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Archives: October 4, 2020

Jaime Harrison debates LeningradLindsey. NOW!

Spiro Agnew's Ghost has some questions about the Trump video

Melania should have worn her mask

"The United States needs an experienced, compassionate president. That's Joe Biden"

If Pence is unable to serve----Joe Biden could be in the White House before the election

The huge difference between Boris Johnson and Trump regarding "sympathy".

Jake Tapper: WH putting out zero guests for Sunday shows/health experts cancel interviews.

Quicksilver Messenger Sericew - Fresh Air - Winterland Ballroom - 1975

I feel SO MUCH BETTER now that I know Dear Leader is fighting for The World. And he

Pence can't break a tie in a quorum vote...Dems can block

25 years after returning to Yellowstone, wolves have helped stabilize the ecosystem

I expect to see Kamala slam them for unnecessarily putting people at risk, and going against all the

VIC BERGER IS MENTALLY ILL (My response to Gavin McInnes)

While trump lies at Walter Reed, getting the best most cutting edge medical treatment in the world.

Coronavirus adviser predicts Trump's 'rapid recovery,' Chris Wallace points out he 'has no training

Contractors, scrap dealers selling border fence steel in Arizona and Mexico

"Remember when Melania turned The Rose Garden into a cemetery? "

Kushner Biz Won $850 Million In U.S.-Backed Loans At Special Terms

Re: White House is putting out zero guests for the Sunday shows

White People Have Recovered 60 Percent of the Jobs They Lost During This Recession.

Jim carrey as Biden

Why Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis may be a 'body blow' to his supporters

White Hse sows confusion about DJTs condition as source tells reporters next 48 hrs will be critical

If Cris Christie's condition gets worse, he might - too - get medevaced by helicopter ..

I'm going to go out on a limb

My message to the Democratic Party

Check this out video before and after?

Joe Biden is correct, it's important to stay positive

I am confused. Loved ones are not allowed into rooms with covid patients. They are video'ing

Best case scenario if Trump recovers.

Documents show large police presence at George Floyd burial

Dana Gould nails the Perfect Caption for the #RoseGardenMassacre Super Spreader !!

Bill Barr Faces Criticism Over Refusal to Quarantine After Rose Garden Event

Jaime Harrison is not messing around with anyone who was close to #TyphoidTrump

Lindsey Graham: "Liberals hate my guts!"

Anyone else watching Graham debate Harrison?

Top aides accuse Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton of bribery, abusing office

The "Trump will be dead in 48 hours" stories are meant to lower expecations.

Can the cabinets in that vid compare to this tweet?

So trump basically confirmed what the anonymous source said

Your opening statement?

Pretty cool - a rocket launch as seen from space

No Senator who has Covid-19 should be allowed back in the Senate until they rest negative twice in

It Is What It Is, Remix

OPINION - US keeps complicit silence on Cuban Embassy attack in DC

You should be listening to Jamie Harrison on CSPAN, he is what we need in this party

This four year PYSOP is wearing me down. You? n/t

Trump's COVID/Coronavirus Diagnosis, Conspiracies and a Lack of Governmental Transparency

This may be one of the worst examples of "both sides" disease I've ever seen.

lincoln project got a (23 minute) audio of a campaign staff call with pence & stepien

Trump's breathing in his video

France: Does anyone know why the huge increase in new Covid cases?

Trump looked like a s--- tonight

If Trump recovers quickly it will be because he had elite access to Regeneron's experimental drug

If you know a trump supporter who is distraught because their daddy is sick...

Christie got sick at the debate prep

"He can't protect the country. He couldn't even protect himeslf."

Jaime Harrison did an A+ job.

Businesses Shut for Deep Cleaning After Ivanka Visit

Texas AG top aides accuse him of bribery, abuse of office

A Trump tweet encouraging Obama to contract Ebola has come back to haunt him

Trump is now benefiting from Republican health care policy

Biden looks to seal election after Trump's week from hell

Does anyone have a link

donna summer live - dont cry for me argentina (my fave diva vocalist)

The Biden campaign is testing those who attended the first presidential debate for CV-19

White House statement admits Trump was on supplemental oxygen.

Sad news in the Roland99 household

What to Know About Sean Conley, the White House Physician

Trump might be in a very bad way... "The President is in the hospital in a touch and go situation."

"As you've probably read she's (Melania) slightly younger than me, just a little tiny bit..."

So, what do you make of this?

Seriously! Twitter: search for proudboys

How many video tweets has trump recorded today - or yesteday?

Jaime Harrison protecting himself from Lindsey's Republican COVID cooties

Took a pic of the cat lookin out the window and accidentally turned him into some sort of god.

Roll that tape!

Just watching the BBC


Moonlight and Mars

Mark Meadows says "...the President's blood oxygen level dropped rapidly and he had a fever"

A very protective Father of his daughter.

Gov. Jay Inslee Vows To Protect Voting Rights: 'We're Guardians Of Something Very Precious'

Too soon?

Debate commission accedes to Biden campaign's 'health and safety' objections for VP debate

This has been on my mind all day. I watched a video on a gun control debate this morning

The lying dictator's approval went up 1.5 points

WaPo: Live Updates - Trump says he is doing well, after chief of staff says next 48 hours 'critical'

Be careful.

2 Faced Lindsey

We voted today!!

This is a cult that we are dealing with.

Well drumpf has resumed his lying ads in Ohio

Some odd things about his verbal diarrhea video - my responses to the trumpian word salad

SC Debate. Jamie Harrison brought his own covid shield against Lindsay Graham tonight

On Trump's condition

I think social distancing might finally be taking hold...

Finance question. Trying to find out, how much Gilead stock, Deutsche Bank owns?

2020 Horse Racing - 2020 Preakness Stakes

Omg! I laughed, I couldn't help it

Trump campaign paying to take over YouTube home page for 24 hours starting at midnight?

Trump Contracts COVID 4 Years After Mocking Hillary's Pneumonia - NowThis

As many as 20k covid cases may have resulted from the Biogen superspreader

Proud Boy is arrested on 6 violent felonies the morning after Trump asks the group to "stand by"

Tomorrow, please call your mom & dad

Jaime Harrison Shows How to Deal With Covid-Carrying Republicans

(Times/Siena) Poll Finds Voters in Two Crucial States Repelled by Trump's Debate Behavior

Police kick out SMU's entire student section for not wearing masks,

I think Trump's trying to spin his illness into a "see I told you it's not that bad" moment

Sarah Cooper for the win ...

Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child -1970 - Maui

for those worried about 538 trump numbers

White House COVID19 tracking dashboard

Horrid Lara Trump remark re: beating Biden "to a pulp"

Florida Amendment 2: $15 minimum wage draws cheers from workers, jeers from tourism industry

Update: Substituted OBAMA proclamation on Vietnam instead of the SHITLER one

I just watched the "Whose Vote Counts" series on Netflix. Excellent

Big issues and big money set tone for constitutional amendment campaigns

Video of Impeached tRump was possibly doctored using a well known editing feature

Proud Boys try to assimilate into Florida GOP as Trump denies knowing extremist group

Does anyone remember that quip about RBG making her first case in heaven?

Sources: Impeached tRump's fever reached 103.

Trump's campaign employees refuse to go to work

Gratefule Dead - Jack Straw - Venata, OR - 1972

Song for the Biden campaign ?

