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White Rabbit: Grace Slick Vocals Isolated

Did Truman Capote and the Dotard know each other? Nt

*Nancy up.

2022 NY Governor's Race- Andrew Cuomo seeking a 4th term.

LOL: Pelosi: "The 700 remaining hours of the Trump Administration"

Clear this up for me: Is the military transporting any vaccine?

Mediocre attempt at the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction.

With COVID-19 Tamped Down, Christmas Looks Up in Atlantic Canada

Biden Calls Bipartisan Stimulus Plan 'Down Payment' on Recovery

As the Covid Virus is mutating indefinitely, it looks like

There is no middle ground between fact and fiction on the election results

DAMN! It's about FREAKIN' time!!

Mitch McConnell is no more credible than Donald Trump -- but the press sucks up to him

Need help getting my Christmas spirit back.

Just saw Christie interviewed on CNN.

I wish I was surprised, but we've seen this kind of scare tactic before.

I am not saying its aliens but...........................

This is still a hard and perilous moment, yet collaborative and concerted focus can change that.

2022 US Senate Elections that will be decided by a single digit margin.

Bushman - Happy Holiday Pranks!

11th Circuit Court of Appeals denies Republican lawsuit on the run-off vote in Georgia

'McMafia' banker's wife will have 22m seized unless she reveals source of wealth

We are nine months into this pandemic and so far all Republicans have allowed Congress to give ...

CNN: Wolf Blitzer asked the Lt. Gov of PA "what do you think of this latest lawsuit filed by trump?"

Jimmy Cagney 'Yankee Doodle Dandy': Story of Composer George M Cohan

When a loved one has covid

If you are out of UI this week or one week shy, still keep filing the weekly claim.

MAGAt dead-enders, in a nutshell:

Univ. of Colo. Regent Heidi Ganahl Uses Far-Right Social Media Sites That Allow Bigotry &

'Martial law' is a convoluted topic...

Bosnia-Herzegovina's Mostar Holds First Local Elections In 12 Years

End of an institution - Last passenger train on the Canadian Pacific Railway

U.S. Congress agrees to expand payroll assistance to local news outlets

Fed up Mitt Romney EVISCERATES Trump over martial law threats - Brian Tyler Cohen

Trump is reportedly considering making Sidney Powell a special counsel on election fraud

The first class in DETECTING BULLSHIT is now in session...

Ex-Tuskegee Airman Alfred Thomas Farrar dies at age 99

Republican Congressman Criticized For Tweet Claiming that Biden's Inauguration Will Mark 'A Conspira

Fred & Ginger: Cheek To Cheek, from 'Top Hat' Movie 1935

CDC recommends people 75 and older, certain front-line essential workers be next in line for vacine

The second and last class in DETECTING BULLSHIT...

Republicans get their corporate tax break in new COVID stimulus

Missouri Republican calls new COVID stimulus crap

2022 US Senate Election is more Democratic friendly than 2018 and 2020.

29 days and 3 hours until the Jerk is outta the White House.

Son of billionaire friend of tRump gets in on the grift

Sidney the Kraken @ WH tonight, denies meeting w/ Trump, also said "none of your business"

I got this in email from Warren Davidson, rethuglicons

Oval Office Meeting w/ Sidney "Kraken" Powell, Mike "Martial Law" Flynn & "Dangerous" Donald Trump

"Soldiers Saving Puppies-Puppies Saving Soldiers"/The Puppy 🦮🐶🐕‍🦺🐕 Rescue Mission

Who wants to come over to my house and hit me upside the head with a 2x4?

Fox News' Chris Wallace takes swipe at his OWN network on air - Brian Tyler Cohen

Please explain Sydneywhatever 'Kraken' thing.... I don't get it.

US Army felt it necessary to give on-the-record statement denying it would help with a coup

Flynn seems to be claiming to be discussing intelligence matters with foreign governments.

I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus

The rethugs are masters at turning low income people against each other

"'I'm Haunted by What I Did' as a Lawyer in the Trump Justice Department"

How My Once-Apolitical Church Became the House of Trump

Colombia's countercultures: Bogota's rock and roll gangs

Ok, we're going to get a covid $600 payment...

Bar complaint filed against Trump attorneys in Arizona

Is The Night of the Living Dead the BEST horror film ever made or what?

A support group for people addicted to insane conspiracy theories, including... wait for it...

Barack Obama Surprises Us + First Time Hearing Bob Dylan BookTube Trailer

Holy Sh*t. The von Trapplings say goodbye to Don.

