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Detroit, 1983.

President Gollum is sick from his desire for power.

Conservative Underground seems to be down since yesterday

Parents convicted in 2009 'balloon boy' hoax pardoned

12/24 Mike Luckovich- Missing The Office

He's left for the holiday, but the question remains:

My pre-holiday confession: I've never watched 'It's A Wonderful Life'

Now THIS is a funny tweet!!!

Welp....nothing else is about a little war?

Trump pardoned Kushner's father, Paul Manafort and Roger Stone

Trump issues 26 new pardons, including ones for Stone, Manafort and Charles Kushner

NYAG to Jacob Wohl: "GREETINGS"

*Manafort pardoned.

So far do the pardons fall into 3 or 4 categories?

can prez pardons be overturned by a new incoming prez or is that final?

Unexpected Answers Are The Best

I feel like I, all of us, are drowning in a sewer...

So it's all about pardons now,

Meanwhile...cases and deaths continue to climb

State Department says Russian security agency behind Navalny poisoning

Trump's Mar-a-Lago hosted a packed, mask-free ball #SuperSpreaderEvent #MitchTheGrinch gave struggl

White House coronavirus task force no longer proactively sending reports to states

Dozens sue Amazon's Ring after camera hack leads to threats and racial slurs

'A Christmas Story' with Little Ralphie: Highlights- 2

Biden team slams Twitter over plan to wipe followers from White House accounts

trump affirms his guilt by these new pardons..nt

Democrats holding lead in Georgia runoffs

"It's A Wonderful Life"

"Tweet The Night before Christmas"!

It's time to get more clarity about presidential pardons.

Suppose Biden Revokes all these Pardons..

Christmas Message from Champ and Major Biden

A permit has been approved for a "white-only" church in Minnesota.

He may not have shot someone on Fifth Avenue

Shontel Brown has declared her candidacy. Get to know her!

Democrats should learn from Trump

Benedict Arnold

Not sure which is more remarkable

Jennifer Rush - The Power Of Love.

That difficult period when Jesus' parents were pecking out a living as a bar band.

A fear that I have: some of us still remember that "social contract" thing.

What's the future of Trump's border wall? It's complicated (CNN)

Fox News won't have me on!!!

Trump pardons US contractors convicted in Iraq massacre (CNN)

That's ALOT of Security. VP Harris & Doug drop off gifts for Toys for Tots

This is America

Andrew Yang Files Paperwork to Run for New York City Mayor

What is the total number of pardons over the past 2 days?

These pardons not only validate the Mueller investigation, but much worse, and it whether trump is

'Move, Mitch, get out the way' McConnell and McCarthy under fire for obstructing $2,000 relief check

Trump administration considering granting Saudi prince legal immunity for alleged assassination plot

I really love my egg nog mug.

Why Trump vetoed bipartisan defense spending bill (CNN)

donnie: "election fraud! i wuz robbed!" (pardons people who ran own campaign) "election fraud!"

Donald Trump executive order banning diversity training blocked by federal judge

Jokes my brother sends me: Aging

In 'Emblematic Parting Blow Trump Moves to Take $700 Million Per Year Out of Tipped Workers' Pockets

House GOP Poised to Block Pelosi's Bid for $2,000 Relief Checks

Politicians get vaccinated early to build public trust, while furious health workers wait

Here is what Kushner's father was granted clemency for

Massachusetts poised to enact police reforms following George Floyd's death

Need advice about taking highly-strung cat to vet

My 2018 "McLaughlin Awards" (Part 1)

Emily Barker & Austin Lucas - "Fields of June"

Tensions between Trump and GOP lawmakers increase amid attempt to overturn election, COVID relief ef

Trump vs. a GOP Senate - WSJ editorial

Corporations suck! Screwing essential workers!

A dumb question, maybe, but haven't seen it answered anywhere...

Holiday Greetings from the Anarchist Jurisdiction of Portland!

Remember Franken/Coleman in Minnesota 2008

Don Bacon stands by leaked comment: Trump threw House GOP under bus

There is something terribly wrong with this country when there are pot users in prisons

Trump Asks New York Court to Throw Out Niece Mary's Fraud Suit

PARDON Reality Winner: whistleblower who leaked trumps lies about russia

Trump's 11th-hour betrayal: Republicans get what they deserve

In regards to SCOTUS reviewing state policies implementing work requirements for Medicaid

Trump's 11th-hour betrayal: Republicans get what they deserve

tRump Will Be Receiving, not giving

Barr Pans Trump's Coup Schemes in Final Press Conference

Tweet of the day: It's easier to get a pardon than a stimulus check

Trump threw a wrench into Covid relief. What could happen next?

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

⁦Ben Sasse on the pardons. "This is rotten to the core."


Jim Jordan doesn't think all people at highest risk for COVID should get vaccines

An unusual note in tomorrow's daily guidance from the White House

It's fawking treason what manafort did wasn't it???

