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Sidney Powell Wants to Fight for Donald Trump--But His Aides Won't Let Her, She Says

Name that tune. The internet, FTW.

You never really know who is on Instagram

Dear Don. I'm planning on robbing a bank.

The $900 billion stimulus package that Trump bashed is being flown to Florida for his signature

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Now they think he's unfit for office

Merry 🎄 Christmas Baby

Trump rages at Republican senators for refusing to overturn election

Trump seen golfing after vowing to 'work tirelessly' amid crises

Snowden allies see opening amid Trump clemency blitz

House Ethics Committee confirms probe into Rep. Steven Palazzo's campaign spending. What's next?

Merry Christmas from the Trumps

You know, many of a voter is starting to say I did not get my $2000 because the GOP voted no today.

'For God's sakes, get out of the way': Bolton urges Trump to fund the military

7th Circuit Delivers Donald Trump A Christmas Eve Election Lawsuit Loss

Dealing with Anti Maskers Experience

I sincerely hope that Trump realizes he will soon become the "It was just a joke" president

House GOP kills bid for $2,000 stimulus checks, Democrats vow full house vote (CNN)

Almost time for Santa to show up. How are the kids holding up?

Newsweek: Exclusive: Donald Trump's Martial-Law Talk Has Military on Red Alert

movie "Uncle Frank"

Florida man arrested for tossing golf clubs into traffic

California isn't 'hemorrhaging' people, but there are reasons for concern

Trump's pre-Christmas pardons trample on core American principles

It's never too late to become a Democrat

Well, my GOPer know it all brother is in town for Christmas!

Mark Hamill FTW

Mike Pompeo's wife has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Merry Christmas Loners

The federal eviction moratorium expires in January. It could leave 40 million Americans homeless.

"It's a Wonderful Life" movie mentions the 1918 flu

Fuck yeah, @RepDebDingell

Favourite cheese? Mine is St Andre

Is there a "visual connection" between trumpers today and hippies in the 60s/70s?

1 and 59...

O'Holy Night...Holy Joe....

No link because I saw a quick tweet on my phone when Trump told a Republican Congresscritter...

U.S. cyber agency says SolarWinds hackers are 'impacting' state, local governments

Please, if you can help. 😆

Merry Christmas...

Military on alert over Trump's martial law threat: 'The craziness is unprecedented'

Merry Christmas, Republicans, and oh and by the way, Fuck you.

'I'll slit your throat': Maryland man charged with threatening congressman

The GOP'S Dark Xmas, We Deserve Better: Hundreds of Thousands Died of Covid, Millions In Poverty

"Siri, show me a television network owned by someone who wants to be bankrupted..."

Trump's old tweet suggesting Clinton should accept defeat 'with dignity' returns to haunt him

T'was The Night Before Christmas DU Style 2020(With sincere apologies to Major Henry Livingston Jr.)

Not Christmas without seeing Sylvester.

Fire guts historic Seven Gables Theatre in Seattle's U District

DSHS initiates Phase 1B of COVID-19 vaccine, expanding eligible to 'medically vulnerable' patients

Payola$ - Christmas is Coming (it's been a long year, I wish you were here)

Heisman finalists are in (drum roll, please)

Rudolph: 2020 Edition

Texas initiates Phase 1B of COVID-19 vaccine, expanding eligible to 'medically vulnerable' patients

Cocteau Twins - Winter Wonderland

FBI team leader: How I know the Blackwater defendants didn't deserve a pardon from Trump

1st Film Adaptation of Scrooge, Or Marley's Ghost From 'A Christmas Carol' 1901

A lovely Christmas message from Donald and Melania:

Stock market 📈 stock market 📉 a few days ago

Merry Christmas from the Lincoln Project

Jared Kushner played a key role in White House pardon 'free-for-all'

Merry Christmas from the Lincoln Project

Merry Christmas DU!

Dog Who Kept Falling Over Is So Proud To Take His Mom For A Walk

Federal court dismisses one of Devin Nunes' two defamation lawsuits against the Washington Post:

U.S. service members around the world sing 'Little Drummer Boy' PBS NewsHour

More Than Half of Americans Would Support National One-Month Lockdown: Poll

I apologize to everyone in the "comfy back-slapping" thread, especially to herding cats

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die! Merry Christmas Eve!

