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Trump/Pence campaign song: "There may be flies on you and me..."

The Latest: Doctor: Trump Safe For Public Return On Saturday

I believe DU not fond of Politico, but I just found this:

Attorneys Blame Plot to Kidnap Gov. Whitmer on Trump's Rhetoric

presidential polling averages on one chart

New Montana poll (Emerson): Biden -13, Bullock -9, Cooney -13,

We Have Entered the "Howard Hughes Storing His Own Urine" Stage of the Trump Presidency

New Texas poll (Rasmussen): Biden -7, Hegar -9

Biden campaign rakes in $12 million on Harris' debate day

Harrison calls on Graham to take a COVID-19 test before debate

New New Hampshire poll (St. Anselm): Biden +12. Shaheen +14

Three Great Journalists are here to help: Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstien, Keith Olbermann

Kayleigh McEnany claims Biden cancelled the 2nd Presidential Debate

Man charged with hate crime after BLM protest calls for 'healing'

Wisconsin breaks single-day record of new coronavirus cases

Foiled kidnapping of Michigan governor highlights preparations for election-related conflict

I cannot see Pence going along with the 25th

Trump Doctor claims he's cured; campaign demands live debate

Trump faces heat for drawing Gold Star families into COVID-19 drama

The Lincoln Project: MAGA Church, Part Deux

If Pence does not have Covid the only other reason to rush back to DC is that Trump is worse.

Trudeau Girding for Potential 'Disruptions' After U.S. Election

New Colorado poll (KUSA): Biden +10, Hickenlooper +9

In new email, senior aides say Ken Paxton used power of his office to benefit political donor Nate P

Name that Fly

THE FLY SONG - by Founders Sing,

Texas officer charged in death of Jonathan Price fired for 'egregious violation'

How down-ballot candidates could help Democrats flip Texas

The silver lining of the Barrett nomination

Companies distance from pro-Trump commentator after vulgar Harris tweet

So, Trump went back to work in the Oval Office?

Sean Conley isn't a real doctor. He just plays one on TV. nt

Unpopular opinion - Talking about the 25th amendment is the dumbest thing will can do RN.

25th Amendment: Pelosi pushes new bill to determine whether Trump is capable of serving as President

Pence has created a new protest group: "Black Flies Matter"!

Federal judge weighs Florida's voter registration deadline

Where do people get the idea that the House can invoke the 25th?

Voting by mail surpasses 1M mark in Florida

Trump, in total reversal, is telling allies he is, in fact, interested in a broad stimulus deal

Survey shows Democrats could flip Donald Trump's state House district this fall

Nixon's Vice President, Spiro Agnew, resigned to avoid the danger of going to prison this week 1973:

10/9 Mike Luckovich- Strike One

Ron Johnson Used Private Jet as COVID Precaution While Blaming Media, Democrats for Creating Hysteri

On this day, October 8, 1871, the Great Chicago, Great Michigan, and Peshtigo Fires started.

Facebook posts say Pence rushed back to D.C.

Washington DC Dept. of Health urging WH staff and event attendees to get tested for COVID-19.

Another fly song - burl ives

Roy Meyers and Warren Deschenaux: Vote Yes on Question 1 to Restore a Healthier Constitutional Balan

Trump won't 'waste my time' on virtual debate, Biden to participate in ABC town hall

Donald Trump is risking a Covid election blowout

Supreme Court refuses to restore abortion pill restrictions, for now

These guys are nuts!

"It's hard to get the right interns these days."

State Supreme Court rejects effort to recall Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan

US Senate seats that Democrats are gonna be winning in 2020.

'The Connors' TV show

It has yet to be confirmed that Trump was infected by prostitutes that were snuck into the...

Don Jr. Superspreader - Lock the doors from the outside. One problem solved

Billy Crystal *and* Bill Kristol???

Donald Trump Just Retweeted in Defense of Pelosi

VP Debate: Kamala Crushes Pence As Fly Lands on His Head

Trump BAILS on 2nd Debate, Won't Do It!

NEW FLIPPABLE: Jonathan Wallace for GA-HD119

I was curious what freepers thought of fetal tissue for regeneron..I should have guessed

Using a nib pen

Appreciation thread for Nancy Pelosi

What do you think will be the biggest electoral surprise this season?

Fox News Bans Harlan Hill After He Called Kamala Harris...

Thoughts on sealed competitive bidding?

Hey Tik Tok kids. Trump is guest hosting Rush Limbaugh tomorrow, and will be taking calls.

Folks, Pelosi is talking about legislation, not about 25th-ing Trump...

A Not- At- All- Humbled Don. Jr. Holds Packed Indoor Rally, In Florida

*Ahem* Wasn't That Fifth Column 'Loadstar' Dirtbag Supposed To Out Himself About Now?

Cook a Whole Pie Pumpkin - Instant Pot

For the uprest going on in Wauwatosa do we know who smashed windows

Pence Scraps Plans to Vote Early, Says Decision Not Related to COVID

Trump's nomination of Amy Coney Barrett: Another step toward Christian fascism

Michael Moore spends time with the Michigan Militia in 1993 for his show TV Nation

Trump Prepares For Next Debate With Help Of Dexamethasone-Induced Hallucinations

Whitmer to CNN on whether Barr knew about threats against her: "If he didn't, he's incompetent."

Whitmer conspiracy allegations tied to boogaloo movement

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Trump, still fighting last election, rips Barr and Pompeo for not pursuing Clinton hard enough

Congressional Calendar: Is there enough time to pass stimulus?

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson breaks Instagram records after endorsing Biden-Harris for president

Do you think Republicans defy professional health advice simply because Democrats support it?

'If you don't, I won't forget it': Trump's threat to Bill Barr to charge Clinton, Obama & Biden

If you could put ANYTHING on Pence's head, what would it be?

Feds say plot was bigger than kidnapping Gov. Whitmer. It was civil war attempt.

Michigan AG Dana Nessel will be on Rachel in a few n/t

Cuomo is kicking it's ass.

Judge Walton has ordered DOJ to confer with the WH about its official position on declassification..

BREAKING - Debate Committee - No change back to in person. Staying virtual.

Republicans obsession with blocking the $600 jobless benefit is EVIL.

In all of my 81 years living in this country, I have never felt so unsure and just plain scared

Nate (538) puts Trump's chances of winning at just 5% if the election were held today

Whitmer rips Trump campaign for attacking her after alleged kidnapping plot revealed

If you, like me, forgot to cancel showtime post Comey Rule, here's a really good series

Trump Returning to Public Events

My Republican Friend

The head of the White House security office is critically ill with Covid-19.

Time magazine cover:

The Murders at White House Farm on HBO Max

Biden, Harris stump in battleground Arizona in first joint campaign stop in state

Jaime Harrison calling for Lindsey to be tested before the debate tomorrow. He won't.

ICE raids result in 128 arrests in California as Trump administration turns to immigration

Why not ask "Was the President infected at the first debate?"

What was your 1st car?

Trump to hold virtual rally by guest hosting with Limbaugh tomorrow

Biden campaign rakes in $12 million on Harris' debate day

Death Cab For Cutie - I Will Possess Your Heart

trump is on the phone with Sean Hannity

Orange Ape is on with Hannity

tRump only treated by Walter Reed doctors who will sign nondisclosure agreements.

Trump said they found "very little virus". Is that like being kinda pregnant?

Justices delay action on FDA request to reinstate abortion-pill restrictions

"They oscillated my mike in the last debate." Harrk..harrk..

This is because

Does 18 USC 2383 apply to Trump?