Wait, does anyone really believe that video of Trump was filmed today?

Trump has put Philly on the front lines of his attack on voting

Trump's physician is Sean Conley, doctor of "osteopathic medicine", which sounds like voodoo to me.

Mayo, University of Minnesota studying Trump's experimental treatment for COVID-19


Why do the Democrats always have to be the adults?

A union of Philly firefighters is 'fractured' by its endorsement of Trump

Trump's Bodyman Has Tested Positive For Coronavirus

The fallout begins - Kellyanne's daughter

Trump's got an exciting night in store for him!

Progress Report on my October financial assault against the Republican Party 10.3.20

Another WH person tests positive for coronavirus & his spouse works for Kushner

Nick Luna (Trump's "body man") has tested positive for COVID


The Vow on HBO. Wow....essential watch, about the NXIVM cult

What music do you want to hear playing when you enter heaven...?

He's feeling where he is infecting everything he touches

Trumps Road to a Nobel Prize Science

Creedance Clearwater Revival - Looking Out My Backdoor - Early 70's?

Middle Age Riot tweet about the Rose Garden massacre:

The latest from Sack

I mean, who could have predicted back in 2016 that...

SNL cold open up next. Host Chris Rockand musical guest Megan Thee Stallion nt

La Bamba: Playing For Change

Pic of Ward 71 (Presidential Suite) at Walter Reed

SNL is on and revisiting the presidential debate

More White House press office photos released

They have a LuckyCharms suite for me at my local hospital.

"Trump interacted w/ 207 ppl at Bedminster the day he tested positive. "

Trump video shows him working in METU not his suite...according to twitter.

Someone calls Trump out for signing blank pieces of paper.

Slate - great read "How Should We Feel About the Suffering of This Man?"

I needed this

If he's feeling so good

wtf Some idiot Trumper punched this guy in the face for playing a Fucktrump song

As virus spreads across GOP ranks, some Republicans say party will pay price for 'stupid' approach

Politico: Biden looks to seal election after Trump's week from hell

Janice Joplin and Pigpen (with the Dead) - Lovelight - 7/16/70

Sll I can say about SNL. They should have stuck with Woody Harrelson

Dems should spend the entire time interrogating R's AND the nominee for their irresponsible conduct

TX-10: McCaul caught riding commercial flight without a mask.

Good SNL skit. Right now. n/t

This has just served to remind me I get infected I die

*Congrats* to SNL for not being muzzled! Didn't back down about SHITLER

Soul Man: Sam and Dave

Trump and Positive. Two words that were once impossible to use in the same sentence.

Swiss Skydiver, With a Last-Minute Jockey, Wins the Preakness Stakes.

Steve Schmidt: This is a thread about stopping a Supreme Court Confirmation.

Nick Luna has tested positive, from two officials. Luna is Trump's "body man"

Let's put all of our Trump conspiracy theories here in one place.

Endorsement: Why Joe Biden deserves to be president of the United States

Lawrence O'Donnell tweets that dump's doctor is not a real doctor

Joe Biden campaign ad: "Dog Lovers for Joe"

What makes me so angry is that the super-spreaders will be getting the best treatment

If you do Twitter, check out #ProudBoys. It. Is. Glorious.

I am deleting every "It's a hoax/conspiracy/fake" thread from my GD feed...

Andrew Feinberg: The White House is editing video to remove coughs.

"What if all of a sudden he came out of the hospital...."

Steve Schmidt: Bollier, Espy, Harrison and Hegar can win

I think I've figured out why Trump's campaign funding has dried up.....

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What the Hell Happened This Week? - Week of 9/28/2020

"Gavin McInnes, founder of the Proud Boys, is here at Walter Reed Medical Center"

The gays have reclaimed the #ProudBoys hashtag on Twitter and it's fabulous!

first attempt at posting a photo

Dan Rather speaks truth

Republican campaign event: today.

SNL just made me cry.

The White House Is Spreading Virus and Lies - Olivia Nuzzi and Ben Jacobs

"Susan Collins Waiting to See Whether a Majority of Republican Senators..."

CA and Trump suppressed the black vote 2016

I think we're going to see a republican senator collapse

male caiman lizard

'The First Debate Goes Off the Rails' Ep. 313 Cold Open - Our Cartoon President - SHOWTIME

Montgomery County files lawsuit over massive dumpsite behind homes

crimson fronted parakeet

Another update on lawn sign spotting in New England

All The Places Trump Went This Week While Possibly Contagious - NowThis

Personal assistant to Trump tests positive for coronavirus

Top aides accuse Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton of bribery, abusing office

Top aides accuse Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton of bribery, abusing office

i noticed there are some focus stacking micro four-thirds shooters in here

"I will Venmo $100 dollars to the first Walter Reed staffer that dresses up like Herman Cain..."

Jennifer Rubin zings Ivanka (tweet)

Trump Aide Luna Tests Positive for Virus in New White House Case

Charles Pierce for the win!

MAGA, KAG. What happened to 'Keep America Great'?

Funny Rick Wilson tweet:

Any night owls up?

SNL: Chris Rock Stand-Up Monologue

Dancers sue Austin strip clubs, allege unfair pay scheme by owners

Tweet of the Day

honey bee focus stack with my nikon D7200 on a motorized rail

Carl Sagan was such a great thinker. His comments on the 1%, voting and the people's power.

bald eagle

Mother Capuchin Nursing Baby

a heartfelt reply to trump tonight

Whether this is real or just an elaborate hoax, do not discount the very real possibility . . .

Police kick out SMU student section mid-game after crowd didn't adhere to mask-wearing, social-

GUILFOYLE SEX HARASSMENT ALLEGATIONS GET DARKER Including, making asst massage her bare thighs

The Bluebird of Freakin' Happiness

SC-SEN: Law and order' Lindsey Graham flagged for possible campaign finance violations

He'll be fine...

Fleischmann's Glass Frog

Battle of Mogadishu

Voting in Person? Here's What It Might Look Like in California

ME-SEN:Dark money donor behind Susan Collins arrested for defrauding Collins' PPP program

I have a strange and possibly inappropriate hypothetical

Barrett upheld law that required girl to obtain consent from raoists' guardians to obtain abortio

Question about superspreader event

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats in 2020 that Democrats are gonna be winning.

NY-02: Meet Jackie Gordon: 5 Things To Know About The Democratic Candidate Vying For Congress

SNL: Ruth Bader Ginsberg tribute

NY-24: John Katko, Dana Balter in dead heat in House race (Siena College poll)

Orlando motels outside Disney World are packed with people who have lost their jobs

Post-debate polls: Biden up by 5 in Florida, 7 in Pennsylvania

PA-10:Perry votes against resolution condemning QAnon conspiracy theory.

The GOP Is Getting Its Own 'Squad'--of Racist Nutballs

Together against Corona, Zusammen Gegen Corona

Staged Photos??

To help Donald Trump get the full Covid-19 experience,

Does anyone here think they are a 'bad person' for hoping trump succumbs to the virus?

Honolulu breaks record for coldest morning on October 3rd ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

MI-03: Democrat Hillary Scholten raises $1.5M in race to replace Congressman Amash

MI-06: Jon Hoadley hopes to become Michigan's first openly gay congressman

Real Presidents sign important documents from their hospital beds when they are in the hospital

Something confusing about this image

IL-13: Davis Voted Against Transparency After Family Personally Benefited from PPP Loan

Trump weaponized COVID-19 by holding superspreader rallies ...

