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Archives: October 30, 2020

One good thing about the Dodgers winning the World Series:

Governing is a team sport!

Republicans are narrowing the early voting gap in these states

Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders Fighting for a Living Wage rally--8PM ET/5PM PT

6 dead, millions powerless as Zeta roars across southern, eastern US

Sarah Cooper and Helen Mirren re-enact the access Hollywood Tape

Keke Palmer: A word from some dope millennials and the millennial diva herself

Here's my favorite dream scenario

At least 140 migrants drown off Senegal coast, UN says

What happens to Fux Noise if Trump loses? Rupert Murdoch is prepared.

Hendrick Medical Center warns that only one ICU bed left in Big Country

Feds wrongly tell new US citizens they missed chance to vote

It tweeted

"We expect panic."

jfc. Mel isn't just vile like her hubby; her fractured English & tone puts a hurt on my ears.

Right-wing judges threaten to toss Minnesota ballots that don't arrive by Election Day -- even if

U.S. tops 89,000 coronavirus cases in a single day for the first time ever

Remembering the reaction to the trump election.

Harry Reid: "... I hope that Lindsey loses the race, because he certainly deserves to."

no art, no music, no pets...

Tucker Carlson has found his running-mate...

Man pays $150 for "full-contact experience" with leopard; goes as well as you'd expect

Former Marines charged in conspiracy to illegally manufacture, sell firearms

Nine Inch Nails, yeah!

Texas Voters Line Up To Shoot Ballots At Local Election Range

FEMA camps for those that want to practice herd immunity.

Herd stupidity.

Songbird worst movie ever (Trump will love it)

PBS News: How the US has stepped up it's fight against foreign disinformation

'Quick, quick, quick': Trump rushes McSally at rally as she fights to hold her Senate seat

And down goes the Tucker.......

WAPO: Great reason for optimism: The elusive youth vote is here, already

Chris Hayes (MSNBC) now....

No Christmas, no Halloween, no Thanksgiving, no weddings?

Prof Allan Lichtman who has correctly predicted every US president since 1984, says...

Walmart to clear their stores of guns and ammunition!

The Lincoln Project Texas ad: Gregg Popovich, San Antonio Spurs

Brent Terhune: Lil Wayne endorsed TRUMP. Get over it ((satire))

Lies, Damned Lies and Trump Rallies

TX early voting is at 98% of 2016 total!

2 Ohio political operatives plead guilty in bribery probe

F and M Poll Oct, Biden up 6

Oil drilling, possible fracking planned for Okavango region--elephants' last stronghold

91K cases today. We will hit 100K this week.

Melania Trump Bizarrely Claims Her Husband "Sees Potential" in Gay People

Tomorrow! 4days left!

Apparently, Jared Kushner Wants Trump To Take The Country "Back From The Doctors"

Chris Christie Makes Cameo Video For Montana Democrat (By Mistake)

Mitch McConnell's approval drops nationwide despite political win with Amy Coney Barrett's nominatio

Been waiting for this: CNN studies Covid spread from Trump rallies

Halloween Surprise

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

People who invested in my casinos in 1995 lost 89% of their money over 10 years.

Carrie Isaac Uses Trump-style Scam to Swindle Veterans

Maddow just now: Early voting in TX just surpassed all the votes cast in 2016, wow. nt

Trump is now so anti-choice.

The Hunter Biden Dossier Story is Falling Apart

538 "The Battleground States Where We've Seen Some Movement In The Polls"

Matt Krause: Trump's Anti-Science Ally

Vote All Night: Texas' Harris County Offers 24-Hour Locations

I love Kamala, AOC, Mayor Pete, and Ossoff. My favorite debate team.


How many really best friends do you have???

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, October 30, 2020

I'm confused about the "preparing for civil unrest" stories

So, we are under cyberattack.

Fed appeal court rules mailed ballot must be received by Election Day in MN, cutting weeklong window

What Rachel is reporting tonight is scary. I hope our cyber folks are up to the task. Trump

Paul Rudd hands out cookies to voters in the rain

King County employees ordered to work from home through July 5, 2021

Facebook sucks... still

Biden eyes Florida win as an early knockout blow to Trump

Federal appeals court rules mailed ballots must be received by Election Day in Minnesota

I heard that Killa Con canceled the NC rally because of Zeta

When Biden/Harris win on Tuesday I would love the song ..

Madeleine Albright:"They are undermining the very kind of trust and activities that go with a free e

Survived Zeta .. but one of 499,999 Duke customers without power

Jared Kushner Asks Dad to Bribe His Way Into Electoral College

This is just the beginning

33 states with more than 1000 new cases today...

Anyone else feel like

this fucking hoax is really something. The hoax is now near or at out of control


A quote from my youth (16 yrs old) that I had forgotten

I'm listening to the daily Breakdown by The Lincoln Project on YouTube. Rick Wilson is hilarious.

White American men without college degrees present a grave threat to the future of the Republic.

Think about this.

Turkish Bank Case Showed Erdogan's Influence With Trump.

The DU has done it before and can do it again!

Wasserman compared his 2016/2020 posts five days out..

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Jordan Klepper Hits One Last Trump Rally Before The Election

How America Became a Country Full of Assholes

The FEC says Jill Stein owes $66,000 for campaign finance violations

On a scale of 1 to 10 how much anxiety do you have about the upcoming election?

Have some fuckin' humility

Clemson's QB Trevor Lawrence tests positive for COVID. D.J. Uiagalelei likely starter at QB

How do Federal court ballot rulings affect state and local elections?

How can results be contested

Uhm too soon? First Trailer of Michael Bay's Pandemic Movie

I saw a Hillary 2016 sticker on a vehicle today.

Dominatrix converting Trump voters to Biden voters

Sarah Cooper and Dame Helen Mirren FTW! 🤣🤣🤣

Why did the president knowingly mislead America about the coronavirus threat?

Let Lady Mormont fire you up for election day! Answer the call! The North Remembers!

Charlie Cook: Question seems to be whether we'll see a "skinny" Biden win or a landslide

Warren has expressed interest in being Biden's Treasury secretary

Twitter is labeling Russia Today/@RT_com tweets about the election as misinformation. has new cases over 91,500 for today.

Jill Biden will make an amazing first lady.

Do we have an alternate site we can gather if DU is hacked?

What is going on in Oklahoma??!!


Ossoff coming in with the heat.

What Liberals Don't Understand About Pro-Trump Latinos

We need so much more of this.

Who would you choose?

538 now has Biden at 89% chance of winning the electoral college

3% is the cheating threshold per rove

I have great faith in our country.

Keke Palmer - "Actually Vote"

Poll: Biden leads bigger lead nationally

Texas' new coronavirus surge is leaving critically sick patients stranded in rural areas, hospitals

If you had a megaphone and saw a small sidewalk rally for Trump in the Bay Area, what would you say?

TLP has gone into overdrive. They went there with the "45" swastika.

Florida changes coronavirus data on the percent of tests coming back positive

91,500 New Covid cases in US today

Paris Traffic Jams Cumulative 430 Miles, People Leaving Before 9 PM Curfew, Midnite 2nd Lockdown

Multiple Right-Wing Figures Pranked Into Thanking The Devil For Supporting Trump

I say we need to start a petition....

Doug Jones campaign hints at legal action over Tuscaloosa absentee voting waits

The best photo of Joe Biden I have ever seen.

