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if Trump has an easy time with the virus.. quick recovery - he'll double down on the downplaying

Is there a hospital bar at Walter Reed?

after pushing near 400/day for a month, Hawaii is under 100 infections/day for a week or 2

George Takei: Pence was eager to confirm today that Putin is still in charge of the White House.

Watch live tonight! Cygnus cargo ship, SpaceX Falcon 9 launch in space doubleheader

Watch live tonight! Cygnus cargo ship, SpaceX Falcon 9 launch in space doubleheader

Trump's Hollywood star pickaxed AGAIN hours after positive COVID-19 test

Anyone know: what would happen if Trump went on a ventilator and wasn't expected to survive?

Day after Trump's Bedminster fundraiser, guests 'flabbergasted' to learn he was sick

Uh oh: Secret Service agents pissed that Dump 'repeatedly put them at risk.'

Masque of the Orange Death

Trump just rolled out his new healthcare plan: Its called NOTHING BUT THE BEST FOR ME ME ME.

2022 US Senate Elections during a Biden presidency.

Jim Acosta latest tweet

Top meme now on Reddit ("Liberal tears")

CA Desert Ecosystems Will Never Recover; The Pyrocene Will Wipe The Slate, W. Help From Invasives

So we are subsidizing Trump's treatment while he tries to take away healthcare from millions

Today's TLP tweet of the day.

Shakespeare nails it.

Just saw Acosta says his sources say it's serious.

Court reinstates Georgia's Election Day mail ballot deadline

trump had it before his Wednesday rally in Duluth, and he KNEW it! He's winded and probably....

Senator Thom Tillis has tested positive for Covid 19

Is MSNBC Playing The Sympathy Act???

Senator Tom Tillis, NC, positive for COVID-19

Trump arrived too late to Clevand debate to be tested

NC Senator Thom Tillis-R tests positive for covid-19

Senator Tom Tillis tests positive for COVID

I wonder if #Traitor's adderall withdrawal will complicate his battle with Covid

How long will it take for a "religious leader" to claim that

Sen. Thom Tillis tests positive for COVID-19

11 positive coronavirus tests traced to presidential debate, Cleveland officials say

Judge OK's North Carolina plan to ease absentee voting rules

Judge OK's North Carolina plan to ease absentee voting rules

I think he's got that same thing Parscale's got

Do we know when the Bidens were last tested before Tuesday's debate? nt

come on people, we are not Qanon .

'We are living the issues': record number of women of color run for Congress

Allan Lichtman's going to have to add a 14th key

'Significant outbreak' of COVID-19 in UW Greek system

Senate Quorum -- Question for DU Constitutional Scholars About Potential ACB Vote

I'm going to suggest you view this meme sans liquids of any kind in your hand or mouth

The "rapid test" for Covid-19

Trump needs to look at the bright side, Dying from COVID-19 isn't a total loss for Trump

After everything Trump has said about Hillary Clinton, she responds this evening with kindness:

Kellyanne Conway

How many people have you seen walk to a helicopter in a suit and tie.

The Covid Coup or Why I'm Questioning The Very Fabric of Reality

Jim Acosta reports trump is having trouble breathing

Just wait.

If the worst happens,

I forget to succession line in the United States

Since Pence is not in quarantine, out of an abundance of caution we should be ready

CNN Doctor and Faux News Doctor

Those 'Doomsday Planes' Have Nothing to Do With Trump's Covid-19 Test

Hello, I'm Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft (Windows 3.1)

Sec Clinton's statement on Trump

So if Donald and Melaine dont make it

Remember the debate debacle

Is Mitch McConnell in this Covid Loop?

The Moon and Mars in the eastern sky. East Coast USA.

(Jewish Group) Paris kosher restaurant torn apart and vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti

WOW!!! GREAT new "Where's Waldo" game!!

Faux News: Matt Gatez on Trump

The Irony Is Breathtaking

Remarks by Trump at the Coronavirus Task Force Press Briefing March 16th 2020

Because this week hasn't been weird enough......

GOP Sen. Mike Lee has tested positive for coronavirus

Jake Tapper: The Trump campaign says it will not stop attacks bc Biden "attacked" Trump today.

GOP Donors Who Attended Trump Fundraiser In NJ Hrs. Before His Pos. Covid-19 Test, Freaking Out

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Live and Let Die!

So, I let my mind ponder the ramifications of IQ45 pulling through, but the First Escort

Look what they are saying on Tucker Carlson show on Fox w/Matt gaetz

"My prognosis is 32 days to live. We're cooked," a GOP strategist said. "Brace for impact."

A New Dystopian Thriller That Will Twist Your Stomach and Your Brain

I can just see Putin's reaction now...

If trump's credibility finally craters...

Chuck Schumer Suggests Amy Coney Barrett Hearings Should Be Delayed

Meanwhile... Trump campaign today started running more Facebook attack ads pushing the bogus earpiec

Just think, for a mere $750, orange mango was

This right here

Rep. Omar issues terrific response to new Twitter policy

'Trump's Diagnosis Is Proof Positive The GOP Cannot Govern & Why We Need To Elect Democrats'

What if Trump Can't Run? Many Steps Are Clear, but Some Are Not

CNN Is Showing A Bunch Of Morons With American & Drumpf Flags At Walter Reed

SCOTUS Nominee Amy Coney Barrett Had Coronavirus Earlier This Year

had to turn off msnbc. too much malarky and hardly any news

10-2/"Regeneron shares spiked in late trading, rising more than 3% after market closed in New York."

I think that Donnie Two Scoops

Interesting picture of the Saturday event

You'll want to check out this informational graphic on the SCOTUS superspreader event from Politico

Is Trump on a ventilator?

What happened to Hope Hicks?

If he gets moved to intensive care then the mortality rate jumps to around 40%

If one more Republican on the Judiciary Committee gets Covid and can't vote they lose their

How will GOP leadership respond to what this means for the election? What's next?

Steve Schmidt thread: I wish Trump and Melania an expeditious recovery...

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats Democrats will likely win in 2020.

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything.

Remember when Republicans were advocating that there are more important things than living

The Probable Outcomes of Trump's Diagnosis

I think the coronavirus just voted!

Aw man. What a pity party is going on on Hannity.

Two Levels of Stupid (A True Story)

Is Fate playing it's hand?

What if Trump Can't Run? Many Steps Are Clear, but Some Are Not

I have as much sympathy for Trump as I do for a suicide bomber who blows himself up ...

I guess this was trump's October surprise

Canada to keep U.S. border curbs until pandemic is much less serious

Some say Trump is just trying to find a way to avoid a humiliating defeat

Joe: Thank you, Grand Rapids, for a great afternoon. From the virus to the economy, we face immense

A huge, bigly crowd gathers at tRump's hospital...

Jeff Tiedrich wishes Trump a speedy recovery.

This is unprecidented.....

Trump The Addict - Confirmed

3004 corona virus cases for Wisconsin according to NYT for Oct, 1st - link added.

The Greatest #AtHome Videos

I wonder if God is angry that Trump nominated Barrett for the Supreme Court

Biden Thanks Orange Garbage Bag Full of Molten, Diarrhea for Preparing Him to Debate Trump

Trump, Lee, Tillis: Congress Reconsiders Testing Its Own

Barrett Promises to Leave Her Religion Out of Legal Opinions as Long


What happens if Trump cannot run anymore? It gets messy, quickly....

Aides thought Trump seemed unwell Wednesday, but he kept exposing people Thursday

Trump's COVID Diagnosis Spooks Russia: 'Our Candidate is Sick'

as I sit here looking at today's still horrendous COVID numbers

Not to be ghoulish, but if neither Trump nor Biden can lead their respective tickets

Chuck Grassley is 87, met with COVID positive senator, refusing to be tested.

what if he dies and...... miraculously comes back to life


AG Barr wipes nose, then shakes hands with others

Claudia Conway has tweeted that her mom Kellyann has covid

Senior West Wing staffers sent message to Jr. staffers that masks/social distancing were barriers...

Even if a Trump loses he is still eligible for another term

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trevor Reacts to Trump Getting COVID

Trump's mask walk was like a kid in a dunce cap.

Claudia Conway's TikTok now says her mom does have covid. I don't know if that's just her

Steve Schmidt does NOT want Biden taking his attack ads off the air: multiple tweets in half an hour

All of the Conways may have Coronavirus!

"Totally Under Control"

If you had any doubt how the Trump campaign would react with the roles reversed, here you go:

Former Sun Devil Brandon Aiyuk voted Rookie of the Week

Faux spinning.."he is an essential worker" "like a general" "not hiding his face"

kellyanne conway has covid

Another one: Kellyann Conway has tested positive

The Cryptkeeper tested positive.

Amy Coney Barrett likely is the Original COVID-19 Source

Gotta admit, It's all very Stephen King. -Hoarse Whisperer.

OK Joe's not out of the woods yet cuz this can still develop in the next 48 hrs

So, do you think that Trump still thinks that the stock market is

Kellyanne Conway says:

Tweet from Kellyanne Conway

Maryland consumers can't purchase alcohol at grocery stores. That may change soon.

