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Archives: October 5, 2020

Is the inpatient team incompetent, or do they actively despise this administration?

How to Understand Trump's Evolving Condition (very good article by a physician)

Too bad our government doesn't have the equivalent of a Star Trek Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Craig Spencer (Ebola survivor) on 45's SUV stunt

The Lincoln Project isn't being subtle...

Can you imagine having a sick or dying loved one at Walter Reed?

"Because futures start trading at 6pm East Coast time."

Why did Trump go to Walter Reed Medical Center for medical treatment instead of going to

Has everyone seen THIS tweet yet?

So, about Biden pulling his negative Trump ads . . .

Many here thought he might resign 'for health reasons' to avoid humiliation.

California has the best vote by mail system.

The Trump Coronavirus (Super) Spread

CNN just reported that Congress has not been briefed at all on his condition.

Mother and Pence are seething

Adam Schiff coming up on CNN

Prospect of Trump's early hospital discharge mystifies doctors

US Senate seats in 2020 that Democrats are likely to win.

Amy Coney Barrett: quick confirmation under threat as three senators infected

Schiff is on CNN - the Speaker is yet to be informed about Killa Con's

A peak into the labyrinthine MAGAt mind

Biden campaign going up in Texas.

Say it plainly: The president is a psychopath

Trumps Sun thru Thrus --down the memory tube already????...

You are so pretty.

Question: Do ex-presidents have the right to go to Walter Reed for medical care?

Flame Colored Tanager

How Mark Meadows Became the White House's Unreliable Source

I do not want Joe and Kamala in the same room with trump or pence unless the original lab report

This Overlooked Variable Is the Key to the Pandemic It's not R.

Chris Wallace pitches batting pratice to Amy

White House: FLOTUS not visiting President due to risk to staff. - MSNBC

One Flew Over The Covfefe's Nest

I don't know who Ginger Biscuit is. But today, I AM Ginger Biscuit.

(Jewish Group) Annamie Paul becomes first Black and Jewish Canadian party leader

#ProudBoys On Twitter Seriously Punked

He obviously isnt thinking clearly or he would have called

I DON'T understand this....

Freedom of religion is no defense for ACB

Record-breaking California wildfires surpass 4 million acres

Did Trump Fake his Diagnosis?

Disturbance Just South Of Jamaica Forecast To Strengthen Over The Northwestern Caribbean Sea

Trump's illness halts campaign just when it needs an October boost

Keep in mind

Fatso and family: (1) Did you hide Fatso's COVID 19 status and (2) why did you all not wear masks

Halloween Is Coming! #16

Halloween Is Coming! #17

Halloween Is Coming! #18

Halloween Is Coming! #19

Halloween Is Coming! #20

Biden tests negative again

Great ad on Sunday Night Football for OUR candidate

A man in the Trump's joy ride video, say he would die for Trump?

Back home from fire season 2020 in Idaho .. took a walk in the smokeless Blue Ridge mountains today.

Any updates on Chris Christie?

Is he receiving supplemental oxygen? Dr. Conley, "I would have to check with the nursing staff!"

Hundreds of thousands of small businesses got shortchanged on SBA economic injury loans

It is enough to make us go crazy?

Newspapers Update Trump's Obituary

Time for a little BBQ

Dr. Bandy X Lee has a video out!

French-Japanese designer Kenzo Takada dies from COVID-19

6 months after pandemic starts trump says "i get it"

Why it doesn't make sense that trump is faking - He had momentum with ACB. The right wingers were

Those doctors shouldn't be in lab coats should they? Regulations at the blood center I'm retired

John Cusack defends speaking out about politics, reflects on fame in new interview

White House acknowledges Trump's condition had been worse than revealed

Fox News pundit: Trump was put on oxygen because he's 'like a robust quarterback on the sidelines'

3,298,165 have voted

Ok Donald, we'll let you out only if you promise to come back into your room?

Monkey see, Monkey ROFL.

Attorneys for Breonna Taylor's family ask governor to appoint new special prosecutor

I couldn't be President of my cat when I was on Dexamethasone. He should not be exercising the power

Namkai Norbu - Selected Teachings and Pointers for Meditation - Dzogchen

Idaho's daily average of new COVID-19 cases nearing 500 -- a mark last seen in July

For your viewing pleasure:

New Supreme Court Term Could End Roberts's Dominant Role

TLP: It's been a very interesting journey.

"Trump told advisers on Sunday that he was getting bored being in the hospital..."

Paging Dr Fauci!

So... Trump had a drive by mini rally today, he heard the cheers and saw

Sacrifice for What


as far as COVID trump is:

CNN anchor confronts Balloonhead after motorcade: Trump's 'downplaying the virus'

Why weren't we outraged by his ride to the hospital exposing people?

Has Trump mentioned Melania even once in all his tweets and Media Appearances?

Just got a fundraising email from Michael Moore saying CNN poll has Biden only up by 1 point.

'Imagine having a literal COVID parade': Critics react after Trump leaves Walter Reed to see support

sincere question: Trump as Commander in Chief and Walter Reed

GOP lawmaker calls on Pelosi to apologize for response to Trump contracting coronavirus

Does all this recent "the president" or "President Trump" stuff annoy you as much as it does me?

Sure hope FLOTUS recovers from COVID...

US Senate seats that Democrats will gain and lose in 2020 and 2022.

New Walking Dead tonight, y'all.

Sacrifice - Elton John

Speaking from my own covid-19 illness in March..

If the Obama's had had C-19 we would have wanted to know about Michelle

The Boy In The Plastic Bubble

White House identifies 206 people possibly exposed to COVID at Trump fundraiser

Trump is -- Jack, in The Lord Of The Flies.

Lincoln Project: "It's been an interesting journey"

NYT posts hit article on Biden's health.

What if it's just that trump

A Compassionate Doctor Who Might Turn Florida Blue; Returning Citizen Vote, Medicaid Expansion

Lot going on today

What's up everyone?

Leave it to Reddit

The White House is empty and aides don't know what they're supposed to be doing: report

Trump flag hung at Long Beach Police headquarters

If he feels good enough to take a ride and wave, while endangering everyone around him...

Quite simply the president is insane.

This is why they said he might be discharged tomorrow. He's watching and it's to placate him so he

Trump to potentially infected White House staffers: you're on your own

Biden to Start Advertising in Texas 10/6

US Senate seats that Democrats will pick up in 2020/2022/2024.

Report: Trump Didn't Disclose First Positive Coronavirus Test During Fox Interview

Y'all remember Doc Ronny Jackson, dontcha? Turns out he helped OsteoDoc Conley get his current gig.

Steve Schmidt thread: Trump's ride will be talked about 30 years from now...

Rose Garden Event: WH Appears To Be Blocking Contact Tracing, Or Is Incompetent At It; Still No Info

Who were the children at the Barrett indoor event?

Chris Wallace LOSES IT on Trump adviser as feud erupts on air

Ballot is filled out.

Jason Miller, Trump's chief strategist just said the President is ready to lead on Covid...


The TIMING????

Political Aides Investigate VOA White House Reporter For Anti-Trump Bias

October Theme: Scenes of Halloween

Going through my photos to prepare for a 2021 calendar.

Why capitalism is not a market

A credible M.D. says he should have been restrained and held for psych eval

Atlantic: Biden's Negative Test Result Isn't Enough to Say He's in the Clear

Al Franken Buries Extremist Coney Barrett, 'She's A Total Hypocrite': MSNBC

Covid-19 Update

John Hagee has the 'rona.

Let's talk about the elephant in the room with Trump....

The Apprentice - The Walter Reed episode

After weeks of Trump claiming Joe Biden was taking performance-enhancing drugs...

AOL News. Most already reported but this remark. ..

Can you believe trump is doing this? I wouldn't be surprised if many are disappointed...

WH changes position and will NOT disclose number of COVID cases in West Wing.