Trump Waxing Wise Live on Hannity

Tony Rice - "Early Morning Rain" (Gordon Lightfoot cover)

The treatment that Trump touted as a 'cure' for Covid-19 was developed using cells derived from feta

Kiss from a Rose - Seal

Boys in the Band

Trump Insider Cohen Exposes Plan To Jail Rivals In 2020

and do I love Wisconsin.....first the bullshit with ballots..

Trump now wants to do a rally in 48 hours...

What is the potential political fallout from the Michigan militia arrests?

Trump (on Sean Hannity) now wants a debate with a "fair" moderator.

Trump and Baby Killing

knowing now that these MI terrorist militia groups planned on carrying out an armed attack on the

Entire world stocking up on celebration champagne "for no reason, just in case"

Trump Struggles to Project Sense of Normalcy

After Trump urges supporters to monitor polls, vice chair of Maryland election board warns against v

Healthy as a horse.....

I never thought I'd live long enough to see republicans begging people to vote for a Democratic

I planned to post on Trump's talk with Hannity tonight, but I started to type & my computer began...

The US debt is now projected to be larger than the US economy


Trump's frantic desperation will only get worse

Captain Covid has to mute his mic while having a coughing fit on Hannity..

Collins angry that voters don't agree that she's entitled to her seat just because it's hers

Trump hacking up a lung on the phone with Sean Hannity

trump attacks Whitmer in hate-filled tweet storm!

Trump, In Total Reversal, Is Telling Allies He Is, In Fact, Interested In A Broad Stimulus Deal

So this piece of shit is going to attack Gov Whitmer on the day a plot against her life was exposed

Laura Ingraham

I'm submitting my completed ballot tomorrow morning.

The Baby's - Every Time I Think of You

TCM Schedule for Friday, October 9, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: Fright Favorites

trump on Hannity - dam up the rivers. No wait. Divert them to the forests!

John Dean discusses his book, Authoritarian Nightmare with Politics and Prose Sep 20, 2020

Who knew we were watering the ocean??

We just had Trump goon's attempt to kidnap or kill a sitting Democratic Governor. Full stop.

TCM Schedule for Saturday, October 10, 2020 -- The Essentials

Trump Is Killing the Economy Out of Spite

help me DU, you're my only hope. re: a con supreme court

President Trump criticized Michigan Gov. Whitmer in Thursday night tweet

An Article about the 1918 Influeza Pandemic..

I haven't heard anything about Christie👂🏻

Kiss the Ground is a great documentary.

If Trump loses & uses dog whistles to call for rioting & bloodshed. What should be done about Trump?

McConnell Suggests White House is too dangerous to visit

Wow...there have been pro-Biden and anti-trump ads running on CNN every 10 minutes or so....

I mean I think Kamala put the fear of goddess

How in the f'n HELL can a public servant demand that other Public servants sign private nda's? The

Trump Makes Appeal to Seniors as Polls Show Them Abandoning Him

About Trump's secrecy regarding medical history.

Trump launches rare attack on Mike Pompeo and Bill Barr: Wants investigations

538: Who Won The Vice Presidential Debate?

Patrick Stewart on meeting Sting on Dune

First cold weather of the season, time for Laura Ingalls Wilder's "The Long Winter."

Okie dokie smokie

Trump Coughs During Phone Call Interview w Fox's Hannity, Says He's Feeling 'Really Good': Listen

Kushner's COVID-19 "task force" consisted of untrained volunteers using personal email: documentary

The Lincoln Project: MAGA Church - Part Deux

When will trump go to lake Charles Louisiana and throw out hats

Jordan Klepper visits another Trump rally

Joe Biden: 'Trump Giving Oxygen To Bigotry and Hate'

Trump wants moderators like Hannity, Rush, Judge Jeanine, ingraham, tucker, levin

Legal professionals vow to stand against DOJ political interference

Coughing Trump Dodges Testing Question in Interview With Sean Hannity

Antifly has been declared a terrorist organization.

Inslee extends Washington's eviction moratorium through the end of the year

Priest recorded having group sex on altar of Pearl River church, police say; 3 arrested

Fish don't do well without water? Who knew? (Second tweet.)

The main domestic terror threat we face, Rep. Jayapal grilled Barr, Barr not know?

Democratic rival rips GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler over photos at White House 'superspreader' event

"Gee, Mr. Trump, I am sure sorry to add to your concerns but, in addition to the Corona virus,

What Are The Most Surprising Senate Races That Republicans Might Lose?

Indictment claims the couple attempted to alter Patricia McCloskey's gun to reduce their crimes

Do you think tRump knows what he is doing inciting terrorism AND

Federal judge: Ohio elections chief Frank LaRose can't limit ballot drop boxes, LaRose will appeal

FBI Arrests Militia Members for Conspiring to Kidnap Michigan Governor Whitmer, Seeking Civil War

Fed Judge blocks Ohio Sec of State ban on multiple ballot drop boxes

Possible upheaval in PA HD-10

Trump campaign mail: Biden 'needs to pay the price'

Joe Lockhart regrets to inform us that the fly who adorned Pence's head has passed away

Robert Redfield intervened to "clear" Pence for the debate.

I'm not saying he was sad.

Chile keeps eye on Chinese fishing fleet along South American coast

U.S. space mining policies may trigger regulatory 'race to the bottom,' scientists warn

Bolivia: Aez Unleashes 'Dirty War' on Socialist Candidate Arce

TCM Schedule for Sunday October 11, 2020 - Lemmon & Matthau

Does anyone else feel like you're about to give birth to a nation Nov 3.

The Biggest Scandal of Donald Trump's Presidency.

Why won't Biden answer the "court packing" question?

Super Fly

"The HIPAA Privacy rule does not apply when the patient is a public health risk."

No news is good news.

I know any Democratic president, and even many Republicans, would have done way better than Trump...

US Senate seats up in 2020 that Democrats are gonna win.

Coughing Through Hannity Interview, Trump Says He Wants to Do Saturday Rally

As Canada's COVID-19 cases surge, unions and NDP expand their support for Trudeau's reckless back-to

More nuggets from trump's insanity with Hannity phone call

"Insane new @pewresearch data proves your media source determines your reality."

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Pence's Fly and Harris's Expressions Steal The Debate

TCM Schedule for Monday October 12, 2020 - Star of the Month: Peter Cushing

You gotta see this Taylor Swift video (link)

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump's COVID Rally - Jordan Klepper Fingers The Pulse

Halloween Is Coming! #36

Halloween Is Coming! #37

Halloween Is Coming! #38

Halloween Is Coming! #39

Halloween Is Coming! #40

US senator took off mask repeatedly on flight. He chairs committee that oversees airline safety...

Did anyone notice something fly out of Trumps face at 3:13 of the oompa loompa video?

Please, Kentucky --

Please Nicole Stop Saying "Everyone" Wants Trump To Have A Full Recovery

Fireside chat with Lincoln's Bible.....wearing a fly suit. 😂😂😂

Federal judge issues scathing decision to allow more ballot drop boxes in Ohio

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What Was Pence Asked About

Lincoln Project's Steve Schmidt - Drumpf's low SAT scores, COVID diagnosis and $500 million debt.

Enjoying the weather?

Impeachment Revisited

MO-02: Republican Rep. Ann Wagner on defensive in changing Missouri district

October is here and the walls come tumbling down

Joni Ernst pretends she wants to protect preexisting conditions in new ad

'Put Up Or Shut Up': Maddow Blasts Massive White House Coverup Of Trump's COVID Testing History

This cat is ridiculous

(Jewish Group)White supremacist who called for violence against Pittsburgh Jews released from prison

(Jewish Group) Officials fear violence on Election Day. Some worry it could target the Jews.