Ex-Justice Department Lawyer Apologizes

Nat King Cole: 'SMILE' Written By Charlie Chaplin, 'Modern Times' 1936

A timeline of the GOP's 2020

My 98 year old mom died on 12/12 - COVID-19 related.

2022 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats are to gain at least 1 US Senate seat in 2022- PA.

Another murder in Russia. Famous scientist Alexander Kagansky who was working on a covid vaccine plu

Uh.... who wants to tell him?

"Dreamboat Annie" Heart

Crooked Still - with a lovely shiny version of Little Sadie

Look at the kind of insane garbage crazy Sidney Powell is retweeting tonight

Dolly Parton and Altan---In the Sweet Bye and Bye (one verse in Gaelic)

Doc Watson picking his version of Little Sadie

Billy Strings doing his version of Little Sadie

I'll Take Tesla Stock for $1, Please - Jason Zweig

This is about

Before...........and After!

The 'Red Slime' Lawsuit That Could Sink Right-Wing Media

81-yr-old Wethersfield man has been out 1,000 straight days for immigration rights

Child predator suspected of three decades of sexual abuse in Colorado Springs sentenced to 624 years

QAnon Anonymous a support group for people addicted to insane conspiracy theories

It's all all...

'Mis-communicator in chief': DeSantis must like how his foot tastes. It's constantly in his mouth

Amid Vaccine Rollout and Historic Hack, Trump Remains Focused on Reversing Election

No, Republicans, everything is not awesome

I love the NYT Sunday magazine. Aside from the puzzles, great article today - about Melissa Caronne

When pundits say Democrats are in conflict with each other, smile.

Colorado has money to help struggling renters, but some landlords won't play ball

If hospitals are overwhelmed

Congress Seals Agreement On $900 Billion COVID Relief Bill

One Month Folks!

It is time for the Supreme Court to act...

Japanese Reacts to Trevor Noah Speaking Japanese

Got to see Jupiter and Saturn in the same eyepiece

Republicans traded tax credits for low income families for a three-martini-lunch deduction

NO! Sylvester from the Talking Kitty videos died!

Twas the Coup before Christmas 🎄

Martial Law? Seizing Voting Machines? Trump's Election Denial Is Only Getting More Deranged

30 minutes of A fireplace (burning MAGA hats)

Molly Tuttle and Daniel Denato. Holy shit kicking joyous hell

Wealthiest People Pushing To Front Of The Line To Get Vaccinated, Personal Assts. Pester Docs

Question on stimulus payments in new relief bill

How To See Rare 'Christmas Star' Over NJ Skies On Winter Solstice

Heated Oval Office meeting included talk of special counsel, martial law as Trump advisers clash

This just in, from Ivan E. Raiklin, constitutional "lawyer" and former Green Beret commander:

How Oddsmakers Made a Killing Off Trump Supporters ...

Fremont County pays $2.4 million to woman wrongly arrested while naked

Statement from President-elect Biden on bipartisan agreement on COVID-19 relief:

I wish I could wash the stench of the last (4) year out of my brain

There was a pro-Trump "Stop the Steal" rally held in Osaka, Japan, today.

Apparently the Overstock dude is one of Trump's whackjob advisers.

Lets honor all the Americans who fought at Bastogne

Super Covid is Here, and You Should Be Very Worried

What happened to the Colorado Republican Party?

Is anyone calling for trump to resign? If a Democrat tried to pull what he is doing

Since Michael Flynn Is Trying To Lead A Coup

As Western states move away from coal, Wyoming clings to it

Georgia pastor and Trump adviser tests positive for COVID-19

"WEED (All I Want for Christmas)" - Nellie McKay

Dammit, I was crying again...

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2022 without GA is winning PA and NC or WI.

"Winter is a teacher of vulnerability."

Congressional Leaders Agree on $900 Billion Pandemic Relief - Bloomberg Politics

Countries Ban Travel From U.K. in Race to Block New Covid-19 Strain

UW To Refund Some Fees To Students Due To COVID Impact

Pelosi: Covid Legislation Is First Step, More Needs To Be Done - MSNBC

The Daily Social Distancing Show: This Week's Coronavirus Updates - Week of 12/14/2020

The Overstock nut job is saying that Cippolone was fired tonight by Trump.

Todays breaking new..It's the end of the world

We say "Yo-Ho", but we don't say "ho" 'cause "ho" is disrespectful. "yo."