Oh my! Normally straight-laced Elie Honig goes in for the slam dunk..............

*Baboon Anus* Trails Biden by Nearly 20 Points in New Hampshire 58-39

New Zealand votes to legalise euthanasia in referendum

Many counties that hosted Trump rallies had a significant increase in Covid-19 cases

Don Jr.......everything okay? You don't look so good.

Why Many White Men Love Trump's Coronavirus Response

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Kamala Harris - Coronavirus, Police Reform, And Unifying America

With early voting in Louisiana ending soon, here's a look at the record-breaking election year

Third Rate Romance

Let's have a clear comparison of 5 days to go, 2016 and 2020 - it really is starkly different

Karen O & Willie Nelson - "Under Pressure"

Wow, Alaska. Candles represent migrant children separated from parents

Watch Dogs: Legion was released today

Draft Horse, Donkey Released During Wildfire Found 'Singed And Hungry, But Healthy'

Jon Ralston's Nevada Early Voting Blog - 10/29/20 - 2:00 p.m.

Florida heat sends a dozen Trump rally attendees to hospital

Woman in labor stops to vote on her way to the hospital

IA-SEN: Ernst holds narrow lead over Democratic challenger in Iowa

DU not allowing new members to sign up til after election day

Walmart pulls guns and ammo from store displays, citing potential "civil unrest"

Drive-in theaters are a good place for these political rallies.

Latino voters targeted by abortion misinformation campaigns

Osiris-Rex: Nasa asteroid probe ready to return to Earth after leak

Dead, Pigpen.....Chinatown Shuffle

George Takei: 2020 Chronicles: "Martin Aspen," who wrote a viral Hunter Biden dossier, wound up bei

Regarding early voting

The race for Texas House speaker has quickly become a crowded contest as balance of power hinges on

Question about Florida voters.

TX-23: Always a battleground, never a landslide:

Adriana Rivas: Pinochet-era kidnap suspect 'eligible for extradition'

Former Belknap County Sheriff's Department chief deputy sues county, former boss

Mike Bloomberg, Latino Victory Fund, Priorities USA Action launch Spanish-language ad supporting Joe

House Foreign Affairs Committee thread: How the Hunter Biden conspiracy deluge started

US steps up deportation of Haitians ahead of election, raising Covid fears

US steps up deportation of Haitians ahead of election, raising Covid fears

Joe Biden campaign seeks support from classically-red North Florida veterans

"Don't mail your absentee ballot -- unless you're voting for Trump...."

Polling for Florida Senate Democrats forecasts battleground sweep

My best friends Mother just passed away

IA-SEN: Ernst Goes To Nebraska For Trump, Gets Snubbed

I am voting in person.

Two prominent evangelical Trump advisers square off over alleged Holocaust survivor scam

24-hour voting underway at eight sites in Harris County

Joe Biden 2020

I'm teaching online during the pandemic

Lama Shabkar - A Guided Meditation on Examining the "Mind" - Dzogchen

Beat it Down the Line.....

Armageddon Update: Undecided? A tough choice.

Wild Prediction: Biden will go to Texas on the night before the election.

Australia must prepare for future shaped by extreme climate, bushfire royal commission report warns

Susan Collins goes full-on delusional over Supreme Court judges she voted for

'Tainted money': Democrats decry Bonnen's donations to Republicans in tough Texas House races

'The Daily Show' takes Lindsey Graham to task with brutal video in final days of 2020 election

HMmmm Tucker Carlson's missing documents found and now he's decided to

"Don't sweat the polls" - five reasons why this isn't like 2016.

Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence has tested positive for COVID-19

Extreme Immigration Wishlist Would End Birthright Citizenship, More: Stephen Miller Hopes

How Trump Cheats at Golf, and Everything Else in Life

Democrats outpace Republicans in early voting in Arizona for first time with 1 week until Election D

Rural No Mask Covid Patients Overwhelm Kansas City Hospitals

Medellin imposes curfew as Colombia enters 2nd coronavirus wave

'Daily Show's' Jordan Klepper Hits One Last 'Eerily Quiet' Trump Rally

Federal judges order post-Election Day Minnestoa ballots to be held

How a fake persona laid the groundwork for a Hunter Biden conspiracy deluge

Heads up, Trump supporters! Saturday is the day for you to drop your votes for Trump

Seth Meyers - Obama Slams Trump at Florida Campaign Rally - Monologue 10/28/20

tweet on russian hackers and hospitals

WI State Supreme Court won't take case on misprinted ballots, causing likely delays for tallying

How's this for Harley bike-- as in bicycle. Electric bicycle...

FEC says Jill Stein, who raised $7.3 mil to recount the 2016 election, owes them more than $66,000

I'm looking so forward to gutting that freak from our WH--but we're also going to have a female VP!!

Tucker Carlson Suddenly Says It's Time to Leave Hunter Biden Alone

In Portsmouth, Pressley pushes get out the vote message

Election protection coalition to put 2,000 volunteers on the ground in Pennsylvania

Trump and Low IQ Voters

Kayleigh McEnany Makes Fool Of Herself Because Trump Paid Her To

'I'm not working all night': Some PA counties will not count mail ballots until after Nov. 3

Trial of the Chicago 7

TCM Schedule for Sunday, November 1 2020 - Nancy Kwan Double Feature

I love the Harris County Clerk!

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump's COVID Denial, Rally Disdain & Meeting with Lil Wayne

TCM Schedule for Monday, November 2 2020 - Star of the Month: Shelley Winters

Some Pa. voters still haven't received their mail ballots yet -- and they're getting nervous

Former GOP congressional candidate Richard May becomes a Democrat out of dismay with Trump and endor

New Ohio poll shows Democrat Joe Biden with edge over President Donald Trump

I want Joe and Kamala to stay healthy.

COVID-19 Is Killing My People--And No One Seems to Care

Lake Erie counties could be key indicator of who wins Ohio's presidential vote

What to learn from 1918's deadly second wave

I wish these media personalities would get over their 2016 PTSD anxiety

North Carolina passes 4 million votes with early voting still open through Saturday

Welcome to the 14th Annual The Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil Part One

Welcome to the 14th Annual The Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil Part Two

These are the 4 counties to watch in close North Carolina race for presiden

The last Jim Jones speech: take out the specifics and you're tonally in the Trump oratory wheelhouse

'No Pandemic Exception To The Constitution': Court Rejects Minn. Ballot Extension

Borat fundraiser for film's black grandmother raises $110,000

Klobuchar-bring your ballot to a drop box or election center, or vote early or vote on Election Day

Trump administration ends endangered species protections for wolves as.....

Argentina Dirty War: Torture and baby theft trial under way

Florida Daily COVID-19 Cases Again Over 4,000

MN Absentee Ballots Received After 8 P.M. Election Day Must Be Separated

Fauci says 'maybe we should be mandating' masks. Here are his top 5 reasons why.

Sen. Gruters of Sarasota pitches private school vouchers for families opposing face masks

Seth Meyers - With Five Days to Go, Trump and the GOP Campaign Against Reality: A Closer Look

Republicans are out of touch

Angry Rudy Giuliani demands apology from Fox TV interviewer

After Biden's Landslide - The Drumpf Show Finale

It's funny that Trump and the Wingnuts think we're all gonna fall for the old ...