Seth Meyers - White House Staff Are Concerned with Trump's Behavior - Monologue 10/7/20

Trump's amazing and incredible health care plan has been found!

Seth Meyers: Guest David Remnick Explains Why Climate Change Is a Bigger Threat Than COVID-19

Who would make a better President than Trump right now?

"The nomination of Amy Coney Barrett is a total case of the dog catching the car."

New Meidas Touch ad: I'm Speaking...Everyone Knows a Mike Pence

Don't take it personally - Sack cartoon

Just saw a hilarious anti-Trump ad...

The REAL REASON why DONALD TRUMP and The White House will not disclose when he last tested negative

US Senate seats up in 2020 that Democrats are gonna be winning.

18.93% of Wisc CoVids are still 'active'

Sean Hannity ends his interview w/Trump by thanking nonexistent pharmaceutical company Eli Whitney

Seth Meyers: A Closer Look Live Prime Time Special

The president of the United States just attacked the governor of Michigan...

U.S. judge casts doubt on Abbott's limit to mail-ballot dropoff sites

Nigerian masterpiece goes up for auction

Thousands of minks dead in COVID-19 outbreak on Utah farms

Laura Ingraham claims the people involved in the plot to kidnap Whitmer look like anarchists...

We looked inside the warehouse where the Milwaukee's absentee ballot operation is headquartered and

Lifelong Republican Jim is voting for Biden, and he hopes you'll consider doing the same.

Absentee ballot mailings delayed in Summit and other Ohio counties

A drunken declaration to the beautiful Mrs. Glam..

Going to sleep in 2020.....

Voter protection hotline provides legal help to local voters

5 hysterectomies referred by ICE center, DHS tells Congress

Thousands cast ballot in first week of early voting

Antibody treatment Trump touts relied on testing with cells derived from fetal tissue

Lyon Gardiner Tyler Jr. Dies 175 Years After His Grandfather, John Tyler, Left The White House

OH-01: Is Republican getting desperate in close Ohio Congressional race?

Sickest Jethro Tull performance ever!

Trump tweets tonight bashing Whitmer and telling her to open up the state.

What the f***, undecided voters? - WILMORE

Celebrity Skin

No kidding! Reporters must use hazmat suits to interview Trump

The Plot Against Gretchen Whitmer Shows the Danger of Private Militias (Mary McCord)

Anyone Else Notice Trump Is Attacking The Victim Today?

NJ-02: Democrats outpacing GOP returned VBM ballots by 7 points

Just finished a Sandler Flick. Forgot about this sick number by Ms. Crow

GOP calls Emergency Meeting!

Anyone Else Notice Trump Is Attacking The Victim Today?

Brace for Impact

Amazon tribes and indigenous peoples face struggles in fight against COVID-19

let's make it go viral

PA-01: Fitzpatrick Race A Bellwether for Republicans in Democratic Districts

How Mike Pence Helped the Coronavirus at the Veep Debate (David Corn)

"This guy is gonna kill a lot of people but you know, the Dow."

"Famous Artists School" - 9 Important Artists of the 20th Century...

Amnesty: Killing of Colombia activists result of failed policies

VA-05: New Filings Raise Questions About Bob Good's Finances

Escalation of blockade seeks social outburst in Cuba, president says

REGENERON! - The Lincoln Project

NC-SEN: Thom Tillis' Ex-Wife Cites "Cruel and Inhuman Treatment" in Divorce Documents

Gov. Greg Abbott said Texas counties can allow bars to reopen. Only 1 of the state's 10 biggest

Multiple sightings of hairy, venomous caterpillars reported in Virginia

Something abstract from radiohead

AR-02: Arkansas race tests Democrats' reach in solidly red state

TX-10: DCCC Chairwoman Bustos Names Mike Siegel to 'Red to Blue' Program

TX-21, TX-23: San Anronio Express endorse Wendy Davie and Gina Ortiz Jones

Something a little space-y from radiohead

I'm Speaking: Everyone Knows a Mike Pence - Meidas Touch

TX-23: Congressional candidate Tony Gonzales evasive when asked if KKK is a terrorist organization

Someone Had Some Fun With A Magic Marker

Newman wants you to vote

CO-03: Campaign Emails Landing in Spam Folders Due to 'Nefarious' Conspiracy, Says Boebert Spokes

Citing 25th Amendment, Pelosi, Raskin move to create panel that could rule on president's fitness fo

MI-06: Jon Hoadley is facing the most disgustingly homophobic race in years

Missiles and masks: North Koreans prepare military parade despite coronavirus concern

V.I. can institute financial discipline or risk default

Venezuela pro-government assembly approves law expanding Maduro's powers

AG George Says 3rd Circuit Court Ruling Paves The Way For Excise Taxes To Be Charged In The USVI

Wells Fargo says diversity initiatives comply with U.S. laws after Labor Dept letter

Global Voices in Aymara launches new project to make digital security resources available in Aymara

IN-05: Indiana's Republican education chief endorses Hale for Congress

Astronauts of the first Latin American Space Mission look to work with ISRO for future programs

With 'Cure' Comment, Trump Exaggerates Known Benefits of Another Covid-19 Therapy

China joins COVAX coronavirus vaccine alliance

Dr. Bright was 'horrified' that the White House would call and demand he develop way to inject disin

Facebook and the Group That Planned to Kidnap Gretchen Whitmer

VI Lawmakers Lay to Rest $15,000 Salary Increase Controversy by Passing Veto-Proof Bill Untying

Pa. House leaders call for lawmaker to resign over videos

'Very troubling:' Wisconsin surpasses 3k daily cases of COVID-19

Talks to update Pennsylvania's mail-in voting law show life

Democrats still outnumber Republicans, but registration trends favor GOP in Erie County

Trump 2020 sign is boobytrapped with RAZOR BLADES and slices fingers of Michigan building inspector

Jill Biden says women in the Philly suburbs where she grew up 'may determine the entire election'

District attorney: Election equipment theft appears to be random crime, unrelated to campaign

Philly and Pennsylvania are gearing up to protect the election from Trump

Georgia Supreme Court rules Kemp's DA pick must face election challenge

Democrats turn out for Biden-Harris ticket at campaign's new Tallahassee office

Trump to appoint new member to Puerto Rico oversight board

Federal judge hears arguments on voter registration extension after state website crash

Sacha Baron Cohen: We Must Save Democracy From Conspiracies

ASL mavens-- does the woman doing the signing here seem angry? I'm far from an expert, but...

Atlanta's State Farm Arena to hold 302 booths, 60 check-in stations for early voting

Federal judge refuses to temporarily block governor's mask order

Harris County clerk plans to open a record 122 early voting centers

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 10/8/20

Trump Coughs and Hacks His Way Through Hannity Interview Tonight.

Sending love to John Lennon on his 80th birthday.

Drugged Up Peepaw Trump Flip-Flops For A 3rd Time On Pandemic Stimulus Deal

Doug Jones: If Trump, McConnell and Tuberville have their way, the ACA will go away

Author of "Liberal Case for Donald Trump" Blames Economic Circumstances for Michigan Terrorist

Non diabetic peripheral neuropathy, shoulder pain and Alpha Lipoid Acid.

Trump's photo up vs. reality:

From the "Where Are They Now?" Files

Stephen Colbert: Guest Former CIA Director John Brennan

Nobel Peace Prize goes to World Food Program for efforts to combat hunger

The story of the Dixiecrats and 1948 Truman election as president

Imagine the coverage if those Killa Con loving terrorists

Nobel Peace Prize goes to UN World Food Programme

NEJM breaks 208yr precedent w/ scathing case to vote out 'dangerously incompetent' #Trump

Texas Gov. Abbott is putting people's lives at risk now,

**Breaking** Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to WORLD FOOD PROGRAM (WFP)

Congrats to the LOSER and SUCKER

The 60th Democratic US Senate seat is KY(McGrath-D).