Could Trump declare martial law to try to steal the election?

Happy Christmas, Everyone!

Merry Christmas to all!

Dogs Love Playing with Squirrel Sibling Rescued From Hurricane

it would be a shame of people made homeless by covid

Maybe next year we can gather for the holidays...

Excellent Astrology / Tarot reading on Conjunction

You're a Mean One, Mr. Mitch!

Fire Liddle Marco the Elf

The story of the ultimate holiday song for sad times - "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"

Finnegan Fox in his Christmas sweater 😍

Wood you buy this phone?

Rumor is that Rush Limbaugh will make final final broadcast tomorrow

How about a xmas heart tug- two old dogs greeting their owner

Top Democrat UNLEASHES on Trump, Republicans in viral Christmas speech - Brian Tyler Cohen

For our unique Christmas - our day's playlist (music and movies)

☦🌟💝🕊 Orthodox Christian Celebrates The Nativity With This Lovely English Carol..

Please, Please, Donald, by all means run for office as an independent!

I sous vide a leg of lamb for dinner

Audioslave - Be Yourself

AZ Sec of State Hobbs asks AG to investigate fake electors for using state seal

Gonna get this book -

TCM Schedule for Sunday December 27, 2020 - The Perfect Crime

TCM Schedule for Monday December 28, 2020 - Star of the Month: Laurel and Hardy

Stevie Nicks - Tom Petty - Stop Draggin' My Heart Around

How about something soothing to lull you to sleep! Steve Roach, early ambient

MSNBC is re-running "The Way I See It", by Pete Souza (Obama's photographer). Already choked up.

The Man Who Planted Trees

Did Members of Congress Each Make $100K While Debating $600 Stimulus Checks?

The opening scene in "It's A Wonderful Life" is set in 1919...

Breaking News: The Big Man Has Arrived

Wow! Is this site good at guessing!

David Cay Johnston explains why Trump is incapable of leadership. It's all a con. Always has been.

3-Week-Old Kitten Saved by Teddy Bear

The Expanse

This Artist Brilliantly Uses Different Jigsaw Puzzles to Create Surreal Mashups

Say a Christmas prayer for me. Had to get a COVID test (UPDATE: TEST WAS NEGATIVE)

Wild cockatoos incredibly gather for feeding time

What really happens when you adopt a dog.

Just breaking!

Santa is COVID aware.

Merry Christmas, my friends!

Prominent LGBTQ rights lawyer arrested in Uganda; charges slammed as 'flimsy, laughable and

LIVE - Holiday Yule Log: Trump Losing Over and Over-- The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Ohio Cop's Body Cam Shows He Shot Unarmed Black Man Within 10 Seconds Of Encounter

Frontline: From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians

LIVE - Holiday Yule Log: Trump Losing Over and Over-- The Daily Social Distancing Show

Small Town Titans -You're A Mean One Mr Grinch

"Trump received more votes than Obama did in 2008

O Holy Night

Christmas Eve - the reel

Portraits of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Favorite Collars and the Stories Behind Them

I like Walter Shaub's version of The Twelve Days of Christmas.....but what should be the 12th?

People Are Obsessed With This Great Dane Who Looks Like Batman

Ossoff, Warnock each rake in over $100 million

StereoType O Negative - Wham! "Last Christmas" Cover

Twelve Days of Christmas performed by Bob and Doug McKenzie

The Richest Politician On Capitol Hill Is Likely Georgia's Sen. Kelly Loeffler

Finnegan Fox The Night Before Christmas Video

For the Christmas Card Win!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to.....

U.S. will require negative coronavirus test for all airline passengers from U.K.

Second top Black female Google employee says she was recently ousted

Russian hackers compromised Microsoft cloud customers through third party

Had my first Covid vaccine today.