IA-SEN: In Debate, Ernst Regrets COVID Conspiracy 'May Have Offended' Doctors

Axios: GOP's Great Depression as Internal Polls Show Total Collapse-"Bottom falling out"

SNL: Weekend Update

KS-SEN:Kansas hasn't sent a Democrat to the Senate in 88 years. Barbara Bollier could turn the tide.

Electron Shuttling in Parkinson's Disease Elucidated by Microbial Fuel Cells.

CO-03: Boebert's restaurant was hit with 8 liens since 2016 totaling $21,841.33,

CO-03: First DCCC TV Ad in CO-03 Highlights Lauren Boebert's Disrespect for Law Enforcement

AZ-SEN: Sinema joins Senate battle, blasts Sen. McSally as willing to 'say anything to get elected'

Shout out to Jaime Harrison and his plexiglass shield!

Trump given second dose of Remdesivir

FLIPPABLE: Sean Ryan for NY-SD60

Ruff Endz-'Someone To Love You'

Who did trump's hair today?

FLIPPABLE: Alex Hammond for NY-AD116

FLIPPABLE: Brody Weber for NE-SD21

WV Del. John Mandt resigns after homophobic social media messages circulate

Trump's Covid contact: Who he met and who's tested positive's the both of you who are unfit narcissistic sociopaths...

SNL: First Debate Cold Open

Rural Pennsylvania voters don't hate Biden as much as they hated Clinton, and Trump may need them to

Georgia college buildings honoring dishonorable could be renamed

A Black Belgian Student Saw a White Fraternity as His Ticket. It Was His Death.

State school board rejects plan to devalue year-end tests to near zero

Arctic Expedition's Dress Code Raises Concerns About Sexism in Science

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Start and Stop Edition

Two Athens Statehouse Races Look Like They'll Be Extremely Close

Mexico searches for gunmen who killed 6 police in ambush

U.S. unemployment rate falls to pandemic low of 7.9%, but that's not the whole story

National Education Association & Georgia Association of Educators Make Endorsements in Senate Race

Does anyone know what the tRump fans are saying now

Trump's New Jersey event showed perilous neglect for his staff, supporters - and himself

A brave little man?

It's sickeningly ironic.

Offshore oil exploration with seismic testing halted off Georgia coast

Senate GOP's third positive Covid-19 case threatens quick Barrett confirmation

Former UGA student sentenced to 5 years in prison for running $1 million Ponzi scheme out of frat

Trump had heart palpitations Friday

Trashiest Time Period in American History

Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: Major cities hit as heavy fighting continues


Pope: Market capitalism has failed in pandemic, needs reform

Only 50% of absentee ballots have been mailed in Gwinnett; Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger,

Remember when he

Trump Faked Photos Showing Him 'At Work'

Gulf of Mexico DUers - keep an eye on what will be Delta

Empathy for the least empathetic man

Sureal dream last night that Schumer was able to wrestle control of the Senate due to covid

trump's covid: it's a leftist conspiracy

Chris Christie Do You Remember This?

Business owners weigh in on beach alcohol ban

We must not allow them to distort the narratives of this election...

If we must wake to a pandemic daily

This is my opponent in #TX10, Rep. McCaul. Refusing to wear a mask on a commuter flight.

Trump campaign manager tested positive

Praying for trump

Any word on Cruz yet?

Kemp extends COVID-19 restrictions in Georgia through Oct. 15

Here's what's funny about its tweet today

So just WHEN did Trump test positive for coronavirus???

This is the amount of sympathy we should have for the Orange Bastard

Dealing with pandemic in Georgia cost taxpayers more than $1 billion early on

🚨 NEW: Trump's "bodyman", Nick Luna, tests positive for COVID-19.

Gooliani was in the room with trump and Christi and campaign manager

We don't know Trump's condition bc his docs are lying.


New questions emerge about timing and severity of President Trump's coronavirus infection

About wanting trump to suffer

His patterns show he knew he was sick at the debates

Loeffler blames China for Trump's coronavirus diagnosis


Biden leads by 10 points as majority of Americans say Trump could have avoided coronavirus:

Several video experts now assert that Trump's cough was manually edited out from his video tonight.

I have heard that folks in Athens hate getting up early

As you lie in bed mr potus-ponder this: If US had responded like EU, 57,800 Americans would be alive

Christie checks into hospital

Regal Cinema Will Close All 543 Venues in the US

Cleaning Behind Covid-Carrying Trumps

There are good people on both sides.

The election cannot be delayed unless BOTH Houses of Congress approve it

Considering I can't stand Trump, I still don't want him to die...

G-7 Ally Warns Trump May Try To Appoint Ivanka Trump President

The White House is editing video to remove coughs

Revealed: Trump-linked consultant tied to Facebook pages warning election will cause civil war

Blu DeTiger - Figure It Out

Has Biden put the attack ads back on the air?

Watching TV shows ...

The photos released by the WH tonight of the president working at Walter Reed were taken 10 minutes

Any progressive gun clubs in NEO?

53 - 39 after the debate New NBC/WSJ

Has Kim Jung Un

now for something a little different....

Ken Paxton is the Texas AG who is bringing the US Supreme Court case to kill Obamacare.

This Trump/Covid Timeline Is a Keeper

Why is Kamala debating in the same room as Pence?

The White House virus

How do you deal with people like these....four paragraphs that boggle the mind

Is this true? I saw it posted on FB (I know, I know . . . . )

What if drump insists on leaving the hospital, while

Memories of Berlin - My new (sort of) video.

New Caledonia voters choose to stay part of France

Joe Biden now ahead by two touchdowns with five minutes to go ...

Behold! I bring you republican talking-points from the distant future of November 2020!

In the extraordinarily unlikely event you actually discovered, in your 74th year of life, this emoti

tell me what kind of gear you have and post a shot in this thread

Trump's infection is having an impact on the perception of the virus

New Jersey officials to unveil legislation that would codify Roe v. Wade into state law

OH MY! There is currently more corona virus in WH than in New Zealand, Taiwan & Vietnam COMBINED.

Insurance Fraud

I support the President..........

Biden's national lead over Trump jumps to 14 points after debate in NBC News/WSJ poll

New NBC/WSJ poll, with Biden ahead by 14 overall, has him 27 points ahead among seniors, 62-35

And here we go.... Migrant caravan sets off from Honduras with eyes on U.S. border

On YouTube, there are Trump ads accusing Biden of wanting to harm Social Security

Tiedrich: A sick old man pretending to sign blank pieces of paper is the perfect metaphor for the

How Mark Meadows Became the White House's Unreliable Source

Reading between the lines of trump's tweets

Human nature sure is a funny thing, even now with the evil one lying in a hospital

Suspect in shooting that killed a Myrtle Beach police officer, injured another is deceased

David Corn: With COVID Hitting the West Wing, What Happens When the President Is a Liar?

Biden looks to seal election after Trump's week from hell

Vast Majority Of Barrett Rulings Put Corporate Interests Over People

More Halloween pics

Reuters/Ipsos poll: 65% incl. 50% of Republicans think Trump catching covid was his own fault

Righteous rant from a health care professional.