'It Makes Me Sick': Doctor Criticizes Trump's 'Joy Ride' For Putting Others At Risk - MSNBC

With all this outpouring of sympathy for trump,

Pence Ready To Assume Responsibility For Paying Off Porn Stars

It's all starting to make sense

Trump is a modern day Boris Yeltsin

Donny Goes to School (Or Walter Reed) - The President Show

I'm So Sorry (Trump Apologizes!) - A Founders Sing parody w/ Biden & Harris, Music by Paul McCartney

These last couple days have been a script straight out of North Korea

Nirvana - Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Live On MTV Unplugged Unedited)

Younger DUers...

They even have a name for it, VIP syndrome

Is Melania throwing shade at Donnie?

Melanoma needs a new PR team

Trump's illness halts campaign just when it needs an October boost

sounds like non VIP White House staff on their own

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The Do's and Don'ts of Mail-In Voting

I wish they'd just put him on a ventilator and sedate him

I went to my first restaurant since February today.

thoughts and prayers to the President....

I have seen Trump go by in the limo 155 times in the last few hours. What about his taxes? How many

'Whoever told the president to stop taking (hydroxychloroquine) should be punched in the face'

Something SO real and So incredibly sad about this video

US Senate seats in 2020 that Democrats are gonna win.

Potus is exposing more staffers to the virus. Different photogs yesterday and today.

Follow. the. dirty. money. always.

aloha stadium swap met today - mask cooperation 100%

So a specialist says that Trump is suffering from VIP

Mary Trump Says Trump Family Saw Illness As 'Unforgivable Weakness,' NPR

Tomorrow (8 PM E), Biden does a live Town Hall on NBC.

Tweet of the decade.

Dear Goddess, one takes a sanity break for a few hours, and even more unthinkable insanity occurs.

The UK Daily Express decided to get Trump a get-well present...

Red States Are Getting Hit With MASSIVE Covid Wave Right Before Election - Ring of Fire

What @GaSecofState is planning for the touchscreen voting system is jaw-dropping!

Take a break! This is SPECIAL!

Trump campaign announces three locations for upcoming Covid rallies.

Stars and Stripes on Trump's PR stunt: "Infected and contagious, President Donald Trump briefly

The latest voice against driving while infected with COVID? The White House...

So I've skipped posting on the election. Been doing hosting duties.What have

Starlight News - new posting from Nancy! Oct. 2, 2020

Steve Schmidt on Trump's motorcade: "a slow rolling celebration of selfishness and malfeasance"

Yup..... This meme is perfect!

Trump: I've gotten a real education

2022 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will pickup NC,PA,and WI w/state AG named Josh.

Harris/ Pence Debate and Election Integrity

New Lincoln Project ad- It's Too Late

3 in 4 Americans believe he didn't take proper precautions

Trump's doctor makes contradictory statements about giving him oxygen

Trump is a narcissistic psychopath, period. The media cannot say this....

30 days out and TRump is not at 45 in the pols.

I'm calling bullshit on the WH statement about trump's excursion being safe & Dr. approved.

McEnany: "Yeah, I'm not going to give you a detailed readout with timestamps every time.."

The Raconteurs - Level

Ted Turner asks Carl Sagan if he is a socialist.

The White Stripes - Hardest Button To Button

"After Senator Ron Johnson tested positive for COVID..."

Bob. Dylan.

An unarmed Black man in Texas was killed by police while he was breaking up a domestic abuse fight.

The man who told the truth about Donald Trump ... and no one listened

It's either Typhoid Trump or Donnie's Disease Distributor

A nice summary of the Trump family tax fraud

Mary Trump says president sees illness as sign of 'unforgivable weakness'

The difference between the 2016 and 2020 yard signs in my town

Anybody in the Pasadena CA area? Is your internet...

3 Easy Fall Soup Recipes - Best 30-Minute Fall Soups from FOOD52

Ever made a cream soup with oat milk?

Russian Editor Dies After Setting Herself On Fire

Early voting starts tomorrow in Maine

Question about the V.P.'s residence...

If Trump were my patient, in unstable condition + contagious illness, & he suddenly left.....

"i want to get that healthcare where you get a helicopter for mild symptoms."

sign posted by family in mourning

New Mexico Governor: "We Can Not Allow Another Wave"

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Election 2020

share of voters with "very negative" views of Trump hit 50% for the first time since he took office

Long Beach City Flag stolen and replaced with Trump flag. Police investigating.

I love Bono's intro to U2 song, Pride, from 2015 concert in Chicago

Paris Bars To Close As Virus Numbers Increase Daily-CNN Live

Whatever you choose to call it...

Trump campaign adviser says rally protocols won't change after President's coronavirus diagnosis

Amazon workers march to Jeff Bezos' mansion, calling for higher wages, protections

Why - Annie Lennox

Interpol - Slow Hands

Manic Monday - Prince, Bangles

Let's name a TV show and/or movie where the plot/premise wouldn't work if we had socialized medicine

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

US Senate seats up in 2020 that the Democrats are likely to win.

The largest landslide ever seen in the history of the election.

Ireland : NPHET, the COVID Advisory Group advise Ireland move to the highest level of restrictions.

Scottish woman awarded Guinness World Record for Eminem tattoos -- and we must stan

Humans and the Animals raised for food is 96% by weight of all Mammals on earth

Jesus Jones - Zeroes And Ones Blissed

Cold open to SNL

New Mexico public education secretary under fire amid pandemic

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Went to Oktoberfest Party After Testing Positive for COVID-19

Trump has gone full Caligula

Tennessee House Speaker says Shelby County Health Department has too much power and control

October Assault Progress Report 10.5.20

Oh, You Beautiful Doll - Buddy Holly

The Ronettes - Be My Baby - Live jam

Is all of this theater? We are watching a major production and all the

This clown put spackle on his face in the middle of the night

MAGA life coach: Trump's 'God-tier genetics' will help him beat COVID -- he doesn't have 'liberal gen

Nobel Prize in Medicine awarded to US-UK trio for discovery of Hepatitis C virus

TLP: Our fight

The most hilarious part of the coverage of this effin' circus is

Final Commemorative Coin for President Trump's First Term "President Donald J. Trump Defeats COVID"

U.S. Supreme Court to hear water case between Texas and New Mexico

U.S. Supreme Court to hear water case between Texas and New Mexico

White House Fakes Video And Pics Of Trump 'Working' From The Hospital

Yep! Trump has done more in 47 months than anybody else?

Amazon near tipping point of switching from rainforest to savannah - study

An unarmed Black man in Texas was killed by police while he was breaking up a domestic abuse fight.

Don Winslow: When do we go back to talking about: 1. 210,000 dead from #COVID19 2. $420 million i

Monday TOONs - The Sick House

Appeals court upholds ban on holding migrant kids in hotels

The Biden campaign is so responsible, Biden won't even do distant drive-bys like drumpf

An Australian cartoonist said about tRump's illness.....

Barr reverses, will quarantine for several days after potential coronavirus exposure

Even while in a hospital, President Free Chicken can manage to be a menace and danger to the lives o

Special message to GOP donors worried about coronavirus exposure:

Trumps Scotus pr event during a deadly pandemic exposes how stupid trump and the GOP have become

Give 'em Disease, Donnie!

The Sackler Family's Plan to Keep Its Billions

Toddler is up

The "Fuck your feelings crowd" wants a pity party for Trump

[SCOTUS] Justices to consider Delaware rules on bipartisanship in judiciary

ICE plans to target Denver, other 'sanctuary cities' for immigration enforcement


The question I want to know....WHO OWNS HIS DEBT?

JEEEZUS!! Someone snorted their Adderall today!!

Man shatters Portland police cruiser's window and pepper sprays officer inside, PPB says

The More Things Dont Change.....

'That should never have happened': Inside Trump's Walter Reed parade

I thought I heard Mika on Morning Joe say that she had a friend who attended the WH garden party

I think Don Jr. must have smuggled some amphetamines in to his father

Former MLB player Charles Haeger found dead after police sought him as a suspect in killing ...

India's new paper Covid-19 test could be a 'game changer'

Nobel Prize for Medicine goes to Hepatitis C discovery

What is this?

