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Trump's $200 drug cards for seniors remain in limbo

Joe: Donald Trump is wholly unfit to serve as commander in chief. But don't just take my word for it


Jim Smith: 'I'm a Biden Republican'

Joe: Jill and I send our prayers to the people of Greece and Turkey following today's earthquake. We

Birthday pierces

Trump Claims at Rally Doctors Lie About Virus Dead for Money

Kamala: On the trail in the Rio Grande Valley--not taking a single vote for granted.

'The virus will last longer than expected': UW researchers model neighborhood COVID-19 peaks

Now that COVID has been defeated, anyone up for a cruise?

As Mount Rainier expands lahar monitor system, officials consider adding more sites

Trump will never have to worry about

Kamala Harris urges Democrats to keep their foot on the pedal in late Texas visit

How an Upper Michigan city plans on handling absentee ballots

One might call this low-energy.

Trump Rallies Leave Trail of COVID Spikes in Their Wake

Judge postpones Trump's TikTok ban in suit brought by users

Trump mocks Fox News host Laura Ingraham for wearing a mask at his campaign rally and calls her

Joe is live! I'm in Wisconsin to urge folks to use that power. Tune in.

Collin County is the center of a political storm as the Texas suburbs become more competitive for De

Jamie Harrison destroys Lindsey Graham again...

Most Conservative Christians Support Trump. Will They Help Him Win Again?

Mysterious Ways...Has Covid-19 saved the USA from Fascism?

Both Joe Biden and Barack Obama will be in Flint, tomorrow, at an 'undisclosed location'.

AP: Use of slurs not 'isolated' at Louisiana State Police

Covid, Covid, Covid

Last time eagles were sighted soaring above Joe Biden's rally was in Iowa

Utah sent every phone in the state an emergency alert warning about rapidly rising Covid-19 cases an

We Get Furloughed Starve And Neglect Seeing Our Parents

Mike Bloomberg's PAC targets Miami with new TV ad supporting Joe Biden

Trump and AF-1. Who is paying.

trumpism will hold a similar place in US history to the American civil war

We sure did.

Trump and the GOP are acting like senior lives don't matter. Their COV:ID responses to date

After Trump loses, how crazy is he going to be with his Presidential power for two months?

Local leaders, election analysts seek answers as mail stacks up at Miami-Dade post office

In the history books, 2020 will either be the election where America embraced fascism

Marc Anthony slams Trump in new Lincoln Project ad: 'Vote him out'

My phone just rang and the caller id showed the call was from a local hospital.

A Big Iron On Her Hip

Just hit over 100,000 Covid-19 cases today

Fly your flag on Nov. 3rd

Wearing a mask inversely correlated to knowing others with covid symptoms. Strongly.

Over 100,000 Covid+ today

Russian hackers targeted California, Indiana Democratic parties

October 30, 2020 - 101,000 New Cases

Russian hackers targeted California, Indiana Democratic parties

The moment I've been waiting for

Lindsey & Jaime

'America The Illiterate,' Chris Hedges

Trump and the RNC have launched a really crappy "Seniors Beware" website

Trump may continue to campaign after Election Day if results are not finalized: report

UPDATE: Worldometer U.S. 101,035 new cases today. New UPDATE !!!!!!

Labor Department finalizes U.S. rule curbing sustainable investing by pension funds


Twitter unfreezes New York Post account days after backlash from Republican lawmakers

Twitter unfreezes New York Post account days after backlash from Republican lawmakers

Yakima County landlords ask court to strike down Inslee's eviction moratorium

Super Spreader USA Monster COVID Fest

Justice Barrett Gets Permission from Husband to Start First Day on Supreme Court

I just got in from working at the poll in Arlington Tx

FBI Investigating Contents of Eric Trump's See 'n Say

On Her 39th Birthday, Ivanka's Just One Year From Being Traded For Younger, Hotter Daughter

Peter Frampton: He wants to vote Biden/Harris 20/20

Fmr. GOP Florida Attorney General & Secretary of State Jim Smith endorses @JoeBiden for President.

NJ governor on coronavirus lockdown: 'If we have to shut the whole place down we will'

Friday Talking Points -- The Scariest Election Ever

Why does CNN show 90,000 instead of 101,035 for new cases of Covid?

Praise Jesus! And the sign He sent me late today.

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Live and Let Die!

Tucker Carlson Claims He's Going To Leave 'Fallen Man' Hunter Biden Alone Now

Jonathan Pie's 2020 Election Prediction

With MARS!

Rachel Maddow just used the term "grok"

Why the 2020s Could Be as Dangerous as the 1850s

We can rebuild Kentucky stronger

Facebook admits it 'improperly' blocked some political ads due to 'technical issues'

BIG update about Miami-Dade mail bins (w/ballots too) piling up!!

Al Franken guest of Bill Maher this evening

Joe: This Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I recommit to ensuring domestic violence is treated lik

Alan Alda: I cannot remain silent as Trump rejects science and endangers lives

Daughter visiting for my birthday and her dog will only poop at the rump house nextdoor

He's entertaining his cult by being the nastiest, grossest, immature pile of garbage

Tucker Carlson Claims He's Going To Leave 'Fallen Man' Hunter Biden Alone Now

How do the Trumpers explain away the deaths and sickness across the globe from COVID if

if only we were more like France where the weekend before the election there is a news blackout, no

Trump let a far-right British gadfly speak longer at his Arizona rally than GOP Sen. McSally

Lindsey Graham claims he was joking when he solicited campaign donations in a federal building

Joe: Love will always win. Congratulations, @S10Bird and @mPinoe!

"Trump approves deployment of gas cans for five alarm fires." (cruise ships)

just damn

On it's way to Mar-A-Lago ...

NJ Folks: Thoughts on Amy Kennedy vs trump boot licker traitor Van Drew

Election Models: 96 hours out

The sanctimonious whores who have declared Trump to be "the Chosen one" and "layed hands

FOIA response with 2,000+ pages of documents Re: Trump Chicago and Deutsche Bank

I'm a 2020 single issue voter.

In Less Than 100 Hours, Polls Will Close On The West Coast

I'm sure that Keith O's Olberman vs Trump has already been posted for today

98,583. 1 day.

Hey DU... it would be a shame if you told this guy what you think of his tweet......

That does it. I'm turning off the news & watching ANYthing else. Potter, Fantastic Beasts, LOTR...

The Giuliani, Bannon, Carlson fail at attempted rat fucking of Hunter Biden is the worst fail in the

I used to savor a good dust-up with Trumpkins

Trump Corruptly Uses DOJ/Barr/Whitaker in Effort to Tank Turkish Bank Case for President Erdogan

Madame Tussauds throws its Donald Trump wax dummy in a dumpster ahead of election

AWKWARD: Drumph Mocks Laura Ingraham For Wearing A Mask At Superspreader Rally.

Friday Night Vodka-Buzz. Ask me anything.

Trump, Bolsonaro Broke Latin America's Covid Defenses, Rid 10K Cuban Doctors, Hydroxy Push: NYT

Don't forget to ...