Charlie Pride-- I'll Fly Away

I just had a door to door salesman come to my house.

I hope, but won't count on, MSNBC grilling Chris Christie on the on the Kushner pardon.

At least 21 injured in explosion at downtown Baltimore office building

Meet Ali ...

'It's A Good Night To Be A Corrupt Republican Congressman'

Leslie Jones Twas the Night Before Christmas with political twist

The Pocket Veto

Can you smell it?

Chris Christie on Charles Kushner

Trump's televangelist friend: The President lives in an alternate state of reality.

Catastrophe averted. Why we're not a Democracy, center-left country governed as center-right.

Separated at birth?

Self-delete. Dupe.

White Supremacists Plotted Attacks On US Power Plants, FBI Alleges

Extremely rare white cougar highlights a quirk of the species

It's close enough to start playing Christmas music isn't it?

With video filmed in secret, Trump keeps sowing chaos

greed at work.

Trump Pardons Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Charles Kushner In Another Pardoning Spree

Christmas Music Grab-bag

In my opinion, this is from the very best album 2020 had to offer

i just watched 'the trial of the chicago 7'

White supremacists plotted attacks on US power plants, FBI alleges

Model Stella Tennant dies aged 50

Hope this qualifies to be here.

US Senate seats Democrats win in 2022 in order to regain control of the US Senate in 2022.

From St. Nicholas to Santa Claus: the surprising origins of Kris Kringle


"Operation Pence Card" -- the latest lunatic plan from the RW, which Trump just retweeted

Boeing accelerates 787 shift to South Carolina; last Everett Dreamliner rolls out in February

Trump ain't gonna like this David Perdue tweet!

If anyone thinks that trump will ask the military to help him

Israel, Arab nations want a say in Biden's Iran negotiations. Here's why his advisers are skeptical.

T.Rex / Marc Bolan - Christmas Bop

Feeling foolishly 'fragile' tonight, especially after Rachel's recitation of all the chaos.

No, China Did Not 'Expel' a US Warship from its Territory, Navy Says

The Darkness - Christmas Time {For GLAMROCK}

These pardons will be challenged and the Supreme Court will find them unconstitutional.

First woman to command a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier slated to lead USS Abraham Lincoln

How Domestic Abusers Weaponize the Courts - Sound familiar?

Rick Wilson tweet:

Russian lawmakers vote for jail penalties for online slander

Trump also pardoned Rand Paul ally (his nephew by marriage) & former McConnell campaign mgr.

Right-Wing Embrace Of Conspiracy Is 'Mass Radicalization,' Experts Warn

Animal Rights Activist Punks Maria Bartiromo By Posing As Meat Company CEO

If there was ever a moment for the 25th amendment...

Model Stella Tennant dies aged 50

Don Winslow Films - #EverybodyIsTurningOnTrump

Pence leaving town: is it remotely possible

'The worst president ever. Period': Cuomo unloads on Trump

Yahoo Finance COVID-19 relief bill: Wall Street sees an economic 'tailspin if Trump doesn't sign

White Christmas

New Signs of Economic Distress Emerge as Trump Imperils Aid Deal

Statement from Kayleigh McEnany Regarding Trump's Grants of Clemency; December 23, 2020

An incredibly sweet Christmas movie - Muppets Family Christmas

Dan Rather: Maybe tomorrow Trump pardons COVID?

Fox News Makes History As First TV Network To Receive Pardon

Trump's Statement Regarding the NOAA Amendments Act of 2020; December 23, 2020

Multiple Bill Announcement; December 23, 2020

In the Hot Sun of a Christmas Day - Caetano Veloso

It's almost Christmas, and Americans are in enormous lines to get food--basically,

So This Is Christmas: John Lennon


Dog Falls In Love With Very Special Cat - WILLOW & ELLA

What an appropriate gesture by France!

The Texas Border Wall clusterfk Trump leaves for Biden to clean-up

2000 Miles - The Pretenders

Cancel culture?

'Precarious situation': COVID-19 transmission in Washington plateauing, but remains at high levels

trump combines the following types you all must remember in school - worst bully,

Kitten Becomes The Leader Of Her Dog Pack

Multiple sewage spills prompt no-contact advisory for Dyes Inlet, Port Washington Narrows and Libert

NY AG Leticia James to challenge Keystone Pipeline:

Opinion: How Trump's pardons could get even more bizarre

The Power of Art - Bill Murray

Do you wonder

Duck Loves It When His Dog Brother Takes Him Swimming

Joyce White Vance tweet: "a reprehensible pardon"

Sign of the day

Devin Nunes' paranoia

Tiny Lost Seal Grows Up To Be Blubbery And Hilarious

LOL: Betsy DeVos might need a pardon:

N.Y. Attorney General's office subpoenas bank records, communications from Jacob Wohl, Jack Burkman

My fortune cookie tonight. Not sure how to take this.

She really scares me

N.Y. Attorney General's office subpoenas bank records, communications from Jacob Wohl, Jack Burkman

I wonder if any of...