Trump to go to McDonald's and KFC today !

So Trump was given a lot of medication over the weekend?

Under fire over LGBT rights, Polish leader blames activist

Could somebody please tell me...

The Republican Party..

The Election And A Fresh Obamacare Challenge Loom Over New Supreme Court Term

Stock futures rise after Trump motorcade appearance

At Walter Reed, a loud vigil has the cultish fervor and masklessness of Trump's rallies

Sometimes I think I live on the luckiest island of them all

"Vote Him Away" singalong. Thanks Lake Arenal!

The World's Biggest Guitar Company Is Offering Free Online Guitar Lessons

Reports about North Korea shooting a South Korean official may have exposed intelligence gathering

'Imagine having a literal COVID parade': Critics react after Trump leaves Walter Reed to see support

As advocates tout preschool benefits, Colorado voters face question about funding it with tobacco


I find it absolutely disgusting that there are STILL paid commentators who insult us

Secret Service: 'That should never have happened': Inside Trump's Walter Reed parade

Gay Men Hijack 'Proud Boys' Hashtag In Powerful Social Media Campaign

Trump thinks he was nominated for 2020 Nobel Peace Prize (wasn't). It is announced October 9th


The Nobel Prize in Medicine should be given to Donald Trump for his discovery:

Secret Service Frustrated After Trump's Joy Ride

Prospect of Trump's early hospital discharge mystifies doctors

Joe Scarborough just read Dump's tweets, commenting how much

Secret Service Agent Lives Matter

so trump says he learned about the virus by being in the hospital, but not by the book

Walter Reed has gone from world-class medical facility to [#Trump] reality show set in just 2 days

Accuracy of England and Wales convictions on police computer questioned after 'slip'

NEW: White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows tells Fox News that he expects President Trump to depar

Well, at least a LITTLE good news from the States for us

Walter Reed directors: "Everything Trump touches dies". Treat him the way you would

another photo of the nursing monkey

Is it really surprising that the fool who thinks not testing can prevent Corona virus would

any lane tech grads from chicago in here?

New trump campaign theme song

Wisconsin business groups sue to keep COVID lists secret

College Rodeo's Future Uncertain Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

They just need to sedate him and keep him in the hospital!

Troubling facts, meds and joy ride

Your Monday chuckle

The drugs are making him go insane this morning.

EU top official self-isolating after contact with virus case

TPM "How Hatred Came to Dominate American Politics"

Lpez: American Diaspora (The Campaign to Drive Native Americans into Reservations)

Colorado farm owners told Black Lives Matter donations prohibited

Amazon near tipping point of switching from rainforest to savannah - study

Less than a month until we fire this moron

Live Town Hall with Lester Holt tonight with Joe Biden. NBC

I have NO doubt that there will be many more covid spread announcements coming, this week

The Rundown: October 5, 2020


"Hunt for the Wilderpeople". What a great little film starring Sam Neill.

Republicans gripped by dread as multiple crises swirl

It is in full Twitter now.

Pro-Life Trump is a fraud: REGENERON, (antibody cocktail) uses human embryonic stem cells.

Tracks Of My Tears

Fauci coming up on CNN

Biden should insist that prior to the next debate ..anyone entering the debate venue

Old stage scenery from Leadville's Tabor Opera House sat moldering for years. Now, it's considered a

I looked out my window to see flags at half staff

WH Reporter who tested positive - raises questions about WH timeline

Will Trump's illness finally break up his cult? Take a wild guess

There's a good chance Trump had already tested positive before the debate.

Check your mailbox: 21 million California ballots are on their way to voters

50 Years Ago Today; PBS is launched

Trump is winning the voter registration battle against Biden in key states

I predict a new campaign plug, "I have immunity now, I'm IMMUNE, frail ol Joe couldn't have beat it"

A question about our Founding Documents

I like presidents who don't have to get Covid to learn about it.

Cheetolini's road trip...

UK Carrier Strike Group Assembles For The First Time

Every reporter need to tell him there will be 400,000 dead and 100 million infected by January.

Boebert Campaign Said It Knows of No Past-Due Liens, But Records Show Candidate Owes Colorado $19K

Canada's Largest Bank Confirms That It Will Not Finance ANWR Drilling; 1st Canadian Bank To Do So

Let's talk about Trump and adapting to a mystery....

Cheatos hits 18 on Fivethirtyeight.

"Truth and Reconciliation" will be an imperative for the Biden Administration

Dr. Fauci is on CNN and couldn't comment on the contact tracing from the WH outbreak because he

Question: How will we know if/when the Super-Spreader-in-Chief is put in intensive care?

One benefit of insomnia. I went outside at 4:30, this morning. The sky was spectacular.

Theory on why Trump WILL be released today from Walter Reed

Hilarious list - 40 smartest people of all time - no drumpf

EPA Grants Oklahoma Control Over Tribal Lands

Never Forget

API Ads Call For Americans To Come Together On Climate, And Hail The Wonders Of Natural Gas

I believe it's a lie

32 Years Ago Today; "Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy."

Nobody gets over covid 19 over a weekend. nt

Shocked, Shocked: Survey Of 100 Top US Law Firms Show Overwhelming Majority Work For Fossil Energy

538 Forecast Biden 81 Trump 18

If Trump has learned anything from getting Covid-19, he's not showing it

One more reason for the world to laugh at the US?

Venice's Multi-Billion Dollar Flood Barrier Is Tested For The First Time, And Works As Designed

Kept diagnosis secret Thursday as he awaited second test result

Various Cut, Sliced Fruits Sold By Walmart Recalled For Listeria Concerns

Colorado Republican Women's Group Leader Defends Proud Boys

Oldest Living CIA Agent Says Russia Probably Targeted Trump Decades Ago

Florida, Florida, Florida

The Reason the Stock Market Remains High Under Trump

Brazil's Amazon Basin Fire Hotspot Count Up 60% YOY In September; In Pantanal, Count Nearly Triples

2014 tweet: Trump upset that person who may have been exposed to deadly virus doesn't quarantine

Is Trump morbidly obese?

California passes a first-of-its-kind law to consider reparations for slavery

I like presidents who don't get Covid-19.

Remember this?

11% of Mail Ballots Returned in Guilford Co. (Greensboro) North Carolina

Decoding US Postal Searvice excuses about not delivering the mail

In big states, tiny counties, Trump attacking voting rules

Takei shares some truths

I'm begging the Biden campaign to demand the truth from Infectedcheeto about the timeline of his..

99% Of Colorado Now In Drought; 50% Experiencing Level 3 (Extreme) Conditions, 2.6% At Level 4

The perfect male body

Donald J. Trump Got Special Ice Cream with Lunch. Don't Tell Anyone!

20,000 empty chairs on the National Mall

Fiona Whelan Prine : I wish I could just have visited with @JohnPrineMusic in the hospital

Polis Automatically Pardons 2,732 Marijuana Convictions

My nomination for Tweet of the Day--and it's not even 10:00 a.m.

"The NC Republican Party advises you to not follow the procedures"

Does Mary deserve a reprieve? Her legacy has likely suffered enough.

If Trump knew he had Covid 19, it makes him look stupider & even more self centered.

Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to Pennsylvania Shutdown Order

Well, I finally scored some baking yeast at Wal-Mart

COVID Outbreak in Aurora ICE Facility, Nineteen New Positives

Tropical Storm Delta Public Advisory

We need a running cost of Trump's medical care. Seriously, everyone needs to see what thos costs.

perfect theme song for Biden;s campaign now

WION analyses some of trump's meetings before virus test Trump COVID-19

Trump campaign is contacting local election offices, telling them to ignore states' election laws

Trump-loving megachurch pastor tests positive for COVID-19

Choose Your Fighter

A few pixs to lighten your day

The 'Fuck Your Feelings' Crowd Wants a Pity Party for Trump

Bwah Ha Ha Ha! - Life in the simulacron -by Tom Tomorrow

I don't care. Do you?


Maybe they should just insist on a medical clearance for the debate. Participants AND audience.