Yesterday, Trump, the Largest Driver of Coronavirus Falsehoods

Minnesota Republicans fly Delta home from D.C. after COVID-19 exposure

Super spreader event was SCOTUS announcement.

Kellyanne Conway, former senior adviser to Trump, says she has tested positive for coronavirus

Clorox will be the official sponsor of Trump's funeral

Kellyanne spent some quality time w/ Bill Barr at superspreader event

Those jokes about how the WH has to be sanitized before Biden moves in

Never in the history of the USA has the public

It's the Revenge of the Rose Garden !

WaPo reporting Trump went to Walter Reed pre-emptively, while he could still walk, for optics

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Will We All Be Wearing These COVID Super-Suits in the Future?

This sure is a convenient excuse for IQ45 to agitate that the election must be postponed ...

Top leaders of Congress have had no briefing about Trump's health. Gang of Eight hasn't been notifie

Do The Repugs Have A.....

CNN Versus Faux

Here's What We Know About The Antibody Treatment Trump Is Getting For COVID-19

Just thinking ahead ...

This Week in Hell: Kinda Quiet. Might Rain. I Hear Something Happened to That Trump Boy (Ferret/SC)

We Know Trump Was Said To Have 'Mild Symptoms' But He's At Walter Reed And Being Treated.....

the positive outcome in that massive COVID spread at white house

Kelly's husband seems pissed -

George Conway's response to Kellyanne Conway's COVID positive announcement

Trump, stricken by COVID-19, staying at military hospital

Kellyann conway has covid

RBG is watching.

Who's next? Pence? Barr? Someone else?

If trump gets really sick, Faux news may have a problem

Kellyanne Conway has tested positive for COVID...

Sen. Ted Cruz's Odd Attempt To Diss Biden Gets Roasted To Oblivion

Blondie-Heart Of Glass

Can't confirm ... Bill Barr too?

They are dropping like flies. Breaking news doesn't begin to cover the incredulousness of the last

Just when we all thought trump would shove anti-feminist Amy down our throats.

The B-52's - Roam

Trump infected with COVID-19: Empathy for a president who has none for others

LA Times Editorial Board Blames 'Reckless' Trump for His Own Coronavirus Diagnosis

The Bangles - Going Down to Liverpool


"Invincibility punctured by infection: How the coronavirus spread in Trump's White House":

"It's a trying, confusing time in QAnon world."

Trump appears to blame troops and cops for spreading virus to his inner circle

Shout out to EarlG and elad - DU has been purring along during a really busy week

They're going to need a bigger hoaxpital

Apparently, the evangelicals aren't praying hard enough.

Contact tracing President Trump in Minnesota: Who hung out with him for how long?

@SenatorWicker -- because you refused to wear a mask on our @Delta flight last night, please let your

Trump is terrified -- and could exploit his COVID-19 infection to further destabilize the election:

Jon Favreau: Trump and Republicans held a mask-less, crowded, superspreader event at the White House

The red circles show people who tested positive....

I will never get over the fact that the President of the United States spent nearly an entire year l

Trump's anti-feminist supreme court nominee may be derailed by Repub corona outbreak.

Trump getting COVID is "the epidemiological equivalent of a mass shooting where the shooter opens fi

Laurie Garrett: Almost everyone infected with COVID at Barrett event...

the Amy Coney Barrett WH event was not entirely outdoors

Political cartoon of the YEAR (well, maybe week or month).....

Fox: Still criticizing masks and defending hydroxychloroquine

Kate Bush - Cloudbusting

They announce a Supreme Court nominee and everyone there gets sick

God damn it Biden!!!

When you are President of the United States and are supposed to be fighting a deadly virus attacking

Washington Post columnist eviscerates Melania Trump over border separation tapes

Crucial Advice: A Complete Set of Instructions for Dying and in the Bardos - Longchenpa - Dzogchen

Trump's administration will be a frightening morality tale for generations

"no evidence rose garden event was a super spreader"

You know what? I don't fucking care anymore.

Trump Traveled To 7 States And Met Dozens Of People Before He Tested Positive For COVID-19. Here's A

After the Chump diagnosis, out of respect, the Biden campaign should distance

I hope the press keeps informing everyone about all the right wing super spreader events.

I do not care that others may be sad he has it. He fucking deserves it and I pray he has the

Stevie Nicks - Sara

If you're using the phrase "hiding in the basement" next to footage of the President being quarantin

Place your bets, ladies and gents...who's next?

My dear DUers - please get your flu & pneumonia shot. Make time. Just do it. You'll be glad you did.

did melania go to walter reed to be quarantined (allegedly) or is she not really

Waning Gibbous Moon with tree

Covid knows the difference between Republicans and Democrats?

Statement from White House physician may be released within the hour

There, in a hospital room, the facade crumbles and the ugly truth is bared.

Trump's trip to Walter Reed was primarily for optics.

Dean Obeidallah gave the best case scenario..

There's too much gold in the universe. No one knows where it came from.

Stolen from Reddit - Puerto Rico here, our thoughts and prayers are with the president.

Another strong Steve Schmidt thread

Stevie Nicks - Edge of Seventeen

This is stunning. They aren't providing Secret Service agents testing after they work a Trump rally.

Contact Tracers Waited On Names Of Trump Fundraiser Guests Who Had Already Scattered

That Saturday event may have been the single stupidest action in American history...

We laugh...but this is actually a major national security incident.

My SwingLeft VotePA Phone Banking Experience Tonight

Several times here, and a few times in personal conversations,

I assumed it was a lie.

Michael Moore coming up on MSNBC. Changing channels.

This is how I feel about Trump having Covid 19. Any New Jack City Fans?

Sarah Brightman - Captain Nemo

Biden Campaign Begins Adjusting To New Uncertainty In Campaign, NYT

This should be Biden's next ad...

He just tweeted...

Fox's Gutfeld: Trump Got COVID Because He 'Took The Risk ... For Us'

Well, at least two Republican Senators tested negative

I suspect Barr will get a positive test soon. Look how close he and Kellyanne are while chatting.

Report: Hall of Fame pitcher, Omaha native Bob Gibson died Friday

Crap. Bob Gibson has died...

Michael Moore: Still irrelevant and tonight BORING

Social media erupts with conspiracy theories and death wishes after Trump's positive COVID test

President Pelosi-"stand back & stand by!"

Lawsuit seeks to halt Texas governor's changes to mail ballot drop-offs

How Soon Is Now? - The Smiths

Trump is now on Remdesivir.

Statement from the Doctor

White House Physician just released a new statement...Brian Williams is reading it now.

Sanders to hold 'socially distanced rally' for Biden in New Hampshire

ER Physician's take on Trump's treatment as reported

Is it time to invoke the 25th Amendment

Super spreader seating chart. Look where Father is.

Another one: Bill Stepien (campaign manager) tests positive for C19

Name films that have a dead POTUS/leader and the death is covered up

Was it reported Trump is on Remdesivir?!

Trump campaign manager tests positive for Covid-19

Duval County early voting sites were moved. A civil rights group calls it a 'dirty trick'

Bill Stepian, campaign head, tests positive

Per Brian Williams at MSNBC

Ronna Romeny McDaniel test positive

State Republicans' challenge to early voting creates turmoil, uncertainty for Fort Bend County elect

Wow, what a week!

Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien is positive.

Hey, Media, there is other news to report on!

The arrogant bastard of a 'president' gets his comeuppance.

Muscogee County (GA) adds five early voting locations

Trump Community Theme Song

It seems Nature has delivered the biggest October surprise of all!!

Los Angeles County Early Voting Begins Next Week

Cal Cunningham, Democrat US Senate candidate, confirms sexts

Three White House journalists test positive for coronavirus after closely covering Trump

Early voting begins on Monday in Iowa

Transcript excerpt from Tuesday's presidential debate

Lindsey Graham is still planning for Oct. 12 hearings and to approve Barrett nomination by Oct. 22.

GA: Voting groups giving out food boxes Saturday at James Brown Arena

Knox County Election Commission votes against using Thompson-Boling Arena as polling site

Were Hope Hicks and/or Mitch McConnell at the SCOTUS superspreader?

Melania Trump tapes reveal complaints on Christmas and migrant children row

Typhoid Amy

This week has been a long year. n/t

Bill Barr is Next on the List....

Who are those idiots waving Trump and American flags outside of Walter Reed Hospital?

Call it fate or or call it follies?

Bryce Jordan Center (Penn State) Selected As Polling Site For 2020 General Election

right now it seems to be sweeping thru the repubs. let's hope dems do not

Let all of us be honest. Trump would be stomping on Biden if the situation was reversed.

Record Number of California Voters Registered Ahead of November Election

You are not being just like them. (A rant)

NYT has list of who Trump met with lately - Betsy DeVos & Stephen Miller were on the list

Green groups launch 'Green Wave 2020' initiative to boost competitive Democratic campaigns

Don't Forget Trump Is Still A Racist And A Threat To US Nat'l Security

Chief Justice Roberts was at the Amy Coney Barrett event without a mask on (near Conway)

Most viewed story on The Guardian (US) right now. Guess...