Help identifying marine creature

Orthodox Christian Prayer for Animals and Teachings from the Church

Right wingers attacking voting systems and software may soon be eating their own words in court

The 'Red Slime' Lawsuit That Could Sink Right-Wing Media

Jose Feliciano & Young People's Chorus of NYC Sing 'Feliz Navidad'

Maverick astrophysicist calls for unusually intense solar cycle, straying from consensus view

The post office is pretty messed up. Will the Electoral College certs get to Congress by Jan. 6?

Winter Solstice Foggy Sunrise Stonehenge 2020 Screenshots

The Daily Show: United Swing States of America - Arizona's Daylight Saving Time Opt-Out

WHO: England's new Covid-19 variant picked up in Denmark, the Netherlands, Australia

Early humans may have survived the harsh winters by hibernating

Pastors: Kelly Loeffler's Smear Of Rev. Raphael Warnock Is Broad Assault On The Black Church

'I'll be fierce for all of us': Deb Haaland, first Native American named interior secretary, accepts

Panama orders men and women to shop on different days to curb coronavirus

Lulu - Here Comes the Night (original version. Guitar by Jimmy Page).

Man stopped by police in London plans to sue for 'severe racial profiling'

Top Chicago city lawyer resigns over Anjanette Young wrongful police raid

Some holiday and other selections...

If you owe Fed taxes this year, don't pay more than $600

A new Christmas tune

Roxy Music - Virginia Plain

Blitzen Trapper - Furr

Hawaii volcano: Kilauea erupts on state's Big Island

Teton County GOP promotes 'Stop the Steal' march after Texas lawsuit to overturn election denied

Christopher Walken's FIRST movie role!

Gazette opinion: Make owners clean up Colstrip right

Montana Legislature will meet in person, defying pleas to meet remotely

Congress to approve $1.375 billion for border wall in 2021

Book explores the fall and rise of wolves at Yellowstone, and how the park's ecology is recovering s

Don Jr complains about 'being cancelled' and says he's losing thousands of supporters every day

Allen West Goes Biblical on Democrats Moving to Texas From NY: 'Same as When God Was Destroying

I really hope smartmatic and Dominion voting systems start suing people, because they are being

3,500-yr-old tomb in NW China indicates sun worship

Georgia's millionaire senators won't drain the swamp. They are the swamp

Here's what's in the second stimulus package

Monday TOONs - Relax, It's Just My Pal

Heated Oval Office meeting included talk of special counsel, martial law

Schiff Says Trump And Mike Flynn Are Plotting A Military Coup

A wetter and warmer Alaska means dangerously slippery slopes

China Wants Dam Bigger Than 3 Gorges On Upper Brahmaputra, Since India Isn't Pissed Off Enough

A Uniquely American Form Of Stupidity - CNBC Video On Climate Denial Funders, Why It Still Works

Louisiana Congressman-elect Luke Letlow hospitalized as COVID symptoms persist

Wow! Just Wow! (A musical and engineering marvel)

U.K. in crisis

Video - As Ice Fails, Orcas Move North, In One Case, Wiping Out Narwhal Nursery; What Then?

If We Make It Thru December

It was so stupid in the days when girls had to wear dresses to school.

Progressives look for reset after disappointing year

NY governor calls for bans on UK flights amid surge in virus variant in London, southern England

As Kingston Coal Ash Workers Sicken And Die, Cesium 137 Also Confirmed In Waste Dredged From River

Merry Christmas from the Bottle Boys

A Trump admin in the White House on January 21, 2021 would be an illegitimate regime

Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny dupes spy into revealing how he was poisoned

Eric Boehlert: Trump plots martial law from White House -- the press shrugs

Drag Them; Not Sure Whether To Just Enjoy Greentrolling, Or Hang My Head

Trump's Schedule for Monday, December 21, 2020

In the face of a propaganda assault upon America, the press and the media have failed.

The Stealth Climate Villains Of 2020 - I Particularly Like The Ones Who Talk Green

Can A Virus Mutate Itself Out Of Existence?...

On this day, December 21, 1967, "The Christmas Story" episode of "Dragnet 1967" was aired.

Cow Escapes Farm To Join Wild Bison Herd, Bialowieza National Park, Poland

Trump's 1st tweet of the day - sober, empathetic, mature, intelligent post about COVID19 crisis NOT!

For the first time in 800 years, you can watch a "great conjunction" of Jupiter and Saturn

Virginia removes Lee statue from U.S. Capitol overnight

NOAA - Better Than 50/50 Chance That 2020 Will See Hottest Global Temperatures On Record

Jabba The Climate Liar Departs JP Morgan Board; Lee Raymond's Legacy Too Much For "Enlightened" Bank

The Needle and the Damage Done

Looking to binge watch something different?