"Men 50 years and older moved from +13 trump to +1 Biden post debate"

Demonstrators Block 101 Freeway to Bring Attention to Fighting Between Azerbaijan and Armenia

If Trump is really "fine" why doesn't he do a live feed or come out of the hospital and make a

Trump campaign adviser defends first family refusing to wear masks at debate

Melania is feeling better.

Christian communists regard biblical texts in Acts 2 and 4 as evidence that the first Christians liv

Life imitates art

Graham, Harrison spar over SCOTUS and Covid-19 in fiery Senate debate

I am so overwhelmed I have nothing to say.

Soooo, are any of the Trump spawn talking?

By the time I've typed "pred", my iPhone has guessed I want to check out PredictIt....

Cute picture of corgis

Dr. Fauci Has NOT Tested Positive for COVID-19

Okay, sports and Premier League fans... NBC sports live? Rant

Rep. Katie Porter embarrasses overpaid CEO and we show that it is a defect in our economic system

The staged photos of Trump "working" with a Sharpie are taken in two different rooms but it's the ex

Channelling Captain Obvious... with one added thought

The chronic issue of poverty: how do the sincere Republicans propose to alleviate it ?

Fauci unsure what Trump means by saying the country is 'rounding the corner on the virus'

The medical briefing on Trump's health was an insulting exercise in obfuscation

Where is the Surgeon General in all this?

Why does everybody think that Trump signing blank papers

Osteopaths are doctors, but not MDs:

The NBC/WSJ poll has been added to 538's analysis and Biden now has an 81% chance of winning,

Symone Sanders confirms Biden will be at next debate; hopes trump can join him.

Truck driver from Trump 'rolling rally' who fired gun on I-270 turns himself in

Trump and his family are trying to prevent pence from replacing trump,

Jon Ostrower: "The photos released by the WH tonight of the president working at Walter Reed...

I drove thru a couple of upper middle class neighborhoods

Biden looks to seal election after Trump's week from hell

Aboard Air Force One just before Trump tested positive: Reporter's Notebook

Suicide by GOP

My mentally ill "friend."

538 added 5 polls today, average Biden +10.6

What Dan Rather said ...

Ernst, Greenfield debate health care, pandemic response as early voting nears

Chris Wallace triggers Trump aide meltdown over first family not wearing masks:

I want the president to get the best medical care, however

YOU raised $7,860.50 for Biden-Harris, 0 for Amy (DITCH Mitch) McGrath & 0 for duhneece on 10-3-20

You peons should know that I have an IQ of 404.

Signed up for phone banking. I'll be following up on early ballot requests here in ME.

It's time for Biden, Harris, Pelosi, et al. to create a shadow government.

Maria Teresa Kumar just now in AM Joy, Trump

Baltimore Museum of Art hopes to raise $65 million by selling Warhol's 'Last Supper' ...

We're not even being told the truth about Trump's condition

Some Twitter thoughts on Trump/Covid

Damn how I hate what the media has become. CBS This morning is

Participants in Amy Coney Barrett's introduction were encouraged to take off their masks and mingle

Masks for Idiots 101.

Have compassion for Trump but remember what he represents. COVID deaths & economic collapse on him.

Negative Trump Ads running on ESPN

So, I just received a free credit for a kindle book on Amazon. Which do you choose?

Their vast carelessness...

Joe just tweeted a video with Jill reminiscing about his Medal of Freedom Heartwarming!:

Best Single Graphic I've Seen Yet On California & The Record-Smashing 2020 Fire Season

Gosh, I thought by now someone might mention how Melania is doing.

What to say to Trump? You know, somehow, Will Smith DOES quite say it.

"Masque of the Red Death"

Is he going to miraculously recover for the next debate or is he really sick? nt

They're doing operation maga to spread the covid

They arrested the guy who punched the peaceful protester in Denton, Texas.

Joe Biden can end the drama on election night. All he has to do is win Texas.

There seem to be three camps on DU regarding Trump's condition.

over on twitter #proudboys is what is happening

Geroge Conway:Tweet of the day, so far

I know The Lincoln Project and Repubs for Biden

Cute Golden retriever rescuing her teddy bear

You know, the truth is that I don't give a rabid roadkill rat's ass how trump* is doing.

What are the best state-by-state polls for Biden right now ?

A dashboard is tracking #COVID19 testing of recent POTUS contacts & attendees to White House events

Packing the court is bad ...

Kelly O: The WH press pool of reporters and photographers is being driven to Walter Reed hospital.

Between the Bars - Elliott Smith

Republicans really hate Democrats dog whistle....

Jaime Harrison was on fire last night from the clip I saw

Fake video threatens to rewrite history. Here's how to protect it

Is it odd that there are no reports of Melania's condition?

I couldn't have a funeral for my mom in April

Hilarious & on point Matthew Yglesias tweet:

Jamie Harrison vs. Lindsey Graham 1st Debate 10-2-20

How Walter Shaub watches the Sunday shows.......ha!

Kitten fight in wrestling ring

Why is @JasonMillerinDC , a deadbeat dad who admittedly frequented prostitutes, on TV?

Walter Reed news conference at 1130 AM EST today

Post Trump infection polls show no "sympathy vote" bump for Trump

Well. DT sure isn't following his bud Putie by example! Just on Face the Nation. Regarding the

Never forget: All of this was his own damn fault

355 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun; 1 death

Golly...I feel so much better about Russian election interference. NOT!

What working from home is like:

Duke Robillard has a birthday today.

Police body cam video of Versace Footwear VP being racially profiled.

Entire Senate GOP was exposed at their lunches last week.

"Trump supporter in Georgia throws a smoke canister at protesters & draws his gun"

Time for our side to turn the conversation from Trump's recovery to how he got it

If you are in the Arlington Tx area go take a drive down Cochise drive

😂😂😂 Team Trump screws up again! 😂😂😂

Drumpf's COVID-19 treatment: He also had stakes in Gilead, maker of Regeneron and Remdesivir.

Hypothetical Regarding Pardons in the Event Trump Dies

NEW: YouGov state polls Ohio tie 47/47 PA Biden +7 51/44

Yesterday this same doctor said the killa Con did not have fever

Dexamethasone Administered

DeWine: Trump campaign / White House didn't bother to call to inform him Trump brought COVID to Ohio

Best recovery ever?

Saw a photo earlier of about a dozen MDs in front of Bethesda

Philadelphia - Temple U. students plummet 4 floors

More bullshit

One of the docs at the Walter Reed presser says he may be discharged as soon as tomorrow

These doctors speaking now.

Breaking News! Walter Reed hires a new night nurse:

Dr Conley is an idiotic doctor!

fox news am - gives impression that trump is working so hard on the nation's business today.

Ha, ha

The question about the x-ray and ct scan were ambiguous at best. What a bullshit answer

1500 alumni of Barretts college expressed "concern"

Joe ticked up to 81% at 538

Somethings very wrong here. Gaslighting

Have to share a very cathartic time yesterday

The Hill: Drumpf's Tax Returns. Who are Drumpf's creditors?

Q remains. How big of a viral load did POS get?

Question for the doctors

Dr. Donley: "Not necessarily true we were covering up."

WE'RE ALL DOOMED - Trump vs. Biden ft. "Weird Al" Yankovic

Does anyone think Trump will be discharged tomorrow?