Switching to Medicare Advantage

From Marc Elias - 🚨 Lawyers: We Need Your Help Now!

Psssst, Dr. Fauci

George Takei: Donald is so off his rocker that he's started campaigning for Joe Biden

Potential ballot theft investigated at Henrico post office

Claire McCaskill: "Everyone the President touches turns into liars, including his doctors."

In other news...

If trump is released back to the WH, then it is time for Biden to open up all ads, positive or

Pic Of The Moment: A Message From The Trump Campaign

So Mr. Trump has had his OJ ride moment.

For those asking this morning, we're up to 18 tweets in the last hour from Donald Trump -- not yet a

The Rules for Displacing an Ailing Presidential Candidate

My local shops in Thailand. In 2 seconds scans my temperature and to see if wearing mask. Doors don'

Stay quarantined for at least 30 days, ASSHOLE.

Reckless Republicans getting 'top-tier' health care after contracting COVID-19; others turned away

Voters have cast a total of 3,433,707 ballots in the reporting states.

Eric Trump is scheduled to speak today with New York state investigators probing trump business

Keeping It Simple: We Will Change Things on November 3.

Trump finally got his wall

"Donald J. Trump defeats COVID": The absurd Soviet-style propaganda campaign around his illness

White House press pool is en route to Walter Reed

Heart stamps

D.C.-area forecast: Phenomenally good weather through Friday

Be a true MAGA patriot. Slash the seatbelts, then ride your grandkids around in a Ford Pinto.

Trump supporters close 5th Ave. to support COVID-19-stricken president

John Oliver Reveals Just How 'Infuriating' Trump's Likely Coronavirus Superspreader Event Was

Trump campaign attacks Joe Biden for lack of 'firsthand experience' being infected with COVID-19

Looking at another tropical storm/hurricane aimed at the Gulf Coast.

In-person absentee voting stats today in South Carolina

YOU raised $9,855.90 for Biden-Harris, 0 for Amy (DITCH Mitch) McGrath & 0 for duhneece on 10-4-20

There's NO QUESTION now that:

The movement to pressure Schumer to fight this sham SCOTUS nomination.

The new narrative - my prediction

Our Yard Signs

Psychosis and mania

Justice Thomas and Alito write long opinion criticizing Obergefell & marriage equality

Cat Destroyed His Tunnel !!

Donald Tump on steroids------What could go wrong? nt

Fox News raises concerns about not knowing accurate medical info for.........Biden.

Another unarmed black man gunned diown

Service sector grows for the 4th consecutive month


Economists growing less optimistic about outlook for U.S. economy

Coronavirus is a major factor for voters in key key state of PA: "Our President Dropped The Ball"

My wife rehab , So I had parent teacher conference this morning on computer Duncan pup joined in

Supressing the vote, not wanting people to vote...this is more like socialistic, communism

Who did this???? 🤣🤣🤣 (Twitter)

"Guess whether the author is a man or a woman."

Remember, no matter how much you push the envelope

10% of world's population may have been infected with coronavirus, WHO estimates

Did Rudy spill the beans on Bill Barr?

When you can get the medical profession to lie in public you really are a danger to society.

NJ 2 Amy Kennedy 51% Benedict Van Drew 44%

A Blue Money Wave In Senate Races

Attack at German Synagogue During Sukkot Raises Anti-Semitism Fears

How is the slob Christy this morning ?

Donald Trump is not simply stupid. His idiocy is a complex system of ignorance, narcissism, and ....

He just can't stand it that Joe is out and about campaigning, and he's "trapped" in Walter Reed.

Note to Republican Senators Who Claim to Be Christians:

trump has tweet for everything - a tweet from 2014 about Ebola

White House Staff

316 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon.; 1 death

Tesla To Consider Investing In Major Nickel Producer

"Don Jr. Thinks Trump is Acting Crazy": The President's COVID Joyride Has the Family Divided

This man's Halloween 'decorations' shed light on the real-life horrors of police brutality and COVID

Shocking U.S. Senate Race -

Supreme Court won't take up ex-Kentucky clerk Kim Davis' case

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany says she's tested positive for COVID-19

Should N.J. Legalize Marijuana? The Voters Will Decide

Press Sec Kaleigh McEnany tests *positive* for covid

Should N.J. Legalize Marijuana? The Voters Will Decide

CNN chyron 11:27a - 'Senate 19 GOP test positive' - Doubt about quick


Kayleigh McEnany is positive for Covid

McEnany tests positive for COVID-19

LA Times: How Strippers Are Making Money During The Pandemic

Perspective from Cousin Dupree the R.N.

They volunteered

"Biden has "magic contact lenses?" That is badass!"

Eric Boehlert: The Trump Covid crisis: "Washington" isn't unraveling, the GOP is

Press secretary McEnany just announced she tested positive.

I see no way for Trump to legitimately win the election.

Well I Had At Least Two Nights Of Good Sleep.....

It Ain't Over Till It's Over


Dr. Sanjay Gupta: There should be medical reporters allowed at the medical briefings.

NJ-02: Party Switcher In New Jersey Trails

Attack Biden. For cripes sake attack!!

Supreme Court allows minor leaguers' class action over pay

Steve Miller has a birthday today.

"If you are a reporter whose life was endangered by Kayleigh McEnany..."

Why the right wing has a massive advantage on Facebook

'You epic piece of garbage'

Trump tweets anything to try to win

"This looks like a public apology..."

x-post from LBN: High court won't take up ex-Kentucky clerk Kim Davis' case

Has McConnell been near anyone from the Rose Garden event?

Help with Central Ark judicial picks

When he said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and get away with it

Debunk if ye may: Found fix for spam "social security" calls?

fox news may be worried

Who's Not Infected?

Has anyone here bought eyeglasses from Warby Parker?

Have been praying for divine intervention

To think Dukakis rode in a tank wearing a helmet? The sheer audacity of being safe.

B.W. Stevenson was born on this date.

'Fox and Friends' Host Steve Doocy Trashed by Fans for Wearing a Mask at Walmart

The Post Office has been ordered to obstruct voting by mail.

Trump Humper exposed me to COVID

Not Kaylee too!

The press secretary is positive now.

Two Secret Service agents face isolation after Trump motorcade ride #CovidParade

Who'da thunk that the GOP would be responsible for the best COVID education...

McConnell: Shut Down Senate For Covid-19 Relief, But Move Ahead On Coney Barrett

The White House should be cleared and Vamanos Pest Control called in.

Control of Venezuelan gold held in London cast into doubt

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 10/05/20

Photos of trump working at Walter Reed were staged (...but I think we DUers knew this..)

Where will the Bidens live, after Jan 20, while the White House is super sanitized?

Andy Slavitt - COVID -19 is more confusing than we ever thought. As it turns out:

The Banner of our Times

Parrot knows it's banana time when his owner makes morning coffee

At this point, the only thing NOT Covid-19 positive from the White House is the dog

Brett Hankison Seems Crazy

Should be our DU theme song

Who and What created Trump? Part 2: Newt Gingrich and the Politics of Attrition.

The Trump COVID policy: "Don't mask, don't tell."

press secretary MCenany positive now

They probably informed her on one of those tabs in her binder

Krystal Ball: 2020 is not 2016!!!

Anti-Science Extremism in America: Escalating and Globalizing - Peter Hotez

I got my yard signs today

How Ignorant & Heartless is this president, it took him 210,000 Dead Americans to 'get it'

Trump admin. lawyers: Census target could be met if not for order extending count

I hope someone can track infections among the staff who were, presumably, REQUIRED...

What tRump was told: Dexamethasone

trumps own failure to protect himself and the WH

Doctors Question If Medications Are Affecting Trump's Judgment After Dangerous Photo Op

Oh! Remember this from Kayleigh?:

Bless you, Dan Rather!

"Again, why is Mark Meadows in the room?? Trump is an infectious Covid patient"

The Trump plan to fight COVID-19:

If you are in the Arlington Tx area take a drive down Cochise dr. off of North Fielder, Biden/Harris

Trevor Noah for the winning Instagram post (regarding trump wannting to leave the hospital)

Texas man accused of punch amid Trump argument turns self in

Fake President.