Four Texas Republicans vote against U.S. House resolution condemning QAnon

"I just dropped in to see what my condition was"?

What I don't understand about the Saturday event.

Boy Sunday started with a firecracker and by Friday the building burned down!

Minnesota Republicans fly Delta home from D.C. after COVID-19 exposure, violating Delta rules

CNN asked Dr. Fauci to comment, but he couldn't stop giggling. n/t

Seth Meyers - Trump Claims He Won the First Presidential Debate - Monologue 10/1/20

Chamber poll shows Joe Biden winning Florida by 5 points

Hope is contagious -- Barack Obama, 2013

FL-15: Alan Cohn launches first General Election TV spot as he rakes in the campaign cash

Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman: Bryan Adams, Live

About Empathy for Donald Trump? example from history & some additional thoughts.

Cruising on 10mg of Indica tonight...

Trump's campaign manager tests positive for Covid-19

Politico compiled video shows tRump's last week

I think we might be looking at this all wrong---

Whoa, just saw a Jaime Harrison (Lindsey's challenger) ad in Louisiana!

So this spreading event occurred 6 days ago

Tom Harkin: Health Care Is On The Ballot In 2020

A Change Is Gonna Come.

White House encouraged people to take off their masks, and packed everyone together tightly

Hold On, I'm Coming: Sam & Dave

To lighten the mood...

The guy behind Mitch McConnell tested positive? Correction: Not McConnell.

I'm having a little trouble following things tonight Re: rose garden ceremony

23 people positive now, directly and indirectly from Sat nomination event

"No parallel in the developed world to what the United States is going through right now."

Hope Hicks wasn't at SC announcement??

My guess is that Amy Barrett is an asymptomatic carrier

Chris Wallace loses his temper ON AIR over masks, leaves other Fox hosts stunned

now i lay me down to sleep

Chain of Fools: Aretha Franklin, John Travolta Dance

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats Democrats are gonna win in 2020.

Chicago's Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Her Awesome Halloween Costume!

Hi, a new but not really new here

Saturday's SCOTUS event continued indoors too.....

10/04 Mike Luckovich: So much love

I think I saw this Greek Tragedy: Evil King told he would incest. Doesn't listen. Fucks himself.

Dumbasses outside of Walter Reed

Debate Commission & Trump oppose increasing separation at debates

As a taxpayer, here's a question...

Garrett On SCOTUS Event: 'Because Nobody Was Wearing A Mask, Everybody Was At Risk' - MSNBC

Amy Coney Barrett WH event was not entirely outdoors (photo)

Amy had COVID19 last summer? She could still be shedding virus. A double whammy..?

This is probably the most human Trump has ever seemed.

I'm thinking ahead here...but Biden needs to figure out how to teach Putin a lesson.

Brit Hume tries to shame VP Biden for mask wearing, gets the smackdown

I wonder how Hillary is taking all this?

Anti-Mask, Optics and Walter Reed

Kellyanne Conway - to answer your question from a while back.

Cat attacks Marine One while enroute to Walter Reed medical center

Russian editor dies after setting herself on fire, BBC and Al Jazeera.

Visual: tRump's inner circle these past 48 hours

Fat Man

Stayin' Alive: The Bee Gees

Is anyone watching "The Third Day"?

Proposed Catawba casino for NC has momentum, but many hurdles still to overcome

Tulane University Epidemiologist: "Pence is not yet definitively uninfected"

Trump threw Saudi Arabia a lifeline after Khashoggi's death. Two years later, he has gotten little i

Trump threw Saudi Arabia a lifeline after Khashoggi's death. Two years later, he has gotten little i

Character matters-and the GOP lacks it

Two senators on the Judiciary Committee test positive, raising questions about the timing of Barrett

It's gonna be a long week waiting to be sure Joe is ok. Hope Kamala says video debate only.

More than 1 million requests: North Carolina mail-in balloting shatters records

Who decides?

ed sheerhan is...boring IMO

Prominent Minnesota Republicans in quarantine, seeking COVID-19 tests after Trump visit

Simple Minds - Belfast Child

There are more COVID-19 cases in the White House right now than in the entire country of Vietnam

Why national groups are giving so much attention to a state Senate race in the Twin Cities suburbs

As a group, Rs enjoyed flaunting the COVID rules; now, they'll get to battle COVID on their own

Imagine if you had the job of faking Trump's tweets for the next few days. To do it convincingly,

The Proud Boys are closer than you think

Black Label Society - Fire It Up

so back in february when donnie said there were 15 cases and pretty soon it was gonna be zero,

How ironic. Trump may have been a super spreader.

Has anyone had news of the reaction overseas?

Forest won't answer questions for voters guide, says they 'don't reflect reality'

White House will overtake New Zealand for Current cases of covid

Health officials urge people who attended Trump rally to get tested for coronavirus

Appeals court says it's up to Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose whether counties can have multipl

Saint Ruth?

Trump campaign events move online after president tests positive for virus

I don't want trump to die...

Jimmy Kimmel on Trump's COVID-19 Diagnosis

Westmoreland County fires deputy director of election bureau

How many people did Trump infect with COVID-19?

(Jewish Group) White supremacists: Trump tested positive for COVID-19 because he's too close to Jews

My best friend & bandmate in several bands starting in 1978...

HPU Poll assesses president's approval level

Judge approves NC absentee ballot lawsuit settlement - but another could block it

I want it to be serious enough that he learns a lesson, and

Child endangerment by SCOTUS nominee

Here is how things are going to unfold - My $0.02

The state legislative battles to watch in 2020

Stephen Colbert: A Very Unusual Friday And A Very Unexpected Friday Late Show - Monologue

30 years after official reunification, Germany is still suffering from radical divisions

Halloween Is Coming! #6

Halloween Is Coming! #7

Halloween Is Coming! #8

Halloween Is Coming! #9

Halloween Is Coming! #10

Halloween Is Coming! #11

Halloween Is Coming! #12

Halloween Is Coming! #13

Halloween Is Coming! #14

Halloween Is Coming! #15

Longtime Longwood megachurch leader Joel Hunter endorses Joe Biden

Stephen Colbert: Dr. Jon LaPook Reacts To President Trump's Covid-19 Diagnosis

Ex-Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale is complying with order to surrender guns

Stephen Colbert: John Dickerson On What's Next For The Trump And Biden Presidential Campaigns

Nearly 41 years later, council to consider formal apology for Greensboro Massacre

FIU poll: Most Miami Cuban Americans support Trump policies and will vote to reelect him

Michigan Supreme Court rules against Whitmer on emergency powers but effect unclear

Coalition announces $7 million to help Miami ex-felons pay fines to be able to vote again

Any minute now...

Kamala Harris' husband meets with local community members during visit to Greensboro

Trump, trump, trump...

so KelleyAnne Conway tested positive

Czech Republic sees record surge in virus cases

Hydroxychloroquine Doctor is Furious Donald Trump Took 'Experimental Antibody Stupidness'

I find it interesting now that trump and republicans are in this position now with this virus

Bob Gibson, a native Omahan and one of MLB's most dominant pitchers, dies at 84

New 9/11 Judge at Guantnamo Quits After Two Weeks

3 more Los Angeles police officers charged with falsifying gang information

Border barriers being sold as scrap metal

Awesome Fictional Land Vehicles

More than seven hundred students test positive for coronavirus at Northumbria University

Wonder what the evangelical Xians are saying about their fuehrer

Fearful of the pandemic and threats from riders, Detroit's bus drivers refuse to work

WH debate prep room so far with Covid-19:

Florida man was 'testing the system' when he requested mail-in ballot for dead wife, police say

Just had a black bear visit outside my bedroom window.

Awesome Fictional Air Vehicles Comparison

Two thoughts re. Trump and Covid

Candidate for Wake County sheriff charged with DWI in Holly Springs

I used to wake up to see if he started WWIII. Now I wake up to see if he's alive.

The President did not "catch" coronavirus. He IGNORED the advice of doctors, MOCKED the science, put

'con leaning Hill reports:

Report: SARS-CoV-2 is unhappy

Wimpy thug Mitch insists on SCOTUS, or SCOTA, nomination proceed as Mercury stations retrograde, 10.

NC Democratic candidate's video on Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis prompts outcry

These mother fuckers brought covid to the debate

You cannot be Covid disoriented and carry the nuclear football

And in today's episode of right wing propaganda noise trying to rewrite history...

Supreme Court to hear Arizona voting rights case next year

Census Bureau to hold count through end of October

It has been 12 hours since Trump was taken to Walter Reed.

Rumor out of Puerto Rico

Has anybody read Edgar Allen Poe's Masque of the Red Death?

No tweets in over 24 hours? "It" must be in trouble.

We got our Hope, is there anyone named Change in trump's inner circle?

Medical treatment? Sure. Sympathy? No god damn fucking way.