As the coronavirus spreads through Greek Row again, UW says there's not much it can do to stop ...

Japanese musician beaten up in New York for being 'Chinese'

Google's Supreme Court faceoff with Oracle was a disaster for Google

Michigan gov worker sliced by boobytrapped trump yard sign

COVID-19 Is Now the Third Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.

Human 'microevolution' sees more people born without wisdom teeth and an extra artery

If Trump and Barr had some sort of October surprise would

We have a domestic terrorist in the White House now,

They won't tell us when he last tested negative, and they won't tell us how he tests now,

Trump thinks he's "cured". His staff use gowns, respiration masks and goggles to interact with him

Trump STILL Figuring Out How to Steal the Election

Clearly Trump is certifiably sick!

13 men have been arrested for a plot to kidnap the Michigan Governor. "Stand back and stand by"

CBC/Canadian Brodcasting Corporation: Research project and 'beautifully surprising' result...

I mean, really ??

Scoop: Barr tells Republicans Durham report won't be ready by election

tRump back to hospital?

Where are The Missing?

Morning Joe, trump will be interviewed in person and live on fox by Dr. Marc Siegel

'Flood the streets': Scientist reveals the White House note that made him speak out

Retired General Chuck Boyd Backs Biden, Says A 2nd Trump Term Would Put Democracy 'At Risk'

Trump's First TV Appearance Since Getting Virus

Comparing Associations of State Reopening Strategies with COVID-19 Burden

Just a quick update on Covid in Minnesota

Why was the priest arrested?

Democrats surge past Republicans in early voting

Any get their flu shot yet?

It's like watching a huge fog lifting with the sun peeping out

A thought and a question about militia groups

Internal memo links 34 coronavirus cases to White House: report

Foggy morning along the Neshanic river

Steve Schmidt's evisceration of Trump. Best ever.

KRUGMAN: The lame duck period is going to be INSANE.

trump*'s whole story about Gold Star families wanting to hug and kiss him? Utter rubbish.

Kidnapping plot suspect (Adam Fox)

Good morning!!!!@@#!#@!$

Some Walter Reed staff were asked to sign NDAs during Trump's November visit

Trump heading toward a landslide loss gives pause to those who might steal an election

Anyone who is not insulted by Trump's scheduled "interview" this evening should

We are still waiting to get our ballots in Westmoreland Co, PA...

New fears for his health

Trump attempting to raid Medicare trust fund in 'shameless stunt' to pay for drug discount cards

Trump's actions from Nov 4-Jan 20th are critical

"Everything they would take from us, they will keep for themselves"

The biggest, most grateful thank you to DUers for supporting this Duer running for office

Dollar General launching $5 store chain

Friday TOONs - The Flies Have It

i think i finally understand pelosi's push for the 25th amendment:

Breakfast Friday 9 October 2020

"If Joe Biden wins big, part of the reason, maybe a big part, will be simply that he is normal."

I knew Trump couldn't pass up the chance to try and bribe us with our own money

He would've been 80 today! 🕯

Trump Collapsing In Internal GOP Polls

Two brothers charged in Whitmer plot photographed with guns at Capitol (I knew it.)

The Count: Inside Trump's Plot To Steal The Election #1

We will kick him out but he will never go away completely.

Driverless taxis to be available in Phoenix 'in weeks'

The Rundown: October 9, 2020

The origin of Superheroes: Supreme

I posted this link late last night but posting again for those that missed it

Oh Sure

Have any of heard ONE PEEP about Melania's condition? Nt

Barr tells Republicans Durham report won't be ready by election

Hospital Delirium: Cognitive Decline After Hospitalization

Is it now time all states and Congress pass laws against people spreading this virus knowingly?

#Trump talks of the elderly about #coronavirus--

Don Jr Removes Mask to Pose With Children During Panama City Beach Rally

As COVID deaths rise, Big Pharma patents get in the way of COVID treatment

Seinfeld's "Postal Employee Newman" did an anti-trump ad!!

"Biden is against oil, guns, and religion"

Trump's Struggles Ripple Across the Sun Belt, Endangering G.O.P. Stronghold

MAGA-Crazy Retirement Village Now Fears COVID--and Pence

***Pew Research Poll*** Biden 52 Trump 42, 538 Composite Biden +10.2!

Barrett disclosure did not include work for troubled hospital group

The Last-Minute Guide to Making Sure Your Vote Counts in the 2020 Election

Trump to 'rally' with Rush Limbaugh listeners

Gov. Whitmer: 'They're not "militias." They're domestic terrorists'

YOU raised $16,070.20 for Biden-Harris, $0 Amy (DITCH Mitch) McGrath & $0 for duhneece on 10-8

A mentally ill man, a heavily armed teenager and the night Kenosha burned

Trump's Covid treatment was tested using fetal cells from an abortion but yet for many "prolifers"

Joe Biden campaign ad: "Failed the American Farmer"

In Rare Step, Esteemed Medical Journal Urges Voters To Oust Trump

My neighbor with the big boobs is gardening topless again. Too bad

We Are Veterans of America's National Security Community. And We Endorse Joe Biden Opinion

Patricia Arquette: 45 calls Kamala monster, wishes Ghislaine well

Trump's doctor has become a menace to public safety

538 Update Biden 86 Trump 14 in Forecast, Biden 52.2 to 42.0 in the poll average Biden +10.2

Trump supporters wary of getting too close to Pence during upcoming visit.

Describe your first romantic kiss. n/t

At least two Miami students test positive for COVID-19 during first week back in school

Thank you, Dr Biden, Captain of the VIce Squad

N.M. Gov. Lujan Grisham: 'We are at extreme risk of uncontrollable spread'

An American journalist was murdered in Turkey. Why didn't the US investigate?

The "Walking Ted" Cruz warns the election 'could be a bloodbath of Watergate proportions' for GOP

Florida positivity rate goes up to more than 5%

Ukraine Deported 2 American Members Of A Neo-Nazi Group Who Tried To Join A Far-Right Military Unit

A loving world starts with a loving home. Watch OREO's new film

A National Security Reckoning How Washington Should Think About Power

The US is reporting more than 45,000 positive Covid-19 tests on average every day

Where is Jared?

Broadway Shows to Remain Shut Down Through May 30, 2021

VP Fly Guy Pence postpones plans to vote in Indy due to 'a scheduling issue'

Why is trump not touting his covid cure for Chris Christie ?

Broadway shutdown extended again, theaters to remain closed until June 2021

Anyone else expect to see a gurney wheeled out of the White House

Sunrise series

Self-funding QAnon candidate gave own own campaign $450,000 after getting PPP loan

Dems Float Bill To Block $250M HHS COVID-19 Ad Campaign

WOW! and he is not high on drugs

My nomination for today's meme winner

McConnell Says GOP Candidates Are Being Overwhelmed

Covid-19 could kill 2,900 Americans a day in December...

I find it interesting to watch perspectives like this of the vp debate

What trump is doing now reminds me of a personal experience...

Trump got a $21 million tax break for saving the forest outside his NY mansion

There once was a man who thought he was rich.

Trump's mirrored left side vs. mirrored right side

Heath Ledger & Magda Szubanski at the AFI Awards 2006

Newman from Seinfeld comments on the Post Office:

Gretchen Whitmer doesn't have to say thank you for shit.

Biden has many advantages, one being that he's sane.