A terrifying but possible support movement for T right now.

Trump said he was bored in the hospital, advisers said.

That Moran Miller says the president is tested every day. It is safe to be around him.

There is no way Trump should allowed to leave for the WH while still infectious

USPS collection boxes at 3 Henrico post offices broken into

Huh, interesting. No 12:00 briefing.

My hubby got a Covid19 test yesterday. He went into the hosp. Fri. because of chest pain. He's

Waiting for the Barr announcement

Here's some wisdom from General Douglas MacArthur for those who serve in Trump's White House.

I keep circling back to last Monday... (They knew POTUS was + last Monday.)

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Did DUers just see Biden jogging up the aircraft stairs

Ivana Trump 'Stressed' and 'Afraid' Over Ex-Husband Donald's Hospitalization: 'He Was Careless'

Tweet by George Takei about risks to same sex marriage

Guv Cuomo on

10:35am and Matt Gaetz is already shit-faced.

Georgetown Law: created fact sheet addressing private militias (illegal in 50 states) & what to do

Exactly how many are now infected (test positive) were at the Rose Garden Event?

The Bat Signal for Stupid People.

Does trump believe his own BS?

I'm Betting Amy Coney Barrett is the CV-19 Vector for the GOP and Trump

So the polls are starting to move. WOOT WOOT

Let Trump out of the hospital

Doesnt anybody look to see if it's already been posted.

Biden is going to need to seriously disinfect the White House when he moves in.

So turtleman will send the Senate home for 2 weeks, so they don't have to vote on help

Biden campaigning in Florida

Here is singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen on Donald Trump.

who has ever seen one of these birds in the wild?

FOX: "It's Secret Service's job to put their lives on the line for the president"

Welp, we've got another one: Chad Gilmartin ( Principal Assistant Press Secretary)

An historical anecdote.

Trump Is So Disappointed That He Won't Be Able To Keep Killing Americans

Tasmanian Devils reintroduced into Australian wild

TPM "Trump camp slams Biden for not catching COVID"

If you're on Twitter, pls report this tweet from Covid-45 for voter suppression...

Debt Collectors Have Made A Fortune This Year, Now They're Coming For More: ProPublica

All Regal, Cineworld Cinemas to Close on Oct. 8

Justices Thomas and Alito lash out at the decision that cleared way for same-sex marriage

It's a Covid explosion.

Decoy turtle eggs put in nests to track illegal trade in Costa Rica

Decoy turtle eggs put in nests to track illegal trade in Costa Rica

Its an open question whether or not Trump leaves WR today.

Olivia Troye is on with Andrea Mitchell (MSNBC)

"Trump is improving Americans' mental health, White House says."

"Don Jr. Thinks Trump Is Acting Crazy":

And another one.

Did anyone Zoom last night

If Trump was a soldier, instead of the Commander In Chief

Mr. Jamie Harrison brings it home!!! Bye Bye coyote Lindsey

Breaking - Just seen over the White House

Chickadee Wings

*A + Rated NYT-Sienna College Arizona Poll* Biden 49% *Klansman Covidiot * 41%*

For the early votes that are rejected, I heard that the county would get in touch with voters to

roseate spoonbill

If I weren't an atheist, I'd think Ruth and God be like...

Doctor Warns Trump's Coronavirus Treatment Can Cause Psychosis, Mania

Last Spanish anti-fascist survivor of Nazi concentration camp dies aged 101

Was Donald Trump on Dexamethasone At the Debate?

CNN just reported the WH West Wing is "shut down" because of COVID

Get you a partner that looks out for you like @DrBiden does for @JoeBiden

Republican Senators Are Casting Their Supreme Court Vote!

538, Biden up 8.4% in Polling average

I don't know about anyone else here on DU, but

Mayor Pete & Chasten spotted in SLC for debate prep with future MVP Harris

A Black State of Emergency in Texas

Entertainment industry videos about too much power

It is gonna come down to .....

Doesnt anybody look to see if its already been posted.

Pic Of The Moment: Doctors Warn That The President's COVID Treatment Can Cause Psychosis, Mania

Dogs for Biden!

Two more positives - Chad Gilmartin and assistant press secretary Karoline Leavitt

They have tried everything, why not give him hydroxychloraquine?

WH like a disease-ridden carnival cruise line ship

It's not The White House. It's THE TEMPLE OF DOOM.

New Proud Boys Motto: "Real Patriots Catch COVID-19!"

"All about Covid", featuring Dick and Jane.

White House press secretary tests positive for Covid-19

Sea Creatures Die in Far Eastern Russia 'Ecological Disaster'

Federal lawsuit alleges Omaha police used excessive force during protests

Dumbass Freepers are scratching their stupid heads wondering

So he will return to our House, infected, and further spreading the virus, because?

Press secretary's audition tape

The Mike Wallace Interview with Ayn Rand

The circumstances of Kayleigh McEnany's coronavirus just got even more suspicious

Alec Baldwin Claps Back At Gripes That 'SNL' Mocking Sick Trump Is Offensive

A Question About COVID


I like the way Jamie Harrison debated Lindsey with a plexi screen. Did he bring that himself?

Well, the entire Trump administration has infected itself with COVID four weeks before the election.

CIA Director Brennan interview on Russian influence

jeff tiedrich with more winning tweets

Japan and South Korea near deal to resume business travel

I know it sometimes feels like Trump might be getting sympathy from some folks now

'Doomed to fail': Why a $4 trillion bailout couldn't revive the American economy

'Doomed to fail': Why a $4 trillion bailout couldn't revive the American economy

Rack up another one...

Angela Paxton Is The Dipshit Of The Week

Good Save, Jill!

Army nurses Vietnam PTSD suffering, my wife's aunt Deb I love Deb I ramble

'Do they think ... rules for everybody else do not apply to them?': Chris Wallace slams Trump's fami

The Tainted Supreme Court

I hear they're renaming the WH West Wing. It will now be the Covid Memorial Wing.

I keep humming this song today.

Congratulations to President Trump! You finally managed to so something that Obama didn't do.

Cool beans, people can pick up an absentee ballot application at all Kroger stores.

Another killing means St. Louis ties record homicide rate today

Cuomo Won't Approve Closing of Businesses in 9 Hard-Hit N.Y.C. Areas

He is advertising for "Trump poll watchers" . I don't think this is allowed.

Secret Service agents criticize Trump car ride: 'This should never have happened'

Dogs for Biden/Harris

Trump campaign's Erin Perrine attacking Biden for not getting himself infected with the virus that h

Information for Voters on Recent Central VA USPS Incidents

Pope Francis echoes Warren Buffett in a letter blaming free markets for rising inequality

With my

Transfer the powers! It will make it one step closer to Pelosi!

They still want to bring him back to Covid Central aka the White House now?

Overly Her Husband

Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship tests positive. Contact with Pence.

Rick Wilson: The 'Fuck Your Feelings' Crowd Wants a Pity Party for Trump

Giuliani: 'No reason to delay' second Trump-Biden debate

Joy Behar says Trump's motorcade drive-by came 'right out of a dictator's playbook'

To trigger the 25th Amendment, do "acting" cabinet members count?

At this point when they lose, they will be too sick and busy with funerals

Democratic super PAC dives into Kansas Senate race

Biden is +9 in Maricopa, the largest US county Trump won in '16

"I ain't going out like Herman!"

'The Price Is Right' Returns To Production With Redesigned Set, No Audience

During the debates Joe and Kamala should be enclosed in a plexiglass box

With Less Than a Month to Election, Forecasts Show Democrats More Likely to Control Senate

I bet you anything that Trump will head back to the White House during Joe's townhall tonight. Nt

Trump campaign attacks Joe Biden for lack of 'firsthand experience' being infected with COVID-19

Al Michaels annoyed he was forced to wear mask during 49ers game

Its a simple diagnosis at this point..

Can anyone tell me?

Dear republicans

Is tRump ever gonna tweet " Start wearing MASKS " ?