Economic Update: Lessons From A Crisis Year 2020

Sullivan/Murkowski Push For/Get 6 CG Icebreakers; We Currently Have 2, One Of Which Is Operable

1918 Merry Xmas

Megachurch Pastor Caught Buying Private Jet With PPP Funds

Cloudy skies tonight

Merry Trumpmas! -by Tom Tomorrow

I think this Covid nightmare is having a disastrous effect

Here's something to think about.

Filmmaker Peter Jackson gives a sneak preview of his re-editing of the Beatles' "Let It Be" movie

Trump wants an airport named after him. Not the Onion.

Shelby County reports 28% positivity rate with 510 new cases

Tough game..

"I'm not saying they're not a bunch of fuckers."

Trump pressing aides on how to get an airport named after him: report

32 Years Ago Today; Pan Am Flight 103 disintegrates over Lockerbie, Scotland - 270 dead

"This Beautiful Fantastic". What a thoroughly charming movie!

Tucked into the relief bill: A BAN on most "surprise medical bills."

Heard yesterday

29 days, 14 hours, 43 minutes, and 59 seconds ... but who is counting?

Breakfast: Monday 12/21/20

YOU raised $2,290.00 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 12-12-20 (over $235,000 raised so far)

An excellent article concerning the Solarwinds hack and the threat going forward

The weather has been most uncooperative but I think my new roof will be done, today

None dare call it reason. . . . Please come CAPTION Michael Flynn!!

Megachurch pastor tests positive after attending WH Christmas party

The Orange Voldemort is #1

President Biden's Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution & Environmental Justice

4:02 am. 12/21/20. Crypt of the US Capitol.

As My Wife Said This Morning on Our 29th Anniversary,


Trump suggests that the coronavirus was invented to cost him the 2020 election

I am attempting to improve my abysmal Crossword Puzzle skills

Annie Lennox - Dido's Lament - Choral Performance with London City Voices

Just when you thought 2020 couldn't get worse.....

Shallow.. but odd... Trumps doctor WH Christmas photo?

Vivaldi, The Four Seasons, Winter

Sorry to smack you in the face, but we have 29 more days of rule by a lunatic.

Can't load Words with friends 2 on my phone

In this corner.....

I made Allen West so mad, both he and Texas GOP tweeted about me.

Sweet Dog Rescued by Marine In Afghanistan

Donald Trump's American carnage: He continues to ignore COVID as his GOP enablers make it worse

It was fun sticking another thumbtack in my Trexit advent calendar today

Pic Of The Moment: Aides Report That Trump Wants An Airport Named After Him


Surreal Moon Photo Looks Like a Giant Eye Peeking Through Rock Arch in the Desert

7748 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon.; 1 death

I just read the WaPo article on Trump & Kushner screwing up Covid management

I thought Barr was gone.

A car's weakest part

Robert E. Lee's last resting place in the Capitol, in the Crypt. Beginning at 4 am today...

Engaging With Trump's Die-Hard Supporters Isn't Productive

Georgia's millionaire senators won't drain the swamp. They are the swamp

Trump Signs Order Mandating 'Beautiful' New Federal Architecture

Interesting side note on the occasion of Robert E. Lee's statue removal from the Capitol

Happy Yule everyone!

If Trump gets any more reluctant to actually do his job...

$25-billion in Rental Assistance in Covid Relief bill. How does one qualify for that?

Livid, Livid I tell ya!

Anyone ever contact your optometrist to get a copy of your lens rx?

Maybe it's just me, but I am really annoyed to see so many people

Amazing how responsible you can be when you aren't worried about getting fired.....

Here's an interesting concept for urban public transportation.

House Panel Subpoenas HHS, CDC Heads in Coronavirus Probe

Pettie Wheatstraw was born on this date

Young Voters Hope To Play Role In Georgia's Senate Runoffs

Barr Says He Sees No Reason to Appoint Special Counsel to Investigate Hunter Biden

Frank was born on this date.

Countdown to Inauguration Day

Inadvertent or deliberate humor?

What should Trump have named after him?

Did Trump actually suggest that COVID was invented to knock him out of the Presidency

President ChickenShit. Let us count the ways.

Remember Adam Schiff's last speech at the impeachment when he warned about this ? Can you find it?

Majority of Kenyan medical workers on strike amid a pandemic

San Diego Humane Society urged to stop releasing adoptable cats back onto streets

Suicide Watch at the White House?