For Trump supporters in Congress---(I will try to use small words):

Shirkey: No urgency to negotiate COVID regulations; Senate GOP won't support new mask mandate

Panic and confusion permeate White House after Trump's Covid diagnosis

Gross. MAGAts celebrating after the medical team says Trump is doing well and

Send him home! Let's save some taxpayer money and spare

Good thinking!

Doctors: Trump continues to improve during virus treatment

Dr Emanuel

Poll shows majority of Americans say Trump did not take COVID-19 risk seriously

St. Thomas Aquinas on Tyrannicide: "one who liberates his country by . . ."

When asked whether tRump's blood oxygen levels had ever dropped below 90,

These domestic terrorists should be jailed for waging biological warfare upon citizens of the USA

Saw on TV that people are outside Walter Reed with megaphones,

Tell me I'm being foolish:

As soon as it became apparent there was no "sympathy bump" for trump, it was like a miracle...He

I live in Maryland I just read that our mail-in ballots are being counted starting Oct 1

The most heinous thing about trump's pandemic response is that...

Trump vital signs?

Traitor tot covid45* needs to get back to WH. No way would he let white satan even look as if he

I have a question about these doctors

Obamacare repeal would bring a huge tax cut for the rich, research shows

Neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris should go near these

Biden Campaign Confirms They'll Be At The Next Debate

'There Is Only One Political Party In The US, The Other One Has Descended Into Madness'

He could be released tomorrow? Wait a minute...

Trump campaign adviser accuses Biden of using masks as a 'prop'

If he comes back soon, like a miracle, my spidey sense says it's all been a hoax.

My recommendation is why wait until tomorrow, kick his diseased ridden ass out now

The black humor (double entendre) is running rampant on Twitter this morning...

Dexamethasine is given to critically ill Covid patients!

I Have To Assume That Jr., Eric, Ivanka & Jarad, Pence & Guliani Are All Getting Tested Every Day...

Schrodinger's Virus

Dr Conley appears to be a stooge.

Trump COVID-19 treatment: President had stakes in Regeneron and Gilead, makers of antibody cocktail,

Trump Experienced Two Episodes Of 'Drops In Oxygen' Since Coronavirus Diagnosis

As if the Adderall wasn't bad enough, buckle up, POS is now on Steroids

These "abundance of caution" hospital

Eric Trump Slated to Talk With NY Investigators Via Video

Oh I wish Joe had worn a mask at the debate!

This is how you get an atheist to sit through an entire sermon.

looking to buy a vehicle in the next few month. getting old, want a last car, trouble free

I know this is beyond evil, but:

Wolfe City police officer on leave pending investigation into fatal shooting

DU POLL - what do you think is the truth

Amy Coney-19 Barrett nt

For those of us who've known people w Covid who's lungs became involved,

Oh the irony. tRump paid, at most, $750 in taxes, but gets the best in socialized medical care

On CNN: OH governor DeWine is speaking with Jake Tapper.

MSNBC just stated the poll numbers are Biden 62%-Trump 36% !!!!!! Shows Seniors are switching to

Mr Postman

Osteopathy (SHITLER's doctor) - modernized from just bones, used to reject psychological conditions

I discounted the doctors when they began to sing, I AM HONORED TO TAKE

What Fiction are you reading this week, Oct. 4, 2020?

Boston - More Than A Feeling

trump DOES apparently have lung damage!

Meadows rubs head while Conley gaslights, thinks "OMG how can we keep up the BS flow ?!"

In Reversal, N.Y.C. Will Close Schools and Businesses in Hard-Hit Areas

Hope for a Generation: Fat Freddy's Drop Lock-In session for NEW album!

Does anyone, Rep or Dem really know trump's condition? HIPAA question.

Mother Jones:trump campaign gaslights us everyday - even more so with trump holed up in the hospital

See who shook hands, kissed cheeks and more in the Rose Garden that day

if Trump were to die at Walter Reed hospital, how long would it be until they'd tell us?

I don't often watch television but happened upon a great editorial on CNN a few minutes ago . . .

Over 100 Alaska Residents Didn't Receive Primary Ballots

Here's a little ditty to give you a smile today.

Dexamethasone given Trump is a serious drug. Not for light or moderate infection

Trump's former FDA chief: Pence is "not in the clear" from coronavirus infection (video)

Dr. Karan (NPR contributor): "....your discharge day shouldn't be tomorrow"

Almost like aggressively calling out lies was the media's responsibility all along.

State still sifting through thousands of unemployment claims

Sen. Pat Toomey won't run for reelection or for Pennsylvania governor, sources say

Why Days 5 to 10 Are So Important When You Have Coronavirus

It's Sunday, so not much makes the news today.

They all are liars.

Report: Pa. Senator Pat Toomey Won't Seek Re-Election Or Run For Governor In 2022

Tom Cotton: GOP senators with COVID will be 'wheeled in' to personally cast votes for Supreme Court

Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN just said unequivocally, "The president is sicker than they are telling us."

CleanTechnica: "Tesla's Future Is Not What We Thought"

Just got an Amazon Echo Dot

Jonathon Swan tweet about the lying re: Trump's condition --

Yamiche Alcindor: information illustrates the need for transparency and credibility at this time

Cartoons 10/4/2020

If Donald Trump Is Sent Back to the White House Tomorrow,

NEWS - Two members of the White House residence staff tested + for the coronavirus a few weeks ago

Do you think the debate between Trump and Biden will happen?

Y or N. "Did you give Trump a 2nd round of supplement oxygen yesterday?"

"The Republican Party Can't Be Saved"

Should you save old yard signs? LOOK at what my friend has!!!

Funny tweet about Lindsey Graham's debate performance (second tweet):

The President is going to show us how easy it is to beat this disease and...

Trump riles up Minnesota supporters with racist attack on Somali refugees

Get Well Wishes

trumps doctors are gaslighting the world

Hypothetical, what if trump knew he was COVID positive for a few days BEFORE the rose garden

As cold weather arrives, U.S. states see record increases in COVID-19 cases

Where we are headed -

Latest trigger phrase for trumpers is now...

Fox-PAC gets pwnned by Phillipe Reines. 😎

Is media keeping a running tab of what it's costing for Trump's covid care?

Nine years ago, today.....

I'm learnin' to fly. But ya ain't got wings.

Politics aside for the moment (sort of)

Progress Report on my October assault on GOP 10.4.20

tRump on third medicine since Thursday, a steriod that can reduce death in severe cases

This wins the internet!

Our Endorsement: Joe Biden should be our president

Probe into Trump's COVID-19 failure shows 'unprecedented, coordinated' political interference

Tweet of the Day

Joe Biden widens lead poll lead as voters say Donald Trump did not take virus seriously

Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence again have been tested today for COVID-19 (Negative)

Police, protest, pandemic and the end of the 9/11 era

I'm a little worried about trumps situation

i know some of you are feeling a bit conflicted about what to root for regarding donnie's health,

IF interested, a timeline:

So DUers, who's watching the French Open - Thiem v Gaston?

THIS is a cult member:

I know there are few DU'ers around here that were around in 1972 and what was GOP landslide election

10-4 good buddy. Funny story

US coronavirus: New cases are on the decline in only three states

Bible thumping: Florida man accused of throwing holy book at deputy

"Do they not expect people to question their tactics?"