Pic Of The Moment: Unfit President Provokes Terror Plot, Blames Victim


A B.C. research project gave homeless people $7,500 each -- the results were 'beautifully surprising'

John Lennon would be 80 today

Beau of the Fifth Column: So who flips first? (Michigan terrorists)

Breaking: Trump doesn't win the Nobel Peace Prize

3 ways to watch the Cornyn-Hegar Texas Senate debate Friday

Pelosi and Raskin on now discussing 25th Amendment legislation

How is "landslide" defined as far as presidential elections are concerned?

Breaking: Three more Michigan terrorists arrested

BREAKING: Stimulus Bill "Unlikely"

I am just surprised to see the nail in the coffin being hammered by the turtle

Green Party Senate candidate in Maine asks people to voter for her...and Sara Gideon

Hallie Jackson interviewing WH spokesperson (MSNBC)

US Atty John Durham... is not expected to release information related to the probe before election

I've seen a number of posts essentially saying "fuck people who are now sorry they voted for Trump."

We ordered a Biden/Harris sign

Holy fuck Hallie Jackson just eviscerated WH Rep, Brian Morgenstern on MSNBC

New Poll Shows Dr. Cameron Webb (D) Leading in VA-05 by 45%-42% Margin

Taxpayers are subsidizing 80 percent of Regeneron's COVID-19 treatment's R&D costs

Over 1,600 clergy, religious scholars endorse Biden

DUers! Don't forget your "I voted" avatar!

Do HIPAA rights extend to government officials who have the power of life and death over millions?

Jack White replaces anti-mask covidiot Morgan Waller on SNL

A diabetes drug has been recalled because it contains high levels of cancer-causing agent

Over 1,600 clergy, religious scholars endorse Biden

Has anyone seen or heard from Wm. Barr lately?

Raskin's 25th Amendment Commission; Pence's odd cancellation

Self-funding QAnon candidate gave own campaign $450,000 after getting PPP loan

LOL!! Barr's OCT Surprise a BUST!!! Barr tells Republicans Durham report won't be ready by election

Hey Trump, I Have a Strategy for You: CRAZY HARDER!!!

Cartoon: The Trump militia By Clay Jones -October 9, 2020 9:00 AM

New: Two more White House residence staff test positive for COVID


Yusef Lateef was born on this date.

John Lennon was born on this date.

Better to curse the darkness than to light a science-based candle. By Steve Greenberg

PEC (Princeton) predicts Biden 360 EV.

WATCH: Nancy Pelosi's Press Conference On The 25th Amendment

I missed this gem from trump's Hannity insanity session.

Top GOP Hands Brace for a Blowout

Can't Change My Avatar.

Trump shifting his ad buys...

PRIORITIES USA analysis of the campaign map

We voted by mail here in California and received text confirmations of arrical

Just hoping that there is 0 chance ANY of these 13 ASSHOLES

We voted last night, dropping off at clerks office today!

Eric Trump says his father was on a COVID vaccine that "knocked it out in 24 hours."

I only get out about once a week mostly to pickup groceries.

Self-funding QAnon candidate gave own campaign $450,000 after getting PPP loan

I believe that what happened to a large old dead tree on our homestead years ago is a

John "The Ox' Entwistle was born on this date.

'He'll look weak': CNN doctor predicts Trump's proposed weekend rally will blow up in his face

Eleven o'clock and the Madman hasn't Twitterated yet this morning.

Florida voter registration won't be extended; judge rips state

Chris Wallace is saying on Fox 'News' ...

Fox News Dr. Marc Siegel Will Interview Trump, Conduct 'Medical Evaluation' On-Camera Friday Night

They should have a mic kill switch set up for the moderator, but don't give it to them until

Biden is as likely to win Mississippi as Trump is to win Pennsylvania

Row over 'insult' to Indian dish Kamala Harris likes

Cute chinchilla toes answering trivia question:

PFC Jarrett Morford...another one of trump's "very fine people"

MeidasTouch - Let's take this back now!

Ted Cruz warns the election 'could be a bloodbath of Watergate proportions' for GOP

Regeneron's chief executive, Dr. Leonard S. Schleifer, a member of Trump's golf club in Westchester

The Comey Rule on Showtime is really good

AG: Michigan governor, family were moved as plotters tracked

Trump is going full blast against Speaker Nancy, But there is one woman he seems to fear.

Tired of my local NC Board of Elections

Yelp adds alerts for businesses accused of racism

UAB begins clinical trial of COVID drug given to Trump ( {Univ. Alabama Birmingham}

Mark Hamill: This 3 minute video is a must-see.

Amy Coney Barrett could help the Supreme Court kill marriage equality

Just a photo.....

Musical break!

Just voted in Delaware!

683 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri.; 3 deaths

Penis transplants for transguys

8 million people have already voted!


Retired Major takes on the American Taliban

Extradition fight continues in Kenosha protest shootings

Cover of TIME says it all.

Reuters reporting that Trump is not leaving White House this weekend for campaign events

John Fugelsang: Updating us on Pence's fly

Where is Barr, Ivanka, Jared and others?

Has Nancy Peolosi had her news conference yet?

Iran sanctions: US moves to isolate 'major' banks

Trudeau says government is braced for 'disruptions' in event of unclear U.S. election result

Mitch McConnell says a coronavirus stimulus package is 'unlikely in the next three weeks'

***Ipsos Poll of LVs*** Biden 53 Trump 41

Sometimes, you just gotta touch a toe

A solution to GOP Court packing (if Congress has the cojones for it...)

Is it just me?

Trump taking a dive into the deep end...

10/9 Daly Dose of Joe

How the "QAnon Candidate" Marjorie Taylor Greene Reached the Doorstep of Congress

Trump now ranting about the Debate moderators

Trump's "miracle" COVID-19 treatment was developed using cells derived from an aborted fetus: report

I can't wait to use my sisters own words on her...

Tax March @taxmarch: Nurses paid more. Teachers paid more. Working families paid more.

Trump falsely claims Green New Deal calls for 'tiny little windows'

Trump regularly asked staffers who came near him to remove their masks around him

Photo: John F. Kennedy campaigning in the hills of West Virginia, 1960

effect of early votes on election day.

Why I don't check the box for "straight Democratic ticket" when I vote

just something of an opinion

Republican leaders join anti-Whitmer rally outside Capitol after FBI reports murder plot against her

DOSE OF JOE -- Oct 9

This Michigan GOP sheriff shared a stage with arrested militants -- now he's defending their right to

Another fly joke.

Republican Congressman reports COVID diagnosis

Biden taking part in a "drive in" rally in Las Vegas.

ONE of the most important questions for Barrett is

Great Scott!

Trump Cancels Weekend Rally

OLD NEWS / OPINION. Federalist Society calls for 2nd impeachment

It's sobering that I felt relief and surprise to hear that the FBI had...

Trump's Taxes Show He Engineered A Sudden Windfall in 2016

Decisions Decisions......

Cruz: GOP could face 'bloodbath of Watergate proportions' on Election Day

Borah Peak (highest point in Idaho) - Lost River Range

cough, cough, cough

Daily U.S. Coronavirus Cases Hit Highest Level Since Mid-August

Trump Engineered a Sudden Windfall in 2016 as Campaign Funds Dwindled

Mitch McConnell: A COVID-19 relief deal is 'unlikely' before Election Day

Trump "logic" re: medical tests

Was Trump admitted mainly for an anxiety attack?

(Michigan) Sheriff who protests governor's stay-home order stays home to work

Voted in Southern IN yesterday - 2nd day early voting - line down the block

Trump is telling Rush Limbaugh right now that there is a "cure" already available for Covid-19.