The Lincoln Project on the Trump Covid Timeline:

Trending on the #roidrage #roid rage feeds. "That's Adderall Folks!"

The Twit tweets: "It is reported that the Media is upset because I got into a secure vehicle..."

The Supreme Court turned away Kim Davis' case, but Thomas (joined by Alito)

Second test results - NEGATIVE

"Openly trying to cheat": Trump campaign local election officials to ignore voting rules

Inside the Lincoln Project's War Room

CNN: Trump Has Been Demanding To Leave The Hospital.

NC Poll (PPP): Biden +4, Cunningham +6

Even Donald Jr thinks his dad is acting insane. Don't let anyone gaslight you this isn't fine.

Governor Cuomo Briefing October 5 2020

BREAKING - trump announces he will LEAVE Walter Reed at 6:30pm and return to the White House!

CDC again updates guidance to say Covid-19 can spread by aerosol

Cineworld to shut down UK screens after Bond film delay

I dare him to return to the White House

How to Cover a Sick Old Man

The infected turd is going to the Whitehouse at 6:30

Debate chamber

Let's consider a counter factual to assess the state of the race

When Kamala Harris

Carl Bernstein: "This president is guilty of homicidal negligence." on CNN now.

"He has experience now fighting the coronavirus as an individual... Joe Biden doesn't have that."

It is Leaving Walter Reed at 6:30 EST

Blue Lives Matter???

It is going back to the WH at 6:30 PM tonight

Jesus Christ, get me off this mad planet!

Contact tracers trying to find 200 donors that attended Bedminster event.

This is like a fucking Monty Python skit

He is getting out at 6:30 pm$

Trump losing it behind closed doors at Walter Reed: 'I need to get out of here'

Piers Morgan: "eight months of denial, delusion, distraction and frankly diabolical leadership"

Kamala: I'm so happy America is finally getting to know the @DouglasEmhoff that I know and love.

Is it possible for California liberals to relocate?

Trump tweet: 'Don't be afraid of Covid'

'Don't be afraid of covid... it'll only cost you $750'

There Is Nobody Who Can Tell the President NO!

I don't wish to become too excited but...

Covid-19 Live Updates: Trump Downplays Disease, Doctor Says He Can Go Home but....

Poll: Biden up 10 points after Trump contracts coronavirus, 59% say postpone Oct. 15 debate until he

MAYBE just MAYBE if just ONE of these recent white house positives were to get REALLY REALLY SICK

'Morning Joe' Slams White House for 'Non-Answers and Outright Lies' Surrounding Trump's Condition

So do you think MF45 leaving the hospital will gain him back voters and change the

I came home 15 minutes ago turned on MSNBC, so far I have seen Trump

11% of ballots returned in Greensboro NC rejected or in limbo (moreso for Black voters)

this idiot is following trumps advice

OK, please help me get this straight...

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Did Katy Tur insult Dan Rather?

OK FINE. Let him go back to the WH!

*** Comment thread for October Photo Contest***

Did the doctors announce ITS discharge or has he taken over his medical care?

Let's game this out

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, at least 17 others positive for COVID: A running list of those

Help push this poll to show our disdain for Dumpo the Clown and his recent tweet.

FWIW - Comparison - Herman Cain Covid Timeline

President Biohazard.

Trump leaving the hospital and declaring himself cured---

Cornyn: Trump 'let his guard down' on coronavirus

***Closed***Submission thread for October Photo Contest: Scenes of Halloween***

Trump has snapped

First question I asked upon awaking this morning...

Let Kamala Harris do the one debate with pence at a safe distance, then no more debates with

Regeneron Antibody Cocktail Used by Trump Faces Patent Suit

Herman Cain said he felt fine and died days later

October Photo Contest Theme: Scenes of Halloween

As well as testing, Biden should insist on no steroids/treatment for Trump prior to the next debate

October photo contest is open

Our enemies are not predisposed to being kind to us

Biden holds 8-point lead over Trump in Arizona: poll

WH Covid Positive Housekeepers Told To Use "Discretion" in Discussing It

Be afraid of a President who, in his delusions, tells people not to be afraid of Covid-19

RUMP return to White House question here.

Trump should have canceled 'reckless' N.J. fundraiser after COVID-19 exposure, Gov. Murphy says

Trump is either getting overtreated for the coronavirus or is more seriously ill than we know

Trump Campaign Instructs NC Officials To Ignore Election Ballot Rules

Every one of these doctors should lose their medical licenses

After doing 50 one handed pushups this morning, WH Docs agreed to release Superhuman trump

***Morning Consult Poll of LVs*** Biden 52 Trump 43

Al Franken's Ted Cruz beer glass

House chairman asks Secret Service for briefing on COVID-19 safeguards for agents

So Now We're to Believe That "Trump Probably Met...

That wasn't the question, quack.

COVID is The Fountain of Youth, the Elixir of Life.

If Trump lives through this he will be considered a resurrected God by the Republicans.

CA Pastor Who Visited White House Tests Positive For Coronavirus

IRS Investigating NRA's Wayne LaPierre for Possible Tax Fraud

Eric Trump says his father is 'a true warrior'

OK, Mr. President, I won't be afraid of Coovid-19, just tell me where I go to sign in to

The doctor just admitted he has lung issues

Never before published images of men in love between 1850 and 1950

"Best COVID con case ever"!

High court race pits justice with 21 years experience against challenger licensed in May

Fuck these Walter Reed shills, fuck this whole thing, I trust NOTHING! It all stinks like Rumps arse

Geez this is going to make them all the more insufferable than they already are

'Full-Out Jonestown'

"He's back" Dr. Conley just provided a headline and campaign slogan

Boy, Dr. Conley is almost aagod a spinner as the Orange one is! "The Prez as been a fantastic

That Trump! What a medical marvel!

Dr. Conley should be holding a newspaper proving sign of life.

Trump official pressured CDC to change report on Covid and kids

Sean Conley is a smartass. I wouldn't take my dog to him.

Schroedinger's President. He's simultaneously sick and not sick

Trump takes credit for developing "some really great drugs & knowledge." It is still all ME ME ME.

2020 (A 1917 Parody)

This cost the taxpayers a cool million $!

Will he walk to the helicopter next time or will

Poll: 74 percent of voters want Senate to take on COVID-19 relief before SCOTUS nominee

Read Trump's doctor like an opposite's game

Team Trump tries new spin: Biden lacks 'firsthand experience' with COVID-19


DT: 'Don't be afraid' of coronavirus

US Department of Transportation rejected mask mandate on public transportation

As I understand it, being in the SS details assigned to the WH used to be a prime assignment. So

Nobody bounces back from Covid after only a week.

Okay everyone. Just breathe.

Donald Trump Is Safeguarding Americans' Mental Health and Preventing The Tragedy of Suicide

This likely won't end well

Beseeching the White House Correspondents Association!

I posted years ago about a friend who was on the Presidential Protection Detail ...

He just looks more F N crazy to even more people.

My new nickname for donald is "batshit"

Trump is superhuman

Why does he even have a SS detail? If he's bulletproof he can save us all million$ by flying solo.

(For those of us not watching) Did Trump test negative?

I want to see this crazier Trump in debate with Biden

What Will the Next Distraction be to...

Financial resources?

A humbling Herman Cain timeline

Don't you have to test negative twice before leaving quarantine ?

Report: Moderna and Pfizer Vaccine Trial Participants Report Serious Side Effects

Prediction: Prepare For High Drama This Week.

Was there ever any evidence of live virus in Trump?

So, Shitbag is the picture of good health?

He wants to sabotage the town hall tonight.

OK. He's fine. All is well. So let's talk about those taxes.

Ultimate distraction! Media 24/7. At this point he doesn't care if it's positive or negative. nt

99.9% of American's Cannot Afford the Kind of Medical Care the Dictator Received

In case we forget.

Let's talk about Trump wagging the dog....

Mrs. Betty Bowers FTW!

Usually, if you think you are anointed by G-D

Children without a mother

The crazy is strong in Matt Gaetz

Can Trump push a reset button after COVID-19?

