and Texas with just days to go until the election

To hand out trick or treat candy, or to not hand out trick or treat candy. That is my dilema

Where is Tom Steyer these days ?

First punishment for the ACB railroading. KILL THE FILIBUSTER.

Sen. Kamala Harris calls Trump's attacks on her 'childish'

Local doctors again ask Trump to cancel rally amidst area COVID-19 surge

One year ago today Joe Biden said this

Rand Paul: Seniors Should Be Served Meals by COVID-Survivors

So if my math is correct in PA

Return of the trump baby blimp

John Dean holding out for Anonymous

KANA CHAN TV: Now I want Oculus Quest 2 rather than PS5!!!

"1,000 of you will be dead in 2-4 weeks. You just don't know it yet."

TLP: This is Joe Biden's moment. (Major goosebumps!)

Fmr Fed Prosecutor answers: Can Dump be tried for the COVID deaths he has caused?

I can't allow myself to get optimistic, but

News Media Adopts Trump's Framing of Climate Policy

Uploading + viewing pictures

Graph of Stock Market (DJIA) Growth In Percentage By Last 4 Presidential Terms

chuckle. I saw this pic and thought

The quiet rebellion of early voting

Remember when a Republican made sense-

White House Planning Large Event for Amy Coney Barrett

Zeta is now a hurricane moving at 10mph

I'm under the impression that Kavanaugh could be a target for impeachment. Is that a real

portrait sitting

Trump, confirmed a Presbyterian, now identifies as 'non-denominational Christian'

Republicans acknowledging what Fox is

Cartoons 10/26/2020

Luckovich on Amy Coney Barrett

Delta has banned 460 anti-maskers

Despite virus scare at local 911 center, the calls don't stop

Time to take a break and smile

Never Commit A Felony When A Misdemeanor Will Do

Is it possible Putin ordered trump to fail in responding to COVID 19? Conspiracy 101.

The US had more daily Covid-19 cases in the past week than ever before. And no, it's not just due to

What's for Dinner, Mon., Oct. 26, 2020

Meadows doubles down on White House pandemic response: 'We're not going to control it'

Senator Ed Markey on originalism.

The plastic couple tweets: I'll give you one guess who we're voting for???

Trump appointee resigns over the president's order removing job protections for many civil servants

***YouGuv National Poll of LVs (B Rated)*** Biden 54 Trump 42

Here's Mike Pence running to give his speech at an airport in Hibbing, Minnesota

Saddam-era 'red devil' leader Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri reported dead - again

Utah - "patients getting worse despite ICU would be moved out first."

If 45 loses next week, will he remain quiet in obscurity after Biden's inauguration?

'Hijacking' of Tanker Ends After Special Forces Storm Ship

Serious doubt cast on Venus phosphine finding

Mitch McConnell's Conservative Challenger Gets a Boost... From Dems

Biden just announced he's traveling to Iowa.

I need help finding a website

Barrett ads tied to interest groups funded by unnamed donors

BIG KITTY (use CC for translation)

DUers do you believe that the Killa Con

I don't think there's any downside for Trump contesting the election in SCOTUS.

Daughter and I just early-voted in rural East Texas.


American Airlines plans customer tours of Boeing 737 Max and pilot calls to boost confidence in jets

trump attacks AOC's education at PA rally today - she's has great twitter reply

Joe Biden told reporters he's going to campaign in Iowa in the last week of the election.

*Poll Trolls*

Russia never stopped trying to sway elections and sow mistrust. Best thing to do is vote.

Mary Trump's Grim Analysis Of Trump Campaign: 'He Knows He's In Desperate Shape'

Biden: "What in the hell is the matter with this man?"

Justice Clarence Thomas will administer the oath of office to Barrett

Just think how many Americans would still be

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 27 October 2020

The dark secret at the core of the yachting industry

America's Most Hated Fish Are Being Purged By Electric Shocks and Sound

I believe trumpster's are now resigned to their fate of losing.