'We Want People Who Won't Be Afraid': MPD Union Forwards Call For Ex-Cops To Serve As Poll Challenge

Report Voter Suppression

Ministry - Work for Love

I am worried about MN now, horrid ruling by the 8th Circuit court of Appeals

"The Results Were Startling" Dr. Sanjay Gupta on Covid-19 Spread at Trump Rallies

XTC - Making Plans for Nigel

Militia training site terrifies neighbors in West Pawlet

Daniela Mercury/A Primera Vista

Unraveling Lindsey Graham takes bizarre shot at Donald Trump

Judge Emmet Sullivan Issues Order Rescinding all Louis DeJoy USPS Mail-Slowing Policies

Campaign Countdown: Zuckerman and Scott spar on health care reform

Vermont Gas to Pay for Some F-35 Soundproofing

Doctors are Seeing Rise in Insomnia During COVID-19 Pandemic

Oh, owwie. Dow futures down 500 points, Nikkei below 23,000. 2:40 am ET

Texans Are Voting in Record Numbers. So Who's Voting?

Justice Dept. Is Said to Quietly Quash Inquiry Into Tamir Rice Killing

Tweet of the Day

Opposition senator survives assassination attempt in southwest Colombia

Brazil Worsens Ranking in Impunity of Journalist Murders

Trump is losing it on twitter

Can Employers Mandate their Workers Get Vaccinated?

Trumpy is going to be tired in the morning


Biden returns to Iowa; Trump plays defense in Mich., Wis.

Trump Crash - Dow futures plummet Friday before election (-522)

Redder States Have Worse Covid Statistics Golly Beaver

New Zealand votes to legalize euthanasia but not marijuana

Harris County breaks all-time voter turnout record, surpassing 2016 election

Mountain gorillas friendly with neighbors outside of core home ranges

Five Great Things Biden Has Already Done

On this day in 08, 12, 16, 20

Florida Man mauled by leopard after paying $150 "play with it, rub its belly and take pictures,"

Doing Well in Life? Thank Your Big Sister

Racist physicist sneers at Einstein and Jews in a 1927 anti-Semitic letter up for auction

The Pandemic Has Opened Up Civic Life to Vermonters With Disabilities

Man almost dies from an allergic reaction to cold air

Building blocks of language evolved before humans split from chimps and monkeys

Tanzania's president poised to be declared election winner

Democratic Party must be the ones to count the votes!

coats dont work

Vote MuthaF*cka VOTE! -- the Samuel L. Jackson "get out the vote" ad you've always wanted to see

The dead eyes and cold heart of Jared Kushner The poster boy for presidential nepotism

'We want some standardization': Teachers union asks Maryland for more information

Kids in the Hall predicted Putin in 1994

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats that Democrats will be going to win in 2020.

"I felt calm as I cast this vote. A sense of peace blanketed the moment. When historians look ...

Silver: The race is not tightening

'We're going to learn truths after this administration is over -- and it's going to curl our hair'

121 Massachusetts cities and towns now at 'high risk' for coronavirus spread amid sharp rise in

'We want some standardization': Teachers union asks Maryland for more information

Jon Ralston's latest Nevada Early Voting Blog - 10/29/20 - 11:00 pm

Baker calls ranked-choice voting too complicated

TX: Early Voting Turnout in Tarrant County Could Surpass Overall 2016 Turnout: Elections Admin.

Pete Buttigieg makes a case for Biden's energy policy

Colorado Democrats have already exceeded their 2016 numbers.

FL: Broward turnout is higher than the state average.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/29/20

Something to think about if Joe wins.

MassHealth enrollment surges during pandemic

No golf?

Biden Ad: Enough of the Lies!

Elizabeth Warren's office compiled a report on the Trump administration's Hatch Act violations. They

Cyber Attacks On Hospitals Raise Alarm Amid Worsening Coronavirus Crisis - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Far-right militias heed Trump's call for poll watchers, and law enforcement is worried

Biden And Trump Trade Attacks In Critical State Of Florida - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Halloween Classic: Soupy Sales - My Baby's Got A Crush On Frankenstein (1962)

For the first time, state board strips pension of a former State Police trooper convicted in fraud

The Progressive Post #14 from the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS).

The pastor thought Trump was 'evil.' So he quit his conservative church

If a baby refuses to take a nap 😴

His last days will be filled with ridicule, humiliation

Did you watch the Morning JoeScum Opening

The Story behind Harris County, TX all-time record voter turnout

Linda McMahon, runs Trump's PAC, once hired a suspected child molester "if he stopped chasing kids"

Trump adviser Stephen Miller reveals aggressive second-term immigration agenda

Gray wolves stripped of endangered species protections by Trump administration

Doctor with a criminal past named chief of medical services for Rhode Island's state psychiatric

Hong Kong raid leads to 100K counterfeit masks

Rhianna - Disturbia (The Eduardo Esquivel Halloween Remix)

New audio tapes show how Trump bet against science

Donald Trump gets it right

Two people were charged with multiple felonies after police found explosives in a van in PA.

Friday TOONs - Waveform

'We are in a bad place:' Raimondo to announce new COVID restrictions


@donaldTrump Jr. claims #Coronavirus death numbers are down to "almost nothing"

Minnesota State Senate Races to Watch For:

Help GOTV in Miami-Dade by text banking.

Trump's Schedule for Friday, October 30, 2020

UConn halts free tuition program amid surging budget deficits

If trump weren't responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths

Breakfast Friday 30 October 2020

It's vitally important that people reporting on the MN court ruling note that it CONTRADICTS THE INS

A Crusade for Something Noble: James Carville

Travis Roy, philanthropist for spinal cord injury treatment, dies at 45

Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" read by Garrison Keillor

One-Third of Connecticut Lives In A 'Red Alert' Community

Well, crap - COVID-19 cases close early voting location in Brevard County

Charlie Cook: Don't expect a contested election

Joe Biden leads President Trump in Connecticut by 25 points in Sacred Heart Poll; Gov. Lamont

Ivanka Trump violated federal law 8 times in 48 hours, so we wrote a post calling her out.

Trump's DOJ has worked harder to help a man who plead guilty (Twice!) than for Tamir Rice's family

Feel good video of the day

President Trump has called off plans to appear at the Trump International Hotel on election night

To everyone handwringing about Court rulings in WI and MN, there's a simple solution...

Sarah Cooper strikes again....(NSFW)

I wonder how US media would cover a country where the opposition party needs to win the election by

Joe Biden: This storm will pass, and a new day will come.

'It's really just devastating': Young adults face logistical hurdles to voting

Dracula's Wedding (Josh Turner covers OutKast)

Mail delays even worse across Pa., with 42% of Philly mail taking longer than 5 days

American Scientists Eagerly Awaiting The End Of The Age Of Orange Stupid

The stark difference between a trump rally and a democratic rally is no better highlighted than what

Native groups working to get out Indigenous voters in charged election

$2,517,547 (UPDATED)

Hey Miami Dade, kick it up, will ya?

Black Friday a comin'? Market futures down

I'll never understand how trump was allowed to "Fake News" himself out of dozens of verifiable scand

This Monday : Joe,Jill, Kamala, Doug will "barnstorm" the key battlegrounds state of Pennsylvania

Final Texas ad spending...

Stand by for Tropical Storm ETA.....