George Mason said in 1788 that a President should not be granted the power to pardon ...

Nice to see the pardon has resulted in some self-reflection for Roger Stone

Bear Who Spent His Life In A Cage Is Thrilled To Play In Snow

My son-in-law was just admitted to the hospital with a pulmonary embolism in his lung.

This will make you puddle up--but in a good way:

More good feels (2nd tweet):


Kate Bush - December will be Magic Again

More than 100 killed in latest ethnic massacre in Ethiopia

Donald Trump's Pardon Palooza - What Message Is Trump Sending With His Many Pardons?

Queens Of The Stone Age - Go With The Flow

The Daily Dread - Tracking the Spread, 12/23/20

Andre Hill shooting: Video released in police killing of Black man holding phone

Eurythmics - Angel

Judge: Premature to block midshipman's expulsion over Breonna Taylor tweets

A wassail song from Steeleye Span with Tim Hart's (RIP) unmistakable tenor voice.

This is my nightmare before January 20th

This says it all.....

ASIA Who Will Stop The Rain Live

Sorry, but I'm sick of all the comfy back-slapping.

Another one -Release the deplorables (tweet)

SNL: Home For The Holidays, Eddie Murphy

Russian hackers' motive for SolarWinds cyberattack baffles US: mere espionage, or worse?

U.S. judge again blocks new Arkansas abortion restrictions

Peter Hotez On Texas' Vaccine Rollout, Junk Science And The Risk Of A New Virus 'Type'

Let's Stay In--Song for a Covid Christmas

Up until this month, Trump had granted 28 pardons and 16 clemencies.

GOP activist's voter challenges raise questions in Georgia

Kushner pardon revives 'loathsome' tale of tax evasion, sex

U.S. Virgin Islands Named Destination of the Year by Leading Caribbean Travel Online Magazine

Random Thoughts

Judge blocks fees set by tainted Ohio nuclear bailout law

Silent Night

Anybody else getting tired of the same "Goli" commercial?

NBA: Rockets-Thunder postponed after positive Covid-19 tests

Turkish court sentences exiled journalist to 27 years in prison for a news report

Capacity Factor of Wind Energy Facilities in California 12/23/2020

Israel deploys submarine to Persian Gulf in message of deterrence to Iran

Crackpot Rudy (Parody of "Cracklin' Rosie" by Neil Diamond)

Arizona lawmaker vows to ignore mask mandate at state Capitol

U.S. Customs And Border Protection Breaks Up Human Trafficking Ring Near Puerto Rico

No surprise that Trump would ambush the much-needed covid-19 relief bill -- and make it worse - such diversity of racial makeup & talent in a government administration!

1 person went to work sick; ensuing outbreak killed 7 in Douglas County

Just How F--KED Is Fox? I'll Give You Some Idea.

Pentatonix: "Drummer Boy"

As Corrupt As A Pardon Gets': Chris Hayes On Trump Pardoning Manafort, Stone - All In - MSNBC

Pentatonix: "Drummer Boy"

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Donald Trump, Loser-in-Chief

Asha Rangappa thread on Manafort pardon

Trump Pardoned Four Ex-Blackwater Guards. Here's The Story Of Their Victims - All In - MSNBC

Rest in peace, 9 year old Ali Kinani

He pardoned Duncan Hunter--but not Hunter's wife!

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz Soto does not close the door on a 2024 candidacy

Fugazi Waiting Room 12/29/88

Down to 17 ICU beds, Dallas County posts record 2,512 coronavirus cases and -- yet again -- 30 deaths

Jack Page, longtime legislator representing Gadsden, dies at 70

Pence Should Remove Trump From Office on Sunday

Nearly half of Americans want to get rid of Electoral College

Voters rank him a historically bad president

This Christmas, try one of these five traditional, international drinks

Schumer on Trump's call for $2K in direct payments: 'I'm in'

No Surprises

up for my midnight tinkle. there's some burping & farting, too. and scratching. ok, back to bed.

Controversial postal chief poised to remain in Biden administration

If anyone is awake, bored and wants to watch Christmas music videos...

How Trump's Pardons Of Russia Figures Could Backfire If He Is Prosecuted - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

From another time, another life...

Alabama hospitals seeing "unprecedented" wave of COVID patients

Illustration from 'The Ice Bear' from #womensart [click into the tweet to see the entire picture]

Desperado LOSER leans on QAnon figures in flailing effort to overturn election

Sheriff: Missouri girl's killers sought to remove 'demon'

Defund the Military!

"5 things" Japanese actually dislike! Japanese reacts to "12 Things NOT to do in Japan"!

Missing my girls

Alabama may avoid losing seat in Congress, Census estimates suggest

The rankest 'oven ready deal' ever...