Knowing that Trump will soon be either taking a dirt nap or going to prison ...

America First, NOT trump! LOL

How is Trump's hand being reflected through the paper?

IF Trump 'comes home' tomorrow, it will be to a hospital bed

Attorney General Barr will not self-quarantine after socializing without a mask at White House event

Let me assure you that Trump's work output has not decreased one bit since he's been hospitalized.

The Doc's Are Probably Being Told That They Are Performing A Patriotic Duty And That They Have To...

Twitter, Facebook ban posts wishing for President Trump's death from COVID-19

So, this happened earlier on 5th Ave. today (a Trump Kult Kar Konvoy):

Trump's Hollywood star smashed by someone in Hulk costume

What day does Trump's more serious second wave of his illness show up this week?

Salt Cat: The Ghost of South America

The Sad Story of Typhoid Mary and Her Refusal to Social Distance - COVID Trump May Have Her Beat

Is Drumpf Golfing Today?

Frank Luntz wants YOU!!! (email)

Does anyone remember the click line?

Little evidence that White House has offered contact tracing

Dr Vin Gupta: use of dexamethasone, Remdesivir, antibody cocktail means COVID Pneumonia

He probably is both sicker than they say, but has a much better chance at rapid recovery than most

I'd like to see him shipped to the west wing, and then back into the hospital a 2nd time.

Taking bets that Barr will be getting Covid

Do You Ever Wonder What Is Going On Behind The Scene Of tRumps Covid 19 Scare

Trump said. at one time, the he was tested multiple time a day.

Whether or not Trump lives through his illness is up to him, medicine and luck. I am not wishing

Biden now leads Trump by 27 points among seniors (62% to 35%) -- a group Trump won by 7 points in 201

Gov. Greg Abbott says accusations against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton "raise serious concerns"

Far-right extremists pose rising threat in North Texas around election, FBI's Dallas office says

Pence tests negative and continues campaigning despite Trump diagnosis

Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden Chat About The Medal Of Freedom from President Barack Obama

These are the questions Dr. Sanjay Gupta wants Trump's doctors to answer

Trump update spurs more questions than answers, again

Rick Wilson: Jared is now in control of the White House

Imagine all the jokes Chump would be making right now

Last Day to Register to Vote in 14 states!

3 congressmen flew on a commercial Delta flight after a journey on Air Force One with Trump

NBC News to hold town hall with Joe Biden tomorrow

An observation on the GOP from deeep red America

DeWine says White House did not contact him about possible C-19 exposure to Ohioans after diagnosis

Right now Jared is telling Pompeo to manufacture a crisis so they can bomb whoever

Balloon Head says he is not concerned about Pence continuing to campaign

Molly Jong-Fast: Remember when Junior was deemed too stupid to collude? I do.

so here is my evaluation of the trump covid case and his spread of the virus

Pence is going to have a really bad debate against Kamala.

After Joe wins and is inaugurated on January 20, 2021

Trump's luck finally runs out

The White House Gift Shop is selling a "Donald J. Trump defeats Covid" commemorative coin.

I Want Trump to Survive, So I Can Revel in the Schadenfreude of

Very encouraging numbers:

Using Corn Cob Derived Biomaterials to Remove Heavy Metals and Kill Bacteria in Contaminated Water.

Is the VP debate still in-person?

India has a population of 1.353 billion.

At-home coronavirus test kits to be available at some Washington pharmacies


Serious question for DU experts

"Now we're sort of the stupid party"

Violent Trump supporter at a rally in Texas assaults a peaceful counter-protester

Registration deadlines

Cowboys are getting whupped ...

"the president had breathing problems and had been given oxygen," Saturday

Trump's doc: "I lied because I didn't want COVID-19 to know what our next steps are going to be."

Did you notice how Jamison and his screen mae Graham look so small?

University of Washington reports 'significant' coronavirus outbreak on Greek Row

If Amy Barrett has any Catholic Christian Morals she would withdrawal her name for SCOTUS.

Biden Campaign Enlists Jermaine Dupri, Ludacris for "Get Out The Vote" Ads

And also in the news............

I think you might enjoy this, I did.

CNN just showed a shot of the Trumpers outside Walter Reed

Biden to visit with Haitians, Hispanics in Miami Monday ahead of NBC town hall

Photo of Mark Meadows at Trump health briefing goes viral:

Mail found in Greenville ditch did not include any Wisconsin ballots

Meanwhile, Malania says fuck christmas and trump cheated on taxes

Roger Stone chimed in.

Tested Positive For a Democratic Hoax

Trump furious at chief of staff for contradicting White House physician, sources say

Apple sues recycling partner for reselling more than 100,000 iPhones, iPads and Watches it was hired

I'm no doctor, but I expect that- at best- Trump is going to have a long, difficult recovery

How the biggest Democratic stronghold in Texas could cost Joe Biden a win here

Expert: Uber-funded ballot measure in California would create 'permanent underclass of workers'

These numbers will make you all very happy.

Oh no! Claudia Conway has Covid.

I gotta think Meadows is next up for C-19

Obama was up by about 7 pts over McCain. If Biden is up by 10 or more Nationally

Fashion designer Kenzo dies of covid

BTRTN: Three September Surprises...and an October Stunner

BTRTN: Three September Surprises...and an October Stunner

OH-01: Steve Chabot on attack ads and ex-campaign manager. 'It hurts because he was like family

Charles Moore rules himself out of running to be BBC chairman

TAPPER: "Sick & in Isolation, Mr. Potus, you have become a symbol of your own failures"

Look, they can discharge him, "discharge" being a somewhat

With COVID-19 'brain fog and lung damage','he's better suited to be a greeter at Mar-a-Lago'

A Taste Of His Own Medicine!

Ohio Voters Discuss Trump's Response To The COVID Pandemic: 'An Absolute Disaster'

Nord Live Sessions: DOMi & JD Beck - Sniff

A Question For All You Osteopathy Apologists

Investigators probe 'possible ecological catastrophe' in Russia's Kamchatka region

Just overheard a conversation. My thought is... their God's in trouble. They don't know what to do.

Whitmer blames GOP justices for emergency powers decision, stumps for Dem candidates

Is He DEAD Yet?

Trump's first tweet is a shout out to the racists assembled in front of the hospital

How to question Judge Barrett -- it's brilliant

The Germinator

Claudia Conway just announced on Tik Tok that she has COVID.

It seems like Trump is so narcissistic and checked out of reality, he believes his own lies.

Claudia Conway announces coronavirus diagnosis on TikTok

Inactions Have Consequences, President Trump.

I don't blame anyone who doesn't know what to believe about ain't QAnon

Can the person who posted the weekend at Bernie's pic with Trump, Graham and McConnell repost

By the way, the drummer is 16 years old...

It just pisses me off, every time I think about it: that bastard tried to give his opponent COVID.

Gay men have taken over the Proud Boys Twitter hashtag

Joe Biden should take a jog around the block.

White House releases photo of Trump working out at hospital. Says he feels great.

This sounds grim.

Has the WH Covidfest been traced to the Garden of the Clods gathering?


Trump Never Called Governor To Tell Him He Brought COVID Into Ohio

Stephanopoulos grills a Trump spokesman who fails to get it even with a COVID infected president

I think his Dr. spilled the beans about dexamethasone on purpose to show how serious this is.