Unions discussing general strike if Trump refuses to accept Biden victory

Y'all....just in case someone is considering this

The DU fundraising goal for Biden-Harris has been raised again!!!

I think the plan is to steal Wisconsin...Robert Costa said

Newsom: California taking precautions for 'whatever may occur' after polls close

Biden cancels a two-minute commercial.....

Polls show Trump is losing ground where the coronavirus is surging

This 1988 analysis of Trump's handwriting is terrifying

One Ballot's Journey: How Absentee And Mail-In Ballots Are Counted In Missouri

In Spite Of La Nina, 2020 Heading For Record Books As One Of Warmest Years Ever

A Wash U Professor Explains Why Daylight Saving Time Is Bad For Us

Message from the Michigan Secretary of State...

Who Can You Trust With Your Health Care? Here's What Downstate Illinois Candidates Promise

On Chess: Chess Program Aspires To Build Bridges Between Police Officers And Local Youth

Center-Right Think Tank Warns Morrison Gov Of "Grave Future For Coal Exports"

International Institute Rolls Out Pop-Up Dinners To Support Refugee And Immigrant Caterers

Well its snowing already....

A campaign-closing R.N.C. ad acknowledges what Trump played down: the pandemic and unemployment.

Cut & Paste: St. Louis Art Museum's Outgoing Director Reflects On 21 Years In Charge

Record CO Blazes Reflect A Fire Season That's Grown 78 Days Longer In The West Since 1970s

I don't want to be all "I told you so" about Greenwald

Happy Birthday To Grace Slick

'Mid-Mod Quincy' Highlights Midcentury Modern Masterpieces

Texas hits 100% of 2016 votes.....

Adani Surveiled, Photographed Coal Activist W. Daughter, Sought To Search Their Home

34 years of marriage and I do not even know my wife

Don Jr. Says COVID Deaths Are 'Almost Nothing' on Day 1,000+ Die

Coronavirus Infections Surging In Every Swing State

The Latest: Trump MN rally capped at 250 at state insistence

Politico: Blinking Red - Dem Turnout subpar in Miami

Your Election Night choices...

(Don Jr.): COVID-19 Deaths 'Almost Nothing'

Atlantic City has a warning for the nation: Donald Trump brings ruin and despair

You know who could devote the resources to help schools reopen? Betsy DeVos and Donald Trump.

Nov 3rd Weather - Sunny and 55F

Donald Trump's election mayhem is coming: Journalists must be ready to fight back

I'm guessing the high turnout by young voters means pollsters have been undercounting them

The Rundown: October 30, 2020

As we deal with the unrelenting election stress, I find this oddly comforting...

"Solutions and Other Problems" by Allie Brosh

MAHALO, HAWAII! You're the first state to exceed 2016 turnout...just got confirmation from a Honolul

The origin of Super Villains: Solaris

Texas is reporting 9,009,850 votes already cast, vs. the all-time record of 8,969,226 in 2016

YOU raised $10,349.00 for Biden-Harris, $0 Amy (DITCH Mitch) McGrath & $0 for duhneece on 10-29-20


The way to cure Covid? Simple. Turn on Fox.

I'll be posting more origins of supervillians than superheros for a while.

This might be why Trump canceled his planned party at his DC hotel on election night:

weird that another white supremacist has popped up in the trump administration

For the last several days the DU page size has been at like 75% I had a hard

Strange story here in Wisconsin...

Don't let the media or Republicans dictate the story

Kamala: Can't wait to be back in the Lone Star State. See you soon, Texas!

It ain't normal or right.

8 in the morning and Iowa is already over 2,000 new cases.

Tell Governors Now's the Time to Protect Wolves, Center for Biological Diversity

Trump changes election night plans, cancels party at Trump International: report

The strangest thing about this election is

Anyone else have bizarre dreams?

Macroeconomic effects of the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility

Earthquake of magnitude 7.0 hits western Turkey, Greece

Enthusiasm gap? Yeah, it is there and it favors the Democrats.

Twitter sends Peggy Noonan the new Biden-Harris ad; chock full of Black folks drumming and dancing.

Joe: 4 days to prevent another 4 years.

Trump admin tries to block Nigerian woman from becoming the 1st African or female leader of the WTO

George Takei: Want some good news? PA Dem mail-in ballots exceed GOP mail-in ballots by nearly 963K

He's gaining steam...he just looks better and better

How soon will we know the early votes in Texas?

You know, I actually like the idea of Sleepy Joe Biden.

Praxis II

The Ramones - I Want You Around

Great new video from Eleven Films! " #OnlyTheYoung "

"The Way I See It" - Pete Souza, Chief White House Photographer for Barack Obama - Watch Free

I would have sworn this was going to be a GOTV message

Early voters: 13% of republicans have voted for Biden, only 4% of Democrats have voted for trump....

DHS plans largest operation to secure U.S. election against hacking

Doom and gloom posts should be banned this weekend

Seafoam and Sunrise

Are you living in hope and fear at the same time?

'Voters are fed up': will Arizona's suburbs abandon the party of Trump?

Tucker: Hunter Biden Conspiracy Proof Lost in the Mail

'There's no help coming before the election': Indiana's RV capital faces its worst coronavirus outbr

Humiliating Trump Rally Goes Horribly Wrong

Minus 230,000.

(An oldie )---How are Trump and a Jack-O-Lantern alike?

Texas early voting surpasses 2016's total turnout

George Takei: This was at 3am. Can't sleep?

People keep focusing on turnout in Miami-Dade......

Donald Trump Jr.

Another new scam - "Assist the less Privileged"

US cities with approximately 230,000 people: Baton Rouge, Spokane, Boise, Richmond, Hialeah

This is a piece of the reason Pres Obama is always amazing human

Swayable, Opinium, Kaier Research, CardinalGPS...

Pennsylvania AG Tells Trump And The Proud Boys He Won't Let Them Steal The Election

42 years ago today...

Voter turnout will be 60%+

Rick James - Super Freak

Detroit officials project 50% voter turnout and fewer absentee ballots than expected

Giuliani drags Ukrainian NGO into attempt to denigrate Trump's rival Biden

He Knows His Goose Is Cooked

Only The Young - Taylor Swift

Final Opinium Poll of 2020 - Biden (D): 55% Trump (R): 41%

Eric Boehlert: America turns on Trump -- we're not "polarized" after all

From our pumpkin patch to yours, Happy Halloween from your friends at SCOTUSblog

The Supreme Court's seemingly contradictory decisions in the voting wars are unified under one ...

Kamala Harris knows things no vice president has ever known

Police took a Black toddler from his family's SUV. Then, the union used his photo as 'propaganda,' a

Unsurprisingly "richard" is displaying bot like behavior. David Pepper is the head of the Ohio Dems

Feeling stressed? Rick Wilson/M. Jong-Fast's podcast just dropped: "Chill the fuck out. This isn't

Keep your eyes on Texas but not the prognosticators

Beautiful portrait of Joe Biden from The Lincoln Project. Has this been posted here before?

VOTE OUT the Trump Crime Family

Will DU be accessible only to Star Members on election night? - UPDATE

Friday, Oct. 30 marks 3,000 days since journalist Austin Tice was detained in Syria while ...