How Being Porn Star in Japan Changed Her [Turn on ENG in CC]

A look at the 29 people Trump pardoned or gave commutations

Bruce Catton over Shelby Foote any day. & twicet on the weekends

Court orders release of man charged in Daniel Pearl killing

Sister Abhaya: Indian priest and nun jailed for murder of convent sister

Trumpism is destroying the United States, now Trump sells bombs to Saudi Regime, for a laugh?

Georgia, Georgia, on my mind, just the sweet sound of Georgia, Georgia voting on my mind

Killa Con supported the slaughter of George Floyd for a fake $20 bill

trump's pardons of liars , criminals, and friends will backfire on him badly,

Move over, reindeer. Corgis will guide Santa's sleigh this year!

what's the over / under of idiotface never returning from fla?

Ancestor of 1st Black California elections chief never voted

Thursday TOONs - The Delegitimizer

Laney's Christmas

Ancient Civilizations may have perished from too much Progress

With His Pardons of Stone and Manafort, Trump Completes His Cover-Up

****SPOILERS**** Who's seen the movie, The Thirteenth Floor?

Christmas Eve morning early libations thoughts--- upon reading Facebook comments....

trump's intentionally stalling stimulus and wanting to shut the government down,,

BBC In Pictures: "Hawaiian shirts and gravy: Christmas tributes for loved ones lost to Covid"

41 Pardon Update & Full Description by the (In)Justice Department (Since Michael Flynn)

75 Years Ago Today; Sodder Children disappearance in a fire spurs decades-long quest to find them

Governor Reeves Announces Additional COVID-19 Measures, Mask Mandate in 78 of 82 Counties

I've updated for the year end.

Justice Department Sues Walmart, Accusing It of Illegally Dispensing Opioids BUT,

Larry the Downing Street Cat *almost* catches a pigeon

Photo: Mongolia's Mystical Tsaatan Reindeer - Full Moon

For unto us...

& the winner is...

Tchaikovsky's "Waltz of the Snowflakes" on an airport tarmac by Post:Ballet.

Coincidentally, when Barr leaves, the pardons began in earnest.

Trump's Schedule for Thursday, December 24, 2020

Kaiser Wilhelm II.'s speech about WWI. - Address to the German people [TRANSLATED]

Well, one of those pardoned is a local man.

How does the rest of the civilized world look at America this Christmas Eve?

It's just a stupid cake!!!

Africa CDC: New virus variant appears to emerge in Nigeria

Greenland's Moulins - Which Channel Melt From Surface To Bedrock - Even Bigger Than Thought

If We Make It Through December

Federal Judge Dismisses Covington Catholic Students' Defamation Suit

Don the Con

If the Republicans in the Senate had convicted trump when the had their chance,

For my last "non-Christmasy" post for a couple days (barring an unimaginable tragedy),

W. Australia To See Ocean Temperature Spike In April, 2021; Similar In 2011 Was Deadly To Habitats

72 Years Ago Today; NORAD issues a lighthearted communique that starts the Santa Tracker

Breakfast Wednesday 24 December 2020

Same Shit, Different Country: Oz Coal Industry Doesn't Employ Many People, Pay Much Tax


My Zoom holiday week

Florida governor screws health care workers

2020 To Date - 10,357,138 Acres Of Forests Burned; All-Time Record; National Interagency Fire Center

YOU raised $3,971.00 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 12-23-20 (over $240,000 raised so far)

I'm struggling.

KFC launches 4K, 240FPS gaming console with a built-in chicken warmer

The Manafort pardon could spectacularly blow up in Trump's face: law professor

Donald Trump, Loser-in-Chief l TDSDS

Michael de Adder Cartoon: The 2020 trainwreck and its engineer

'We Need Brain': Top 10 Funniest Politics Videos of 2020 NowThis

'The worst president ever. Period': Cuomo unloads on Trump

Blackmore's Night - Christmas Eve

Another way to look at it.

Colombia: Journalist Felipe Guevara Dies after Gun Attack

Cuban doctors arrive in Panama to fight Covid-19

It's that time of year again.

If the United States saw what the United States is doing in the United States....

Merry Christmas Shout Out to JohnnyRingo

What are THEY waiting on?

Pets Review The Worst Year Ever--Pets Translated

The Origins of World War I (Yale lecture)

Rush Limbaugh is trending and I got excited

Trump Gives Deranged Speech, VETOES COVID Cash

Trump's Lunatic Lawyer BANNED from White House

House Republicans block Democrats' effort to advance $2,000 stimulus checks pushed by Trump

A fawk-een Chrees-moose greeting from Queen Melania,

A basic fact about Trump is clear (Trumpism is a specifically American iteration of generic fascism)

Cyclone of uncertainty and chaos

GA Secretary Of State, Raffensperger, Seeks To End No Excuse Absentee Voting

Sending 2020 out the door with a big FUCK YOU:

Whelp, the GOP should not be able to get away with calling themselves the party of law and order.