'It's too little, too late.' Trump's push to give federal aid to crucial 2020 voting blocs undermine

Trump got a $21 million tax break for saving a forest. value of the property under investigation

Louisiana and Texas brace for Hurricane Delta as storm hits coasts

Trump is talking to Rush:

Aaron Rupar is nothing shy of a national hero!

Kayleigh McEnany: Trump will resume spreading COVID-19 Saturday

When Trump gets coronavirus, Chinese Americans pay a price

Is anyone going to tell him?

RIP Whitey Ford.

Kayleigh McEnany trying to claim WFP's Nobel Prize for Donald and Ivanka Trump

25th Amendment, Pence

Donald Trump Jr. held a COVIDIOT party in Florida one week after his father's COVID-19 diagnosis

After foiled kidnapping plot, Michigan Gov. Whitmer says threats are 'ongoing'

great to watch the few red balls gradually go blue on the 538 diagram

With Election Day looming, Twitter imposes new limits on U.S. politicians -- and ordinary users, too

He really is nuts. No wonder mcconnell is freaking out & trying to distance himself.

Trump Fundraising Letter Explicitly Threatens Joe Biden

Trump's suggestion that he got infected from Gold Star families faces fierce backlash from Democrats

Trump falsely claims Green New Deal calls for 'tiny little windows' that you can't see out of

Coronavirus: Spain imposes state of emergency on Madrid

There is something wrong with people

WaPo: Even in his best polls, Trump's path to victory is elusive

If there is a 2% error rate on mail in ballots

Letter Threatening Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Democrat Supporters Delivered To Maryland Home

A Warning From Michigan

Trump just now on Limbaugh's show: "We can't have a president who's out of it."

"Republicans aren't inclined to wrap themselves any tighter to a sinking ship "

Had Trump said one word on how Melania is doing?

Report: Police major in charge of Breonna Taylor officers pressured investigators

Health officials disguising Trump's drug cards as a "test" to get round funding laws

Jeff Tiedrich: in summation--

If the SC throws out the ACA

On Hannity's show, Trump reveals his corrupt, panicky endgame

Monday Will Officially Be Indigenous Peoples' Day in Virginia

Rush vs Trump who lives the longest?

Biden tweet congratulating UN World Food Program on being awarded Nobel Peace Prize

Michigan Militia suspect on a protest stage with the local sheriff...

To the teachers of the world. It's ok to not be okay!

Pete Buttigieg uses Fox News questions to destroy Trump leaving hosts speechless

Lev Parnas: 'Kamala Harris... I am happy to sit down with you and Joe Biden'

Watch The Tear-Jerking Moment This Dog Meets His New Mom

Dreaming of a Landslide

Trump is running a base only campaign

Chumpy told Hannity that he still has "lingering effects" from COVID.

How many incidents of ballots "in creeks and rivers"?

A Native Nation's Impossible Fight to Stop Trump's Wall From Dividing Its Land

BREAKING: Mail and Early Voting Has Already Exceeded 2016 in Arlington

Department of Justice sues Yale, alleging race-based discrimination

Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle on gerrymandering

Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)

Pelosi pushes new bill to determine whether a President is capable of serving

Maggie Haberman, NYT: Pence and mother both COVID-19 negative again today

DNI Ratcliffe has broken his promise to keep politics out of intelligence, intelligence veterans say

Trump on Limbaugh: "I don't think the debates mean that much"

Trump prepares roughly $1.8 trillion economic relief offer to Pelosi as White House scraps scaled ba

Trump's attacking Fox now on Limbaugh's show, blaming Paul Ryan since he's on Fox board.

Question: Why is the Trump campaign running TV spots

Amtrak's new Acela gets speed testing ahead of 2021 rollout: "It's going to be a game changer"

john scofield and john mayer - i don't need no doctor (studio-2005) a ray charles cover

Why did pence want to be seated? Investigation please.

More than 2,000 LA County ballots printed, mailed without presidential race

"My 85-yr-old grandfather's super-Trumpy retirement community in Vero Beach has turned against Trump

Trump: Bad Fox News coverage is Paul Ryan's fault...

Sooo...trump canNOT do a virtual debate, right? But he can phone into Limbaugh and drone on for 3hrs

McConnell confesses GOP candidates are overwhelmed as Election Day approaches

Now Trump claims to want a BIGGER stimulus bill than Speaker Pelosi

Trump just now on investigations in NY

Trump's $21 Million Tax Break for Preserving Forest at His Mansion Under Investigation

60 Minutes on CBS Sunday night - Inside the Lincoln Project

Is Biden in the clear now?

The 10 Bellwether Counties That Show How Trump Is in Serious Trouble

We can't have billionaires and stop climate change

Adam Parkhomenko: What I'm learning from the Cal Cunningham saga...

Let's face it, trump is telling terrorists to be at polling sites to intimidate, if not terrorize.

A walking tour of Boston in the rain

Freepers heads are spinning so fast, they are being launched into orbit

The Last of the Garden Bounty

When we look back historically this maladministration will grade out as F minus minus

The Hoarse Whisperer: Rush Limbaugh and Trump doing an event together.

MAD DOG PAC has a GREAT 17-second video. I was wondering when someone would do this:


Debate commission co-chair: 'No evidence' Trump is clear of Covid

Power to the People

Trump wants to sign an arms control deal with Putin prior to election day

Administration scrambles to implement Trump's 'last-minute' bribes to seniors before the election

I found a useful chrome extension !!

Borowitz Report: "Ben Carson Wondering Where Everyone at White House Has Gone"

My daughter received her kimono from Kyoto and went to a kimono dressing lesson yesterday.

Kamala Harris on Political Career, 2020 Election, & Love for 'Star Wars' NowThis

Longtime Republican strategists behind the Lincoln Project mounting rogue offensive against trump

Trump wasted his time today.

A judge said a top official was unlawfully in his job. The admin just altered his title instead

Dedicated to the Killa Con - Mr Chatterbox

trump drops F-bomb at Iran on his ranting call into Limbaugh's show

Today's GOP report card

Trump Won't Travel Over Weekend, Ending Florida Rally Plan

Trump to Limbaugh: "Maybe I'll lose"

I have some questions about preparing to have a will drawn up.

Judge lets ex-cop charged in Floyd's death live out of state

Daily buffoon watch

Wildfires, forest health are key issues in race to lead DNR

The Queen's English...

For those interested: Los Angeles Vote By Mail Tracker Timeline

VIRAL AD: "Seinfeld's" Newman TRASHES Trump in new Democratic ad

Just a thought, on this particular day ...

Who do you think should take Kamala Harris' senate seat?

I had to run an errand today so I checked out the local yard sign situation.

Cartoons 10/9/2020

trump calls Black Lives Matter a racist term.....on limbaugh's show

A Tesco shopper was left stunned after discovering the face of Donald Trump in her frozen tuna steak

Retiring Kansas state Senate president steps in it this morning.

Study in Red I & II

Bill Barr accused of perjury by Michigan AG for saying he had no knowledge of right-wing threats

Why I wear a mask when working in my yard.

Polaroid has brought back their instant cameras and films...

Another reminder

NYT: "Talk Radio Is Turning Millions of Americans Into Conservatives"

Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self

Nancy Pelosi's 25th Amendment Talk Isn't About the Election, It's About the Lame Duck

Feds say it's time for former Rep. Collins to report to prison

Proud LaLa!

Ladies and gents, the next WH Press Secretary.

Trump's Bout With COVID-19 Might Be Hurting His Reelection Chances

Mitch haz planz

"Where is the AG and why has he not made a public statement on the arrest of right-wing militia..."