The Nation: To Stop Trump Stealing the Election, Democrats Must Do These 3 Things

In Trump and Biden, a Choice of Teetotalers for President

If you could use a laugh, here's a Baby Snooks Halloween radio show from 1946

George Takei: People are concerned that Trump is rage tweeting disinformation at 3am, but in fairnes

Symposium: The First Amendment does not require governments to contract with parties who do not ...

Thank you, Taylor Swift! NEW "Only The Young" video produced for Democrats!

This is how democracy loses its way. Conceiving of core values as just politics

Murder hornet nest destroyed

Ex-U.S. Embassy worker in Mexico accused of sexually assaulting 24 women

The Brit approach to the English language is a beauty to behold, especially...

Anyone else notice the increase in red cherry emergency vehicles rushing by?

Ballot returns in PA are accelerating, per sec of state - Dems up 1m voters

Another young Black man killed by police (Vancouver, WA)

Kamala Harris knows things no vice president has ever known

Andrea Mitchell decimates a lying Trump campaign communications director

Iron Age Site Found in Scotland

Stephanie Ruhle busts Trump's fallacy of a recovering economy with a perfect example

If you are planning to come to my final rallies, please try not to be hospitalized until two weeks a

Share with every single Minnesotan you know. Far and wide.

Jon Ralston's Nevada Early Voting Blog - 10/30/20 - 6:40 a.m.

Trump rolled back more than 125 environmental safeguards.

Total Early Votes: 83,940,065 In-Person Votes: 29,923,292 Mail Ballots Returned: 54,016,773

I really don't want to get ahead of myself. I really don't.

Voter turnout in NC is encouraging **Update**

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Campaign Closing Message: Your Dead Family Members Are "Almost Nothing"

Ohio - Cuyahoga County Early Vote Comparison to 2016

My test was negative!

It's up to the people to foil Trump's plot against democracy

Pence absent from Covid-19 planning calls for more than a month

We have to destroy the Republican Party in order to save it

Randy Rainbow Fundraiser for the ACLU!

Spelling lesson of the day

Favorite Bumper Sticker

Quick Tip: Pay attention to the polls now, not early next week

Bob Dylan reveals he wrote 'Lay Lady Lay' for Barbra Streisand

The West Wing on TNT NOW,

Biden Drive in Rally starts in less than an hour at the Iowa State Fairgrounds

The Cult of Trump

Unions discussing general strike if Trump refuses to accept Biden victory


Mrs K: Joe Biden just had an article published on Fox News' website!

Obama's 'decorator in chief' reflects on 8 years at the White House

Post-Election We Need a Bold Plan for Journalism

Joe Biden reads Instagram comments

Idaho Lt Governor flashes gun and Bible in video where she rejects state's lockdown measures

90% of absentee ballots returned in Virginia

The one and only correct orientation for the toilet paper roll

10/30 Daily Dose of Joe

And Just Like That ...

Apple Daily denies commissioning Hunter Biden report

White House Appoints 2020-2021 Class of White House Fellows; October 29, 2020

I know that Graham is a total jerk, but this will remain a great interview

Early voting in some states, like Texas,

Origins and genetic legacy of prehistoric dogs

DC artist Robin Bell has been projecting US death tolls on DC trump building-last nite

"Chill the F**k Out. This Isn't Another 2016, and Here's Why"

Following up on Rachel/Lawrence's very serious WARNINGS on 'ransom' threats against

Feeling Depressed? Worried That Trump Will Win?

Five Reagan White House lawyers endorse Biden, saying Trump has 'fomented hatred'

Here's how Donald Trump could flee the country if he loses the election

9,0009,850: Texas has already surpassed all votes cast in 2016

How a C.I.A. Coverup Targeted a Whistle-blower

Getting the last laff - tombstone epitaphs

Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly Sues Breonna Taylor's Boyfriend Kenneth Walker for Shooting Him, Causing ...

Repost: Parkland Shooting Survivors and "The March For Our Lives" people have been very busy.


MN court ruling contradicts the instructions mailed with the ballot

Hit on Carolina Panthers' Teddy Bridgewater draws ejection for Atlanta Falcons' Charles Harris

Sweet Soul Music

This block of sand defies physics

Salon: Vote suppression is what Republicans do best -- but 2020 is their masterwork

This is why it is so hard to vote and have that vote counted in the USA!

Inside the Democrats' New Plan to Flip Texas

Love this ad for Joe Biden.

WTF? Why in hell did Ro Khanna send a supportive email to Biden smear merchant Bobulinski?

Inside the Democrats' New Plan to Flip Texas

Louisville police officer sues Kenneth Walker, boyfriend of Breonna Taylor, for emotional distress,

I'm thinking this Randall Bramblett song is going to big hit

*** NFL Spreads / Week 8 ***

In Trump and Biden, a Choice of Teetotalers for President

The Lt. Governor of Idaho, driving around with a gun and a Bible protesting COVID19 restrictions

LINCOLN PROJECT: "Don't Mess With Texas Voters"

Republican Stronghold Of Phelps County Is Showing Signs Of Progressive Life

Trump's Twitter account?

Interesting and encouraging state-by-state analysis from FiveThirtyEight.

St. Louis Convention Center Will Host Reproductions Of Michelangelo's Iconic Frescoes

EPA Approves Bayer, BASF Dicamba Weedkillers Despite Farmers' Concerns

Internal Documents Reveal COVID-19 Hospitalization Data The Government Keeps Hidden - NPR

Internal Documents Reveal COVID-19 Hospitalization Data The Government Keeps Hidden

Absentee and Early Voting by Youth in the 2020 Election

Brooding cats and dark metal sayings

How is Voter Suppression not a major crime?

SEE SAY 2020: Report/Review polling site incidents

In 3 A.M. Tweet, Orange Moronic Peepaw Says Opponent Will Only Win Election if Supreme Court Helps

Trump blaming DC Mayor Bowser for holding up Trump hotel election night party.

"If you're worried about the deadly pandemic that has killed thousands..."

Florida, my Florida - Don't do it again

Happy Halloween!

Happy National Frankenstein Day! Post something Frankensteiny!

Wes Clark @GeneralClark

The Ukraine Thing: A Timeline of GOP Betrayal

10 Things to know if you have to talk yourself down

Welcome to the 14th Annual The Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil Show Down

We should prepare to "Noriega" the Cockwomble.....


Last night one of Rachel's interviewees talked about how the government is sharing...

Christopher Steele prevails in defense of defamation lawsuit.

Retailers battening down stores across U.S., worried about Election Day violence

The Poll Watcher With A Pole

The 14th Annual The Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil is happening in GD

An Opportunity for Biden to Set the Terms Against Trump's Plan to Steal the Election

Video games: corrupters of our nation's youth, or not so bad at all?

Lincoln Project - Marc Anthony (Puerto Rico) Ad

Barbara Jordan - Demand Change

Puerto Rico Faces Close Governor's Race and Statehood Vote

Wanna see a good woman kick some right wing republican ass. OH's 12th district

GeneralClark a look at the conversation Gov. @LarryHogan.

Trump Tweets: The Supreme Court better hand him the presidency

A top Interior official has controversial views on race. He used a white supremacist website to ...

New York State has now made seat belts mandatory for back seat passengers over age 16 because:

Air Force Reproves Senate Candidate Doug Collins on Campaign Ads in Uniform

Idaho lieutenant gov. appears in video slamming virus rules

How Americans felt about masks during the 1918 flu pandemic

"The reason we're all so anxious is because we're about to find out..."