Can anyone post a count down clock from now untill Biden takes over

Man With An Estimated Net Worth ...

The Lyin King

Flexible Cats That Proved They Can Fit Anywhere

Trump officials attacked CDC virus reports, House panel says

The Journalist and the Pharma Bro

Executive Order on Promoting Beautiful Federal Civic Architecture; December 21, 2020

'Dogs only. Thank you'

Proud of you, DU

Wow. Navally outs his poisoners by talking to one of them on the phone... He duped him.

Trump fans to hold virtual second inauguration for him on same day hes kicked out of the White House

The Cutest Pets Admiring Their Hoomans

About this "stimulus bill": if a person is drowning 50 feet from shore and you throw them a 25 foot

Republicans Are Weaponizing Trump's Election-Fraud Lies for Voter Suppression

Florida temporarily bans teacher after disparaging comments

Treat your significant ones like a dog

Hundreds partied at Mar-a-Lago with Turning Point

Post Trump Presidency

So what will you, in fact and colloquially, name the Trump Airport?

Enjoying the German title of Bob Woodward's "Rage"

Xmas tips for deplorables, from the NRA

How to watch tonight's 'great conjunction' of Jupiter and Saturn

Although Covid-19 Spreads Mostly ...

Trump Signs Executive Order Requiring Railroads in US to Adopt Three-Meter Gauge

Help me Lounge! I can't remember the name of a video.

The GOP whitewashing of the Trump stain has quietly begun

it appears as if the Rundown is on a holiday break. I will post news as I get it. :)

A President Who Can't Put Aside Grudges, Even for Good News

2020 Year in Review: Best New Series

2020 Year in Review: Best Small Press Publisher

Saturday Morning Panels: The Best of 2020

Great Christmas gift for the MAGAt in your life.

Democrats believe in what most Americans want. Are their bosses stunting the message?


This is the perfect solution to Trump's desire to have something named after him.

Party on, dude!

The Dream Still Lives - The Lincoln Project

Washington DC bans gay & trans "panic" defenses in criminal cases

'Subpoenas are necessary': House watchdog details extensive meddling with CDC Covid-19 reports

Biden taps former Warren aide for economic team

Rich Americans Who Fear Higher Taxes Hurry to Move Money Now

The Cadillacs - 'Speedo' - Lyrics

Miss France beauty pageant runner-up gets anti-Semitic hate online after saying father is Israeli

Trump Signs Order Mandating 'Beautiful' New Federal Architecture

'A real mess': Trump is leaving behind crises and undermining Biden before he takes office

'Smokey Joe's Cafe' - Lyrics! - The Robins

Well trump is **officially** too crazy for Bill Barr, that seems like an important data point.

Giroir: Here's what we know about the new coronavirus variant (CNN)

"If it Hadn't Been for the Prompt Work of the Medics": FSB Officer Inadvertently Confesses Murder...

Merry Solstice DU ! We are stepping out of Darkness and into Light...

Blue Christmas

'Sixteen Candles' - The Crests - Lyrics

Denmark to Dig Up Millions of Dead Mink After Botched Covid-19 Cull

Birds made a nest in a boot 🥾

"Ring Out, Solstice Bells" - Jethro Tull

Conversation with Anti Masker

All the Republican rats - Ann Telnaes

On this day, December 21, 1970, the F-14 flew for the first time.

Governor Cuomo Briefing December 21 2020

You KNOW it's nuts when the nuts try to control the nuts

So, the other day my niece sent me a pack of coloring pencils. My thought was "WTF?"

'Worried Man Blues' - Stanley Brothers

Open carrying automatic weapons screams cowardice. Armed invading OR State Capitol screams treason

Wooooohoooooo! I promise - even w/o context

Every time you listen to Bing Crosby's "White Christmas," about 5 people have died from covid...

Nikon Is ending 70 years of camera production in Japan

Marc Elias: Profiles in Cowardice

Covid-19 Aid Package Set for Final Votes in House, Senate

Anger as Republican lawmakers who played down pandemic jump vaccine queue

Kamala live! Tune in as @KamalaHarris rallies voters in Columbus, Georgia, ahead of the January Sena

All of this could've been avoided

The GOP whitewashing of the Trump stain has quietly begun

So God sent his only son

White House testing czar: coronavirus vaccines 'effective' against new strains

Clashes at Oregon State Capitol between far right extremists and police

I found a sign that fits my mood

Couple Getting Married Rescued A Teeny Baby Rat

The House Oversight Committee intends to reissue a subpoena to Mazars for Trump's financial records

Justice Dept. charges bombmaker in 1988 Pan Am explosion

Color cascade, round two.