Former commander of Guantanamo Bay Navy base sentenced to federal prison

Secretary Pompeo tells Fox he's working to get more of Hillary's emails out before the election.

Trump Drops The F-Bomb On Iran

The Supreme Court is helping Republicans suppress voters. Time to add a few more justices.

Wisconsin GOP: We 'Don't Care' Guv Is Trying to Save Lives

Trump needed to "Beat them off"

I know I sometimes get on 'Welsh' kicks, this is a nice bit of American based trivia to share.

Rambling Trump flops hard after Rush Limbaugh asks how he will protect people with pre-existing cond

Whitey Ford, New York Yankees' all-time wins leader, dies at age 91

Explosive texts found on phone of suspect in Ahmaud Arbery murder case

Just home from voting....

'McConnell Avoids White House, Citing Laxity on Masks, Covid-19 Precautions'

After 2 hours Limbaugh still can't get Trump off the phone:

I wanna do this daily: 'Bustin' Loose'

The Fly was a sign

Researchers gave thousands of dollars to homeless people. The results defied stereotypes.

MN-01: The mystery of a GOP congressman's seemingly rent-free campaign office

This sheriff is trying to claim that kidnap conspiracy might have been a "citizen's arrest."

'They're holding the mail hostage': Town in vote-by-mail Utah lost its only post office

The Fly by William Blake

'Treating us like garbage': New sanctions announced as many Iranian Americans feel fed up with Trump

Salish Lodge & Spa reopens with new precautions after COVID-19 outbreak

Apparently that thing forgot he's not running against Hillary. Funny Brian Tyler Cohen tweet

Don't forget: The Trump campaign gave its most sensitive data to a Russian spy

Amy Coney Barrett failed to disclose talks on Roe v. Wade hosted by anti-abortion groups on Senate

Joe Biden:Why did Trump tell Bob Woodward the truth about COVID-19, but not the American people?

Amy Coney Barrett Rose Garden Event Was a WH COVID Superspreader, New Data Suggests

Guess what word I don't hear on political commercials: Conservative

Dr. Fauci: "We had a super-spreader event in the White House"

Rescue Dog Too Scared To Fall Asleep Is So Happy Now

Role of Disinformation and Conspiracy Theories in the 2020 Race

What Gov. Inslee's new eased restrictions mean for Seattle restaurants, bars

Take a virtual tour of Van Gogh's paintings

Jack White replaces anti-mask covidiot Morgan Waller on SNL.

Vice President Mike Pence and his wife had requested absentee ballots by mail

Schmidt: "None of us will ever work in Republican politics again"

The Trump campaign can't have poll watchers at Philly satellite election offices, judge says

A couple weeks ago I posted about what a tough time this is for us. Update.

Poll: Most Seattle voters oppose cutting police funding by 50%

Biden heading to Pennsylvania

Octopus Has The Best Way To Thank The People Who Saved Him

New: Trump holding event at WH Saturday with Blexit (urging Black Americans to leave the Democrats)

Immense Pride and Feeling Of Loss

Street dog goes from having nothing to a pile of teddy bears ❤️

Outdoor kitties get to come inside:

School that Coney Barrett's kids attend now has COVID outbreak (her kids were at Rose Garden event)

Advice to Portland protesters from a '60s radical: Commentary

Newt Gingrich urged Trump to 'study' Pence's debating style

Great new Trump parody from the Spitting Image

Former Special Forces sought by business group to guard polling sites in Minnesota, company says ...

Who is paying the tariffs on China

No wonder people are confused. CNN Jake Tapper had a Dr. Daniel Varga on asking about

Samuel L. Jackson cuts ad for Biden 2020 slamming voter suppression (PG)

Fauci: 'We had a superspreader event in the White House'

Tomorrow my band Green Sparkle Frog will be featured on the Indie Network Radio Show...

Trump's campaign is in a death spiral. He's only making things worse.

Tomorrow my band Green Sparkle Frog will be featured on the Indie Network Radio Show...

Hurricane Delta Intercept Livestream - Louisiana - 10/9/2020

Meanwhile, the evil continues in the background

Trump planning to host 1st in-person event since diagnosis at White House on Saturday: Sources

This livestream of Hurricane Delta in Louisiana is fascinating--and scary.

Seems the Constitution may in fact be a suicide pact

Posting this here - very informative

On Hannity's show, Trump reveals his corrupt, panicky endgame

WTF is up with Sheriffs, and do we still even need them?

So, any bets on when the trump campaign's "Death Star" is going to be deployed?

Ron Perlman doing a dramatic reading of a Steve Schmidt rant.

Is trump demanding his doctors continue the steroids so he can feel 20 years younger, and manic?

Republicans Scramble To Defend Mitch McConnell's Senate Majority - Act Blue is destroying the GOP

Thoughts On Trump's Problem With Women, and Lessons From Afghanistan.

Raise your hand if you didn't know pumpkins were fruit

More Desperate Stimulus Talk From WH - Trump Really Wants This

Che Guevara and the CIA in the Mountains of Bolivia

DUers in Mississippi: How's Mike Espy doing?

Jaime Harrison beyond thrilled that he received a twitter shout-out from his idol Magic Johnson

This Saturday at the White House...

Went back to act blue and gave to Biden and Abby Broyles who is running against Jim Inhofe.

School of Barrett's Children Reports Outbreak

Trump holding event at WH tomorrow: "The Age of Insanity"

Selma University aiming to improve enrollment, finances

The elephant in her room:

White House Preparing $1.8 Trillion Stimulus Proposal

Liberate the White House

Oh Goody!

Trump falsely dismisses virus danger: 'You catch it, you get better, and you're immune'

Did this pastel painting today.

Official says vaccine expected in January, countering Trump

WA State Attorney General just tweeted that he's looking forward to Tim Eyman's criminal trial

Houston Co. Sheriff's Office pursuing complaints of fake election officials scamming residents for

I have information leading to Adlai Stevenson's arrest.

US Sued Over Vanishing Vaquita, the World's Smallest Porpoise

Animal Friendships

Progressives For Biden Gun Violence Prevention Roundtable Discussion with Gabby Giffords

I dislike Steve Schmidt, I strongly dislike Jonah Goldberg.

A man is dead and his wife was seriously injured Thursday after they were attacked own dog ...

Dr Fauci: "I think the data speaks for themselves. We had a super-spreader event in the WH."

Is Trump's renewed push to arrest Obama, Biden, etc. really an attempt to protect himself?

Nearly 50,000 Franklin County Voters Received Incorrect Absentee Ballots

On this day, October 9, Jackson Browne (1948) and Rod Temperton (1949) were born.

Feels like we are about to learn a big lesson about

SC Senate debate tonight has been canceled after Sen. Lindsey Graham refuses COVID test

As Alabama moves to build new prisons, opposition mounts in communities getting them

"It" must be really sick, no rallies this weekend.

Why did Pence return to DC?

Important buzz from the fly

Trump to hold rally in Sanford, FL on Monday. Still no word on his COVID test...

Don Trump Jr asked why Biden supporters don't fly the American flag. The responses were magnificent.

DHS secretly shuttered Obama-era task force, empowering Border Patrol parent agency

Jaime Harrison just tweeted that the debate format has been changed for tonight.

Uproar over Trump's Gold Star families remark

Pflugerville ISD's Is Not Adequately Sanitizing Schools From COVID

When Biden-Harris dive into cleaning up the mess...