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats that Democrats will gonna be winning in 2020.

538 forecast, Biden 90 Trump 10

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an amateur next to trump when it comes to killing people

WARNING!: Do not look until after Nov 3rd

Students react to Biden policies

It's a small thing..but.. whew! 538 finally has Joe at 90%, Economist at 96%

Now that's my kind of doggy Halloween costume--complete with sound effects! LOL

General Stanley A. McChrystal endorses Jaime Harrison!

How to lose 307 pounds In just 4 days.

Trump's brief in the SCOTUS arguing that he can exclude undocumented immigrants from the reapportion

Biden and the ...

Senator Franken on Bill Maher

Final Daily Count: Worldometer, U.S. cases 101,461

Judge cites Trump tweets in restricting feds at protests

The moment when the horcrux was cut out of Mitch McConnell

Transcript of Drumpf's 21 minute MN rally

No more yellow in the lower 48. Covid map all red and orange now

Andrew Laufer - "trump is finished", says GOP group brought in last-minute to salvage trump campaign

I just participated in the AP-NORC Friday night poll. Here's how they did it.

Pretend Twitter was around in the 1980s. What would have been some of the tweets?

Election Week in Hell: An Expectedly Butthole-Heavy News Cycle (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Poland Pushed Through An Abortion Ban & THe Women Of The Country Are Not Having It


No one should have to listen to Trump who isn't close enough to smack him. nt

Reverse Psychology

Are you ready to party Knobnoster?! Put yer hands together for Shooting Star!

NEW from Keith Olbermann: The 50 Worst Persons In Trump World

Nate Silver: 'Lots of evidence Democrats sent their ballots in sooner than Republicans'

Walmart returns firearms, ammunition to U.S. store floors ahead of election

Fascist Marsha Blackburn asks Google if employee who criticized her still has a job

N.Y. Attorney General Letitia James developing 'long' list of Trump actions for Biden to undo

The Isaac Hayes Movement. I Stand Accused

maybe dems need to get search warrants for every post office....

Anecdotal observations of in-person voting? I've seen lines in Herndon

I've posted before, but this is a brown liquor sipping Friday evening jam

Elton John talks about his stuff from before he was a star!

Playing with electoral maps is interesting. No pressure, Pennsylvania! - looking at trump's

Kahlil Gibran (2) "The Beauty of Death" (Parts 1-3) - Mystical/Spiritual Poetry

Al Greene himself

Voters are not just sick of Trump, they are sick of his supporters

The country's most important climate election heats up

In a first, ICE agents are poised to respond to potential Election Day unrest

NEW Fox News nat'l poll, likely voters: Biden +8. +10 w/seniors, +22 independents, +18 suburbs

Will we accept

With Election Day still ahead, Dallas County and Texas have already set total-turnout records

FL Covid cases clearly trending up. Not good in a state with lots of elderly.

My daughter just gave me a piece of Rogue River blue cheese

Just checked my email

'We're on overdrive': Texas House campaigns working down to the wire to win competitive races

George Takei ftw

Steal this Dossier

Halloween Is Coming! #141

Halloween Is Coming! #142

Halloween Is Coming! #143

Halloween Is Coming! #144

Halloween Is Coming! #145

Do You Think Trump/DeJoy will ever be prosecuted for screwing up the mail and our elections?

Halloween Is Coming! #146

Halloween Is Coming! #147

Votes: Fed Judge Orders USPS To Follow Its Own Plan For Ballot Delivery In Time, DeJoy

Halloween Is Coming! #148

Halloween Is Coming! #149

Halloween Is Coming! #150

Come on DU, now's the time to pitch-in, make it happen in PA!

The US Senate's Secret Candy Stash

Polyrock - Romantic Me (produced by Philip Glass)

Make sure to get your votes in for the Right Wing Evil Award!

Jon Ralston's Nevada Early Voting Blog - Joe's in charge!

Let's visit the Donald Trump Library shall we?

The Daily Show - Remembering RBG: A Nation Ugly Cries with Desi Lydic - Full Special

Joe: Anyone who is responsible for plunging and ensnaring America in this crisis -- anyone who could

Congratulations, Kemp. You played yourself.

Telemundo poll: Biden leads Trump among Latino voters in battleground Arizona

Rare Full Moon on Halloween (76 years)

Charlie - Fight Dirty

There Just Isn't Good Evidence That 'Shy' Trump Voters Exist l FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast

Pre-Halloween Moon, October 30, 2020.

Building & Flying a 20lb Pumpkin plane!

Trump plans an election eve MAGA rally at airport in Miami-Dade County

Trump/Pence sign

The Daily Social Distancing Show - Trump's 100 Most Tremendous Scandals: The Definitive List

11/01Mike Luckovich- Change the Subject


Just because. Tonight is a harvest blue moon

Absentee voter demand is at historic high in Mississippi

Hialeah was a tie in '16. Can Trump do better vs Biden? Six Miami-Dade cities to watch BY DOUGLAS H

Chris Hayes on The Choice In This Election

Is Trump about to reprise Herbert Hoover's historic defeat in 1932?

Seth Meyers - Trump Compares Biden to a Zombie in New Campaign Ad - Monologue 10/29/20

To "ALL" of the Attorneys, Volunteers, and to everyone that is / are working to elect

Kamala Harris to return to Georgia on Sunday,


Just Saw Trump Merchandise For Sale At 50% Off On The Internet.....

Why does CNN continue to have these crazy Conservatives on

Drumpf, Colossal Asshole, Says Doctors Get Extra Cash If People Die of COVID-19

High stakes lead to high spending on legislative races in Mecklenburg, elsewhere in NC

I was watching MSNBC tonight and decided I'm done

Seth Meyers: Guest Sen. Bernie Sanders Calls Out the Democratic Party's Neglect of the Working Class

VP hopeful Kamala Harris, in historic Fort Worth stop, calls on Black Texans to vote

Houston energy exec charged with bilking investors out of $1.2 million in oil and gas deals

Seth Meyers: Guest Shepard Smith Didn't Think He Would Return to Work After Leaving Fox News

Judge Sullivan has entered a comprehensive order that requires several things of USPS...

Kenosha was the closest county in the state in 2016. Today, residents brace for another tight race.

Get out the vote with Kamala Harris in Houston, TX

Democrats have Republicans on the defensive in traditionally safe Milwaukee suburbs

He's running out of gas.

Asian American describes 3 encounters within an hour at the New Orleans airport (racist)

Republicans shift from challenging rules to preparing to challenge individual ballots

Comical goofball stuff. HHS was planning a covid psa campaign with a ton of taxpayer money.

Judge Orders 'Extraordinary Measures' to Deliver Ballots

Is it just me

James Carville was on MSNBC Lawrence O'Donnell

Texas GOP senator didn't "graduate" from Oxford University law program, as claimed in prior campaign

OH-01: Is this the end for Steve Chabot?

Texas Is a Tossup. So Why Won't Trump or Biden Campaign There?

Best Halloween costumes ever!