"All Things Considered " on NPR just had a piece

Rachel Bitecofer: Tonight the GOP will solidify what was a 30 yr strategic plan

Trump Thwarted in Latest Bid to Kill Solar-Tariff Loophole

LIVE: D'espairsRay - MIRROR and TRICKSTeR (Human Clad Monsters FINAL) 2011

here's a great cleaning tip- anything white vinegar can do,

Cartoon Susan Collins Dodges Everyone's Questions

Did any of the Senators ask Barrett if she would recuse herself in the event

Rich White Turd (Jared Kushner) Says Black Americans are "Complaining" & Need to Want Success More!

Y'know, I don't think I'm a "cat person"

French Doctor Warns His Country Has 'Lost Control' of Virus

Kids influencing their conservative mothers in Ohio. Now they're telling everyone, vote for Biden!

Sen. Angus King with the facts: The size of the Supreme Court is not fixed in the Constitution.

Biden has solid lead in Wisconsin, narrower edge in Pennsylvania: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Is China Preparing to Attack Taiwan?

The poll trolls aren't going to like this

倖田來未-KODA KUMI-「KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2010 ~UNIVERSE~」~ 20th Year Special Ver. ~

Trump's Carrier deal fades as economic reality intervenes


Guess the fake nuns were busy today. Let's try fake Amish!

Video of 104-year-old's early voting story goes viral: 'Now I can die happy!'

Monitoring RWNJ websites like Fox News and OANN etc: Internet issues

Belgium's COVID problem: How It Started vs. How It's Going

Jacob Wohl And Jack Burkman Represent Themselves In Civil Lawsuit Hearing And It Goes Disastrously

Bad News For Liberals

Harry Enten is on CNN right now. He's the "poll guru" they use, much more knowledgeable....


Barack Obama delivers scathing takedown of Donald Trump

Peggy Noonan is an asshole. Always has been

In "Breaking News", a poll just conducted by "Wachawunnit2say Polling and Creative Image Crafters"

You Gotta Be

Malliotakis Narrowly Leads Rose in Tight Staten Island Race, NBC 4/Marist Poll Finds

WisDems will be doing Rocky horror picture show this Friday! Did

If you find yourself getting confused about Nate Silver vs Nate Cohn. Here's a great article.

Salary Council Chairman Resigns in Protest of Trump Order Politicizing Federal Workforce

Did anyone see the Nicole Wallace and Claire McCaskill response to the Peggy Noonan column?

Trump's taxes, election and abortion cases await Amy Coney Barrett in her first week

Everyone worried about Pennsylvania

Phone bank time! Dialing' with Biden Ohio

Minnesota is reporting three Covid-19 outbreaks related to Trump campaign events held in September

Internal Republican Polling Shows Trump Getting CRUSHED Next Week

Justice For All

Do DU'ers Have A Favorable Opinion Of Randi Rhodes?

Does anyone here own an EVO 2 drone?

Dana Bash is on CNN wearing a black dress with a white collar..... RBG reference?

Womens Rights Protests Block City Streets Over Poland's Abortion Law

Dems' generic ballot lead has climbed from 6.1 points before the first debate to 7.3 points now.

Why would any sane person vote for a cruel, ignorant, malignant man?

Here's how Trump gets away with bowing out without a paper civil war

Voted in Md. today. I was a little tense.

Don't Tell Q

I'm watching all the recommendat Netflix picks from DUers

Texas Governor Deploying National Guard Next Week

If the red states hate us so much, why don't they give us back all of the tax money?

Can someone post a chart of Covid cases

GOP Pollster Has Biden Up Big

Does Rasmussen have any poll where Trumpy isnt leading by 10%

Trump Mentally Collapses In PA And Accuses Biden Of Secret Plot To Ban Cows


Montini-One Last Spread the Virus..Trip

Listen To It, Learn It --- Soon You Just May Live It....

More wildfires are kicking up are Irvine CA.