Charles Dickens' Great-Great-Great Grandson, Harry Lloyd -2

Trump's Most Disgusting Pardons

Wishing my DU family

Call It Deathmas This Year

Trump Corrupted the Presidential Pardon. Biden Must Repair It.

Looks like Devin Nunes is having some issues with his memory.

Did Donald Trump's Pardons Violate Victims' Rights Laws: Pardons & The Crimes Victim's Rights Act.

Trump's GreatesHits - 2018 Christmas phone call with a 7 year old.

Dog Always Chooses The Strangest Positions For His Naps

Merry Christmas DU

SNL- Dysfunctional Family Christmas

Here Are the Questionable Trump Pardons That You Did Not Hear About Last Night

'Tiger King' Joe Exotic Drops Lawsuit Against DOJ Under Belief That Trump Has Received His Pardon

In Silent Night - Mitchell Southall

Merry Christmas

12/25 Ike Luckovich- A 2020 Christmas

I hate the holidays. Feel like crying

🌟Orthodox Church: Feastday of the Nativity Hymns

The Daily Show: How to Talk to Racist Family Members During The Holidays

Hairless Great Pyrenees Turns Into The Fluffiest, Happiest Dog

10:55p: Squall line with heavy rain and gusty winds will move east through Beltway,

Charlie Brown Christmas Dance

Classic please help

The Daily Social Distancing Show: LIVE - Holiday Yule Log: Trump Losing Over and Over

I had another bad day at work yesterday (violence trigger)

Iowa cat home for Christmas after being lost for nearly 5 years

Sidney Powell says White House aides won't let her help Trump

Mitch McConnell's Christmas Eve visitors.

He saved others; he cannot save himself.

How the COVID-19 Vaccine Works (Best Explanation) - MeidasScience

Christmas Message from Champ and Major

🌟 American Carpatho-Rus Orthodox Church of St. John the Baptist/Nativity Hymn and Carol

Trump wields pardon power as political weapon, rewarding loyalists and undermining prosecutors

Merry Christmas DU!

Argentina: Ex-President Menem Was Induced Into Coma

As Americans went hungry and lined up at food banks ...

Trump Seeks Dismissal of Fraud Lawsuit Filed by His Niece, Says It's 'Laden with Conspiracy Theories

Merry Christmas, everyone.

'The worst president ever. Period'

Trump is the worst President Ever, and will always be so. Some ideas to convine others.

Capacity Factor of California's Solar Infrastructure 12/24/20 Through 22:10 PST.

Coronavirus in Mississippi: 2,326 new cases, 24 deaths reported Thursday

The Republicans God Is Named Covid

COVID-19 spreads through Biloxi Yacht Club after annual ball, more in-person events

Evo Morales Marks Christmas With Families of the Sacaba Massacre

Dave Pollack, Jazz Saxophonist plays Christmas

Rename a xmas tune taking 2020 into consideration

Inundation of calls from sobbing Americans about to be evicted ...

🌟 Eastern Orthodox Hymns of the Nativity

"Siouxsie And The Banshees" I'l Est N, Le Divin.

RIP Guitar legend Leslie West

Chris Cornell - Ave Maria

Closing of the Year by Wendy & Lisa

Blink-182 - Won't Be Home For Christmas

No Doubt - Oi To The World

🌟 'Eternal God' (On This Bright Day) Orthodox Christmas Hymn

Sarah McLachlan and Barenaked Ladies -"God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings"

Enya - Silent Night (Oche Chiin)

Sarah McLachlan - Song For A Winter's Night

RUN DMC - Christmas In Hollis

Scientific American: UK coronavirus variant worrying, but not terrifying .

'Jarring' Nazi headstones removed from Fort Sam Houston

A Great Verson of Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas in Hawaiian/Polynesian) and a few more

You Just Can't Leave a 1710 Violin in Your Car

What is the difference between "Harakiri" & "Seppuku"? It is NOT just about cutting your stomach!

The Christmas truce: Is the legendary no man's land football match fact or fiction?

Merry Christmas Everyone!