"It's a cult and a very dumb one at that"

High court won't take up ex-Kentucky clerk Kim Davis' case

Surviving Colombia's paramilitary rule: keep your eyes open and your mouth shut

I'd like to send Drumpf back with a care package, taking suggestions

The "WELCOME HOME DON DON" parade is ready!

July: Brian Karem shouts at McEnany: 'Hey, Kayleigh, put on a mask!'

Green Millet

'Don't be afraid of covid'. I can only imagine how the families of the deceased must feel.

Laurie Garrett coming up on MSNBC momentarily ...

Spill The Dirt!

Former patent litigator gets appointed to become a judge, literally goes around the country ...

Colombia's Supreme Court advised to uphold Uribe's house arrest: report

HIPPA my ass!

***RMG Research Poll of LVs*** Biden 51 Trump 43, +8 is up from +6 2 weeks ago

Real ID license deadline should be further delayed, travel association says

Trump will leave the hospital at about the same time as Biden's 8.00 Town Hall

Wow, an article from National Review that actually makes sense

Interesting article about dexamethasone.

I voted today ! I drove to the Orange County Supervisor of Elections Office and turned it in !

"If Trump doesn't have COVID pneumonia and isn't otherwise visibly ill..."

I think I hate this pig of a Supreme Court Justice more than any of them, but it IS a close call

For the First Time Ever, Scientists Caught Time Crystals Interacting

"they would give him blank papers to sort through and sign"

Our White House is in lockdown & this is what it looks like.

Does Kayleigh McEnany still work for the WH?

Graham schedules Amy Coney Barrett's hearings, beginning next Monday

So how is chris christy doing ?

Jennifer Rubin says Congress should defund Walter Reed.

SC took no action on IN case that seeks to let states discriminate against same-sex parents

This is starting to smell very bad. Sen. Thom Tillis no longer exhibiting any symptoms.

Of Course, The White House Gift Shop Is Selling Donald Trump COVID-19 Merch

Schumer: 'Halt This Reckless SC Process Now,' GOP Plan To Let *Infected Senators Vote In Person

The only reason

After that last statement from 45, I just want to say this:

LIVE - Biden speaking now in Florida

Uncovering ancient Ashkenaz - the birthplace of Yiddish speakers

Pence Thinks Being Gay Is a "Choice." LGBTQ+ Groups Say the Debate Must Call Him Out

'We believe you' TN YWCA works to help abuse survivors vote safely

Good point:

I have just erased a rather lengthy rant which called for actions that would be considered

I've been a skeptic about Trump's abstemious ways in the past, but...

Most Americans say Trump acted irresponsibly and distrust White House on his health

The joy ride yesterday is proof that Trump cares only about himself..

What's for Dinner, Mon., Oct. 5, 2020

Why should a army navy medical facility (Walter Reed) be considered a...

"Don't be afraid of Covid. Don't let it dominate your life,"

Don't give him what he wants. Focus.

I posted yesterday about being unable to seal the inner envelope of my ballot.

I'm in Westmoreland County and I still

"Don't be afraid of Covid. Don't let it dominate your life," let it shorten it." FIXED.

Cartoons 10/5/2020

Donald Trump has coronavirus and Why We Don't Care Double Toasted

Last Day to Register in AZ - got all your peeps signed up? EDIT EDIT EDIT!!!!

A toll? More lanes? Have your say on future U.S. 2 trestle

Uplifting and amazing speech by Biden in Miami - Youtube link

Oldest Living CIA Agent Says Russia Probably Targeted Trump Decades Ago

Judge Rejects Cops' Bid To Usurp Prosecutor's Power In Confederate Monument Cases

Plexiglass to separate Harris and Pence at VP debate

Medical tip for the day: Steroids can make a patient feel so good that...

Republican "privileged f**ks" with COVID are getting "top-tier" health care while others die

I loathe all of them, but there is ONE I TRULY wouldn't mind seeing in a nasty battle

Trump is planning to participate in next debate scheduled for October 15th.

Watch Joe tonight. Tell your friends.

Donald Trump in Weekend at Walter Reed

Solving the 1,000-year-old mystery of Druze origin with a genetic sat nav

Today in Hawks around Town - Bird Riding the Yellow Line

I'm deciding to offer tutoring via Zoom

"Definitively" Kayleigh is lying about not knowing Hope Hicks tested positive.

Justice Clarence Thomas suggests Supreme Court should overturn same-sex marriage in scathing attack

We can vote in Ohio tomarrow

Who Am I Going To Vote For Biden Or A Mass Murderer Who Cares Nothing For Others

New GOP message: "It's not nearly as lethal as the experts told us it would be," Sen. Kennedy, R-LA

You just can't be a Republican these days, unless you are committed to getting people killed.

'Cops' resumes production months after being cancelled by network

Hey anyone up to be a temp sponsor?

Nothing to be afraid of?????? You f'n MURDERER!!! Over 229,000 of our people DEAD. Over one

Mail Boxes being moved

Queen Alert: 102-year-old Beatrice Lumpkin put on a face shield and gloves and took her ballot to...

A lone Joe Biden supporter stands among a flock of Trump fans outside Walter Reed on Sunday

One person has an average of 15 extended family members. There are 210,000 people that

The Bright Light Social Hour

Pat Toomey will NOT seek re-election in 2022

'Don't be afraid of head-on collisions' - trump on seat belt mandate.

Even If Drumpf Beats Covid-19, Long-Term Effects May Still Linger

So let me get this straight...

Take the joystick away from him. NOW.

So, how long before Mark Meadows get the old heave-ho?

Anybody else think republicans are trying to wag the dog with a French bulldog?

It's like they never saw a Zombie movie at the White House.

Here's what no one is brave enough to say

CNN just said ...

What about Putin's role in all of this?

White House Shut down? The market couldn't care less.

"Your tee time is 9a.m." Reading some other posts here, including the Monty Python clip, I was

Drumpf to continue coronavirus treatment after being discharged from Walter Reed

So, Trump will be going back to WH today, 10/5 at 6:30 PM. WH dr. said basically he was

I hope

Trump has turned the White House into a Wuhan wet market

This is what Hair Furor reminds me of..........

FCC chairman stands by net neutrality repeal after appeals court ruling

here's one you've probably never seen!

Anybody out there ever been put on steroids?

United Steelworkers Support Biden/Harris With Lighted Buildings!

What's a good photo sharing site?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 6 October 2020

**Breaking: CNN/SSRS poll finds no sympathy bump-Trump approval falls to 40%!**

How long before Trump says

This Iconic Photo Will Epitomize Last Week For The GOP and the Trump Campaign.

"I Could Stand In the Middle Of Fifth Avenue And Infect Somebody And I Wouldn't Lose Any Voters"

Welp, David Gergen on CNN just said "We're in the grips of a madman"

This Kayleigh McEnany video didn't age well

Trump is testing if he shoots himself on 5th Ave will they still support him.

Household staff at the White House . . .

CNN: Infected Trump to leave hospital soon amid a growing virus outbreak at WH.

So, Idiot Son #2's deposition is over word yet on the 5th

US Attorney leading investigation into unmasking of trump campaign officials resigns.

emerald toucanet

Trump plans to participate in the next debate, his campaign spokesperson says

Biden LIVE!

Attention DUers - Delta is going to be a major hurricane

NEW - CDC prevented from Contact Tracing anyone infected at the #RoseGardenMassacre

A side note, apropos of very little

Did any of the scans at Walter Reed Military Hospital show bone spurs?

"Fumigate the White House!"

"ICU psychosis":


I no longer talk down the worst fears of my friends

Nearly One-Third of Covid Patients in Study Had Altered Mental State

I can't wait for Pence's reunion with Trump

They succeeded in changing the message(s)

SCOOP: The White House has decided not to trace the contacts of guests and staff members at the Sept

Oh, brother. Trump is staging a dramatic exit from Walter Reed

UVA Lawn student is speaking out after making a sign that's causing a stir

I dont have Instagram so I can't check out first, but told it is funny. Weekend at Walter Reeds

Do we really know Trump tested positive? What if he went to Walter Reed for something else?