South Carolina Debate Canceled After Lindsey Graham Refuses COVID Test

John Cornyn leads MJ Hegar by 8 points in U.S. Senate race, UT/TT Poll finds

Dean Ford - Reflections of My Life

Talking about cancel culture

Biden Favored to Win 85/100. The dictator's chances 15/100

Did Trump just say "Dont fuck with us" on his radio interview?????

Donald Trump leads Joe Biden by 5 points in Texas, UT/TT Poll finds

Question: When was the last time you heard a politician give a speech from a balcony? Answers:

Fox News Bans Harlan Hill After He Called Kamala Harris an 'Insufferable Lying Bitch'

BREAKING: trump campaign confirms president will be in Sanford, FL for an event Mon

I sure hope Biden's clone is ready soon.

Trump yard sign rigged with razor blades left town worker needing 13 stitches

Trump drops the F Bomb about Iran

Trump raises coronavirus stimulus offer to $1.8 trillion and he wants bigger bill than Dems or GOP

Worst Person in the World #3

Worst Person in the World #3

Former Senator Bob Dole is starting more crap with this tweet....

What's for Dinner, Fri., Oct. 9, 2020

Banner on @MSNBC : "Trump says Barr should indict rivals for crimes that don't exist."

The Covid spread is getting worse:

It's disco Friday.

Nine people who attended Trump's Minnesota rally tested positive . Two in hospital

Oh happy day!



Joe: Tune in as I deliver remarks from our drive-in event in Las Vegas.

Early voted in Ohio today...Cleveland. The lines were long but hubs who had spinal surgery last year

Hickenlooper/Gardner debate tonight at 6. CSPAN nt

Sen. Gillibrand promotes new legislation supporting veterans exposed to burn pits

Fire Lookout Dawn in Black & White

...Kaline, Seaver, Brock, Whitey Ford...

Wow, I just witnessed my local County Clerk going off in the Post Office!

The Midwest is crashing

Keith with today's worst person in the world:

How good is Medical Cannabis?

What is the best thing on Netflix right now?

"Seinfeld's" Newman TRASHES Trump in new Democratic ad

I think Nicolle Wallace

And when your pecker is...

Pa. Republicans drop effort to create 'election integrity' panel with subpoena power

Dear Toxically-Masculine Anti-Life Protestors

Trump gets angry when told that findings from Durham probe might not come out before election.

I voted today!

Senate debate between Jaime Harrison and Lindsey Graham has been canceled after Graham refused a

Barack Obama broke the white people

Trump to Iran: "If you fuck around with us

Lindsey Graham Goes Off on Democratic Challenger in Tweetstorm....

"Infected Trump"

Walk of Shame - New Lincoln Project

'Frantic' Trump freaking out because polls show Biden will win with a landslide

The Oct. 15 debate is officially going to be canceled, source says.

Guys found a parking ramp and are stuck while live streaming Hurricane Delta

What will trump and the rethugs say of Christie dies

Twitter's answer to election misinformation: Make it harder to retweet


GOP Voter Suppression - It didn't start with tRump

Graham won't get tested-because if he tests positive Amy Coney Barrett nomination gets scuttled.

Recycling...Finished and updated...

Defunding Texas

School attended by some of Amy Coney Barrett's children, 1 teacher & 2 students have tested positive

trump will have a live tele-health medical exam LIVE on tucker carlson.....



What the hell possessed Delaware Governor Carney to pardon one of the MI terrorists last year?!?

The ONLY possible good thing out of this last 4 years is?

Joe Biden sending Jill Biden to Texas as Dems ramp up investment in long-neglected state

You buy the ticket, you take the ride.

Sad about the hurricanes.

Someone has mimicked my Twitter account

Trump's coffin could really impact the final debate. nt

After Trump rally in MN Sep 18, 9 people tested + & 2 are in the hospital.

NYT "Talk Radio Is Turning Millions of Americans Into Conservatives

Well, it's a first!

Lindsey Graham is infected

Sixteen 'Boogaloo' Followers Have Been Busted in 7 Days. / Daily Beast

beautiful john lennon cover (Woman) by Ronan Keating (Boyzone)

Eric is the Pres. of the dormant comp that sprang to life in 2016 and funnelled millions to Trump

people are experiencing what life is like without student loans (while on C19 forebearance)

Second debate has been cancelled. Was thier a third debate schedule?

Cattle Drive for Trump, featuring Jr.

I watched a little of Morning Joe today they were saying nobody on either side

About Michigan

Sen. Mike Lee's tweets against "democracy," explained. VOX

White House Blocked C.D.C. From Requiring Masks on Public Transportation

The second presidential debate slated for October 15 has been canceled by commission

going below zero in alaska for the first time this season....yikes

Herd immunity letter signed by fake experts including 'Dr Johnny Bananas', 'Prof Cominic Dummings'

Ari on MSNBC wasd just talking about Hillary polling higher than Joe is at the same time in the

Pa. Republicans drop effort to create 'election integrity' panel with subpoena power

Kansas Democrats slight favorite to break House Republican supermajority.

COVID outbreak at private school attended by Amy Coney Barrett kids (WaPo via rawstory)

Kamala Harris and the 'Double Bind' of Racism and Sexism

I think George Takei just "went there"!

She helped send Apollo to the moon. Now she's receiving the same medal

Former Marine and Congressional Candidate Says Trump Would've 'Flunked Out Immediately'

Cuomo's Restrictions on Synagogues in Virus Hot Spots Can Go Forward

Seahawks radio host Dori Monson suspended after transphobic tweet

OhMyyy.......absolutely love him.

CDC forecasts thousands more COVID-19 deaths by end of month

Yikes, Colorado Senate debate on C-SPIN NOW......HICKENLOOPER for the win.

let's turn this state BLUE!

Cuellar: Border bridges could be reopened on Oct. 21

Video of Black jogger stopped by ICE agents in Boston prompts calls for investigation

Video of Black jogger stopped by ICE agents in Boston prompts calls for investigation

The Hoarse Whisperer: I will admit, I am not a firearms expert...

Twitter tightens limits on candidates ahead of US election

Proud. Say it Loud.

New study says Trump could be in the lead on Election Night but lose by week's end

Why would Lindsey Graham refuse to take a test for Covid-19?

Legal experts reveal one reason Gov. Whitmer kidnap case is strong

U.S. should try to delay IPO of China's Ant Group, says Senator Rubio

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2020.

Now Lindsey Graham is begging for money on Facebook

U.S. signs agreement with AstraZeneca to develop, supply COVID-19 antibody treatment

Trump steel tariffs bring job losses to swing state Michigan

Donald Trump - 5 years of hate

After Michigan terrorists arrested, where is the "law and order" GOP?? Crickets.

Study Evaluates Body Shape of Neanderthal Children

Veterans Label Trump's Suggestion that Gold Star Families Caused his Covid Infection 'Disgusting'

Enter Sandman (Metallica) 2020 Halloween Light Show

Trump personnel office weighs asking appointees to offer their resignations

Hope Hicks returned to work at the White House the day after self-quarantining aboard Air Force One,

Lines from Nobel Winner Louise Gluck

Ancient sculptures hint at universal facial expressions across cultures

Anti-abortion groups are OK with Trump's use of a drug tested on cells derived from an abortion

Ancient sculptures hint at universal facial expressions across cultures

40,000 people a day are coming down with the coronavirus. What is the matter with this guy?

After two days of non-sequitur word salad

Education Department Puts Anti-LGBTQ Activist At Head Of Diversity And Inclusion Council

Pompeo says he's working to release Clinton's State Department emails

How do I go in and change my DU name to "DaddyWhippedCream"?

Retired GOP-Appointed Supreme Court Justice in Wisconsin has nothing good to say about Trump

My wife and I voted today up here in Maine.