Thai Premier Says Coup Unlikely Even as Rumors Swirl

On Senate campaign trail, it's health care, health care, health care

Brent Terhune: Get you're shit together UNDECIDED VOTERS

what will the electoral college count be for Biden?

GOP increasingly worried about losing Senate control

EU: WHO should have more power to investigate outbreaks

What is your opinion

The final vote total for Texas could be close to 12 million votes

Trick or Treat 2020

The Day After Election Day (Laurence Tribe recommended read)

Trump's chances hinge on a polling screw-up way worse than 2016

The final vote total for Texas could be close to 12 million votes

I just finished watching Away on Netflix.

I made a meme: Pick Your Poison

Total Early Votes: 85,042,877

Tom Toles Toons Over And Out.

Polling Versus Voting In The Era of Modern Voter Suppression

Trump Train: Show of Support vs. Show of Force

Don't forget to set your clocks back an hour this weekend

Rudy Ghouiani has lost his freaking mind!

Slate: "Trump Can't Win the Vote"

Officials arrest new suspect in France church attack, security alert heightened

Kamala: Thank you, @billieeilish, for joining me in talking about everything that's at stake in this

Scientists find Madagascar chameleon last seen 100 years ago

Amazon Scam Alert

Trump is set to cash in as his Washington, DC, hotel is sold out for election night

Counting the votes.

Livestream Of Joe Biden In Des Moines, IA

TGIF! Four - 4 - days to go. My Daily Home Stretch Election Polling Update. Updated 9 PM EST.

President Trump to hold 17 rallies between now and Monday evening.

What's the Line Between Legal Poll Watching and Illegal Intimidation?

538's guide on how vote counting is likey to go in every state

TPM Marshall "Steel Your Nerves"

A Tokyo Sequel to 'Chariots of Fire'

Chill out people - this election will be 1980 in reverse

NBC Marist NC

Texas 2020 feels like Virginia 2008

Bad For America

Just in: Kamala Harris is returning to Georgia on Sunday

MARKETS down Friday before election!

Most Canadians hope for Trump defeat after insults, attacks

Sherrod Brown: Biden will win Ohio

Trump threatens to withhold funds from PA

I printed this out to keep handy on Tuesday evening.

New North Carolina poll (NBC/Siena, A+): Biden +6; Cunningham +10, Cooper +19

Kamala: Thank you, @billieeilish, for joining me in talking about everything that's at stake in this

Haiku for you.

40 Dead, Now 40 Laid Off: Inside a Nursing Home in Crisis

Lil Wayne Shows His Support for Donald Trump After Having a 'Great Meeting' with the President

Texas looks like a real possibility.

Lol... CNN responds to Kirstie Alley:

Americans Say They're Fired Up To Vote -- Especially Democrats

Floridians: you have 2 days after election day to "fix" / "cure" your rejected ballots so they count

NFL legend Brett Favre endorses Trump for president

If Trump would only stop stomping on the graves of our loved ones lost to COVID

Rasmussen Begins Retreat to the Norm--Biden +3

"I like my coffee how I like my women ..."

Has the Traitor/Squatter ever done anything good in the past four years?

Georgia governor, First Lady in quarantine due to COVID-19 exposure

"Politically Correct"

Never mind the Buzzcocks

Your COVID vaccine is coming TOMORROW!!!!!

Trump & RNC considering intervening in lawsuit against Miami-Dade County.

Why is the Democratic Party under performing in Miami Dade?

Joe is live! With just four days to go, tune in as we get out the vote in Iowa.

Ivanka Trump declared she is "unapologetically" "pro-life" for the first time

I remember hearing at the start of covid in March that if insured and end up in hospital, insurance

Trump spars with Minnesota officials over crowd limits ahead of rally

Thirteen Original Colonies are forming up 12 blue. One red. Feel the progress?

'We've got to stop the bleeding': Democrats sound alarm in Miami

Alito Sold Oracle Stock to Take Part in Supreme Court Google Case

Trump Jr: 'Well, why aren't they talking about deaths? Oh, oh, because the number is almost nothing

In Trump world being politically correct is far worse than being a corrupt bumbling fool.

Vote Them All Out! (WARNING: graphic content)

Republicans Face a Dogfight in Georgia

New PPP polls show Biden killing it 52-45 in both FL and PA!

Dow Slides on Worries Over Big Tech and Virus Spike

Texas' 2020 early voting surpasses total turnout in 2016 election

538: States with the closest races (graphic)

Romance in the time of COVID

RELEASE - NLRB Unveils Enhanced Public Website

Infrequent visitor...

McConnell plans to fill two key circuit court seats even if Trump loses

Miami-Dade!! Mail bins piled up on the floor in a post office. For over a week!!

Democrats call Trump's COVID-19 response 'among the worst failures of leadership in American history

Great new ad from Sara Gideon, exposing Collins' constant refusal to take a stand:

Dear panic pollsters: I just sold my cow, so---

Swing For the Fences

Philadelphia DA warns uncertified poll watchers to stay away: 'I've got a jail cell'

Voting news out of TX keeps getting better

donald trump is insane. there, i said it. the emperor has no clothes.

I've been wondering, "Where is Roger Stone?"!

Super Typhoon Goni explodes into 2020's strongest storm on Earth, moves toward Philippines

Taylor Swift Is Finally Letting a Politician Use Her Music in a Campaign

Poor Jerry Falwell is suing Liberty for ruining his reputation.

Can you help a sister out? I need a list of Trump lies....

Marcus Aurelius - How To Stop Worrying (Stoicism)

Charlottesville, Virginia says 60% of active voters have already voted.

New Covid Variant Is Sweeping Across Europe, New Pandemic 'Epicenter'

On 10-31-20 the time of day that the moon becomes full is 8:49 am, Mountain DST here

Oh Say Can You See, All The Flags Blowin' In The Breeze, at Trump's Rallies -

Biden has 4,000 lawyers in Florida

Kirstie Alley takes on CNN. It does not go well.

Florida House Minority Leader tweets video of Miami mail bins w/ ballots, sitting for over a week

From President Obama: list of Voter Protection Hotlines (by state and nationwide)

Just Got A FLYer From AOC

Mailroom in MiamiDade is filled with mail sitting in boxes piled up on the floor

It's snowing all day here and I keep getting surprised by pictures of people...

Perfect. Just damned perfect.

Lot's of Work Ahead

"Our doctors get more money if someone dies from Covid."

OK - this weird

This letter was sent to a friend who has Biden signs on their porch here in SW PA. You will feel

Robert Reich - Posting about Steven Miller on FB

Luckovich - All The Fake News Media Focuses On Is......

Smaller American Cities See Big Interest From Urban Flight: Remote Work & School

To America, with all my best hopes and wishes and crossed fingers

Sen. Schumer and Gillibrand urge New Yorkers to vote Biden/Harris on the Working Families Party line

Trump spars with Minnesota officials over crowd limits ahead of rally

Amy Coney Barrett and the Real Threat of Minority Party Rule

Julian Castro explains what we will go through regarding ballot counting, with Trump and repubs.