White House Is Not Contact Tracing 'Super-Spreader' Rose Garden Event

Well, *THAT* ended quickly. So much for trump having learned from being infected

Video of Joe and Dr. Jill at Little Haiti Cultural Center, talking Build Back Better

Empire Records-Sugar High

Relax folks. Your prayers were re-directed to me ...............

Trump leaving the hospital......LOL

If he's well, he's well. Let's turn the cameras to news items, then.

trump gotta get back to keep malania from leaving

I see msnbc is promoting trump 24/7 again today. like there is no other news happening.

What happens when the paint peels off Beta Bridge?

Elizabeth Warren and Katie Porter

Covid Trump

Republican groups send us mail everyday to request .............

Over/under on Trump playing golf this weekend?

3:30 AM Hamlet (1948)

Biden says he'll debate Trump next week if it's deemed safe

So now the helicopter pilot gets to be exposed/infected/quarantined?

I hope VP Joe,

FINALLY Dr. Vin Gupta: He's going to a step down unit at the WH.

AL-SEH poll (Auburn Univ): Jones -12

MRAP Joe Biden For President 2020

Will this shitshow be over before Biden's 8.00 Town Hall?

Claudia Conway with some "updates."

Joe Biden @JoeBiden : Folks, if you live in:

WTF? Is he gonna Moon Walk down the stairs too?

What about the tax evasion and malania rant on tape"fuck Christmas"

"Don't be afraid of Covid. Don't let it dominate your life."

I will not watch the mass murderer spectacle

Trump turning evening news into 30 minute

'Disappointing, Mr. Joe Biden', Says Bolsonaro after American Candidate Talks about Amazon

Shoulda stayed in the hospital old man

Soaring Gun Demand Boosts Firearm Maker Stocks

Trump has ties to drugmaker Regeneron -- and now its stock is surging

Oldie but timely

Stocks are up. I'm sure lumpy orange will take credit for that

You know, what Trump is doing makes an extreme sort of sense.

Trump really is a genius...

"The Haitian community itself could determine the outcome of this election"

King Kong Vs Godzilla (1962) Full English Movies Classic Hollywood Movies

W.H.O. Advice on Dexamethasone: 10 days

California residents

WTF is up with his patting the rail, then himself, then the rail?

Oooo, he looked like he wanted to gesture something other than his usual thumbs up.

"Mr. President, how many of your staff are sick?!"

Ana Navarro addresses Trump: I know people tearfully emptying closets of dead loved ones.

Who just hijacked his great departure?

About the Secret Service & "taking a bullet" for the president...

630PM was NOT random

He's talking in the third person now

Steroid induced mania,

Gallup Article: Americans Remain Distrustful of Mass Media

When the steroid wears off he will be going back

I am editing CNN's breaking news headline.

Armed militia leads protest march after Louisiana police kill Black man

Ohio is back in Trump column at five thirty eight based on 2 new Ohio polls

Trump steroid treatment for COVID-19 raises potential side effect risk

Trump has not mentioned

millions of people watching a helicopter

Try to tell them apart at the end! ❤

Well, another shit show production!

I'm glad he is doing this will backfire gloriously!

Another Republican member of Congress goin' off the rails on a crazy train.

A little Princess Bride inspiration

On time delivery of first-class mail, which contains ballots, plummets


MSM giving Trump a free one hour commercial.

Why is the media covering the damn helecopter flight...

Who wants to bet?

As a former addict-I bet he left for his main squeeze.

they're shooting a campaign video

Who besides Trump rose again in 3 days? Trying to think...

Whoa! Gov. Inslee on Twitter:

The only thing Orange Hugo Chavez is missing is a 3rd world military dictator costume

He's definitely tripping on dex The man who normally can't walk up stairs -- did!

Pats/Chiefs are on CBS.

Historians, history buffs, who was the last President to die in the White House? n/t

Trump should be driven back to the White House in a White Ford Bronco

Don Jr. has told people his father is acting "crazy." (Vanity Fair)

He's in withdrawal

Who in their right mind would show up to work at the White House tomorrow??

I just can't buy it.

He took off his mask on the balcony and put it in his pocket.

Trump's weight?

CNN: Erin Burnett shredding Trump.

Did you see him standing at the White House right after he took off his mask? He's having MAJOR....

Everyday - EVERYDAY.....

Trump: "I got the covid and I beat it! Y'all who had problems with it or died of it, too bad!"

What a mess!

A deadly combination!

Trump Presidency has turned into a low budget Pablo Escobar documentary

I don't know what happened to DU'er poster Bobnicewander...

He took off his mask. He can't breathe normally. They will be giving him

Just saw the close up pics of Trump.

He needs to be transferred to a secure psychiatric facility, not to the White House.

Patient Zero is back, The Virus makes it's triumphant return to the White House

This display reminds me of Gloria Swanson...

Dead Man Walking

He looked like a total tough guy bad ass when he ripped that paper mask off.

How much of all this is because of Joe's Town Hall tonight?

Dr. Gupta and Dr. Reiner on CNN are totally horrified.

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will have a net gain of 3 or more US Senate seats.

Trump complained Biden needs to be tested for "performance enhancers" not even two weeks ago, and

Did they take the Nuke codes away from him?

But more importantly ,Evil won again

*Dr. Wen on NewsHour.

Guess I've been watching too many TV dramas.

Meanwhile 100 years ago

My ex-husband, 66, died today from Coronavirus

Demonstrators Block LA Freeway to Bring Attention to Fighting Between Azerbaijan and Armenia

trump is sadistically torturing workers at the WH

Expect that shot of him from the back

Trump still wants to make the 2nd debate?

Trump removes mask upon arrival at White House

Concern rises for White House residence staff as their workplace emerges as a virus hot spot


"Mr president how many of your staff are sick?" "You think a superspreader"

Wonder how this lady feels about trump comments today

A J Cauvin---Donald Trump's inner thoughts as he returns:

Raven for the door

The gasping for air video

He has NO regard for any human in his wake, all of whom paid more taxes than him

WH releases trump's schedule for tomorrow

Trump's Campaign Saw an Opportunity. He Undermined It.

Despite 2 Republican senators testing positive, GOP pushes SCOTUS nominee forward

Needless to say, I'm impressed...


"The Coal Industry Is Back" Bellowed Captain COVID; 3 Years Later, Even W. Shredded Regulations, No

My Ballot has been mailed!

Hubris, thy name is Donald!

Michigan health department issues order requiring masks, limiting gathering sizes statewide

Is it possible that he's dying and was released to hospice

Tea Pain FTW - best comment on the de-masking and preening shot for the cameras...

His flight on Marine One back to the White House in early evening...


Republicans face major head winds in final stretch to maintain Senate majority

Brent Terhune: TRUMP beat covid. Prepare to be TRIGGERED ((Satire))

Halloween Is Coming! #21

Halloween Is Coming! #22

Halloween Is Coming! #23

Halloween Is Coming! #24

Halloween Is Coming! #25

I'll say it I hope Covid wins over 45

Don't gasp for me, Argentina!

He's saying to himself I'm gonna sell them Trump-COVID

I take some comfort in the fact his last words will most likely be "I can't breathe"

CNN - Trump did a second take

The buffoon went back on the balcony maskless and reshot his "strong stance".

New nickname for His Orangeness: COVICIOUS

Far Right Sees 'Miracle' in Trump's Outing. Medical Experts See Recklessness.

As I have said before, I did not used to believe in a literal Hell.

Trump's breathing seems labored...

He's reshooting his entrance?

Sen Chris Coons on with Erin Burnett: dump had the WH return video re-shot

Trump Needs A Close Election In November If....

The week in polls: Trump trails in 10 of 11 swing states, plurality says Biden won 1st debate

Trump to staff: hey where's that old "mission accomplished" banner? That would be great right now!

Funny, sad, true tweet.

*** Joe Biden - Town Hall ***