They Work In Several Nursing Homes To Eke Out A Living, That Spreads The Coronavirus

STATNEWS: (By Dr!) I have all the symptoms of a Covid-19 long-hauler -- but I'm hesitant to identify

Scottsdale campaign sign for Jewish candidate vandalized with swastika

Biden's Moment - The Lincoln Project

Scottsdale campaign sign for Jewish candidate vandalized with swastika

I just texted a list of infrequent voters to get out the vote!

Center for Artistic Activism

FYI- Poll Trolls Will Not Like

Every kGOPb Senator who supported not having a Garland vote

"Marriage counselor ...

"Handmaids Tale" protest across US

Just got polled by Marist in Florida

60,000 people ordered to evacuate Irvine, Calif., as wildfire spreads

PROPUBLICA: (Arkansas!) When Falling Behind on Rent Leads to Jail Time

Democrats in Pennsylvania urge Supreme Court to allow ballot extension to stand

'It's daunting': Democrats crushing House Republicans on the airwaves

Interesting piece from Pravda

Silverado Fire in Southern California doubles to 4,000 acres in matter of hours, leading thousands

Snap! Ana Navarro responds to Ivanka and Jared

Donald is mad that people won't stop talking about Covid. Tell that to this woman. (heartbreaking)

Doctors Say Statewide Surge In Coronavirus Cases Could Swamp St. Louis Hospitals

Parents in so-called 'mom code' allegedly refuse to get kids tested for COVID-19 to help keep school

"Trump's position is more or less that the coronavirus is a media hoax"

Fuck Peggy Noonan. Regard for all humanity prohibits my calling her any gender specific moniker, so

"The fact that Biden was talking with George Lopez was relevant and helpful context..."

Joe Biden's Son Is The Problem

A Florida man stole a bulldozer, knocked down a fence and stole Biden signs, police said

Stereotypes, elitism at work in conservative praise for "working mom" Barrett

Trump reminds me of a CEO of a NewZealand company two decades ago.

"We have never had to deal with this as white Americans. Please wake up."

2020 polls: The Trump 'hidden voter' isn't a real threat this election - here's why

ok y'all liked my last tip, so here's another- wood cleaner.

Trump: "I'm not that big of an ego guy."

Eight days before 2020 election and Trump crowd in PA chants "lock her up"


Tennessee Sen. Joey Hensley defends prescribing opioids to relatives, lover

Republicans closely resemble autocratic parties in Hungary and Turkey - study

One of the best descriptions of pence ever. 🤣

The Latest: Birx warns North Dakota amid surge in cases

Former Goldman Sachs president Harvey Schwartz makes late big donation to Joe Biden

Can we reduce teenage pregnancies if we stop testing?

Ken Paxton's Legal Woes Deepen

Can Biden negate every tRump EO by blanket decree, or does he have to undo them one by one?

Under Trump, US no longer leads world on refugee protections

Eerie Witches' Marks Found Among Ruins of Medieval English Church


Cecile Richards with the best line today

My buddy the Franz Bakery delivery guy has COVID. Exactly the guys we need to be

It's the pandemic stupid.

As Ken Paxton battles scandal, Land Commissioner George P. Bush considering a 2022 run for attorney

Covid Relief Bill: Takes Back Seat To Sup. Ct. & Election Republicans Are Losing Because of Covid

Dear Lincoln Project...

Mark McKinnon: "Trump is not just toast, but burnt toast"

My husband, son and I dropped off our absentee ballots on Saturday and they were

GOP blew it with Barrett.