So happy for her

How Trump Could Set Back Covid Relief For Weeks Just By Doing Nothing - Rachel Maddow 3:05

Voici le pere Noel

Breaking: Brexit: UK and EU reach trade deal ending months of arguments

BTRTN: Christmas Schadenfreude... Celebrating the Misery that Awaits Donald Trump in 2021

BTRTN: Christmas Schadenfreude... Celebrating the Misery that Awaits Donald Trump in 2021

I'm proud of our Democratic Representatives, especially Speaker Pelosi, for staying

Charlie Brown Christmas Mashup // Vince Guaraldi // POMPLAMOOSE


Chad Stuart, of the Hit British Duo Chad & Jeremy, Dies at 79

The Pogues; Fairytale Of New York

Earl Scruggs and Bluegrass All Stars. Jingle Bells

Wow, Dr. Fauci is 80?

The coup and the grift: Understanding Trump's evil endgame

Albuquerque wind chill 10 degrees Christmas Eve morning

Portugal outrage after Spanish hunters massacre 500 wild animals

Anyone else baking cookies today? 😆😳

Surprised Tribal People With Their Favorite Gifts for Christmas

BREAKING: Trump motorcade on the move to an "undisclosed location" per WH pool.

Vietnamese Restaurant Style Lemongrass Porkchop Recipe

Feral pigs flummox Puerto Rico, infiltrate communities

Feral pigs flummox Puerto Rico, infiltrate communities

If You Were Putin Right Now, Directing Trump, What Would You Tell Him to Be Doing?

So, is Georgia following Lindsey Graham's advice and removing voters without cause?

Feel good trivia. The Obamas kayaking.

2020 Year in Review: Best Writer

Joy To the World Advent Calendar

Is Georgia going to give Mitch McConnell a chunk of coal for Christmas present?

2020 Year in Review: Best Artist

The US does have a social safety net.

2020 Year in Review: Best Ongoing Series

2020 Year in Review: Best Original Graphic Novel

Art of the Week: Christmas Edition

Satan-worshipping Christmas-hating Donny and Melania

7046 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs.; 115 deaths

Charlie Pierce: Not Everything Is a Commodity. Not Every Human Interaction Has to Be A Deal.

Happy Holidays

trump lied, again,

For whatever it's worth, a Christmas Eve "poem" -

UK and EU agree Brexit trade deal

New Firefly Series Set 20 Years After Original Series Is Coming From Boom Entertainment

Will any of Biden's cabinet picks be turned down

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 12/23/2020

Can we finally admit that our problem has become Right Wing Extremists?

The great Emperor Norton, of blessed memory...

I just got an update via e-mail from my state's unemployment department

I'll Be Home For Christmas

I just got my Moderna vaccine.... Dayton Ohio

We need a New Constitutional Amendment

Manafort to Gates: "Sit tight" & "we'll be taken care of"

My "favorite" trump pardon so far? That's easy: Gary Brugman.

Casino planning private 4,000-person New Year's Eve party

If double jeopardy law prevented a NY prosecution, doesn't the pardon nullify the 1st jeopardy?

My question to my fam, what good about this holiday season?

You know-Somethings just are just too too

Champ and Major wish you a Merry Christmas.

I'm so confused.

Trump Issues Pardons For Joker, Riddler and Penguin

Greyhound racing in Florida ends next week, but what will happen to the dogs?

PragerU just released a pro-slavery video.

Maybe i'm wrong, but i feel all these pardons will at some point ASSIST

"The Work of Christmas"

This is always how the Trump presidency was going to end

Golf club-tosser arrested on I-75 after slugging trooper, Highway Patrol says

Republican 'It's A Wonderful Life'

It's a Wonderful Life: The Lost Ending (SNL, 1986)

Lissinup Republicans. Are you starting to get it?

The Secret History of the First Microprocessor, the F-14, and Me

"sucking on it without effect"

Trump's Veto is because of the Anti-Money laundering clause

GOLF UPDATE -- 24 DEC 2020:

Holiday Greetings from Portland on the Left Coast!

Republicans raging at Trump are getting exactly what they deserve

Some cartoons to ponder

Exclusive: As Trump leaves office, 50% of Americans see him as a 'failed' president

A Christmas Greeting from Her Majesty the (former) Queen

I got my 2nd Recombinant Zoster (Shingles) Vaccine and I feel like shit

"I just want to stay in the White House and work my ass off"

Chef Jose Andres: This was sent to me by our @WCKitchen team in Navajo Nation this morning!

Giraffes are stuck on a flooding island. But the rescues have begun

Biden insists he's ready for a 'punch in the mouth' from Republicans

Andr Rieu performing Silent Night (violin)

I wish it was as easy to get rid of Trump as it was to clear last night's

Larry the Downing Street cat trying to catch a pigeon--and almost succeeding:

I go back to 1981 every time I hear this.

From 2014: It's that time of year again. Time for the best Christmas song ever.

Former Giuliani associate says his arrest was timed to protect Trump during impeachment scandal

Ayden on banjo and lil brother on Mando covering Blue Christmas by Elvis Presley.