Yet, another death in 2020.

Oxford: UK hospitals already using Trump antibody drug

What Did You Expect?

Hall of Famer Bob Gibson dies at 84

We were afraid he was Benito Mussolini

Trump is our employee

Tweet(s) of the morning

Republicans are very ignorant about science

Please don't say karma

Could Nancy Pelosi, as POTUS, sack Barr, the Cabinet, release Mueller's full report etc etc

I will have empathy for drumpf once all the children he has tortured are free and healthy again

So they didn't take Master Putin's Magic Potion ???

If You're Happy President Trump Tested Positive for COVID-19, You're Just as Bad as He Is

WAPO Front Page: Vote.Out - 3/Nov/2020 - 30 Days

Don't let claim the moral highground while they're standing on a heap of bullshit

Presidential Debates Commission agrees to seat Kamala Harris and Mike Pence farther apart

Michigan Supreme Court strikes down governor's emergency Covid powers

John Cleese Revels in Donald Trump's COVID-19 Diagnosis

Don't Forget Trump Is Still A Racist And Threat To US Nat'l Security

About the Sat Super-Spreader....

Tropical Storm Gamma and the rest of the Atlantic

Hypothetical question.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Tweet this AM

Gov. McMaster says SC restaurants can open at full capacity, 'effective immediately'

Don't Forget Trump Is Still A Racist And Threat To US Nat'l Security

I've heard Trumps obesity mentioned about 20 times in the last 24 hrs.

Joe please don't pull your ads

YOU raised $23,890.50 for Biden-Harris, 0 for Amy (DITCH Mitch) McGrath, and 0 for duhneece on 10-2

The "October Surprise" is finally unveiled

Was There a Coverup?

Question on mannerism of putting finger up to side of nose.

Not sure if I should but...

Long-delayed Trump administration study finds that climate change threatens polar bears

Adderall withdrawal can't be pleasant

Trump Must Survive To Face Trial

Again Drumpf first in line to get the best treatment possible

SC is 'so red it is sunburned,' but Jaime Harrison might have a chance vs. Lindsey Graham

Now I'm checking every 30 minutes to see

Supreme Court Pick's Superspreader Event Wasn't Just Held Outdoors

You've Really Got A Hold On Me

Facebook, Twitter flounder in QAnon crackdown

October 2, 2020, 9:15 pm.

Biden's new campaign music

'Everything I said was true'

🚨BREAKING ... SEN. RON JOHNSON has Covid. 3rd Senate Republican to test positive

Reports are that the dRumps arrived late to debate, were not tested as they were suppose to be, and

He didn't he cheat on his wife, while being in politics

Don't buy their narrative-There is 1 lesson only: SCIENCE IS REAL & EXPERTS ARE RIGHT.

Let's show some class here.

U.S. Senate candidate Cal Cunningham admits to sexual texting with California strategist

Sweden has overtaken China in CV-19 cases per JHU

One thing Trump and Herman Cain have in common is they're both still sending out tweets

Rightfully or not, Amy Coney Barrett will be remembered as

Sen Ron Johnson has CoVid-19

An appropriate morning rant: The irony of the anti-mask crowd

Still life of Fall flowers

No, I don't feel any pity for him at all, none.

Rate of mass loss from the Greenland Ice Sheet will exceed Holocene values this century.

Sen. Ron Johnson tests positive for coronavirus

In California Trump Country, supporters struggling to process the president having COVID-19

Reckless ReTHUGS

Trump's other coronavirus complication: His credibility gap

The White House is COVID's new soft taco bell.

Nutwing wonders-"Why do Repukes get C-19, but Dems don't?"


Fairbanks woman was recently diagnosed with the second known case of 'Alaskapox'

'God-tier genetics': A stunned MAGA world offers blame, adulation after Trump's diagnosis

Breaking: Seen flying over the White House this morning

Great. SCOTUS Will Hear Case On Whether Climate Suit Against Big Energy Can Proceed In State Courts

tweet for early morning saturday

So it seems that covid was running rampant in the Rose Garden

Have Uday and Qusay Trump been tested yet?

Thursday night President Trump told people at a dinner: "The end of the pandemic is in sight."

If Trump dies from this, I will stop rubbing their face in it. Maybe.

So three Republican senators now have it.

Trump and the Repub Party are running an experiment in herd immunity...

The Amazon Has Seen Our Future 1: Captain Chainsaw's Delusions

What is NOT being answered is how did their testing totally give false negatives for days at a

The Amazon Has Seen Our Future 2: Already Sick, Now Sicker

Trump's mishandling of the coronavirus defines his presidency.

The Amazon Has Seen Our Future 3: Spreading Faith And Disease

So, the SCOTUS event designed to spread fascism also spread COVID

DNA and Carroll

Judge rebuffs bid to ease pandemic limits at private schools in New Mexico

Khusay once said ..don't remember where

Cats can imitate us

Time to pull the plug. He's been brain dead long enough.

I DARE YOU - No, I double dare you, to find a cuter video today

IMO Trump is at a considerable risk of dying:

Summer ended on September 22nd a mere 4 days later was the super spreader event.

Let the hydroxychloroquine force-feedings begin!

Northwest Iowa is Trump country, but...

COVID 19: "I moved on him like a bitch"

Fox "News" can go fuck itself.


We're all gonna need a hobby. The 24/7 Trump reality TV show is off air. No 4th season.

Donald J. Trump Will Receive Every Available Treatment

Number of Americans who disapprove of Trump's race relations rises since February

Antares rocket launches new astronaut toilet and more to space station for NASA

Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor Is 'Very Likely to Work,' Studies Suggest

Imagine considering someone to sit on the Supreme Court with poor enough judgement to ...

Republican senator Covid count is at three. Tally here.

Kung-Fu Cat - Paw and Claw technique

Harvey Weinstein charged with 3 more rapes in California

Noble Piece Prick Prize!

Imagine if this were the Obama White House being infected. Would the God Squad pray for them?

Trump's Base Must Be Experiencing Some Serious Cognitive Dissonance Just Now.

The Special Needs Kindergarteners I was with wore their masks all day working & playing in 90 temp

Reminder: last night Delta allowed 3 repug politcians with known COVID exposure on a plane.

Trump's America:Unprecedented:ICE is launching billboards in Pennsylvania with faces of immigrants

Shaub: Imagine if experimental treatment Trump was given could make him feel empathy and regret

An English Podcast Description of Trump @ The Debate

This is an idea I could support.

Yes there are campaign commercials for the Supreme Court

Absolutely Brilliant Judgment.

I Wonder What Kind Of Patient Trump Is?......

Any info on whether Speaker Pelosi is isolating or not?

IT'S NOT FAIR that after his great work with Russia sliming Biden, Ron Johnson has the coronavirus.

This is exactly how I feel about all of this. Please watch.

The trump gets the best treatment.

Reality Bursts the Trumpworld Bubble

Looks like Barr was in the front row at super spreader WH event for cult judge Barrett!

"It Affects Virtually Nobody": The Three Weeks of Denial Leading Up To Trump's Diagnosis

Face masks unlikely to cause over-exposure to CO2, even in patients with lung disease

David Remnick, New Yorker: The Coronavirus and the Threat Within the White House

Secure drop boxes, extra sorting machines and a decade of experience In Illinois vote by mail

One story from a positive night phonebanking in South Central Mi. 15th week

Rick Wilson & Steve Schmidt are leaning HARD into the home stretch for November 3rd.

Why are they cutting down large trees at the White House ???

Tweet from Sen Warren

If Pence had Covid would they lie about it?

Trump plans to name conservative activist Tom Fitton to court oversight agency

Trump's doctor will provide update at 11am est

Senator Ron Johnson has covid now so 3 rethugs

Be Best?

Irony really is dead. trump sign I just drove by "Rebuild the Economy..Trump 2020"

Who does trump's hair when he is in the hospital?

Told ya, motherfucker

In London, the Cockneys must be having a field day

Senate GOP's third positive Covid-19 case threatens quick Barrett confirmation

Spookiest music video and tune!

When do the Proud Boys get their message as they "stand by." At what point of the election process

Notre Dame students using COVID-19 snitch site to report university president.

On edit: Rick Scott's office is saying he misspoke and does not have coronavirus.

Missouri Presidential Poll (Remington Research) Biden -5

It's the lean in & whisper for me

A friend of mine just called me!

Chris Christie is positive.

This motherfucker needs to get Covid:

My Message to Trumplicans

No Trump tweets today and only 2 yesterday........

David Axelrod for the win

Eddie Cochran was born on this date.

Trump Campaign stop today - still no masks.

If asked to become the next Trump campaign manager consider this:

Just wondering. . .how much speed, or PED's, did they have to pump into covid45* so that he

CNN Says He's Having Trouble Breathing

Keb' Mo' has a birthday today.

"I don't feel bad that Trump got COVID. The way he was dressed he was asking for it."

Republicans have a luncheon twice weekly maskless

I deleted Sen Scott because apparently he doesn't know how to speak

A still life featuring apples we picked...