Michigan House approves COVID-19 relief bill Monday

Michigan House approves COVID-19 relief bill Monday

My stocking is overflowing ... Please Stop!

I saw a vehicle today with a Trump 45 vanity plate

Why was Maria Butina's boyfriend at the "martial law" meeting in the White House?

Cornyn: Ds settled for $908-billion after turning down $1.8-trillion Mnunchin deal

Newsmax just aired this note to "clarify" its coverage of Smartmatic and Dominion.

The working-class deserves the dignity of traditional jobs!!!

So, some more about the martial law thing...

Novel UK Covid variant better at infecting kids

Amazing moment of zen

GOP Rep. Calls Colleagues Planning Objections to Biden's Win 'Not Serious People'

John Fugelsang tweet:

Worst Pro-Tip Ever!

Our "revered" constitution

Embassy Courtyard Named After Jared Kushner

The Big Thaw: How Russia Could Dominate a Warming World

Mega-church pastor positive with Covid after White House Christmas party

DC is firmly in the IFFY zone for being able to view the Jupiter Saturn conjunction Monday night

Barr says no need for special counsels to investigate election or Hunter Biden

Attorney General Barr breaks with Trump, says SolarWinds hack 'certainly appears to be the Russians'

White House task force kept airport Covid screeners in place despite known risk of infection, source

Monday night features the Jupiter and Saturn 'double planet.' Here's how to see it.

Why can't FAA just shut down this holiday burst of travel by limiting flights?

Perdue In Hiding A Collaboration Between Fair and Balanced PAC and MeidasTouch

Other than Katie Porter & a couple others, the Democratic Party STILL doesn't know how to fight back

Loeffler's wealth, Trump loyalty face scrutiny in Georgia

***Final Voting Thread for the December Seasonal Contest: Autumn***

Where are those doctors? Where is Bigfoot?

***Here's the Final Thread for the Seasonal December contest: Autumn***


Georgia Runoff Hopeful Jon Ossoff Questions $600 Stimulus Checks: 'Really?'

Are the worst days of the Trump presidency still ahead?

US relief for those workers displaced by CV-19 doesn't compare to other countries

Department of Defense to hold warrior games at... Disney???

Aldious (アルディアス) / 愛しい男 -kanasii otoko- (Full Version)from new album "We Are"

Aldious (アルディアス) / 愛しい男 -kanasii otoko- (Full Version)from new album "We Are"

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin expects direct stimulus checks to be released next week

All the very important people getting their vaccines and hundred thousand $ experimental therapeutic

Fox News Poll Says 22 Percent Think Trump Was Best POTUS Ever And 42 Percent Say He Was The Worst

'Twas the week of Christmas when all through the house

Peter Navarro:Georgia runoffs should be postponed, and a special counsel appointed to seize voting..

Trump's coup goes beyond a grift: The president is desperately seeking any path to stay in power

Funniest dance video -- Republican Club party in New York.

Just a ramble. I have been re-reading Frank Herbert's book, Dune.

I'ma turn in my Cool Guy Card for a sec ... this song is so pretty it brings a tear to my eye ...

Trump's talk of martial law could be taken by far-right groups as a violent call to action

we can turn the repubs complaints about voting machines around.

If you're not familiar with Kanopy & Hoopla, here's the scoop!

Stamp Price Increases 2021: USPS Stamp, Mail Rates Going Up in January?

The Coming Republican Whitewashing of Donald Trump

Former Trump Justice Dept Lawyer Says She's 'Haunted' By Her Work in Confessional NYT Op-Ed:


Vatican: OK to get virus vaccines using abortion cell lines

The spending package that was JUST released is 5,593 pages long - and Congress will vote in hours

Please spread this anti-Perdue ad. It's great.

Covid Killing in Rural U.S. Faster Than in Big Cities

George Monbiot on Brexit: Capitalism's Civil War

Heavily Armed Far-Right Mob Floods Oregon Capitol

What if you could wander the library The Internet Archive's Open Library Explorer

Some U.S. Colleges Cut Tuition, Ending Relentless Price Spiral

Ex-cop hits truck thinking it held 750,000 fraudulent ballots. It held air conditioning parts

Interesting statement from Barr re. investigations into

Someone explain to me how Notre Dame is in the playoffs and Texas A&M is not?

NewYorker End of Year COVER - There they are! Trump's tax returns.

Oracle Lured to Texas by Lower Payrolls and Labor Pool

My Theory On The Cyberattack.....