BAmazon Union: Anticipating the Battle in Bessemer, Alabama

Dogs That Sniff Out COVID-19 Report For Duty At Chile's Santiago Airport

Remember way back when they gave us "free" cigs in those little sample boxes

26 Days, 23 hours, 59 Minutes, and 59 Seconds. But who is counting?

WAYNE catharsis


Tweet for Christmas Eve

U.S. bank lobby spends $1 million on ad blitz for Republican Perdue in Georgia Senate runoff

Hot Time on the Bayou Teche

Whooze a good dog? / Dogs That Sniff Out COVID-19 Report For Duty At Chile's Santiago Airport

GOP holds big money advantage in Georgia Senate runoff races

Boats, planes, helicopters: Canada gears up to vaccinate remote indigenous communities

Today, I changed my favorite color: It was Orange, Now it is Green.........................

Chatty Champ (Biden's dog) clip from 2015

John Cleese: "Room for hope?"

This is a Christmas present for 2 DUMA stalwarts Mr. Lebowski and Glamrock.

Would a MAXWELL pardon finally break the camel's back?

An unusual economic indicator?

Racist gets his clock cleaned

As Americans Wait for Covid Relief, Trump Starts Christmas Eve Tweeting Outrageous Voter Fraud...

This Steaming Pile of Filthy Pardons Stinks Just Like Trump

USPS and civil rights groups reach deal to fast-track ballots in Georgia runoff elections

SNL: It's A Wonderful Life, The Lost Ending

Georgia, you're not just voting for you (video)

Stacey Abrams Gets Out the Vote

After watching the long line of trucks from France to the U.K

NOW: Less than an hour after a magnitude 4.8 earthquake, southwest PR registers a magnitude 4.69 ea

Merry Happy Ho Ho,

Trump Completes His Russian Collusion Cover Up

The "Will Trump come back from Mar-a-Lago at all" thing

"Lawyers for Dominion Voting Systems Sent 21 Retraction or Record Preservation Demand Letters..."

I am baking today simply because I want to not because I have to...

ISS is broadcasting SSTV from the space station.

Driving the Mustang Mach-E, Ford's First Real Electric Car

Floridians Line Up for Food As Pendemic Leaves Many People Hungry

Who and when will Biden pick his Attorney General?

Black Doctor Dies of Covid-19 After Complaining of Racist Treatment - New York Times (Thank You!!)

Love The One You're With

Dr. Anthony Fauci 80th birthday surprise - COVID style

President-elect Joe Biden: "Public colleges and universities are going to be tuition-free"

Here's my prediction about Pence presiding over the congressional electoral vote tally.

Urban Dictionary - Thrump

Do Democrats have a plan if Trump succeeds in getting the Senate to de-authorize the Electoral vote?

Love this Buffalo

Finally got around to doing a Christmas still life.

The Forgotten Radicalism of Jesus Christ

Holiday Greetings!

Biden says Russian-linked cyberattack started "last year"

Evangelical Leaders claiming ignorance after their words continue to kill many. Dead parents enough?

My Favorite Christmas Albums:

How Charles Dickens Changed Xmas For The World, A Christmas Carol: Drunk History

Nearly 2.1 million have voted early in U.S. Senate runoff in Georgia

"Marley was dead, to begin with."

Pelosi is playing 10D chess with the $2,000 bill.

The Latest: Over 1M passengers screened for flights in US

Parents in infamous 'Balloon Boy' saga pardoned by Colorado governor: What do our CO DUers think?

Black Brazilian Woman Suffered Slave-Live Conditions for More than 38 Years in Family Home

Fauci says herd immunity could require nearly 90% to get coronavirus vaccine

trump is 'tirelessly working'... on the golf course

This is how the Trump presidency was always going to end

***The Winners of the Seasonal Photo Contest: Autumn***

What Was Christmas Like for America's Enslaved People?

Blaire Erskine: first 15 minutes of every hallmark christmas movie

The Contest Winners Thread is up in GD! Have a look.

Columbus officer who fatally shot unarmed Black man has history of excessive force, misconduct

Lindsey Graham's Quote About Trump 'Orbit' Pardons Resurfaces After 26 New Pardons Granted

20 passengers tested positive for COVID on the final London-Jamaica flight

Ousted Florida health scientist asks state to return gear seized in raid

Will Trump "pocket veto" the omnibus spending bill?

Trump vowed to drain the swamp. Then he granted clemency to three former congressmen convicted of

Government Insiders Say Bolsonaro Was Obsessed with Ignoring Covid Social Isolation Orders

Champ and Major says Merry Christmas 🎄on Twitter!

Happy 80th birthday to Dr Fauci!

Funniest Joke I Ever Heard 1984 Jimmy Stewart

Why Freedom Became Free-Dumb in America

December - Collective Soul

Brazilian Governor Celebrates Holidays in Miami After Imposing Strict Lockdowns

Ayden and lil brother (The Brothers Young) playing Angels We Have Heard On High on the front porch.