Time to announce the winner of the 14th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil

Trick Or Treat Update From Last Night

Halloween Is HERE!!!

Can Trump bully the media into calling a winner on Election Night?

Turnout jumps in Hidalgo County, TX

Peanuts Gang - LaGrange By ZZ Top

I just announced the winner of 14th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Right Wing Evil...

This is amazing: Hawaii is at 110% of its 2016 total turnout 👀

Trump Could Lose Wisconsin Due To COVID Outbreak

Trump's Inner Circle Braces for Disaster

EPA Sued For Reapproval of Atrazine, Dangerous Herbicide Banned In Europe A Decade Ago

Watchdog files complaint accusing Trump's chief of staff Mark Meadows of campaign finance crimes

Facebook disables Open Carry Texas group, member accounts

El Paso County's judge has ordered nonessential businesses to close to slow coronavirus spread. The

538: Democrats have an enthusiasm edge

Advance Media New York/ Editorial Board endorses Biden

Democratic Voters Hope Election Day Means Democrats Will Stop Texting Them

🎃 Dark Lofi Halloween Mix 2 by Dated 🎃

OMG....this can't possibly be real......IT IS!

Trump enters crazy promise territory in an attempt to get reelected

trump: There is only one way to defend your dignity. There is only one way to defend your family and

NEW FLIPPABLE: Nina Yoakum for FL-HD50

CNBC-Shep Smith: tЯumputin schedule for 14 rallies in the next 3 days.

Cheatsheet with 440 items, incl. state legislatures, referenda, Congress, DAs, & more (printable)

Contractors, scrap dealers selling border fence steel in Arizona and Mexico

Indian Americans Stir Blue Wave in Deep Red Texas. 72% for Biden, 22% for tRump

just wondering . . . has Trump ever said "It was my fault, and I apologize" ? . . . I mean, ever???

Pumpkin Spice with Coffee Buttercream -----A Greeting for Halloween-----As we all worry

TX-21: Chip Roy and Wendy Davis go down to the wire in a tight TX-21 race that has Texas' full atten

Even been to a fundie haunted house?

TX-24: The Unlikely Candidate Who Might Flip a Republican Stronghold

Support for Trump is tearing apart Vietnamese American families

Post- Election America Needs A Bold, New Plan For Journalism; High Quality News, Information Access

Write your headline for Wednesday, November 4.

Dr Birx has vowed to never sit in another Coronavirus Task Force meeting with Dr Atlas.

'Biden Republicans' think collapse of Republican Party could happen as a consequence of Trump

Dr. giving heartbreaking tribute to colleagues lost to COVID-19

What to do when people say Trump is finished: GO VOTE

How about this???

Neil Young - Down By The River

Record high Covid-19 cases today in most of the important swing states

NJ-02: Van Drew's defection to GOP haunts him in tight race

Maybe this is Lounge material - but some things I haven't seen on TRMS for a LONG time ...

Travis Co., TX (Austin) reports 553,290 votes cast for the entire early voting period

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 10/30/20

Tweet of the Day

VA-05: Republican divisions in Virginia House district animate Democrats' hope for an upset

VA-05: District candidate Bob Good says battle against Democrats akin to fighting terrorism

from Congressman Jamie Raskin, MD08:

Anyone still doubt that Trump is a Putin employee?

David Gilmour - Marooned, Coming Back To Life, Sorrow

I sure am glad PA, WI, MI and MN have Biden up by greater than 5 pts, otherwise I would be a lot

Ossoff is impressive

Trump Jr.'s DISTURBING Fox News Moment

Black leopard mauls Florida man who paid $150 to have "full contact experience"

Indivisible - Joe Biden For President 2020

They're always after me Lucky Charms.

2020 US Senate Election Rating for the US Senate seats that Democrats are gonna win in 2020.

'Borat' Star Gives Church $100K After Member Appears in Film

Souped-Up Robots Will Soon Be Able To Tell Us What's Happening In The Middle Of The Ocean

Videotape Reveals Early Corporate-Funded Plans To Try To Overturn A Trump Loss

2 Renditions of Reger's 'Variation and Fugue On a Theme'

Household spread of Covid-19 is common and quick, a new CDC study finds

Damn, who knew Bobby Orr is an @$$hole.

perfect for this halloween

Selfie and Facebook posts lead to arrest of Boogaloo Bois member in Texas, feds say

In Florida, voters of color and young voters have had ballots flagged for possible rejection at high

What counts as voter intimidation?

The U.S. will leave the Paris climate accord on Nov. 4. But voters will decide for how long.

Trump Corruptly Uses DOJ/Barr/Whitaker in Effort to Tank Turkish Bank Case for President Erdogan

A top Interior official has controversial views on race. He used a white supremacist website to supp

Unrest erupts over police killing of Black man near Portland

Show your work: AP plans to explain vote calling to public

Black voters could tip Florida for Joe Biden

Mexico to investigate reports the US is deporting foreign migrant children across the border

KJ Brooks speaking before Kansas City BOPC

Mexico: Journalist murdered in Ciudad Juarez

Trump Crashes As RNC Chair And Michael Moore Back Biden

AZ-06: How Dr. Hiral Tipirneni Would Bring Her Medical Background To Congress

Misdemeanor charges recommended for three Democratic Sarasota County Commission candidates

Tiger at Tennessee zoo tests positive for COVID-19

Madame Tussauds in Berlin loaded its effigy of President Trump into a dumpster

CO-03: Boebert can't find her own district

Have faith in decency and sense

In Frida Kahlo's old home, Day of the Dead 'offering' honors artists felled by pandemics

Exclusive: Russian hackers targeted California, Indiana Democratic parties

If Biden wins I think it's about time for some payback

BLM, Proud Boys rally outside Riverview High in Sarasota

Lincoln Project brings edgy anti-Trump billboards to Mar-a-Lago this weekend

Early Voting Ended Today - Ralston's Early-Voting Blog

Bolivia's congress recommends lawsuit against out-going conservative interim president Jeanine Anez

NAACP PSA featuring Morgan Freeman

Biden Ad: You have the power to silence him.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/30/20

Trump made Biden's closing argument for him

Stephen Colbert: Guest Jon Stewart

The Other Americans: United States Attacks Cuban Medics During Pandemic

El Salvador's Supreme Court halts investigation into murder of priests

Stephen Colbert: Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson

U.S. border agency said it 'rescued' a Honduran woman and newborn. Then it separated them and detain

For whoever was the one who invented the number Zero

One thing I am still nervous about is the number of mail in ballots not turned in.

US Border Agents Went Rogue and Illegally Detained Hundreds of Migrants in Guatemala

538: Biden has cracked the 90 in 100 chance of winning

Venezuela coup plotters met at Trump Doral. Central figure says U.S. officials knew of plan.

Venezuela coup plotters met at Trump Doral. Central figure says U.S. officials knew of plan.

Breakfast Saturday 31 October 2020

Clemson University has found 604 unmarked graves on its South Carolina campus. But who were they?