A second hacking group has targeted SolarWinds systems

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2021/2022 is winning the GA US Senate seats

Egypt reports bird flu outbreaks in rural area

Why the numbers behind Mitch McConnell's re-election don't add up

Looks like it was Brady all along and not Belichick.

I guess the Supreme Court is not good enough for them?

More than 1.4 million Georgians have already voted in the Senate runoffs, rivaling general election

Conspiracy-theorist lawyer Sidney Powell spotted again at White House

US Navy sails nuclear submarine through Strait of Hormuz

I'm the new guy around here...

An investment firm snapped up nursing homes during the pandemic. Chaos followed.

Early vote numbers Georgia

Grown ass man throwing a tantrum in Costco about wearing a mask

Trump administration weighing legal immunity for Saudi crown prince in alleged assassination plot


Due To Russian(and others) Hacking - Joe Should Create

New Eruption Begins At Kilauea Volcano catches USGS off-guard, December 20, 2020

MY MAN Joe Biden just got his COVID 19 vaccine. God Bless Pres Elect Biden and his wife

I know V&M posts should be political, but this new McCartney song is...

So what is Barr up to???


How a QAnon-Backing Hormone Doctor Financed 2020's Craziest, Scariest Election Conspiracy

Two funny things about The Night Before Christmas when I was a kid

Michael Schmidt: Trump Aides Are The Last Line Of Defense Against Him Stealing The Election

No thoughts and prayers. Just repairs. The Thinking Atheist.

trump's power is just about gone. Both Pompeo and Barr openly dispute him on the Russian hacking...

Biden receives first dose of Covid-19 vaccine

WaPo: Trump admin weighing immunity for MBS.

Trump tried to cripple the CDC's COVID-19 Response on purpose

Reason # 2876 why Georgis should vote Ossoff and Warnock

Was there one single working woman in the early 70s who didn't want Mary Richards' Apartment?

Hail, Hail, the gang's all here!

It took about six years, but Trump has finally won his feud with Smokey the Bear

Biden receives first dose of Covid-19 vaccine

"When you get caught defaming"

Germany and Europe Could Fall Short on Vaccine Supplies

Trump is meeting with all the best and brightest GOPers today

Set your alarm on your phones for sunset today. A once in 800 year event.

A North Korean fisherman was publicly executed for listening to foreign radio stations at sea

Harris stumps for Georgia Senate candidates: '2020 ain't over till Jan. 5'

Staying In Your Lane - The Rise Of Kaufman County Ku Klux Klan

Moon on FIRE!

🚨 VOTER FRAUD IN PA FOUND🚨 🚨DEAD PEOPLE VOTE IN PA 🚨 ... for President Trump. 😆

George Takei: Who wants to tell them they're being lied to?

A piece of cake inflation adjusted from 1789 comes out to exactly ... yep you guessed it $600

Ivanka Trump Says Georgia Will Decide Whether America Remains 'Land of the Free'

Barr contradicts Trump by saying it 'certainly appears' Russia behind cyberattack

K.T. Oslin,who came to fame with her anthem "80's Ladies," has died

Well fuck

Mnuchin expects people to start receiving stimulus checks next week

Overwhelmed by tears every time I think of this.

Supreme Court to Weigh Medicaid Work Requirements

So what's the vote gonna be on the Covid Relief bill?

De Blasio doubles down on 'redistribute wealth' remark: 'Fox News got it exactly right'

With Trump voted out of office I can relate to this cartoon

In a normal world....

Use-of-force database established by New Jersey attorney general

NWS: Heavy snowfall coming to mountains, wet snow possible in Puget Sound lowlands

African American vaccine hesitancy comes from historical place (CNN)

COVID whistleblower Rebekah Jones sues Florida officials over gunpoint raid at her home

New COVID-19 cases plummet in Washington state

Businesses Get $100 Billion Tax-Write-off Windfall in Aid Bill

Ocasio-Cortez, other lawmakers criticize lack of time to review mammoth bill

LOL...Trump wants an airport named after him

Please accept my apologies

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Right-wing shows air clarifications about "rigged" voting machines after legal threats

What's for Dinner, Mon., Dec. 21, 2020

OAN doubles down on voting machine lies

Continuity of government my black ass

If elected officials can be charged with sedition; why not these right-wing Q-celebrities on OAN?

Why hasn't Flynn been court martial-ed

Question, Movie Theaters..What Will Happen To Them?.. I just realized this: I haven't been to a

Happy Winter Sun!