PHOTO: Door Buzzard - Street Art - New York

In Indian Country, tears, hope and defiance over nomination of first Native Cabinet secretary

Merry Christmas, you lovelies! 💖

'Most important Indian' Hank Adams dies

I think trump was going to refuse to sign the stimulus bill because he lost,

(King William's College) Quiz: Name the state capital

Christmas during the 1990s under The Clintons

U.S. attempts 'soft coup' in Cuba

Merry Christmas in an authoritarian state (bad cops being bad)

Trump's Schedule for Friday, December 25, 2020

Meidas Touch Georgia Campaign Includes:

What Will trump give Melania for Christmas?

Take A Virtual Tour Of Chauvet Cave, Home Of The Best Preserved Cave Paintings

UPDATE Omnibus Bill Carried Protection For Chaco Culture National Historical Park

Ancient Mediterranean People Ate Bananas and Turmeric From Asia 3,700 Years Ago

Weird Al Yankovic just won 2020.

Behind Trump Clemency, a Case Study in Special Access

Meet the 'Detectives' Documenting New Jersey's Overlooked Black History

TV Funhouse: The Narrator That Ruined Christmas (from 2001)

Evidence for a massive paleo-tsunami at ancient Tel Dor

Team finds surprising connection between dinosaurs and mammals

Haven't been here in awhile, but....

69 Years Ago Today; early Civil Rights leaders Harry and Harriette Moore are assassinated

I awakened this Christmas thinking that

Democrats Shatter Fundraising Records In Georgia

Protesters call for justice in police killing of Andre Hill

USPS Agrees to Expedite Georgia Voters' Mail Ballots Ahead of Runoff Elections

Christ is born!

Networking for Hermits

Should we pursue Trump...

I come here to say this a rant

Puppy swimming instructor training his students.

Best Yule Log Ever

Breakfast Friday 25 December 2020

I'd be more willing to complete customer surveys if they're SHORT.

It's either a K-9 festivus or treasure of Sierra madre

🎅 Merry Christmas, Skinner! 🎄 We sure do miss you. 💝

More than a dozen earthquakes reported in Puerto Rico on Christmas Eve including one measuring 4.8


Holiday Displays Around the World

Explosion in Nashville. Bomb squad on the scene

Oil and Gas is Costing New Mexico Dearly

Damn. They're talking about the possibility of car/truck bombs in Nashville.


File this one under WTH?

Marc With A C - All I Want For Christmas (NOT a Mariah Carey cover, NSFW)

La Bataille de Boules de Neiges, Lumire Brothers, 1887

Merry Christmas Baby!

Santa's List 2020

They must have been waiting for me this morning.

Stars join Jose Feliciano on Feliz Navidad 50th Anniversary video

Know That You're Not Alone

Darlene Love - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Couple buys mansion in Seminole County with fraudulent $7.2 million PPP loan, feds say

Merry Christmas, War is Over (if you want it)

Reports: Explosion rocks downtown Nashville

Fox News' post-Trump identity crisis, explained by an expert

YOU raised $1,295.00 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 12-24-20 (over $240,000 raised so far)

Christmas 1967

Florida may allow counties to investigate, fine landlords who lash out at tenants

The Six Most Patriotic Moments From the Conservative TPUSA Conference

Merry Christmas to the DU Cannabis group! 😂

HBOMax Wonder Woman 1984

You might want to keep this handy

Colorado's two In-N-Out locations declared COVID-19 outbreaks as 80 employees test positive

How bad do you expect the economy to be once Trump has departed the White House?

Breaking: Explosion in downtown Nashville.

Lucky Strike Green has gone to the North Pole.

A presidential election like none other, and now an inauguration like none other

Wishing you a very, merry Christmas!

Ghislaine Maxwell Calls Jail Oppressive. Prosecutors Say She Has It Easy.

Nadolig Llawen!! (Merry Christmas!!)

For people worried that Pence might throw sand into the EC vote gears...

Updated pictures from the International Space Station

Nashville Police: explosion was intentional (per CNN)

Will and the Bushmen - Blow Me Up (She's much better than Christmas)

Christmas Crash

John Cleese FTW!