Tanzania, once envy of the region, watches democracy slide

Noam Chomsky believes Trump is "the Worst Criminal in Human History"

I think I've memorized every trump supporter I've encountered

OLBERMANN V. TRUMP "This piece of shit Trump"

Obama/Biden MI locations and times:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: "The Event"

[NZ] New Zealand Greens accept Ardern's offer of 'cooperation agreement'

Halloween Tale

Texas GOP senator didn't "graduate" from Oxford University law program, as claimed in prior campaign

Indian doctor duped into buying 'Aladdin's lamp' for $41,500

Trump says "doctors are lying about the virus deaths for money"!

Trump's Schedule for Saturday, October 31, 2020

It's getting down to crunch time!

There is a clear and compelling reason why our current leaders are so relentlessly shit...

More than 700 acres of ancestral land returned to Penobscot Nation

Race for Texas intensifies amid surging turnout, COVID cases

Moon ... Blue ... MAGA country

Police: elderly couple found shot to death in Spotsylvania hospital were victims of murder-suicide

Write #OnlyTheYoung on your vehicle in erasable blue marker and

There is one ad that is missing from the Biden campaign

Instacart shoppers say they face unforgiving metrics: 'It's a very easy job to lose'

Trump Rallies Likely Led to 700 Deaths

See all these pickup trucks with Trump flags? They were sitting along I-35, waiting to ambush

Instacart shoppers say they face unforgiving metrics: 'It's a very easy job to lose'

In which John (Green) discusses the time he met Joe Biden... (youtube video)

Proclamation on Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month, 2020

Consigned to the Trump Tower Dumpster before election day, Oh my!

Is it too "tin foil hat" to to suspect something is off about the handling of mail-in ballots?

61-year-old Instacart shopper who drives an average of 25,000 miles a year delivering groceries

Hey look, it's the @villagevoice and Wayne Barrett and @JoeConason being 💯 right decades before ever

JFK and his children, Oval Office, Halloween 1963: #JFKL

LAST MINUTE TACTICS: McConnell-aligned super PAC injecting millions into Michigan Senate race

Haunted Elevator (ft. David S. Pumpkins) - SNL

Famous Trump supporters must have an ax to grind

Al Franken warns voters Mitch McConnell 'is not as charming as he looks' on HBO's 'Real Time'

Happy Halloween 2020! (From NASA)

Attention Republican men:

Old and retired and he cost me ten bucks.

The Best Covid-19 Super Spreader Festivals in the USA!

Amercans cannot Vote by Mail because the 'president' of the USA has corrupted it.

PA-Muhlenberg: Biden +5

I can tell you: this is how a democracy dies.

Aw man. Sean Connery? Dead at 90

Sir Sean Connery, dead at age 90

New Zealand Voters Approve Euthanasia but Reject Recreational Marijuana

Sir Sean Connery death: Legendary Scottish actor who played James Bond dies aged 90

Donald Trump's insatiable hunger for more: More power. More money. More golf. More women

30,000 Cases & 700 Deaths -Scientific study on the effects of Trump Rallies on the Viruses' spread.

So, so sad...poor Lindsey

From Al Jazeera: Dogs are humans' oldest friends, new study reveals (...)

American Medical Association rips Trump's claim that doctors inflating COVID numbers

McConnell says Congress will take up stimulus package at start of 2021

Trump starts his morning tweet-dump attacking President Obama

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today: Forty-Six Edition

Trump may just keep campaigning after Election Day

Trump Celebrates Low Black Voter Turnout

Belgium Locks Down to Keep Hospitals from Collapse

I believe the AP (& networks) will be able to declare Biden's victory on election night.* (Do you?)

"Imagine a world where "Pro-Life" included returning those 545 babies to their parents."

VOTE, encourage everyone you KNOW to vote, ignore the polls, don't get cocky or complacent.

Brian Karem: Trump "wants to be the swamp master, a king of the amphibians"

About 90% of ballots returned so far Ohio

Steve Sack FTW

US Media Lie About Bolivia's Movement Toward Socialism--Before, During and After Election

FL - AtlasIntel: tie

Paul Krugman thread on the personal desperation of Trump officials if he loses

New Stanford study estimates that 18 Trump rallies have led to 30,000 COVID cases and 700 deaths

Gawd this year sucks: Sean Connery dead at 90

Another one for our side.

Oh, *@#@!?

Me and my shadow

What undecided voters look like.

A guide to Pennsylvania's political hot spots

Happy Halloween: FRANKENSTEIN in Dominoes!

SCTV Election Coverage Melonvote

Jimmy Lai distances himself from report on Hunter Biden's alleged China links

American Academy Of Pediatrics: Treatment of Migrant Children on the US Southern Border is Torture.

Dutch chocolate, but this isn't about the chocolate

World's smallest cat 🐈- BBC

What day is trash day next week? Tuesday right?

Republicans closely resemble autocratic parties in Hungary and Turkey - study

The future does not belong to them...

Pro-choice supporters hold biggest-ever protest against Polish government

Pro-choice supporters hold biggest-ever protest against Polish government

Season Of The Witch - Donovan

Fire Suppression Also Hurting Prairie & Plains Biomes As Cedar And Mesquite Crowd Out Native Grasses

Biden at 50.1% in GEORGIA on 538. Over 50% is good.

The IRS has made changes to the tax bracket -- here's what it will mean for you

Time to say the daily comment about ApricotHellbeast. #DudeGottaGo

Mahathir Mohamad says his remarks after French attack were taken out of context

Neither forgive nor forget the voter suppressors, no matter how furiously they try to scrub away....

Same question I asked two weeks ago:

I Want To Be Evil!

Concrete Blonde - Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)

Womp Womp: ExxonMobil Faces Up To $30 Billion In Losses On Shale Gas Fields They Bought 10 Yrs Ago

Trump cut his Minnesota visit last night to just 21-22 minutes of monotone speaking.

Why I'm voting for Opposite Man 2:52

American forces rescue U.S. citizen in Nigeria: Pentagon

Major Factors Spiking Youth Voting This Cycle: Global Warming And The Politicians Who Ignore It

We're Confused Too

Kamala: Back in the Sunshine State--one of the critical battleground states that will make the differ

New Zealand Greens accept Ardern's offer of 'cooperation agreement'


Wanda Sykes reporting on the 2000 election, from the Chris Rock show on HBO

White House sidestepped FDA to distribute hydroxychloroquine to pharmacies, documents show. Trump to

YOU raised $16,808.35 for Biden-Harris, $0 Amy (DITCH Mitch) McGrath & $0 for duhneece on 10-30-20

Wonder How It Got There

How the Black Lives Matter memorial wall was resurrected after Trump supporters tore it down

Flu Shot Might Reduce Coronavirus Infections, Early Research Suggests

Doom & Gloom email about PA from DKos. Sounded overpessimistic. I bet I knew what came at the end.

Paying bills electonically does NOT mean they're unaffected by USPS slowdowns.

Heads up VA: Our future 2nd gentleman will be in Prince William & Henrico Cos. today!

Dale Evans was born on this date.