Is Trump lying about having Covid19?

Stevie was born on this date.

Amy Coney Barrett's Malignant View of the Constitution

I get so much SHIT on my cell phone!


Contact tracing the SC nominee spreader event

Amy Covid Barrett' SCOTUS announcement was like when the Nazis opened up the Ark of the Covenant in

DOJ touting its success in overturning public health measures put in place by a state Governor...

Across Canada by Train on VIA Rail's "Canadian" - Another Look

Lindsey Buckingham has a birthday today.

Evangelicals prayers being answered

Hope Hicks is the scapegoat!

Amy Coney Barrett brought her 7 unmasked kids to a super spreader event to show how pro life she is

"Remember that the doctor we're about to hear from said..."

I am waiting for

This is cosmically hilarious: An idiot man-child won't wear a mask, bullies others not to

Gwen Stefani has a birthday today.

Pence is holding a MAGA rally on Thursday in Arizona

a trump rally without masks or social distancing less than 24 hours later

"We've heard for the last *six months* that life should go on as business as usual..."

"I will venmo $100 to the first Walter Reed staffer that...

Moon and Mars

I feel fine today!

trump the superspreader

BREAKING NEWS: Patriots star Cam Newton tests positive for COVID

636 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat.; 12 deaths

So I thought my elm tree needed pruning and invited some estimates

Trending on Twitter, "#RoseGardenMassacre"

I've received three notifications of Trump's Doctor giving an update on his condition.

Has Covid delivered us from orange pig shits threat of violence

just occurred to me that RBG's last words may have actually been a curse

Chris Christie tested positive ?

So, let me get this straight. That fucking pendeja Conway was supposedly

Cam Newton tests positive for COVID-19

Will Hope Hicks be the super-spreader scapegoat?

There is no sympathy vote

If Trump and Pence die and Nancy Pelosi becomes president

Sympathy for Walter Reed staff! Can you imagine what kind of patient Trump must be?

"Today I am thinking of those who were unable to protect themselves."

Weekend TOONs - The October Not-So-Surprising Surprise


So we should send "thoughts and prayers" to a serial killer?

After 8 MONTHS I finally got the info I've been looking for.

Instead of looking for Russian dirt to smear a candidate, maybe Ron Johnson's time would have been b

NYT Post Debate Polls: Voters in PA & FL Repelled By Trump's Behavior

Stick the blue light up his ass, tried everything else

Rep. Ilhan Omar: Why would Biden delay or suspend his campaign...

Is this presser going to be North Korean style or legit?

George Takei: A lot of people are asking what happens if Trump cannot perform his duties as presiden

Think about multiple people testing positive shortly after testing negative

Michigan ballot proposals

Christy just announced he is positive

I've corrected all the "errors" in Trump's most recent letter to me asking for my vote.

BROKEN: Out of Abundance of Caution, Trump Flown to Moscow for Treatment

even the fucking white house dr is not wearing a mask

Trump's doctors are speaking (at last)

Just picked up my yard signs (and bumper stickers) from my local dems...

Bandy X. Lee: With Trump out of commission, MAGAts have the opportunity to see reality

I'm watching Trump's doctor.

Breaking: Bill Barr tested positive for crimes.

What is wrong with these dumbass

Who are these people?

The con's dr says we're 72 hrs into diagnosis...WTH? Were we not told only

Anyone know the last time Ron DeathSentence was in the same room with Donald?

The eyes never lie

Dr. Conley lets the cat out of the bag?:

"This morning, the president is doing very well."

Has the president ever been on oxygen? 'he's not on it now'

If Barr also gets sick we will have to acknowledge that God really exists and really does love us.

Slightly overweight?? Very good health

This doctor is lying

Just got home. Had tv on for the dog. Look at this fucking weasel.

Let me praise the reporters. They are asking the important questions.


These doctors felt like paid actors.

Three things.. 4 critical care pulmonologist, and anesthesia specialist doctor

Sanjay Gupta says not helpful.

On CNN: Dr. Sanjay Gupta calling BULLSHIT!

Losing one's sense of taste is a major covid symptom:

Dr Redlender (sp?)

Any statisticians around? I was wondering, just what are a snowflakes chances in hell? n/t

Why is there an anesthesiologist on the Orange Blob's team ...

Sad that trump is receiving top level healthcare for himself, while he sues to take it away

Michael Moore, planting serious decide.

Chris Christie says he has tested positive for the coronavirus

CNN sounds like they have a dispute on the time line as per trump's COVID

How many minutes till the Dr. says he 'misspoke' about timeline???

so that update from the white house dr was as expected.

If Trump tested positive 72 hours ago, was Biden informed?????????

Where are the calls for Trump to drop out?

CNN "This is a massive scandal"

What I Saw at the White House

Anyone else remember back in May when trump said he was taking hydroxychlorquine?

He is not on oxygen right now (quick put it back on)

If he was fine, he'd be tweetin.

After the announcement that Chris Christie has contracted the virus, I only need...

Boog the chocolate lab PIZZA

Asked why they refuse to mention Herman Cain's death they fall back on the reflex answer "He should'


Wait! The doc said he has "daily ultrasounds".

Christie tests positive for COVID-19 after helping Trump with debate preparation

What could be entertaining...

E-mail from Ben Cardin (Nothing New...)

Prediction - noun/verb/9/11 will be the next person

I'm hoping with the utter stupidity being exhibited by the Repubs

How many rethug senators have to be out for Dems to gain control

Cal Cunningham not even trending

Question of the day

I don't trust this doctor, maybe its just me...

Is this insensitive of me?

Pic Of The Moment: Dear Republicans

I Had A Laugh When I Read Biden's Tweet Wishing Trump And Melania A Swift Recovery.....

Trump's doctor [in summary]:

From a source close to Trump

Trump is the super spreader

So tRumps doctor team just made a statement, he's doing great, no more fever, but

Any DUer got the anonymous statement from the WH

"Not on the path to a clear recovery."

Any word on whether Joe and Jill are getting daily tests?

"The president's vitals over the last 24 hours were very concerning"

I believe trump's doctor as much as I believed Spicer

CNN's Gloria Borger

Whooopss..Chris Christie's the latest WH Covid victim

So if Trump is doing so well.....

"slightly overweight"??

Was just on The Hill, some of the christofascists have already written off Donnie...

Some perspective. I have a cousin from Florida who got infected with Covid

For all we know, Pence is "acting" president, with Pelosi in the wings.

CNN is a bit frantic on the timeline. Even Fredericka Whitfield seems to be wincing.

Archaeologists Find 200,000-Year-Old Grass Beds in South African Cave

Music appreciation but appropriate considering. Cheap Trick-Ain't That A Shame. Dedicated to

BREAKING: "The president's vitals over the last 24 hours were very concerning and the next 48....

Newscasters, commentators I think you mean "flouted"

President Eisenhower had Ileus during his 1956 re-election campaign.

What Going on at MSNBC This Afternoon?

"Vital signs of trump are.very.concerning"

Anyone else wonder if he knew he had it on Tuesday and showed up late no test to infect Biden?

It seems pretty clear now that after they found out that Trump was positive

Troubling potus covid timeline (Before the debate, n'est-ce pas?)

Hugo Chavez Was Dead For Weeks

Reminder: Trump showed up too late to the debate to be tested AS PLANNED.

Is Mark Meadows the source behind the anonymous info on trump's vitals??

Did Trump try to purposely infect Joe Biden?

In January, when President Biden takes office and before he moves into Whitehouse . . . the

Chris Christie's got the Rona. I'm following my mom's advice: "If you can't say anything

It is quite clear Chump couldn't protect his own residence,

Is Dr. Atlas leading "herd immunity" using "herd mentality" at the WH?


Mark Meadows getting caught on camera leaking to the press this morning. This is a WH in full panic

Check this out!

Good golly, Trump and his fearless band of goonies spread that shit everywhere, didn't they?

My spell checker is always acting smarter than I am, so I beat the crap out of it.

3,151,964 Americans have voted

My Money Is On Mike Pence Tested Positive


FYI: Franken.....Al Franken.......Coming Up On MSNBC nt

White House Chief of Staff Meadows tried to brief reporters OFF THE RECORD.....

Alumni at Amy Coney Barrett's undergrad school sign letter of concern

Typical Republican lack of concern for others:

Question: Trump Recent Tweets since Diagnosis and Walter Reed Admit

So he knew he had it on WEDNESDAY and still went to Bedminster?!?

Does anyone remember the movie "Dave"?

If Trump dies how long before they announce it?

They were hoping he'd have an asymptomatic case

How many of us are waiting for more covid positives, especially if it be Bill Barr?

Oh cool looks like Mark Meadows is the anonymous "source familiar with the president's health" ...

was feeling guilty about my unusually negative thoughts, then I read this:

Six galaxies trapped in the web of an ancient supermassive black hole

Kindergarden teacher fired for his tattoos

Trump's doctors are delivering a Kagemusha update

Being a Prison Firefighter Taught Me to Save Lives

Can Trump Tweet While On A Ventilator?