Remember Trump's taxes? They are still a scandal.

George Conway says he & Claudia were just tested & don't have the results yet.

Photo of Mark Meadows at Trump health briefing goes viral: 'Better get that headache checked out'

A Primer on the Detailed Report on Trump's Taxes

President Carter has endorsed Reverend Raphael Warnock of Georgia in the Senate race and asks if

'Red Mass' looked a bit different this year.

2020 Horse Racing - 2020 Prix de L'Arc de Triomphe

Getting discharged tomorrow? Here is what Mark Meadows was doing when they said that.....

Please let's not talk about the details of Trump's discharge. I'm about to eat!

California: Images of the Golden State

I think Trump knew at the debate at least of the exposure and he was hoping to infect Biden.

Chris Hayes: Jesus. 1 in 4.

Trying to steal elections has consequences!

The deal with Trump and Covid

As an old RN, one of the most difficult things is to accurately predict an individual's course

Recheck your voter registration - website has state purge lists

Indiana hospital employee fired after speaking to New York Times

One month out, battered Trump campaign faces big challenges

What feels like a minor screw up in Massachusetts voting procedures.

"Cantaloupe Island" -- Herbie Hancock live with an all-star band, 1985

Finally, on MSNBC - talking about health disparities

Conley is Coney without the L

If Trump doesn't make it, will he lie in state in the Rotunda?

Cornerstone Church Pastor Tests Positive

Were you up last night? What was your favorite part?

They gave Trump a steroid that depresses the immune system response and what does the body's ...

Whoa. Pro-life evangelicals endorse Biden.

Instead of dealing with a CHILD and the virus he made way worse, THIS is what we should be on about

Trump Campaign Running Ads Featuring Biden Wearing Fake Earpiece in Debate

The C.D.C. is not involved in contact tracing from the Rose Garden ceremony.

The Lesser-Known History of African-American Cowboys (Smithsonian)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 5 October 2020

What's for Dinner, Sun., Oct. 4, 2020

poll: little indication of an outpouring of support for the president beyond Trump's base

trump's arrogance-"Donald J. Trump defeats Covid" commemorative coin are for sale

Pope Francis appears to be trolling Trump.

Breaking WSJ: Trump didn't disclose a positive result from a rapid COVID test on Thursday

As the virus spread among Trump's top advisers, the president tried to keep secret who was getting s

Has trump been seen today?

Have you seen this picture of Joe and Hunter? Beautiful.

I hope he suffers greatly.

My thoughts are for all of the COVID-19 Americans who perished needlessly

Trump Didn't Disclose First Positive Covid-19 Test While Awaiting a Second Test on Thursday

#Belarus "Sasha, drink novichok," the protesters are chanting. I don't know how #Lukashenko is plann

It's a head-scratcher, all right.

A message to Donald Trump:

How can this get worse?

A Republican Super PAC is planning to spend $9M to help Trumper candidate John James unseat Democrat

"This is about bringing people into Black and brown communities to try to intimidate them,"

George Takei: Brad and I are #ProudBoys, legally married for 12 years now. And we're proud of all of

Did Biden test and announce today? Haven't seen results

New drumpf video. Find them time codes! Also shows the mystery cabinets

Trump just left Walter Reed!

BREAKING: Tropical Cyclone 26 targeting (you guessed it) LA and TX.

Trump has left Walter Reed

TRUMP IS IN A VEHICLE waving at supporters. Caravan of vehicles.

Melania! I'm Home

CNN reporting Chump is in a motorcade outside of Walter Reed!

Rose Garden Massacre is what angry WH aides are calling it

On CNN now - trump in his motorocade waving to his supporters who are outside Walter Reed - WTF?

White House aide says physician withheld health specifics to lift Trump's spirits

Sh*t for brains..has active covid and is now riding around in a car

Let's be clear: Trump is NOT LEAVING Walter Reed...

One of those "I can't prove it, but I just know it's true" things.

And there he goes...

Whew, saw my Pisces horoscope too late today!1 It's a bad full moon, I say!1

I started laying the kitchen tile today

2022 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats are likely to gain US Senate seats in 2022.

Trump leaves Walter Reed in motorcade

100 reasons to vote for #JoeBiden that don't mention Trump.

Did he only go for a car ride?

Secret Service Need Special, Special Hazard Pay

Can he be any more irresponsible? An active Covid patient putting the people in that SUV at risk

CNN: Dolt45 is putting Secret Service personnel at risk for this SUV photo op.

Trump was trying to recreate a "Reagan at the window" moment with his trip around the block.

Poll numbers re: 8% undecideds

The Caravan of Covid is driving around the Walter Reed hospital


Trump: "I've also gotten to meet some of the soldiers and the first responders."

This is just getting crazier by the minute

Is the media fawning all over this photo op??

Trump new video tweet, leaving Walter Reed, making 'a surprise visit'

October 4, 1957..A day in history that is affecting you at this very moment..

Okay..time for Biden to put his contrast ads back up..

DU ...jokes needed... Trump Sunday drive .....OJ's Bronco ----GO!

I haven't hugged or kissed my mom with lung cancer for 6 months...

Trump just jumped the fucking shark!

So...immediately after releasing a video in which he boasted of his superior real-world knowledge of

He went for a joyride

Trump Motor Cade Spotted at McDonald's Drive Thru


He's high on steroids, and God knows what else!

Acorn Woodpecker

There are some very sick people at Walter Reed who can hear the horns honking

Come on Pence grow a pair and invoke the 25th. You can be President if only for a bit.

So, the impeached tax cheat criminal murdering pervert bigot

What are the news outlets saying , cnn, msnbc ?

AG Bill Barr is now self quarantining

"Trump also asked one adviser not to disclose results of their own positive test-'Don't tell anyone'

President Clownshow Contagion

He just mocked 210K Americans that have died from COVID.

The dips who keep honking their horns outside of Walter Reed Hospital..


This is a powerful image, knowing he's got an active covid patient directly behind him

Do we know it's really him in that car?

"So apparently narcissistic supply is part of the treatment regimen."

Hospital employees gotta deal with this CHILD??


Ana Navarro tweet reply to trump: You should express regret for holding super-spreader events, ETC

As much as I hate Pence, they should transfer power NOW.

A Walter Reed physician: "They might get sick. They may die. For political theater."

Boris Johnson calls coronavirus pandemic a 'massive opportunity' the Tories can exploit

jaime harrison behind plexiglass as he shares stage with lindsey

Diseasy Rider.

This fucker just put the final nail in the republican election coffin

Is that Chevy Tahoe Really Protected Like the Presidential Limousine

My neighbor across the street broke this out and now my shitty Biden/Harris sign is subpar:

I still cannot believe he did that

If Trump's freak sideshow makes MAGATs wear masks now

When Trump takes Covid Tests who knows the results ?

Damn!I I wonder how many MILLIONS Trump's joy ride cost us?

If having an uncle who was a nuclear physicist made him an expert in that

Sleazy Rider.

Dr. James Phillips from Walter Reed (twitter)

Not joking; He needs to be admitted to the Psychiatric Unit.

Who is Trump mad at?

CNN analysis of Trump's Walter Reed stunt"

Fuck ttump, Fuck his ignorant supporters,

That's it. Joe needs to take off the gloves with this idiot.