Black Doctor Dies of COVID-19; Left In Pain For Hrs After White Doc Downplayed Pain

I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas

"May this flag never fly again"

Red - Belly

Merry Christmas from England

Uruguay: Judge Repeals House Arrest of Colonel Vazquez

Noem - the rodeo queen of the apocalypse? Now with link to image!

Got a funny little spat with the vets around me.

Will Rump pardon Graham?

Feral pigs flummox Puerto Rico, infiltrate communities

More proof Roger Stone has learned his lesson...

Here is the basic procedure for counting Electoral Votes and what is required for objections.

A pandemic atlas: Masks key to keeping Japan's caseload low

🚨BREAKING: Georgia Court DISMISSES @GOP voter suppression lawsuit.

The weather outside is frightful...

American Travel Bloggers Who Are Sheltering Away from COVID

Lest we forget, Donald ruining Christmas for a 7-year-old (2018)

Once and for all, Is the original "Diehard" a Christmas movie?

Cartoons 12/24/2020

Everett officer says son was behind controversial tweets

I just went on a short errand and listened to Rush's sub on talk radio.

Union threatens to strike over Union Pacific's virus protections

France's Macron leaving isolation after week with the virus

Post a line from a song & see if anyone knows the song without using Google - Part 21

A Revelation? . . . or simply a statement of the obvious?? . . .

Coronavirus Variant Is Indeed More Transmissible, New Study Suggests

Run Rudolph Run

The Daily Dread - Tracking the Spread, 12/24/20

CNN: COVID Relief Bill is being flown to FL for tRump's signature

How many Republican Senators will be LEGALLY sworn in to office January 4th?

An oldie but goodie: "Ode to Joy" flashmob--

Dark days: Experts fear the holidays will fuel the US COVID crisis

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Looks like lying to bolster the Kraken has consequences. Hello, Mellissa & "Spyder"

The Beatles - "Get Back - A Sneak Peek From Peter Jackson"

Dr. Fauci gets a surprise 80th birthday celebration

SCOTUS response deadline in Trump v. Boockvar Jan 22

President-elect Biden disputes Democratic debt cancellation plan

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Frustrated Trump met with Pence before holiday break

Iran says U.S. approved funds transfer to buy COVID vaccines

16 numbers that perfectly sum up Trump's 1 term in office

Ron Perlman tweet: "Imagine if you will. . . ."

Mom got drunk and dad got drunk, at the Christmas Party

Winter Wonderland

Truckers finally leave UK after days of virus gridlock

Ireland breathes sigh of relief as 'least bad' Brexit deal clinched

Everybody needs somebody - Xmas video to all out there in DU Land

These tweets basically say it all

Trump administration wants to take credit for a covid vaccine. Trump supporters are undermining it.


Twenty Mule Team Loop Road

Republicans enabled Trump for four years -- of course he's betraying them in the 11th hour

and now, my annual presentation - a xmas classic William S Burroughs - The Junky's Christmas

The world's richest woman doubled Alcorn State's endowment with $25 million donation

Nurses celebrating coronavirus vaccines are getting hit by anti-vaxxers on social media

NYT: Hospital Workers Start to 'Turn Against Each Other' to Get Vaccine

US parents in bizarre 'balloon boy' hoax granted pardon

Frustrated Trump met with Pence before holiday break

Our Carceral System Laid Bare':

Here's a long, sometimes hilarious, thread on the newest stupid election case at the SCOTUS

Why the Puritans cracked down on celebrating Christmas

Parents of "Balloon Boy," the hoax that captivated and confused the nation, pardoned by CO governo

A Delta flight attendant is seeking a lost stuffed animal's owner for a "Christmas miracle" reunion

Michael Curtiz was born on this date.

(Jewish Group) UC Merced professor deletes antisemitism-laden Twitter account

'I'm going to get in trouble for saying this': President-elect Biden disputes Democratic debt cancel

Rejected by her family, this woman has been "Queer Santa" for 22 years. Each December, Linda Warren

WTAH is it with that closed-fist wave/salute of the murdering, orange traitor? I really noticed it

Officer Embarrasses Entire Department - Audit the Audit

Donald Trump, Joel Osteen, and the Evangelical "Money Cult"

Christmas 50 Years Ago, In a Land Far Away

"This is not a Saturday night live skit but it sure feels like one"

Trump pardoned a former Maryland police officer who had a horrific, and racially tinged, record ...

Trump is running out of people to blame. Who will the moron blame next?

Greetings from New Ulm, Minn. I would not go outside if I were you.

I say he was asking for a reply like this!