Michael Bloomberg gives $2.6 million to Texas Democrat running for railroad commissioner

This Is What It Feels Like to Live Under Minority Rule

Trump Mocks Harris, Pelosi, Guthrie, Stahl But Says Women Support Him

Thread in support of Pennsylvania Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf

Court stops launch of HUD rule that makes it harder to prove discrimination

She can still make me cry... love her music! **Koda Kumi**

'It's pathetic': Clinton knocks Pompeo for vowing to release more of her emails

Office of Special Counsel widens Pompeo probe into Hatch Act violations

Wouldn't it be great if a network had enough of trump and his propaganda

Democrats urge swing-state voters to turn in mail ballots, consider bypassing Postal Service

Claire McCaskill Drags Nasty Peggy Noonan Across The Floor

Women donors emerge as new power brokers in 2020 election as Democrats look to flip the Senate

Working From Home Fuels Rise of The 'Secondary City': The Great Rebalancing

Doug Collins accused of violating rules with political ads showing him in Air Force uniforms

Postal Love (picture heavy)

MAGAt accused of stealing bulldozer to tear down Biden signs in Florida

Went and voted early today here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our first winter storm is

I don't believe Trump had the virus. I think he had flu or a bad cold.

Trump's '60 Minutes' tantrum told us everything (opinion)

Man of few words

Just heard on the Reidout they expect 90-100 million

"Daffy Donald"

Body camera video of officer-involved shooting of Black couple to be released: Mayor

US Republicans are starting to look a lot like authoritarian parties in Hungary and Turkey,

Not much has changed in NV EV, Dems doing better than 2016. Lots of unknowns with mail-ins.

Build Back a Better Supreme court

Biden's 180 day Judicial Commission will doom his agenda and the healing of America

Ballots away!

U.S. Senate Set to Vote on Judge Amy Coney Barrett Nomination at 7:30 p.m.

Turns out talking head (not THOSE Talking Heads) Kayleigh respects Joe

Yahoo/YouGov national poll: Biden 54%, Trump 42% - link

Is it possible to impeach a president from the time he is defeated to the new president is sworn in?

Psychic Already Sick Of Spectral James Randi Ragging On Her From Afterlife

Enormous Greed

"What you say when you know you've lost" for $2000 Alex

Angus King on McConnell's attempt to push Amy Barrett's nomination through

60 million people already voted & republicans are smashing precedent to install their SCOTUS justice

US, Global Corporate Giants Not Amused Mexico Finally Forces Them to Pay the Taxes They Owe

Novel justice : Amy Coney Barrett is set to transform America's Supreme Court

They Confirm, I Donate To Jaime Harrison

George Takei: Ours is a cold and righteous anger, Mr. McConnell. When you lose your senate majority

Drop Everything And Watch: #FightForHer

Texas Guard: Abbott to order 1,000 troops to Texas cities during election

Early Voting Milestone: More People Have Early Voted Than Trump Got Votes in 2016

Some counties consider mask mandates as West Tennessee COVID rates spike

2020 Election: Pollster Zogby Sees Democrats Flipping U.S. Senate

Despite rhetoric, GOP has supported packing state courts

Kamala: I'm on my way to the Senate floor to vote no on Judge Amy Coney Barrett's nomination to the

Fox News Confirms 'A Few Positive' Coronavirus Exposures Among Employees

Orange County fires: Irvine, Yorba Linda evacuation areas, road and school closures, shelters

"The Way I See It" photo documetary of US President Obama, by Pete Souza

Cory Booker slams 'racist' GOP House candidate for comments about working with 'non-white males'

Boogaloo Bois shot up police stations, looted, committed arson and murder (NOT 'antifa')

One huge group that would be fascinating to learn who their vote will go to, are...

More covid lock down things that make ya go... hmm

the Lincoln Project: Pathetic

This is especially poignant tonight:

(NV) fines Douglas County, Minden-Tahoe Airport management company $5,500 after tRump rally

'Real garbage, not smart people': Trump lashes out at Republican-led Lincoln Project

Organizers Are Gearing Up to Resist Far Right Intimidation at Polls

'A backwards step': Experts warn Amy Coney Barrett is a threat to IVF

The Amish guys behind Trump at Penn rally ?

Joy Reid graphic just now

Fights Erupt During 'Jews for Trump' Rally in Manhattan