Washington Gas fined $750,000 in case connected to deadly 2016 explosion

Virus magnifies the solitude for the elderly at Christmas

An Idiocracy Based On A Digital Prophet': QAnon Longs For A Fascist Military Dictatorship

Merry Christmas, 1947, (?) from the Tucker Corporation

President-elect and Doctor Biden Christmas Message:

Friday TOONs - Everybody Gets a Pardon!

This tweet absolutely nails Trump's position on the election.

I got a View-Master!

November state revenue tops expectations

It's a Major Award!

Rare Export

I just don't get it. The GOP eyes glazed over, bitting lower lips, not speaking out as the Dotard

Wishing you all comfort and joy in a year when we need both so much

6616 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today,Fri.; 115 deaths

Christmas musings

Happy Birthday to Joe Louis Walker

What happened to the big storm?

After feeding a murder, women gets gifts

Christmas Morning Musing.....Amazon corrugated boxes.

A metaphor for that $600 check

Love Don Winslow's message for Katie Porter

Retro Baltimore: O Christmas Tree...

'Twas the night before Christmas ... at Mar-a-Lago

I ordered a friend a little gift from Amazon and thought I'd just walk it over there the other day.

Roger Stone on social media this morning: "Hey Mueller F*ck You!"

Elvis sings of hope.

Merry Christmas from The Lincoln Project

I might have not received the memo.

Cats and snow - like oil and water

Just read about Superfund sites across the USA

Christmas tweet, with video, from the Bidens

It's the Nativity and I'm dressed all in black, so...

Look at the map of Nashville

Christmas morning

DeSantis spokesman deletes account after tweeting about coronavirus victims

All You Need Is Love

"Riu Chiu": On this day, December 25, 1967, the Christmas episode of "The Monkees" was broadcast.

Sidney Powell's secret intelligence contractor witness is a pro-Trump podcaster(with a fraud record)

from Capital Weather Gang:Merry Christmas! It definitely feels like the season.

Two hours after Nashville explosion, Trump tweets

Snow showers on Christmas morning!

Christmas In Pittsburgh, 1958

Merry Christmas's something we all need today.

Anger at Congress and Trump mounts among governors

I don't feel guilty about being comfortable at Christmas

Trump thinks the incumbent vice president chooses the next president

D.C.-area forecast: Snow showers could whiten the ground in spots today,

Re:The phony uproar over Dr Jill Biden's title

Friend of mine gave me pages from a book that he's writing and asked me for my opinion.

Eaethquake..ine small calif

Boeing 737: How world's most successful airplane became its most troubled

My heart goes out to Nashville.

Newmax's Greg Kelly gives Trump the gift of shared lunacy for Christmas

If trump was proven to be involved with an extremist group that did this in Nashville,

MeidasTouch: An honest Christmas message from Donald and Melania Trump

Got old family Christmas photos? Post 'em here!

Remember when humor and camaraderie between Democrats & Republicans were still imaginable?

Happy Xmas (War is Over)

'Going to get ugly': Trump supporter uses work email to threaten 'mass execution of public officials

A message for all Trumpublicans today from liberals everywhere.....

This Christmas is more leisurely

The Christmas I'm missing.

Tiny Scared Dog Loves Her Bubble Baths

LIMBOsevic's show is live with substitute STEYN. LIMBO to do cameo later, no sign of quitting rumor.

"EMT who gave CPR to United passenger with COVID-19 says he now has symptoms":

Who wants to bet that the Nashville terrorist proves to be a right wing terrorist?

After Holding Multiple Maskless Rallies, Louisiana Congressman-elect Luke Letlow, 41, in ICU

I've been listening to Christmas music on the radio, and I've been disappointed

Pelosi Sets Up Showdown on Trump's $2,000 Checks After GOP Balks

David Perdue, Kelly Loeffler Outraised by Ossoff, Warnock in Georgia Runoffs, Reports Show

LA County sets grim milestone with 140 COVID-19 deaths in a single day

On point Amy Klobuchar tweet:

Relief bill in Trump limbo arrives at Mierda-a-Lago

You know the ads for teeth-whitening strips that trigger flashbacks to 2010?