'I shot two White kids': Records detail Kyle Rittenhouse's surrender to police, origin of gun

NY AG serves notice to Trump on MSNBC she's coming after him and his family after the election

A Rare Blue Moon Will Appear on Halloween & It'll Be Near a Bright Red Mars

Ethel Waters was born on this date.

Very soon it's going to be THEIR turn

Lincoln Project: "Covey Spreader Don't Care"

Longtime Florida Republican Mike Fasano Endorses Joe Biden

Bussiness' coping with the virus

Seems it's time to admit that Facebook is a right wing terrorist support network.

Trump weighs in on Abe's presidency.

Yes, Trump has an agenda for a second term. It's all about him.

Jean Baptiste 'Illinois' Jacquet was born on this date.

Why are the numbers spiking now even in a non-cold state like SC?

Today I am buying something very important

Tom Paxton was born on this date.

Huge crowd joins LGBT march in Taiwan, where COVID is at bay

Olbermann vs. Trump #17: The 50 Worst Persons In Trump World

Unlike some states, Texas, Florida, and North Carolina will report results pretty fast. The ideal ou

Trump Documented To Have Killed At Least 700 People With His Rallies

Wow! Women in Warsaw have come out in large numbers against the abortion ban in Poland.

NC Voting Update: October 31

Freedom as the Muzzle of a Glock

The great divergence: U.S. COVID-19 economy has delivered luxury houses for some, evictions for othe

Trump Has Made the Whole World Darker

There is no shortcut to recovery...

Slow mail

Trump's 2016 'contract' for America demolished by CNN host as a collection of failed promises

RIP Sean Connery.

Trump the mass murderer

A strange lesson learned from Donald Trump.."JUST, SHUT THE F**K UP"!!!

POLITICO: Trump faces an existential risk: Slipping Catholic support

"Big Red Wave"

NY AG serves notice to Trump on MSNBC she's coming after him and his family after the election

Blue Moon tonight

Why your brain is having difficulty making plans right now, according to a neuroscientist

Internal Documents Reveal COVID-19 Hospitalization Data The Government Hides

Kamala: Thank you, @Jaden, for speaking directly to young people about the importance of voting in t

Dr. Tom Frieden - Covid Epi Weekly: Scariest. Halloween. Ever.

Electoral College explained - Roots in slavery and oppression

Is the race really closer than we think...or not?

Remember when Kamala becomes VP, Newsom gets to pick the new senator from California!!

Why this election calls into question whether America is a democracy

Daniel Dale - Fact check: 7 kinds of dishonesty to expect at a late-campaign Trump rally

🚨If you live in Florida & believe your absentee ballot has been lost in the mail or it seems late...

'An awakening I haven't seen before': Detroit voters say 2020 won't be like 2016

New Stanford study estimates that 18 Trump rallies have led to 30,000 COVID cases and 700 deaths

Trump needs to win back some female voters. He's closing his campaign by insulting them.

Donnie Dancing During Disasters

1901 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat.; 45 deaths

REESUS PATRIOT: There is only one reason anyone would vote for Trump now. This is it

538 has Biden up to 90% probability of winning the EC!

Why does Trump love playing 'Fortunate Son' at rallies? John Fogerty has a pretty good theory

American lives are not and should not be pawns in political games and yet here we are.

Biden/Harris campaign heads to 'Fortnite' ahead of Election Day

Says it all.

This Week's Supermarket Shopping Report

Katie Porter: Get in loser, we're going voting.

Republicans are not the A team...

"Love Letter to PA" Virtual Concert & Voting Rally

Understanding margins of error

I must not fear...

Natural Selection Favored Friendliness in Early Humans

Wait, I think I may have a few old Hunter Biden laptops in the garage. Does anyone want them?

I Googled "Gorilla sweat". But how do you make an Orangutan sweat ?

George Shultz, elder statesman, laments distrust of U.S. abroad under Trump administration

This is what everyone who hasn't voted needs to do.

Timothy Snyder: This election will determine the future of our republic.

This willful ignorant Trump behavior is dangerous & will kill both his sycophants and many of us.

Trump's Rallies Are Backfiring And Making Joe Biden More Popular

Trump Has Preached that Mail-in and Absentee Ballots Are Fraudulent

Opinions on instant pot

Jared Yates Sexton: Make no mistake. This election is the beginning of a bigger fight.

Mommy It's too much

George Takei: Women make up 55% of the early votes in Georgia, and young people under age 35 compris

Got my "inheritance" (so to speak,) from my Mom...

Tell your friends: if you can't find your mail-in ballot go vote in person!

Biden campaign has a GREAT sense of humor!

After Trump accuses doctors of profiteering, medical professionals push back.

US election: Biden event in Texas cancelled as 'armed' Trump supporters threaten campaign bus

Joe Biden: "Who let all these people into my basement?"

The Thinking Atheist: Power and Panic- Last Days of Christian Nationalism

I received my snail mail for today.

Late Night, Early Morning, And Hope: 24 Hours of Voting In Texas

Rachel Maddow -- The President's Closing Message On COVID

Trump's Rallies Are Backfiring And Making Joe Biden More Popular

He is right. We will not hear much about Covid after the elections

Every adult gets one vote. Husbands don't get two.

"I've Had Nightmares Ever Since 2016. Will They Finally End on November 3rd?"

Morgan Freeman Spells Out Exactly What's At Stake This Election

Huge crowd joins LGBT march in Taiwan, where COVID is at bay

how do i find locations for Biden campaign events?

anecdotal healthcare workers perspective I heard 4 days ago

Anyone else geetting 403 "errors?"

Putin introduced a bill to Duma to give him a lifetime seat on the Federation Council

Why hasn't Typhoid Trump

St. Louis Showing Up In Force At The Ballot Box

Sweet Creamed Corn Casserole (with Jiffy Mix)

Election day protection.

Anyone remember the police showing this much enthusiasm for a candidate that wasn't openly racist?

USA Today says Trump is gaining, while 538 says Biden is gaining.

Kashmir shuts down to protest India's new land laws

The Biden campaign is doing Michiganders a solid:

For the first time in WEEKS, there was no campaign literature in today's mail.

Morgan Freeman Spells Out Exactly What's At Stake This Election

Rapper Adopts Dog Thrown At Him

Md. judge quickly dismisses lawsuit claiming religious right to vote without a mask

Who Is Donald J. Trump? - Narrated By Julianne Moore (Video)

The new Scotus's Official Portrait

ALP wins Queensland state election

Seven states have cast more than 90% of the votes in the 2016 general election in their state.

Lame Duck Armageddon - While the Rest of Us Die

Why your brain is having difficulty making plans right now, according to a neuroscientist

Thread of foolish, unethical, un-American, and/or illegal things Trump asked us to do...

"This image really sums up the two campaigns."

Not that I anticipate this

Obama will visit South Florida on Monday, Biden campaign announces

Trump judges play key role in upholding voting limits ahead of Election Day

Case growth is far outpacing testing through the US, suggesting that current case surges are an indi

Millions of Mail-in Ballots at Risk in Battleground States

Why does Pennsylvania not allow processing of ballots until Election Day?