2nd sighting of "rona" meme around here. What's its Origin story?

They're all up to their eyebrows in russian money and

The very group at superspreader Saturday are actively working at taking my healthcare in the

Kaitlyn Collins of CNN is a bulldog.

tRump caught it on or before 9/22. He is the super spreader

This old timer does not believe a bit about this virus and tRump.

Mark Meadows is the anonymous WH source

I voted this morning.

its clear trump is in bad shape.

AP source: President Trump was administered supplemental oxygen at the White House on Friday.....

sheesh... all this kerfuffle over a hoax!

Tribute To His Birdness, Chad the Bird

'In constant fear of Western descent into fascism,' until....

Dr. Connelly doesn't seem to understand that, like Ronnie Jackson, he has zero credibility

Trump and his staff knowingly chose to expose others to COVID in an effort to hide his diagnosis.

Democrats and the Main Stream Media lie through their teeth about Trump!!!

GOP gubernatorial hopeful Culp keeps rallies mask-optional, despite Trump coronavirus diagnosis

Dr. Dena Grayson: "Ominous." (Signs POTUS is deteriorating more quickly than usual)

So, was Trump late for the debate on purpose so he could not be tested?

MSNBC: President's Vital Signs "very concerning" over the last 24 hours...

This Sickness Trump has is turning DU GD into a Qanon board

"sexsomnia" WARNING Possible Triggers!

CNN: Source tells reporters: Next 48 hours will be critical for Trump

Shut the Senate Down

Where is Pence? I see Meadows all over the place, but even for appearances Pence should be seen.

Don't forget DJT wants millions to lose health insurance

Trump was given supplemental oxygen at the WH - NYT

Republicans meet every week for a luncheon maskless to keep their lies straight

President taking two experimental drugs

Who wore it better? (WH optics team fail)

The doctors should be honest. The lack of truth shows a distrust in our system.

Pennsylvania and Florida new polls

Chris Wallace urged Fux Noise viewers to 'forget the politics' and 'wear the damn mask'

BREAKING: WH doctor now says: Trump began exhibiting 'clinical indications' of COVID-19 on Thurs

Who here has a pillow over their trump voodoo dolls face ?

I can tell you who is freaking out right now

Trump's public image as a 'strong' leader could be crippled by his COVID-19 diagnosis

Robert Reich For The Win.

Asked why they refuse to mention Herman Cain's death....

Not wearing masks, & you know that you are infecting others could be the most horrific story of all.

Poor Donny. For him, any illness is a sign of weakness and in front of the whole world!

CDC identifies new Covid-19 syndrome in adults similar to MIS-C in kids

It is madness to think anyone would believe anything after nearly 4 years

Bill Announcement; October 3, 2020

Tonight's dessert: North Carolina Lemon Pie

Sarah Cooper on Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis

Readers Digest: 13 Things That Must Happen When a President Dies

Yea, if trump* comes out of this, he won't be having a Scrooge type 'wake up' transformation

Chris Christie may have exposed the ABC anchor team that covered the debate Tuesday night

Special 3-Hour Free program from Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival coming up today!

tweet from 3 minutes ago

Republicans are literally dying to rush through a Supreme Court confirmation

Seventeen Republican congressmen and Justin Amash vote against House resolution condemning QAnon

(updated) Official: Next 48 hours critical for Trump on virus fight

Meerkat & cat (& dog)

It looks like it is quite probable that trump may have given Hope Hicks the virus, and not

We're just like North Korea

Remembering GeoCities, the 1990s Precursor to Social Media

Siamese Cat Has His Own Special Way Of Doing Yoga

Inside the New Coronavirus Relief Bill: a Total Eviction Moratorium

Anybody hear from McTurtle lately?

Trump's refusal to wear face masks turned them into a sad national symbol

So it looks like trump has kept his promise about draining the swamp after all

It appears the GOP is sticking with "Covid is no big deal"

About this oxygen thing...

Democrats are preparing to deal with election disruptions

Texas Democrats are preparing to deal with election disruptions

Gabriel Sherman's got some more tea! Trump asked aides if he was dying


I really don't care, Do U?

Senate will continue hearings on SCOTUS nominee over recess, but not covid relief

Would they tell us if Pence was infected?

With all That Cutting Edge Care, I Predict Trump Will Recover Quickly...

Don't let up VP Biden

The $250,000 fundraiser at Bedminster was a BUFFET lunch.

Nate Cohn Tweet: interviews conducted yesterday in AZ see shift in Joe's direction

If Amy was any kind of decent person, she would step and ask for her confirmation to not

Like a lot of people I don't really want trump to die

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats in 2020 that Democrats are gonna win.

Cal Cunningham admits to sexting

Pence is coming to Arizona for a rally on Thursday

Surprise, surprise. They're backtracking Dr. Conley's statement.

'I don't wear a mask like him'

Is VP Biden still at risk from debate exposure, or has enough time passed?

Am I going out like Stan Chera?

Vanity Fair journalist was told by insider that before Walter Reed trip, Trump worried he was dying

Trump (or a staffer) just put out a tweet

So Biden suspended his anti-tRump ads when trump went to the hospital but listening to MSNBC

I just heard on CNN's Fredricka Whitfield that because three of the Republicans

Husband with fog machine

Senator Ron Johnson Wisconsin a kremlin useful idiot

What are Feinstein, Klobuchar, Booker, Harris, Durbin, Leahy, Blumenthal

"Trump kept asking aides, 'Am I going out like Stan Chera ? Am I ?' " (NYC friend who died)

Patriots-Chiefs game postponed as QB Cam Newton tests positive for COVID-19

"He Had It Coming" from the musical Chicago

Tough-- Joe Biden For President

Joe Piscopo was at Trump's N.J. fundraiser and says he's shocked president tested positive for COVID

Claire McCaskill: Chris Wallace says Trump and family were on the "honor system"

All of a sudden

Kartak apologizes for post promoting running over protesters

WH Physician attempting to cleanup the timeline.

You should use that ballot if you hope to see more

Boy! It's strange?

HHS ad blitz sputters as celebrities back away

Lincoln's Bible: I'm going to tell you a true story now about the capabilities of our intelligence..

So some folks say they wouldn't vote Biden because he's older

Cartoons 10/3/2020

On October 5, 1955, the Citroen DS made its debut at the Paris Motor Show.

Judge prohibits ICE from deporting man detained on church grounds

Put on your tinfoil hats, y'all.

Dumb Fucker Carlson Compares Trump To A Sexual Assault Victim

About that medical presser...

A simple mistake; anyone could have made it...

McConnell moves to delay Senate return after 3 lawmakers test positive for COVID-19

At least one dead, 19 missing in floods in France and Italy

How do I get to the DU act blue donation?

Why no 25th amendment?

OK! Evangelicals! "Faith" Healers! Why send him to Walter Reed? This is god's plan. Right???

I'm still unclear about why this was allowed to happen at the debate.

Trump going to the hospital

Was the White House reception for Amy Coney Barrett a superspreading event?

I will not wish for Trump's death.

Your Health Is on the Ballot: Why You Should Vote for Science in the 2020 Presidential Election

Jon Favreau FTW:

Good news. Why isn't 100% green fusion break thru getting more news?

Missiles for Biden's arsenal

Post-debate polls: Biden up by 5 in Florida, 7 in Pennsylvania

Laurence Tribe: "A wealthy prince throws a huge party in his gaudy mansion during an epidemic..."

Anyone else noticed anything strange with Velveeta Voldemort when he got in and out of the chopper?

Of the 11 plus people in Trump circle who have tested positive ...

#COVIDIOTS Florida forges ahead in lifting curbs amid virus concerns

Blaire Erskine: I'm a MAGA teen wishing President Trump a speedy recovery!!!!!

NEW: Eric Trump set to speak with N.Y. investigators Monday about family business

$300 million HHS ad won't defeat our COVID-19 despair

GOP Illustrated

AP Wire: Quote leaked from the trump body-double casting call:

emmylou harris - the road (studio-2011) always a good time for a drive ...

True Depths of Trump's Depravity Dawns

Con man Trump tested positive, then went to a rally and a fundraiser...

There's the top down society in action for you.

Chris Christie helped drumpf with debate prep. Has now tested positive.

Justice Department Backs D.C. Church In Lawsuit Over Mass Gatherings

cryptic question: will biden receive the top notch treatment that trump is getting

"Shine On You Crazy Diamond" in Jerusalem (Street performance)

Tuck Frump! tRump's 'I hardly know him' defense exposed. GOTV!

CNN: NFL's Cam Newton tests positive for COVID-19

Asking Americans to pray for Trump ... what kind of twisted bullshit is that?

Every Person In The World Is Just Disposable Garbage To Trump

Steve Daines got influx of cash after vote to extend an investor visa program "rampant" with fraud

Breaking: Rudy Giuliani being treated with garlic.

I would much rather have seen Trump come down with covid AFTER the election

Highway Sign: Hendersonville Republicans for Joe Biden

Beautiful fall day. Sitting on the porch watching the Monarchs float by overhead.