GOP seeks to avoid messy Trump fight over Electoral College

About the Nashville explosion

Why it matters that the coronavirus is changing - and what this means for vaccine effectiveness

Powell says White House aides won't let her help Trump

For the Needy

How's China doing with COVID? Australia? New Zealand? I know the answer. TV? Crickets.

Aww, man... Andrew Kaczynski's daughter has passed.

Did I miss this? "Free COVID-19 test kits provided in vending machines at Hong Kong subway stations

Rare 310-year-old violin stolen from art dealer's home

Who should get vaccines first?

The Daily Show: Merry Christmas! Enjoy our Yule Log, an endless loop pf Trump losing the election

Briefing in Nashville. Officers heard a recording there was a bomb

A Brief Compendium of Forgotten Christmas Specials

Judge delays execution of only woman on US death row

How long after January 20th will he still try to overthrow the election?

Team Beans. 3/11/20-12/24/20

So this is Christmas .... Happy Christmas D.U.

The Obscenely Obese Ego of D.J.T. . . . Please come CAPTION the PresiDented of the Divided States!!!


Carol of the bells 🔔

A curious story from earlier this year, especially with the explosion in Nashville

Who wants to wait and see before projecting blame for the Nashville bombing?

All Americans Automatically Assume Nashville Terror Attack Trump Supporters

All Americans Automatically Assume Nashville Terror Attack Trump Supporters

Middle Age Riot tweet:

TORTURE! -Miyavi

"Roaming Charges: Welcome to the Malarky Factory" - Interesting read . . .

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

MIYAVI- Survive

NRA urges Americans to wrap guns for under the tree this Christmas

Funny tweet + funny response:

Amazon Lets You Use Your Old Boxes to Ship Free Charitable Donations - even provides shipping labels

Japan adopts green growth plan to go carbon free by 2050

The Gavlebocken made it all the way through to Christmas.

DeSantis spokesman Piccolo deletes his Twitter account after tweet about COVID-19 victims

Old family photos that show where your people are from:

Families on brink of eviction, hunger describe nightmare Christmas as $900 billion relief bill hangs

Cartoons Christmas 2020

New program may help pinpoint landslides before they happen

WSJ Opinion article: In Defense of Scrooge...

His father developed the polio vaccine. This is what he thinks about COVID-19.

Donnie says he brought back Christmas and now they're going to take it away again!

A basic fact about Trump is now clear

A movie about the Kashoggi murder:

Bwah HAH!1 --walking stick Ivanka tweets Xmas *family* pic with*OUT* Meloonia!1

I don't want things for Christmas, I want experiences

OANN is doubling down on election conspiracy theories after Dominion threatened the network

OLBERMANN VS. TRUMP #43: After Trump's Pardon Orgy, we need a Special Counsel to prosecute them all.

AT&T outage reported, 911 disrupted in wake of Nashville explosion

Japan official, calling Taiwan 'red line,' urges Biden to 'be strong'

Any chance Biden will pardon Trump so the US can "heal and move on" ?

Time Running Out for FCC to Take Up Trump Attack on Social Media

Widespread ATT Service Disruption in Nashville and Surrounding States/Areas

In very different Christmas Day messages, Biden discusses Covid and Trump barely makes reference

Rescued Elephants & Sloth Bears Open Christmas Gifts at Wildlife SOS

Trump feels no pressure to be President while Americans suffer at Christmas

Today's birthdays: Humphrey Bogart (1899), Cab Calloway (1907), Rod Serling (1924).

Execution of only female federal prisoner on death row halted

NY Times Rat Bastards

What watchdogs? Trump leaves office with key IG jobs vacant across govt

One year from now, what will today be called?

Nashville RV broadcasted a warning message

It's time to rethink the single-family home as the American dream, author says

Mitch McConnell gets a new job

China announces one-year extension of tariff exemptions on some US products

Statistical Proof on How Trump Divided the U.S.A...Senate Elections 2020

President Trump spends #Christmas day golfing with Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Stealing DeJoy Out of Christmas

While out attempting to run

Dollar General had the highest increase in holiday traffic 🙁

Star Wars Death Star: No Railing

I've been binge watching The Americans during this strange pandemic xmas break & a scene hit hard

We need to de-throne Scrooge McConnell

Just a Christmas wish for all of the DU community.