WTF?! Co-founder of 'Salt Life' brand arrested after dead teen found in hotel room

Nursing Homes, Racked by the Virus, Face a New Crisis: Isolation

Trump will pretend that all the ballots that did not arrive until after Election Day were for him.

Trump did this: "National Day of Remembrance for Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens."

538 slams Trafalager polling...

Hospitals overwhelmed: Exhausted staffs, surging COVID-19 cases push nation's limits

Send this photo back in time to any point in US history pre-2016 and ask people to guess...

Washington joins lawsuit to fight US Postal Service ballot delays

"Budgie Smugglers"!

"My boy, we are Pilgrims in an un-holy land"

With Election Day looming, an anxious nation hears rumblings of violence

Killa Con broke another record yesterday

Happy Saturday..Happy Halloween! - 3 days to go! My Daily Home Stretch Election Polling Update!

"In the history of our country!"

Happy Halloween all

After a Summer of Racial Reckoning, Race Is on the Ballot

Mike Myers Salutes Sean Connery

Americans Surge to Polls: 'I'm Going to Vote Like My Life Depends on It'

Florida failed to spend $10 million for election security, COVID-19 protection at polls

Anyone else vote for ......SATAN?

The Obama White House Halloween - Watch and Smile

Proud Boy Trumper arrested for threat to bomb North Dakota voting center.

Just caught a bit of Trump's PA rally on CNN

US Forces conduct operation in Africa to rescue American citizen held in Nigeria

Do not worry, republicans will take Corona Virus seriously

'Goodfellas,' the Sequel? 4 Arrested in $6 Million Heist at J.F.K. Airport


Roger Stone to campaign for Doug Collins in Georgia on Monday

"Hocus Pocus We Need A New Potus"

Cat Falls In Love...Or Not

AOC Says She Doubts 'Spineless' Lindsey Graham 'Believes in Anything'

Giants star Buster Posey surprises girl who lost baseball cards during California wildfire

My bay area county had received more ballots by Tuesday than total for 2016

Trump, Biden barnstorm Pennsylvania as key state on final campaign weekend

A good but much more conservative than I am friend

I'm cautiously optimist. A pollster on "AMJoy last week said that from his experience...

U.S. Expels Migrant Children From Other Countries to Mexico

Warren Zevon - Werewolves Of London

Trump has a plan to continue holding rallies after Election Day, says report

Bloomberg pumps big money into low-profile state races to boost climate policies

Melania's Million Dollar Vote!

NY AG has a message for trump.

Orthodox priest wounded in shooting in Lyon, attacker on the run, French police say

Campaigns Prepare for Court Battles

Third anonymous juror from Breonna Taylor case speaks out

W has failed to remediate

Trump Rallies Likely Led to 700 Deaths

Pennsylvania counties purposely not going to count ballots

"I can do it but you can't."

Verified Voting's excellent election day tools here - Sign up for their newletter if you haven't.

So it's looking like IQ45 can expect around 45% of the vote

BIDEN trolls TRUMP: "Who let all these people into my basement?"

90,055,033 In-Person Votes: 32,698,826 Mail Ballots Returned: 57,356,207

Just think about this

Why the 2020s Could Be as Dangerous as the 1850s - Brownstein, the Atlantic

USC Daybreak Poll Deep Dive Looks Promising

Melania is speaking. I really don't care. Do you? Cut her off in 30 secs. nt

Melania is lying her *** off in front of the camera today, as she was

Sam Wang "Where Are You on the Fauci Scale"

Turn your clocks back 1 hour tonight

Looks like trumpanzes are going to prove that the second amendment needs reconsideration.

Rescuing orphan baby elephant Olorien

Just A Question

lining up on 2056.

If 2020 were an ice cream truck meme

Trump-appointed judges uphold voter suppression/voter obstruction in 3 out of 4 cases

Joe and Obama are live! With just three days to go, @BarackObama and I are back together on the camp

Trump Leads Biden by 1 Percentage Point in Battleground Georgia, Senate Races Tight, New Poll Says

MAGAt Prayer

When you hit your mark a full minute and a half early and the pucking sound guy won't fade out...

Sean Connery died

I think the biggest difference between 2016 and 2020 is that civilized people...

New Minnesota poll (PPP) has Biden ahead of Trump 54-43.

Despite suppression tactics, young voters are 'raising hell' with historic early voting turnout

Why do you suppose they chose Michigan for the first Biden/Obama joint campaign appearance?

Washington Voter Turnout Nears 65% As Election Day Nears

Biden - Obama joint event up now (CNN)

Seriously - The Lincoln Project

The Lincoln Project: Seriously (Ouch! 😂 )


In Georgia, Trump may become a victim of his own realignment

We are living in Trumperica

Biden event in Texas cancelled as 'armed' Trump supporters threaten campaign bus

Democrats hold turnout edge in Florida, with Republicans nipping at their heels

This is @joebiden 's hometown. This is more than where he's from. This is who he's for. - Bruce

Obama just went there.

Chances Are High Your Grocery Store Clerk Has Silent COVID, Study Says

Biden pokes GOP's 'basement' attack with drive-in rally photo

"Did no one come to his birthday party when he was a kid?"

Millions of Mail-in Ballots at Risk in Battleground States

US coronavirus cases break global daily record, and experts warn it will only get worse

Melania Trump Delivers Passionate Speech In Wisconsin.

Trump drags down GOP senators, giving Democrats more paths to the majority

Remember, Post Removed is going to be a busy little DU-er over the next 4 days...

Hospitals overwhelmed: Exhausted staffs, surging COVID-19 cases push nation's limits

Detroit woman suing N.C. pastor who peed on her on plane in multimillion dollar lawsuit

LISTEN TO HER! She is a Democratic hero whose lead we must all follow until election day.

Halloween is Cancelled (TV-MA: Fake-Violence, NSFW, Fake-Blood, Horror-Spoof.)

Republicans already trying to steal election in Texas.

Ann Selzer will have a final DMR Iowa poll this evening.....

Obama in Michigan: 'What's up with Trump? Did nobody come to his birthday party when he was a kid?'

FEB 2020, Trump says by April, "It will miraculously go away" -32 seconds.

538 version of what the map would look like if polls are exactly as wrong as in 2016 - Nate Silver

I'm 66. I have never knowingly voted for a Republican.

Biden and Obama are in Flint,,

Biden Team Cancels Texas Event After Highway 'Ambush' by MAGA Cavalry

When the GOP sends us ...

IL-17: House Democrats run late ads defending vulnerable DCCC chair

UPDATED: Miami-Dade Democratic Ballots +97,353? Is That enough?

"FOLKS, you gotta see just how stupid MAGAs can get. This ain't a parody account"

'I'm shaking right now': CNN reporter describes 3 racist attacks within an hour

"A very sensitive Proud Boy lies to 911 about the severity of an injury"

Actung! "Rise of the Nazis", a three part show, will being

This is the last chance to undo the damage done in 2016

Will DU go be hacked again on election day?

Let's not make Sean Connery a Saint.