Fred & Ginger: Lovely To Look At, Roberta

Trump was RIGHT!!!

SC governor's wife, Peggy McMaster, diagnosed with COVID-19 after White House party

Senate investigators fault FAA over Boeing jet, safety

Cartoons 12/21/2020

10 days, 3,000 meals: Everett cafe steps in to feed homeless

Recall Ron to sign petition in text

If it wasn't "voting machines", it would be something else.

Christmas week storm to sweep US with flooding, snow, thunderstorms

Pat Robertson: Trump Lives In An Alternate Reality. Time To Move On.

Kansas City Star apologizes for decades of racist coverage of Black people: 'It is time that we own

Kelly Loeffler's private jet on the move; out from Grand Junction

Volcano erupts on Hawaii's Big Island, draws crowds to park

100s of armed trumpers riot at closed OR leg mtg; SMASH GLASS DOOR TO CAPITOL

Ana Navarro calls out Marco Rubio 'jumping line' to get vaccine (CNN)

The Battle for Waterloo

Sidney Powell back at the White House Sunday night

Looking forward to the "Great Conjunction".

The Government Promised to Return Ancestral Hawaiian Land, Then Never Finished the Job


Alarmed by reports of new coronavirus strain, nations close doors to Britain.

How many pages was the ACA, and GOPers complained, yep Omnibus Bill is 5,500 pages?

Sidney Powell at WH, third time in four days.

Today is the Winter Solstice. The shortest and darkest day of the year in the darkest of years

SolarWinds hack hits major tech companies and hospital system: What you need to know

Restrictions on the South Texas Border Were Meant to Protect People From COVID-19. Then the

"I thought I had sufficiently purchased this judge"

The System Is Not Working: The Lopsided Election Result, Not The Courts, Saved Our Democracy

John Ray Clemmons (D-Nashville) calls for special session

Post the address of a famous place & see if anyone knows what the place is W/O using Google-Part 3

U.S. COVID Aid Is One Big Slap In The Face

New mutation of coronavirus prompts Inslee to issue travel restrictions on arrivals from UK

O.G. Anunoby agrees to 4-year extension with Toronto

Careless Love

The new "MAGA Male."

Today is the shortest day of the year

Parody of Silent Night by Don Caron

News is reporting Trump has been speaking to Bannon.

Georgia GOP Hides After Purging 198,000 Voters (w/ Greg Palast)

FSB Officer Inadvertently Confesses Murder Plot to Navalny

Twitter Now Fact Checks Trump By Reminding Him That Biden Won

How you purge voters off the voter rolls in Georgia and put them back on.

Why it's vitally important to push back against Trump's martial law talk.

Hall of Fame linebacker Kevin Greene dies at 58

12/20 Mike Luckovich -A Good Sign

Just gotta say something about pardons.

Let's talk about Trump's meetings and his state of mind....

Update On New Kilauea Eruption (Dec. 21, 2020)

The COVID-19 Stimulus Bill Would Make Illegal Streaming a Felony

Texas Republicans Must Call Out Donor Steve Hotze Before Someone gets Hurt

Some really great parodys about DT not leaving.

Don't Pass Me By

"one of the happiest days in my life."

Happy Winter Solstice!

It's more like a ransom demand than it is legislation.

NYC Republican Christmas Party tweet.

**Pat Robertson tells Trump to hit the road**

Trump administration weighing legal immunity for Saudi crown prince in alleged assassination plot

"But first ..." cartoon

After Joe and Kamala enter the white house, i think

So the relief bill is 5.000 pages.

MP3] 11. SECRET - Drive to You

Congress won't block Trump's order to strip civil service protections from many federal workers

Mystery of the Disappearing Manuscripts

Planets (looking south/west MD)

Conan O'Brien calls out Ding-a-ling Trump on his Covid hypocrisy

Tasting History with Max Miller - Pumpion Pie (1670)

Trump supporters organizing 'second inauguration' for him online Jan. 20

Here are the 7 most shocking things in the 5,593 page stimulus bill

The 'red slime' lawsuit that could sink right-wing media

Grandma got infected..... (Luckovich)

Yes! YOU TOO Can FUCK With Putin!! Here's How!! #PUTINSPOISONERS

12/22 Mike Luckovich - Not A Festive Song

Newsmax And Pro-Trump Media Walk Back Voting Conspiracies After Legal Threat

Harris Campaigns for Georgia Democrats Ossoff Warnock Ahead of Senate Runoff

The Trump Years -- A Craprospective: "Issue the orders, sir, and I will storm LaGuardia!"