Twitter sends new Biden-Harris ad full of Black folks drumming and dancing straight to Peggy Noonan

Trump Can't Stop Talking About How He Plans to Steal the Election

Yale epidemiologist calls Trump's coronavirus response a potential war crime: 'Genocide by default'

Reuters Exclusive: Russian hackers targeted California, Indiana Democratic parties

"What the F is wrong with this piece of sh!t?" --Olbermann

How Rudy's "October Surprise" is being reported in Ukraine

Decency: The contrast between liberal and conservative

Moderates may decide a million-dollar battle for state House

Of ALL of the things he has done......

NEW FLIPPABLE: Albert Kirby Jr. for NC-HD22

When people sense the bully is about to get his due ...

Denying People The Right To Vote, Now & Historically: Is America A Democracy?

Cartoons 10/30/2020

'Bring your patience': 3-hour wait reported at Douglas County (Omaha) election office (updated & pho

Union leaders: As Boeing shrinks, what about Airbus?

'Do not wait': Court cases throw late-arriving votes into doubt

Newsweek: Bernie Sanders Says Democratic Party Has Become a 'Party of Coastal Elites'

Article: Donald Trump and the American descent toward failed-state status

Madame Tussauds (Berlin) Threw Their Donald Trump Wax Figure in a Literal Dumpster

Special contribution by U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden

NC Voting Update: October 30

These cops are dumbasses

Fed lowers loan size to attract more small businesses to Main Street Lending Program. Again.

TLP: Marc Anthony (Puerto Rico)

I feel so sorry for Don Jr

Reverend Raphael Warnock-Georgia. Email, 350% matching contributions. ActBlue.

Stella's Leaf Pile Stand Off

Actress Kerry Washington turns up for Michigan Sen. Gary Peters in new radio ad

trump just tweeted army for trump

Security info request from Trump campaign leaves Cumberland Co, PA officials concerned ahead of Elec

HOW WILL YOU VOTE? - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

John Lennon posing in front of the Statue of Liberty

On virus, Trump and health advisers go their separate ways

So Monday Morning my Ballot was dropped in the Mail ...

When will Trump and his minions admit how catastrophic covid is? Here's the answer:

David Enrich gets 2,000+ documents in FOIA response regarding trump/Deutsche/Chicago

Trump fights headwinds as he and Biden battle over Florida

Press Gaggle by Kayleigh McEnany Aboard Air Force One; October 29, 2020

Polls minus Voter Suppression equals Actual Outcome

Two Nominations Sent to the Senate; October 30, 2020

What does Melania say to Trump after their third kiss on stage?

Biden camp slams Facebook as thousands of ads remain blocked in final week

The Tiniest Puppy Grows Up Wrestling With His Cat Foster Brother

S&P Down YTD

Eric Swalwell: Taylor Swift video is fantastic! Bring it home!

COVID-19 smartphone app can tell if you're an asymptomatic carrier -- by the way you cough

Mark Meadows apparently used taxpayer funds to help wife's friend raise campaign cash

Trump's Remarks Before Marine One Departure; October 30, 2020

Tweet of the Day

Pelosi famously said "You mistake them [GOP] for someone who gives a damn." She went on to say -- the

COVID-19 charity fraud is on the rise, warns the FBI

Young voters driving turnout in Houston

Trump on twitter actively recruiting for an Army for Trump

51% of all TN registered voters cast early voting ballots this election.

U.S. records more than 90,000 Covid-19 cases in one day for the first time

Bruce Springsteen Condemns Trump and President's Administration

USPS admits delivery times are plummeting, says there's no "constitutional right" to timely delivery

"Let the People Pick the President": The Case for Abolishing the Electoral College

Hundreds lining up to see trump in green Bay WI....

I don't need any of these Republicans to ever acknowledge that they were wrong

Glenn Greenwald: The Intercept didn't want articles that would 'reflect negatively on Joe Biden'

Worried about violence during & after the election? One tech company that's facilitating violence...

Final Toles Cartoon

"I went to Baskin Robbins the other day and asked for the Don Jr. Flavor."

Montana really could be closer than you think

Walmart to return firearms to the sales floor today as social unrest remains 'geographically isolate

Idaho lieutenant gov. appears in video slamming virus rules, whether 'a pandemic may or may not...

Man who thinks he has suffered "thousands" of concussions endorses drumpf

Fantastic ad! Trump interviews for a job

Prepping for Tuesday

Laura Ingraham wears mask at trump WI rally and trump points her out to crowd

In honor of Trump cancelling his election night party

Trump is losing his grip on one group of white Christians . . . the Catholic ones.

New Michigan Poll (PPP, B): Biden +10, Peters +10

trump disses Fox news again for hiring Donna Brazile

The Biden campaign feels better about Georgia than even NC!!

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 10/30/20

Don't mail your ballot!

Eleven passenger projects receive $291 million in FRA grants

Teddy B tells you who to vote for...

Virginia and Maryland receive federal railroad grants

Tom Nichols' closing argument for Joe Biden and against Trump

10 of the Most Stoic Moments In History Ryan Holiday Stoicism

Biden on trump being a stable genius and mental acuity... LOL

Virginia and Maryland receive federal railroad grants

Herb Adderley, 81, cornerback great with 6 NFL titles, dies

How Will You Vote? A Randy Rainbow 🌈 Parody

Exclusive: Russian hackers targeted California, Indiana Democratic parties

no heating in the winter, no air conditioning in the summer, and no electricity if Biden wins

McConnell Won't Take Up Relief Package In Lame Duck

Noam Chomsky Believes Trump Is "the Worst Criminal in Human History"

C'mon Florida - Return the 685542 absentee ballots NOW

We're going to WIN!

Bald eagles circling over Biden campaign event in Iowa

"Our doctors get more money if someone dies from Covid...."

"The Ghost of Tom Joad" . . . Pete Seeger and Bruce Springsteen

New Iowa Poll to be published the weekend before the election. Look for some results online at 6 p.m

This really was quite brilliant

Olbermann vs. Trump #17

Pence absent from Covid-19 planning calls for more than a month

Obama and Biden together in MI tomorrow!

BEST RANDY RAINBOW VIDEO YET. I wonder what post Rainbow will get in Joe's cabinet ???

Google doodle today is a Halloween game

Off his rocker: Trump campaigns in a world of his own.

VA05 Far-Right Republican Bob Good Compares "The Left" to "Islamic Jihad" and "Terrorism"

I just had to bring this out of the archives

Can a USSC Justice be impeached for legal incompetence?

Be sure you have a video camera on your Biden signs so that


The Day After Election Day

The absurd legal theory conservative judges are using to restrict voting

Please share and help take this viral

Aviation Enthusiasts: Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy! 747SP Damaged/totalled owned by...

Harris County Republicans To Hold Super Spreader Event

Anybody see or hear about the 2 bald eagles circling over Biden as he ended his speech?

Tonight is the eve of the full moon and the night before Samhain

N.H. woman accused of impersonating prosecutor, dropping criminal charges against herself

Drumpf Merchandise Stands Here In South Orange County, CA

Inside Glenn Greenwald's Blowup With The Intercept

Hah! Lincoln Project response to Jarvanka over the NYC Billboards--Part II and III!

Biden event in St. Paul:

Fucking FB, I dont want notification popups, I want the

Are the polls missing the youth vote?

This isn't how things should be.