Texas Republicans have asked a federal judge to throw out 100,000 ballots in Harris County...


On-time service in the Philadelphia area was 43% (USPS)

Here's the Biden/Harris Fortnite map code: 0215 4511 1823

Minnesota absentee ballot tracking site goes down days before Nov. 3 election

If a Democratic wave breaks over state legislatures, its effects will be lasting

"Judge Lampshade is where this was always going to end."

He's Nailing It!!! Big Time in Flint!!

October Surprise - Urban political hip-hop

So my kid has strep... and covid

Cartoons 10/31/2020

Beneath the cover of October Skies

Development has made the Pilchuck River warmer, harming fish

Comment: Harris knows what no vice president has ever known

Friday's record Covid numbers finished him off.

TLP: "This whole being president thing isn't for everyone."

Snohomish chief: 'Please don't open carry on the streets'

This isn't who we are in Texas

The Jackasses threatening Biden Campaigners..

Jon Ralston's latest Nevada Early Voting Blog - 10/31/20

Middle Age Riot: There's a kid dressed as Donald Trump running around my neighborhood...

What upcoming Supreme Court cases are going to be decided this term?

I wish MSNBC would retire their obnoxious election music.

MONTANA! 504,402 early votes, or 101.5% of the 2016 vote

Customer Told Me Today Trump Negotiating Terms Of His Surrender If He Loses And Won't Leave

Schwab: Everything we needed to know we learned from Trump

Iowa voters wait in a long line at Polk County Auditor's office in Des Moines

Biden will speak from the Chase Center in Wilmington, DE on election night.

Perfect Pandemic Pumpkin

God, Guns, and Country - States of Unrest (Vice)

Transforming Halloween - these Kids Rock!

US border authorities have dumped 200+ Central American children unaccompanied into Mexico.

America's Cultural Institutions Are Quietly Fueled by Russian Corruption

Kamala Harris fires back at Trump and other Republicans who mockingly mispronounce her name

Trump told donors at a closed-door event that he will have his 'own team' and law enforcement

Springsteen for Biden - Hometown Ad

Maybe we'll feel this way when the election is finally called.

A backlog of mail is piling up at a Miami-Dade post office as Election Day nears

Fire and ice

Early voting brought record turnout in Georgia ahead of Election Day

Covid-19: PM announces four-week England lockdown

I am looking forward to Steve Kornacki analysis Tuesday night....

Addams Family

The Economist: Why It Has To Be Joe Biden

Stephen King Knows Fear. Texas Road Rage Video

Florida State Attorney Wants Audit of Mail Ballots

Voters marching to the polls in Alamance Co. today were turned back after cops pepper sprayed them

Lunch today in honor of 007...

Brianna Keilar just said, "donald trump jr. doesn't know what he's talking about. We shouldn't....

Covid-19: Boris Johnson announces four-week England lockdown

Police pepper-spray, arrest protesters marching to the polls in Alamance County Read more here: htt

Four more days! Four more days! Can I get a chant?

Do you eat stew with a fork or a spoon?

Do you eat stew from a bowl or a plate?

For my 11,500 post, I'd like to call to remembrance the

BoJo says the UK is locking down, again

Listen to this!

Here's how California keeps early votes secret until election day

Boris Johnson declares 4 week lockdown. Even Putty

I've been staring at the TV and asking myself HOWW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN IN THE US?

Key deadline for challenging voter eligibility in PA passed Friday in Philly with no challenges

Michael Beschloss: Trump just said it at Reading PA rally...

A most Blessed Samhain to ye all

Trump in Pa.: 'We win on Tuesday... or Supreme Court shortly thereafter'

Trump says Ilhan Omar will be Biden's Homeland Security secretary

W.Va. Troopers Endorse House of Delegates Candidate With Restraining Order For Stalking

Here's all anybody needs to know (rather, reinforce the known)

Cutting down trees isn't stopping wildfires

Millions of Mail-In Ballots at Risk in Battleground States

"Kyle Rittenhouse cried, vomited and worried about negative social media comments after turning..."

Sean Connery, 1930-2020

Can anyone recommend a good site for following U.S. House races on Tuesday?

How disgusting

Hidden reports shows Florida Hospital ICUs (and others) near maximum capacity due to Covid-19.

Sacha Baron Cohen on the filming of the Giulliani scene.

Virginia voters poised to adopt redistricting reform

Trump Directly Responsible for at least 700 Deaths and counting.

Fun Halloween joke:

Pres. Obama cannot help being diverted by babies!


"Insinuations of physical violence against his foes, calling for extrajudicial punishment"

Republicans closely resemble autocratic parties in Hungary and Turkey - study

More than 90 million Americans have cast general election ballots so far

I hate my local hospital

Georgia finishes its early voting period at 3,880,984 votes cast, 95% of its '16 total votes cast

1.44 million people voted early in Harris County (57.8% of reg voters)

Debbie Downer article from Rolling Stone

Trump Campaign Should Have To Pay For Treatment For His Covid Infected Rally Goers

Happy John Candy Day...

Atlas push to 'slow the testing down' tracks with dramatic decline in one key state

A 20-year-old woman cast her ballot early before dying of cancer. Her state will throw it out.

And now a little Godwin: Hitler couldn't drink a glass of water at the end either.

GA: Gwinnett's turnout for Tuesday's election has already surpassed total from four years ago

I'm guessing the trump campaign doesn't have enough money

Halloween Contest Winner

Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon

Jr has been tapping into dad's stash

What's for Dinner, Sat., Oct. 31, 2020

Happy Halloween!

Peak cat:

Best Halloween Sign for Biden/Harris

NC AG Josh Stein said that voting wasn't impacted in Alamance County

My wife needs a tin-foil hat

Tropical Depression #29 has formed South of Hispaniola - will be TS Eta tonight

Four more days.

New CNN key state polls. Biden - Michigan +12!! WI +8!

Joe is live! Tune in as @BarackObama, @StevieWonder, and I get out the vote in Detroit, Michigan.

Time for a shout out and applause for the DUers who are on the Malicious Intruder Response Team

Jason Mraz asks you to vote for Joe Biden

Biden Blasts Trump's 'Mental Acuity,' Mocks Him ...

Trump has cast doubt on a peaceful transfer of power, but the preparation for one is well underway

At PA MAGAt rally, Trump sends a not-too-subtle message to the SCOTUS

The only reason he's heading to all these swing states

Trump has cast doubt on a peaceful transfer of power, but the preparation for one is well underway

That's a 🔥 album cover

Barr's house being picketed:

NY-11: Rose/Malliotakis Race Looks Like Nailbiter

Barr's house is being picketed by Trump Goons who believe he's not doing enough to take down Biden

official republican ballot drop box (located in Los Angeles)

If Biden wins NC, AZ, MI and WI, he doesn't need FL or PA.

NY-22: Court Documents Show Tenney Potentially In Contempt Of Court

OMG! Best. Halloween. Costumes. Ever.

A specious headline in the NY Times

These stupid cops aiding and abetting these right wing terrorists better rethink that strategy.