GoDaddy Employees Were Told They Were Getting a Holiday Bonus. It Was Actually a Phishing Test.

Rock Around The Clock: Bill Haley & His Comets

Let's make a sandwich!

McConnell's "concession" was that he wanted $300 checks. $2000 checks were never going to happen.

Christmas Update from France - 2020 edition

John Lewis Christmas Ad 2016

2020 Advent Concert, Frauenkirche, Dresden

Pixar's "Soul"

Some Covid Xmas toons

Do You Need to Shower Every Day?

Merry Christmas to the next generation

Flights out of Nashville halted because of telecommunications issues

Metro Nashville PD-Photo of RV

***Merry Christmas to my friends on DU!***

Beto O'Rourke to teach seminar at UT-Austin this spring

A look back - 30 years ago 2 cops beat Robert Jewett to death in West Palm Beach

The Great Evangelical Double Down

Deer Curling, a traditional sport in northern Wisconsin

Love them or hate them CNN is always there with coverage of news

City of Tyler agrees to pay $300,000 in settlement regarding lawsuit alleging wrongful death of

One Texas health district received 900 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Then, it closed for Christmas.

Southern Poverty Law Center: These are 38 hate groups that operate in Tennessee

Abbott: Elon Musk wants to expand his operations in South Texas

🌟 Archangel Voices sing a Lebanese and a Ukrainian Orthodox Christmas Carol

What's for Dinner, Christmas, Fri., Dec. 25, 2020

In a Pandemic Fairy Tale, a Garden Leads to a Magical Friendship

Cute Contest !

Pupper enjoys the floppy fish Santa brought for the cats:

A Holiday Message from the Bidens

FBI, ATF, and Police Statements on Nashville terrorist attack

Keiko Matsui - Moon over Gotham

Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" was first aired on radio on Christmas Eve 1941, ...

CBS: human remains found near site of Nashville explosion

Have the Proud Boys taken credit yet for the Nashville bomb?

Return on investment on loyalty to Trump 0%


You Can Only Eat One Nut for the Rest of Your Life ...

What pressure(s) can Biden exert on McConnell to get him to work with him?

Speed readers?

Two gravestones with swastikas removed from veterans cemetery in Texas

Presidential election hostilities may fuel fight to remake Democratic-majority Pennsylvania Supreme

Families on brink of eviction, hunger describe nightmare Christmas as $900 billion relief bill hangs

Robin and the 7 Hoods (1964) - Bang! Bang! (Sammy Davis Jr.)

Press conference in a few minutes on Nashville blast. Human

Girl Fills Her Home With Rescue Animals

Pence Should Remove Trump From Office on Sunday

Dakota Coyote got exactly what he wanted for Christmas

Nashville Mayor Live

Biden allies push back on sweeping plan to promote fair housing

Suspicious RV outside Federal Building in Cincy getting police attention.

Can anyone confirm the rumor I'm hearing about how Seminole Cty disbursed their vaccine allottment?

"Santa Jaws" is currently on the SYFY network.

Ahsoka Tano Behind the Scenes Star Wars The Mandalorian Disney+ Spoilers

Mayor Cooper issues curfew for part of downtown Nashville following explosion

Forget Elf on a Shelf

Impact on communications and air traffic potentially caused by Nashville explosion.

Watch This Wild Duck Bring His Girlfriend To Meet His Rescuer

From the 60 Minutes archive: Andy Rooney on Christmas decorations

Rep. Katie Porter Exposes McConnell's Corruption in Shielding Corps, Reminiscent of Trump's Pardons

"I am not throwin' away my shot!" - Dr. Erin Zimny

Hiring of ex-GOP lawmaker who backed Tennessee school voucher bill criticized as taxpayer-funded

This Day in Labor History: December 25, 1831. The Baptist Rebellion began in Jamaica.

Tonight is Alex Trebek's last night ever on Jeopardy.