PM Update: Frost and freeze likely in parts of the area tonight, then a mixed-weather weekend

'It's a statistical tie': Race for US Senate neck and neck less than week before election

Trump Is Said to Set Aside Career Intelligence Briefer to Hear From Advisers Instead

American Medical Association: "...malicious, outrageous, and completely misguided..."

Quick PSA For New Product

Dow caps volatile October with worst weekly finish since March

republicans really, really don't want Minnesota Democrats to vote

Biden camp slams Facebook as thousands of ads remain blocked in final week

BEING scared most of the time, how this will come out, I turn to this song for inspiration

Election Day is also a referendum on Trump's era of 'fake news'

FTR, there is not any voter "supression" in PA

Middle Age Riot: The latest CNN national poll has Donald Trump trailing...

Tonite on the Apprentice-Season 4

Madame Tussauds in Berlin dumps Trump into a dumpster ahead of Election Day

Meet Sgt. Stubby -- The Military's Most Famous War Dog

Biden winning Florida independents by 10 points?

What's for Dinner, Fri., Oct. 30, 2020

Giuliani LOSES IT on FOX host for calling out his shady behavior, ENDS interview

Let me make this pellucidly clear

Javanka jab: Lincoln Project trolls Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump on their home turf

The President Sang Amazing Grace: Kronos Quartet and Meklit

Mueller Memos: Bonus Special Edition! A Huge Trove Of New Details From The Mueller Investigation

'A slap in the face': Keilar slams Trump Jr. for false claim

We're not only going to win this thing, but we may have already won. Still, vote though.

Maybe...some H2O...fingers crossed...

The President Sang Amazing Grace: Kronos Quartet and Meklit

US border authorities have dumped 200+ Central American children unaccompanied into Mexico.

Dropped my ballot in a collection box today

Shaming? Absolution? Jail? How to treat those complicit in Trump's wrongdoing

npr: Georgia seeing surge in black voter turnout


Another sports legend oozes over to the dark side.

Is someone on this problem?

Florida entrepreneurs and business owners support Biden, slam Trump in virtual forum

Comcast/Xfinity VoIP says I need a new phone

Huggers, we are not ok!!

U.S. judge orders 'extraordinary measures' to ensure ballot deliveries

As Lake Powell Falls, Cataract Canyon's Rapids Begin To Reemerge From 40 Years Of Mud & Silence

This is the most hated team in the NFL, according to a recent Twitter study

**A- rated Fox News National Poll: Biden leads by 8 nationally (52-44)**

Well thats a worry Mail in ballots Miami

Helicopters Over DC Protesters Broke Regulations While Commander was Driving Home...

Trump is tweeting up a storm

Aqua timez --Akinoshitade (Under autumn)

U.S. detained migrant children for far longer than previously known

Kid in hospital costumed as a bowl of spaghetti for Halloween!

Aqua timez --Akinoshitade (Under autumn)

"When in doubt, choose COVID," Trump jokes. (Maligning doctors)

New at SCOTUS: Minnesota voters challenge mask rule at the polls

Spanish-Language Disinformation Campaigns Target Latino Voters NBC News

George Floyd's family to take part in 'Souls to the Polls'

i am so anxious, upset and wishing JOE WON ALREADY!! i needed comfort. Made some Mashed potatoes

Jessie's Sweet Baby Surprise

How ActBlue has transformed Democratic politics

Kenosha shooting suspect Kyle Rittenhouse extradited to Wisconsin

"You say you want a revolution..." -John Lennon

White House aide says Trump's vaccine-by-Election Day promise was 'arbitrary'

what are you doing the days after nov 3rd?

PM Boris Johnson Faces Many Foes As UK Has Highest Covid Death Toll In Europe

A film being circulated amognst Trump Campaign staff.

New research suggests there is sophisticated automation amplifying Trump's social media presence.

Democrats need to start taking credit with no shame like Trump

Early voting high in rural and republican areas

A MAGA QAnon supporter slashed our Baby Trump in Maine! But now it looks like Trump is melting...

Kyle Rittenhouse moved to Kenosha County to face homicide charges after judge denies defense's reque

Kamala Harris will be in Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach tomorrow.

Adventures in bumper stickering in a red county

Worldometer:93,394 and counting new cases in the U.S. today. New UPDATES

Truly the Party of Trump;

GARNET by Aqua Timez

Madeleine Dean polls?

Miss Reecie and Uncle Ro Ro challenge Lil Wayne on trump's bullshit platinum plan

Turn around!!!

Cruises can begin phased return starting Nov. 1 under new protocols, CDC says

For your enjoyment: Blue Moon

FARC invades Colombia's cities!!! (asking nothing but peace)

Ari's gonna have Bobby Weir on The Beat Monday

The GOP Plot Against America

Trump Sets Aside Career Intelligence Briefer

Trump Is Said to Set Aside Career Intelligence Briefer to Hear From Advisers Instead

Trump mocks Fox News host Laura Ingraham for wearing a mask at his campaign rally and calls her (PC)

Anybody watching the Huluween Search for the Sanderson Sisters?

Most Europeans Favor Joe Biden, Trump Would Suffer Huge Defeat If They Could Vote: New Poll

Judge Sullivan aware of video from Miami-Dade, asks to be kept updated.

I am hosting a November 4th "Protect the results" rally in the SW suburban Chicago area.

McConnell says Congress will take up stimulus package at start of 2021

Oops..... Problems for trump at rally in

Opinion: As a Republican, I'm tired of Trump's division, discord, vitriol and hate

Once again, U.S. records new daily high, nearly 100,000, for Covid-19 cases

Miami Horror - Soft Light (feat. Alan Palomo) [Official Music Video 10 Years of Illumination]

Nevada : Significant mail counting today has pushed Clark Dem firewall up to 81K

This is the unofficial LFR Halloween Party 🦇 21+ only please.

Trump's MAGA roadshow may barrel on as ballots are tallied

Evan McMullin votes for...

Survey: Nearly 2 out of 3 voters will cast their ballots early in-person or by mail, not on Election

The Economist now gives Biden a 97% chance of victory...

98,375 Americans contracted COVID-19 today, 1,200 of them will die

Joe: Jill and I are praying for all those impacted by Hurricane Zeta.

The more I read and hear about Judge Emmet Sullivan...

Special Election Binding on Sat., Oct 31st. Don't miss it!

Pwotect Weligious Fweedums so We cun tell you how to worship, who to marry, how to live our narrow..

North Carolina Democrat Cunningham leads Tillis by 10 points in new poll

Trump is giving a speech in the dark with no crowd!

Pa. elections chief urges counties to begin counting mail-in ballots early Tuesday morning

Rudy, tired of getting clowned, tweets some more "source material" text messages...BUT...

Stephen King on the coming election.

Kentucky State Police training slideshow obtained via open records request quotes Hitler, advocates

You know what?

Can anyone here read lips?

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp quarantines after exposure at mask-optional pro-Trump rally

Kamala: Such a joy to catch up again with Cavanaugh @cooldopeliving, Charlie, and Alyssa: three youn

Just lost an old acquaintance to COVID 19

Rep. Drew Ferguson of Georgia tests positive for coronavirus after helping lead Trump counter-rally

Trump Talks Up Ties With Mexico's Leader in Bid to Cut Biden's Latino Lead

Belgium, the worst-hit country in Europe, imposes strict new coronavirus lockdown

LMAO, So Republicans are now Lil Wayne fans and Mrs.Officer is their favorite song -