Trump's COVID-19 messaging over the months, from "hoax" to hospital

White House staff rush to hide all bottles of bleach

I'm just waiting to see how it's my fault

In order for the Orange Shitgibbon to

Kelly Loeffler: we need to hold the Chinese communist party accountable."

Bon Iver - Holocene

Great, great Twitter thread that captures what I'm feeling

Trump pushes for new coronavirus stimulus deal: 'GET IT DONE'

Likely 2022 Democratic US Senate Nominees.

'Totally Under Control' Trailer: Alex Gibney Uncovers Trump's Coronavirus Failings in New Doc

The more people who test positive, the greater the likelihood that at least one gets really sick.

musical review of the past week as seen from the GOP

Trump has Meadows hand out chocolates to trump supporters outside Walter Reed

Can Trump actually be prosecuted and imprisoned after he's president?

Trump is right about one thing ...

How is SNL going to handle Trump tonight?

So, he was not on oxygen at that moment the doctor was speaking.

McConnell moves to delay Senate return after 3 lawmakers test positive for COVID-19

Drudge report headers

"Get Well". The shade from Puerto Rico is kinda impressive & tasteful

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 10/03/20 - Typhoid Donald

Trumps aids fear voters will judge trump harshly

I thought that trump took hydroxychloroquine (or he claimed to), when he was pushing for this ...

The only "plan" the republicans ever had was herd immunity.

Trumps aids fear voters will judge trump harshly

Trump announces he will reverse gender-neutral terms for Navy SEALs, calling them 'ridiculous'

The POS would have had a CT scan and it isn't being mentioned.

Hope Hicks 'frustrated' with Trump over his 'cavalier approach' to COVID-19 after she tests positive

Watching CNN and I see the Trumpanzees are in front of

Key dates for voting in Virginia

Any bets McConnell is positive?

Irish Supreme Court Rules That Subway 'Bread' Isn't Legally Bread

Infant Orangutans Get Ready for Their First Day of School

Barr "chooses" not to quarantine

We are turning the corner on the Carona Germ! The latest guidance from the CDC is if yo

When is somebody going to stop dancing around it and call

There is some confusion about WHEN I was infected with the Carona Germ. Before commenting,


Biden gave it to trump:

Where hell is Pat Robertson?

What are committee quorum rules in the Senate?

Kamala Carries On In Utah

On MSNBC just now, paraphrased, "Some R voters do not think COVID is real"

Voting rights groups work to combat minority suppression in battleground states

A farm's corn maze with a message. . .

A farm's corn maze with a message. . .

Text BILLIE to 50409 to register - nice.

A Plague on House Trump

Is this why power hasn't been turned over to Pence?

Feeling Animal Love in the Time of COVID

When it is reported that they are injecting bleach and shoving a lamp up his ass let me know...

Storm Alex: Heavy rains cause severe flooding in France, Italy

Donald Trump is The Snake

These fake-assed "I AM FEELING GREAT AND I LOVE YOU" tweets from "Trump" need to stop

Florida man who tried to get ballot for dead wife charged

Biden puts Ohio in play

Bryan Ferry - Slave To Love

Black Versace footwear VP racially profiled by Hollywood PD

Photo from Ground Zero of the #RoseGardenMassacre

Another "GOP source" report.....fwiw

Has anyone heard anything about Biden today...?

Liebermans haunt Democrats in key Senate races

Kamala: Happy to be in the beautiful state of Utah and start the day with former State Senator Scott

Volleyball doggie:

Fucker thought he was immune.

Jaime Harrison / Lindsey Graham debate tonight on CSPAN

Poll Finds Voters in Two Crucial States Repelled by Trump's Debate Behavior

Hey! Older folks like me!!! Remember when

Honestly. If he wasn't so sick that he needed to go to Walter Reed

George Takei: 😳

Trump leaving Walter Reed poll. I say next Sunday.

No matter what the timeline was or is?

Surge in new GOP voters puts pressure on Florida Democrats

What is the moral response when bad things happen to bad people?

There's a get well soon rally going on outside Walter Reed Hospital

Juliette Kayyem (CNN Security Analyst): Russians very likely to know more about Trump's condition...

By tomorrow, Americans killed by COVID will surpass WWII deaths in Europe.

The doctor's evasiveness seems very practiced to me

There's only one political party in the United States -- the other one has descended into madness

Smart Financial Centre will be used as mega-voting center in Fort Bend, officials say

people are genuinely asking for video proof Trump is alive and awake. Like he's Kim Jong-Un!

Christie positive

"One of the biggest tells from this morning's press conference by Trump's doctors..."

"In the worst public health crisis of the last 100 years -- we need Joe Biden as our president."

Lol... a Halloween tribute to 420doggface208/Fleetwood Mac:

so Trump has been tweeting

The more that I see of that video of the Rose Garden event the more disgusted I get.

Meet Trump's past 3 campaign managers

Trump was to have raised campaign money in Houston and Dallas Wednesday

to help donald trump get the full COVID 19 experience...

The Lincoln Project, it just hit me...

Was Turtle in the Rose Garden?

Louisville: Early voting, more polling places, free rides: All you have to do is show up and vote

Condition 'very concerning' over past day, White House official says

Republican Arrogance and Hypocrisy In Filling RBG's Seat Caused The Current Covid Crisis

South Carolina COVID milestone: 1 in 1500 dead.

To help trump get that full Covid 19 Experience:

tre burt - under the devil's knee (studio-two weeks ago) yeah, it's about what you think ...

Has there been any word from Dr. Ronnie Jackson yet?

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats up in 2020 that the Democrats are gonna win.

Wow! Carl Bernstein on CNN Just now saying of Trump "Homicidal Negligence"

Doesn't matter that he has COVID. He's still a disgrace.

here's pictures of the 6-room presidential suite at Walter Reed:

Vox: Trump's Covid-19 diagnosis may have come earlier than we thought

UK coronavirus cases skyrocket by 12,872 - almost double previous 24 hour record

Minnesota Republicans fly Delta home from D.C. after COVID-19 exposure

Sarah Cooper: Jared Kushner seen entering the West Wing...

Did Biden have any appearances today? Still concerned about him.

Around elections, it gets thorny

What book title would be appropriate for the Age of Trump...?

Republican state lawmaker Scott Allen tests positive for COVID-19, Democratic opponent has symptoms

What's been particularly galling to me these past 36 hours is how this utterly unworthy,

All 10 Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee call on Graham to delay SCOTUS hearing

Oh, joy. He just spoke to Moscow Mitch. I'll bet he'll say he said to ram through

Oops....Stephen Miller poked Steve Schmidt. (Drat, different Stephen Miller)

Michigan Senate leader: Will work with governor, won't back mask mandate

Latest Biden Tweet :)

Meadows has changed his tune, shows why we cannot trust ANYONE in this White House

How many Republicans share our NeverTrump values?

Looks like maybe the gay community...

MI-SEN: Gary Peters negative for COVID-19 but will quarantine after Senate colleague tests positive

Relevant quote from Albert Camus' 'The Plague' (1947)

George Conway wins Twitter today.

There's always a tweet:

Joe: 'One Month'

You know the conspiracy theories are going to start popping up

time for trump to allay our fears and have a live interview from the hospital. we will forgive

Norm Ornstein is on to something here

Battle for the 'Burbs: Signs point to toss-up as Donald Trump struggles, Joe Biden surges

Sen Ron Johnson got his COVID results while on his way to an Ozaukee County GOP dinner & went anyway

Spot the difference

sincere question: what do you regard as the "golden age" of political discourse in Congress ?

Matthew Chapman@fawfulfan: Jesus. Ron Johnson got his #COVID19 results while on his way to an Ozauke

Has anyone seen Mike Pence?

Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera Virtual Conversation 4 pm central Sat Oct 3

So do we know who it was that was first spreading it at the Barrett gathering?

Two-Legged Abandoned Puppy Learns To Run And Screams With Excitement

Are Americans' safety really so imperiled with DJT

Republicans won't receive the Nobel Prize but they are working hard to win the Darwin Award.

Listen to the CDC, one of the top risk factors for Covid infection is being a Republican

About ACB's nomination celebration...

3,151,964 people have voted so far.

Physicists build circuit that generates clean, limitless power from graphene

MAGAt rallies are coming w/o the MAGAt-in-Chief...PENCE! DON JR! ERIC! LARA! STAR POWER!!!

What's for Dinner, Sat., Oct. 3, 2020

Watch out! Voting for down-ticket Ds even more important now!

Another perspective on 45's positive COVID diagnosis

I am sure that osteopathic physicians perform important role in healthcare; but in the White House?

What happened to the story that Trump was diagosed with Covid on Wed.???

Democrats are not going to lose any US Senate seats in the 2022 US Senate Election cycle.

White House Dr. Sean Conley Sparks Confusion w Questionable Timeline of Trump's Covid Diagnosis

Grassley Refuses to Get Tested

Funny interviews with "Proud Boys" at rallies

Donald Trump is like a Drunk Driver that injured himself and killed 200, 000 people on the road.