NY-24: 'Trump is a knucklehead': Embattled Republican now says 'I don't like him as a person'

The Party of Law and Order

Mick Jagger takes aim at Donald Trump on new song teaser

Guess the hearse is a metaphor for this administration?

NJ-07: Competitive New Jersey House Race Is Testing Republicans' Future In The State

I don't know what to make of the DSCC. You'd think they'd be one of ...

How the hell is everyone? Just got back online after three days

Taiwan just went 200 days without a locally transmitted Covid-19 case

CNN: Trump's job losses are the worst of any American president on record

Undelivered mail ballots found at Miami-Dade post office

Joe and Obama together in Michigan

Best Retort EVAH to Trump's "I'm going to get your husbands back to work"

*Poll Alert* Good News !

PA-01, PA-10: Pennsylvania's top House races come down to Perry/Depasquale contest, one other

Ran into a Dump parade in small town southern Illinois

Polling Averages are Strong Using Only B or Better 538 Polls Over the Last Week

Predictions on Virginia's elections results

Tweet of the Day

Stevie: "Stand up and stand by? What we say in the ghetto? Watch yourself get your ass whipped!'

Special Election Binding on Sat., Oct 31st. Don't miss it!

CNN just cut away from Melania attacking the "Democrats and the media."

👻 🎃 MEMES!!!___ hopefully some comic relief

8:00 PM -- Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)

WOW! Helen Mirren and Sarah Cooper Re-enact The Access Hollywood Tape.

They're actually boarding up storefronts in NYC preparing for dump's loss!

For Biden one of the 4, then just 2 of the 4 plus 1 of the 4 again

This is why imo Trump won in 2016 and why he is losing in 2020 along with other things.

Florida woman claims wind blew cocaine into her purse

Poll: Biden, Trump tied in bellwether Vigo County, IN

I finally bit the bullet and called my religious sister

Florida update based on a Florida guy on twitter

Watching the sign language interpreters sign to Stevie Wonder was awesome.

Cops pepper spray woman in wheelchair, & then spray those who try to help her!

Biden and Obama moving on him like a bitch!!

538 on Senate prospects - Oct 27

If FL, GA, AZ and NC go Biden 3 Nov, will WI, MI, PA matter anymore?

Trump supporters picketing AG Barr's house.

IN-05: Political analysis group switches Indiana 5th Congressional District to 'tilt Democrat'

Nu Shooz - I Can't Wait (3 pack of extended ultra mixes)

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #2

Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come

How can anyone not love Barack Obama?

Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come

white supremacy fascist clog traffic honolulu caravan...

LGBTQ representation in the House could double on Election Day

What happened to Obama's mike

Samhain blessings to you and your ancestors

90 minutes in, and I've had ZERO trick or treaters.

538. ".Trump Can Still Win, But The Polls Would Have To Be Off By Way More

trump will bestow Presidential Medal of Freedom to Lou Holtz. Now don't get me wrong...

Nine Inch Nails - Dead Souls

Bruce Springsteen: Donald Trump is a "Flagrant, Toxic Narcissist"

I am very tempted to go dark until days after the election

why didnt the Biden bus have security ?

The Biden Bus incident shows me one thing

The $16 Million Was Supposed to Clean Up Old Oil Wells; Instead, It's Going to Frack New Ones

When you're Obama, and it's what you DO!

David Axelrod: You're Fired!

NC-11: U.S. House race gets expensive

I see a clear Biden win announced just after California polls close, the

Study links Trump rallies to more than 700 Covid deaths

18 Trump rallies have led to 30,000 COVID-19 cases: Stanford University study

Alamance County voter rally ends with pepper spray, arrests

Bette Midler has officially won Halloween.

Republican Joni Ernst pulls ahead of Democrat Theresa Greenfield in closing days of U.S. Senate race

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christian: 'Memory Eternal', 'Give Rest O Christ'

Travelers to NY must test for virus, nearby states exempted

Haven't heard any of that 'Law & Order' bullshit, now have we???

Mexican Death Maiden

We have one elected Texas republican objecting to tossing 100,000 legally cast votes

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats up in 2020 that Democrats will be winning.

In Detroit, Biden just GROWLED at Trump about his tax fraud telling him, "I'm coming for you"

Lindsey Graham says women can succeed with a "traditional family structure"

Trump Pressures The Supreme Court To Steal Pennsylvania For Him

FULL 'Blue' with Mars, @ Halloween!

'I shot two White kids': Records detail Kyle Rittenhouse's surrender to police, origin of gun

Donald Trump vs Joe Biden. Epic Rap Battles Of History

"Those who refuse to listen to dragons are probably doomed to spend their lives acting out the night

A bitter stew of PTSD, Media Clickbait/TuneInBait, Campaign bullshit, and a loud mouth LIAR

Time goes to fast

Just watched the closing of a Biden rally with Obama there. There is NO DOUBT . . . .

Classic IV - Spooky

Is anyone else

Kamala: There's nothing spookier than the thought of repeating the last four years.

Biden trolling the "stable genius" with the Roman Catholic Sign of the Cross

WA-03: In Southwest Washington, health care and the president dominate Herrera Beutler, Long rematch

Are there any "Supernatural" fans here? If you are, you're gonna love this

4 trick or treaters so far.

My vote for Best Halloween Couple Costume 2020

Lindsey Graham's sister failed to make a convincing case

Grace Slick-Dreams

"It is *very* tight"

How to tell if you live among dipshits.

Barack on the basketball court today: "That's what I do."

Tweet: Lincoln Project.

Bill Barr's house picketed by Trump supporters -- because he hasn't locked up Joe Biden yet

Anyone else going to an adult halloween orgy?

Joe: Presidents lead by example. Mask up.

We Left The UK For Portland, Oregon Expecting A Liberal Dream; That Wasn't The Reality

Has anyone else thought about how having Halloween during the COVID crisis is like living out the

Armed trump supporters force campaign event cancelled AND is TX about to throw out 100K ballots?

Mrs. Betty Bowers speaks on Barack Obama's Three Pointer!

If the MSM and social media were around in 1932, I'm SURE they would say FDR/Hoover is a "horserace"

Remember: Spring up, fall down. n/t

Trump should be mediating the dispute over the Nile dam. Instead he is inciting war.

Kamala Harris SHREDS Trump on COVID-19 days away from election at Miami rally

Skittles, if you're here in the lounge

Federal election lawsuits have already set a record. Trump appointees hellbent on limiting voting.

Wasserman just put up Trump states that are likeliest to flip in order..nt

Debra Messing, DiCaprio and Palast Release 'The Purged' 14 Minutes to Save this Election - Watch Now

The Melvins - A History of Bad Men

If GOP thugs cause death and chaos, should the GOP be declared a terrorist

one finger salute

Trump Camp Uses Online Gimmick to Fuel Donations Into December

I don't believe the DMR/Selzer poll. Too much of a swing by independents in one month.

Former NY Gov. Tilden comes up short again

Dr. Tony Fauci comes clean on Trump's pandemic response: America 'could not possibly be positioned m