Potus Pictured "Working Tirelessly For The American People"

XMAS in Tokyo

XMAS in Tokyo

O Holy Night--Kris Allen

NEW: US appeals court rules against Trump campaign suit against Wisconsin Elections Commission

Attorney general

Man faces prison for shooting dead elephant seal on California beach

Democracies of the World Unite! Populists, Strongmen Rising

New York AG subpoenas pro-Trump provocateurs in voter suppression plot

Inslee to extend Washington's eviction moratorium through March

Trump Keeps an Eye on 2022 Primaries

The Little Drummer Boy--Harry Simeone Chorale

Actor Tom Selleck leaves $2,020 tip for servers, note

Just the trailer to Joyeux Noel

I'm good!

Lying, in Three Acts.

Another Reason Why Trump Might Be Forcing Out Cabinet Members at the 11th Hour

3 U.S.C. 15 Counting electoral votes in Congress

VCR's.... Santa's Hottest Gift 1984

Breakthrough: UK and EU reach post-Brexit trade agreement

Obama on MSNBC now!

Count Your Blessings "Are You Burning Little Candle"

The Certainties of Donald Trump. . . Please come CAPTION the pathos of our current resident!

Coming Home - A wayward family member returns home for the holiday

Here Are the Questionable Trump Pardons That You Did Not Hear About Last Night

Poll: 69 percent back Biden's federal mask mandate

Pelosi says House to vote on bigger stimulus payments after GOP blocks increase


Uganda charges leading lawyer for LGBT rights with money laundering

【TVPP】SNSD - All I Want For Christmas Is You, 올 아이 원트 포 크리스마스 이즈 유 @ SNSD's Christmas Fa

【TVPP】SNSD - All I Want For Christmas Is You, 올 아이 원트 포 크리스마스 이즈 유 @ SNSD's Christmas Fa

[4K] Seoul City 2019 Christmas Myeongdong 서울 명동 크리스마스 クリスマスソウル 首尔 &

Disgraced New York politician found limping by Ohio roadside 23 years after fleeing justice

Dominion sends legal letters to conservative media figures warning of 'imminent' action

Your Joy is Your Sorrow Unmasked - Kahlil Gibran

this came on my local rocks station's hd channel. i was wtf?

Hey, got the gift of glossolalia?

GoDaddy Employees Were Told They Were Getting a Holiday Bonus. It Was Actually a Phishing Test.

Mr. Trump-- the first decent thing you've said in four years, and you fucked it up...

Older DUers may remember this. It's still one of my holiday faves:

d'espairsRay-- heavens color (live)

John Lennon: Happy Christmas (War is Over)

Sidney Powell's secret intelligence contractor witness is a pro-Trump podcaster

On this day, December 24, 2009, George Michael died.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Dec. 24, 2020

Republicans invite 'avalanche of evictions' in a pandemic, in the middle of winter

New York should prosecute Roger Stone

French xmas ad might bring you a few tears - Redbone/Come and get your love

Keb' Mo, Merry Christmas Baby

My suggestion for this year's DU Christmas Carol

Pence Should Remove Trump From Office on Sunday

Why Đng Tảo chickens are so expensive

Body cam footage shows fatal police shooting of unarmed Black man in Columbus, Ohio

No background checks, misspending and an 'adults only' party--Holmes County schools

Tweet of the Day

Hey Mitch McConnell, I sure could have used that $2000.

Anyone spotted that pesky Xmas door buzzard??

I don't know how to put music on this site

For all my fellow du'ers!

Beware Of ZoomInfo

Majority of southern California in low-teen/single digit rainfall percentage of normal

Trump's Pardon of Manafort Is the Realization of the Founders' Fears

Hello fans, hear/see me sing my song Looking For My Other at Youtube...

Trump just tweeted that communism starts with Twitter flags. And he's blamimg GOP senators.

It Must Be Santa- Bob Dylan

Santa Baby

Have yourself a Willie nice Christmas


Media whitewashing the Impeachment

The next Pardon

Your oldest Christmas toy. Post a photo!

Does anyone here think the Nativity is not a myth?

Santa Can't Stay

'I WILL NEVER FORGET': Trump officially announces war against Republican Party

There's Something Stuck Up In The Chimney

From the heart:

I'm hoping Biden's CDC will look into that spike in masks suddenly causing "breathing problems"

@JoeBiden No matter how you're celebrating this year, Champ and Major wish you a Merry Christmas

Dominion Attorneys Send Brutal Letter to Trump Campaign's 'So-Called Star Witness' Mellissa Carone

Merry Christmas!

What happens between Jan 4th and when the 2 GA senators are seated?

It's time...

Put a Little Love in Your Heart - Annie Lennox & Al Green

Havig been born on September 24th, I just remembered that today is the anniversary

Republicans objected, blocked, cancelled $2000 Coronavirus Stimulus Checks!

Because Joseph doesn't get enough love

2020 election, Return of the Jedi version, thanks Mark Hamill!!!

Reform of pardons, norms, accepted practices, answers to subpoenas by Dems

The SANTA TRACKER is up and on line now!

"Potentially unlawful. Stay tuned" says Pompeo of a report that he and his wife attended party