Violent Trump supporter assaults peaceful counter-protester.

Leaked photo of Trump in the hospital. Warning, you may lose your lunch. LOL

Beautiful Fall colors!

'I'm going to beat this,' Trump tells Rudy Giuliani of COVID-19 during phone call

As many begin to openly doubt the White House statements about how "great" Trump is doing

Why Trump knew way before Thursday - as laid out by doc on CNN

GOP Senator Wicker with mask off on Delta flight after meeting Amy Coney Barret

Daily Beast: It's Just F*ck-Up After F*ck-up'--Trump's COVID Advisers at Their Breaking Point

Enjoy the Irony

What would happen if the media went back to airing all the big breaking stories

To Joe and Kamala: Protect yourselves from these stupid fucking BS debates by not participating.

'Trump Knew He Was COVID-19 Positive On Wednesday, & Lied To The Nation For Two Full Days'

Maggie Haberman on the Fallout from Trump's Hospitalization

BREAKING: Lincoln Project got recorded copy of call between Stepien and Pence

If everybody on here would go make an anti trump sign or buy one

Sen. Gary Peters said Nate Silver says Dems have ZERO chance of taking

Just saw the AL Sen. Doug Jones ad slamming Tommy Tuberville

Joe Biden standing firm beside Amalgamated Transit Union members (town hall today)

Meanwhile Eric Trump is set to to be be video interviewed Monday

Question - when did he cancel the Wisconsin rallies?

Rick Tyler said some are saying that we should postpone the election...

Some wonderful music history from a great storyteller.

What happens if Trump dies? Does Pence become the candidate? If both die b 4 election?

More famous? Trump or the Coronavirus COVID-19?

The GOP is a fascist political movement within the USA

Question... can Joe show up for the debates and answer

Christie checked into the hospital per CNN

Christie admits himself into hospital.

Trump already has the mannerisms of a poorly done deepfake

Real Reason almost no one cares for Trump: He is a Mean, Vicious, Cruel, Lying Bully.

'Proud Boys' founder rallies Trump supporters outside Walter Reed Medical Center:

GOP launches 'Operation MAGA' to have Trump kids campaign for him while he's hospitalized with COVID

List needed

'Trump's Campaign Strategy Implodes'

The Butcher of Mar-a-Lago's hoax has now killed 214,156 Americans

On Christie "feeling good" and only having "mild symptoms"

This yard sign takes on a completely different meaning now.

I am hoping that Trump has a complete recovery.

Jeffrey Levin @jilevin: Do you know the difference between "social progress" and "socialism"?

Chris Christie Hospitalized With "Democratic Hoax"

A crowd on Staten Island today, sending the President well wishes by giving each other COVID.

Next 48 hours critical for Trump, White House official says. Doctor says he's doing well

what's the biggest hoax in presidential campaign history?

Chris Christie instructed Trump to exploit Joe Biden's stutter to make him lose train of thought....

There is something odd going on?

In addition to the "news" you'll be getting about my condition from Dr. Sean Connery, plus contradic

Ron Johnson (R-COVID) attends GOP dinner before test results, apologized for social distancing

Denton TX: Violent MAGAt Bully assaults Peaceful Demonstrator - Twitter Timeline

Enjoy the Parade

HOLY COW - From a Sr WH Official:

Touching moment today when prominent neo Nazis turned out to show their support for Herr Trump

*You're* the Super-Spreader!

Just think about ALL the times in your life when you saw a group of doctors on TV

Let us pause to appreciate the irony...

Random thought

New ad for Biden

Bloomberg: Biden turned down some endorsements

waiting for the flood of news stories and opinions about how smart it is that Joe Biden maintains so

Trump's infection was SELF INFLICTED!

This boiling frog experiment needs to come to an end, the normalization of Trump's crimes ends now

'Not Now: Trump & McConnell Must Halt Their Dangerous Rush To Ram Thru A Nominee,' Russ Feingold


Damning and absolutely spot on analogy re: Trump

Twitter bans posts wishing for Trump death. The Squad wonders where that policy was for them.

X-ray data reveal 1st-ever planet orbiting stars in another galaxy (

SC landlords sue tenants over and over, using threat of eviction to collect rent

So, Another October Market Crash Monday?

Too many are assuming that Trump is tweeting from hospital bed.

Swiss Skydiver Wins the Preakness Stakes

The only good thing that can be said about 30-40% of Americans are idiots

CNN is reporting a source said Trump's vitals the last 24 hours are concerning. The next

He's simply not that smart.

Chris Christie hospitalized in New Jersey after contracting coronavirus

Hypoxemia indicates higher risk of death

Citadel accreditation being investigated after abrupt resignation of board chairman

Tracing Trump's Contacts Before He Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Doug Jones Eviscerated Tommy Tuberville During Saturday Football

Laurie Anderson - "Language is a Virus"

George Conway: I can relate

Am I the only one wondering what the heck is going

Supreme Court to hear Arizona voting rights case next year

Why is Chris Christie in the hospital "as a precautionary move?"

Supreme Court to hear Arizona voting rights case next year

Attorney General William Barr will not quarantine

So, exactly what happens if Trump dies before the election?

Red States Are Getting Hit With MASSIVE Covid Wave Right Before Election

Trump Supporter assualts protestor

I bet you Trump could lie and pass a lie detector test.

If you breathe like this sometimes, covid might be a problem.

Who directed the cover-up, his staff or was this HIS idea?

Latest tune. Suite 27

If some of the republicans were to pass due to corona

A second Trump term would be 'game over' for the climate, says top scientist

Pound this point home to the electorate

ABC executives are absolutely fuming that Christie's "reckless behavior is risking the lives of ABC

DHEC: High percent positive of COVID-19 comes from delayed results in latest cases

N C dem senate candidate admits to sexual texts

White House Completely Misused Rapid Covid-19 Tests to Avoid Face Masks

Trump released a video of himself on twitter.

I am going to say this wherever I can.

Pee Wee German (Stephen Miller)

My latest show is UP!

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Went to Oktoberfest Party After Testing Positive for COVID-19

It's Time for Trump to Resign and Drop Out of the Race

"Well wishes"

Thoughts on Trump getting Covid from Tiktok

Arkansas Man Shoots Woman Dead Over Botched Fast Food Order

'Dazed and Confused' Cast to Reunite for Virtual Table Read to Benefit Texas Voting Initiatives

Happy Anniversary, Barack and Michelle!

No caption needed

Space photos: The most amazing images this week!

Please recommend this OP if you wish Trump a long and healthy life...

fuck trump!!!!

trump turns alleged infection into stage managed campaign rally on streets outside

Mad Magazine's "Ideal Presidential Candidate," 1968:

Covering a cover-up in real time

The U.S. economy is facing a tidal wave of long-term unemployment

Well crap!

Just voted in CA!

Am I the only one who keeps checking to see if William Barr is sick yet?

Poll: Have you, a family member, a loved one, an acquaintance or co-worker had COVID-19 ?

Now why would 538 be showing a rise in tRumps approval numbers???

Eisenhower (with Mamie) waves his five-star General's flag on final birthday of his life, 10-14-68

"I don't REALLY want Trump to die..."

911 caller said a Latino man was kidnapping a white child. The toddler was his grandson

OK, so after the video of Trump, Biden camp can continue their negative ads? nt

Trump campaign launches 'Operation MAGA' while president recovers from COVID-19

If Pence gets sick& can't take over if need be, Nancy has to resign speaker to take over POTUS.

Lindsey Graham photographed with leader of white nationalist group Proud Boys

how was the south carolina debate with graham and harrison? anybody see and can

Lindsey Graham photographed with leader of white nationalist group Proud Boys

Pence hosting event in Arizona

The difference in Trump's complexion between Tuesday (left) and Saturday (right) is jarring

Melania wants Don, Jr. to #BeBest (Vic Berger edit)

In trump's video, I'm still trying to find three things.

Covid-19 Live Updates: Trump Is Not Out of Danger, Official Says

The Republican Party Threat To American Democracy, Joseph Stiglitz

Angela Merkel backs away from PM Conte

A White House Long in Denial Confronts Reality

Somethings wrong with this entire Covid/hospitalization of Mr. Trump.

Remember, Trump's "doctor" can get him just about anything he wants.

Three House panels launch joint investigation into Pentagon's coronavirus relief spending

Physician's comments raise questions on Trump's COVID-19 timeline

New Caledonia archipelago votes on independence from France

The season premiere of SNL is tonight!

I found a good hack for DU when the board is jumping.....

Evidence/sign that trump Walter Reed video was edited

Murder-hornet sightings in Washington state prompt urgent search for nest

Biden/Harris signs in my neighborhood.

Lincoln Project Claims to Be Communicating With Lots of White House People:

Trump says he will create 10 million jobs in the next 10 months.

You know what's ironic?

OK, I got it!!! This is a classic Trump distraction. Who's paying attention...

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats that Democrats are gonna be winning in 2020.