A person who is/had just been seriously ill doesn't do that

Who OKed that stupid drive by with Trump?

trump is a lost cause. Severe pressure has to be placed on the Senate.

Nancy, step up and impeached this MF for whatever the F you want to.

How can the doctors allow him to leave the hospital?

It's like a clown parade.

This trump shitshow is a real-time horror movie.

(UK) Covid: 16,000 coronavirus cases missed in daily figures after IT error

I hope Limbaugh was driving and Hannity was riding shotgun

Drumpf is prime proof that humans can actually ABSORB IGNORANCE

A huge Kim Jong Un stunt?

Anyone know if

Trump's Drive Sent To Secret Service source who responded: "So reckless and careless and heartless"

Kayleigh was on very briefly to stress he only got a positive test AFTER bedminster

Walter Reed attending physician swipes at Trump for motorcade visit to supporters

Donald "Prince Prospero" Trump

for a while now I have been comparing not wearing a mask to driving drunk

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Announces Virtual Veep Reunion in Support of Joe Biden's Presidential Campaign

This is an addicts behavior who needs his fix

Where's Pence?

Bonus Tweet of the Day

I don't have children but I've heard some babies need to be driven around before they

WHEN WILL THIS SHITSHOW END, if he is reelected I'm outta here

Trump's body is weaponized

God works in mysterious ways

A father and son portrait that might be a lovely tear to your eye and smile to your lips

JanMichael (my husband) and I were driving home-- help me out here

Those with right-wing co-workers, family, etc... are they obsessed with numbers?

Trump sought to keep COVID-19 diagnosis secret Thursday as he awaited second test result: WSJ

At one time, this book's title was meant metaphorically

Article 25th the dumb shit!

IMO, There are three options re Thump's ride

Interesting question--and timing of his little jaunt.

As I watched Trump's "surprise visit to supporters", these lyrics came to mind:

Did they let him out and drive him about to wave at his proud boys?

Joe Biden isn't a egotistical sociopath like his opponent is.

Do you think anyone broached temporary transfer of power with Knucklehead

So Mitch McConnell has called off the senate.

AG Bill Barr is now self quarantining

If the President is incompetent or otherwise incapacitated...

My Grandmother was 58 and my Grandfather was 57 when they died

Maybe Queen Elizabeth can lend Trump a gold carriage for his next Royal Progress?

Jason Miller on CNN -

Delta investigates maskless Sen. Wicker as other senators test COVID-19 positive

Equipment was being wheeled into White House at night a week ago?

Trump stooge Jason Miller on CNN:

Franklin Graham was at the Rose Garden.

He is irresponsible and a danger to himself, his family, the country & the planet

Jason Miller is Trumps stinking turd........

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, October 6: Women Make Film

Thoughts & prayers...Sieg Heil!

Covid Caravan

CDC: movement of a pt with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection outside of their room should be limited

Ana Cabrera is taking Jason Miller to the cleaners

That crowd in front of the hospital,

I always felt in my heart that NO WAY just one man could start a nuclear war.

Jason Miller "Biden wears a mask as a prop"

Jason Miller was gishgallping on CNN when the satellite feed dropped-- even better...


Former USSS Agent: "I guess the litmus whether or not the president will kill me"

TX-22: Distaste for President Trump Confronts a Long Conservative Legacy in the H

Thank you for the responses- well, that's it. I no longer

WOW - The Proud Boys founder was in the Trumper crowd for Trump's drive by theatrics

What's gonna be on Morning Joe tomorrow?

Hey Folks!

ME-SEN: Can Susan Collins survive Trump's takeover of the Republican Party?

6pm DC joy ride was to impact the Asian markets

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, October 8: Andy Griffith

Amy Covid Barrett gave paid speeches to a hate group that supports making homosexuality a crime in t

I hope the next time I get to view trump...

Pic Of The Moment: Just... Wow

Jason Miller told Ana Cabrera Trump has taken the coronavirus seriously. It did not go well (VIDEO)

A former USSS agent who was an agent on the presidential protection division

Trump finally understands C19 after plus 200K have died from it.

Hilarious fake fan noise: "home team fans" cheer when the visitors make big plays

Over-door shelf for skinny pantry door?

Q: What important scientific details should Trump learn about CV-19 during his ordeal?

Biden's plan to save Social Security is progress in action.

I think it's ironic that he went to a hospital that cares for "suckers" and "losers."

Democrats guide to 60 US Senate seats in 2020 and 2022.

GA-07: DCCC Releases New TV Ad Hitting McCormick for His Extreme Health Care Record

So all the USSS agents and other aids will have to go into

"White House Correspondents Association denounces Trump motorcade photo-op... "

triple medication theory

It's now confirmed that when Trump went on Hannity on Thursday night and said "I just went for...

What's in it for Mitch?

The White House has conducted another photo shoot in @realDonaldTrump's suite cuz phones looked old

A redux minute for a smile

This is a perfect depiction of Trump and his recklessness with Covid 19

The Walter Reed photo op is worse than the bible shitshow.

Harrison gave Graham a serious beatdown in their debate...

Per pool: "Vice President Biden underwent PCR testing for COVID-19 today and COVID-19 was not detect

One Of My Sisters Just Posted This On FB...

Trump COVID memes

It's impossible to pin down info. Today Fareed Zakaria interviewed...

Walter Reed attending physician swipes at Trump for motorcade visit to supporters

IA-SEN: The Lincoln Project Setting Their Sights On Joni Ernst In Final Month

i got back into my original account! to celebrate, here's a white faced capuchin photo

If he refuses to leave office in January, it will fall on the secret service to usher him out.

Biden tests negative for third time after debate, campaign says

Presidential SUV is hermetically sealed.

The White House will need to be fumigated in January.

WTF! Why hasn't he been civilly committed?

CO-03: Mitsch Bush meets Pueblo supporters in virtual rally

Dr. Leana Wen: "I'd call security to restrain him then perform a psychiatric evaluation..."

If drumpf is being discharged tomorrow, why the need to display himself to his

Lincoln Project: Why is @JasonMillerinDC-a deadbeat dad who admittedly frequented prostitutes-on TV?

Oh boy! They have Trump flags!

I've never put someone on ignore

CA-25: Civil rights activist Dolores Huerta endorses California Democratic House challenger

Jaime Harrison: I'm fired up! Since I took the debate stage yesterday, we've raised over $1.5 millio

Scaramucci: tRump is no longer physically or mentally capable of being president

No One Is Talking About Trumps Tax Cheating And Failures - Bingo!

Donald Trump's action today further confirm his insanity and reckless disregard for this country.

Well, we know now how to get Trump out of the White House?

A Lot on the Line as Both Parties Seek to Flip the Texas House

They Could Use The 25th And Put Him A Rubber Room Forever

Could the October surprise be a staged Con job?

What about all the other patients at Walter Reed?

I've had enough

This is just as bad as the bible photo op

George Takei: We have them on the ropes. Alaska senate seat is in reach. ALASKA. Let's help.

Thoughts on a Monday Discharge...

Mitch McConnell Says That Helping American Citizens Is A Cheap Political Stunt

A message to the Secret Service

Trump's Hospital Event - Using a hospital as cover.

Can someone have such a disturbing character that he

Gay men have taken over the Proud Boys Twitter hashtag.

If any other patient pulled a stunt like that